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TheCourierDecember 19, 2012 Volume 13 Number 16Subscribe free to the digital Courier at delmarvacourier.comMerry Christmasfrom all of us atThe Courier

Page 2 The Courier December 19, 2012D.A. KOZMAJEWELERSWants to BUY yourGold, Silver and CoinsWE ARE MOVING!January 2013Food Lion Shopping CenterRoute 50 & Route 611O.C. Factory Outlets Right Next to Super Fresh in West Ocean City410-213-7505 410-524-GOLD(4653)Serving the Community For Over 35 YearsImmediate Evaluation & Payment! Highest Prices Paid!MD #2294

December 19, 2012 The Courier Page 3Stocking fillers — Ocean City Elementary School third grade studentsBrooklyn Durham, Dylan Bracia and Sophia Haines fill stockings for the SalvationArmy to help local families in need.We extendour warmest wishes toeveryone in the communityduring this holiday season.May your timewith family and friendsbe joyous and happy.Van’s Marine ServiceMarine Service & Parts10438 Racetrack Rd., Berlin410-641-5204

Page 4 The Courier December 19, 2012TheCourierourierIndependently OwnedP.O. Box 1326Ocean Pines, MD 21811410-641-6695 • fax: 410-641-6688thecourier@delmarvacourier.comwww.delmarvacourier.comSanta’s WorkshopNorth PoleChip BertinoPublisher/Editorchipbertino@delmarvacourier.comDebbie Haas / Graphic ArtistMary Adair /ComptrollerContributing WritersBetty Cianci, Ron Fisher,Douglas Hemmick,Betty McDermott, Dolores Pike,Tom Range, Sr. and Bev WischRobert B. Adair 1938-20072012 Business of the YearThe Courier is published Wednesday morning byCMN Communications, Inc. Contents copyright2012. News release items and calendar entriesshould reach us Friday noon prior to publicationdate. The advertising deadline is Friday at 5p.m. Read The Courier online at delmarvacourier.comDid YouKnow...The Romans celebrated a festivalin mid-December that is believedto have inspired many of ourChristmas traditions?Their festivalwascalled Saturnaliawhich beganthe middle ofDecember andended January1st. With cries of “JoSaturnalia!” the celebration wouldinclude masquerades in thestreets, big festive meals, visitingfriends, and the exchange of goodluckgifts called Strenae. The Romanswould also deck their hallswith garlands of laurel and greentrees lit with candles.The Early Christians wanted tokeep the birthday of their Christchild a solemn and religious holiday,not one of cheer and merrimentas was the pagan Saturnalia.But as Christianity spread theywere alarmed by the continuingcelebration of pagan customs andSaturnalia among their converts. Atfirst the Church forbade this kind ofcelebration. But it was to no avail.Eventually it was decided that thecelebration would be tamed andmade into a celebration fit for theChristian Son of God.Dear Children,It was so nice to see so many of you at the Ocean Pines Tree Lightingand Breakfast with Santa. Mrs. Claus and I were surprised by how muchyou’d grown this year.Well, it’s the time of year when we get really busy here at the NorthPole, but I thought I’d take time to send this letter to remind you of thethings I’d like you to do for me this year.The elves are working very hard to prepare all the gifts; Rudolph andthe reindeer are practicing take-offs and landings (in case of badweather); Mrs. Claus is back in the kitchen, busy preparing a big mealfor Christmas day (I get really hungry after my trip around the world onChristmas eve.); and I’m looking over my list, checking it twice.It’s good to see that so many children on the Eastern Shore are on the“nice” list again this year. I’m glad you remembered all the things ofwhich I reminded you last year. If, for some reason, you forgot my messageand found yourself on the “naughty” list, I have some suggestions toget you to the “nice” side.First, be respectful of everyone. No bullying. No fighting. No badlanguage. No talking back.Listen well to your teachers, parents, grandparents, and all otheradults who help you each day. Older folks have a lot to teach you.Say “Thank you” to everyone in a military uniform for fighting to keepyou and our country free . Do the same for firefighters and police officers,and remember them in your prayers.Most importantly, remember the real meaning of Christmas.Although you won’t see me (because you’ll be asleep), I’ll see you onChristmas eve. I can’t wait to see how happy you’ll be when you wake upChristmas morning.Rudolph and the other reindeer always appreciate a carrot or two, ifyou care to leave some out for them, and you all know how much I lovecookies and a glass of milk .Well, until my visit on Christmas eve, I hope you’ll continue to begood and be respectful and kind to everyone you meet.. Remember, I’llbe watching.I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthful newyear.Love,Santa

December 19, 2012 The Courier Page 5I believeIn this crazy, topsy-turvy worldof ours much can be gained when believingin the spirit embodied in abright red suit and adorned withIt’s All About. . .By Chip Bertinochipbertino@delmarvacourier.comwhiskers white as snow. There ismore than a glint of hope andwarmth enjoyed when you believe ina being whose mere presence mostoften brings out the best in us. Simply,I believe in Santa Claus. Theolder we get the more we should believe.There's somethingwonderfulabout fairy tales,four leaf cloversand the magic ofwatching a childsit on Santa'sknee for the firsttime. There's a lotof joy and happinessthat can beshared by simplysaying, "I believe."No argumentbased on reasoncan overcome havingfaith in somethingthat may, tosome, appearnaïve and childish.I believe in the attraction ofmistletoe, the magic of a first snowfall and the whimsy of wishing for adream beside a wishing well. I believein these things and more, justbecause.I believe in good cheer and goodtimes and good friends. I believe inwonder and hope and fond memoriesyet to be had. And I believe in thecharity of the man who rides in a redsleigh bringing hope and dampeningdespair.I believe a child's smile, and oursas well, becomes more vibrant in thepresence of Santa Claus. The spiritembodied by the twinkle in thisman's eye is more powerful than askeptic's glance. It's a spirit thatsoars on the unfettered wings of whowe'd like to be and know we could ifwe only gave ourselves the time.I believe no smallmeasure of merrimentis gained whenwe unfurl our imaginationsand allow alittle "Ho, ho, ho" toresonate in ourhearts.Santa Claus isalive and well. Duringthis time of year he goes abouthis business as he has for centuries.Trends and fads concern him not, becausewhat he has to offer is pureand unadulterated for those willingto believe. For you see the passageof time cannot alter that which istimeless: the pure, honest emotionswe feel whenwe embracethe ones welove, when wetoast thehealth of thosearound us andwhen we openour minds towhat we don'tfully understandbutnonethelessbelieve.The goodcheer SantaClaus spreadsis worn handsomelybythose who believe.It is ascomfortable as a well worn sweater.For those who have faith it can protectthe soul from sadness, healscars of despair and wipe tears shedin pain. For inasmuch as somewould like to believe otherwise thespirit of Santa Claus doesn't fadewith childhood. It stays with us,sometimes buried beneath theweight of everyday living. But it'sthere. You just need to know whereto look. You just need to believe.When we allow ourselves to believein the spirit of Santa Claus wereveal the part of our soul that glowsmost brilliantly, most warmly andmost honestly.I believe.

