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ALASKA WEST Kanektok & Arolik Rivers - Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co.

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table of contentsALASKA WESTaccomodations 16-19general descriptionfishing information4-9How to Get Theresample itineraryseasonALITYWhen to gorates20-2324-2526tailwaters travel servicesPersonalized ServicePerhaps our greatest asset is our hands ondedication to insuring your trip is perfectly &conveniently planned. We are not your standard9:00-5:00 travel agency. Our staff is on call toanswer the most trivial of questions, lend a hand inan emergency, or help gather any last minute gear,flies, or tackle. Every trip we plan is personalized toeach individuals special needs or requests, specificitinerary and seasonality. We are a small operationthat succeeds because we offer the best customerservice in the industry.Outfitting Guides & Pre-trip OrganizationWhen you book a trip with us you will receive one of our destination specific outfitting guides.These comprehensive packets contain everything from maps to gear & tackle recommendations,information about commercial travel arrangements, lodge policy, country information, itinerary,travel insurance and much more. Our outfitting guides have been meticulously prepared toprovide you with the most informative and up to date pre-trip planning reference in the industry.Although we are always on call at the office, our outfitting guides are the ultimate go-to resourcefor questions or concerns about planning your trip.10-15terms and conditionspre-trip planning27backSave Time and MoneyYou the client dont pay a penny for our services! Our destination recommendations,organization and pre-trip planning services are completely free of charge. We can assist withevery question, concern, or special request related to your adventure at zero cost!We Have Been ThereWe do not send our clients to any destination we have not visited ourselves. From the remoterivers of the Kamchatka Peninsula, the marshes of Southern Louisiana, to the sandy flats of theSeychelles, we have experienced the travel involved, eaten the food, fished with the guides andknow exactly what gear and tackle is most productive.ABOUT THE COVERTwighlight angler picking something bunny on the Kanektok... photo by: Ric Fogel

KANEKTOK & aROLIK rIVERSDESTINATION DESCRIPTIONflats, river flood plains & high tundra plains.Two mountain ranges run through the refuge--the Kilbuck range and the Ahklunrange. Both are heavily eroded by ice, windand water, and their highest peaks are lessthan 4,500 feet high.ALASKA locationWESTLocation:Kanektok and Arolik RiversBristol Bay, Western AlaskaDestination Description:Alaska West is located on the banks of theworld famous Kanektok River, in the BristolBay region of western Alaska. The lodge issituated approximately five miles from themouth of the classic hundred mile freestoneand the native village of Quinhagak along thecoast of the Bering Sea. Quinhagak is a coastalcommunity in the southernmost reaches ofKuskokwim Bay. It is 425 miles WSW fromAnchorage, 75 miles due South of the hubvillage of Bethel and 190 miles WNW fromDillingham. Basically, Alaska West is right inthe middle of nowhere.The Togiak National Wildlife Refuge encompassesover 4 million acres of lands thatthe US government deemed appropriate tomanage by the objectives set forth in theNational Wildlife Refuge system’s directiveto, among other things, conserve fish andwildlife populations and habitats in theirnatural diversity. Its northern border is theYukon Delta National Wilderness Refuge. ItsEastern border is the Wood Tikchik Lakesand Wood Tikchik State Park. The southernborder is Bristol Bay and the western borderruns 50 miles inland of Goodnews andPlatinum until it bisects the Kuskokwim Baycoastline. Several villages fall within the refuge’sboundaries including Eek, Quinhagak,Platinum, Goodnews, Manokotak and Togiak.The refuge is mainly comprised of coastalThe area is habitat to over 48 mammal species,31 land-bound including caribou, wolves,moose, brown and black bear, foxes, beaver,muskrats, minks, river otters, voles and porcupines.17 marine mammals live in the refugeincluding sea lions, walruses and whales.Three main river drainages host all five speciesof pacific salmon, rainbow trout, DollyVarden, arctic grayling, arctic char and pike.Over 200 bird species nest in the refugeincluding golden and bald eagles, peregrinefalcons, murres, numerous species of waterfowland shorebirds. Willow and cottonwoodmake up the scrub forests along theriverbanks and the tundra is flush with lichen,berries, dwarf trees and grasses.Alaska West is certainly not the “fanciest”operation in Alaska…not even close. TheAlaska West experience is all about the fishing.Of course they provide comfortable andclean accommodations, fabulous food, andexcellent service, however the spirit of a tripwith Alaska West is to spend a lot of timeof the water fishing hard. Your pocketbookwill also not suffer when booking a trip withAlaska West, as their price tag is not nearlywhat anglers shell out for a traditional fly-outlodge these days.Photo Caption45

