PowerLogic EEM - Energy Management Information System (EMIS)


PowerLogic EEM - Energy Management Information System (EMIS)

PowerLogic EEM

Energy Management Information System (EMIS)

May 2009

Michael Gillis

The global energy dilemma

Schneider Electric 2

The energy and CO 2 emission challenge

World consumption up

45% since 1980, 70%

higher by 2030

Emerging markets

> 75% of new demand

CO2 up 33% since

industrial revolution,

rising faster than ever

Resource competition &

political instability keep

prices high

●Coal use continues to grow in emerging markets

These trends are here to last unless we act!

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Leaving the car in the garage will not be enough…

GHG emission


Industry and buildings

energy usage

(includ. Data centres)

Data extracted from WRI: navigating the numbers 2005



Improved efficiency

significantly impacts

GHG reduction!

Schneider Electric 4

Industry is the “leader” in GHG



& Infrastructure


Data centres &





EERE Building Energy Data book 2006

EERE Manufacturing Systems Footprint ,






Schneider Electric 5

Energy challenges & opportunities are everywhere

Supply Side

More Efficient and

Cleaner Supply

Demand Side

More Efficient Use Conservation

& Management

Schneider Electric 6

Energy challenges & opportunities are everywhere

Supply Side

More Efficient and

Cleaner Supply

Cleaner supplies will take

time to implement

Demand Side

More Efficient Use Conservation

& Management

Current technologies allow us

to target 30% savings

Schneider Electric 7

Energy challenges & opportunities are everywhere

Supply Side

More Efficient and

Cleaner Supply

Cleaner supplies will take

time to implement

We must develop technologies

and business models to increase

renewable energies penetration

Mid term approach

Demand Side

More Efficient Use Conservation

& Management

Current technologies allow us

to target 30% savings

We must focus on Energy

Efficiency to solve our energy


Short term action

Schneider Electric 8

Energy efficiency is a responsibility and the challenge

Energy Conservation

Environmental Management

Schneider Electric 9

Green House Gas (GHG) emissions - a new commodity.

● How do you account for the changing relationships between

emission factors,

input parameters,

and the sources consuming the energy.

● What is your aggregate CO2e Output

vs. Target

vs. Baseline Year?

Schneider Electric 10

Kyoto Protocol

● Part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

● Adopted for use in December 1997 in Kyoto, Japan

● The objective is to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations using 1990 as the base

year for reduction objectives

● As of 2008 183 countries have ratified the protocol:

Schneider Electric 11

Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)

● Greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol:

● Derived:

●Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 )

●Methane (CH 4 )

●Nitrous Oxide (N 2 O)

● Directly Measured:

●Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)

●Perfluorocarbons (PFCs)

●Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF 6 )

Schneider Electric 12

Energy Efficiency: “it's easy”, just follow the 4

sustainability steps


2.Use efficient devices


4.Monitor and Improve

Schneider Electric 13

The 4 sustainability steps


2 Use efficient devices

3 Automate

4 Monitor and Improve

●Audits and Planning

Energy meters

●Power quality meters

Schneider Electric 14

The 4 sustainability steps

1 Measure

2.Use efficient devices

3 Automate

4 Monitor and Improve

●Low consumption devices

●Insulation material

●Power quality

●Power reliability

Schneider Electric 15

The 4 sustainability steps

1 Measure

2 Use efficient devices


4 Monitor and Improve

●Variable speed drive

●Motor control systems

Schneider Electric 16

The 4 sustainability steps

1 Measure

2 Use efficient devices

3 Automate

4.Monitor and Improve

Energy management software

● Remote monitoring systems

Schneider Electric 17

Energy Management Information System (EMIS)

● Promote behavior change

● Awareness

● Accountability

● Identify savings opportunities

● Operation & Maintenance (O & M) program support

Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) identification and prioritization

● Audit savings to ensure long term persistency

● Operation & Maintenance (O & M) program support

Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) identification and prioritization

Schneider Electric 18

PowerLogic EEM: Enterprise-class energy management tools

● Complete,

reliable data

● Powerful




● Billing and rate


Schneider Electric 19


● Key values of interest

Energy / per product / per unit

Energy usage

Energy demand

● Spend ($/€)

● Greenhouse gas

● Different levels of detail

● Corporate/global

● Operating division

● Other levels of organization (Plant

type, process, etc)

