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Page 2 • Friday, August 23, 2013COMMUNITYANNOUNCEMENTPOLICIESCommunityCommunity CalendarDaily Times Leaderu Ladies Auxiliary — TheAmerican Legion Post 212Ladies Auxiliary meet the secondThursday of each monthat 6 p.m. All members areurged to attend.All “Community Announcements”are published as a community serviceon a first-come, first-served basis andas space allows. Announcementsmust be 60 words or less, written incomplete sentences and submittedin writing at least five days prior tothe requested dates of publication.No announcements will be takenover the telephone. Announcementssubmitted after noon will not be publishedfor the next day’s paper. Tosubmit announcements, email life@dailytimesleader.com.Monthlyu Civitan meetings —The West Point Civitan Clubmeets on the first and thirdWednesdays of each month atnoon in the Training Room ofNMMC-West Point. All interestedpersons are cordiallyinvited to attend.u West Point AlumniChapter Meetings — TheWest Point Alumni ChapterMeets on the second Saturdayof each month at the NorthsideSchool building on Fifth St. atnoon. All members and interestedpersons are invited toattend.u City Board Meetings— The City Board of WestPoint holds its meetings thesecond Tuesday of each monthat City Hall at 5:30 p.m. WorkSessions are held everyThursday prior to the boardmeeting at City Hall at 5:30p.m.u Compassionate Friends— Families who have experiencedthe death of a child areinvited to attend TheCompassionate Friends meetingat 6:30 p.m. the secondTuesday of each month, atNorth Mississippi MedicalCenter-West Point, 835Medical Center Drive. Themission of The CompassionateFriends is to assist familiestoward resolving grief followingthe death of a child of anyage and to help others be supportive.Bereaved parents, siblings,grandparents and immediatefamily members are welcometo attend. For moreinformation, call MicheleRowe, director of SocialServices at NMMC-WestPoint, at (662) 495-2337.u American LegionCynthia Wilson speaks to the Prairie Arts Committee Tuesday night at the Growth Alliance. The committee isputting the finishing touches on the upcoming 35th Annual Prairie Arts Festival. (Photo by Donna Harris, DTL)Meeting — American LegionPost 212 will meet every thirdSunday of the month at 3 p.m.at their headquarters onMorrow St. All members areurged to attend.u AARP Meeting — TheClay County AARP will meetevery third Thursday, at 5:30p.m. at the Henry ClayRetirement Center. All membersand those interested inAARP are urged to attend.For more information call EllaSeay 494-8323 or DorothyLandon 494-3577.Ongoingu Basic Skills Class —Free Basic Skills class at theEMCC West Point Center,Hwy. 45 North, Monday thruThursday each week, 11:30-1:30 p.m. The Basic Skillsclass will prepare you to takethe WorkKeys test and receivea Career Readiness Certificate.WorkKeys® is a job skillsassessment that helps employersselect, hire, train, develop,and retain a high-performanceworkforce. These classes aresponsored by EMCCWorkforce Services. Please callMitzi Thompson at 243-2647,to register for free classes.u Lodge Meeting — WestPoint Masonic Lodge No. 40,will have its regularly statedcommunication the thirdMonday of each month. AllMaster Masons are urged toattend.u WPHS Class of 2003Reunion — The website forthe class reunion for theWPHS Class of 2003, 10 yearreunion has been created.Please visit http://www.class-creator.com/West-Point-Mississippi-2003 to view it.Sign up for the site by searchingfor your name under theclassmate profile tab and creatinga profile. Create your profileand you will be grantedaccess to the site by a memberof the planning committee.Please allow up to 24 hours fora member of the planningcommittee to verify your identityas the content is passwordprotected. The reunion will bein West Point May 31-June 2.u The Academy ofPerforming Arts — located atthe North Mississipppi MedicalCenter-West Point WellnessCanter is now enrolling for thefall session. Classes beginAugust 13 in ballet, tap, hiphop, jazz, lyrical, tumbling,musical theatre and voice.Semester will run for fourmonths and culminate with aChristmas recital in December.For more information, emailbetty@msapa.org or call (662)494-1113.u Welding and CarpentryClasses — EMCC WorkforceServices is offering Weldingand Carpentry classes twonights a week from 5 – 9 p.m.Please contact Mitzi Thompsonat 243-2647.u Grief Support Group— Christ United MethodistChurch is providing supportfor grieving families with aGrief Support Group who willmeet Mondays at 6:30 p.m.u GED Classes — EMCCWest Point Center, if offeringfree GED classes at EMCCWest Point Center, Mondaythru Thursday, from 8 am –1:30 p.m. These classes aresponsored by the Adult BasicEducation department of EastChurch CalendarMS Community College.Please contact CynthiaMcCrary or Jessica Flynt at492-8857 for additional information.u C2C Info — Need workskills to get a job? EMCCWorkforce offers theCounseling 2 Career programto assist in gaining work experience.C2C classes are availablefor residents of Clay,Lowndes, and Noxubee counties,Monday-Thursday from 8a.m.-3 p.m. If you are 18-21,please contact Sha’Carla Pettyat 662-243-1930 or ChrystalNewman at 662-243-1941 formore information.u Animal shelter help —The West Point Clay CountyAnimal shelter needs fosterfamilies for several puppieswho have been selected to goon the next Homeward Boundrescue. You would need tokeep the pup for two weeks,until the day of transport. Ifyou are interested, please callthe shelter at 524-4430.u GED classes — FreeGED classes at Bryan PublicWednesday each week, 4:30 -7:30. These are sponsored bythe Adult Basic EducationCommunity College. Pleasecall 243- 1985 to register forLibrary on Tuesday anddepartment of East MSfree classes.u Foster Parenting —Foster and Adoptive Parentsare needed. If you can givetime, space, care and attentionto foster children, maybe youcan qualify to be a foster parent.Caring families in ClayCo. are needed who have theinterest and ability to be lovingfoster parents. For more informationcall Karen Ward at494-8987.u Lodge Breakfast —West Point Masonic LodgeNo. 40 will have a breakfastthe first Saturday of eachmonth from 5”30-8:30 a.m.The public is invited.u REPM Meeting — TheClay County Unit of RetiredEducation Personnel ofMississippi, will meet at 2 p.m.in the Esther Pippen MeetingRoom of the Bryan PublicLibrary. J.W. Chrestman fromAlert Guardian will be guestspeaker. All members and prospectivemembers are invitedto attend. Membership inREPM is open to all retiredpersons from the Mississippischools. For more informationcall President Ella Seay 494-8323 or Vice President RobbieBryant 494-4129.Thru Augustu ImmunizationRequirements for PublicSchool — To the Parents/Guardians of 7th Graders:According to the MississippiState Department of Health, anew immunization requirementfor 7th grade studentshas been implemented. Thenew immunization is the Tdap(tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis)vaccine. This immunizationis required for all studentsentering the 7th grade.All updated immunizationrecords must be turned in tothe office at Fifth Street JuniorSee CALENDAR | Page 5CHURCH ANNOUNCEMENT POLICIESAll “Church Announcements” are published as a community serviceon a first-come, first-served basis and as space allows. Announcementsmust be 60 words or less, written in complete sentences andsubmitted in writing at least five days prior to the requested dates ofpublication. No announcements will be taken over the telephone. Announcementssubmitted after noon will not be published for the nextday’s paper. To submit announcements, email life@dailytimesleader.com.Ongoingu Feed the Hungry — Holy Temple Holiness ChurchWomen’s Ministries deliver meals to Feed the Hungry thesecond Saturday of each