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Fendt Efficient TechnologyThe philosophy: MORE from LESSInnovations, perfectly implemented, are only valuablewhen they provide a noticeable benefit. That is what FendtEfficient Technology stands for. The philosophy is MOREfrom LESS – achieve more using less resources, such astime, fuel or operating materials. Experience how the FendtEfficient Technology gives you the decisive edge in costeffectivenessand profitability. Because efficiency is ourdriving force – for your long-term success.More profitability: 17,500 litres of fuel saved with SCR* Automatic Fendt Efficiency makes saving easy Automatically work at the limit with theautomatic maximum output control*In-house comparison Fendt800More performance: 60 km/h for a 16 percent highertransport capacity Move up to 37 tonnes more per dayMore for the environment: 95 percent less NO x 95 percent less particulate matter Less CO 2emissions through lower fuelconsumption Less operating materials through lessoverlapping4

More comfort: 3.5 m 3 driver paradise with panorama view Up to 1,920 fewer hand movements a day All functions in one terminal Work up to 1,250 hectares more withVarioGuideMore versatility 22 connections for maximum versatility Can be used 365 days a year Reverse drive option for performing work inreverse as well as forwardMore safety: Seven points for comfort and driving safety Safe driving on the road and in the field5

STARTOberer Acker am:SeeWinterweizen:DekanBetrieb MüllerHeislawastlBad KohlgrubHerbizid:U 46 D-FluidHerbizid:AtlantisWetter:leicht windighahal/hal/ha1/212EDIT offlineThe Fendt VariotronicThe “4-in-1 Varioterminal”Finally, all functions in one terminalThe Fendt Variotronic is the new and unique electroniccontrol that unites all functions in one terminal for thefirst time: the tractor and implement controls, camerafunctions as well as the documentation and automaticsteering systems are now completely integrated in theVarioterminal 10.4" and can be operated using the sameoperating logic. That saves you the cost of additional terminals.For standard farming requirements, Fendt offersthe Vario terminal 7" . Both terminals have intuitive menuswith a flat hierarchy and practical touch technology.The last turning manoeuvre is as precise as the firstUp to 160 turning manoeuvres in ten hours can beexhausting without automated functions. The 800 Variois equipped with the Variotronic TI headland managementsystem as standard to ensure that the last turningmanoeuvre is as precise as the first. The Variotronic TI isclearly displayed in the Varioterminal. Operators can activateautomated operating sequences at the headlandswith just a touch of a button. To optimise the sequenceof the steps, they can also be edited and adjusted individuallywhen the tractor is at a standstill. That saves timeat the headlands and prevents possible operating errorson long work days.Varioterminal 7” 10.4”Tractor controls Implement control Variotronic TI VarioGuide - VarioDoc - 2 camera images - Map view - The new VarioterminalThe 7" Varioterminal features easy tractor andimplement control as well as Vario tronic TIheadland management. In addition, theVarioterminal 10.4", which is twice as big, alsooffers camera functions as well as VarioGuideand VarioDoc.Info +Info +Info +Info +Info +The 4-in-1 VarioterminalThe 10.4" Varioterminal can display up tofour applications simultaneously. You caneasily choose and change the arrangementof the applications on the screenas you wish.?Info +Info +Info +Info +Info +Documentation with VarioDocAll data are transferred wirelessly tothe office PC and automatically saved.Bothersome exporting of data with amemory card is no longer required.?11017m1234Variotronic V a rio-Doc TI Pro HauptseitePflugHr. Fleißig: Spritzen 1.04Go Funktion 110,0005Auslöser30,0040 %1,50040 1,750 %RECORDRECORDCamera functionsThe Varioterminal has two camera inputs.They can be viewed in quarter, halfor full screen view. Operators no longerneed to turn around constantly, forexample, to monitor the rear implement.Wert5,05,0mPLAY?Camera imageVariotronic TI page10.4" Varioterminal 7" VarioterminalVariotronic TIPflugHelpESC keyVariotronic TIPflugSTART?STARTPLAYGo Funktion 1Auslöser WertPLAYRECORDRECORDRotarycontrolGo Funktion 1 Auslöser Wert1RECORDRECORD101240 %Screenlayout23440 %40 %5,0 mEDIT offline17m340 %EDIT offlineNavigation5,0145,0 mMain menu25,734,827,5155,0VarioGuide viewOperatingelementVariotronic TI headland managementThe entire Variotronic TI operating procedure is displayed in both terminals, along withthe relevant triggers, for example, the seconds to the next step, so that operators canfollow the sequence and make changes to it as required.10

