ARMED FORCES PROGRAMME 2011-2012 - Indian Institute of ...

ARMED FORCES PROGRAMME 2011-2012 - Indian Institute of ...

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IIMA has evolved from being India's premier management institute to a notable

international school of management in just four decades.

It all started with Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and a few spirited industrialists realising

that agriculture, education, health, transportation, population control, energy

and public administration were vital elements in a growing society, and that it

was necessary to efficiently manage these industries.

“The result was the creation of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

in 1961 as an autonomous body with the active collaboration of the Government

of India, Government of Gujarat and the industrial sectors.”

It was evident that to have a vision was not enough. Effective governance and

quality education were seen as critical aspects.

From the very start the founders introduced the concept of faculty governance:

all members of the faculty play an important role in administering the diverse

academic and non-academic activities of the Institute. The empowerment of the

faculty has been the propelling force behind the high quality of learning

experience at IIMA.

The Institute had initial collaboration with Harvard Business School. This

collaboration greatly influenced the Institute's approach to education. Gradually,

it emerged as a confluence of the best of Eastern and Western values.

Freedom Is Not Free

I watched the flag pass by one day.

It fluttered in the breeze.

A young Airman saluted it,

and then he stood at ease.

I looked at him in uniform,

so young, so tall, so proud;

With hair cut square and eyes alert,

He stood out in any crowd.

I thought how many men like him,

had fallen through the years.

How many died on foreign soil?

How many mothers' tears?

How many pilots' planes shot down?

How many died at sea?

How many fox holes were soldiers' graves?

No, freedom is not free.

I heard Taps sound one night,

when everything was still.

I listened to the bugle play,

and felt a sudden chill.

I wondered just how many times,

Taps had meant "Amen,"

When a flag had covered a coffin,

of a brother or a friend.

I thought of all the children

of the mothers and the wives.

of the fathers, sons, and husbands,

with interrupted lives.

I thought about a graveyard,

at the bottom of the sea,

of unmarked graves at Arlington.

No! Freedom Is Not Free

We salute our gallant soldiers, sailors and airmen who made

the supreme sacrifice in the service of our nation. If only we

were there with them when they needed us most......

"when you go home, tell them of us and say,

for your tomorrow we gave our today."

-An Unknown Soldier

From the Director

Dear Recruiter,

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the participants of the Armed Forces

Programme (AFP) 2011.

Coinciding with the “Golden Jubilee” of the Indian Institute of Management,

Ahmedabad, 50 officers of the Indian Armed Forces are presently undergoing

a fully residential programme, at the institute to hone their skills in Corporate

Management. Given their outstanding service record, these officers already

possess exceptional qualities of leadership, perseverance, dedication and

loyalty for a successful career transition to the corporate world. The 24 week

exposure at IIM Ahmedabad would impart cutting edge knowledge on

contemporary management practices and the nuances of managerial skills

needed to function effectively in the emerging environment in the corporate

world. In addition to understanding of theoretical constructs in management,

the participants have acquired much greater domain awareness through

projects/assignments and interactions through guest lectures by practicing


I am confident that you will find that each one of the 50 participants, possesses

the right 'amalgam' of skills, temperament and experience to add maximum

value to your organization. I would urge you as recruiters to collaborate with us

at IIM, Ahmedabad to help in utilizing their skills, training and commitment in

furthering the growth of the nation.

Samir K. Barua

Director, IIM Ahmedabad

From the Course Coordinators

Faculty Messages

The officers of the Armed forces are well abreast with the concept of

“Operations” as part of their profession. It is the adaptability of these

officers to leverage their knowledge of challenging situations in

understanding the nuances of Operations Management which makes

them ideally suited to handle this complex field of management with

ease. Their logical ability and conclusive deductions is their strength in

this domain, which has been further strengthened by the course

content at IIM-A. The corporate sector would stand to gain immensely

from their skills and experience. I am confident that participants of AFP-

11 would definitely make valuable contributions in the field of

Operations Management while in the corporate world.

Prof. (Dr.) Chetan Soman

Production and Quantitative

Methods (P&QM)

Sound knowledge of people and their ways make the defence

officers unique. Given their immense experience they are able to

make the most use of the formalised training on concepts of human

behaviour at IIMA. This group of officers, I must say, are skilled and

suited for their foray into the corporate world. Their maturity level

and sincerity would certainly be an asset to any organisation.

Prof Neharika Vohra

Organisational Behaviour

It gives me a great satisfaction in presenting the seventh batch of

participants from AFP-2011. As a faculty for “Marketing” course for this

batch, I facilitated the participants in learning the basic principles of

marketing. Over two marketing courses, the participants do more than

20 different marketing case studies that gives them a feel for marketing

practice in many different industries. There are quite a few in this batch

definitely capable of doing great marketing jobs for firms that give them

an opportunity to do so. More generally, I believe that through this

certificate course in management they have gained sufficient

knowledge, skills and techniques across different areas of management,

and have built up their conceptual, analytical and implementational

skills. I am convinced that they have necessary abilities to deliver winning

results in middle to senior levels in the field of marketing and


Prof. (Dr) Arvind Sahay

Marketing and International Business

Always willing to take on any challenges that come their way,

participants of AFP-2011 demonstrated great aptitude and interest

in learning the skills needed for a smooth transition into their

corporate careers. With very high level of perseverance, they have

gained adequate expertise in the field of computing to gainfully

contribute in their chosen domains.

Prof TP Rama Rao

Computer and Information Systems Group (CISG)

The participants of the Armed Forces Programme have

demonstrated not only the discipline and deportment that is their

hallmark, but also an impressive commitment to maximizing their

learning from the programme and specifically from the Managerial

Communication module that provided an opportunity to hone their

written communication as well as presentation skills. This learning

and their vast and varied experiences have provided them the

requisite communication skills to deal with people at all levels, and

across cultures. These officers have had distinguished careers in the

defense of our nation. I am confident that with their experience,

training, and sterling qualities, they would be assets for the

organizations they join and will distinguish themselves in their new


Prof Meenakshi Sharma

Business Communication

It was a pleasure imparting the knowledge related to Financial

Management to participants of AFP-2011 batch and the interactions

with these motivated, energetic and bright defence officers were

very intriguing. The batch as a whole is very mature, highly focused

towards learning and very enthusiastic in application of their learning

to management practices. Their management skills and ability to

adapt to business environment coupled with the reorientation

at the

IIM-A, has made these officers suitable for variety of positions in the

middle and senior management levels in corporate world. I am

certain that these officers would make momentous contributions to

their organisations while in corporate environment.

Prof. Sobhesh Kumar Agarwalla

Finance and Accounting

IIM, Ahmedabad has exceptional faculty who have repeatedly distinguished themselves as teachers, researchers and consultants.

The presence of brilliant academicians, successful entrepreneurs & experienced consultants is an invaluable source of inspiration.

These legendary gurus who blend academic expertise with credibility gained from current business, professional & consultancy

activities have transformed these officers into corporate warrior. Their involvement with each and every student has been

commendable. This is what differentiates IIM A from other B-Schools.


Prof. S K Barua

Director, IIM Ahmedabad

M.Tech. (Ind. Engg.), Fellow (IIMA)

Prof. MR Dixit

Ph.D., IIT Kanpur


Prof. (Dr) Chetan Soman

Ph.D., Groningen, The Netherlands

Prof. Diptesh Ghosh

Fellow - IIM Calcutta,

B Tech (Mech), IIT Kharagpur


Prof. Meenakshi Sharma

Ph.D. Unviersity of Queensland,



Prof. Ravindra Dholakia

Post-Doctoral Fellow,

University of Toronto

Prof. Sebastian Morris

Fellow - IIM Calcutta


Prof. Shailesh Gandhi

Fellow, IIMA, B.E. (Chemical)

Prof. R D Patel



Prof. Pradyuman Khokle

B.Tech, IIT Kanpur

Fellow, IIM Ahmedabad

Prof. Niharaika Vohra

Ph.D. (Social Psychology),

University of Manitoba, Canada



Prof. T P Rama Rao

M.Tech., IIT Kanpur


Prof. Biju Varkkey

Masters (HRM),

MG University,Kerala

Fellow- NIBM, Pune

Faculty Profile


Prof. T Bandopadhay

Ph.D., University of Calcutta.


Prof. G Raghuram

Ph.D., Northwestern University, USA


Prof. Arvind Sahay

Ph.D., The University of Texas, Austin

Prof. Dheeraj Sharma

Ph.D., Louisiana Tech University,USA


Prof. Akhileshwar Pathak

Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, UK


Prof. Joshy Jacob

FPM, IIM, Lucknow

Prof. Sobhesh Kumar Agarwalla

FPM, IIM, Ahmedabad

Managers of the BATTLEFIELD

There is no second chance in battle, you win or

loose. This is what teaches them risk

management. Since time immemorial, officers in

the armed forces are known to manage men and

material in all situations. These officers from

today's highly technical armed forces have vast

and varied experience in the complete spectrum

of management.

These battle-hardened officers have now been metamorphosed

into their new role as corporate warriors by IIMA


A rich pedagogy driven by balanced mix of faculty comprising of

academicians, researchers and professionals drawn from the

public and private sector creates the right melting pot for the

best minds in the country. Learning takes place when there is

participation and at IIMA case study methods of interactive

pedagogy has been the main tool of learning. It predominantly

involves case discussions to leverage the rich experience of the

participants by encouraging active debates. In areas where new

skills are imparted to participants, classroom discussions are

aided by simulation techniques and real life scenarios. Class

interaction among the participants during case studies,

assignments, projects, presentations and industry exposure

form the essence of the learning experience. It not only helps

participants improve their group dynamics, but also offers a

platform to them where they can benefit the most out of each

other's experience. The programme is unique in terms of

building upon the existing experiences of the participants while

providing strategic learning inputs in areas where individual

experience is limited.

Armed Forces Programme on Business Management


Term- I

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Economic Analysis and Policy

Strategic Cost Management


Managerial Computing

Organizational Behaviour

Communications for Managers

Modeling For Decision Making

Business Research Methods-I

Organizational Performance


Term- II

Financial Management

Economic Environment-II

Business Research Methods-II

Operations Management

Strategic Management


Management Information Systems

Human Resource Management

Legal Aspects of Business

Infrastructure Management

Performance and Compensation


Six months full-time residential Programme in Business Management,

three terms of two months each.

430 total contact hours.

Additional subjects like corporate communication, industry exposure,

project studies and business research projects.

The Programme seeks to leverage experience and enhance managerial

competencies of the Armed Forces Officers to meet the challenging and

growing requirements of corporate world.

Case Method of Study as the backbone is supplemented by lectures,

seminars, games, role plays, industrial visits and group discussions.

Application of theoretical knowledge to real life problems is tested

through this pedagogy.

Term- III

WTO Precepts

Capital Markets and Portfolio Theory

Training and Development

Project Management

Supply Chain Management

Customer Relationship & Retail


Organizational Diagnosis and Performance

Health Services Management

Business Dispute Resolution


Emerging Trends in IT

46-50 Yrs


>50 Yrs




41-45 Yrs


Adani Group

Aditya Birla Group

Akruti Nirman

Arshhiya Logistics

Bangalore International Authority Ltd.

Axis Bank





Dabur Group


Essar Group



Panorama of Recruiters





ICICI Prudential

Indian Rayon



IT India


JP Industries

L & T

Mahindra & Mahindra

Oberoi Group Hotels

Patni Computers

Phillip Morris

Price Water Cooper

Punj Lloyd

Reliance Energy

Reliance Health Care

Reliance Infocom

Reliance Retail




Tech Mahindra

Torrent Power

TVS Logistics


Zaveri Jewellers


Index Areas Of Interest



1 Lt Col Ajay Gupta 47 22 Operations PM HRM ADM 20

2 Gp Capt Anand Sharma 53 27 HRM ADM Operations PM 21

3 Wg Cdr Anand Subhedar 43 22 PM Operations IT /Tele Infrastructure 22

4 Cdr Anuj Mahindroo 42 21 Operations Consulting BD Strategy 23

5 Maj Arun Singh 30 7.5 HRM Operations Logistics ADM 24

6 Gp Capt Arvind Kumar Dwivedi 50 30 HRM TRG Teaching Operations 25

7 Lt Cdr Abhisek S Sakarwar 34 10 HRM Operations Safety ADM 26

8 Maj Ashish Malik 36 10 Procurement Logistics ADM HRM 27

9 Cdr Awadhesh Kumar Misra 46 23 Contract PM Operations Procurement 28

10 Cdr Doongar Ram Suthar 53 35 HRM ADM Logistics Aviation 29

11 Cdr Deepak Singh 47 25 Operations ADM Aviation PM 30

12 Lt Col Dhirendra Faujdar 49 28 Aviation HRM Logistics TRG 31

13 Maj Gaurav Trivedi 29 8.5 Marketing Consulting Quality HRM 32

14 Lt Cdr Girish Mathew 35 12 HRM Operations Logistics ADM 33

15 Col Gopal Samanta 48 24 Operations HRM TRG ADM 34

16 Gp Capt Harjit Singh Bhandal 54 32 TRG Operations HRM ADM 35

17 Col Harsh Kala 44 23 Operations Logistics ADM HRM 36

18 Maj Hemant Kumar Solanki 30 7.5 Operations HRM ADM Logistics 37

19 Lt Col H S Gill 44 23 TRG Operations HRM Logistics 38

20 Col Kabir Chaudhary 46 24 BD HRM ADM TRG 39

21 Lt Col MV Ganapathy 45 21 HRM TRG Facilities ADM 40

22 Lt Col Manish Bambha 43 21 HRM TRG Marketing Security 41

23 Lt Col Manish Jaitly 41 20 Marketing Operations Finance ADM 42

24 Col Manish Sarin 41 20 HRM PM TRG Operations 43

25 Wg Cdr NK Choudhary 45 22 PM Consulting Aviation HRM 44



26 Maj Jesjith P 35 11 ADM Operations HRM TRG 45

27 Col Peeyush Khandka 45 22 ADM Logistics Operations HRM 46

28 Lt Col Pratyush Sharan 45 23 Operations PM Operations HRM 47

29 Maj Raghunandan S Hegde 30 7.5 TRG HRM ADM BD 48

30 Lt Col Rajesh Menon 45 21 HRM ADM Facilities Operations 49

31 Lt Col Rajesh Pandey 49 26 HRM ADM Security Operations 50

32 Col Ranjit Kadam 54 30 HRM ADM Auto Operations 51

33 Sqn Ldr Ranjul Sarmah 32 9 BD General Consulting Operations 52

34 Lt Cdr S Shanmuga Sundar 34 12 HRM ADM Operations Training 53

35 Lt Col Saju Thomas 47 23 CSR Operations PM HRM 54

36 Sqn Ldr Saurabh Joshi 32 10 PM Operations Marketing Consulting 55

37 Brig Shashank S Dahat 58 34 PM ADM HRM CSR 56

38 Capt Shubhani Pathak 33 8 Operations Logistics HRM ADM 57

39 Sqn Ldr Shweta Kaushik 32 10 Operations PM IT/Tele HRM 58

40 Gp Capt Shyam Jaisinghani 43 22 Consulting Operations Strategy HRM 59

41 Maj Snigdha Sharma 34 11 PM Operations HRM ADM 60

42 Col Sunil Diddee 44 22 BD Operations Facilities HRM 61

43 Lt Col S K Yadav 44 23 Logistics Infrastructure PM Operations 62

44 Lt Cdr Sunil P Gopalakrishnan 37 15 PM Operations Aviation Production 63

45 Maj Vidya Rajan 31 7 HRM ADM Security PSU 64

46 Maj Vikas Ranjan Singh 30 9.4 Marketing Operations BD Consulting 65

47 Capt (IN) Vikash Kumar Satyam 54 30 Operations Marketing BD PM 66

48 Lt Col Vikram Chavan 41 21 HRM ADM Operations Logistics 67

49 Maj Vinod Kumar 34 10 Marketing Operations PM HRM 68

50 Lt Cdr Vipin Gupta 34 12 Aviation Operations PM Logistics 69

Armed Forces Programme

HRM / Operations / Retail / Supply Chain Management / Logistics / IT / Facilities /

