2005 annuaL rePort - Concordia Language Villages


2005 annuaL rePort - Concordia Language Villages

2005 annuaL rePort

ConCordia Language ViLLages

A Program of Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota USA

005 annuaL report

NatioNal advisory Board

Georg & reidun Gauger

Mound, Minn.

alfred & ingrid lenz Harrison

Wayzata, Minn.

Peter & Jane Hesslein

seattle, Wash.

donald & roma Hoff

eau Claire, Wis.

Keith & ilene Johanneson

Bemidji, Minn.

Margaret Cuomo Maier

Lattington, n.Y.

vivian Mason

Minneapolis, Minn.

dan & Cynthia Mjolsness

Barrington Hills, ill.

Hugh & linda Mullenbach

potomac, Md.

Jon & sophie Pederson

spicer, Minn.

steven Pollei & solveig storvick Pollei

Wayzata, Minn.

Wayne & Bev thorson

Bemidji, Minn.

Cover: Lesnoe ozero’s new site at the

former A Place in the Woods

resort displays the decorative

details of Russian architecture.

Left: Japanese villagers perform a

kabuki play at International Day.

shaping the World

For more than 45 years, Concordia Language Villages has been on the

cutting edge of language immersion and continues on that distinctive path

of educational leadership. this year, a national call for leadership in language

education turned the spotlight even brighter on the Villages. Concordia College

president, pamela Jolicoeur, attended the summit on international education

at the department of state in January where president Bush committed to

the national security Language initiative and the importance of linguistic

competency. the Villages set Concordia apart from the 120 other colleges

represented, with language training beginning at the precollegiate level.

Because of this national focus on strategic languages, doors began opening

and new opportunities came our way. this required us to move quickly and to

strategically realign our program delivery and related support systems

First, we launched the fourteenth Language Village, Al-Waha, in october from Capitol Hill in Washington,

d.C. then we were awarded a $250,000 appropriation from Congress through the department of state’s youth

exchange division to develop the arabic Language Village. this new Village carries high hopes for bridge-building

between and among our arab neighbors.

in november, i joined Minnesota governor tim pawlenty’s trade delegation to China. With 120 delegates,

it was the largest group of state business and educational leaders ever sent to China on a trade mission.

Former Sen Lin Hu villager, amy Jordan from Hibbing, Minn., also participated.

no one doubts the economic and political importance of China, and the call for Chinese in american high schools

greatly outpaces the number of qualified teachers. We have offered Chinese for over 20 years and have just

doubled the number of summer youth sessions in 2006 due to escalating demand. Concordia Language Villages

has the educational resources and knowledge to assist others in addressing this national challenge.

this spring president Jolicoeur announced that i would join the president’s Cabinet as Vice president for

international development. i look forward to lending my voice to the strategic initiatives that the College and

the Villages can embark on together. this new role will ensure that the institution’s longstanding commitment

to K-16 language learning will evolve and mature.

as long as there is a clear vision and an unwavering commitment to mission, everyone can feel revitalized by the

ventures and adventures that come our way to help shape the world.

Christine schulze

executive director, Concordia Language Villages

Vice president for international development, Concordia College

ConCordia Language ViLLages

005 annuaL report

dr. pamela M. Jolicoeur

president, Concordia College

Preparing youth

for a global society

Concordia Language Villages is probably the most identifiable expression of Concordia

College’s desire to prepare leaders for a global society. a key element of our strategic plan

is to strengthen the College as an international institution. asking Christine, who is a proven

visionary and “doer” in this area, to be a part of our senior leadership team was a logical move

to increase internationalization across all divisions of the College.

this year we were one of only five schools in the nation to achieve the senator paul simon

award for Campus internationalization by naFsa: association of international educators. the

department of education reports that two percent of all american students study abroad while

54 percent of Concordia students study internationally. Currently we rank as number 10 among

baccalaureate institutions. We want to aim even higher.

as a college we have worked to extend financial aid to international students, develop a global

studies major, expand global requirements in core courses, increase faculty development for

global teaching emphasis (including the third World), add language houses on campus and

increase faculty research on outcomes of international study. plans are underway to expand

and connect the 14 Language Villages more intentionally with campus programs.

in november, i also traveled to China with the Minnesota private College Council which

reinforced the convictions i already had regarding the importance of strengthening our

international emphasis. We need to sharpen the focus of our programs and have evidence of

outcomes for students. as an ultimate outcome, more students who want to understand the

world will be drawn to Concordia and its mission to influence and shape the world.

Left: Paul DelMain, dean of the Chinese Language Village,

takes a hands-on approach at sen Lin Hu.

Inset: From left, Xiuwen Wang, Pamela Jolicoeur and

Christine Schulze expand Concordia College’s

international reach to China. Dr. Wang is the principal

of the Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School

in Yangzhou, China, and is Concordia’s official partner

for Global Language Villages in China.

ConCordia Language ViLLages


005 005 annuaL annuaL report report

a place that Makes for Peace

Blocks of color adorned with distinctive squiggles appeared on

international day t-shirts, throughout the festival-ready Markplatz,

on signs and on walls. each one represented a tenet of the 2005

international day theme, Creating Cultures of peace. For the second year,

Concordia Language Villages participated in the unesCo-led decade

for a Culture of peace and non-Violence for the Children of the World

(2001-2010) to promote programs in the field of education for peace and


unesCo defines a culture of peace as having a set of

values, attitudes, modes of behavior and ways of life

that reject violence and prevent conflicts by tackling

their root causes to solve problems through dialog and

negotiation among individuals, groups and nations.

When children feel safe and nature is tranquil, is it possible to

understand conflict in the world and discuss peaceful solutions? gavriel

“gabi” solomon, a world-renowned peace educator and researcher from

the university of Haifa, israel, came to the Villages in July 2005 to pursue

this question, as his research had primarily focused on peacemaking

in areas of intractable conflict. He was collaborating on a study with

Skogfjorden dean tove dahl, a professor of psychology at the university

of tromsø, norway, and Concordia College professor Lisa sethre-Hofstad

about the importance of “place” for learning about peace.

Creating Cultures of Peace Tenets:


All Life



Share With


Listen To


Key staff members from many different Villages participated

in a workshop led by gavriel on peace education and research.

then, with the help of Concordia College students dane Furfaro and

Meghan Johansen, tove and her team interviewed 44 villagers, past and

present, short- and long-term. the thoughtful answers from the survey

group were transcribed during winter by four former villagers and staff

currently at the university of tromsø: danaca Heidorn, Melanie Meinzer,

scott Meyer and rachel peterson. the fruits of all this labor are more

than 500 pages of transcriptions that summarize villagers’ experiences,

learning, and growth, both during and after Skogfjorden.

Funding for this project comes from Concordia College, Concordia

Language Villages, the university of tromsø and the norwegian research


the data are still being analyzed, but preliminary results have already

been presented and will contribute to a book on peace and place.

Creating responsible—and peaceful—global citizens is what we strive

to do at the Villages. and, in many respects, this research project shows

that the mission is being met.

Left: International Day brings the Villages together twice per summer

to celebrate international peace and understanding.

Inset: Tove Dahl, dean of the Norwegian Language Village


The Planet



ConCordia Language ViLLages

005 annuaL report

Honoring a Past director

of the villages: Vern and May Mauritsen

Vi Takker Vernon og May Mauritsen

for at denne skaten I skogen ble til. Anno 1970.

We thank Vernon and May Mauritsen

for making possible this treasure in the woods. Year 1970.

the rosemaled plaque honoring Vern, second director of the Language

Villages (1967-1971), and his wife, May, now hangs on the outside wall

of Gimle, the first building constructed at Skogfjorden, the norwegian

Language Village on turtle river Lake.

on July 8, 2005, more than 100 people gathered to celebrate the Village

years when Vern served as director. a Montana native and Concordia

College music education major, Vern first became a high school band

director in sunburst, Mont. the band earned state and regional honors,

and they attended the portland, ore., rose Festival as the honor band in

1952. during this time, Vern and May also directed “glacier Wilderness

Camp,” a summer family camp near glacier national park.

Loving a challenge, Vern’s next directing stop was the construction

business. He began sunburst Builders Mart, a construction and

building materials firm, and he developed one of the first prefabricated

construction systems in Montana.

Just when Vern and May felt “footloose” and ready to retire in the mid

1960s, another directing opportunity lured them to the Language Villages.

Concordia College president Joseph Knudson and Concordia officials,

Bill smaby and roger swenson, persuaded Vern to become the first

full-time director.

“By nature, i like new projects,” Vern said. “We were so taken by the

operation. We thought maybe we should give this a whirl.”

the couple didn’t come prepared with language education, but they came

with enthusiasm to direct young people to their full potential. “it’s like

preparing a concert,” said director Vern. “You work hard to get everything

ready, and once the concert takes

place, it’s just kind of a pleasure.”

Vern created a fertile climate for

success by hiring the right staff,

pulling resources and people

together and then letting them

create. His most challenging

task was to “put a burr under

the saddle” of the skeptical

Concordia Board of regents to

construct a permanent Language

Village on an 800-acre tract of

land on turtle river Lake near

Bemidji, Minn., which was

purchased by the College in 1966.

He not only managed to sway

the regents but also the sons of norway, who helped with the facility’s

authentic details and contributed $40,000 to the project. the momentum

surged with a $200,000 grant from the Bush Foundation.

as the big pieces came together, Vern visualized year-round use for

Skogfjorden, planting seeds for use of the buildings as a conference

center. Skogfjorden was dedicated on July 19, 1970, which set the pace

for building more culturally authentic Villages in the following decades.

in 1971, Vern and Mary returned to their property on Flathead Lake where

they stayed for more than 30 years. at the Villages, Vern left a top-notch

staff of deans and administrators to continue the program.

the director’s beat still continues for the Mauritsens. the couple has

established the first endowed scholarship for the fourteenth Language

Village, Al-Waha, where the arabic language and culture will delight

generations of young people.

Left: Vern and May Mauritsen laid the foundation of our permanent

sites on Turtle River Lake.

Inset: Vern and May at skogfjorden during his years as director.

ConCordia Language ViLLages

0 005 annuaL report

0 005 annuaL report

Building a strong Foundation for Growth

Concordia Language Villages is going where it hasn’t gone before—

language immersion for pre-kindergarten children, spanish

proficiency for healthcare professionals, global competency workshops

for international Baccalaureate schools.

a new leadership team will launch the program to new frontiers.

Christine schulze, executive director since 1989, has known all along that

the Villages has enormous untapped potential to offer more language and

cultural immersion sessions. Lack of time and resources, however, has

detracted from exploring emerging opportunities.

“the demand for language education is currently at an unprecedented

level in the united states,” Christine says, “and we found ourselves

besieged by phone calls for professional training programs and satellite

Villages beyond Minnesota, and we didn’t have time to discuss the options.”

Last fall, dr. pamela Jolicoeur, Concordia College’s president, asked

Christine to design a bold vision for the Villages’ future with a new

administrative structure. Christine sought advice from key internal

players and also from Ceos in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

the creative work began as Christine set the stage for growth by drafting

a new organizational chart. she also constructed a five-year financial

plan to insure that an upfront infusion of capital from Concordia would

propel the Villages forward and guarantee a solid plan of return on


“almost everyone in the organization has gone through a job description

change, and we are still evolving many of the departments so that

operations keep pace with programmatic innovation,” says dennis

stugelmeyer, director of business affairs, at seven months into the new

networked divisional structure.

Change will most likely be the status quo as the organization determines

how to promote the 14 languages and new program options.

“For an organization that was predominantly focused on summer youth

programs for over 45 years,” says Martin graefe, director of yearround

programs,”it is exciting to be actively engaged in conversations

with parents who want pre-K language immersion for their children,

or healthcare professionals who are interested in developing spanish

proficiency, or teachers in international Baccalaureate schools who

desire global competency workshops.”

as staff works to develop business program plans, new Village sessions

emerge. patricia thornton, director of summer youth programs, says that

“we need citizens who are ‘world fluent’ now more than ever, and the

restructuring allows us to reach more kids and provide more access to

those who might not be able to afford the experience otherwise.”

donna Clementi, 31-year staff member and director of education and

research, concurs and desires to advance the research agenda so the

Villages’ best practices can be identified and shared with language

teachers across the country.

in 2010, the Villages will celebrate 50 years of preparing young people

for responsible global citizenship and will be well positioned to remain

an international leader in language education. “We have always been

defined by a strong sense of community, with a ‘village’ as the core

unifying experience,” Christine says, “and we look forward to expanding

our circle of responsible, global citizens.”

