Brochure - Husqvarna Viking
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Brochure - Husqvarna Viking

Brilliant innovation.Sparkling results.

Introducing theDELUXE STITCH SYSTEMA Hidden TreasureFirst to market innovation!Having a keen ear for ideas from machine owners, teachers anddealers has played an important part in the success ofHUSQVARNA VIKING ® over the years. For the DESIGNERDIAMOND deLuxe sewing and embroidery machine, we set ourhearts and minds on fulfilling a challenging task – to sew morebeautiful stitches than ever but with less effort.Our skilled engineers in Sweden have researched and developedthe fully automatic deLuxe Stitch System that portions the optimumamount of thread for every stitch.We are proud to introduce this exclusive innovation to our sewingenthusiasts – the deLuxe Stitch System.Take a look inside! ➛~2~ ~5~

The crown jewelof convenience means:– Less time and effort spent onmachine adjustments.– High quality results regardless of fabricor thread type.– Gorgeous stitch results on bothsides of the ~4~

INNOVATIONEndlessopportunities!The deLuxe Stitch System feature– Sew more beautiful stitches than ever, but with less effort.With the unique built-in and fully automaticHUSQVARNA VIKING® deLuxe Stitch System you willachieve stunning stitch results on both sides of the fabric.It allows you to spend more time on the fun, instead ofadjusting machine settings and test sewing. Even on sheermaterials and with specialty threads you will get a greatresult!~8~ www.husqvarnaviking.comDesign Positioning– Match your embroideries perfectly every time.The Design Positioning feature makes it so easy toplace your designs with amazing precision. Joiningof large embroideries has never been easier!

Instructions for the DESIGNERDIAMOND deLuxe JeweleryWrap are available onwww.husqvarnaviking.comThe Design Shaping featurelets you use stitches and designs tocreate original embroideries instantlyon your Ultimate Interactive Screen.Enjoy exploring the endlesspossibilities!Personalize it!Choose one of four differentscreen appearances for theUltimate Interactive Screen toreflect your colorful personalityand ~9~

CAPABILITYExceptional size!The Ultimate InteractiveScreen, plus the generoussewing space, extra longfree arm and spectacularembroidery area are idealfor big ideas!~10~

Shownin actualsize!The Ultimate Interactive Screen– Large, bright color touch screen with intutive navigation.The Ultimate Interactive Screen 8,0" (174 x 104 mm) has exceptionally high resolution soyou can see stitches and embroidery designs in stunning 3D reality. In addition to itsimpressive size, it is also easy to navigate, allowing you to focus on the joy of creating.Use your stylus, or an optional USB mouse, to select any function, stitch, or information -in an instant!The DESIGNER Selection offers you more than 1,100 beautiful stitches and lettering,up to 54.6 mm wide with Omnimotion Stitches, plus hundreds of embroidery ~11~

CAPABILITYInstructions for theDESIGNER DIAMOND deLuxe Quiltare available

extraordinary Sewing and Embroidery Surface– More room to create large projects.The HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER DIAMOND deLuxe sewing and embroidery machinefeatures one of the longest and slimmest free arms in the industry. The impressive sewing andembroidery surface measures nearly 10" (250 mm) to the right of the needle.Create and embroider larger-than-life designs without re-hooping! The HUSQVARNA VIKING®DESIGNER DIAMOND deLuxe machine offers an embroidery area that measures up to anextraordinary 14 ¼" x 13 ¾" (360 x 350 mm)*. The design on the quilt is stitched out in the14 ¼" x 8" (360 x 200 mm) DESIGNER Royal Hoop.*Optional hoop ~13~


