Maintenance Planner, Electrical Interview Guide (Test 8403)

Maintenance Planner, Electrical Interview Guide (Test 8403)

Electrical_Maintenance_Planner_(8403)IntroductionThe 8403 Electrical Maintenance Planner technical interview guide was designed toassess technical knowledge necessary to perform the job. This guide contains strategiesand study references to prepare for the interview.Interview SessionIt is important that you follow the directions of the interviewers exactly. During theinterview, you may NOT leave the interviewing area, talk, smoke, eat, or drink. Since thisinterview will take approximately one hour, you should consider these factors before theinterview begins.All cellular/mobile phones, pagers or other electronic equipment will NOT beallowed in the interviewing area.A non-programmable basic calculator will be provided for you to use during theinterview. You will NOT be able to bring or use your own calculator during theinterview.Study Guide FeedbackAt the end of this Guide you have been provided with a Study Guide Feedback page. If aprocedure or policy has changed, making any part of this Guide incorrect, your feedbackwould be appreciated so that corrections can be made.- 2 -

Electrical_Maintenance_Planner_(8403)Interview StrategiesIntroductionYour emotional and physical state during the interview may determine whether you areprepared to do your best. The following list provides common sense techniques you canuse before the interview begins.TechniqueRemarksBe confident - If you feel confident about passing this interview, you maylose some of your anxiety.- Think of the interview as a way of demonstrating howmuch you know, the skills you can apply, your abilities, theproblems you can solve, and your good judgmentcapabilities.Be punctual - Arrive early enough to feel relaxed and comfortable beforethe interview begins.Concentrate - Try to block out all distractions and concentrate only on theinterview. You will not only finish faster but you will reduceyour chances of making careless mistakes.- If the interview area becomes noisy or there are otherdistractions or irregularities, mention them to theinterviewers immediately.Understand the question -Listen carefully to each of the questions and follow alldirections provided by the interviewers.Answer interview questions- Ensure your answers are precise, complete, unambiguousand succinct.Remember the techniques described in this section are only suggestions. You shouldfollow the methods that work best for you.- 3 -

Electrical_Maintenance_Planner_(8403)Study ReferencesThe 8403 Electrical Maintenance Planner technical interview requires you to answertechnical questions that assess specific technical knowledge required to perform the job.They will require you to demonstrate your knowledge of technical concepts includingbasic electrical and electronic theory, print types and print reading, basic test equipment,voltage/electrical distribution systems, motors and generators, transformers and circuitbreakers.The questions will also require you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding ofbasic planning processes including problem description assessment, work packagedevelopment, routing reviews and approvals.You can use the following references to guide your preparation. Croft, T., Summers, W.L., & Hartwell, F. P. (2008). American ElectricianHandbook. (5th Edition). New York: McGraw Hill Companies Inc. Herman, S. (2011). Delmar’s Standard Textbook of Electricity. (5th Edition).Delmar Cengage Learning. Mileaf, H. (1998).Electricity One-Seven. (3rd Edition). Prentice Hall. Rosenberg, P. A. (2011). The Ugly Reference Book. Jones and BartlettPublishers, Inc. Schaum’s Outlines of Electric Power Systems (1990). Syed A. Nasar. Publisher:The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Palmer, Doc. (2006). Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook, 2 ndedition. McGraw-Hill. New York, NY.- 4 -

Electrical_Maintenance_Planner_(8403)Study Guide FeedbackPlease use this page to notify us of any changes in policies, procedures, or materialsaffecting this guide. Once completed, return to:Southern California EdisonHuman Resources - Performance Assessment ServicesG.O. 5, 1 st Floor1515 Walnut GroveRosemead, CA 91770Technical Interview Guide Name:8403 Electrical Maintenance PlannerPageComments- 5 -

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