Official Program - Ohrid Choir Festival

Official Program - Ohrid Choir Festival

Competition Concert 1, Friday 27.08.201010.00 Children’s Choir Omnes Latvia10.15 Vuk Karadžić Serbia10.30 Smiltė Lithuania10.45 Break11.00 Ave Musica Ukraine11.15 Stellatus Hungary11.30 Oriana UkraineCompetition Concert 2, Friday 27.08.201012.00 Girls’ Youth Choir Onmes Latvia12.15 April Russia12.30 Warsaw School of SocialSciences and Humanities Choir Poland12.45 Vox Humana Romania13.00 Break13.15 Männerstimmen Basel Switzerland13.30 Cantica Nova Italy13.45 Oplenac SerbiaCompetition Concert 3, Saturday 28.08.201010.00 Chamber Choir of Pécs Hungary10.15 Lviv State Music College Ukraine10.30 Consonanza Poland10.45 Break11.00 Mistika Bulgaria11.15 Rozkvet Slovakia11.30 Shtaslivetsa BulgariaCompetition Concert 4, Saturday 28.08.201012.00 Sound Choir Romania12.15 Te Deum Lithuania12.30 Thracian Lyre Bulgaria12.45 Vox Animi Romania13.00 Break13.15 Bel Canto Lithuania13.30 Labyrint Czech Republic13.45 Vardar Macedonia14.00 Golden Years CroatiaFolk Concert 1, Friday 27.08.201018.00 Dobri Hristov Bulgaria18.10 Children Singers Divisi Spain18.20 Thracian Lyre Bulgaria18.30 Lviv State Music College Ukraine18.30 Rozkvet SlovakiaFolk Concert 2, Friday 27.08.201019.00 Labyrint Czech Republic19.10 Consonanza Poland19.20 Vox Humana Romania19.30 Mozaik Serbia19.40 Männerstimmen Basel Switzerland19.50 Rilski Zvutsi Bulgaria20.00 Molende DR CongoPop Concert, Saturday 28.08.201018.00 Children Singers Divisi Spain18.10 Mozaik Serbia18.20 Cantica Nova Italy18.30 Rozkvet Slovakia18.30 Shtaslivetsa BulgariaFolk Concert 3, Saturday 28.08.201019.00 Ave Musica Ukraine19.10 Cantica Nova Italy19.20 Mistika Bulgaria19.30 Warsaw School of SocialSciences and Humanities Choir Poland19.40 Cappela Polifonica Romania19.50 Stefka Blagoeva BulgariaConcert od Sacred Music 1, Sunday 29.08.201010.00 Consonanza Poland10.10 Children Singers Divisi Spain10.20 Dobri Hristov Bulgaria10.30 Ave Musica Ukraine10.40 Vox Humana Romania10.50 Girls’ Youth Choir Onmes LatviaConcert od Sacred Music 2, Sunday 29.08.201011.20 Männerstimmen Basel Switzerland11.30 Ars Viva Russia11.40 Chamber Choir of Pécs Hungary11.50 Lviv State Music College Ukraine12.00 Golden Years Croatia12.10 Rilski Zvutsi BulgariaConcert od Sacred Music 3, Sunday 29.08.201012.40 Children’s Choir Omnes Latvia12.50 Oriana Ukraine13.00 Mistika Bulgaria13.10 Rozkvet Slovakia13.20 Sound Choir Romania13.30 Te Deum LithuaniaConcert od Sacred Music 4, Sunday 29.08.201014.00 Warsaw School of SocialSciences and Humanities Choir Poland14.10 Stellatus Hungary14.20 Lira Maria Radna Romania14.30 Stefka Blagoeva Bulgaria14.40 Molende DR Congo14.50 Vardar MacedoniaПРОГРАМА | PROGRAM

PageChoirCategoryTypeCompetitionFolkSacredPopPlaceCountry4 Children Singers Divisi A ♫ ♫ ♫ Valencia Spain5 Children’s Choir Omnes A ♫ ♫ Riga Latvia6 Dobri Hristov A ♫ ♫ Varna Bulgaria7 Smiltė A ♫ Kretinga Lithuania8 Vuk Karadžić A ♫ Kikinda SerbiaPARTICIPANTS9 April B ♀ ♫ Gatchina Russia10 Ave Musica B × ♫ ♫ ♫ Odessa Ukraine11 Girls’ Youth Choir Omnes B ♀ ♫ ♫ Riga Latvia12 Mozaik B ♀ ♫ ♫ Požarevac Serbia13 Oriana B ♀ ♫ ♫ Odessa Ukraine14 Stellatus B × ♫ ♫ Szeged Hungary15 Ars Viva C × ♫ Moscow Russia16 Bel Canto C × ♫ Vilnius Lithuania17 Cantica Nova C × ♫ ♫ ♫ Milazzo Italy18 Capella Polifonica C × ♫ Arad Romania19 Chamber Choir of Pécs C × ♫ ♫ Pécs Hungary20 Consonanza C × ♫ ♫ ♫ Wrocław Poland21 Golden Years C × ♫ ♫ Velika Gorica Croatia22 Labyrint C × ♫ ♫ Prague Czech Republic23 Lira Maria Radna C ♀ ♫ Lipova Romania24 Lviv State Music College C × ♫ ♫ ♫ Lviv Ukraine25 Männerstimmen Basel C ♂ ♫ ♫ ♫ Basel Switzerland26 Mistika C ♀ ♫ ♫ ♫ Dobrich Bulgaria27 Molende C × ♫ Kinshasa DR Congo28 Oplenac C × ♫ Topola Serbia29 Rilski Zvutsi C × ♫ ♫ Dupnitsa Bulgaria30 Rozkvet C × ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Priedvidza Slovakia31 Shtaslivetsa C × ♫ ♫ Sofia Bulgaria32 Sound Choir C × ♫ ♫ Bucharest Romania33 Stefka Blagoeva C ♂ ♫ ♫ Plovdiv Bulgaria34 Te Deum C × ♫ ♫ Kaunas Lithuania35 Thracian Lyre C × ♫ ♫ Pazardjik Bulgaria36 Vardar C × ♫ ♫ Skopje Macedonia37 Vox Animi C × ♫ Sighişoara Romania38 Vox Humana C × ♫ ♫ ♫ Sfantu Gheorghe RomaniaWarsaw School of Social39Sciences and Humanities ChoirC × ♫ ♫ ♫ Warsaw Poland* The information in this brochure was provided by the choirs and the publisher is not responsible for its accuracy.

Xiquets Cantors DivisiValencia, SpainJosé Vicente De Sousa Marin - conductorGema Morales - pianistMadalina Morariu - teacher of singingFolk ConcertTitle Composer LyricsTutiramai A. Ritchie Trad. Maori-WaiataSereno Arr. Eduardo López Chavarri Pop. ValenciaAizu Bandaisan Arr. H. Ishimaru Japanese folksongDanza Negroide Timo-Juhana Kyllönen; G. Nuñez Negro folkCon El Vito Arr. Ramón Medina Pop. Andalucia-SpainNegrito Trasnochador E. Serrano; Arr. V. Tabbush Pop. VenezuelaNginesi Ponono Arr. Markus Detterbeck Trad. ZuluPop ConcertTitle Composer LyricsCon La Fuerza De Mi Alma R. Fritscher -Reloj Sincopado L. Anderson; Arr.- José V. De Sousa. -Puedes Oirme Bob Chilcott -Paraiso R. Cayabyab -Cantares J. Serrat; Arr. D. Barberá A. MachadoConcert of Sacred MusicTitle Composer LyricsAgnus Dei Webbe, Samuel Text of the liturgy christensAve María X. Sarasola Text of the liturgy christensLet It Shine Arr. Kari Allan Pollanen Popular religious textAdiemus K. Jenkins Text of the liturgy christensAve Maria J. Busto Text of the liturgy christensAve María Saint-Saëns, C. Text of the liturgy christensSoon I Will Be Done Arr. José V. De Sousa Popular religious textThe Xiquets Cantors Divisi from Valencia, Spain belongs to the famous Divisi Choral school, whereevery year more than two hundredvoices are trained in five differentchoirs, three for children andtwo for adults. The group visitingMacedonia this time is formedmainly of children between tenand seventeen years old, alongwith the support of several femalevoices, also from the adult Divisichoirs. During its twenty years oflife, XCD has performed concertsall over Spain and other countries,such as Italy, Switzerland, France,Portugal, Romania and Taiwan,among others. XCD does not apply any selection criteria, accepting any person who is willing to sing—itis the responsibility of the teachers and conductors to model every voice to obtain the best from everysinger. All musical styles are a part of the repertory of XCD.4