Swedish TreasuresThe history of HUSQVARNA VIKING® started over 300 yearsago. In 1689, the King of Sweden built a weapon factory besidethe mighty waterfalls in Huskvarna. In 1872, some of the artisansworking there switched from crafting firearms to making peacefulprecision products – sewing machines. Since then, HUSQVARNAVIKING® has pioneered the industry, continuously developinguser-friendly innovations that enhance and spread the joyof sewing worldwide.We know how special the HUSQVARNA VIKING® brand is tosewing enthusiasts around the world. We also know how specialour top-of-the-line sewing and embroidery machine is to ourloyalists. That is why we have chosen an equally special locationto showcase our sewing innovations and stunning embroiderycreations. The Gunnebo castle (above) was built in 1778 as asummer home on the Swedish west coast. The castle is beautifullyrenovated according to the original design plans. A perfectbackdrop for the brilliance of our precious gem! ~15~

CONVENIENCEBrilliant time-savers!~16~

Exclusive Sensor System– Senses your fabric thickness for perfect, even feed.The amazing EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM technology is likehaving a helping hand! With a tap on the foot control or the touchof a button, the Sensor Foot Pressure automatically lowers and raisesthe presser foot. It automatically adjusts the pressure for any fabricthickness – resulting in a perfect even-feed of any fabric. There iseven an extra lift position for maximum space to slide thick sewingprojects, like quilts, under the foot easily. The Sensor Foot Pivotsenses the fabric thickness for instant pivoting.Exclusive Sewing Advisor® and EmbroideryAdvisor features– Automatic settings and expert advice for optimal sewing andembroidery results.Enter fabric type, weight, and sewing technique and the ExclusiveSEWING ADVISOR® feature will take care of all the settings - stitch,stitch width, stitch length, thread portioning/tension and presser footpressure. It will also recommend the presser foot, needle type and size.The EMBROIDERY ADVISOR feature leaves nothing to chance!It recommends appropriate needle, stabilizer and thread when youenter the type and weight of your fabric. Plus, tips for embroideringwith specialty fabrics and ~17~

CONVENIENCEInstructions for theDESIGNER DIAMOND deLuxeTablecloth are available

WARM NEUTRAL COolAdjustable E Light system– The best lighting for every sewing situation.Clearly seeing your sewing and work surface is vital to your sewing success.The Adjustable E LIGHT system consists of rows of long-lasting LED lights that canbe adjusted in intensity and color to accommodate the light in your environment orfabric reflection.Step Saver Operating System– The fewest steps between you and every functionyou desire.The HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER DIAMONDdeLuxe sewing and embroidery machine isdesigned and built to make your favorite activity ajoyful and rewarding experience. Everything is atyour fingertips and it is truly intuitive!The Automatic Jump Stitch Trim feature trims the jump stitches in embroideryand pulls down the thread ends for hassle-free, expert results. The Smart Savefeature automatically saves your embroidery placement if your embroidery isinterrupted. You can easily undo and redo steps in embroidery edit mode whencustomizing.USB connection– Smooth transfer of designs and updates.Two USB ports allow you to transfer designs directlyto and from your computer via USB stick, directconnection to your computer or optional CD drive.The DESIGNER DIAMOND deLuxe machine readsthe most popular design formats for ~19~

Expand yourcreativitywith optionalaccessories!Optional 5D Embroidery Software– Create personal embroidery designs on your PC.HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D Embroidery Softwareadds a whole new dimension to your personalembroidery! Find out more at!Optional DESIGNER Majestic Hoop– Embroider larger than life designs without rehooping.The extraordinary DESIGNER Majestic Hoop measures14 1/4” x 13 3/4” (360 x 350 mm). Includes bonusexclusive embroidery designs.Stich out wonderful quilt designs inthe 200 x 200 Quilter’s Hoop.Attach the InterchangeableDual Feed to feed layers offabric and/or batting evenly.Create beautiful cutwork designsquickly and easily with theHUSQVARNA VIKING®Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kitthat does the trimming for you.~20~– Designs and inspiration online.HUSQVARNA VIKING® invites you to the most excitingdesign shop in the world! isalways open for your creativity.

Join theHUSQVARNA VIKING ®familyIndustry InnovatorUnlimited CapabilityUser friendly beyond compareMaster of high-end Convenience and time saversGenerous in space and featuresAdjöSwedish heritage since 1872Dedication to Education and ClassesSpreading the joy of sewingVisit your local retailer! ~21~

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