Classified Announcements - West Virginia Department of Agriculture

Classified Announcements - West Virginia Department of Agriculture

Classified Announcements - West Virginia Department of Agriculture


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Miniature female donkey, reasonable. JayYoung, 1937 Milo Rd., Orma, 25268; 655-8069.Job WantsHorse boarding, $325/mo. Debbie Lucenti-Adkins, 852 Fraziers Bottom, 25082; 989-1983.Plant SalesNo medicinal plants, nursery stock, commonagricultural seeds unless tested for germination.Seeds: Mortgage lifter tomato, $1/30 seed; yellowground cherry; yellow rutabaga, $1/100 seed;cressy greens, $1/Tbls.; all plus SASE. Denny Canterbury,Rt. 2, Box 228, Ronceverte, 24970.Bean seeds: '12 old-time Logan giant, $10/100seed plus post. Terry Daniel, P.O. Box 27, Fairdale,25839; 934-5471.Bean seeds: old-time fat man, Logan giant & rattlesnake,turkey craw, Oct. tender hull & bush, greasy& white pole, brown half runner, more, $11/100 seed;elephant garlic bulb seeds, $13/lb.; all ppd. Betty Flanagan,467 Ritchie Farm Rd., Summersville, 26651;742-8868; allen.flanagan@gmail.com.Tabacco seeds: W.Va. Mtn. grown burly, organic,germination tested, incl. growing instruction, $4/tsp. $6/2 tsps. $8/3 tsps.; all plus first class SASE.Bill Hailer, 2031 Hiner Mill Rd., Sugar Grove, 26815.Tomato seeds: mortgage lifter, old-time ox heart,Belgian giant, W.Va. 63 & hillbilly bi-colored, amishyellow giant, Ky. yellow beef steak, cosner, New Zealandred, brandywine, caspian pink, $1.25/30 seedplus SASE. Jim Raney, 3534 Winchester Ave. Martinsburg,25405; 267-1617.W.Va. Christmas Tree Growers Assoc.Winter MeetingFeb. 23-24Days HotelFlatwoods, W.Va.Contact Art Yagel, 575-2787.Plant WantsBean seed, fat man. Lola Alderman, HC 67,Box 547A, Renick, 24966; 497-3327.Hull buckwheat & shelled yellow dent corn, non-GMO cert. only, must be cert. for human consumption.M. Wayne, RR 1, Middlebourne, 26149; mystagogy@live.com.Poultry SalesNo ornamental, wild or game birds; eggs.Red Sex-Link 1-yr. hens, 15, $3/ea. Lisa Cress,234 Hemlock Hollow, Kingwood, 26537; 288-2057.Ducks, khaki campbell, $5/ea.; golden comet& black sex linked hens, $4/ea.; mixed big stockroosters, $3; Cornish rock trio, $25; black breastedred & blue bantums, $3/ea.; quantity discounts.Cathy Hudson, 178 Beech Fork Circle, Lavalette,25535; 544-4715.Guinea fowls, $25/pr. Stanley Kuzniar, 452 MerleYost Rd., Core, 26541; 278-5334.Mixed breed layers, 17; Bantam rooster, $5/eaor $75/all. John Smallridge, 26 Capitol St., Charleston,25301; 342-1906.Layers, mature, $6/ea. Bob Suan, Rt. 2, Box 237,Lost Creek, 26385; 624-6202.Brown egg layers, 34 & rooster, $4/ea. or $100/all. Larry Yoho, RR1, Box 144A, Proctor, 26055;455-3449.Sheep SalesReg. Coopworth ram, excel. disp., $200. Pam9252; palyn@frontier.com.Hamp./Suff. 11-mo. ram, proven, will sire clublambs, halters, $400. Justin McClain, Rt. 3, Box 70,Salem, 26426; 782-3983.Reg. Katahdin rams: solid yrlg.; 1- to 3-yr.whites, Mtn. View Farm/Blugrass Katahdin blood,$350/ea.; all