Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Friends of the ...

Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Friends of the ...

© 1998. Jim Mowbray.

Friends of

Great Smoky Mountains

National Park

2006 Annual Report

Preserve. Protect. Provide.


hroughout this publication, you’ll find many beautiful images of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. These photographs appear

through the generosity of a number of individuals who hope that sharing their unique perspectives of Great Smoky Mountains National

Park will remind others who love this vast national treasure of the importance in supporting its preservation and protection. Friends of

the Smokies would like to thank the following individuals for lending their time and talent to enhancing our 2006 Annual Report:

• Mrs. Trudi Dreyer for giving her husband Peter Dreyer’s entire

photography collection to Friends of the Smokies, in his memory.

• Jack Goodwin, volunteer photographer and supporter of the

Get on the Trail hiking series.

• Samuel Hobbs, Member since 2000, and Park enthusiast

• Beth LaFontaine, Employee of Covenant Health, Get on the

Trail’s presenting sponsor

Autumn Color by Samuel Hobbs

Happy Valley Overlook by Beth LaFontaine

2 Friends of the Smokies / Annual Report 2006

Deer in Cades Cove by Jack Williams

• Jim Mowbray, Appalachian Trail Ridgerunner in Great Smoky

Mountains National Park

• Jack Williams, Honorary Board Member, Friends of Great

Smoky Mountains National Park

Friends of the Smokies Staff Members and National Park

Service employees

The Sinks Trail by Sarah Weeks

View from Rich Mountain by Jim Mowbray

Cades Cove Panorama by Peter Dreyer

Frost at Gregory Bald by Jack Goodwin




Chair: Mark Williams, Knoxville, TN

Vice Chair: Stephen W. Woody, Asheville, NC

President: Jim Hart, Knoxville, TN

Secretary: Linda Ogle, Pigeon Forge, TN

Treasurer: John Dickson, Asheville, NC


Sandy Beall, Maryville, TN

Jack Williams, Knoxville, TN


Barney Coulter, Waynesville, NC

Natalie Haslam, Knoxville, TN

Mary Johnson, Shady Valley, TN

Kathryn McNeil, San Francisco, CA

Judy Morton, Knoxville, TN

John B. Waters, Jr., Sevierville, TN

David White, Sevierville, TN

Leon Jones, Wilma Dykeman Stokely, and

Lindsay Young (deceased)

Tennessee/Main Office

Jim Hart, President

3099 Winfield Dunn Parkway, Suite 2

PO Box 1660

Kodak, TN 37764

Phone: (865) 932-4794 or 1- 800-845-5665

Fax: (865) 933-7607


The Mission of Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

is to assist the National Park Service in its mission to preserve and

protect Great Smoky Mountains National Park by raising funds

and awareness and providing volunteers for needed projects.


Fred Alexander, Franklin, NC

Mimi Cecil, Asheville, NC

Kay Clayton, Knoxville, TN

Vicky Fulmer, Maryville, TN

Bruce Hartmann, Knoxville, TN

Luke Hyde, Bryson City, NC

Dale Keasling, Knoxville, TN

Deener Matthews, Waynesville, NC

Hal Roberts, Waynesville, NC

Gary Wade, Emeritus Chair, Sevierville, TN


President: Jim Hart

Director of Development: Sarah Weeks

Special Projects Director: Lauren Gass

Office/Special Projects

Coordinator: Kerri Considine

Chief Financial Officer: Nan Jones

Marketing Director: Holly Burcham

North Carolina Office Manager: Elaine Stewart


North Carolina Office

Elaine Stewart, North Carolina Office Manager

160 South Main Street

Waynesville, NC 28786

Phone: (828) 452-0720

Fax: (828) 452-0767


Friends Website:

Preserve. Protect. Provide / 3

Mark Williams


Board of Directors

4 Friends of the Smokies / Annual Report 2006


2006 was a year of changes

for Friends of the Smokies.

The Friends’ Tennessee headquarters

moved to a new location,

after several years inside

the former home of John B.

Waters, Jr. (Board Secretary),

which was converted into

offices. This historic location

in downtown Sevierville

offered an inviting place to

make new Friends throughout

a five-year period of tremendous

organizational growth.

When Friends outgrew

that space, the City of

Sevierville offered a new home

on the second floor of the

Sevierville Chamber of

Commerce Visitors’ Center.

Downstairs is the Great Smoky Mountains Association’s

bookstore (like those at the Park Visitors Centers in Cades

Cove, Gatlinburg, Sugarlands, and Oconaluftee). With both

Friends and the Association under one roof, the Sevierville

Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center has become an important

gateway for Park support.

Last year also brought changes in the Board of Directors.

Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Gary Wade was named

Emeritus Chair following thirteen years of service, first as

President and then as Chair of the organization. Justice Wade

was instrumental in the establishment of Friends of Great

Smoky Mountains National Park, and remains passionate

about the protection of the Smokies.

In accordance with the term limits contained in Friends

by-laws, longtime board members Barney Coulter of North

Carolina and Natalie Haslam of Tennessee transitioned to

service as Emeritus Directors, and Tennessean Vicky Fulmer

became an Honorary Board Member. These fine men and

women continue their dedication to Park preservation, even

as other great representatives fill their seats. Attorney Luke

Hyde of Bryson City, NC, owner of the Calhoun House

Historic Inn, and Bruce Hartmann of Knoxville, publisher of

the Knoxville News Sentinel were elected to the Friends

Board in November of 2006.

Sadly, 2006 also marked the passing of two outstanding

Park advocates and Emeritus Directors of Friends of the

Smokies- Lindsay Young and Wilma Dykeman Stokely. Both

made important contributions to the Friends’ work, and to

many other philanthropic endeavors. They gave generously

of their time and resources to make their communities, and

the mountains that surround them, better places. Lindsay and

Wilma were charter members of Friends, as well as founding

board members, and they are deeply missed.

While some things changed in 2006, others remained

constant. Friends continued to be blessed with the support of

more than 4,000 active members, more than 20,000 buyers of

Friends’ specialty license plates in Tennessee and North

Carolina, and the gift of over 3,000 volunteer hours.

Through the generosity of all of these individuals, organizations,

and corporations, Friends again contributed more than

$1 million to projects and programs in Great Smoky

Mountains National Park in 2006.

The beauty of the mountains is constant, as is the purpose

of Friends of the Smokies. Great Smoky Mountains

National Park receives more than 9 million visitors annually,

and there is no entrance fee. Help is always needed. Although

not all donations to Friends are named in this report, on

behalf of our board and staff, I would like to express our

appreciation for every gift to preserve and protect Great

Smoky Mountains National Park.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

once wrote, “Nothing was ever

achieved without enthusiasm.”

When I meet others who learn

that I am on the board of

Friends of the Smokies, they

often share their own experiences

in Great Smoky

Mountains National Park.

Our mountains are surrounded

on all sides by communities of

people who celebrate them,

and look to them not only as

fixed points in space that lay

within view, whether rainy or

sunny or covered in snow, but

also as ever-present sources of

happy memories which both

ground and inspire their every-

Stephen W. Woody

Vice Chair,

Board of Directors

day lives. Their enthusiasm leads many to “give back” as it is

so often called. People recognize that the mountains have

given them important gifts like joy, peace, adventure, and

knowledge, and they are compelled to support Great Smoky

Mountains National Park through Friends of the Smokies as a

way of showing their gratitude.

As Chairman Mark Williams expressed, providing more

than $1 million to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in

2006 would not have been possible without the Friends’ members,

sponsors, event attendees, and foundation partners.

Friends of the Smokies is not merely a staff of seven and fifteen

board members, Friends of the Smokies is an organization

of thousands of people who are enthusiastic about preserving

this special place which we all love and enjoy.

I looked up the word “organization” on the Internet.

There were many general definitions, but the one that seemed

to best fit our purpose is from American Heritage Steadman’s

Medical Dictionary which says “Something made up of elements

with varied functions that contribute to the whole and

to collective functions.” All of the contributions that Friends

receives for the Park’s benefit illustrate this concept. From gifts

of membership to auction purchases, from volunteers’ donations

of time to tangible items given by corporate partners, it all adds

up to the common purpose of working to preserve and protect

Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Friends of the Smokies is a single organization that has

succeeded in helping the Park due to the generosity of countless

people, some of whom are anonymous. The visitors who

drop money in Friends’ donation boxes throughout the Park

are unknown. We do not have the names and addresses of

many of our license plate holders in Tennessee and North

Carolina, who make their purchases through state agencies.

We want to express our appreciation to everyone who gives in

support of the Park.

Our last newsletter included an invitation for our members

to share their stories, photographs, and memories with us

from times spent in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

We’ve received a few of those, but we welcome many, many

more. Some of those are included in this annual report, and I

hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we have.

Thank you for being a Friend of the Smokies. Please

share your enthusiasm for supporting this “people’s Park” with

others that you encounter who love these mountains. With

your help, we can continue to achieve great things.


Dale Ditmanson


Each year brings its

share of highlights. Some of

these events are long-awaited

such as the birth of the

Park’s new Twin Creeks

Science and Education

Center in February. Others

are “bolts from the blue”

such as the $783,906 donation

that came as a result of

a class action suit which had

no connection to the Park

or the Friends.

When I was joined by

Friends Board Chair, Gary

Wade, President Jim Hart,

representatives of the Great

Smoky Mountains

Association, and the City of

Gatlinburg to break ground at Twin Creeks, we took the

first step towards a vision that was born in the late

1970’s. We recently ran across a 1978 news article

which described the vital work that National Park

Service scientists were doing to keep their fingers on the

pulse of the Park’s ecosystem to ensure its protection. It

went on to say that their lab facility – the same two historic

cabins we now occupy – was “bursting at the

seams”, but that a new lab was planned, with construction

to start in 1979, and full completion expected in


The Park’s General Management Plan, published in

1982, also called for a new lab at Twin Creeks, but those

plans went unfulfilled. What made the difference that

finally brought this critical need to reality after so many

decades? We are convinced that the influence of the

Friends played a critical role when they arranged to

bring Senator Fred Thompson to visit to the existing

Twin Creeks Lab. According to our Park staff, who guided

the 6’6” Senator around the complex and down into

the basement lab, he promptly bumped his head on the

ceiling beams, looked around at the primitive conditions,

and declared, “This is an embarrassment, that a

national park of this stature should have facilities so substandard.”

In 2006, individuals, corporations, and

foundations representing 43 states and the

District of Columbia made gifts to Friends of

the Smokies, hailing from as far away as

Camano Island, Washington, to as close as

Gatlinburg, TN. Friends of the Smokies

enjoys tremendous generosity from all across

the country. Talk to your friends in Alaska,

Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, North Dakota,

Rhode Island, and South Dakota about supporting

Friends of the Smokies, so that we

can boast members in every state!


That visit prompted him, and subsequently Senators

Frist and Alexander, to support a National Park Service

funding request for a new lab. Later, when the time

came to award the contract to begin work, the amount

of federal funding available fell short of the lowest bid.

So the Friends and the Great Smoky Mountains

Association responded with donations that enabled us

to award the contract, and the City of Gatlinburg agreed

to install the water and sewer on a reimbursement basis

at no cost up-front.

Late in 2006 I again joined Justice Wade and Jim

Hart to accept the huge check as a settlement of a class

action lawsuit which found that thousands of consumers

had been overcharged due to price-fixing in the polyester

industry. Since these individual victims could not

be compensated, Judge Richard Vance chose from

among numerous worthy causes and directed the largest

portion to the Friends. Plaintiff’s attorney, Gordon Ball,

heartily approved of the choice and said, “With more

than 9 million people visiting the Smokies each year,

there’s no question that the Friends will be able to utilize

the money to provide clear and long-lasting public


As the stewards of this internationally recognized

national park, my staff and I are constantly aware of

how valuable this Park is, and how vital the Friends

have become in helping to protect it. So we sincerely

appreciate when we see that our elected officials and

neighbors in the community recognize the Park’s needs

and act to help us to provide them.

Glenn and JoAnne

Marshall have been

members of Friends of

the Smokies since

1995. Glenn sent this

photo of Wild

Columbine he spotted

along the Chestnut Top

Trail (*Please note, he

observed Leave No

Trace Outdoor Ethics

by not picking the

flower, but is “posing”

it for the shot!)

Top 10 States (# of donors)

Tennessee- 2,509

North Carolina- 684

Georgia- 134

Florida- 107

Ohio- 106

South Carolina- 77

Alabama- 60

Kentucky- 55

Indiana- 54

Illinois- 45

Preserve. Protect. Provide / 5

Jack Williams


It was a dark and stormy night, but that did not stop more than

100 of the Park’s best friends from bidding vigorously during the 9th

annual Picnic in Pittman for the Park. It rained (torrentially). The

wind blew (furiously). It hailed (hatefully). The power went out

(and stayed out). But many of Friends’ supporters are outdoor

enthusiasts who aren’t bothered by that kind of weather! Host Jim

Ogle found a generator to keep things running smoothly, and when

the power came back on at the end of the night, Friends had raised

$95,000 for a number of important Park

needs, including hemlock protection in the

Greenbrier area of the Park, the Landon

Caldwell scholarship fund at Tremont, and

the Park’s Rocky Top Volunteer Trail Crew.

Everything was dampened, except enthusiasm

for preserving and protecting the Park! At

right- Co-hosts Coach Philip and Vicky Fulmer

with Jim Ogle and Coach Bruce Pearl. Steve

Caldwell and Justice Gary Wade assist auctioneer

G.H. Conner during the live auction.

