pdf, 6Mb - Auroville Green Practices

pdf, 6Mb - Auroville Green Practices

pdf, 6Mb - Auroville Green Practices


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Presented atSeminar and Site Visits26-28 August, 2010NadukuppamEnvironment Education CentreJoss BrooksPitchandikulam Forest Consultants

The vision is…..That the Nadukuppam Environmental EducationCentre becomes a point for communityinvolvement in integrated rural planning anddevelopment.That the necessary skills to bring biodiversity backto the land are researched and taught involvingthe community, particularly school children.That it provides a demonstration site for the mostappropriate ecological solutions developed overthe last decades in the nearby <strong>Auroville</strong>International Community.BackgroundIn 2003 Pitchandikulam Bio-Resource Centre began workingwith the Government High Schoolat Nadukuppam to developEnvironmental AwarenessPrograms in conjunction with theexisting academic curriculum.At that time the schoolsacademic pass rate was just 10%.There were only six teachers for575 students.There were no water facilities,no toilets and only two trees inthe school compound.

Four new schoolbuildings have beenbuilt to address thesevere shortage ofclassrooms.Existing buildingshave been improvedthrough provision ofbenches anddecorative murals.An organic vegetablegarden has started toproduce food for themidday school meals.

An indigenous plantnursery has beenestablished includingmore than 50 TropicalDry Evergreen Forestspecies.

2000 indigenous treeshave been planted bythe students within theSchool compound.A 3 acre Ethnomedicinalforest hasbeen established withdetailed signagesexplaining the uses ofthe plants.

Solar photovoltaics pumpwater and supplyelectricity using renewableenergy.

The school campus hasAn integrated sanitationsystem and gardens.Water is recycledfrom the newbathrooms, toiletsand kitchens foruse in the gardenand nursery.

Environmental Education ProgramAn EnvironmentalEducation Curriculumhas been developedaimed at Primary,Middle and Highlevel students.

Teaching strategy– Creating teachingresources relating to ourbioregion– Outreach program to tenother schools– Linking and collaboratingwith the educationdepartment– Involving the localcommunity in projectplanning andimplementationFauna sensitizationprogrammes focus oninforming thecommunity of the truevalue of biodiversity.

Children’s Parliament

Art Festival on Climate Change

Earth Day Festival

Community based trainingThe nearby villages havealready 36 active women’sself help groups organised byPitchandikulam Bio-resourceCentre. These groups togetherwith the traditional healers,youth groups and school ecoclubsare increasingly usingNadukuppam EnvironmentEducation Training Centre as afocus for eco-restoration workand other capacity buildingactivities.NEEC helps coordinate programmes of:– Women's empowerment– Ecological awareness– Literacy– Income generation activitiesand trainings in:• Tailoring• Indigenous plant nurserydevelopment• Herbal medicinepreparation• Date palm leaf bag making• Appropriate renewabletechnologies

Women’s Group Federation MeetingHealth Camp for Cattle

Women’s Day Festival

Spirulina Production UnitHealth Drink Program for Malnutrition Children

Women’s Literacy Programme

Nadukuppam Community CentreNadukuppam: Village Mapping

Nadukuppam: Village MappingNadukuppam: Village Mapping

Energy Efficient StoveAwarness Programme on Global Warming

Objectives of Integral Rural Development

Vision & Goals of Integral Rural DevelopmentTarget Area - The Kaliveli Bio Region

Nadukuppam Nadukuppam Village Community Centre

Nadukuppam Education HubNadukuppam - Path Forward

Conclusion<strong>Auroville</strong>’s aspiration is to work with and for itsbioregion. Learning from it, helping when necessary,establishing partnerships and addressing togethercommon concerns.NadukuppamEnvironment Education CentreJoss BrooksPitchandikulam Forest ConsultantsContact:Email: pbrc@auroville.org.inWeb: www.pitchandikulamforest.orgMob: +91 9443362246


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