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INDONESIA / NEW ZEALAND AVIATIONTHE NEW ZEALAND AVIATIONINDUSTRYThe New Zealand aviation industryis significant:• Exports of US$3.25 billion; overUS$74,000 per head• Exports to over 80 countries• Over 1,000 aviation organisations• Manufactured over 1,000 aircraft• 4,500 aircraft; one aircraft for every1,000 people• 819 helicopters – the highest rate percapita in the world.INDONESIA/NEW ZEALANDOVERVIEWIndonesian customers are purchasinga diverse range of services and goodsfrom New Zealand:Government and the Regulator• Air traffic controller training• DGCA has approved helicoptertraining at a New Zealand schoolwith graduates receiving anIndonesian licence• DGCA has certified the P-750 XSTOLmanufactured in New Zealand foruse in IndonesiaAir Operators• Indonesian companies havereceived fleet acquisition andinvestment advice• Mandala Tiger, Merpati and Sriwijayause airline operations managementsoftware developed by MERLOT.Aero• Garuda uses the AQD risk and safetymanagement system developed bySuperstructure Group• In recent years, 11 Indonesiannationals gained their CPL (A) inNew Zealand• A number of Indonesian studentsare currently training as airline pilots,airline engineers or learning to fly inNew Zealand• Indonesian airlines have used Englishlanguage training programmesdeveloped in New Zealand andundertaken Jet type rating training inAuckland• Several Indonesian airlines securequalified pilots and training captainsthrough Rishworth Aviation• Two airlines have engines servicedby the Christchurch Engine Centre• Three operators use the P-750XSTOL aircraftAirports• Nine airports including Jakarta, Padangand Surabaya use baggage scalesmanufactured by the Atrax Group• Several airports use baggage andfreight handling systems supplied byBCS and the Glidepath Group.There is significant potential to growthe aviation relationship.

AVIATION IS IN OUR DNAThe New Zealand aviationindustry is:• Practical and Innovative –we develop effective and efficientsolutions• Agile and Responsive –we specialise in smaller productionruns and engage with our customers• Professional and Accountable –we have real expertise and delivervalue to specification.Value Proposition for Government,the Regulator, Air Operators andAirport OperatorsYou gain informed advice to help youdevelop and implement strategies,policies and procedures to safelymanage profitable aviation growth.You access:• A complete range of servicesencompassing the operation of thecivil aviation system - across theregulatory, airspace, aircraft, airline,engineering and airports sectors• Practical and proven expertise,which is recognised globally, andprovided by experts with seniormanagement experience• A diverse range of businesssoftware services to help youoperate and manage more effectivelyand efficiently• Complete training solutions whichmeet your needs and improve yourperformance• High quality engineering and productsolutions at moderate OECD-levelcosts, supplied on time, to meet yourdelivery requirements.You gather insights into futuredirections for the industry to help youposition your business for the future.You access:• Insights into leading edgetechnologies emerging from thecomposites, titanium, marine andenvironmental sectors as they impacton aviation practices to allow you toincorporate these technologies inyour future business decisions• Systems and processes beingdeveloped for the global aviationindustry to improve your globalconnectedness.• Thorough analysis and matureexperience to accelerate yourlearning and capability developmentand to reduce implementation risk.Value Proposition for Air Operatorsand Airport OperatorsYou obtain internationally competitiveproducts and services to help yougrow your business in a sustainableway. You access:• Practical, elegant and newtechnology applications to solveyour problems

AERODAC NZ LIMITEDProviding excellence in global aerospace design,aircraft certification, training and