Left: Language Villages staff work together in teams to develop effective

and fun programs.

Inset: Concordia Language Villages Executive Council, from left,

Dennis Stugelmeyer, Martin Graefe, Christine Schulze, Carl-Martin Nelson*,

Donna Clementi, and Patricia Thornton.

* Carl-Martin Nelson was named director of international exchange programs

in April of 2006 to start September 1, 2006.

ConCordia Language ViLLages

005 annuaL report

005 annuaL report

Al-Waha .

arrives in Northern Minnesota

“Bridging the Middle East and the Midwest”

setting up the Village was a team effort: painting signs, decorating

posters, securing cooking utensils and studying recipe books. enter

the players as a new arabic Language Village opened in July 2006 at

Camp trowbridge, a facility near Vergas, Minn., which has long been

leased by Concordia Language Villages.

Long before the islamic period, arab poets

developed arabic into a language of richness

and flexibility. associated with geographical

terrain, Al-Waha means “the oasis.”

dr. Muhammad s. eissa, ph.d., an arabic

scholar who has taught at the university of

Michigan, northwestern university, uCLa,

and the american university in Cairo, serves

on the steering committee for the arabic

Language Village.

“Al-Waha is the metaphor for an atmosphere

free from anxiety,” he says. “it is not a

mirage or misleading reality but represents

a source of comfort and nourishment—a place where the intellect can

focus on positive meanings of life.”

Village officials announced the arabic Language Village at a news

conference on Capitol Hill in october 2005, which was hosted by

senator norm Coleman of Minnesota. also speaking on behalf of the

initiative were tom Farrell, deputy assistant secretary of state for

academic programs, and ambassador Hassouna of the League of arab

states. Village deans, administrators and steering committee members

canvassed the Hill and embassies for a day of advocacy about the

Villages, while a day of Fun took place for youth at a d.C. hotel.

“We recruited the steering committee from leaders in both the

arab-american community and the arabic language education field

from across the u.s.,” says dr. ross King, dean of the Korean Language

Village and committee co-chair. “they have articulated an urgent need

for arabic language education at the K-12 level.”

in February 2006, the Language Villages sponsored an event with leading

arabic language educators at the science Museum of Minnesota in

st. paul. they announced a $250,000 appropriation from Congress to

support curriculum writing and cultural artifacts for the new arabic

Language Village. other donors include the Mosiac Foundation, saudi

aramco and many private individual gifts.

ghazi abuhakema, a native speaker of palestinian arabic and a fluent

speaker of Modern standard arabic, serves as dean of Al-Waha. He

earned an undergraduate degree at al-Yarmouk university, Jordan,

an M.s. from st. Michael’s College, Burlington, Vt., and a ph.d. from

the university of texas, austin. Having taught various levels of arabic

at ut-austin, Middlebury College and the Middlebury arabic summer

Language school, he is interested in the role of culture in learning a

foreign language and in the theories of language acquisition.

Modern standard arabic, the language of formal settings and writing,

will serve as the foundation for curriculum planning with exposure to

colloquial arabic in various dialects (egyptian, Levantine, gulf and north

african). Worldwide, 200 million people speak arabic, and it will be the

fourteenth language offered at the Villages.

“arabic is one of the top five languages spoken in the world today, yet

few american schools teach it at the pre-collegiate level,” explains

Christine schulze, executive director. “We believe the time is right to help

young people learn arabic and better appreciate the rich cultural and

linguistic tradition. the understanding they gain will help them enrich

international dialog in years to come.”

Left: Camp Towbridge in Vergas, Minn., was the site for the new

Arabic Language Village, al-Waha.

Inset: Culturally authentic games are an integral part of language

learning at the Villages.

ConCordia Language ViLLages

005 005 annuaL annuaL report


Waldsee’s “green Bridge”

across the atlantic

the east-facing slope of the cube-shaped building greets the rising

sun. the back of the building, built with heavier materials, contains

the dormitory areas. Lighter materials create the common shared spaces

in front and face the south for solar gain. the walls have the latest

thermal protection technology, including vacuum insulation. another

unique feature includes a green roof, with sedum originally planted by

german villagers and adult program participants last year. the BioHaus

emphasizes Concordia Language Villages’ commitment to sustainability,

which means building with cutting edge, advanced technology to

minimize long-term environmental impact, while creating a healthy,

comfortable residential setting at the same time.

the BioHaus Environmental Living Center, modeled on germany’s

Passivhaus standards, uses 85 percent less energy than comparable

u.s. structures. the application of these standards have been

revolutionizing housing markets and the renovation of older buildings

in europe for about 15 years.

described by architects as “klein aber fein,” small but fine, the structure

will house 28 people and impact the environmental education of more

than 1500 youth and adults who attend Waldsee every year.

Learning will be active in the BioHaus as german villagers cook, clean,

sleep, play and explore in this low-energy-use building. they will use an

interactive metric monitoring system to take the building’s “vital signs”

and engage in scientific experiments and environmental activities.

With help from german environmental staff, villagers will discover

“best practice” approaches to sustainable living and formulate personal

plans to reduce their own “environmental footprints.”

during international day in 2006, Waldsee hosted all 14 Villages for a

global earth summit. the BioHaus will be a showcase for a role-playing

scenario in which Village countries discuss and negotiate issues such as

climate change and environmental scarcities.

the BioHaus also provides a place for Concordia College to develop

hands-on environmental studies for students. plans are also underway to

collaborate with the Wolf ridge environmental Center and the university

of Minnesota’s graduate program in environmental education.

Concordia Language Villages engaged intep, LLC, a construction and

architectural consulting company specializing in sustainable building

design to help create the BioHaus. intep was founded in Zurich,

switzerland, in 1979 by people with a passion for buildings in the natural

environment and the people who inhabit them. in 2005 the deutsche

Bundesstiftung umwelt (dBu), europe’s largest foundation promoting

environmental education and sustainable living, made its first grant ever

in north america: a matching grant of $650,000 to create the BioHaus.

in addition, the Villages has received funds from the Kresge Foundation,

albert W. Cherne Foundation and the Home depot foundation to help

meet the cost of building and curricular elements totaling $1,300,000,

as well as many in-kind donations from environmental construction

companies such as reHau, amvic Building systems, BasF, Bosch

siemens Hausgeraete, sto Corp., Müller Fensterbau/optiwin, siemens,

intep LLC, and Zetah Construction.

“We believe that sustainability is as much about culture as it is about

science,” says dan Karl Hamilton, dean of Waldsee. “through the

unique blend of environmental and cultural immersion, the BioHaus

will underscore the connections between the environment and

sustainability and peace and security.”

all in all, life for villagers in the BioHaus will be unvergesslich—


Left: Once completed, the BioHaus will be used as an educational tool to teach

villagers about the impact of housing on the environment.

Inset: An architectural rendering of BioHaus shows its energy-wise,

cube-like shape.

ConCordia Language ViLLages


005 annuaL annuaL report report

shaping a Plan for Mori no Ike

Sannin yoreba bunju no chie …

Whenever three people gather, great ideas come forth …

When the Mori no Ike advisory board met, the great ideas did pour forth just as

the old Japanese proverb states. Creativity steered the conversation as the

newly formed Japanese Language Village advisory board strategized the Village’s

role in the state of Japanese language education in the united states.

Made possible by a grant from the u.s.-Japan Foundation, the group represented

national experts in the fields of Japanese language and culture in grades K-16.

the third meeting of the year coincided with July international day.

patricia thornton, director of summer youth programs and chair of the advisory

board, expressed appreciation that former Japanese deans and key staff served

on the board and helped advance current goals.

“However, it was equally important,” she said, “to include individuals who were

completely new to the Villages and could fulfill the role of ‘critical friend’ for

Mori no Ike.”

as an added cultural bonus, the board visited Minneapolis institute of arts to

see the Japanese collection and attended a special performance by Mu daiko

taiko drum ensemble. at the same event, founding Mori no Ike dean, ann Junko

McCarthy, received the elgin Heinz outstanding teacher award from david Janes,

program officer and assistant to the president of the u.s.-Japan Foundation.

ann has taught Japanese in the Minneapolis school system for 19 years.

By year’s end, the advisory board presented the u.s.-Japan Foundation with a

five-year strategic plan to develop, assist and strengthen Mori no Ike for the future.

left: Mori no ike villagers learn the Japanese word for

leaf, ha, on a nature hike.

inset: High school credit villagers practice calligraphy at the

Japanese Language Village.

ConCordia Language ViLLages

005 annuaL report

sailing into swedish

the excitement of the swedish midnight sun, summer cabins and

sailing on blue waters came to the swedish Language Village,

Sjölunden, in summer 2005 with seglingsskola, or sailing school.

thirty villagers learned the parts of the boat, how the wind patterns

affect the sails, how to steer and how to get a capsized boat up-right—

all in swedish.

With thousands of lakes in sweden and a majority of

swedes owning summer residences near water, sailing

takes center stage in their lifestyle. it is also common

for swedish young people to attend summer sailing


“We are interested in expanding the cultural and

linguistic impact of our Village by offering diverse authentic activities,”

says Village dean allison Magda spenader. “the language of sailing is

also the language of respect for nature and gives us a chance to raise

environmental awareness.”

sailing school villagers need to have a basic knowledge of swedish

(at least one prior Village session), and they must be physically strong

enough to work with the boats. early lessons include floating wooden

model boats in a kiddie pool. then, villagers pair with sailing instructors,

and by the end of the week, they are able to go out and sail on their own

in groups of two. some boats are named after norse gods such as Loki

or odin and others carry family names related to donors.

sailing instruction runs from three to four hours each day and villagers

are allowed to sail as a “free-time” activity. summer 2006 also featured

a master sailing class for those who had completed the basic course or

who may have had sailing training elsewhere. Villagers received special

seglingsskola patches when they completed the program.

“Sjölunden is committed to teaching swedish, both to help villagers

maintain heritage connections and also to connect villagers with modern

sweden,” says Magda. “offering sailing challenges older villagers with

something new and prepares them for their own trips to sweden in the


left: The sailing program at sjölunden teaches villagers about a favorite

Swedish passtime.

inset: Allison Magda Spenader, dean of the Swedish Language Village

ConCordia Language ViLLages

0 005 annuaL report

0 005 annuaL report

Never too old

at the Concordia Language Villages, language immersion doesn’t

end at age 18. Quite the contrary, adult immersion programs flourish

at the Villages. For some, it’s a way to brush up on skills for traveling


“Many participants are planning a trip to norway and come to us first,”

says Kari Berit gustafson, leader of the norwegian adult and Elderhostel


Leader of the French adult programs, François Fouquerel, adds that

immersion programs motivate some adults to return to school and pursue

a degree in language.

Berit finds that adults often have a preconceived idea that language

learning is difficult for adults. the Village experience switches that

notion to action and fun. the intentional mix of conversation time,

language lessons and activities provide opportunities to use language.

adults also appreciate the retreat facility in the north Woods.

“it puts you in a very relaxed setting,” says Karla Wagner, Minneapolis,

Minn., a german and norwegian program participant. “You are away

from your normal responsibilities and can focus on immersing yourself

in language and culture.”

the adult programs connect learners from all corners of the united

states and Canada who share a passion for language and culture.

they build lasting friendships.

“i’ve found,” Karla says, “that i enjoy coming back and visiting with a

number of fascinating people whom i would never have met otherwise.”

left: Elderhostel programs welcome around 70 participants every year

to the Villages.

inset: Adult French program participants explore the nuances of

French-speaking African cultures.