Infrastructure / Project Management / Administration / Marketing / Consultancy /

Communication / Technical / Legal Services / Healthcare / CSR / KPO / Reliability & Quality




Management of Equipment and War Establishment of Artillery Division, Brigades/


Interacted closely with Ministry of Defence, National Security Council Secretariat

and PMO as Adviser to Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Forces Command.

Participated in complete revitalization of most advanced Missile Regiment and

Strategic systems,transforming into a formidable force to reckon with.

Interacted closely with Scientists' of DRDO for a period of ten years in Project 'Prithvi'

and 'Programme Air Defence', contributing to product Improvement and development.

Led a team of 250 personnel with the lowest performance level and made it to win

Championship Banner for the first time in ten years history, in less than 12 months.

Optimum utilization of funds while handling the Regimental Budget for seven years and

at the same time meeting all planned requirements.

Attended to PR aspects in all eight Regiments/headquarters', creating an Amiable and

most Functional Working Environment between Army and Civil Administration.

As Project head, evolved and executed the concept of modification and up-gradation

of highly technical Ground Support Equipment.

Supervised and conducted five live launches of Strategic Missiles and Two launches of Air

Defence Missiles in 8 years.

A recognized expert in planning and executing complex Spares management over the

widerange of inventories almost with 100% accuracy and success rate

Awarded Commander-in- chief Commendation in the year 2007 for successful planning,

training, movement and Launch of missile in complete operational environment.


Project conceptualization, formulation and execution.

Leadership, HRM and ability to motivate


Strong analytical skills with an eye for pertinent details

Strong Interpersonal & communication skills

Team dynamics, human Psychology/ Behavior

Ajay Gupta(Age: 48 yrs)


Contact: +91-909994690191,


Certificate Course in Business Management, (6months,

fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Bachelor of Law (Specialization in Taxation) Lucknow

University (1983-1986)

Bachelor of Commerce (with Adv Accounting)

Lucknow University (1981-1983)

Finance Management Course Conducted by CAG

Army Supply Chain Management Course (Collage of

Materials Management)

Cost cutting by optimum utilisation of infrastructure human and financial resources

20 Placement Guide 2012


Anand Sharma(Age: 53 yrs)


Contact: +91-9099946902


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months, fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Msc (Chemistry)

Defence Projects and Works Course with Indian

Air Force

Junior Commanders' Course Indian Air Force

Distinguished career in Indian Air Force as Group Captain

Pivotal in formulating Strategic Planning and Operations Management at macro

and micro level

Executed Maintenance Strategies for equipment and judicious utilization of enterprise

resources, ensuring safe and efficient operations in technology intensive and dynamic setup

Delivered veritable and customized results in varied operational and managerial roles

under severe resource crunch situations in a time bound manner

Resolved multifaceted organizational problems in high stress environments with

resoluteness and analytical approach

Proactively planned and executed projects involving modernization of facilities and

operational complexes

Deft in handling various HRM functions like training and development, staffing, appraisals,

incentives, grievances redressaletc

Adept in handling administration duties to include planning and implementation of

organizational tasks, education, training, liaison and security


Unique distinction of Designing and Fabricating Pilot Rescue Ladder for SU-30 aircraft and

formulated crash fire fighting drill for the same

Accredited with achieving highest ever grading for the team for professional performance

Conceptualized and implemented adventure activities at Leh in 1985 that are still in vogue


Strategic Planning and Operations Management

Defense Project Management

Crisis Management and split second decision making in limited time, in adverse / ambiguous

circumstances, with fair evaluation for overall success

High focus on result oriented performance

Training & Competence Development

Self motivated, multi skilled Administrator

21 Placement Guide 2012


Project Management

Anand Subhedar(Age: 43 yrs)


Contact: +91-9099946903,+91-9922227457


Assessment of candidates for selection to officer ranks

Certificate Course in Business Management,(6months,

fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Certified PMP, PMI USA

M Tech in Comp Sc (ALCCS) IETE, New Delhi

B.E. in Elect Engg, Government Engineering College


Aeronautical Engineers Course at Air Force Technical

College, Bangalore

Aeronautical Quality Assurance System course at


Induction of Electronic Warfare (EW) Sigint Aircrafts

Implementation of AFNet Project for Voice and Data at two IAF bases

Formulation of QRs for EW projects

Evaluation of EW Projects & Consultation to Bharat Electronics

Technical Evaluation of Computerised Pilot Selection System

Management Representative (MR) for ISO certification

Operation & Maintence Management

Planning, Coordination & Execution of Airborne Sigint Operations

More than 1500hrs of operational flying on EW Aircrafts

Commanded Mobile Radar unit

Chief Engineering Officer of IAF Base

Setting up & Maintenance of Communication and Air Field Systems for International

Air Show

Senior Engineer Electronics at two IAF airfields including one in forward area with extreme

climatic conditions

HR & Administration

Commanded Air force Base


Commendation by Air Officer Commanding in Chief, Maintenance Command, Air Force


Project Management


IT Infrastructure & Services Management

Maintenance Management

Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems

Radar Systems

Radio Navigational & Communication Systems

Quality Assurance

22 Placement Guide 2012

Human Resource Management

Command and Administration



Anuj Mahindroo(Age: 42 yrs)


Contact: +91-9173535715,+91-9871620610


Certificate in Business Management,(6months,

fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, (2011-12)

MSc (Telecom), Cochin University of Science and


Master of Business Administration

Professional Association & Certification

Fellow, Institution of Electronics and

Telecommunication Engineers (FIETE)

International Ship and Port Facility Security(ISPS)Code,


Defence Procurement Procedure, Delhi

Internal Quality Auditor - ISO 9000 Quality System,


Program Head of 6 telecom projects totaling $100 mil

Drafted Staff Qualitative Requirements and design definition for beta launch of indigenously

developed Digital Radio under ToT from M/s Park Air, UK for $25 mil

Conceptualised and drafted Staff Qualitative Requirements of Advanced Composite

Communication System

Steered Third party negotiations; between M/s Grintek Communications, South Africa and M/s

ECIL, Hyderabad for re-engineering and development of Airborne Radio Interface

costing $4 mil

Accomplished contract planning, negotiations and credited with implementation and execution

of contracts amounting to $125 mil

Controller of Finance; administered directorate level forecasting, planning and controlling for

an annual outgo of $550 mil

Led cross-functional teams in Techno-commercial negotiation and evaluation of handheld

V/UHF radio, UHF microwave linking equipment, indigenous digital radios, underwater

remotely operated vehicles and salvage bags

Planned and coordinated 24x7 fleet ship operations along Indian coast and overseas

deployment of Naval ships

Established supply chain strategies and logistic plans for operational and disaster-relief

Naval missions

Managed Refit Program of communication, radar and weapon systems including ships

structural upkeep and facilities management in record time. This included full project and cost


Planned and executed real-time network centric operations in a multi-dimensional, multinational

environment running critical applications spread over large geographical areas

Awarded Commendation Certificate by the Vice Chief of Naval Staff in Aug 2010 for

implementing visionary growth in Telecom Sector

Awarded "Instructor" Grading during Long Communication specialisation course


Strategic Leadership and Team Building

Analytical approach towards Critical Decision Making

Inherent ability to Adapt, Innovate and Persevere

Domain expertise in Defence Procurement with proficiency in Commercial Negotiations,

Technical Evaluation, Vendor Management, Post Contract Management and Project


23 Placement Guide 2012


Human Resource Management(Apr04 to Jul08)

Arun Singh(Age: 30 yrs)


Contact: +91-9099946905



Certificate Course in Business Management, (6months,

fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Bachelor of Arts (Sociology), Mumbai University (2002)


Diploma in Strategy, Operational Planning &

Management : Army War College (2011)

Certificate in Combat Engineering: College of Military

Engineering, Pune (2009)

Certificate in Small Team Management and Tactical

Operations: The Infantry School, Belgaum(2007)

Certificate in Tactical Planning and Special Operations:

CIJW School , Veirangte (Mizoram)(2007)

As a Company Commander, recognised for driving the team of 120 personnel towards

excellence through methodical, regular and rigorous training

Carried out periodic performance review of all team members, counseling, grievance

handling and motivation

Designed training programs in consultation with the Commanding Officer

Organised large scale recruitment and documentation of civilians to be enrolled

as combatants

Administration and Security (Aug 08 to May 10)

As Adjutant of the Battalion, single point responsibility for optimum employment of

manpower, delegation of responsibilities and coordination between various departments

for smooth functioning of the organisation of 800 personnel

Ensured a disciplined and incident free work place for the personnel

Accountable for correct and timely communication between the Battalion and higher

headquarters on multifarious matters

Formulated security policies in consultation with the Commanding Officer and ensured

its implementation

Custodian of all major assets like cash, confidential and classified documents and

material and nodal point for all operation related matters

Operations & logistics(Jun2010 to Oct2011)

Effectively lead the team for operational success in insurgency areas and anti terrorist

operations in J&K and Assam

Responsible for functioning and maintenance of weapons, ammunition, equipment

and instruments of high end quality

As Quartermaster of the Battalion was responsible for overall logistics and material

management affecting a body of 850 personnel

Forecasting the demand requirements, managing and developing the existing network

and supply chain, ensuring timely deliverables

Monitoring and implementing laid down standards through inspections and hygiene tests

Sadbhavana Development Projects Conceptualized and Managed Indian Army's Social

Responsibility Projects in underdeveloped and remote areas of Assam


Training, performance management & professional development of the team

Understanding of individual human behaviour and team concepts

Sound analytical, interpersonal and presentation skills

Flexibility to adapt to varied work environment and job profile

Ability to put service before self with high commitment, sincerity, dedication and integrity

24 Placement Guide 2012


Arvind Kumar Dwivedi(Age: 50 yrs)


Contact: +91-9871125862(Delhi)



Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

M. Sc. (Defence & Strategic Studies)

M.M.S. (Master of Management Studies)

M.Phil. (Human Resource Management)

Certificate in Project Management (D)

F D P (Organisational Behaviour)

Certified Management Trainer (TTT)

Certificate in Direct Trainer Skills (ISTM)

Started career in 1982 in IAF. Frontline fighter pilot/flying instructor/examiner on Mig-21

and Mirage -2000 aircraft (2800 Hrs of flying).

Three decades of service experience in Operational Flying Bases, Training Establishments,

Air HQs, MoD and PMO, in various operational command (line) & staff appointments such as

Commanding Officer, Director Operations (Air HQs-MoD), Project Director (PMO) and Senior

Faculty & HoD (HR-Studies).

As Director (Ops) involved in Strategic Planning and Policy Guidelines formulation. Established

three new flying units in record time (2004-05). Task included foreign procurement/

acquisition of airplanes, provisioning of manpower, technical and administrative infra-structure.

As Commanding Officer (2002-04) executed the challenging task in J&K, by optimizing the

output of 300 highly trained technical & operational personnel and high-tech resources in a

cost-effective & accident free manner by exemplary leadership and transparent administration.


For this distinguished service was awarded VSM by the President of India on 26 Jan 2004.

As Project Director in PMO executed a very sensitive high-tech project from its concept to

operationalisation (2005-08). The job profile included land acquisition, building aviation base,

foreign equipment procurement, recruitment & training of manpower, formulating operational,

technical & administrative SOPs and coordination with various agencies/ministries. This

creative performance was highly commended by the NSA.

Entered academic field in 2008 as senior faculty member & HoD (HR-Studies) in the Faculty

of Behavioural Sciences at College of Defence Management, Secunderabad.and presently

teaching senior level MMS (MBA) students.

Actively involved in Faculty Assistance for conducting MDPs/FDPs for various organizations

including Military institutions. & Civil Orgs /PSUs in India and abroad. – Air India Staff College

Mumbai, ECIL Hyderabad, Indian Oil Skytanking Banglore, Indian Oil Skytanking New Delhi,

Centre for Organisation Development Hyderabad, Defence Command & Staff College

Gabarone, BOTSWANA.

Recipient of various honours and awards. In addition to the VSM (Vishisht Seva Medal)

by the President of India, also have the honour of receiving Commendations from Chief of

Air Staff thrice (1990, 1999, 2000) and the Flight Safety Stars (1990, 1996).


