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Vol.:2, Issue: October 2013




Show Highlight

Face to Face

Ken Morrison,

Chief Executive of Tourism &

Transport Forum (TTF), Australia



10. Jordan

Meetings Point

05. Singapore: The stature of Singapore as an idyllic meetings hub is further reflected with

the city-state playing host to a number of world class events and conferences, including ITB Asia -

the annually held three day B2B travel trade show

Traveller’s Musing

10. Jordan: While Jordan is soaked with innumerable chronicles to share, we give you the top

6 historical places you can visit when you are here in this remarkable country.

Cover Story

17. Travel Apps: To make the trip smarter, here are some of the major business travel apps

which can be both fun and beneficial



City Chronicles

21. Busan: With superb beaches,

scenic cliffs, mountains which provide

excellent hiking and extraordinary views, and

hot springs, Busan is certainly worth a visit

Theme Story

37. Nightlife: When the heat

subsides, the champagne flows and the

inhibitions fade away as South East Asia

comes up in true colours of the night

Face to Face

49. In an exclusive interview with TTW, Ken

Morrison, Chief Executive of Tourism &

Transport Forum (TTF), speaks about the

prospect of Australia as a tourist destination

and its future plans, developments and

much more.

37. Nightlife

Travel News


Asia Festivals

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Calendar of Events







05. Singapore



Asia is packed with activities this month. With fairs keeping October busy to all related with the

travel business, things definitely seem to be looking up in Asia. The economy in Asia is booming and

air-traffic in the region is forecasted to grow at 6.7% per annum. The cruise industry is also

expecting a 17.0% annual growth in passengers.

However, Asia pacific is experiencing more profits in comparison to the Middle East. With the recent

terrorist attacks in Nairobi there seems to be growing fear among travellers about their safety and

security in the region and travellers are weary about setting foot in Turkey too where the situation is

deteriorating by the day. The U.N. Secretary-General has expressed his profound shock and regrets

the usage of chemical weapons in Syria which resulted in innumerous casualties, particularly among

civilians which include many children. Syria is middle of strong criticism from the world over.

Asia needs to appease its political issues to offer greater stability to its people and create scopes for

economic progress by generating jobs. Civil violence will only lead to a dwindling economy and ruin

the chances of progress. Read more to learn what Asia offers this September.

Mr. Anup Kumar Keshan


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Singapore, the business hub of South East Asia, is best known for its grandeur. The city-state

reflects the boisterousness of the modern society with a milieu of Chinese, Malay and Indian

influences. The tropical climate along with tasty food, snazzy malls and shopping centres and

a vibrant night-life scene, Singapore is the main hub of Asia travel industry.

Much has been written and spoken about Singapore's flourishing MICE (Meetings Incentives

Conventions and Exhibitions) industry and the wealth of opportunities it provides for

business travellers. The stature of Singapore as an idyllic meetings hub is further reflected

with the city-state playing host to a number of world class events and conferences, including

ITB Asia - the annually held three day B2B travel trade show. This year, too, ITB Asia will be

held in Singapore from October 23-25 at Suntec Singapore.

Meetings Point

ITB Asia and a Traveller's Musing



ITB Asia: What's the fuss all about?

If you are a travel trade analyst, then ITB Asia

needs no introduction. This is where

international exhibitors of all sectors of the

travel-value chain, Asia Pacific's leading travel

companies and emerging small and medium-

sized enterprises meet with top international

buyers from the MICE, Leisure and Corporate

Travel markets. Acting as a perfect podium for

travel trade professionals to exhibit and speak

on their plans, carry out business, showcase

their destinations' potential and increase

their business contacts, ITB Asia is

considered as one of the biggest travel

trade shows in the vein of WTM London,

IMEX and ITB Berlin.

Why exhibit at ITB Asia?

Here are certain benefits of exhibiting at

ITB Asia.

ŸBest value-for-money offer

ŸEasy access from all over Asia

Ÿ3,120 minutes of know how

ŸConference content specially tailored to

buyers' needs

ŸFlexible hosting packages

ŸHigh quality of buyers in terms of

purchasing power

ŸOver 21,000 buyer meetings

ŸInternational coverage: More than 250

media representatives

Image Courtesy :



Speaking on the event, Horst Schulze - Chairman

and CEO – Capella Hotel Group LLC, said, “It is

clearly important for us in the hotel industry to

expose ourselves to the travel agent community,

to cross industries such as airlines and so on, and

not only that, but to show ourselves to the press

and consequently to the public. ITB is large, it is

well known and there is a sizeable participation,

so taking part as a hotel company or as an

individual hotel is very important. It is extremely

impressive that a relatively new show such as ITB

Asia has over 800 exhibitors. It shows you the

name ITB is pretty powerful! It's in the early

years, but I can imagine what it's going to be. I

think it's a great success for ITB, what they're

doing here.”

How to spice up your days in Singapore in

between the event?

Well, there are plenty of options to choose from.

That's why people love visiting Singapore time

and over again. Here's what you can make the

most out of your stay in Singapore.

Sentosa Island:

Just 15 minutes away from the city centre is

Sentosa, an idyllic resort island with pristine

beaches, world-class attractions, sea sports, golf

and retreats.

At Sentosa, there are endless activities to indulge

your every interest. Our biggest attraction,



Imbiah Lookout offers something for everyone;

thrill seekers can take a ride on Skyline Luge

Sentosa, nature lovers can explore the walking

trails and wonders of Butterfly Park & Insect

Kingdom or learn about flora and fauna on the

guided tour of Sentosa Nature Discovery. For

some culture, try Images of Singapore. The

sporty side of you can enjoy a game of beach

volleyball on Siloso Beach, ride the barrelling

waves at Wave House Sentosa and at night fall,

be awed by Songs of the Sea, a multi-sensory

extravaganza. Feeling hungry? Over 50

restaurants from casual to classy are available

at proximity to satiate every taste.

Marine Life Park:

Dive into the Marine Life Park, the world's

largest oceanarium and be inspired by the

myriad marine wonders of the blue planet.

Explore the world's largest aquarium at S.E.A.

Aquarium and plunge into wet and wild fun at

Adventure Cove Waterpark. Come discover an

action-packed aquatic world and fall in love with

the spectacular ocean animals at Marine Life

Park, Resorts World Sentosa Singapore!

Gardens by the Bay:

Spanning 101 hectares, this award-winning

horticultural attraction houses over 250

thousand rare plants and is just a five-minute

walk from the city. The Gardens comprises

three spaces—Bay South, Bay East and Bay

Central. From the waterfront promenade, enjoy

an amazing view of the Marina Bay financial

district skyline. The grounds are perfect for an

evening stroll and a picnic with loved ones.

Singapore's new icon, a 101-hectare

horticultural attraction, certainly seems to be

the nation's most beautiful with more than 250

thousand rare plants in huge domed




So, if you happen to be in Singapore to attend

ITB Asia, make sure that you explore the event

to the hilt. And in your spare time, explore

Singapore's one-of-a-kind attractions and

experience the best of Asia's offerings. Rest

assured, you will bring back plenty of

memorable experiences home.



Traveller’s Musing


Drenched in History and Culture

There is utterly no qualm in the fact that Jordan is a Kingdom steeped in history and culture. From

the second you arrive, you can intuit its rich heritage; all around are remnants of ancient civilizations

long since passed, yet they still remain, stamped into the very fabric of this amazing Kingdom and

etched into the soul of the people who live here.

While Jordan is soaked with innumerable chronicles to share, we give you the top 6 historical places

you can visit when you are here in this remarkable country.




A sprawling city spread over 19 hills, or "jebels,"

Amman is the modern - as well as the ancient -

capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Known as Rabbath-Ammon during the Iron Age

and later as Philadelphia, the ancient city that was

once part of the Decapolis league, now boasts a

population of around 2.3 million people.

Amman, often referred to as the white city due to

its low size canvas of stone houses, offers a variety

of historical sites. There are a number of renovations and excavations taking place that have

revealed remains from the Neolithic period, as well as from the Hellenestic and late Roman to

Arab Islamic Ages. The site which is known as the Citadel includes many structures such as the

Temple of Hercules, the Umayyad Palace and the Byzantine Church. At the foot of the Citadel

lies the 6,000 seat Roman Theatre, which is a deep-sided bowl carved into the hill and is still

being used for cultural events. Another newly restored theatre is the 500-seat Odeon

that is used for concerts. The three museums found in the area offer a glimpse of

history and culture; they are the Jordan Archaeological Museum,

The Folklore Museum and the Museum of Popular Traditions.




The trip south from Amman along

the 5,000-year-old Kings Highway is

one of the most memorable

journeys in the Holy Land, passing

through a string of ancient sites. The

first city to encounter is Madaba,

“the City of Mosaics." The city, best

known for its spectacular Byzantine

and Umayyad mosaics, is home to

the famous 6th century mosaic map

of Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

With two million pieces of coloured

stone, the map depicts hills and

valleys, villages and towns as far as

the Nile Delta. Other mosaic

masterpieces found in the Church of

the Virgin and the Apostles and the

Archaeological Museum, depict a

rampant profusion of flowers and

plants, birds and fish, animals and

exotic beasts, as well as scenes from

mythology and everyday pursuits of

hunting, fishing and farming.

Literally, hundreds of other mosaics

from the 5th through the 7th

centuries are scattered throughout

Madaba's churches and homes.




