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Polygraphische innovativeTechnik LeipzigPrecision. Quality. Reliability.Innovations forthe Printing Industry

Precision. Quality. Reliability.11 Exciting moments at a pressacceptance test: immediate testwith the Register MeasuringSystem LUCHS III2 Checking the hardening degreeon-site with the UV Curing TesterUV CURE CHECK3 Roller adjustment with theContact Zone Gauge NIP CON4 Gap Gauge GAP CONTROL in actionPolygraphische innovativeTechnik Leipzig23We Set High Standardsin the Graphic Arts IndustryPITSID Polygraphische innovative Technik Leipzig wasfounded in 1999 and since that time the associatecompany of the Sächsisches Institut für die DruckindustrieGmbH (SID Leipzig) has celebrated big internationalsuccess.Its range of ultra-modern products has been perfectlytailored to the requirements of the graphic arts industry:It comprises a variety of innovative measurementand testing devices that have been specifically developedfor fields like register, punching accuracy, pressure,packing height, IPA content in dampening solutions, UVinkcuring, gap width and product quality. These latestmethods of analysis determine relevant physical quantitieslike force, path, distance or alcohol content.4As different as the fields of application are, so clearer is thecommon denominator: PITSID measurement and testingdevices combine the highest precision with ease of operation.This is the reason why daily work in the graphicarts industry is hard to image without them.

Innovative solutions.For register, punching accuracy, UV-ink curing, nip and gap width.Register MeasuringSystem LUCHS IIIRegister MeasuringRobot AUTOLUCHSAutomatic Precision PlatePunch APPUV Curing TesterUV CURE CHECKContact Zone GaugeNIP CONGap GaugeGAP CONTROLThe LUCHS III Register MeasuringSystem measures the transfer,perfecter and feeding register ofmulti-colour printing presses (upto 10 printing units). Optionally,the device can be used to measurethe folding and cutting registeras well. The system is usedworldwide for the quality control,adjustment and error analysis ofprinting presses.The measurement is carried outoffline on specially designed LUCHSmeasurement targets printed onthe sheet and takes fractions of asecond to carry out. The registrationvalues are determined throughthe optoelectronic scanning ofthe targets combined with imageanalysis methods and automaticallysaved in user-defined measuringprotocols. The advantagesare clear: The LUCHS III is by farmore objective and faster than theconventional vernier measurementwith a hand-held loupe.As an automatic instrument for alltypes of register measurements,the AUTOLUCHS is an efficientaddition to the LUCHS system. Itis used for the adjustment, errordiagnosis and assessment of offsetpresses, especially for presses withperfecting drums.The printed sheet travels automaticallythrough the AUTOLUCHSand the measuring points are automaticallyfound. Even with largesheet sizes of up to 152 × 205 cm orwith multiple measuring points, ittakes only a few minutes to evaluatethe results.The AUTOLUCHS is the mosteffective tool worldwide for theadjustment, error diagnosis, assessmentand inspection of offsetpresses. Due to its high degreeof automation, the AUTOLUCHS isunsurpassed in terms of speed,efficiency and flexibility.The Automatic Precision PlatePunch APP accurately punchesprinting plates perfectly to registerthrough image orientation.The APP uses measuring targetsfor the repetitive positioning ofthe plate which are not puncheduntil the plate is in its optimumpunching position. Plate dimensionfluctuations are automaticallycompensated by the new positioningsystem.Thanks to modern technology, theAPP punches with an accuracy of± 2 µm, i. e. exactly to the fractionof a screened dot and far superiorto integrated punches in CtP systems.It reduces make-ready timesand waste thus saving considerablecosts, especially in large-format ortin printing.The UV CURE CHECK UV Curing Testerquickly determines the coefficientof sliding friction and indirectlythe curing degree of UV and hybridinks as well as UV varnish layerson printed sheets.The device is intended for testingon a measuring table, the controlpanel or on the pile. With a clickof a button, meaningful valuescan be determined not only insolid areas but also in the ordinaryprinted image.Through measurements with theUV CURE CHECK it is possible tocounteract harmful migrationsescaping from the sheet or tocheck if inks could block andsmear during print finishing ortransport. It helps to optimize theradiator output thereby saving energyand working environmentallyfriendly.The Contact Zone Gauge NIP CONgives fast and reliable informationover the width of the contactzone and thus over the pressurebetween hard and soft rollers ofthe inking and dampening units.It is an ideal and exceptionaltime-saving adjustment tool.The simultaneous use of two sensorson the left and the right side,as well as the possibility to inputroller parameters, are the basis forfast and exact roller adjustments.With our optical „set point controllights“, in addition to the measuredvalue indicator, the adjustmentand control of set points issimple. There is no easier way toadjust rollers.The Gap Gauge GAP CONTROL is atechnical innovation to measurethe distance between roller orcylinder surfaces and is preferablyused during printing press assembly.The GAP CONTROL has beendesigned for typical distances of1.8 to 3 mm or 2.8 to 4 mm.The easy handling is especiallyremarkable: once the measuringwedge is positioned in betweenthe hard / hard-paired rollers orcylinders, the measured valueswill be shown on the display ofthe device in µm. Due to its highmeasuring accuracy and speed,the GAP CONTROL replaces the endgauge and the feeler gauge. Thereis simply no easier way to measuregap distances.PRECISION

