July - First Presbyterian Church, Burlington Iowa


July - First Presbyterian Church, Burlington Iowa

First Presbyterian Church321 N. 5th StreetBurlington, Iowa 52601ConnectionsJuly 2013Volume XIII Issue 7Crocodile Dock—2013 VBS

From the Trustees...Statement of Income & ExpenseMay 31, 2013PercentBudget Actual Variance of BudgetIncomePledge 175,510.00 76,107.00 99,403.00 43.4%Non Pledge 20,000.00 13,116.89 6,883.11 65.6%Investment In- 50,000.00 23,308.91 26,691.09 46.6%PerCapita 3,570.00 1,884.93 1,685.07 52.8%Carry Over from 25,500.00 0.00 0.0%Misc Income 2163.39Total Income 274,580.00 116,581.12 157,998.88 42.5%ExpensesPersonnel 164,000.00 58,989.46 143,320.82 36.0%Educational Min- 5,000.00 829.21 4,170.79 16.6%Fellowship 1,550.00 756.39 793.61 48.8%Deacons 750.00 182.50 567.50 24.3%Mason Road 1,400.00 349.85 1,050.15 25.0%Mission 25,190.00 13,531.93 11,658.07 53.7%Property 71,450.00 29,625.55 41,824.45 41.5%Worship 5,240.00 834.49 4,405.51 15.9%Total Expenses 274,580.00 105,099.38 207,790.90 38.3%Differential 11,481.74Thank youTo All of Our Friends At First Presbyterian,John and I want to thank all of you for the visits, cards, phone calls, flowers, and prayersduring my two weeks of pain and subsequent surgery. I am feeling SO MUCH better. Otherthan being kept from BLTS for six weeks (that would be Bending, Lifting, Twisting, andStooping), I am to walk, walk, walk. I can't wait to see what my hair will look likeafter I get done! Hope to see you in the next couple of weeks.Blessings, Karen Dewey2

Glimpses of GraceDear church family,While you are reading this, I am at San Francisco Theological Seminary immersed in ReformedSpirituality. This will be my first of three summers spending 2 weeks at a time furtherstudying my way towards my doctorate of ministry degree. After the coursework is completed,I will be working on a dissertation, but that is still down the road a bit.At this writing in mid-June, I am planning on keeping those of you who wish to be informedas to what I am learning and doing via my church Facebook page, Pastor Deb Kinney – 1 stPresbyterian Church, Burlington, IA.I have begun reading several books in preparation for my class and would like to share someinsights that have been gleaned from one of the books, Life In God, John Calvin, PracticalFormation and the Future of Protestant Theology by Matthew Myer Boulton. In this book thescholar takes a fresh look at the writings of John Calvin, as found in his Institutes of the ChristianReligion.As you know, I keep reminding us of the biblical command that we are to love God and ourneighbors first and foremost. John Calvin provides one way of doing that practically: Prayer.“Intercessory prayer is the practice through which disciples love their neighbors by‘commending them to the providential care of the best of fathers.’ That is one reason we arehaving a Season of Prayer each Sunday this summer: To share with our heavenly Father concerns,joys, needs and gratitude of those in our lives. As we scatter on vacations, take a sabbaticalfrom all church meetings in July and possibly live outside our normal routines of the schoolyear, this is one way we can continue to love each other. Remembering our officers, our staff,our church family in prayer mystically and spiritually brings them and us into God’s presenceand under God’s loving care. And Calvin, like Jesus, reminds us to also include our enemies.‘It is our duty to pray for all who trouble us; to desire the salvation of all; and even to be carefulfor the welfare of every individual.’The two longest chapters in Calvin’s 2-volume work are on prayer, which he believes is atthe heart of the Christian life in God. He calls it ‘the chief exercise of faith’ for every disciple,no matter where you are in your faith journey. He also calls it ‘intimate companionship’,‘intimate conversation’, ‘a gift.’I know that for some, prayer can be intimidating, nerve-wracking if done out loud in front ofanyone, or a challenge to do on a regular basis. That is why we are offering a time and place todo it weekly in loving companionship. Anne Lamott, in her book Help, Thanks, Wow, TheThree Essential Prayers, writes, “More than anything, prayer helps me get my sense of humorback. It brings me back to my heart…” And she believes the best prayers are simple prayers,like Wow! Help! Thanks!Praying is dialogue from the heart with God in which we are lovingly brought back to oursenses (of humor, especially!) and our hearts and into God’s heart. And when we pray for others,either silently or with sound, we are lovingly bringing them with us into God’s heart. Goddesires we commune with Him. So this summer, I encourage you to continue to practice thisexercise of faith, in worship and in the world, because it is a divine gift from the One whoknows and loves us best.In His service, Deb3