Children’s Choir OmnesAija Kukule - conductorOlga Gorbačova - piano accompanimentInese Sarkane - choirmasterRiga, LatviaCompetition ConcertTitle Composer LyricsFunny counterpoint A. Banchieri -ABC V. A. Mocart -Elegija V. Nikolovski Traditional MacedonianThe Crokodile P. Plakidis V. ĻūdēnsIn the clock hause Austriņa -Hallo, Pinokio! I. Paura J. OsmanisWhere are you my billy goat? R. Pauls Latv. folks.Concert of Sacred MusicTitleGloria, The second part of Messe BreveComposerL. DelibesThe children’s music studio “Omnes” was founded in 1999. The name reflects the aims of thegroup—to develop the musical hearing and vocal faculties of every child irrespective of the qualityof their natual-born musical gifts and their level of development when they join the choir. In thespring of 2002, the choir was formed by the conductor and artistic director of the studio Aija Kukule.Today there are thirty-five singers aged nine to fifteen in the choir. The repertoire is quite varied—from the classics to modern Latvian and European choral music.In 2005 the choir participated in the ninth Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration and inthe international project Eurotreff (Germany). The choir has participated in several international choircompetitions: Tallinn, Estonia (2003), the fifty-second European Children and Youth choir festival inBelgium (2004), Italy (2006), Budapest, Hungary (2007), Coralis in Barcelona, Spain (2007) where itwas the competitionwinner, The SingingWorld in St Petersburg,Russia (2008),and Silver Bells inDaugavpils, Latvia(2009). They havealso released fourCDs.5

Dobri HristovVarna, BulgariaIrena Kolarova-Taushanova - conductorBilyana Eneva - piano accompanimentFolk ConcertTitle Composer LyricsMalki momi Dobri Hristov -Marzelivite babi Dobri Hristov kanonSe ojenil Cucul yonak Petar Dinev -Hvarlila moma yabalka Marin Goleminov -Moma kosi Marin Goleminov -Hrabreci Georgi Dimitrov Atanas DushkovConcert of Sacred MusicTitleComposerSlava OtcuYoan KukuzelVo razdelenieAnonim. XIVTebe poemDobri HristovAgnus DeiSamuel WebbeJesus bleibet meine Freude J. S. BachO, Salutaris Jose de SousaThe children’s choir “Dobri Hristov” along with the Municipal Children’s Complex of Varna was establishedbetween 1952-1953. The conductors, D.Resnenski, L.Dushek, Tz. Petrova, Iv. Dimitrova,Z. Milkova and I. Kolarova, are linked with the 58 years of the choir’s artistic biography.In accordance with the new international trend for the development of children singing, the three compositionsof the Children’s Choir (Preparatory, Transitional and Concert) include about 80 girls from 6 to 13years old. The Children’s Choir “Dobri Hristov” of Varna has a rich concert life including participationin municipal and national festivals and is a holder of diplomas from International Festivals in Belgium,Switzerland,France and Italy.Irena Nikolova Kolarova-Taushanova was born in 1958 in the town of Popovo. She graduated from theSchool of Music, “Dobri Hrsitov”, in Varna in the piano class of Miryana Savova and from the Academyof Music at the Bulgarian State Conservatory in Sofia with a specialty of Choir Conducting with Prof.Stoyan Kralev. She workedas a rehearsal pianist andconductor in different choirformations. Since 1995 shehas been the conductor ofthe Children’s Choir “DobriHristov” with the Children’sComplex-Varna. The lastseveral years she is a parttimelecturer with VarnaFree University.6

Vuk KaradžićKikinda, SerbiaBiljana Jeremić - conductorStevan Jeremić - solo vocalCompetition ConcertTitle Composer LyricsA mia mamma Anonymous -Air-Thema der Blacksmith Variationen G. F. Hendl -Two pewits Joost Termont Edward ThomasSrpska kraljevska suguba jektenija M. Govedarica Iz liturgije Sv. Jovana ZlatoustogPesna na šturčeto Trajko Prokopiev Milka H. ProdanovaMuva E. Erno Tamko Sirato KarolyThe choir has been in existence for more than ten years, taking part in many International choir festivals.It has been declared the best children’s choir in our country and its conductor as the best conductorin the category of children’s choirs. This year in May, the choir took part in the European Musicfestival in Neerpelt, Belgium and won the second prize. Last year the choir was in the choir festival inBad Ischl, Austria, where it won the bronze medal. All the members of the choir are looking forwardto coming to the Ohrid festival since they were there a few years ago and had many great memories ofspending time in this beautiful town.The conductor, Biljana Jeremic, is now working at the teacher-training School in Sombor, lecturing onmethods of music teaching. At the moment she is in graduate studies defending her dissertation—theinfluence of choir singing on the development of musical abilities.8

Competition ConcertAprilGatchina, RussiaElena Smirnova - conductorMarina Kaplan – choirmasterElena Voronetz - choirmasterTitle Composer LyricsGod, bless my soul Ippolitov-Ivanov Sacred lyricsIn fields Russian folk song Russian folk lyricsImmer Leiser wird mein Schlummer Brahms -Kupalinka Byelorussian folk song Byelorussian folk lyricsIzbyanaya U. Falik -Think about me in the spring night A. Petrov -Lenka Petre Bogdanov Kochko Kiro GligorovHabanera Salada Spanish folk song Spanish folk lyricsThe “April” Choir consists of choral music school graduates. “April” acts as supplemental educationat the MOU “School #8” in the town of Gatchina, in northwestern Russia. The grouplearns a comprehensive vocal technique from D. E. Ogorodnov. The Artistic Director of the choirschool is V.D. Ogorodnov. Collectives of this music school repeatedly become winners of Regionaland International competitions. This collective was formed in 1998 by Elena Smirnova, ElenaVoronez, and Marina Kaplan. It has visited many countries in Europe such as the Czech Republic,Germany, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, and others. It has received awards at the choral festivalsin Germany (2003), Spain (2005), the Netherlands (2007), Spain (2008). Additionally, they havewon the following competitions: 1st degree at the International Festival-competition “Voices Unlimited”,Veldhoven, the Netherlands (2007), 1st degree at the International Festival-competition“Okras sounds of the world”, St. Petersburg, Russia (2008), 2nd degree at the International Festivalcompetition“Moscow sounds”, Moscow, Russia (2008)Smirnova Elena studied as a choir conductor at the Rimsky-Korsakov St Petersburg State Conservatory,and at the St Petersburg State Institute of the Arts. Since 1998 Elena has been working in themusical school “April”.Under Smirnova’s direction,many choirs andensembles have beenlaureates at regional andinternational festivals andcompetitions.9

Competition ConcertAve MusicaOdessa, UkraineSergii Savenko - conductorKateryna Zamyshliaieva – accompanying personTetiana Aleksandrova - solo vocalTitle Composer LyricsGlory to the Father and Son D. S. Bortnyanskiy -Mercy of the world G. S. Lazarevskiy -Session V. Kalistratov students’sBy streets under the snow N. Iosinao U. NaoiZhelka moma Dragan Shuplevski Traditional MacedonianBehind our barn Volodymyr Zubitskiy Traditional UkrainianFolk ConcertTitle Composer LyricsOi, u poli zhito Sergii Orfeev Traditional UkrainianZhelka moma Dragan Shuplevski Traditional MacedonianOi, dub, duba Mykola Rakov Traditional UkrainianConcert of Sacred MusicTitleGlory to the Father and SonPraise GodMercy of the worldComposerD. S. BortnyanskiyAtanas BadevG. S. LazarevskiyThe student choir “AVE MUSICA” was founded in the Christian Humanitarian-Economic SciencesUniversity in 2007 by Savenko Sergei, student of A.V. at the Odessa State Musical Academy. He isa conductor, choirmaster, teacher, and winner of Ukrainian and international competitions. The choiractively takes part in the creativelife of the University.It the seventh InternationalFestival-Contest “Constellationof the Sea—Sun, Youth,Beauty”, Odessa (2008) andtook part in the sixteenthUkrainian Festival of SacredMusic “From Christmas toChristmas” Dnepropetrovsk(2009). The choir includesspiritual, classical and modernchoral music, as well asfolk song interpretations inits repertoire.10

