Kate Margolis / Graphic Designer / PDF Portfolio - RDD Design


Kate Margolis / Graphic Designer / PDF Portfolio - RDD Design

Kate Margolis / Graphic Designer / PDF Portfolio

Kate Margolis

Graphic Designer


W www.rdd-design.com


After setting up my own business, which lead me to four years of success, I decided that I

wanted a career in a design studio working with other designers. I work hard in a team, but I

like to think I flourish when I’m doing something i love. I’ve got big ideas, aspirations and I am

always looking for a way to make them come true.

I have learnt that working in a team is important for creative inspiration; having that platform

to bounce ideas off other workers provides a foundation from which I can push myself - and

others - to our greatest potential. Communication and understanding of the project means we

can solve the brief to the best of our abilities, guaranteeing that key ideas are executed properly

and efficiently.

I genuinely believe that I take a positive and enthusiastic approach in all my work.

Each project is engaged in with professionalism to allow my creativity and passion to be

expressed. Imagination can lead to limitless creation from an individual, so the potential of a

team is unparalleled. I like to think that the consistent quality of the work displayed throughout

my portfolio exemplifies the potential of any team with me as a member; many of my projects

have been undertaken simultaneously, and my ability to micro-manage my time is something

that i am very proud of.

Some of the work that I have recently worked on are up for the following awards.

CIMTIG 2009 Silver Award Best Consumer Press Ad

CIMTIG 2009 Silver Award Best Outdoor Campaign

CIMTIG 2009 Finalist Best Poster Campaign


D&AD Global Student Awards 07 / Zenithsexistence.co.uk

Flash based website that was about “A Day In the Life” of myself.

RSA / Sustainable Packaging

Bags for life that doubled up as packaging for toilet roll.

Education and Qualifications

2005-2008 - BA (hons) Graphic Design, London Middlesex University

2004-2005 - Foundation The University of the Arts, Chelsea Art and Design

1997-2004 - A levels St Albans High School for Girls,


Creative programs include:

Adobe Creative Suite, Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Quark Xpress

Final Cut Pro

Cinema 4D

Go live (basic)


Extensive knowledge of both PC and Mac platform

Word, Excel and email applications

Knowledge and interest in contemporary art history and design


For a reference and more examples of work, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kate Margolis

Graphic Designer


W www.rdd-design.com


Law Creative/ Senior Graphic Designer 05/10 - present

Law Creative, provide creative marketing solutions for the hotel, retail and leisure markets.

They are a full service and integrated agency. Here I have worked on all aspects of design

from advertising, FMCG and POS. Their clients, David Lloyd Leisure, IHG Group which

consists of Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and InterContinental Hotels, Mecca Bingo and

G Casino have all lead me to work on print projects through to digital.


Fish Advertising/ Senior Graphic Designer 01/10 - 05/10

Fish Advertising is a new advertising company formed by Jeremy Aspinall. Jeremy has over

30 years experience within the advertising industry specialising in leisure and tourism.

He asked me to be his senior designer, help set up his brand identity, collateral and website.

Since Fish started I have worked with Croatia Tourism, Villa Plus and most recently Butlins.


Truly London Advertising Agency/ Graphic Designer 06/08 - 11/09

A London advertising agency based in Tottenham Court Road, specialising in advertising

for leisure and travel. Clients include 188Bet, Nakheel, AIG, Isle of Man, Yorkshire Tourist

Board, Fred.Olsen Cruises, Port of Dover, Duck Tours and more. The job entailed a vast

spectrum of skills, including working with a creative team on print, brand identity and

the day to day dealings with the account team to complete more than one job at a time.

The job also gave me experience in handling pitch documents and being conscious of

artworking at the same time as being creative.


Channel 4 / Freelance Designer 05/08 - 06/08

Working on new identity for spin off show called Generation Next. The series was shown

over the summer and was a talent programme to find the best new writers, directors and

on screen talent across comedy, drama, documentaries and news.

Other freelance positions 08/02 - present

Crown Music Ltd / Freelance Designer

Cd Art work and new brand identity for new pop boy-band Avenue.

Boss Print / Art worker

Boss cards: Five pieces of artwork that were submitted for use as on an online

card shop.

City Centre Car Park/ Freelance Designer

I created the website for Liverpool’s answer to renting car parking spaces.

Bredema Intellectual Layers/ Freelance Designer

I created and distributed New Year and Christmas e-card.

Deep Blue Association

I consulted with the IT recruitment consultants who briefed me over a gentrification of

their website. The website was developed over a couple of months.

Ferncrest Investments/ Freelance Designer

The London-based property investors required an online portfolio that was accomplished

within a week.

