artos Pole systems for vineyards

artos Pole systems for vineyards

artos Pole systems for vineyards


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By hook or by crook - an intelligent solution!The <strong>artos</strong> pole system <strong>for</strong> <strong>vineyards</strong> with inside and outside hooks!

®WeinbergpfahlsystemeAll you ever wanted to know about the <strong>artos</strong> pole system <strong>for</strong><strong>vineyards</strong> and our products can be found on the pages below:<strong>artos</strong> Terroir and PiquetPlus page 4<strong>artos</strong> C40 / C50 / C60 page 6<strong>artos</strong> D65 page 8<strong>artos</strong> ECO 45 / ECO 50 / ECO 55 / ECO 60 page 10<strong>artos</strong> End poles EP 1 / EP 2 page 12<strong>artos</strong> Accessories page 14<strong>artos</strong> Additional products page 15<strong>artos</strong> Galvanization page 16<strong>artos</strong> Practical solutions page 173

®<strong>artos</strong> Terroir and PiquetPlus poles – the innovative generation!True to the motto of <strong>artos</strong> pole <strong>systems</strong>: intelligence and efficiency, we placed high valueon top-quality workmanship and easy handling while developing the <strong>artos</strong> Terroir poles andPiquetPlus poles.All Terroir and PiquetPlus poles have outside hooks in intervals of 70 mm arranged alongtheir entire length. The user can attach any of the normal wires and flexi-wires to thesehooks. The outside hooks facilitate a smooth and easy fixing and readjusting of the wires.This saves you an enormous amount of time.<strong>artos</strong> Terroir and PiquetPlus poles are suitable <strong>for</strong> all types of ground conditions, <strong>for</strong>straight and sloping land surfaces alike. A reversal of the pole is an option <strong>for</strong> sloping landsurfaces. The pole has a perfectly rounded <strong>for</strong>m and is especially suitable <strong>for</strong> regions in whichhand-picking is the preferred way of harvesting.The profiles and material thicknesses guarantee high stability and strength.The easy handling, stability and workmanship of the Terroir poles make them ideal <strong>for</strong> deploymentin winegrowing, orcharding and fence making.Weʼll gladly send you more in<strong>for</strong>mation material <strong>for</strong> orcharding and landscaping workon request – please contact us!**T4

Product range of individually galvanized <strong>artos</strong> Terroir and PiquetPlus poles(or also pre-galvanized):Materialthickness(mm)Length(mm)TerroirWidth (mm)TerroirWeight (kg)Recommendedinsertion depth **T2,0 1400 26 1,72 50 cm2,0 1500 26 1,84 50 cm2,0 1600 26 1,96 60 cm2,0 1800 26 2,21 60 cmØ 6 mm70 mm70 mmMaterialthickness(mm)Length(mm)PiquetPlusWidth (mm)PiquetPlusWeight (kg)Recommendedinsertion depth **T2,0 1400 36 2,12 50 cm2,0 1500 36 2,27 50 cm2,0 1600 36 2,42 60 cm2,0 1800 36 2,72 60 cm70 mmDifferent lengths on request!Weight, pre-galvanized = weight, individually galvanized x 0.963.5

®<strong>artos</strong> C poles – the new generation with outside hooks!The new poles of the <strong>artos</strong> C-series are individually galvanized vineyard poles made of steelwith outside hooks. Galvanization of parts guarantees a long lifespan as well as high durability.The newly developed rein<strong>for</strong>ced hooks are the great advantage of <strong>artos</strong> C poles. They makethe work <strong>for</strong> the winegrower an easy matter and prevent the hooks from being knocked downby any mechanical <strong>for</strong>ce. The rein<strong>for</strong>ced outside hooks are blanked at a slanted angle andsubsequently straightened out.This <strong>for</strong>ms the basis of four arguments in favour of the <strong>artos</strong> C pole:• The hooks cannot be knocked into the punched hole when harvesting machines are used.• A beading in the hooks lends them the greatest possible stability.• The wire “clicks” into the hooks: Any dislocation of the wires is thus impeded.• Smooth working with the vine fixing machine.The C pole is manufactured in three crown widths (C40/C50/C60) and in three materialthicknesses each (1.6 mm, 1.9 mm and 2.0 mm). The beneficial design of the new profilemakes possible a great degree of stability as well as good earth support.Profile widths:• C 40 – Crown width: 40mm <strong>for</strong> low trellising and the like• C 50 – Crown width: 50 mm, versatile <strong>for</strong> all locations, standard width• C 60 – Crown width: 60mm <strong>for</strong> the highest standards of stability and strengthMore fields of application of the <strong>artos</strong> C poles include orcharding and fence making.**T6

