Bibliography - Royal Horticultural Society

Bibliography - Royal Horticultural Society

786 Bibliography

This is by no means exhaustive but lists some of

the more useful works used in the preparation of the

RHS Plant Finder. The websites of raisers of new

plants (not listed here) are also an invaluable source

of information.


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General Periodicals


New, Rare and Unusual Plants.

The Hardy Plant Society. The Hardy Plant.

The Hardy Plant Society. The Sport.

Internationale Stauden-Union. ISU Yearbook.

Royal Horticultural Society. Hanburyana.

Royal Horticultural Society. The Garden.

Royal Horticultural Society. The Plantsman.

Royal Horticultural Society. The New Plantsman.

Royal Horticultural Society. The Plantsman (new


General Websites

Annotated Checklist of the Flowering Plants of

Nepal. Jan 2010

Australian Cultivar Registration Authority. Jan 2010.

Australian Plant Breeders Rights: Database Search.

Jan 2010.



Australian Plant Names Index. Australian National

Botanic Gardens (comp.). Jan 2010. www.anbg.

Bolivia Checklist. Jan 2010.


Botanical Expedition in Myanmar Checklist. Jan



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and Vines. Jan 2010.

Canadian Ornamental Plant Foundation. Jan 2010.

Canadian Plant Breeders Rights Office: Canadian

Food Inspection Agency. Jan 2010. www.

Catálogo de las Plantas Vasculares de las República

Argentina. Jan 2010.


Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar:

Darwin Checklist of Moroccan Vascular Plants

DEFRA Plant Varieties and Seeds Gazette. Jan 2010.

Flora Himalaya Database. Jan 2010.

Flora Mesoamericana Internet Version (W3FM). Jan

2010. Missouri Botanical Garden. www.mobot.


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Biological Resources Study.


Flora of Chile. Jan 2010.


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Flora of Pakistan. Jan 2010.


Flora of North America Website. Jan 2010. Morin,

N.R., et al.

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Network) Taxonomy. Jan 2010.

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International Plant Names Index: Author Query. Jan


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Zealand Plants Database Jan 2010. http://nzflora.

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Plant List, The. A working list of all plant species

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788 Bibliography

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