HRM, Training & Talent Development as per organisational vision and business objectives

Project Management & Administration: Aviation or any other sector, Institutions, &

Corporate organization

Teaching & Training HR/OB in reputed academic institutions – HR Consultancy

25 Placement Guide 2012


Abhisek Singh Sakarwar(Age: 34 yrs)


Contact: +91-9099946907,+91-9819877536,



Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Advanced diploma in Networking of Computers, NIIT

Bachelor of Science (Physics), Gorakhpur University

Specialised course in NBCD & FIRE FIGHTING/FIRE

SAFETY from NBCD School INS SHIVAJI,Indian Navy

Advanced course in Leadership and Behavioral Science,

CLABS, Indian Navy

Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Safety course, DRDO

Jodhpur and DRDE Gwalior

10 years of multi-dimensional experience in strategic planning, human resource

development and operations in executive branch of Indian Navy.


At present member of strategic level operational planning team onboard the only

Aircraft Carrier of Indian Navy, wherein led a team of 1000 personnel safely and

successfully in 50 operations including multination operations with US and French


Planned and designed organizational structure with specific functional role of each

hierarchical level during repair of three frontline warships which includes an Oil Tanker

and the Aircraft Carrier.

As Top Safety Coordinator during repair project of aforesaid warships ensured precise

time bound PERT chart based coordination with Cochin Shipyard Ltd. (CSL) leading to

timely and quality completion of projects.

Human Resource Development & Training

At an early stage of Naval career, in 2003, was member of the first Circum Navigational

Voyage “Lokayan” of Indian Navy, with an aim to “Go Global”, wherein had sailed

around the globe onboard a three masted barque achieving a rare distinction of visiting

54 nations.

As First Lieutenant onboard the heaviest frontline warship (Oil Tanker), was instrumental

in careful management of 200 skilled personnel and combat resources in dynamic

environment at sea in India and overseas.

As team leader of QRMT (Oi/c) of Queen's Baton Relay (QBR) during Commonwealth

Games (Delhi 2010) was involved in making key decisions in India and at Brunei.

Planned training schedule for 1200 men and Emergency Response Team onboard two

frontline warships (including the Aircraft Carrier) with an aim to equip them with skills

of combating NBC, Fire and battle damage emergencies.

Special Achievement

Awarded Commendation by Flag Officer Commanding – in – Chief (Eastern Naval

Command) for professional excellence, dedication and devotion towards duty.


Strategic Level Planning of Operations

Human Resource Management

Leadership in dynamic and spontaneous environment

Project Management

Professional excellence in Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Fire and Damage Safety.

26 Placement Guide 2012

Ashish Malik(Age: 36 yrs)


Contact: +91-9910233471


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad 2011-12

Diploma in Business Management, Rani Durgavati

Vishwavidyalaya, College Of Materials Management,


Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations, Rajendra

Prasad Institute of Communications and Management,


Diploma in Data Base Technology, Centre For

Development Of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Mohali

Microsoft Certified Product Specialist

Certificate in Computing(CIC), Indira Gandhi National

Open University


Logistics /Operation Management and Inventory Control

10 Years of diverse and dedicated experience in the area of Inventory Control Management,

Logistics operations and Planning, Procurement, HRM/HRD, General, Administration,

Operations, Security and training & Development

Efficiently handled Logistics, Inventory Management and distribution of stores at Force Level

(approx 14,500 men)

Inventory Planning & Forecasting, Supplier Contracts & Negotiations

Effectively carried out the Test Trials of Bullet Proof Jackets & Bullet Proof Patkas at the

Terminal Ballistic Research Laboratory, Chandigarh, to be subsequently procured for use in

one of the most active Command

As a CFA exercised judicious control to sanction procurement of Ordnance items.

Effectively conducted audit of procurement transactions and Annual Inspections Of

Ordnance Stores of the Units.


Planned and allocated Annual Budget Worth Approx 2.5 Crore among the units under


Undertook judicious utilization of the Annual Budget for procurement of Ordnance Stores

with almost equal distribution of expenditure within all four Quarters

HRM/HRD & Training and Development

Recruitment and Maintenance of Staff and Labor records related to appraisal, posting,

retirement, and termination of Industrial and Non Industrial persons at Ordnance Depots.

Effectively conducted training of Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks on

UGS System(Unmanned Ground Sensors) procured from Israel

Development and delivery of Military Training Programs.

Trained Officers and other armed personals on Quality Control, maintenance and upkeep

of Ordnance Stores


Effectively carried out forward delivery of ordnance stores and ammunition as part of

Operations during Field Firing of an Armored Brigade.

Effectively carried out forward delivery of Ordnance Stores and Ammunition during

Exercise Silver streak.

Effectively provided Ordnance Cover to a Division Level Force (10,000 men Approx) in field.


Selected as Officer-In-Charge Budgetary Cell, a challenging task, that was responsible to

monitor the booking of expenditure of funds issued to all the Rashtriya Riffles. The steps taken

and the efforts made ensured 100% booking of funds during the year 2008-2009.

Help organize Honorable Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh's inaugural visit of Baglihar

Hydro Power Project on 08 Oct 2008.


Procurement and Inventory Control Management

Confident and Capable Organizer, Motivator and a Team player

Good understanding of Human Psychology and Aspirations

Skilled in Performance Evaluation, Training and Development Expertise in Drafting,

Formulating Implementing & Reviewing Policies, Directives, Standard Operating

Procedures vis-à-vis HR, Logistics Operations and Administration.

27 Placement Guide 2012


Awadhesh Kumar Misra(Age: 46 yrs)


Contact: +91-9958166796


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

B.Sc. from University of Allahabad,1984

Technical Courses, 1989

Long Navigation &Aircraft Direction Course

(M.Sc. Nautical Sciences, Kochi University),1993

Advanced Interception and Combat Course,1994

ISO 9001 Certification & Instructors Course. 1997

Key member of Intergovernmental Contractual Negotiations at Russia and India for

acquisition of Aircraft Carrier from Russia valued over 2 Billion US$ with sub-delegated

responsibility for negotiations on Operations, Trials, Training and installation of Indian


Formulated plans for Operations, Infrastructure creation, Technical Operations and

Materials Management of the Aircraft Carrier.

Concluded contract with Russian government and executed plans for training of over

2000 Indian personnel at Russia at over 100 million US$.

Executed complete Contract negotiations for integrated procurement and installation of

Indian equipment valued at Rs 400 Crore.

Conceptualised & formulated strategic level policies for operations & planning of over one

hundred independent units/establishments.

Organised and conducted bilateral/multilateral negotiations across cultures with

diplomatic implications with delegates from USA, Russia, Britain, France & China.

Formulated blue prints for Port Operations, Security Overlays, Berthing and Un-berthing

of ships and mobilisation schedules.

Planned and executed squadron operations for Presidential Fleet Review 2001 at Mumbai.

Formulated plans for implementation of Network centric Command & Control centre with

customized user interface.

Awarded Commendation by Commander-in-Chief.

Trained more than 200 Indian and Foreign Naval Officers in Advanced Ship Navigation and

Aircraft Direction courses.

Formulated and executed Logistics build-up for biggest tri-service amphibious exercise

involving 20,000 personnel at New Mangalore.

ISO 9001 certification and Instructors course.


Proven leadership qualities with strong analytical skills for accomplishment of multiple

tasks within condensed time lines in complex projects.

Skilled professional for formulation of strategic operational & logistics plans for creation

of new infrastructure

Versatile communicator with hands-on experience in diverse fields operating over multiple

international jurisdictions across cultures.

Interactive team builder with focus on assimilation of newer technologies.

Proficient instructor with ability to train students across diverse nationalities.

28 Placement Guide 2012


Doongar Ram Suthar(Age : 53 yrs)


Contact: +91-9423322375


Certification Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

MA (Eng Lit), Rajasthan University : 1985

LLB, Mumbai University : 1994

In Service Certification :

Aeronautical Engineering (24 wks) (Equivalent to

Deploma in Mech Engg): 1987-88

Advance Aeronautical Engg Skills, for Junior

Managerial Level (52 wks ) : 1983-84

35 Yrs of experience across verticals of Aviation Technical Administration Maintenance

/ Logistics Management in the Indian Navy

Planning and co-ordination of Indigenisation of aviation stores through in country sources as

per the provision of “Defence Procurement Manual 2009”

Logistics functions Execution by optimum budget forecast/utilization for organisational

growth and Asset Management

Co-ordination and Execution for Support Organisation in highly stress intensive situations

for various type of Helicopters operation & Inventory Control optimisation

Formulation of curriculum & Conduct of Training for Officers and other Personnel in

Aeronautical Maintenance Procedures and Aircraft Inventory Control Management

Administration of Aviation Technical Manpower, Team Building, Welfare & other HR

functions of 340 trainees

Hands-on wide Experience on Air Technical Duties on Naval Aircraft Maintenance & Practices

on western origin aircrafts for 10 yrs

Experienced in Quality Assurance and Contract Management functions Aviation Equipment

and Operation, Maintenance & Inventory Management of Pilotless Target Aircraft (PTAs) of

American origin for front line operations from on board Naval ships at Mumbai

Managed of Air Technical Maintenance & Inventory Control for Naval Aircraft of western

origin and Missiles (SSM & SAM) of Russian origin


Skill in Contract execution, Indigenisation and Vendor Development Management

Professional Competence, Technical Co-ordination, Group synergy & optimization

HR Skills, Experience in Resource Optimization and Environment Management

Administrative Skills in Multidisciplinary environment and asset management

29 Placement Guide 2012


Deepak Singh(Age: 47 yrs)


Contact: +91-9868882064


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

College at Ramjas College, Delhi Univ.

Flight Safety Course

25 years of rich & cross - cultural experience in Aviation, Human Resource Management &

General Administration in the Indian Navy since 1987

Indian Navy Units / Directorate; Indian Navy, Govt. of India, PAN India

Joint Director, Human Resource and Administration 1997 -1999 and 2005 – 2011

Air squadrons – Kirans, Hunter, MIG, Sea Harrier, Cheetak(helicopter),Islander, Dornier

Ships – INS Ranjit(Destroyer), INS Dunagiri(Frigate), SDBT – 54(Seaward Defence)

Associated with School for Naval Airmen(visiting directing staff). Conducted ground classes

for Officers and Sailors in Squadrons served

Deputation to Air Force for two and half years for flying duties, Coast Guard-two years for

flying duties and Adm Flight Commander

Handled personnel ranging from 250 to 400 depending on appointment

Handled Finance (a) one crore with authorization to sign bank cheques independently.


(b) Major amount in Govt. contracts for defense supplies

Managed HR systems with deftness in maintaining harmonious industrial relations among

management and workers through efficient administration and resolution of employees'


Effective communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills and hands on experience in

training and development of subordinates.

Handled independent projects, logistics and infrastructure management.

Skilled in handling large workforce, maintaining peaceful and amicable work environment

in the organization and in initiating measures for benefit of employees.

Adept at handling day to day activities in co- ensuring ordination with internal / external

departments for smooth business operations.

Formulated policies regarding future manpower requirements.

Formulated and completed the Establishment Manpower Review.

Fixed Wing(Fighter & MR) and Helicopter Operations

Airfield Operations

Air Operations

Result orientation is governed by loyalty, organisation, HRD, Planning and overall

management, company policies and future outlook. I believe in.

Future planning with logic and confirmation to ongoing policy with a think ahead for

growth. Lag & Lead theory leads to all around growth.

Good communication with people I work with leads to proper dissemination of information

and the result is development. Inter personal relationship is core of my ideas of future.

30 Placement Guide 2012



Dhirendra Faujdar(Age: 49 yrs)


Contact: +91-9414063819


Certificate Course in Business Management, (6months,

fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12


Media Capsule

MSc (Military and Strategic Studies), Madras University

Flight Safety Course (Indian Air Force)

Helicopter Pilot (Cheetah)

Leadership Course

Successfully executed operational management with Human Resource Management as

the focus area

Logistics at tactical and strategic level were personally executed and supervised

When in Somalia on United Nations peacekeeping team, conceptualized, controlled,

planned and executed all activities of tasking, logistics and operations of aviation involving

assets worth approx. Rs 800 cr

Formulated policies regarding future manpower requirements for better efficiency

Conducted CSR activities and interacted with civilian authorities

Managed Educational set ups and institutes?

Developed and implementedpolicy for security setup in extreme conditions and strict


Participated and organized sports activities at Army Level ie Golf,Tennis, Squash, etc

Acquired multi-dimensional skills in service as an aviator, artillery weapons and managerial


Won Gallantry Award of Sena Medal during Kargil War in “Dil Mange More” operation

Adjudged fit to be instructor in all professional courses

Established HR processes and conducted regional level events

Outstanding Sportsmen throughout at school, training and during service. Won Golf and

Tennis Tournaments

Received distinguished credentials(commendation) by United Nations Force Commander

for professionalism and outstanding contribution towards task and responsibilities

First Division in all academic and professional qualifications

Single handicap Golfer

Multi-dimensional qualifications, skills and personality for organization and self development


Strategic Operations and Logistics Management

Human Resource Management and Planning

Effective Communicator with exceptional interpersonal Skills

Hands on experience in training and development of subordinates

Effective Analytical, Problem Solving Skills and Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Adept at operating and coordinating in Multi Cultural Environment and team dynamics

Experience in Aviation Duties

31 Placement Guide 2012



Gaurav Trivedi(Age: 29 yrs)



Contact: +91-9099946913


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Six Sigma Green Belt from Benchmark, Six Sigma,

RABQSA accredited.

Diploma in Weapon Systems

Bachelor of Arts from University of Lucknow .

Diploma in Information Technology from C-DAC Pune.

INDIAN ARMY: Assignments handled in the last 8 years as Commissioned Officer are

enumerated as under :-


Commanded an Air Defence Battery comprising of Officers, Junior commissioned

officers and 125 Men from last four years


Prepared and implemented Policy Guidelines, General Management of a specialized

Air Defence Regiment, Effective Training, Welfare Projects, Disaster Management and

Internal Security to the state Government.


Project Management and Inventory Management of Air Defence Regiment.