Cutting-edge engine and transmission technologyFinally, ecologythat pays offThe 800 Vario is powered by highly efficient drive traintechnology that delivers convincing pulling power andfuel efficiency. In addition to reducing emissions, the SCRtechnology also significantly lowers fuel consumption andCO 2emissions. The powerful six-cylinder engine, combinedwith the continuously variable Vario transmission,is dynamic and lively. Two leading technologies perfectlyunited.12

Your benefits 17,500 litres of fuel saved with SCR* Automatic Fendt Efficiency makessaving easy Automatically drive at the power limitwith automatic maximum output control*In-house comparison Fendt13

Cutting-edge engine and transmission technologyPerfect teamwork between the engine and transmissionLess fuel consumption – more dynamicsLow costs per hour are of major significance for theoverall profitability of the tractor. The six-cylinder Deutzengine, with common rail high-pressure injection systemand a maximum output of up to 280 hp, delivershigh fuel efficiency. The optimised injectors enablevery precise injection with a pressure of up to 2,000 bar.Another reason behind the exceptional dynamics is theturbocharger, which features an electronically controlledwastegate.17,500 litres of fuel saved with SCRThe Fendt 800 Vario complies with emissions standardStage 3b (= Tier IV interim). For Fendt, SCR technologyis the best solution for compliance with the emissionsstandard, since it allows fuel consumption to be loweredby another seven percent*. The 800 Vario, with an averagefuel consumption of 25 l/hr, saves 1.75 litres per hourthrough SCR alone. In 10,000 operating hours that meansa total of 17,500 litres of diesel are saved. Another advantageis that exhaust treatment takes place after combustionand therefore does not affect it. The engine is thereforeoptimally tuned and achieves a very high degree ofpower efficiency.*In-house comparison FendtNm125012001150110010501000950900kW210205200195190185180175170165160155150g/kWh220210200190TorquePowerFuel consumption8288281000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 21008281,210 Nm torque, 280 hp max. output at 1,900 rpm anda specific fuel consumption of 192 g/kW for the 828 Variothanks to implementation of cutting-edge technology.cooled metering moduleNO xSensorAdBlue® heatingsystemSCR catalytic converterreaction ofNH 3+ NO x=> H 2O+N 2AdBlue®injectionStage 1 (2000)Stage 2 (2002)Stage 3a (2006)Stepwise reduction of exhaust gasemissions in Europe and North AmericaStage 3b (2011) Tier 4 interim 800 VarioStage 4 (2014)AdBlue® filler neckAdBlue® tankdelivery modulewith filterSCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for exhaust after-treatmentWith SCR technology, exhaust is after-treated with Adblue®, a 32.5 percent solution of urea,which converts nitrous oxides NOx into non-toxic nitrogen and water. The consumption ofAdBlue®, the standard urea-water solution used by commercial vehicles, lies at about sevenpercent of normal diesel consumption. This can vary depending on the operation.AdBlue® is available all over the world at filling stations or through AGCO Parts.9,2 8 4 2 0,40,54 0,2 0,2 0,025 0,025Nitrous oxides NO x(g/kWh)Particulate matter PM (g/kWh)14

The Fendt 800 Vario in the fieldStrength at the front and rear –when everything fits togetherFlexibility and versatility when mounting and operatingmodern and heavy implements is a prerequisite for economicaloperations. The nice thing about the 800 Vario isthat all implements can be mounted and removed withoutdifficulty and can be controlled very easily with theVarioterminal. That gives you a fast and relaxed start intoyour work day.16

