SPORT CLUB HOLLAND INC. - Gambier Centrals Soccer Club

SPORT CLUB HOLLAND INC. - Gambier Centrals Soccer Club

SPORT CLUB HOLLAND INC. - Gambier Centrals Soccer Club


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<strong>SPORT</strong> <strong>CLUB</strong> <strong>HOLLAND</strong> <strong>INC</strong>.<br />

PO BOX 1222 MT. GAMBIER<br />

President, George Weyers Secretary, Nik van Heeswyk<br />

Tel: 8724 8887 Tel. 8725 9093<br />

ngheeswyk@bigpond.com<br />

Meeting opened @ 8:05 pm<br />

General Meeting<br />

12 th June 2012<br />

Present:<br />

George Weyers, Kirsty Amos, Michael van der Linden, Alec van Riet, Marc van Riet, Alan<br />

Hogg, Merv Heemskerk, Nicky Jellesma, Lisa McKenzie, Trish Pegler<br />

Apologies: Peter van Dijk, Nik van Heeswyk, Gerry van Heeswyk, Scott Hamilton, Tom<br />

Poel, Steve Toope<br />

Receipt of minutes 12 th July 2011:<br />

Minutes read by Michael van der Linden<br />

Moved Nicky Jellesma<br />

Seconded Michael van der Linden<br />

Minutes accepted PASSED<br />

Business arising;<br />

50 years:<br />

Meeting held last Monday<br />

Preliminary costing happening<br />

Another meeting Monday 18th<br />

Oct. long weekend or <strong>Soccer</strong> season? – Decision to be made next meeting<br />

Will be put on website<br />

On Facebook<br />

Committee so far– Merv, Steve Toope, Phil Muller, Heidi Heemskerk, Alan Hogg<br />

Marc van Riet, Greg Clarke and Robin Herbert will be invited to represent Tennis, <strong>Soccer</strong>,<br />

Cricket<br />

Function options<br />

- 2 days - Friday night registration / function, Saturday old time soccer game between<br />

2 groups (eg locals vs people who have moved away), Sat night function cabaret,<br />

Sunday – social day –come and watch soccer<br />

- 3 days – soccer match on Sunday<br />

Long weekend – AFL grand final on this weekend<br />

Lights:<br />

Report tabled by Michael<br />

Loan was approved by members at last general meeting<br />

BJH has done a lot of design and labour work as donation<br />

Work finished by end of March<br />

$40,421.35 – total cost of project<br />

Cables laid on Northern side of pitch in case lights needed in future<br />

Apollo matches on 24 th June will start later so that ‘A’ grade match begins at 6pm<br />

Formal vote of thanks to Michael for coordinating project and to Phil Muller and Adrian<br />

Koop for their assistance

Moved Merv<br />

Seconded Nicky Unanimous<br />

Future of SCH meetings / Green Dot program:<br />

The following items raised have been discussed and in progress.<br />

--Notice board outside;<br />

ACTION: George has board will be put up on working bee day<br />

MOTION: “That the Committee members of subsidiary-clubs are invited to attend a meeting<br />

with the Management committee at 08:00pm for half an hour, for <strong>Soccer</strong> in March<br />

and June and for Tennis in September and February.”<br />

PASSED<br />

<strong>Soccer</strong>:<br />

--Asked for list of affiliated members.<br />

General Meeting Agenda<br />

SCH President’s report<br />

Tabled<br />

- Reunification of club a major focus<br />

- Looking for secretary while Nik is supporting Gerry<br />

- Thanks to Michael, Phil, Adrian Koop for lights<br />

- Scott Hamilton has tested all electrical appliances<br />

- Down pipes and drainage in on the way to being done<br />

- Constitution ready for last consultation<br />

- Need for all members to see SCH as the <strong>Club</strong> with all subsidiary parts equally<br />

important<br />

Treasurer’s Report<br />

Cheque Account, $4671.26<br />

Term Deposit, $143,100.00, Interest due on 16th June, $8795.00<br />

General Business:<br />

Tennis report<br />

Progressing with plans for shade structure<br />

Financially looking good<br />

Sonya Poel<br />

Noel Wood – membership being dealt with<br />

<strong>Soccer</strong> report<br />

Season has started well<br />

Canteen takings up<br />

Finances going well<br />

All bugs guy coming to help with mice<br />

Only 5 on committee and could do with help but running well as small compact unit<br />

All teams in top 3 – doing well<br />

Constitution<br />

Discussion<br />

- Sport <strong>Club</strong> Holland – name is dated – maybe we need to move on, possibly we could<br />

be <strong>Gambier</strong> <strong>Centrals</strong> Sport <strong>Club</strong> – Dutch heritage is important and respected but it<br />

could be seen as divisive

Wide support for this idea<br />

Alan Hogg moved to change the name of the <strong>Club</strong> from Sport <strong>Club</strong> Holland<br />

Incorporated to <strong>Gambier</strong> <strong>Centrals</strong> Sports <strong>Club</strong> Incorporated with acknowledgement<br />

somewhere to Sport <strong>Club</strong> Holland<br />

Seconded – Marc van Riet<br />

6 for<br />

3 against<br />

1 abstaining<br />

Passed<br />

ACTION: Discussion and vote at AGM<br />

Moved by Alec van Riet<br />

Draft constitution be accepted as is while awaiting legal advice, to be voted on at AGM<br />

Seconded Trish Pegler<br />

Unanimous<br />

Membership of SCH management committee<br />

Due to unforeseen circumstances Nik is temporarily unavailable to fulfill his secretary duties<br />

and Tom is away for 3 months.<br />

Call for volunteers<br />

None forthcoming<br />

If anyone knows anyone that could fill this position for 2 meetings please give names to<br />

committee<br />

Date for AGM<br />

To be announced<br />

Finances<br />

Need financials from tennis and soccer by 30 th June for auditing purposes<br />

Meeting closed at 9:05pm.<br />

General Meeting: Tuesday 12 th June @ 07:30 pm.

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