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LED Brochure - Prescolite


L E DLED (Light Emitting Diode) technology isnow the most eco-friendly form of lightingin the industry. Cool, low-cost, long-lifeand flexible; LED technology is the new andgrowing green choice for all typesof lighting.PRESCOLITE LED EVOLUTIONLD4June 2005D4LED/D6LEDSeptember 2006D6LED2June 2007RDPS6LEDJune 2007LD4SSLD4PSJune 2007LD6DLD6SLD6PJune 2007SLLED1/2/3September 2008RLF6LED/RLF8LEDOCTOBER 2010LF6LED7/RLF8LED7January 2011D2LEDMay 2011LF4LEDJUNE 2011LF8LEDJUNE 2011

C O N T E N T S246810121416182022232425262829LED IntroductionGood, Better, BestD2LED IntroductionD2LEDD4LED3 & D4LED4D6LED3 & D6LED4LF4LED, LF6LED, & LF8LEDLB6LEDRetroficient LED DownlightsLutron Dimming OptionAKT6LEDAKTSLEDSDPS6LED & RDPS6LEDLD4 & LD6SLLED SeriesTrimsLED Recycle Program1AKT6LEDJune 2009D4LED3&4D6LED3&4October 2009LD6LED3&4RDPS6LED3&4November 2009RD6LEDJanuary 2010AKTSLEDApril 2010LF6LED5JULY 2010LB6LEDJULY 2010For more detailed information please visit www.prescolite.com

LED51LED LIGHT ENGINEThe heart of LED lighting is the LED lightengine, an integrated reflector arrayof LEDs designed around each LED toproduce a uniform distribution.137242PARABOLIC LED REFLECTOR MODULESThe LED light engine features ten parabolicLED reflector modules. Each incorporatesthe patented application of Prescolite’sAmerican Matte finish to produce uniformillumination. U.S. Patent #6.254.256823DIE CAST ALUMINUM HEAT SINKThe LED light engine is mounted directlyto a heavy aluminum heat sink, engineeredto dissipate the heat generated by the LEDarray to ensure optimal life and lumenmaintenance.6451345678REFLECTORHigh purity spun aluminum reflectorprovides 45º cutoff for a glare-free ceilingappearance.REFLECTOR VENTINGUpper reflector is vented above the LEDlight engine for thermal management ofthe LED array.LED DRIVERLED products feature drivers speciallychosen to meet the long life expectationsof Prescolite’s LED fixturesREFLECTOR RETENTIONReflector/LED light engine assembly iseasily installed and retained by a single,tamper-resistant screw. Tool included.WIRING QUICK-CONNECTThe LED light engine is electrified via lowvoltage leads to the driver and a simplewiring quick-connect.D6LEDLED HEAT SINKAlthough LEDs generally operate cooler thanconventional light sources, the heat theyproduce can dramatically affect their life ifnot properly vented. Prescolite ® LED lightingfixtures feature highly engineered die castaluminum heat sinks mounted directly tothe top of the LED light engines to efficientlydissipate heat. This assures the minimum50,000 * hour life of the LED is achieved.* At 70% Lumen maintenance.

663LD43633LD6121244SDPS6LEDLEDs, unlike ordinary lamps, don’t have a filament that will burn out, and they don’t get very warm. Theyare illuminated by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material, and they last just as long as astandard transistor.www.prescolite.com

L E DA variety of LED collections for commercial,light commercial industriesRESIDENTIALContractors – LiteBox LB6LED – With 2700K or 3500K CCT options, the LB6LED offers light outputand distribution comparable to a 65W BR30. Features include excellent glare control and optical cutoff, aswell as color quality and a warm white color temperature to create enjoyable illuminated environments.Additionally, the LB6LED has an 80+ CRI for light commercial and residential applications.DESIGN BUILD- LiteFrame4Design Build Contractors – LiteFrame LED collection – Optimal life and lumen maintenanceare at the forefront of our LiteFrame LED design. Available in a variety of aperture sizes – 4-inch, 6-inch and8-inch – this line of commercial grade LED downlights feature remote phosphor technology and a new EMcapability. Options are also available with 1100-2000 lumen modules, which do not require additional fans toprovide cooling benefits. Compared to traditional CFLs, LiteFrame LED with remote phosphor technology offerssimilar performance, while reducing power density, maintenance costs and energy consumption.ARCHITECTURALArchitects and Designers – Architektur D2/D4/D6LED – These 2”, 4” and 6” specification gradeLED downlights offer a great selection of color temperatures and CRI options for lighting designers. There arehigh efficacy versions that meets strict energy code requirements and high output options suitable for applicationsthat require very high light levels.

