Company Profile (2011) - IPLMedia

Company Profile (2011) - IPLMedia

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About IPLMedia


IPL Media was incorporated in 2005 in Alberta, Canada, by Dr. Hatim Zaghloul as a publishing house

and web design agency.

Early 2006 IPL Media started negotiations with a Romanian web studio for work on several projects.

The two got along very well and later that year they were partners.

This alliance has many advantages including a large international experience and credibility brought

by IPL Media and acclaimed professionals from the Romanian side.

We are now able to cover two distant time zones as we are operating both from the Calgary, Alberta

and Bucharest, offices.

The company was incorporated as an investment company in Egypt in 2009 to cover Middle East


All our staff members (including the management) are at least university graduates in their fields of

expertise and are constantly training to meet higher expectations.

In Bucharest we are running R&D operations in order to bring the future closer to everybody or

simply to improve the present. Each project we are developing benefits from optimizations and

improvements brought by this department.

They are also responsible with some of the new ideas IPL Media is bringing to light, alongside the

Marketing department.

Our vision is that one day bold ideas will be within everybody’s reach. We see a world of

opportunities and dreams that can turn into reality.


IPLMedia Services



Whether you are looking to make your first impression, or freshen up your look online, we

have the skills and technology to make it happen. We never use templates. Your site

deserves to have an identity that is unique.

Having IPLMedia’s proven methodology in place helps to orchestrate all the moving parts,

reduce the risk, increase productivity, and deliver a successful project on budget and on

time. By following these five steps we can work with your team to insure success for your



Following industry top standard; Microsoft solution framework, we have been planning,

designing and creating custom application and web development projects for customers in

various industries. All programming and development is handled in-house so that we can

maintain the quality of the work that we do.

Our wide range of solutions includes building applications such as:

1- Content Management Systems

2- Online Communities

3- Customer Management


4- Portals

5- Tracking Systems

6- Project Management Systems

7- Online Surveys


8- Photo Management Systems

9- Wiki

10- Forums

11- Blogs

12- Shopping Cart

13- Stats

14- Newsletters


You spent lots of time and effort to get your site online. What is the best way to get people

on it and keep them coming back?

There are some very traditional ways such as TV Ads, Radio Ads, Print Ads and Direct Mail.

These are all very good methods and have proven themselves worthy over the years. There

is only one problem with them. They are not electronically connected to your site. Until

someone figures out how to click from the TV, radio, magazine, or marketing piece, there is

that disconnect that happens.

Our custom designed E-Newsletters get the job done and are one click away from your web


1- E-Newsletter Features

2- Custom Design

3- Display news about your business or industry

4- New Product Spotlights

5- Offers, Discounts, Gifts or Specials

6- Seasonal Information

7- Send to Friend Feature

8- Built-in surveys with tracking

9- "Ask the Expert"/”Request Free Quote” (designed to generate leads)

10- Statistical Tracking

With an easy to use mailing list plug-in for your site, you can build a list of clients that you

can stay in front of weekly, monthly, quarterly or as often as you like


IPLMedia’s SEO process has proven to be very successful for the web sites that we have applied

them to. Our techniques insure that you will get the most out of your organic placement.

In order for a SEO project to work it cannot be a onetime occurrence. There is the initial

optimization that takes place, but it must be followed up by reading log files and determining

whether it is working or not. Here is how our process works:

1- Determine a statistical baseline of what your site is doing now in the area of traffic. This

may not be possible if your host does not provide you with log analysis. (A hit counter on

your site is not an accurate depiction of traffic.)

2- Generally, we will not SEO a site that we cannot host. We are committed to a program

that works, and if we cannot effectively monitor the site after the process then we

would rather not just take a shot in the dark.

3- We will do a FREE analysis of your site and make suggestions as to what would work best

4- We will bid the project to make sure it fits in your budget

5- Apply the techniques that we have developed to your site (includes recoding of site and

writing search engine compliant tags)

6- Provide monthly statistics to show the success of the SEO


Outsourcing Services


Outsourcing to IPLMedia can bring multiple benefits to your organization:

� Improved focus on core business

� Reduced operating costs.

� Experienced support for IT

� Re-skill of remaining staff on more marketable skills and services

� Optimization of system management & support processes

� Enhancement of project management, and service delivery

� Time saving (for more important tasks)

� Improved system reliability

IPLMedia expertise covers a wide range of solutions that serve your organization goals

� Corporate/Business Portals

Using the fascinating capabilities of the web technologies, your organization/company can

have a very special presence on the internet. We build you a comprehensive, dynamic, easy

to use, easy to update web portals that enable your organization/company to publish their

information (Products, Services, News, Events... etc.) easily in a very attractive fashion.

� Web Applications

Need to offer a service through the internet? We have the capacity and knowledge to

transform your business idea into a dynamic web application that both your

audience/clients and staff can use easily and effectively. Examples of web applications

include Web 2.0 social portal, a business e-directory, a recruitment web-site or an ereservations


� Creative Web Design

Our talented group of designers and interface engineers are masters at effectively conveying

a consistent corporate message and brand while concentrating on ensuring a pleasant and

useful user experience. We can help you effectively market your company by utilizing our

skills in web strategy, creative interface design, corporate branding and logo design, online

marketing strategy, and copywriting, among others.

