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ISTORIAHISTOPES sole (sun)C cuore (heart)A anima (soul)JAToday for his revolutionary production methods and his work on the vines, Beppe has really created his own Arneisthat cannot be equaled in terms of its concentration and expression. Today it is possible to find Pescaja wines on winemenus of the most famous restaurants in Milan and Turin for example “Il Sorriso di Soriso”, the most famous Piedmontrestaurant (3 Michelin stars) or at the Grand Hotel in Milan (5 stars). Here the search for the exceptional and the finalexpression of the land is permanent. The new white wine, Terre Alfieri, has been defined as a completely new type ofbenchmark in terms of white wines. It has become an international classic on the same level as Chablis, Sancerre orPouilly-Fumé.‘06‘04‘02‘98‘96‘90Acquisition of a “cryogenic” continuous cooling machine of the pressing for the transfer ofthe must in a carbon dioxide snow cyclone at –20° C.Plantation of 4 hectares of vines (Arneis, Chardonnay, Sauvignon) in the area of the Alfieri hillswith the aim of producing a new white sine that is very original and universal.Construction of a splendid new winery, partially underground beneath the hills of Cisternad’Asti, endowed with a revolutionary system of the permanent immersion of the cap by asystem of horizontal rotation.Acquisition of the most important Pescaja land “Opera Pia” in the really beautiful areaof Nizza Monferrato, the land of the grand piedmontese red: the BarberaLunnae is created, a pure and concentrated Arneis, aged in barrels, the final result ofBeppe’s exceptional savoir-faire in terms of white wine.At 19 years of age Guido Giuseppe acquires the first cisterna d’asti vines and builds his first winery. Forhim producing wine is a great aspiration (the love of life, his passion for nature and vineyards show therichness of the land) and as a challenge he throws himself in this profession in spite of his studies ineconomics that promise him a brilliant career. Initially, Beppe produces only white wines, based on thefamous autoctone vine from Piedmont: the “Arneis”.

ROERO ARNEISDENOMINAZIONE DI ORIGINE CONTROLLATATESSERAEVariety: 100% ArneisAgeing: 100% Stainless steel tanksAppellation: Roero Arneis DOCVariety: 85% Arneis, 10% Chardonnay,5% Sauvignon BlancAgeing: 100% Stainless steel tanksAppellation: Monferrato Terre Alfieri DOCPESCAJAVariety: 100% NebbioloAgeing: 100% Stainless steel tanksAppellation: Langhe NebbioloVariety: 100% BarberaAgeing: 100% Stainless steel tanksAppellation: Barbera d’Asti DOCVariety:100% BarberaAgeing: 100% in new barriquesAppellation: Monferrato Rosso DOCVariety: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% BarberaAgeing: 100% in new barriquesAppellation: Barbera d’Asti Superiore Nizza DOC

AUDESLAUDESPES sole (sun)C cuore (heart)A anima (soul)JAPescajaPiemontesi wines from the XXI centuryWines with a unique charcter, modeled by the soul of BeppeBeppe loves to associate some philosophic thoughts with each bottle. His wines are not the fruits of hazard but the result of aprofound reflection on the connection between life and the earth, wine being the ultimate expression of this alliance. Each labeltells a story, it’s up to our palates to discover it! Of one thing we can be certain: all the wines have a strong personality!An innovative company, using the very latest technologyThe love of the land and the desire to express it does not mean holding back on the use of the most sophisticated equipmentthat will get the greatest number of possible characteristics from a wine. At Pescaja all the innovative methods that still leavethe natural goodness are used to produce a “modern” wine suited to the demands of the times and endowed with a strongpersonality. Horizontal rotary wine-makers are part of the special equipment that Beppe uses. They allow a super-extraction ofthe must and especially the tannin contained in the skins thus completely eliminating the extraction of the tannin in the grapepips. The total cooling technique of the must prevents it from becoming sulphurous during fermentation and reduces the presenceof exogenous products in the wines.The association of traditional viticulture with great quality“Hi-Tech” equipment does not mean forgetting about looking after the vines. On the contrary the characteristics of the grapesare super-expressed sublimated by using the technique, it is only possible to work with material of the highest quality. Beppepays particular attention to the care of the vines and to obtaining bunches of grapes of unparalleled purity and concentration.The quality of the new plantation can be clearly seen from afar, bordering on perfection.Attention to detail and precision in the extremePoints 1 and 2 highlight this goal but the final touch that perfectly translates the insatiable desire for perfection that animatesBeppe can be seen in the professional elegance of the Pescaja bottles, an out-of-the-ordinary confection, The labels are coveredin a green leaf protected by a plastic microfilm created by one of the oldest and noblest printmakers in Italy who have a uniqueexperience in the field. These labels express the finesse of the Pescaja wines and the continuous search for perfection.Fruity wines!Few wines have a strong personality and a fruity taste that is so powerful and decidedly pure. Due to the striking nature of hiswines, Beppe is a bit of magician in Piedmont.

PROPERTIESCELLARRegion: Piedmont. North-east Italy between Cisterna d’Asti and Nizza Monferrato, around 50km from Turin.Localisation: they are mainly located in “Roero”, “Langhe”, and the “Colline Alfieri” in the areaof “del Monferrato”; three zones that are particularly suited to vine growing (the many hillsensure perfect exposure to the sun). They are also influenced by the nearby alps (hard winters andcool summer nights) and by the mediterranean sea which is only 80 km away.For the red vines the land is basically limestone, for the whites it is sandy-clayey.PESCAJA TOP IN TECHNOLOGYTanks: four 100 hectoliter tanks with automatic total immersion of the must and regular injection ofoxygen. Electronic temperature control for each individual tank. Ultra-sophisticated instantaneouscooling system of the must (only very few producers in the world have such equipment).More than 35 tanks allow the lots to be separated at the end so to produce wine of exceptionalquality. The barrique cellar is located under the hill and the use of air-conditioning in the cellaris very limited and the wines thus benefit in terms of quality.All the materials belong to Pescaja and production at all times is personally supervised. Thisensures constant control of all the various stages the final product being what one can onlydescribe as “perfect”!OMUSVINARIAPESCAJA

PRAEMIUMPES sole (sun)C cuore (heart)A anima (soul)JALuca Maroni Guida dei vini Italiani 2007“SOLNERI 2004, really impressive.”“SOLITER 2005 magnificent mature fruitiness.””TERRE ALFIERI ARNEIS LUNNAE 2005, a wine of absolute excellencethat takes this autoctone variety to the highest level of concentrationthat one can possibly imagine. Congratulations!”Luca Maroni“Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani 2007”“LUNNAE ... the best Arneis ever.”“Golosario”, A celebrated Gastronomic Club owned by Paolo MassobrioBarbera “SOLITER 2005” cone of the top 100 Italian wines!

WHITE WINESRED WINESBottle3/4 lMagnum1,5 lDbl Magnum3 lWooden case1 bottleWooden case6 bottlesArneis Roero DOC * * *Terre Alfieri DOC * * *Lunnae Arneis DOC * * *Wooden case1 MagnumTuké Nebbiolo DOC * * *Soliter Barbera d’Asti DOC * * * * * ** * * * *Solneri Barbera d’AstiSuperiore Nizza DOCSolis Monferrato Rosso DOC * * * * * phone / fax + 39 0141 979217RATIO VINUMPESCAJA

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