Girls’ Youth Choir OmnesRiga, LatviaAija Kukule - conductorOlga Gorbačova - pianoCompetition ConcertTitle Composer LyricsConconeD. HiltonPale Moony Jāz. Mediņš AspazijaTowards the sun thunder‘s colts ran A. Kontauts Latv. folks.The Yellow Arr. by St.Hatfield Trad. MexicanUspivanije na bolnoto dete P. Bogdanov - Kochko Blazhe KoneskiConcert of Sacred MusicTitleMissa brevis - Kyrie, Gloria, SanctusComposerG. PelēcisThe girls’ choir “Omnes” comes from Riga, the capital of Latvia, located on both sides of theDaugava River near the Baltic Sea. The choir was founded as a vocal group in 2007 for girlswho have grown past childhood but wish to continue to perform music together. This unit grewinto a chamber choir in 2009. Nowadays there are sixteen girls aged fifteen to twenty in the choir.Omnes has an active concert Schedule—from Christmas and Easter concerts to charity events andtelevision programs. The choir has a broad repertoire that ranges from sacred music, through gospeland pop sounds to traditional folk music and modern Latvian and foreign composers.As children the girls took part in several international choir contests and toured in Estonia, Belgium,Sweden, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Russia and participated in four CD recordings. As ayouth group they won the first degreediploma of the InternationalSacred music Competition “Silverbells” in 2009.Conductor Aija Kukule is a wellknownmusician in the genre ofpopular music. She is a laureateof numerous international contestsand has recorded a great number ofsongs. She was awarded with thehighest Latvian prize for musicians.11

Ensemble MozaikIlija Rajković - conductorMarta Blagojević – solo sopranPožarevac, SerbiaJelena Milenković – solo vocalDanilo Milojković, Mladen Ničić – guitarMiroslav Jankech, Momir Marijoković – accordionFilip Savić, Nenad Nikolić, Katarina Janićević – percussionAleksandar Jankech – alto saxophoneIlija Rajković – pianoFolk ConcertTitle Composer LyricsKatyusha Matvei Blanter; arr. I. Rajković M. IsakovskyWhere are you darling…? Davorin Jenko; arr. I. Rajković B. RadičevićMacedonian girl arr. Ilija Rajković TraditionalPop ConcertTitle Composer Lyrics(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me)Higher and Higher Gary Jackson; arr. Ilija Rajković Carl SmithAquarius Galt MacDermot; arr. Ilija Rajković James RadoSomething got a hold of me Pearl Woods; arr. Ilija Rajković Etta JamesThe ensemble “Mosaic” was founded in November 2006, starting with 15 members and growing to60 performers. The Ensemble works under the management of two school professors: Ilija Rajkovićand Mladen Ničić.The members of the Ensemble have been participating in festivals and this has given them an opportunityto stand out not only as singers, but also as successful scene performers. The latter was crucial forthe Ensemble’s choice of genre. World traditional music is a domain in which most of the performers areat ease. It was the diversity of the repertoire and the large number of songs from different nations that inOctober 2009 led to namingthe Ensemble Mosaic.The Ensemble has performedmostly in Požarevac, but alsoin towns across Serbia andoutside state borders. Allof the performances servedas an experience builderand confidence boost for theEnsemble, which led to thehighest marks for their performancein the First OhridChoir Festival in 2008. In2007, in Valjevo, the Ensemblewas awarded their firstofficial price for the artisticenrichment of the festival.Their performance at the Central St. Sava Academy held in Sava Centre in 2010 was one of the mostimportant in their career.12

Youth Female Choir OrianaOdessa, UkraineShpak Galina - conductorCompetition ConcertTitle Composer LyricsBy Lord’s power Dmytro Bortniansky From massBukovina resting Anatoliy Kos-Anatolsky FolkGirl going to water Dragan Shuplevski FolkFields Pylyp Kozytsky FolkLord, why have you left me? Ganna Gavrylets PsalmThe Secret Tomislav Zografski Blazhe KoneskiConcert of Sacred MusicTitle Composer LyricsLets celebrate Joseph Paul Chesnokov SticheraHow can I leave You, Lord Mykola Lysenko PsalmForce of Angels come Edited by Galyna Shpak Stichera of St. Sofia, church hymnCanon Ditrikh Bukstehude Church hymnThe female youth choir Oriana is an amateur choir based at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Odessa,and has existed since 2008. Folk songs, classical choral works and sacred music are includedin the choir’s repertoire. Over the years Oriana has taken part in more than twenty choral events.Awards:- 2008 International Competition “Constellation of the Sea”, first prize,- 2009 International Competition “South Palmira”, first prize,- 2010 Seventh Ukrainian festival “Dnepr Easter Hymns”, first prize.13The choir conductor is Galina Shpak, graduated from Odessa State Musical Conservatory. She worksas assistant professor of choral conducting in the Conservatory and conductor of the student choir ofthe Odessa State A.V. NezhdanovaMusical Academy. In 2009 with the“Nova Odeska opera” she touredin Holland, Belgium and Spain asconductor of the new productionof the opera “Don Giovanni” (Mozart).More than 25 years she alsoleads different church choirs. At thepresent time Galyna is the conductorof male choir in Odessa St. Panteleimonabbey.Odessa is a major tourist, culturaland industrial center in southernUkraine, with a population of onemillion people. It was founded in1794 by Empress Catherine II.

Youth Mixed Choir StellatusSzeged, HungaryCompetition ConcertSzilvia Balázs - conductorEnikő Jordanov - solo vocalTitle Composer LyricsViva la musica Erőd Iván -Ajde brala moma Gligor Smokvarski Traditional MacedonianIl est bel et bon Pierre Passereau -Eli! Eli! Deák-Bárdos György Biblical text: Mt 27,46El chant dels ocells arr. Pau Casals - Oriol Martorell Traditional CatalanLacrymosa Calixto Alvarez -Evening song Kodály Zoltán Traditional HungarianConcert of Sacred MusicTitle Composer LyricsRorando coeli Jan Campanus Vodnansky -Jubilate Halmos László from Psalm 99Jesu Rex admirabilis Giovanni Pierluigi Da Palestrina St. Bernard of ClairvauxAdoration Kodály Zoltán Szedő DénesAn Alleluia Super-Round William Albright -The members of the Stellatus Youth Mixed Choir are between fifteen and nineteen years old from theVántus István Secondary School of Music in Szeged, Hungary. The students specialize in playingclassical instruments or singing. This year the choir won the Gold Diploma and Certificate of Merit atthe national “Young Choirs’ Qualifying Concert”. The repertoire of the choir contains various piecesby masters from the renaissance to the contemporary period.Szeged is located on the banks of the river Tisza in the southern region of the Great Hungarian Plain andis called the “town of sunshine”. The symbol of Szeged is the Cathedral, also called the Votive Church,which was built in gratitude to God, when—after the destruction of the great flood in 1879—the towncould be rebuilt and reborn with thehelp of some European capital cities.Szilvia Balázs graduated in 2002from the Secondary School MusicTeacher and Choir Conductor Departmentof the Liszt Ferenc Academyof Music in Budapest. Sheteaches solfeggio and music theory,and conducts the choir in the SecondaryMusic School in Szeged.149

Chamber choirArs VivaMoscow, RussiaLubov Zvyagintseva, Dmitry Shmelev - conductorsKonstantinova, Muravina, Saliy, Kotkin,Pivovarov, Rogovoy, Sokolov, Ushakov - soloistsConcert of Sacred MusicTitle Composer LyricsNeither the tomb no Death S. Rachmaninov The Collect-Hymn of the DormitionThe wise thief P. Dinev Exapostilarion on Great FridayOf thy Mystical Supper A. Lvov Troparion on Great ThursdayHail, o Virgin Birth-Giver of God S. Rachmaninov All-night vigil,op.37,No. 6Let God arise D.Bortnyanskiy Stanzas for EasterPraise the name of the Lord D. Hristov Ps.134:1 and 135:1We sing Thee S. Rachmaninov from Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom op. 31The chamber choir “ARS VIVA” (Moscow) and the creative association “VIVAT”—associations ofcultural and business cooperation with Italy—were created in 1999 as men’s and mixed choirs. Thechoir is very active, performing in concerts and participating in festivals in Russia, Austria, Germany,Spain, Poland, France, the Czech Republic and Italy, where in 2000 it won the international competition“MUSIC WORLD”. The choir has diplomas from festivals in Russia, Italy, Spain.The choir repertoire includes spiritual and secular music from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuryfrom Russia and countries worldwide, as well as Russian, Ukrainian and Cossack songs. The men’sand women’s choir groups have independent repertoires. Depending on the program, the choir includesbetween twenty-four and fifty singers.Art director and director - Valery ManinChorus masters and conductors - Lubov Zvyagintseva, Dmitry ShmelevLubov Zvyagintseva - the choir master and conductor, composer, musicologist, arranger, music critic,sound producer, journalist, ethnographer. She has cooperated with the “ARS VIVA” choir since 2001.She graduated from the Kirghiz State Institute of the Arts. She has a number of Russian awards, and nowworks at the Moscow University of Culture and Arts.Dmitry Shmelev - thechoir master and theconductor of the creativeassociation since1994, graduated fromthe Moscow Institute ofCulture.15