Your benefits: More than 22 connections at thefront and rear A touch of a button is all that isrequired for the best quality of work17

The Fendt 800 Vario in the fieldIt is the sum of the details that enables perfect operationsMore than 22 connections at the front and rearThe Fendt 800 Vario offers more connections than anyother tractor in its power class: six electrohydraulic double-actingvalves at the rear and two in the front, powerbeyond, ISOBUS connection and many more. Overall, the800 Vario has more than 22 connections, which are practicablylocated both at the front and rear. That ensuresversatile operations and trouble-free connection of allimplements.Powerful lift capacityThe lift capacities of the 800 Vario have been significantlyincreased over the previous models. The electrohydraulicrear power lift, which has a maximum lift capacity of83.4 kN, ensures that even heavy rear-mounted implementsfor this power class can be lifted to the fullestheight without trouble. A maximum lift capacity of upto 5,030 daN at the front permits the use of heavy frontmountedimplements. The front lift is integrated in thestructure of the tractor so that the coupling points arerelatively close to the vehicle.There are numerous connectionsavailable at the rear: Signal socket ISOBUS connection Hydraulic top link 6 double-acting control valves Leakage oil line Unpressurised rear return flow Air brake Control line power beyond Pressure line power beyond Hydraulic trailer brake 7-pin socket Lower link hook end ABS socket Hitch Rear PTO Low hitchConnections at the front of theFendt 800 Vario: Top link 2 double-acting control valves Unpressurised front return flow 7-pin socket Front PTO Lower link hook endHeat exchanger for hydraulic oil coolingFront hydraulic connectionsContainer for oil leakageFree front return flow18

Powerful hydraulic systemWith its load-sensing technology, the 800 Vario is wellequippedfor demanding operations. Depending on thearea of application, you can equip the 800 Vario with aload-sensing pump with a delivery capacity of 110, 160or 193 litres per minute.PTOs with economy functionThe PTOs can be easily controlled via the multi-functionarmrest. External controls are also available at the frontand rear. The rear PTO speeds (540E/1000 or 1000/1000E)enable work at a lower engine speed, which means lowerfuel consumption. The front PTO (1,000 rpm) permitsoperation with a broad range of implements in the front.A push of a button for best quality of workIn the valve assignment page in the Varioterminal,operators can assign hydraulic valves to the operatingelements as needed. The entire procedure is very userfriendlyand is easy to operate with the buttons or touchscreen.Schlepper HauptseitePflugHydraulikventile HeckPflug30l30l30l30l10s80027,534,815,06,830l30l30l30l30l30l10s10s10s Up to eight electrohydraulicdouble-acting valves30l 30l 10sEasy assignment via the valve assignment pageEXT Maximum lift capacities:Front: 5,030 daNRear: 11,110 daN EPC rear and front linkage incl.shock load stabilising and dafunctionMulti-function joystickControls Valves 3 and 4,Variotronic TI , linkageCrossgate leverControls Valves 1and 2Power lift moduleControls rear linkage, comfortfront linkage, PTOsSteering servoValve block for:- Aux control units- Rear linkage- Front linkage PTO with comfort controls(540E/1000 or 1000/1000E) External controls for the linkage,valves and PTOsHydraulic oil tank(80 l available oil volume)19Central control blockAxial piston hydraulic pump in intermediate housing109 l/min (optional: 152 or 193 l/min)More information:www.fendt.com/800/details

The Fendt 800 Vario for transportDrive fasterand safer60Speed and flexibility are a must for transport work –exactly the right thing for the new 800 Vario. With a topspeed of 60 km/h and a chassis that masters high speeds,you are in the passing lane with the 800 Vario when itcomes to transport.20

Your benefits Move 37 tonnes more per day Seven points for your comfort Maximum on-road and in-fielddriving safety21