The ancient city of Petra is one of Jordan's

national treasures and by far its best known

tourist attraction. Located approximately

three hours south of Amman, Petra is the

legacy of the Nabataeans, an industrious

Arab people who settled in southern Jordan

more than 2,000 years ago. Admired then for

its refined culture, massive architecture and

ingenious complex of dams and water

channels, Petra is now a UNESCO World

Heritage Site that enchants visitors from all

corners of the globe. Much of Petra's appeal

comes from its spectacular setting deep

inside a narrow desert gorge. The site is

accessed by walking through a kilometre

long chasm (or siq), the walls of which soar

200m upwards. Petra's most famous

monument, the Treasury, appears

dramatically at the end of the Siq. Used in

the final sequence of the film "Indiana Jones

and the Last Crusade." the towering façade

of the Treasury is only one of myriad

archaeological wonders to be

explored at Petra.




Famed for its preserved coral reefs and

unique sea life, this Red Sea port city was,

in ancient times, the main port for

shipments from the Red Sea to the Far

East. The Mameluk Fort, one of the

main historical landmarks of

Aqaba, rebuilt by the Mameluks

in the 16th century. Square in

shape and flanked by

semicircular towers,

the fort is marked with

various inscriptions

marking the latter

period of the Islamic

dynasty. The current

excavations at the

ancient site of the early

Islamic town Ayla, with

its two main streets

intersecting in the

middle and dating back

to the 7th century

already revealed a gate

and city wall along with

towers, buildings and a

mosque. The museum

houses a collection of

artefacts collected in the region, including

pottery and coins. Aqaba also hosts the

house of Sharif Hussein Bin Ali, the great

grandfather of King Abdullah II. Other

places of interest include the mud brick

building thought to be the earliest church

in the region.




A close second to Petra on the list of favourite

destinations in Jordan, the ancient city of

Jerash boasts an unbroken chain of human

occupation dating back more than 6,500

years. The city's golden age came under

Roman rule and the site is now generally

acknowledged to be one of the bestpreserved

Roman provincial towns in the

world. Hidden for centuries in sand before

being excavated and restored over the past

70 years, Jerash reveals a fine example of the

grand, formal provincial Roman urbanism

that is found throughout the Middle East,

comprising paved and colonnaded streets,

soaring hilltop temples, handsome

theatres, spacious public squares and

plazas, baths, fountains and city walls pierced

by towers and gates. Beneath its external

Graeco-Roman veneer, Jerash also preserves

a subtle blend of east and west. Its

architecture, religion and languages reflect a

process by which two powerful cultures

meshed and coexisted - The Graeco-Roman

world of the Mediterranean basin and the

ancient traditions of the Arab Orient.




Ajlun Castle (also known as

Qal'at [Castle] Ar-Rabad) was

built in 1184 by 'Izz ad-Din

Usama bin Munqidh, a general of

Saladin, who defeated the

Crusaders in 1187. A fine

example of Islamic architecture,

the fortress dominated a wide

stretch of the northern Jordan

Valley and passages to it. From

its hilltop position, Ajlun Castle

protected the communication

routes between south Jordan

and Syria, and was one of a chain

of forts that lit beacons at night

to pass signals from the

Euphrates as far as Cairo. Today,

Ajlun Castle is a splendid sight

with a fascinating warren of

towers,chambers, galleries and

staircases to explore, while its

hilltop position offers stunning

views of the Jordan Valley.

The majestic ruins of the bygone civilizations have always been the highlight of Jordan. Its

history is rich and absorbing. If you love savouring the enigma the historical sites always proffer,

you should of course visit this enigmatic country once. Pack your bags and delve into the

amazing historical-wealthy Jordan.




Cover Tech Story Talk


ver the past six decades, tourism experienced significant expansion and

diversification. It has emerged as one of the largest and fastest growing

Oeconomic sectors of the world. Long term

outlook predicts there is a possible rise of about

3.3% international tourists from 2010 to 2030. The

global business travel associations envisage that

business travellers would spend billions of dollars

to enhance the corporate image. Travel pioneers

and investors depend more on electronic travel

itinerary as it has abundant information and

contents, quick and accurate positioning


Be it a short or long halt business trip, travelling is

a quotidian part of it. To make the trip smarter,

here are some of the major business travel apps

which can be both fun and beneficial:




Google Drive

Google's new Drive app is a fully-featured office suite,

allowing users to seamlessly import and edit files from PC

to tablet to Smartphone. This software also acts as a full

cloud drive, letting you store any file type via a virtual drive

app or the Web interface. Google apps are the top choice

for small businesses with regard to webmail, and this new

feature will get you a nice 5GB of storage for free.



Managing finances is never fun. Fortunately, the

Expensify app will allow you to keep track of

business expenses and mileage, while letting

you scan and upload receipts. With just one

click, users can even file receipts by trip and

submit expense reports to employers.



The power of an itinerary can only be truly understood

by someone who's had to make three connecting

flights and rent a car on the same day. If this sounds

like you, TripIt app will allow you to keep track of trip

arrangements in one unified place. The app also

gathers weather updates, maps, and directions to

make traveling a great experience.





Ideas can spring up any time and at any place. Evernote

is a handy app to “Remember Everything.” It allows

users to store, organize, and share text, photos, and

voice notes--a great tool for entrepreneurs looking for

more ease in tracking their brilliant ideas.




Created in 2010 by two university students, Jessica

Mah and Andy Su, InDinero is an easy way to keep

track of business cash flow and manage day-to-day

finances. This popular web app will sync your bank

accounts and credit cards to help you predict future

cash flows based on trends.

other business travel apps:-

Photosynth – Capture and share panoramic views of the places while you are aboard

XE currency exchange - One of the best known and most reliable currency-related sites

Wikitude - Application that draws a plethora of useful info about your surroundings

Skype Wi-Fi - Lets you pay using Skype and only pay for as much time as you need

AccuWeather - Lets you browse upcoming weather forecast by hours

TripAdvisor – Internationally popular travel application that helps hunting hotels along with the




Advantages of using business apps

ÜImproves communication:- Various communication technologies have been introduced in

business which change the way the employees interact and communicate with workers while at


ÜRefurbishes innovation and creativity: - Use of updated business technologies help in business

growth and expansion. Online business promotion is one of the in-trend strategies.

ÜEfficient human resource management:- Hiring, screening, training of employees become easier.

Monitoring performance and productivity can also be done closely.

ÜEnsures mobility:- Use of technologies has eliminated space and time boundaries. Technology

can be used to automate various tasks at work; this automation guarantees efficiency and also

increases production at work.

ÜHigh maintenance costs: - Modern day gadgets are highly priced. Also, if not maintained with

proper care, the performance will decrease; eventually affecting the cost of maintenance.

ÜIncreases dependency on technology: - Interpersonal communication is affected. Group

cohesion, team spirit and social interaction get reduced.

Smart apps –virtue or vice?

In recent years, the concept of "green economy and society" has

become an essential international agenda. This concept does not

substitute sustainable development, but there is a growing

recognition that achieving sustainability largely depends on getting

the economy right. Thus, every organization has its own definition

of formal and informal meetings and presentations, depending

upon its corporate culture, clients and individual responsibilities.

Living in the 21st century, tech-meetings or teleconferences are

more common than face-to-face seminars. With the

implementation of the smart apps, it goes without saying that

business traveling would be smoother than ever before!

Disadvantages of using business apps







City Chronicles


adding glory to South Korea

bustling city with approximately 3.6 million residents, Busan is located on the southeastern

tip of the Korean peninsula. The size of Busan is 768.408 sq km, which is 0.8% of the whole

Aland of the Korean peninsula. The natural environment of Busan is a perfect example of

harmony among the mountains, rivers and sea. With superb beaches, scenic cliffs, mountains which

provide excellent hiking and extraordinary views, and hot springs, Busan is certainly worth a visit.





about Busan

®Total population 3.9 million

® It is blessed with a pleasant coastal location and


® Korea's second city and largest port is

surrounded by mountains and makes for a

pleasant base to explore the south

® A good mix of modern and traditional culture,

lively markets and a variety of sea-scapes

including a bird sanctuary at Tadaepo and an upmarket

beach resort at Haeundae

® this is a quieter, fresher alternative to Seoul

and a good staging post for

travel to Ulsan,

Daegu, Gwangju

and on Jeju



® The traffic can

be horrendous

but the cheap,

efficient and

easy-to use

metro runs to

most places of


Image Courtesy: KNTO



Busan, the second-largest city in South Korea, is a sprawling metropolis of 3.9 million people. The

surprisingly green city is defined by a number of mountains which offer hiking opportunities and

natural retreats. Astoundingly close to skyscrapers and a hectic, ultra-modern urban scene it is

rather interesting to discovering Busan's fabled seafood, bizarre and exciting culture, fascinating

history, beautiful beaches and more.

Busan has an amazing array of sights, activities and events. Even the first time visitors will find

Busan fascinating. For those in search of real Korea, or just a fun night out, Busan mixes old world

charm with a modern and vibrant night life.


Sprawling Metropolis



Well Connected

All international flights flying from major

cities in Japan, China, the Philippines and

Vietnam touch Busan. In addition, there are

flights to Vladivostok, Bangkok, Taipei,

Saipan, Macau and Hong Kong. There is also

a Lufthansa service from Munich via Seoul.

