June 7 - Temple Israel of Great Neck


June 7 - Temple Israel of Great Neck

A VOICE GUEST COLUMNFROM THE RABBICollege Grads and Temple IsraelMarching Toward FreedomAt the recent Celebrate Israel Parade,Dr. Ruth Westheimer was interviewed byChannel 9. She graciously thanked the anchorsfor their time and reminisced abouther role as a sniper in the Hagana around thetime of Israel’s independence. She observedhow the parade demonstrates support forIsrael within and beyond the Jewish community.She also spoke about how paradeslike this one reveal the pervasive blessingof freedom in America. How fortunatewe are, she remarked, that Jews, Latinos,Indians and others can march proudly up“fancy Fifth Avenue,” fully integrated intoAmerican society while able to embrace theunique aspects of their respective cultures.Bravo, Dr. Ruth. You always seemto find the right words for the occasion.Indeed the Celebrate Israel Parade is notonly about Jewish support for Israel, it’sabout world recognition. Moreover, it is oneof many ethnic parades that convey an importantmessage about our country, namelythe freedom and equality that every groupdeserves.By Shira KlaymanEDITOR’S NOTE: A group of college graduates and young professionals have recently been meetingat Temple Israel for Friday evening services and dinner. Shira Klayman, an organizer of thegroup, tells how they evolved, in this Voice Guest Column. The group welcomes others to join themat their next get-together, on Friday evening, June 22. For details, call the Temple Israel office.I was not looking forward to returningto Great Neck after I graduated from theUniversity of Maryland in 2010. I longed toreturn to the large sprawling campus, goodfriends, and my own apartment. In the midstof these transitions and changes, one ques-…why could I not finda young, vibrantJewish communityin Great Neck…tion always lingered in the back of my mind:where will I find a Jewish community now?It was impossible for me not to connectwith Judaism at the University of Maryland,College Park. Friday night services were filledwith beauty and passion, Jews could be seenwalking all around campus to attend Shabbatservices and meals, and the unparalleled aromaof Shabbat dinner permeated the halls ofmany apartment buildings. The University ofMaryland was a comforting atmosphere to exploreafter spending a year in Israel, where I hadworked so hard to build an extended communityof Jewish family and friends. Before Israel,I was extremely involved in United SynagogueYouth and my school, Solomon Schechter, whereI spent years and years learning, singing, dancing,and smiling with old and new friends.Essentially, I have been surrounded bybuilt-in, young Jewish communities my entirelife. When I began graduate school atFordham University (“The Jesuit Universityof New York”) and had to live at homerather than the ever popular and trendyJewish communities of the Upper West Sideor Washington Heights, I knew my——Continued on page 5By Rabbi Howard SteckerUnfortunately, in the State of Israel,religious freedom still eludes many Jewsas the Conservative and Reform denominationsof Judaism do not receive equaltreatment under Israeli law. Recently, animportant development took place that willhopefully begin to change that reality.…religious freedomstill eludesmany Jews…In response to a petition submittedin 2005, Israel’s Attorney General recentlyagreed to recognize Masorti (Conservative)and Reform rabbis in Israel and to fund theirsalaries in limited circumstances. It only appliesto rabbis in small towns and the fundsare taken from the Ministry of Sports andCulture, rather than the Ministry of Religion.Moreover, the rabbis are still not allowed toexert influence regarding halakhic issues.