month at 10 a.m. If you or someoneyou know is elderly or shut-in, and could benefit fromthis free delivery service, call 494-3322 before 8 a.m. themorning of the deliveries..u Town Creek Bible Study — Minister Lester Moorewill be holding Bible Study at Town Creek Apartments inthe Laundry Room each Tuesday night from 6 p.m. until7 p.m. The current 13-week less is titled “How to be aChristian.”Saturday,August 24u Men’s Program — Progress St. Church of God ispresenting a Life Builder’s Men’s Program at 6 p.m. Therewill be five dynamic speakers. The theme is: Men ofPower. Everyone is invited to attend.Sunday,August 25u Usher Program — Hopewell M.B. Church is havingtheir Annual Usher’s Ministry Program at 3 p.m. Guestspeaker is Rev. Donald Anderson of Fountain Head M.B.Church.u Pastor Appreciation — Concord M.B. Churchwishes to invite everyone to share in the celebration ofPastor Kelly and Sister Felisa Martin with an appreciationprogram at 3 p.m. Guest speaker is the Rev. HenryVaughn of Mt. Pleasant Chesterville M.B. Church ofBelden.Sunday,August 25-27u Restoring the Family — The Church House ofRefuge Family Worship Center “Restoring the FamilyConference” will begin at 6 p.m. Sunday. Aug. 26-27 at7 p.m. There will be a different speaker each night. Thepublic is invited to attend.u Sanctuary Choir Anniversary — Third Mt. OliveM.B. Church wishes to invite all area choirs and the publicto celebrate their Sanctuary Choir Anniversary at 3 p.m.Guest speaker is Pastor Thomas Rice of New Hope M.B.Church of Artesia and his choir.Tuesday,August 27u Sisterhood Meeting — Gospel Temple M.B. Churchis holding its monthly Sisterhood Meeting at 5:30 p.m.The program theme is “The Good, The Bad and The UglyWomen of the Bible.”Monday,August 26-27u Restoring the Family Conference — The ChurchHouse of Refuge Family Worship Center “Restoring theFamily Conference” day classes will be held at 10am.Pastor Michael and Sharon Cannon and will be the lecturers.The public is invited to attend.Sunday,September 1u Homecoming — Yeates Chapel is having homecomingservices at 2:30 p.m. Guest speaker is Dr. KennethCalvert of Shiloh Baptist Church of Kinsport, Tenn.u Friends and Family Day — Third Mt. Olive M.B.Church is having Friends and Family Day at 3 p.m. Guestspeaker is Pastor Chad Peyton of St. James M.B. Churchof Crawford with his choir and church family. The publicis invited to attend.Friday,September 6u Prayer Service — Gospel Temple M.B. Churchwishes to invite everyone to a Prayer Service at 7 p.m.See CHURCH | Page 6CorrectionThe Cashword Puzzle that ran in the Thursday, Aug. 22 edition of the Daily Times Leader was run incorrectly. The correct puzzle is in today's paper. Any submissions using the puzzle that rann the 22nd will not be considered for winning prize money.

Daily Times Leader Friday, August 23, 2013 • Page 3‘Security’ continued from page 1that most cooperate whentracked down.Coggins also has a view ofthe east door at Central, whichis not supposed to be accessibleto anyone from the outside ofthe building.At the back door of CentralSchool is a card reader.Each teacher and administratorhas a card they mustswipe in order to gain access tothe school from the backentrance.“No one else is supposed tohave that card,” Fowler said.In the past, some of theschools in the district had laxpolicies about who could gainentrance. Most of this is due tothe fact that there was little orno security at the entrances tostop visitors from walking thehalls.New designs at Church HillElementary and Fifth Streethave placed offices at the veryfront of the schools, and noone can access the hallways ofthese schools unless they aregiven access by a buzzer locatedbehind the administrator'sdesk.“She's not just going to buzza parent and let them go downthe hall,” Fowler said of theoffice administrator. “Not justanyone can get buzzed in.”On Thursday, teachers andprincipals were coming in andout of the front office at FifthStreet and Church Hill. In allinstances, they were buzzedout by the office.Church Hill has gained areputation within the communityas the school one does notenter without an ID.“We do check IDs,” saidChurch Hill Principal CindyDonahoo. “You don't get yourchild if we don't know you...I'drather you be angry at me thanwe give your child to thewrong person.”Donahoo says that eventhough some parents dobecome indignant when theydo not possess an ID at thedoor, most return and thankthem for the policy.The exterior doors, which atone time were the mainentrances at Church Hill, havebeen shut off, and no one cangain access to the hallwayunless the office administratorbuzzes them out. That goes forfaculty and visitors.While there is no 100 percentfail safe system to stop adetermined shooter, WestPoint is actively taking precautionsthat may deter someonefrom attempting unlawfulentry at its schools.Today's WeatherLocal 5-Day ForecastFri8/2391/71Becomingpartly cloudywith isolatedthunderstormsdevelopingduringthe af.Sunrise:6:24 AMSunset:7:32 PMSat8/2491/71Plenty ofsun. Highs inthe low 90sand lows inthe low 70s.Sunrise:6:24 AMSunset:7:30 PMSun8/2588/70Times of sunand clouds.Highs in theupper 80sand lows inthe low 70s.Sunrise:6:25 AMSunset:7:29 PMMon8/2687/67A fewclouds.Highs in theupper 80sand lows inthe upper60s.Sunrise:6:26 AMSunset:7:28 PMTue8/2788/66Mostlysunny. Highsin the upper80s andlows in themid 60s.Sunrise:6:26 AMSunset:7:27 PM‘Testing’ continued from page 1faster pace under the state'snew standards.“We commend the students,teachers, assistant teachers andprincipals for the improvementsthat have been made,”said WPSD SuperintendentBurnell McDonald. “We arenot content with thoseimprovements, and our goal isto have that Positive GrowthResidual in all of our schools.”West Point has been busyover the past year, and will bebusy this year in preparing facultyfor full implementation ofCommon Core Standards.McDonald and Hollis bothsaid on Thursday that thenumbers are not where thedistrict wants to be, and whilethere is some room for celebration,this year will be dedicatedto making even more improvements.Hollis says that much of thatwill come in the form of ongoingprofessional development.“Our schools have implementedProfessional LearningCommunities (PLCs),” Hollissaid. “There is a higher degreeof collaboration.”Hollis says that more teacherswho teach the same subjectarea are talking with oneanother than ever before.“All U.S. History teachersare teaching the same thing,”Hollis said in one example.“They are working moretoward the same goals.”Hollis says that teachers areusing pacing guides and collaborationto create lessonplans that are now done underthe Madeline Hunter formatfor lesson planning.“They are planning together,”Hollis said. “Many of ourteachers now have commonplanning times.”Among other academicimprovements within the district,McDonald says that preliminarynumbers indicatefour-year graduation rateimprovement.Last year, West Point HighSchool Principal Mario Willisput into place several strategiesto combat dropouts and promotegraduation rates.By the end of the last schoolyear, Willis told the DTL thatthe results of those strategieswas positive.The final reports on all of thestate's school districts, in allcategories for last school year,are coming in the monthsahead.Mississippi at a GlanceTupelo91/71Greenville93/70 Starkville91/71‘Festival’ continued from page 1Roosevelt RandleHigh School by Thursday, August 1, 2013 or they will not beable to receive a schedule until the updated immunization recordis received. If you have any questions, please call the office at662.494.2191from 8 a.m.