AnnuAl RepoRt to membeRs | 2012 - Cornell Lab of Ornithology

AnnuAl RepoRt to membeRs | 2012 - Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Annual Report to members | 2012

Innovating Innovation Opens the Means New to Possibilities Discover the for Unknown…and Discovery Open Conservation New PossibilitiesAburning passion for discoverydrives the best scientific research,but innovative technology canpush research even farther,into realms that were previously enigma.Realms like the mysteries of bird migration,which have been cracked open a bit widerwith recent revelations about nighttimeflights. Each spring and fall, unseen riversof millions of Neotropical migrants flowoverhead in the darkness. They speaka secret language of night flight callsthat are very different from most of thevocalizations these birds make during theday. To interpret this vast mystery, CornellLab engineers are inventing and improvingtechnologies to tune in to night flightcalls and develop the fuller picture of birdmigration needed to protect birds acrossour 21st-century landscape.5

Technology:Gathering the DataThe power of birders and technologyFifteen years ago, programmers at the Cornell Lab harnessed the power ofthe Internet to launch the world’s first online citizen-science project—the Great Backyard Bird Count. Ever since, they’ve continued to innovatenew ways to engage birders in gathering, sharing, and exploring massiveamounts of data for science and conservation. This year, a revolutionary newapp called BirdLog enabled birders to upload their sightings from the fieldin real-time from iPhones and Androids. As bird observations submitted toeBird surpassed the 100 million mark this year, scientists made huge stridesin mining the data to reveal new insights about bird migration.Sensors for the Night skyFor millennia, humans have heard the fleeting sounds of birds migrating atnight, but only in recent years have technological breakthroughs made it possibleto reveal the details at many locations, night after night. By modifyingautonomous recording units (ARUs) initially developed to listen to whalesin the ocean, Cornell Lab engineers have created terrestrial ARUs that havecaptured nearly 18 terabytes of sound data from the night sky. These recordingsreveal millions of birds that utilize travel corridors, including those thatfly over an area overnight and are never seen. Someday, birders might helptrack nocturnal migration across the continent by mounting ARU-type unitson their rooftops.Chestnut-sided Warblers fly across the Gulf of Mexico on theirannual migrations. New maps based on eBird data reveal that theytake different paths in spring and fall, north through the westernGulf and Texas, and south via the eastern Gulf and Florida.Night Flight ListenerAndrew Farnsworth has a rare talent: Hecan identify North American birds by earat night, and he’s driven to find out whatthose calls can tell us about migration.As a Cornell graduate student, he createdthe “Rosetta Stone” for warblers—a catalogof flight calls for 48 species of migrantwarblers—and studied how these callsvary depending on evolutionary history,weather, migration density, and otherfactors. Now a Lab researcher, Farnsworth’sdeeply specialized expertise is vital to Labefforts to monitor night flights and protectflyways for these unseen migrations.Philip MontgomeryChestnut-sided Warbler by Michael Furtman6

From observation to impactFinding The MeaningSeeing soundA human being would have to devote 12 years of 24/7, nonstop listening toanalyze the millions of nocturnal flight calls collected by the Lab’s autonomousrecording units. And that person would need encyclopedic knowledge of nearly24,000 types of calls made by 62 species. That’s why Lab programmers are creatingautomated detection software that uses artificial intelligence to detect flightcalls, convert them into visual spectrograms for analysis, and identify whichspecies constitute the huge migratory flocks that fly overhead in the night sky.Mapping MigrationWith millions of bird observations from citizen-science projects, Lab scientists arenow creating unprecedented, sophisticated maps of bird migration. These STEM(Spatio-Temporal Exploratory Model) maps combine eBird data with hundredsof environmental variables to show the expected occurrence for bird specieseach week of the year at more than 130,000 locations across the lower 48 states,revealing new insights about the dynamics of North American bird migration.Helping the BirdsGerrit VynSafer spots, and times, for wind turbinesUsing new maps based on eBird data,scientists can identify the migratorycorridors birds rely on for safe passagebetween breeding and winteringgrounds. The Lab and The NatureConservancy are helping the NewYork State Energy, Research, and DevelopmentAuthority evaluate placeswhere wind energy developmentshould be avoided. Lab researchersare also using ARUs at existing windturbine sites to track night flight callsand identify the peak migration timeswhen turbines should be powereddown to avoid bird collisions.This STEM probability-ofoccurrencemap for YellowWarbler during fall migrationshows the importanceof shrub/forested wetlandstopover sites in the HudsonValley and along the LakeOntario and Erie shorelines.“And Now for Your Weekend Bird Forecast…”Imagine a day when the local TV news weather segment includes a forecast of birdsmigrating through your area. It’s happening today at the Lab through a partnershipwith Oregon State University and NOAA to produce BirdCast—a weekly report thatuses eBird and STEM maps to track the migration in real time and forecast whenand where birds are headed next. Someday BirdCast could be provided to meteorologiststo educate the public about bird migration. And for conservation, BirdCastcould be helpful in advising cities when to dim lights on buildings and towers toreduce the hundreds of millions of bird deaths from collisions every year.7