5Different projects, different LED solutionsPrescolite understands that different projects require different approaches, resources and tools.That’s why we offer a variety of LED products: To assist you in accommodating a wide variety of needs.Each lighting line provides a high quality, efficient LED product, yet varies in the amount of light distribution,light output and wattage consumption, allowing you to decide which is right for you for your next project.From architects and designers to distributors and contractors, Prescolite can serve as your expert resourceon LED solutions.www.prescolite.com

2" LED RECESSED DOWNLIGHTSD2LED>Prescolite’s Revolutionary 2" LED DownlightUntil recently, small aperture 2" LEDproducts were only suitable for nicheor accent lighting. With Prescolite’srevolutionary 2" LED downlight – D2LED– it’s now possible to experience anew dimension in lighting design forcommercial applications.Designed around the precision Xicatobrand light engine, D2LED offers theopportunity to create clean ceilings withminimal obtrusiveness, while providinggeneral, workable light output in newconstruction and retrofit applications,such as:D2LED can also provide task and accent lighting levels.LobbiesProfessional /officesHospitality6Xicato ModuleD2LED is designed around the premium Xicato light engine that:Uses remote phosphor technologyOffers color consistency (2-step MacAdam Ellipse)from fixture to fixtureIs thermally manageable and in a small form factorIP66 rated wet locationFeatures optical consistency

D2LED – Created to meet the needsof the LIGHTING DESIGN & ARCHITECTURAL CommunityWith D2LED, lighting designers, and architects can have it all – minimal aperture size, efficiency and premium optics– when lighting highly aesthetic environments.unobtrusiveDesigners can create cleanceilings with minimalobtrusiveness.flexibleOne fixture is designed to workin new construction or retrofit.RetailLounge or bar areasin restaurantsHigh-endresidential7Xicato XSM TECHNOLOGYThe color corrected coldphosphor technology matchesblue LEDs to a phosphor diskto lock in color and providelighting professionals withthe consistency required forarchitectural applications.Patent pending internalOptical mixing cavityPatent pendingthermal designPatent pending‘Corrected Cold Phosphor’ technologyLEDs (not to scale)

2" LED RECESSED DOWNLIGHTSAnatomy12345Heat sinkFixture retention springsJ-Tube (patent pending), no frame requiredInsulation sensorXicato light engine(not visible)1Thermally protected583D2LED also features a strainrelief cable, to prevent anyundue pressure from beingplaced on wire connections.4>2D2LEDProduct Family:Type:LED Configuration:ArchitektūrLED Recessed2” Open Reflector/Light EngineAssembly with Xicato 1300Lumen moduleColor Temperature: 3000K, 4000KCRI:80+ NominalDimming: 0-10V to 10%Voltage:120V or 277VInput Watts: 20W

Patent Pending J-TubePrescolite’s patent pending J-Tube design:Features ability to throughbranch (2 in/2 out).Arlington connector not shipped with fixture9Insulation detector providesthermal protectionAccessible/removablefrom below ceilingLOWVOLTAGESUPPLYVOLTAGEQuick connectsProvides for separation of line and low voltagesFor more information on D2LED view www.prescolite.com or the D2LED brochure.