Newsworthy NotesPlease give a rousing ‘hooray!’ to Carrie Blom for all her hard work on behalf of our church family.Carrie has served as a Trustee, the last as its secretary, for the past 3 years. She also has been aGodly Play teacher for the past two years. Carrie is taking a well-earned break.Please give a rousing ‘hooray!’ to Brenda Frederick, for all her hard work on behalf ofour church family and beyond. Brenda has been a coordinator for the Knitwits the past severalyears, as well as a faithful contributor of many, many beautiful prayer shawls, and also has servedon the Board of Deacons as a secretary the past year. Brenda is taking a well-earnedbreak.Please give a rousing ‘hooray!’ to Don Krekel, for all his hard work on behalf of our church family.During his three-year term on the Board of Deacons Don has served twice on the Nominating Committee.He has also sent out countless notes and cards for special birthdays, anniversaries and occasionson behalf of the church and he has cared for our Young Adults ministry, sending gifts of careto our college students and military personnel.Please give a rousing ‘hooray!’ to Bruce Morrison, for all his hard work on behalf of our churchfamily and beyond. Bruce has served on Session as Elder for the past three years. He has been chairof the Nominating Committee for two years and has also been member and then moderator of theMissions Committee. Bruce is taking a well-earned break.Please give a rousing ‘hooray!’ to Debbie Opiekun for all her hard work on behalf ofour church family. Debbie has served as Trustee, last year as its president, for the past 3 years. Beforethat Debbie served on the Strategic Task Force, and she has made countless meals for theLenten Liaisons with God and Each Other. Debbie is taking a well-earned break.Please give a rousing ‘hooray!’ to Carl and Donna Siefken, for all their hard work on behalf ofour church family. For the past three years serving on the Board of Deacons they have beenworking on behalf of organizing greeters, serving communion to the special friends and organizingspecial friends’ contacts. Donna and Carl are taking a well-earned break.Please give a rousing ‘hooray!’ to Ken Velharticky for all his hard work on behalf of FPC. Over thepast several years Ken has served as moderator of the finance committee, as a member of the Trustees,as Deacon and this past year was deacon moderator. Ken is taking a well-earned break.Please give a rousing ‘hooray!’ to Craig Gilchrist for all his hard work on behalf ofFPC. Craig has been a member of the Endowment Committee for the past three years, and served asmoderator the last year. Craig has also served on the Nominating Committee this year. Craig is takinga well-deserved break.Please give a huge ‘thank you!’ to Cindy & Tom Murphy foroverseeing the Snake Alley Fair Food Booth for the 4thstraight year! And to Sue Lyon & Bill Carter for being cooverseersthis year.4

Snake Alley Art Fair Food Booth5

2013 Snake Alley Art FairThanks to all who helped make the food bootha success!People who provided baked goods: (10)Connie BowenVickie CarhoffPat CummingsRuth FrancisBarb GarciaSusan HoisingtonMarilyn LeightSandy MorrisonSandy SmithPat WhitmorePeople who helped at the booth: (33)Carol BrothersonBill CarterAdele CoulterJohn DeweyKady DeweyKevin EibesJim EricksonRuth FrancisBrenda FrederickBarb GarciaMike GormanToddy GormanDick HoisingtonSusan HoisingtonTammy HulettDeb KinneyRandy KinneyDon KrekelSue LyonBruce MorrisonSandy MorrisonCindy MurphyTom MurphyJack NaylorChuck RuckerPenny RuckerPat SaldeenJulie SchulthiesSandy SmithKasey TickelLinda TickelEd WhitmorePat WhitmorePeople who helped in advance: (6)Bill CarterAdele CoulterTerri HuddlestonSue LyonSandy MorrisonCindy MurphyTom MurphyPeople who provided coolers:Brenda FrederickJohn and Karen DeweyBonnie WhiteBruce and Sandy MorrisonBob CameronBarb and Bernie GarciaMike and Toddy GormanTom and Cindy MurphyBill Carter and Sue LyonPlanning Committee: (9)Bill CarterAdele CoulterJohn DeweyKaren DeweyDeb KinneyRandy KinneySue Lyon, co-chairCindy Murphy, co-chairTom Murphy6