Product range of individually galvanized <strong>artos</strong> C poles (or also pre-galvanized):Materialthickness(mm)Length(mm)C 40Weight (kg)C 50Weight (kg)C 60Weight (kg)Recommendedinsertion depth **T1,6 2300 3,43 3,70 4,00 60 cm1,6 2400 3,58 3,85 4,16 65 cm1,6 2500 3,73 4,02 4,33 70 cm1,6 2600 4,18 4,50 75 cm1,6 2700 4,34 4,68 80 cm1,6 3000 4,82 5,20 90 cm1,9 2300 4,09 4,42 4,80 60 cm1,9 2400 4,26 4,62 5,00 65 cm1,9 2500 4,44 4,82 5,22 70 cm1,9 2600 4,62 5,01 5,41 75 cm1,9 2700 5,20 5,64 80 cm1,9 3000 5,77 6,27 90 cm50 mm100 mm*100 mm**70 mm intervals of hooksoptionally available.Weight, pre-galvanized = weight, individually galvanized x 0.963.More lengths and weights in the 2-mm version on request!7

®<strong>artos</strong> D poles – the tried-and-trusted generation with inside hooks!The <strong>artos</strong> D poles are individually galvanized vineyard poles made of steel with inside hooks*.They feature a high degree of stability and strength by dint of their sturdy profile with a widecross-section.<strong>artos</strong> D poles are produced in various thicknesses of material, lengths and types of slot:• straight, horizontal slotting <strong>for</strong> flat terrains• diagonal slotting <strong>for</strong> sloping <strong>vineyards</strong>Above a certain minimum quantity ordered, length and arrangement of the slots can becustom-tailored to the winegrower’s needs at our factory.Their truly great advantage is comprised of the rein<strong>for</strong>ced inside hooks that cannot be easilyknocked down or bent by the grape harvester.Product range of individually galvanized <strong>artos</strong> D65 poles (or also pre-galvanized):Materialthickness(mm)Length(mm)Weight(kg)Recommendedinsertion depth **TMaterialthickness(mm)Length(mm)Weight(kg)Recommendedinsertion depth **T1,2 2000 2,81 60 cm1,2 2100 2,95 60 cm1,2 2200 3,09 60 cm1,2 2300 3,23 60 cm1,2 2400 3,37 65 cm1,2 2500 3,51 70 cm* It is also possible to produce them in pre-galvanizedmaterial1,5 2000 3,51 60 cm1,5 2100 3,69 60 cm1,5 2200 3,86 60 cm1,5 2300 4,04 60 cm1,5 2400 4,22 65 cm1,5 2500 4,39 70 cm1,5 2600 4,57 75 cm1,5 2700 4,74 80 cm**T8

Materialthickness(mm)Length(mm)Weight(kg)Recommendedinsertion depth **T1,8 2100 4,43 60 cm1,8 2300 4,85 60 cm1,8 2400 5,06 65 cm1,8 2500 5,28 70 cm1,8 2600 5,49 75 cm1,8 2700 5,70 80 cm30 mm100 mm100 mm30 mm100 mm100 mmDifferent lengths on request!100 mm100 mm*150 mm intervals ofhooks optionally available.9

®The <strong>artos</strong> ECO pole – the very latest row pole with inside hooks!The <strong>artos</strong> ECO poles are individually galvanized vineyard poles made of steel with insidehooks. The poles are galvanized by a hot-dip processing in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461,so as to ensure protection against corrosion (Pre-galvanized material is also possible).The newly developed hooks are the great advantage of <strong>artos</strong> ECO poles:• They protect against any unintentional dislocations of the wire – even on hillsides or steepslopes – whilst facilitating easy removal of the wire, <strong>for</strong> example <strong>for</strong> the fixing of vines.• A better stability of the vineyard poles is achieved <strong>for</strong> the identical material thickness bydint of the hooks’ rectangular shape and the low amount of blankings <strong>for</strong> the inside hooks.• By dint of its special shape, it is nearly impossible to knock down or bend the hook.• We recommend using vineyard wire of up to max. 2.2 mm <strong>for</strong> this vineyard pole.The <strong>artos</strong> ECO pole is produced in four overall widths (ECO 45/ ECO 50 / ECO 55 / ECO 60) and ina material thickness of 1.6 mm.Profile widths:• ECO 45 - overall width: 45 mm <strong>for</strong> low types of trellising and such like• ECO 50 - overall width: 50 mm, versatile <strong>for</strong> all locations• ECO 55 - overall width: 55 mm, the all-rounder <strong>for</strong> the highest standards of stability• ECO 60 - overall width: 60 mm, <strong>for</strong> the highest demands10