AERODAC NZ LIMITEDAerodac (Aerospace Design and Certification) are experts inaerospace design, production and continued airworthiness. Theyhold EASA approvals for design and production which allows themto certificate new parts, modifications and repairs for a wide rangeof aircraft as diverse as the Airbus A380, airships and helicopters.As a member of the aviation safety group AVISA, Aerodacprovides unrivalled and unique airworthiness services to theaerospace industry. The organisations in the group have amix of regulatory and industry people providing full supportfor all aircraft related airworthiness activity.CONTACT DETAILSTerry GibsonManaging DirectorPhone: +64 7 848 2591Cell: +64 210 831 NZ Limited36 Wynvale LaneRD9, RotokauriHamilton 3289New Zealandwww.aerodac.comCAPABILITIES• Design and certification• Training services• Consultancy• Aircraft modifications• Design and production approvals,flight testing, avionics, electrics,cabin safety, powerplantinstallation, engines, mechanicalsystems, aerodynamics,structures, crashworthiness andimpact analysis• Support for internationalregulatory compliance; helpingaviation organisations getthe necessary approvals orcertification of their productsand services.

AIR NEW ZEALANDAVIATION INSTITUTEThe Air New Zealand Aviation Institute is theprimary provider of flight and cabin crew,aircraft maintenance, frontline customer serviceand airline operations training for its parent AirNew Zealand. Successful aviation careers arecreated, nurtured and maintained by industryfor

AIR NEW ZEALAND AVIATION INSTITUTEThe Aviation Institute leverages its relationship with its parentAir New Zealand to provide effective real-world training solutionsto the international and domestic aviation industry, school leaversand career changers.The institute is accountable for the training of over 6,000 technicaland operational staff at Air New Zealand. This includes flightcrew, cabin crew, engineers and associated ground staff. Theseservices are also offered to aircraft operators and maintainersinternationally. Having operated a vast range of aircraft in the pastand with today’s very modern aircraft fleet, the Air New ZealandAviation Institute is able to provide a training solution for mostsituations from basic to type, loader to captain and Beech 1900to Boeing 777.CONTACT DETAILSJohn OgilvieBusiness Development ManagerPhone: +64 9 255 5701Fax: +64 9 255 5736Cell: +64 21 677 New Zealand Aviation Institute7-13 Rennie DriveAirport OaksAucklandNew• Flight Training: First OfficerProgramme, Airline IntegrationCourse, wet and dry simulatorlease for B747-400, B767, B737Classic, B777-300, A320, ATR72and Bombardier Q100/300, RNPspecialist on 777, 737 and A320.Three new full flight simulators areto be installed over the next tenmonths: A320 #2, B787and B1900D• Maintenance Training:Apprentice through to typetraining on B747-200/400, B767,B737-200-900, A320 Family,ATR42/72, B777, Human Factors,and Recurrent Training• Currently serving the Middle East,Asia and Oceania.

AIRWAYS NEW ZEALANDAirways has helped some of the world’s fastest growing countriesdesign efficient, future-ready airspace. With a continuousimprovement approach to air safety and operational efficiency,Airways is renowned globally for leading innovation anddevelopment in the aviation sector.A trusted training provider for organisations around the world formore than 50 years, Airways provides high quality training servicesusing a mix of cutting-edge simulator technology and classroomledtraining programmes. Airways also provides ANSP’s withrevenue management solutions.Airways is owned by the New Zealand Government and operatesas a fully commercial business.CONTACT DETAILSJohn McKenzieInternational Sales ManagerPhone: +64 3 357 2831Fax: +64 4 471 0395Cell: +64 21 686 New ZealandLevel 26Majestic Centre100 Willis StreetWellingtonNew Zealand has worked in over65 countries worldwide. Withinthe Asian region Airways hasworked with:• Brunei• Hong Kong• Indonesia• Mongolia• Peoples Republic of China• Philippines• Singapore• Taiwan• Vietnam.