Bel CantoVilnius, LithuaniaArtūras Dambrauskas - chief conductor and artistic directorRaminta Gocentienė; Simona Vitkauskienė- assistants to the chief conductor and artistic directorCompetition ConcertTitleOn the high hillKiitkem sudamest MariatPsalm 43, Op. 78, No. 2 “Richte mich, Gott”NumerationRum dum dumComposerDonatas ZakarasUrmas SisaskFelix Mendelssohn-BartoldyJonas TamulionisDragan ShuplevskiThe mixed choir “BEL CANTO” was established in the autumn of 2009, and unites more than fifty singers,who have extensive experience in various choirs in Lithuania. It brings together people whosedesire is to have quality leisure time and enjoy one of the most pleasant activities—singing. Their goal isto sing different styles of music and work with various other groups, present high quality musical projectsand participate in competitions andfestivals in Lithuania and abroad.“BEL CANTO” made its officialVilnius debut in February 2010 witha sell-out concert called “Bel CantoChoir: singing hope, passion andlove...” at St. Catherine’s Church.However, the choir’s first public appearancetook place in November2009, barely three months after itwas established, at the seventeenthInternational Festival of SacredMusic, and the Fifth Sacred ChoralMusic Competition Cantate Dominoin Kaunas, where Bel Canto wonsecond place in the Grand Prix category.In 2010 “BEL CANTO” plans to present its first CD album “Choir Bel Canto: singing passion, hope andlove…”. The album will feature songs from the choir’s Vilnius debut concert of the same title, which tookplace in February 2010 in Vilnius, and will present its second solo concert in Vilnius in early November.16

Cantica NovaMilazzo, ItalyFrancesco Saverio Messina - conductorCompetition ConcertTitle Composer LyricsMatona Mia Cara Orlando Di Lasso -Se Per Havervi, Oime Morten Lauridsen -Denes Nad Makedonija Todor Skalovski Vlado MaleskiTo The Mothers In Brazil Lars JanssonFolk ConcertTitleRosa Got MarriedTongue TwisterAnd You Are Still SleepingCome Back To SorrentoComposerSicilian TraditionalSicilian TraditionalSicilian TraditionalNeapolitan TraditionalConcert of Sacred MusicTitleThe Water FleaLullabyeDon’t Worry, Be HappyComposerAngelo BranduardiBilly JoelBobby McFerrinThe vocal ensemble “CANTICA NOVA” was founded in Milazzo in 1989 by Francesco Saverio Messina.The Ensemble’s repertoire of choral polyphonic music is almost exclusively sung “a cappella”.From the start, their concert activity concentrated on the study of Renaissance music and the search forthe vocal qualities that most represent this style. Thereafter, they developed a wide repertoire includingcontemporary, international folk and pop music. They took choral singing courses with Werner Pfaff andGary Graden. In 2004 they recorded their first CD, “Vento di Emozioni”.Francesco SaverioMessina has a degreein Sociology.He studied choralmusic with the masters:Mino Bordignon,Werner Pfaff,Gary Graden, AndréThomas and AlbertoTurco (Gregorianchant).Milazzo is a peninsula that extends into the Mediterranean Sea north of Sicily towards the Aeolian archipelago.The city was inhabited by various civilizations and fortified by Greek, Roman and Byzantine. Theheart of the city is the Castle that was built by the Arabs and the Normans.17

Capella PolifonicaArad, RomaniaArdelean Tiberiu - conductorFolk ConcertTitle Composer LyricsLioara Constantin Rîpă folk lyricsIdilă bihoreană Sabin V. Drăgoi folk lyricsIac-aşa Gavriil Muzicescu folk lyricsSârba pe loc Gheorghe Danga folk lyricsThe chamber choir “Capella Polifonica”, conducted by Tiberiu Ardelean came into being on thefifteenth of November, 2008, from the desire of its members to give glory and contentment to Godthrough the universal and beautiful language of music. The choir is mixed, made up of priests, differentspecialized teachers and parsons, lovers of music and beauty, all of whom have a passionate desire tobring to light the lexicon of religious and secular music which our Romanian race enjoys. It is made up ofthirty-one members who, for their passion and love for singing, reserve two hours a week to rehearse andtransmit to the wider public and today’s society at least a few emotions and spiritual feelings. Our choirhas Saint Nicolas as its spiritual protector, because it had the great honor on December 6, 2008 to sing andto have in our midst the Primate of our church, Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church. Thechoir encompasses alarge palette in itsrepertory: religious,classic folk, patriotic,and of coursethe traditional carol.Our joy and our satisfactionis that afterthe work is finished,during rehearsalclasses, to move andsensitize the heartsof our listeners, bygiving them a fewbenefits and fruitsthat choral musicoffers.18

Chamber Choir of PécsPécs, HungaryCompetition ConcertMr. Aurél Tillai - conductorTitle Composer LyricsO Amarilli zart Johann Hermann Schein -New Year’s Toast Gioacchino Rossini -Three songs Claude Debussy -Mundi renovatio György Orbán Adam de Saint - VictorConcert of Sacred MusicTitle Composer LyricsQuam pulchri sunt G. P. da Palestrina -Hail, star of Heaven Edvard Grieg -Beseeching Zoltán Kodály XVI. C. Hungarian Renaissance poet, Bálint BalassiThe Chamber Choir of Pécs was founded on October 22, 1958 by Dobos László and Aurél Tillaifrom a circle of friends and students. Members include teachers, doctors, other intellectuals, anduniversity students. Many ex-choir members have their own choirs now, and several have becameinternationally acknowledged conductors.Their repertoire covers almost the whole literature of choral music. Their main aim is to familiariseaudiences both abroad and at home with the works of Hungarian classical composers (Kodály, Bartók,Bárdos); nevertheless, they are just as eager to sing the music of the generations following Kodály.The choir has won 39 international prizes. To name just a few, they won first prize in Tours (twice)and Spittal. In 2000, three first prizes were awarded to the choir at the Orlando Lasso Choir Competitionin Rome. Theyperform regularlyon Hungarian Radioon the spot, andtheir programmeshave been broadcastin Helsinki, Torino,Paris, London,Brussels, Rome andStockholm. Thechoir takes an activepart in philharmoniclife–they have sungover 30 oratoricalpieces. The choir is the creator of the International Chamber Choir Festival of Pécs, and has been thehost since 1964. In August 2010, as a proud holder of the title 2010 European Capital of Culture, Pécshosts the Pécs Cantat, which will be a major choral event of the year.19

ConsonanzaWrocław, PolandMarta Kierska-Witczak - conductorCompetition ConcertTitle Composer LyricsTwo Japanese proverbs Gary Kent Walth Collection of KotowazaThe heavens declare the glory of God (Psalmus 19) Heinrich Schuetz King DavidSing to the Lord (Psalmus 100) Marek Jasinski King DavidAdmiring eyes Stanislaw Wiechowicz Traditional PolishRum, dum, dum Dragan Shuplevski Trad. MacedonianFolk Concert20Title Composer LyricsThree gammers – Oh my, oh my Juliusz Łuciuk Traditional PolishOh, the moon’s shining Jozef Karol Lasocki Traditional PolishOn an earthenware vase Stanislaw Wiechowicz Janina PorazińskaAh, you wide steppe Dmitrij Pietchnikov Traditional BelarussianAdmiring eyes Stanislaw Wiechowicz Traditional PolishConcert of Sacred MusicTitle Composer LyricsHail, glorious Queen Andrzej Koszewski unknown (XV century)Ave Maria Marek Jasinski Christian prayerTo the mothers in Brazil – Salve Regina Lars Jansson, arr. Gunnar Eriksson probably st. Anselm of LuccaAlleluia, praise the Lord (Psalmus 116) Waclaw z Szamotul King DavidSing to the Lord (Psalmus 100) Marek Jasinski King DavidThe Chamber Choir “Consonanza” was founded in 1993. Its members are students and workers ofthe Wrocław University of Technology and other high schools. “Consonanza” has been awardedmany prizes and has taken part in many festivals in countries such as France, England, Hungary, Italyand Portugal.Wrocław is the capital of theLower Silesian Voivodeship. Thechoir presents Polish and foreignworks from medieval and Renaissancemusic through Baroque tomodern compositions.The artistic director of “Consonanza”has been Marta Kierska-Witczak, a doctor of art. Shegraduated from the MusicalEducation Faculty in the KarolLipinski Academy of Music inWrocław (MA degree).

