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Relay Buzz - Relay for Life

INTERNATIONAL RELAY FOR LIFERelay For Life is held in 21 countries around the world everyyear including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France,Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg,Malaysia, The Netherlands, the Philippines, Portugal,South Africa, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the UnitedStates and of course New Zealand.That is over 600 Relay For Life’s in over 600 communities inone year.WHAT DOES HOPE LOOK LIKE AROUND THE WORLD?Check out the video clip below you on facebook?We are!To like our facebook page click the link below and getregular updates and socialise with other Relayers.!/pages/Taranaki-Relay-For-Life-2011/131728693531910RELAY GOSSIPIf you have any relay gossip to share please have it on good authority that team ‘Flower Power’has set a Fundraising goal of $10,000. Quite Exciting…RELAY FOR LIFE FACTSRelay For Life went international in 1996, when inresponse to requests from international cancerorganisations, the American Cancer Society extendedthe first license for International Relay toCancer Research Campaign (now Cancer ResearchUK).In 2009, Relay For Life events were held in 21 countries.In each Relay country, the funds support local cancercontrol programs, services, and research. Theyalso contribute 1% of their funds to the AmericanCancer Society Global Cancer Fund, which supportscancer control programs in developing countriesthat would not otherwise be possible.In developing countries, where 70% of cancers aredetected in late stages and the stigma against cancerremains strong, Relay has proven especiallyeffective in educating the public about preventionand survivorship of this disease.Through International Relay, survivors are giventhe spotlight to show that there is life after diagnosis.These international Hero’s of Hope inspireother community members who have beentouched by cancer.IN 2005, Relay For Life celebrated 20 years of successand expansion into 21 countries, including ahistoric entry into South Africa.In 2006, Relay For Life was showcases at the UICCWorld Cancer Congress and World on Tobacco ORHealth, which were held jointly in Washington, D.C.In 2009, Relay For Life celebrated 25 years of helpingsave lives from cancer.For more information about International Relay For Life, visit OF THE WEEK“And in the End, it’s not the years in your life that count.It’s the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln

Fundraising Fever !Team have already started fundraising or RFL2012.“Merrilands New World” had a Suasage Sizzlelast Month”“South Taranaki District Council” organized afoot massage evening.If your team is doing something, let everyoneknow by sending an email Captain PackThank you to our RELAY FOR LIFE SPONSORSSupport those who support us! So far we haveBell Block Puketapu LionsChemwashCJ the ClownCeroc Dance TaranakiDarkwaterDave Nepia & FriendsEgmont Lions ClubHookersLe DejeunerMedia WorksMonstavisionNorth Taranaki Maori WardensNPDCOpunake Lakeside LionsSt John’s AmbulanceTaranaki Racing ClubTaranaki RefrigerationTuutuu KaaikaTSHHave you collected your Team Captain’s Pack?If not , either call into our office at Lorna Streetbetween 9am & 3.30pm, Monday through Fridayto pick it up or is also a good chance to pick up collectionbuckets, extra posters, donation sheets etc.Relay For Life 2011 An overview:Thank you to all the Relay For Life Teams 2011 for raising$229,388.81.We donated $2000 to Christchurch and received a thankletter from Elizabeth Chesterman. Next page is the letterfrom her.Your Taranaki RFL 2012 Volunteer CommitteeMembers:1. Anthony Vincent2. Alison Rumball3. Denise Bernet4. Donna Baker5. Karin Nielson6. Marcia Reid7. Mike Wells8. Michael Jackson9. Piripi Philips10. Russell Hazelwood11. Willie Campbell2011 Survivors Cake

1 July 2011Taranaki Daily NewsAttention: Roy Roy,The Cancer Society in Christchurch was absolutely delighted to receive a recent gift of $2,000from the Taranaki community. This extremely generous donation, collected at your local CancerSociety Relay For Life event in New Plymouth, was to assist people coping with cancer inour community who have also been badly affected by the ongoing earthquakes. Donations likethis have enabled the Cancer Society to respond to community need with a range of additionalservices. Unfortunately, cancer continues despite earthquakes with major emotional, financialand practical implications for so many people.Sadly, our Christchurch Centre and our Davidson House accommodation premises are damagedand uninhabitable due to land subsidence in the area. This has put additional strains on our resources.However, it has been humbling to experience the caring and support received fromthroughout New Zealand and donations such as this have given us the strength and means to“keep on going”.On behalf of the Cancer Society of New Zealand, Canterbury West Coast Division, I would liketo record my gratitude to the Taranaki Cancer Society and local community for your special andgenerous support at this difficult time.Elizabeth ChestermanChief ExecutiveCancer Society of New ZealandCanterbury West Coast Division

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