ATCANZATCANZ is an aviation knowledge basedcompany which, in conjunction with strategicpartners, provides comprehensive operationaldevelopment, management or selected taskrelated consultancy as

ATCANZATCANZ is an air navigation and airport business developmentsupport service provider which has recently set up an Asian businessdevelopment office in Jakarta, Indonesia.This includes a full range of air navigation and airport businessdevelopment, support and management services, including:• Business development and project management support services• Quality Management System consultancy• Safety and quality assurance auditing• Aeronautical studies• Staff training needs analysis• Annex 14/Part 139 – airport compliance and advisory service• Airports ,anagement and operations• Apron management and ground vehicle control• Airside safety and security operations.CONTACT DETAILSKaye MallochBusiness Development DirectorPhone: +64 3 358 0441Fax: +64 3 358 4951Cell: Box 14-134Christchurch International AirportChristchurch 8544New Zealandwww.atcanz.comCAPABILITIES• Training centre andseminar facilities• ICAO training courses• Air Traffic Control (ATC) training,selection and examining• Air Traffic (ATS) Support Services• Airport support andmanagement services• Operational development,management or selected taskrelated consultancy• ATCANZ has providedservices in Indonesia, Australia,Canada, Hong Kong, Fiji, Macau,Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan,United Kingdom.

AVIATIONNEW ZEALANDAviation New Zealand connectsinternational customers with the rightNew Zealand product and service,making it easier to do aviation businesswith New

AVIATION NEW ZEALANDThe New Zealand aviation industry is marked by itsprofessionalism, innovation, collaboration, responsivenessand accountability.As the New Zealand aviation industry’s export association,Aviation New Zealand’s expertise covers the breadth of theindustry including:• training (pilot, cabin crew, engineering)• general aviation• maintenance, repairs and overhaul• airport developments and fit-outs• advisory services.The association offers a comprehensive and neutral viewof the New Zealand aviation industry and its capabilities.CONTACT DETAILSJohn NicholsonChief Executive OfficerPhone: +64 4 472 2707Fax: +64 4 471 1314Cell: +64 27 600 New ZealandPO Box 2096Wellington 6140New• Extensive knowledge of theNew Zealand aviation industry• Honest broker for the industry• Connects companies,facilitates solutions• Makes it easier for you to dobusiness with New Zealand.

EAGLE AVIATION CONSULTINGEagle Aviation Consulting (EAC) provides independent andspecialist commercial and operational aviation advisory servicesto customers including airlines, airports, governments, NGOs,and investors.Their network of experienced consultants includes airlineexecutives and management, government technical andeconomic regulators, and airline/airport business expertswith a proven record of success and global recognition, withassignments including:• Government aviation policy and national aviation strategy• Regulatory standards for technical and economic control• Airlines in start-up, performance transformation, growth phases,as well as building capability across the business• Airport operations and commercial performance• Service suppliers to the aviation sector.Eagle Aviation Consulting provides industry experts who bringan overall view of how to optimise performance from a Boardand CEO leadership perspective, as well as accessing functionalexpertise at VP/departmental leader level.CONTACT DETAILSSimon RussellManaging PartnerPhone: +64 9 282 3935Fax: +64 9 366 3371Cell: +64 21 657 Aviation ConsultingPO Box 301750, AlbanyAucklandNew Zealand 0750www.eagleconsulting.aeroCAPABILITIES• Airport advisory• Airline start up planningand launch• Airfreight• Network and fleet planning• Industry and market analysis• Customer service• Project work includes clientsin Asia, Middle East, Russia/CIS, South America, Africa,Australasia/Oceania.

EDUCATION NETWORKINDONESIA LTDProviding English communication skills tothe aviation industry, including flight attendants,flight engineers, ground crew and airlineoffice

EDUCATION NETWORK INDONESIA LTDEducation Network Indonesia (ENI) represents a group ofNew Zealand tertiary institutions who have grouped together topresent an integrated approach to the Indonesian education market.Members include six of New Zealand’s Government universities,seven Government ITPs (Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics)and a small number of PTEs (Private Training Enterprises) andsecondary schools. ENI provide for education and training needsin Indonesia and South East Asia supplying the best New Zealandinstitutions and the best teachers to fill that need.Sometimes these training needs mean that the best solution is tosend staff to New Zealand. However, to reduce the cost of studyingin another country ENI can deliver this within Indonesia. For shortcourses especially, it is recommended that ENI trainers carry outtheir courses within Indonesia.Recent training developed by ENI has included fluency inconversational English for airline staff at all levels to improvesafety and customer relations. Also ENI has majored in teacherprofessional development, e-learning development skillsand agriculture.CONTACT DETAILSPaul BryantDirectorPhone: +64 4 389 6489Cell: +64 21 057 Network Indonesia LtdPO Box 51 212Tawa 5248New• Short courses through toqualifications in almostany subject area. Currentshort courses specialise incommunicating in English forairline staff, teacher professionaldevelopment, e-learningdevelopment skills and agriculture• Training courses, within countryor in New Zealand• Currently servicing Indonesia,Vietnam, Thailand.