Process centered – BSC, CIG, Kaizen & Lean Management

Strategic Thinker

Performance Management as Personal Development Plan

Mentoring and Peer Coaching

Leadership Development

Organization Development and Learning Management

Talent Development & Retention

Competency Mapping

Framing HR Policies in support of organizational vision

Design Supply Chain Management and Distribution Process

32 Placement Guide 2012


Girish Mathew(Age: 35 yrs)


Contact: +91-9446361381


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management

(Finance), Symbiosis Institute, Pune

B Sc (Computer Science), Devi Ahilya University, Indore

Training Technology Course, Naval Institute of

Training and Technology, Kochi

Aviation Management Course, School for Naval

Airmen, Kochi

Air Traffic & Airport Management Course, Air Force

Academy, Dundigal

Capsule course on Logistics and Payment management

in Indian Navy, INS Hamla, Mumbai.

12 years of versatile experience in airport/ aircraft operations, administration, training,

project and event management in aviation cadre of the Indian Navy

Headed airport

safety/ emergency services along with air space management at international

aerodrome at Port Blair, defence aerodromes at Kochi, Campbell Bay and Shibpur


Was the 1 Short Service Commissioned Officer, handpicked, to function as the Officer-in-

Charge of the Southernmost Aerodrome of the Country at A & N Islands


coordinated and executed Airfield Maintenance Projects including management of

runway re-carpeting work at two aerodromes

Administration of Domestic Fire Station at Naval Aerodromes

Functioned as administrative officer of Naval personnel's residential area

Functioned as Works Officer responsible for the up-keep and maintenance of infrastructure

and facilities at Naval Aerodromes

Currently functioning as the Training Officer and Administrative head of Airport Operations

and Air Traffic Management wing of Indian Navy's Aviation Training School at Kochi and

responsible for both basic and advance training of nearly 2200 personnel in aviation branch

of Navy every year

Functioned as Project Manager of upcoming Naval Aviation Enclave at International airport

at Nedumbasherry, Kochi, Kerala


Commendation by the Commander-in-Chief for professional competence and devotion to duty


Aerodrome Operations Management & Airfield Maintenance

Handling of Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting organization and airport emergency organization

Administration and facilities management

Project execution and monitoring

Proficiency in training using principles of pedagogy

Event Management

Integrity, Collaborative ability, determination and Adaptability to cross cultural environment

33 Placement Guide 2012



Gopal Chandra Samanta(Age: 48 yrs)


Contact: +91-9099946915,+91-9449551133


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

BE (AMIE) in Mechanical Engineering

Diploma in Senior Level Defence Management,

Ahalyabai University, Indore

M.Sc. in Defence & Strategic Studies, Madras


Graduate of Defence Services Staff College,

Wellington, Tamil Nadu on Strategic Planning

Qualified instructor on Nuclear Biological and

Chemical Warfare, College of Military Engineering,


Commanding Officer/ Head Operations

Conceived and implemented strategy to ensure operational and battle worthiness of high

value assets worth Rs 300 crore to achieve organizational objectives and ensure Enterprise

Resource Planning. Enhanced customer satisfaction by 15%

Spearheaded, led and mentored 25 officers and 900 soldiers, created an enabling

environment and prosecuted HR functions of the above personnel to include training,

development, assessment and performance appraisal

Director (Weapons & Equipment)

Conceptualized and led organization wide initiatives to impart strategic direction to all

aspects of equipment management and engineering support

Chief Administrative/Logistics Officer, Madhya Bharat

Designed and executed systems for enhancing operational effectiveness and fiscal

efficiency. Planned all logistics activities to support military establishments in the states

of UP, MP, Orissa, Chhatishgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand and managed annual budget of

over Rs 120 crore

Director Recruiting

Conceptualised and accomplished modified parameters of recruitment for the Indian

Army to enroll the 'best and brightest” candidates. Recruited approx 7000 candidates in

two years

Senior Training Instructor

Imparted training to 500 Officers and 1500 Soldiers of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force

covering all aspects of NBC warfare to achieve knowledge transformational goals

DGM (Materials), Army Base Workshop

Controlled the inventory management, forecast, demand of spares, vendor management,

etc with annual budget for Rs 2.5 Crore

Sub Unit Head (Operations)

Led 150 soldiers under battle conditions in war-torn Sri Lanka against the LTTE and

achieved operational success in combat environment

Conceive and execute strategies, drive institutional growth, profitability and value

Respect and leverage human capitalmotivate, mentor, and lead talented professionals

Synergise cross-functional teams using interactive and motivational leadership and

integrate their efforts to achieve organizational goals.

Navigate uncertain situations with readiness and commitment and high tolerance

for ambiguity

34 Placement Guide 2012

35 Placement Guide 2012



Harsh Kala(Age: 44 yrs)


Contact: +91-9717334614


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Management Development Programme on Change

Management , IIM Calcutta, 2009.

Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management

and Human Resource Development Indian Institute

of Modern Management, Pune with A Grade ,2004.

Diploma in Senior Defence Management from Devi

Ahilya Bai University, Indore, 2004.

M Sc (Defense and Strategic Studies), Chennai

University with first class, 2002.

M Sc (Weapons Technology), University of Pune

with first class, 1996.

Director Operations: Procurement of equipment for 12 lakh users through both DGS&D

and open/limited tendering and drawing up legal contracts/ finalizing MOUs with several

MNCs .

Establishment and execution of integrated logistics, supply chain, distribution

network & administrative functions for supply of equipment to 260 independent entities

through several cross functional teams located in 21 states.

Managing multinational vendors including supply contracts/Tenders, price negotiations

and cost optimization strategies resulting in saving of approximately INR 98 lakh annually.

Strategic planning relating to stock movement, warehouse management and distribution

channels for multi-crore budget.

Process expertise - designing process flow, process mapping.

Commanding Officer: Headed a multi-cultural group of 16 senior and middle level

managers, 40 junior level managers and 800 men working as large and distributed teams

with assets worthRs 400 Crore

Defined vision, goals, policies and processes.

Managed a diverse portfolio from Operations to HR including coordination and optimal

utilization of multi disciplinary resources, undertaking and assigning multi tasking with

timeline stipulation, decision making in ambiguous circumstances.

Resolve conflicts, build highly effective relationships within and across organisational

boundaries and forging strategic partnerships with multiple agencies.

Chief Operations Officer: Headed the Operations, Logistics, Internal Security of two

districts in Punjab in an Independent entity comprising approx. 3000 personnel.

Resource development spend analysis

Framing work, direction plan according to assessment of capabilities

Certified Trainer: Responsible for competency based certification of trainers / trainees.

Defining qualitative parameters for staff recruitment, personnel value profiling.

Operations management with effective process evaluation.

Translate business objectives into procurement strategy

Leverage spending volume for price negotiations

Coherent employment of matrixed resources

Execute all core Human Resources functions to include designing / implementing policies,

employee recruitment, retention, training /development, and retaining quality

talent pipelines.

Persuasive interpersonal skills with first hand experience in working with multiple cross

functional teams.

Change Management to adapt organizational entities to changes in working environment

36 Placement Guide 2012


Hemant Kumar(Age: 30 yrs)


Contact: +91-9601549669


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Certificate in Special Operations and Tactical Planning,

CIJW School, Varangte(2008)

Certificate in Small Team Management and Tactical

Operations, The Commando School, Belgaum(2007)

Diploma in Operations and Administration, The

Infantry School, Mhow(2007)

Basic Military Training, Officers Training Academy,


Bachelor in Hotel Management, Institute of Hotel

Management-Ahmedabad (2000-2003)

Human Resource Management,(Army: Mar2005 - Aug2011)

Planned and organised mass recruitment and documentation of army trainees

Managed and monitored the performance of 750 personnel

Managed issues related to personnel documentation, leave, pay & allowances

Developed programs for the conduct of promotion cadres as per establishment succession

plans and policies

Specialized training programs for battalion troops

Managed forecasting and planning of manpower

Conducted team building exercises to enhance motivation level

Managed Grievance handling and counselin

Operation & Logistic

Carried out sustained operations by detailed budgeting & cost analysis

Ensured optimum stocking of stores/materials, optimum utilization and deployment

of resources

Managed distribution network/supply chain for distributing stores and clothing of army


Inspection and quality check of the incoming material to ensure standards compliance

Controlled stocks through stock takings while receipt, distribution and stocking

Administration & Security

Handled entire facilities (sites) & infrastructure set up and liaised with vendors

Over-viewed and monitored Security Management System and deployment of the security


Liaised with government authorities in central and state ministries, district officials, local

police stations and hospitals

Planned, managed and executed high profile visits by national dignitaries and officials

Conducted risk and threat assessment and disaster recovery for the facilities, garrison,

assets, personnel and information

Handled complete administration, formulated SOP's, routine orders & ensured upkeep and

security of confidential documents


Training, performance management & professional development of the team

Understanding of individual human behavior and team concepts

Sound analytical, interpersonal and presentation skills

Flexibility to adapt to varied work environment and job profile

Ability to put service before self with high commitment, sincerity, dedication and integrity

37 Placement Guide 2012


Harmindra Singh Gill(Age: 44 yrs)

E-mail: gill.pmi@gmail

Contact: +91-9099946919


B.A. from JNU, New Delhi in 1987

Advance Diploma Part-I French from Indian Military

Academy (School of Foreign Languages) in 1988

Combat Engineering Course rom College of Military

Engineering ,Pune-1993

Tibetan Language Interpreter hip Course from Army

Education Corps Training School & Centre in 1996

(Distinction and Instructors grading)

Senior Management Officers Course from College of

Material Management, Jabalpur University, Jabalpur

in 2006

General Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting Course from

Centre for Fire, Explosive & Environment Safety,

Delhi in 2006

MBA (Materials Management)from College of Material

Management, Jabalpur University, Jabalpur in 2007

Advanced Work-study from Institute of Technology

Management Ministry of Defense (Research &

Development), Mussoorie in 2008

Master of Science (Munitions Technology)from

College of Material Management, Jabalpur

University, Jabalpur in 2010

Pursuing PhD in Management ( 2010 - )

Undergoing six months residential Certificate Course

in Business Management from IIM Ahmedabad

Formulating strategic plans to enhance operations implementing strict measures in

operating procedures to optimize resource / capacity utilization

Managing overall profitability of operations and strategic utilization & deployment of

available resources to achieve objectives

Designing and executing systems and processes for enhanced monitoring and control

Planning and monitoring security arrangements involving devising security plans and

deployment of security personnel

Coordinating with other departments for material requirement planning, material

procurement & purchase planning, ensuring continuous supply at optimum costs

Taking adequate measures to monitor and analyze the performance of freight

forwarders/clearing agents/transporters pertaining to cost, quality and delivery norms

Overseeing the logistic functions and negotiating with freight forwarders/clearing

agent/transporters for cost effective transportation solutions and clearances

Identifying vulnerabilities / exposures & risks conceptualizing & implementing security

plans & procedures for day-to-day operations as well as contingencies

Implementing stringent security systems / measures to establish & maintain high

security standards & protect the high-value assets of the nation


Strategic Planning- Materials Management- General Administration

Personnel Management- Training & Development - Employee Relations / Welfare

Vendor Management - Security Management- Statutory Compliance

Liaising - Logistics - Team Management

38 Placement Guide 2012


Kabir Chaudhary(Age: 46 yrs)


Contact: +91-9099946920,+91-9650627575


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

MSc (Defence Management and Strategic Studies)

–Chennai University - first class

PG Diploma in Disaster Prevention & Management

-first class

Senior Level Media Management Certification -

Indian Institute of Mass Communication

Senior Level Management Certification (based on

merit) - Army War College

Intelligence & Security Certification - Military

Intelligence Training School

Certificates in 'Conflict Analysis' & 'Protection of

Civilians' -UNITAR (Switzerland)

Pursuing MBA (HR)

Exceptional experience in multiple roles as Head Business units, Advisor at Strategic Level

and Chief Trainer at elite training establishments

Practitioner and strategist - record of superior performances across multifunctional domains

Strategic restructuring - policy and implementation

Established business unit housing 75 executives and 1200 experts- twice adjudged best among

30 units

Combat hardy, participated in Siachen Conflict and Kargil War - Decorated for Gallantry

Busted 70 Km minefield and constructed formidable border fence in record time-14

team members decorated

Maintained/deployed high value assets worth Rs. 5,000 Million & managed profit centers

worth Rs 50 Lac

Formulated operations budget, secured approvals and implemented cost control measures

Designed/ implemented HR policies to imbue focus and dedication among workforce

Steered recruitments, inducted and trained 300 Officers at Indian Military Academy and

3000 personnel at Army Training Centres

Organized sound logistics during war situations and humanitarian aid during disasters

Counter terrorism, organising security of garrisons/installations and disasters management

Planned and created infrastructure worth Rs 80 Million, pioneered development in

remote areas

Quasi ambassador at Flag Meetings with Pakistan - resolved disputes and led image

building campaigns

Handled PR and liaison with ministries, civil , police authorities - built positive connects

Organised seminars, conferences, exhibitions, simulation exercises, training

programmes and VVIP visits


Comprehend 'Big Picture'- ability to nurture organisations

Conceive and implement coherent HR strategies and processes within demanding

deadlines and budgets

Intellectual, emotional and physical stamina to address multi-faceted, problems with

analytical and precise psyche

Highly motivated, energetic, positive team player with a “roll-up the sleeves” attitude.

Capabilities to accomplish at Stretch level - communicator, networker, team leader

& motivator.

Manpower planning, talent management, counseling, compensation, redressal and

career advancement

Prolific trainer- ability to customize training curriculums and transform naïve assembly

into performers

Run large budgets- Management of infrastructure development projects, assets, machines

& vehicles

Work experience - development and implementation of Security Strategy and Disaster


Ability to work across cultural boundaries and with all levels of hierarchy

Effective administrator with organized work habits

39 Placement Guide 2012



MV Ganapathy(Age: 45 yrs)


Contact: +91-9868966942


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Diploma in Junior Defense Management.

Certificate in Sinhala language


Director ( Administration ) in the Prime Minister's Office

( 06Aug2007- 31 Dec 2010 )

Established, administered and organized working of newly raised Strategic

Organisation in PMO.

Provided Strategic, Analytic Decision making, Advice on strategic matters and

project management.

Convener and Non Member Secretary to National & International inter Govt high

Level Committees.

Advisor to Secretary to Govt of India & Strategic Management Council.