The Fendt 800 Vario for transportMore kilometres, more safety – less fuel consumptionMove 37 tonnes more a dayThe 800 Vario has a top speed of 60 km/h at an enginespeed of only 1,750 rpm, which gives it an up to 16 percenthigher transport capacity* and lower fuel consumption.Those are the advantages that make the differenceat the end of the day: for example, an 800 Vario with atransport capacity of a total of 230 tonnes in 10 hoursmoves 37 tonnes more thanks to the faster speed. Andwhen the 800 Vario is driven at 50 km/h and an enginespeed of 1,450 rpm, it boasts even greater fuel efficiency.Seven points for your comfortThe entire chassis concept provides the best ride comfortand optimum ergonomics. Seven points ensurean exceptional driving experience: the self-levellingfront axle suspension the anti-roll control the FendtReaction steering system the shock load stabilising the cab suspension the seat suspension the automaticsteering axle lock.*in-house measurementWithout FSCWith FSCStability control (FSC)At speeds above 20 km/h, the Fendt Stability Control (FSC) locksthe compensation between the right and left sides and takessteering precision, driving stability and braking safety to a completelynew level. When the driving speed drops below 15 km/hagain, compensation between the left and right side is possible,which ensures the best ground contact.New front axle suspension for maximum driving safety at 60 km/hThe new front axle suspension with exterior spring cylinders and dual-circuit braking system withintegral cardan brake permit a maximum speed of 60 km/h.Additional areas visiblewith the wide-angle mirrorAreas visible withoutthe wide-angle mirrorWide-angle mirror for a better overviewThe optional wide-angle mirror expands your field of vision, which provides significantly more safety. You have a better overview of things that are happening on the sides of thetractor. The hazard zone, which is usually located in the blind spot, is easier to see into and unforeseen situations can be avoided.22

Maximum on-road and in-field driving safetyThe chassis ensures optimum handling on the road andin the field. With the unique Fendt Stability Control (FSC),you are in control, even when negotiating curves. At thesame time, the nearly maintenance-free braking system,comprising two integral multi-disc brakes for the rearwheels and a disc brake on the cardan shaft for the frontwheels, offers high driving safety and excellent deceleration.And with the wide-angle mirror, you have everythingthat happens next to you in view.Automatic steering axle lockThe optional automatic steering axle lock automaticallyunlocks the steering axle at a predefined speed on trailerswith self-steering axles. On straight stretches, the rigidself-steering axle ensures stable handling. Operators donot need to lock the self-steering axle manually outsideof the preselected speed range and when reversing.800 60 km/h transport speed atreduced engine speed(1,750 rpm) Fendt Stability Control FSC Self-levelling front axlesuspension with lockingfunction High performance dual-circuitbraking system Wide-angle mirror Fendt Reaction steering system Tachograph optionalEverything in view, even in the darkThe ingenious lighting concept on the 800 Vario doesn't leave you in the dark. Both the high and low beams provide a one-of-a-kindhigh level of illumination intensity. The work lights on the 800 Vario can be individually adjusted for up to 360 degrees of illumination.Xenon work lights are available as an option.More information:www.fendt.com/800/details23

Fendt versatilityGo forward faster in reverseIn addition to classic agricultural applications, specialtyoperations for contracting, municipal and forestry applicationsare increasing in the professional sector. Fendt offersa factory-installed, full function reverse drive option forthese very demanding operations. It allows you to benefitfrom an increased range of applications and you can usethe Vario almost 365 days of the year.24

Your benefits In operation 365 days a year Reverse drive option for greateroperational versatility and the sameride and operating comfort in reverseas in forward drive.25