GALLAGHER SECURITYA technology leader in both access controland perimeter protection, Gallagher’s securitysolutions are in use in more than 100 countrieswith national and local government, mining,military, commercial, industrial, healthcare,transportation and academic

GALLAGHER SECURITYGallagher delivers fully integrated electronic access control,intruder alarms management and perimeter security through asingle integration platform – Gallagher Command Centre. Thescalable software platform centrally configures and managesaccess, intruder alarms, perimeter security, and compliance acrossmultiple zones within a single site and multiple facilities.Gallagher’s security solution includes software controlled(networked) and standalone perimeter security electric fencing,no-feel sensor technologies and integrations with third partytechnologies. The Gallagher F22 Fence Controller is a networkedcontroller which actively deters and detects intruder attempts onthe perimeter fence. It monitors and controls perimeter security bysending regulated electrical pulses around the perimeter fence.The Gallagher T Series range includes contactless card readersfor access control management as part of the Gallagher securityintegration platform. The series provides unparalleled readersecurity through high speed RS-485 communications protocol– HBUS. Command Centre V7.10, the latest Gallagher softwarerelease, has just been launched into market.CONTACT DETAILSPeter FrancisRegional Manager, Asia/Middle EastPhone: +852 6871 5251Fax: +852 2836 7511Cell: +852 6871 SecurityAsia 15/F Radio City505 Hennessy RoadCauseway BayHong Kongwww.gallaher.coCAPABILITIES• Gallagher Command Centre –alarms management, AC & SE witha focus on security management,risk and information• Gallagher F22 Fence Controller• Gallagher T Series range• Distribution through PT Jaga CitraInti, PT Jaya Teknik Indonesia, PTRuswin Indonesia• Operations in Africa, Asia,Middle East, United Kingdom,Europe, United States, Australia,New Zealand and the Pacific.

GLIDEPATHWith more than 650 projects completedin 63 countries, Glidepath is an undisputedworld leader in airport baggage handlingand

GLIDEPATHGlidepath’s airport baggage and air cargo handling systemsoffer world-beating efficiency, accuracy, security and speed.For over 40 years, Glidepath has designed, manufactured andinstalled baggage handling and security systems. Its intelligent,customised solutions are being used in airports in more than 63countries, from low cost carrier terminals to major gateway hubs.The company understands airport growth is on-going and plansits systems with a value engineered approach and a focus onfuture proofing.In an increasingly challenging security environment, Glidepath’sexpert staff have worked with many national authorities to developcomprehensive integrated security screening systems.The company has long established relationships in Southeast Asiawith 14 completed projects including Minangkabau InternationalAirport, Hang Nadim International Airport and the recentlycompleted Solo Airport, in Indonesia.CONTACT DETAILSRajesh KalraRegional Sales ManagerPhone: +64 9 818 3354NZ Cell: +64 21 335 064Indian Cell: +91 982 127 4293rajesh.kalra@glidepathgroup.comwww.glidepathgroup.comCAPABILITY• Baggage and cargo handlingsystems• Proprietary system managementsoftware and systems integration• Parcel sortation• Airport and baggage security• Moving walkways• Design and layout, projectmanagement and site installation• Manufacturing, mechanical andelectrical and design software• Operation and maintenance.