A complete listing of all the adult language and cultural immersion

programs, including a number of new language offerings,

can be found online at www.ConcordiaLanguageVillages.org.

ConCordia Language ViLLages

005 annuaL report

2005 village Enrollment and staff Profile

summer youth staff

u.s. and international staff: 1078

percentage native speakers: 24%

returnee rate: 35%

summer youth staff Profile by Country

argentina 34

austria 6

Belgium 1

Bosnia 1

Bulgaria 1

Cameroon 6

Canada 8

Chile 1

China 15

Colombia 6

Costa rica 1

Credit abroad* 91

Chinese 253

danish 47

english 269

*Credit abroad Enrollment by language

French 24

german 13

denmark 3

dominican republic 1

ecuador 2

ethiopia 3

Finland 6

France 20

germany 17

italy 4

ivory Coast 1

Japan 16

Kenya 1

summer youth Enrollment by language/Program

French 1165

german 695

Finnish 111

Japanese 439

Japanese 24

spanish 30


summer youth Enrollment by session length

one-week session 16.4%

two-week session 62.1%

three-week session (english only) 1%

Four-week session 20.3%

Five-week session (english only) 0.2%

summer youth Enrollment by Grade


Percentage of

total Enrollment

elementary 1-5 23%

Middle school 6-8 33%

High school 9-12 32%

grade unknown 1-12 12%

Liberia 3

Mexico 45

netherlands 1

norway 6

peru 4

russia 3

senegal 3

south Korea 15

spain 7

sweden 4

switzerland 2

Korean 95

italian 149

norwegian 340

russian 106

taiwan 1

thailand 1

togo 1

ukraine 1

united Kingdom 1

united states 825

Venezuela 1

total Countries 0

spanish 1846

swedish 154

teacher seminar 19

total 5


summer youth Enrollment by state



summer youth Enrollment by Country village Weekend Enrollment by language

austria 2

Bahamas 2

Belgium 2

Brazil 1

Canada 16

China 34

Colombia 1

denmark 7

ethiopia 2

France 18

germany 29




Honduras 1

israel 3

italy 42

ivory Coast 2

Japan 21

Latvia 1

Mexico 10

netherlands 3

norway 6

poland 2

russia 1

Global language villages in China

north american adult participants 112

Chinese Youth and adult participants 1385










saudi arabia 5

singapore 1

south Korea 26

spain 23

switzerland 26

taiwan 12

turkey 4

united Kingdom 14

Yemen 2
























(October 1, 2004 to April 30, 2005)

French 867

german 413

Japanese 45

spanish 990

total 5

adult and Family Enrollment



(October 1, 2004 through April 30, 2005)

adult programs 87

elderhostel Weeks 63

Family Weekend programs

(131 adults / 160 children) 291
















(May 1, 2005 to April 30, 2006)

French 862

german 558

Japanese 59

spanish 1190


(May 1, 2005 through April 30, 2006)

adult programs 255

elderhostel Weeks

Family Weekend programs


(117 adults / 152 children)

Family Weeks


(24 adults/36 children) 60

rosemaling Workshop 19

total 5

ConCordia Language ViLLages

005 annuaL report

2005 villager awards

Circle of Peace


The Circle of Peace Medallion

is presented to villagers with 10 years

of participation in the program.

El Lago del Bosque

Chelsea allison

abhishek Bose-Kolanu

Les Voyageurs

david Czarnecki

Mori no Ike

elaena Larsen

Victor Larsen


Katherine Heffernan

Louisa Quast

susan schaefer

World of Friendship


The World of Friendship Medallion

is presented to villagers with five years

of participation in the program.

El Lago del Bosque

Jasper adamek-Bowers

annalisa andre

sydney ayers

alana Benz

John Bertinet

Morgan Bertinet

danielle Bintz

Bridget Blanz

shana Blanz

Ben Brinkopf

natalie Brown

Melanie Byrd

Kelsey Christensen

tina Cornog

ashley Curtis

Wendy Cushing

rodney dockter

aubry doede

Katia esarey

Jonathan Flom

Benjamin French

Chantel getting

gabriel gordon-Harper

phillip Horsager

Merrick Johnson

Matthew Kabak

andrew Kamalnath

sarah Kehm

stephen Kelley

austin Kieffaber

alexa Kroonblawd

Brian Lach

Kevin Lach

Jennifer Latham

Matthew Latham

teresa Linder

danielle Linn

george Lloyd

Caroline Magnuson

gina Manthey

Leah Mathews

robin Miel

Hannah Miller

evvan Morton

elisa Muller

sydney naini

William newshutz

Christian nichols

Catherine o’Connor

Megan o’Connor

eric owens

John pederson

thomas pederson

emily peterson

ryan pigg

Jordan reichardt

Jennifer reyes

Frank rose

Michael rose

Wayne rose

ansel santosa

Kirsten semmer

Martha sudermann

shanna sutton

Jeffery thomas

ellis Valentiner

ashley Ward

anya Zach

Jane Zellar

Hometown, USA

Maxime sadrieh

Lac du Bois

elizabeth Black

elizabeth due

aoife duna

padraig duna

nicole ewing

Lauren Fiori

patrick Foley

Margaret Foster

alicia Franken

rachael Futran

alexandra gougeon

shannon Horn

devin ingvalson

Klara Manning

Molly Mcgowan

Hannah Miller

stephanie Morton

ellen odekirk Kopplin

alexandra olson

Kara olson

ellen o’Malley

Maria parenti

Madeline peterson

Miranda pettengill

abigail pollokoff

sean robbins

alexandra saslaw

anna Walker gunsalus

Ciara Winter

J. andrew Woodman

Lago del Bosco

taylor Brown

Katherine Cook

Les Voyageurs

samuel Berlin

Jay dedrick

Frances gerde

Marissa Haeny

patrick taylor

Lesnoe Ozero

Marina dougall

Colin Kellogg

Michael okner

Mori no Ike

genevieve Blesch

Linnea Cederberg

Caitlin Cronin

Katie dunlop

scott Flavin

Mark green, Jr.

timothy inadomi

rachel Johnson-Miller

Caitlin Klein

noah Madoff

Joshua Matushin

erin Maxson

Jacob Mcnaughton

samuel Mosier

abigail rue

Caroline sundermeyer

sophia teeple


elizabeth Brauer

ari Hakkarainen

Max Hakkarainen

elaina Hintsala

Madeline Hokkanen

elizabeth Lyons

anna Wanhala

Briita Wanhala

Kara Wattunen

Sen Lin Hu

samantha Hahn

Hailie Kallembach

alicia Kelly

Laura Mortara

Lara pashalek

analise rodenberg

Laura showalter

Christopher Yih

stephen Yih


sarah Birkholz

robert Bragg

annelie Butz

steven Cain

theodore dahlen

anne doering

ana Hedenstrom

Lars Johnson

Mara Johnson-groh

Kirk Morrow

nickole narveson

Hannah nielsen

Carissa sanford

abigail svoboda

nora Waters


Joshua akkerman

Katie anderson

Kirsten ask

Hope Brown Johnson

Kara Christensen

erika dahl-stamnes

andrea dittmann

emily ebertz

Kittel evenson

elizabeth Fast

dana Fjare

James Frickstad

anna gudjonsdottir

William Haines

Jennifer Haldeman

Myra Hinrichs

Heidi Hollan

gunnar Jeppson

thor Jeppson

Benly Larson

annette Lundberg

thomas Merickel

Charles Miller

Zackary Moheban

Michele Morse

elizabeth nelson

Kristina nelson

Bryanna osmonson

erica parsons

John petersen

Hannah peterson

astri snodgrass

Marisa stafne

patrisha thoreson

amanda tunheim


Julia gilbert

tristan Lund

Lars olsen

Kirsten sorensen

Sup sogui ˘


rachel anderson

Benjamin Coz

trisha devine

Michaela Hins

Mary Howard


eric Bersin

Kelly Carnahan

patrick Cascino

steven Coleman

daniel Flood

Carl graefe

elaine grulke

Lee Hamill

sean Hamilton

Katherine Henrey

Kirsten Henry

ty Hong

Megan Jaeger

Morgan Jaeger

ann Kannel

Kieran Keeslar

Jane King

ritt Kong

rod Kong

Karianne Lerum

erica pinno

Cassandra Quam

alexander resser

alexander ruddick

Krista ruddick

Joel stark

neva Wagner

Luke Ward

Colin Welch

Margaret Wheeler

gretchen Zishka

ConCordia Language ViLLages


005 annuaL report

2005 staff awards

Citation of Excellence award

The Citation of Excellence Award

is presented to individuals who

have given outstanding service

as a staff member for five years.

Krystel anderson

steven andrews

Melchora arias-rojas de alva

Cindy arneson

rose arrowsmith

anne Bender

Johanna Bolstad

annika Brink

sara Carey

saffrona Carlson

guillermo Ceniceros-gamiz

david Cheney

Young Mi Cho

renee Christensen

tine donahue

Jenise doty

papa drame

antje duvekot

aara edwards

Lois egelhof

Krista erdahl

Michael erlewine

erin Feltman

deena Fogle

alissa Fortune

Kaija Freborg

Mariano gallo

theresa gnadt

Hanna good

Heidi Haines

selah Hall

Janessa Hefti

david Johnson

Kirstin Kellaher

Bianca Kiesewetter

Margarete Klingenberg

daniel Koblylinski

arne Larson

erik Larson

Fabrice Leroy

Marilyn Malmanger

Hanna Mannikko

andrea Mendoza-Haedt

polly Merhar

Barbara Merry

teri Murray

Karlis nollendorfs

pablo oleiro

Mira olson

susan paananen

sara paul

Catherine peck

rachel peterson

Joseph phelps

Lara ravitch

Maximiliano sanchez-Messo

oscar otto schock

Judith schutter

nicole sorenson

Jeffrey sorheim

susan sorheim

Janice springer

steven stortroen

Jennifer stromberg

Karen stugelmeyer

ian swanson

deb thomson

nicole Vlach

Xiuwen Wang

Key to the village award

The Key to the Village Award

is presented to individuals who

have given outstanding service

as a staff member for 10 years.

anna Berg

aaron gingrich

Kimberly Larson

ann McCarthy

Matt McLean

isabelle schallreuter olson

sarah schmidt

Kari sundberg

peter Walz

Circle of Peace award

The Circle of Peace Award

is presented to individuals who

have given outstanding service

as a staff member for 15 years.