The sum of the technical solutions create the technological leadCutting-edge technology combinedIn the 800 Vario, state-of-the-art technology is optimally merged in a single vehicle,which gives professional farmers and business owners an economic edge.1. Rugged cast frame2. New front axle suspension (lockable andmaintenance-free, +/- 60 mm suspensiontravel) with Fendt Stability Control3. Suspension cylinder for front axle4. Front linkage with external controls5. Front PTO6. 2 da hydraulic connections at the front7. Planetary final drives8. 6.06 l Deutz engine with 4 valves per cylinder9. Cooler unit with viscous fan control10. SCR catalytic converter11. Continuously variable Vario transmission12. Hydro motor13. Hydraulic pump14. Enclosed 4WD clutch15. Cardan brake for front axle16. Fuel tank with 505-l capacity17. Planetary axle18. Wet, slow-rotating multi-disc brake for rearwheels19. Rear linkage with hydraulic lateralstabilisation20. X5-cab with integral automatic airconditioningand 5.5 m 2 glass area21. Pneumatic cab suspension22. Armrest with Variocentre23. New Varioterminal with integralFendt VarioGuide automaticsteering system24. VarioGuide roof unit25. Super Comfort Seat Fendt Evolution activewith climate control and active suspension26. Comfort passenger seat withautomatic seat belt27. External rear view mirror, electricallyadjustable, heated28. External rear controls for linkage,PTO and one hydraulic control unit6592384726


Technical SpecificationsEngineRated power (kW/hp) (ECE R24)Max. power (kW/hp) (ECE R24)Rated power (kW/hp) (EC 97/68) 5)Max. power (kW/hp) (EC 97/68)No. of cylinders / coolingCylinder bore / stroke (mm)Cubic capacity (cm 3 )Rated engine speed (rpm)Engine speed at max. power (rpm)Max. torque (1450/rpm)Torque rise (%)Optim. fuel consumption (g/kWh)Fuel tank (l)AdBlue® (l)Oil change interval (op. hrs.) 4)819 822 824 826 828132 / 180147 / 200144 / 196151 / 2056/water101 / 1266056210019008633719250532500147 / 200162 / 220159 / 216166 / 2266/water101 / 1266056210019009553719250532500162 / 220176 / 240174 / 237182 / 2486/water101 / 12660562100190010403619250532500176 / 240191 / 260188 / 256195 / 2656/water101 / 12660562100190011203519250532500191 / 260206 / 280203 / 276211 / 2876/water101 / 12660562100190012103519250532500Transmission and PTOTypeSpeed range: Range I - field (forward / reverse)Range II - road (forward / reverse)Maximum speed (km/h)Rear PTO (rpm)Front PTO (rpm) 1)60continuously variable Vario transmission0.02 to 35 km/h / 0.02 to 20 km/h0.02 to 60 km/h / 0.02 to 33 km/h606060540E / 1000 or 1000 / 1000E100060Power liftDisplacement pump (200 bar) (l/min)Rear power lift controlMax. auxiliary valves, (standard)Power version:Profi version:Profi Plus versionMax. lift capacity, rear linkage on the drawbar (kN/kp)Max. lift capacity, front linkage (daN)Implement weight / front linkage up to (kg)109EPC1111050303364109EPC109EPC4 da 3) (3 da 3)) electr. valves109EPC8 da 3) (4 da 3)) electr. valves / crossgate lever8 da 3) (4 da 3)) electr. valves / crossgate lever111105030336411110503033641111050303364109EPC1111050303364Weights and dimensionsUnladen weightPerm. overall weight (kg)for 40 km/h / 50 km/h (single-circuit brake)for 40 km/h / 50 km/h (dual-circuit brake)for 60 km/h (dual-circuit brake)Max. vertical hitch load with standard tyresand 60 km/h (kg)Overall length (mm)Overall width (mm)Overall height (mm)Ground clearance (mm) 2)Wheelbase (mm)Track width front (mm) 2)Track width rear (mm) 2)Min. turning circle (m) 6)930014000160001400020005274255032705132900200019705.4930014000160001400020005274255032705132900200019705.4930014000160001400020005274255032705132900200019705.4945014000160001400020005274255032705672900200019705.4945014000160001400020005274255032705672900200019705.4Electrical equipmentStarter (kW)Battery (V/Ah)Alternator (V/A)4.012 / 17014 / 2x1504.012 / 17014 / 2x1504.012 / 17014 / 2x1504.012 / 17014 / 2x1504.012 / 17014 / 2x1501)= optional, 2) = with standard tyres, 3) = can also be operated as single-acting, 4) = is halved when using RME biodiesel, 5) = definitive power specifications for registration, 6) = without steering brake, with 540/65R3028