HNZ NEW ZEALAND LIMITEDHNZ is New Zealand’s largest helicoptercompany, internationally recognised for thequality of its operations and the calibre of thetraining programmes. Their flight school ‘HNZTopflight’ provides unparalleled, specialisedadvanced mountain flight

HNZ NEW ZEALAND LIMITEDHNZ is New Zealand’s largest and longest established helicopteroperator, having operated continually from their Nelson base since1955. Through their flight school ‘HNZ Topflight’ they now provideadvanced helicopter flight instruction to clients seeking helicopterpilot training. They specialise in providing the advanced mountainflight training and advanced pilot skill that is required for flightoperations in mountainous terrain. Topflight instructors are allhighly experienced operational pilots with extensive high altitudeexperience gained from some of the most challenging flying fromAntarctica through to the tropical environments of Asia. Theyfully understand the challenges aircrew face and have built theirtraining program from real world operational experience to workin the real world flying environment. Topflight instructors have anaverage of 9,500 flight hours of experience.At their purpose built, advanced helicopter training base, HNZhas brought together the excellent combination of great facilities,uncongested airspace and close proximity to the mountains. Theirfleet of AS350 training helicopters is maintained by an on-siteengineering department. To the pilot undergoing training, thismeans there are virtually no delays in helicopter availability duringthe training program.CONTACT DETAILSDave SowmanHNZ Topflight SeniorFlying Instructor, ManagerUtility OperationsPhone: +64 3 547 5255Fax: +64 3 547 5598Cell: +64 274460208Utility@hnzglobal.comHNZ New Zealand LimitedHNZ Building, Trent DriveNelson Airport 7011New Zealandwww.hnzglobal.comCAPABILITIESAdvanced training programmes in:• Mountain flight training• Day recurrent training• Night recurrent training• Advanced operational flighttraining - including advancedconfined areas• Sling and water bucketing• Vertical reference• Type endorsement courses• Night ratings.

IGNITE ARCHITECTS LIMITEDIgnite Architects create high-performingspaces that improve airport operations,passenger facilitation, and revenue generationwhile creating unique experiences for

IGNITE ARCHITECTS LIMITEDIgnite Architects is an international practice specialising inmasterplanning, architectural, and interior projects throughoutAustralasia, Asia and the Pacific. They transform airportenvironments through quality masterplanning and retail design.In the past 25 years Ignite has completed award-winningprojects for both the international and domestic terminals atAuckland Airport. Their work has included major extensions andrefurbishments, land and airside retail redevelopments, lounges forAir New Zealand and Emirates, and masterplanning for freight, retailand commercial precincts. Ignite also delivered Air New Zealand’snon-assisted check-in process to 26 airports nationwide, and twoAirport Rescue Fire Stations in American Samoa.CONTACT DETAILSJeremy WhelanManaging DirectorPhone: +64 9 356 4791Fax: +64 9 356 3606Cell: +64 21 715 Architects Limited1 Watt Street,ParnellAucklandNew Zealandwww.ignitearchitects.comCAPABILITIES• Architects• Interiors• Managed environments• Asset management• Currently working inNew Zealand, China, Australia,Fiji, Samoa and PapuaNew Guinea• 2011 Supreme Winner of REDAward, the premier retail designawards of the New ZealandRetail Interior Association.

INTERNATIONAL AVIATIONACADEMY OF NEW ZEALANDNew Zealand’s premier flight trainingorganisation, IAANZ successfully trains 100pilots every year, ready for employment in theinternational airline

