Records Management at the Movies - Records and Information ...

Records Management at the Movies - Records and Information ...

Records Management at the Movies - Records and Information ...


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<strong>Records</strong> <strong>Management</strong><strong>at</strong> <strong>the</strong><strong>Movies</strong>www.rammell.comRammell ConsultingOrganis<strong>at</strong>ional Effectiveness through<strong>Records</strong> & Inform<strong>at</strong>ion <strong>Management</strong>

1984www.rammell.comThe Orwelian classic

A Civil Actionwww.rammell.comThe records from Travolta’s case are h<strong>and</strong>ed over to <strong>the</strong>Environmental Protection Agency. A fork-lift movesrecords in a warehouse full of such documents.

A Few Good Menwww.rammell.comThe tower chiefs logs for Guantanamo Bay <strong>and</strong> AndrewAirforce base are used as evidence. These should log aflight th<strong>at</strong> took place <strong>at</strong> a certain but Colonel Jessupsomehow has <strong>the</strong>m amended to save him from gettinginto trouble.

Alien 3www.rammell.comThe plots centre around <strong>the</strong> mining company’s s secretdefence contract agenda, which Ripley accesseselectronically from <strong>the</strong> ship's records system. She alsoaccesses <strong>the</strong> company personnel files.

All The President’s s Menwww.rammell.comThis film from 1976 stars Robert Redford <strong>and</strong> Dustin Hoffman, as reportersfrom <strong>the</strong> Washington Post who discover a link between <strong>the</strong> Whitehouse <strong>and</strong><strong>the</strong> break-in <strong>at</strong> <strong>the</strong> W<strong>at</strong>erg<strong>at</strong>e building, leading to <strong>the</strong> downfall of Nixon.They investig<strong>at</strong>e <strong>the</strong> destruction of official records being destroyed withoutauthoris<strong>at</strong>ion to cover up <strong>the</strong> conspiracy. Cringe as Dustin Hoffman goesinto a government record office <strong>and</strong> is brought some volumes by a verynerdy searchroom assistant. He <strong>the</strong>n tears out <strong>the</strong> pages he needs asevidence, when <strong>the</strong> assistant isn't looking.

American Splendorwww.rammell.comThe main character, Harvey Pekar, , is a hospital <strong>Records</strong>Manager <strong>and</strong> part-time time comic script writer. Many of <strong>the</strong>scenes are set in his *tidy* file room.

Being John Malkovichwww.rammell.comThis included a records centre with an unusually low ceilingheight (cheap rental value), where you could access <strong>the</strong>brain of JM via a portal hidden behind a filing cabinet.

Bladerunnerwww.rammell.comAre we human because we keep records? Will we havebiometric records to prove th<strong>at</strong> we are human?

Blue Collarwww.rammell.comPaul Shrader's film where factory workers Harvey Keitel,Yaphet Koto <strong>and</strong> Richard Pryor raid <strong>the</strong>ir trade unionoffice for money <strong>and</strong> find records rel<strong>at</strong>ing to <strong>the</strong> unionsinvolvement with <strong>the</strong> mafia.

Bruce Almightywww.rammell.comJim Carey demonstr<strong>at</strong>es just how much you can fit into a filing cabinet. cHe also has a records problem in managing prayer requests. Theprayers have built up <strong>and</strong> he needs a system to manage <strong>the</strong>m. Firs<strong>the</strong> tries stick-it it notes, <strong>the</strong>n filing cabinets, <strong>and</strong> finally opts for anemail system on a computer called Yahweh.

Carlton Brownof <strong>the</strong> FOwww.rammell.comClassic 1950's comedy fe<strong>at</strong>uring Terry Thomas <strong>and</strong> Peter Sellers. TheForeign Office receives a letter from a colony <strong>the</strong>y had completelylyforgotten about <strong>and</strong> have to ring down to Archives to retrieve itspapers. The Archives/RM unit consists of cobweb encrustedcupboards with mice (loc<strong>at</strong>ed in, you guessed it, <strong>the</strong> basement)looked after by an ancient, shuffling records manager/Archivist -how not to keep your semi-current records!

Chin<strong>at</strong>ownwww.rammell.comJack Nicholson goes to <strong>the</strong> records office, borrows a rulerfrom <strong>the</strong> records clerk, <strong>and</strong> tears off a property deedwhile <strong>the</strong> clerk is not looking.