Chandra Hanke

alberto galindo

Global Citizen award

The Global Citizen Award

is presented to individuals who

have given outstanding service

as a staff member for 20 years.

ralph Bontrager

paul delMain

paul Lund

Evergreen award

The Evergreen Award is presented

to individuals who have given

outstanding service as a staff

member for 25 years.

david salmela

sage award

The Sage Award is presented

to individuals who have given

outstanding service as a staff

member for 30 years.

donna Clementi

diane tess

2005 Financial report

scholarship assistance

Fund # of villagers award

the Freeman Foundation 102 $125,000

Concordia Language Villages

passport Fund 373 $91,032

salolampi Foundation 397 $32,885

swiss Benevolent society 22 $22,990

national italian american sports

Hall of Fame (niasHF) 17 $22,590

Columbus Citizens Foundation 18 $22,320

sons of norway, district #1 78 $19,831

Wallin Foundation 11 $16,765

general Mills Foundation 18 $15,000

national italian american

Foundation (niaF) 14 $14,960

goethe instute of new York 12 $13,553

global Cash access 12 $12,860

Vasa order of america grand Lodge 10 $12,400

schulze Family Foundation 10 $11,915

albert W. Cherne Foundation 8 $10,000

Koerber Foundation 10 $9,730

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation 4 $8,284

dennis and anne Beaver Foundation 3 $8,250

summer search Foundation 4 $8,021

american swedish insitute 50 $7,050

Minneapolis Foundation,

r.d. Wells Fund 18 $6,234

german orphan Home of

Washington, d.C. 3 $5,300

paradise Valley schools, phoenix, aZ 4 $5,160

scandinavian seminar, amherst, Ma 2 $5,000

norske torske Klubben, st. paul, Mn 11 $4,400

Marion gage Memorial endowed Fund 8 $4,240

providence of st. Mel school,

Chicago, iL 5 $4,215

sons of norway, district #8 3 $3,720

independent school district # 883,

rockford, Mn 5 $3,360

skovsøen, inc. 8 $2,500

Vasa order of america district Lodge,

pacific southwest #15 2 $2,480

american daughters of sweden 2 $2,480

american association of teachers

of French, nassau, nY 2 $2,480

independent order of Vikings

grand Lodge 2 $2,480

Jul Fest 2 $2,480

emily asli Kandemia scholarship Fund 2 $2,400

embassy of the Federal republic

of germany, Washington, d.C. 3 $2,000

indian springs school,

indian springs, aL 1 $2,000

uniCo Foundation, inc. 2 $1,984

sons of norway Local Lodges 10 $1,724

tove irene dahl endowed Fund 9 $1,715

Community action Council 3 $1,450

Chicago public schools 2 $1,420

thomas M. seppi salolampi scholarship 4 $1,400

sons of norway, district #4 8 $1,400

sons of norway, district #4-025 8 $1,400

shakopee Mdewakanton sioux

Community, prior Lake, Mn 1 $1,250

greater Beneficial union

of pittsbugh-gBu 1 $1,240

stone ridge school of the

sacred Heart, Bethesda, Md 1 $1,240

american swedish institute,

Bemidji, Mn 4 $1,200

Christine schulze endowed Fund 1 $1,100

rotary Club, Barrow, aK 1 $1,000

other Miscellaneous gifts

& programs 86 $23,055

total , $5 0,

Gift income

source of Gifts

Business support $170,537.98

Foundation support $615,031.30

organizational support $97,400.72

individuals $1,695,380.23

total $ ,5 , 50.

allocation of Gifts

Current operations (02) $1,032,089.68

Village Vision Funds (05) $66,281.39

endowment Funds (20) $126,828.41

plant funds (40) $1,353,150.75

total $ ,5 , 50.

operating Fund (05/01/05 to 04/30/06)


Charter school 348,391

Fees 9,483,917

summer Villager transportation 352,810

stores 413,315

College investment 899,587

other 652,146

total revenue $ , 50,


General administration

salaries 5,004,522

Fringe benefits 851,374

telephone 151,717

printing, advertising and postage 596,889

travel (staff and villager) 1,683,143

Food purchases 856,040

store inventory 361,196

supplies and materials 403,077

Legal fees 7,446

Miscellaneous 254,305

total 0, , 0

operation and Maintenance

rent for leased facilities 762,943

repairs 107,194

supplies 225,879

equipment 256,159

utilities 272,919

insurance 34,950

total , 0,0

total Expenditures $ , , 5

Balance of revenues

over expenditures $320,413

disPositioN oF BalaNCE

Current unrestricted Fund 413

Maintenance reserve 270,000

Capital reserve 50,000

total $ 0,


ConCordia Language ViLLages

005 annuaL report

donors Mean the World to Us

During the 2004-2005 fiscal year,

1916 families, friends, staff, corporations

and foundations contributed to the

Concordia Language Villages Annual

Fund. The following list recognizes donors

who made gifts between October 1, 2004

and April 30, 2006. Contributions received

after April 30, 2006 will appear in next

year’s report.

This list is compiled from our computer

records. If you notice any incorrect

information, please accept our

apologies and notify us so we can

correct our records. Thank you.