- 3 p.m.Thru September 5uChildbirth Preparedness Class — North Mississippi MedicalCenter-West Point will offer a prepared childbirth class for expectantparents from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Thursdays, Aug. 15-Sept. 5.Instructors cover a wide variety of topics including relaxationtechniques, prenatal care, labor and delivery, pain relief measures,breast-feeding and infant care. The fee is $35.Class will not meet July 4. To register or for more information,call (662) 495-2292 or 1-800-THE DESK (1-800-843-3375).Saturday, August 24they didn't have dirt floors. Igrew up in rural Florida, on a14-mile-long dirt road, near theheadwaters of the Everglades. Itwas 7 miles either direction to thenearest paved road, and whenyou got to pavement, you stillweren't near a town. It was panther,gator, and cottonmouthcountry. Out there, there wasonly one kind of music in thehouse. Whether it was beingplayed on an instrument, or on arecording, it was blues.”Later while living in Memphis,Prestage became a street performeron Beale Street. This iswhere he perfected his drum-kit."I played out there a few timeswith nothing but a guitar and myvoice,” Prestage said. “Once peopleheard me they liked it, but it washard to get them on my side of thestreet with all the other musicgoing on down there. There weresome other guys out there whoplayed drums with their feet, andthey always got people's attention.I started playing drums with myfeet as an attention grabber butsoon found out that the drumsplayed with foot pedals actuallyRoosevelt Randle passed away in Memphis, Tennessee.Funeral services are set for Saturday August 24, 2013u Health Fair — The public is invited to Northside ChristianChurch Annual Health Fair, 9 a.m. - noon. More than twentyHealthcare Providers will be there to serve our community.Some of the services are provided by: NMMC West Point &Tupelo prostate blood test for men ($20.00). Lipid panel bloodwork ($12.50), mammogram screening (accepting insurancecard, med card, credit card, no insurance-$206.00). All otherservices are free. There will be lots of information on obesity,health and wellness, personal training, domestic violence, childabuse, bulling, stalking, assistance care for the elderly, job opportunities(barber & cosmetology), water slide and jumper, the Cityenhanced my music dramatically.Not only were people listening andbuyin' discs, they were now dancingand hollerin' to boot. Now Iam to the point where, if you closeyour eyes, you would think therewas a professional drummer with afull-size drum kit behind me. Ilearned alot from the guys I sharedthe street with, including JohnLowe, (inventor of the Lowebow,a type of diddley-bow that I play),Robert Belfour, and RichardJohnston."Prestage returned to Memphisover the next few years for theObituariesInternational Blues Challengeand within three years took hesecond, third and fourth place.He was also the only two-timerecipient of the Lyon/PitchfordAward for "Best Diddley-BowPlayer." Prestage’s approach toinstrumentation, (fingerstyle guitar,harmonica, banjo, lap-steel,fiddle, resonator guitar, footdrums,vocals and his awardwinningoriginal song writinghas earned him invitations toperform across North America,Europe and as far as NorthAfrica.at noon at Lake Grove M.B. Church. Visitation is thesame day from 11 a.m. until the hour of the service.Burial will follow in the church Cemetery.Carter Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements.‘Calendar’ continued from page 2of West Point Fire Truck. Early bird drawing/free prizes 8:45,refreshments served at noon. Mammogram mobile units will beopen from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. For more information contactDorothy Ryland, 275.2474 or Northside Christian Church494.5210.Jackson91/70Meridian89/69Biloxi86/74area CitiesCity Hi Lo Cond. City Hi Lo Cond.Baton Rouge, LA 89 72 t-storm Memphis, TN 91 72 mst sunnyBiloxi 86 74 t-storm Meridian 89 69 t-stormBirmingham, AL 89 70 mst sunny Mobile, AL 86 74 t-stormBrookhavem 90 70 t-storm Montgomery, AL 89 72 t-stormCleveland 93 72 mst sunny Natchez 91 71 mst sunnyColumbus 91 69 t-storm New Albany 90 69 mst sunnyCorinth 90 68 t-storm New Orleans, LA 86 77 t-stormGreenville 93 70 mst sunny Oxford 91 69 mst sunnyGrenada 92 69 mst sunny Philadelphia 89 70 t-stormGulfport 86 74 t-storm Senatobia 90 70 mst sunnyHattiesburg 89 71 t-storm Starkville 91 71 t-stormJackson 91 70 mst sunny Tunica 91 70 mst sunnyLaurel 89 70 t-storm Tupelo 91 71 mst sunnyLittle Rock, AR 92 73 mst sunny Vicksburg 92 71 mst sunnyMc Comb 89 71 t-storm Yazoo City 93 70 mst sunnyNational CitiesCity Hi Lo Cond. City Hi Lo Cond.Atlanta 88 69 pt sunny Minneapolis 87 68 sunnyBoston 79 59 mst sunny New York 84 66 pt sunnyChicago 80 61 sunny Phoenix 103 83 pt sunnyDallas 98 76 pt sunny San Francisco 67 57 pt sunnyDenver 87 62 t-storm Seattle 75 60 pt sunnyHouston 94 75 mst sunny St. Louis 90 69 t-stormLos Angeles 84 64 sunny Washington, DC 85 67 t-stormMiami89 80 t-stormMoon PhasesFullAug 20UV indexFri8/2310Very HighSat8/2410Very HighLastAug 28Sun8/2510Very HighThe UV Index is measured on a 0 - 11 number scale,with a higher UV Index showing the need for greaterskin protection.©2010 American Profile Hometown Content ServiceNewSep 5Mon8/2610Very HighFirstSep 12Tue8/2710Very High0 11$5Saturday SpecialAUGUST 24, 2013Pulled Pork Plate • Leg Quarter Plate • Hamburger BasketRib Tips • ChitterlingsPlates come with 2 sides, Baskets comes with 1 side.662-494-12963903 Hwy 50 East in West Point, MS

Daily Times Leader FaithFriday, August 23, 2013 • Page 5There is only one wayto heavenBy GARY ANDREWSgary@gadevotionals.comCLAY COUNTY CHURCHDIRECTORY & DEVOTIONALMany years ago when Iworked in Louisiana I went tochurch with a lady that wasemployed as an operating roomnurse.This lady would share someof the experiences she had in theoperating room and there is onethat always stuck with me. Therewas a patient that was on death’sbed and it was a very critical anddelicate operation that saved hislife.As soon as the operation wasover she exclaimed to the membersof the operating team, “Thankyou Jesus for saving this man’slife.”The doctor then chimed inand stated, “Jesus had nothing todo with this. It was me that savedthis man’s life.”She was highly disappointedin what he said and so was the restof the team.There are many people in thisworld that have the same feelingsthat this doctor had. These peopleare so self-serving and nothing butself-gratification pleases them.All of these people need toremember that there is one thingthey cannot do. They cannot get toheaven through their self-relianceor on any of their own merits.However, it is also hard for them tounderstand that getting to heavenis a free gift from God. All anyonehas to do is confess their sins andask Jesus to forgive them andcome into their heart.Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us, “Forit is by grace you have been saved,through faith, and this is not fromyourselves, it is the gift of God, notby works, so that no one canboast.”I am afraid that our nation is introuble because of self-servingindividuals. These are the onesspeaking up and the Christians arestaying silent. It is time for achange, and it is time for all of us,as Christians, speak out and givecredit where credit is due. Godcreated all of us and it is from Himthat we receive all of our blessings.Prayer: Thank you Lord forsaving me. I pray that I can be alight for you and share the goodnews to everyone I am in contactwith. Amen.(Suggested daily Bible readings:Sunday - John 3:3-8; Monday- 1 Timothy 2:1-7; Tuesday -Matthew 16:24-26; Wednesday -Titus 2:11-14; Thursday - Job35:2-8; Friday - Proverbs 26:12;Saturday - Isaiah 64:6) A078-09Gary Andrews is the author ofEncouraging Words: 30-days inGod’s Word. To obtain a copy goto his website gadevotionals.comBAPTISTBible Baptist Church156 Prairie View Drive, 494-5450Bible Way Missionary BaptistHwy. 45 Alt., 494-8949Bluff Creek Missionary BaptistHwy. 