(Limited period' flights are sometimes

scheduled from other airlines such as

Singapore Airlines and Delta).



Toyoko Inn BusanSeo-Myeon

Paradise Hotel Busan

£240 rooms £Located on Haeundae beach

£Busanjin-gu area

£3-star accommodation alongside onsite


£Spacious, cozy rooms

£Ideal for business or pleasure

£11.4 kilometres from Gimhae International Toyoko Inn Busan Station1


£Five minutes from Jungangdong station

Lotte Hotel Busan

£Luxury guest rooms

£Numerous facilities and amenities

£Restaurants, a duty free shop

£Good business facilities

£Theme park and its own department store

The Westin Chosun Beach Hotel Busan

£Overlooks the beautiful Haeundae Beach

£Well suited to both business and leisure

£Multilingual staff and worldwide cuisine

£30 minutes from Gimhas Airport

Best hotel of Busan

Busan offers numerous good places to stay and spend your days in

the soulful lap of nature.



Busan's ocean tours can make give you a glimpse of the city and its surrounding areas by boat.

Famous for its seafood and beaches, as well as the Hallyosudo Waterway with its picturesque

islands, Busan attracts an impressive number of tourists. Though not as cosmopolitan as Seoul,

there are plenty of sites to keep travellers busy whether it is the mountains, temples, fun beaches

or a dazzling array of eating and entertainment venues. There's a charming element to Busan that

can best be appreciated by eating and drinking with the locals.

Most popular tourist areas include Haeundae and Taejongdae beaches, OryukdoIsland, the

Jagalchi Fish Market, Geumjeongsanseong (the largest mountain fortress in the country)

Other than these, Beomeo Temple, which is one of the five largest Buddhist temples in the

country, is situated in a beautiful setting and is visited by a number of tourists.

The United Nations Park, the only international cemetery in the world

dedicated to the UN soldiers died during the Korean War,

also attracts visitors.





Busan International Film Festival and a myriad of other festivals and events are held in the

city year-round. Recently, Busan has emerged as the centre of Korea's movie industry due to

the successful hosting of film festivals. Busan has also hosted many

international sporting events. Geumjeong Mountain

to the west is a popular weekend

hiking spot for Busan


Seomyeon is a lively

restaurant and shopping

area with a lane of street

vendors and bars called

Youth Street. Visitors can

enjoy hair dressing,

miscellaneous goods,

drinks, foods, amusement

facilities, or just watching


Dongbaek island esplanade is a place where leisure walk will give you

just the right feel of the environment. You will be blown away by the scenery. There are several

places where you can stop to enjoy the scenic views. At the end of esplanade is the Nurimaru APEC

house with Gwangalli beach and Gwangan Bridge, also known as Diamond Bridge, in the

background. It offers a postcard perfect view.

BEXCO (Busan Exhibition & Convention Center), one of the top convention centers in the region,

is truly impressive. There are restaurants located on the basement level, Starbucks, and

convenience store. It is perfectly suited for conference and exhibitions. Also, there are a couple of

department stores located across this place.



Jump! Comic Martial Arts Performance show is jam packed

with endless actions and humor to keep you totally

engaged all the way through.

The best part is

that there's no

need to know

Korean as the

performance is

very cleverly

designed for



TaejongdaeNurabi train ride is a great ride at very

low cost. On weekend and public holidays, it has 20

minutes interval while on week day the interval is of

30 minutes.

Busan Aquarium is on top of the list of Busan

attractions and is one of the leading visitor attractions

in Korea. A unique edutainment based aquarium on

Haeundae Beach in Busan it has a lot of state-of-theart







Busan had hosted the Asian Games in

2002 and on the same year, it also

became one of the host cities of the FIFA

World Cup. A city, which loves sports and

offers an array of attractions, is definitely

worth exploring. So, wait no longer and

check out this new destination.



Travel News

The latest announcements in the

Hotel Industry

Mandarin Oriental opens luxury Oriental

Chongging by 2016

China welcomes new luxury hotel Oriental

Chongging by 2016. Mandarin Oriental Hotel

group announces the signing of an agreement

which would manage a luxury hotel in

southwest china. The hotel will be located in

Jiangbeizui Central Business District, the new

financial, commercial and business centre of the

city. The hotel will be located some 20 minutes

away from Chongqing Jiangbei International

Airport. Located amidst an impressive location

the hotel comprises of 231 spacious furnished

rooms with all possible high end technologies,

18 serviced apartments lending panoramic

views of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers and the

city skyline of Yuzhong Peninsula and Jiangbeizui

Central Park.

IHG and TAJ RP sign deal for Crowne

Plaza Dubai Marina

International Hotels

group, one among the

leading hotel companies

enters into an

agreement with TAJ RP International Limited to

open Crown Plaza Dubai Marina by 2016.

Spread across 3,037 square metre is located

beside Dubai Marina Mall that lends a

picturesque tour of the city lined up with cafes

and restaurants. The hotel comprise of 280 well

furnished rooms extending meetings and

conferencing facilities ideal for the business

travellers. They have large sized meeting rooms,

board rooms and ball rooms. As well as a spa

and health club, guests will also be able to enjoy

three restaurants, two of which will be specialty

and one all day dining, a lobby lounge and bar.

Hyatt to open third Hyatt Branded Hotel

in Colombia

Hyatt has signed an agreement with Fideicomiso

FAFP-Promover-Hotel Cali- Fiduciaria del País

S.A for a Third branded Hyatt Regency Hotel in

Santiago de Cali, Columbia. This will come third

after Grand Hyatt Bogota and Hyatt Regency

Cartagena which are likely to be opened by

2016. Hyatt Regency Cali will be situated in

northwestern Cali, in one of the city's most

popular and upscale neighborhoods, adjacent to

Chipichape Mall, the city's largest shopping

center. The 218-room full service hotel will

feature a restaurant and bar, meeting and



banquet facilities totaling nearly 15,000 square

feet, a spa and fitness center, and an indoor


has released its latest GBTA BTI Outlook report

on Brazil as part of its semi-annual series.

Sponsored by Visa, key highlights include:

Inland American Lodging Group, Inc.

acquires two Andaz hotels in California

and Georgia

Inland American Lodging Group, Inc. (“IALG”)

has acquired a portfolio of two Andaz hotels for

approximately $115 million as announced by

IALG and Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Both the

hotels, part of Hyatt's acclaimed boutique

lifestyle brand, are located in Napa, CA, and

Savannah, GA. They will be the second and third

Andaz Hotels in Inland American's portfolio

after the purchase of Andaz San Diego

completed earlier this year.

The five-story Andaz Napa features 141 rooms,

including 89 oversized lofts and suites. The Napa

hotel offers 6,800 square feet of meeting and

event space, highlighted by a 4,200-square-foot

outdoor terrace.

Andaz Savannah, which was built in 2009 and

branded as an Andaz in 2012, features 151

rooms on six floors, including 68 lofts and suites.

GBTA predicts Brazil as an emerging

leader in the business travel industry

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA),

the voice of the global business travel industry,

ÜGBTA BTI has downgraded its near-term

outlook for Brazilian business travel as

forecasted in the first half of 2013 due to

experienced volatility as a result of slower than

expected, but still robust economic growth at

home and abroad, particularly through June


ÜHowever, Brazilian total business travel

spending is forecasted to grow 6.3% in 2013 to

$31.8 billion and another 12.6% in 2014 to

$35.8 billion, as the global economy gains

momentum along with Brazilian domestic


ÜThe weaker external environment and the

subsequent drop-off in trade with Europe and

the U.S. have hit Brazilian international

outbound business travel spending particularly

hard. In 2013, international outbound business

travel suffered negative growth over the first

two quarters, but is expected to get back on

track in 2014, advancing at a high growth rate of


ÜDomestic business travel spending continues

to show a strong correlation with job growth

and has expanded 8.1% per year, on average,

over the last 12 years. Domestic spending

growth is expected to reach 7.7% in 2013 and



accelerate further in 2014 as the Brazilian

economy strengthens to 12.6%

ÜBrazil currently ranks 9th in the business

travel global rankings and, assuming the high

growth rate in Brazil resumes, will climb the

ranks of the top business travel markets in the

world surpassing South Korea, France and Italy

over the next few years

Brazilian economy gathers strength

After over a year of stagnation, Real GDP will

advance by 3.5% in 2013, driven primarily by

domestic consumption, investment and

advancing exports.

Brazilian export volumes also continued to

improve in 2013 – advancing by nearly 15% over

year-ago levels. The principal reasons for this

welcome change in direction are improving

economic conditions in the United States,

further stabilization in Europe, and stronger

intra-regional trade. Most experts expect

Brazilian exports to continue to strengthen

through at least 2014. Given the strong

correlation between export activity and

international outbound business travel, this is

good news for travel suppliers and payment


Challenges to future growth

Sharp increases in domestic wages, slower

productivity gains undermining Brazilian

competitiveness and household debt

deleveraging slowing the advance of private

consumption, all combine to bring further

challenges to Brazilian growth over the forecast

horizon. Transportation is one key area that

Brazil seeks major improvement including the

modernization of ports, the expansion of

airports and the repair of crumbling highways.