Page 6 The Courier December 19, 2012Yuletide time — Worcester County Democrats held their annual Christmasparty at the Ocean Pines Yacht Club December 9 with Dr. John LaFerla and wife Susanas guests. Dr. LaFerla ran unsuccessfully for Congress in Maryland’s 1st District thispast November. From left: Tom Sandusky, president, Democratic Club of WorcesterCounty; Bill Louis, vice president; Lanny Hickman, president of Democratic Club ofOcean City/Assateague and treasurer, Democratic Central Committee, WorcesterCounty; Dr. LaFerla, Susan LaFerla, Tom Wilson, past president, Democratic Club ofWorcester County and member of the Democratic Central Committee; Norm Conway,delegate, Maryland District 38B; and Woody Gross, secretary, Democratic Club ofWorcester County.Safety Pup makes seasonbrighter for homeless petsOn December 7,Worcester CountySheriff’s Office mascotSafety Pup deliveredgifts to make the seasona little brighter forpets awaiting foreverhomes at WorcesterCounty Animal Control(WCAC) in SnowHill.These special gifts,made possible thanksto a private donation,included turkey jerkytreats for dogs,morsels for cats, stainlesssteel food andwater pails and Kurandaraised dog beds.WCAC operatesunder the auspices of the WorcesterCounty Sheriff’s Office to assure thefair treatment of animals, protectpublic health, promote adoption, andraise awareness of the proper careand handling of pets.“Human intervention is essentialto end the plight of the abused andneglected animals that without rescueare forced to suffer in silence,”Chief Animal Control Officer SusanRantz said. “WCAC strives to findsafe, loving, permanent homes forthe family-friendly pets that becomeeligible for adoption. So far this year,we have found homes for 121 cats anddogs.”Caring for animals requires along-term commitment. WCACstrives to educate pet owners aboutthe practical steps they can take toassure their pets remain happy andhealthy.-Provide the three basic essentials:water, food and adequate shelter-Provide veterinary care to protectpets from parasites and various diseases-Spay or neuter pets-Protect pets from the elementswhen temperatures rise or dropsharply-Provide pets with plenty of opportunitiesfor exercise and attention-Consider obedience lessons tohelp new puppies understand basiccommands and to socialize themWCAC is also offering assistanceto those who need short-term assistanceproviding pet food to their animals.Those seeking assistance mustprovide proof of their pet’s currentrabies vaccine. For more information,please contact WCAC at (410)632-1340.

December 19, 2012 The Courier Page 7Tape it up — Duct Tape Again! is an After School Academy class offered atStephen Decatur Middle School that allows students to use their artistic talents to createworks of art from duct tape. Displaying the Christmas trees the students have been workingon are Karla Maldonado, Candace Allen and their teacher, Mrs. Davis.Join us for the19th Annual AGH Penguin SwimTuesday, January 1, 2013Registration at noonSwim at 1pmPrincess Royale – 91st StreetOcean CityTo register today, visitwww.penguinswim.atlanticgeneral.orgPrizes awarded for most money raised by team andindividual & youngest and oldest penguins. Incentivegifts provided for each donation level.

Page 8 The Courier December 19, 2012Kids give to othersLiam Hammond andDylan Meoli celebratedtheir 12th birthdays togetherwith a dodge ballparty and their friends,and fellow sixth gradeclassmates, at WorcesterPrep.Thinking about thepeople who sufferedfrom Hurricane Sandy,the boys decided that inlieu of gifts they wouldask for donations for the30 displaced families livingin a retreat home onStaten Island. The effortwas part of a communityrelief program organizedby Laura Mears andMichelle Dashiell. Both Dylan andThe First State Detachment of Ocean View, DEis looking for new members.Check out our website: Boys: Liam Hammond and DylanMeoli invited their friends to celebrate their 12th birthdaysby giving to families displaced by Hurricane Sandy.Liam were amazed at the outpouringof donations and generosity, whichtotaled $1010 in gift cards.The second weekend in Decemberthe birthday boys went shopping forChristmas gifts for the families, all ofwhom will remain in the shelter overthe Christmas holiday. According toLiam, “These people have lost everythingin the storm. I am looking forwardto going shopping knowing thatI am helping to make the holiday specialfor someone in need! There areso many things they need, and Dylanand I can’t wait for them to receivetheir gifts. I can’t imagine not havinga roof over my head especially atChristmas. It is very sad.”State of the Art Rehab FacilityHumane Society fundraiser — Each year Ocean City ElementarySchool students, families and faculty collect money and items for The Humane Societyof Worcester County that is located on Eagles Nest Road in West Ocean City. When studentsmake a donation, they add special ornaments to the Christmas tree that decoratesthe school lobby. These ornaments honor special pets. Pictured are students in Mrs.Megan Cooke’s third graders Gracie Williams, Skylar Cook, Brandon Quach, MilenaOlerta, Abby Greenwood, Liam Gillis, Julia Howard, Litzi Ramos-Garcia, JakeBanks, Gavin McCabe, Kayla Halbig, Molli Spicer, Bailey Pusey, Darby Moore,Cahya Podowski, Daniel Lugasi and Collin Fohner show some of the donations receivedthis year. Thanks to the kind and caring efforts of so many people last year, $1,600along with pet toys, treats and supplies were donated to the shelter. The school hopesthat this year’s fundraiser will be even more successful.Something forChristmasFourth Grade students at OceanCity Elementary School createdgingerbread houses. The houseswere created using three dimensionalshapes and decorated withpatterns. Pictured with their creationsare Victoria Mueller, LizzieCoates, Isabella Vazquez,Mackenzie Barrett, ZacharyWhitacre and Leeth Omar.Home of the AlterG anti-gravity treadmillOpen mornings and evenings 5 days a weekScott Gardner, PT, DPT, OCSSarah Herbst, PT, DPT Krista Hughes, PTA410-208-1525www.ApexOceanPines.comPocomoke City Only1.800.439.3222Clean, Dependable, Efficient andEconomical Pipeline Gas Since 1930Serving the Communities ofOcean City, West Ocean City, Berlin,Ocean Pines, Snow Hill and Pocomoke CityTank, Cylinder and Bulk Deliveryto Areas Just Beyond the MainsBefore You Dig, Call Toll-Free “Miss Utilityof Delmarva” at 811. It’s the Law!11934 Ocean Gateway Ste. 11, WOC410.524.706024 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE

December 19, 2012 The Courier Page 9ObituariesNorman E. Matthews, 97Norman “Ben” E. Matthews, 97,died December 11, 2012 at AuroraSenior Living atManokin. Born inGeorgetown, DE onFebruary 13, 1915,he was the son ofthe late E. HunterMatthews and LillianJoines MathewsNormanMatthewsof Ocean City.He spent hisearly years in NorthCarolina helping with his father’smilling business. He later moved toBerlin and spent the majority of hislife there and was a devoted husband,grandfather and great-grandfather.He was a member of the BuckinghamPresbyterian Church in Berlin.He was a member of American LegionBoggs-Disharoon Post 123 inBerlin for 60 years. He was also amember of the Berlin Lions Club.During WWII he served with theCoast Guard in Norfolk, VA on subhunting patrols. He worked at Mageeauto parts and tire center in Berlin,Grier tire in Salisbury and after he retiredsubstituted at the U.S. Post Officein Berlin part time for ruraldelivery.He was preceded in death by hiswife of 68 years Dorthy DavisMatthews in 2006; three brothers,Raymond, Milton and EveretteMatthews; and one sister, BlancheMatthews.He is survived by his daughterMillie Neiswinter and her husbandBob of Fruitland; two granddaughters,Beth Watson and her husbandMike of Salisbury, and Lisa Neiswinterof Levittown, PA; and three greatgranddaughters,Meagan Tanner andJulia Tanner of Salisbury and SarahBaziow of Levittown, PA. He is alsosurvived by his sister-in-law, NormaMatthews of Ocean Pines and severalnieces.A private graveside service will beheld December 13 at the Trinity Gardensof Memory, adjacent to theTrinity United Methodist Church, inNewark, MD. The service waspresided over by Pastor Pat Jarrett.Please visit www.burbagefuneralhomefor more information.In lieu of flowers the family hasrequested contributions be made toeither the Wicomico County HumaneSociety, 5130 Citation Drive, Salisbury,MD 21840 or the NationalParkinson Disease Foundation, 1501N.W. 9 th Ave / Bob Hope Road,Miami, FL 33136.Mary Margaret McNamara, 77Mary Margaret McNamara, age77, of Ocean City, died on TuesdayDecember 11, 2012. She was thedaughter of the late William McNamaraand Lillian Esther McCarthyMcNamara.Mary is survived by a son, DouglasStanton Goggin of Ocean City,and three grandchildren, DouglasSean, Daniel Seth and Dillon SkylerGoggin of Ocean City. She was precededin death by a brother, WilliamMcNamara.The family asked that donationsbe made in Mary’s name to CoastalHospice, P.O. Box 1733, Salisbury,MD 21804. Arrangements are in thecare of the Burbage Funeral Homein Berlin.◊ Companionship◊ Medication Reminders◊ Laundry & LinensHappy Holidays fromto you and your family!LifeMatters is recognized and approved bythe State of Maryland Department of Healthand Mental Hygiene Office of Quality Care as alicensed Residential Service Agency.LifeMatters works with you and your family to provide solutionsto your personal care needs for you or a loved one.We offer a host of services – from light housekeeping &meal preparation to total care assistance – customizingour service to our CLIENT’S needs and their family’s desiresfor their loved one to empower independent livingand to improve a better quality of life. We provide you with"PEACE OF MIND" and do so with great pride and a commitmentto our clients being comfortable and happy!Additional Services:All LifeMatters professional caregivers are fully screened, insured, and bonded◊ Errands & Transportation◊ Bathing & Dressing Assistance◊ Ambulation Assistance◊ Alzheimer’s Care and Assistance◊ 24/7 Care and Hourly AssistanceCall us to arrange a client assessment today:(410) 341-0600 Salisbury

Page 10 The Courier December 19, 2012The mission of The Worcester County VeteransMemorial at Ocean Pines Foundation is to createand maintain, in perpetuity, a suitable memorialto honor and preserve the unselfish contributionsto the security and freedom of our country by themen and women of our military services.The Memorial benefits greatly from the financialdonations of individuals and businesses. Additionallymany individuals volunteer countless hoursthroughout the year to assist in the numerous programslike student visitations to events such as theMemorial and Veterans Day celebrations.Our community is indebted to the men and womenwho have and are currently serving our country.Our Memorial is indebted to our community andthose it honors.Thank you to the businesses and individuals thathave supported the Memorial during this year.May the blessings of the season touch all those whosupport our service men and women.Help illuminate the legacy of our men and women who have served our country.Become a Foundation member for just $15 per year.To learn how to join, make a donation to the Memorial or topurchase a brick or paver go to

December 19, 2012 The Courier Page 11Letters sent to The Courier for publication consideration mustbe signed and include a telephone number where the authorcan be reached to verify authenticity, if necessary. Letters arenot corrected for spelling or grammar and priority will be givento letters of 300 words or less. Letters must be received byFriday at 5 p.m. They can be e-mailed to:thecourier@delmarvacourier.comGive Veterans gift of healthcareEditor:On behalf of the employees and volunteersat the VA Maryland Health CareSystem, I’d like to thank our Veterans fortheir military service and wish them andtheir families a wonderful holiday seasonand a Happy New Year. We alsowish those who are currently servingoverseas a safe and happy holiday season,even though they are far fromfriends and family. Without their serviceand sacrifice, our lives would bemuch different. We owe our Veterans—who represent less than 1 percent of ourentire society—a debt of gratitude thatcan never adequately be repaid.The holiday season fills our schedulewith hustle and bustle as we strive tofind the perfect gifts. As we prepare forthe holidays, please remember thegreatest gift of all is good health. If youknow a Veteran who is not yet enrolledfor VA health care, please encouragethem to do so. There are three ways Veteranscan enroll for VA health care: online, by phone and in person. Enrollingfor VA health care may be the greatestgift a Veteran can give their family, particularlyduring these tough economictimes to help assure that they remainstrong and healthy so they can care fortheir loved ones. This is especially trueof our younger returning Veterans whocan face difficulties reintegrating intotheir families and communities. The VAMaryland Health Care System’s ReturningVeterans Program can help themreadjust to civilian life, but they need toenroll for VA health care first. Please doyour part to show support by telling afriend, relative or neighbor who is a Veteranabout VA health care. To enroll,Veterans can visit our website at click on the blue “Becomea Patient” button near the top ofthe page, or they call our Eligibility &Enrollment Center at 1-800-463-6295,ext. 7324.This is also true of older Veterans,many of whom do not realize that the VAMaryland Health Care System offers avariety of long term care programs andservices. Veterans and their familymembers can quickly and easily get informationby calling our Long TermCare Information Line at 1-800-949-1003, ext. 1121.If you know a Veteran who is struggling,the VA Maryland Health Care Systemcan help, whether it’s to lose weight,quit smoking, kick a drug habit, managediabetes, or achieve any of the markersof good health. During this holiday season,telling a Veteran about VA healthcare may be the greatest gift of all.Dennis H. SmithDirector, VA MarylandHealth Care SystemIs the sky falling?Editor:The sky is falling! The Ocean PinesAdministration forecast a “loss” of$335,000.00! We are terrorized by arbitrarybudgets because we do not lookat spending in a broad fashion. Let’sthink like those wise souls who improvedour area with a library thatwould never cover its costs via latecharges on books and DVD’s.Incidentally, the $3,601,399.00difference between Administration“Revenue” and “Expense” should be allocatedto the other operations andrecognized as part of their “Revenue”,since they all make our communitysuccessful.Jack HartmanOcean PinesKiwanis judges Showell science fair — Each year the KiwanisClub of Greater Ocean Pines-Ocean City is invited to judge the projects at the ShowellElementary science fair. Kiwanis judges Roy Foreman, Paul and Meg Beckerman(who are not Kiwanians but help every year), Jackie Todd, Dan and Barbara Peletierand Carolyn Dryzga evaluated the 23 projects submitted by students kindergartenthrough third grade. Visit for more information aboutthe local club.A BAGELFreeWirelessInternetHours:Mon., Wed.,Thurs., Fri:6 a.m.- 4 p.m.Tues, Sat. and Sun:6 a.m.- 2 p.m.and...Serving Breakfast and Lunch11304 Manklin Creek RdSouthgate - Ocean Pines(Manklin Creek & Ocean Pkwy)410-208-0707Open 6 a.m. every dayParty Holiday Platters ␇ Christmas/HanukkahCatering ␇ Holiday Cookie & Bakery ItemsA Bageland..RTE. 589Manklin CreekO.P. SouthGate EntranceOCEAN PKWY