Chief Public Information Officer, Vigilance, Welfare, Grievances and Gender redress


Responsible for Strategic HR Initiatives, Talent Acquisition, Performance appraisals,

Career& Succession planning of Group “A” to “C” officers.

Battalion Commander, Training Battalion ( 01 Jan 2011 to Till Date ).

Provided Policy Advice to Army HQs on Conceptual Strategy Development; Coordination

&Harmonisation of training requirement, identify and develop content and delivery


Advisor( Intelligence & Media ) to the formation Army Commander

in J&K(01 Jan 2005 to 05 Aug 2007).

Strategic threat & Risk Assessment.

Second-in- Command ( Jul 2002 to Dec 2004).

Adjutant, Training Centre.( June 2000 to June 2002).Recruitment, training and

Development officer during the Kargil conflict.

Second-in-command, Infantry Battalion (Dec 1990 to Dec1998)

Planning & Organising

Proven change agent, proficiency in foundational and functional processes. Ability to

develop clear goals consistent with organizations strategy, identify and prioritise activities

foreseeing risks and plan contingency by using time efficiently.

Client Orientation

Considers all to be provided service as 'Clients', identify client needs and match them to

appropriate solutions meeting timeline delivery.


Speaks and writes clearly and effectively; listens to others and a firm believer in two

way comn.


Proactive in developing strategy to accomplish objectives. Has courage to take

unpopular stands.

Judgement & Decision Making

Ability to identify key issues in complex situations and make tough decisions when



Works collaboratively

40 Placement Guide 2012


Manish Bambha(Age: 43 yrs)


Contact: +91-7600123876,+91-8130230361

Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12


Human Resource Development Programme from

College of Defence Management –Secundrabad.

B.A(Hons) Hans Raj College- Delhi University.

TSE Scholar

2008-2010: As Officer Commanding, raised a new outfit of (Surveillance and Target

acquisition). Planned and developed assets worth INR 250 Crores. Formulated

administrative policies and Standard Operating Procedures for Organisation.

Handled general administrative activities of 500 personnel. Awarded Chief of Army Staff

Commendation for time bound and exemplary raising of the unit.

2005-2008: As second in command in high risk army establishment, responsible for

HR Management of 800 personnel from Indian Army and friendly foreign armies.

Coordinated, administrative activities for smooth conduct and training .Played a stellar

role in motivating and handling personnel in highly stressful environment.

2002-2005: Squadron commander at the elite National Security Guard and Adjutant of

NSG Training Centre at Manesar. Security Management, planning and displaying total

security solution.

As a Black Cat Commando Instructor at the NSG Training centre Manesar got a rare

opportunity to train the junior Indian Hockey Team in physical and motivational aspects.

Later, appointed as a Manager cum psychologist of Junior India Hockey Team .The Indian

team won the gold at six nation hockey tournament at Malaysia. Rich operational

experience of training and operating with world's best Special Forces.

Special Achievement.

Only army officer till date, to be appointed as Manager cum Psychologist of Junior India

Hockey team.

Awarded Director General NSG,s Commendation Card for remarkable contribution.

Officer Commanding of Republic Day Parade camp(2006). In charge of 30 contingents and

strength of 3000 personnel.


Formulation , development and execution of human resource strategy and policy in support

of organisational vision and attainment of business objectives.

Development and implementation of Key HR strategies and processes including competency

mapping, performance management, training and development, compensation benefits,

grievances handling, exit interviews, feedbacks, welfare schemes and sports activities.

Security Management Formulation, development and execution of human resource strategy

and policy in support of organisational vision.


Proven expertise in drafting, formulating, implementing & reviewing policies, directives,

standard operating procedures, vis-a-vis , HR, Facility and Logistics Administration.

41 Placement Guide 2012



Manish Jaitly(Age: 41 yrs)


Contact: +91-9099946923

Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Junior Command Course, Mhow

Electronic Warfare Course, Mhow

Bachelor of Science, MDU Rohtak

As part of Army's purchase organization in MGO’s branch Army Headquarters effectively

planned and executed national and international contracts of Capital and Revenue

procurement worth more than 1000 crore per year which included floating of

tenders, evaluation, negotiation and implementation.

Responsibly performed duties of dedicated spearhead of attack formations of an

Armoured Division in Rajasthan.

Successfully commanded 150 troops and an Armoured squadron in Amritsar, Babina

and Rajasthan.

As part of operations branch in a division in Kashmir responsibly planned and

monitored operations of more than 15,000 men during Kargil War.

Volunteered and successfully led troops in operations in Siachen and Ladakh under

extreme weather conditions.


As Chief Logistics and Planning Officer systematically carried out deployment and

maintenance of more than 1000 men and equipment worth hundreds of crore from

peace locations to field areas 1000s of kilometres away.

Effectively performed logistic support function in high altitude areas in support of

more than 1000 troops.

Human Resource

Conceptualized, authored and implemented Systems Approach to Training (SAT) for

Armoured Regiments which is still in vogue.

Planned and executed seamless transition of retiring personnel from Armoured Corps

into corporate sector.

Effectively handled career management and human resource planning of the

group 'B', 'C' & 'D' Officer's of Armoured Corps.


Operations Management

Contract Management

Analytical Skills including Risk Analysis

Human Resource Training

Logistic Support

Communication Skills

Personality Development


42 Placement Guide 2012


Col Trials, Infantry School


Manish Sarin(Age: 41 yrs)


Contact: +91-8962383740

Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

PG Diploma in HR Management, Symbiosis Institute

of Distant Learning, 2007

B.Sc (JNU)

Commanding Officer of an Infantry Battalion

Technical Staff Officers' Course, Institute of

Armament Technology, Pune

Responsible for user trials of all Infantry equipment, to include weapons, ammunition,

simulators and other equipment prior to clearance for induction into service.

Formulation of policy statements and qualitative requirements for procurement of

new equipment.

Successfully commanded an infantry battalion and attached troops totalling nearly 1000.

Formulated and executed effective HR policies to include training, performance appraisal,

career management, conduct of exit interviews and handling of grievances of personnel.

Technology Transition & Innovation Management

The first Infantry officer to serve at the Army Technology Centre. Responsible for

Technology Transition of all new generation Infantry equipment down to grassroots level.

Member of Innovation Development Team at Innovation Development Centre.

Forecast, planning and coordination of various training and administrative events.

Chief of Army Staff Commendation Card for exemplary service.

Director General's Professional Excellence Award for pioneering technology transition.


HR handling ability to include multifaceted needs of personnel management, training and

performance appraisal.

Multi faceted experience and knowledge in the field of defence technology, procurement,

equipping philosophy and equipment exploitation.

Formulation of innovative methods and practices.

Project Management.


43 Placement Guide 2012


NK Choudhary(Age: 45 yrs)


Contact: +91-9099946924,+91-9419011674


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

M Tech (Microelectronics), IIT Mumbai

B Tech (Electronics & Communication), MIT Manipal

Aeronautical Engineers' Course, AFTC Bangalore IAF

Certificate Course in Aeronautical Engineers' Instructor

Project Management (Telecom & Information Technology)

Key player in Core Design Team of “Project AFNET”, the countrywide OFC network to

connect more than 150 sites of Indian Air Force.

Planned requirements, formulated RFP, evaluated product of vendors (Alcatel, Nortel,

Ericsson, Siemens and Tadiran) and implemented replacement of telephone exchange

at 4 sites.

Designed, developed and Integrated Efficiency Enhancing Tools into vendor products

to mitigate human resource constraints.

Led a cross-functional team for project delivery Telecom/Radio under extremely

demanding conditions, multitasking continuously for ensuring quality & efficiency

benchmarks of the project within defined time/cost.

Led a cross-functional team for timely implementation of Airfield Infrastructure Project.

Operations & Support

Led a team with diverse skill sets for Operations & Support management of Telecom

/Radio/Radar and Airfield Infrastructure.

Training & Human Resource

Conceptualised, designed, & prepared training calendar, populated the question bank

for software driven question paper generation.

Trained more than 600 soldiers and 100 engineers.

Airworthiness Certification

Evaluated technical specification with reference to customer requirements for product


Carried out Design audit for Airworthiness Certification.


Project Management

Operations & Support

Analytical skills

Strategic Planning

Team building and Leadership development

General Administration

44 Placement Guide 2012


Jesjith P(Age: 35 yrs)


Contact: +91-8547233686,+91-9099946925


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months, fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12



Implementation of HR Policies, skill matched deployment, job specification

and job rotation of diversified workforce of an elite Civil organization under Ministry of


Hands on experience in training-need identification and conducting various

administrative and technical training programmes for civil-defence-employees and


Training and Deployment of Men and Animal resources for High Altitude logistics.

Training and deployment of Men and Animal resources for counter insurgency and counter

terrorism operations for organisations under Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Home.

Managed quarantine and acclimatisation of 205 equines post- intercontinental transfer.



Conducted milk productivity enhancement and herd health management training for field

work force of co-operative sector in Northern Bihar.



Field trials of veterinary biologicals, veterinary disease reporting and training of fieldwork

force of co-operative sector in northern region.


Man management and general administration in multi-cultural environment.

Training and Development

Expertise in Equine Breeding practice.

45 Placement Guide 2012


Chief Logistics Officer (2009-11)

Commanding Officer (2008-10)


Peeyush Khandka(Age: 45 yrs)


Contact: +91-9462777040



Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Advanced Diploma in Business Management,

ICFAI University.


PG Diploma in Senior Level Defence Management.

C-DAC certificate in Information Technology.


Technical Staff Officers' Course, Institute of

Armament Technology, Pune

Carried out planning, budgeting, macro level policy formulation and funds

management for 150 crore of annual budget and assets over 800 crore.

As one point contact with Chief Secretary, Rajasthan achieved favourable decisions

for the organization and managed over 2 lakh acres of land by formulating and

instituting enforceable regulatory framework.

Infrastructure Development. Carried out conceptualization (CPR), planning, execution

and quality construction through companies and consultancies firms like

Gammon India, Dorsch, Nagarjuna, NBCC, INDU projects, Hospitech e.t.c and

ensured before time completion of all major projects for organizations.

As Head of Organization carried out HR, Operations, financial & logistics planning and

implementation for 1000 Personnel and Assets & Equipment worth 500 Cr.

Carried out full spectrum of administrative function to include manpower and

resources planning, policy formulation, resources allocation, controlling and

implementation. Commended for transformation of unit into cohesive, vibrant and

operationally responsive outfit.

Deputy Chief Logistics Officer at UN Mission Headquarters

Selected as UN observer by Indian Army. Efficiently coordinated administration and

logistics for UN peacekeeping operations by 24 contingents belonging to 14 countries,

including Equipment Audit, Supply Chain management, damage evaluation and

resources coordination. Awarded UN Medal by the Force Commander .

Planned and executed logistics Operations- operational strategizing, audit of assets

valued over 500 crore and logistic support for 2000 men deployed over 250 km on

the Chinese border in super high altitude.

Project Planning and execution.

Creating, improving and implementing systems and processes.

Operations , Project,

Resource Management and coordination.

Team Building and Talent Development.

Real Estate and Property Management including financial budgeting, construction

design and third party relations.

46 Placement Guide 2012


Pratyush Sharan(Age: 45 yrs)


Contact: +91-9426594432


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

B.Tech (Mech),JNU

B.Sc(Hons), Magadh University

Project Management(MDP), XLRI(Jamshedpur)

Certificate in Industrial Management & Leadership,


Advance Quality Management, DIQA (Bangalore)

Lean Six Sigma(Green Belt), ASCB

Senior DGM Production & DGM(QA), ISO Certified Base Workshop

Successfully lead and mentored a large team of civilians including 4 Junior Officers, 20

Supervisors, 158 Workers.

Played a stellar role in implementing Lean Management tools 5S, Gemba Kaizen,

Kanban and reduced repair-process time by 20%.Ensured receipt quality, process quality

& final product quality of all products (including Bofors) of the company and adhered to

the compliance to ISO Quality Standards.

HEAD(Mechanical) , Road Construction Project(BRO)

Planned & implemented repair and maintenance of construction equipment & vehicles

worth 350 crore through 5 workshops & 8 detachments at different locations spread

over 450 km.

Managed personal and technical administration of nearly 350 Civilian tech-manpower

Amicably settled disputes with unions & contract paid labours

Ensured resource optimization through man-power planning, spares provisioning &

procurement and vendor development

Senior Instructor (Training & Development) :

ISO certified Trg Establishment

Identified training needs and Customized training programmes based on training

need analysis to enhance manpower skills

Imparted training to more than 400 Officers, 1000 Diploma Trainees and 1200

Technicians, including foreign nationals on repair, maintenance and quality checks of

defense eqpts

Officer Commanding Army Workshop

Overall in-charge of personal and technical administration of units employing up to 125

technical manpower.

Received Certificate of appreciation for “Outstanding Skills & Initiative”

during “Op Parakram”.


A strategic thinker with expertise in managing entire operations with key focus on output

optimization, cost reduction, vendor development and future expansion plan

Deft in developing and streamlining systems with proven ability to enhance operational

effectiveness and building a culture of continuous improvement.

Infrastructure and facility management

47 Placement Guide 2012

Raghunandan S Hegde(Age: 30 yrs)


Contact: +91-9426660070,+91-9412294493


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Post Graduation Diploma in Human Resource

Management, Symbiosis Centre for Distance

Learning, Pune (2008)

Certificate Course in Inventory Management, Rani

Durgavati University, Jabalpur

(Madhya Pradesh) -(2007)

B.Sc, Karnatak University, Dharwad

(Karnataka) – 2002


Instructor, Junior Leaders Academy (Bareilly, UP) - 2010-11

Responsible for training Junior Commissioned and Non -Commissioned Officers of

Indian Army in Leadership, Management and Administrative aspects

Responsible for developing training modules and computer based training packages

Responsible for planning, conduct and evaluation of training activities

Forecasting annual training requirement and preparation of annual training programme.

Responsible for training students from friendly foreign countries

Part of team which developed 'Routine Guidelines on Administration' (GS Publication)

for all units of Indian Army

Administrative and Logistics Officer - 2007-10

Responsible for routine administration, discipline, leave, remuneration, appraisals,

promotion and transfer of men

Trained and lead small teams of specialised men in various counter insurgency and

counter terrorist operations

Responsible for logistics, supply and stores management, contracting of supplies

(including ration, equipment, fuel etc) for the entire unit of 1250 men in a highly

active insurgency area.