Sam Hobbs

6 Friends of the Smokies / Annual Report 2006

Jack Williams

The premier auction item at the 2006 Evergreen Ball was the 1.5

acre lot at The Estates at Norton Creek, adjacent to Great Smoky

Mountains National Park. Representatives of Norton Creek, LLC,

which gave the lot, are pictured here, (from left to right) Robin and

DeAnn Turner, Cathy Ackermann and Tommy Walker, Regina and Jim

Murray. Jim and Judy Griess, of Knoxville, placed the winning bid. The

Evergreen Ball has become Friends’ largest single fundraising event,

drawing the greatest number of Park supporters

and raising the most money each

year. This special evening of fundraising

and friends-making would not be possible

without all of the sponsors and volunteers

who give generously to make it happen!

For more information on the Evergreen

Ball, contact Friends’ Special Projects

Director Lauren Gass at (800) 845-5665.

Jack Williams

Jack Williams

In 2006, Friends of the Smokies provided $10,000 in support of the

Appalachian Bear Rescue center which rehabilitates orphaned and

injured black bears for reintroduction into the wild, and works to educate

the public about the dangers that humans can pose to bears.

Friends also gave the Park nearly $4,000 to maintain food-cabling systems

at all of the Park’s backcountry campsites, in order to break the

cycle of bear exposure to human food, which leads to dangerous consequences

for both bears and Park visitors. To learn more about how you can

help protect black bears from people food and garbage, visit


The hemlock woolly adelgid is a destructive exotic invasive insect which threatens thousands of

acres of eastern hemlock trees in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The adelgid arrived in Great

Smoky Mountains National Park in 2002, and quickly moved to the top of the Park’s priority list due to

the potential for devastation. Friends has made fighting the adelgid easier by providing nearly $1 million

in four years for the ongoing battle. One of the major tools in the Park’s treatment arsenal is thousands of

tiny predator beetles which feed on the hemlock woolly adelgid. These beetles are bred for the fight at

the Lindsay Young Beneficial Insects Laboratory at the University of Tennessee, and then released into

the Park to devour adelgids. By 2006, Friends’ support for the laboratory reached $236,000 over three

years. Friends provided direct support totaling more than $137,000 to Great Smoky Mountains National

Park in 2006 for hemlock treatment and extensive tree survey and monitoring work. In 2006, Friends of

the Smokies’ support for the fight against the hemlock woolly adelgid was honored by the Association for

Partners of Public Lands (APPL) with the top Partnership Award and the overall Excellence Award,

along with the Great Smoky Mountains Association.

From time to time, Friends of the Smokies is the beneficiary of a very special type

of gift -a planned gift- which is typically a contribution that comes from an individual’s

estate. Such was the case with two extraordinary bequests totaling $55,000 in 2006

from Theressa Brichetto, who wanted to provide for the Park upon her passing.

The gifts will help refurbish exhibits at Sugarlands Visitor Center, which serves

800,000 visitors annually as well as providing tree and shrub identification labels

along the Fighting Creek Trail at Sugarlands. Planned giving is a very meaningful

way to provide for Great Smoky Mountains National Park. To learn more, visit or call Sarah Weeks, Director of Development

at (800) 845-5665.

Paul Bolstad, University of


Science education in Western North Carolina got a boost in late

2005 with a three-year grant totaling $138,600 from the Burroughs

Wellcome Fund. This grant follows an initial three-year $165,100 grant

from Burroughs Wellcome in 2002. Both gifts support science education

programs for middle and high school students in Western North Carolina.

In 2006, nine paid interns worked at the Appalachian Highlands Science

Learning Center at Purchase Knob alongside Science Coordinator, Paul

Super. Aaron Patterson of Tuscola High School focused on the Vesper

Sparrow, a grassland bird which had been found at Purchase Knob for several

years. It was the only place it had been found reproducing in the Park.

Aaron intended to study the behavior of the Vesper sparrow, but when he

got started, the birds disappeared from Purchase Knob. His resultant


study on their departure suggested that the natural vegetation had grown

too tall to be an ideal habitat. Young people are doing real science at Purchase Knob with the help of the Burroughs Wellcome

Fund! Left- Summer interns Jacob Nichols and Aaron Patterson of Tuscola High School measuring a garter snake.

The Richard Haiman National Park Foundation has been tremendously generous

to Friends of the Smokies and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

They have been extremely helpful to the thousands of Appalachian Trail (A.T.)

thru-hikers who trek through the Smokies each year. Through the support of the

Foundation, eight of the Park’s fifteen backcountry shelters have been renovated

into more hospitable and user-friendly stopovers along the A.T., even incorporating

skylights into the redesign to allow more natural light to filter in. In 2006,

the Richard Haiman National Park Foundation provided $11,000 to rehab the

Cosby Knob Shelter, as well as $6,000 for improvements to the Cataract Falls

Trail, and another $10,000 in support of the Parks as Classrooms program. This is

the seventh straight year that the Foundation has supported the Parks as

Classrooms program, which is a curriculum-based series of lessons presented to


thousands of elementary and middle school children in East Tennessee and

Western North Carolina. The generosity of the Richard Haiman National Park Foundation is beneficial to many Park visitors, area

residents, and Friends of the Smokies!


Preserve. Protect. Provide / 7

The 2006 holiday season brought tremendous tidings of great joy

for Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Friends was the

recipient of a huge settlement resulting from a class action lawsuit,

which currently ranks as the largest single gift in Friends’ history. The

original class-action civil lawsuit (Benson et al. vs. Alpek S.A. DE

C.V., et al) was filed in Newport, Tennessee, and it focused on pricefixing

and related matters within the polyester fiber industry. In early

2006, the parties involved in the suit agreed to a settlement. Finding

that it would be impractical to disburse the settlement proceeds to each

individual who may have been affected by the matters at hand, Judge

Richard Vance directed that the funds be disbursed to an entity that

would use the proceeds for public benefit. Plaintiffs’ attorney W.

Gordon Ball was gratified by Judge Vance’s decision that Friends of the

Smokies would receive these proceeds, a total of $783,906.78. The

Friends of the Smokies

monies have been placed in the Smokies Fund endowment which provides

long-term operating support for Friends of the Smokies. Left- Gordon Ball, Judge Richard Vance, Jim Hart, and Park

Superintendent Dale Ditmanson receiving the check on December 11, 2006.

What was once a summer home to Friends’ Emeritus Board Member

Kathryn McNeil and the late Voit Gilmore has become an important

residential learning center in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The McNeil/Gilmore family donated the home and surrounding property

to the Park in 2000; science education and research started there the

same year. In 2006, renovations were completed and the Appalachian

Highlands Science Learning Center celebrated its grand opening. The

Center can now accommodate 8 residential researchers; boasts a

kitchen, bath, laundry facilities, and internet access; and has a 50-person

meeting room. Funding for the final stage of furnishing the facility

was given by Kathryn McNeil in 2006 through a gift totaling more than

$75,000. Important studies have been and will continue to be conducted

there by scientists from all over the world. It is the base for the

Burroughs Wellcome summer interns, and North Carolina teachers participate

in teacher training workshops at the Center, made possible by a

$105,000 four-year grant to Friends of the Smokies from GlaxoSmithKline. For more information visit


8 Friends of the Smokies / Annual Report 2006


In 2006, Great Smoky Mountains National Park benefited from a collection

of grants from the Alcoa Foundation totaling $76,750. The grants

covered a variety of Park needs, ranging from $15,000 to Friends of the

Smokies for the Parks as Classrooms program to $10,000 to the University of

Tennessee in support of the Lindsay Young Beneficial Insects Lab and the

ongoing fight to save the hemlocks, and $5,250 to Appalachian Bear Rescue

for technology upgrades. Another grant for $12,500 went to the Great

Smoky Mountains Association to help launch Smokies Life, a new Parkfocused

magazine. The Alcoa Foundation has been invested in the preservation

and protection of Great Smoky Mountains National Park for many

years; their grant support makes a difference in the Smokies! Left- Ranger

Heather Stehle presenting a Parks As Classrooms program at the Oconaluftee

Visitors Center.



In 2006, Friends of the Smokies received more than 5,000 gifts from nearly 4,100 donors. More than 20,000 people

supported Friends of the Smokies through the specialty license plate programs in Tennessee and North Carolina. Last

but not least, tens of thousands of people donated loose change and dollar bills into donation boxes located throughout

the Park. It all added up to $2.9 million of support and revenue for Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

in 2006. And that figure does not include the many hours of volunteer assistance that are given throughout the year.

While space does not permit us to list every donor, every gift, and every volunteer, each contribution plays an important

role in preserving and protecting Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Board of Directors and the staff at

Friends of the Smokies thank everyone who helped us help the Park in 2006!


$50,000 - $75,000

Aslan Foundation

The North Carolina

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Richard Haiman National Park

Foundation Inc.

$25,000 - $49,999

Alcoa Foundation

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Cornerstone Foundation of


$10,000 - $24,999

Clayton Family Foundation

The Haslam 3 Foundation

Paddison Charitable Foundation

$5,000 to $9,999

The Cobble Family Foundation,


The William B. Stokely Jr.


National Park Foundation

NPF Aurora Foods Log Cabin

Syrup Endowment

$2,500 - $4,999

Citigroup Foundation

Lucille S. Thompson Family


William E. & Audrine C. Honey

Foundation, Inc.

$1,000 - $2,499

East Tennessee Foundation

Ken & Deborah Wilson

Foundation Inc.

Lowe Family Foundation

Niswonger Foundation

$500 - $999

Astre Foundation

$100 - $499

Cherokee Preservation

Foundation, Inc.

Mills Family Foundation



Crown Park Resort

$10,000 - $24,999

Charles Blalock & Sons, Inc.

Clayton Homes, Inc.

Denark Construction, Inc.

Home Federal Bank

Pilot Travel Centers

$5,000 - $9,999

Asheville Savings Bank

Citizens National Bank

Holrob Investments, LLC

Kelco Oil, Ltd.

LeConte Lodge

Nisus Corporation

Scripps Financial Service Center

Tanger Properties LP

$2,500 - $4,999

The Allergy, Asthma & Sinus


Edison Park Restaurant

First Tennessee Bank

Heritage Log Homes

Riverstone Realty, LLC

Stowers Machinery Corporation

The Swag Country Inn

$1,000 - $2,499

Barber McMurry Architects, Inc.

Bass Pro Outdoor World, LLC

Blalock Lumber Company, LP

Blue Ridge Development, LLC

Buckhorn Inn

Coca-Cola Enterprises Bottling


Fairfield Resorts

Five Oaks Development Group

Martin & Company

Mills Manufacturing


Mountain Laurel Chalets, Inc.

Mountain National Bank

Norton Creek, LLC

Sevierville Tax Service

St. Mary’s Health System, Inc.

$500 - $999

ASG Incorporated

Balsam Mountain Preserve, LP


Charles Brooks Photography

Christmas Place, Inc.

Conner Family Properties

Fairfield Inn

The Happy Hiker

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino

Music Road Hotel LLC

Oak Tree Lodge

Parallax, Inc.

Richardson Turner Construction

Company, Inc.

Ripley’s Aquarium of the


Unique Mountain Properties

Valley Forge Inn

Verco Interiors

$250 - $499

Barge, Waggoner, Sumner &

Cannon, Inc.

Bristol & Bragg

Consignment Furniture

Emporium, Inc.

James Fowler Finish Carpentry

New Morning Gallery

Perry’s Enterprises, Inc.

Phil Lovelace & Associates

Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc.

Stansberry and Associates

$100 - $249

Agape Electric

Beehive Outlet Store

Bullock, Smith & Partners, Inc.

Carl Hatcher Furniture Co.

Carr Rehab, Inc.

Country Clutter

Environmental Adventure

Company, LLC

Great Smokys Realty LLC

Greenbrier Valley Resorts

Karen’s Jewelers

Knoxville Convention Center

Kubota Engine America


Law’s Brickmill Market, Inc.

Lucent Technologies

Lynch Surveys LLC

Martin Family Ford Lincoln

Mercury, Inc.

Mast General Store, Inc.

Mercatus LLC

Mountain Challenge

Norris and Associates Engineers,


Orange Tree Productions

Rentenbach Engineering


Sevier Title Inc.

Site Maintenance, Inc.

Switchback Trail Design

Theme Resource Management,




Friends of the Smokies thanks the

following companies for providing

matching gifts in 2006:

Allstate Giving Campaign


Bank of America

BellSouth Corporation

The Boeing Company

Denark Construction, Inc.





IBM Corporation





UnumProvident Corporation

Verizon Foundation - Verizon







Benson et al. vs. Alpek S.A. DE

C.V., et al

$10,000 - $24,999

Great Smoky Mountains


$5,000 - $9,999

Blount County Government

NC Division of Pollution

Prevention & Environmental


Tennessee Valley Authority

For me, the good life is living among and caring for our

Great Smoky Mountains.