The Crocodile Dock Vacation Bible School weekend was AWESOME . Wehad 21 children in attendance. They were so excited and are truly enjoyedthemselves. The kids participated in numerous fun and educational activities asthey learned to watch for God in their everyday lives. While having all of thisFUN, they were also hearing God’s word and experiencing His love for themthrough lessons, music and volunteers. No matter what station they were exploring, kids heardthe daily bible message and experienced it in a new way!I was very blessed with some amazing volunteers, sometimes even at the last minute, whocame forward to help serve in all capacities. Thanks to all of you who helped make the weekendprogram a huge success.. God is indeed more powerful than anything we are afraid of.With God in our lives, we can truly “FEAR NOT!”Wednesday, July 31, we will be hosting a church night at theBurlington Bees game. Tickets are $8 for adults, which includesa hot dog & small drink. All youth will be free with apaid adult and will also receive a hot dog and small drink.There will be fireworks after the game! A sign up sheet islocated in Fellowship Hall. Reservations must be made andmoney paid to Tammy by July 11.7

Pastor’s Report...Deb Kinney May, 2013Pastor's Report… Rev. Deb Kinney October, 2012Worship4 worship servicesEducation10 Wednesday morning Bible studiesConnections23 Drop-ins/appointments/calls6 hospital/hospice visitsChurch MeetingsCongregational MeetingSessionTrusteesWorshipStaff (4)Deacons OrientationChurch Activities/Events I AttendedJustin’s going-away celebrationChoir year-end potluckKnitwitsDiscipleship groupYumYumPresbytery Activities/MeetingsPresbytery meeting at Camp WyomingCommunityYoung House Board meetingMediapolis High School awards’ ceremonyIAAAP Memorial CeremonyBurlington Cruise NightOther1 Spiritual direction sessionPrep for ConnectionsPrep for new officers orientationsSeparate meetings with staff (7)Director of Educational Ministries...Tammy Hulett May, 2013WorshipYoung Disciples (4)Church Meetings & EventsMeetings with Pastor (4)Mom’s group (1)EMT Meeting (1)KidzQuest (3)Attended Women’s Bible Study Group (5)Checked in on Godly Play (3)Attended Carter’s Bible Study (1)Working in Kidz Zone (4)Meeting with Young HouseMeeting with Community ActionContactsPhone-calls and e-mails: 50+EducationChildren’s Sermon Prep (4)Kidz Zone Prep (4)Gathering information/ materials for VBSPreparing for KidzQuest (3)OtherConnections articlesPrep for Graduation SundayPrep meal for KidzQuest (2)Worship Schedule for JulyJuly 7: No Communion; Jim Elmer to preach on Simply My Story.Carol Brotherson will provide special music.July 14: Lessons from Luke: Ripe ' Ready?, based on Luke 10:1-11.Special music by Ashley Brink.July 21: Lessons from Luke: My Neighbor, based on Luke 10:25-37.The summer choir is providing special music.July 28: Lessons from Luke: The Essential Thing, based on Luke 10:38-42.Special music by Jane & Donna Moyer.8

