May/June - Memphis Zoo
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May/June - Memphis Zoo

Zoo Membership“Our most memorable experiencewas when we went to Teton Trekwhen it first opened. It is now ourkids’ favorite part of the Zoo, andby far my favorite part of the Zooas well.”— Phil PassmanJulie, Zoe, Emmy, Ian and Phil Passmanby Priyanka Bhagat, Marketing InternPhil and Julie Passman and their three kids love to visitthe Memphis Zoo. “We probably go to the Zoo once a week,sometimes twice a week,” says Julie. “We like to go in themorning because the kids love to see the animals eat.”With the frequency of their visits, it is convenient tomaintain a family membership. Zoo visitors who hold amembership can enjoy benefits such as unlimited admissionand free parking. The Passmans have held their familymembership for six years.As parents, Phil and Julie wanted their children to enjoythe benefits of having a world-class Zoo in their city. “Wehave three kids now, and when we got it, our oldest kid wasbeing homeschooled, so we used the Zoo as an educationalexperience for her,” says Phil.The Passmans share many family memories at the Zoo.“Our most memorable experience was when we went to TetonTrek when it first opened. It is now our kids’favorite part of the Zoo, and by farmy favorite part of the Zoo aswell,” says Phil. Teton Trek,which opened in 2009, was inspired by YellowstoneNational Park. The Passmans say proximity is one of thereasons to love the Zoo. “We live in East Memphis, so theconvenience is great. It only takes 15 minutes to get there,”says Phil. “It’s our favorite place to go in the city.”Zoo members enjoy many benefits. In addition to freeadmission and free parking, members enjoy exclusive previewsto select exhibits and invitations to member-only events,three half-price guest admission coupons, and a one-yearsubscription to Exzooberance, the Memphis Zoo’s bimonthlymagazine. Memphis Zoo members receive discountedadmission to more than 150 other zoos and aquariums,discounts on select special event tickets, Zoo gift shopmerchandise, Zoo rides and ice skating punch cards.There are many kinds of membership levels to choose from— individual and dual to family and grandparent. To becomea member or renew your membership, call (901) 333-6767,visit or come by the Zoo today.How to Renew: Visit • Call (901) 333-6767 •In person during regular Zoo hours • Upon receipt of mail renewalJust a reminder: The Zoo no longer mails membership cards.Please pick up your cards on your next visit.

Conservationat the Zoo“Thirty-five percent ofhousehold waste that can becomposted would otherwisetake up space in a landfill.”“Composting has taken off,but we are trying to makepeople aware that you cancompost within your ownhome.”“We’ve made the sitehands-on and interactive.”– Wesley Melton, Memphis ZooGreen Intern, University of Memphisby Priyanka Bhagat, Marketing InternThe Memphis Zoo is excited to announcethe recent opening of the new compostingdemonstration site. Beginning this spring,visitors can learn the fundamentals of effectivehome composting, see how household wastecan be turned into compost and learn how touse compost in the garden. The site, which islocated at Once Upon A Farm, is a permanentaddition to the Memphis Zoo, and is a partnershipbetween BASF chemical company andthe University of Memphis Green Internshipprogram to address the sustainability at theMemphis Zoo.“Thirty-five percent of household waste thatcan be composted would otherwise take upspace in a landfill,” says Memphis Zoo Greenintern Wesley Melton. “Composting has takenoff, but we are trying to make people awarethat you can compost within your own home.”Composting is a better alternative to dumpingbecause it reduces waste. Kitchen and yardwaste such as fruit and vegetable scraps, grass,autumn leaves and wood chips make excellentDirector of Conservationand Research Dr. AndyKouba and intern WesleyMelton stand at the newcomposting site at OnceUpon A Farm.compost material. Visitors can learn how toutilize such common household waste forcomposting, and they can view models ofcommon home composting systems like thetumbling bin system and the one bin system.A tumbling bin system is a self-enclosed binthat rotates on an axis when turned manually.“We’ve made the site hands-on and interactive.Visitors will be able to turn a tumblingbin to see how compost needs to be aerated,”said Melton.The one bin system is another simplecomposting method that can be done in thebackyard. This system is composed of a singlebin containing the decomposing materials enclosedwithin a small fence to deter scavengers.As fresh household waste is added to acompost pile over time, the material that hasbeen at the bottom of the pile becomes compostfirst. The demonstration site will teachvisitors how to properly remove compost froma one bin system and how to aerate the pile forfaster and more effective decomposition.5