– Laura Soltis, Waynesville, North Carolina

Friends of the Smokies

$1,000 - $4,999

AAA East Tennessee

City of Pigeon Forge

Smoky Mountain Convention &

Visitors Bureau

Tennessee Trophy Club

West Knoxville Rotary Club

$500 - $999

Knoxville Garden Club

Sevier County General Fund

$100 - $499

Alcoa Tennessee Credit Union

Clear Creek Elementary School

Discover Life in America

Happy Hikers O’Conner Senior


Historic Knoxville High Staff

Local Motion Board of Directors

Maryville College Division of

Math & Computer Science

Mountain Mamas

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Smoky Mountains Garden Club

Slppery Rock University Park

Ranger Society

St. George’s Episcopal Church

Thursday Hikers

Walnut Free Will Baptist



Friends of the Smokies also thanks

the following community

foundations, gift funds, and

businesses for facilitating more than

$44,486 in contributions through

donor-advised funds, gifts of stock,

and other charitable gifts in 2006.

AAA East Tennessee

Blue Mountain Mist Country


Brewers Mountain Property LLC

Buckhorn Inn

Cornerstone Inn

Community Foundation of

Greater Memphis

Community Foundation of

Greater Chattanooga, Inc.

Community Foundation of

Middle Tennessee

Preserve. Protect. Provide / 9

Dean Nicely

Community Foundation of

Western North Carolina, Inc.

Covenant Health

East Tennessee Foundation

Fidelity-Charitable Gift Fund

Morgan Keegan & Company,


Salisbury Community

Foundation, Inc.

Sears Roebuck & Company

Smoky Mountain Bed &

Breakfast Association

Synovus Trust Company

Tennessee Valley Authority

Tidewater Jewish Foundation,


UBS PaineWebber/UBS

Financial Services, Inc.

United Way

United Way of Fox Cities, Inc.

University Eye Surgeons, P.C.

Winston-Salem Foundation


The following businesses generously

participate in the Friends

membership benefits program by

extending discounts to members of

Friends of the Smokies:

Davy Crockett Mini Golf

Dollywood and Dollywood’s

Splash Country

Eaglenest Entertainment

Gatlinburg Lodging and

Hospitality Association (participating


Great Smoky Mountains


Great Smoky Mountains


Haywood County Hotel and

Motel Association

Knoxville Zoo

Mast General Store

Museum of Appalachia

Ober Gatlinburg

The Park Grill

Pigeon Forge Hotel and Lodging


Ripley’s Aquarium of the


Ripley’s Believe It or Not


Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

Ripley’s Moving Theater

Sevierville Lodging Association

Tennessee Smokies Baseball



Mountaintop Friends-


Tennessee Specialty License

Plate Supporters

Friends of the Smokies would like

to thank all of the Tennessee

County Clerks and their employees

for their help and support.

Mountaintop Friends-


Park Donation Box Contributors

Mountaintop Friends-


North Carolina Specialty

License Plate Supporters

Friends of the Smokies would like

to thank all of the employees of

the tag offices in the North

Carolina Division of Motor

Vehicles for their support.

Mountain Top Friends-


Mr. and Mrs. John C. Griess, III

Ms. Kathryn K. McNeil

Mountaintop Friends-

$50,000 - $74,999

The Theressa Brichetto Estate

Mountaintop Friends-

$25,000 - $49,999

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Haslam, II

The Margaret B. Montgomery


Mountaintop Friends-

$10,000 - $24,999

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney A. Blalock

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Fulmer

Mrs. Wilma M. Maples

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Muszik

Mrs. Jean Ogle

Mrs. Linda N. Ogle

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford G. Stanback

Mountaintop Friends-

$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C.

Anderson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Blalock

Mr. and Mrs. Tutt S. Bradford

Dr. and Mrs. Jefferson Chapman

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J.


Ms. Victoria Gillenwater

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Lawler

Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lewis

Rev. and Mrs. Daniel P.


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph May

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. Nelson

Mr. Isaac Ogle

Mr. James D. Ogle

Mr. and Mrs. Robin Turner

Mr. and Mrs. David V. White

Mountaintop Friends-

$2,500 - $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Beall

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Britton

Mr. and Mrs. William Y. Carroll,


Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Currey, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam H. Curtis

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Goddard

Mr. Kevin Lusby

Mr. and Mrs. Michael


10 Friends of the Smokies / Annual Report 2006

Peter Dreyer

Mr. and Mrs. Victor H. McLean,


Ms. Julie Anne Morton

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Parsons

Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Partridge

Mr. and Mrs. Wright Tisdale, Jr.

Justice and Mrs. Gary R. Wade

Mr. Tommy Walker and Mrs.

Cathy G. Ackermann

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn T. Webb

Mrs. Barbara Jo Y. Whitman

Ms. Maureen K. Wilder

Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Worsham

Mountaintop Friends-

$1,000 - $2,499

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Addicks

Mr. Mike Akers and Ms. Lea


Dr. Jack M. Barlow and Ms.

Diane Humphreys-Barlow

Mr. and Mrs. William Baxter

Mr. Garland C. Black, III

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bolze

Ms. Janet Bower

Mr. Randall D. Boyd

Mr. Michael S. Brown and

Ms. Betty Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Darby A. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. William Y. Carroll, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Bill L. Cobble

The Honorable and Mrs. Robert

P. Corker, Jr.

Mrs. Angelia H. Correll

Dr. and Mrs. Larry L. Craft

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Daves

Mr. Pete DeBusk

Mr. and Mrs. Rob E. DeLozier, Jr.

Mr. Larry Estes

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ethier

Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Falk

Ms. Pamela P. Fansler

Mr. Philip A. Francis, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Fry

Mr. Steve Grabenstein and

Ms. Sarah Oram

Mrs. Betty Gratton

The Honorable and Mrs.

William E. Haslam

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Henry, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ted G. Hercutt

Mr. William S. Jenkins

Ms. Mary H. Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Keasling

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Keener

Mr. Bill Kilpatrick

Ms. Carolyn M. King

Ms. Maribel W. Koella

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F.

LaRoche, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Lee

Dr. Stephen J. Lewis and

Dr. Marcy G. Lewis

Mrs. Magdalene P. Liles

Mr. Peter Madan

Mr. Milton McNally and Ms.

Melinda Meador

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Melton

Mr. Marvin T. Merritt

Mrs. C. Marie Moberly

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moody

Ms. Elise M. Morvant

Mr. and Mrs. Conley H. Murrell

Ms. Ann K. Nitzan

Mr. Mark Oldham

Ms. Carol A. Parson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Peacock

Mr. and Mrs. Mack B. Pearsall

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Quinley

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Ray

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Roberts, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Cowan Rodgers, III

Mr. and Mrs. Jim M. Rose

Mr. and Mrs. James Q. Sidwell, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Stowers, Jr.

Mr. Tony Sweet

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Swift

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Thiele

Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Throntveit

Mr. and Mrs. James I. Vitali

Mr. John B. Waters, Jr.

Mr. Alan Willett

Mr. and Mrs. Al Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Williams

Cascade Friends- $500 - $999

Mr. Edward S. Albers, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Beall, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beckwith

Ms. Berta M. Bergia

Ms. Danielle Bernstein

Mr. John Beuerlein

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bivens

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Blalock

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. William G.


Mr. and Mrs. James H. Burbank

Ms. Sandra K. Burdick

Dr. John M. Burkhart and Dr.

Laura B. Powers

Jack Goodwin

Mr. John N. Caldwell

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Caldwell

Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Chernich

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Clayton

Mr. and Mrs. Jennings E. Cline

Mr. and Mrs. Lanis L. Cope

Supt. and Mrs. Dale Ditmanson

Ms. Nancy Dixon

Mr. Leon Downey

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Egli

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Enander

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Engelhart

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Everett, III

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Ferriter

Assistant Superintendent Kevin

FitzGerald and Mrs. Cynthia


Mr. and Mrs. Ted L. Flickinger, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Gilliland

Ms. Pierette Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Hailey

Mr. J. Parks Hitch

Mr. and Mrs. David Hoffer

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hollingsworth, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Huffaker

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hultgren, Jr.

Mr. Robert W. Hutson

Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Kile

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Kilpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Kincaid

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Kirkland

Mr. and Mrs. David Kleshinski

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Koonce

Mr. and Mrs. John Lansing

Mr. Steven R. Legg

Mr. and Mrs. James London

Mr. William A. Loy

Mr. Richard H. Maddux, Jr.

Mr. Dan R. Mayo

Mr. and Mrs. James W.


Environmental stewardship at TVA starts with being a good

neighbor because the quality of the region’s environment is a

reflection on all of us. The Friends of the Smokies gives us – as

companies and as individuals – a way to show how much we

appreciate and value the national treasure that is the Great Smoky

Mountains National Park.

– Tom Kilgore, President and Chief Executive Officer,

Tennessee Valley Authority

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McGraw

Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Miller, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ardis H. Oakes

Ms. Antoinette O. Ogle

Mr. and Mrs. Bud C. Ogle

Dr. G. Stephen Ollard

Mr. Lewis P. Orans

Rep. and Mrs. J. D. Overbey

Mr. and Mrs. William M.


Ms. Kimberly Ray

Dr. Steve Rhodes

Mr. Daniel Riddle

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Roddy

Ms. Teresa Rosher

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rothermel

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Sarson

Ms. Susan E. Scarafia

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D.


Mr. Joseph Sechler

Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Shelby

Ms. Donna Shine

Mr. and Mrs. George Shiner

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Shular

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Smith, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Stanback

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L.


Mr. and Mrs. Michael Templin

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Tucker, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Urbanik, II

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Warwick, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Watson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. White

Mr. and Mrs. David Willard

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Willcoxon

Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Geoff A. Wolpert

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yarbrough

Evergreen Friends-

$250 - $499

Mr. Dwight G. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil D. Allen

Mr. George T. Anderson, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. John Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Arant, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Askew

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.

Atchley, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Ayres

Mr. Charles D. Barber

Mr. Weaver C. Barksdale

Mr. Dan Barnett

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Beatty

Ms. Nancy E. Belcher

Mr. Charles Manneschmidt and

Ms. Linda Billman

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond K.


Mr. and Mrs. Steve Boles

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bosse

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Bowling

Mr. Joel P. Boylan and Ms.

Rowena R. Sim

Mr. and Mrs. David Brinkley

Dr. and Mrs. H. T. Brock, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Brown

Mr. Michael W. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Brush, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Burgin, Jr.

Ms. Joan S. Butefish

Dr. Bill M. Campbell and Dr.

Mary Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D.


Mr. C. Howard Capito

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Carr

Ms. Judith M. Carson

Ms. Betsy L. Child

Mr. and Mrs. Harold H.


Mr. Stephen P. Cobb

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Coggins

Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Cole, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Collier, Jr.

Ms. Diana Condon

Mr. Craig Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic L. Coover

Dr. and Mrs. Myron L. Coulter,

Ed D

Ms. Patricia A. Cowan

Jack Goodwin

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T.


Dr. Reid Crumpton

Ms. Lois G. Cruze

Ms. Kerri Culp

Dr. and Mrs. Charles E.


Mr. and Mrs. Robert


Mr. and Mrs. George A. Dailey

Ms. Hester A. Daves

Mrs. Kathleen H. Davis

Dr. Douglas Dodd and Dr. Susan


Mr. and Mrs. Leon C. Downey

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Drown

Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Dula

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil G. Estill

Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Feder

Mr. Edward R. Fleming

Mr. Robert D. Flodstrom

Mr. and Mrs. E. Bruce Foster, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Franklin

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne H.


Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Fuhrman

Mr. and Mrs. James Gass

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Gigliotti

Mr. and Mrs. John Gill

Dr. and Mrs. James T. Goodwin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Guthrie

Mr. and Mrs. Herb M. Handly

Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Harris

Mr. Kenneth B. Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Headden

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Heatherly

Mr. Chuck Hendricks

Ms. Janet Herrin

Mr. and Mrs. Bon D. Hicks, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Hill

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Holland

Mr. and Mrs. Ben W. Hooper, III

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Howell

The Doctors Huddleston

Mr. Broussard Hundley

Dr. and Mrs. Fred J. Hurst

Ms. Vera L. Hyman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Imbrey

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Ivey

Mr. George D. Ivey

Mrs. Mary P. James

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johnson

Ms. Jane Johnston and Ms.

Diane Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Jones

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Kea, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Kerr

Ms. Emily B. Kile

Mr. and Mrs. Mike King

Mr. Michael D. King

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley H. Kopf

Mr. John Kornya

Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski and Prof.

David Sylwester

Mr. Franklyn Kraus

It is a breathtaking sight to be on Fontana Lake and see the

beautiful, undeveloped mountains of the Great Smokies. My

family has many wonderful memories of hiking, fishing and

camping in the park, which I hope can be preserved for the

enjoyment of generations to come.

– Jeff Henderson, Waynesville, North Carolina

Mr. Donald G. Kumorek

Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Lail

Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. Layne

Ms. Annette H. Levin

Mr. and Mrs. Bill H. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lloyd

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Lonon

Ms. Chris Lotti

Mr. Chad W. Love

Mrs. Lydia S. Macauley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Magill

Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Martin

Mr. David Martin

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Massey

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mayo

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Mays

Mr. and Mrs. Steven McBride

Mr. Phillip McCampbell

Mr. Jerry O. McDuffie

Dr. and Mrs. Victor W.


Mr. and Mrs. J. David


Mr. and Mrs. James R. Merriman

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Minteer

Mrs. Ellen Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Pat W. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Moore, Jr.

Dr. Rhea Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Murphy

Dr. and Mrs. William S. Muse, Jr.

Ms. Emmy L. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Neely, III

Mr. and Mrs. William E.


Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Oakley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Ownby

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Padgett

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Patrick

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Patton, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Walt Petersen

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Bob E. Petrone

Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Pierce

Mr. James Place

Mr. and Mrs. Randall R. Pope

Mrs. Patricia Postma

Mrs. Christina M. Powers

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Prinz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Purifico

Mr. Tim Raines

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Ramsey

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rapien

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Reece, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Reyes

Rev. and Mrs. A. R. Rizner

Mr. and Mrs. Jon G. Roach

Ms. Leslie Roberts

Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Robinson

Mrs. Michele H. Rosado

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Runkle

Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Ruyl

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Schmid

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schultz

Ms. Virginia A. Schwamm

Ms. Sally U. Scruggs

Mr. and Mrs. Frances Shepherd

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sherbakoff

Mrs. Herbert H. Slatery, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Stanek

Mr. Steven L. Stephenson

Ms. Jennie G. Stewart

Ms. Amy C. Styles

Mr. and Mrs. Myrl E. Suddarth

Dr. William Sullivan and

Dr. Mary Kay Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Tate

Ms. Carol Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Trine

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Underwood

Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Valentine

Mr. Freeman Van Wickler

Mr. Doug Vanderbilt

Dr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Vickers, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Vinson

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Vlna

Mr. Mark Waggoner

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Wainner

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Waters

Mayor and Mrs. Michael Werner

Mr. and Mrs. David P. West

Mr. and Mrs. Landon A. Wetzel

Mr. Michael L. Wetzel

Ms. Jennifer A. Wiggins

Ms. Betty A. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wilson

Mr. Ronnie Womack and Mr.

Robert Temple

Ms. Nancy R. Wood

Mr. Richard Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Woodrick

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Woody

Dr. Anna M. Yoakum

Ms. Laura L. Ziegler

Creekside Friends-

$100 - $249

Mr. Harvey H. Abernathy

Ms. Louise P. Abernathy

Ms. Dawn B. Adams and Mr.

David Schirokauer

Mr. Don V. Adams

Mr. Tommy G. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Adams

Mr. Ben H. Adler

Mr. Joseph W. Alderman and

Mrs. Rose A. Jurgonski

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Alexander

Dr. Joseph M. Almand, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Alspector

Dr. and Mrs. Jose G. Amador

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Anderson, IV

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Anderson

Mrs. Nancy G. Anderson

Mrs. Wanda B. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Monty C. Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Anglin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Armour

Ms. Phyllis M. Artabasy

Ms. Lucretia Atterson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Aumen

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Autry

Dr. Robert B. Avery and Dr.

Shirley B. Avery

Ms. Carla K. Babyak

Ms. Lisa Bacon

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Baggett, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Hop Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Baird

Mr. and Mrs. Dott A. Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Baker

Mrs. Lillian Baker

Mrs. Tena S. Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bakley

Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Barker

Mr. Steve Barron and Ms. Karen


Dr. and Mrs. Fred J. Barry

Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Bartlett

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bartlett, III

Dr. and Mrs. John R. Bates

Mr. Paul Bates and Mrs. Anne


Mr. H. D. Batson

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Baumgartner

Ms. Victoria Bayless

Ms. Catherine S. Beals

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Bebell

Mr. and Mrs. Sam F. Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Allan F. Bednar

Ms. Belinda Beeler

Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. Beeler

Mr. D. M. Beene

Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Beeson, Jr.

Mr. Jim Bemiller and Mrs. Missy

K. Bemiller

Mrs. Laura Benn

Ms. Deborah J. Bennett and Ms.

Margaret Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Grady L. Bennett

Ms. Wendy Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. G. King Benson

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Bernstein

Mr. and Mrs. Cotton Berrier

Ms. Sarah R. Berrier

Ms. Anita S. Berry

Mrs. Billie Berry

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Dan D. Beverly

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd V. Bible

Mr. Morgan Biggs

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bihl

Mr. Lee Bilderback

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Billingsley

Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Bird, Jr./

The Bird Family Advised Fund

of The Community

Foundation of Middle


Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Birdwell

Mrs. Nancy Bissell

Mr. Sonny Bivens

Mrs. Patti G. Blackman

Mrs. Donald Blake

Mr. Bryan Blakney and Ms.

Melanie Sitzlar

Ms. Tasha Blakney

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Blalock

Ms. Sylvia Blanc

Ms. Dianne Blane

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Blazer

Mrs. Donna W. Bletner

Mr. Cameron Blevins

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Bogard

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Boggs

Mr. Ted Bogue

Mrs. June E. Bolton

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Boren, Jr.

Mr. Kenneth R. Borisch

Dr. and Mrs. Allen C. Bowers

Ms. Diane P. Bowman

Ms. Sharon E. Boyce

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Boyd

Preserve. Protect. Provide / 11

Peter Dreyer

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Bozeman

Dr. Charles H. Bozeman, II

Mr. David D. Bradley and

Ms. Amy J. Dawson

Mr. Hoyt J. Bradley, Jr.

Mr. John W. Brady

Ms. Kathryn J. Brandstetter

Mr. Michael J. Braun

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Breeding

Mr. Matthew Breeding

Ms. Irene W. Brehm

Dr. Elaine G. Breslaw

Mr. Max E. Brewer

Mr. and Mrs. William Brickeen

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Bridgeman

Ms. Patricia A. Bright

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Brooks

Ms. Patsy K. Brooks

Mr. Rhett Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. George Brown, III

Mr. J. B. Brown, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Brown, III

Mr. Thomas A. Brown

Mr. Tom S. Bruce, Jr.

Mrs. Carline C. Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Buchanan, III

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Buchanan, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Buchanan

Mr. and Mrs. Clay H. Buckner, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Buckner

Mr. Bobby Keith Buff

Mrs. Holly S. Burcham

Ms. Josephine T. Burchfiel

Mrs. Margaret Burke

Dr. and Mrs. Norvel L. Burkett

Mr. and Mrs. Vance Burkey

Mr. Steve Burman

Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Burnette, Jr.

Mr. James F. Burns, II

Ms. Tammy Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Burwell

Ms. Nancy W. Butler

Ms. Ruth Butterfield

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Byar

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Byerley

Mr. Grady Byrd

Ms. Monique L. Byrnes

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie E. Cain, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Calhoun

Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Callaway, Jr.

Ms. Caryn Cammarata

Ms. Judy H. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Cantrell

Dr. Julia A. Capps and Mrs. Nell


Mayor and Mrs. Roy G. Cardwell

Mr. Russell Carlton

Ms. Susan Carmichael

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Carmon

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Carr

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Carson

Mr. Todd J. Cartner

Mr. James A. Casada

Mr. and Mrs. Art Cathers

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Cawood

Mr. Nicholas G. Cazana

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Chambers

Mr. Russell G. Chambers

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W.

Chandler, III

Ms. Joanne Chapple

Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Chasan

Mr. Matthew W. Chatfield

Jeff and Deb Chenault

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Chesney

Mr. and Mrs. Edd Christopher,


Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Clabo

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Claussen

Mr. Warren A. Cleveland

Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Click

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Click

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Clinton

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Cloyd

Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Coghlan

Ms. Deborah Cohen

Mr. Kenneth M. Colburn

Ms. Peggy Cole

Mrs. Bonnie S. Cole-Horne

Mr. and Mrs. Homer R. Coleman

Ms. Myra Collins

Mr. Robert O. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Townsend Collins, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Collister

Mr. Richard V. Comiso

Ms. Jacinda P. Cone

Mr. and Mrs. Joe P. Congleton

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Congleton

Mrs. M. Evelyn Cook

Ms. M. Evelyn Cooke

Ms. Anessa F. Coonce

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Copas

Ms. Mary M. Corbett

Mr. Lee Cord

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cort

Mr. David M. Cosgrove

Mr. and Mrs. Ed M. Cotter

Mr. and Mrs. Dal M. Covington

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Cox

Mr. Arnold Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Creed

Ms. Betsey Creekmore

Ms. Ruthellen Crews

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Crews

Ms. Beth Crippen and Mr. Chris


Mrs. Henrietta M. Croker

Mr. Jason A. Crouch and

Ms. Moya G. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Phil R. Crye, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Crye

Mrs. Teresa D. Culp

Ms. Naomi H. Cunningham

Mrs. Kathleen L. Cuppy

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Cureton

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Curnow

Ms. Alma M. Curtis

Mr. and Mrs. Cromer Curtis

Mrs. Hazel L. Curtis

Ms. Virginia E. Dagley

12 Friends of the Smokies / Annual Report 2006

The Great Smoky Mountains are like anything else you love; you

protect them and assume the responsibility to make them

financially sound. The “FRIENDS” committed to the Park are a

fraternity of folks that have the same passion to preserve, protect

and provide to maintain this relationship.

– Sam & Jody Curtis, Madisonville, Tennessee

Ms. Faye Daniel

Sheriff David E. Davenport

Mr. and Mrs. Barry K. Davis

Ms. Charlotte M. Davis

Dr. James W. Davis, Jr.

Ms. Sue J. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Tom M. Davis

Mr. Henry C. Dawson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Dawson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Rayburn H. Dean

Mr. Robert A. Dean

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey DeGroat

Ms. Melanie Deitz

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Denslow

Ms. Jane S. Depew

Mr. James A. Derrigan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeVoto

Mrs. Jacquelyn J. Devries

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dew

Ms. Wanda T. DeWaard

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Dickson

Mr. Joseph Dillon

Mr. Raleigh C. Dixon

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Dockery

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Dodson

Mrs. Gloria Donoher

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Doppelt

Dr. and Mrs. Donald K. Dougall

Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Doughty

Mrs. Wanda G. Douglas

Mr. Steven Dronen

Mr. Benson Dubois

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Duck

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Duncan

Ms. Irene Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E.

Dunning, Jr.

Mr. Raymond E. Durkee

Mr. and Mrs. Omer O. Dyer

Ms. Bette L. Dziedzic

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Eaves

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Eberle

Ms. Susan Edelman

Ms. Petra Edge

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Edwards

Ms. Karen P. Ellingson

Ms. Mertie R. Elliott

Mr. Bobby R. Ellis and

Ms. Cathie Ingram

Ms. Claudia Elrod

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Ely, Jr.

Ms. Susan M. Emert

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie P. Emonet, Jr.

Ms. Amy Encarnacion

Mr. Edward L. Evers

Ms. Ruth Z. Ewald

Eugene and Patricia Ewell

Mrs. Kristine M. Ewton

Mr. David L. Fahey

Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Failing

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Fain

Dr. James E. Fair, III

Ms. Pamela S. Farrar

Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Farrar, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny W. Farris

Mrs. Patti S. Farris

Dr. and Mrs. R. K. Farris

Mr. Benn E. Fass

Mr. and Mrs. Delmo Faulkner

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Felton, III

Mr. and Mrs. David O. Fenn

Ms. Mary J. Ferguson

Mr. J. D. Ferrell

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Fields

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Fields

Mr. and Mrs. Louie C. Finley

Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Fisher

Mrs. Ernest Fitton

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Fluharty

Ms. Shirley Flynn

Ms. Suzanne Fontenot-Williams

Mrs. Linda L. Ford

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Ford

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Forney

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fortner

Ms. Jane C. Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Fowler, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Fox

Mrs. Janet H. Francis

Ms. Mary C. Frank

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Frazee

Mrs. Karen B. Frazier

Ms. Karen E. Free

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Freeman

Mrs. Betty D. Frierson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frink

Dr. and Mrs. Stefan H. Fromm

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Froyd

Dr. Vicki Funk

Mr. Don M. Gaddy

Dr. and Mrs. Rick Gallaher

Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Gallivan, III

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Galloway

Mr. Lee Galloway and

Ms. Nancy Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Garner

Dr. and Mrs. Mark B. Garrett

Mr. and Mrs. Don Garrott

Mr. and Mrs. George Gasper

Ms. Sandra E. Gates

Ms. Daphney S. Gaw

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Geagan

Ms. Laura Gearhiser

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Gentling

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Gentry

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. George

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Gerding

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gibson

Ms. Helen C. Gift

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Gilbert

Dr. James W. Giles and

Ms. Donna J. Kraemer

Dr. and Ms. Robert E. Giles, Jr.

Mr. James M. Gilmer

Mrs. Barbara H. Gilstrap

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Gingrich

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Gingrich

Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Gladding

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Glawe

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Goff

Mr. John L. Goforth

Mr. Robert J. Goodwin

Mr. W. A. Goodwin

Mr. and Mrs. James Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. James Gorman

Mr. and Mrs. Allan S. Goss

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Grabarczyk

Mrs. Patti Grady

Ms. Jenny Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Randal O. Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Grant

Ms. Barbara Gray

Mrs. Mary E. Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Gray

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Green

Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Greene, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Kester H. Greene, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Greengold

Mr. and Mrs. David Greenwood

Mr. Jeffrey W. Greer

Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Greer

Ms. Nancy H. Gregor

Ms. Clementine W. Gregory

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Grenkoski

Mr. Stanley Griffin

Mr. Jason Groover

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gross

Ms. Heather Grossnickle

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Grubb

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Guillaume

Ms. Marie K. Guinn

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Gundy

Ms. Kathleen Gurbin

Honorable and Mrs. James M.

Hackworth, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hale

Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Halouma

Ms. Kathy A. Hamill

Mrs. Helen Hammer

Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Hancock

Ms. Thelma Hancock

Ms. Dorothy Hankins

Dr. and Mrs. William P. Harbin

Dr. and Mrs. F. Payne Hardison

Ms. Mildred S. Hargraves

Mrs. DeWilda Harless

Mr. Ben Harrell and Ms. Kathy

Owen Wallace

Ms. Anne Hart

Ms. Jennifer Hart

Mr. Joseph Harwood

Mr. and Mrs. Paul N.