TechnologyGlobal reachOur Model:“There are bright, motivated, passionate conservationists everywhere. When we go to other countries, we find thelocal conservationists, and we provide them the training, technology, and strategy to gather the scientific data theyneed to succeed. It’s really about empowering local partners, helping the dedicated people in each country to studyand protect the birds and habitats that they know and love.”—Eduardo Iñigo–Elias, coordinator for the Cornell Lab’s Neotropical Conservation Initiative8Black-throated Blue Warbler by Gerrit Vyn

Global reach:DATAdiscovering nest sites in haitiBlack-capped Petrels, once thought to beextinct, are still critically endangered. But effortsto protect them have been stymied by lack ofknowledge about their cliffside nest burrows.In 2008, James Goetz (now a Cornell Lab Ph.D.student) spearheaded expeditions along the forestedcliffs of Haiti to search for petrel breedingcolonies. Since then, Goetz has worked with theU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and local partnerslike Grupo Jaragua and Fondation Seguin,to find more than 30 petrel nesting locations—yielding a bounty of petrel nesting biology datawhere once there was a black hole.TrainingCornell Lab Ph.D. student JamesGoetz and partners in the DominicanRepublic snapped one of thefirst photos of a Black-capped Petrelchick in a mountaintop cave in Haiti.Safeguarding Thrush habitat in HispaniolaAbout 90 percent of the global Bicknell’s Thrush population winters inHispaniola. This is a species in serious decline, with fewer than 40,000individuals left. To keep tabs on wintering Bicknell’s Thrushes, and to identifyand protect critical habitat, the Cornell Lab and partners such as theVermont Center for Ecostudies conducted bird-monitoring workshops inthe Dominican Republic and Haiti. The Lab’s scientists trained universitystudents and park rangers in mist netting, bioacoustics surveys, and radiotelemetry. Haitian and Dominican biologists are now gathering data for aconservation plan that combines economic incentives, protected reserves,and forest restoration to safeguard Bicknell’s Thrush wintering grounds.James GoetzPutting ItAll Togetherin CubaCuba is critical habitat for birds. TheCuban Archipelago is the winter home ormigratory flyway for 229 species of NorthAmerican breeding birds, including 98 percentof Ospreys from the eastern United States andCanada and 80 percent of U.S. Black-throatedBlue Warblers. The Cornell Lab of Ornithologyhas been working for the past 10 years on cooperativeconservation projects in Cuba. The effortbegan with Cornell Lab and Cuban scientistsconducting joint bird-survey expeditions intoremote rainforests to identify wintering habitatfor Neotropical birds. The surveys also foundcritical habitat for endangered Cuban endemics,such as the Fernandina Flicker (one of the world’srarest woodpeckers) and the world’s smallestbird—the Bee Hummingbird (2 inches tall andweighing less than a penny). Over ensuing years,Lab scientists, educators, and audio expertsreturned to teach field ornithology courses andacoustic monitoring workshops. The Lab andCuban partners produced and shipped 7,000CDs of the first all-Cuban bird audio guide and10,0000 copies of Aves de Cuba—a Spanish-languageCuban bird field guide—to be distributed10