——Continued on page 6——2——FROM THE PRESIDENTCongregational ReportBy Alan KlingerEDITOR’S NOTE: This column is adaptedfrom the remarks made by President AlanKlinger at the opening of the recent congregationalmeeting.I would like to give you a brief updateon what has been achieved this past year.We accomplished the hiring of aDirector of Congregational Learning toachieve better continuity for our threeschool programs. We would like eachyear’s curricula to build on itself to achievea more robust learning experience. We believethis will improve the likelihood thatmore students will move from one programto the next. This initiative was started underformer President Richie Kestenbaum,We have...been gratifiedby the strengthenedparticipation insynagogue committees.where we determined that having an overalldirector of education would facilitatethese goals. This year, a search committeeheaded by Trustee Miriam Koblineroversaw a process in which dozens ofresumes were received; more than a halfdozen candidates were interviewed and,ultimately, a selection was made of RabbiAmy Roth. Rabbi Roth will be here shortlyto meet with teachers and members of ourReligious School Education Committee andEVT Committees, to start the transition.With change, however positive, comessome real sadness. Rabbi Klirs spent sevenproductive years with us, greatly improvingour Religious School programming and becomingan important part of our kehillah. Wewish her success in her next endeavor and askyou to join us at Shabbat services on June 16th,where we will recognize her devoted service.We also accomplished, for the first time,reviews of clergy and our executive director.Former executive committee membersreached out to various arms of the synagogueand interested congregants to solicittheir views. The senior professionals wereaccorded the opportunity to express theirthoughts as well. Your lay leadership foundthis to be a productive and meaningful processand believe that both the congregationand the senior professionals will benefitfrom it. Indeed, we have already seen progressfrom the exchange of ideas and obser-——Continued on page 6in mEmoriamTemple Israel extends condolencesto the family of:HARVEY SHEFRENhusband of Fradelle Schefrenand esteemed member of Temple IsraelMay his memory be for a blessing.Daily Minyan TiMesAttend the Daily Minyan!Mon. & Thurs. 6:45 A.M. 8:00 P.M.Tues. & Wed. 7:00 A.M. 8:00 P.M.Friday 7:00 A.M. 6:30 P.M.Sat., June 9 8:45 A.M. 7:45 P.M.Sat., June 16 8:45 A.M. 7:50 P.M.Sunday 8:15 A.M. 8:00 P.M.NOTE: The morning minyan is in desparateneed of participants. If you can attend,it would be greatly appreciated by thosecongregants who are in mourning and arein need of saying kaddish every day.CanDle lighTing TiMesKindle the Sabbath Lights!Friday, June 8...........…....……..…...8:06 P.M.Friday, June 15..…...............…..…...8:09 P.M.CongratulationsGraduates!Following is a list of congregational collegegraduates, as supplied to The Voice:• Eric Joshua Abraham Khorshad, grandsonof Rachelle and Dr. Ebby Ohebshalom,graduated from Baruch College.• Joshua Stecker, son of Deanna andRabbi Howard Stecker, graduated from theUniversity of Vermont.• Kathy Reccia, assistant to Rabbi Stecker,graduated from York College, CUNY, witha B.A. in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude.in QUotEsEDITOR’S NOTE: “In Quotes” calls attention to passages fromJewish prayers and writings frequently overlooked or said byrote, but profoundly written.}Upcoming EvEnts at tEmplE israElJune 10 Men’s Club and Sisterhood “Bike, Hike and Picnic” 1:00 P.M.At Bethpage State Park11 Sisterhood Board Meeting 10:00 A.M.18 Beth HaGan Summer Program Begins21 Board of Trustees Meeting 8:30 P.M.22 Kabbalat Shabbat Service and Dinner 7:30 P.M.For College Grads and Friends28 Men’s Club Meeting 7:30 P.M.29-30 Shalom Club Shabbaton WeekendRabbi Tracy Klirs will be recognizedfor her seven years of dedicated serviceas the director of theTemple Israel Religious Schoolat Shabbat serviceson June 16.Rabbi Klirs’ creative programming,professionalism, and her being a valued memberof the Temple Israel community will be noted.Take this opportunityto personally convey your gratitudeto Rabbi Klirsat a special kiddush following the service.This issue’s quote is taken from “Kaddish D’Rabbanan” recitedevery morning after the study of Torah. What is your favorite quote?Submit it to the synagogue office c/o The Voice.Grant lasting peace...to our peopleand their leaders, to our teachers and their disciples,and to all who engage in the study of Torahin this land and in all other lands.——3——~