L E DD4LED3 & D4LED4>10Advancements in LED technology have allowed Prescolite to create and introducethe next evolution of 4” and 6” specification grade LED downlights. As the first U.S.company to introduce a commercial LED downlight to market, D4LED and D6LEDdownlights are now available in both high efficacy (D4LED3 and D6LED3) and high output(D4LED4 and D6LED4) luminaires. These new alternatives include a broad array of colortemperatures, brightness control, and beam spreads, allowing specifiers a choice inmaking individual lighting selections that best fit the application at hand. Additionally,the LED3, high efficacy version, meets strict energy code requirements, while the LED4,high output option, is suitable for applications that require very high light levels withefficacies that still rival many compact fluorescent products. ENERGY STAR ® qualified inselect configurations.High efficacy D4LED3:To meet energy code requirements and achieve higher lumens per watt, the D4LED3 features a 4” LED5W housing for high efficacy benefits, up to 47 lumens per watt.High output D4LED4:When higher light levels are needed, options in higher outputs (up to 497 lumens) can be ideal foraccent, task, or high ceiling applications. The D4LED4 provides a 4” LED 12W (120V or 277V) fixture forhigh output capabilities.

D4LED3D4LED4Product Family:Type:ArchitektūrLED RecessedProduct Family:Type:ArchitektūrLED Recessed11LED Configuration:(4) High Brightness 1-wattwhite LEDsLED Configuration:(4) High Brightness 2.5-wattwhite LEDsColor Temperature:2700K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000KColor Temperature:2700K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000KCRI:70 Nominal or 90+ NominalCRI:70 Nominal or 80+ NominalDimming:Voltage:Input Watts:Not Available120V6WDimming:Voltage:Input Watts:0-10V Dimming to 20%Lutron HDM Dimming to 1%120V/277V13WVariety of Optics, CRI Optionsand Beam ControlLED3 and LED4 downlights provide a variety of optics suitablefor a broad array of lighting applications and also offersenhanced flexibility, including:• Greater selection of color temperatures (2700K, 3500K,4000K and 5000K)• 70, 80, and 90 CRI options• 120V, 277V housings• Spot (18º), medium (25º), wide (35º), or flood (45º)(D6 only) distributions to accommodate any application.• Dimming options available from 100% to 1%www.prescolite.com

L E DD6LED3 & D6LED4>12Prescolite’s Architektur D6LED series includes options in a 6”specification grade LED downlight that offer superior brightnesscontrol with energy savings and low maintenance costs. While thehousing construction, light engine retention, thermal managementand optical control remain the same, these innovative LED downlightsare now offered in both high efficacy and high light output options.ENERGY STAR qualified in select configurations.D6LED3:6” LED 14W housing (120V or 277V) features high efficacy benefits (up to 57 lumens per watt), to meet the strictestof energy code requirements.D6LED4:6” LED 28W housing (120V or 277V), which provides high output capabilities, up to1274 (35K, mid CRI spot lens) lumens.In addition to high efficacy and high output alternatives, the 6” specification grade LED downlights offer a greatervariety of color temperatures and CRI options, as well as a choice of 120V or 277V. The addition of the 277Vhousing eliminates the step down transformer, which can lead to inherent losses of power.

D6LED3D6LED4Product Family:ArchitektūrProduct Family:ArchitektūrType:LED RecessedType:LED RecessedLED Configuration:(10) High Brightness 1-wattwhite LEDsLED Configuration:(10) High Brightness 2.5-watt white LEDs13Color Temperature:2700K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000KColor Temperature:2700K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000KCRI:70 Nominal or 90+ NominalCRI:70 Nominal or 80+ NominalDimming:Voltage:Input Watts:0-10V Dimming to 20%Lutron Dimming to 1%120V or 277V14WDimming: Lutron HDM Dimming to 1%Voltage:120V or 277VInput Watts: 28WUPGRADED Light Engine ASSEMBLYThe D4LED and D6LED series features a high efficacy LED lightengine, as well as a variety of color temperatures - 2700K,3500K, 4000K and 5000K. Secured to an integral die castaluminum heat sink for excellent thermal management, the LEDdownlights have an optimal life and lumen maintenance (50,000hours minimum at 70% average lumen maintenance).“While Prescolite has provided LED options in downlights formany years, our primary objective is for us to continually improveour designs while using the newest technology available to meetthe needs of the specification and architecture communities,”Ron NewboldVP of Prescolite Brand Managementwww.prescolite.com