yProviding what international partners need to protect species around the worldNATURALEZA/ GUÍAS DE CAMPO“Este es un trabajo impresionante, una guía de campo excepcionalmente completa delas aves de Cuba, un valioso libro que llenará el vacío existente por mucho tiempoen la literatura, escrito por los colegas que conocen mejor de observación de aves enCuba.”—John Faaborg, Universidad de Missouri, Columbia“Es el primer libro dedicado enteramente a las aves de Cuba publicado en losúltimos ochenta años. Aves de Cuba es un trabajo serio, que mantiene la tradiciónde las obras de don Ramón de la Sagra, Johannes Gundlach y Thomas Barbour.Con una vasta cantidad de nueva información, mapas de distribución y admirablesilustraciones, este es un compendio de la Ornitología cubana y una excelente guía decampo.”—Davis W. Finch, WINGS“Apoyados en la experiencia de toda una vida de trabajo en su país natal, OrlandoGarrido y Arturo Kirkconnell han producido una guía verdaderamente completaque será esencial para todos aque los que anhelen disfrutar el placer de la excitantebelleza de las aves cubanas.”—James W. Wiley, al frente del GramblingCooperative Wildlife Project, Universidad de GramblingLa riqueza y diversidad de las aves de Cuba comprende 369 especiesregistradas, representantes de 20 órdenes y 63 familias, con 26 especiesendémicas que incluyen a la encantadora Pedorrera, al lamativo y eleganteTocororo (ave nacional), el colorido carpintero verde y el ave más pequeñadel mundo, el Zunzuncito. Esta compacta guía de referencia contiene 51láminas a todo color y 662 imágenes que ilustran los plumajes del macho,hembra y juvenil (en algunos casos por primera vez). Muchas especiesmigratoria son ilustradas con los colores durante la época invernal (noreproductiva) o plumaje de verano (reproductiva). Estas imágenes nosproporcionan un panorama de las aves de Norteamérica, tal como aparecenen sus cuarteles invernales.Aves de CubaAves de Cubapor Orlando H. Garridoy Arturo KirkconnellIlustraciones por Román CompañyPrólogo por John W. FitzpatrickToolsEnabling Chileans to Tune In to their Blue WhalesIn 2003, Chilean scientists discovered a summer nursery for blue whales, oneof the world’s most endangered species, off the coast of Patagonia. To protectthis sensitive habitat, conservationists needed to learn more. So researchers atthe Universidad Austral de Chile used deep-sea audio recording devices fromthe Cornell Lab’s Bioacoustics Research Program. After six months, the Chileanscientists began analyzing the underwater recordings at the Lab’s SoundAnalysis Workshop. The need for acoustic recording in this nearly pristinearea is time-sensitive because increasing human intrusion for ecotourismand commerce, including seismic testing for energy resources, will affect theacoustic habitat for all the marine life, and thus their breeding and feeding.Orlando H. Garrido y Arturo Kirkconne l son curadores del MuseoNacional de Historia Natural de Cuba. El fa lecido Román Compañy fueun excelente ilustrador de las aves deCuba y su fauna. John W. Fitzpatrickdirige e laboratorio de ornitología de Corne l.En la portada de libro se ilustran seis de las especies endémicas de Cuba,que incluyen al Tocororo (extremo superior derecho), debajo de este laPedorrera y a su izquierda y en vuelo, el Zunzuncito. A continuación y pordebajo de estos el Sijú Platanero ocupa el centro, que tiene a su izquierdaal Tomeguín del Pinar. En el extremo inferior izquierdo el Pechero y en elderecho, la Paloma Perdiz.Cornell Lab staff and Cuban biologistson a bird-survey expedition at HumboldtNational Park in Cuba.Comstock/Corne l PaperbacksCORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESSCOPIA COMPLEMENTARIA,PROHIBIDA SU VENTAwww.corne lpress.corne 10250throughout the country’s parks and schools. Andin April 2012, the Lab brought a cohort of Cubanuniversity students to Sapsucker Woods in Ithaca,New York, for an intensive bird conservationbiology short-course—perhaps the largest groupof Cuban student scientists to visit the UnitedStates in 50 years. All of this work was made possibleby funding from the MacArthur Foundationand the Christopher Reynolds Foundation. Theseinvestments in Cuban bird conservation will liveon in the talented, trained biologists and accumulatingknowledge there. A decade after Lab scientistsfirst arrived in Havana, our partners in Cubaare better trained and equipped to protect theirbirds, including wintering Neotropical migrants.Orlando H.GarridoArturoKirkconne loutreachteaching Cloud Forest Kids about birdsIn Guatemala, preserving cloud forests from cutting requires a shift in localattitudes. That means educating the next generation about the importanceof their cloud forests. With funding from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service,local group Community Cloud Forest Conservation is using the CornellLab’s BirdSleuth curriculum to teach children from eight remote villageschools about their local birds and the incredible biodiversity around them.The students have developed their own Mayan eBird portal where they canidentify birds in their native language and record sightings. The entire programis eligible for USFWS funds from the Neotropical Migratory Bird Actbecause Golden-winged Warblers winter in these Guatemalan highlands.Now, golden-wings have new advocates in the children of the cloud forests.11

TechnologyCitizen ScienceOur Model:“What we’ve built in eBird is an exampleof what can be accomplished when youengage a passionate community in doingwhat they love to do and show them howthey can play an important role to help allof us better understand our world.”—Brian Sullivan, eBird project leader12

Our Innovating Model: the Means Engaging to Discover Birders the in Science Unknown…and Conservation Open New PossibilitiesImagine the most comprehensiveecological inventory ever convened—legions of observers fanning outacross North America, from coastto coast and all habitats in between,from forest and desert and prairie to cityparks and suburban backyards. That kindof massive bird-monitoring campaign isoccurring every day courtesy of the morethan 200,000 people in the United Statesand Canada who are powering CornellLab citizen-science projects at feedersand nests, in schools and out in the wilds,turning millions of bird sightings intovaluable data.Wood Duck by Melissa Groo13

