Your Affordable Home Handbook - North Tipperary County Council

Your Affordable Home Handbook - North Tipperary County Council

ContactsYour first point of contact is thelocal authority in the area you areinterested in living in (see page 18).Otherwise, you should contact theAffordable Homes Partnership.We are a government agencyresponsible for promotingaffordable housing.Phone: 01 656 4100E-mail: info@affordablehome.ieWebsite:

ContentsGeneral information1 What is an affordable home? 32 Do I qualify? 33 What types of affordable homes are available? 34 Who provides affordable homes? 45 How do I apply? 46 What happens once I apply? 57 What are my chances of being offered an affordable home? 58 How much is an affordable home? 59 Can I apply for an affordable home if I am not an Irish citizen? 5Financing10 What is a mortgage? 611 How much can I afford to borrow? 612 What about a deposit and savings? 613 Where can I get a mortgage for an affordable home? 714 How long can a mortgage last? 815 Will I have to pay Stamp Duty? 916 What about tax relief on my mortgage? 917 Do I need mortgage-protection insurance? 1018 Am I entitled to other benefits? 10Other questions19 What is the ‘clawback’? 1220 Can I buy an affordable home through shared ownership? 13

General informationAffordable homes are homes provided ata discount to the market price for peoplewho cannot afford to buy a home on theopen market.• have enough income to meet yourmortgage repayments after you havepaid all your other costs; and• as a guide, earn up to €55,000 in a yearas a single person (up to €75,000between you if you are a couple). Theseare the approximate income limits only– lower income limits may apply.1 What is an affordable home?An affordable home is a home that youbuy at a discount to the market price. Youraffordable home is for you to live in as longas you want. If you sell it within 20 years,you will have to pay back a percentage ofthe sale price to the local authority.Do I qualify for an affordablehome?To qualify for an affordable home,you should:• be a first-time buyer (but there aresome exceptions, for example if youare divorced).What types of affordablehomes are available?A range of different properties are availableto buy, including:• one-, two- and three-bedroomedapartments; and• two-and three-bedroomed housesWhat makes these properties affordable isthat they are all available at prices that aremuch lower than the market value.

Your affordable-home handbookWho provides affordable homes?Private developmentsMost affordable homes are in private developments.Usually, a percentage of all houses or apartments in a privatedevelopment are made available to be sold as affordablehomes. These are sold at a discount to other houses andapartments in the development.Land owned by the Government and local authoritiesAnother way of providing affordable homes is to build them onland the local authority owns. Land owned by the Governmenthas also been made available for affordable homes. Checkwith your local authority for details.5 How do I apply?You apply to the local authority in the area you want to livein. You can apply to more than one local authority. Localauthorities include county councils, city councils, boroughcouncils and town councils.All local authorities have application forms for affordablehomes. They may charge an application fee so checkwith your local authority. See page 18 for a list of all thelocal

6 What happens once I apply?The local authority will assess yourapplication to decide whether you qualifyfor an affordable home. They will send youa letter explaining the outcome of yourapplication. Some local authorities mayask you to go to a meeting to discuss yourapplication in more detail.7 What are my chancesof being offered anaffordable home?There is more demand for affordable homesin some places than others. The number ofaffordable homes available may be limitedin the area you would prefer to live in.Keep your options open by consideringalternative areas.8 How much is anaffordable home?An affordable home is a home that you buyat a discount to the market price, but theprices are different in different areas ofthe country.The discount can also change depending onthe property. The price depends on the areayou want to live in and on the size and typeof affordable home available. The price ofaffordable homes in large towns and citiestends to be higher than elsewhere.In all cases you pay less for your affordablehome than you would pay if you werebuying it on the open market - that is whatmakes it an ‘affordable home’.9 Can I apply for an affordablehome if I am not an Irishcitizen?You may apply for an affordable home if youhave the right to live and work permanentlyin Ireland. If you are from a country that is amember of the European Union (EU) orEuropean Economic Area (EEA), you can applyfor an affordable home as long as you areliving and working in Ireland. If you are notfrom a country that is a member of the EU orEEA, you can check with your local authority.The European Economic Area (EEA) includesthe 25 EU member countries and Iceland,Lichtenstein and Norway.