50, 494-1220Calvary Baptist460 McCord, 494-4421Cedar Bluff Baptist ChurchPastor Bro. Todd Chessen, Phone, 662-251-4965 ,SundaySchool 10 am, Worship Hours 11am, 6 pm Wednesday 7 pmChandler Grove M.B. ChurchP.O. Box 1670, 494-2630Concord Missionary BaptistOld Vinton Rd., 494-0744Enon Baptist ChurchHwy. 46, 494-8850Faith BaptistChurch Hill Rd., 494-9699First Baptist134 E. Broad, 494-4213First BaptistPheba Rd., 494-4499Fountain Head M.B. Church6000 Lone Oak Road, West Point • (662) 492-4955Gospel Temple Missionary BaptistHarrison St., 495-1070Greenwood Missionary Baptist Church10026 Hwy. North 45 Alt. West Point, MSHebron Baptist ChurchHebron to Cedar Bluff Rd., 494-2377Hope Baptist ChurchHwy. 50 West, Pine Grove Road, 492-4600Hopewell Missionary Baptist ChurchHopewell Rd., 494-6787Johnson Creek M.B. ChurchP.O. Box 158, Pheba, 495-0097Lake Grove BaptistSiloam-Una Rd., 494-0435Lone Oak BaptistLone Oak Drive, 494-1252Mhoon Valley BaptistMhoon Valley Rd., 494-0940Mt. Hermon BaptistMayhew St., 494-5614Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church2628 East Tibbee Rd., Pastor: Donald WesleyEach Sunday Morning: 8:00 a.m.First, Third and Fifth Sunday: 11:30 a.m.Sunday School: 9:30 a.m., Bible Study: Wed. 6:30 p.m.Mt. Pisgah Tibbee BaptistTibbee Rd., 494-1991Mt. Pisgah Waverly1543 Waverly Mansion Rd., 494-6132Mount Zion Missionary Baptist2506 Old Vinton Rd. 494-7728Mount Zion Missionary Baptist, PhebaRev. Calvin Chandler, Pastor 494-6323New Covenant M.B. ChurchHwy 46, Mantee, 492-4144Palo Alto BaptistHwy. 47, 494-0024Palestine MB ChurchPastor Thomas Lane, 448-1030Payne Chapel Missionary Baptist10052 Payne Field Rd., 494-2500Pilgrim Grove Missionary BaptistChurch Hill Rd., 494-6240Rev. Robert Shamblin TraylorServices 8:30 & 10:30 am, Sunday school 9:30Pleasant Grove Pooles BaptistOld Waverly Rd., 494-8652Riverside Chapel Baptist ChurchOld Highway 50 East, 494-0861St. Paul Missionary Baptist805 5th Street North, 494-3951St. Robertson Missionary BaptistP.O. Box 118, 494-3054Shady Grove Waverly BaptistOld Waverly Rd., 494-9432Siloam Missionary BaptistHwy. 47, 494-0836Sunday School 9:30 • Worship Service 10:30Siloam Baptist ChurchSiloam, 494-1705Strong Hill M.B. Church471 Barton Ferry Rd., Rev. Israel Lee, PastorSunday School 9:30 a.m. • Worship Service 11 a.m.Bible Study Wed. 6:30 p.m. • 494-8269Third Mount Olive Baptist904 Mosley Ave., 494-8414Town Creek MB ChurchPastor Charles Davidson, 494-3575Trinity BaptistHwy. 45 N., 494-7070Union Star Missionary BaptistWaverly Rd., 494-8337Upper Prairie Creek BaptistHwy. 389, 494-8501Walker Grove Missionary BaptistWalker Sanders Rd., 494-1690West End BaptistW. City Limits Rd., 494-2140Yeates Chapel Missionary BaptistPruitt Rd., 494-8755CATHOLICImmaculate Conception Catholic617 E. Main, 494-3486CHRISTIANFirst ChristianEast Broad, 494-2391Northside Christian208 Cottrell, 494-5210CHURCH OF CHRISTChurch of ChristOld Aberdeen Rd., 494-5795Church of ChristHwy. 45 N., 494-4105Midway Church of ChristW. Half Mile St., 494-6130CHURCH OF GODChurch of GodN. Eshman Ave., 494-1548Church of God of Prophecy727 Lone Oak Rd., 494-1887Progress Street Church of God1002 N. Progress, 494-3237St. Mark Church of God in ChristMuldon Junction, 494-7297St. Matthew Temple Church of God and Christ420 5th St., 494-2093CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTSChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsChurch Hill Rd., 494-3084EPISCOPALEpiscopal Church of the Incarnation103 West Broad, 494-1378JEHOVAH’S WITNESSESKingdom Hall of Jehovah’s WitnessesHwy. 45 Alt., 494-2889LUTHERANOur Saviour Lutheran Church LC-MS1211 18th Ave. North, Columbus, 328-1757METHODISTFirst United MethodistCourt & Broad St., 494-1658Christ United MethodistChurch Hill Dr., 494-5109Davidson Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal218 Martin Luther King Dr., 494-8822St. Paul United Methodist330 5th, 494-3988Cedar Bluff United Methodist ChurchHwy. 50 WestPheba United Methodist ChurchHwy. 50 WestSiloam United Methodist ChurchHwy. 47Jones Chapel United Methodist ChurchE. Tibbee Road • 494-3020Trinity AME ChurchBarton Ferry Road, West Point, MSSunday School 9:30 AM • Worship Service 11AMPENTECOSTALApostolic Church of the Lord JesusSiloam-Griffith Rd., 494-1509First PentecostalHwy. 50 E., 494-7840Gospel Lighthouse512 Old White Rd., 494-5104West Point ApostolicHwy. 45 N., 494-5893PRESBYTERIANCairo Cumberland PresbyterianCairo Rd., 494-0202First PresbyterianCorner East & Broad, 494-3858First Presbyterian USA604 East Main, 494-1541Trinity United Presbyterian927 Cooperwood St., 494-7140SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTLee Memorial Seventh-Day AdventistHwy. 45 Alt., 494-0105ORTHODOXSt. Brigid's Orthodox Christian MissionHolmes Chapel, Hwy 50 West, West Point, MSDivine Liturgy • Sunday at 10:00 A.M.http://mississippiorthodox.comOTHERCornerstone Christian Church2565 Lone Oak Dr.Pastor Emmanuel MooreSun. Morning Worship 11:00 amHoly Temple1217 N. Division, 494-3322West Point MennoniteHwy. 45 N., 494-6626Immanuel Healing and DeliveranceOutreach Ministeries147 North JacksonWest Point MS 39773Jesus Is The Way Outreach Ministry131 E. Jordan, 494-0850The Message Center820 Church St. • West Point MSPastor Orlando PannellSunday School Service - 8 a.m.Worship Service - 9 a.m.Ministries of Missions446 Cottrell St., 494-0980“The Church”821 Lone Oak DriveReal Life International Word of Faith ChurchHampton Inn • 1281 Hwy. 45 Alt. • Phone: 418-9714Sunday Services: Prayer 10 a.m. • Worship 10:30 a.m.The Refuge3697 Hwy 45 Alt. North • Phone: 295-3842Sunday Services: Youth 10a.m. • Worship 10:00a.m.Children's Worship 10:00a.m. • Monday: Ladies Class 10a.m.Wednesday: Youth Worship, Children's Choir, WorshipPractice, Adult Prayer / Bible Study 6:00p.m.The Gift of Life MinistriesHoliday Inn Express (Magnolia Room)Services: Sunday 11a.m. Wednesday 6 p.m.Pastor: Elder Maxine BrownThis House ChurchPastor Doris Cooperwood633 W. 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Page 6 • Friday, August 23, 2013There are times when the caresand concerns of the world seemto leave us almost hopeless. Iknow the devil has his part in ourmisfortunes, but all of our trialsare not because Satan is shootingfiery darts at us. Some of ourwounds are self inflicted. That’swhy we have to pray and alwaysabide in his word.I’m glad God said he wouldmake our enemies our footstoolsbecause if he left it up to us,instead of shooting the enemy wewould end up shooting ourselves.I’m so glad he said, “Don’t fretbecause of evil doers because theywill soon be cut down like thegrass and wither like the greenherb.” If he didn’t give us hispeace instead of driving theenemy off, most of us woulddrive ourselves right off the deepend.I’m so glad that he said hewould prepare a table before us inthe presence our enemies. If hedidn’t feed us instead of starvingthe enemy, most of us would dieof malnutrition.I’m trying to get you to understandthat we can’t do this byourselves.We are too weak andSatan is too strong. We are toogullible and the devil is too crafty.But we serve a God that ismightier than the adversary. Theold folks used to say, “Everythingthat is over our heads is under hisfeet.”The bible says that heaven ishis throne and the earth is hisfootstool. That lets me know thatthere is not a problem, pain, predicament,care, concern, complication,trial, trouble, issue orordeal that he is not able to handle.So whatever it is that you aregoing through, let me invite andencourage you to take it to theLord in prayer. Then lay it downand leave it there.I have encountered all kindsof people in my life and my ministrywho have had all kinds ofdilemmas, and they all had onething in common: Every singleone of them needed help. Somehad gone to family, but theycouldn’t help them. Some hadgone to friends, and they couldn’tdo them any good. Some