Page 12 The Courier December 19, 2012December Drink SpecialsCocktail of the monthRum RelaxerBeer of the month $3.95Sam Adams OctoberfestRed wine of the monthAvalon Cabernet $5.00White Wine of the monthRock Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc $5.00Other Beer SpecialsMcSorley’s Black Lager $3.25Bud Light $2.95 Heineken $3.25excludes $1 off Happy Hour specialWhile supplies last!!TUESDAY NIGHTBURGER NIGHT$5.00 BURGERTHURSDAY NIGHTSTEAK NIGHTFRIDAY NIGHTFRIED SHRIMPSATURDAY NIGHTBLACKENED SALMON$12.95Check our website for newLunch & Dinner Specials atDenovos.comjust click “SPECIALS” for detailsClosed Christmas Eve &Christmas DayReopen on Dec. 26thACT deadlineis January 11Area residents have until Friday,Jan. 11, to register for the American CollegeTesting (ACT) examination, whichis being offered by Wor-Wic CommunityCollege on Saturday, Feb. 9, at 7:30 a.m.,at the college campus on the corner ofRoute 50 and Walston Switch Road inSalisbury.Anyone who takes the ACT can havetheir scores sent directly to any collegeor university that requires the ACT assessment.Test results are used by educationalinstitutions for admissiondecisions, course placement, academicadvising or to identify candidates qualifiedfor scholarships and loans.Students interested in Wor-Wic’spractical nursing and radiologic technologyprograms can use the scores fromthis examination as one of the criteria foradmission. Those who take the Feb. 9test will be eligible for admission considerationfor the full-time radiologic technologyprogram beginning in July 2013or the college’s practical nursing programbeginning in September of 2013.To register for the ACT test,visit Year,Stuff Their Piggy BanksInstead of Their Stockings.Long after most holiday gifts have been forgotten, aninvestment through Edward Jones can still be valued bythose who receive it.Whether it’s stocks, bonds, mutual funds or 529 contributions,your Edward Jones financial advisor can help youdecide which investment is most appropriate.Because when it’s the thought that counts, thinking abouttheir financial well-being means a lot.Contributions to a 529 plan may be eligible for a state tax deduction or credit incertain states for those residents.To learn about all the holiday gift options available, call orvisit today.Ben Ogle, AAMS®Financial Advisor.11200 Racetrack RoadSuite A102 The PavilionsOcean Pines, MD 21811410-208-9083Anglers recognized — The Ocean Pines Anglers Club recognized the top anglersfor the 2012 fishing season at their December meeting. Ten species of both freshand saltwater fish qualified for the annual contest. Shown in the photo (left to right)are Walt Boge, 19” black sea bass; Ron Fisher, 20 1/2” tautog; Bill Bundy, 21” bluefish;John Jewer, 23 3/4” flounder; John McFalls, 15 1/4” weakfish; Dave Rippy, 21 1/2”large mouth bass and Vincent Lekowski, 17” freshwater trout.OCES registration to beginOcean City Elementary School willbegin the registration process for the2013-2014 pre-kindergarten andkindergarten programs in January2013. Children who will be four yearsold on or before September 1, 2013 maybe eligible for the OCES pre-kindergartenprogram. Space is limited andchildren from families who meet the incomeguidelines will be given priority.Police arrest three menfor computer crimeOcean Pines Police assisted Federallaw enforcement in the service ofa search warrant at 66 Ocean Parkwayin Ocean Pines. Members ofHomeland Security and the FederalBureau of Investigation, as well asOcean Pines Police, served a searchwarrant at 66 Ocean Parkway inOcean Pines on December 4. Thesearch warrant was in reference to aFederal Kansas City investigation inwhich the three suspects locatedwithin the residence were suspectedto be involved. Ocean Pines Policedeveloped information on the locationof the suspects and provided informationto federal authorities,which facilitated the investigation.Three individuals were located insidethe residence, and numerouselectronic items, believed to be involvedin a large computer crime network,were recovered. Ocean PinesPolice arrested the three individualson state criminal charges, and it isChildren who will be five years oldon or before September 1,2013 must register for kindergarten.Children who are currently attendingpre-Kindergarten atOCES must register for kindergarten.Please call Ocean City ElementarySchool at 410-632-5370 beginningJanuary 16, 2013 to schedule a registrationappointment.anticipated that federal charges shallbe placed, at a later date. All threesuspects are Russian nationals. Policecharged:-Zauer Anatolyevich Khezhev,W/M, 25 years of age, of OceanPines, charged with possession of are-encoder/skimming device, andpossession/use of a false governmentidentification document.-Reat Vorokov, W/M, 24 years ofage, of Ocean Pines, charged withpossession of a re-encoder/skimmingdevice, and possession/use of afalse government identification document.-Beslan Tlezhukov, W/M, 26years of age, of Ocean Pines, chargedwith possession of a reencoder/skimmingdevice.All three suspects were taken beforea District Court Commissionerand were released on personal recognizance,pending trial on Marylandcriminal charges.