Your affordable-home handbookFinancing10 What is a mortgage?A mortgage is a long-term loan that is secured againstyour home.11 How much can I afford to borrow?As a guide, your mortgage repayments should not be morethan one-third of your net income (after tax and socialinsurance (PRSI) have been taken off). For example, if your netincome is €2,700 a month, your mortgage repayments shouldnot be more than €900 a month. You need to be careful not toborrow more than you can afford to repay.1 What about a deposit and savings?• It is possible to borrow up to 97% of the purchase price ofan affordable home. This means that you need to save atleast 3% of the price for a deposit.• You should be able to show that you have a record ofsaving. Or, some banks or building societies may take arecord of rent paid into account as part of a saving record.This can show your ability to pay a

• Banks and building societies may applytheir own conditions, so you shouldcheck with them first.13 Where can I get a mortgagefor an affordable home?You may get a mortgage either fromthe local authority or from the followingorganisations.• Bank of Ireland• Educational Building Society (EBS)• IIB Homeloans LtdCheck www.affordablehome.iefor any updates to the above.If you choose a mortgage with a bankor building society and the localauthority offers you a home:1 the local authority will give you a‘Confirmation for Lender’ certificate,which describes the property and tellsyou the banks or building societiesthat may be willing to grant you amortgage for your affordable home; and2 you can then take this certificate andapply for a mortgage with a bank orbuilding society. The term of yourbank or building society mortgage(the number of years you makerepayments for) can be for up to35 years.

Your affordable-home handbookIf you choose a mortgage with the local authority:1 the most you can borrow from a local authority is €185,000(however, it is possible to buy a home with a value of morethan this by taking part in a shared-ownership scheme -see question 20);2 the term of your local-authority mortgage can be for up to 30years; and3 your mortgage repayments cannot be more than 35% of yournet income. If you are applying for a mortgage with someoneelse, the repayments cannot be more than 35% of your netincome put together.1 How long can a mortgage last?A mortgage can last from 15 to 35 years. The number of yearsthe mortgage lasts is called the term. With a shorter term, youhave higher monthly repayments but, because you pay themortgage over a shorter period, you pay less interest in total.With a longer term, you have lower monthly repayments butyou pay more interest in

ExampleCost of affordable home Less deposit Mortgage Approximate(3%) over 25 years monthly repayment€160,000 €4,800 €155,200 €860€180,000 €5,400 €174,600 €970€220,000 €6,600 €213,400 €1,185(an interest rate of 4.5%)Note: This is an example only and the interest rates may change. Your monthly mortgage repayments can go up or downdepending on interest rates and the conditions of your mortgage agreement. You must pay legal fees, which may beabout €2,000. To buy an affordable home you will need a deposit and enough money to cover the legal fees and othercosts. Remember to make sure that after you make your monthly mortgage repayment you still have enough money leftto pay all your other bills. A management charge may apply to some affordable homes.15 Will I have to pay stamp duty?As a first-time buyer, you will not have topay any stamp duty if your home is lessthan 125 square metres. Usually, homesbought by first-time buyers are less than125 square metres.16 What about tax reliefon my mortgage?You will get tax relief on the interest you payon your mortgage. The tax relief is appliedby the lender providing your mortgage.Your monthly mortgage repayments are thenreduced in line with this. Your lender shouldgive you a TRS1 form which you will needto fill in and send to:The Office of the Revenue CommissionersCollector-General’s DivisionTRS SectionSarsfield HouseFrancis StreetLimerickWebsite:

10Your affordable-home handbook17 Do I need mortgage-protection insurance?Yes. This is a special type of life assurance taken out for theterm of the mortgage to make sure the mortgage is paid offif you die.Mortgage-protection insurance from your local authorityIf your mortgage is with the local authority, you must take outa mortgage-protection insurance policy with them and thecost will be added to your monthly mortgage repayments.Mortgage-protection insurance from your bank orbuilding societyIf you get a mortgage with a bank or building society, you willneed to take out mortgage-protection insurance. Discuss youroptions for mortgage-protection insurance with them.18 Am I entitled to other benefits?If you are earning less than €28,000 a year (before tax andsocial insurance are taken off) or if you are a tenant of a localauthority or voluntary housing association, you may qualify forhelp with your mortgage payments (see below).Mortgage subsidyA mortgage subsidy is help with your mortgage payments. Toqualify, your household income needs to have been less

11€28,000 (before tax and social insuranceis taken off) in the previous tax year.Household income is the total income ofthe owners of the affordable home. If youqualify for a mortgage subsidy your monthlymortgage repayments will be reduced.Mortgage allowance schemeThe mortgage allowance scheme is anallowance of €11,450 to go towards yourmortgage, paid over a five-year period. Ifyou are a tenant of the local authority, oryou are buying the home you previouslyrented from the local authority, and youwant to buy an affordable home, you mayqualify for the mortgage allowance scheme.The allowance is paid directly to thelender providing your mortgage and yourrepayments are reduced for the first fiveyears of your mortgage. The allowance paidin any year cannot be more than the totalmortgage repayments due in that year.You may qualify for the mortgage subsidy andthe mortgage allowance scheme, but you canonly claim for one of them. Which of thesebenefits you most will depend on your income.

12Your affordable-home handbookOther questions19 What is the ‘clawback’?If you sell your affordable home within 20 years, you mustpay back to the local authority a percentage of the sale price.This is known as the ‘clawback’. This applies whether youhave a local-authority mortgage or a mortgage with a bank orbuilding society.The local authority works out the clawback as follows.• When you buy your affordable home, you get it at adiscount to other similar properties in the market. Theclawback is based on the percentage discount you getwhen you buy your affordable home. If you decide tosell or remortgage your home, the local authority appliesthis percentage to the price you get for the sale.• If you sell within the first 10 years, you must pay back thefull percentage from the sale that you got as a discountwhen you bought your home.• After 10 years, the percentage you must pay back reducesby one-tenth for each full year you live in your home.• If you sell your home after 20 years, you do not have topay any ‘clawback’ to the local

13Example of how the clawback worksJohn and Mary buy an affordable home.The market value of this property is€280,000, and they buy it at an affordableprice of €196,000. So, the market valuediscount to John and Mary, which is knownas the clawback, is 30%.• If John and Mary sold their affordablehome for €330,000 after five years, theclawback would be €99,000 (30% of€330,000). They would have to payback €99,000 to the local authority.They would also have to repay anymoney owed to the mortgage lender toclear their mortgage.• If John and Mary sold their affordablehome after 20 years, they wouldnot have to pay any clawback, butthey would have to repay anymoney owed to the mortgagelender to clear their mortgage.20 Can I buy an affordable homethrough shared ownership?Yes. Shared ownership is when you buypart of your home and pay rent to the localauthority on the share you do not own.It means that instead of taking out a fullmortgage on your new home, you can buypart of it and pay rent on the other part tothe local authority.• If John and Mary sold their affordablehome for €430,000 after 15 years, theclawback would have reduced to 15%and they would have to pay back€64,500 (15% of €430,000) to thelocal authority. They would also haveto repay any money owed to themortgage lender to clear their mortgage.