KANEKTOK & aROLIK rIVERSALASKA WESTbooking a Trip with Tailwaters

KANEKTOK & aROLIK rIVERSALASKA WESTbooking a Trip with Tailwaters

KANEKTOK & aROLIK rIVERSTHE FISHINGALASKA WESTfishing. Other anadromous species such asDolly Varden and Arctic char congest theriver in huge numbers, not to mention loadsof grayling. The Kanektok is known as a riverthat receives epic runs of all salmon speciesas well as exploding trout populations. TheKanektok is one of the few fisheries in Alaskawhere everything an angler needs resides inONE spot… no need to invest in expensivefly-out trips each day.The Fishing:The Kanektok is a river system with manydifferent characters… The headwaters of theKanektok are a tiny trickle on a gravel barand it dumps into the Bering Sea one hundredmiles later as an impressive navigableriver flowing at several thousand CFS. It isan extremely winding river mainly lined withcottonwoods and willow trees. The lowersections of the river demand a little morefishing ‘drift style’ on board one of the lodge’sfleet of aluminum boats (equipped with jetpropelled 40 HP outboards) - however wadingopportunities are common on the lowersections as well. Upstream from the lodgethe river has a much wider, shallower braidedsection that is ideal for wading. Boats areoutfitted comfortably with ample storage,removable chairs, and can access the skinniestof water… delivering anglers convenientlyto every beat of the river. The water on theKanektok is always very easy to read, withfirst time anglers identifying the gravel barsloaded with char, the pods of salmon stackedup in back eddies, or the logical cut banksholding the rivers famous leopard rainbows.The Bristol Bay watershed is most famous forits amazing run of all five species of salmon inaddition to world renowned rainbow troutSpey or two-handed fly rodders from aroundthe world with attest that the Kanektok isground zero for chasing kings. The characterand style of the river sets up perfectly forexperienced and novice anglers to have successwith the mightiest of all the salmon withtwo-handed fly rods and conventional gear.Of course you could walk across the river onthe backs of sockeye, pinks, and chums nearlyall summer long, however late July throughthe end of the season brings the cooperativeand aggressive silver salmon to the Kanektok.Thousands upon thousands of silver (coho)salmon return to run the Kanektok to spawneach summer providing Alaska West guestswith one of the most consistent fisheries forthis acrobatic species.No Alaskan experience would be completewithout targeting big rainbows, and theKanektok is home to a huge population ofthe eclectically spotted leopard rainbowtrout throughout nearly all sections of theriver. Trout are consistently taken using avariety of methods including egg patterns,leaches, and most notably the Kanektok offerssome of western Alaska’s best mousefishing when conditions are favorable.1011

THE FISHINGbooking a Trip with Tailwaters

KANEKTOK & aROLIK rIVERSTHE FISHINGbooking a Trip with TailwatersThe Arolik RiverIn addition to the Kanektok, Alaska West also operatesweekly trips on the nearby Arolik River. The Arolik offersa comparable angling experience in terms of speciestargeted, however the river itself is approximatelyhalf the size of the Kanektok. Anglers stay at the AlaskaWest camp and commute each day to the Arolik. Thisis an exclusive fishery only accessible by guests stayingat the Alaska West camp, and can often be offered as acombo trip with a few days on the Kanektok as well.Alaska West is allowed to operate a sportfishing operationon the Arolik with a joint venture with theirfriends at Qanirtuuq Inc, the native corporation inQuinhagak. This arrangement gives them exclusiverights to guide on the river, and they currently fishtwo or three boats per day on the Arolik. Accessingthe Arolik involves taking a short bus ride through thevillage of Quinhagak and down the Arolik Road to theedge of the river, where the guide boats are stashed.

KANEKTOK & aROLIK rIVERSACCOMMODATIONSAccommodations:The Alaska West facility is a “tent lodge.” It ismade up of a combination of permanent andsemi-permanent structures, and is designed tocombine comfortable living, eating and loungingareas with a location right on top of aphenomenal river.Dining TentThe dining tent is a spacious 24’x 60’ heatedstructure with wood floors and is always keptneat and clean. The kitchen has the state of theart equipment such as gas ranges, convectionoven, microwave, refrigerators and freezers.Lounge TentThe lounge is great place to relax after a fullday of fishing. This large heated tent is furnishedwith comfortable chairs and tables.At your disposal are a refrigerator with coolsoda, juices and mixers, poker chips withcards, board games, dart board, magazines,books, map board, telephone, satellite televisionand an online camp computer. There isa fly tying bench with a limited supply of flytying materials and vises.Drying TentAfter returning from your day’s fishingadventure this tent serves as a placefor you to hang your wet waders, coats,boots and anything else you don’t wantwet or dirty in your sleeping quarters.Gazebo/Viewing DeckThis split-level wood structure has agreat river view. The bottom area isopen-air and enclosed with fine meshbug screen. This is a great place to sitand enjoy the midnight sun withoutbeing bothered by our little biting buddies.Directly above is the viewing deck.Bring your camera-- the sunsets can bebreathtaking!Showers and Restrooms/OuthousesShowers have hot and cold running waterwith a sink basin and chair. They arecleaned daily. The restrooms are indeedouthouses. They too are cleaned dailyand they are strategically located nearyour tent cabin.Tent Cabins/Sleeping QuartersYour heated tent cabin is furnished withtwo single beds with full bedding and pillow,clean shower linen, nightstand, hangdownbug net, lantern, carpeted floor andclothes hangers. Housekeeping staff comethrough daily to make beds, empty trashPhoto Caption and tidy up to ensure your new homestays neat and clean.ALASKA locationWEST1617