Responsible for demand, storage, safety of equipments and stores in harsh climatic


Logistics Officer - 2005-07

Responsible for handling more than 150 vehicles of a specialised unit of Indian Army

Responsible for maintenance, demand, collection and accounting of stores and spares

related to transportation and logistics

Responsible for selection and training of drivers and maintaining their battle readiness

in a Motorised (Vehicle Based) unit of Indian Army

Training Officer and Regimental Officer - 2004-05

Responsible for training units of Indian Army which are newly inducted into Desert role

(including planning, conduct and assessment) and imparted training to more than 20

units of Indian Army (Desert Battle School)

Performed routine regimental administrative duties in an Infantry unit


Versatile in planning, conduct and evaluation of training events

Strategic team building, leadership, administration and HR management

HR planning, recruitment, training evaluation and improvement

Experience of training foreign students

Interpersonal skills with first hand cross functional experience

Logistics and supply chain management

48 Placement Guide 2012


Rajesh Menon(Age: 45 yrs)

Tele: +91-7600124229,011-22237225


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Masters Diploma in Personal Management and IR ,

Symbiosis Institute through Distance Learning ( 2004)

BA Honours in Political Science (Hindu College,

Delhi University, 1988)

Interpretership and Advance Diploma(Intensive)

in German language (Nov 2001),SFL

Staff Officer Logistics and Movement Control, Liaison Officer for

Contingent Commander,Indian Contingent for Somalia(UN Mission)


Planned and executed Induction of 5000 strong Indian Contingent with weapons, vehicles

and equipment from Delhi to Mogadishu(Somalia) by air and sea

Planned and facilitated confidence building meetings and activities with local leaders and

UN forces from other countries

Commended for “admirable personal and professional standards keeping with the highest

ideals of United Nations” by the Force Commander UNOSOM-2

Planned and executed logistic supply to a body of troops cut off from the main land due to

avalanche. Awarded Army Commander, Western Army commendation for exemplary

service in 1999.

Technical Staff OfficerTechnology Transition Management Group


Awarded the Vice Chief of the Army Commendation for conceptualizing & executing

innovative training modules for Technology Transition of all new generation equipment

down to grassroots level

Received the Director General of EME Professional Excellence Award for pioneering

technology transition procedures and innovation for new generation equipment

Second- in- Command and other staff appointments

Administered and trained an Army Unit in a sensitive high altitude, counter insurgency

location. Organised and implemented Confidence Building Measures.

Planned, drafted and executed training programme for an Artillery Brigade.



Appraisals, counselling, evaluation and improvement of HR

Inter-personal skills and experience in handling grievances, taking feedback,

conducting sports, social and welfare activities

Equipment and resource Management and Control

Event Management.

Maintenance of Infrastructure and facilities

49 Placement Guide 2012


Rajesh Pandey(Age: 49 yrs)


Contact: +91-8860450708


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Post Graduate Diploma in Personal Management

from Symbiosis Pune through distance learning

B Com from Ramjas college Delhi University

Joint Director (HR Administration & Operational Logistics)

Efficiently directed, guided, coordinated & implemented Human Resources

policies at Brigade Headquarters for approx 3500 personnel

Executed policies on promotion, appointments, appraisal, discipline, legal

matters, medical, awards & welfare for personnel of five Regiments

Enhanced the work output of staff under command through motivation &

inspirational skills

As Operational Logistic head of Brigade Headquarters, mobilised a strength of 3500

personnel with 500 vehicles and 72 Artillery Guns by road and special military trains

during Operation Parakaram over a distance of 1500 kms

Deputy Director (Operations & Training)

Effectively supervised operational and training requirement for 4000 personnel

in a Infantry Brigade

Managed & increased the effectiveness and efficiency of weapons and equipment of

an Infantry Formation

In the absence of permanent incumbent, effectively officiated as Operational head at

an Infantry Brigade Headquarters

Proficiently forecasted requirements & ensured availability of resources for\

movement of approx 4000 personnel & 1500 vehicles over a distance of 1500 Km


Effective interpersonal communication, team

building, training and leadership qualities

Administrative and HR handling ability to include

multifaceted needs of man management,

security and intelligence

Decision making, Intellectual, emotional, integrity

and physical stamina to bring out best results for

the individual and the organisation in critical situations

Has planning, co-coordinating and execution skill with experience involving

management of large scale events in terms of its organisation and conduct

50 Placement Guide 2012


Ranjit Kadam(Age: 54 yrs)


Contact: +91-9922207559



Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management.

Diploma in Senior Level Defence Management.

Junior Level Management Course.


B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) from NIT, Durgapur.

Masters in Computer Management, Pune University.

Aeronautical Engineering Training (Masters Degree).

Specialization in Automotive Engineering.

Maintenance Conversion Course from Helicopter

Training School.


Quality Assurance Services (Aeronautical).

Chief Maintainability Engineer Defence R&D Establishment

(Engineers), Pune

Distinction of formulating and implementing engineering ideas and processes.

Director, Army Headquarters, New Delhi

Successfully led engineering operations and rescue missions in active war.

Directed and executed maintenance and repair operations (MRO) of the largest aviation

squadron of Indian Army operating at the highest battle field in the world.

Commanding Officer, Armoured Static Workshop

Proficiently commanded a large maintenance & repair organization (MRO) designed to

provide engineering support to a vast variety of equipment.


Awarded the Commendation of Chief of The Army Staff for exhibiting exemplary devotion

to service and hard work.


Expertise in the field of aviation and automobiles.

Proficient in managing various maintenance operations.

Adroit in the optimization of various equipment for reducing downtime.

Proficient in developing & streamlining systems to meet operational goals.

Expertise in managing a wide spectrum of human resource management function.

Results-proven & focused professional with strong ability to master the situation quickly.

51 Placement Guide 2012


Ranjul Sarmah(Age: 32 yrs)


Contact: +91-9953949906


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

BSc, National Defence Academy (Jawaharlal

Nehru University)

Corporate Co-ordinator: Air Force data automation project

Carried out business Negotiations with NIIT, WIPRO, for pan India Air Force digitised

data automation project (Budget 10 Crore)

Manager Retail (Officer in Charge, Canteen Stores Department)

Managed sales, supply and logistics of the multiple retail outlets of 'Canteen Stores

Department (CSD)' and Non-CSD retail outlets (Utility store, electronic stores, gift

shop and food outlets) having annual sales of more than 5 crore

Business negotiation with vendors, dealers & representative for CSD supplies

Loss prevention, visual merchandising, sales promotion, and revenue management

Senior Manager (Operations, Administration, HR)

Managed, guided and motivated large teams of subordinates to achieve effective

execution of tasks at hand

Coordinate between military, civil, police and other governmental agencies to

achieve organisational objectives

Involved in Planning and Strategy development at Air Force Head Quarters and

ensured execution at field level of front line defences

As Staff Officer Operations (3 Yrs): Was part of the Strategic Planning and Advisory

Cell (Army and Air Force) which was responsible for various defence projects in the

Sikkim, North Bengal and Bhutan

Significant Aspects

Brilliant academic record throughout the career with distinctions in all courses.

(GMAT 710, 92 percentile)

Flying Experience of 1000+ hours

Privilege of flying high profile dignitaries (chiefs of defence services, MrK.A.J.Rao,

Officer in charge Bihar Elections 2005, Cabinet ministers etc)


Team building, Leadership, Motivation

Staff Development & Management

Strategy Development and Implementation

Effective communication and interpersonal skills

Excellent Executive negotiation skills

vendor Liaison and Co-ordination

52 Placement Guide 2012


Subramanian Shanmuga Sundar(Age: 34 yrs)


Contact: +91-9099946934,+91-9742925329

Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

MBA (Shipping and Logistic Management)

(Currently Pursuing from TNOU)

Master of Science (Radar Systems) Cochin University

of Science and Technology

Advance Diploma in Computer Applications

(ET&T - Govt of India)

Bachelor of Science (Physics) St Thomas College

(Calicut University)

12 years of multi-dimensional experience in strategic planning, manpower training,

human resource development and operations in executive branch of Indian Navy.

Recruitment & Training (HR):

Planned, coordinated, monitored and assessed training of 600 officer cadets from

National Defence Academy and Naval academy to transform them to dynamic officers

of Indian Navy.

Coordinated and Conducted recruitment of fresh recruits and monitored orientation,

developmental training capsules for personnel from diverse professional backgrounds at

basic training school of Indian Navy.


As Administrative Officer (Works) involved in managing construction projects from the

conceptualization stage to execution; involving finalization of technical specifications,

scheduling, progress monitoring, site management, manpower planning with Military

Engineer service for various projects at Basic Training School of Indian Navy.


As specialist weapon officer onboard frontline warships undertook planning, forecasting,

sourcing of equipment's/spares and training of men to ensure sustained operations and

minimal down time.

Maintenance and care of all weapons and sensors onboard ship with a team of 100 men

and created an optimal environment for the weapon performance of the ship during

deployments far out at sea.

As team leader was involved in strategic planning and conduct of multi nation naval exercise

with Oman, Singapore and German Naval war ships involving Indian contingent of 150 men.

As Officer in charge of amphibious task force motivated team of personnel from Army

and Navy to perform under extremely stressful conditions and undertook various

operations along the coast of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

As Operations Officer for Naval officer in Charge (Orissa) planned, coordinated with state

level and Para military agencies, monitored and executed strategic plans for Coastal

security along the Coast of Orissa.

Distinction and Awards:


Commended by the Commander-in-Chief Eastern Naval Command for professionalism and

devotion to duty.


Strategic planning, operations and process optimization


Human Resource: Recruitment, Team building, Grievance Handling and Evaluation

Leadership & Team Management Skills

Experience in project execution and monitoring.

Strong Training and development skills

53 Placement Guide 2012



Saju Thomas(Age: 47 yrs)


Contact: +91-9496109575


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

PMP, PMI USA (2008)

M Tech, IIT Kanpur (2000-01)

B Tech, Kerala University (1982-87)

GM of Transversal e Networks Pvt Ltd ( UST Group of Company) from Jan 2009

to Sep 2011

Commanding Officer of a Specialist Workshop in Delhi, responsible for maintaining

sophisticated communication equipment for all the three services from Oct 2006 to

Jan 2009

Commanding Officer of a Specialist Workshop in Field giving intimate repair cover to

a Rocket Regiment from 2003 to 2006

Officer Commanding of a Field Workshop actively involved in OP-VIJAY.

Maintainability Engineer in MAG-1, C/O BEL, Bangalore responsible for the

maintainability of all communication equipment inducted into Army

Planning and Execution of Projects within allotted budget, time and quality

Synergic Team building, Professional Leadership and excellent Inter-personal skills

Appreciation of Operational issues and mitigation of risks

Material planning, procurement and contract negotiation

Repair and maintenance of Telecom Equipments

54 Placement Guide 2012


Saurabh Joshi(Age: 32 yrs)


Contact: +91-9099946936


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

MS, Software Systems, Birla Institute of Technology

and Science.

B Tech Electronics & Communication, G B Pant

University of Agriculture &Technology.

Aeronautical Engineers Course, Airforce Technical


Advanced courses in French, Russian and Indian

Radar systems.

10 years of experience in operation, maintenance management of various radar systems,

handling of projects, training, motivation and administration of the support staff involved.

Responsible for maintenance management of Radar systems and associated subsystems of

strategic and tactical importance and ensuring their availability 24X7.

Led modernization of radar system at various sites by evaluation of various prerequisites

and development of infrastructure.

Handled Complete Project Management of Induction of New Radar System at the unit.

Streamlined the procedures of induction of Radar from PSU thereby reducing

the time taken for same.

Streamlined the Logistic procedures and training of the technical team related to the newly

inducted equipment keeping long term utilization in view.

Handled AMC and post contract management issues.

Handled Project of Airforce Network at an Airforce station involving private/ Govt vendors

for setting up of MPLS based network for voice and data.

Setting up of L3 switches, L2 switch, IP telephones and integration with

existing IT infrastructure.

Liaison with data center and higher echelons regarding configuration and post

contract management issues.

Management of IT assets of Airforce Station in terms of Infrastructure, networking,

Planning and budgeting of procurement of IT assets, training of personnel.

Conducting quality audits from time in accordance with laid down guidelines to identify

weak areas and to stream line various technical activities.

Member of Command Inspection team for various radars and associated systems.

Key member of core team of fault rectification of various Radar systems.

Managing cross functional teams in peace time and crisis scenarios in the form of Planning,

monitoring, controlling budgets, resource management, milestone tracking, risk analysis and

continuous improvement.


Strong Analytical skills with effective approach in decision making.

Deliver high quality results within pre-defined budget and schedules.

Organize, Coordinate and synergize team effort.

Ability to adapt to new environments and manage contingencies.

Developing and transforming strategic plans.

An innovative engineer with vast experience and sound professional knowledge

55 Placement Guide 2012


Shashank Dahat(Age: 58 yrs)


Contact: +91-9930687357



Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

PGDM, Xavier Institute of Management, Mumbai

M.E. (Mechanical /Weapons), Pune University

B. Tech (Telecomn), Military College of

Telecommunication Engineering

Professional Courses

Advance Weapons Technology Course

Electronic Warfare Course, Hungary

Higher Command Course (Strategic Management)

Assistant Quarter Master General (Operations): Planned and executed

logistic support to over 2,00,000 troops, entailing optimization of resources.

Commanding Officer: Led and managed an Army Communication Regiment of 20

officers and 650 combatants. Engineered operational voice and data communication in

J & K, ensured operational readiness of equipment and troops for war. Carried out

multi-tasks with decisiveness and focus on organizational goals to accomplish operational

and administrative objectives.

Director (Works): Planned and implemented programme for construction of

infrastructure for organizational needs with annual budget of Rs. 60 crore.

Director (Training): Conceptualized and implemented training objectives for operations

for approximately 25000 troops.

Chief Signal Officer: A senior level management assignment in rank of Brigadier.

Spearheaded up-gradation of operational tele-communication network, achieved

timelines for projects completion and ensured judicious utilization of scarce resources.