Haubenreich, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Hawkins

Ms. Susan Hawkins

Mr. W. T. Hawkins

Mr. William B. Hawkins

Mr. Eaddy W. Hayes

Mrs. Lane Hays

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Head

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hebert

Ms. Liz Heid

Ms. Peggy Heilig

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Henderson

Mrs. Martha Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Hendrix

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Henebry

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Henegar

Mr. Stanley Henry

Ms. Kimberly K. Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Hermann

Mr. and Mrs. Egbert M. Herring, III

Dr. Hortense Hester

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hicks, Jr.

Mrs. Jean C. Hicks

Ms. Susan Hicks

Mr. and Mrs. John Hilbrandt

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Hilchey

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hill,


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hill

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Hilton

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hinson

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell W. Hodge

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Hoff

Ms. Frances Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Holbrook

Mr. John L. Holland

Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Holloway

Mrs. Mary Bond Holt

Mr. Lambert Hooper

Ms. Julia O. Hope

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hoppe, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hopper

Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Hostetler

Mr. Benjamin C. Houck

Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Howard

Dr. Mark B. Hoyle

Ms. Suzanne Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G.

Hughes, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Steiner M. Humerick

Dr. and Mrs. James C. Hung

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Huntsinger, Jr.

Mrs. Barbara Hurst

Mr. Howard B. Hurt

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Hutchins

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hutchins

Ms. Charlotte Hutchison

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hutchison

Mrs. Evelyn S. Irwin

Ms. Frances Isaacs & Associates

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jackson

Ms. Josephine H. Jackson

John C. Jacobs

Mr. and Mrs. Loren A. Jahn

Ms. Fidelia V. Jahna

Ms. Leslie L. James

Mr. and Mrs. Ross L. Jamison

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Jaqua, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jarnagin

Mr. Jerry T. Jascomb

Mrs. Amy Y. Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jenkins

The Honorable and Mrs.

William L. Jenkins

Ms. Barbara Jensen

Ms. Elizabeth Johns

Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Johnson

Ms. Linda K. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson C.

Johnson, Jr.

Mr. Charles P. Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. James M.

Johnston, III

Ms. Deanna Jones

Ms. Janice A. Jones

Ms. Patricia C. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Jordan-Henley

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Juengling

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Kallemeyn

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Kane

Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Kastner, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Daryle Keck

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kelly

Mr. Stan Kelly

Ms. Susan J. Kendall

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Kendig

Mr. Barron D. Kennedy, IV

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kennedy

Mr. John M. Kennerly

Mr. and Mrs. Horace Kent

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Kern

Ms. Esther J. Kerr

Ms. Shirley Whitney Kerr

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Kesling

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Ketterman

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Killeffer

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kimzey

Mr. and Mrs. M. B. King

Ms. Sherri A. King

Ms. Elizabeth C. Kinyon

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Kirk, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Kocher

Mr. William Kopinski

Mr. Jacob D. Kortz

Ms. Dianne L. Kosmala and

Ms. Dianna Fuller

Mr. William L. Kovacich

Mrs. Karen S. Kressel

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Krieg

Mr. Richard T. Kubota

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Ladd

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Lambiase

Ms. Carol E. Lammers

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Lamp

Ms. Becky Lane

Mr. Jack H. Lane

Ms. Kim Lane

Ms. Bonnie R. Lang and Mr.

Andrew Umphlett

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Large

Ms. Darlene Lasley

Mr. Roderick L. Law

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lawhon, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Lawless

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Lawrence

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Lawson

Ms. Barbara Layman

Ms. Lisa Leatherman

Ms. Marie H. Ledgerwood

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Leftwich

Ms. Beth Leibowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Leitten, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Lewis

Ms. Jan Lewis

Ms. Martha Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lillestolen

Ms. Elizabeth H. Lillie

Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Livingston

Ms. Mary Ann Lochner

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Lord

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lorenz

Mr. Donald K. Lorenzo

Mr. and Mrs. Hal Loss

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Loveday

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Lowrie

Ms. Ruth P. Lucas

Ms. Judy H. Luetkemeyer

Ms. Kris Lutz

Mr. Richard MacDonald

Ms. Magdalene T. Mack

Mr. William Mackie

Mr. and Mrs. Bob G. Maddin

Mr. Steven M. Madera

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Madson

Ms. Margaret A. Maher

Mr. Dan R. Manis

Ms. Arline Mann

Ms. Janet Mann

Miss Margery A. Manville

Mr. and Mrs. George Marion

Mr. James R. Marney

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn G. Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Martin

John and Lillian Mashburn

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Mathes

Mrs. Loretta A. Matthews

Ms. Brenda Maupin

Mr. Edward B. Maupin, III

Mrs. Deborah W. May

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Maybin

Rev. and Mrs. Charles Maynard

Mr. and Mrs. Y.J. McAndrew

Ms. Elizabeth H. McArthur

Mr. and Mrs. Jim McBride

Mrs. Angie F. McCamy

Mr. and Mrs. Rick McCarroll

Mr. and Mrs. David R. McClellan

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S.


Mr. and Mrs. Raymond


Mrs. Mary McClure

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. McCoig

Mr. and Mrs. Mark McCown

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCoy

Mr. David McCoy and

Ms. Barbara Ferrell

Dr. and Mrs. William J. McCoy, III

Ms. Betty C. McCrary

Mrs. Joyce I. McCroskey

Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. McCumber

Mr. John McCurry

Dr. and Mrs. Edgar L. McDaniel, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D.

McDowell, Jr.

Farah and Terry McGhee

Mr. and Mrs. George McGoldrick

We are honored to support Friends of the Smokies by our Tanger

8K Run for the Park race fund-raiser. The Great Smoky

Mountains National Park is the reason that we are a successful

tourism area. This is a great organization that does so much to

keep the Smokies the most visited national park.

–Judith Huskey, Tanger 5 Oaks, Sevierville, Tennessee

Mr. and Mrs. Justin McGoldrick

Mr. Thomas McGovern

Mr. and Mrs. Glen S. McGroom

Mr. and Mrs. David W. McGuire

Mr. and Mrs. John McKay

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. McKinney

Ms. Rachel McKinney

Dr. and Mrs. Fred McLean

Mr. and Mrs. Max McLeod

Mr. and Mrs. Jim McMahon

Mr. and Mrs. William M.


Mr. and Mrs. Stuart P. McNiell, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. McNutt

Mrs. Edna Mae McNutt

Mrs. Jeanne Meador

Ms. Betty Melrose

Ms. Peggy Melville

Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Mercer

Dr. and Mrs. O. L. Merritt

Mr. Larry M. Metcalf

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mierke

Ms. Connie Mikeal

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Miller

Mr. and Mrs. David Miller

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Vance Milten

Ms. Frances Mincey

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton J. Minchew

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad H. Minnich

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Minter

Mrs. Jewell R. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mitchell

Mr. Eugene M. Monger

Sheriff and Mrs. Bruce R.


Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Moody, Jr.

Ms. Ellen S. Morar

Dr. M. E. Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Joel V. Morris, Jr.

Mrs. Suzanne Morrison

Ms. Julie Anne Morton

Mr. Donald J. Mueller, Jr.

Ms. Roberta L. Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mullins

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Mullins

Mr. James E. Mullis

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Mummert

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Murphy

Ms. Sheila H. Murphy

Mr. William W. Murphy

Ms. Gail Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Myrick

Mr. Henry Naff

Ms. Elke Narten

Ms. Sandy Neale

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. James S. Netherton

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Newman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Newton

Dr. Daniel Newton and Dr.

Kristi Newton

Ms. Kathy Niccum

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Nicholds

Mr. John L. Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Niswonger

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Noe

Ms. Alice R. Noggle

Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Norman

Ms. Martha L. Norton

Ms. Flo P. Norville

Ms. Marian E. Oates

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby J. Ogle

Mr. and Mrs. Mack Ogle

Mr. and Mrs. David U. O’Kain

Ms. Nancy J. Olsen

Mr. and Mrs. Byron J. O’Quinn

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G.

Orander, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ortlieb

Dr. and Mrs. Charles I. Osman

Mrs. Carol S. Owens

Mrs. Kathleen R. Pacetti

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Page

Mr. Lewis Paisley

Ms. Sylvia Pardo

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin M. Parham

Mr. Chad A. Parker

Ms. Evelyn Parker

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Parker

Ms. Joan Parks

Mr. Michael S. Parlier

Mr. D. Parrett, II

Mrs. Jo S. Parris

Ms. Mary Patrick

Mr. James L. Patton

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Paul

Jack Goodwin

Ms. Marion Pavur

Ms. Margaret Payne

Mr. Howard A. Pearson

Mr. Erin Peitso

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pellegrini

Mr. Timothy Pennell

Mr. Dick Penner

Annie, Jean and Fred Peretz

Mr. and Mrs. George Perry

Mr. Kerry Person

Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Philhower, Jr.

Mrs. Linda B. Pickel

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Picou

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard B. Pilkington

Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Pinkerton

Mrs. Janet Pinson

Ms. Anna R. Piper

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Pitney

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Pitts

Mr. Robert C. Pletz

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Poole

Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Poppe

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Porter

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Potter

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Poulson

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Powell

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Price

Ms. Sharon Price

Dr. Mark Prince

Mr. James N. Proffitt, Jr.

Ms. Margherita R. Proietto

Mr. Ted Proudfoot

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Pryor

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Rader

Mr. and Mrs. Jan D. Ragsdale

The Honorable and Mrs.

Michael R. Ragsdale

Mr. George B. Rawls, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. John R. Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Brownlee Reagan

Mrs. Frances Reagan

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Reed

Dr. Richard K. Reed

Mr. Anderson Reeves

Judge and Mrs. Lyle Reid

Mr. Robert D. Reily

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Rellar

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Remine

Mr. and Mrs. Grady W. Renfro

Ms. Laura J. Renfro

Ms. Mildred C. Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Ribble

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Rick

Ms. Donna Rickard

Ms. Jeanette Riedy

Dr. and Mrs. Jack T. Roberts, Jr.

Mr. Louis Roberts

Mr. William Robertson

Mr. Douglas O. Robinette

Mr. and Mrs. A. Jude Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Robinson

Mr. Blake Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Will Robinson

Mrs. Helen M. Rodgers

Mr. Ramon F. Rodriguez

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Roe

Preserve. Protect. Provide / 13

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rorie

Al and Terry Rose

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rose

Ms. Judith W. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Rosser

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Rothrock

Ms. Mary B. Rowe

Mrs. Lolita Roy

Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Rugel

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Rugh

Mr. and Mrs. John R. E. Ruhl

Mr. Kevin Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Ryan

Mr. Jeremy Sacharnoski

Ms. Cindy Satterfield

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Schaich

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll J. Schell

Mr. Rene Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Hank Schmitt

Mr. and Mrs. Al Schmutzer

Ms. Drusilla Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Searcy

Mr. Michael J. Searcy and

Ms. Cheryl E. Light

Ms. Janie E. Seat

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Sellars

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Sellers

Mr. O. R. Sellers

Mr. Mark T. Shannon

Mr. C. W. Sharp

Vice Mayor and Mrs. Jerry Shattuck

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Shehan

Mr. Perry M. Shell

Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Shelton

Mr. Thomas Shepherd

Dan and Mary Ann Shields

Mr. Ernest L. Shipe, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Shuck

Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Shults

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Silence

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Silvis

Mr. and Mrs. Howell G. Simerly

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Simmons

Mr. William R. Simms

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Simonis

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Skinner, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Slawecki

Mrs. Margaret A. Sliger

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Sloane

The Honorable and Mrs. Duane


Ms. Rebecca Slone

Mr. and Mrs. Ben B. Smith

Mr. Frederic Smith

Mrs. Johneta L. Smith

Mr. Mark E. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin N. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith

Mr. Ray Smyre

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Snead

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Snider

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Snyder

Dr. Doug Sofer

Ms. Diana Sorensen

Dr. Jonathan Sowell

Mr. Brian Spalding

Ms. Lisa J. Sparkes

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Spiegel

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Spray

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Stair

Mrs. F. W. Stallmann

Mr. Vance Stamps

Ms. Becky Starnes

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Steed, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Steele

Mrs. Martha V. Stepp

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll P. Sterne

Mr. John S. Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. William R.

Stevenson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe N. Steward

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Stewart

Ms. Peggy L. Stewart

Mr. Rodney Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Stormes

Ms. Annette Strpko and Mr.

Gary Guy

Mr. Ted Stryk

Mr. and Mrs. Austin P. Stubblefield

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Stump

Dr. Tara Sturdivant

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert M. Styles

Ms. Jo Suggs

The Honorable and Mrs. Don


Mr. and Mrs. David C. Swann

Mayor and Mrs. Joseph A. Swann

Mr. Charles W. Swanson and

Mrs. Pamela Reeves

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Swartz

Ms. Tara M. Swartz

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sweet

Mr. Warren Takala

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Tansil

Capt. and Mrs. Lee A. Tarlton

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Tate

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Taylor

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

is a refuge for the landscape and culture

that defines our region and is the backbone

for our economy. It is more important than

ever that we give generously to protect our

park given the increasing development all

around it. We invest to preserve our past,

protect our future and remind ourselves just

how important our Smoky Mountains are to

us every time we give to the Friends of the


– Geoff Wolpert,

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

14 Friends of the Smokies / Annual Report 2006

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Tebbetts

Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Tedrick

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Temple

Mr. Bailey Terry, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Testerman

Mr. John Z. C. Thomas

Ms. Lois R. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin R. Thorpe, Jr.