Golden YearsVelika Gorica, CroatiaSiniša Belošević - conductorCompetition ConcertTitle Composer LyricsOče Naš Matko Brajša Rašan Relig.Kaj Rudolf Taclik TraditionalJurjevska Iz Dubranca Franjo Dugan Jr. TraditionalMio Ti Je Kraj Ferdo Livadić Antun MihanovićRum, Dum, Dum (optional) Dragan Šuplevski Traditional Mak.Concert of Sacred MusicTitle Composer LyricsAmazing Grace J. London -Oče Naš Matko Brajša Rašan Relig.The ensemble has been active since 2004, and was formally registered in 2008. The choir performsdifferent music, primarily classic vocal expressions of sacral music, modern arrangements of traditionalmusic, popular music for different occasions and adaptable in accordance with the requirementsof social or cultural events. Our most special and popular concerts are our Christmas Concertsperformed in various churches in Croatia and abroad. We like them the most. We always prepareseriously and for a long time because we think that at Chrismas time we must give not only beautifulmusic to the audience but our souls as well. The Conductor is Mr Siniša Belošević, an air trafficcontroller, born in Zagreb in 1954.The ensemble Golden Years resides in Velika Gorica (Little Big Hill) in the central part of Croatia, 600kilometres from Dubrovnik, 300 kilometres from Pula and Osijek and twenty kilometres from Zagreb.In fact, it is a green valley with noindustry with about 70.000 inhabitantsand with a remarkable numberof places where signs of traditionallife have been preserved for presentand future generations.21

LabyrintPrague, Czech RepublicCompetition ConcertTitleTiebie PojemVillanella alla NapolitanaMy head achesWhy you didn’t comeAjde da se zemimeFlanders fieldsMy Lord, what a mornin’ComposerSergej Rachmaninov Lenka Charvátová-ŠtukheilováBaldassare DonatoconductorBohuslav MartinůSlovak folk song; arr. by Petr EbenDragan ShuplevskiPaul A. AitkenSpiritual; arr. by Norman LuboffFolk ConcertTitle Composer LyricsA Farmer Goes to the Mill Zdeněk Lukáš folk songBeyond our Barn Zdeněk Lukáš Moravian folk songRaining, raining Miroslav Hroněk Slovak folk songHey Girl! Dobri Christov Bulgarian folk songThe choir Labyrint was established in 1989 as a choir of secondary schools and university students.Labyrint is a member of the Czech Choir Association. The choir participates in national andinternational festivals and choir competitions. Its greatest achievements include six silver awardsat the Prague Days of Choral Singing (1998), the Festival of B. Martinů in Hradec Králové, CzechRepublic (1999), the Festival of Songs in Olomouc, Czech Republic (2002, 2003), the Prague ChristmasFestival (2003), and MusicaReligiosa Olomouc, Czech Republic(2009). Labyrint also does concerttours to various European countries.The choir performs in Prague andother Czech towns throughout theyear in events such as the annualPrague Christmas concert, and Easterperformances of the Mass in DMajor by A. Dvořák. The shorterpieces repertoire includes examplesfrom the Renaissance, the classicalperiod, music of the twentieth andtwenty-first century, arrangementsof negro spirituals and Czech andSlovak folk songs. The choir founderand conductor Lenka Charvátová-Štukheilová has a Masters degree in music and Czech languageteaching from the Charles University in Prague, and she expanded her education in conducting at thePrague Conservatory of J. Ježek. Prague is the historical capital of the Czech Republic, connectingculture and everyday life.22

Lira Maria RadnaLipova, RomaniaOvidiu Boar - conductorCompetition ConcertTitle Composer LyricsWe praise You Nicolae Lungu Liturgical songUplift to You Lodovico Viadana Offertorium in the 1st Advent SundayGod’s Lamb Pietro A. Yon Mess of the ShepherdsThe choir “Lira Maria Radna” from Lipova, Romania was born in 1984 and consists of women,many of them teachers. They are amateur singers. The choir is supported by the local communityof the town Lipova, district Arad. Lipova is a small town in the western region of the country,crossed by a large river and surrounded by hills. It is an ancient town which came under the influenceof different cultures: Slavic, Turkish, German and Hungarian. An old fortress dominates thesurroundings from a high hill and the landscapes are wonderful. The town is well-known for itsmineral water sources.The repertory of the choir is rich and diverse, containing pieces of secular and religious music,classical and contemporary works, folklore and international masterpieces. The conductor, OvidiuBoar, is a singer in the choir of the State Philharmonic Arad, and he conducts two other choirs inArad city. He has been working with the “Lira” choir for almost ten years, constantly improvingits performances.The choir has participated in many festivals and competitions over its lifespan, either national orinternational. The international experience of the choir began in 1991. Since that time, the choir hastaken part in competitions and festivals in Germany, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Denmark andPortugal. In 1992 the “Lira”choir won its first importantprize in the InternationalChoral Festival of Karditsain Greece, in the categoryof Byzantine music. In2001 and in 2003 the choirwas a participant in twoof the international choralcompetitions organized byMusica Mundi: first in Rivadel Garda, Italy and secondin Budapest, Hungary. Thechoir was awarded with SilverDiplomas at both competitions.23

Competition ConcertTeachers’ choir of Lviv State Music CollegeStanislaw LudkevichLviv, UkraineVolodymyr Gnid - conductorVolodymyr Paslavskyy - solo vocalTitle Composer LyricsWhere do I go in the nameof Your the Lord... M. Lysenko Koncert Ps. 138: 7-10Moon serene A. Kushnirenko Folk songElegiya D. Shuplevski K. RacinSchedrivonka M. Datsko Traditional UkranianSiromav D. Shuplevski Traditional MacedonianNyni otpuschajeshy D.Hristov LiturgyFolk Concert24Title Composer LyricsOh, oak, green oak. – Oh in the field two oak O. Nekrasov Folk songThe green hazel Arr. A.Kos-Anatolski Folk songMoon serene Arr. A. Kushnirenko Folk songHey, comrades opryshky A.Kos-Anatolski M. UstyjanovychConcert of Sacred MusicTitle Composer LyricsAngel crying A. Makarov LiturgyOur Lady M. Fedoriv LiturgyPraise, my soul... A. Vedel LiturgyNow remission D. Hristov LiturgyLviv is one of the oldest and most unique citiesof Ukraine, a real pearl of European architecture,a spiritual capital of Ukraine. The centralpart of the city was declared a historical and culturalpreserve and was included in the UNESCOWorld Cultural Heritage List. The temples, traditions,holidays and festivals of Lviv are inheritedfrom the past and represent the modern geniuswhich can only be felt in Lviv.The teachers’ choir of Lviv State Music College “Stanislaw Ludkevich”, Lviv, was founded in 1990. Thechoir’s repertoire is mainly a cappella songs by Ukrainian and foreign composers, spanning several centuries,from ancient music to the present day, including sacred, classical and folk music. The choir uses anoriginal manner of singing, based on classical vocal and Ukrainian choir traditions. The teachers’ choir ofLviv State Music College has taken part in many art activities and concert tours and has won many awardson several competitions and festivals.Volodymyr Gnid began his work with the Teachers’ choir of Lviv State Music College in 1995. He graduatedfrom the cultural-educational college in Lviv and the Lviv State Musical Academy “M. Lysenko” withthe specialty of choir conductor. He works as a vice-director in pedagogical work and as a professor.