Standard and optional equipment■ = standard ❑ = optional – = not availableVario controlsJoystick control (with cruise control memory keys) ■ – –Multi-function joystick – ■ ■Varioterminal 7” for fine adjustments ■ ■ –Varioterminal 10.4” for fine adjustments – ❑ ■Variotronic implement control for ISOBUS ❑ 1) ■ ■Variotronic TI - Headland Management System – ■ ■Vario TMS - engine-transmission management system ■ ■ ■VarioDoc – ❑ ■VarioDoc Pro – ❑ ❑Automated steering system ready kit – – ■ 2)VarioGuide automated steering system – – ❑Electronic immobiliser ■ ■ ■CabPneumatic cab suspension ❑ ❑ ❑Reversing driver station ❑ ❑ ❑Height and tilt-adjustable steering column ■ ■ ■Super comfort seat, air sprung, low frequency suspension ■ ■ ■Super comfort seat Evolution with climate control ❑ ❑ ❑Super comfort seat Evolution with climate control andactive suspension ❑ ❑ ❑Passenger seat with automatic seat belt ■ ■ ■Comfort passenger seat ❑ ❑ ❑Radio mounting kit with two stereo loudspeakers ■ ■ ■Dual radio slot with four loudspeakers ❑ ❑ ❑Blaupunkt Radio CD MP3 with sound system ❑ ❑ ❑Radio CD MP3 Blaupunkt with hands-free speaking system,sound system ❑ ❑ ❑Factory-installed tachograph ❑ ❑ ❑Integral automatic air-conditioning ■ ■ ■Toxic filter (aerosol) ■ ■ ■Rear window wash/wipe ■ ■ ■Side view mirror, electrically adjustable and heated ❑ ■ ■Side mirror mechanically adjustable ■ – –Wide angle mirror ❑ ❑ ❑Interior mirror ❑ ■ ■Work lights, 2x roof rear, 1x roof front ■ ■ ■Work lights A-pillar, rear mudguards ❑ ❑ ❑Work light Xenon A-pillar, mudguard rear,roof front ❑ ❑ ❑LED rear light ❑ ❑ ❑Bracket for additional device ❑ ❑ ❑Air-conditioned cool box ❑ ❑ ❑EngineFuel pre-filter ■ ■ ■Preheater package (engine, transmission, hydraulic oil) ❑ ❑ ❑Exhaust brake ❑ ❑ ❑TransmissionShuttle function, Stop & Go function ■ ■ ■Acoustic signal when reversing ❑ ❑ ❑Chassis / safety featuresDual-circuit braking system, FSC Fendt Stability Control – ■ ■Single-circuit braking system, 1 pedal ■ ❑ ❑Single-circuit brakes, 2 pedals, steering clutch brake ❑ ❑ ❑Compressed air system ■ ■ ■Automatic trailer steering axle lock ❑ ❑ ❑Power Profi ProfiPlus Power Profi ProfiPlus4WD / differential locksComfort engagement 4WD / differential lock ■ ■ ■Rear / front differential with 100% disc locking ■ ■ ■Power shift PTORear: Flange PTO 540E/1000 rpm ■ ■ ■Rear: Flange PTO 1000/1000E rpm ❑ ❑ ❑Front: 1000 rpm ❑ ❑ ❑External rear PTO controls ■ ■ ■HydraulicsLoad sensing system with axial piston pump (109 l/min) ■ ■ ■152 l/min delivery capacity ❑ ❑ ❑193 l/min delivery capacity ❑ ❑ ❑Electrohydraulic power lift da (EPC),with external actuation – ■ ■Electrohydraulic linkage sa (EPC),with external actuation ■ – –hydraulic lower link lateral stabilisation ❑ ❑ ❑Radar anti-slip control ❑ ❑ ❑QC hydraulic top link ❑ ❑ ❑Lower link hooks cat. 4 ❑ ❑ ❑Hydraulic connection external (load-sensing) ❑ ❑ ❑Hydraulic valve actuation crossgate lever,multi-function joystick – ■ ■External controls for hydraulic control unit rear ■ ■ ■Double connect-under-pressure lever couplings rear ❑ ❑ ❑Front linkage sa, with external actuation ❑ ■ ■Comfort front power lift da, with position control,external actuation – ❑ ❑BodyAuto. hitch with remote control, rear ■ ■ ■Ball-type coupling, height adjustable ❑ ❑ ❑Ball-type coupling incl. frame ❑ ❑ ❑Forced steering (one or two-sided) ❑ ❑ ❑Hitch coupling ❑ ❑ ❑Swinging drawbar ❑ ❑ ❑Piton fix ❑ ❑ ❑Compressed air Duomatic coupling ❑ ❑ ❑Rotating beacon ❑ ❑ ❑Wide vehicle markers ❑ ❑ ❑Pivoting front mudguards ■ ■ ■Dual tyres rear ❑ ❑ ❑Dual tyres front ❑ ❑ ❑Easy ballast mounting for front weight ■ 3) ❑ 3) ❑ 3)Front weights, various sizes ❑ ❑ ❑Wheel ballast weights rear wheels ❑ ❑ ❑Design Line ❑ ❑ ❑Removable tool box ❑ ❑ ❑1)= Operation only with Varioterminal 2) = including VarioGuide roof hatch, 3) = not possible with front linkageThe Fendt on-line configurator: Here you can put together your own custom Fendt according to your wishes. Visit www.fendt.com.29