L E DLEDLF6LEDLF4LEDLF8LEDLF4LED, LF6LED, & LF8LED>14LiteFrame LED - 4”, 6”, & 8” remote phosphor commercial grade LEDdownlightsDesigned for optimal life and lumen maintenance, LiteFrame LED downlights:• Utilizes the 1100 Lumen (LED5) and 2000 Lumen (LED7) Fortimo modules• Deliver more than 50 lumens per watt (fixture efficacy)• Offers a minimum 50,000-hour life at 70% lumen maintenanceAvailable in three different color temperatures, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K, LiteFrameLED also features the following benefits:• Light Engine utilizes Philips Fortimo remote phosphor technology for color consistencyfixture to fixture• Universal 120-277V high efficiency LED driver with 0-10V dimming standard• Over 50 Lumens per watt delivered• Glare free optical control• Shipped with pre-installed Light Commercial bar hangers.• Photometrics tested per IESNA-LM-79-2008 standards• Non-IC rated. Suitable for wet locations and through wiring (Damp location for EM)• Luminaires are certified by a National Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL), either UL or CSA.• Emergency option now available.With an innovative optical design that combines high efficacy with a 45 degreecut-off and 1.2 spacing to mounting height, LiteFrame LED provides theopportunity to illuminate more space with fewer fixtures and less overall power.With industry best brightness control, these downlights provide a great solutionwhen complying to ever tightening ASHRAE power density requirements.55 DEGREEPHOTO ANGLE50 DEGREEPHOTO ANGLE

Product InstallationThe LF6LED housing comes with a pre-wired J-box and snap-on cover for easy access and tool-less installation.To install, follow the 3 easy steps either above or below the ceiling:3 STEP PROCESS:1Place Connector Into LED Module, Snap Cover On2 315Put Torsion Springs Into BracketsPush Into CeilingLED MODULEFORTIMObyPhilips Fortimo –Remote phosphor technologyLED modules use high brightness royal blue LEDsWhite light achieved when illuminating remote lens withphosphor film layerRemote location of lens exposes phosphor to less heat,increasing life and color qualityOffers increased efficiency and better uniformity andcolor consistencyLess susceptible to heat degradation than phosphor applieddirectly on the chipwww.prescolite.com

L E DPORTFILENAME : 30013926-2 P8701-28-35KSTR WHITE (3215).IES48916116232348367LB6LED>LB6LED335K WH245LED Light Engine: (9) LED Array3500K 80+ CRISystem Wattage: 15Fixture delivered lumens: 685122Fixture Efficacy: 43Spacing Criteria: 1.0TRIM OPTIONSWhite (WH)90º80º70º60º50º40º465la = 489.17 Located At Horizontal 0º Angle 10º = 270, 20º Vertical Angle 30º = 5e Through Horizontal Angles (270 - 90) (Through Max. Cd.)e Through Horizontal Angles (10 - 190)one Through Vertical Angle (5) (Through Max. Cd.)Professional Edition (c) copyright 1995-2009 by Lighting Analysts, Inc.published IES Methods and recommendations, values rounded for display purposes.content of manufacturers photometric file.3LB6LED3 – 6” LED downlight for new construction and retrofit applicationsOffering light output and distribution comparable to a 65W BR30 and most 18 watt CFL>downlights, the LiteBox LB6LED3 features:• Excellent glare control and optical cutoff• Color quality and a warm white color temperature to create enjoyableilluminated environments• Dimming capabilities to 15%, allowing operators to set different mood forretail, hospitality and high-end residential spaces using electronic lowvoltage or triac controls.• Wet location standard• UL/cUL classified for use in most competitive 6” cans• ENERGY STAR ® qualified, meets California Title 24 with DBXQLThe LB6LED has a minimum 50,000-hour life based at 70% lumen maintenance.Consuming a significantly less power compared to a 65W BR30, it also offerssustainable benefits and dramatically reduces maintenance and service costs overincandescent sources.Zet with White Flange (ZWT)Page 6Black with White Flange (BLWT)Zet (Z)Black (BL)