13th AnnualDecember 19, 2012 The Courier Page 13

Page 14 The Courier December 19, 2012C R O S S W O R DACROSS1. 1st Hall of FamerTy5. Coat with plaster9. Reciprocal of asine (abbr.)12. Jai __, sport13. Straight muscles14. 10 = 1 dong15. Peru’s capital16. Of a main artery17. Latin for hail18. Give birth to ahorse19. Colors material20. Triglyceride isone22. Take a planehostage24. Margarines25. A tributary ofthe Missouri River26. Bring up children27. 3rd tone of thescale28. Light boat(French)31. Relating togeometry33.Cursed, obstinate34. Aluminum35. Sec. of State1981-8236. Barn towers39. Bonito genus40. Deep ravines42. Spirit in“The Tempest”43. Smallrestaurant44. Bambi forexample46. Actor DeCaprio47. Ambled orstrolled49. Cleanse withsoap and water50. Atomic massunit51. Var. of emir52. Supplementedwith difficulty53. Manuscripts(abbr.)54. Frambesia55. Auld lang __,good old daysDOWN1. A young cow2. Collection ofmiscellaneouspieces3. Mali capital4. Onion rolls5. “10” actress Bo6. Performs in aplay7. Iguana genus8. Fox’s Factorhost9. French hat10. One whorescues11. Femalestudents13. Rolls-__,luxury car16. Slow tempos21. Relating to theileum23. Irishflautist28. Sleepingplace29. Indicatesposition30. Preparedforcompetition31. One whoshows the way32. Of I33. Decayed teeth35. Seraglios36. More free fromdanger37. Great amounts38. Surreptitious39. Arabian greeting40. Angel food andcarrot41. # of ancientwonders43. Ball of thread oryarn45. To interpret:explain48. Doctors’ groupAnswers for December 12Captain Ron’sFish TalesBy Ron FisherSponsored by Peninsula Rehab and Sport MedicineFishing Report: Striper fishingis beginning to improve in the inletwith a few reports of keeper stripersbeing caught on the incoming tide.Hopefully the striper action in the inletwill pickup over the next few weeks.However, the real striper action continuesto remain offshore within thethree mile limit. Few fish are beingcaught in the surf but changes in thesurf landscape that occurred with HurricaneSandy have made surf fishingdifficult this fall. Hopefully MotherNature will correct this over time. Afew fish are being caught off the bridgeusually at night on the incoming tide. Iactually had a few reports of some niceflounder being caught around theCoast Guard Station and the EastChannel.Questions from readers:Barry G., Ocean Pines: Whatreally makes fish bite better on somedays and not others?That is a difficult question and theanswer is not a simple one. The temperature,tide, current, weather conditions,structure and bait all play a rolein when fish bite. Determining whatcombinations of these factors will triggera bite is the challenge in fishing. Ihave already gone fishing when all thefactors were wrong and had the bestday of the month. Recently I read aquote that probably is the best advice:“The two best times to fish is when it’srainin’ and when it ain’t,” Patrick F.McManus.Carol S., Ocean Pines: This isnot really fishing related but possiblyyou can settle a disagreement I havewith my husband. Occasionally I feedthe geese and ducks at the South Pondand he says it could harm them. Is thistrue? Your husband is correct. Handfeeding makes geese more susceptibleto diseases, such as avian botulism andavian cholera. Also, artificial feeding,especially with bread may cause geeseor ducks to develop wing deformitiesfrequently called “angel wing” whichhamper their ability to fly. Feedingalso causes large numbers of geese tocongregate in unnatural concentrationsmaking a mess of lawns, walkways,roads and parking areas. Geesethat depend on human handouts arealso less likely to migrate when severewinter weather arrives. Many communitieshave developed an ordinanceprohibiting the feeding of wild geeseand ducks. A good resource for thehazards associated with large concentrationsof geese and disease associatedwith hand feeding is theDepartment of Natural Resources.They have devoted a section of theirWeb pages to this problem. Their Webaddress is as Once you haveaccess to the web site click on wildlifethen wildlife problems and finally clickon resident geese problems. This willtell you all about the hazards associatedwith feeding wild geese andducks.Fishing Superstitions: AGallup Poll conducted several yearsago showed that one in four Americansadmitted to being very or somewhatsuperstitious. You probably won’t finda more superstitious group of peoplethan sailors and fishermen. Superstitionsdo however help to link generationsfor many families. It is thesuperstitions that are best remempleasesee Capt. Ron on page1512417 Ocean Gateway, Suite 9West Ocean City, MD 2184212913 Coastal HighwayOcean City, MD 21842

For the troops - Ocean City Elementary School third and fourth grade studentsare making holiday cards and collecting items for soldiers in Afghanistan. Many ofthe students personally know men and women who are fighting for our country andspending the holiday season away from their families. Pictured with some of the suppliesare Logan Patrick, Bailey Pusey and Gabrielle Sodomin.capt. ronfrom page 14bered and the last forgotten. I rememberthe many wonderful fishingtrips I had with my dad but he had tohave his favorite fishing hat as thatcould make or break a fishing trip. Andwhile on our way to the lake or streamhe would look to see if the cows werelying down in the farmer’s field, becauseif they were lying down, the fishwould not bite. This was a superstitionhanded down through the years. Ican’t tell you how many fish I caughtwhile dad sat in the car or by thecampfire waiting for the cows to standup but it is a fond memory of our daysfishing together.Some favorite superstitions are asDATEfollows:1. A good time to go fishing is whenyou see a chicken oiling its feathers.2. Fishing on Friday is unlucky.3. Don’t step on a boat with yourleft foot.4. Don’t speak about pigs or rabbitson a boat.5. If the end of your rod touchesthe water you won’t catch any fish.6. Never take a suitcase, black bag,or a banana on a boat.7. Never say good luck.8. Some people will only fish off acertain side of a boat. Others will onlyfish off the front or back.Happy Holidays and remember totake a kid fishing,Capt. RonTide and Sun Chart* tide is for Ocean City Fishing Pier. Add two hours for Isle of Wight tideThur., December 20Fri., December 21Sat., December 22Sun., December 23Mon., December 24Tues., December 25Wed., December 26HIGH TIDE12:43 a.m.1:02 p.m.1:45 a.m.1:59 p.m.2:46 a.m.2:56 p.m.3:40 a.m.3:48 p.m.4:28 a.m.4:35 p.m.5:11 a.m.5:19 p.m.5:53 a.m.6:02 p.m.FROZEN BAIT ANDFISHING SUPPLIESWe haveCRAB POTSLOW TIDE SUNRISE SUNSET7:02 a.m.7:28 p.m.8:05 a.m.8:18 p.m.9:07 a.m.9:07 p.m.10:07 a.m.9:56 p.m.10:59 a.m.10:42 p.m.11:44 a.m.11:26 p.m.12:24 p.m.7:13 a.m. 4:43 p.m.7:14 a.m. 4:44 p.m.7:14 a.m. 4:44 p.m.7:15 a.m. 4:45 p.m.7:15 a.m. 4:45 p.m.7:16 a.m. 4:46 p.m.7:16 a.m. 4:47 p.m.Repairs, most makes • Bottom PaintingPick-up & Delivery • Shrink Wrap • StorageVan’s Marine ServiceMarine Service & Parts10438 Racetrack Rd., Berlin410.641.5204Family members with aging parentscan be on the lookout for signs that parentsneed extra care in their homes. Mostof the time loved ones are not willing toadmit to needing some help. A parentmay say “I don’t want to be a burden onmy kids,” since most come from the“Can-Do” generation. More often subtlehints and outward signs can be observedin and around the home long before ahesitant parent speaks up. Signs mayrange from:If the refrigerator has very little foodin it, or if you see signs of only microwaveable,packaged or processedfoods, that could mean meal planningand preparation are too much trouble.Grocery shopping is too difficult forparents to handle; more subtle signs maybe eating out more often, or seeing leftoversin the refrigerator from take-outmeals.Weight loss, loss of facial color – thesecan be signs of dehydration or lack ofproper nutrition.Upkeep in the home has becomemore challenging – laundry, emptying oftrash, housekeeping (bathrooms andkitchens are not as clean as usual).Maintenance outside the home maynot get done as often, such as lawn mowing,raking of leaves, or gardening.Doctor’s appointments may bemissedBills may be paid late or mail may bepiled upThe ultimate goal for both parentsand children is to have a sense of wellbeing,to be as productive as possible andDecember 19, 2012 The Courier Page 15Signs of in-home care needSudokuhave peace of mind knowing family is inthe best health possible. How is thisachieved? In our next article, we will providesuggestions on how to approach parentsand loved ones with the challengingsubject of considering care solutions tohelp maintain your parents’ independence.During your visits to family this HolidaySeason, pay close attention to yourloved one’s surroundings and be cognizantof the warning signs regardingtheir own personal care and needs. Weknow this is a very sensitive and personalprocess but it is necessary to ensure thesafety and well being of your loved oneand you will give yourself peace of mindas a proactive family member.Written by Tony D’Antonio, LifeMattersand Roxana C. Laguerre, FamilyTree Senior CareThe Courier welcomes letters forpublication. Preference is given to lettersaddressing community and countytopics andhave notappearedin anotherpublication.Lettersmust besigned and include a phone numberwhere the author can be reached toverify authenticity. Letters are not correctedfor spelling or grammar and canbe no more than 300 words.E-mail letters to:thecourier@delmarvacourier.comAnswers for December 12