Citizen Science:Birdingtools for beginning birders and hard-core listersCornell Lab citizen-science programs recruit new demographics into birding,opening people’s eyes to birds while connecting them to science. Initiativeslike Celebrate Urban Birds bring birding to an inner-city audience, andyield insights about how certain species fare in heavily developed areas. Thenew YardMap program offers online landscaping tools for homeowners todesign bird-friendly backyards. And eBird provides an invaluable online toolsetfor birders at any level. In addition to easy e-listing, eBird offers maps withHotspots and collections of eBird lists in prime birding areas. Time charts ofspecies abundance allow birders to see when and where there’s prime-timeviewing for migratory birds. And for competitive birders, there’s the eBird Top100—a daily ranking of the most prolific birders by lists and total species.eBird South of the BorderThe eBird technology platform can easily be adapted to bird-monitoring projectsin other countries. In Mexico, the aVerAves program (eBird Mexico) enabled abird-survey project, coordinated by the Mexican government and its CONABIOconservation agency, that gathered data on almost 300 species in the mountainoussouthern Los Tuxtlas region, where critical bird habitat is threatened by agriculturalexpansion. In Chile, the launch of the Red de Observadores de Aves y Vida SilvestreeBird portal has been crucial to identifying important areas for bird conservation.Recently, the Chilean government announced that projects requiring environmentalimpact statements must consult with eBird Chile to evaluate effects on bird species.Bird DataPowerhousethe biggest avian database everOver the past decade, Cornell Lab computerengineers have built a single, unifiedplatform that combines all the data collectedby the Lab’s entire suite of citizen-scienceprograms. The platform includes more than 100million bird observations from eBird, as well as 20million winter bird records from Project Feeder-Watch and 10 million observations from the GreatBackyard Bird Count. And the platform includesmore than just bird sightings, with breeding datafrom the more than 400,000 nests that have beenmonitored by NestWatchers. It all adds up to morethan 200 million records, the most powerful birddatabase ever created—and all of it easily accessibleto scientists and conservationists.14

Birding can be a powerful force for understanding and protecting birdsSCIENCEA Continuous Continental Winter Bird SurveyeBird Illuminates Climate-Change ShiftsStudies examining changes in the arrival dates of migratory birds acrosstheir range have historically been constrained to small scales because formaldata were recorded only at specific reserves or research stations. Then cameeBird. In 2012, University of North Carolina researcher Allen Hurlbert publisheda groundbreaking study showing how climate change is affecting birdmigration. Hurlbert examined millions of spring eBird observations for 18bird species from 2000 to 2010. By cross-referencing with weather data, hefound that bird species were shifting up their arrival dates almost a day forevery Celsius degree of increasing spring temperature. A few species, such asRed-eyed Vireo, Great Crested Flycatcher, and House Wren, shifted up theirarrival by as many as three to six days.“Volunteer citizen-scienceprograms such as ProjectFeederWatch and eBird haveproven extraordinarily important,even indispensable,for the success of modernbroad-scale avian ecologicalstudies.”—Benjamin Zuckerberg,Department of Forest andWildlife Ecology,University of WisconsinIn 2012 Project FeederWatch celebrated 25 yearswith more than 50,000 backyard birders reportingon feeder activity—and providing scientists with adeep dataset of bird abundance and ranges. CornellLab researcher David Bonter examined FeederWatchdata from 1989 to 2006 to describe a markeddecline in Evening Grosbeaks, with a 27% decreasein flock size and 50% drop in sites reporting anygrosbeaks at all. The University of Wisconsin’s BenZuckerberg analyzed data collected between 1990and 2010 revealing that American Robins arrived 13days earlier in Wisconsin in spring, 1.5 days soonerfor every 1° C increase in winter temperatures.EveningGrosbeak byJudithBlakelyConservationImportant Bird Areas Near ChicagoConducting a proper bird inventory used to requirehundreds of hours of data processing, meaningthat only well-staffed operations could do it. Butwith eBird, the Chicago Wilderness Habitat Project,a small conservation group in northeastern Illinois,launched a bird survey with automatic online datacompilation that involved thousands of Chicago-areabirders. Using data from its eBird portal, the groupprovided recommendations to land managers onprotecting key species and sensitive nesting areas.eBirders IMprove outlook for sagebrush birdsThe State of the Birds 2011 report, published by the Cornell Lab and partnersand delivered to the U.S. Department of the Interior, highlighted the importanceof public lands as bird habitat. As a follow-up the Lab provided eBirdmodels to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) showing distribution datafor sagebrush birds in the Intermountain West, including Brewer’s Sparrow,Sage Sparrow, Sage Thrasher, and Green-tailed Towhee. BLM policies willnow be adjusted to maximize benefits for sagebrush birds. “These models,based on tens of thousands of eBird observations, represent the best picturewe have of bird distributions in the West,” said Lab conservation scientistKen Rosenberg. “The eBird data opened the eyes of federal land managers tothe tremendous opportunities for conserving birds on BLM lands.”Sage Thrasher by Chris Wood15