parasite resistant. Eric Napier, 6834Whites Ck. Rd., Wayne, 25570; 486-5441; erexcavating@yahoo.com.Reg. Southdown 3-yr. ewe, $250. Terri Stutler,Rt. 2, Box 186O, Jane Lew, 26378; 745-3795.Miscellaneous SalesNo riding habits or other clothes; appliances orfurniture; antiques or crafts; hand power toolsor equipment; food processing or preservationitems or equipment; general wood workingtools; firewood. Only dogs recognized by theAKC as herding or working can be accepted.Sheep/goat head gate, elec. lift panel/collectorchute, excel. cond., $4,500. David Anderson, 335Kegley School Rd., 24740; 920-5313.Reg. Maremma pups, livestock guardians, farmraised, $500/ea. Elizabeth Anderson, 277 AndersonHollow Rd., Mannington, 26582; 986-1498; andersonhollowfarm@yahoo.com.Acreage: Summers Co.: 25+A. w/barn, pavedroad frontage, elec., fenced, septic, well, spring,pond, woods, near Hinton, $100,000. Elmo Allen,Rt. 1, Box 46C, Hinton, 25951; 466-1901.Acreage: Ritchie Co.: 6+/-A. east <strong>of</strong> Parkersburg,mostly wooded hillside, $10,500; Webster Co.: 44 A. w/woods, near Camden On Gauley, $99,500. Don Barger,Rt. 1, Box 300, Elkins, 26241; 636-7673.Feed tank, 10 ton, $1,200. Raymond Bays,23050 Midland Trail, Victor, 25938; 640-3730.Filson goat table, excel. cond., $1,000; hay, '12sq. bales, mixed grass, $3/bale. Tim Bender, Rt. 1, Box40D, Mill Creek, 26280; 642-2226; bestwvboergoats@yahoo.com.Hay, '12 sq. bales, brome/orchard mix, $2.50/bale. Jeff Beatty, Rt. 5, Box 700, Keyser, 26726;788-2619.AKC Cane Corso pups, champ. Italian blood,5 formentinos/2 blues, shots/worming current,1-yr. genetic health guarantee, $1,200. VanessaCaro, Rt. 2, Box 176C, Salem, 26426; 439-6444.Acreage: Upsher Co.: 100 A., fenced, ponds,$429,000. Sylvia Casto, Rt. 1, Box 107CC, Buckhannon,26201; 269-3815.Alpacas: reg. Suri: 6-yr. red/brown proven female& 3-yr. white male; Huacaya: 3-yr. proven female, canreg., fall bred; 5-mo. female; reg. 9-yr. male, proven;all drk. brown, $75-$375/ea. or $975/all. I. Chapman,P.O. Box 467, Sod, 25564; 756-274; iklemiklechapman@gmail.com.Hay, 4x6 bales, $60/ea. Raymond Cyrus, 2581Little Fudges Ck. Rd., Barboursville, 25504; 736-2867.Great Pyrenees/Maremma pups, livestockguardians, see farm raised parents, $125/ea. BradDennison, HC 59, Box 2, Frametown, 26623; 644-9144; dennisonbrad740@gmail.com.Horse stocks for shoeing/doctoring, $250. DonaldDunbar, 305 Big Tygart Ck. Rd., Mineral Wells,26150; 489-1510.Acreage: Cabell Co.: 113 A. in Milton, woods/meadow, black top road, no utilities, $375,000. MikeDunlap, 560 Hudson Valley Dr., South Charleston,25309; 546-1439; mdunlap115@suddenlink.net.Loom, 45", 8 harness, cherry, $1,600. Sidney Engle,202 Pine Wood Dr., Ripley, 25271; 740-591-9056.Hay, sq. bales, mixed grass, $3/bale. ByronEuler, 831 Baler Ridge Rd., Cottageville, 25239;372-3918.Hay, 1st & 2nd cut, 4x4 round bales, $35/bale;sq. bales, $3.50/bale; all dry kept/easy access. EugeneFinster, 894 Indian Fork Rd., Orlando, 26412;452-8242.Hay, 2nd cut sq. bales, mixed meadow, barnkept, never wet, $3.50/bale. Travis Flohr, Rt. 3, Box126, Grafton, 26354; 612-0333.Hay, 250 round bales, approx. 