Review of National Barley Foods Council programs Mary Palmer ...
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Review of National Barley Foods Council programs Mary Palmer ...

Our Mission• The National Barley Foods Council (NBFC) wasestablished in 1989 to serve as a nationalinformation clearinghouse for barley food andhealth issues and to promote awareness andusage of the grain on behalf of the US barleyindustry.

Membership• NBFC membership is currently comprised of fivestate barley producer groups including:• Idaho Barley Commission• Montana Wheat and Barley Committee• North Dakota Barley Council• Oregon Grains Commission• Washington Barley Commission

Our Vision• As a leading information resource in genericbarley food and nutrition issues and as anadvocate for US barley producers, it is our goalto speak with one unified voice representing allof our producer organizations, and provide easyaccess among barley producers as well as thegeneral public to our people, programs andmaterials.

Past Accomplishments• Successfully petitioned the FDA to amend CFR101.81 health claim to include barley as anadditional eligible source of beta-glucan solublefiber. Final rule published May 22, 2006.• Established Barley Foods Research SteeringCommittee to help direct future barley foodsresearch.• Collaborated with the NBIC to secure funding inthe USDA/ARS budget for on-going barley foodsresearch.

Program Goals• Increase awareness of barley as a primary ingredientin commercial foods development.• Increase awareness and use of existing barleyproducts.• Increase awareness of barley nutritional benefits.• Encourage continued barley foods research.• Increase awareness of as aone-stop shop for barley food and nutrition issues.• Cultivate relations with food manufacturers andcommercial barley suppliers to promote cooperativepromotional/educational opportunities.• Maintain relations between the NBFC and US barleyproducers.

Program Messages• Barley contributes essential vitamins, minerals andantioxidants.• Barley is a superior source of total dietary fiber.• Barley is a superior source of beta-glucan solublefiber.• Barley fights coronary heart disease.• Barley fights diabetes.• Barley fights obesity and enhances healthy weightmanagement.• Barley is easy to use.• Barley is a versatile food for all day-parts.• Barley is an economical food choice.

Program Highlights – CommercialFood Trade Education/Relations• National Barley Foods Forum: Bring togetherproducers, private industry and scientists toshare ideas and vision for increasing futurebarley foods research, production andmarketing.• Compile Forum information and post; distribute to commercialfood trade publications.• Member of Whole Grains Council.

Program Highlights – EducationalMaterials• Posted on• Recipes and cooking tips• Barley nutrition facts• Barley industry and product facts• Barley heart health claim information

Program Highlights – BarleyFeature Releases• Distributed throughout the year to mainstreamprint, electronic and online media outlets.• Highlighting nutritional and culinary benefits ofbarley.

Curried Barley with Walnuts,Cherries and Apricots

Cranberry Orange Pilaf

Thai Barley Ginger Soup

Barley Tabbouleh

Program Highlights – NutritionProfessional Education• Direct mail piece to a network of registereddietitians within in the American DieteticsAssociation.• Barley nutrition fact sheet posted online

Program Highlights – Science andPublic Policy Relations• Encourage continued barley foods research.• Ensure that the monies secured in the USDA-ARS Barley Foods Health Benefits ResearchProject continue to be used for barley research.• Ensure that barley is adequately representedand considered during the development ofgovernment initiatives regarding human nutritionissues.

Program Highlights - Website•• One-stop shop for barley food and nutritioninformation.• Site update includes new sections forcommercial food producers andhealth/nutrition professionals.• Links to partner industry sites available.

Website Traffic for 2008-09• 342,000 average hits/month.• 16,700 average visits/month.• Visitors spent an average of nearly 6 minutesper session on the site.

Grower/Industry Relations• Created In Focus, a monthly report designed tokeep barley producers, processors and privateindustry apprised of NBFC activities.

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