B’nai/B’noT MiTzvah inour TeMple israel FaMilyJared KaimanJared Daniel Kaiman will be called to theTorah as a Bar Mitzvah on June 16. He is theson of Kim and Hon. Jonathan Kaiman, andhas a brother, Shaun, 16, and a sister, Iyana,7. Jared is a seventh grade student at GreatNeck North Middle School. He will be receivingthe “4 Sport” award this year for makingthe school’s football, basketball, volleyballand baseball teams. Jared enjoys playing thesaxophone. For the past several years he hasvolunteered in local community programssuch as Ecofest, Spookywalk and Earth DayCommunity Clean-ups. Jared has participatedin the Israel Day Parade since he was 5years old and marched again this year.Benjamin NewmanBenjamin Newman will be celebrating hisBar Mitzvah on June 23. He is the son ofClaudia and Bruce Newman and has twobrothers, Aaron, 10, and Eli, 7. Benjaminis a seventh grade honor student at GreatNeck South Middle School. He is the recipientof the first place award in the MagneticLevitating Cars Competition at BrookhavenLaboratories. Benjamin enjoys playing tennisand baseball, as well as being in theschool band. He is currently attending theWaxman High School and Youth Houseand plans to visit Israel in the near future.FROM THE BETH HAGAN NURSERYSCHOOLAn Open Letter to the Beth HaGan StaffThe following Religious School studentswere recognized for outstanding attendance, havingattended 80 percent of all classes. Studentswith an asterisk following their name attended atleast 90 percent of Religious School classes.Saul Ades, Juliette Ahdoot,* AlexandraAhdoot,* Jonathan Ajodan,* BenjaminAjodan,* Ashley Aminzadeh,* NatalieAminzadeh,* Ryan Aminzadeh,* NicoleAminzadeh,* Aaron Asherian, AlexisAsherian, Sophia Askari,* Serena Askari,*Zachary Astrof,* Jared Astrof,* BrookeBakhshi,* Kayla Bakhshi,* Kyle Bakhshi,*Samantha Becker,* and Lily Becker.*Also, Lauren Benhuri, RebeccaBernstein,* Jeremy Bernstein,* MatthewBloom,* Ethan Bloom, Amelia Blumberg,——4——By Rachel MathlessEDITOR’S NOTE: As the school year draws to a close, Beth HaGan Nursery School Director RachelMathless wrote the following letter of thanks to all who made this a successful school year.Dear Staff:I would like to take this opportunity tothank you for a most wonderful year, butmere words fail to convey my gratitude for theoutpouring of love, compassion, patience andhumanity you dispense with grace every day.• I watch as you frame a task for a child andsee him master it and I am pleased.• I listen as you sing to a child whilechanging her diaper and I am peaceful.• I feel your excitement when a child achievesher “aha” moment and the realization ofaccomplishment dawns on him.• I smile as you giggle together with a childwhen a goal is finally achieved• I fill with tears when a child holds youtightly and waves goodbye as he conquersthe fear of separation and I know the trustand bond you have established will prevail.• I marvel at the constant and variediterations of creative projects and artifacts,which the children produce with such prideand excitement.So, humbly, I thank you for cuddlingand comforting a child who feels sick or sador afraid or just needs your special touch.• Thank you for arriving each day excitedand energized. Looking forward to a newadventure.• Thank you for your creative sparks whichkeep stimulating and inspiring every day.• Thank you for believing in the sacrednessof the work you chose as your profession.• Thank you for giving hugs and “highfives” and a little victory dance every timean obstacle is overcome.• Thank you for understanding that whatis learned in the sandbox will influence thechildren for years to come.