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Waseca County Historical Society Oral History Transcription of Frank ...

Waseca County Historical Society Oral History Transcription of Frank ...

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a couple weeks having a royal time; then they packed up and went home and left the gun as a giftto some generation.Eustice: Well, it’s a beautiful old “Flintlock”, and that gives me the history on that.Now, these little souvenirs you picked up, you’ve got a lot of little buttons, and it looks to melike you just accumulated them over the years, and they are all pretty much self-explanatory,such as the liberty loan.Goodspeed: Oh yes, those are just junk, if you can make anything out of them.Eustice. They will be of interest to the younger generation. Now I think the papers are all selfexplanatory,I don’t need any help on that. Here is a picture, Frank, of it looks like a Roesler,Bettner and others.Goodspeed: That’s the Sterling Horse Thief Detectives.Eustice: Is that what that is? The old anti-horse thief detective. That is an interesting picture.These items are self-explanatory. The rest of these picture are identified. This potato masher,you probably used that to help your mother.Goodspeed: No. That has two lives. It was an exercising, and then through another generation itwas a potato masher.Eustice. This cast iron kettle, I suppose was used like most people do.Goodspeed: Yes.Eustice: Frank, you have several flints and arrow heads, and that is the stuff that you havegathered over the years, right? The flintstones, etc.?Goodspeed: Ya. Largely from the east short of Clear Lake. George Goodspeed and Frank E.Wood (?) were partners more or less in the development of that area. The Goodspeed kids wereout there, the older ones working and the younger ones farting around picking up that stuff.Eustice: This (?) tube used by George El Goodspeed during the years as he was a distributor forkerosene and gasoline. Is that right?Goodspeed: That’s right. For the early years of the Standard Oil Distributor.Eustice: I sure appreciate this old U.S. Army Field Ration K. Chopped pork and egg yokes. Isuppose if we opened it, it would still be eatable, but I don’t think most of the boys cared muchfor that. Now Frank, this is a beautiful old antique piece; that’s a powder horn , is it?Goodspeed: No, it’s not a powder horn. That’s for shot. Those two pieces go together.

Eustice: The connection here would be your grandfather? I’m sure it dates back to the CivilWar.Goodspeed: Well, these are hunting things, both of these are for hunting.Eustice: So much of this stuff is identified, Frank; for instance, this old bottle, EACO MillingCompany, that’s given to us through your family. I”ll tell ya Frank, I hate to have to you partwith this wine that Hanson give you from 1930; you know that’s getting up there to 40 years orso old.Goodspeed: I’d rather have Bill Hanson come back and certify to it.Eustice: And this little thing?Goodspeed: That’s a glue pot.Eustice: And here you have an old canteen, and I’m sure that’s from World War I. This looks tome like it came of a cemetery.Goodspeed: That came off a Wilton Cemetery at a time ten or fifteen years ago. I was drivingout that way, and I found a considerable number of such things as that had been put into a scrapheap. I didn’t hesitate to steal that.Eustice: This is self-explanatory. It’s a tool for sewing harnesses, I know that one.Goodspeed: Vi had an item in her write-up about he large sewing device for harness-making andrepair in connection with my father’s work which was news to me.Eustice: That’s out at the Hodgson Building. It’s a harness-makers bench. This, I think I knowwho it is, but I’ll let you see if you can remember.Goodspeed: Well, that’s probably my grandmother.Eustice: Your father’s mother. On the back of the picture it states this is Frank Goodspeed’sgrandmother. The Goodspeed genealogy we don’t have to explain because that is identified.Goodspeed: Well no, but you better go slow. Barbie is just as apt to come along here and stealthat back from you.Eustice: She won’t get it.Goodspeed: Are you gonna keep those here or put them downstairs?Eustice: We are going to keep everything pertaining to your family; you see you got your album,your history and your biography up here, and I think this is the place for them. I have a key onmy master ring, and there is a key here, and if any of your relatives want to come and look up

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