Page 16 The Courier December 19, 2012CLASSIFIEDSDisplay Ads: $15 per column inch Deadline: 5 p.m. Friday Prepayment required. Cash or check accepted410-641-6695 Fax 410-641-6688 P.O. Box 1326 Ocean Pines, MD 21811ANNOUNCEMENTSFeeling older? Men lose theability to produce testosteroneas they age. Call 888-476-0957 for a FREE trial of Progene-All Natural TestosteroneSupplement.Medical Alert for Seniors - 24/7monitoring. FREE Equipment.FREE Shipping. NationwideService. $29.95/Month CALLMedical Guardian Today 877-827-1331HOW IS YOUR BUSINESS?Use the power of print and onlineadvertising to help reachmore customers. Advertise toover 4 million homes and businessesthroughout the Mid-AtlanticRegion for one 800-450-7227.AUTOFOR SALE2006 Ford Crown Vic P71 PoliceInterceptor. Black.150,000 miles. Excellent Condition.$6,900. 410-251-2929.AUTOSWANTEDCARS/TRUCKS WANTED!PayMAX pays the MAX! Onecall gets you a TOP DOLLARoffer! 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Instant Offer -Call: 1-800-569-0003Atlantic General Hospital calendarWednesday, December 19Hypertension Clinic10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Walgreens, Bethany Beach1 - 3 p.m. Walgreens, SelbyvilleFree blood pressure screening and health information.Contact Dawn Denton 410-641-9268.Weight Loss Surgery Seminar 5 - 6 p.m.Berlin Main Place Complex, 9956 North Main StreetReceive information about the lap band and gastric sleeveweight loss procedures.Pre-register to guarantee a seat by calling 410-641-3960.Wednesday, December 26Bereavement Support Group 7 - 8 p.m.AGH, Conference Room 3Pre-registration is not necessary. For further information,please call Pastoral Care Services, 410-641-9725 or e-mail, January 1, 2013FOR SALEDIRECTV for $29.99/mo for 24months. Over 140 channels.FREE HD-DVR Upgrade!FREE NFL Sunday Ticketw/CHOICE Package! CallTODAY for details 888-706-6149HAS YOUR BUILDINGSHIFTED? Contact WoodfordBros., Inc. for straightening, leveling,foundation, and woodframe repairs at 1-800-OLD-BARN/www.woodfordbros.comMDHIC #05-121-86119th Annual AGH Penguin SwimRegistration 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. swimPrincess Royale Hotel, 91st Street and the oceanGet wet for a good cause with the 19th annual AGH PenguinSwim. Pre-registration will be available from 2:00 -4:00 p.m. on New Year's Eve at the Princess Royale. Regularregistration will take place at 11:30 a.m. PenguinSwim day.For more information, contact Laura Stearns 410-641-9671.Are you interested in writing?Are you interested in our community?Have you ever consideredwriting for anewspaper? If the answer tothe above questions is yes,then The Courier is interestedin talking with you. TheCourier seeks general assignmentand feature freelancewriters to cover happenings inour community.Contact Chip Bertino viae-mail at 5:30 - 6:45 p.m.Barrett Medical Office Building, RotundaContact Georgette Rhoads at 410-641-9734 $72 for 8 sessions, or $10drop-in fee for first time.Wednesday, January 2, 2013Hypertension Clinic1 - 3 p.m. Rite Aid, BerlinFree blood pressure screening and health information.Contact Dawn Denton 410-641-9268.Ocean Pines Diabetes Support Group 7 - 8 p.m.Ocean Pines libraryOP Diabetes Support Group sponsored by Atlantic GeneralHospital takes place the first Wednesday of themonth. All are welcome. The speaker will be GeorgetteRhoads and the topic will be about yoga.For more information contact Ellen Lurz at 443-814-5450or elurz52@mchsi.comMonday, January 7, 2013WANTEDWANTEDTO BUYCASH FOR YOUR SEALED,unexpired DIABETIC TESTSTRIPS! Free Shipping, Top$,24hr Payments! Call 1-855-578-7477 or visit todayCPAP Mask Fitting - appointment necessaryAGH Sleep Disorders Diagnostic CenterThe Sleep Disorders Diagnostic Center hosts a monthlymask fitting clinic for patients who are having trouble adjustingto their CPAP equipment. This is a completelyFREE service, but requires an appointment. An additionalmask clinic will also be offered for patients who havebeen diagnosed with sleep apnea, but have yet to pursuetreatment because they are apprehensive about the ideaof using CPAP.To make an appointment, contact Robin Rohlfing at 410-641-9726.