• Thank you for guiding the childrenthrough the small things, which havebecome huge milestones.• Thank you for giving the children space togrow, to dream, to explore, to experiment and toexperience the world with all its possibilities.• Thank you for knowing that you need totrust in the resilience of all children and intheir ability to figure it out.• Thank you for your constancy andconsistency in working until successfulconclusions are attained.• Thank you for making me proud of you everyday and making it a joy to come to work.I am acutely aware of your going theextra mile again and again and I know thatin you I am truly blessed.To our incredible maintenance staff,who anticipate our every need, grant ourwishes with smiling countenances evenwhen we ask them to scale the walls andhang moonbeams from the ceiling.And buckets and buckets of thanks toMarie for all you do always, the myriadactivities far too numerous to mention here.You give much more than is expected, butthat is your inimitable style.My best wishes for a happy, healthyrestful summer, time to reflect and renew,rejuvenate and revivify for the coming BethHaGan school year. Stay well.Love,RachelReligious School Attendance AwardsAlec Blumberg,* Jacob Botesazan, AshleyChaman,* Nathaniel Charasz, AdinCharasz,* Samuel Chiche,* Ethan Citron,*Emily Citron,* Michael Cohenmehr,*Michaela Damaghi, Samantha Damaghi,Joshua Davidson,* Bradley Delafraz,*Brandon Delafraz,* Joseph Eshaghoff,*Hanna Eshaghoff,* Juliet Eshaghoff,* JustinFarajollah, Matthew Farkas,* Lauren Farkas,Brett Figelman,* Aliza Fine,* Simona Fine,*Reid Fleishman,* Sophia Gal, Emily Gal,*Joshua Gal, Aaron Geula,* Alexander Geula,*Rena Geula, Ariel Gold, Eli Goldberger,Clara Goldberger, Benjamin Goodwin,* EliGoodwin,* Charles Goodwin, Emily Greiff,Joshua Haghani, Kayla Hakimi,* Eric——Continued on page 5Attendance Awards——Continued from page 4Hakimi,* Aaron Hakimi, Sophia Hanover,Noah Hanover,* Jessica Harouche,* JordanHarouche,* Aaron Harouche,* JosephHarounian,* Leila Hawa,* Yoel Hawa,*Gabriella Hedvat,* Alexis Hedvat,* AshleyHedvat,* Chloe Hedvat,* MikaylaHendizadeh,* Spencer Horowitz,* JuliaHyman,* Nathaniel Hyman,* RogerHyman,* Daniel Itzkowitz,* MichaelKahen,* Iyana Kaiman,* Barrett Kanfer,*Eden Katz,* Talia Katz,* Kevin Khadavi,*Justine Khadavi,* Zoe Khorshad,* JonathanKirshner,* Benjamin Kobliner,*Joshua Kobliner,* Sarah Kobliner,* JessicaLalehzar,*, Jacob Landerer,* BenjaminLanderer, Gabriel Lefkowitz,* JordanaLerner, Elizabeth Lev,* Martin Lev,* TaliaLevy,* Charles Linden, Evan Lipp,* andMikaela Lipp.*In addition, Zachary Lipp,* Ari Lissack,*Zoe Mahfar,* Natasha Mahfar,* KarinaMakhani,* Limor Makhani,* MatthewManesh, Sean Manesh, Daniel Mayeri,Remy Mehdyzadeh, Jake Mehdyzadeh,Dylan Meirowitz,* Deborah Meirowitz,Harry Meirowitz,* Cayla Mirjani,* TaliaMirjani,* Layla Modlin,* Kayla Monahemi,Hannah Nahavandi, Jessica Nahavandi,Rebecca Nahavandi,* Jack Nathan, JasonNejat,* Matthew Nejat,* Aaron Newman,*Eli Newman, Alexis Noghreh,* ChloeNoghreh,* Emanuel Nysenbaum,* DavidOginski, Aaron Ohebshalom,* AdamOhebshalom,* Ashley Ohebshalom,*Daniella Ohebshalom, Jared Ohebshalom,*Noah Oralevich, Allison Parnes, SamanthaParnes, Lauren Perlman,* Ari Picker,*Joshua Picker,* Alexandra Pour, Oliver Pour,Dayna Pourmoradi, Ella Pourmoradi,* NoaPourmoradi,* Amanda Putter,* IsabellaRastegar,* Ilan Rastegar, Jacob Rastegar,Sophie Rokhsar, Chloe Roofeh,* SharonRoofeh, and Jonathan Roofeh.Also, Eric Rosenbaum, JonathanRothbaum,* Joshua Rothbaum,* JonathanSasson, Emma Sassouni,* Leila Sassouni,Harry Scheidt,* Noah Scheidt,* NancySchoen,* Alexander Schwartz, DanielaSchwartz, Avital Sclar,* Daria Scolnick, JakeSedaghat, Alexandra Sedgh,* Daniel Sedgh,*Daniel Shahery, Matthew Shavolian,*Jordan Shavolian,* Kimberly Shokrian, SamSilberg, Dylan Solomon,* Jaren Solomon,Matthew Somekh,* Maya Somekh,*Alexander Tabaroki,* Elliot Tabaroki,*Jasmine Tabaroki,* Maya Tabaroki,* ValerieTabaroki,* Benjamin Taied,* Kate Tehrani,*Alexander Victory, Lauren Victory,* NicoleVictory,* Amanda Volk,* Brian Volk,* JadenWeisser, Elliot Weissman, Sophie Weissman,*Elie Weitzman,* Sigal Weitzman,* SophiaWotman,* Adam Wright,* Gabriella Wright,*Eric Yachbes,* Noah Young, Emma Young,Ethan Youssefi, and Shayna Zeitlin.