Competition ConcertMännerstimmen BaselBasel, SwitzerlandOliver Rudin - conductorTitle Composer LyricsLight and Gold Eric Whitacre Edward EschIncantation for a Stormy Sea Veljo Tormis Text from the Latin translation of KalevalaOuverture to The Magic Flute (first part) W. A. MozartOj JavoreKiril MakedonskiFolk ConcertTitle Composer LyricsBasel Rudolf Jaggi BlasiusThe Mountain Lady Toni Ortelli Toni OrtelliSomewhere in the world Werner Richard Heymann Robert GilbertConcert of Sacred MusicTitleLamb of GodO great mysteryO Trinity of Blessed LightComposerAndré CampraMorten LauridsenFelix Mendelssohn-BartholdyThe Männerstimmen Basel choir was founded in 2008 by former singers of the KnabenkantoreiBasel boys’ choir. Their first successes were not long in coming: at the 2008 SwissFederal Singing Competition, the Männerstimmen Basel was rated “excellent“. Soon after, thechoir was awarded a prizefor best male choir at theInternational Choir Festival“Tallinn 2009”. Thebestowal of the prize tookplace in the Estonia ConcertHall, where it waspresented by jury memberBob Chilcott, a formersinger of the King’s Singers.The choir is supportedby Pro Helvetia, SchweizerKulturstiftung.The Swiss city of Basellies in the heart of Europe,on both banks of the RhineRiver. The city is the centreof the idyllic border triangle of France, Germany and Switzerland. Basel has around 190.000inhabitants and sparkles with an incomparable programme of culture and leisure activities.25

MistikaDobrich, BulgariaRositza Durmushlijska - conductorRadostina Grozdeva-Krasteva - pianoaccompanimentCompetition ConcertTitleDimianinkaPoshla moma na vodaPrayerKyrieSanktusAve MariaComposerPlamen ArabovDragan ShuplevskiZvetan DenevOrlando di LassoNoel GoemanneBozhidar GatevFolk ConcertConcert of Sacred MusicTitleBre, PetrunkoStara sa majka ni lozheBre, IvaneStana sa Kisha belosaDimianinkaComposerFilip KutevTodor PopovAnastas NaumovAsen DiamandievPlamen ArabovTitleSlava otcu i sinuBlagoslovi, dushe moiaPrayerTebe poemGlorificamus teComposerD. BortnianskiD. DemirovZvetan DenevBozhidar GatevEugenne ButlerThe woman’s choir Mistika was established in 2004. The participants are amateur singers of differentprofessions. The group has worked for six years, in that time realizing over 80 concerts its nativecountry and abroad, and has been awarded with two first prizes and one second place prize in internationalfestivals in Bulgaria. The choir takes an active part in the cultural life of the town of Dobrich, Bulgaria.The founder and conductor of Mistika is Rosiza Durmushlijska. She is a graduate of Plovdiv’s Music Academywhere she was a student of maestro ProfessorIvan Spasov. Additionally, she has been theleader of the children’s choir “Maestro ZahariMednikarov” since 1985. In 2009 Durmushlijskawas awarded with the honorary title Maestra atthe International Choir Competition in VelikoTurnovo.The town of Dobrich is the second largest economiccenter in northeastern Bulgaria. Dobrichis one of the ten largest towns in Bulgaria—animportant cultural, economic and administrativecentre in the northeast economic region of thecountry.26

MolendeKinshasa, DR CongoKanku Kassanda SavanetconductorThe “Molende” choir was created in 1999 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, by KankuKassanda. It is a mixed choir composed of more than fifty choir members, professional andnon-professional, between the ages of 18 to 40 years old. It is one of the most famous choirs ofthe Democratic Republic of Congo and is a member of the Congolese Federation of Choir Music(CFCM). The choir Molende is conducted by Kanku Kassanda, Professor of music, at the Instituteof Arts in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Molende Choir sings in several languages anddialects from their country.In 2007: Participation at the International Gospel Festival of Kinshasa.In 2006: Participation of choir members at the International Work Group of Choir Musicorganized together with the Congolese National Federation of Choir Music.In 2005: Three concerts organized by a local society in our country who supports theRefugees of the East.In 2004: Participation in the music festival Without Boundary.Kanku Kassanda is born in 1975, in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, He started his musicalcareer in 1989. In 1990 he created the chorus ‘’The Harvesters’’ and a mixed chorus in 1992.In 1994, he was nominated to participate in a contest for an anthem. During the same year he wasincluded as a famous member of the group vocal Protestant in which he will take up the duties of theassistant editor. He will direct a choir made up of 5000 cantors for the occasion of the Centenary ofProtestantism in Congo (DR Congo).27

Church choir OplenacTopola, SerbiaMarija Rakonjac - conductorCompetition ConcertTitleOur fatherPsalm 103Rejoice o Virgin MaryRum, dum, dumIgrale se delijeComposerMarina GavrilovicIrina DenisovaArvo PartDragan Shuplevskifolk; arr. Jovica Gavrilovic28The church choir “OPLENAC” began its activities in 1999. Over its ten years of existence thechoir’s repertoire has been enriched with the most beautiful melodies of Serbian, Russian andByzantine vocal music. The choir’s special way of singing has been presented in many concerts,festivals (in Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece), two CDs (2002, 2010) and one DVD(2004). The choir won the silver medal in the International Choirs Festival in Bijeljina (2010) in thechamber choirs category.Marija Rakonjac, conductor, was born in Belgrade (1962), and is a professor of violin in the PrimaryMusic School “Stevan Hristic”, Mladenovac. She has sung in the church choir “OPLENAC” since its foundation, and in 2001 she became the choir conductor.Topola is a small but very beautiful town near Kragujevac in the heart of Serbia. It has a beautiful park,Oplenac, a monument of nature, as well as the white marble church of St. George, the burial place ofthe Karadjordjevic dynasty.

Rilski ZvutsiDupnitsa, BulgariaMagdalena Lobutova - conductorYordanka Vasilieva - piano accompanimentFolk ConcertTitleComposerBaba MinkovtsaAlexander MorfovWhat a maid saw MomRachenitsaEmanuil ManolovDobri HristovConcert of Sacred MusicPerunikaParashkev Hadjiev TitleComposerCome on YanoPetko Stajnov Our fatherNikolay KedrovYako da cariaGeorgi LomahinTebe poemDobri HristovNine otpoushtaeshi raba Dobri HristovThe beginning of the choir “Rilski zvoutsi” was in 1894 with the first singing association in Dupnitsatown, conducted by Ivan Krastev. As a successor chorus “Rodni zvoutsi” with the conductor VenetaVitcheva in 1958 the structure was renamed “Rilski zvoutsi”. During more than 115 years, the choruswas conducted by 23 professionalconductors, and with them hundredsof concerts was realized andthey won scores of prizes in nationaland international festivals. Since2008 the leader of the mixed choiris Magdalena Lobutova and sincethe inception of the choir, the masteris Yordanka Vasilieva. The repertoryof the choir includes morethan 300 productions of Bulgarianchoral classics, contemporaneousmusic, the world-wide before-classicmusic and classic music.Over the years it has been awardedmany prizes: prize winner and silvermedal at the Second and ThirdNational Festival of Amateur ArtActivities in 1964 and 1969, goldenmedal at the Fourth and Fifth National Festival of Amateur Art Activities in 1974 and 1979, and in1975, at the 80th anniversary, it was awarded the order of Cyril and Methodius – first class.Dupnitsa is situated in Southwestern Bulgaria at the foot of Rila Mountain and 50 km east of Macedonia.It has a rich cultural tradition with many amateur choirs, dance and theater groups that broughtfame to the city and the country abroad.29

