Zenith® Pumps Precision Gear Pumps - LUBOSA

Zenith® Pumps Precision Gear Pumps - LUBOSA

Zenith® Pumps Precision Gear Pumps - LUBOSA


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Zenith® <strong>Pumps</strong><strong>Precision</strong> Fluid Handling Solutions<strong>Precision</strong><strong>Gear</strong> <strong>Pumps</strong>Precise,Pulseless,ReliablePerformance inChemical FiberApplications

Zenith ®<strong>Pumps</strong>“We retired the Silkworm”Zenith original manmade fibergear pump patent.To succeed in today’s competitiveenvironment, a chemical fiber producer mustcontinually strive to maximize first gradefiber yield and throughput while minimizingplant downtime and maintenance cost. Ofcritical importance in meeting these essentialgoals is the proper selection and care ofa fiber plant’s many precision gear pumps.For more than 75 years, Zenith <strong>Pumps</strong>has provided the man-made fiber industrywith precise, pulseless and reliable precisiongear metering pumps. The founder of Zenith<strong>Pumps</strong> designed and built the first precisiongear pump for the fiber industry in the 1920’sto improve the quality of rayon yarns beingproduced at that time. Zenith <strong>Pumps</strong> abilityto innovate, coupled with a desire to provideunmatched quality and service, has enabledZenith <strong>Pumps</strong> to remain the world’s leadingsupplier of precision gear metering pumps.Wide Range of <strong>Pumps</strong>:Zenith <strong>Pumps</strong> offers a complete line ofprecision gear pumps and metering systemsto handle the many critical applications in thefiber production process. These specializedpumps are available in a range of capacitiesand types covering virtually all the man-madefibers including: polyester, polypropylene,nylon, acrylic, cellulosic, spandex as wellas many specialty fibers.Benefits■ Outstanding stream to stream and pumpto pump metering uniformity over a widerange of process conditions resulting fromsuperior product design and quality.■ Superior pump pressure and viscositycapability resulting from special, highstrength materials and optimizedcomponent design.■ Superior pump life and toughness resultingfrom through hardened, particle metallurgycomponents.■ Reduced polymer shear and downstreamthermal gradients resulting from optimizedgear geometry and internal flow paths.■ Packaged additive metering systemsfor continuous, accurate addition ofprocessing aids, including colorants,plasticizers, and others, to the mainlineprocess.■ Extensive experience and capability inpump service agreements and customengineering.Following are brief summaries of our pump series selections.For more details, visit us on the web at zenithpumps.com or request the product data sheet for the pump series that meetsyour precision fluid handling needs.Planetary series• Tool steel or 400 series stainless• From 0.3 cc/rev to 37 cc/rev/port• Pressure to 500 bar (7,200 psi)• Speed to 40 rpm• Viscosity to 10,000 poise• Temperature to 510°C (950°F)• Up to 32 streams, 4 decksH & B series rear ported• Tool steel or 400 series stainless• From 0.16 cc/rev to 200 cc/rev.• Pressure to 550 bar (8,000 psi)• Speed to 60 rpm• Viscosity to 20,000 poise• Temperature to 510°C (950°F)• Up to 4 streams, 2 decksB series pivot mount• 400 series stainless steel• From 0.03 cc/rev to 50 cc/rev• Pressure to 100 bar (1,500 psi)• Speed to 70 rpm• Viscosity to 1,000 poise• Temperature to 150°C (300°F)• Up to 2 stream, 2 decks

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