alice abbott

edward abraham & norma-May isahow

Margaret adamek & Karl Lorenz

James & alberta adams

Jay & Karin addy

Jerry & Lynn adwell

Charles & peggy agan

erik & Lisa ahlgren

pearl alaspa

Jose J alba & Cathy a reeb-alba

Jim alexander & sarah How

ronald & Beatrice alexander

david & Barbara allen

donna allen

Jeffrey & ann allen

Jonathan & shirley allen

John & evangelyn almquist

sigma & Bobbi alpha

ross & Karen alwin

thomas & Barbara ames

robert & Beverly amico

Chuck anders & susan Charney

amy andersen & timothy Wilson

albert & anita anderson

daniel anderson & Leah Larkey

edda & Burt anderson

erling & Julie anderson

george & Louise anderson

James & Jamey anderson

John anderson

John anderson

John anderson & Mary stewart

Lawrence & nancy anderson

sara anderson & Mark greenberg

Kris & Linda anderson

James & ann andre

Mike & Leigh andrews

Verna anfinson


Michael & elaine anuta

ralph & Madelynn appelbaum

tom & Jan arminio

Cody & Mary arnold

Judith arnold

Michael & susan arnold

steve arnold & Helen paul

Bill & Mary arnquist

Victoria aronow

andrei & nina aroutiounov

anthony & Kathleen ashton

russell & sarah asleson

Jon & Linnea asp

John & sara auran

david & suzanne auerbach

Bradford & sally austin

Howard & Colleen austin

dean & Jacque axland

Lorrayne aysta

James & Marcie Babcock

nathan & Connie Backstrom

neal & Cindy Bacon

Mike & sarah Badower

Joel Baer & edwina nagahashi

John & Kim Baird

Lee & Jan Bajuniemi

raft & Zela Balouzian

stephen & Holli Banks

ernie & Marlene Banttari

sherry Baron & daniel LaBotz

Cathy Barbash & Michael riley

Barbara Barfield

allen & Kelly Barkve

Jesse & ramsey Barlow

susan Barlow & edward Barlow Jr

don & anna Barth

guillaume Bastiaens & Liliane Luyten

ann Baum

William & andrea Baumgartner

Clark & abigail Baxter

James & annis Bear

ellen Beauchamp & Michael Mustafaga

Larry Beck & gay Johnson

paul & ethel Beck

sandra Beck

dean Becker & Carol Lahti

sandra a Beckering

david Bederman & Lorre Cuzze

al & Mary Behrends

Lloyd & esther Bedik

Hal & dawna Behrendt

steve & Mary Belden

Mark & Mary Belinsky

richard Belkin & gabrielle gerber

steven & sharon Belton

david Benditt & Maryann goldstein

Kelly & trina Bengtson

Jeffery Benjamin

paul & Jody Benshoof

gregory & paula Benson

donald Benton & Mirjam Cvetic

Jim & Wendy Berenbaum

Carl Berg

Leslie & Meredith Berg

stephen & Linda Berg

thor & Merrilyn Berg

robert Berger & Janet Holwell

Leslie ann Bergland

edward & ann Berlin

stuart & Junelle Bernard

steven & darlene Berndt

david & Kathleen Bernstein

Carol Berseth

richard & Jane Bireta

Luke & debra Birkeland

Carol & Yosef Bitton

Bruce & Jean Blair

gregory Blakely & rochelle eastman

John & Marian Bleeke

Carl & Karen Blesch

Craig Bleth & Lisa Wutzke-Bleth

C douglas Blewett & Margaret Kilduff

thomas & paris Block

Carl & Jeanie Blom

Michael Blonder

steve & deborah Bluestein

Vern & Judith Blyckert

david & diane Boes

ted &teresa Bogeman

John Bohn & suzanne dunseath Bohn

H Culver Boldt & Maria Lukas

gary & Kristi Bolstad

John & Martha Bonte

Mark & evelyn Bookey

Constance Booth

Wayne Bopp & Mary sweeney

Bernard & ginger Bopp

ann & douglas Bostrom

Margaret Bostrom & richard Wear

Michael & sharon Bowen

John & Kathryn Bozdech

roy Brady & Laura Hawkins

timothy Brakke

ron & gail Brand

Harold & Jere Brands

dagny & thompson Brandt

Charles Braver & Juliet seligson Braver

donald & germaine Bravick

steven Brechin & nancy Cantor

Joseph & Carmen Bredie

david & evelyn Breeden

anna Brennan-scheffler

Kate Brennan

daniel & Maria Brewer

Janice Brewer

peter & nancy Breyfogle

thomas & Mary Brink

Vija & Zinta Brivkalns

robert & suzanne Britt

ronald Brockman & ellen Feldman

Mary & Forrest Broderius

robert Brookland & susan albert Brookland

Barbara Brooks & narvel Brooks Jr

James & Louanne Brooks

richard Brooks & gail Buth-Brooks

rick & sarah Brooks

tim & Kathy Brooks

Leslie & Cindy Brorsen

Curtis & Kim Brosdahl

philip & Julie Brous

david & diane Brown

eric & Jean Brown

Laura Brown & Leif esbensen

Marlys & Mark Brown

ronald & patrice Brown

William Brown & Kimberly o’Connor

Walden & sally Browne

donna Browning & ed Mcgee

Brad & dorothy Bruber

daniel Brudney & ellen rosendale

errin Brungardt

Frederick & Jeannie Brunk

timothy & Jean Buchen

William & Jeannie Buckner

emanuel & Karyn Bucur

richard & Katherine Buenger

James & sharon Buhr

Leslie Buhr & anna Marie gonzalez

alfred & nancy Bunnett

Keith & debbie Burgess

Helen Burke

Marilyn Burnson

Bruce & rhoda Bush

sheila Bush

Lon & Karen Bussell

Cyndi Butler

Joseph & Monika Butler

norma Buxton

Michael Bye & Katherine V Moy-Bye

dean & Kathryn Byington

shane & Monika Byrd

Kevin Byrne & Linda Jagodzinski

Charles & Kathryn Calderaro

Charles & nancy Calomiris

William & Mary Campbell

Jim & trudy Canine

anthony & Cheryl Caponi

andrew & Joyce Capron

Joseph Carfagno & susan Medrano

Janis Carlson

Juels & sally Carlson

Bill Carlson & Janet Morken

Mike & nelly Carnahan

Harry & dana Carr

steven & diane Carr

Kenneth Carretta & diane Helfgott

Bob & susie Case

Julie Carson

Christer & Laurel Cederberg

William & Linda Chaney

Jean Chapman

Jon & gail Chapman

J B & Helen Chase

James Chase & grace Malilay

Marian & Charles Chase

richard & avery Chase

elaine Cheng & Brian o’Leary

eric & nancy Cheng

paul & Carol Cherryhomes

douglas & roberta Childs

timothy Y C Choy

Carol Christensen

paul & sue Christensen

ronald & Janet Christenson

george & Janice Christiansen

david Christian

derek Christianson

Michael & anne Christopher

Christopher & Linda Church

Christopher Cimarusti

Chris & Katherine Claflin

thomas Clancy & dana ione green

Brian & susan Clark

shaun & teresa Clasby

richard Closner

stanley &Lucille Clothier

Lawrence Cobb & Kathryn symmes

William & Mildred Cody

Jack & dawn Coffey

rosemary Coffman

Florence & neal Cohen

richard & Carol Colburn

tom & Jan Collett

douglas & Kathleen Colson

Chris & essie Commers

roger & Jane Comstock

thoms & sheila Condon

Kevin Conlon & Claudia Morrissey

Michael Connaughton &

Marya teutsch-dwyer

Kevin & Katie Conneely

William Jr & Carol Conrad

Kathleen Conway

paul & s M Conway

Howard & Mary Cook

daniel & Cynthia Cooke

Marilyn Cool

Marilyn Coonen

J norwell Coquillard

Chris Costan

Michael & Julia Costello

Janet Courtney-smith

ConCordia Language ViLLages

0 005 annuaL report

peter & Karen Coveney

peter Cowhey & Margaret McKeown

Malcolm & sally Cozort

Freeman & Marney Craig

Kurt & Kathleen Creager

annika & shawn Crosby

greg & Mary Crowley

Michael & Virginia Cummings

ron & susanne Cuperus

Jeff & Lea Curler

Jay & Jan Curtiss

Clinton & Kristin Cutler

thomas & Maggy d’onofrio

Kristin dahl

Linda dahl

Liv dahl

diane dahl-McCoy & James McCoy

James dahlberg & elsebet Lund

gardis dahle

Myron B dahle

rod & teresa dahlstrom

John & Margaret daley

Kerry & daisy damskey

Christopher daniel & James schnobrich

tom & Lori darr

Bill & Cheryl davidson

John davidson & s shaeffer

Charles davis

gary & Jane davis

Kenneth davis & diane Croft

Larry & Carrie davis

Marian & richard davis

Michael davis & Mary Freeman

r dale & Mary davis

robert & Barb davis

Wayne davis & ann Merrifield

Vanessa & david dayton

Frederick & Kay de sam Lazaro

Mark deaton & dawn Fogle deaton

richard & erin defieux

thomas & Connie deits

James deLoach, Jr

gary & Helen delp

Linda denell & Michael nofz

paul denzer & susan Bernstein

david & sharon detert

rajiv & gretchen dewan

graeme dewar

david & Julie deWitt

Henry & Winifred dick

andy dickinson & tracey Jackson

Christopher & Joanne dietz

eli & patrick dill

peter & sara discenza

robert & Linda ditmore

eivind & gwenn djupedal

Lief doerring

Wayne & Christine dokken

daniel & Carol dolce

Kathaleen donahue

Christopher donovan &

M Laurette Hughes

Bruce & Kathie dormanen

Christopher & Britt dougall

patricia dow

J eric & sue dravland

John & Katherine dreher

Wallace & susan droegemueller

Virginia drozd

Forrest & Karen dryden

Kathleen duey & robert Malchione

Brett & tatyana duffy

Bill & denise duke

scott & Carmel dunlop

Kathy dupree

dale & dawn dupuis

normand dupre & Jane Hanchett

Leonard duroche & deborah snouffer

William & patricia dussling

paul & rachel dvorak

Karl & sara dydak

dwight & Christine dyrud

david dyson & susanne Hollingsworth

Mike eckhardt & Mary pat Blowers

Chris & simone ederer

david & alison edgerton

Joan edman

M Bruce edmonson & Kathleen Massoth

dean & Karen edstrom

Lance edwards & sandra Brooks

Molly edwards-Britton & tom Britton

Karen egerer

evelyn & stanley egli

gilbert & Karen eian

rebecca & Jay einhorn

david & Carol eisinger

Jeffrey & elizabeth ekola

ayman & Hala el-Mohandes

William elbel

robert elde

david & Mary elkind

Jim elson & Kathleen ryan

richard & Karol emmerich

Lita eng & david ng

paul englund & Kathleen Bartholomay

nancy engstrom

Matt entenza & Lois Quam

alan erceg

eunice erceg

steven & solveig ericson

John & Janet erickson

ellef & alfield erlien

Marlyn & ruth ervasti

ted & gail esala

evelyn eskeli

robert & darlene esko

garry & debra espe

santiago & Margaret etchevers

Kaara ettesvold

david & Virginia evans

Lori evensen

Keith & Molly ewing

rob & Beth ewing

James Faber & Joyce Miyamoto

david & Kimberly Fabre

thomas & Mary Fabry

Christa Fagerberg

arild & Kari Farkvam

Catherine Farry thorn & Chris thorn

W aubrey & gaby Federal

roger Ferguson & annette nazareth

Miguel & Janet Fernandez

timothy & Kathleen Fetherston

Matthew & Judith Fichtenbaum

thisbe Fields

Winifred Figenshau

Kenneth & Margaret Finder

James Findlay & aleta Borrud

gary & susan Fine

Bruce e & gail Fischberg

C gary & anna Marie Fischer

gary Fischer & shannon Whitefischer

dennis & Cindy Fiser

steven & Cheryl Fish

alexandra Fisher

Bruce & Mindi Fisher

Barbara Fisher

neil & Kimberly Fiske

patrick & alice Fitzgerald

James Fitzpatrick &

annette gendron-Fitzpatrick

Maurine Fitzpatrick

dana & Barbara Fitzsimmons

Kevin & anne Flaherty

James Flanagan

Harald & ramona Flatoen

Jordan & Kathryn Ford

Michael Forman & Judy rothenberg

roger & Marianne Foussard

richard & Floran Fowkes

Kate Fox & tim Bush

Jim & eleanore Francoeur

thomas Fraser & Mary strand

scott Frederickson & Chris alexander

John & Carol Freeburg

andy Freedman & anne rosenzweig

stanley & Marion Freedman-gurspan

Christine Freeman

J p Freeman & p C Bass

Jon & elizabeth Frierson

robert & Kathleen Frisenda

Kent & annick Fritz-smead

al & sharon Frost

ronald & Lanette Frostestad

don & aline Funk

C allison gaasedelen

Julie gaitonde

Jerome galant &

shelley Zimmerman galant

s Warren & Mary Jo gale

Jonathan & darla garey-sage

John & sarah garrett

Michael & amy garrison

geoff garwick

theresa & nelson garza

Michael & Jennifer gassman

richard gates & gail Mattson-gates

georg & reidun gauger

Jeffrey gay & Lisa donahue

gary & sharon gayan

stephen & Linda gedney

John & susan gee

Mark gelatt

John & Janet gendler

tommy & debbie george

neil & ginny gerald

dori gerber

allen & Jan gerstenberger

drew gibson

Jim & sara gibson

robert & Kristen giere

david giersdorf & gail Haeberlin

Laura gigante & rene Luft

antonette Krpan giglio

dan & nancy gildner

Michael gilman & anna erickson

donald & donna gill

tom giller & Jessica radolf

Clinton & Mary gilliland

Walter & raeanna gislason

dale & Kristine gjerde

Cathy gnatek

david & debra godfrey

ray & Judith goebel

gene goetz & Jan Conlin

John goetz

Connie golden

Lawrence & Jean gohlke

Frank & andrea goicoechea

george gollin & Melanie Loots

Janie goodall

Joel & ellen gordon

deborah gottmann

Michael & ilene gotts

Jane grage

roger grange & Vera aronow

William & deborah granger

robert & nancy granrud

robert grant & Myra seaman

david grauman

James & deborah graven

douglas & dawn gray

Mark & Heidi green

todd & susan greeneway

andrew & Lija greenseid

george & Margaret greig

Berniece & Bill grewcock