Competition ConcertRozkvetPriedvidza, SlovakiaJán Glos - conductorEva Balagová - piano accompanimentAndrea Kasalová - solo vocalTitle Composer LyricsFire, fire Thomas Morley English madrigalLaudate Dominum Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart LiturgicalAve Maria Mikuláš Schneider - Trnavský LiturgicalPlaying on the meadow Zdenko Mikula Slovak traditionalRum, dum, dum Dragan Shuplevski Macedonian trad.Folk ConcertTitle Composer LyricsBehind our litle barn Zdeněk Lukáš traditionalWhen I am going to plough Ivan Hrušovský traditionalWe decorate „may´s trees“ to our girlfriends Ivan Hrušovský traditionalConcert of Sacred MusicTitle Composer LyricsMother of the God, rejoice Sergej Rachmaninov Orthodox liturgicalLaudate Dominum Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart LiturgicalPop ConcertTitle Composer LyricsFeathers in the Wind Francesc Vila VocalMy Evaline arr.: A. E. Hall TraditionalTeacher of the dance Pavol Hammel Boris FilanThe mixed choir Rozkvet wasestablished in 1967 as anensemble of teachers from thecity and nearby areas. In overfour decades it has reached thestandard of a quality choir witha wide repertoire. The choir’srepertoire includes all musicalgenres—from the Renaissancemadrigal through Baroque, Classicaland Romantic pieces toworks of contemporary musiccomposers. Particular attentionis devoted to Slovak music.Nowadays the Rozkvet choir hasforty members from various occupations as well as high-school and university students. The choiris conducted by Ján Glos. He has been directing the choir for more than twenty years, during whichit has found success on numerous European and national stages.30

ShtaslivetsaSofia, BulgariaRossi Yordanova - conductorTeodor Hristov - piano accompanimentKonstantin Tomov - violin and solo vocalCecka Borisova - solo vocalCompetition ConcertTitle Composer LyricsMoonlight sonata Angel Zaberski; Hristo Tonev Kolio SevovHubava si, moia goro arr. Hristo Tonev -Stray clouds Josif Cankov; Hristo Tonev Josif CankovBolen mi lezhi Trajko Prokopiev -Momiche, malo gjavolo Stevan Gaydov -Amazing grace - -Oh, happy day Edwin Hawkins E. HawkinsPop ConcertTitle Composer LyricsMoonlight sonata Angel Zaberski; Hristo Tonev Kolio SevovStray clouds Josif Cankov; Hristo Tonev Josif CankovOh, my lovely forest arr. Hristo TonevLyuben KaravelovAmazing grace John Newton -Oh, happy day Edwin Hawkins Edwin HawkinsThe choir was founded in 2001. Shortly after it was awarded with the top prize atthe international musical festival “Sea and Memories”, Varna (May 2001). Sincethen the choir has made many appearances at festivals and concerts and won the followingprizes: laureate at the festival “Tender feelings”, of Plovdiv, Bulgiaria, winner atthe festival “With Ari’s songs”, Haskovo, Bulgaria, Great award at the festival “Goldenchestnut”, Petrich, Bulgaria (2006). It has received the special insignia of honour at theannual community center’s festivals of choral art.The conductor of the choir is Rosi Yordanova. She is a composer (children’s songs, popularmusic, music for drama and puppet theater) music arranger, vocal pedagogue, pianistand choirmaster.She has performedconcerts in majorhalls in Bulgariaand Germany.Over the years shehas worked withestablished singers,musicians andwriters in variousprojects. In 2000she established atraining school forrock and pop31

Sound ChoirBucharest, RomaniaVoicu Popescu - conductorCompetition ConcertTitle Composer LyricsChoral Medley from Oas Country Dariu Pop Romanian folk lyricsAve Maria Javier Busto Christian lyricsDo tri momi Dragan Shuplevski Traditional MacedonianCamomile and Fine Lads, The Wassailers Sabin Păutza Romanian folk lyricsOther Variations on Chindia Dance Theme Alexandru Paşcanu Romanian folk lyricsConcert of Sacred MusicTitle Composer LyricsLord Have Mercy Paul Constantinescu Christian lyricsAve Maria Javier Busto Christian lyricsWitness arr. Jack Halloran Traditional spiritual lyricsSound Choir started out as a student’s choir 16 years ago in Bucharest, Romania. It now gatherstogether young people in love with music that have turned their hobby into passion. The conductor’sart of harmonizing the choir’s voices turned them into very sensitive singers. Their strengthlies in the power of the emotions they share with their listeners. With a very wide repertoire, includingtraditional Romanian songs, madrigals, gospels, byzantine music and jazz, they enjoy everysingle minute of singing the music of the world.Voicu Popescu graduatedfrom NationalMusic University inBucharest and he beganhis dedication tochoral art as a memberof the NationalChamber Choir “Madrigal”.Afterwardshe collaborated withthis ensemble as ChoirMaster and ArtisticDirector. In 1994 hefounded Sound Choirand Cultural Foundation“Sound”, throughwhich he organizedchoral festivals, symposiumsand masterclasses in Romania andparticipated at many artistic events all over the country and abroad.32

Men’s choir Stefka BlagoevaPlovdiv, BulgariaFolk ConcertTeodosiya Pankova - conductorYuliya Petrova - piano accompanimentValentin Kirev - soloistTitle Composer LyricsErgen deda Petar Lyondev PopularTemna magla Dobri Hristov PopularDafino vino Dobri Hristov PopularConcert of Sacred MusicTitle Composer LyricsLord Have Mercy Paul Constantinescu Christian lyricsAve Maria Javier Busto Christian lyricsWitness arr. Jack Halloran Traditional spiritual lyricsThe men’s choir Stefka Blagoeva was founded in 2008, by former disciples of the PlovdivBoys’ and Young Men’s choir. In the course of its short experience, the choir took an activepart in the cultural life of Plovdiv. It first appeared at the Christmas concert in 2008, followed by aseries of events dedicated to Easter, Europes Day, the 95th anniversary of Boris Hristov’s birth andother events. In 2009 the choir participated to the Choir Festival held in Yambol, Bulgaria, andin November 2009 it was the guest of honour at the International Choir Festival in Thessaloniki.Teodosiya Pankova graduated from the Music Academy of Sofia in the choir conducting class ofProfessor Vasil Arnaudov. In 1979 she joined the Plovdiv Boys’ Choir. In 1981, together withStefka Blagoeva,she founded the PlovdivYoung Men’sChoir and conductedit until 1996. Since1996, Mrs. Pankovahas worked as a lecturerat the Academyof Music and themusic high-schoolin Plovdiv, and at thesame time conductsthe men’s choir BorisHristov.33

Chamber choir Te Deum ofKaunas St. Michael the Archangel(Garrison) ChurchKaunas, LithuaniaCompetition ConcertAudrius Petrauskas - conductorTitle Composer LyricsUpon the Mount of Olives Juozas Naujalis Liturgic textO sweet virgin Maria Cornelio di Hollosy Liturgic textCanticorum Jubilo George Frideric Handel Liturgic textChrist became obedient unto death Joost Termont Liturgic textSvescena pesnaTaki Hrisik; Dragan ShuplevskiConcert of Sacred MusicTitle Composer LyricsThe eternal love of God Darius Polikaitis -Quietly quietly Leonidas Abaris Henrika AušrienėSing unto the Lord Alexander Grečaninov Liturgic textThe chamber choir “Te Deum” was founded in 1990 in the Kaunas Christ Resurrection Church,Lithuania, on the initiative of Asta Vištakyte-Armonienė. The choir chanted during feast days andother religious feasts in the churches of Lithuanian towns. In 1992 the choir participated in Youth daysin Czestochowa, Poland during the visit of Pope John Paul ΙΙ. In 1996 Audrius Petrauskas becamethe director of the choir. Since 2003 the choir chants at Kaunas St. Michael the Archangel (Garrison)Church during the summer. In 2004 and 2007 “Te Deum” was the laureate of the sacral music competition“Cantate Domino”. In 2006 they performed together with the wind orchestra of Kaunas Air Forcein Kaunas Town Hall Square. In 2009 the choir found success in the choir competition “LithuanianVoices”, broadcast in Lithuania and worldwide by Lithuanian National Television.The conductorAudrius Petrauskas(born 1970)graduated fromthe LithuanianAcademy of Musicand Theatreand received thechoir conductingMaster’s degree(under the guidanceof ProfessorP. Bingelis). Presentlyhe is a singerin the KaunasState Choir.34