December 19, 2012 The Courier Page 17When submitting items for the calendar please include the event name, date, whereheld, time and a little about the event. Items being considered for the calendar needto be in by noon on Friday. E-mail to thecourier@delmarvacourier.comRecurring Events:Every Day through January 1Winterfest of LightsView lighted displays in NorthsidePark on the Winterfest Express.Tickets are $5 for 12 and up. Children11 and under are free. Santa isavailable until Dec. 23. Hours areSunday-Thursday 5:30 - 9:30 p.m;Friday-Saturday 5:30 - 10:30 p.m.Call 410-250-0125.Winter Wonderland of LightsLighted holiday display at SalisburyCity Park is on dusk to midnightthrough Jan. 1. Call 410-219-5442for more information.Every Sunday and WednesdayAL-Anon/OP-West OC-BerlinWeekly meetings are held at theBerlin Nursing Home at 7:30 p.m.Second and Fourth SundayKC BreakfastKnights of Columbus #9053 servesbreakfast 9 a.m. to 12 St.Luke’s Church in Ocean City. Costis $8, children under 9 are $4. Call410-524-7994.Third SundaySharing SundayBring non-perishable groceries andpaper goods to the Ocean Pinessouthside fire hall 1 -3 p.m. to benefitlocal food banks.Every MondaySweet AdelinesThe Delmarva Sweet Adeline Chorusmeets from 7 to 9 p.m. in theOcean Pines Community Center.Call 410-208-4171.DC Hand Dance ClubThe DC Hand Dance Club meets 6-10 p.m. at the OC Elks Lodge. ContactDiane at (301) 906-5962 Pines Poker ClubPoker players wanted in OceanPines area for Monday evenings.Call 410-641-8351.Poker GroupGroup meets 6 to 11:30 p.m. Call410-208-0063.Second MondayFriends of OP LibraryGroup holds its monthly meeting at10 a.m. in the main meeting roomof the library. Variety of programspeakers. Light refreshmentsserved. All welcome.Every Mon. & Tues.Sanctioned Duplicate BridgeOpen bridge games Monday at 12p.m., Tuesday at 10 a.m. at OPCommunity Center. Call MaryStover 410-726-1795Every Mon., Wed. & Sat.Church Thrift ShopOC Baptist Church's Positive OutlookThrift Shop at Seaside ChristianAcademy behind White Marlin Mallopen 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call 410-251-6971.Second and Fourth TuesdayLife After LossNon-denominational support groupmeets at 11 a.m. in Family LifeCenter at Community Church atOcean Pines. Call 410-641-5433.Every WednesdayKiwanis Club MeetingThe Kiwanis Club meets at the OPCommunity Center at 7:45 a.m. The3rd Wednesday is at Woodlands inOcean Pines starting 6 p.m. Doorsopen 5:30. Call 410-641-7330 orvisit DancingThe Pinesteppers have introductionto square dancing at the OPCommunity Center at 7 p.m. CallBruce Barrett at 410-208-6777.Elks BingoOcean City Elks in Ocean City(behind Fenwick Inn) open at 5:30p.m. Early birds at 6:30 and bingoat 7 p.m. Call 410-250-2645.Rotary ClubOcean City/Berlin Rotary Club meetingsare held at 5:45 p.m. at theCaptains Table in Ocean City. ContactStan.Kahn@carouselhotel.comStory TimeStories, rhymes, music and crafts at10:30 a.m. at the Ocean City library.Call 410-524-1818.Delmarva Hand DancingDancing at The Fenwick Inn inOcean City from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Contact302-934-7951 or Wed., Thurs. & Fri.Church Thrift ShopStevenson United Methodist Churchin Berlin is open Wed. - Fri. 10 a.m.– 2 p.m. Call 410-641-1137.Every Wed. - Sat.Diakonia Thrift Shop'Used to be Mine' offers clothing, furnitureand household items. All proceedsbenefit Diakonia, the area'sonly provider of emergency andtransitional housing and food pantry.Located on Rte 611 and Sunset Ave.Wed.-Sat. 10-4. Call 410-213-0243.Every Wed., Thurs., Fri. & Sat.Church Thrift ShopThe Shepherd’s Nook at CommunityChurch of Ocean Pines is open 9a.m. to 1 p.m. Call 410-641-5433.Third WednesdayTown and Country Garden ClubExperience horticulture and flowerdesigning at Bethany LutheranChurch in Salisbury. Call Dixie D.Eddye at 410-883-2718.Survivors of Suicide MeetingSupport group meets at 6 p.m. at theWorcester County Health Departmentin Berlin (next to AGH). Call410-629-0164 or visit WednesdayMarine Corps LeagueFirst State Detachment MarineCorps League meets at 7:30 VFW Post 8296, 66th St. OceanCity. New members welcome. WednesdaySimple SupperSupper will be offered at Knights ofColumbus Hall in Ocean City 5 to 7p.m. Cost is $5 per person or $2 forchildren under 12. For reservationscall 410-524-7994.Every ThursdayStory TimeStories, music and crafts at 10:30a.m. for children ages 3-5 at OceanPines library. Call 410-208-4014.Beach SinglesBeach Singles 45 Plus meets at 4p.m. Call Arlene 302-436-9577.Legion BingoAmerican Legion in Ocean Cityopens doors at 5:30 p.m., gamesbegin at 7:00. For information call410-289-3166.Gamblers AnonymousGroup meets at 8 p.m. atW.A.C.S., 11827 Ocean Gateway,West Ocean City. Call 888-424-3577 for help.Third ThursdayWidow & Widower ClubWidow & Widower Social Club ofOcean Pines meets at the Woodlands.Lunch starts at 1 p.m. andmeetings at 2. Contact Larry Lee at410-600-0085.Every FridayWomen and Dogs Support GroupA Dog is a Woman’s Best Friend is asupport group for all women andtheir dogs from 1-3 p.m. Contact240-626-5961 or of Columbus BingoBingo will be held behind St. Luke’sChurch, 100th St. in Ocean City.Doors open at 5 p.m. and gamesbegin at 6:30 p.m. Refreshmentsavailable. Call 410-524-7994.Upcoming Events:Wed., Dec. 19Suicide Grievers' Support GroupGroup will meet 6:00 p.m. at theWorcester County Health Department,9730 Healthway Drive, Berlin(adjacent to Atlantic General Hospital).Meeting is open to anyone whohas lost a friend or loved one to suicide.Free of charge. Quiet listening,caring people, no judgement. Formore information, call 410-629-0164 or visit, Dec. 20Caregivers Happy HourWorcester County Library hosts aninformational social for caregivers atthe Ocean Pines branch 5:30-6:30p.m. Theme is New Year's resolutions.Cost is $5. Call 410-208-4014for information.Fri., Dec. 21Celebrate the Winter SolsticeDelaware Seashore State Park willhost a winter solstice hike of BurtonIsland Nature Preserve at 3:30 p.m.A park naturalist will cover the historyof the island and identify nativeplants and wildlife. The cost is $4and pre-registration is required. Thehike begins at the park office locatedwithin the Indian River Marinaon Route 1, half a mile north of theIndian River Inlet. Call the IndianRiver Life-Saving Station at 302-227-6991 or visit, Dec. 25Noel Community DinnerThe Noel Community will have the15th annual dinner on ChristmasDay. Volunteers serve a free turkeyand ham dinner with all the trimmingsfrom 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at St.Paul's by-the-Sea on 3rd and BaltimoreStreets in Ocean City. Allitems are free and all are welcome.Financial support is appreciated.Donations of non-perishable foodand toiletries will be collected December22 and 24 from 10 a.m. to12 p.m. at St. Paul's. Call 410-289-3453 for more information.Fri., Dec. 28Winter Animal ProgramJoin a park naturalist at 1 p.m. for aprogram focusing on animals thatlive in Delaware Seashore StatePark during the winter months. Thecost is $5 per person and it is suitablefor all ages. Meet at the IndianRiver Life-Saving Station, which islocated 1.5 miles north of the IndianRiver Inlet Bridge. Call 302-227-6991 or visit, Dec. 29Squid DissectionDelaware Seashore State Park willhost a squid dissection program at10 a.m. The fee is $8 per person andis suitable for ages 8 and up. Preregistrationis required. Meet at theIndian River Life-Saving Station,which is located 1.5 miles north ofthe Indian River Inlet Bridge. Call302-227-6991 or Memorial BenefitA dinner and show hosted by theOcean City Aviation Association willbenefit the Ocean City Airport'sHuey Memorial Display. The eventwill be held at the Carousel ResortHotel in Ocean City. Registrationand open bar begins at 5:30 p.m.Dinner is at 6 p.m. Entertainmentprovided by vocalist Suzette Pritchett.Tickets are $40. Call 410-726-7207 for reservations.Mon., Dec. 31New Year’s Eve in OPThere are two ways to celebrate atthe OP Yacht Club. Early bird seatingjust for dinner on the secondfloor is $40 per person and starts at5 p.m. A celebration with dinner, balldrop and dancing with the OvertimeBand is $75 per person and starts at7 p.m. Both dinners are cash bar,plus tax and gratuity. Call 410-641-7501 for reservations or Year’s Eve in OCThe Town of Ocean City will host aNew Year’s Eve fireworks show atNorthside Park. The fireworks display,which will begin promptly atmidnight, will be accompanied bylive entertainment, warm hot chocolate.Hours for Winterfest of Lightswill begin at 5:30 p.m. and will be extendeduntil midnight. For more information,visit Year's Eve in PocomokeThe Mar-Va Theater in Pocomokewill have a New Year's Eve Bash.Happy hour is 6:30 - 7 p.m. and dinneris at 7 p.m. Tickets are $100 percouple and include a surf n turf dinnerby the Elks Lodge and dancingwith The Waterfront Band. Call 410-957-4230.New Year’s Eve in BerlinBerlin transforms into a mini TimesSquare 8 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. withdancing in the streets, music, food,refreshments and entertainment.Count down with a ball drop at midnight.Horse and carriage rides willbe available starting at 8 p.m. Call410-641-4775 for more information.Tues., Jan. 1Penguin SwimCelebrate New Year's Day by gettingwet for a good cause. The annualdip into the chilly Atlantic Oceanbenefits Atlantic General Hospital.Registration begins at 11:30 a.m.;swim is at 1 p.m. For more information,visit Hall Open HouseThe Ocean City Mayor and CityCouncil's 17th Annual Open Housewill be held from 1 to 3 p.m. at CityHall, located at 3rd St. and BaltimoreAvenue. This year's theme focuseson the "Silent Giants”...the PublicWorks Department. Also featuredwill be exhibits from town departments,light refreshments and musicalentertainment.Hair of the Dog RunThe Hair of the Dog 5K and 10Kstarts at 9:30 a.m. at Garfield Parkwayin Bethany Beach, DE and endsat the bandshell on the Boardwalk.Sponsored by the Quiet ResortsCharitable Foundation. 10K registrationis $45 through Dec. 27; 5K is$30. Call 302-537-7723.Sat., Jan. 5Kidz FitnessChildren ages 6-10 will learn aboutexercise, stretches, ball fitness andeating healthy 10 - 11 a.m. at the OPCommunity Center. Fee is $10 forresidents and $15 for non-residents.Call 410-641-7052 for information.Tea Party SocialA dress up tea party for childrenages 4-8 will be held at the OP CommunityCenter 12 - 2 p.m. Party includestea, juice, crimpets, craftsand teaching social skills. Fee is $10for residents and $15 for non-residents.Call 410-641-7052.Indoor Community Yard SaleWicomico Youth & Civic Center inSalisbury will have an indoor yardsale at 7:00 a.m. Table and boothrentals available. Tables cost $15and booths, $40. Admission is $2 atthe door. Kids under 12 admittedfree when accompanied by an adult.Call 410-548-4900.Sat., Jan. 12Robotics ProgramThe Ocean City library will host afree We Do Robotics program at10:30 a.m. for children ages 8 andover. Build, create and program arobotic creation. Pre-registration isrequired. Call 410-208-4014.