LED: Extended Product LifeLED: Saves $ on Energy CostsRRESIDENTIALCCOMMERCIALR3530252015CR2YRSC.5YRSR8YRSC3YRS34YRS11YRS105Years of life$358Incandescentenergy costINCANDESCENT$66LEDenergy costLED17INCANDESCENTFLUORESCENTLEDPublished2,000 hour lifePublished12,000 hour life50.000 hour lifeDirect electrical cost for 50,000 hoursof operation at 0.11/kwhA key enhancement to this LED downlight is the diffusion of diodesources. The acrylic lens diffuses the LEDs to effectively createa soft visible source, while the regressed reflector and minimaloptical aperture result in significantly reduced glare compared totraditional incandescent sources.With white flange, 2700K or 3500K CCT options, target marketsinclude residential and light commercial applications for both newconstruction and retrofit.Additionally, Prescolite offers a 3-year warranty for IC ratedapplications and a 5-year warranty for non-IC applications.www.prescolite.com

RD6LEDRLF6LED/RLF8LED18INSTALLATIONRetroficient is Fast and Simple to Install – In less than five minutes and 6 simple steps youcan install a product that is a great solution for retrofit projects.1 2 3Reinstall BallastMake WireConnectionsInstall SupplyWires To J-BoxCover Plate5Secure Housinginto Ceiling withSlide Bars6Install Lamp andReflector

Exclusive 5-Axis J-BoxTo accommodate for obstacles that mightbe above the ceiling, the orientation ofPrescolite’s patent-pending tool-less J-box isvery flexible. It includes 5 axis points and anarm that allows for full range of movement.Retroficient offers:• Energy savings for building upgrades• Quick and easy installation that can be done from below the ceiling• With new, more aggressive mandates for energy conservation in existing facilities, aswell as an increased emphasis on the importance of energy-efficient lighting sources,194Mount HousingAssembly Into TheAperture*Note: The SD housingoption for smalldiameter aperturesinstalls differently. Seewww.prescolite.com forinstallation instructionsfor this option.

Lutron Dimming Option20Hi-lume ® LED Lutron dimming options are availablefor D4LED4, D6LED3 and D6LED4With advanced dimming capabilities from 100% to 1%,Prescolite’s premium downlights with Lutron’s high performancedimming is a powerful combination.Designed as a unique solution to challenging environments,Prescolite’s LED downlights are ideal alternatives for nichesettings that require sophisticated lighting control systems andoffer a number of benefits, including:• Spot (18º), medium (25º), flood (35º),or wide flood (45º) for D6LED (45º)• 70, 80, and 90 CRI options• A variety of color temperatures(2700K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K)• Premium glare control• Energy savings• Years of maintenance-free operation>A powerful combinationPrescolite’s premium downlights – combinedwith Lutron’s high performance dimming –offers a sophisticated control system withdimming capabilities from 100% to 1% for avariety of interior spaces.D6LED4HDM-6DLED435K8MD25Ceiling to Single Unit, Initial Footcandles, 30" Work PlaneFloor Height (ft)Nadir 10º 20º 30ºFC FC Dia(ft)FCDia(ft)12 45 28 3 8 7 2 1114 31 19 4 6 8 1 1316 22 14 5 4 10 1 1618 17 11 5 3 11 1 1820 13 8 6 2 13 1 20FCDia (ft)D6LED4HDM-6DLED435K8MD25Ceiling toFloor Height (ft)Multiple Units, Initial Footcandles, 30" Work PlaneSpacing is Maximum Over Work Plane, SMH= 0.4FixtureSpacing (ft) RCR 2 RCR 5 RCR 712 4.0 83 72 6614 5.0 57 49 4516 5.0 41 36 3318 6.0 31 27 2520 7.0 24 21 20

21The ChallengeTraditionally, there have been a limited number of options fordimming interior spaces with high ceilings. HIDs are difficultto dim and restrike is always an issue, while inefficient T4quartz don’t last long and put out a tremendous amount ofheat. Plus, how do you change a T4 quartz light that sits highabove multiple rows of seats in a playhouse when top accessis limited?The AnswerPrescolite’s configurable optics can produce center beamcandela power ideal for higher ceiling applications. Combinedwith Lutron dimming options, D4LED4, D6LED3 and D6LED4fixtures offer the perfect solution for dimming capabilities in awide variety of environments. And with a minimum life of 50,000hours, these fixtures are virtually maintenance free, eliminatingthe need to continually change lamps in hard-to-reach areas.