World Premiere for an Epic Quest:Birds—of—paradiseEight years. 18 expeditions. 544 days inthe field, in the rugged, remote junglesof New Guinea. An epic quest—to collectvisual documentation of all 39 species of thereclusive, resplendent birds-of-paradise…forthe first time, ever.Cornell Lab scientist Edwin Scholespartnered with National Geographic photographerTim Laman to study and documentthe breeding displays and behaviors of thesefantastically plumed birds. They returnedfrom New Guinea with tens of thousands ofphotos and more than 2,000 video clips thatwere archived into the Cornell Lab’s MacaulayLibrary. It’s a monumental accomplishment,considering the best visual evidenceof some of these species previously werepaintings of museum specimens.“What started out as a fascination forthe birds-of-paradise and curiosity aboutexploring New Guinea evolved into an unprecedentedopportunity to fill a gap in thedocumentation of the planet’s biodiversity,”said Scholes.The male Ribbon-tailed Astrapia’s tail measures three feet.Photo by Tim Laman.

In fall 2012, the joint project with National Geographic goes public, allowing everyone to enjoy the mysterious splendor of the birds-of-paradise:• The book, a glossy photographic volumewith stunning imagery and tales fromthe expeditions;• The stories, feature articles running inNational Geographic and the Lab’s LivingBird magazines;• The film, a documentary premiering atthe Banff Film Festival and broadcast onthe National Geographic Channel;• The exhibition, an interactive and imaginativemultimedia exhibit that debuts atthe National Geographic Museum beforetravelling to museums across the country;• The speaking tour, a yearlong, nationwidelecture series featuring Scholes,Laman, and their photos and videos ofthe majestic birds-of-paradise.Explore the birds-of-paradise yourself at

Technology EducationOur Model:“Chickadees chirpingCheerful as a summer mornIt’s twenty below…Blue Jays, cardinals,Brighten up trees like Christmas lightsLeft up all year long.”—Alex, Grade 7, Minneapolis, MN18Common Mergansers by Gerrit Vyn

Innovating Inspiring Anyone, the Means at Any to Discover Age, to Care the Unknown…and About Birds and Open Nature New Possibilities“We will conserve only whatwe love. We will love onlywhat we understand. We willunderstand only what weare taught.” So goes the famous quote bySenegalese conservationist Baba Dioum.It’s more than a motto, it’s a commitmentfor the Cornell Lab’s education programs—using birds to help people betterunderstand nature and be active citizensand stewards of the earth. And teachingabout birds isn’t just for schoolkids. It’s forpeople of all ages, and all nations. Becausebirds are everywhere. They’re fascinatingto grandkids and grandparents alike.And every bird in a backyard tree, near aplayground jungle gym, on a skyscraper’sledge, is an opportunity to teach about theinterconnectedness of all living things.19

Education:SchoolKidsScientific inquiry for schoolkidsDoes precipitation affect how many DarkeyedJuncos we see? Does the size of abird affect the pitch of its call? K-12students watch birds, ask intriguing questions,pose hypotheses, and collect and analyze datato formulate a conclusion in the Cornell Lab’sBirdSleuth curriculum—a fun and interactivesuite of investigatory projects that meet currentscience education standards. BirdSleuth is a greatway to get kids outdoors and watching birds.Last year, thousands of students in hundreds ofschools across the country conducted BirdSleuthscience investigations. Some schools integratedtheir BirdSleuth projects into formal Lab citizenscienceinitiatives, such as eBird and Project FeederWatch,so their data contributed to professionalanalyses of regional bird trends—and buddingornithologists got their first taste of real science.A Bird in the HandTexas 3rd grader Alisa Van Eerden’s BirdSleuthproject began with her question: Is it possible totrain a wild bird to eat out of a human hand? Herexperiment started with stuffing a pair of jeans anda jacket with old towels, and topping it off with apumpkin head wearing sunglasses and a hat, to createa decoy she named “Stuffy.” After several weeksof watching birds feed near Stuffy, and eventuallyout of the decoy’s glove, Alisa traded places withStuffy—and voila! A Tufted Titmouse in her hand. A3rd grader with a big smile on her face.TeensInspiring young scientistsGlobal environmental issues meet emerginggeospatial computer technologies in the Lab’sCrossing Boundaries curriculum for middle- andhigh-schoolers, created in partnership withfaculty at Hobart & William Smith Colleges. Tolearn about landscape changes in the UnitedStates and abroad, students compare historicaland current satellite imagery on Google Earth.Then they explore geographic differences in biodiversity,from faraway places like the Amazonto their own communities, using a species databaseand the very same GPS and GIS technologiesused by scientists. Students even get a tasteof peer review by presenting their projects onwiki sites and exchanging feedback with classmates.The real-life research and personal storiesof Cornell grad students are included in CrossingBoundaries units along the way, so students canbegin envisioning what their futures might looklike in conservation science.Source: YouTube20