KANEKTOK & aROLIK rIVERSHOW TO GET THEREALASKA WESTAlaska West operates on a 7 Night / 6 dayFriday - Friday weekly schedule.For most guests the first leg of the trip toAlaska West is accomplished by guests reachingAnchorage, Alaska, on the Thursday priorto the Friday arrival at camp. Guests willovernight in Anchorage at one of our recommendedhotels. The second leg of the trip,occurring on Friday, is on board a round-tripcharter service (90 minutes) from Anchoragedirectly to the little village of Quinhagak, atthe mouth of the Kanektok. Once in Quinhagak,anglers travel upstream approximately25 minutes by jet boat to the lodge facility.There is no fishing on the day of arrival.Sample ItineraryThursdayAnglers travel to Anchorage for overnight at arecommended hotel.FridayAnglers travel on board a ninety minute privatecharter departing at 10:00AM to thelocal native village of Quinhagak. Upon arrivalin Quinhagak, anglers are met by a representativefrom Alaska West and transported upriver25 minutes to the Alaska West facility. Anglersusually arrive around 5:30PM, unpack and riggear, have a cocktail, and get prepared for thenext six days of fishing. There is no guidedfishing on the day of arrival.Saturday – ThursdaySix full days of guided fishing on the Kanektokand/or Arolik!FridayGuests follow a similar procedure flying backto Anchorage with a direct private charterflight arriving back into Anchorage early afternoon.Most flights from Alaska to the lowerforty-eight are overnight red-eye flights whichdepart in the evening, allowing plenty of timeto catch a connection onward home. Guestsoriginating in the Pacific NW can easily makeit home Friday night.2021


KANEKTOK & aROLIK rIVERSWHEN TO GOsEASONALITY / wHEN TO gO:Alaska West operates from early June through the first week in September.Fishing in general is excellent any time in the season but the conditions and species available vary frommonth to month and may impact when you decide to visit.Rainbow Trout SeasonalityEarly Season (Mid-June through Mid-July)During this period, the Kanektok isn’t yetclogged with salmon. Rainbows are hungryafter a long cold winter, and they’re really opportunisticfeeders. Covering lots of waterwith big flies is generally the ticket. Sculpins,leeches, big flesh flies, and some opportunisticmouse fishing can make the early season ahome run!Mid Season (Mid-July through Mid-August)This is generally the peak time for trout numbers.A wide variety of techniques applied inlots of different water all produce fish. Sidechannels, spawningbeds, mid-river snags,shelves and the couchwater get fished andthe fish tend to dotheir part.Beads, flesh in a rangeof sizes, and the standardleech and sculpinpatterns remain favorites.Mousing is awesome.BONUS: silvers,chums, pinks, sockeye,dollies, grayling!Late Season (Mid August - Early September)Time to look for Big Jerry. Kanektok rainbowsget fatter and fatter as the season goes on,so late is good if you’re hoping for the fish of alifetime. The trout tend to be a little more concentratedlater in the season, so it’s important tospend your time in the right water.Side channels are less of a factor as the riverdrops. Upriver spawning beds and lower riversnags are favorite spots. The couch water oninside bends still produces. A variety of fliesget fished, but beads and smaller flesh patternsare the stars in the late season.BONUS: silvers, silvers and more silvers!Salmon & Char RunsJuneThe month of June is marked by the arrivalof the mighty king salmon. This is the timeto try a hand at swinging flies for these giants.Although king salmon will hang aroundfor the month of July, the last two weeks inJune and first two weeks in July are consideredprime time. Chums and zillions of pinksalso begin arriving in great numbers towardthe end of the month.JulyJuly is a month noted for its huge variety ofoptions including the peak of the chum runsas well as the addition of the pink salmon ---and the beginning of the silver run. Throw inthe longest days of the season, mild weather,the dollies, char and grayling --- and you haveone of the best all around months fishing theKanektok and Arolik.ALASKA WESTAugust – Mid SeptemberHard fighting chums are still around throughmid August, however this is predominantlythe month of the silver salmon, which is themost acrobatic and eager of the five pacificsalmon species. The silvers continue topour into the river system until the lodgeclosed in early September.Alaskan WeatherThe weather is about the only thing youCANNOT count on with your trip to Alaska.Guests must plan on every type of weatherto occur at anytime. Daytime temperaturesrange from cool to hot and rain showers canoccur at any moment. On any given day youcould see hot weather turn to cold, calmturn to windy, and sunny to rainy almost beforeyour eyes. If you decide to visit Alaska arain jacket is an absolute must. Typically, Juneand July are a little warmer and drier thanAugust and September.2425