*Waxman Youth House teens were well represented at the Celebrate Israel Parade.College Grads and Temple Israel——Continued from page 2religious and spiritual life was going to suffer.For a year, I searched for temporary solutions.I visited my friends in Jewish communitiesin the City and became a frequentShabbat guest. I started going with myfriends to the Hofstra Chabad. However,my frustration only grew every time I hadto return home: why could I not find ayoung, vibrant Jewish community in GreatNeck, the most Jewish town I knew?There was no official committee or meetingto jumpstart the “Great Neck College GradsKabbalat Shabbat.” It began slowly and informally,when Cheryl Moin suggested the ideaand came up with a date for our first KabbalatShabbat. I created a Facebook page and event,and Erica Moin coordinated several logisticaldetails. We both invited friends and discussedthe upcoming event with Danny Mishkin.After talking to some of the future attendees,we decided to have a Kabbalat Shabbat servicebefore the catered dinner.I had no idea what to expect for that firstFriday night. All I knew was that I was leadinga service, some of my friends were attending,and some of Erica’s friends were attending.We did not know how people would respondto the service or even to one another. Afterassembling the chairs in a circle, I awkwardlyintroduced myself and Danny suggestedinterspersing introductions into the service.Erica and I both found that there wereseveral people neither of us knew who hadheard about the event through the TempleIsrael Voice or other friends. It was clear thatmany people were unfamiliar with some of theprayers, but everyone was paying attentionand following along. Once the service wasover, the tension and unfamiliarity quicklydissipated: some of us began rekindlingfriendships with people we had not seenfor years, and others sat with strangers andbecame fast friends by the end of the night.We had about 25 people, and it seemed as ifeveryone had the space to feel comfortable.——5——We mingled over good food and wine, and noone left until about 10:30. If we had been ableto stay longer, I have no doubt that we wouldhave. Our first Shabbat dinner was a success.Over the course of the next few weeks,several discussions took place in terms ofhow to structure the evening and organize theevents. After talking to various attendees, wedecided to have a more abbreviated serviceand encouraged participants to include theirown suggestions and opinions about theservice. Erica created a Facebook event forthe next Shabbat dinner and has continued tofacilitate the Facebook events ever since.Each Shabbat dinner has been different, withnew themes and ideas (such as a beer-tastingwith Rabbi Adelson) and new participantspeople all around me…are all here for the samereason I am: to connect.each time, but a core group of young Jewishprofessionals have returned every time. Wecontinue to have informal, casual services,along with introductions and icebreakers suchas “highlights of the week.” People have slowlybegun to be more familiar with the servicesand have suggested different tunes and songs.No one ever leaves before 10 P.M., and manyof these friendships have already extendedbeyond Friday night Shabbat dinners.It is unclear whether or not this groupwill expand to celebrating other Jewish andsocial events or if it will remain as it is: a spacefor young Jews to come together and celebrateShabbat, learning and friendship. Either way,the community and atmosphere that we haveall created is special and valuable. I alwaysanticipate these Shabbatot with excitement andenthusiasm, as I imagine reuniting with oldfriends, creating new ones, eating, laughing andeven praying with people all around me who areall here for the same reason I am: to connect.