Class Actionwww.rammell.comThis 1990 movie class fe<strong>at</strong>ures Gene Hackman. . The film centres aroundevidence for a court case against a motor firm. Many scenes in aRecord Centre & lots of records being dumped on solicitors to mask"<strong>the</strong> truth"!It includes a strong document production/litig<strong>at</strong>ion <strong>the</strong>mewith tons of Iron Mountain boxes <strong>and</strong> <strong>the</strong> line by an elderly witnesswho said th<strong>at</strong> he didn't have <strong>the</strong> document -- to get it you have to goto <strong>the</strong> mountain -- Iron Mountain!.

Clear <strong>and</strong> PresentDangerwww.rammell.comDemonstr<strong>at</strong>es <strong>the</strong> difference between computerizedresearch into records versus paper records <strong>and</strong> how adestruction schedule is not always respected.

Cold Casewww.rammell.comTV series pulling out old case files <strong>and</strong> notusing "Out Cards"!

Desk Setwww.rammell.comTwo extremely strong personalities, Spencer Tracy <strong>and</strong>K<strong>at</strong>harine Hepburn, clash over <strong>the</strong> computeriz<strong>at</strong>ion of aTV network's research department.

Die Hard 2www.rammell.comBruce Willis is looking for <strong>the</strong> plans for <strong>the</strong> airport cableraceways to get under <strong>the</strong> runway <strong>and</strong> he encounters<strong>the</strong> "file room" with <strong>the</strong> drawings in rolls "filed" ingarbage cans...

Disclosurewww.rammell.comThe film version of Michael Crichton's novel in which <strong>the</strong> electronic records of <strong>the</strong> computercompany in which <strong>the</strong> action is set are visualised in <strong>the</strong>ir experimental virtual realityenvironment as a series of folders in vertical filing cabinets, <strong>the</strong> drawers of which aremarked with topic labels <strong>and</strong> open on voice comm<strong>and</strong>. When <strong>the</strong> hero (Michael Douglas)enters <strong>the</strong> virtual reality space looking for 'files' he w<strong>at</strong>ches <strong>the</strong>m physically disappear as <strong>the</strong>evil hard woman who is trying to destroy his career (Demi(Moore) sits <strong>at</strong> her computer inreal time <strong>and</strong> deletes <strong>the</strong>m. He is able to recover <strong>the</strong> crucial deleted e-mails e<strong>and</strong> o<strong>the</strong>rdocuments he needs by having <strong>the</strong>m faxed to him by <strong>the</strong> recipient in <strong>the</strong> firm's Asianmanufacturing plant.This gives him a hardcopy product <strong>and</strong> by passes <strong>the</strong> firm's e-mail esystem from which he hasbeen maliciously excluded.

Dodge Ballwww.rammell.comA brief mention of Freedom of Inform<strong>at</strong>ion

Erin Brokovitchwww.rammell.comThe story is littered with references to <strong>the</strong> use <strong>and</strong> abuse ofrecords (<strong>and</strong> very disorganised file rooms). <strong>and</strong> provides avery useful (neg<strong>at</strong>ive) illustr<strong>at</strong>ion of <strong>the</strong> issues arounddisclosure <strong>and</strong> retrieval of relevant records.

Enemy of <strong>the</strong> St<strong>at</strong>ewww.rammell.comThis film fe<strong>at</strong>uring Gene Hackman <strong>and</strong> Denzil Washington included <strong>the</strong>capture of a murder scene on a video used to record bird activity -demonstr<strong>at</strong>ing th<strong>at</strong> over <strong>the</strong> lifecycle of <strong>the</strong> record, <strong>the</strong> content mayhave more value than th<strong>at</strong> of original intent! Stolen identities <strong>and</strong>lots of D<strong>at</strong>a Protection type issues - a good illustr<strong>at</strong>ion of howrecords can be manipul<strong>at</strong>ed.

Enigmawww.rammell.comRecord access issues <strong>and</strong> secrets abound.

Fahrenheit 451www.rammell.comA bookless society where all books are burned (451’F F being<strong>the</strong> temper<strong>at</strong>ure <strong>at</strong> which <strong>the</strong>y c<strong>at</strong>ch fire)

F<strong>at</strong>herl<strong>and</strong>www.rammell.comOld Nazi records are key to <strong>the</strong> story.

Fellowship of <strong>the</strong> Ringwww.rammell.comG<strong>and</strong>alf goes to search some old documents in <strong>the</strong> MinasTirith archives, where he sits in a gloomy, dank room (abasement probably!), surrounded by piles of dust <strong>and</strong>thous<strong>and</strong>s of lit c<strong>and</strong>les.