hadapplied for assistance with variousorganizations and were turneddown. But the ones that turned toGod saw a change in their situation.One of the things that we dothe best is look for help in timesof trouble. However, one thingwe do the worst is look for helpin all the wrong places. Thenwhen we locate the help we needit’s usually controlled by somebody.So our focus must shiftfrom getting the assistance directlyto getting the person whocontrols the help to send it ourway.Out of 1,000 people who needhelp, how can you get the attentionof the person who has thepower to relieve your suffering?There are 1,000 applicationsdown at the employment office.How do you get yours to the topof the pile? There 1 million peoplein line for disability benefits,and they are only processing 50per day. Is there a way to getnoticed, or do you get lost in thescuffle and die a miserable deathwhile on the waiting list?I don’t care what it is you aretrying to do, what you are tryingto get or where you’re trying togo there are a lot of other peopleout there vying for the samething. The completion is fierce.And to be quite honest there is anapplicant that can do a better jobthan you. There is somebody thathas more training and educationthan you.There is a guy or gal that isbetter qualified and deserves thatblessing more than you. So, ifyou expect to beat them you aregoing to need some help. Youmust have an advantage, associateor advocate on the inside that cangive you an edge.I want to show you in thismessage today that in Jesus wehave such. All you have to do iscall on him and somebody in hereought to be a witness that he canand will make a way out of noway. Somebody in the housetoday ought to be able to testifythat just when you reached theend of your rope God showedup.Somebody couldn’t even seethe light at the end of the tunnel,but now they can tell somebodythat “God is my light and mysalvation.”Somebody had a friend thatpromised to lend a helping handbut they couldn’t feel the love.Now you can tell somebody thatGod is love. Somebody used togo to bed with tears and fears butnow you can tell somebody thatweeping may endure for a nightbut joy comes in the morning.Jesus has what you need, andJesus is what you need so afterhearing this message I pray thatyou will do like this man in thetext and run ahead of the crowd.Climb the proverbial Sycamoretree and wait on the Lord. Hewill come if you wait on him. Theold folks used to say, “He maynot come when you want himbut he is always right on time.”Last week we spoke from thethought, “If only I could seeJesus.” Today I want to examinethis text from a different perspective.We already examined it byfocusing on Zacchaeus. But nowI want us to shift our focus to theLord and take another look atthis text. Zacchaeus was waitingin eager anticipation for the comingof the Lord. When heclimbed the tree he may havebeen thinking, “If only I couldsee Jesus,” but now that he is inplace he may very well be thinking,“If only Jesus could see me.”You remember that as Jesuswas passing through Jericho alarge crowd began to follow him.And there was a little fellowresiding in Jericho by the name ofZacchaeus. He was a tax collectorbut he wanted to see Jesus. Inother words he was a sinner buthe wanted to see Jesus. He wasn’tjust a sinner but according to thetext he was the chief sinner. Buthe wanted to see Jesus. He hasthe only job that allowed him tolegally steal from his people buthe wanted to see Jesus.Of all the things that weremessed up about the man I wantyou to know that this is one thingthat he was doing right. Hisdesire to see the Lord had thepotential to erase all the evil hehad ever done in his life. To thatend, I might remind you that itdon’t matter how low down youhave been in your life you have achance to wipe the slate clean.I don’t care how much liquoryou drank, how much dope yousmoked, how many people youstole from or how many lies youtold. You can have your recordexpunged. This little fellow was abig sinner but he had the rightidea. He said, “If only I can seeJesus.” So he ran ahead of thecrowd, climbed up a Sycamoretree and waited for Jesus.But now that he is in the tree Iwant you to see how God honoredhis desire. I have heard andI believe it to be so that if youmake one step the Lord will maketwo. I noticed a few things in thistext that assured and encouragedme that although seeing Jesus is ablessing in itself, as soon as Jesussees you, your season of changehas just arrived. So, I’d like totake a look at what happenedafter the little man got in the treeand waited for the Lord. Jesus showed upThe first thing that I want youto see is that Jesus showed up.You remember that this man hadalready discerned which wayJesus would be traveling and heran ahead and got ready. Heknew that Jesus was on theFaithIf only Jesus could see meTim BrinkleyJericho Road and he knew that atsome point he had to pass thatway. All he had to do was wait.Well according to the text Jesusshowed up at the place whereZacchaeus was waiting in thetree.I want to pause here longenough to tell somebody that it’seasy to discern when Jesus isgoing to show up. All you haveto do is look at the excitement ofthe people wanting to see him.When Jesus showed up in Jerichothe people were ecstatic. I justbelieve that when Zacchaeuslooked down the road and sawthe crowd he knew that this wasno ordinary gathering. The peoplewere much too excited forthis to be the governor or thechief priest. This had to be Jesus.Don’t you know that Jesus cando you better than the governoror the mayor? Don’t you knowthat Jesus can do for you whatthe president can’t? The people inthe crowd were jubilant, andZacchaeus must have known thatif Jesus wasn’t already in themidst then he was surely on theway. If you want to know whenJesus will show up just watch thecrowd and look for the joy on thefaces of people that are waitingon him.I also want you to know thatit’s possible to know where Jesuswill show up. According to theaction of Zacchaeus he lookeddown the road and saw thecrowd. Then he saw the crowdmoving down the road. By theaction of the crowd he was ableto determine that Jesus hadarrived and was moving in hisdirection. These folks were gatheredto meet the Lord and wheretwo or three are gathered in hisname he will be in the midst.He could no doubt hear thewords of the people talking andpraising Jesus as they movedalong the way. If you want toknow where Jesus will show up,then watch and listen the crowdof people who follow him. Ialready know but I want you toknow that if you praise him hewill show up. I just bet that peoplein the crowd were calling himtrying to get his attention. Ialready know but I also want youto know that if you call his name,he will show up. Everythingabout this crowd said Jesus wasthere so Zacchaeus had done theright thing, climbed up high towait.It was so easy for Zacchaeus tofigure it out, but why is it that wehave such a hard time seeingJesus now? It never ceases toamaze me how people who cometo the church now can’t seem tosee Jesus, and he is right in theirway. The crowd can be so fullthat the church is about toexplode, but some folks will neverget excited. I’m convinced thatJesus can be sitting next to us onthe pew and somebody will sleepthrough their blessing.I know some of you can’t tellwhen he shows up, so I’m goingto give you some clues. Take itfrom Zacchaeus. If the crowd isexcited Jesus is about to show up.If the crowd is praising him,Jesus will show up. If two orthree are gathered in his name,Jesus will show up.In fact, he is here right now.When praises go up, blessingswill come down. So wake up, situp and listen up or you mightjust miss out. Jesus will show up.I know he is here and I justbelieve that if I could plead mycase everything will be okay. Ifonly Jesus could see me.Jesus looked upNot