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DAFCGDStandard Tuning - 12 String0002020TINY ISLANDAl Gaylor (arr. Leo Kottke from "Greenhouse")223300I wish I had030022a tiny island0Transcription courtesy The Tab Pigswww.tabpigs.orgLast Edit : 04/04/010220000floating in theseapalm treees swaydon't402020220330033000031203100get in the wayIt's a tropicalease7300330022002200000223200 200103and everywhere300030that02I2keep my002silence2000002no sound00222Ireturns T00tomejust endless wavesattheend of our days133003300H2 31203100330003002162the sighing of the seas00 0200020220020000001023BXXXXXbut yesterday's goneBB 3 X 2 2 X000000XXX32320XXX23XXBBB3000300023BB30000002B0B00Page 1 / 3

20I don't know where I comeBX B2XXXX000XXX3201023B300023Bfrom mmm mmmB2320XXXX300B300023B00023B1 023BTINY ISLAND - Al Gaylor (arr. Leo Kottke from "Greenhouse")wonder where I'm goingXXXXB000 300220001.LEAD BREAK2400202022300 2303020 220000200B2 00 2TMTMTIT2700020300022330 200 303300H13102313H300T30032000B2300233000200B2 00 200020202233302020322000220002020200 23TMTMTMTI363000330000 0312013H3000222022002Page 2 / 3

TINY ISLAND - Al Gaylor (arr. Leo Kottke from "Greenhouse")3920020200B2 000002020000H1023B3 XXXB000Sl300235 XXXB03242H0320B2 Sl570H1023B3 XXXB000Sl300235 XXXB032H0320B03H Po2 0 2002.4502202022022020001030 2302303Transcribed by Michael Rosenberger and Bruce SmithVERSE 2The very last time that you saw me offI thought it was understoodThat I'd be gone for a very long timeI might be gone for goodAnd all that time, all the timeI thought you would never fallIt did not dawn across my mindThe time that you lost it allREFRAINBut yesterday's goneI don't know where I come from, mmm mmmDon't know where I'm goingVERSE 3 repeats VERSE 1 and then REFRAINPage 3 / 3

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