david & pamela griffin

Mary griffin

phillip & ellen griffin

stephen & Jane griffith

thomas & debra grogan

adam & Fredye gross

William grosz

dean grothem

suzan grovender & philip garnatz

duane & Joan grubert

thomas & Frances gualtieri

Bill & Josephine guenzel

richard & Linda guida

gerald & patricia gurin

david & dorothy Haataja

Jeff Hackett & Laurie druse

Michael Hackney

tony & anne Haga

dayle Hager

Bruce & robin Hagerty

Max & stefanie Hailperin

scott & ann Haines

roy & Leslie Hakala

Kathleen Haldeman-Wallner

Betsy Hall & gene Wright

Lyle & susan Hall

John & Mary Halliday

Lois Hallquist

robert & Louise Halstead

Charles & Maria Hamilton

dale Hammerschmidt & Mary arneson

Larry & Frances Hammond

James & Marijane Hamren

Jordan & Katherine Hankins

steve & Mary Hannes

Joyce & Lloyd Hannula

gary & pamela Hansen

r parker & inez Hansen

todd & Lesley Hansen

John & Melinda Hanson

Jeff Hardwick & inge Berg Madsen

Joe & Linda Harlow

Harry & sandy Haroldson

daniel Harpstead & sharon oehler

John Harrer & Kate ellis

thomas Harrer & ann Lynaugh

Jeffrey Harris & Judith Wasserheit

John & Helen Harris

alfred Harrison & ingrid Lenz Harrison

g Carter & Merrie Harrison

ConCordia Language ViLLages

005 annuaL report

Lars & Lakshmi Harrison

edna Harshberger

Jeffrey & gayla Hartsough

Christopher & elizabeth Harvey

Marc & Karen Harwitt

Hatheway Hasler

thomas & Mary Hassinger

deanna Haunsperger & steve Kennedy

paul & Kristi Hauschild

stephen & eleanor Hauser

James & roslyn Hawley

samuel & Leslie Hayashida

Christopher Haydock & Laurel Wanek

James & Jelan Heidelberg

rainer & anna Heindl

arnold & Beatrice Heino

James & rochelle Heinz

Lucille Heiskala

Jon & Karen Helgason

Consul anita Helland

Brian & dianne Henke

Jeffrey & teresa Henn

terry & Mary Henning

neil & Lynn Henry

Jane Henson

Christopher & Cindy Henze

Willard Heppner & Heni Lindberg

H Jed Hepworth & Lee Hepworth


paul & sharon Hermann

peter & Cheryl Hermsen

Jaime & petty Hernandez

paul & Barbara Hernke

Cynthia Herrera-perea

david Herrigel

Michael & Barbara Hertzberg

Michelle Herwald & richard Katz

peter & Jane Hesslein

Linda & tracy Hester

pamela Heydt

Kurt & gail Heyrman

shaun Higgins & ann glendening

Wayne Hilbert & natalie Becklund

greg & grace Hilbrich

Bruce & paula Hilby richard Wilson

Mark & Linda Hildahl

alison Hill & C t Jones

James & Julie Hill

alex & Cynthia Hilleary

paul & Kim Himes

paul & Krystal Himmler

peter & Linda Hindel

norton & Mary abbe Hintz

Kent Hirozawa & Lynn Kelly

Fred & Martha Ho

donald & roma Hoff

Joseph & Mary Hoffmann

sudie Hofmann

James & ingeborg Hofrenning

Kevin & Lucy Hogan

Barbry Hogue

david & sylvera Holdt

Beth & Ken Holec

david & patricia Hollenberg

scott Holliday & rosalie Marcus

William & Mary Hollinshead

Louis & Katherine Holub

david & Barbara Holt

James & eileen Holzhauer

douglas & roberta Hom

steve Honer & diana popowycz

Howard & Mary Hoody

Kay Horan

Bill Horton & Judilyn Brooks

Christopher Horwitz & pamela Murray

ruth Howe

Carolyn & Harley Howland

david & priscilla Hsieh

donald Hubert

greg & Lisa Hubinger

paul & Jeanne Huddleston

timothy Huemiller & Laura damon

Brian Huffman & Claire Zajac

gregory Huffman & Mary Murphy

Jim & Maria Hughes

steven Hughes & deborah saul

arthur & Mildred Hulkonen

Jeff Hummel & Bea gandara

paul & Lynn Hunt

shelley Hunt & Marty abelkop

sharon Hunter

thomas & susan Hunter

Karl & Lynette Huppler

todd & siri Hustad

ann Hutchings

Karen Hutchins

Lynne Hvidsten

greg & Jane Hyer

troy & Margaret idom

paul & Kathy imle

Katsuyuki & anne imamura

donald & Kim inadomi

Barbara ingman

pat ingram & Beth Fisher ingram

William & Julia ingram

gregg & Lori ireland

Larry Jackson & Kathleen Kreiss

Michele Jackson

William & Camille Jackson

dennis Jacobsen & Lynn novotnak

Carl & Beverley sue Jacobson

Kathleen & thomas Jacobson

george Jackson & Catherine Locke

Kurt Jacobson

russell & shirley Jacobson

steven Jacquier & doran Vaughan

Christiana Jaeger & timor tunador

Zeke & Cheryl Jagst

Barbara & gregory Janssen

Leonette Jaumotte

Michael & esther Jeffery

Mary Jelinek & Michael ekblad

philip Jemielita & Kim severson

Kirt & sheila Jenkins

Michael & ann Jenkins

eric & nancy Jensen

rudolf & Helen Jensen

eric & Lori Jeppson

douglas Jester & Colleen Barry

Barbara Johnson & neal ryan

Craig & Martha Johnson

elaine Johnson

Freeman & Vienna Johnson

gerry Johnson

Mr & Mrs H glendon Johnson

Keith Johnson & Julie Hunter

James West & Misty Johnson

nels Johnson & eileen Breddall

paul & elizabeth Johnson

peggy & sam Johnson

philip & Marian Johnson

richard & susan Johnson

russell & susan Johnson

tom & debra Johnson

Vivian Johnson & Mike rivard

Walter & Joyce Johnson

J tyler & Melanie Johnston

Jon & sandra Johnston

raymond & ruth Jokinen

denis Jones & Beatrice probst

James & nancylee Jonza

nancy Jordet

edward & arlean Jurkovski

John & Cindy Kaczmarowski

paul & Chris Kadue

Mathias Kaelberer & Michelle Mattson

John & Leigh Kaercher

thomas & Barbara Kaiser

paul Kaju & Jane peterson

ron & elaine Kaminen

daniel Kaplan & Maya Hanna

Linda & nathaniel Karlins

Bengt & Kathryn Karlsson

William Kasper & patricia Howe Kasper

Max & gisela Kasselt

thomas & Beth Kastner

david & Karen Kaufman

debby Kaufman

Masuji Kawamoto

Vahe Kazandjian & Janet Corrigan

david Kearns & Christina genest

James & shannon Keene

Lee & Leann Kellaher

Katrine Vange Keller

Kerry & dave Keller

raymond iii & Kathleen Kelly

tim & Judith Kelly

Michael & pamela Kelsey

paul & sandy Kennedy

paul Keown & Clyte speidel

Wilbert & Lorraine Keranen

John & ellen Kerber

richard & Martha Kessler

Kim Ketellapper

Conrad Kiechel & nancy savage

paul Kief

dan & ann Kieffaber

donald & erica Kieffer

Christine Kile

robert & ruth King

John & pauline Kiltinen

Heeyun Kim & John Magagna

Jenny & J W Kimbrell

peter & Mary King

susan & gorman King

Vincent & Barbara King

sylvia Kinnunen

allen & Lucille Kirkeby

Lillian Kirkman

Jim & gretchen Kirvida

richard Kirwin

Larry & amy Kivimaki

Monte & nola Kjos

William & rebecca Klein

Jay & Lisa Kleingartner

roderick & georgianne Kleiss

Bruce & elizabeth Klem

William Kloster & deborah rice

John & Christina Knapp

Michael & nancy Knight

perry Knop & sheila simon

Jon & anne-Judine Knudsen

ed & terry Knuth

alan Knutson & anna gieschen

Jerry & andrea Knutson

paul & Mary Knutson

dan Koch & Leah Brasch

Clifford & Carol Koehler

John Koella & susan sharp

raghuram & indira Kolanu

Kristine Kolar

pauline Kolenda

Jeffrey & sandi Komarow

Barbara & steve Kornet

Linda Koskela

Chris & Barbara Kostanick

Yang Koua Lo & rachel schuneman

John Kraft & rachel Madden

Kjell & Joanne Kristiansen

tim & Kim Krukowski

Frederick & a Liisa Krumsieg

dennis & Lori Kruse

William & diane Kuhlmann

ivan Kupin & gretchen Walberg Kupin

Yuko & Junichi Kurata

robert & Marge Kurland

richard Kutta & nancy Meyer

gregory Kvam & patricia Johnson

Miriam Kyllonen

Lawrence & Virginia Lachman

John & doris LaCourt

Christopher & Christine Ladd

donald & anita LaFontaine

Kenneth & nancy Lahti

Kathleen Lakanen

Charlie & Hannah Lakin

steven Landau

neal & Laurie Landeen

Bret Lanning

Michael & sharon Lapensky

William Large & susan newell

duane & olivia Larsen

gerald & Kristine Larson

reed Larson & sharon irish

Vern Larson

donald Larsson & natalie rosinsky

Betty Lake

Victor Lamb

eugene & Maria Lambert

duane & diane Lambrecht

robert Landau & Linda Cerro

Michael & Karen Lane

donald & diane Langlee

alvar & Carol Larson

Barbara & dean Larson

Mark & rose Larson

danielle & Jonathan Laatsch

Marie Lathers & scott Wike

James Lattis & Jennifer sloan Lattis

renate Laubert Kriegler

peter & Martha Laudert

Mike Lavelle & Maureen steinwall

tom & Jeanne Lawson

peter & Monica Lawyer

James & Bonnie Leahy

William & Beverly LeBeau

Joan & olivier Lebigot

ann & Wayne Lee

Carolyn Lee

Melissa Lee

richard Lee

sharon Lee

John Leeper & Linda grohoski

robert & susan LeFavi

diane Leitch

Kathryn Leitch & Charles Lodge

Joel Lempiainen

ConCordia Language ViLLages

005 annuaL report

Bruce & Christine Lepage

raymond & Lois Lescelius

Francois & Calleen Letaconnoux

John & nancy Levin

richard Levine

gary & randi Levitz

Mia Lewis

susan Lewis & david snitman

Jeff & Christian Libson

Charles & Jolene Lichtenwalner

Margaret Lie

thomas & palma Liebert

scott & Cathie Lien

peter & Marjorie Lillard

richard & Kathleen Lillehei

e H & d M Lillestrand

Jon Lillevik & Jo ann Hagen

John & Mary Lilly

rudolph & Kimberly Lin

Miguel & ana Linares

Jack & Kathryn Lindberg

Martin Lindenberger & arlene Wallace

William & sue Linder

Liz Lindholm pederson & douglas pederson

david & Linda Lindow

david & orfa Link

eino & Mary ann Lipponen

shari Lisell

Michael & Laurie Lisi

Mats & sara Ljungman

ricardo & debbie Lloyd

george & Jean Logan

theodore Logan & ellen rosenthal

george & sandra Lokken

Brad & Leslie Long

John & sheri Long

robert & Cathy Long

ann Longfellow & david Bryan

Christine Loomis

John Loomis & alexandra plotkin

steven & Kimball Loomis

Manuel & deborah Lopez

Jerry & Janet Lowe

thomas Lubben & terry surowy

Michael & patricia Lucey

Marc & Whitney Luckett

thomas & Jane Ludlow

John & Cindy Lueth

Vernon & Virginia Lueth

andrew & aune Luhtanen

nason Lui & Monique pittman-Lui

peter Lujan & Mary Bohm Lujan

gudrun Lukat-rodgers & Kent rodgers

robert & sara Lumpkins

sander & elizabeth Lund

Mary ann Lundberg

stephen & sally Lundeen

Brent & debra Lunke

david Lutes & Linda erickson

Jack & Leann Lynn

thomas & Franziska Lys

Charlotte Lytikainen

Wendy & robert Macdonald

daniel & devon Maceachron

Christine Macgregor

Myles & Joan Macdonald

Michael & Melinda Machones

steven & gail Machov

terrence Mackin & Judith applen

Karen MacLean

peter & annette Mahler

Weldon & Maria Makela

Franklin & ellen Maki

robert & Candice Maki

pete & Barbara Malamen

timothy & elizabeth Maland

gary & paulette Malecek

John & Lynne Malknecht

ginger Malone

Bill Maloney & elizabeth Wrobleski

amanda Maltry

david Maltry & Cynthia Leigh

gerald Manley & teresa thomas

paula Manuel

Joseph & Margaret Marchesani

Mitchell & Barbara Marion

thomas Mark & amyjane rettew

Bruce & Cynthia Markey

susan Markowitz

robert Marolt & anne Krmpotich

donald & nan Marquardt

robert & Leslie Marsden

Brian & Michelle Marshall

ron & nancy Marshall

dale Martin & paula Yankauskas

richard & geralyn Mason

glenn Mastel & Marit Hordvik

Charles Maternus & Barbara Bentz

garry & Karla Mathiason

Vincent Matsui & Mary stone

William & deborah Matthews

roger & Karen Mattson

Kenneth & Judith Matysik

nancy Maxwell

russell May & piper durrell

Charles Mayo ii & Carolyn Mayo

robert Maynard

Fred & tammy Mcafee

William McCallum & amy newhall

richard & Marjorie McCracken

scott & Kathy McCune

Bridget Mcdaniel

Betsy Mcdonald

tom & Judith Mcdowell

Jeffrey Mcgann & susan nilsson

richard & tamara Mcgehee

nancy Mcgraw & ricardo Campoy

david & Jane Mcguire

scott & Margaret Mcintosh

Bruce & anne McKay

douglas McKeen & Cynthia Luse-McKeen

rebecca McKelvy Weir

Bruce McKendry & sarah Jones

timothy McKeown & elzbieta gozdziak

edward & gracia McKinley

Bill & Mary McKoskey

robert & gwen McLean

J Bruce & Becky McMath

glenn & rochell Mctier

douglas & susan Meintzer

perry & rosemarie Meixsel

antonino Mendolia & C Kelley

John Merkle & sarah pruett

Kenneth Merlo

greg & peggy Mesna

Joseph Messick, Jr

albee Messing

Jack & Kathy Meyer

Wayne & Karen Meyer

robert & Jean Meyer

William Meyer & Jennifer Hafkey

Chuck & Liesl Meyers

ernest & sally Micek

Charles Miceli

paul & Barb Mikelson

Verona Mikkelson

John & Cherie Miles

allan & sandra Miller

gary & sofia Miller

Joy Miller

Ken & Jean Miller

Langdon Miller & Marta schee

Laura Miller

Charles & Charlene Mills

Marian & glenn Minkin

Joseph Minton & nancy spates

Jean Mishkin

david Mitchell & Margaret Hardy Mitchell

Warren & tilza Mitlak