Discovering birds, connecting to natureHigher EducationMentorship…pass it onLast year the Cornell Lab continued its proudrole as an academic research institution, withLab scientists advising more than 100 undergradand graduate students. Cornell Ph.D. candidateNathan Senner was one of those students, with adissertation on a multiyear research project thatbanded Hudsonian Godwits with GPS data loggersin sub-arctic Manitoba and monitored theirextraordinary 6,000-mile flights to Ecuador andChile. Senner became the first scientist to detailthis godwit’s marathon migrations, one of theLIFELONG LEARNINGBird study for everyoneCornell Lab lifelong learning programs are basedon the premise that you don’t have to be a collegebiology major to study ornithology. In 1972 theLab introduced “A Home Study Course in BirdBiology,” the first college-level correspondencecourse in ornithology. Four decades later, thecourse has enrolled more than 10,000 people in65 countries with a rigorous curriculum of birdbehavior, ecology, evolution, and more. Severalzoos across the nation have made it a requiredcourse for zookeepers in training. In 2013 thefarthest recorded travels of any bird on earth. Theproject also ignited the imagination of a teenagernamed Andy Johnson, who attended Senner’s godwitlecture at the Lab’s 2009 Young Birders Event.Johnson enrolled at Cornell as a biology undergradthe following year and became a field assistant forSenner, travelling with him from Churchill, Manitoba,to Tierra del Fuego. Now Johnson is hard atwork on his thesis project studying Whimbrels,and making plans for his own research journeys tothe Arctic and South America.latest edition of the course’s Handbook of BirdBiology will be published by Wiley-Blackwell asan official college textbook for university ornithologycourses. Another lifelong learning coursecreated by the Lab in 2009, Courtship and Rivalryin Birds, uses interactive online learning to helpindividuals around the world develop new skillsin observing and understanding bird behavior.Enrollees so far have come from 18 countries,ranging from beginning birders to park naturalistsand wildlife professionals.Hawk and Heron Reality ShowsFrom February to June 2012, more than 2 millionpeople from 176 countries watched the real-lifedrama of Great Blue Herons nesting atop a deadtree at Sapsucker Woods and Red-tailed Hawks atopa light pole on the Cornell campus, courtesy of HDweb cams installed and operated by the CornellLab. Viewers ranged from BirdSleuth schoolchildrenwho got an educational look at nesting biology toadults who found the daily drama—from fending offowl attacks on the nest to a fragile fledgling’s waveringfirst flight—as gripping as General Hospital.Three more cams launched in 2012, in partnershipwith other organizations, and broadcast nests fromelsewhere across the country: American Kestrelsin Idaho, Ospreys in Montana, and Pacific Loons inAlaska. Future cams may feature birds from moreexotic locations, such as rainforests in the Amazonand jungles in Southeast Asia, thus furtheringthe Lab’s goal to engage everyday people in thefascinating lives of birds.21