Church HappeningsPW NewsJuly 10, 2013Coffee in the Park9:45 a.m.Installation of OfficersVolunteers NeededThere are openings in July and August forUshers and for Fellowship Hour volunteers.Please sign up in Fellowship Hall.A Big Thank YouTo Sandy Smith who creates and maintainsthe beautiful pots that welcome us all toworship on Sunday. We all appreciate themso much. Thank you!!Family Movie NightThe Mariners are planning an outing to theoutdoor movie on 5th and Valleyon July 7. The movie is“RV”. The movie begins atdusk , but there are activitiesbefore the movie and food vendors as well.Admission is free.Yum-Yum ClubThe Yum Yums plan to meet at Aggies on theGreen @Schaffer Golf Course on July 18 at6 p.m. for dinner. If you would like to carpool,meet at the Fareway Grocery Store at5:30 p.m. Call Toddy orMike Gorman to make areservation:208-0842.To my Church Family,I wish to thank you very much for all thekindness that you have shown me duringJerry’s illness and his Celebration of Life..To the ladies who served the wonderful luncheon,thank you and to Deb for her very personalservice.God Bless, from the family of Jerry SaldeenTo my Church Family,Thank you so much for coming to my surprise75th birthday party. It meant so much for youto there-my children were confirmed in theirbelief that First Presbyterian was really home.Thank you especially to Deb who showed herloving support. Thanks also to Rex for thewonderful photos.With love,Nancy LazenbyDear Church Family,Thank you for all you have given me. Fromthe gift cards, scholarship and the friends tht Ihave made. It all means so much to me. I amglad to have had the opportunity to know all ofyou so well and to be your Sunday Custodian.I love you all.Justin RandallDear Church Family,Thank you for your kindness and helping meset my path.Chandler Yarber9

Serving You...USHERSJuly 7 Sandy Russell, Eva Ann ElmerJuly 14July 21 Sandy Russell , Leona Byars, Pat SaldeenJuly 28FELLOWSHIP HOUR...July 7 Pat & Ed Whitmore, Sally & Charles BellJuly 14July 21July 28ELDERS: Arnie Anderson, Charles Bell, Carol Brotherson, Dick Fischer, JesseMcCormick, Cindy Murphy, Marilyn Nuss, Julie Schulthies, Bonnie White.Clerk of Session: Ted FrancisDEACONS: Nancy Beetner, Rex Beetner, Barbara Blom, Curtis Blom(moderator), Cathy Brink, Adele Coulter, Ruth Francis, Barb Garcia, SueGilchrist, Sandy Russell, Mark Scott & Sandy SmithTRUSTEES: Connie Bowen (Secretary), Carl Boley, Jean Miller (Vice President),Kel Stensland (President), & Ed Whitmore.Treasurer: Marilyn LeightCOMMITTEE MODERATORS:Educational Ministries:Arnie AndersonEndowment:Fellowship: Bonnie WhiteGifts/Memorials: Charles BellMaintenance: Jesse McCormickMission: Julie SchulthiesNominating: Marilyn NussPersonnel: Cindy MurphyScholarship: Charles BellWorship: Carol BrothersonJuly 1…………..Joanna Schneden…….….…....Barbara BlomJuly 3……………..Mary DaedlowJuly 5……….…Tammy LohmannJuly 7...……….....Sandy Morrison….…………... Linda TickelJuly 9………….....Jeff HuddlestonJuly 11……….......Eileene BuxtonJuly 12……. .......Barbara HowardJuly 13…………...Vernave GarciaJuly 14………....…....Janet CalvinJuly 17……….....….....Mark ScottJuly 18 …….......Gary AbramsohnJuly 19……………Andy Opiekun…......…..…...Nick SpencerJuly 20………….. Toddy Gorman…..…..…... Daniel KinneyJuly 21………...... Marcy Brockett...….…....Terri HuddlestonJuly 22……….....Whitney Kinney……….…...Marcia StiefelJuly 23…….….......Cindy MurphyJuly 24………....…... Zach HulettJuly 25……….......Jessica CoulterJuly 28……….....…. Curtis BlomJuly 30………...…....Katie FrenchJuly 31……….....……..Jim Byars....…….……...Ruth FrancisMinutes of the Stated Meeting of SessionMay 20, 20131 st Presbyterian Church, Burlington, IowaA Stated Meeting of the Session of First Presbyterian Church, Burlington, Iowa was held in Edwards Chapel on May 20, 2013.Moderator Rev. Debra Kinney opened the meeting at 7:02 p.m. with prayer.A quorum was present.Present: Moderator Debra Kinney, Clerk Ted Francis and Elders Arnie Anderson, Charles Bell, Carol Brotherson, Dick Fischer,Bruce Morrison, Marilyn Nuss, Bonnie WhiteExcused: Cindy MurphyAbsent: Jesse McCormickGuests present were the newly elected church officers including Elders: Charles Bell, Marilyn Nuss, Julie Schulthies; Deacons:Adele Coulter, Ruth Francis, Sandy Smith; Trustees: Connie Bowen, Jean Miller.The officers-elect were divided into three groups to be examined by the Elders. Barb Garcia and Mark Scott were unable toattend the examination. Following examination a motion was made signifying that the officers-elect had been examined by thesession as required by the Book of Order and they are ready for ordination and installation. Barb Garcia and Mark Scott wereincluded as ready for ordination and installation. The motion was seconded and approved by voice vote.10