Highest Precision.We offer measuring solutions for Pressure, packing height,alcohol content, traction, pull-out strengthContact Pressure TesterCONPRESS IIPacking GaugeAMG S, M, LIPA Measuring DeviceIPA CONTROL IITraction GaugeTRAC CONTROLBookbinding TesterBIND CONTROLThe Contact Pressure TesterCONPRESS II checks the contactpressure between the bearer ringsof printing presses during assemblyand service work.The device optoelectronically evaluatesfine paper measuring stripsthat are compressed by activatingthe impression in both lineand rolling impacts. With rollingimpacts, it is even possible toevaluate the pressure distributionin the contact zone of the bearerrings.The device quickly determinesreproducible values that can becompared with the target valuesof the pressure force. This optimizedadjustment of the pressincreases the working life of thecylinder bearings as well as ensuresoptimzed printing quality.The Packing Gauge AMG in the sizesS, M, and L measures the height ofthe blanket or the printing plateover the bearer, measuring ring orthe cylinder surface.The device is held with one handand set on the blanket or plate.The measured value can be fixed ina hold-function and read outsidethe press.The AMG makes extremely fastmeasurements due to its quickpositioning and reading capability,it does not damage any surfaces,is applicable with any cylinderdiameter and allows measurementsin even hard to reach areasof the cylinder. Shifting or rollingof the gauge is not necessary. Evenpressure differences or non-exactparallelism with the cylinder axeshave no influence to the result.The hand-held IPA MeasuringDevice IPA CONTROL II determinesthe volume concentration of isopropylalcohol (IPA) in the dampeningsolution of offset presses.The measurement method is basedon the extraction of gas from asample of dampening solution,thus excluding measurement distortionscaused by contaminantsin the dampening solution.The IPA CONTROL II makes fast anduncomplicated checks of the IPAcontent in the dampening solutionpossible. Samples of the dampeningsolution can be taken at allaccessible points of the dampeningprocess and can measure anIPA volume concentration of up to15%. The device ensures reliableprocess control which helps avoidpossible overdosage and saves theuse of IPA.A freely selectable measuring stripis clamped into the measuringhead and the free end is inserted,for example, between rollers orgrippers. When setting the rotatingrollers, the growing friction exertstraction forces on the measuringstrip.With non-rotating rollers, sheetgrippers or other equipment, thereis also traction forces applied whenpulling the measuring strip. TheTRAC CONTROL indicates the measuredtraction force on the displayand confirms the verification ofthe set point with an optoacousticsignal.At the same time during the measurement,the angular position ofthe measuring head is taken intoaccount and the angle is displayed.On the basis of the pull test, BINDCONTROL measures and quantifiesthe leaf pull-out strength of bookblocks trimmed to a uniform size.The device evaluates the performanceof block-making machinesand assesses the block stability asa parameter of the block quality.The book block, trimmed to thetest size, is placed on the roofshapedrest with a sample leafinserted in the provided slot.When the test is started, the sheetis gripped and extracted from theadhesive binding.As a scale of the pull-out strength,the measured traction per centimeteris indicated on the display.Furthermore, various statisticalanalysis and quality classificationscan be determined. Optionally, theresults can be exported.RELIABILITY

BerlinHalle14925Exit 25Leipzig-NordostLeipzigDresdenPolygraphische innovativeTechnik LeipzigMünchen38Our web site gives you detailedinformation on how to find us.Image engl., April 2012PITSID Polygraphischeinnovative TechnikLeipzig GmbHD-04329 LeipzigMommsenstraße 2Tel +49(0)3 41.2 59 42-0Fax +49(0)3 41.2 59 42-99info@pitsidleipzig.comwww.pitsidleipzig.comAmtsgericht Leipzig HRB 15 550USt-IdNr. DE 201216636WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 73410149Managing DirectorDr.-Ing. Jürgen StopporkaYour contact partnersDr.-Ing. Jürgen StopporkaManaging DirectorTel +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-0Fax +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-99stopporka@sidleipzig.deDipl.-Ing. Beatrix GenestAuthorized SignatoryTel +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-28Fax +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-99genest@sidleipzig.deFranziska GodauGraduate in BusinessManagement (VWA) /Management AssistantTel +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-0Fax +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-99godau@sidleipzig.de

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