More Highlights from 2012••January: The journal Biology Lettersaccepts a Cornell Lab paper showing howclustered habitat networks are needed tomaintain the genetic diversity of imperiledFlorida Scrub-Jays. The published paperprompts revision of the species’ EndangeredSpecies Act Recovery Plan.••february: Twenty-three youth from the nation’smajor cities come to the Lab’s “CelebrateUrban Birds” workshop, fostering connectionsbetween the arts, nature, and conservation. Saidone student, “The thing I loved most was ourwalk in the woods at night in silence—I havenever experienced anything like that before.”••march: Lab researchers return fromthe Central African Republic with rare imagesof endangered forest elephants at night,taken using thermal-sensing technology.••April: On Earth Day, the world watches anegg crack and a chick emerge in a Red-tailedHawk nest on the Cornell campus via a livestream from the Lab’s high-def cams.••may: Team Sapsucker ties the North Americanbirding record for most species found in 24hours. In the process they raise $250,000 fromsupporters’ pledges for bird conservation.••june: A new bird species found by Cornellgraduates in Peru is named Capito fitzpatrickiin honor of Lab director John Fitzpatrick.••july: Citizen-science participants help betatestthe YardMap website and create more than2,400 bird-friendly backyard designs in the firstfour months.Sira Barbet (Capitofitzpatricki) byMichael Harvey••august: The journal Conservation Biologypublishes results from the Lab’s deep-sea audiorecorders showing that noise from ships interfereswith the ability of endangered right whalesto communicate with one another.••september: The Lab launches, showcasing information about thenew project to forecast the migrations of birds.••october: The book Birds of Paradise:Revealing the World’s Most ExtraordinaryBirds is released, authored by Cornell Lab scientistEdwin Scholes and wildlife photographerTim Laman.Marianna Hagbloom, New England Aquarium22From left to right: Millions of viewers around the world watched the Red-tailed Hawk hatchlings on the Cornell Lab’s bird cams. The rare image of a juvenile forest elephant at night was recorded by the Lab’sElephant Listening Project. The North Atlantic right whale is one of the critically endangered whale species monitored by the Lab’s Bioacoustics Research Program.

A letter toOur donors2012 was a milestone year for the Cornell LabParadise Riflebirdby Tim LamanMake Birds Your LegacyIt’s easy to include the Cornell Lab inyour estate plans—and sustain the studyand conservation of birds for generations tocome. To make a bequest through your will,simply include the language: “I give and bequeaththe sum of $________ (or ___% ofmy residuary estate) to Cornell University, aneducational institution in Ithaca, NY, for theLab of Ornithology to be used in support ofits charitable purposes.” To learn more aboutestate planning opportunities that benefityou and the Lab, please call Scott Sutcliffeat (607) 254-2424. The Lab is pleased toacknowledge such friends in perpetuity asmembers of the Sapsucker Woods Society.••100,000 friends on the Lab’s Facebookpage, following our daily updates on birdsfrom exotic rainforests to familiar backyardbird feeders;••2,000,000 people around the world tunedin to the Lab’s web cams broadcasting the dailylives of nesting Great Blue Heron and RedtailedHawk families, from eggs to hatching tofledging;••100,000,000 eBird observations, themost year-round bird sightings ever recorded ina single database, thanks to the nearly 100,000eBirders who have submitted data on 9,500 ofthe planet’s 10,157 species of birds.Never before has the Cornell Lab reached somany people with our messages of discovery,wonderment, hope, and environmental stewardship.And this fall we’ll reach a whole new audiencewith the Birds-of-Paradise Project—a jointeffort with the National Geographic Society thatwill introduce magazine readers, primetime TVviewers, museum goers, and many more to thiselegantly plumed family of avifauna.The triumph of the Birds-of-Paradise Project isyour triumph, too. You and other members wholeft estate gifts for the Lab made it possible forLab scientist Edwin Scholes to launch researchexpeditions deep into the interior of New Guinea’sjungles. And you should be as proud as we are tointroduce the world to these incredible, strange,dazzling birds.There’s never been a better reason, nor a bettertime, to get the word out about our uniqueapproach to bird conservation through groundbreakingresearch, technological innovation,training and education, citizen science, and masscommunication via every possible channel. Soinvite your friends and family to discover thebirds-of-paradise and the Cornell Lab that youknow so well, and that you make possible withyour generosity and commitment to a betterworld for birds and all living things.Thank you so much for your support in 2012,and I look forward to the many milestones we’llachieve together in 2013.Sincerely,Sean ScanlonSenior Director, Development and Philanthropy(607) 254-1105; sbs259@cornell.edu23