Brigadier Administration: Administered 2500 persons encompassing management of

funds to tune of Rs. 2 crore annually, human resources, capital assets, improving quality

of life and security.


Gallantry award Mention-in-Despatches by the President of India for services of high

order during Kargil War.

Commendation by Chief of the Army Staff for meritorious contributions to the



Firm focus on objectives and resolve to achieve goals with analytical approach.

Ability to synergize and direct a heterogeneous group to achieve desired end results.

Strong motivational and communication skills.

Vast experience in areas of Telecomm, Electronic Warfare, Project Management,

Logistics, Training, Administration, Security, Asset Management, Human Resource

Management and Leadership Skills.

56 Placement Guide 2012


Human Resource Management (2003-2006)


Shubhani Pathak(Age: 33 yrs)


Contact: +91-9099357384,+91-9419076772

Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Diploma in Materials Management with Distinction,

Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur.

Certificate in Information System Management, Rani

Durgavati University, Jabalpur.

Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Government Medical

College , Nagpur.

Certificate Course, Junior Diploma and Higher

Diploma in French with Distinction, Linguistic

Department, Nagpur.

Command and control of 1500+ Army and Civilian staff and their Training and Administration

Recruitment, Planning, Coordinating and Conduct of Training, Counselling, Guidance and

Grievance Addressal.

Formulation Implementation and Review of Standard Operating Procedures.

Inventory Management (2001-2003), (2005-2009)

Hands on experience in Operations and Asset Management.

Ensured Battle equipment availability for Army contingents located in "Highest Battlefield of

the World" during "Operation Parakram".

Optimised Inventory to the tune of 50 million+, to include provisioning, indent, purchase,

accounting, warehousing, care and preservation, issue and audit of inventory/equipment

and all its life cycle functions of over 25000 + inventory.

2005-Director General Ordnance Services Trophy - Officer placed 1st in Overall merit during

Basic Ordnance Management (Diploma in Materials Management with Distinction) at College

of Material Management, Jabalpur.

2005-Silver Medal - Officer placed 1st in Academics during Basic Ordnance Management

(Diploma in Materials Management) at College of Materials Management, Jabalpur.

2003-Letter of Appreciation from General Officer Commanding (Corps Commander) of the

"World's Highest Battlefield" for "Sterling Contribution" towards "Operation Sadbhavana".

2005-”Instructional Grading" qualifying for "Training Officers of Indian Army".

2001-Silver Medal Officers Training Academy for standing 2nd in overall merit. Led Platoon at

Passing out Parade of Officers. Mahar Regiment Gold Medal at Officers Trg Academy. Best

Editor & Contribution Award at Officers Trg Academy.



Logistics and Supply chain

Exceptional Verbal and Written Communication and Presentation skills.

Operations Management - Resource optimization, Coordination, Control and Execution

Human Resources

57 Placement Guide 2012


Shweta Kaushik(Age: 32 yrs)

Contact: +91-9811711624



Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

PGDBM (Human Resource)-Centre for distance

learning, IMT Ghaziabad (2011)

Advance course in Aeronautical Engineering

(Electronics) from Air Force Technical College,

Bangalore (2003)

Specialization in Air Defence communication

system and computer aided management (2004)

BE (Electronics & Communication)- Karnataka

University (1997-2001)

Member of the core specialist team involved in execution and implementation of

spectrum management project post surrender of frequency spectrum to Ministry of

Telecom & IT.

Handled the induction and implementation of Air Force communication project worth

Rs 200 crore for 50 Digital Mobile Radio Relay (DMRR) System right from trial stage

upto the delivery of system to user units.

Involved in projects pertaining to indigenization of Troposcatter and microwave

communication equipment.

Conceived, initiated and implemented communication and IT infrastructure at an

important communication base.

Experienced on maintenance and Installation of wired and unwired voice & data

communication networks.

Worked as Senior Engineer (Communication) at Repair Depot. Planned and coordinated

the production planning, execution, provisioning for repair and over-haul of

Telecommunication systems/network deployed in IAF.

Management, Installation and maintenance of OFC, routers, switches, DSLAMs, VoIP,

LAN and WAN facilities .

Worked in close liaison with various companies like BEL (Ghaziabad), BEL (Bangalore),

AEM etc in Quality Assurance and Testing of products.

Ensured high degree of discipline, competitiveness and healthy working culture for a

team of 500 Air warriors responsible for Maintenance support.

Designed and conducted training of all technical personnel to increase the effectiveness,

including periodic counselling and performance appraisal.

Protocol management during visits of VVIPs, Head of State, Senior Defence Officers and

dignitaries Committed to Ethics, Integrity and Loyalty


Awarded Commendation by Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief (AOC-in-C) Maintenance

Command (2011) for successful implementation of the DMRR communication project

and performing duties of an exceptional order.


Project Management

Operations management

Planning and organizing

Collaboration with cross functional teams and handling multi task projects

Value addition- capability to deploy innovative & result-oriented strategies with optimal

utilization of resources

Technical Coordination & Liaison

58 Placement Guide 2012


Shyam Jaisinghani(Age: 43 yrs)

E Mail:,


Mob: +91-9429898558,+91-9409116901,

Tele: +91-79-29701560

Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

M.Sc. in Strategic & Defence Studies, University of

Madras (2006-07)

Air Staff Course, Defence Services Staff College,

Wellington, Nilgiris, TN (2006-07)

PG Diploma in Human Resource Management, IGNOU

(2005) & PG Diploma in Management, IGNOU(2004)

BA (JNU) , Alumnus of National Defence Academy,

Khadakwasla (1988)

Staff Officer (OSD) to Air Officer Commanding- in- Chief (2009-10) and Staff Officer to

Senior Air Staff Officer (Operations Head) Of an Operational Command of the IAF(2008-09)

with assets over $ 12 Billion and approx 12000 personnel. 'Professional Consultation & Advise'

to the Commander-in-Chief on all matters pertaining to Operations, Maintenance,

Administration and CSR. 'Compliance Audits and Inspections' of all stations / units in the

command area. 'Coordination and Liaison’ with foreign delegations, civil authorities, other

defence services and industry

Director / Joint Director(Operations) at Command HQs(2010-11 & 2007-08) Consulting,

Advising, Supervising and Monitoring of flying operations (over $ 3 Billion worth of flying

assets). Training and HRM of approx 2000 personnel. Institutionalized mechanism for

execution of warranty on Su-30 aircraft by the Russian vendor team and executed the swap

deal of old Su-30 aircraft with the Russians

Senior Operations Officer (Operations & Training Head) Of a unit (2004-06) with approx 350

personnel and assets worth $ 2 Billion. Acted as an effective change agent by turning around

a non operational unit into the 'Best Operational Unit' amongst approx 30 units operating

similar equipment

Senior Air Staff Officer (Operations Head) Of an Operational Unit (2002-04) with approx

350 personnel, exercising functional control over flying and communication assets of multiple

units worth $ 1 Billion approx

Flight Commander (Operations Head) Of a unit (1999–2002) with assets worth $1 Billion

and approx 200 personnel - operationalised the unit after a change of location,

conceptualised & effected operational and strategic plans

Administration, Project Planning and Execution


Team Leader for Study & Execution of project to house 350 personnel and specialist

operational equipment. Post the earthquake in Bhuj (2001), execution of the project for

revamping of 13 messes

Honours & Awards

Commendation by Chief of Air Staff – 2010 and Commendation by Air Officer

Commanding- in - Chief - 2001


Aviation - 2100 hrs of fighter flying experience including pre-delivery testing and evaluation

Strategy Development & Operations – Planning & Execution

Logical & Analytical Decision Making and Crisis Management (Problem Solving

& Trouble Shooting)

Inter-Personal Skills, Communication & Asset Building (Human and Institutional)

Compliance Audits & Inspections

59 Placement Guide 2012


Snigdha Sharma(Age: 34 yrs)


Contact: +91-9824012380


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

B.E (Electronics), Pt Ravi Shankar Shukla

University (1996 – 99)

Diploma in Database Technologies and Linux, C- DAC

Pune (2003)

Honors Diploma in Information and Systems

Management , Aptech (1997 – 98)

Bachelor of Arts, Kathak dance, Khairagarh

University (1990)

11 years of multifarious experience in Program & Project management, Strategic

Management, Operations, Contract Management and People Management.

Military Engineer Services – Assistant Garrison Engineer (Jan 04-Aug 11)

Managed a diverse portfolio of full life-cycle projects in Utility services like Water

supply, Electricity, Air Conditioning etc from ideation to actualization with budgets

ranging upto INR 30 crore.

Responsible for annual forecasting & budgeting for MES maintenance services

expenditure at Cochin, Panaji & Jamnagar defence stations. Managed annual

maintenance budgets to the tune of INR 8 Crore.

Acted as nodal agency for project collaboration with contractors, state government

agencies, vendors and clients to ensure timely project completions, quality work and

conflict resolutions.

Conceptualizing and implementing material procurement schedule for effective

inventory control to maintain smooth flow of materials with minimum inventory holding.

Key Achievements

Enhanced Operating Efficiency by undertaking system/process improvement through

automation, energy conservation measures and cost optimization techniques and

saved INR 20 lac yearly.

Improved customer service through introduction of formal complaint management

system with all incidents tracked to closure.

Undertook initiatives to incorporate cutting edge technologies to upgrade

establishments existing infrastructure and provide 24 x7 utility services to the users.

Recipient of Chief of Army Staff Commendation (Op Parakram).

Regiment – Company Second-in-command (Sep 2000-Dec 2003)

Led operational task forces and carried out strategic planning and execution of combat

engineering tasks.

Coordinated sensitive move of Men/ Material/ Equipment across geographically

scattered locations by rail/road.

Managed manpower planning, recruitment, training, appraisals and devise strategies

for performance improvements for a team of 200 people.


Strategic Planning & Project Management

Operations and Process optimization

Budget forecasting and SCM

Liaison with Government Agencies/ OEMs

Contract administration and material /vendor management

Human resource management, development & training

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

60 Placement Guide 2012


Dir Artillery Coordination, Army Headquater

Sunil Diddee(Age: 44 yrs)


Contact: +91-9654698327


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

M Sc, Pune University

B.Sc , Delhi University

Long Gunnery Staff Course, School of Artillery Devlali

Weapon Locating Radar Course at Los Angeles, USA

Worked under the Director General of Artillery. Responsible for Coordination of Artillery

Directorate with office of Deputy Chief of Army Staff

Coordinated the functioning of Directorate General of Artillery with the office of Deputy

Chief Army staff

Annual allotment of 30 Crore to 300 entities, budgeting and expenditure of Rs 80 Lac

Facilities Management to include offices and guest rooms

Participated in Expert Exchange Program with British Army at Warminster, UK

Commanding Officer of a Bofors Regiment


Successfully commanded a Bofors Regiment spread over 150 km in terrorist affected

area on Line of Control with Pakistan in J&K.

Responsible for performance of unit in hostile environment, formulation and execution

of HR policies to include training, performance appraisal, career management, conduct

of periodic interviews and handling of personnel grievances.

Brigade Operations Officer

Effectively managed the operational tasks and employment of three regiments of Artillery

in the aftermath of attack on Parliament House.


Successfully commanded a Bofors subunit during Operation Vijay in Kargil.


Army Commanders Commendation Card for excellence, dedication and devotion to duty.


Mission accomplishment within specified timelines with economy of resources.

HR management ability to include multifaceted needs of personnel management,

training and performance appraisal.

Proficiency in interaction at all levels of hierarchy in different organizations.

Ability to oversee and synergize the efforts of multifarious departments

61 Placement Guide 2012


Sunil Kumar Yadav(Age: 44 ½ yrs)


Contact: +91-8057334934,+91-909994694


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

B Sc (Phy,Chem,Maths) (JNU)

Certificate in Automated Data Processing(Systems)

Diploma in multimedia and Graphics

Diploma in Radio And Electronics (Communication)

Junior Officer management and Development Course

Combat Group Commander Course

Diploma in Information Technology

Dec 1988 to date : Commissioned in Armoured Corps (Mechanised), Indian Army

Joint Director (Project and Works): HQ Uttar Bharat Area (Jun 2010 – to date) and HQ

Eastern Command (Jun 2006 – Jun 2008 ) Responsible for construction, maintenance and

development, monitoring and implementation of all infrastructure, support services

and amenities. Interaction and Liaison with Government Officials (MOD) for early

clearance of projects. Total Annual Budget over INR 10 Billion

Technical Officer (Jun 2008 – Jun 2010): Responsible for maintenance, repair & recovery,

indenting and provisioning of Indian and Russian origin equipments (TANKS). Total value

of Inventory INR 6 Billion.

Second–in–Command and Squadron Commander (Jun2006–Aug2004): Handled HR, pay

& allces, administration, finances, training and security and operations of a unit and

sub unit.

Training Officer (Aug 2004 – Aug 2002): Responsible for training and administration of

newly recruited boys (~ 800) to transform them into fighting fit, motivated, disciplined

and battle worthy soldiers. Instrumental in raising a new training wing .

Logistics Assignments (Jul 2002 – Aug 2001): Responsible for liaison with various depots,

timely indenting, procuring and provisioning of Technical and non Technical stores

ensure administration backup for the Regiment during the Operation and peace time.

Operational Leadership Assignments (Dec1988 – Aug2001): Upon getting commissioned

in the Indian Army, carried out various administrative, logistics and leadership roles in the

Armoured ( Mechanised ) Regiment.

Being an Armoured Corps ( mechanised) officer, has the privilege of commanding

Infantry Company Rashtriya Rifles Doda, J&K , (Counter Insurgency Operation)

Ladakh Scouts (Line of Actual Control - Eastern Ladakh )


Awarded Army Commander (Eastern Command ) Commendation Card for Performance

and dedication, Year 2008

Indian Military Academy (high in Merit out of 610 Cadets)

Rashtriya Indian Military College (Winner of President Gold Medal for Topping the Course )


Human Resource Planning; acquisition, utilization and retention of human resource;

training and development; policy formulation and implementation

Versatile and effective Project Planning and execution of Project Management Work

Training of 800 trainees with the task of shaping raw recruits into combat worthy

Handled procurement and sourcing of all technical, non technical and other service

requirements .And planning, provisioning, accounting, maintenance and loss prevention

of defense stores.