L E DAKT6LED322Prescolite’s AKT6LED3 is arobust and high tech designthat makes it perfect for a widevariety of commercial and retailaccent applications. Rotates360º horizontally and 180ºvertically. Factory configurableoptics allow for changes in beamspread appropriate for particularapplications. The Light Engine canbe used in up to a 50°C (122º F)ambient temperature environmentand still maintain a 50,000 hourlife. (Track applications mustadhere to limits of the associatedtrack systems).Adapters available for PrescoliteAKT series track, as well as optionscompatible with systems frommost major manufacturers. Thiseliminates the need to replace theinstalled track when utilizing theAKT6LED in retrofit situations.AKT6LED3Product Family:Type:LED Configuration:Color Temperature:CRI:Voltage:Input Watts:ArchiTrakLED Trak Head(10) white LEDs2700K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K70 Nominal or 90+ Nominal120V-277V*14WLumen Output: 827* 277V available when used with corresponding 277Vtrack system* Also available in White andZet (Metallic Silver)

AKTSLEDIdeal for commercial and retailapplications, AKTSLED3/4 trackheads offer robust, power-efficientdesigns with high efficacy/highoutput benefits. In addition toa diecast aluminum fixture withelectronic driver, the AKTSLEDfamily also features factoryconfigurable optics to allow forchanges in beam spread (Spot,Medium and Flood) appropriate forparticular applications.23AKTSLEDProduct Family:Type:LED Configuration:Color Temperature:CRI:Voltage:Input Watts:Lumen Output:ArchiTrakLED Trak HeadAKTSLED3 has (10) 1-watt whiteLEDs while the AKTSLED4 has(10) 2.5 watt white LEDs2700K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K70 Nominal, 80+ Nominal or 90+Nominal120V-277V*AKTSLED3 14W; AKTSLED4 28WLumen Output up to 1249Lumens (LED4)The AKTSLED3/4 fixtures have aminimum 50,000-hour life basedat 70% lumen maintenance – andalso offer sustainability benefitswhile dramatically reducingmaintenance and service costs overincandescent sources.* Also available in White andMetallic Silver* 277V available when used with corresponding 277Vtrack systemwww.prescolite.com

24L E DSDPS6LEDRDPS6LED >Pendalum LED luminaires aresuperior alternatives to traditionallow bay fixtures and cylinders. Tenwhite LEDs provide a minimum of50,000 hours at 70% average lumenmaintenance. Newly upgradeddesign offers high output or highefficacy options. In addition, amultitude of optical configurationsensure the right choice for mostapplications. The luminairesare ideal for retail, commercialapplications, schools, restaurants,and airport terminals. Suitable fordamp locations.SDPS6LED3RDPS6LED3Product Family AlumType6” Surface or RecessedMount LED PendantLED Configuration(10) High Brightness1-watt white LEDsColorTemperature2700K, 3500K, 4000K,5000KCRI70 Nominal or 90+NominalDimming 0-10V Dimming to 20%Voltage120V or 277VInput Watts 14WSDPS6LED4RDPS6LED4Product Family AlumType6” Surface or RecessedMount LED PendantLED Configuration(10) High Brightness2.5-watt white LEDsColorTemperature2700K, 3500K, 4000K,5000KCRI70 Nominal or 80+NominalDimmingNot AvailableVoltage120V or 277VInput Watts 28W>The Pendalūm series wasdeveloped with the modernapplication of light in mind, offeringconsistent contemporary high-techstyling with nouveau craftsmanshipand premium performance – alwayscomplementary to other lighting andarchitectural elements.