Goldeneyewww.rammell.comJames Bond runs amok in a Russian filing room <strong>and</strong> <strong>the</strong>unsecured shelves <strong>and</strong> <strong>the</strong>ir contents go flying inparticularly spectacular fashion.

Glengarry Glen Rosswww.rammell.comHaving your records stolen by a member of your own workforce isquite a trying experience. The acting by Al Pacino, , Jack Lemmon,Kevin Spacey <strong>and</strong> Alec Baldwin is a masterclass. . You also get <strong>the</strong><strong>at</strong>mosphere of a high tension office <strong>at</strong> work or ordinary peopleunder extraordinary pressure.

Hannibalwww.rammell.comP<strong>at</strong>ients files have been dumped in a filing cabinet in <strong>the</strong>old, ab<strong>and</strong>oned hospital, providing Barney with anopportunity to sell Hannibal Lecter's medical files on <strong>the</strong>internet.

Hopscotchwww.rammell.comWalter M<strong>at</strong>thau, , a retiring CIA/FBI government agent, whosuccessfully manages to shred his file while <strong>the</strong> recordsmanager is distracted with talk of baseball. No formaltracking of files going out <strong>the</strong>re ei<strong>the</strong>r!

In The Name ofThe F<strong>at</strong>herwww.rammell.comA records clerk inadvertently gives <strong>the</strong> barrister (EmmaThomson) <strong>the</strong> wrong file, <strong>the</strong> one th<strong>at</strong> reveals <strong>the</strong>suppression of evidence th<strong>at</strong> resulted in amiscarriage of justice.

Insiderwww.rammell.comRussell Crowe walks out of his office with confidential inform<strong>at</strong>ionionrel<strong>at</strong>ing to <strong>the</strong> addictiveness of cigarettes. This story is looselylybased on real events, but <strong>the</strong> film shows ordinary people workingunder extraordinary circumstances. The fax machine plays a vitalrole in this film as does email <strong>and</strong> <strong>the</strong> tension gener<strong>at</strong>ed aroundwaiting for inform<strong>at</strong>ion to come through is palpable.

LA Confidentialwww.rammell.comRussell Crowe <strong>and</strong> Guy Pearce destroy a records store byfighting after one of <strong>the</strong>m has accessed some of <strong>the</strong>records.Guy Pearce also manages to find lots ofinform<strong>at</strong>ion from files languishing in <strong>the</strong> basement.

Minority Reportwww.rammell.comA records management system of <strong>the</strong> future.

Napoleonwww.rammell.comKevin Brownlow’s restor<strong>at</strong>ion of this silent film classic has ascene where <strong>the</strong> dram<strong>at</strong>ic destruction of <strong>the</strong> st<strong>at</strong>erecords is symbolic of <strong>the</strong> fall of <strong>the</strong> old regime.

N<strong>at</strong>ional TreasureFe<strong>at</strong>uring <strong>the</strong> US N<strong>at</strong>ional Archive <strong>and</strong> <strong>the</strong> Declar<strong>at</strong>ion ofIndependence.www.rammell.com

Office Spacewww.rammell.comOne of <strong>the</strong> minor characters is a records clerk responsible for coll<strong>at</strong>ion c<strong>and</strong>distribution of reports. During a reorganiz<strong>at</strong>ion, consultants discover th<strong>at</strong> hewas actually laid off, never told, <strong>and</strong> continued to be paid for 3 years.R<strong>at</strong>her than inform <strong>the</strong> poor records clerk th<strong>at</strong> he has been sacked, <strong>the</strong>consultants just remove him from <strong>the</strong> payroll. To add insult to injury, i<strong>the</strong>records clerk's office is moved 3 times finally resulting in him being reloc<strong>at</strong>edto <strong>the</strong> basement with no lights & a can of bug spray to control <strong>the</strong> troaches.

One Foot in<strong>the</strong> Gravewww.rammell.comClassic British TV sitcom - Pippa sends Mr Meldrew a copy ofP<strong>at</strong>rick's "Diary", instead of a copy of <strong>the</strong> letter to <strong>the</strong> "Dairy",",revealing unfortun<strong>at</strong>e confidential inform<strong>at</strong>ion <strong>and</strong>demonstr<strong>at</strong>ing <strong>the</strong> need for accur<strong>at</strong>e d<strong>at</strong>a entry <strong>and</strong> securitychecks. In ano<strong>the</strong>r episode, Victor fills out an order formincorrectly <strong>and</strong> ends up with 263 garden gnomes!