Page 18 The Courier December 19, 2012To place your business card callService410-641-6695DIRECTORYC OMPUTERSH OMEI MPROVEMENTP OWERW ASHINGRemodeling, Additions & New ConstructionDecks Siding WalkwaysBoats RoofsDecks stained & sealed “We Can Powerwash Anything!”FREE ESTIMATES Commercial ResidentialClifford Rosen/OwnerLicensed Insured410-641-5756 www.royalpowerwash.comD ENTISTRYHaynes & Ott, P.A.Charles G. Haynes, D.D.S.Gerard F. Ott, D.M.D.1 Pitts StreetBerlin, Maryland 21811(410) 641-3490PAUL’S HOME IMPROVEMENTSAll phases of home improvementsNo job too small - No job too largeHandyman Home ServicesOver 35 years experience410-641-7548Free EstimatesMHIC #83501Phil’s Home ServicesHandyman Home ServicesNow is the time for WINTER Projects443-235-3627 - CALL NOWNO JOB TOO SMALL OP RESIDENT MHIC#91071Yard Work Gutters Masonry Work FlooringHauling/Debris Removal Screen/Deck Repairs, etc.Hardscapes: Patios Decks Sidewalks WallsP RINTINGR OOFINGE LECTRICIANM ARINES ERVICEWaterfront Electrical Service Hot Tubs & SpasResidential Commercial Interior & Exterior LightingService Upgrades Phone/Data/TV Lines Ceiling FansJ.T. Novak, LLCElectrical ContractingP.O. Box 1464Berlin, MD 21811Prompt Service at Reasonable RatesPhone: 410-208-3052Mobile: 443-235-5544Master Electrician MD VA DE PAVan’sMarine ServiceMarine Service & Parts10438 Racetrack Rd., Berlin410.641.5204410-213-1919 www.roofers.orgE YEC AREThe CourierYour business card ad couldbe HERE for as little as$11 a week!410-641-6695T ITLE S ERVICESACQUESTT I T L E S E R V I C E S I N CGwen CordnerPresident9748 Stephen Decatur Highway, Unit 113Ocean City, Maryland 21842410-213-7741 / 410-213-7742 faxemail /

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