Tania Clarke Hall/ Freelance Designer

This successful jewelry designer who has a Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Award, has

worked with me to develop a website and new brand identity for her business.

The New Theatre/ Freelancer

I have worked on a number of show posters for the New Theatre of which two have gone

on to Edinburgh Fringe Festival .

Ruby’s Food Store/ Freelance Designer

Brand identity development and website. Included packaging and advertising.

Logos from left to right

Dragoman: Logo for a nation-wide university event run by Dragoman

Avenue: Musics newest ‘pop’ boy band (logo)

Wave: Logo for a telecoms and marketing company

Charlie Finn Music: Solo artist identity


Logos from left to right

Fish Advertising: Advertising agency

Yorkshire Tourist Board: Logo pitch idea for Visit Yorkshire

N20 Bar: New identity for club sector of upstairs premises

Quils: T-shirt company

Channel 4 i-dent for Summer spin off show called Generation

Next. The program sought to find the best new writers,

directors and on screen talent across comedy, drama,

documentaries and news.

On/offline magazine designed for a small one off company that specialise

in one off print mags. The subject for this was ‘everyday life.’ I explored

all the things we take for granted and such topics included - Money,

typography, time and utilities.


David Lloyd Leisure: Here is an example of the

October Corporate Campaign poster and the direct

mail 4 page flyer that accompanied it.

Personal pitch idea for 2007’s Disel’s Annual

Report and Performance report. These were

examples of the front and contents page.

Nottingham’s New Theatre show poster.

The brief was related to the mention of

broken angel wings through out the play that

simultaneously reflected the prevalent military

theme throughout the text. The poster was used

both on and offline.

188BET program and magazine press ads.

‘Moments that changed a game’ campaign

in conjunction with The Mirror’s image

bank Mirrorpix. All old images used were

relevant to the clubs sponsored by 188BET.

Logos from left to right

Princes and Rogues: Logo for a geek chic boyband

Glass Pear: Pitch for Crown Music Managements new project

Inky: Logo for a three piece girl group

Charlie Finn Music: Solo artist identity

Avenue: Musics new ‘pop’ boy band sensation logo


Inky is a three piece girl band formed in April 2009.

Since the beginning of the band, they asked me to do their

brand identity and collateral. This is one of the images we

created to face the campaign.

Managed by the same company that started The Saturrdays,

these girls are sure to be ‘the next big thing!’

The Gaymers Camden Crawl is a broadened programme

of live music, arts & activities. The Crawl festival has set

up camp for the 9th time across Camden Town’s two

mile stretch of high street for the May Bank holiday 2010.

This is a sneak preview of the creative in progress for the

festival next year, 2011.

Crown Music Ltd responsible for the

Sugababes asked me to design their

new product, Avenue’s signing cards.

This is Mollie King from The Saturdays own

brand logo. She was very keen on developing

her brand across a number of things for the

future. Myself and an illustrator worked with

Mollie to translate her ideas for the brand,

using her name, rather than an image,

as the focus.


London Midland Pitch.

Strap line : Let’s go London.

The pitch was for a new creative route.


Charlie Finn, 2007 X factor contestant has

started a solo career and approached me with

regards to developing him an identity. These

were promotional photographs.


Jam Tree is a company that looks at creating new working

and learning environments that suit the modern world. As

associate dealer for Herman Miller, one of the largest suppliers

of furniture worldwide, Jam Tree is committed to creating and

providing spaces where people can flourish. This is the final layout

for the website.

www.jamtree.com (Live 10/2010)


Luke Johnson is a successful entrepreneur

responsible for Pizza Express, Strada, Giraffe

and many more restaurants. He is also the

chairman of Channel 4 and a dean for the

University of Arts. I pitched to re design his

website. Above is the chosen design.


Robertson and Jones is a specialist staffing implementation

agency. They provide, co ordinate and manage the people for

brands, products, events, hospitality and exhibitions.

www.robertsonandjones.co.uk (Live 11/2010)

Quils is a new t-shirt company.

Leanne Goymer, an illustrator, has moved to

clothing designs. Working with the platform

Magento, this e-commerce website has been

designed and built with a very strong brand



188BET landing pages. These are across

all clubs. Wigan, Bolton, Aston Villa and Cheslea


Princes and Rogues are the new ‘Geek Chic’

boyband to hit the music scene. With their

qwirky looks and ‘popular’ sound, these

guys have wow-ed the judges of this years



(Live 10/2010)

Concept design for Law Creative website.

The companies website as it stands does very well

with SEO and wanted to retain the content heavy

pages. Slick design and cool navigation to keep the

user engaged, was key.

Kate Margolis

Graphic Designer


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