LD4 (Down)Product Family LiteFormsType4” LED Wall, Pendant, orSurface Mount Cylinder(6) High BrightnessLED Configuration 1-watt white or coloredLEDsLED ColorWhite, Blue, Red, Cyan,Green, or AmberDimmingNot AvailableVoltage120VInput Watts 10WLD4 (UP/Down)Product Family LiteFormsType4” LED Wall Mount Up/Down CylinderLED Configuration(12) Lumileds Luxeon1-watt white LEDsLED ColorWhite, Blue, Red, Cyan,Green, or AmberDimmingNot AvailableVoltage120VInput Watts 17WLD4LD4 cylinders provide innovativesolutions for illumination patternson vertical surfaces, pathways, andhigh ceiling applications. The sixor twelve LEDs come in an arrayof colors (white, red, amber, blue,or green) and provide a minimumof 50,000 hours at 70% lumenmaintenance. They are suitablecommercial, retail, and institutionalapplications, including buildingexterior, columns, and corridors.Suitable for wet locations.25LD6LED3Product Family LiteFormsType6” LED Wall, Pendant, orSurface Mount CylinderLED Configuration(10) High Brightness1-watt white LEDsColorTemperature2700K, 3500K, 4000K,5000KCRI70 Nominal or 90+NominalDimming 0-10V Dimming to 20%Voltage120V or 277VInput Watts 14WLD6LED4Product Family LiteFormsType6” LED Wall, Pendant, orSurface Mount CylinderLED Configuration(10) High Brightness2.5-watt white LEDsColorTemperature2700K, 3500K, 4000K,5000KCRI70 Nominal or 80+NominalDimmingNot AvailableVoltage120V or 277VInput Watts 28WLD6LD6 cylinders are wall, surface,or pendant mounted suitable forcommercial, retail, and institutionalapplications where maintenancecosts are of primary concern.Unique light engine design producesuniform distribution by usingPrescolite’s American Matte finish.Newly upgraded design offers highoutput or high efficacy options. Inaddition, a wide range of LED colortemperatures and CRI ensure theright choice for most applications.Prescolite’s LiteForms ® cylindersare high quality, commercial grade,and easy to install – perfect for highceiling applications.

L E DSLLED1The SLLED1 has a low-profiledie-cast aluminum faceplate andis a high output, high efficacy(10 lumens per watt), widerdistribution 10-watt step light for awide variety of interior and exteriorcommercial, residential, and retailapplications. It is ideal for steps,walkways or exteriors and interiorsof buildings where wide lightdistribution is needed closer tothe ground.Cool White# LEDs: 3LED Type:CitizenInput Watts: 13WLumen Output: 127Voltage120V, 277VHSG. FinishWhite, Black, Zet, BronzeWet location listed26SLLED2The IP45 rated 10-watt recessedSLLED2 is energy efficient,low maintenance, high efficacy(7lumens per watt), has smoothlight distribution, and a diecasthousing and faceplate, Itis aesthetically pleasing for allinterior and exterior applications– anywhere unobtrusive light isneeded closer to the ground.Cool White# LEDs: 3LED Type:CitizenInput Watts: 13WLumen Output: 95Voltage120V, 277VHSG. FinishWhite, Black, Zet, BronzeWet location listedSLLED3Offering adequate levels of lightdistribution, wattage consumption(6-watts), and efficiency, theSLLED3 is a primary leveleconomical step light. It providesefficacy of 6 lumens per watt and isIP56 rated.Cool White# LEDs: 2LED Type:CitizenInput Watts: 9WLumen Output: 53Voltage120V, 277VHSG. FinishWhite, Black, Zet, BronzeWet location listed

1LED ARRAYThe heart of LED lighting is the LED array; a series of 2-3 highoutput LEDs precisely aimed to provide excellent light distribution.4SECURITYFace plate retained with two tamper-resistant screws.(Tool provided)23HEAT SINKHeavy aluminum heat sink which is designed to precisely maintainLED junction temperature to ensure long life and superior lumenmaintenance.FACE PLATEStylish Die-cast or punched aluminum face plate with siliconegasket to ensure a water-tight seal.56OPTICSDiffused glass lens provides precise light distribution.LED DRIVERLED products feature electronic drivers.413652SLLED143275162SLLED2351462SLLED3www.prescolite.com

