Feng Shui 101: Is Your Home Making You Crazy? Powerpoint (PDF)

Feng Shui 101: Is Your Home Making You Crazy? Powerpoint (PDF)

Feng Shui 101: Is Your Home Making You Crazy? Powerpoint (PDF)


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Black Sect <strong>Feng</strong> <strong>Shui</strong> (orients with 3-doorgate method): hybrid, practical version of<strong>Feng</strong> <strong>Shui</strong>; most widely practiced form of<strong>Feng</strong> <strong>Shui</strong> in USA

Instinctive <strong>Feng</strong> <strong>Shui</strong>: based on innateunderstanding that ancient peoplethroughout the world had about naturalforces that shaped their world; knew thathealing didn’t only mean just treating anindividual’s disease but bring the person backinto harmony with him/herself, their family,tribe & the earth; used the energy of thehome as a tool for healing andtransformation (www.interioralignment.com)

A sense of support at the rear of thestructure An auspicious front door An expansive feeling in front of thestructure

Affects the flow of energy/chi Affects the flow of life Brings down energy levels Clogs your energy field Has no real place or use in your home, yourworkplace or your life

Physical clutter (use it, love it or get rid ofit) Mental clutter (schedules that are too full,lists of jobs waiting to be done, guilty/blaming thoughts, judgmental thoughts, oldbelief systems, habitual patterns that do notserve you) Emotional clutter (unfaced fears, regrets,unfulfilled dreams, unexpressed anger, pastpeople & situations not released)

Feelings of disorganization Limiting Creates chaos Depressing Physically and emotionally heavy Do you own things or do they ownyou? Feel like it’s difficult to breathe Pulls energy down

Give back everything you borrowed Get rid of duplicates Think twice before buying anything Ask yourself, “Do I really need this? Doesthis really fit who I am?” Ask yourself, “Will the freedom I gain bygetting rid of something outweigh thepossible regrets you may have if you getrid of it?”

Clearing clutter is one of the fastest ways toproduce transformation in life Doing too much too fast can produce a“crisis” When someone gets rid of something, theymay feel like they are losing a part ofthemselves – may feel disruptions in their life De-Clutter Meditation: meditate on theobjects which bring indecision; ask if theobjects brings you joy or lowers your energy

Spending the day around colors you love willincrease your energy Use colors that make you look strong,energized & healthy Take into consideration effect of lighting oncolor¡ Incandescent – yellowish¡ Fluorescent – cool, bluish light¡ Halogens – come in warm and cool¡ Full-spectrum – closest to sunlight

Affects us physically, emotionally &spiritually Research – color causes enzymes andhormones to go through molecular changes Affects blood pressure, pulse and respiratoryrate (Reds, oranges, yellows increase rates;blue and black decrease) Colors worn next to skin affect us the most Someone who always wears a particular colormay do so because it balances anotheraspect of their personality

Sound travels in the form of invisible waves As vibrations pass through your personal energyfield - activate or calm you depending on thefrequency of the sound wave SOFT gentle sound is more yin, which helps tocalm your energy, making you feel more relaxed VIBRANT rhythmic sounds are more yang,activating your chi energy field to make you feelmore energetic Positive sound can stimulate or enhancerelaxation, reverse sadness, calm nervousness,tension and anger

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