From the President: A Report to the Congregation——Continued from page 2vations. We expect that the review exercisewill extend to the remainder of our seniorprofessionals and be continued on a periodicbasis, involving the congregation inthe endeavor.We have also been gratified by thestrengthened participation in synagoguecommittees. To highlight just a few:• Adult Education – Led by RabbiAdelson, Trustee Rebecca Charry andSusan Wagner, the committee has workedto expand to a greater variety of programs.The goal is to recognize – and serve– the needs of our various constituencies.• House Committee – Led by MartyWerber, the group has focused on betterutilization of our building space, startingwith a re-opening of the third floor. We areworking now on reclaiming the old BoardRoom and plans are in the works for anew handicap accessible bathroom. (I amalso learning more about a/c systems, drywells and plumbing than I ever cared to.)• Beth HaGan – You will hear from RachelMathless about the year’s activities at thenursery school. But I would like to thankTrustee Joanna Eshaghoff for her leadershipin our two-part Beth HaGan 50thAnniversary Celebration. It was a pleasureto see so many people be there forthe Shabbat service and to see engagedfamilies attend the celebration. As partof the effort’s fundraising, we are hopingto secure sufficient funds for a new playground,complete with a rubberized resurfacing.(It is still possible to purchasecommemorative pickets with your family’snames for the new playground fence;contact Joanna or the office if interested.)• Website – We thank Trustee Jose Nebro forBeth HaGan Graduates Largest Class In Years——Continued from front pageGazelles classes each sang songs and then, asa finale, sang three songs together: “WorshipGod With Joy,” “Todah, A Song of Thanks,”and “Amen, A Prayer for all of Israel.” Theprogram was under the musical direction ofMorah Ruthe Golden, who has presided overBeth HaGan graduations for the past 12 years.Graduating Butterflies, led by MorahRebecca and Morah Shulamid, include NoahAhdoot, Jayden Haghani, Ryder Hakimian,Kayla Kahen, Aaron Kashani, Celine Khani,Jordan Laleh, Asher Livian, Jaden Livian,Jacob Maslavi, Jordan Maslavi, AbigailMonasebian, and Maya Ohebshalom.The Dolphins class, led by MorahConnie and Morah Hilda, includes HannahAdelson, Natan Babaev, Aiden Bacshi,Nathaniel Davidson, Daniel Elashvili, AaronGanjian, Ariel Ganjian, Noah Ganjian, Kaylahis hard work getting a website up and runningfor us. Recently, work has continuedas we expand the content, aiming for greateron-line capabilities for event and schoolregistration, payments and donations.• Security Committee – Led by Joe Farber,we have been focused on better use of technologyto improve our safety. Workingwith the committee, head of securityJerry White and Executive Director LeonSilverberg, we have applied to HomelandSecurity for a grant to fund new hardware.• EVT/RSEC – Representatives largely ofthese committees, led by Trustee BrachaWerber, worked this past year to “re-evaluate”our “Re-Imagine” project. The goalwas to assess the program after some fouryears; that is, evaluate whether the judgmentsthat were made as to what to emphasize/de-emphasizeprove out. The grouprecently issued a survey for parents andteachers to assess these matters. The informationwill be furnished to Rabbi Rothas part of her orientation to the program.• Communications Committee - This newcommittee is looking at how we communicatewith our members and potential membersin the 21st Century. How do we bestuse The Voice, e-mail and social media?From the Rabbi: Marching Toward Freedom——Continued from page 2MK Nitzan Horowitz of the Meretzparty, head of the lobby for Civil Equalityand Religious Pluralism, was quotedrecently in Ha’aretz as follows: “Thetime has come to recognize all streams ofJudaism and release it from the grip of theharedi politicos.”In an opinion piece, also for Ha’aretz,Golyan, Maytal Imani, Leah Malekan, YuvalSaportas, Ethan Shirazi, and Talia Soto.Gazelles, led by Morah Miriam andMorah Michelle, include Ester Bazon, JolieDilmanian, Julia Hakimi, Ava Hakimian,Bailey Hakimian, Parker Hakimian,Andrew Hirschbein, Sarah Kalimi, IsabelleKamali, Shirel Kashimallak, Gavriel Noy,Layla Pourmoradi, Chanel Tehrani, andAidan Yadidi.A reception was held for the graduatesand their guests in the Blue Room followingthe ceremony.“The school operated at capacity, with141 students, during the current schoolyear,” Mrs. Mathless pointed out. “Thereare limited openings in some classes for thenext school year,” she said. “We expect thesame number of students next year as wehave had during the current year.”