Passport to Pimlicowww.rammell.comA deed (which has been misfiled <strong>and</strong> lost!) proves th<strong>at</strong>Pimlico belongs to <strong>the</strong> Duke of Burgundy r<strong>at</strong>her than to<strong>the</strong> British Crown.

Presumed Innocentwww.rammell.comHarrison Ford plays an <strong>at</strong>torney accused of murdering acolleague <strong>and</strong> is seen packing files into an IronMountain box!

Serendipitywww.rammell.comJohn Cusack traces K<strong>at</strong>e Beckinsale using <strong>the</strong> credit cardrecords of a department store.

Spy Gamewww.rammell.comRobert Redford uses inform<strong>at</strong>ion systems, maps, pressleaks, knowledge of records management, <strong>and</strong> amazingchutzpah to save Brad Pitt.

Star Wars Episode II –The Attack of <strong>the</strong> Cloneswww.rammell.comObi Wan takes Luke Skywalker to try to find records of alien n<strong>at</strong>ions whichhave already been making clones. The lady archivist has sleek silver hairswept up into a bun <strong>and</strong> glasses on <strong>the</strong> end of her nose <strong>and</strong> is very wise<strong>and</strong> serene!. Obi Wan Kenobi looks <strong>at</strong> <strong>the</strong> Jedi Archives for a star r system(Kamino)) with no success <strong>and</strong> <strong>the</strong> archivist foolishly says to him somethingalong <strong>the</strong> lines of "If <strong>the</strong> system is not in <strong>the</strong> archives, it does s not exist".We all know th<strong>at</strong> no records system is perfect! All <strong>the</strong> files were wglowingelectronic thing's on shelves going miles high up into <strong>the</strong> ceiling.

The Clientwww.rammell.comThe John Grisham movie with Susan Sar<strong>and</strong>on, whoaccesses her personal records.

The Firmwww.rammell.comTom Cruise gets <strong>the</strong> bad guy through his billing records.Lots of lovely photocopying of documents in <strong>the</strong>Caribbean th<strong>at</strong> nails <strong>the</strong> baddies for money laundering.

The Ipcress Filewww.rammell.comMichael Caine tracking down a missing scientist plus hisfile. Proper file keeping in this film with lots of greymetal filing cabinets regularly <strong>at</strong>tended to by a chainsmoking secretary.

The Packagewww.rammell.comMajor Sergeant Gene Hackman has to visit his ex-wife Col.Joanna Cassidy who is in charge of military personnelrecords to track down <strong>the</strong> military files on Tommy LeeJones whom he is chasing. The records managementsection is very clean <strong>and</strong> efficient (n<strong>at</strong>urally!).

The M<strong>at</strong>rix(1, 2, <strong>and</strong> 3)www.rammell.comCarrying inform<strong>at</strong>ion <strong>and</strong> records management issues to<strong>the</strong> nth degree!

The Rainmakerwww.rammell.comAside from <strong>the</strong> 'Stupid, Stupid, Stupid' letter, <strong>the</strong>re is <strong>the</strong>missing annex from <strong>the</strong> claim h<strong>and</strong>ling file th<strong>at</strong> requires<strong>the</strong> denying of all insurance claims.

The Pelican Briefwww.rammell.comConsiders wh<strong>at</strong> one can do with a little bit of research onLexis Nexis <strong>and</strong> illustr<strong>at</strong>es <strong>the</strong> dangers of allowingdocuments to fall into <strong>the</strong> h<strong>and</strong>s of public officials.

The RingNoah Clay (Martin Henderson) gains access to a livingperson's medical files through deception.www.rammell.com

The Name of <strong>the</strong> Rosewww.rammell.comThe library is arranged in such a way as to make it near impossible(unless you're <strong>the</strong> librarian) to get into, find your way around or anybooks or inform<strong>at</strong>ion th<strong>at</strong> you might want, <strong>and</strong> <strong>the</strong>n get out of it.The book's description of <strong>the</strong> library is somewh<strong>at</strong> better than th<strong>at</strong> in<strong>the</strong> film th<strong>at</strong> was made of <strong>the</strong> book, but even so, <strong>the</strong> film makesclear wh<strong>at</strong> a labyrinth it was.

Yes Ministerwww.rammell.comVarious mentions in this classic British sitcom, for exampleepisode 3.3 - The Skeleton in <strong>the</strong> Cupboard: The 30-yearyear-rule rule isabout to reveal <strong>the</strong> name of <strong>the</strong> young Civil Servant who made acomplete mess of a defence contract.For some reason Sir Humphrey seems nervous ....


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