NCIR Reports

NCIR Reports

Press releaseCopenhagen, Geneva and Paris, 14 April 2014Cycling can create at least 76 600 jobs and save10 000 lives every year in major European citiesOver 76 600 people would be employed in green and healthy transport every year and10 000 lives would be saved if major European cities 1 reached the cycling modal share ofCopenhagen. This is the conclusion of a new publication released today by UNECE and theWHO Regional Office for Europe.For the first time, Unlocking new opportunities estimates that investing in “green and healthytransport” not only has positive health and environmental effects but is also economicallyprofitable.2Transport, health and environment come together in ParisThe new findings are released on the occasion of the Fourth High-level Meeting on Transport,Health and Environment, organized by UNECE and the WHO Regional Office for Europeand hosted by France. On 14–16 April 2014, European ministries of transport, health and theenvironment gathering in Paris will examine how innovative transport policies can createemployment opportunities, along with healthier and greener societies.“An efficient transport system is vital for the functioning of modern economies. However,transport can greatly damage environment and health. That is why we call for a bold ParisDeclaration, urging government investments in green and healthy transport,” saysZsuzsannaJakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe. “The pay-offs from these investmentsare enormous and include new jobs and healthier people from more physical activity, fewerroad traffic injuries, less noise and better air quality.”“Transport, health and environment form a dynamic nexus of vitality and mobility in ourcities, presenting a formidable challenge for sustainability, but also great opportunities for abetter quality of life,” says Eva Molnar, Director, Transport Division, UNECE, speaking onbehalf of Michael Møller, Acting Executive Secretary of UNECE. “The Fourth High-levelMeeting calls on Member States, civil society and local and regional authorities to support thefuture vision of THE PEP [Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme]:‘Green and healthy mobility and transport for sustainable livelihoods for all’.”1 The calculations are for 54 main cities of the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the United NationsEconomic Commission for Europe (UNECE) (see Table 1).2 Unlocking new opportunities: jobs in green and healthy transport. Copenhagen: WHO Regional Office forEurope; 2014 (

The Benchmark ReportGenerating Report and Understanding Results

Benchmark Reports: GeneratingYou want to knowthe percent of… your 24-36 monthold clients completed therecommended4313314 series byage 24 months?Note: In childhoodbenchmark rows(with @ symbol),clients must be upto-dateby that age inorder to meetbenchmark

Benchmark Reports: Results

Understanding the client list:1st symbol answers “Did the clientmeet or not meet all benchmarkcriteria for the vaccine?”Y = YesN = NoColumn: Vaccine.Parenthesis: Number ofdoses required to be up-todateIf N, then a 2nd symbol maybe present:C = “Complete,” or caught upas of current date, but not bythe benchmark age (i.e. lateup-to-date)# = number of doses received(if blank, no doses received)Client 1Client 2

Flu Vaccine Benchmark ReportsYou want to know thepercent of your 2-4year old clients whohad a flu shot thisyear… Influenzabenchmark locatedon the “Adult” row Will not generateunless yourselected age orbirth date rangeincludes clients age7 or older. Select 2-7 years asyour age range

Reminder/Recall ReportGenerating the Report and Understanding the Results

Reminder/Recall: GeneratingUse “Add” and“Remove” tochoose the vaccinesyou’d like to look at.Enter your birthrange (and target ifyou’re looking forkids who will bedue for shots in thecoming months).

Reminder/Recall: ResultsAll active clientsin yourorganizationAll clients withincompleteschedulesClients missingcontactinformation

Reminder/Recall: ResultsCLIENT QUERYLISTINGA great tool for comparingNCIR clients to yourelectronic health record orfor tracking patients missingshots.

The Assessment ReportGenerating the Report andUnderstanding the Results

Assessment Report: Generating Privateproviderscreen Local healthdepartmentscreen

Assessment Report: Results Records Analyzed = Total number of clients in each age group Evaluation date sets the birth date ranges for each age group.

Assessment Report: ResultsAge Group Birth Date Range Records Analyzed24 – 35 Months of Age 01/01/2007 – 01/02/2006 8 .Immunization StatusAge (months)Up-to-Date(UTD)24 – 35 Months of AgeLateUTD @ Assessment24 1 50.00% 62.50%12 2 75.00% 87.50%7 3 62.50% 87.50%1) UTD by 24 months equals 4 DTaP, 3 HepB, 1 MMR, 3 HIB, 3 Polio2) UTD by 12 months equals 3 DTaP, 2 HepB, 2 HIB, 2 Polio3) UTD by 7 months equals 3 DTaP, 2 HepB, 2 HIB, 2 Polio

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