T R I M SThe LED light engine ships as an integral element of the trim unit and is electrified by the housing by a simple quick connect plug and low voltageconductors. A wide variety of reflector finishes and colors is available to complement the performance and visual balance of the cutting edgePrescolite ®LED lighting.D4LED & D6LEDLD6 & SdPS6LED/RDPS6LEDREFLECTORFINISHREFLECTORCOLORFLANGEOPTIONSREFLECTORFINISHREFLECTORCOLORSPECULARCLEAR ALZAKANODIZEDSPECULARCLEAR ALZAKSEMI-SPECULARCHAMPAGNE GOLD ALZAKWHITE PAINTSEMI-SPECULARCHAMPAGNE GOLD ALZAK28AMERICAN MATTEBLACK ALZAKBLACK ALZAKWHEAT ALZAKWHEAT ALZAKLIGHT WHEAT ALZAKLIGHT WHEAT ALZAKPEWTER ALZAKPEWTER ALZAKWHITEThe D6LED downlight iscompatible with Prescolite’sSignos ® 6" decorative trimelements to add architectural flairto your downlighting applications.

EPActPrescolite – an environmentally responsible manufacturerLearn more about our commitment to providing earth-friendly, LED solutionsLED Recycle Program – In addition to designing high quality LEDs that help to reduce energy consumption in buildings, weare happy to be a green resource by providing the following recycling options at the end of the LED’s lifespan.Contact the Prescolite team – E-mail HYPERLINK “mailto:prescolitemarketing@prescolite.com” prescolitemarketing@prescolite.com. The Prescolite team can provide you with authorization and shipping information to let Prescolite recycleyour LED fixture.If you prefer to recycle locally, visit Earth911.com.EPAct –Energy efficiency is a global concern and the 2005 Energy Policy Act provides market-based incentives and solutions toreduce costs and enhance overall green practices. By updating your lighting systems with Prescolite’s solid-state fixtures,you can reduce your overall lighting costs. Plus, you can display your commitment to environmental stewardship by usingLED alternatives, which have been tested to significantly reduce energy consumption.Additionally, the 2005 Energy Policy Act contains a variety of tax credits and deductions for businesses and consumers.29Prescolite rebate guidance and assistance – Prescolite offers proactive rebate guidance and assistance. For moreinformation on rebates in your area, e-mail the Prescolite team at HYPERLINK “mailto:prescolitemarketing@prescolite.com”prescolitemarketing@prescolite.com.California Title 24-California’s Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings. - The Energy Efficiency Standards forResidential and Nonresidential Buildings were established in 1978 in response to a legislative mandate to reduce California’senergy consumption. The standards are updated periodically to allow consideration and possible incorporation of new energyefficiency technologies and methods.California’s building efficiency standards (along with those for energy efficient appliances) have saved more than $56 billionin electricity and natural gas costs since 1978. It is estimated the standards will save an additional $23 billion by 2013.ENERGY STAR ® -Among all consumer emblems, such as the Good Housekeeping Seal and Consumer Reports, the ENERGY STAR mark hasone of the highest levels of influence on consumer purchasing. Lighting products that have earned the ENERGY STAR meetthe government’s strict energy efficiency criteria and save energy without compromising on product quality and performance.They use less energy, lowering consumers’ utility bills while preventing greenhouse gas emissions.On September 30, 2008, the ENERGY STAR Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Luminaire program went into effect. The ENERGY STARSSL Program Requirements are intended for general illumination products not previously covered by any ENERGY STARproduct category.Solid-state lighting differs fundamentally from traditional lighting technologies in terms of materials, drivers, systemarchitecture, controls, and photometric properties. To accommodate these differences, new test procedures and industrystandards have been developed.Prescolite offers a variety of ENERGY STAR qualified SSL products that meet and exceed the latest industry standards. To findout more about ENERGY STAR SSL Program and requirements for Prescolite products with the ENERGY STAR mark, visit theENERGY STAR web site at http://www.energystar.gov.

701 Millennium BoulevardGreenville, SC 29607Phone: (864) 678-1000www.prescolite.comCopyright © 2011 Prescolite, Inc., a division of Hubbell Lighting, Inc.All rights reserved. Printed in USA.PR1065E 6/11

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