� Arabization and Localization Services

IPLMedia helps you to transform your already developed software and web applications to

run inside another culture. We can Arabize your applications, translating user interfaces,

changing UI directions and incorporating price/date/measurements units into the new



Why outsource to EGYPT?

� Technical Excellence and Profound Education

Egypt has 26 Universities that graduate thousands of professional calibers each year with 6

Multi-Lingual Universities (American, British, German, French, and Russian) that support the

market with suitable native speaking IT professionals of these languages.

� Competitive Rates

One of the main advantages of Outsourcing to Egypt is reasonable project costs. Top

Egyptian software houses have continuously offered rates more competitive than those of

Russia, India or Ukraine, let alone EU or the USA.

� Cultural Proximity

Because of the strong business relations between Egypt, Europe and USA, Egypt understands

the European and American Culture, thus we speak one cultural language with clients from

EU, USA, Australia, Canada or New Zealand. Egyptian companies adhere to the same

standards and business ethics.

� Favorable Geographical Location and Time Difference

Egypt is located in the geographical centre of the world with time zone +2 GM, Time

difference with Europe is 1-2 hours, with Gulf countries is 1-2 hours, with African countries

1-2 hours, with the USA it is 7 hours. Our working schedules are adjusted to our clients' time

zones to have maximum overlapping hours. This makes overnight turnaround possible.

� Governmental Support

The Egyptian government understood the importance and the competitive advantage that

the Egyptian market has, thus it totally supports the IT industry and facilitates all what is

needed to develop this industry. The Egyptian government has established the Smart Village

to become the Middle East Center of Information Technology.


IPLMedia References


Micro-mosaic Artist

Saad Romany


Vertical: Art

The Official and personal website of world

most recognized artist Saad Romany, pioneer

of micro-mosaic art.

The website contains interactive gallery of his

work, beside his biography, news and events.

Safwat Al Golf Hospital Vertical: Healthcare

The website, which in both English and Arabic,

contains all information visitor may need to

know about “Safwat Al Golf” hospital, like the

hospital capabilities, departments, staff and

more. Multimedia library is available, beside

detailed contact information.

Chef Masr Vertical: Food

Chef Masr website targets whoever loves food

and keen for recipes. The website contains

thousands of arranged, easy to search, easy to

reach, easy to follow recipes. Plus lots of

useful information regarding healthy food,

kitchen practices and more.

Eda2a Vertical: Media

Eda2a is a comprehensive online news

magazine, covering Arab-World and

international news in many fields; politics,

sports, art, economics and many more.

The website is owned and managed by His

Highness Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Equality and

Development Party


Vertical: NGOs

The official website of Equality and

Development Party which been formed after

January 25 th revolution in Egypt.

The party is founded by Egyptian actress and

activist Tayseer Fahmy to achieve equality

among all members of society.

Rejoice Vertical: Education

Rejoice is a training center that offers

advanced courses of NLP and Soft skills.

The website contains lots of features useful for

the center trainees and also for those who visit

the website for the first time, like (videos,

articles, courses schedule, blog, forum, RSS…

and More)

Modern Health Vertical: Health Care

Modern Health System website provides lots

of useful information and advices about health

care, especially spine care.

The website incorporates e-commerce system

with advanced shopping cart and various epayment


Elbedayah.Net Vertical: NPO is website founded by group of

young physicians and NLP trainers, to promote

the culture of health-care and human


The site contains many articles, online courses

and quizzes, beside various forums and

interactive sections.

Masr 25 Vertical: NPO

Masr 25 is a social website, launched during

the January 25 th Revolution events, to offer

Arab internet users with fresh news and

events analysis.

Beside the revolution, the website contains

rich information in its various sections about

Egypt and its culture.


Concept SMS Vertical: Telecom

Fully dynamic web site, Contains wealth of

content to promote “Concept SMS” –the new

middle east venture- advanced SMS marketing


The site published in both English and Arabic


IPS Vertical: Oil and Gas

The website highlights the rich profile of IPS,

an international company providing General

services, supplies, Equipment and Engineering

related to Exploration, Drilling, Production and

Completion operations related to the oil and

gas industry within the Middle East and GCC


Green Hills Vertical: Professional


Green Hills company is a leading Company in

the field of Landscape, irrigation system

Filtration system.

The dynamic website highlights the company

profile and contains a gallery of its projects.


Azizia Villas Vertical: Real State

Dynamic Web site for Azizia Villas, The pioneer

amongst urban living projects in Egypt. The

web site is for visitors to learn about the

village, for residents to share news and

community events and for owners to share

information together and with the


Nebny Foundation Vertical: NPO

Dynamic website for Nebny Foundation, The

NPO which has been formed by a group of

Young Egyptians who participated in the

revolution. They believe the revolution will

succeed when Egypt becomes the leading

developing country in the world.