14Your affordable-home handbookYou can get more information from thefollowing websites.• The website of the local authority to which youwant to apply for an affordable home (see the backof the handbook for details)• Our website,• The Department of the Environment,Heritage and Local Government website,• The eGovernment website,

16Your affordable-home handbookChecklistPlease tick• Am I a first-time buyer?(Exceptions may apply, for example if you are divorced).• Do I earn less than €55,000 a year (if I am single)or €75,000 (if I am in a couple)?• Have I got proof of my identity -for example, a passport or a driver’s licence?• Have I got my latest P60 and three recent payslips?• Have I got copies of my recent bank statements?• Have I got statements for any savings and loans that I have?

17Getting started• Get an application form for an affordable home from thelocal authority in the area where you want to buy.You can apply to more than one local authority.• Fill in the application form.• Return it (along with the fee, if it applies) to thelocal authority.• Make sure you have a deposit to buy a home –if you haven’t got a deposit, start saving for one.• Make sure that you can repay a mortgage.• Build up a savings record.

18Your affordable-home handbookUseful contactsLocal authority Website Phone numberCarlow County Council 059 917 0300Town councils: Bagnelstown, CarlowCavan County Council 049 433 1799Town councils: Belturbet, Cavan, CootehillClare County Council 065 682 1616Town councils: Ennis, Kilkee, Kilrush, ShannonCork City Council 021 496 6222Cork County Council 021 427 6891Town councils: Bandon, Bantry, Clonakilty, Cobh,Fermoy, Kinsale, Macroom, Mallow, Middleton,Passage West, Skibbereen, YoughalDonegal County Council 074 917 2222Town councils: Ballyshannon, Buncrana,Bundoran, LetterkennyDublin City Council 01 222 2454Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council 01 204 792001 204 7923Fingal County Council 01 890 5000Town council: BalbrigganGalway City Council 091 536

19Local authority Website Phone numberGalway County Council 091 509 000Town councils: Ballinasloe, Loughrea, TuamKerry County Council 066 712 1111Town councils: Killarney, Listowel, TraleeKildare County Council 045 980 705Town councils: Athy, Leixlip, Naas, NewbridgeKilkenny County Council 056 779 4000Borough council: KilkennyLaois County Council 057 866 4000Town councils: Portlaoise, MountmellickLeitrim County Council 071 962 0005Limerick City Council 061 415 799Limerick County Council 061 496 000Longford County Council 043 433 00Town councils: Longford, GranardLouth County Council 042 933 5457Borough council: DroghedaTown councils: Ardee, DundalkMayo County Council 094 902 444Town councils: Ballina, Castlebar, WestportMeath County Council 046 909 7000Town councils: Kells, Navan, TrimMonaghan County Council 047 305 00Town councils: Ballybay, Carrickmacross,Castleblaney, Clones, Monaghan

20Your affordable-home handbookLocal authority Website Phone numberOffaly County Council 057 9346 800Town councils: Birr, Edenderry, TullamoreRoscommon County Council 090 663 7100Town council: BoyleSligo County Council 071 911 1111Borough council: SligoSouth Dublin County Council 01 414 9092South Tipperary County Council 052 344 55Borough council: ClonmelTown councils: Carrick-on-Suir, Cashel, TipperaryTipperary North County Council 067 445 00Town councils: Templemore, Nenagh, ThurlesWaterford City Council 051 309 900Waterford County Council 058 232 000Town councils: Dungarvan, Lismore, TramoreWestmeath County Council 044 9340 861Town councils: Athlone, MullingarWexford County Council 053 917 6500Borough council: WexfordTown councils: Enniscorthy, Gorey, New RossWicklow County Council 0404 201 00Town councils: Arklow, Bray, Greystones,

This handbook is about affordable homes. We have tried our best to make sure it isaccurate but it is a guide only. Nothing in this booklet gives advice on, or recommends,any particular product or product provider.

www.affordablehome.ieAffordable Homes Partnership2nd FloorCumberland HouseFenian StreetDublin 2Phone: 01 656 4100Fax: 01 656 4101E-mail: info@affordablehome.iePrinted onenvironmentallyfriendly paper

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