Thracian LyrePazardjik, BulgariaAngel Tsenov - conductorStefan Stefanov – piano accompanimentElena Gorostanova, Aleksander Minkov – solo vocalsCompetition ConcertTitle Composer LyricsPrispivna Anonymous -Ave, verum corpus W. A. Mozart -Mari mome Nikolai Behterev Bulgarian FolkV tamen les se skitam Bela Bartok -Ne stoi, kladenetso, palen arr. Vladimir Sokolov Russian FolkBelokamenna cheshma arr. Angel Tsenov Ivan PopovMile Pop-Jordanov arr. Dragan Shupleski Macedonian FolkFolk ConcertTitle Composer LyricsThe eternal love of God Darius Polikaitis -Quietly quietly Leonidas Abaris Henrika AušrienėSing unto the Lord Alexander Grečaninov Liturgic textTrakiiska Lira Choir was founded in Pazardjik, Bulgaria, in 2003 as part of the Military Club in thetown. During this period Trakiiska Lira Choir showed remarkable development in its professionalgrowth and was awarded in two consecutive years (2006 and 2007) a Special Diploma and a Diplomafor Best Participant among the military choirs in Bulgaria. In May 2009 Trakiiska Lira Choir went on ahighly successful tour in the Netherlands. Trakiiska Lira Choir performs works from different styles andperiods, but has its premier goal is to popularize the works of Bulgarian composers.The conductor of the choir isPhD. Angel Tsenov, an AssociateProfessor in conductingat Plovdiv University “PaisiiHilendarski”. Mr. Tsenov is awinner of the Grand Prize forAuthor’s Song at the SecondInternational Festival Pautalia,Kyustendil, Bulgaria(2008). In the same year hewas awarded with the Award“Sladkopoina Chuchuliga”by the Union for Music andDance in Pazardjik municipality“for his active participationin the development ofchoral singing in Pazardjik”.35

VardarSkopje, MacedoniaIlija Atanasov - conductorErnes Ibraimovski – soloist (tenor)Sonja Sterjevska - soloist (alto)Competition ConcertConcert of Sacred MusicTitleMattona Mia CaraThe Only-Begotten SonKumanovka IVI’m Gonna SingComposerOrlando di LassoDmitry SmirnoffTrajko ProkopievTraditional spiritual arr.TitleCredoBlessed Is The ManBless The Lord, My SoulAlilujaComposerP. I. TchaikovskyP. TchesnokoffS. RachmaninoffZapro ZaprovVardar, the City Mixed Voices Choir, was established in the year 2000 by a group of enthusiasts, formermembers from many generations of the “Mirče Acev” Academic Choir and their conductor DraganŠuplevski. The choir follows the tradition of the first city choir of the same name in Skopje from thebeginning of the XX century.The choir repertoire is comprised of pieces by various composers coming from various time periods. However,the ensemble focuses mostly on Orthodox church music and works of Macedonian composers. Mr.Ilija Atanasov took charge of the choir in 2001, thus marking the beginning of the permanent growth of“Vardar”. Ever since 2002 the choir has full-time concerts of sacral music. “Vardar” regularly performsat choral events in Macedonia and abroad (Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro). The concerts of thechoir are recorded and broadcasted on many TV stations in Macedonia and a Christmas concert they heldin Podgorica, Montenegro was aired via terrestrial and satellite by their national broadcasting company.Ilija Atanasov, the conductor, graduated choral conducting, musical theory and pedagogy with Prof. DraganŠuplevski at the Faculty of Music Arts in Skopje in 1996. He received his master’s degree at the FMA withProf. Saša Nikolovski Gjumar and specialized in conducting with Prof. Valery Uspensky in St. Petersburg,Russia. Healso attendedmasterclasses withm a e s t r oYury Simonoff.36

Vox AnimiSighişoara, RomaniaAna Rodica Proteasa - conductorGheorghe Oprea – choir presidentCompetition ConcertTitleAve MariaChop heavenChrist is Risen!Wreath on SomesLino, LeanoMeri TomchoComposerManfred BühlerPetre SeverinCornel ArionConstantin ArvinteNicolae UrsuStevan GaydovThe Vox Animi Choir (an amateur mixed choir) has a strong historical tradition in the culturallife of Sighisoara, Romania. The choir was founded in 1937. It participates in variousfestivals, and has toured in Romania, Germany, Czech Republic and Greece. The choir is amember of the National Association - Romanian Association of Choral Song, which is a part ofthe International Association - “À Coeur Joie” in France. The name choir, “Vox Animi” (voiceof the soul), symbolizes joy, love, the human pleasure of playing, and thus the heart and soulof the song is passed on to the audience. The choir members, of forty different professions, areunited by a common passion—choir singing. A holder of national diplomas, the Vox AnimiChoir holds a bronze award from the “Festival of Carols” in Prague, Czech Republic (2007).Choir Conductor - Ana Rodica Proteasa. She is a graduate of the Conservatory of Music“Gheorghe Dima” Cluj-Napoca, and since 1997 has been this choir’s conductor. She is has anoted career as a musicteacher, choir harmoniesand creator ofvarious choral works.Sighisoara was certifiedin the year 1280under the name ofCastrum Sex, a medievaltown located incentral Romania. Protectedunder the patronageof UNESCO,it is the only inhabitedmedieval citadel insoutheastern Europe.37

Chamber ChoirVox HumanaSfantu Gheorghe, RomaniaCompetition ConcertSzilagyi Zsolt - conductorSzilagyi Zsolt - solo vocalKrecht Emese - organ accompanimentTitle Composer LyricsDon’t be angry Birtalan József FolkTake me away Tudor Jarda FolkTriple fugue Vlastimir Nikolovski SacredCsángó magyar szerelmi dal Pászti Miklós Folk38Concert of Sacred MusicFolk ConcertTitle Composer LyricsTake me away Tudor Jarda FolkDon’t be angry Birtalan József FolkŞade-mi, Doamne Sabin Drăgoi FolkPataki diákdalok Farkas Ferenc FolkTitleIn Te Domine speraviAve MariaPanis AngelicusComposerJosquin Des PrezT. Luis de VictoriaCesar FrankThe Vox Humana chamber choir was founded in 1972 by music professors of Sfantu Gheorghe. Thechoir soon attained national and international renown. Two years after its inception, the choir was alreadymaking recordings for theRomanian National Televisionand Radio. It participates verysuccessfully in national and internationalchoral competitionsand has worked with a numberof Romanian philharmonic orchestrasand performs vocalsymphonicconcerts regularly.It has participated in prestigiousfestivals in Hungary, Italy, Slovakia,Austria, Germany, theNetherlands, England, Belgiumand Norway.The conductor, Szilágyi Zsolt,is a canto teacher, conductor,founding member of the VoxHumana chamber choir and directorof the Popular Art School in Sfantu Gheorghe. As a tenor he has performanced numerous times withseveral Romanian philharmonic orchestras, singing vocal-symphonic pieces and oratories.

Warsaw School of SocialSciences and HumanitiesChoirWarsaw, PolandEwa Mackiewicz - conductorCompetitionConcertFolkConcertTitle Composer LyricsIl bianco e dolce cigno Jacob Arcadelt -Exsultate Deo Domenico Scarlatti Psalm 81Silent Prayer Mikhail Shukh -Alleluja Romuald Twardowski -Da woskriesniet Boh Dmitry Bortniansky TraditionalAve Maria Javier Busto TraditionalRum, dum, dum Dragan Shuplevski Traditional MacedonianPado dysc Stanisław Wiechowicz Traditional PolishTitle Composer LyricsPado dysc S. Wiechowicz Traditional PolishRum, dum, dum D. Shuplevski Traditional MacedonianAch, ty stiep’ D. Pechnikov Traditional UkrainianShchedryk M. Leontovich Ukrainian New Year’s ChantLa cucarachaTraditional MexicanShalom aleikemTraditional Hebrew39Concert ofSacred MusicTitle Composer LyricsSilent Prayer M. Shukh -Mother of God J. Tavener -Exsultate Deo D. Scarlatti Psalm 81Ave Maria J. Busto TraditionalAlleluja R. Twardowski -We are an academic choir from the WarsawSchool of Social Sciences andHumanities of Poland. The group was establishedin 2001. We have performed at manyconcerts, festivals and competitions, such as“The Night of Russian Opera” (2005), “Candide”by Leon Bernstein (2006), SymphonyNo. 2 in C minor by Gustav Mahler (2007),International Festival of the OrthodoxChurch Music “Boh je laska” in Slovakia(2008), Video Games Live! Show (2009), InternationalFestival of the Orthodox ChurchMusic “Hajnówka 2009” in Poland (2009,second place prize) and the International Festivalof Choir Music by Felix Nowowiejskiin Poland (2010, second place prize).Ewa Mackiewicz has been the conductor of the WSSSH Choir since the very beginning of the choir’sexistence. She is an alumna of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music (composition, conducting andtheory of music, 2002).

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