only did Jesus show upbut also according to verse five helooked up. When the Lordarrived at the place whereZacchaeus was in the tree helooked up. The little guy wasonly hoping for a glimpse of theJesus but now he has gotten a lotmore than he had ever hoped for.Jesus noticed him sitting in thetree. Can you image how manypeople in that crowd that daywere hoping to get the attentionof Jesus?But because of his desire to seeJesus (who he was) the Lord paidattention to him. I truly believethat Jesus saw the desire before heever saw the man. Although thetext pointed out that Jesus lookedup, I want you to know that theologicallyspeaking the Lord wasactually looking upon him. This isso because Jesus is a personificationof the triune God. He was— and is — also God the Father.So Jesus saw Zacchaeus fromdual perspectives. As God, theson he was in an earthly body,and through his flesh he waslooking up. But as God the Fatherhe was, and is, a spirit whichabides in heaven. So from heavenhe was looking down onZacchaeus.When it comes to God there isno searching of his understanding.He was, he is and he will beall at the same. He is all present,all knowing and all powerful. Heis never without and always withinbut since he has without insidehis within he is always with.If only Jesus could see me hasbecome “Jesus has seen me.”Zacchaeus has captured the attentionof the Lord … now what? Isthere something that the littleman should say? Is it time toplead his case? What should hesay? How do you talk to somebodylike Jesus? These are commonquestions that somebodycoming in contact with the Lordfor the first time might ask.But first let me assure you thatif you have been waiting on Himhe already knew you were in thetree. Jesus saw you long beforeyou ever saw him coming. Andhe already knows all about you.The guy didn’t have to tell Jesushe was a sinner. The Lord alreadyknew that.He didn’t have to tell Jesus hewas a thief and a traitor to hispeople. The Lord already knewthat. God knows us better thanwe know ourselves. So there is noneed to plead our case or ever tryto justify our sins. God reads uslike an open book, and there isnothing hid from his all seeingeye.Jesus spoke upNot only did Jesus show up,and not only did Jesus look upbut also, according to verse five,Jesus spoke up. After Jesus cameto the place where Zacchaeus wasin the Sycamore tree and lookedat him he told him to hurry upand come down. He said,“Because today I must abide atyour house.” Of all the peoplethat was in the crowd that day …why this sinner?Of all the people that were inthat crowd that day; what didJesus see in Zacchaeus that madehim want to go to his home?Again I believe the answer lies inthe fact that this man was theonly one who wanted to seeJesus, who he was. It could bethat all the others only wantedsomething from the Lord.Perhaps they all wanted a miracle.Some maybe wanted a healingmiracle. Some maybe wantedto see a sign from heaven.Maybe they heard he fed fivethousand with two fish and fiveloaves of bread and they wantedfish sandwiches. Maybe theyheard he turned water into wineand they wanted a drink. Maybethey heard he got money from afish’s mouth and needed somechange.But this guy was different. Allhe wanted was to see Jesus. Hewanted to know who he was.That set him apart from the rest.So Jesus stopped at the Sycamoretree and told this short sinner tohurry up and come down. “I’mgoing to your house today.”As I go to my seat today I needto tell somebody that Jesus is atyour tree today. You may bethinking like Zacchaeus, “If onlyJesus can see me.” Well he has.He saw you on a hill calledCalvary. He looked upon you andhe knew you needed his blood.So he died. The nails …If he stopped for Zacchaeusand he stopped for me then hewill stop for you. You salvationhad been secured by his blood.All you have to do is accept hisgrace. Hurry up and comedown.Isaiah 40:31 “But those who wait on the Lordshall renew their strength; they shall mount upwith wings like eagles,they shall run and notbe weary, they shallwalk and not faint.”Hello, my brothersand sisters, listen towhat the book ofIsaiah says … Hopingin the Lord is expectingthat his promiseof strength will helpus to rise above life’sdistractions and difficulties.“BelieveThat.”It also means trustingin God. Trustinghelps us to be preparedwhen he speaksDaily Times LeaderRead and hear‘Wait on the Lord’DorothyTuckerto us. Then, we will be patient when he asks usto wait and expect him to fulfill the promisesfound in his word. Read It.Even the strongest people get tired at times,but God’s power and strength never diminish.He is never too tired or too busy to help andlisten. His strength is our source of strength.When you feel all of life crushing you and cannotgo another step, remember that you can callupon God to renew your strength. Remember,brother and sister, God gives strength to theweary and he increases the power of the weak.Give him thanks.Love more than feelingLove has inspired more songs and poemsthan any other topic. But what is love?How do you define love? Is it a feeling?Feelings change. They are transitory — here fora moment and then gone. How often do youbecome angry but“get over it,” as thesaying goes.Happiness can fill ourhearts, but then sadnesssweeps over us.Both may stay for awhile, but then theyare gone. Is love likethat? That shortlived?That fleeting?Is love more than afeeling?Is it really what ourcurrent culture viewsas “love?” The NLTGwenYarberLife ApplicationStudy Bible says,“Our world, with itsshallow and selfish view of love, has turned thewords “God is love” into “Love is God” and hascontaminated our understanding of love. Theworld thinks that love is what makes a person feelgood and that it is all right to sacrifice moralprinciples and other’s rights in order to obtainsuch “love.” But that isn’t real love; it is the exactopposite — selfishness.” So, what is love?My dad used to say love was an itchingaround the heart that you can’t scratch. TheMerriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “strongaffection, warm attachment, to cherish, to feel apassion, devotion, or tenderness for.”The Apostle Paul, in First Corinthians 13, thelove chapter, used the Greek word “agape,”which is described as unselfish, unconditional,sacrificial love for another. That sounds like God,doesn’t it? God is love — unselfishly loving us somuch that He sacrificed His Son for us —unconditionally — even when we did not loveHim.But can we love like that? God is the source ofour love, and the Holy Spirit, who lives in thehearts of believers, gives us the power to love.We see this kind of love shown by a mother whohas worked hard all day yet sits up with a sickchild all night; by a dad who works two jobs, notbecause he enjoys working, but to provide for hisfamily. We see it when one sibling gives up akidney so another can live; we see it when aspouse fights to save a marriage because she/heknows that’s what God wants. God’s love alwaysinvolves a choice and an action. Jesus is ourexample of what it means to love; in life anddeath, everything He did was loving and our loveshould be like His.Is love more than a feeling? Is it here todayand gone tomorrow? God said, “I have loved youwith an everlasting love” (Jeremiah 31:3) Oh,yes, love is indeed more than a feeling.‘Church’ continued from page 2Program theme is “Women Come! Let uspetition the throne for times like this.”Sunday,September 8u 12 Tribes Service — Strong HillM.B. Church is focusing on the 12 Tribesof Israel; A Journey Out of the Wildernessto the Promised Land at 2:30. Guestspeaker is Rev. Joe Peoples of Stephen’sChapel Baptist Church of Columbus.Everyone is invited to attend.Saturday,September 14u Bake Sale — Greenwood M.B.Church is having a Bake Sale from 7 a.m.until at the Bancorp South parking lotnext to Kroger.