A motion to approve the agenda with additions was seconded and approved by voice vote.Minutes ApprovalA motion to approve the minutes as printed from the Stated Meeting of the Session on April 15, 2013 was seconded and approved byvoice vote.Staff ReportsA motion to receive the printed reports of the Pastor and Director of Educational Ministries was seconded and approved by voicevote.Committee ReportsMission: Due to recent changes in the organization and leadership at the Homeless Shelter the committee contributed $1000. The 5 thSunday property on South Hill has been picked for the Dirty Hands project on June 30, 2013. A meal will also be served at the SalvationArmy.Educational Ministries: Volunteers are needed for Vacation Bible School. Free tickets will be given to children for the Bees BaseballGame on July 31, 2013.Fellowship: No reportPersonnel: No reportWorship: There is a new brochure for the ushers which outlines their responsibilities. Future worship services include Vacation BibleSchool presentation on June 23, Dr. Peter Reynen preaching on June 30, and Jim Elmer preaching on July 7. Several changesin summer worship services have been planned including a new look for the bulletin, a “Season of Prayer” will be from 9:45-10:00a.m., the “Season of Worship” will be from 10:00-10:45 a.m., and the choir will sing the third Sunday of each month.Nominating: No reportScholarships: Some funds were held back for an additional scholarship in the fall if needed. The funds will be returned to the ScholarshipFund if unused.Maintenance: No reportTrustees: There are still concerns about lighting for the choir in the sanctuary.Presbytery of East Iowa: A motion to accept the written report from Presbytery of East Iowa meeting on May 4, 2013 by CommissionerRandy Kinney as fulfilling the requirement that a report be given at the next session meeting following each Presbytery meeting.The motion was seconded and approved by voice vote.A motion to receive the reports from the Standing Session Committees, Deacons, Trustees, and Presbytery Commissioner was secondedand approved by voice vote.Report of the ClerkA motion to reaffirm the electronic vote of approval of a facilities use request by Millie Comiskey for Fellowship Hall on May 18,2013 from 12:30-4:00 p.m. for a Paper Craft Party was seconded and approved by voice vote. Due to illness of the co-hostess theevent was postponed. A motion to approve rescheduling the Paper Craft Party for June 29, 2013 was seconded and approved byvoice vote.A motion to reaffirm the electronic vote of approval for Randy Kinney to service as Presbytery Commissioner for the May 4, 2013meeting at Camp Wyoming was seconded and approved by voice vote.A motion was made to approve a facilities use request by Young House to use Fellowship Hall on June 8, 2013 from 9:30 a.m.-2:30p.m. for a presentation entitled “Trauma Informed Care”. The motion was seconded and approved by voice vote.A motion was made to approve a facilities use request by Marilyn Nuss for Fellowship Hall, kitchen and Parlor on Tuesday, July 9,2013 from 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. for a PEO meeting. The motion was seconded and approved by voice vote.The final reparation of $1469.56 was received from the person who burglarized the church in 2003. A motion to add the reparationof $1469.56 to the Fellowship Committee budget for 2013 to cover expenses was seconded and approved by voice vote.A motion to receive the Clerk’s report was seconded and approved by voice vote.Old BusinessThe session continued to review ideas and discuss how to organize the committees to meet the needs of the congregation. The Elderswere challenged to create a new model unlike the existing session committee organization.New BusinessA motion to ordain and install the church officers-elect on June 2, 2013 during worship with an alternate date of June 16, 2013 wasseconded and approved by voice vote.11

A motion to adjourn was seconded and approved by voice vote.Bruce Morrison closed the meeting with prayer at 8:56 p.m.Respectfully submitted,Ted Francis, Clerk of SessionRev. Debra Kinney, ModeratorPer CapitaApportionmentFor 2013 is$32.8712

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