——6——Please let us know if you would be interestedin joining this (or any other) group.Looking ahead to the High Holidays,we have concentrated on:• Obtaining new machzors, to allow for betterintegration of commentary;• Continuing to improve the sound systemsin the main venues; and• Procuring a new ark for the MainBallroom.We expect to complete these itemsshortly.Looking a bit further ahead, youwill soon receive the date for our annualgala, which will be held in the fall.And, finally, an update on RabbiAdelson’s status. As you know, RabbiAdelson is being considered for the seniorposition at Sutton Place Synagogue.He has made it to the final two candidates.We are proud of him and wish himwell. We will have with us this comingShabbat Rabbi Bluman, a candidate forthe assistant rabbi position should RabbiAdelson be selected. He will deliver thesermon at the service and be with us forother events. Please try to participate inthese activities and share your impressionswith us.Rabbi Julie Schoenfeld wrote that she hopesfor the day when Judaism in contemporaryIsrael will embody the rabbinic dictum thatrecognizes multiple ways of fulfilling theDivine will: “These and those are the wordsof the living God.” One indication of theembrace of truly pluralism will be equalfunding for all approaches to Judaism.It’s crucial that we continue tosupport Israel in multiple ways. We areindebted to Rebecca and Sassan Sassouni,Helen Wrobel, Lee Harounian and theIsrael Affairs Committee, Lisa Weinblatt,Jesse Smith and all who coordinated andparticipated in the Celebrate Israel Parade.Thanks to the efforts of Mike Delefraz andothers, we hosted a successful Israel Bondsprogram last month. At the end of August,I will be joining a number of Temple Israelfamilies on an action-packed trip to Israel.Israel needs our support as she makesincreasing strides in technology andconfronts internal and external challenges.We will continue to march, visit and investin Israel’s future.Finally, through our advocacy of Mercazand our relationship with Kehillat NetzachYisrael, our sister Masorti synagogue inAshkelon, we will continue to supportreligious freedom for all Jews in Israel.Our support in all these areas is crucial.As Dr. Ruth would say, we are all “on the air.”Your ad herewill be seen byallTemple Israelmembers.For advertisingrates & furtherinformation,call482-7800.bar/bat mitzvahiNvitatiONS!See the beautiful selection atKC GRaPhiCS25 Cutter Mill Plaza, Great Neck516-466-2434Invitations • CalligraphyStationery • Business CardsBusiness PrintingPlanning a move?Put my Real Estate expertiseand professionalismto work for you.I have successfully helped manyTemple Israel members andtheir families through the entiremarketing process of sellingand purchasing real estate.Confidentiality is a priority.References upon request.Diane PollanD, M.B.a.516-606-2344dpolland@aol.comColdwell BankerResidential BrokerageAn Open Invitation FromKaren & Don AshkenasePlease join us and invite interested friends to learnabout the wonderful and affordable programs for yourfamily at the Samuel Field “Y” on Little Neck Parkway.Here are just a few of the terrific programs:• dementia & Alzheimer family respite programs(my uncle attended)• children’s birthday parties in the gym(our grandson Micah had a great party there)• excellent programs for children with autism and otherspecial needs• adult exercise & strength training• after school programs for students(transportation available)• and much moreJoin us at our home on Wed. June 20that 7:30 PM R.S.V.P.: 487-3048This message is paid for by Karen & Don AshkenaseHonoring Memories. Celebrating Lives.Riverside-NassauNorth Chapel• Funerals • Advance Funeral Planning• Monuments & Inscription Serviceswww.riversidenassaunorthchapels.com516.487.960055 North Station Plaza, Great NeckShastone Memorials~ MORE THAN A CENTURY OF SERVICE ~MEMORIALS OF DISTINCTION ERECTED AT ALL CEMETERIES112 Northern Boulevard • Great Neck, New York 11021516-487-4600 • 1-877-677-6736 (Toll free outside NY)www.ShastoneMemorials.comMarvin Rosen - Laurel S. Rosen - Russell J. RosenCuSToM DeSIgN and ShoP AT hoMe SeRvICeSMoNuMeNTS - FooTSToNeS - PLAqueS - MAuSoLeuMS - CLeANINg - RePAIRS——7——Elaine Paris35 Years Travel Planning ExpertiseCorporate & Leisure516.507.8899eparistravel@gmail.com