500 lbs., $30/bale. Troy Forren, Rt. 1, Box 18, Fort Spring, 24970;667-7344.Hay, 4x5 round bales, mixed grass, $20/bale.Robert Gray, 197 Daugherty Rd., Philippi, 26416;672-3804.Hay, 1st cut sq. bales, barn kept, $2.80/bale.Randall Grimm, 1209 Sunnyside Rd., <strong>West</strong> Union,26456; 873-2124.Engl. Shep. 8-wk. pups, shots/worming current,$300. Erwin Haller, RR 2, Box 53A, Belington,26250; 823-1558; ejhaller@live.com.Hay, '12 4x4 rolls, 1st & 2nd cut, covered, $35/bale. Phil Haller, RR 3, Box 196, Philippi, 26416;457-1477.Squeeze Chute auto head gate w/palpitationcage, $850. Chad Harmon, P.O. Box 154, Harmon,26270; 642-4185.Bailing twine, 15 boxes @ 2,000', $20/box.Robert Haynes, 240 Haynes Lane, Princeton,24739; 487-1633.Fish for stocking: Bass, 3"-5", $1.10; bluegill,3"-5"; hybrid bluegill, 3"-5"; catfish, 5"-7", 60¢/ea.;8"-10", $1; goldfish, 4"-6", $1; minnows, $10.50/lb.; grass carp, 10"-13", $13; koi, 11"-13", $10.50;delivery avail. Fred Hays, P.O. Box 241, Elkview,25070; 548-7117.Alpacas 2-yr. & 6-yr. males, $200 ea./obo. PamHayes, 102 Hillcrest Acres, Sistersville, 26175; 337-9252; palyn@frontier.com.Hay, orchard grass, early cut, never wet; wheatstraw, $4/bale/ea. Greg Helm, HC 81, Box 309, Peterstown,24963; 753-4757.Chicken coops, plastic, excel. cond., $30/ea. MaxHigh, 8508 Patterson Ck. Rd., Lahmansville, 26731;749-8145.Trailer, '00 Featherlite gooseneck, 3-horse dropdown feed doors, dressing rm., removable rear tack,excel. cond., $12,000. Leigh Hudson, P.O. Box 206,Alderson, 24910; 667-8182.Goat milk soap, various designs/scents incl. uncolored/unscented,$2.50/ea. w/$6 ship on any order.Brenda Johnson, 755 Erbacon Rd., Cowen, 26206;226-3775.Mulch hay, $3/bale or $2/bag. Patricia Johnson,10044 Glen Dale Rd., Cairo, 26337; 628-3883.Hay, round bales, mixed grass, limed/fertilized,4x4 bales, $25; 4x5 bales, $40/bale. Bob Joyce, 4834Sweet Springs Valley, Gap Mills, 24941; 772-3099.AKC German Shep. 8-wk. pups, black, male/2females, excel. blood, see parents, shots/multi-dewormingcurrent, $500/ea.; $100 deposit will holdchoice. Brenda Justice, RR 1, Box 29A, Greenville,24945; 832-6839; jjusticebs@aol.com.Hay, 4x5 round bales, shed kept, $30/bale.Dale Kelly, 4050 Cuzzart Rd., Bruceton Mills,26525; 379-6522.Greenhouse, 56'x75' gutter connect w/fans, gasheaters, poly sides, $10,000. Phillip Lowe, 2548 TerrapinNeck Rd., Shepherdstown, 25443; 671-8758.Coopworth & Jacob tanned pelts, $90-$140;roving, various colors, $28/lb.; Coopworth 2-way swirlw/dye, $38/lb; alpaca/Coopworth 2-way swirl, $46/lb.;batting, white/brown, various sizes, $21/lb. DebbieMartzall-Farmer, 2576 Laurel Ck. Rd., Tanner, 26137;462-8043; hearts<strong>of</strong>themeadow@gmail.com.Carriage, horse drawn, 2 fold down front & rumbleseats, alt. spokes, shaft set/2 tongues, $6,000;see photos. James Massey, 26 Anthony Dr., Mannington,26582; 795-4440.AKC Bernese Mtn. dogs, working, see parents,excel. disp., $950. Robert Matheny, 591 BadgleyFork Rd., Mineral Wells, 26150; 615-0361.Greenhouse slant wall fans: two 24" w/shutters,no motor, $300/ea./obo; 36" w/shutters/motor, $500/obo; 4 greenhouse furnaces, $200/ea./obo. Butch Mc-Neill, P.O. Box 15, Old Fields, 26854; 538-6256; jmcneill@frontiernet.net.Hayes, 102 Hillcrest Acres, Sistersville, 26175; 337- Miscellaneous Sales, cont. on page 12The Market Bulletin 11