daniel & Cynthia Mjolsness

Holly Mockovak

Frank & sherri Moe

paul & Christine Moffett

Charles Mogilevsky

Keith & Jane Moheban

Michael Molino

donald Molony

donald a & dorrit Molony

Kathleen Molony

ronald Molony & stephanie tesch

daniel & Hester Molter

Michael & Margarette Mongeau

Matthew Monsein

allwin & dorothy Monson

Mark Montgomery & irene powell

andrew & rebecca Moody

James & Cynthia Moore

Mark & Hiedy Morey

Matt Morley & Joy abel

paul & Jean Moroney

Bryce & ellen Morrice

stephen Morris & roberta sherman

Michael Morrow & Kate MacKinnon

guy Morse

Michael & alisa Morse

david & dona Mortara

stephen & danielle Morton-Braye

robyn & Barbara Moschet

pope & Kathleen Moseley

gary & Carol Moseson

Lee Mosher

Joseph & Kathleen Mucha

Kurt & annette Mueller

Mary & William Mueller

Michael & Kai Mulford

Hugh & Linda Mullenbach

gerald & Marian Mulligan

Jennifer & William Mullin

John & Mary Murphy

irene Myers & Larry gaffin

Christina narciso

robert & phyllis narveson

Chris & Carol nasby

david needham & nina Jo Muse

nan negri

Bruce & Lois nelson

Carl & sandra nelson

daniel & Marian nelson

dennis & sandra nelson

gregory & Kathy nelson

Kim nelson

Michael nelson & Christie Cater nelson

thomas & Kathryn nelson

tom & susan nelson

deb nelson gourley

randy & suzanne ness

ivy nevala

ernie & Joan neve

david & penny newton

gerald & rita newton

gary nichols & Chris Meyer

Ford & Catherine nicholson

Victor & susan niederhoffer

Mette nielsen

Mary anne nielsen

John & deltah niemi

Mr & Mrs William niemi

andrew niemyer & Lisa abrahams

stephen & Maureen nimis

Kenneth niven & Julie Jeffry

david & Carla noah

richard & susan noddin

steven & annie nord

Linda nordgren

ned & Joan nordin

peter & Laurie nordquist

dave & anne nordstrom

sune & patricia noreen

andrew & rosina norton

eric nye & Carol Frost

thomas & rochelle nygaard

astrid nyrhinen

Michael & Lesley nystrom

Michael & susan o’Brien

timothy o’Connor & Margaret rafferty

ed & Kate o’Connor-giles

douglas & Margaret o’Leary

paul o’Malley & susan Firestone

steve & Kea oboth

tunde & anna ogunnaike

Christopher & Lilla ohrstrom

ed & Michele olender

Bernice & rudolph ollanketo

ruth ollila

david & audrey olsen

anna olson

Craig olson & Mary stuesser

Mark & sheila olson

Jean olson

Jon olson & Julia Vosper

Mark & Jeri olson

Lawrence & alexandra oppenheimer

elizabeth & Craig ordal

orenstein Family

Mark Lucas & Joanne ortendahl-Lucas

Brenda & donald oseland

shawn & rebecca otto

david owens & Jennifer Bostwick

alan & Kimberly page

george & suzanne pagels

Hugo & Maria palacios

Joyce palokangas palmer

Jeannine palms

stephen & elizabeth palms

Wilma palombo & peg schmidt

Frank paluch & georgette Lepage

gerald & diane paluska

Joseph paolillo & deborah Johnson

gary parham & terri ogden

James & Julia parker

John Jr & Joan parsons

Kim & Christine parsons

Michael & Janet parta

Mike & Leslie pashalek

Hans paul & Lori oswald

William paul & Janet Forest

robert & sharon pauley

Larry & Judy peck

Jack & ruth pederson

Jim & ginny pedersen

richard & nancy peidelstein

Marilyn peitso & peder Hegland

ellen perl & Franklin noel

robert pemberton

James & Joan penner-Hahn

tony perricone & gabrielle shapiro

Martin & Barbara perry

Mary & paul person

dale perszyk

dawn pesicka

ConCordia Language ViLLages


005 annuaL report

duane & darline peterson

gary & Bobbi peterson

James peterson

John peterson & Joanne Chester

Mark & Juliet peterson

Maureen pettinato

Michaelene peterson

paul & Margy peterson

rick & Carol peterson

stacy peterson

peter & sara pfaffenroth

stephen pfleger &

deborah Mcgregor-pfeger

Mary pickard

timothy & Mary pieh

randall & tina pierce

david pifer & Jacqueline irland

Jim & Carol pinkham

James pitcock & Cynthia Zipperly

dale & Linda pittman

Curtis & Beverly plagge

Mark plumer & Kathryn gardner

david & nanci plump

Craig poeschl & Barbara Lind

Cathy polasky & ave nelson

deborah pollak Folsom

steven pollei & solveig storvick pollei

ellen & Lee pomeroy

david & norma porter

robert & Carol posegate

John & Jenny potanos

daniel & davara potel

Leonore & Wayne potter

peter & amy potvin

Matthew & Mary powell

Jutta powers

Marvin & Myra pravda

Luke & Carol praxmarer

Michael & deborah premo

edna prestholdt

Christopher & susan price

Frank & Florence price

Barry & Joan prichard

rita prigioni & Larry godding

rosalind primmer

Mildred & Lawrence prince

nicolette proudfoot

Madalyn purcell

James pusack

scott putney & susan sawyer

Joel & Vivian Quam

stephen & anne Quinlan

Jon & patricia Quistgaard

ronald Quinn & Barbara ellis-Quinn

Harvian M raasch-Hooten

Margaret rader

greg & rena raecker

Jim & Claire rafferty

david & ellen raisbeck

Colin & alice ramage

eric J g ramlo & Kari ramlo gustafson

pamela rand Barzakov & ivan Barzakov

Jeff & nayeong randorf

Michael & Jeanine ransom

Marvin & gloria ranta

richard & patricia raschio

Carl & ardythe rasmussen

thomas & ann rasmusson

praveen & sujata rastogi

Lee rath & deborah dick-rath

Mark & Kim raymond

tom & Barb rea

todd readinger & susan schutze

Lon records

Bruce reddix

John & Christa reddy

robert & Helen redman

James & rosedelia redwood

John & sandra reese

Lee & diane reiersgord

Bernard & Joan reisberg

nancy reithel

James rekow & Lynn Larson

Monika & John relman

david & naomi remes

Clarence & Carol reuer

peter & Mary reyes

david & suzanne rhees

Kevin rhodes & trina Fentriss

Calvin & patricia rice

Chip rich & shari Bjorkquist-rich

Jay & Jonell richards

owen richards & Julie smith

James richardson & dorothy Horns

Mercedes ridao & Jeff Makholm

Lisa & W Fredrick riddle

Lisa rieger & Matthew Claman

tom & Liz rieser

Wendy & Michael rieser

steven rife

John & stephanie ringler

ray & pat ritari

Jerome & susan ritter

William & Mary roach

Joan robb

ruth robbins & david evans

robert & susan roberson

Marc & Colleen robertshaw

david & suzy robertson

dwight & Margaret robinson

Vicki robinson

Jane & richard rodeheffer

robert & donna rodnitzky

Heidi roed

steven & Janene roessler

david & Jill rogers

david & Vicky rogers

don & Cherre rogers

todd & patricia rogers

Leonard rogoff

andy romanoff & darcy Vebber

david & anne romond

gary & Barbara romstad

Michael & Margaret rora

thomas & Carole root

Barb rose & Chuck Lentz

Jerry & gloria rose

david rosen & Barbara goren

Mark & ercy rosen

ursula rosenberg

Carl & april rosendale

peter rosene & sheila pearson

peter & Margaret rosenkrands

steven ross & Vicki ross-rhoades

James & susan rossman

Martha roth & Bryon rosner

James & gail rowland

Kathryn & Kenneth rothman

Vergene & Charles routhe

Mary Belle royer

naomi rucker

Kenneth ruge & susan Harriss

david & patricia runkle

paul & Barbara rusterholz

david & susan ruzek

Bruce & Mary sabatke

raymond & patricia salemme

theodore & Lori samuels

Judith samuelson & Victor Henschel

Craig & andrea sander

James & Lenora santoro

Fadil santosa & Jan Kleinman

thomas & Bonnie satterberg

Courtland & Virginia saunders

Joachim savelsberg &

pamela Feldman-savelsberg

Loretta savery & alexander Black

Mike & Lori sayler

John & ann sayles

edward & sheila scanlan

Kristen scarpetta

steve & renee schaaf

dolores schaefer & rob schoenbohm

timothy & diane schallert

paul scharr & Mavis driscoll

John & stacy schaus

Marianne & Johann scheidt

Mark & Kimberly scherer

Craig scherf

Lawrence & Lessa scherrer

david schifeling & Joan Hamblin

Barry schneider & tracy Benton

nancy schneider & richard Wysong

Joel & susan schneider

Mark schneider

susan schneider & don Byrd

Kevin & polly schoen

Michael & elizabeth schoenfeld

timothy & Margaret schoewe

Lorna schofield

dorothy & owen schott

M Jo schroeder & William elbel

Brian schubloom & shelly allmaras

Janet schultz & russell Lascelles

Mark & amy schwantes

Colin scott & anne LaFond

gregg & shannon scott

Kevin & Janet scott

richard & Vicki scott

Knight & denise seavey

Bruce & nancy seely

Carl & Margaret seemann

John & Lois seibel

Mike & andrea seifert

gary seim & Lee ann pfannmuller

John seipp

Leif selkregg & Laura Myntti

Helen senesac

Christine & John seng

george & Carol senkler

ervin & dorothy seppala

Kenneth & agnes seppala

Claire seppi

t M seppi estate

steve serber & susan otto

Jane sessa & steven Hawkins

Charles & gayle seter

James shafland & Marleen Buelinckx

robert & Louise shapiro

paul & sue shapses

Kenneth & Mary Lou sharpee

Leonid & raya shcharansky

Brian & Kathy sheehan

Bob sheehy & andrea Kmetz-sheehy

Kalavathi & achutha shenoy

sheila & andrew shepard

gregory sherrard & Catherine Baker

robert sherrell & Judy storch

patrick & susan shields

todd shields

daryl shike

elizabeth shipton

Katherine sholtz

dmitry shpakov & rimma Baykova

Barry & andrea sidorow

ellie siegel & Bill Warren

david & Kate siegler

dean & Mary Jean sienko

Miguel & Mary silva

Lee & rachelle silver

robert silvers ii & penelope padgett

Bob silverstein & Louise Landry

Jason simon & Lisa Lindstrom

ted simons & andrea Brody simons

Wanda sims

scott singer & rochelle itzen

dawn singh

gary & Mynde siperstein

ross siragusa & susan Klein siragusa

Brian & nancy siska

ralph & evelyn sisco

sherwin skar & Kathryn Jones

paul & Marsha skogheim

Martin skoro

darlesia smith

gregory & Juli smith

J randall & diane smith

Jim & darien smith

Jean & Joanne smith

Keven & Kendra smith

Mark & patricia smith

ronald & Betsey smith

Kathleen smith Zaremba &

thomas Zaremba

david & Lise snyder

devon & Cheryl snyder

William & Julie snyder

Young & Marcy sohn

Jose & Meg solera

peter santiago & Carol solheim

david & pat sonnenberg

Maurice & Carolyn spangler

Mark speers & paula ness speers

Judy spencer

Mark spicer & Lisa Lewis-spicer

James & Jeanette spires

adelbert spitzer & diane Young-spitzer

dan & Jan squillace

tom st John & Micaela Levine

gustav & Mary staahl

paul & Frances stachour

Martin staniland & alberta sbragia

Keith & dorothy stanley

sean & sue starke

david & donna stassel

Brad & Connie stauffer

steven & diane staves

Jon & terri stavig

Clifton & donna stedje

david & susan steel

daniel stein & diane tucker

david & Louise stemp

Clarence & Barbara stennes

peder & tone-Lise stenslie

Bob & Claire stephens

Mark & denise stephens

richard stephenson & susan rogers

richard stern

steven sterner & dorothy surles

thomas stevens

russell & Mary still

Cynthia stix

Bruce stokes & Wendy sherman

amos & Michele stoll

dennis stone

Kristin stone

Vicki stout

sheryl & david strachan

James strait & Janina Levy

deborah strand & robert Marszalek

Jonathan & Jeanette strandjord

ConCordia Language ViLLages

005 annuaL report

robert streeter & ellen Harold

seth & debra strichartz

Warren & Janny strickland

Larry strickling & sydney Hans

nanette & James stringer

Margaret & Max studer

Bernard sucher

richard & suzanne sudmeier

Michael & patricia sulewski

amy sullivan

Joseph & Karen sullivan

Lee sundermeyer & Joann reed

tyler sutton & aina silenieks

Clarence & shirley suvanto

richard sveum & Jennifer olson

Charles & Karla svoboda

Barb swan

Howard & sheri swanson

stephen & susan swanson

paul swedenborg & rita Ladoux

scott & Kari swedin

Larry & Lisa swenson

roger & LuJean swenson

James & thien sylora

Wendy symalla

t syring & p Correll-syring

armas tamminen

Beatrice & J Howard tamminen

James tanner & Catherine allegra

david taussig & Cecily Burke

James taylor & nancy solo-taylor

Carol temescu

Mark ten eyck & Laraye osborne

noma terhaar

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george & Lynn tesch

Vijay thadani & onita Connington

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glenn & ann thomas

robert & elizabeth thomas

deanna thompson & neal peterson

Hugh & elizabeth thompson

Micheal & rebecca thompson

thomas thornton & nancy Blyler

Wayne & Beverly thorson

gordon & Faythe thureen

James & rebecca thvedt

William & susan tidball

Mary tigner-rasanen

Julia Colman timm & stephen Kieu