Product range of individually galvanized <strong>artos</strong> ECO poles (or also pre-galvanized):Materialthickness(mm)Length(mm)ECO 45Weight (kg)ECO 50Weight (kg)ECO 55Weight (kg)ECO 60Weight (kg)Recommendedinsertion depth **T1,6 2000 2,91 3,03 3,15 3,30 60 cm1,6 2100 3,06 3,18 3,31 3,47 60 cm1,6 2200 3,20 3,34 3,47 3,63 60 cm1,6 2300 3,35 3,49 3,63 3,80 60 cm1,6 2400 3,50 3,64 3,78 3,96 65 cm1,6 2500 3,64 3,79 3,94 4,13 70 cm1,6 2600 3,94 4,10 4,29 65 cm1,6 2700 4,09 4,26 4,46 80 cm30 mm*100 mm*100 mm*Weight, pre-galvanized = weight, individually galvanized x 0.963.Different lengths on request!*150 mm intervals of hooksoptionally available.**T11

®<strong>artos</strong> end poles – the stable and market-tested generation!The <strong>artos</strong> end pole won recognition immediately upon its market launch owing to the numerousbenefits it provides <strong>for</strong> the wine-grower.The special profile of the <strong>artos</strong> end pole has a superior stability due to its good earth supportand broad frontal width. Above an insertion depth of 90 cm and more, the end pole can withstandthe highest strains. Years of experience in being fully deployedhighest harvesting confirm the pole’s stability.The <strong>artos</strong> end pole is galvanized in parts. There are no cut edges susceptible to rust – thusits long lifespan is guaranteed.The DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft, German Agriculture Society) Test Report No.4922 corroborates a zinc coating of an average of 87.6 μ.The core of the end pole, and a great innovation, are the eight welded steel rods, providingthe pole with a high degree of stability and torsional stiffness. Concurrently, these rods serveas easily usable and stable wire mounting brackets. In conjunction with the usage of chains,you obtain ideal wire positions. For the purpose of rein<strong>for</strong>cement, cross-bars are welded onin the lower part, which lend the pole particular stability in the ground as well. Moreover, thecross-bars facilitate the smooth attachment of the drop plate. No extra and expensive accessories<strong>for</strong> fixing the wire are needed.By request of many wine-growers, we offer our tried-and-tested end pole with a supplementarysecond hook option, in which the hooks (rods) don’t exceed the width of the metal profile.The <strong>artos</strong> end pole is perfectly suited <strong>for</strong> fixing, too. It can be easily put up, and timeconsumingnailing belongs to the past.In addition, the torsional stiffness makes them ideal <strong>for</strong> deployment in orcharding.EP 1 EP 2**T12

Product range of the <strong>artos</strong> end poles:Materialstärke(mm)Länge(mm)Different lengths on request!Gewicht(kg)empfohleneSetztiefe **T1,5 2300 4,58 90 cm1,5 2500 4,94 90 cm1,5 2700 5,30 95 cm1,8 2300 5,42 90 cm1,8 2500 5,85 90 cm1,8 2700 6,29 95 cm2,0 2300 5,99 90 cm2,0 2500 6,47 90 cm2,0 2700 6,95 95 cm2,0 3000 7,67 95 cm50 mm150 mm*150 mm** Intervals of the steel rods from topdown 8 x 150 mm, 1 x 200 mm, 3 x300 mm.13

®<strong>artos</strong> accessories – virtually indestructible!Facilitating wire springs• <strong>for</strong> facilitating the fixing of vines• are directly fastened to the <strong>artos</strong> pole• made from rustproof spring steel wire• reusable year after year• custom-fit <strong>for</strong> all row polesDrop plates• untreated or hot-dip galvanized• secure and stable supporting soft soils too• especially <strong>for</strong> <strong>artos</strong> end polesInsert sleeves• secure and stable protection when inserting the pole into the soil• custom-fit <strong>for</strong> all row poles and end poles14

