keys to preach the Gospel carlos moses - Shofar Christian Church

keys to preach the Gospel carlos moses - Shofar Christian Church

keys to preach theGospelcarlos moses

sleutels om dieEvangelie teverkondigcarlos moses

2the gospel he promisedbeforehand through hisprophets in the HolyScriptures 3 regarding hisSon, who as to his earthlylife was a descendant ofDavid,

4and who through the Spiritof holiness was appointedthe Son of God in power byhis resurrection from thedead: Jesus Christ our Lord.

5Through him we receivedgrace and apostleship to callall the Gentiles to theobedience that comes fromfaith for his name’s sake.6And you also are amongthose Gentiles who arecalled to belong to JesusChrist.

7To all in Rome who areloved by God and called tobe his holy people: Graceand peace to you from Godour Father and from theLord Jesus Christ.

Key / Sleutel• Learn how to preachChrist vividly• Preek Christus sodatmense Hom kan beleef

2. The Gospel is shaped inpeoples live throughprayer2. Die Evangelietransformeer menseslegs as daar vir hullegebid word

Romans 1:8–15 (NIV)8First, I thank my Godthrough Jesus Christ for allof you, because your faith isbeing reported all over theworld.

9God, whom I serve in myspirit in preaching the gospelof his Son, is my witnesshow constantly I rememberyou 10 in my prayers at alltimes; and I pray that now atlast by God’s will the waymay be opened for me tocome to you.

13I do not want you to beunaware, brothers andsisters, that I planned manytimes to come to you (buthave been prevented fromdoing so until now) in orderthat I might have a harvestamong you, just as I havehad among the otherGentiles.

14I am obligated both toGreeks and non-Greeks,both to the wise and thefoolish. 15 That is why I am soeager to preach the gospelalso to you who are in Rome.

Key• intercession on threelevels• intersessie op 3 vlakke

grace to confess sins inhumilitygenade om ons sonde metnederigheid te bely

the church must flourish toreach the lostdie kerk moet floreer omdie verlorenes te bereik

a yearning to know God andsee His face‘n hart om God te sien enHom te leer ken

3. The Gospel istransformational3. Die Evangelie istransformerend

Romans 1:16–17 (NIV)16For I am not ashamed ofthe gospel, because it is thepower of God that bringssalvation to everyone whobelieves: first to the Jew,then to the Gentile.

17For in the gospel therighteousness of God isrevealed—a righteousnessthat is by faith from first tolast, just as it is written: “Therighteous will live by faith.”

Key• Show people how theGospel changed your life• Wys mense hoe dieEvangelie jou leweverander het

4. The Gospel is veracious4. Die Evangelie is dieWaarheid

Romans 1:18–21 (NIV)18The wrath of God is beingrevealed from heavenagainst all the godlessnessand wickedness of people,who suppress the truth bytheir wickedness,

19since what may be knownabout God is plain to them,because God has made itplain to them.

20For since the creation ofthe world God’s invisiblequalities—his eternal powerand divine nature—havebeen clearly seen, beingunderstood from what hasbeen made, so that peopleare without excuse.

21For although they knewGod, they neither glorifiedhim as God nor gave thanksto him, but their thinkingbecame futile and theirfoolish hearts weredarkened.

Key• The Gospel should bedemonstrated in a realand clear way• Die evangelie moet ‘nrealiteit word en dit moetduidelik wees as ons ditvir mense verduidelik

5. The Gospel isdoxological5. Die Evangelie bringuitermatige hulde aanGod

Romans 1:22–25 (NIV)22Although they claimed tobe wise, they became fools23and exchanged the gloryof the immortal God forimages made to look like amortal human being andbirds and animals andreptiles.

24Therefore God gave themover in the sinful desires oftheir hearts to sexualimpurity for the degrading oftheir bodies with oneanother.

25They exchanged the truthabout God for a lie, andworshiped and servedcreated things rather thanthe Creator—who is foreverpraised. Amen.

Key• The Gospel will exposeour idols• Die Evangelie ontblootons afgode

6. The Gospel showsdegradation caused bysin6. Die Evangelieontbloot dieagteruitgang van onslewens a.g.v. sonde

Romans 1:26–32 (NIV)26Because of this, God gavethem over to shameful lusts.Even their womenexchanged natural sexualrelations for unnatural ones.

27In the same way the menalso abandoned naturalrelations with women andwere inflamed with lust forone another. Mencommitted shameful actswith other men, andreceived in themselves thedue penalty for their error.

28Furthermore, just as theydid not think it worthwhileto retain the knowledge ofGod, so God gave them overto a depraved mind, so thatthey do what ought not tobe done.

29They have become filledwith every kind ofwickedness, evil, greed anddepravity. They are full ofenvy, murder, strife, deceitand malice. They are gossips,

30slanderers, God-haters,insolent, arrogant andboastful; they invent ways ofdoing evil; they disobey theirparents; 31 they have nounderstanding, no fidelity,no love, no mercy.

32Although they know God’srighteous decree that thosewho do such things deservedeath, they not onlycontinue to do these verythings but also approve ofthose who practice them.

KeyThe Gospel that does notpreach sin is a lieOm die Evangelie te preeksonder die indentifiseringvan sonde is ‘n leuen.

The Gospel is: Christocentric Prayerfully Birthed Transformational Doxological Veracious

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