Mrs. Margaret Timme

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tipps

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tipton

Mr. Michael Toomey and

Ms. Lydia Birk

Mr. Anthony J. Torres, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Townsend

Mrs. Robyn Townsend

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Trapp

Dr. Jo A. Trentham

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Trotman

Dr. and Mrs. David Trotter

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trotter, Sr.

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Truluck

Mrs. Sue Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Turley

Mr. and Mrs. Avery L. Tyler

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tyson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Umbach

Dr. and Mrs. Fred M. Valentine

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Van


Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vandermeer

Mr. Denty P. Vaughn, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Veltkamp

Mr. William D. Vines, III

Ms. Rhonda Vineyard and

Mr. Stan Hackworth

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy R. Voigtmann

Mrs. Betty C. Voorhis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Voris

Ms. Paula R. Voss

Dr. and Mrs. Dwight R. Wade, Jr.

Mr. Kenneth R. Wade and

Mrs. Marion Paul

Dr. Jeff Wadsworth and Ms. Jerre


Mr. Mark L. Wagner

Mr. William R. Wahl

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waikel

Mr. C. A. Wall

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wallace

Mrs. Candy Wansley

Ms. Cheryl V. Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H.

Waring, III

Mr. and Mrs. Keith K. Warren

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Warren

Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Warren

Ms. Dorothy B. Webb

Mr. and Mrs. Julian T. Webb

Mr. Mel Webb

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Webb, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Weber

Mrs. Gertrude A. Webster

Ms. Kate D. Welch

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth V. Weller

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Welling

Ms. Pamela K. Wells

Mr. Blaine S. West

Mr. Gary M. West

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W.


Mrs. Polly S. Whaley

Ms. Barbara W. Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. Peter White

Ms. Genevieve W. Whitmire

Mr. Allen Wight

Ms. Adelaide L. Wigren

Sam Hobbs

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wilbanks

Ms. Jane C. Wilkenloh

Mrs. Ila Wilkerson

Mrs. Dorothy J. Wilkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Bill G. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. George F.

Williams, Jr.

Mr. Jerry L. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Williams, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William B.

Williams, III

Mr. and Mrs. George C.


Ms. Dorothy Willocks

Dr. David G. Wilson, III

Ms. Esther D. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilson, Jr.

Ms. Janell D. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Winner

Ms. Ruth Wodock

Mr. and Mrs. Cary Wolfenbarger

Dr. and Mrs. Raphael Wolpert

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wood, III

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Woodard

Ms. Joanne L. Woods

Mr. Peter Wooten and

Mrs. Renata Soto

Mr. Stuart Worden

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Jess Wrinkle

Mrs. Jo T. Wykoff

Mr. and Mrs. James Wylie

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Yahr

Mrs. Ramona Yarbrough

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Yardley

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Yett

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Young

Ms. Virginia E. Young

Mr. William O. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Yurkovich

Ms. P. Claire Zahn

Ms. Margaret Zainer

Ms. Jessica Zelesky


Friends of the Smokies thanks the

following individuals, businesses,

and organizations for their in-kind

gifts in 2006- everything from food

and beverages for special events to

auction items to donations of

services and equipment to help us

keep our operating costs down.

To all of our in-kind donors,

thank you for helping us help

the Smokies!

272 Salon

A&G Fashion Outlet

A+ Office Place

About You Salon & Day Spa

Mrs. Cathy Ackermann and Mr.

Tommy Walker

Adidas America

Adventure Science Center

Affordable Fabrics and Interiors

Allied Music Instructors

American Laser Centers

American Park Network

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Anderson, IV

Dr. and Mrs. John Anderson

Appliance Discount Center

Mr. Rufus Ashworth

Atrium Flowers

Aubrey’s Restaurant Group

Mr. and Mrs. Art Baker,


Mr. Robert Batey

Mr. and Mrs. William Baxter

Bearden Decorating Center

Bella Salon & Spa

Ben & Jerry’s (Knoxville)

Bennett Galleries

Beverage Control, Inc.

Bistro at the Bijou

Blue Ridge Mountain Sports

Bon Vivant

Dr. and Mrs. Allen C. Bowers

Braden’s Fine Furnishings

Bradley’s Chocolates

Bravo Cucina Italiana

Broadway of Knoxville

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Brooks

Mr. Michael W. Brown

V. C. Brownlie

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Brush, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Brush

Buddy’s Bar-B-Q

Butterfly Gap Retreat Bed &


Cakes with Character

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Caldwell

Canvas Hair Design

Carl Hatcher Furniture Co.

Ms. Mimi Cat

Ms. Lea Cavender

Cha Cha’s

Chariots of Hire

The Charlie Daniels Band

Cheekwood Museum

Cherokee Distributing Company

Co. Inc.

The Chop House

Christmas Place, Inc.

Church Mouse Gallery

Ms. Diana Clampitt

Clarence Brown Theatre

Clarion Inn Willow River

The Cleveland Browns

Clothes by Mertie

Coca-Cola Enterprises

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cole

Mr. G. H. Conner and

Ms. Debby Proffitt

Connor Concepts

The Country Music Hall of Fame

The Creel

Crown Park Resort

Crowne Plaza

Cupid’s Petals

Mr. and Mrs. Sam H. Curtis

D & V Distributing

Mr. Nick Deal

Deroyal Industries

Mr. and Mrs. Bud Dietrich

Dinwiddie Distribution

Company, Inc.

DIY Network

The Donut Friar

Dove Hill

Ms. Trudy N. Dreyer

Earth to Old City

Elizabeth Ellison Watercolors

Estates at Norton Creek

Everett Street Diner

Five Oaks Development Group

Fixin’ 2 Rain

Flowers of Gatlinburg

Fresh Produce Sportswear

Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Fulmer

G&B Tobacco Company

Gallo Wine Estates

Gatlinburg Chamber of


Mr. Samuel F. George

Great Smoky Mountains


Great Smoky Mountains


Green Valley Creative Catering

Green Hills Grille

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Greene

The Todd Greene Agency, LLC

Gulf and Ohio Railways

Mr. Jeff Hale

Mr. Mike Hammond

The Happy Hiker

Harry & David

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hart

Ms. Laura Hart

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Haslam, II

Hemlock Inn

Mr. Peter Hillary

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Hilton

Historic Botel

Holston Hills Country Club

Mr. and Mrs. David Howard

Indian River Marina

Indianapolis Colts

Initially Amy Fay

Inn on Biltmore Estate


J. B. Waters, Sr. Trust

J. Claxton

Jacksonville Jaguars, LTD

Jerry’s Artarama

Mrs. Janice Jones

Judy Dodd Catering

Kansas City Chiefs Football Club

Kelco Oil, Ltd.

Mr. Randy T. Keller

Ms. Pam Kelly

Klutterman Office Equipment

Knox County Sheriff’s Office

Knoxville Dermatology

Group/Medi Spa

Knoxville News-Sentinel

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra


Sam Hobbs

Lange’s Liquor Store

Leaf & Ale, Inc.

Ms. Sherri P. Lee

LeSportsac Factory Outlet Store

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lewis

Ms. Ann H. Linebaugh

Little River Outfitters

The Lodge at Buckberry Creek

Lola B.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Long

Loews Vanderbilt Plaza

M. S. McClellan

Mr. & Mrs. Peyton Manning

Maplehurst Inn

The Maples Tree

Massage Therapy Clinic

Mr. Howard Massey

Mayfield Dairy

Ms. Sandra McLean

McScrooge’s Wine Boutique and

Liquor Warehouse, Inc.

Miami Dolphins Ltd.

Monster Truck Rides

Morgan Keegan Private Banking

Ms. Julie A. Morton

Mr. Tablecloth

Music for a Song

Nama Sushi Bar

Natural Resources Recovery

New York Jets, LLC

Nike Factory Outlet Store

The North Face

Mr. James D. Ogle

Mrs. Linda N. Ogle

Old Edwards Inn and Spa

One Day Resume


Ms. Deborah J. Orsburn

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

Pancake Pantry

The Park Grill

The Patio

PDS (Progressive Design


Coach and Mrs. Bruce Pearl

Persian Rug Gallery


Pigeon River Pottery

Dr. and Mrs. John C. Rader, D.D.S.

Regal Entertainment Group

Rex Howard’s Landscaping

Richards Design Group

Richmont Inn

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Robinson

Rocky Top Tours

Ms. Debbie Rose

Rouser Company

Royal Gallery of Oriental Rugs

Salon Barnes & Barnes

Mr. Jim Sams

Samuel Franklin Home Interiors

San Diego Chargers

Scripps Networks

Ms. Trisha Selgrath

Sevier County Animal Clinic

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Smartt

Smoky Mountain Outfitters

Smoky Mountain Pottery

Smoky Mountain Tanning Salon

The park has given me and my family years of enjoyment and great

memories. Giving back through my involvement with FOTS is the

least I can do to help. Some of my most memorable days have been

hiking and biking in the park. We have an amazing national treasure

in our back yard and I'm happy to have the opportunity to help

preserve it. I love supporting Friends of the Smokies.

– Nancy Daves, Knoxville, Tennessee

Southern Fried Hair Design

Stages West


Mr. and Mrs. William B. Stokely, III

Mr. Tommy Stokes and

Mrs. Vivian Gillespie Stokes

Stokes Lighting Center

Stone River Hardwoods

Ms. Felicia Stover

Suntrust (East TN Marketing


Tadpole Accessories

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tanger 5 Oaks

Tea at the Gallery

Tennessee Titans

Mr. and Mrs. Mack Tenney

Terri Waters Gallery

Tessa’s Nails & Day Spa

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tinker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Tino


Touch Therapy Center

Treasures in Earthen Vessels

Trinkets by Julie Galbaugh

Triple “C” Distributing


Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trotter, Sr.

Trotter & Associates Architect


Mr. and Mrs. Robin Turner


University of Tennessee

Department of Athletics

Van Scoy Diamonds

Vern Hippensteal Gallery

Villeroy & Bach

Virginia’s Framery

Volunteer Athletics Scholarship


Justice and Mrs. Gary R. Wade

Washington Redskins


Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Wilson

Ms. Eileen P. Wilson

Winstar Farm LLC


WNC Tents, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Woody

Mr. Peter Wooten and Mrs.

Renata Soto

Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Worsham

The Wort Hotel

Yee Haw Industries

Young, Williams, Kirk & Stone, PC

Zales Outlet


Friends of the Smokies would like

to thank all of the individuals,

businesses, foundations, and

community partners that paid

tribute to the following people

through their gifts to Friends of

the Smokies in 2006.

In Honor Of…

Senator and Mrs. Lamar Alexander

Ms. Carol Ali

Mr. J.D. Amstutz

Mr. Joe W. Anderson

The Staff of Appalachian

Highlands Science Learning

Center at Purchase Knob

Mrs. Louise S. Barker

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Beall, Jr.

Mr. Luke Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Reaves Bingham

Mr. Thomas Boring

The Boyer Family

Mr. and Mrs. Perry Burchfield


Mr. and Mrs. James M. Callaway

Mr. David Cate

Ms. Lisa Cline

Ms. Marie Colvin

Mrs. Ijie Conner

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Crawford

Reverend Larry Dial

Mr. David Disney

Ms. Kristi Disney

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Eaves

Mrs. Patricia A. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Fontenot

Mr. and Mrs. George Frazier

Mr. Huchie French

The Friends of the Smokies’ Staff

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Fulmer

Mrs. Brenda Hagedorn

Mrs. Chloe A. Harrington

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Haslam, II

Mr. and Mrs. Bo Henry, Jr.

Dr. Donald Henson

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hill

Ms. Carol Hood

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hoogesteger

Mr. George D. Ivey

Mr. and Mrs. John Jabaley

The Honorable and Mrs.

William L. Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jennings

The Killebrews

Ms. Brenda Kiselburg

Mr. John Lane

Ms. Erika Larsen

Ms. Betty J. Law

Dr. Ed Lehman

Dr. William C. LeNoir

Mr. Bill Little

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Lockett

Mr. Jason Love

Mrs. Wilma M. Maples

Mr. Doug Martin

Reverend and Mrs. Daniel P.


Ms. Betty McMahan

Mr. and Mrs. Steve McMahon

Mrs. Beulah Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Nelson

Mr. James D. Ogle

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Overholt

Mr. Robert Rankin

Mr. Richard E. Ray

Bert Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Grady W. Renfro

Leslie, Doug, and Jim Roberts

Mr. Patrick M. Roddy

Ms. Susan Sachs

Dr. Charlie Shanks

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stadler

Ms. Cynthia Steverson

Ms. Ruby D. Strickland

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Strong

Mr. and Mrs. Austin P.


Mr. Paul Super

Justice and Mrs. Gary R. Wade

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Wallace

Mr. Rob Wallace

The Pets of Mrs. Arthur B.


Mr. and Mrs. Nelson E. Wilkins

Mr. Bill G. Williams

Mr. Jack E. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Woody

Mrs. Earl S. Worsham

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zappa

In Memory Of…

Mr. William H. Acton

Mr. Eugene Adam

Mrs. Harriett Albers

Ms. Willa Ames

Mr. Michael K. Ballew, Sr.