Edzoocation‘12 programsDiscover more programs and get moreinformation at Camp Summer 2012Send your child to the wildest camp around: ZOO CAMP!Campers will explore the fascinating world of animals whileparticipating in fun games, crafts, tours, keeper chats, liveanimal visit and interactive experiments! Cost includes a campT-shirt and one snack. Parents must provide a non-refrigerated,non-microwavable lunch.June 4 – August 3, Monday – Friday9 a.m. to 2 p.m. • Aftercare: 2 to 5:30 p.m.Cost per week: $165/members; $195/nonmembersAftercare: $85/members; $95/nonmembersCall (901) 333-6576 to register*LATE REGISTRATION FEE: Reservations made after the deadlinewill incur a $20 late registration fee per child per program.PreK/KBig & Small, Short & TallJune 4-8, June 18-22, July 2-6, July 16-20,July 30-August 3Animals come in all shapes and sizes, andwhile sometimes bigger is better, small canbe extremely special too. This camp willteach all about opposites and why so manyanimals are so very different.Classy CrittersJune 11-15, June 25-29, July 9-13, July 23-27In the wild, it’s often what you wear on theoutside that counts. This camp will introducedifferent animal coverings through games,crafts, songs, live animal visits, and otherfun activities.Growing up is Fun to DoJune 4-8, June 18-22, July 2-6, July 16-20,July 30-August 3All baby animals have to grow upeventually. They have lots to learn along theway. Explore the world through the eyes ofcubs, chicks, ponies and many more.1st-2nd GradeAnimal AppetitesJune 11-15, June 25-29, July 9-13, July 23-27Have you ever wondered what a particularanimal eats? In this fun-filled week, you canfeed your curiosity as you learn what manyanimals eat, why they eat what they do, andhow to prepare a meal for some of ourpopular animals.Journey to the Topof the WorldJune 4-8, June 18-22, July 2-6, July 16-20,July 30-August 3Join our expedition team as we trek tothe Tetons, ascend to the top of Everest, andconquer Kilimanjaro. Discover the winteryadaptations of animals who survive at theselofty altitudes.ZOOlympicsJune 11-15, June 25-29, July 9-13, July 23-27Imagine making your home on the sideof a volcano or even a glacier! Some animalstake “living on the edge” to the extreme —discover how in this exciting exploration.3rd-5th GradeLeader of the PackJune 4-8, June 18-22, July 2-6, July 16-20,July 30-August 3Prides, packs, parliaments, and parades allhave a leader to follow. Examine the complexsocial structures of these groups and learnwhat it takes to be the top banana in theanimal world.Nocturnal AdventuresJune 11-15, June 25-29, July 9-13, July 23-27What do bats, owls, and opossums havein common? When we go to bed, they’re justwaking up! Join us this week to find out howthey survive their nocturnal adventures aswe explore the adaptations of animals ofthe night.6th-8th GradeDinosaurs Rock!$168/members; $198/nonmembersJune 4-8, June 11-15, June 18-22, June 25-29,July 2-6If you really dig dinosaurs, this campis just for you! Learn about what thesethunderous lizards ate, where they lived, andwho their modern relatives are. Cost includestour of Dinosaur exhibit.Dr. ZoolittleJuly 9-13, July 16-20, July 23-27,July 30-August 3Have you ever sung with a sea lion,rapped with a raptor or chatted with acheetah? Unlock the doors of animalcommunication, as you become Dr. Zoolittle!Enroll now. Space is limited.Call (901) 333-6576 to register!6

Edzoocation‘12 programsDiscover more programs and get moreinformation at 201210 a.m. to 2 p.m.$35/members$45/nonmembers($5 off if parent assists.Parent Assistants MUST attendZoo Volunteer Orientation)*LATE REGISTRATION FEE:Reservations made after thedeadline will incur a $10 lateregistration fee per child perprogram. (PreK/K students mustbe 4 years of age by the programdate.)All in a Day’s WorkLearn all about what zookeepersand other animal staffdo on a day-to-day basis in whatsome people would call “a jobof a lifetime.”(Registration deadline: May 7)May 14– PreK/K and 1st/2ndMay 16 – 3rd/4th and 5th-7thFather’s Day Snooze(For adults and childrenages 5 & up)Friday, June 15, 20127 p.m. to 9 a.m.$55/members$65/nonmembersPrice per participant. Allchildren must be accompaniedby an adult. Registration deadline:Monday, June 11, 2012*LATE REGISTRATION FEE:Reservations made after thedeadline will incur a $10 lateregistration fee per child perprogram.Give Dad a wild night at theZoo for Father’s Day. Fathers canspend a night at the Zoo withtheir sons and daughters whereeveryone will learn all about animalfatherhood, tour part of theZoo on a moonlight safari, andplay exciting games! A late-nightsnack, breakfast, a special ZooSnooze t-shirt, and admission tothe Zoo on Saturday are includedwith registration.BearAwarenessWeekMay 17, 18, 19Included with Zoo admission!Join us as we focus on the bears of the Memphis Zooand around the world. We’ll celebrate bears throughinteractive displays, storytelling, special Keeper Chats, aswell as educational demonstrations. Don’t miss our specialguest “Paley,” the polar bear mascot.Information line: (901) 333-6600 • Registration line: (901) 333-6576 • is required. Prices are subject to change. The Education Department reserves the right to cancel a program due to insufficient registration.7