Daily Times Leader NationFriday, August 23, 2013 • Page 9Obama looksat new collegerating systemBy JULIE PACEAssociated PressBUFFALO, N.Y. — Callinghigher education an "economicimperative," President BarackObama is pushing for an ambitiousnew government ratingsystem for colleges that wouldjudge schools on affordabilityand performance and ultimatelydetermine how federal financialaid is distributed.The rating system, which thepresident wants implementedbefore the 2015 school year,would evaluate colleges on severalcriteria, including averagetuition and student loan debt,graduation rates, and the averageearning of graduates. Obamasays he will ask Congress to linkthe new rating system to theway federal financial aid is disbursed,with students attendinghighly-rated schools receivinglarger grants and more affordablestudent loans."It's time to stop subsidizingschools that are not producinggood results and reward schoolsthat deliver American studentsof our future," Obama told acrowd of more than 7,000 at theUniversity of Buffalo.Obama detailed his proposalon the first stop of a two-daybus tour through New York andPennsylvania. The tour underscoresthe White House's desireto stay focused on domesticissues, even as foreign policycrises in Egypt and Syria vie forhis attention.Throughout the summer, theWhite House has been seekingto keep the president's publicagenda centered on middle-classeconomic issues as a way to rallypublic support for his positionsahead of looming battles in thefall with congressionalRepublicans over the budgetand raising the nation's debtlimit. On Thursday, he tried todraw a clear distinction withsome of his Republican opponents."Rather than seeking, keepingfocus on a growing economythat creates good middle-classjobs, you know, we've seen afaction of Republicans inCongress suggest that maybeAmerica shouldn't pay its billsthat have already been run up,that we should shut down governmentif they can't shut downObamacare," Obama said.Obama said a big part ofmiddle-class security includesfundamentally rethinking howto pay for higher education."Higher education cannot bea luxury, it's an economic imperative,"he said. "Every Americanfamily should be able to get it."The White House chose theUniversity of Buffalo because itis part of the State University ofNew York system, which theObama administration credits asa leader in affordability andinnovation. The attention toschool costs comes after Obamaand Congress recently cooperatedon a new law governing studentloans. But Obama said loanamounts aren't keeping up withskyrocketing college costs.President Barack Obama gestures as he speaks at the Universityat Buffalo, the State University of New York, Thursdayin Buffalo, N.Y., where he began his two day bus tour tospeak about college financial aid. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)Capitol Hill Police officers attempt to clear a street Aug. 1 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., that was blocked by immigrationreform supporters during a rally protesting immigration policies and the House GOP’s inability to pass a bill that contains apathway to citizenship. During Congress' last attempt to remake the immigration system, in 2007, a public backlash helped killthe bill as angry calls overwhelmed the Senate switchboard. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)Voices opposing immigration law mutedBY ERICA WERNERAssociated PressRICHMOND, Va. — It wasthe kickoff of a "Stop AmnestyTour" organized by the TeaParty Patriots and other groups.But the crowd was so sparsethat immigrant advocates weresoon gleefully circulating photosof the featured speaker,Republican Rep. Steve King ofIowa, standing alone on anempty stage.The rally at a public park inRichmond, Va., earlier thismonth, along with the subsequentcancellation or postponementof several similar events,points to an emerging realityduring Congress' five-weeksummer recess: Opposition tooverhauling immigration lawsappears notably muted, almosttame. Meanwhile, advocateswho support comprehensiveoverhaul legislation are claimingthey've changed at least a handfulof minds among HouseRepublicans.During Congress' last attemptto remake the immigration system,in 2007, public backlashhelped kill the bill as angry callsoverwhelmed the Senate switchboard.This summer, otherissues, notably President BarackObama's health care law, seemto be topping the list of voters'concerns.Constituents opposed to citizenshipfor immigrants in thiscountry illegally are loudly voicingtheir views at RepublicanHouse members' town hallmeetings this month. But advocatesof immigration legislationthat offers a path to citizenshipare having some success gettingtheir supporters to show up,too, even in heavily Republicandistricts."In a sort of immediate sense,Obamacare is what the partyhas decided they want to makea big deal of in these town halls,so that's frankly siphoning off alot of outrage because the peopleticked off about Obamacareare the same people ticked offabout amnesty," said MarkKrikorian, executive director ofthe Center for ImmigrationStudies, which opposes higherimmigration levels.Plus, the pro-immigrationreform side is better organizedand funded this time aroundand many establishmentRepublicans are on board. "Allof that put together meansyou're not going to see thesame level of frantic activity,"Krikorian said.What's less clear is how muchit will matter once lawmakersreturn to Washington inSeptember.Immigration overhaul legislation,a top second-term priorityfor Obama, is in limbo after theDemocratic-led Senate in Junepassed a far-reaching bill thatincludes tens of billions of dollarsfor border security, newvisa programs to bring morehigh- and low-skilled workersto the country, requirements foremployers to check all workers'legal status, and a 13-year pathto citizenship for the 11 millionimmigrants already in the countryillegally.GOP House leaders haverejected that approach, vowinginstead to proceed with billsaddressing individual immigrationissues, beginning with bordersecurity. And although byadvocates' count more than 20House Republicans have nowdeclared their support for somekind of citizenship path, themajority of House Republicansremain opposed, creating apotentially unbridgeable dividebetween the House and theSenate. Congress also faceslooming deadlines on the debtceiling and spending bills tokeep the government running.It all adds up to a tough environmentfor getting an immigrationbill to Obama's desk.Nonetheless, pro-immigrantadvocates are claiming successin their August recess efforts topressure House Republicans toact on immigration in the fall.An unusual and deep-pocketedalliance of Catholics and evangelicals,labor unions, businessgroups and others have beentargeting dozens of GOP membersviewed as open to hearingthem out, and say they'll havemomentum on their side whenCongress reconvenes."The big story I think of theAugust recess is that we haven'tseen what some had predicted,this major anti-immigrantmovement where members ofCongress would be heckled intoinaction," Galen Carey, vicepresident of government relationsat the National Associationof Evangelicals, said on a mediacall this week to announce a$400,000, 14-state radio adcampaign in support of immigrationreform. "We've seenvery much that that has been amuted voice, but actually thepro-immigrant voice has beenrather prominent at many of thetown halls that we haveobserved."No closing argument from Fort Hood suspect New details emergeabout Georgia schoolBY MICHAEL GRACZYKand PAUL J. WEBERAssociated Pressshooting suspectFORT HOOD, Texas —The Army psychiatrist on trialfor the 2009 shooting rampageat Fort Hood passed onhis final chance to addressjurors on Thursday, even afterprosecutors insisted he carriedout a planned attack and askedjurors for a verdict that wouldallow the death penalty.Maj. Nidal Hasan is actingas his own attorney butdeclined to plead his case afterprosecutors wrapped up theirclosing argument. When thejudge told Hasan he couldbegin, he said: "The defensechooses not to make a closingstatement."Hasan is facing numerouscounts of premeditated murderfor the attack that killed 13people and wounded morethan 30 others at the Armypost in central Texas. It wasthe deadliest mass shootingever on a U.S. military base.Prosecutors insisted therewas no question that Hasanplanned and carried out theattack."The facts I laid out to yougive you only one option," theprosecutor, Col. SteveHenricks, told jurors. "Theaccused without a doubt —without any doubt at all —had a premeditated design tokill."The Army psychiatrist toldjurors during a brief openingstatement nearly two weeksago that evidence would"clearly show" he was theshooter, and he described himselfas a soldier who had"switched sides."But since then, he has satmostly silent. He has raisedfew objections during the13-day trial, and he questionedonly three of the nearly 90 witnessescalled by prosecutors.He also presented only a singlepiece of evidence: an evaluationfrom his boss that calledhim a good soldier.On Thursday, military prosecutorsasked jurors for aunanimous conviction on thepremeditated murder charges,which would allow them toseek the death penalty — thegovernment's priority in thecase.Henricks repeatedly emphasizedthe word "premeditation,"trying to dissuade thejury — 13 high-ranking militaryofficers — of even consideringa conviction on a lessercharge that would take thedeath penalty off the table."There's no doubt the evidenceyou heard in this caseshows he committed theoffense," Henricks said.Henricks said Hasan askedfor the highest-tech weaponavailable when he went to agun store a few months beforethe Nov. 5, 2009, attack, andhe soon began practicing at agun range. Hasan also usedlaser sights, which Henrickssaid "established intent to kill."The prosecutor noted thatthe shootings, which startedinside a medical buildingcrowded with soldiers preparingto deploy, came the sameday Hasan's unit was at thatbuilding. Hasan was assignedto soon join the unit inAfghanistan on a six-monthtour.German woman who lost arm to shark in Maui diesBY JENNIFER SINCOKELLEHERAssociated PressHONOLULU (AP) — AGerman woman who lost herarm in a shark attack diedWednesday, one week after shewas bitten while snorkeling offMaui.Jana Lutteropp, 20, whohad been on life support, diedat Maui Memorial MedicalCenter, hospital spokeswomanCarol Clark said."Jana fought