TEMPLE ISRAEL VOICEMarc Katz, EditorAssociate Editors:Rabbi Marim D. Charry, Paula Charry, Angela Jones, Ronnie KatzPhotographers: Kitty Dadi, Dr. Robert Lopatkin, Milton PuttermanAdvertising Representative: Lottie BlyeTEMPLE ISRAEL OF GREAT NECK108 Old Mill Road, Great Neck, NY 11023Phone: 516-482-7800 • Fax: 516-482-7352 • E-Mail: info@tign.orgWeb: www.TIGN.orgPublished bi-weekly by Temple Israel of Great Neck, New York,from mid-August to mid-June. Periodicals postage paid at Great Neck,NY. Postmaster: Send address changes to Temple Israel Voice at addressabove. Publication No. USPS 078-740. Subscription $5.00 per annum.PeriodicalsPostage Paidat Great Neck, NYTEMPLE ISRAEL STAFFHoward A. Stecker..............................................................Senior RabbiRaphael Frieder..............................................................................CantorSeth Adelson...................................................................Associate RabbiMordecai Waxman*........................................................Rabbi EmeritusLeon Silverberg.........................................................Executive DirectorRachel Mathless...................................................Director, Beth HaGanRabbi Tracy Guren Klirs..............................Director, Religious SchoolDaniel Mishkin...................................Director, Waxman High SchoolOFFICERSAlan M. Klinger.........................................................................PresidentSeth Horowitz...................................................................Vice PresidentDr. Parviz Khodadadian..................................................Vice PresidentDr. Robert Lopatkin..........................................................Vice PresidentDr. Robert Panzer..............................................................Vice PresidentRebecca Yousefzadeh Sassouni.......................................Vice PresidentGary Sazer..........................................................................Vice PresidentSteven Shepsman..............................................................Vice PresidentIrving H. Lurie*.......................................................Honorary President*DeceasedAFFILIATED WITHTHE UNITED SYNAGOGUE OF CONSERVATIVE JUDAISMD‘var torahBy Rabbi Marim D. CharryBehaalotekha Saturday, June 9The march to the Promised Land finally begins in this portion.Among the last details dealt with at Sinai are preparation of thelamps of the menorah, dedication of the Levites to their duties,observance of Passover on the 14th day of the first month in thesecond year after the Exodus and the making of two silver trumpetsto be sounded as a signal to assemble, to break camp or to takenote of other special occasions. As soon as the people began theirmarch, they began to complain. In response to Moses’ cry for help,God instructs him to gather 70 elders to assist him in leading thepeople. Miriam and Aaron then challenge Moses’ role as prophet.God vindicates Moses by punishing Miriam. These incidents ofselfishness, even in the face of God’s miracles, set a pattern thatbecomes a prominent theme of Scripture—the struggle to raiseman above himself.Shelah Saturday, June 16In this portion, the Israelites approach the border of Canaan,and Moses sends 12 princes of the tribes to scout the land. Amongthem are Caleb and Joshua. The scouts’ mission is to investigatethe natural properties of the land and evaluate the strength of itspeople. After 40 days, the scouts return bearing a single cluster ofgrapes so heavy that it takes two men to carry it on a pole betweenthem. They report that the land is indeed bountiful, but it isinhabited by powerful people living in fortified cities. The scoutsmaintain that the Israelites are too weak to conquer the land, butCaleb and Joshua argue that, if the people have faith in God andHis promise, they will be able to overcome the inhabitants. Thepeople accept the majority report, thus incurring God’s wrath. Hedecrees that they will spend 40 years in the wilderness, until anentire generation dies out and a free generation grows up.Worship at Temple Israel this Shabbat!sabbath sErvicEsFriday, June 8Evening Service6:30 P.M.•Saturday, June 9Morning Service8:45 A.M.Weekly Portion: Behaalotekha; Numbers 8:1 – 12:16Haftarah: Zehariah 2:14 – 4:7Sabbath Service Officers: Dr. Madelyn Gould and Dr. Laura GalB’nai MitzvahJILLIAN HOROWITZdaughter of Helene and Kenneth HorowitzJACOB LEVENTHALson of Nancy Bader and Michael LeventhalHavurah Service10:00 A.M.Junior Congregation10:30 A.M.Toddler Service11:00 A.M.Mincha and Ma’ariv7:45 P.M.HavdalahEvening ServiceMorning Service•Friday, June 15•Saturday, June 169:07 P.M.6:30 P.M.8:45 A.M.Weekly Portion: Shelach; Numbers 13:1 – 15:41Haftarah: Joshua 2:1 – 24Sabbath Service Officer: Seth HorowitzBar MitzvahJARED KAIMANson of Kim and Hon. Jonathan KaimanJunior Congregation10:30 A.M.Toddler Service11:00 A.M.Mincha and Ma’ariv7:50 P.M.Havdalah9:10 P.M.

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