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The Traveler


Learn how to



Day in USA and


tips to make

your suitcase.

The largest

celebrations the world

10 most spectacular

places in the world

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much more

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about the


man festival

The Traveler


Bands play traditional Austrian and German music.


local breweries



to participate

in the



serve their

beer tents. This beer is darker and stronger than

usual. The festival lasts 16-18 days from the end

of September and lasts until the first

weekend of October. About six million

people attend the event each year.


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You like to travel?

Search out!

1. Do you like to pack?

A. No, I do not like,

B. Yes, I love ordering my clothes.

C. If only I pack the first thing I see.

2. Do you like to see landscapes?

A. No, that's very boring.

B. Yes, it makes me relax.

C. I do not care but I prefer to do other


3. Do you like to try different foods?

A. Only when they look appetizing.

B. Yes, it's always good to try new things.

C. No, I prefer to eat things I know.

4. What would you rather do?

A. Spend time on the Internet.

B. Read books and comics.

C. Watch TV shows.

Majority A: The trips are not your

thing, you mean stay home.

Majority B: Travel is your thing, you

having fun discovering new places.

Majority C: We enjoy making new things but

not prepare them.

Letter from the editor

Dear Readers:

Here the first volume of The Traveler,

a quarterly magazine that offers a variety of

topics related to customs and travel to different

parts of the world, of course, was that interest

you. Our goal is to make you feel part

of all those customs and traditions that then it

dazzle. Hope you can feel the magic of wanting

to visit all those wonderful places that the

earth has given us and that life is perhaps the

only thing that belongs to us so we should live

each day as if it were the last and perhaps

learn to live it as difficult, so you have to venture

to get carried away by emotion.


Dr. Gloria Cecilia Gamboa Mendoza.

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What is Tomatina?

La Tomatina is a festival in the

form of street riot held in the Valencian town of Buñol.

Here participants throw tomatoes at each other.

The last Wednesday of August, nestled within

a week of celebrations of Buñol is celebrated.

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Day of the Dead—Haiti

This Caribbean island Haiti, November 2 is celebrated

on Fet Gede or All Souls Day. The streets of Port au

Prince are overcrowded with people dressed in red and

black, the colors of the spirits of their ancestors, and

head to the cemetery to participate in the sacred rite.

There, the crowd gathers below the high cross of Baron

and Maman Brigitte. Some pour coffee and rum at the

foot of the cross as an offering, others leave bread,

peanuts or corn India The Mahalaya is of great importance

to the Hindu community, it marks the beginning of

a year filled with peace. The religious rite consists of

prayers to invoke the spirits past. At the beginning of

this ceremony is worshiped souls and various desires

are asked to be at peace get the rest of the year.









Letter from the editor.

Order your luggage.

San Valentin in the world.


The amazing man on fire.

The most amazing places in

the world.

Learn more celebrations.

Test "Do you like traveling?"

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!Get ready!

6. Etretat and Albatre

Coast, France

I propose a series of steps on how to make the

suitcase, so that you get the highest possible

number of looks when you arrive at your destination

with minimal weight in the suitcase

without forgetting anything.

7 Bryce Canyon,

Utah, United States

8. Salar de Uyuni,


2. Make a list of everything you're taking

your destiny, considering where you go,

what temperature does, how long will be

and what you do there.

1. Do not carry a huge suitcase. Normally

we then not too much to use. Better

go light luggage.

9. The white cascade

of Pamukkale, Turkey

For more tips go to

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3. Wear clothes that combine between

them, so you get the maximum number of

fashionable looks, with minimal clothing.

10. Grand Prismatic

Spring, Yellowstone

National Park, Wyoming,


The 10 most

spectaculars places

in the world

1. Fly Geyser, Nevada,

United States

San Valentin in the World

2. Great Blue

Hole, Belize

3. The Plitvice Lakes,


4. The mountains of colors

Zhangye Danxia, China

1. Do not carry a huge suitcase. Normally

we then not too much to use. Better

go light luggage.

While in other countries is known as the day of the

couple, or Valentine's Day in the United States, Valentine's

Day is celebrated love but also friendship. In

schools, children write and distribute calls Valentine

greeting cards and heart shaped candies.

5. The Door to Hell

Darvaza, Turkmenistan

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In China, on the night of 7 of the seventh lunar month is

called "qixi" and in it a party to commemorate a couple

that is part of traditional Chinese mythology takes place.

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Burning Man Festival

Takes place in the US during the months of August

and September. The event is specifically

made in the "Black Rock Desert" of northern Nevada.

Those who participate

and those who

attend the festival

are invited to view

the most extravagant

artistic expressions

and enjoy

good music.

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The Burning Man Festival began

performing in 1986 and

since then not stop attracting

the attention of artists and audience

looks forward to the

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start of this original party.

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