Experience in Interaction and liaison with Government Officials and various depots.

62 Placement Guide 2012


Sunil P Gopalakrishnan(Age: 37 yrs)


Contact: +91-909946944,+91-9819866056

Certificate Course in Business Management, (6months,

fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

M-Tech( Aeronautical) , CUSAT

B-Tech(Mechanical),NIT, Calicut

Quality Assurance Course(02 months residential)

Marine Engineering Specialization Course(01 Year


Station Aeronautical Engineer, Naval air station, Mumbai- Spearheaded operations of

aircraft maintenance, quality assurance and logistics management of more than 15

aircraft at a time, for two Years. Formulated a comprehensive supply chain policy for the

aircraft spares

Jt controller, Material Organization, Kochi- Ensured uninterrupted supply of aircraft

spares by planning, provisioning and scheduling based on ABC analysis to all aircraft

operated units of navy. Successfully formulated, reviewed and managed aircraft spare

procurement and its repair from HAL and abroad firms

Project manager, Seaking Recovery Project- Coordinated the major recovery project

(03 years) of six Seaking aircraft by systematic planning, scheduling ,execution and timely

completion of its activities, in close liaison with M/s Westland helicopters ,UK , IAI Israel

and various Indian firms

Sr Aeronautical Engineer, Naval air station, Kochi- Led the team of engineers and 200+

technicians in preparation of aircraft for operations, repair and scheduled maintenance

of station aircraft

Manager Engineering/planning, Naval ship repair Yard-Key member of strategic planning,

coordination and scheduling of five major refit projects of naval ships(300 tonnage)

by apt utilization of Project management tools like CPM, PERT, Schedule compression etc.

Led the team of 400+ civil employees of IC engine and major transmission component

of ship repair shop floors.

Marine Engineer,02 major ships-Efficiently managed the operation, repair and

maintenance of the ships

Asst Manager , Birla Cements-Actively involved in the erection of third process plant

of Birla cements


Cross Functional experience in Project Planning, material management, supply chain

management and logistics supply

High degree of technical and financial adaptability

Experience of project, contract, operation and maintenance management

Versatility in design, development, execution and quality inspection of aviation and ship

refit projects.


63 Placement Guide 2012



Vidya Rajan(Age: 31 yrs)


Contact: +91-9810405122,+11-41663811


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months, fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

MBA from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai

BBM from Nirmala College for Women, Bharathiar

University, Coimbatore.

Attended the Army Logistics and Supply

Management Course at Army Service Corps Centre

& College, Bangalore

7.5 years of work experience in the Indian Armed Forces as a Class I gazetted officer in

the Army Service Corps

Logistics Planning and Management. As Officer Commanding Composite Platoon for 1.5

years was associated with logistic planning and management wherein the responsibility

of supply of rations was given for a strength of 4000+ Troops.

Logistics Support. Managed all aspects of logistic support provided by the Army Service

Corps to the Army for smooth conduct of operations by troops in field areas.

Media & Publicity at Military World Games. Responsible for the Media & Publicity related

activities to promote the 3rd Military World Games organized in Secunderabad. This

was an international event wherein ~4000 Defense Officers from 110 countries

participated/competed in various sports disciplines.

Coordination of Activities for UNMission to Sudan. Responsible for the operations and

coordination activities for 200+ Indian Troops going to Sudan for UN Missions which

included managing their daily activities like leave management, salaries, collection of

stores, collections & disbursement of advances for initial expenditure through SBI and

other administration related activities, opening of NRI accounts.

Personnel Management. Responsible for the management of personnel which included

their training, welfare, administration, grievance redressal and their personal


Transport Management. Maintenance of the Military Transport which included vehicles

like Ashok Leyland Stallions, Jeeps, Gypsy, 2.5 Ton Vehicles etc. This also included proper

training of military drivers, prevention of accidents during long convoys, driving discipline

and organization of inspections/documentation of vehicles.

Commanded a Company that had 50 ambulances and 150 troops which was entrusted

with the responsibility of providing medical cover to the troops deployed in certain

specific areas of Srinagar.

Conducted recruitment rallies.

Personnel Management

Logistic and Supply Management

Transport Management

Event Management

Accounts management

Administrative & Planning


64 Placement Guide 2012


Army : Oct 2003 - Jul 2011

Vikas Ranjan(Age: 30 yrs)

Contact: +91-9725535003


Officer in Charge, Canteen Stores Department (Retail Operations)

Company Commander &Adjutant (Operations, Admin and HR)

Nibbles : Apr 2002 – Oct 2003

Assistant Manager, Marketing & Business Development


Certificate Course in Business Management, (6months,

fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Diploma in Strategy, Operational Planning &

Management : Army War College

Certificate in Small Team management and Tactical

Operations : Infantry School, Belgaum

Diploma in Operations & Administration :

Infantry School

Diploma in IT : IT Division, Infantry school

B Com (H) : Bihar University

Managed multiple retail outlets of Canteen Stores Department (CSD) and Non-CSD stores

having high turnover.

Explored new market and enhanced business avenues by 'Mobile Retail Outlets'

Negotiations with state government for tax exemption

Loss prevention, visual merchandising, sales promotion, and revenue management

Strategic contribution and the privilege of being 'face of the nation' during Indo-Pak flag

meetings, tour of international delegations and Srinagar – Muzaffarabad Bus Service

Conducted immigration of Indo-Pak passengers at Aman Setu

Instrumental in conduct of high profile events including Hyderabad Polo Season, last rituals

of Late Shri YSR Reddy, 'Guard of Honor' to the Governor of Andhra Pradesh

Commanded a training unit of 650 personnel and an operational unit of 120 personnel

Coordinated 24X7 operations of unit (900 personnel) in active counter insurgency area

Mass recruitment for army and state police

Productive liaison with administration, corporate & media

Business development through franchisee in Delhi/NCR

Expansion of client base through constant market survey

Advertise, lead generation and discovering potential clients

Preliminary negotiation and execution of contract with clients

Executing and Co-ordineting BTL marketing activities


Team Building & Leadership

Operational Efficiency Improvement

Consultative Sales

Customer Relationship Management

Policy Development

Strategic Alliances

Market Expansion

Vendor allocation

Contract Negotiations

Store Management

65 Placement Guide 2012



Vikash Kumar Satyam(Age: 53 yrs)

Mobile: +91-989105 1272



Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Researched Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) at

IIT Delhi

Specializations in Construction Management,

Complex Engineering structures, Simulators, Ship

and Submarine Design from St Petersburg, Russia

(in Russian language).

Post graduation in Naval Construction from IIT Delhi.

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering

30 years of distinguished service in diverse, challenging, dynamic, multidisciplinary

capacities across India and abroad. Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, London,

Latvia and Switzerland had been visited by me leading teams executing assigned duties.

Achievements: Bringing focus to the indigenous concept design of complex structures

resulting in savings to the tune of billions of dollars.

Present position: At present Captain in Indian Navy. Officer in Charge, Naval Construction

Wing (NCW), IIT Delhi where Naval Architect officers of the Indian Navy are trained in

warships and associated design of complex systems and structures .

Board Level Experience – Naval Research Board –Hydrodynamic Panel. Guiding futuristic

projects of the Indian Navy through institutes like IITs, IISc,NSTL etc.

Technical writing: Five Technical papers and editor of NCW-News letter at IIT Delhi.

Managerial: Set up QC and QA facility of international standards for assembly of ships

using outsourcing and vendor development. Guided a team of almost 1600 industrial

workers, engineers and supervisors to ensure timely repairs of vessels at the Shipyard.

CSR: Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) at ship/submarine level, Life saving boats, barges etc.

Strategy & Planning


Project Management





Supply chain management

Business Development



66 Placement Guide 2012


Joint Director (Planning & Training) in Field Area

Vikram T Chavan(Age: 41 yrs)

Contact: +91-9173361737,+91-9969632393



Certificate Course in Business Management, (6months,

fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

MBA (Executive) with specialization in HRM-ITM,


Master of Science(Weapon Technology)-

Pune University

Bachelor of Arts-JNU, New Delhi

Management Development Programmes

General Management Programme-IIM, Lucknow

Performance Coaching and Communication Skills

for Excellent Team Performance, MDI, Gurgaon

Emotional Intelligence for Managerial Effectiveness

and Stress Management-MDI, Gurgaon

Conceptualized, Planned and executed training policy and implemented parameters

for performance monitoring, testing and evaluation, coaching and counseling in key focus

areas of training.

Joint Director(Operations) at Area Headquarters (Mumbai)

Revised standing operating procedures to deal with natural calamities and internal

security threats.

Coordinated and implemented the response during and post 26/11 incident at Mumbai in

conjunction with state administration, intelligence agencies and civil Police.

Second in Command of an Army Fighting Unit on the Line of Control (J&K)

Managed the complete operations, logistics, and administration of the unit along the

Line of Control.

Restructured security and operational key procedures.

Chief Logistics & Administrative Officer (North Bengal)

Handled logistics, administrative and HR aspects of about 2000 personnel.

Effectively managed a large transport fleet and facility management of large complexes.

Coordinated logistics & administrative aspects during visit of Army personnel to foreign


Participation in Active Operations

Participated in Operation VIJAY (Kargil) and Operation PARAKRAM & counter insurgency



Formulation, development and execution of human resources strategy and policy.

Expertise in formulating & implementing training policies, directives and evaluation.

Security, loss prevention, risk analysis, and assessment.

Multi-tasking and handling of multi-disciplinary task force.

Logistics Management

67 Placement Guide 2012


Vinod Kumar(Age: 34 yrs)


Contact: +91-9099946949,+91-9897702206


Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

PGDHRD, LBSIMT, Bareilly,2009-10

BVSc&AH, Veterinary College, University of

Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore,1994-99


Led the team for a disaster recovery solution and prevented epidemic loss to the tune

of 2.5 crore

Conceptualized, developed and established Emergency management system-a first in

UP, Uttarakhand, MP and Bihar region

Designing of pilot project of Emergency and Critical care hospital, worked on equipment

procurement, installation and sequential start-up of the project

Key role in training 40 personnel of Emergency & critical 'life-saving' team


Defined and led the cross-functional team for logistics supply well within timeframes,

under the most unforgiving terrain and weather conditions

Attained a track record of “zero-casualty” of men and animals, in two consecutive years

through systematic training and planning


Spearheaded strategic projects of second largest Military Farm in Eastern sector to

bring down losses up to 8% within tight budgets

Coordinated successful events of Kolkata Horse Show during 2003 & 2004 and was

handpicked as jury for Jharkhand Horse show, Jamshedpur


Facilitated inter-departmental co-ordination training of technical

manpower resources

Efficient team builder and identification of potential sub level leaders


University Team Captain- Football & Badminton


Experienced in handling projects with technical coordination & liaison within multidisciplinary


Effective liaison with Government agencies, contract execution, procurement and

equipment installations

68 Placement Guide 2012



Vipin Gupta(Age: 34 yrs)


Contact: +91-9099946952,+91-7498315157

Certificate Course in Business Management,

(6months,fully residential) IIM Ahmedabad, 2011-12

Bsc Hons (Instrumentation),Delhi University

Certificate In Computer Applications ,CDAC Pune

Advance course in Air Operations ,Air traffic

Management and Air laws

Operations Manager on board Aircraft carrier, INS Viraat handling Air operations, Ground

support & Flight Deck operations, Safety Oversight, Airspace Management and

Infrastructural Development.

As Project Manager of Naval Air Enclave worth Rs 1600 crore at Cochin International

Airport was responsible for designing, planning, development and overseeing of

infrastructure to meet military requirement.

Key player between State Govt and Defence authorities to set up all administration and

security measures during many VVIP and VIP visits as Officer In charge and coordinated

Standard Parliamentary Committee visit .

Functioned as a HR team member at Naval Headquarters in recruitment of about 1000

personnel across the country.

Chief of Air Staff Commendation for Professional Excellence, 2007.


Decisive, action oriented and result –focused professional with twelve years of experience in

Aviation management and Airport operations.

Dedicated manager with strong work ethics and ability to build lasting relationship.

Maintain excellent communicating and written skills, adaptable, problem resolution abilities

and a high level of confidentiality.

Devising and implementing short term and long term policies to achieve organizational and

strategic goals

Driven by new challenges and desire to be successful in all endeavors, immensely enjoys

navigating all aspects of complex projects


69 Placement Guide 2012

The Placement Process

Pre-placement talks and interviews can commence with effect from

11 February 2012 onwards on all days when participants do not have

academic activities and on all weekends. The schedule of academics

activities may be ascertained from Students Placement Committee,


However, a specific placement period has also been planned with

effect from 12 March to 22 March 2012; wherein pre-placement talks

and interviews can be planned on all days during this period. Following

guidelines shall be applicable in this context:-

Companies can conduct interactions with AFP, slot for which will be

assigned on a first come first served basis.

All campus activities must be scheduled in consultation with the

Students Placement Committee. The contact email and Mobile

Numbers of the Placement Committee are given in the last page.

Details of the candidates can also be obtained from the website

Companies are reqested to communicate the following details to the

Placement Committee via email in order to enable the Committee to

streamline the placement process:-

Indication that an offer with salary and other details has been made

to a candidate.

Confirmation of acceptance or rejection of an offer by the candidate.

In both communications, offer details need not be provided to the

Placement Committee.

Candidates are responsible for finalizing offer details including, but not

limited to,salary, location, perks and title directly with recruiters.

Companies are welcome to communicate with the Placement Committee

on any topic beyond those listed above.

The Placement Committee may amend the rules/guidelines stated above, if

required, to streamline the process. Changes if any, will be communicated to

the companies concerned in due course.

Faculty / Placement Office Contact

Prof. Shailesh Gandhi

Coordinator, Armed Forces Programme

Wing 7, IIM Ahmedabad - 380 015.

Phone : +91 - 79 - 26324864



Mobile: +91-7600123946, +91-7600123813,



Mr. Pravin Christian

Incharge, Placement Office

Phone : +91 - 98791 06221


Placement Team - AFP 2011

Anand Subhedar

Awadhesh Kumar Misra

Gopal Samanta

Girish Mathew

Pratyush Sharan

Sunil Diddee

Vikas Ranjan

Vipin Gupta


Tel : +91 79 66324864

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