Salem Kennel Vertical: Pets

Salem Kennel provides various services for

pets owners. The dynamic website provides

extensive information and images to visitors

covering the companies services, news and



Wassey and Co. Vertical:

Professional Services

Web site for Wassey and Co., Highlighting

service the company provides, Which includes

business advisory, auditing, internal control,

tax, financial system (IT), book keeping and

transaction services.

3ashanek Ya Masr Vertical: NPOs

3ashanekYaMasr.Com is a dynamic website

that offers extensive amount of information

about Egypt's January 25th Revolution.

The website offers several ways of

volunteering to offer support for families of

people who've been injured or died during

25th events.

Wafe Top Vertical: Technology

Wafe Top is a Saudi technology supplier,

provides advances solutions to companies,

such as network systems, software systems,

protection and surveillance systems.

IPLMedia built a dynamic website for Wafe to

promote its business, products and services.


Delta Engineering Co. Vertical: Telecom

Dynamic Web site for Delta Telecom Company,

founded in 2006, and now is considered as one

of the leading companies in Egypt in the field

of construction of telecommunication projects.

EJTech Vertical: Technology

Comprehensive web site for EJTech, the huge

ICT integrator.

The firm is now building a center of

competence for IT and Telecommunication

systems that covers Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

and the region

EGYDENT Vertical: Health Care

An Informative web site for EGYRNENT – A

Dental Care Center, Contains detailed

information about the center, It’s Services and

Staff of specialists.


Dar Al-Orman Vertical: NGOs

Web site for Dar Al- Orman, One of the most

active NGOs in Egypt.

The site contains lots of information and

resources about Dar Al-Orman including

videos, images, press releases and more.

Print Media Academy Vertical: Education

Web site for the regional edition of

HEIDELBERG academy for printing and


The site covers all activities and services

offered by the academy which target Middle

East and Africa.

Gamal Rashed C.




Professional Services

A web site for Gamal Rashad Company, Which

has been incorporated as a chartered

accountant firm since 1990. The web site

covers the services and activities of both

company branches which located in Giza and

6 th of October.

DRP Trading Premium World Vertical:


Interactive web site for DRP company. The site

incorporates Flash technology to provide

exciting interaction with visitors, Letting them

explore DRP products and services with much


YAG Hospital Vertical: Health

Bilingual web site for the first lever

implantation center in the Middle East, Yasser

Abdulghafar Hospital.

Beside containing information about the

hospital, The site provides information about

liver personal care.

SANTO Vertical: Food &


SANTO is a restaurant and coffee shop. The

site provides extensible data for SANTO’S

lovers and clients, such as Menu and locations.

SANTO also plans to provide “ORDER ONLINE”

feature on the web site very soon.


2M Vertical: Professional


The web site uses graphical techniques to

promote the special advertising services of 2M


The dynamic corporate web site published in

both English and Arabic.

Compass Camps Vertical: Entertainment

Interactive web site used to enhance brand

image of new “COMPASS CAMPS”, a program

started by a group of diverse Campers and

Camp Organizers gathered around the theme

and mission of empowering young people.

ME Super Car Club Vertical: Sports

Web site for the most prestigious and elite

super car club in the Middle East.

The web site contains much information about

the company specialized in organizing,

supporting and developing auto racing events.


KTS Vertical: Education

Al Kabbain Technical Support is a Saudi

company offers technical services (examples:

fixing computers and networks) to female

communities inside KSA.

The rich bilingual website offers information

about each kind of service.

La Famiglia Group Vertical: Trade

Dynamic corporate web site for “La Famiglia

Group”, Company that works in trading &

Commercial Agencies Sector inside the

Egyptian market and the MENA region.

The web site provides rich information about

the group brands, services and partners.

Green East Vertical: Professional


Green East is a landscaping company offering

wide services of landscape architecture and

decoration such as planting, Lighting, Bamboo

decoration, Playgrounds and garden



Waki Pharma Vertical: Pharmacology

Waki Pharma is a drug and cosmetic


The website focusing on the company profile,

products, news, quality certificates and agents.

The website comes in both English and Arabic.

Rawas Group Vertical: Traveling & Tourism

The complete web site aims to highlight how

distinguished are the services provided by

Rawas Group, which has about 30 years of

traveling and tourism experience.

The Chef Restaurant Vertical:

Food and Beverages

A web site for “The Chef”, A specialized

seafood restaurant. The site is used as a tool

to enhance the company brand, and empower

marketing activities conducted by the



7agtak.Com Vertical: E-Commerce

An E-Commerce web Site That provides

integrated services to the local market,

introducing a method of delivery and fundcollection

for new/used goods and products.

Empowers Egyptians who don’t use credit

cards with an easy way to buy and sell online.


Latest Designs





Contact IPLMedia



Villa 24, Azizia Villas

Cairo-Alex Desert Road

Giza – Egypt

Phone: 02 3838 7112


8 Madkour st.

Al Haram- Giza

Phone: 02 3585 2622




Dr. Hatim Zaghloul, Ph.D.

Chairman & CEO

Mobile: +2 011 044 50 55

E mail:

Eng. Nabil Afifi

Web Development G.M.

Mobile: +2 011 044 50 90

E mail:


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