● Individual site, work shift, etc

● Sub-metered zones or loads

Worldwide Regional Sites Zone/Process

● Different needs

● Summary data for management or

external use

● Exception reporting to detect problem


● Detailed information for decision making

EEM tools will allow users to create our own


Schneider Electric 20

Actively Manage Peak Demand and Energy Use

● Optimize demand and

power factor


● Optimize start-up

procedures and load


● Measure and verify the

results of upgrades or

process changes

● Integrate with power

management systems

● Coordinate with demand

response, load

curtailment or real-time

pricing programs

Schneider Electric 21

Benchmark and Compare Performance

● Compare plants, cost

centers, processes

● Metrics: MWh, cost,

CO2e/NOx, and more

● Normalize for

temperature, sq. ft,

production units

● Compare against

industry benchmarks

● Identify and isolate



● Document for “green”


Schneider Electric 22

Model, Track, and Verify Return on Investment

● Model and predict


● Assess project risk

● Set a baseline and

track performance KPIs

against goals

● Summarize budget

projections for


● Analyze variances,

make adjustments, stay

on track

● Attribute savings,

validate investments

Schneider Electric 23

Allocate Costs and Effect Change of Behavior

● Expose energy-related

costs to individual users to

drive accountability

● Allocate costs by

department or cost center

based on actual usage

● Determine unit or marginal

cost of production

● Prepare energy budgets

for departments or


Schneider Electric 24

Optimize Budgeting and Procurement

● Consolidate

consumption for each


● Use complex utility

rate modeling and

“what-if” scenarios to

compare rates or


● Aggregate loads

● Forecast future needs

and accrue costs

● Verify utility billing and

contract compliance

Schneider Electric 25

Reduce Capital and Operations Costs with Forecasts

● Maximize use of existing

infra-structure to minimize

capital expenditures

● “Right size” capacity of new


● Correlate operational

parameters and efficiency

to determine stresses

● Optimize settings on

chillers and compressors

for best efficiency

● Balance generator

efficiency against usage

Schneider Electric 26

Identify Root Causes and Opportunities for Savings

● Isolate the drivers of


● Break down

consumption by utility,

time period, load

(chillers, boilers,

motors, heaters)

● Trend and analyze

hidden patterns and

non-linear relationships

(energy vs. emissions)

● Prioritize projects with

greatest ROI potential

Schneider Electric 27

Environmental Sustainability Module

● Calculates CO2 out for all fuel types

by facility and for the aggregate

● Compare performance vs. baseline

year and monthly targets

● Flexible architecture

● Apply CO2 emissions factors

from utility

● Supports “slowly changing”


● Dedicated Admin user interface for

managing emissions factors and


● Adheres to the international GHG

Protocol framework


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Schneider Electric 28

Emission Reporting

Total Emissions Report

� Total Yearly Emissions vs. Base Year

� Total Monthly Emissions vs. Base Year and Target

� Total Emissions per Commodity

Emissions Comparison and Variance Report

� Emissions per source

� Variance from Target per source

� Variance from Base Year per source

Schneider Electric 29

Country level report point

Schneider Electric 30

Configurable links to report content

Click a point to bring up the available reports

Schneider Electric 31

Power Quality Module

� Steady state analysis of RMS voltages, current, power, frequency, imbalance,

harmonic distortion, sag/swells, transients, phasors, and symmetrical components

� Compliance summaries (ie. SARFI, EN50160, IEEE1159) with trending

� Plots events against industry-standard or custom tolerance curves (ITI, CBEMA, SEMI-

F47), with mapping of events indicating type, classification, age, severity, etc

� Use tools to help reduce data and correlate multiple events with a root cause

� Summarize events within a time range or other dimension to produce a single representative

event, … then drill down on a selected summary event to reveal the list of supporting events.

� Visually delineate events using symbols and colors for phase, type, age or other dimension

� Classify events by attributes, add a custom annotations and then filter on that classification

� Waveform analysis with zooming, event details, stacking, and RMS overlays

Schneider Electric 32

Real-time Data - Process

EEM can be linked to other systems that utilize a WEB enabled user

interface, for real-time data views with navigation via the browser.

Schneider Electric 33

Real-time Data - Electrical

ION Enterprise Real-time electrical one-line screen (Cement – Columbia)

Schneider Electric 34

Data convergence delivers energy insights

Energy Performance Green House Gas Power Demand Cost Allocation MES Analysis

Schneider Electric 35

Energy Efficiency initiatives need to


key Questions

Schneider Electric 36

These Questions are..

1 Where to start & what does it give me in return?

● Consult/Do an audit

● Opportunities are all around us. Measure & Analyze

● For many EE projects, pay back time is < 2 years

2 Where to focus?

● Identify potential actions for

Reduction of consumption

Optimization of cost

Improvement of Reliability & Availability

3 What are the enabling solutions?

4 How do I maintain the improvements?

● Consulting / remote monitoring

Schneider Electric 37

Make the most of your energy

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