peter & Michele timmons

philip & Kim tinder

Kathy & Merle tingelstad

sandra titus

paul tjossem & paula smith

richard tobin

William toivonen

Chris & Julia tomer

Helmer & amy toro

roger torstenson &

Karen Fletcher torstenson

steven torstveit & Michael dixon

pat tovo

allan & Carla townsend

Bryan & Mary trandem

John treece & Marci eisenstein

John & ednamae trevey

scott treworgy

sandra tripp

tim & danette tritch

J scott & Holly troeger

paul trolander & Zeynep tenger

elisabeth trost

James turner & Mary anne Fyfe

paul turovsky & Monica Casey

Marshall & Carol tynjala

tom & anne ulseth

dario & Mary Kate uribe

John & Mary ursu

Fay & andrew Vaisvila

Jay & Julie Van Cleave

donald & elizabeth Vance

Lissi Vange

James & ellen Vanlwaarden

darrell & susan Vasvick

richard & Hanna Veiga

paul & Kristen Vesledahl

richard & Karen Vierk

Lila Virta

elmo & Julie Volstad

sally Vrendenburgh

Hendrik & gretchen Vroege

Friedrich & ursala Wacker

Jamie & Martha Wade

James & audrey Waggoner

Michelle Wagner & Jerry Johnson

John Wald & Marianne remedios

Christopher Walker & gina renee

Janet & thomas Walker

Larry & Kim Wall

nolan & Brenda Walters

Christopher Wand & phyllis Jewell

William Wangensteen

albert & Linda Wankel

Lindsay & ann Waters

doug & nancy Watkins

John Watkinson & Lisa o’Leary

raymond & arlette Watts

david & nancy Weber

steven & Marie Weber

Bill & Cindy Weber

Charles & Mary Weber

Leon & Melinda Webster

Linda Weber

Mary Weber

Warner & diana Webster

richard Weden & Mary Bishop Weden

Bill Wedum & Kathryn Keller

Michael Weeda & Joanne Michalski

Forrest & Claire Weesner

Kevin & susan Weidenbaum

Len Weiler & alice Collins

david Weiner & tija spitsberg

david Weir & gretchen salisbury Weir

robert Weisberg & nancie Jordan

sanford & Carol Weisberg

scott & Catherine Weisenbeck

Leah Welch & gedeon deak

e Joseph & Jane Welle

robert & Jeanette Welle

Bert Wells & Laura Walker

Bob & Kiki Wells

William Wells & Jutta Welske-Wells

James & Jessie Wendorf

Chris Wendt

ted & Janet Werth

Hazel L Westby estate

dolena Westergard

daniel & Judith Westphal

Mark & Faith Wetzel

autum Whalen

dan & Jane White

debra White

dale Whitebloom & anita darpino

Cynthia & Brian Whiteside

Kenton Whitney &

stephanie schroeder-Whitney

Mitchell & Helen Wicker

William Wiktor & elaine Case

Johannes Wieczorek &

Maria schwarzer-Weiczorek

Christopher & Margaret Wilding

Henry & Carol Wilhelm

patrick Wilkinson & nancy anderson

selena Wille galdamez

roger & Carole Willer

Christopher & Janice Williams

david & Karen Williams

patrick & anne Williams

Wesley & Karen Williams

Jonathan & sarah Wilmshurst

Catherine Wilson

diane Lehman Wilson

earl Windahl & guri Kirkeng

Marc & Carol Winograd

Clark & sharon Winslow

sally-sue Winterstein

david & Linda Woessner

daniel Wohlenhaus & Jocelyn Warholm

anne & Wayne Wolf

Craig Wolfe & Lori remeika

eng Wong

sue Wong

david & Carolyn Wood

Charles & nancy Woolley

robert & Cathy Woolway

daniel & Kim Woodwick

William & ellen Wraith

Bernie & Jill Wruble

albert & Beatrice Wuori

dawn Wyllie

John & perla Yanovitch

ted Yasuda & elaine siegel

James Yockey & Mary Jean unmuth-


aprille Young

Karen Young

Michael & Kristine Young

William & Judith Young

Mario & Lucy Zapata

eugene & Barbara Zimmerman

steve & Jackie Zimmerman

rick & nancy Zinter

tuenis & Barbara Zondag

ConCordia Language ViLLages



005 annuaL report

Current and former

staff of Concordia

language villages or

Concordia College

John & Liddy achter

Kirsten addison

deborah agnew

Holly anderson

Verlyn & evonne anderson

Luke andrews

steven andrews & Menghui Yan-andrews


thomas asp

steven & Faith asper

Kerisa & Bruce Baedke

timothy Bambenek

Karen Batchelder

Milton & elizabeth Bates

scott & sarah Bjelde

John & Kathy Borge

Bruce & Charlene Bostrom

James Bowers & Kathleen Jordan

Cherryl Braton

Linda & James Brown

John Caine

Barbara Cartford

Kwangguk & sunah Cho

Young Mi Cho

Joon Hyung & desiree Cho

donna & tom Clementi

Hanna Marie Coen Brandt & erik Brandt

sean Collier

Margaret Collins

george & Virginia Connell

susan Cordes-green & robert green

Miggie Cramblit

K dale & Laron Croft

Curtis rice & tove dahl

elizabeth Bull danielson &

scott danielson

James doona & Barbara Merry

nathan dorr

Jenise doty

paul & Mardeth dovre

daniel dunn & Holly Hosford dunn

Lois & John egelhof

david & Bonnie ekstrom

Linda erceg

Marcus erickson

thomas & siri Fiebiger

Jill Fischer & nabil al-Masri

Matthew & nora Flom

tara Fortune

James & elizabeth Foster

nina & nikolai Frant

scott & Barbara Fraser

John & Wilma gillis

Lisa golkowski

Werner & terry golling

Martin graefe & Lisa Christensen graefe

roberta & sheldon green

gudjon gudjonsson & Kari Brekke

ann & Bradley Hadrava

Jeffrey & Heidi Haines

arlys Hall

dianne & robert Haugen

gerhard & doris Haukebo

William Hearn & Jennifer speir-Hearn

angele Henne

Craig & Karen Hertsgaard

amy Hesby

patricia & Kyle Hesby

garett Heysel & philippe dubois

paul & nuria Hoff

peter Hoff

Kathleen Hoover

robert & ann ibler

Mona ibrahim & ahmed Kamel

alan ingman

Laurie iudin-nelson

Monte & Mary Johnson

donna Kastner

ilya Katsnelson

ursula Kelnhofer

Barbara Kern-pieh & steve pieh

Carleen Kerttula & david stauffer

Karen King

ross King

annette Kirchner

Janice & Marty Kittok

Kent & Karen Knutson

sheila Koser

Jonathan steinwand & Carolyn Kramer

James & roselyn Krause

John & sheila Kroonblawd

Hank Kuhlman & Laura Hunter

renae & John Lacher

emily Larsen

paul & Jane Linnee

richard Chapman & Joy Lintelman

paul & Harriet Lund

Bruce Marmesh

John & annikki Marttila

Vernon & May Mauritsen

denitsa Mavrova-grant

John & Mary May

darcie novotny Mcgee

June & patrick McKinney

polly & Charlie Merhar

Luis & ann Millan

Kristen natwick

Carl-Martin & Martha nelson

Mark & Megan nelson

alan & patricia nielsen

Jodi nordlund

sabine & phil o’Hara

ann olson

isabelle & tim olson

douglas & Lynn orville

Clay & Joanna pace

Larry & dawn papenfuss

Jon & sophie pederson

Lonnie & Jeff pederson

denise phillippe

John & eleanor pierce

Leah plotz

scott & Beth prusinski

Brandy Qualls

richard & ellen reynolds

Joseph roel

edward & susan rollins

Floyd & Maijaliisa rudy

William & Janice sanden

david & ann sandgren

Larry saukko

steve & terese schaefer

William & norma schleppegrell

Monika schneider

Christine schulze

J Warren & Cynthia schulze

Harold & Kay seppala

Francois Fouquerel & ann skoe

Carter & Beth smith

Carolyn snyder

Linda & James soderberg

Marcia soderman-olson & Matthew olson

Benjamin squire

eric staab & Karla niehus

thomas staker

thomas stevens

olin & ruth storvick

Jennifer teichmann

Michelle & Jeffery thomas

patricia thornton Hartoonian &

H Michael Hartoonian

dawn tommerdahl & robert Quanbeck

al & Jan traaseth

John & susan VanCleve

gretchen Vaughn & scott Mcdonald

Linda Wallenberg & glenn Bragg

Jennifer Wang

Heather Weiss

Matt Wells & Lara anderson

pamela Wesely & Matt arnold

robb & tina Westawker

John & annette White

aldridge Wilder

LaVonne & Willie Williams

Jeffery & sharon Wizner


Foundations and


affinity Health system

albert W. Cherne Foundation

americinn Lodge & suites


Beltrami electric Cooperative

Bemidji Chapter Coa

Bemidji Medical equipment

Bemidji outdoor power equipment

Bemidji Woolen Mills

C Charles Jackson Foundation

Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Community First Credit union

danish american Language

denmark Lodge #56

eapC architects engineers

Finnish american Heritage inc

First national Bank Bemidji Foundation

First national Bank of Bemidji

First national Bank of deerwood

Foreign Candy Company, inc

Forum Communications Company

general Mills Foundation

george W. neilson Foundation

embassy of the Federal republic of germany

german orphan Home of d.C.

global Cash access

goethe institut new York

Harris Marketing

Herrington’s shoe store inc

independent school dist #622

indian Harvest

Kelsey’s as You Like it

Korea Foundation

Korean education Center

Kresge Foundation

Lorenz Bus service, inc.

Lueken’s Village Foods

Max Kade Foundation

Microsoft Business solutions

Ministry Health Care

Moorhead rotary Club

Mosaic Foundation

national italian american sports Hall

of Fame (niasHF)

norske torske Klubben of st. paul

paul Bunyan rural telephone Cooperative



pontomac Womens Club

radiology association of the Fox Valley, s.C.

rdo offutt equipment Co.

rebild national park society

red river danes

salolampi Foundation

saudi arabian oil Company

schulze Family Foundation

shannon-peterson inc

shuster, Wildmo & shuster, inc.

sigdalslag in america

split rail Foundation, inc.

squire Family trust

swedish Council of america

terhuly Foundation inc

the american swedish institute

the american-scandinavian Foundation

the Freeman Foundation

the Minneapolis Foundation, r.d. Wells Fund

thomas & Judith Mahoney

Family Foundation

tiger Woods Foundation, inc.

twin Cities dalaforening

united states-Japan Foundation

university of Wisconsin

Vasa order of america

Wallin Foundation

WeM Foundation

Wes’ plumbing & Heating, inc.

Wheaton Francisan service, inc.

Work/Family directions, inc.

Matching Gifts

abbott Laboratories Fund

altria group, inc.

american express

american international group, inc.

Ball Corporation

Cargill, inc.

Carillon point


davidson & associates, inc.

deluxe Corporation Foundation

donaldson Company, inc.

dorsey & Whitney Foundation

exxonMobil Foundation, inc.

Financial security assurance

exxonMobil Foundation, inc.

general Mills Foundation

Honeywell Foundation

Hormel Foods Corporation

iBM international Foundation

intel Foundation

Mcgraw-Hill Companies

McKesson Foundation

Microsoft Corporation

Mn Mining & Manufacturing

Foundation, inc.

new York times Company Foundation, inc.

pfizer Foundation

pioneer Hi-Bred international, inc.

pnC Bank

rBC dain rauscher

reader’s digest Foundation

rockefeller Financial services

ryan Companies us, inc.

scripps networks

securian Foundation

shell oil Company Foundation

stora enso north america

symantec/Veritas software

the Capital group Companies

the Home depot

the Medtronic Foundation

the siragusa Foundation

thomson West

thrivent Financial for Lutherans

tyco international

uponor Wirsbo inc

us Bancorp Foundation

Verizon Foundation

Wells Fargo Bank

ConCordia Language ViLLages

005 005 annuaL annuaL report


Contact information:

Concordia language villages

administrative office:

Concordia College

901 8th st s

Moorhead, Mn 56562

phone: (800) 222-4750 or (218) 299-4544

Fax: (218) 299-3807

e-mail: clv@cord.edu

Bemidji office:

8659 thorsonveien ne

Bemidji, Mn 56601

phone: (800) 450-2214 or (218) 586-8600

Fax: (218) 586-8601

st. Paul office:

Hamline park plaza, suite 201

570 asbury st

st. paul, Mn 55104

phone: (651) 647-4357

Fax: (651) 647-4353


an equal opportunity employer

editor: Christine schulze

editorial assistant: Karen King

graphic designer: Mark Chamberlain

printed by: richtman’s press Club

photos by: John Borge, Jeff Knight, John gregor, Crystal Mohr and Brenda Levos

it is the policy of Concordia College to provide equal opportunity for all qualified

persons in its educational programs and activities. the college is in full compliance

with the laws of the united states and all applicable regulations. the college does

not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex or

physical handicap in the educational programs that it operates.

© 2006 Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota 37829/2.5M/0806

ConCordia Language ViLLages

Respekt for alt liv

Mit anderen teilen

Liberare la propria generosità

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Rejeter la violence

Kuunnella ymmärtääkseen

Reinventar la solidaridad

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Creating Cultures of Peace

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