The pace and vigor at which this infrastructure

challenge is addressed is key to the health of the

Brazilian business travel market over the coming


Brazil airport infrastructure ahead of

many in the developing world

The GBTA Foundation has uncovered some

interesting information that puts Brazilian

business travel in a context worth sharing. The

table below compares Brazilian airport

infrastructure with other developing and

advanced markets. The comparison suggests

that Brazil is mostly ahead of other developing

countries in the region and across the world. At

3.8 million population per paved airport, Brazil

ranks ahead of most Latin American countries

with similar spatial challenges. Moreover, Brazil

is well ahead of China and India, although their

higher population counts and numerous

business centers pose a greater infrastructure


Source: GBTA.



New Connections in the Airline


Qatar Airways launched new route to

Ethiopia's capital city Addis Ababa

With three-flights-a-week on the route, Qatar

Airways offers an excellent alternative gateway

with great connections via Doha to an exciting

range of business and leisure destinations

across North and South America, Middle East,

Europe and Asia Pacific. Popular destinations

include Washington DC, New York, Houston,

Chicago, Montreal, London and Dubai.

and 12th into the wider Americas. The flight will

be operated by a GE-90 engine-powered Boeing

777-200LR and brings the winner of the Skytrax

'World's Best Airline' 2013 award into Boston

Logan International Airport on a daily basis.

Etihad Airways increases flights to

Pakistan's capital city Islamabad

Etihad Airways has announced it has further

increased its flights to Pakistan's capital city,

Islamabad, from nine to 11 a week. With this,

Etihad will now offer 31 weekly flights from four

destinations in Pakistan which, along with

Islamabad, include Karachi, Lahore and

Peshawar. It has also unveiled new winter

timings for services to Lahore and Peshawar

starting from October and November.

Emirates to launch flights to Boston

Emirates is to launch a further transatlantic link

with the start of flights to Boston from 10th

March 2014. This will be the airline's 8th route

into the United States, 9th into North America

Etihad grows on Jet agreement to

increase operations in India

Etihad Airways, the Abu Dhabi based airline,

which is buying a 24 per cent stake of the Jet

Airways, announced a threefold increase in

seats on the prime Abu Dhabi to Mumbai and

New Delhi routes from November. Etihad

Airways is expanding operations in India with

more flights and wide-bodied jets, building on

its deal with Jet Airways as it eyes growth in one

of the fastest growing markets.



airberlin: Daily nonstop from Dusseldorf

to Madrid starting in 2014

Germany's second largest airline airberlin is

focusing on further growth in the strategically

important market of Spain and will start the

year 2014 with a new connection between

Dusseldorf and Madrid. From 13th January

seven-day advance purchase airline pricing. As

air taxi service is also available for on-demand

flights, customers will have the unique option of

also booking flights at different times, as per

their convenience!

Scoot Launches Low Cost Flights between

2014, a nonstop flight will depart daily from the Singapore and Hong Kong

city on the Rhine to the Spanish capital.

Scoot, LCC of the Year1, announced the launch

New non-stop Air Taxi service launched

from White Plains to Boston

Two transformative air taxi companies are

teaming up to provide the only non-stop, sameday

roundtrip service from White Plains to

Boston. Their fares will be comparable with

of flights from Singapore to Hong Kong, making

Hong Kong the fast-growing airline's 12th

destination. Starting 15th November 2013 you'll

be able to fly to Hong Kong to shop and eat till

you drop! Tickets are on sale from 23rd

September 2013 and services will start five

times weekly and ramped up to daily in




The fastest gadget arrives – iPhone

5S set to entice smart travelers

For smart business travelers, Apple brings

something to cheer about. The brand new Apple

iPhone 5S which has been launched gets a

research endorsement from the Business Insider

as the fastest smartphone in the recent times.

With awesome camera features, innovative

fingerprint scanner and some of the most

rousing applications, the iPhone 5S is truly a

technological delight.

Business Insider commented that the iPhone 5S

is way ahead than the other smartphones

available in the market. Apple's new iPhone 5s is

set to go on sale from Friday, Sept. 20 and the

phone is already generating a lot of buzz. The 5s

is the more advanced of two new Apple

iPhones, and offers a lot of technical advantages

over the iPhone 5c also launching the same day.

Apple has worked some behind-the-scenes

magic with its latest and greatest, and made

some design changes for the better, too, all of

which adds up to a new smartphone market


Google joins hands with Solar

Airplane manufacturer

Solar Impulse, the first solar airplane capable of

flying without any fuel usage is teaming up with

Google to enhance the former's social media

presence. According to reports, Solar Impulse

will work in close association with the Silicon

Valley-based technology giant to promote its

goal of circumnavigating the globe in 2015 by

using solar energy.

Solar Impulse will use Google's plethora of social

media platforms including YouTube, Google+,

Google Earth and Google Glass to enhance its

online presence and engage with the company's

fans and supporters.

Solar Impulse aircraft is able to fly round the

time without any usage of fuel. Powered by

solar panels and onboard batteries, the flight is




IATA predicts significant profit in the

world aviation industry in 2014

According to the recent aviation industry

outlook by International Air Transport

Association (IATA), airlines are expected to see a

significant boost in 2014 with profits of $16.4

billion on revenues totaling $743 billion.

Rising business and consumer confidence levels

should indicate an uptick in the global business

cycle (2.7% GDP growth is expected) which has a

direct impact on airline profitability. Oil prices

are expected to fall to $105/barrel (Brent, from

$109 expected this year) on the back of reduced

geo-political tensions and an improved US

energy outlook. A fall to below $100 would be

expected from normal market forces. But the

OPEC cartel is preventing the full realization of

the benefits of better supply prospects.

Furthermore, the benefits of improving market

structures on several regions are expected to

continue to drive performance and consumer


IATA expects slightly more robust passenger

growth (5.8%) and a significant improvement in

cargo growth to 3.7%. Yields, however, for both

passenger and cargo markets are expected to

continue to fall by 0.5% and 2.1% respectively.

The balance between profit and loss remains

delicate despite the forecast improvement for

2014. “A $16.4 billion profit for transporting

some 3.3 billion passengers means that airlines

will retain an average of about $5.00 per

passenger. That very simple calculation

demonstrates that even a small change in the

operating environment—a new tax or other cost

increase for example—could change the outlook

quite significantly,” said Tyler

Source: IATA.



Theme Story

Ultimate Club Action


Vibrant Party Time

Asia night life



When you wish to go for some real good fun

time, you will get plenty of choices for party

places in Asia. Be it the classy champagne

time or gala time from late evening hours to

early morning, Asia has some top venues to

suit everyone's taste. Most of the places,

especially the clubs and pubs, follow lots of

rules. Rules like how to dress, how to behave,

how much to booze and when to leave may be

at times frustrating but are essential to ensure

a smooth party time.

When the heat subsides, the champagne

flows and the inhibitions fade away as South

East Asia comes up in true colours of the

night. Now it's your call whether you want to

have a quiet cocktail night or a full scale

Hangover style night, vibrant but careless.

Here comes some of the must- visits in Asia

for all the party revelers.



Seminyak, Bali's fun time party hub

Yes, you are in the right place where no pesky

rules are going to budge you. This is the

perfect place where you would love to see the

sun go down but need to be aware of the

cocktail prices. Seminyak's Ku De Ta opens up

over the sand of Seminyak Beach. It has an

endearing concept where the sun loungers

can see the sun going down into the Indian

Ocean with a well mixed cocktail and some

chill out music making the mood. But come

ready with some high cash.

Apart from pricey Ku De Ta, Kuta is the prime

region of Bali's night

life. The whole area is

lined up with cozy

parlours, clubs and

bars. The entrance to

the bars comes free and

the complimentary

drinks make you fall in

love with the happy

hours from 6pm to 9

pm, at times even

longer. Seminyak has

the most sophisticated

bars and chic clubs and

eateries that drive in

the hip hop, the funky trend setters, artists

and designers with creative mind to enjoy the

classy night.

There are some lined up little pubs along the

main street but the real colour and action

happens at the beachside clubs that gear up

late in the night. But wandering near the

beach or wishing for a dip in the cool waters is

a serious 'no' as severe currents flow with the

tide at night.



Sky bar and Sirocco's music make the night vibrant

Just seated in front of the beach, the Potato

Head Beach Club is all brimming with night time

revelers and some high end rock tunes. The gala

mood and the incredible appearance of the

place need you to be dressed perfect and wait

and watch over the pool. You can't miss the

finest of experience to dine out in the world's

highest restaurant. Watching Bangkok city under

the starry sky adds an enticing atmosphere. To

dine in among the frescoed walls and one of the

most coveted dinning hubs is certainly a lifetime


There are some sinful dens where some new


travellers might

be robbed off

some Baht.

There are some

hideouts which

are famous for


activities. If you

want to stay out

of these you

might head


something up-market. But if you want to join

the infamous hives you would enjoy the party

quite cheap and come across some bland

version of local drinks of Thai as well.

But if you have a taste for some classy

establishment, go for Silom in Bangkok. You

need to pay some more Baht. Apart from

Sirocco, you can enjoy the rooftop venue of

Moon Bar of Banyan Tree Hotel. It renders a

perfect party time though without singers and

dancers but some upscale cocktails with party

people gathering at their favourite Q Bar.



Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam sets a party atmosphere

Money is never a problem when you have a

plan for boozing and feeling good. When you

are in the famed destination, Ho Chi Minh

City, you get cheap boozing and a perfect

party time. You will enjoy once the sun goes

down around Pham Ngu Lao. The narrow

streets are buzzing with bars, nightclubs

thumping the Karaoke beats. You will come

across the mixture of the backpackers and

local drinkers at the sidewalk cafes finally

leading to something sophisticated and cozier.

Le pub is one of the famous in the area where

the party starts off late after the sun goes

down and you end up at Go2 dance floor

when the night emerges young and late, when

most of the bars and clubs are closing.



Manila, Philippines is all set to sooth your craze

Manila caters to all tastes and cravings of

young heart. It has all possible options to

pamper your whims or if you call it craze. The

place is flanked with the up market, chronicles

and road side local pubs. There are some

humming karaoke bars frequented by

passionate singers and merry makers.

Manila is the best part of the world that

provides some world-class party, clubbing and

night life. The city never sleeps and some new

clubs and bars are coming up to accommodate

all the night time

revelers. Some of

the famous

partying hub

among many are in

Metro Manila,

especially Makati,

Taguig / Bonifacio

Global City (The

Fort), Pasig, Pasay

and Queen City.

Some of the

famous pubs

frequented by


travellers are Republiq & Republiq Cabana

Club, Prive the fort, 7th High, Opus, Hyve,

Palladium, Time, Eden, Excess, prime Upscale

Club Icon etc.

Makati is the district which is best known for

its night life. Kalyan Avenue is peaked with

dive bars and some up-market clubs charging

high price. Some of the most frequented are

Hard Rock Café and TGI Friday's that have a

varied western influence.



Asia is the perfect place for those who love

partying out. There are hundreds of places to

drink and have a good time but you need to

choose that suits your choice. So whatever be

you budget and whatever music makes you skip a

heart beat you will surely find a good place in




“Europe remains the “No 1”

Tourism Destination

It promotes itself as the traditional destination.”

Europe remains the “No 1” tourism destination, but that distinction

is achieved by measuring all internal visits by Europeans as

international. In reality the rest of the world is catching up: in some

markets a greater proportion of people are going elsewhere in the

world than they did 20 years ago. So the future lies, for Europe, in

promoting itself as the traditional destination.

Self-packaging and river cruising have seen huge growth in recent

years. We await the return of the group tour. All businesses ought to

have a mixture of distribution methods: the evolution of the

internet as the primary source of information for those planning to

come to Europe has made this imperative.

Tom Jenkins,

Executive Director, ETOA



Asia Festivals

Pchum Ben

rd th

3 - 5 October, Cambodia

Pchum Ben is observed as a three-day holiday so that Cambodian people are able to

perform Pchum Ben tradition earnestly. During Pchum Ben, people usually visit the

temple and offer food to Buddhist monks alternately in the hope that the offerings

will benefit their deceased ancestors indirectly.

The day is a time when many Cambodians pay their respects to deceased

relatives. Cambodians go to the pagoda every year to honor this

tradition. It is refreshing to see that, although many aspects of the

Khmer culture were lost during the Regime, the Khmers

have managed to maintain their religious devotion

and their family-centered way of life.



Durga puja

th th

11 -14 October,

West Bengal, India

Durga Puja, or Navaratri is one of the grand festivals in India. Durga puja, as

referred to in eastern india is generally celebrated for four days.Navaratri,

celebrated for nine days is the time to celebrate the goddess of divine power

against all evils. One of the most celebrated festivals of the Hindu

calendar, it also holds a special significance for the Bengalis. These

four days mark the time when the folks revisit their friends

and relatives and rejoice to their heart's content.

Dhak, dhunuchi and tradition attires tug

every Bengali heart.



Jidai Matsuri


22 October,

Heian Jingu Shrine, Kyoto

One of the most prevalent festivals of Kyoto, Jidai Matsuri is held at Heian Jingu Shrine.

Unique of its kind, the festival represents various eras of Kyoto's history which is

about 1200 years old. Near about 2000 people dress up in various costumes and

conduct a parade throughout the city. Horses along with the oxen start

marching from Kyoto's Imperial Palace. The old boulevard and houses of

Kyoto makes the spectators feel as if they have travelled to

antiquity. International visitors get an ideal chance to know

about Japan's history chronologically. The costumes

and the customs are very well portrayed

through the fete.



Shanghai International Arts Festival



18 Oct-18 Nov 2013, Shanghai

Held annually since 1999, Shanghai International Arts Festival aims at absorbing excellent

world culture, carrying forward Chinese national arts and promoting Chinese as well as

foreign cultural communication. It has become one of the top festivals for foreign

cultural exchange and has won the award of China's most influential festival.

Stage performances, culture and art exhibitions, public cultural activities,

drama and all kinds of art exchanges are some of the major activities

in this event. Including world classics from prestigious groups,

drama and mime from China and abroad, this art

festival is full of originality and




Face to Face

n an exclusive

interview with TTW,

IKen Morrison, Chief

Executive of Tourism &

Transport Forum (TTF),

speaks about the prospect

of Australia as a tourist

destination and its future

plans, developments and

much more.

Ken Morrison,

Chief Executive of Tourism &

Transport Forum (TTF),


TTW- Being in the field of travel and tourism for a

long span of time, where do you see the tourism

of Australia in the coming years?

Ken Morrison- The outlook for Australian tourism

is positive. We are seeing growth in both

domestic and international tourism and the

burgeoning middle class in Asia presents Australia

with a significant opportunity. It's important we

have the right policy settings in place to capitalise

on this potential.



TTW- What are the recent trends of domestic of destinations and activities on offer, as well as

as well as international travelling to Australia? the inclusive price.

I may be biased, but Sydney has the world's

Ken Morrison- The most recent figures show best harbour so it's no surprise that it is a very

domestic visitor nights growing at 4.3 per cent, popular cruise destination.

while international arrivals are up around 5.5

per cent over the last 12 months. Pleasingly,

we are also seeing growth in spending by both

domestic and international visitors.

TTW- What are needful reforms that you have

undertaken to make Australia the most soughtafter

destination in the world?

Ken Morrison- Australia is continuing to

improve visa processing, although there is still

work to be done. We would like to see a better TTW- What are the remarkable attractions in

alignment of tourism with Australia's foreign Australia that drive in most of the travelers

affairs and trade activities and to continue to globally?

expand our marketing and promotional efforts

in key growth markets in Asia, including China. Ken Morrison- People come for the unique

experiences that Australia offers. International

TTW- What is the fate of Cruise tourism in visitors want to see kangaroos and koalas, they

Australia? Why do you think it has a very come for the natural beauty, the laidback

flourishing prospect in Sydney?

lifestyle and fabulous weather. But they also

come for the exceptional city-based

Ken Morrison- The cruise sector is the star experiences which include outstanding food

performer of the Australian tourism industry, and wine, luxury shopping and iconic

with double-digit annual growth over the past attractions like Sydney Harbour, Sydney

five years. People are attracted by the variety Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.



TTW- Travellers from which countries or zone TTW- How far online media and marketing has

fair Australia most?

helped to boost tourism?

Ken Morrison- While New Zealand is our

number one source market by visitor numbers,

Chinese visitors are by far the biggest spenders

and we are seeing arrivals from China grow at

more than 18 per cent per annum. Seven of

our top ten source markets are in Asia, along

with New Zealand, the UK and US.

Ken Morrison- Tourism Australia has the

world's most popular country page on

FaceBook and they have an excellent social

media and digital strategy. The agencies which

promote our states and major cities also have

strong online presences, with details of

destinations, offers and events to entice

travellers and give them a reason to plan a trip

down under.

TTW- What are the factors do you find make

sustainable tourism a success? What initiatives

are you taking to make tourism in Australia

more sustainable?

Ken Morrison- Australia is well-known for its

clean environment and wide open spaces –

they are a key part of our brand. It is vital that

we continue to maintain this position, as it is

very attractive to visitors from other parts of

the world, especially people who live in megacities

in Asia.



Show Highlight

WTM London

World Travel Market is one of the most

awaited UK events for the global travel

industry, is scheduled to take place in

th th

London from Nov - 4 to 7 . The 2013

WTM Events programme will deliver

valuable expert advice and key industry

knowledge from some of the industry's

leading figures.

In an exclusive interview with Travel

and Tour World, Simon Press, Director-

Reed Travel Exhibitions and World

Travel Market, shared some

noteworthy information regarding the

upcoming event.

What will WTM 2013 look like?

WTM 2013 will be the biggest and best yet

with two great new initiatives taking place.

Firstly, the Travel Tech Show at WTM will be

launched as a travel technology focused

event alongside A Taste of ILTM at WTM,

which will increase the amount of luxury

business taking place on the show floor.

Why must Indian exhibitors, buyers and

visitors attend WTM 2013?

World Travel Market, the leading global

event for the travel industry, is the event

where the industry conducts its business

deals. WTM 2012 had generated a massive

166,738m INR (£1.8bn) in business deals



for all exhibitors, in contracts signed at the event What opportunities are there for exhibitors

or generated from WTM 2012 before WTM 2013, and WTM Buyers' Club members to

with the industry's senior buyers from WTM negotiate and conduct business at WTM

Buyers' Club. WTM 2013 is poised to facilitate 2013?

even more business.