Miss Louise Barber

Mr. Ken Bell

Mr. August W. Blum

Mr. Clarence Bowers

Mr. James W. Braden, Jr.

Ms. Theressa Brichetto

Mr. John Brodie

Mrs. Frances Brooks

Mr. David Brown

Mr. Sam Buff

Landon Caldwell

Mr. Hugh M. Calloway, Sr.

Mr. Troy Carr

Mr. Ralph R. Carter, Jr.

Mr. Andrew J. Chandler

Mr. Vince Cirincione

Mr. Shawn Clanton

Mr. Howard Conway

Mr. Charles Counts

Mr. Tom Cronan

Mr. Robert L. Crossley

Ms. Georgia Crowe

Mr. and Mrs. John Crowley

Mr. Dan Culp

Mrs. Thelma L. Czado

Ms. Elizabeth Davidson

Mr. John A. Davis

Adam C. Dean

Mr. Tom Dean

Mrs. Nelda Dillon

Mr. Grayson K. Dobyns

Mr. Brian Donerly

Mrs. Lola M. Douglass

Mrs. Eva Duckett

Mr. Wayne Dziminsky

Mr. Frank H. Easterday

Mr. John H. Ellis

Mrs. Harriett M. Estes

Mr. Al Eversman

Mrs. Roberta F. Flodstrom

Mr. Les Force

Mrs. Ruby M. Fox

Mr. Thomas M. French

Mr. George Fry

Mrs. Ruth Galyon

Preserve. Protect. Provide / 15

Mr. Charles L. Garren

Mr. James R. Gentry

Ms. Nancy Getour

Mrs. Ruthie C. Gibson

Dr. Voit Gilmore

Mr. Earl Gray

Ms. Jennifer K. Green

Mr. Kristofer Green

Mr. Mark E. Hannah

Ms. Nancy Hare

Mrs. Patricia P. Hargrove

Mr. James Harrell

Mr. Lyle Harris

Mr. Fred Hart

Mr. Aloysius J. Higgins

Mr. Jim Highsmith

Mrs. Lois L. Hilbert

Mr. R.L. Holt

Mr. Marvin Horner

Mr. Jason Houck

Mrs. Mildred S. Huff

Ms. Anne Hughes

Mr. David E. Ingle

Mrs. Gladys Ingle

Ms. Lauren Jenkins

Ms. Ruth B. Johnston

Mr. Don Jones

Mrs. Lori Jones

Mr. Ronald Kannady

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Keeble

Mr. Glen Kemnitz

Mr. Herbert J. Kerr

Mr. John A. Kerr

Mr. Jung Thee Kim

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Knight

Mr. Joe Kolodski

Mr. Arney Kovin

Mr. Murray Kovler

Mrs. Hazel M. Lawhon

Ms. Helena Lawhon

Mrs. Nell S. Lewis

Mr. Roger C. Loncteaux

Mrs. Doris Lynn

Mrs. Erma Marney

Ms. Emra F. Martin

Mr. Troy Martin

Mr. Herman E. McCall

Mr. Bill McCullough

Mr. Jack McCutchan

Mr. John McGowan

Mr. Paul McKenzie

Mr. Jack McNab

Mr. Jerry Mikeal

Mr. Orson K. Miller

Ms. Margaret B. Montgomery

Mr. Tom Montgomery

Mr. John D. Moore

Mr. Kenneth R. Newton

Mrs. Patsy Nichols

Mr. Tom Ogle

Mrs. Marjorie Overbay

Mr. Orville Parton

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Patterson

Ms. Carolyn R. Payne

Ms. Wanda Petrocy

Mrs. Tammy Phillips

Ms. Patricia Picou

Ms. Stephanie Pinnick

Mr. Tommy Pyle

Ms. Christine Rickman

Mr. Robert Ringham

Ms. Lyn Rogers

Mrs. LaFaye V. Ross

Mr. Lorand Russell

Mr. Frank Rust

Ms. Pam Ruttenbur

Mr. Gene Ryan

Ms. Traci Scott

Mr. Art Seabury

Ms. Louise Sentell

Mr. Norman D. Sheeler

Mr. Everett Sherrick

“Granny” Shiflett

Mr. Robert L. Simmons

Ms. Louise Smith

Mrs. Rae Smith

Mr. Fred Speer

Mrs. Garnett A. Spencer

Mr. Clyde Stephens

Ms. Margaret Stevenson

Mr. Ron Stewart

Mr. Richard Stokes

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stupka

Ms. Kitty Sullivan

Mr. Jerry Taylor

Mr. Glenn Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Odie Tidwell

Mr. Glenn C. Trantham

Ms. Tanya Van Der Heyde

Mrs. Kate Reagan Wade

Mr. Duward Walker

Ms. Jean B. Walker

Mrs. Patsy Waters

Ms. Ailene Watt

Ms. Mary E. Wayland

Mr. Bradley A. Weaver

Mr. George T. Weaver

Ms. Florence Webb

Mr. Harry Weiss

Mr. Billy Welch

Mr. Bruce J. Whaley

Ms. Katrina Wilson

Mrs. Sandra Wilson

Mr. Dennis Wolfenbarger

Ms. Lucy Wood

Mrs. Betsy Worden

Mr. Lindsay Young

I came to Bryson City eight years ago to rent

a place in the Smokies for three months,

only to buy a chalet overlooking these beautiful

mountains. Not knowing a soul, I was

fortunate to meet a gal who belonged to

the "Seniors Hiking Club". For the past 8

years, I have enjoyed tremendously hiking

the Smokies from one end to the other for

nine months of the year!! Every season has

different beautiful wildflowers. I'm truly

grateful! ‘Nothing could be finer than to be

in Carolina ... in the Smokies!’

– Barbara Martin, Bryson City,

North Carolina

16 Friends of the Smokies / Annual Report 2006



In 2006, more than 85 people

volunteered more than 3,105 hours

of their time to help Friends of the

Smokies. Whether they assisted

with office management, the

annual telethon, or other special

events, our volunteers made a

tremendous contribution to both

Friends of the Smokies and Great

Smoky Mountains National Park.

Using figures derived from the

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

the non-profit group Independent

Sector estimates the value of

volunteer time in 2006 at $18.77

per hour. Using that figure, our

volunteers contributed the equivalent

of $58,281 to Friends of the

Smokies in 2006.



We couldn’t do it without you!

The following individuals

volunteered 5 hours or more with

Friends of the Smokies in 2006:

Nancy Anderson, 10 hours

Valerie Anderson, 6 hours

Joanne Bednar, 24 hours

Joan Boyle, 26 hours

Chuck Budnik, 72 hours

Marlene Budnik, 79 hours

Ellie Burbank, 642 hours

Jim Burbank, 17 hours

Sara Bush, 77 hours

Mary Ann Charters, 15 hours

Amanda Chrouser, 61 hours

Sean Considine, 7 hours

Susan Duncan, 14 hours

Joe Dunn, 36 hours

Mary Dunn, 36 hours

Paul Forrest, 12 hours

Tom Garrett, 23 hours

Anderson Gass, 5 hours

Allan Goss, 787 hours

Diane Goss, 128 hours

Bob Groat, 77 hours

Donna Groat, 82 hours

Dorothy Haislip, 7 hours

Randy Harrison, 83 hours

Phyllis Henry, 6 hours

Robert Hutson, 6 hours

Chrissy Johnson, 5 hours

Carol Kashmer, 29 hours

Bob Kurzynske, 16 hours

Mary Kurzynske, 16 hours

Kathleen Lamont, 7 hours

Pam Leming, 5 hours

Ed McDowell, 7 hours

Lisa McMahan, 15 hours

Doc Morrow, 103 hours

Susan Morrow, 107 hours

Janie Murphy, 8 hours

Bo Prevost, 13 hours

Ray Sellers, 82 hours

Laura Soltis, 17 hours

Larry Stewart, 37 hours

Marita Vornehm, 178

Erin Willis, 6 hours

Eileen Wilson, 226 hours

Friends Across the Mountains

Telethon Volunteers = 154 hours!

Special thanks to the volunteer

teams from First Tennessee Bank

and Home Federal Bank for

once again giving their time to

the Friends Across the

Mountains Telethon!

Sam Hobbs


Friends of the Smokies would like

to thank the following individuals

for their outstanding dedication to

the success of the 2006 Evergreen

Ball; the Evergreen Ball Leadership

Committee and Trailblazers

contributed countless hours in

support of Friends and the Park:

Ball Co-Chairs-

Patty Lewis and Kathy May

Immediate Past Co-chairs:

Amye King and LeaAnne


Auction Committee:

Stacie Keller, Silent Auction


Anne Hart, Silent Auction


Anne Brush, Wine Auction


Mike Nelson, Wine Auction


Heather Powell, Live Auction


Tracey Belmont, Silent

Auction Program Chair

Melinda Kirk, LeaAnne

Williams, Susie Brown, Stacy

Flick, Karla Halcomb, Amye

King, Serita Lewis, Danielle

Mathews, Jessica Zelesky

Decorations Committee:

Whitney Webb


Prissy Emonet

Food and Beverage:

Nancy Daves

Event Management:

Debbie Wilkins and

Melanie Sitzlar


Mike & Ashley Baisley, Bryan

Blakney, Megan Burroughs,

Ellen Brown, Kathleen Callen,

Jacquelyn Craddock, Logan

Cardwell, Preston Cloud,

Lindsay Cloud, Laura Comas,

Vee Congleton, Hester Daves,

Whitney Gallardo, Alyson

Gourley, David Gram, David

& Nancy Gray, Jill Hanggi,

Kimberlee Harris, Jennifer

Haub, Karmin Helton, Alexis

Henslee, Tanya Johnson, Paula

King, Joe & Melinda Kirk,

Wendy Laug, Jennifer

Milligan, Kelly McCarter,

Rachel McCulley, Scott &

Aimee McIlveen, Henry Naff,

Jamie Nelson, JoAnn

Newsome, Donna Norton,

Laura Odom, Rebecca Pierce,

Julie Piller, Andrea Reyes,

Heather Rigsby, Sarah Schow,

Sally Scruggs, Johnathan

Sitzlar, Allison Sprouse, Anne

Sweeney, Nancy Sweeney,

Candace Lewis Wright, Paul

& Judith Moody, Susie Brown


In Great Smoky Mountains

National Park 2,318 people

volunteered more than 117,285

hours directly with the Park

through the Volunteers-In-Parks

(VIP) program in Federal Fiscal

Year 2006 (October 2005 –

September 2006). Their labor is

equivalent to 56 full-time staff

positions, or $2,115,821. VIPs

help monitor stream health,

pick up litter, repair and improve

trails, conduct living history

demonstrations, provide

information to visitors, and so

much more. They include individuals,

couples, families, Boy Scout

troops, school groups, civic groups,

and various other combinations.

Friends of the Smokies thanks

all the volunteers for their assistance

in preserving and protecting

the Smokies!

The following individuals and

groups volunteered more than 100

hours through the VIP program in

Federal Fiscal Year 2006:

Kim Adank, 480

Adopt-A-Trail- Program

Orientation, 152 hours

Adopt-A-Trail, 2,360 hours

Americorps, 1,789 hours

Zane Ardary, 224 hours

Appalachian Trail Student

Conservation Associates Trail

Crew, 1,536 hours

Appalachian Trail Brush Busters,

301 hours

B.W. Ausborn, 192 hours

Irene Ausborn, 151 hours

Backcountry Horsemen of North

Carolina, 744 hours

Backcountry Horsemen of North

Carolina, Spring Clearing,

1,348 hours

Jane Bedford, 270 hours

Roby Bedford, 256 hours

Susy Belmont, 480 hours

Benton McKay Trail

Association, 360 hours

Jesse Berryhill, 467 hours

Leslie Bilbrey, 1,899 hours

Merwyn Borders, 200 hours

Mike Braun, 864 hours

Bud Broaddus, 344 hours

Konnie Broaddus, 344 hours

Meghan Bruckse, 800 hours

Boy Scouts of America Troop

#957, 144 hours

Boy Scouts of America Troop

c/o Eric Bettis, 142 hours

Katherine Budzinski, 105 hours

Jim Burbank, 295 hours

Carol Ann Burrell, 529 hours

Stephen Burrell, 529 hours

BWXT Y-12 Volunteers, 567 hours

Cades Cove Preservation

Association, 472 hours

Lisa Cain, 320 hours

Johnny Caldwell, 696 hours

Susie Caldwell, 360 hours

Jan Caughron, 116 hours

Laura Childers, 480 hours

Edwin Claggett, 104 hours

Levedah Claggett, 104 hours

Rosa Kent Clanton, 138 hours

William Ray Clanton, 458 hours

Carla Clifford, 112 hours

Mike Clifford, 112 hours

Adam Coe, 680 hours

Tim Cole, 216 hours

Mary Beth Conville, 276 hours

Hilda Corey, 235 hours

Wayne Corey, 238 hours

Jean Cornelius, 241 hours

Jerry Cornelius, 257 hours

Adelphia Davis, 157 hours

Lucy Davis, 148 hours

Sid Davis, 208 hours

Thomas Davis, 157 hours

Kevin Devine, 1,280 hours

Discover Life In America

Researchers, 3,852 hours

Mark Dotson, 214 hours

Environstudies, 100 hours

Sheila Evans, 212 hours

James Foster, 130 hours

Amy Foutch, 480 hours

Abby Furnish, 480 hours

George Gatlin, 335 hours

Joyce Gatlin, 335 hours

David Gayhart, 128 hours

Barbara Glass, 407 hours

Michael Glass, 407 hours

Tyler Gnegy, 241 hours

Robin Goddard, 516 hours

Allan Goss, 329 hours

Ellie Grace, 248 hours

Mark Green, 480 hours

Kerri Greenberg, 480 hours

Dave Gregory, 126 hours

Joe Gregory, 385 hours

Patricia Gregory, 385 hours

Fred Griffin, 735 hours

Millie Griffin, 719 hours

Paul Hadala, 1,437 hours

Emmett Hall, 608 hours

Wanda Jean Hall, 571 hours

Ken Hardy, 143 hours

Tom Harrington, 1,450 hours

Frances Hensley, 283 hours

James Henson, 176 hours

Sheila Henson, 176 hours

Troy Henson, 272 hours

David Higgins, 583 hours

Ann Hill, 317 hours

Ann Houghton, 193 hours

Francis Howard, 520 hours

Janet Howard, 520 hours

Adam Hundertmark, 480 hours

Barbara Hunter, 361 hours

Larry Hunter, 361 hours

Norma Idom, 424 hours

Impact Associates, Inc., 126 hours

Frank Jasolka, 194 hours

Peggy Jasolka, 212 hours

Rachel Jessup, 480 hours

Judith Johns, 225 hours

Don Jones, 431 hours

Shirley Jones, 271 hours

Kephart Prong Shelter

Renovation Project, 432 hours

Harry Kidwell, 318 hours

Barbara Kimbrel, 332 hours

Regina Kinton, 120 hours

Knoxville Police Department-

Explorer Unit, 168 hours

Claudia Konker, 1,551 hours

Martina Kortner, 480 hours

Corey Krabill, 248 hours

Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan, 283 hours

Buck Lambdin, 376 hours

Billy Lane, 219 hours

Mark Lanter, 123 hours

Dan Lawson, 325 hours

Robin Lenner, 545 hours

Michael Levi, 188 hours

Wendell Liemohn, 151 hours

Bob Lochbaum, 233 hours

Morton Lloyd, 511 hours

James Malia, 358 hours

Sandra Maple, 373 hours

William Maple, 359 hours

John Marcelle, 471 hours

Phyllis Martens, 199 hours

Dennis McAdams, 378 hours

Nora McAdams, 218 hours

Carol McBride, 231 hours

Jim McBride, 284 hours

Tommy Messer, 280 hours

Sarah Mistak, 286 hours

Linda Montgomery, 1,064 hours

James Moon, 581 hours

Jan Moon, 581 hours

Jane Morgan, 222 hours

Mike Morgan, 275 hours

Joel Morris, 184 hours

Jim Mowbray, 646 hours

Dee Murphy, 129 hours

John Neuffer, 980 hours

Bobby Joe Norman, 168 hours

Raymond Palmer, 719 hours

Margaret Patrick, 480 hours

Herb Payne, 129 hours

Jake Payne, 356 hours

Ray Payne, 425 hours

Ray Peebles, 116 hours

Christina Perez, 578 hours

Frederick Petrini, 140 hours

Lois Petrini, 140 hours

John Peychal, 257 hours

Gee Phillips, 136 hours

James Phillips, 360 hours

Larry Phillips, 274 hours

Pi Beta Phi Elementary, 820 hours

Helen Picou, 115 hours

Alice Pine, 261 hours

Tom Pine, 275 hours

Casey Pittman, 160 hours

Joann Pralle, 190 hours

Charlotte Prewitt, 480 hours

Purposeful Living Center, 156 hours

Adam Reimer, 480 hours

Katy Render, 280 hours

David Reppert, 985 hours

Arlene Reynolds, 139 hours

Jim Riggs, 352 hours

Joyce Riggs, hours

Gerald Rinehart, 488 hours

Mary Rinehart, 488 hours

Rodney Rochelle, 397 hours

Rocky Top Trail Crew, 2,338


Mark Rodgers, 245 hours

Deane Kim Ross, 238 hours

Loren Ross, 238 hours

Nicole Sabo, 144 hours

Patty Sanford, 479 hours

Anita Schweinsburg, 135 hours

Bob Schweinsburg, 135 hours

David Scott, 618 hours

Spencer Sells, 155 hours

Scott Shapiro, 246 hours

Bob Shuler, 243 hours

Graeme Sieber, 226 hours

John Sloan, 148 hours

Chris Smallwood, 500 hours

Edgar Ray Smith, 221 hours

Robert Smith, 192 hours

Shirley Smith, 105 hours

Smoky Mountain Hiking Club

Appalachian Trail


4,237 hours

Smoky Mountain Trail Riders,

Spring Clearing, 263 hours

Myron Stanton, 394 hours

Paul Stanton, 396 hours

Anna Marie Stefanick, 521


Frank Stefanick, 286 hours

James Stokes, 264 hours

Student Conservation

Association Volunteers, 2,580


Katie Swick, 240 hours

Mickey Sylvester, 109 hours

Robert Taylor, 739 hours

Shirley Taylor, 616 hours

Carolyn Templeton, 519 hours

Lois Thomas, 282 hours

Crystal Thompson, 480 hours

Gay Thompson, 536 hours

George Stan Totten, 290 hours

Janice Tucker, 345 hours

W.D. Tucker, 358 hours

Gloria Jean Turner, 326 hours

Richard Turner, 305 hours

UT English Language Institute,

120 hours

Gitte Venicx, 487 hours

Tom Wainner, 483 hours

Carla Walden, 490 hours

Don Walter, 129

Amy Ward, 480 hours

Warren Wilson College, 364


Cassie Werne, 504 hours

Gary Westley, 158 hours

Missy Whitt, 110 hours

Albert Wiberley, 172 hours

Kathy Wilbanks, 299 hours

Alma Williams, 188 hours

Evelyn Williams, 136 hours

Gale Williams, 136 hours

Wendell Wisener, 455 hours

John Wood, 190 hours

Nancy Wyatt, 352 hours

Ray Wyatt, 352 hours

Mickey Young, 336 hours

Pam Younger, 144 hours

Patricia Younger, 160 hours

John Zilvinskis, 280 hours

Peter Dreyer

We would also like to thank the

following groups for their volunteer

assistance in Great Smoky

Mountains National Park

in 2006:

Backcountry Horsemen of


Boys & Girls Club of Great

Smoky Mountains

Brownie Troop #660

Boy Scouts of America,

Pack #59, Den 4

Boy Scouts of America Troop #115

Boy Scouts of America Troop #15

Boy Scouts of America Troop #88

Boy Scouts of America Troop #911

Cherokee Challenge

Christ Lutheran Church

Experience Your Smokies

Faith Lutheran Church

Farragut Rotary Club

First Baptist Church of


Gatlinburg Rotary Club

Girl Scouts of America Troop


Great Smoky Mountains

Geocaching Club

Haywood Trail Riders

Horizon Christian Academy

Jefferson County High School

Knoxville Police Department,

Search and Rescue Team

Mountain Laurel Chalets

Nordic Ski Patrol

Park School of Buffalo, NY

Ripley’s Entertainment

Sevier County Democratic Club

Sevier County High School

Smoky Mountain Trail Riders

TWRA Technicians

University of Tennessee

Western Carolina University

Trail Tamers

Preserve. Protect. Provide / 17


The amounts presented here are derived from audited financial statements of Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National

Park for the years ending December 31, 2006 and December 31, 2005. There are slight variances in the figures due to rounding.

Copies of the complete audited financial statements of Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park are available

upon request.

Statement of Financial Position

Year Ended December 31, 2006 December 31, 2005


Current Assets

Cash and cash equivalents $2,825,986 $1,642,646

Prepaid Insurance $5,017 $5,017

Prepaid Expenses $42,013 $16,718

Pledges Receivable $38,100 $123,300

Accounts Receivable $150,925 $202,675

TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS $3,062,041 $1,990,355

Long-term Pledges Receivable $25,000 $88,100

Equipment, net of accumulated depreciation $80,299 $24,293

Other Assets

Beneficial interest in assets held by others $183,555 $161,974

Deposits $775 $875

TOTAL OTHER ASSETS $184,330 $162,849

TOTAL ASSETS $3,351,670 $2,265,597

Liabilities and Net Assets

Current Liabilities

Accounts Payable $1,102 $2,744

Deferred Revenue $32,690 -0-


TOTAL LIABILITIES $33,792 $2,744

Net Assets

Unrestricted $1,099,736 $907,943

Temporarily Restricted $1,956,871 $1,120,885

Permanently Restricted $261,271 $234,025

TOTAL NET ASSETS $3,317,878 $2,262,853

TOTAL LIABILITIES AND ASSETS $3,351,670 $2,265,597

Statement of Activities

Year Ended December 31, 2006 December 31, 2005

Support and Revenues

Contributions and Grants $1,996,448 $1,535,104

Less amounts designated by donors for other organizations ($101,721) ($110,283)

Tennessee License Plate Revenues $486,930 $560,189

North Carolina License Plate Revenues $190,480 $147,780

Special Events $219,339 $160,687

In-kind Contributions $50,676 $130,308

Investment Income $80,320 $46,463

Other $18,645 $20,338


$2,941,117 $2,490,587


Program Services (Park projects & related support) $1,287,489 $1,665,398

Management and General $315,255 $279,514

Fundraising $283,349 $227,113

TOTAL EXPENSES $1,886,092 $2,172,024

18 Friends of the Smokies / Annual Report 2006

A Junior Ranger

Graduates to Junior


Preserving the Park’s eastern hemlock trees is

important to many people who love the Smokies. The

trees play an important role in the balance of life in the

Park, helping to cool streams where the native brook

trout are making a comeback, providing shady spots for

an abundant variety of wildflowers to flourish in every

season, and serving as a nesting place for several species

of songbirds. Park rangers emphasize the hemlocks’

importance to participants in the Junior Ranger program,

and one young man was inspired to do what he

could to help.

While there were many notable contributions to

the help save the hemlocks in 2006, a very special contribution

came from a young man from Ohio named

Devin who learned about the hemlocks’ plight through

the Junior Ranger program in Great Smoky Mountains

National Park. Devin performed various communityservice

projects in his hometown to raise money to help

save the hemlocks. He recycled aluminum cans. His

family skipped their weekly trip to the movies, and

instead added their ticket money to the effort. They

also developed a special jar where they collected monetary

penalties for, well, cursing. Devin’s actions became

the basis for his annual 4-H project. When he was

done, he presented $240.40 to Friends of the Smokies!

With 14,000 acres of predominate hemlock forest in

the Smokies, some with trees towering more than 160’

high and more than 400 years old, it is easy to see that

tremendous resources are needed to tackle the hemlock

woolly adelgid. Recent estimates provided by the Park

illustrate the costs involved in the effort-

■n■n Foliar treatment (spraying technique)= $85 per acre

■n■n Soil injection= $17 per 20” of tree

■n■n Trunk injection= $58 per 20” of tree

■n■n Biological control= $1.00 per beetle

Friends’ Marketing Director Holly Burcham with Devin

In addition to Devin’s hard work on behalf of the

hemlocks, Friends also received several outstanding contributions

for the effort in 2006, including $50,000 from

Lindsay Young’s Aslan Foundation, $11,797 from the

Great Smoky Mountains Association from the sale of

hemlock t-shirts, $10,000 through the Salisbury

Community Foundation from Mr and Mrs. Bradford

Stanback, $1,000 from James Vitali, $700 from Tony

Sweet, and $500 from both the Astre Foundation and

the Knoxville Garden Club. The Park’s fight against

the hemlock wooly adelgid continues in 2007 and

beyond, as does the need for funding to support the

Park’s efforts.

Friends of the Smokies deeply appreciates all of the

support from the individuals, corporations, foundations,

and partners named in this report, as well as every gift

that has been made to help preserve and protect Great

Smoky Mountains National Park since Friends was

founded in 1993. It has all added up to more than $21

million in fourteen years. As the Park nears its 75 th

Anniversary in 2009, we hope that our foundation of

support will continue to grow, so that the Park’s next 75

years will contain many more stories of successful partnership

with those who are passionate about its preservation.

Thank you for your support!

I made my first trip to the Smoky Mountains at about age 5, and my family fell in love with the

area. It became a major destination for vacation travel most every year thereafter. I grew up

camping and driving the Cades Cove loop, and continued that tradition as I married and we

reared our children. We recently enjoyed taking our grandbabies for the first time, a memorable

event for me. We feel we cannot truly say we have been to the Smoky Mountains if we do not get

to drive the loop at least once during our trip. The Cove is such a special place, regardless of the

season, with the abundance of wildlife, wildflowers, mountain views, and history. Over the years, I

regularly read about the Cove, then later the Friends organization, and always felt led to make contributions

every time we drove through there, as an example to the cars following behind us and

sort of like a tithe to a place that had become so very special to us. I was happy to learn about

the opportunity to join Friends and help as a volunteer with events such as Spring Wildflower

Pilgrimage, and am so proud to be a member. It is an organization dear to my heart simply

because I love the Cove and the Smoky Mountains

– Nancy Anderson, Fairhope, Alabama

Preserve. Protect. Provide / 19

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