EventsSPECIALSPECIALMay 25Zoo Brew7 to 10 p.m. • Ages 21+This year at Zoo Brew, you have two ticket options.Choose between a regular Zoo Brew ticket or theall-new V.I.P. ticket. Pricing details below.Regular ticket: $30 members/$35 nonmembersor V.I.P. ticket: $50 members/$55 nonmembersEarly entry at 6:30 p.m. • Includes ticket to Zoo BrewLimited availability • See details belowMay 27Members Night6 to 9 p.m. • Exclusive Members PartyNo outside beverages are allowed.Members night returns May 27! Come out for anentertainment-filled evening, including a sea lion showat 7 p.m., Birds and Bees until 7 p.m. and entertainmentin the Courtyard as well as free rides!8

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdaySPECIALMay 1 2 3 4 5MAY ’12Mother’s DayMembersNight6 7 8 9 10 11 1213 14 15 16 17 18 19HomeschoolWorkshopMemorial DayHomeschoolWorkshopArmed ForcesDay20 21 22 23 24 25 26Zoomthrough theZooZooBrew27 28 29 30 31 June 1 2Music onthe Porch3 4 5 6 7 8 9JUNE ’12Father’s DaySummer Zoo CampJune 4 - August 310 11 12 13 14 15 16Summer Zoo CampJune 4 - August 317 18 19 20 21 22 23Summer Zoo CampJune 4 - August 3First Day of Summer24 25 26 27 28 29 30Summer Zoo CampJune 4 - August 3July 1 2 3 4 5 6 7Summer Zoo CampJune 4 - August 3Independence DayFather’s DaySnooze9

Zoo NewsGiraffe Feeding Adventure“Thank you, thank you,thank you for having such agreat exhibit. We absolutelyLOVED it, and that is all hehas talked about since.”– Jennifer, Facebook fanMemphis Zoo visitors have theunique opportunity to feed giraffesby hand this summer. Running nowthrough October, visitors to the Zoocan feed our herd of seven giraffes. TheGiraffe Feeding Adventure is locatedon the deck behind the giraffe exhibit.The feeding consists of three pieces oflettuce, which is supplied by the Zoo.Feedings are available Wednesdaythrough Sunday, at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.Cost is $5 per feeding.ADOPTA KOMODODragonDinosaurs may be extinct, but wehave dragons right here at the MemphisZoo. Our Komodo dragons, who recentlyhad a baby for the first time in MemphisZoo history, are the proud parents offour new little dragons. Help us care forour new bundles of joy. Adopt a Komododragon, and be part of Memphis Zoohistory. By adopting an animal at theMemphis Zoo, you help pay for the careand feeding of that animal for a year.“Adoption” packages start at $25.More information can be found onour website at ExcursionsMeet Crocket, one of sevencamels in the Zoo’s all-new CamelExcursion. Crocket and his friendsare dromedary, or one hump, camels.Children and parents alike love thenew exhibit. “We think it’s greatthat the kids get to interact withthe animals,” Drake’s dad said. Thecamel rides are located near the eastend of the Zoo, between the OutpostRestaurant and Northwest Passage.Rides are available 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.daily, and the cost is $5 per person.DinosaursOur all-new Dinosaur exhibit is roaring now.This prehistoric habitat features 15 life-like animatronicdinosaurs, along with information about eachcreature. Learn how these animals lived and how theycompare to their animal cousins today. Also learn howwe can preserve today’s species so history doesn’trepeat itself. The Dinosaur exhibit is located in theoutdoor area behind our Education Building. Ticketsare $3 for members, and $4 for nonmembers. Hurryin before July 8, when the Dinosaur exhibit willbe extinct.10Drake (pictured) grins ear to ear while riding “Crocket,” one of the fourdromedary camels in the all-new Camel Excursion.