hard to stayalive," said a statement fromher mother and sister, whichwas released by Clark."However, we are sad to saythat she lost her fight today."Clark said the family wasrequesting privacy.Lutteropp was snorkeling upto 100 yards off Palauea Beachat the resort community ofMakena when the shark bit offher right arm.A high school teacher visitingfrom California jumpedinto the water after hearingher screaming and seeingblood in the surf. Rick Moore,57, of Laguna Niguel, Calif.,said Lutteropp went in andout of consciousness and keptrepeating that she was goingto die.It's not known what type ofshark bit Lutteropp. State officialsinvestigating the attacksaid witnesses didn't see theanimal."Jana was a very beautiful,strong, young woman whowas always laughing, and wewill forever remember her thatway," said the statement fromher mother, Jutta Lutteroppand sister, Julia Broeske.They asked that donations inher memory be made to theMaui Memorial MedicalCenter Foundation."We appreciate all the supportfrom the Maui community,as well as the prayers andthoughts from around theworld and in Germany," theysaid. "We especially want tothank the wonderful caregiversand everyone at Maui MemorialMedical Center."After the attack, Moore'sfriend Nicholas Grisaffi stoodin neck-high water and tookLutteropp from Moore, carryingher limp body out of thewater. They said Wednesdaythey've been praying for her."I was really hoping it wouldbe a miracle and she wouldpull through," Moore said.Grisaffi said he's been replayingthe ordeal in his mind."Rick risked his life," saidGrisaffi, 61, of Laguna Beach,Calif. "Did I do enough?Should I have grabbed my finsand swam out with him?"BY KATE BRUMBACKAssociated PressLITHONIA, Ga. — A manwho allegedly exchanged gunfirewith police at an Atlantaareaschool didn't seem tohave any friends and rarelytalked about his family or pastduring the months he livedwith a couple who serve aspastors at a small church.But Michael Brandon Hillwas quiet and didn't displayanger or violent tendencies,said Natasha Knotts, thewoman who took him in afterhe started coming to the smallchurch where her husband ispastor and she is an assistantpastor. No one was injured inTuesday's standoff, bringingrelief to parents who hadfeared the worst after reportsof the gunfire began surfacing.The DeKalb County PublicDefender's office said in astatement that it was representingHill and that he has "along history of mental healthissues." One of the office'sattorneys, Claudia Saari, saidin an email that a preliminaryhearing is scheduled for Sept.5.Knotts told The AssociatedPress on Wednesday that Hill,who is now 20, lived withthem for about six months inhis late teens. Though there isno blood or legal connectionbetween them, Knotts said sheserved as a mother-like figureto Hill."He was part of our family,"Knotts said. Her family wasaware that "he had a mentaldisorder" before he moved in.Hill told her that his birthmother was dead and that hedidn't know his father. He alsohas brothers.Police gave more details onWednesday about the previousday's ordeal and what led upto it. Before going to theschool, investigators say thatHill took a photo of himselfwith an assault rifle and packedup nearly 500 rounds ofammunition — enough toshoot more than half of theschool's students.Police said Hill got the gunfrom an acquaintance, but it'snot clear if he stole it or hadpermission to take it.Although no one wasinjured, the suspect exchangedgunfire with police who surroundedRonald E. McNairDiscovery Learning Academyin Decatur, located a few mileseast of Atlanta. The school has870 students in pre-kindergartenthrough fifth grade."We have to make a reasonableassumption he was thereto do harm to someone," saidDeKalb County Police ChiefCedric L. Alexander.Dramatic television footageshowed lines of young studentsracing out of the buildingwith police and teachersescorting them to safety. Theysat outside in a field for a timeuntil school buses came to takethem to their parents at anearby Wal-Mart.

Page 10 • Friday, August 23, 2013CrossworDsuDokuHere’s How It Works:To solve a sudoku, the numbers1 through 9 must fill each row,column and box. Each numbercan appear only once in eachrow, column and box.CRYPTOQUIPCOMICSHoroscopeby Jacqueline BigarARIES (March 21-April 19)You have reason to feel energized onceagain. What a wonderful way to end theweek and start your weekend! You seemto cruise through problem after problem.A boss or higher-up will give you nothingbut high praise.TAURUS (April 20-May 20)Understand that the less said, the better.This approach works very well, especiallywhen you don’t know what to say next.Still, your good humor marks much ofwhat is going on. Curb a tendency to go toextremes with life’s indulgences.GEMINI (May 21-June 20)Tension might build around a domesticmatter. Worry less about that issue, andenjoy your positive friends. You’ll want tomake a big difference, but perhaps rightnow is a period to relax and be more carefree.CANCER (June 21-July 22)You can’t always be the epitome of selfdiscipline.There seems to be a high levelof tension surrounding a particular matter,but you’ll be able to handle the tension.You’ll come up with a solution with a littlehelp from your friends!LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)Assume that you don’t have all the informationneeded. Willingly ask more questionsand accept others’ theories. Use cautionin the next few months when dealingwith your funds. Avoid putting words intosomeone’s mouth.VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)You will feel empowered with the Sun inyour sign. Work with individuals ratherthan groups. Others will clamor for yourattention. Know that you can handle this,while still achieving the results you desire.An offer is too good to say “no” to.LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)Stay focused, as others might drop a lotof information on you. Consider your options,but be careful not to negate any suggestions.You might need some personalthinking time, which could be difficult toachieve with everyone seeking you out.SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)You might need to move in a new directionafter some thought. Right now, assess asituation and decide what might be best foryou, as well as for others. During the nextfew weeks, emphasize manifesting more ofwhat you want.SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)You might want to rethink a personal mattermore carefully, yet the moment seemsto take over. Someone in your immediateenvironment is quite the jovial personality.You can’t help but lighten up and be morespontaneous, at least for now.CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)You could be looking at a matter very differentlybecause of a recent discussion withsomeone you respect whose perceptionsare far more diverse than yours are. Be willingto extend this conversation over severaldays, if need be.AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)You can’t help but be in the middle of conversationsand plan-making. For now, theworld seems to be revolving around you.Do not hesitate to call a special personwhom you have not spoken to in a while.The conversation will delight you.PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)You might want to continue taking the leadwith financial matters. You could be moreinspired about a proposition than othersanticipate. Your vision is far more completethan that of those making the suggestion.Be as direct as possible.Dennis The MenaceTHE LOGIC PUZZLE THATMAKES YOU SMARTER.BeeTle BaileypopeyeBlonDiehagar The horriBleon This Day...August 23, 1973CONSERVATION URGED,WATER DOWN TO TRICKLEDaily Times LeaderWest Point residents are urged to cut back on water consumption asmuch as possible, because this community is again faced with a reservewater shortage similar to the one experienced earlier this month.According to Mayor Kenny Dill, reserve water was seriously depletedWednesday night when a fire hydrant in the Woodland Hills area remainedopen several hours. Dill says officials believe the hydrant wasopened by a prankster.Adding to the water supply crisis is the inoperable condition of No.1 well. The well, the oldest in the city, was repaired earlier this month,but is once again not functioning.A Tupelo firm, Lane Central, which drilled the city wells, has beennotified of the water crisis here and is expected to lend assistance in alleviatingthe situation.Meanwhile, residents are asked to reduce home water consumptionwhenever possible. Watering of lawns and gardens should be reducedor eliminated completely, and it has been suggested that a brick beplaced in commode tanks to conserve water. The brick will displaceabout a quart of water, thus reducing the amount of water needed tofill the tank.One of the grave concerns for the current water shortage crisis is thepossibility of a fire.Fire Chief Erle Cummingham indicated that a major fire would soondeplete the water supply and drain the city’s water mains.“We are unable to conduct training sessions at the present time becauseof water shortage,” the fire chief said.Owner of one fire-damaged building in the city had requested the firedepartment set fire to the remains and use it as a training project butthe current water crisis makes the request impossible.The building has become and eyesore and residents in the area hadrequested the Mayor and Board of Selectman to get the owner to removethe debris.Lane Central was awarded a contract Monday night for the drillingof six wells and the completion of two of the wells. This work is partof the massive water and sewer systems expansion to be undertaken bythe city.Also included in that work is the construction of an elevated watertank. Both projects will help correct the present water shortage but willnot be completed in time to help during this present crisis.Rules:1. Each row and column must containthe numbers 1 through 6 without repeating.2. The numbers within the heavily outlinedset of squares, called cages, mustcombine (in any order) to produce thetarget number in the top corner of thecage using the mathematical operationindicated.3. Cages with just one box should befilled in with thetarget numberin the top corner.A numbercan be repeatedwithin a cageas long as it isnot in the samerow or column.Barney google & snuffy sMiTh

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