THE MARKET BULLETIN<strong>West</strong> <strong>Virginia</strong> <strong>Department</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Agriculture</strong>Walt Helmick, Commissioner1900 Kanawha Blvd., E.Charleston, WV 25305-0170February 2013Return Service RequestedNonpr<strong>of</strong>it OrganizationU.S. Postage PaidPermit 80Charleston, WV 25301Miscellaneous Sales, cont. from page 11Acreage: Roane Co.: 55.75 A., surveyed w/woods, pasture, hayfields, spring w/two 300 gal. watertanks, $75,000. Larry Miller, 2 Creekside Dr., Culloden,25510; 743-7954.Ear corn, $215/ton; hay/straw, $3.50/bale.Greg Moran, 1425 Little Sandy Rd., Bruceton Mills,26525; 379-7723.Water troughs, Rubbermaid, 100 gal., $40; 50gal., $30. Debbi Nestor, Rt. 3, Box 477, Grafton,26354; 265-5804.Rabbits: mature 2-mo. & 4-mo. dwarves, 2½lbs., various colors; 3½-mo. Cals., 4-5 lbs.; 5-mo.lionheads, $15/ea. Cindy Norris, 2000 4th St.,Moundsville, 26041; 843-0035.Border Collie 12/12 female pups, dew claws removed,shots/worming current, red/white, $300; 2black/white, $250/ea. Roger O’Quinn, 822 SpruceGrove Rd., Mt. Nebo, 26679; rogerjoan@hotmial.com.Maremma pups, livestock guardians, vaccination/wormingcurrent, vet checked, $800/ea. MindyOsborne, 618 Riner Dairy Road, Fayetteville, 25840;640-1491.Hay, approx. 160 sq. bales, '11/'12 cut, mixedgrass, barn kept, $1.75/bale. Robert Phares, P.O.Box 205, Circleville, 26804; 567-2599.Wool roving: Blue Faced Leicester, Dorest, llamablends & Merino cross, various colors, naturals, $24/lb.; hand dyed, $30/lb.; batting, white/natural, varioussizes, $24-$48; craft batts, white/natural, $10. DebbieRapp, HC 665, Box 267AA, Renick, 24966; 497-2680; thehollerfarm@frontiernet.net.Rabbits, 6-8 wks., various colors; Holland lop,Dutch, Rex, New Zealand/Flemish giant & Flemishgiant/Checkered giant, $20/ea; Engl. angora, $25/ea.Jason Ray, P.O. Box 372, Jane Lew, 26378; 884-7396.Blue Heeler pups: 2 females, $200/ea.; 4 males,$175/ea.; all working parents, vaccination/wormingcurrent, vet checked, tails docked, dew claws removed.Deanne Reedy, Rt. 1, Box 232, Given, 25245;586-3906.Blue Heeler pups, $100/ea. Raymond Reedy,Rt. 1, Box 355, Buffalo, 25033; 937-2113.Hay, '12 sq. bales, orchard grass mix, 1st cut, $3/bale; 2nd cut, $3.20/bale. David Reger, 4 East ViewTerrace, Buckhannon, 26201; 472-6425.Looms, 2 w/new reeds, $375/ea. Joelle Ruddy,1052 Brushy Fork Rd., New Milton, 26411; 873-3569;luckycharmwv@gmail.com.Saddle: Bob’s Custom Reining youth, 14", $950;Billy Cook <strong>West</strong>. Show w/silver, 15½", $1,500; blackpony, 12", $95. Larry Sayre, 14390 Sand Hill Rd., Letart,25253; 