Administrative Board, Program Directors, and Cornell FacultyAdministrative BoardEdward W. Rose III—ChairmanPresident and Owner,Cardinal InvestmentCompanyEllen AdelsonSocial Worker in privatepractice (Cornell ‘58)Philip BartelsAttorney, Shipman &Goodwin LLP (Cornell ‘71)Andrew Bass*Ph.D., (ex officio);Professor, Neurobiologyand Behavior, AssociateVice Provost for Research,Cornell UniversityRobert BerryRetired CEO, U.S. LiabilityInsurance CompaniesJames CarpenterPresident and CEO,Wild Birds UnlimitedScott EdwardsPh.D., Professor,Organismic andEvolutionary Biology,Harvard UniversityAlexander EllisGeneral Partner,Rockport CapitalWilliam EllisonPh.D., CEO and ChiefScientist, MarineAcoustics, Inc.Russell FaucettGeneral Partner,Barrington PartnersJohn FooteCo-Founder, TransCore(Cornell ’74)Alan FriedmanPh.D., Consultant inmuseum development andscience communicationH. Laurence FullerRetired Co-Chairman,BP Amoco, l.c. (Cornell ’61)Ron Hoy*Ph.D., (ex officio);Professor, Neurobiologyand Behavior, CornellUniversityImogene JohnsonCivic Leader,Conservationist,S. C. Johnson Company(Cornell ’52)Austin KiplingerChairman, KiplingerWashington Editors(Cornell ’39)Kathryn KiplingerCo-Head, U.S. CorporateBanking, Scotia Capital(The Bank of Nova Scotia)(Cornell ’77)David LitmanCEO, Consumer Club, Inc.(Cornell BA ’79, JD ’82)Linda MacaulayCornell Lab ofOrnithology ResearchAssociate, BirdsongRecordistClaudia Madrazo deHernándezFounder and Director,La Vaca IndependienteWilliam MichenerPh.D., Professor andDirector of e-ScienceInitiatives, University ofNew MexicoEdwin MorgensFounder and Chairman,Morgens, Waterfall,Vintiadis, & Co. Inc.(Cornell ’63)H. Charles PriceRetired Chairman,H.C. Price CompanyInge ReichenbachPrincipal, ReichenbachConsulting LLCMaria SchneiderJazz ComposerJennifer SpeersConservationist,PhilanthropistJoseph WilliamsDirector and RetiredChairman, The WilliamsCompanies, Inc.David Winkler*Ph.D., (ex officio),Professor, Ecology andEvolutionary Biology,Cornell University* Cornell University FacultyProgram Directors and FacultyJohn Fitzpatrick*Ph.D., Louis AgassizFuertes Director andProfessor of Ecology andEvolutionary BiologyRick BonneyDirector, ProgramDevelopment andEvaluationJohn BowmanDirector, MultimediaProductionsAdriane CallinanSenior Director,Administration andBusiness OperationsMiyoko ChuPh.D., Senior Director,CommunicationsChristopher Clark*Ph.D., ImogenePowers Johnson Director,Bioacoustics ResearchProgram, and SeniorScientist, Neurobiologyand BehaviorAndré Dhondt*Ph.D., Director, BirdPopulation Studies,and Edwin H. MorgensProfessor of Ornithology,Ecology and EvolutionaryBiologyJanis Dickinson*Ph.D., Arthur A. AllenDirector of Citizen Scienceand Associate Professor,Natural ResourcesMary GuthrieDirector, CorporateMarketing PartnershipsSteve KellingDirector, InformationScienceWalter Koenig*Ph.D., Senior Scientist,Bird Population Studiesand Neurobiology andBehaviorIrby Lovette*Ph.D., Director, FullerEvolutionary BiologyProgram and AssociateProfessor, Ecology andEvolutionary BiologyKen RosenbergPh.D., Director,Conservation ScienceSean ScanlonSenior Director,Development andPhilanthropyScott SutcliffeDirector of Annual Fundand StewardshipNancy TrautmannPh.D., Director, EducationMichael Webster*Ph.D., Director, MacaulayLibrary and Robert G. EngelProfessor of Ornithology,Neurobiology and Behavior* Cornell University Faculty24King of Saxony Bird-of-Paradise by Tim Laman

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Fiscal Year 2012Financial REport(July 1, 2011—June 30, 2012)The Cornell Lab of Ornithologytakes great care to steward your gifts wisely.FY12 RevenuesFY12 ExpendituresWith the support of our generous membersand donors, the Lab has nearly doubled insize over the past 10 years, allowing us tobroaden the scope and reach of our programs.We continually strive to keep administrativeand fundraising costs as low as possible andinvest our valuable human and financial resourcesin building high-quality science, education,and conservation programs.14.36%6.9%36.8%0.02%1.94%39.98%14.8%9.9%75.3%Thank you for trusting us and for enabling usto continue advancing knowledge, buildingtechnologies, and strengthening conservationinitiatives around the world.Membership and Gifts............................$8,859,992Grants and Contracts..............................$8,156,861Program Income......................................$3,182,905Invested Funds and Related Income.....$1,528,162Gifts Directed to Investment Funds.........$431,029Other...............................................................$3,430Total Revenue.......................................$22,162,379Program................................................ $16,374,246Administration.........................................$3,228,620Development...........................................$2,150,776Total Expenditures................................$21,753,642Front cover: Yellow Warbler by Glenn BartleyBack cover: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Staffby Jason Koski, University PhotographyGraphic design: Joanne AvilaMillions of dollars2624222018161412108Annual Operating Revenue and Expense, 2005–2012■ Gifts Directed to Invested Funds■ Operating Revenue■ ExpenseFY2005 FY2006 FY2007 FY2008 FY2009 FY2010 FY2011 FY2012

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