KANEKTOK & aROLIK rIVERS2011 RATES7 Nights / 6 Days Fishing(Based on Shared Room / Guide)Kanektok River Package.....................................$5000Arolik River Package............................................$5600What’s Included7 Nights double occupancy accommodations; 6 Days guided fishing with shared guide; Dailyhousekeeping; Three meals per day including non-alcoholic beverages; Loaner fly rods & reels,flies, tackleWhat’s Not IncludedRoundtrip airfare to/from Anchorage, Alaska; Roundtrip charter service from Anchorage toQuinhagak, Alaska ($675 per person); Accommodations while in Anchorage Thursday nightprior to Friday arrival at the camp; Alcohol; Applicable fishing licenses; Use of lodge telephoneand fax; All applicable gratuitiesTerms and Conditions:Tailwaters Travel must adhere to the cancellationpolicies of the guides and lodges whichit represents. Alaska West’s policy follows: A$500 deposit is required to hold all reservationsmade outside of 180 days from the trip.This $500 deposit is fully refundable for thirtydays following receipt of deposit. 180 daysprior to scheduled trip, a 50% deposit less the$500 deposit is due to confirm each angler’sPhoto Credits: Cameron Miller, Ric Fogel, Alaska West, Tailwaters TravelT r a v e l i n s u r a n c e !Given Given the the inherent inherent strict strict refund refund policies policiesassociated associated with with nearly nearly all all fishing fishing packages, packages, we wecannot cannot stress stress the the importance importance of of obtaining obtainingtravel travel insurance insurance to to protect protect your your investment. investment.Travelers Travelers can can obtain obtain coverage coverage for for pre-existing pre-existinghealth health problems problems (related (related to to yourself, yourself, your your family, family,business business partners, partners, or or your your traveling traveling partners), partners),emergency emergency evacuation, evacuation, lost lost baggage, baggage, delay, delay,life life insurance insurance packages; packages; even even “no “no questions questionsasked” asked” or or “for “for work work reasons” reasons” coverage. coverage.We We will will provide provide you you with with more more detailed detailedinformation information about about travel travel insurance insurance from from our oursponsored sponsored provider, provider, Travel Travel Guard, Guard, when when you youbook book a trip trip with with Tailwaters Tailwaters Travel. Travel.ALASKA WESTspot. 30 days prior to the trip full paymentis required. All monies received within 180days from trip are NON-REFUNDABLE. Refundsof deposits/payments made on creditcards will be charged a 3.5% service charge tofully compensate Tailwaters Travel for all bankcharges incurred. Receipt of deposit and/orfinal payment is acknowledgement that registranthas read and accepts the cancellation,refund and responsibility clauses.We We can can conveniently conveniently process process a very verycomprehensive comprehensive insurance insurance policy policy for for you you inhoushouseafter after asking asking a few few simple simple CALL TODAY TODAY TO TO PROTECT PROTECT YOUR YOUR INVESTMENT:INVESTMENT:(214) (214) 219-2500 219-2500 or or (888) (888) 824-5420 824-54202627

ooking a Trip with TailwatersPRE TRIP PLANNINGSeriously - the best in the business!When you book a trip with us you will receive one of our destination specific outfitting guides.These comprehensive packets contain everything from maps to gear & tackle recommendations,information about commercial travel arrangements, lodge policy, country information, itinerary,travel insurance and much more. Our outfitting guides have been meticulously prepared toprovide you with the most informative and up to date pre-trip planning reference in the industry.Although we are always on call at the office, our outfitting guides are the ultimate go-to resourcefor questions or concerns about planning your trip.Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co.2416 McKinney Ave.Dallas, Tx. 75201214.219.2500888.824-5420©2010 TAILWATERS TRAVEL

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