There is a whole portfolio of business and

networking opportunities across the four

How much business can Indian exhibitors days of WTM, starting with WTM Speed

expect to conduct?

Networking before the exhibition opens on

Indian exhibitors can expect to conduct a great Monday, 4th November. On the final

deal of business at WTM 2013. WTM 2012 morning there is the Networking Breakfast

generated more than 22,676m INR (£253m) for followed by a second WTM Speed

exhibitors from Asia/ Pacific/ Indian Ocean and Networking event to initiate post-WTM 2013

the India regions.


India welcomed 12 new exhibitors last year

including: Brys Hotels, Inbound Tour Operator

Council (ITOC) - West Bengal, hotel company ITC

Limited and Odisha Tourism. WTM 2013 will host

many more new exhibitors including two

regional tourist boards Andhra Pradesh State

Tourism and Maharashtra Tourism Development.

Last year, 310 buyers and 867 exhibitors

started negotiations at WTM Speed

Networking events. On the third evening

there is a networking reception for WTM

Buyers' Club members and exhibitors.

Tell us more about WTM Buyers' Club?

WTM Buyers' Club - the leading global business

network: making contacts, concluding deals - is

the original buyers club for the global industry's

senior buyers. For the past 21 years, it was called

WTM Meridian Club.



How do buyers find out if they are eligible for

WTM Buyers' Club Membership?

powerful Facebook is as an advertising


Buyers can register at as a visitor. The

application will then be reviewed to see if they

qualify for WTM Buyers' Club status. Buyers will

be emailed to confirm their status.

Travel is in Facebook's DNA. More people

share their travel milestones on Facebook,

such as departing for a holiday or sharing a

photo from their travels, than any other

important events,” McCabe said.

What will the event programme look like at

WTM 2013?

There will be sessions on a wide range of sectors

including aviation, hotels, social media and

responsible tourism. Last year 15,000 delegates

attended 127 sessions.

World Travel Market 2013, has an impressive

lineup of social media speakers including senior

executives from Facebook and Google.

The WTM Travel Perspective programme,

sponsored by Global Distribution System Sabre

and part of the content to support the new The

Travel Tech Show at WTM, starts on Tuesday, 5th

November with a keynote session from

Facebook Head of Travel Lee McCabe. The

session entitled Facebook and Targeting: Finding

the People that Matter to You will explore how

“In fact, more than 70% of Facebook users

update their status and/or share photos

while on holiday. This is why travel

companies are reaching out to Facebook to

find the people that matter to them.”

The session takes place in South Gallery

Rooms 23-26 at 10.30am.

Wednesday, 6th November will witness

Google's Industry Head for Tour Operators

Sarah McDonald takes the stage as the first

keynote speaker of the day. Sarah

McDonald joined the Google Travel team in

2006, acting as digital consultant to online

travel agencies and hotel suppliers

throughout Europe. Prior to Google she

worked for student travel agent STA Travel

as Internet Sales and Marketing Manager.




EIBTM, the leading global event for the

meetings and events industry, taking place in

the award winning business and tourism

destination of Barcelona, has announced plans

to increase the size of their Technology Village,

as a direct response to the high demand

received from international technology

suppliers who have signed up to exhibit at the

show. EIBTM 2013 will take place from 19th –

21st November. The EIBTM Forum will take

place the day before the exhibition i.e., on

18th November.

This year, the show will launch EIBTM

Association Knowledge

(, which will

comprise two full days of education, dedicated

towards enlightening Association Meeting

planners. The new knowledge brand offers

even more insight and a new programme

themed to the collective needs of the

Association Community.

theme will focus on community

building - looking at how associations

can create more effective communities

both internally and externally through

social networks, engagement and

marketing strategies. The education

programme will also include a keynote

session 'The Power of the Association

Community', tailored workshops and

The Great Association Debate, which

will give the opportunity for buyers to

discuss key challenges their Association

faces with a panel of experts”.

Martin Sirk, CEO, ICCA commented,

“Having a good solid education

programme for associations, where

Erica Keogan, Associations and Education

Manager, Meetings & Events Portfolio, Reed

Travel Exhibitions commented, “This year's

th st

When: 19 – 21 November

Where: Barcelona, Spain



they can not only hear some interesting topics,

but also can actually spend time networking

with one another is very important”.

The show organisers have also confirmed

support from leading meetings industry

associations including the Professional

Convention Management Association (PCMA),

the European Society of Association Executives

(ESAE), the Center for Association Leadership

(ASAE) and the International Congress and

Convention Association (ICCA).

EIBTM provides exhibitors with a unique

opportunity to conduct business face-to-face

with global Hosted Buyers, who have

undergone a strict application process to ensure

that they have proven international purchasing

budgets. EIBTM 2013 will take place from 19th

– 21st November, a week earlier than in

previous years. The EIBTM Forum will take place

the day before the exhibition on 18th


you the opportunity to enhance your

knowledge, grow in your profession and

be inspired! Led by some of the most

influential industry experts, the seminars

cover a wide variety of topics, covering

the latest key issues and developments.

EIBTM has achieved third party

certification for the Sustainable Event

standard and is committed to continually

improving and developing processes to

ensure they become as sustainable as


The EIBTM Knowledge programme offers

cutting edge professional education

opportunities for meetings industry

professionals at all levels. The programme gives



Bangladesh Int’l Tourism Fair (BITF)

Bangladesh Int’l Tourism Fair is

the only biggest, prestigious

B2C annual tourism event held

in Bangladesh. Though the nature of

the event is B2C but a lot of buyers

from all over the world participate in

the B2B session conducted on the first


operators, Air Express companies, SPA,

National tourist Organizations,

hospitals, souvenir, travel accessories,

transport 7 car rental, amusement park,

online travel planners, tourism property

developers, tourism publication & film

makers etc.

This event, started on 2007, was initially

an outbound event but now gradually

both oubound and inbound stake

holders participate. There are around

160 stalls and those who participate are

travel agent & Tour operators, hotels,

motels and Resorts, Flying clubs,

Airline, GDS companies, Cruise

th th

When: 28 - 30 November

Where: Bangabandhu

International Conference Centre,

Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka



The fair is also attended by buyers,

Association leaders, govt. officials. 80%

of the participants are tour operators.

The event is recognized as one of the

leading tourism event of the

country that sees 20,000

visitors round the globe. The

event offers best competitive

packages to the operators and

both outbound and inbound

tourists wait to buy desired

packages, which are offered

and sold instantly on the


night accommodation to the exhibitors.

They promote 'cost effective cross

border tourism'.

Since the event is organized by

non-profit organization,

'Bangladesh Foundation for

Tourism Development' main

motive is to establish a proper

network between stake

holders of different countries

with special emphasis to

neighbouring countries. This

has been reflected through its

unique gesture of offering

complementary local

hospitality that includes 4



Dallas Travel & Adventure Show

The Dallas Travel & Adventure Show is the best event gathers hundreds of captivating

option to discover authentic travel experiences, destinations from exotic India to captivating

snap up travel deals, win trips and giveaways, and Cayman and exciting activities including:

be entertained and delighted at this amazing 18,000 Gallon Scuba Pool, Aerial Zip Line,

travel extravaganza. You'll hear travel tips from Cultural Performers, Culinary Stage and

the experts including Pauline Frommer, Chris much more. The Travel & Adventure Shows

Harrison, Patricia Schultz, Andrew McCarthy, Bert are the largest series of travel shows in the

Kreischer and more. Experience the rock wall, try United States located in six top DMA

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Whether you want to escape to the Caribbean, Washington D.C., Chicago, Dallas, and San

discover the beauty of Japan, or see America like Diego. Each year, the shows attract over

never before you'll meet the experts who can 100,000 qualified consumers and travel

help you plan and book your next trip.

agents who are ready to plan and book

vacations with over 700 Worldwide

The Travel & Adventure Show is the place to get destination tourism offices, tour operators,

great story ideas, interview travel experts, and cruise lines, hotels/resorts, and other travelcapture

amazing photos all under one roof. The related products/services.

nd rd

When: 2 – 3 November

Where: Dallas , U.S.A.



Asia Pacific Tourism, Hospitality and Technology Conference

Social media

authors and

consultants will

be discussing on

the benefits of

using social

media in the

tourism industry

globally. They will

discuss in detail

the benefits of

twitter and

facebook in tourism industry.

Dr Madanmohan Rao will cover a wide

spectrum on usage of social media which could

benefit the tour and travel operators,

publishers, key tourism stakeholders and

travelers during his talk at the Asia Pacific

Tourism, Hospitality and Technology Conference

this coming November.

Models of Tourist Communities: Tweet

Tourism and Beyond.”

Other speakers at the conference include

Professor Ross Dowling, Salina Power

(both from Australia), Edward Dramberger,

Andrew Jones (all from USA), E M Najeeb,

Dr Harsh Varma (all from India) Masaru

Takayama (Japan), Albert Teo, Rohizam Md

Yusoff, Duncan Bureau and Dr Peter Ting

(all from Malaysia).

Initiated and organized by UCSI

Communications Sdn bhd, the conference

will be held at the Borneo Convention

Centre Kuching in Kuching, Sarawak , on

November 21 and 22 this year.