®<strong>artos</strong> Additional products – heighten the benefit!Plant supports• easy insertion of the rods into the soil• support <strong>for</strong> the young vine during the gathering by the grape harvester• best stabilityAnchors• Spiral anchor• Sill anchors• Plate anchorBy request, these tie anchors are available in several versionsVineyard chains• <strong>for</strong> tightening of the wire on the end pole• made of galvanized steelPaper-covered flexi-wire• <strong>for</strong> fixing the vines• consists of a wire wrapped in environmentally-friendly paper• bundle, 500grams each• available in various coloursRecyclable planting aid• enables the new vines to grow roots rapidly and easily15

®Production and workmanship of <strong>artos</strong> poles<strong>artos</strong> poles are manufactured at the facility of our producer, Meiser Vogtland OHG, in Oelsnitz,Germany. We can provide our steel poles to you both individually galvanized as well aspre-galvanized.Galvanization of parts:After being manufactured, the poles are degreased and subsequently cleaned in an acid bathso that they exhibit a pure metal surface. After rinsing anew in a water bath, the poles aredipped into a fluxing agent and dried once more.Ultimately, each and every single pole is dipped into a hot zinc bath of approximately 450 degreeCelsius (according to DIN EN ISO 1461). In the process, the entire surface of a pole includingall raw edges are galvanized. The zinc coating is from 50 μ to 80 μ <strong>for</strong> an individuallygalvanized pole.Having been galvanized this way, the surface of the <strong>artos</strong> poles will defy wind and rain alike<strong>for</strong> many, many years to come, and they are guaranteed a long lifespan.Pre-galvanized:The continuously galvanized poles are vineyard poles that are manufactured from materialthat has already been galvanized. Pre-galvanized poles have raw edges that are not galvanized.The zinc coating usually averages 20 μ. These factors result in the poles being morecorrodible. Nevertheless, these poles last <strong>for</strong> one vine generation as well.16

®Practical solutionsWhat material thickness is needed?• The location of the vineyard has to be considered. Against the backdrop of the climatechanges that are already noticeable, resulting in an increase of storms, in some areas withgale-<strong>for</strong>ce winds, it is recommended opting <strong>for</strong> a pole with a stronger material thickness,particularly in locations open to wind. In addition, we recommend setting up the polescloser to one another in those rows facing the wind <strong>for</strong> such <strong>vineyards</strong> in locationsvulnerable to wind.• Likewise, the length of the individual vine row has to be considered when selecting amaterial thickness – especially <strong>for</strong> the end poles.• When comparing the various vineyard poles, we recommend paying close attention notonly to length and material thickness but also to the weight.How can I prevent the end pole from sinking into the soil?• For solving this problem, we recommend inserting our drop plates, which can be fastenedto our <strong>artos</strong> end pole with a few moves.How do I get the pole into the ground without damaging or de<strong>for</strong>ming its top end?• We recommend hydraulic pole pressers. Should the soil be especially stony, the use of avibrating pole presser is recommended.• In addition, we provide <strong>for</strong> all the poles an impact protection precisely matched <strong>for</strong> eachindividual vineyard pole.Our local dealers as well as we ourselves – the <strong>artos</strong> Distributorship – are at yourdisposal should you have any further questions concerning the <strong>artos</strong> vineyard polesystem.17

®WeinbergpfahlsystemeThe efficient solution <strong>for</strong> you, created by our intelligent ideas<strong>artos</strong> vineyard pole <strong>systems</strong>

Your retailerDistribution & In<strong>for</strong>mation:®Production:WeinbergpfahlsystemeVertriebsgesellschaft GbRVor dem Schloss 27D-55234 BechtolsheimTel +49 (0)6733/9 49 92 27Fax +49 (0)6733/92 96 31email: kontakt@<strong>artos</strong>-weinbergpfahl.dewww.<strong>artos</strong>-weinbergpfahl.deMeiser Vogtland OHGAm Lehmteich 3D-08606 OelsnitzTel +49 (0)3 74 21/50 23 03Fax +49 (0)3 74 21/50 23 10email: info@meiser.dewww.meiser.de

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