The Fendt overall profitabilityInvesting right meanssaving in the long-termIt is clear that you get cutting-edge technology with aFendt tractor. But there's much more to the overall costpicture of a Fendt Vario: from competent consultation, tocomprehensive services up to the special value retentionof a Fendt tractor.Efficiency: The recipe for successful economicaloperationsWe make no compromises when it comes to this subjectmatter, because our objective is to be the leader for costeffectivenessper hectare and kilometre. Fendt engineersare constantly working on lowering fuel consumption,which makes up half of the total costs of a tractor. Thevery best technology is just good enough here, forexample, as is found in the 800 Vario: the highly efficientVario drive train and the fuel-saving SCR technology incombination with TMS. These further increase the alreadyfirst-class efficiency of the Vario and reduces the costs perhectare and kilometre.Retention of value = future-proofing plus qualityEvery Fendt customer knows – things are settled at theend of the service life of a tractor. And this is a true joy forFendt owners, because the resale value of a Fendt Variois unbeatable. And that has its reasons: as the innovationleader, Fendt always sets the decisive trends for agriculturalequipment and installs technology that continuesto be in demand in the future. Add to that the high qualityof Fendt tractors, which stands for operational reliabilityand a long lifetime. The total is a retention of valuethat only Fendt can offer you.30

Fendt overall profitabilityMore freedom for investments – tailor-madefinancing through AGCO FINANCE and the idealService PackageA custom financing package with attractive conditionsand flexible terms offers you an ideal opportunity tomatch your investment to the needs of your farm or business.AGCO FINANCE is your reliable partner for financing.With a Fendt Service Package, you have servicing andrepair costs under control. When purchasing your tractor,you can already plan the prescribed service work basedon attractive fixed prices or arrange for full cost controlper operating hour – with the Service Package, or thecomprehensive ProService Package. Fendt Efficiency for the bestcost-effectiveness per hectare Fendt Comfort for pleasant workingconditions day after day Fendt Retention of Value for anunbeatable resale value Fendt Service for competentconsultation and full reliability Fendt Flexibility for custom financingand individual offers Fendt Expert Driver Training for themost efficient Vario driving31

More than ever:Leaders drive FendtSales agent:All data regarding delivery, appearance, performance, dimensions and weight, fuel consumption and running costs of the vehiclescorrespond with the latest information available at the time of going to press. Changes may be made before the time of purchase.Your Fendt dealer will be pleased to supply you with up-to-date information.AGCO GmbH – Fendt MarketingD-87616 MarktoberdorfFax +49 (0) 8342 / 77-220 www.fendt.com828V/1.0-EN/08-10/5.0-E

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