He will also provide resources and

recommendations on how to fully utilize the

social media to further boost business

opportunities. His topic is entitled “Social

st nd

When: 21 – 22 November

Where: Borneo Convention

Centre Kuching, Kuching



Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF)

The Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) 2013

took place 23-25 September at the

InterContinental, Nairobi. AHIF brought together

the most senior business leaders from regional

and international markets to drive investment

into tourism projects, infrastructure and hotel

development across Africa.

an open dialogue

Ÿ Minister's Panel: What does the travel and

tourism industry mean to Africa?

Ÿ ABC of hotel development in Africa

Ÿ Present your project

A selection of confirmed speakers included:

Samer I. Abu Ayash, Senior Vice President,

Design and Construction, Kingdom Hotel

Investments; Mossadeck Bally, Chief

Executive Officer, AZALAI Hotels; Antoine

Castro, Managing Director, Quantum Global

Real Estate; Dr Martyn Davies, Chief

Executive Officer, Frontier Advisory (Pty) Ltd;

Jean-Jacques Dessors, COO Africa, Middle

East, Indian Ocean & Caribbean Islands,


What was new for 2013?

Ÿ Increased networking time with regional and

international leaders of the industry

Ÿ Round table sessions allowing delegates to

interact with the facilitators and each other in


rd th

23 -25 September


InterContinental, Nairobi



Bernard Forster, Director - Asset Management

(Hospitality), Rani Investments; Peter

Greenberg, Travel Editor, CBS; Jonathan

Jackson, Founder & Managing Director,

Lordship; Alex Kyriakidis, President & CEO,

Middle East and Africa, Marriott International,

Inc.; Mike Macharia, Chief Executive Officer,

Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and

Caterers; Mark Martinovic, Chief Executive

Officer, Hotel Spec; John Ngumi, Chairman,

Konza Technopolis, Development Authority;

Director of Investment, CFC Stanbic Bank

(Kenya); Marianne Ndegwa Jordan, Managing

Director, KTDC; Rohan Patel, Director, Sankara

Hotel Group Kenya Ltd; Rica Rwigamba, Head

of Department, Tourism and Conservation

Department Rwanda Development Board;

David Scowsill, President & CEO, World Travel

& Tourism Council; Filippo Sona, Head of

Hotels, Middle East & Africa, Colliers

International; Denis Sorin, Chief Executive

Officer, Inaugure Hospitality Group &

Mangalis Management Group; Simon Vincent,

President EMEA, Hilton Worldwide; Trevor

Ward, Managing Director & Founder, W

Hospitality Group and Philip Wooller, Area

Director, Middle East & Africa, STR Global

amongst many others.



Africa Hospitality Show

The Africa Hospitality Show was organised by Litina

Travel in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism,

Culture and Creative Arts, Ghana Tourism

Authority, Ghana Chamber of Commerce and

Industry, Ghana Investment and Promotion

Authority, government agencies and partnered

sponsors with the aim of bringing suppliers, buyers,

consultants and the media together to create a

versatile marketing platform for businesses.

Africa Hospitality Show also involved conferences

and seminars aimed at

addressing the various

challenges and prospects in

the Hospitality industry. It had

as its theme, “Networking for

Sustainable Growth in the

Hospitality Industry”. The

sessions; mainly talks and

interactive panel discussions

provided various

opportunities for the

international community,

academics, stakeholders,

market and industry analysts, government

officials and policy makers to present their

concerns, exchange ideas and develop a new

vision for the growth and expansion of all

facets of the Hospitality Industry.


th th

12 - 14 September


Accra International

Conference Centre



The AHS attracted a plethora of sponsors

from both local and international companies

in the hospitality industry.

Experts and stakeholders spoke on different

themes and selected topics which interested

the Hospitality Industry. This educated the

exhibitors and participants about the

opportunities and best practices in the

industry. Among the various topics that were

discussed were:

Ÿ“Education for Tourism and Hospitality

Management: ( Hospitality as a Career and

not as Second or Last option )”

Ÿ“Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the

Hospitality and Tourism Industry – The Global


Ÿ“Contemporary Issues on Tourism and


Ÿ“Customer Relationship, Efficient

Management and Marketing Strategies in

Hospitality and Tourism Industry”

Ÿ“Legal Regime in the Hospitality and Tourism


Ÿ“Acquisition of Capital in the Hospitality

Industry: Management of Finance in the

Industry” among others

As an annual event, the AHS showcased the

various attractions, engage stakeholders and

governments, and bring all the industry

players, stakeholders and partners from all

over Africa together.




The first IBTM

India, launched by

Reed Travel

Exhibitions to

complement its

global portfolio of

meetings industry

events on 6

continents, was

praised by both

suppliers and

buyers as an

“excellent new

forum for business

and knowledge”.

The new table top event placed over 80 Hosted

Buyers with 72 exhibitors on 12th September

over the course of 3 days at the Grand Hyatt in


countries and also came from 8 key cities in

India. Suppliers represented 22 countries

and 29 came from around India.

The success of the one-to-one pre-scheduled

appointment system guaranteed some 2496

appointments which meant an average of 34 per

exhibitor. Hosted Buyers represented 16


th th

12 -14 September


Mumbai, India



The event opened with a half-day conference

attended by over 200 delegates and a keynote

session from Devdutt Pattanaik, who talked

about the teachings of mythology and how this

can be translated into modern day business

practices. It provided a perspective on how the

world of business in India is evolving whilst it still

maintains elements of tradition and beliefs,

which remain ingrained in society and culture.

This session was followed by a panel debate

about the state of the industry both inbound and


“As an exhibitor at a first time show, there is

always some apprehension as to whether

the show will meet aspirations and deliver

leads from our target market. IBTM India has

shown a very positive performance to date

and I look forward to actively following up on

the gold standard sales leads it has

produced.” Said Edward Mitchell, Sales

Manager, Rovos Rail Tours, South Africa.




CIBTM, China's leading meetings, incentives and CIBTM's buyers with powerful purchasing

business travel exhibition, which took place from power, is one of the key highlights, making

2-4 September in the China National Convention CIBTM a very attractive exhibition to attend. ”

Centre (CNCC), Beijing, saw some 9,402 prescheduled

business appointments (10% increase The number of exhibitors who attended the

on PSAs compared to 2012 figures), taking place show this year also increased by 17%, with the

over the course of the show.

show introducing new and returning brands to

the China meetings and incentive industry

Jeffrey Xu, CIBTM Project Manager, Reed Travel including Sri Lanka, Japan National Tourism

Exhibitions comments “We have been delighted Organization, Madrid, Czech Tourist Authority -

with the level of business which was achieved this Czech Tourism, Hungarian National Tourist

year and we have had a great deal of positive Office, Saint Petersburg Express, JSC and

feedback so far from all of our attendees. This Russian Federation.

feedback gives us a true indication of just how

effective the Hosted Buyer programme is in KumuduHennedige, Marketing & Promotions

generating business for buyers and suppliers from Manager, Sri Lanka Convention Bureau, first

across the globe.”

time exhibitor at CIBTM commented, “It's the

first time we have exhibited at CIBTM. We have

Kevin Shi, Sales Manager, Ramada Beijing North found the quality of

commented, “This year CIBTM has more hotel Hosted Buyers

exhibitors, and the buyers' quality has improved to be very


greatly. CIBTM has allowed us to connect with good and

nd th

2 - 4 September

clients from different countries and regions. we are


Compared with other exhibitions in the industry, pleased Beijing, China



levels improved. Our appointments were

encouraging and we hope to see some bookings

as a result. I hope to attend CIBTM in 2014.”

with the amount of interest they have shown in

Sri Lanka. We are very happy with the

arrangement of the Pre-Scheduled Appointment

system, and have a full diary. Our Destination

Presentation provided us with a fantastic platform

to showcase Sri Lanka to Chinese Hosted Buyers.”

Bun CHO, Assistant Manager, Business

Development Section, Japan Convention Bureau,

Japan National Tourism Organization who also

exhibited at CIBTM 2013 also commented, “This is

the seventh year that Japan has exhibited at

CIBTM, we believe CIBTM to be a very important

platform to facilitate business exchange and

negotiations. Overseas buyers this year are of a

high level of quality and quantity. We hope to

meet with Chinese buyers, and also connect with

more overseas buyers as well.”

Cathy Li, Regional Sales Manager, SK networks

Walkerhill commented, “This is my second year

attending CIBTM. I have found the arrangement of

the show floor to be well organised, the quality of

the Hosted Buyers to be higher and the security

This year's Professional Education programme

was also considered “a huge success” with a

113% increase in attendance over the 20

sessions, which were delivered as part of CIBTM

Knowledge marking an 18% increase on sessions

delivered at CIBTM 2012. The programme

featured a number of diverse speakers through

partnerships with some of the world's leading

industry associations including MPI, SITE, ASAE,


Jacqui Timmins, Reed Travel Exhibitions,

Exhibitions Director, AIME and CIBTM

commented, “CIBTM continues to be the

leading trade show for meetings and events

organizers, venue providers and incentive and

business travel services in China and Asia and as

a team, we are committed to developing the

show further through strategic partners and

new innovations to ensure that the show

continues to catalyze an already booming

industry in China.”




3 Annual India Hotel Expansion Summit

Noppen Conferences & Exhibitions Pvt Limited

along with BMGI, strategic advisor, hosted the

third edition of the India Hotel Expansion Summit

on 29th- 30th August at the Westin Hotel in

Mumbai. This Summit was supported by

prestigious companies like Zyxel Technology, Asian

Paints, Tyco Security, Alko Therm, Duni Benelux

BV, Crompton Greaves, HSIL Limited, Aquanomics.