INTERNATIONAL AVIATION ACADEMYOF NEW ZEALANDWith a fleet of 38 aircraft, one of the most experienced instructingteams in Australasia, and a purpose-built training complex at aworld-class international airport, the IAANZ has long been ‘trainerof choice’ for pilots heading towards an airline career.IAANZ offers the full range of professional flight trainingqualifications. High calibre flight instructors and a state-of-the-artprogramme ensure its graduates are fully airline-ready.Trainee pilots experience an extensive range of aircraft, withthe IAANZ fleet including four multi-engine and 34 single-enginetrainers, of which six are glass cockpit aircraft. IAANZ alsohas three simulators, including a Frasca Advanced FlightTraining Device.CONTACT DETAILSPeter RandleChief Executive OfficerPhone: +64 3 358 0477Fax: +64 359 2621Cell: +64 21 0245 Aviation Academyof New Zealand800 Pound RoadPO Box 14006Christchurch InternationalAirport 8544New• Operating since 1928• Flight training qualificationsinclude CPL, MEIR, ATPLs,Airline Integration Course andType Ratings• An Air New Zealand PartnerFlight Training Organisation.• More than 10 different typesof single and multi-aircraft andthree simulators• First foreign school accepted byCAA of Sri Lanka• The only flight trainer to bebased at a fully functionalinteraction airport in Australiaand New Zealand• Range of learning environments,including controlled anduncontrolled airspace• The company has extensiveexperience training Indian cadets.

SAFE AIR LTDSafe Air is an aviation maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO), designand manufacturing business. Core services include airframe depotlevel maintenance; avionic and structural modifications; specialistrepair, maintenance and manufacturing services; propeller andengine maintenance; and structural and avionic engineering.Safe Air is an OEM approved propeller service centre for HamiltonSundstrand (composite), Dowty (metal and composite), Hartzelland McCauley. Safe Air is the largest propeller maintenanceprovider in Australia and South East Asia with numerous serviceagreements with large regional aircraft fleet operators.Safe Air is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air New Zealand, andemploys 260 people in New Zealand and Australia. Annualturnover is NZ$40M. The main operations base is in Blenheim,Marlborough, New Zealand.challenges and opportunities. RCONTACT DETAILSJudith HillSales Manager, Propulsionand Specialist ServicesPhone: +64 3 572 7652Fax: +64 3 572 8846Cell: +64 21 942 Air LtdBlenheim AirportBlenheim, MarlboroughNew Zealand• Airframe capability includesLockheed C-130 and P-3 Orionplus helicopters• Engine capability includesRolls Royce T56 and Pratt &Whitney J52• Components includecomprehensive propeller repairand overhaul• Currently serving Australia,New Zealand, Thailand, Japan,Indonesia, Philippines, SouthAmerica, Malaysia, South Africa,USA and the Pacific.

UFL INTERNATIONAL LTDUFL’s experience in airport terminal furniturefit-outs, including design, planning andmanufacturing of seating, counters and furniture,enable them to create functional and customisedsolutions to suit the specific requirements ofairports

UFL INTERNATIONAL LTDUFL International is a specialist designer and manufacturer of airportterminal furniture comprised primarily of gate lounge seating, public areaseating, counters, tape barriers and baggage trolleys.Their focus on airports and airport products allows them to offer asingle source supplier solution for a range of products throughout theterminal saving time and money in procurement.UFL has completed projects throughout New Zealand, Australia, thePacific Islands, Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East includingsuch challenging areas as Nigeria and Kazakhstan. All UFL productsare backed by a meaningful five-year warranty and on-going aftersales service.CONTACT DETAILSShaun StorckGeneral ManagerPhone: +64 9 828 1000Fax: +64 9 828 1456Cell: +64 21 190 Group308 Rosebank Road,AvondaleAucklandNew Zealandwww.uflairports.comCAPABILITIES• Partial and complete fit-out ofairport terminal buildings• Airport seating, furniture,trolleys, counters, barriers, publicguidance systems.Airport SeatingThe Alpha and Nova are the latestadditions to UFL’s range of airportseating systems, improving onprevious models through a numberof visual and technical changes toearlier designs.Airport CountersThe P831 check-in counter is a costeffective, durable and efficientworkstation system for internationaland domestic airport check-in,gate lounge, information or otherpurposes.Airport TrolleysThe Carriage airport trolley is arobust but lightweight aluminiumbaggage transport solution availablein two sizes with various options forparts and advertising. The CarriageAirport Trolley is TUV testingcertified, with a 250kg load weightand optional braking system.

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