NanoDaysSecond Annual NanoDaysby Priyanka Bhagat, Marketing InternThe Memphis Zoo celebrated its secondannual NanoDays event this spring. Theevent, which was held on March 26, allowedZoo visitors to get a better grasp of the roleof nanotechnology in the future of scienceand technology.Nanotechnology concerns the characteristicsof organic materials at the nanolevel,so small that they can be measured in nanometers,or billionths of a meter. At the nanoscopiclevel, scientists can study the uniquecharacteristics of organic materials such asthe water-repellency of lotus leaves to learnhow these properties can be mimicked foruse in man made materials.One example of nanotechnology can beseen in the Speedo swimsuit Michael Phelpsused in the Olympics in 2008. The materialon the suit was designed to mimic thedrag-eliminating quality of shark skin.Attendees heard lectures given byprofessors from the University of TennesseeHealth Science Center on the importanceof nanoscience and nanomedicine and therole of nanomedicine in drug delivery. Theprogram included interactive components,called “Nanokits.” These demonstrationswere set up all over the Zoo to show visitorshow plants and animals can inspireinnovation in design and engineering.NanoDays is part of a larger initiativeof the Memphis Zoo called theNanoZoo Connects! program.Last year the Memphis Zooreceived a $500,000 grantfrom the United States Departmentof Agriculture to build astate-of-the-art distance learninglab at the Memphis Zoo.The lab will allow 7,000 ruralstudents in four differentcounties to learn about nanotechnologythrough distancelearning technology.“In the past few years, nanotechnologyhas quickly become an indispensablecomponent of modern scientific research infields ranging from computer processing topharmaceutical development,” says LauraSnook, science educator at the Memphis Zoo.“Educating students about nanotechnologyin the fun and exciting atmosphere of theZoo not only sparks a student’s interest forthe future in science and engineering, it alsoencourages a curiosity of nature andthe worldaround us.”Read about your lifedaily in the pages ofMyLifeFor home delivery, call 901.529.266611


TMBROOKS KIDS!featured summer eventsat theBrooks!www.brooksmuseum.orgPresented byCreationStationBring your whole family to the Brooks to experiencethe world of art first-hand. Tour the galleries with aninteractive family guide and then channel your owncreativity. Free with museum admission. Children 6 &under are always free.Free EverySaturday, May 19Dribble, Splatter, SplashSaturday, June 9Let Your Soul ShinePresented byWackyWednesdaysEach Wednesday this summer, the Brookswill offer a children’s film series and anopen studio from 10 am -12 pm.Children of all ages and theiradult friends can drop into our ArtworksStudio and create a variety of projectsusing many different materials. They canalso watch a multitude of films made just for kids.Museum admission and all activities are free, so thewhole community can experience the creativityand inspiration of both the visual arts and film.WednesdayJUNE + JULY10am – 12pmA drop-inart-makingactivity from11am – 1pmSponsored byArt and SoulFamily DaySaturday, June 2310 am to 1 pmFREEADMISSION+ ACTIVITIESCome celebrate African American artand artists with music, theater, and of courseart! Be inspired by the amazing works of artfeatured in The Soul of a City: Memphis CollectsAfrican American Art, opening June 9. Be creativewith hands-on art-making. Be moved by the musicof Stax Music Academy. Be captivated by a familyfriendlyperformance of “Little Red Riding Hood” byHattiloo Theatre. Children who bring their drawingof Little Red Riding Hood will receive a free redbackpack! (quantities limited)A fun-filled day forthe whole family!

COMING THISSUMMER!Exzooberance is mailed with a bulk permit and cannot be forwarded.© Copyright Memphis Zoo 2012Requested in-home dates May 2-52000 Prentiss PlaceMemphis, TN 38112(901) 276-WILD®Non-ProfitOrganizationU.S. PostagePaidMemphis, TNPermit No. 1124BROADWAY BOOTCAMPStudents and theatre professionals work together for5 full days of singing, dancing, acting, and masterclasses to produce a Broadway showcase for familyand friends.Middle School Students (Ages 12-15)Tuition: $225 per student8:30 AM - 4 PM daily2012 SUMMER INSTITUTEIn the 2012 Summer Institute, students willexperience firsthand the inner workings ofthe theatre, performing arts business, and theBroadway production of Mamma Mia!High School Students (as of September 2011)Tuition: $195 per student8:45 AM - 4 PM dailyFor more information or to enroll email or call

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