Senior management from the likes of Starwood

Group, Marriott International, Holiday Inn,

Svenska Design, Berggruen Hotels, Sahara

Hospitality and many more attended this Summit

to understand more about the ever changing

trends in the Indian hospitality market.

The Summit kick started with Mr. Naresh

Raisinghani, CEO & Executive Director of BMGI's

Indian office discussing about the macro trends of

the growing foreign tourist arrivals and domestic

visits in the light of increasing available rooms and

current occupancy rates. He identified several key

factors that led to the growth for business such as

MICE tourism and increased GDP per capita in Tier

2 & Tier 3 cities. He also shed light on the

challenges faced due to development costs,

capacity expansion, and skilled manpower.

Ms. Benaifer Jehani, Director with CRISIL,

discussed the new oversupply situation at

certain locations in the premium hotels

segment. She pointed out that REVPAR growth

will be marginal (premium) or flat (business) and

increased competition will lead to stable ARRs.

Mr. Rajiv Puri, Vice President for Design &

Project Management from Marriott

International shared his thoughts on branding

for creating end user value and how

stakeholders as well as owners should be

educated on operational and technical aspects,

global alliances and new trends in creating

brand visibility. He also stressed on the need of

incorporating consumer feedback in designing

the brand proposition, dispelling the myths of

brands associated

with higher

spending. When

th th

29 -30 August


Mumbai, India



Next, Mr. Anurag Bhatnagar, Area General

Manager with Westin Hotels spoke on how and

where a brand should expand. He explained the

scenario of hotel investments made in the

branded segment to an oversupply situation.

Representing the Asian market, Rudiger

Froehning from ALKO Therm GMBH, spoke on

new cooling technology for air conditioning and

ventilation to lower life cycle costs and increase

sustainability. These life cycle costs comprise of

investment, energy, maintenance, cleaning and

displacement costs. He stated the possibility of

sustainable reduction in these costs by “On

Demand Use” ability without compromising on


Later Mr. Rajnish Ohri, Managing Director for

Coram India & Mr. Sanjay Sapra, CEO for

Aquanomics Systems showcased their company's

specialized solutions for water management of

spas and swimming pools. They laid emphasis on

the importance of balancing the PH value and also

focused on the new age energy saving pool

technology for all kinds of applications.

Day 1 came to an end with a panel discussion with

panelists – Mr. Rajiv Puri, Mr. Rushabh Shah,

Mr.Beni Agarwal and was moderated by Mr.

Ambarish Raj. The topic of discussion was how

to capitalize on growth opportunities through

innovative investment options. Mr. Shah

initiated the discussion by pointing out that the

industry demand is being fueled by medical

tourism, institutional demand and MICE

segment. Mr. Puri added that with infrastructure

improvement at airport terminals, there will be

a need to establish world class infrastructure to

cater to the possible increase in tourist traffic.

The second theme of discussion was about

alternate investment routes for an “asset light”

model like franchisee stated by Mr. Agarwal, as

compared to investments with “fee based”

model suggested by Mr. Puri. It was felt that a

“single window” licensing system, industry

subsidies from government and a new and



improved tourism policy to cover challenges of

infrastructure development will be key enablers

for growth of the industry.

Day 2 commenced with the presentation of

Emlyn Brown, Director of Spa Operations for

Goco Hospitality who spoke about ways to create

a profitable spa in India. He indicated that the

spa industry is worth 60.3 billion USD worldwide

and provided the audience with insights on how

consumers today are looking at “Quick Fix” spa

options with immediate results and ways one

can achieve high value as against cheaper

options. He

also shared his

ideas in

alleviating spa

experience by

introducing spa



family solutions

for creating




Another esteemed speaker, Mr. Param

Kannampilly, Chairman for Fern Group of

Hotels addressed the issue of environment

depletion due to the ever growing tourism

industry and how it is the responsibility of the

said sector towards the environment's

sustainability. New technology like the use of

passive solar architecture, daylight harvesting,

rainwater harvesting, energy efficient air

conditioning, garbage management should be

considered as some of the possibilities for a

“Green Hotel”.



Mr. Rajesh Mohan, Head of Strategy Planning for

Sahara Hospitality, outlined the conditions for

Revenue Management. He also illustrated Gross

Operating Profit per available room as against

RevPAR as profit oriented metric and stressed on

the importance of leveraging cloud based hotel

technology for optimizing costs on hotel

operations. He brought forth an interesting

comparison of the reservation systems of hotels

with airlines and the dynamic pricing system of


Next, Mr. Partha Chatterjee from Advisor Key

Hotels Resorts & Apartments provided

interesting comparisons

on construction time and

cost per key across various

segments- Budget,

Midscale, and Upscale &

Luxury. He presented a

case study on Ginger

Hotels and mentioned on

how the budgeted cost of

room development was

much lower than the

prevailing benchmarks at

the time was achieved.

Mr. Beni Agrawal, General Manager of Business

Development for Berggruen Hotels, shared key

factors in determining the location, Product

profiling and positioning, Food & Beverages as

well as provision for meeting & conferencing

facilities besides Value Proposition. He ended

his presentation by covering aspects in building

a business plan for hotels in India.

The 2 day Summit concluded with a

networking tea break session where the

attendees shared their perspectives on the

hotel industry and future business possibilities.




Tourism Ministers of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar,

Thailand and Vietnam and senior government

officials from different countries graced the ITE

HCMC Opening Ceremony and Mekong Tourism

Alliance Awards Gala Dinner. The Ministers also

formally inaugurated the exhibition on its first day.

ITE HCMC has seen a 50% increase in total

exhibition floor space and it remains to be the

fastest growing travel event in the region.

Exhibitors came from Germany, United Kingdom,

Egypt, India, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, South

Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Laos,

Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and


The 5th Tourism Alliance Awards 2013 (TAA)

commenced after the Opening Ceremony. ITE

HCMC Pre and Post Show Tours are designed to

showcase Vietnam and the Mekong. Dedicated

tours were arranged for hosted buyers, hosted

media and event guests before and after the

exhibition days.

ITE HCMC is the largest and most established

travel event in Vietnam and the whole Mekong

region. The host country has been named the

world's fourth fastest-growing tourist

destination for inbound and the region's fastest

growing outbound market. ITE HCMC is the best

single platform catering to this multi-billion

market. The exhibition serves as the leading

powerhouse in presenting products and services

in the Mekong and wide showcases of travel

products from countries and cities in the Asia

Pacific and beyond. It is the only event

supported by the Mekong Tourism Alliance of

Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and

Vietnam and has been declared by authorities

as Vietnam's one and only national travel event

with international standing.

The entire show with its fabulous day and

evening functions and industry trade activities

continued for one whole week.


th th

12 - 14 September


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




3 Annual Turkey Hotel Expansion Summit

The 3rd Annual Turkey Hotel Expansion Summit

was held in the Titanic Business Europe Hotel in

Istanbul, Turkey on September 12 &13 as Turkey

aims to become the fifth largest tourist

destination in the world, by having 50 million

arrivals in the country and 50 billion USD in

revenue from tourism. The country is currently

the sixth most popular country as per UNWTO's

“Tourism Highlights 2012” report.

The conference was marked by over forty

speakers from International and local chains who

shared their valuable insights on this industry. The

event was supported by the Turkish Tourism

Investors Association (TYD).

The conference was lined with incredible speakers

from Nikki Beach, GRL Hotels & Resorts, Premier

Inn International, Starwood Hotels & Resorts,

Hilton Worldwide, Accor, Hyatt, Louvre Hotels,

InterContinental Hotels,, Marriott International

& Corinthia and from local chains such as

Dedeman and Limak. The speakers were not

only from hotel chains but were investors,

designers, consultants and banks who came

together and discussed on the current and

future trends to shape the future development

of Turkey's hospitality market.

NEC was the Gold sponsor, Öztiryakiler as

presentation sponsor and exhibitor sponsors

were INNCOM by Honeywell, Twent Inox, EEC

Systems and Rentokill. OPTii, Callebaut, Lumar,

Thermaflex and Tylo were attending specialists

while Optimum was Communication Partner.

The media partners for the conference were

REIDIN, Travel & Tour World, Oxford Business

Group, RFP,, Tourism

Around the World and Horwath HTL.


th th

12 - 13 September


Istanbul, Turkey



Calendar of Events



Guadalajara, Jalisco,Mexico


India International Travel Exhibition


Indore, India


Routes Online

Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. /events/160/



Holiday Expo-Nagpur

Nagpur, India



St. Petersburg, Russia




Los Angeles, America



Rimini, Italy


India Travel Mart-Jaipur

Jaipur, India









Sochi, Russia



Jakarta, Indonesia



Jakarta, Indonesia



Suntec, Singapore


Swiss International Holiday Exhibition

Lugano, Switzerland


Dallas Travel & Adventure Show

Dallas, America



London, UK



Mexico City, USA


The Luxury Travel Fair

London, UK




Holiday Expo-Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam, India



Pune, India




Bangladesh, Dhaka



Hyderabad, India



Seville, Spain



Izmir, Turkey




Chengdu, China



Brussels, Belgium




Muscat, Oman

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