895-3319; sfarms@frontiernet.net.Hay, 1st/2nd cut sq. bales, barn kept/easy access,$4/bale. Lou Schmidt, 380 Crystal Spring Rd.,Salem, 26426; 783-4836.Hay, 4x5 round bales, never wet, barn kept, $20/bale. M. Shupp, Rt. 2, Stalnaker Rd., Philippi, 26416;457-1063.Hay, 6x5 1,200 lb. bales, alfalfa/orchard/timothymix, banr kept, will load, $28/bale; 3+ bales, $25/bale. Burhl Sisler, 919 Sisler Rd., Terra Alta, 26764;789-2658.Acreage for Rent: Cabell Co.: mostly openpasture, mandatory farming experience, $500/mo.John Smallridge, 26 Capitol St., Charleston, 25301;342-1906.Blue Heeler pups, 4 males/3 females, $100. TonySmith, Rt. 3, Box 364, Milton, 25541; 743-6699.Hay, 1st & 2nd cut sq. bales, never wet, $2.50/bale. Mike Squires, 1502 Smith Run Rd., <strong>West</strong>on,26452; 622-7011.Aust. Shep. 1/13 pups, 7, 1st shots/wormingcurrent, males, $200; females, $250. Lisa Stout, 1Greenbrier Rd., Salem, 26426; 782-1444.Carriage, 1-horse two seater, good cond., garagekept; Buckboard wagon w/hyd. brakes, excel.cond., $1,500/ea.; both w/head/taillights. BobbyStump, P.O. Box 551, Cool Ridge, 25825; 575-3613.Cart, E-Z entry horse, black, good cond., $375.Mike Trader, 433 Camp Virgil Tate Rd., Charleston,25312; 425-5044.Hay, 4x5 round bales, 1st cut, orchard/mixedgrass, $30/bale; 15K fifth-wheel plate hitch w/rails &braces, $400. Vickie Truman, Rt. 3, Box 208, Elkins,26241; 636-5249.Hay, 3x4 round bales, $15/bale. Robert Waggy,3894 Beechtown Rd., French Creek, 26218; 924-6998.Hay, 150 bales, 5x5 rolls, mixed grass, approx.1,200 lbs., barn kept, never wet, $40/bale. Oscar Wallace,766 Stanton Lane, Ripley, 25271; 372-4801.Great Pyrenees pups, $300/ea. Kirk Walton, HC64, Box 250, Hillsboro, 24946; 653-4783.Locust posts, yellow, 6½' sharpened, $3.50/ea.C. Williams 3526 Licking Rd., Parsons, 26287.Miscellaneous WantsAcreage: 60+A. near Clarksburg. Amiee Ballard,117 Grove Ave., Clarksburg, 26301; 512-461-2354; lovelyanaii@gmail.com.Collie dogs, 2, prefer male. Larry Robinson,1251 Marsh Rd., Pennsboro, 26415; 659-2156.12Articles in this publication may be reprinted, with the exception <strong>of</strong> advertisements, when a credit by-line is given to the <strong>West</strong> <strong>Virginia</strong> <strong>Department</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Agriculture</strong>. The use <strong>of</strong> trade names in this publication isfor purposes <strong>of</strong> clarity and information only. No endorsement is made or implied <strong>of</strong> any product, or is it implied that similar products are less effective. Statement <strong>of</strong> Policy Regarding Equal Opportunity andParticipation in Programs: It is the policy <strong>of</strong> the <strong>West</strong> <strong>Virginia</strong> <strong>Department</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Agriculture</strong> to provide its services and programs to all persons without regard to sex, race, color, age, religion, national originor handicap.The Market Bulletin

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