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Oil&Gas industryprocess measurement product fit

Market segmentationOffshoreDrillingLNGPipelineOil&GasOnshoreOil&GasFieldsCompressionGas StorageRefineryTankfarmGasTreatmentInjectionChemical IndustryPetrochemicalsBasicChemicals(e.g. Fertilizers)Fibers/Foils(e.g. Nylon)HPIAirSeparationPage 2Specialty Chemicals(e.g. Oil additives)Fine Chemicals(e.g. pharmaceuticalpre-products)BioChemicals(e.g. BiodieselSiemens AG, I IA SC

process measurement applicationswith natural gas and hydrocarbon liquids• Upstream• Wellhead control• FPSO / off-shore (Floating production, storage and offloading. An alternative to pipelines.• )• Natural gas desanding• Gas dehydration• Gas treatment• NGL recovery• Midstream• Natural gas pipelines (compression, metering, etc.)• Leak detection and location• Underground storage• LNG processing• LNG transportation (tanker, LNG vessel)• Storage in tank farms and terminals• Downstream• Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) processingPage 3Siemens AG, I IA SC

Communication with the Automation SystemPI portfolio is well integrated and compatible with different automation systemsFlexibility• WirelessHART• Parameter set• Functions upgrade• Preventive maintenance• Diagnosisinformation• Asset managementinformationSolution for field device integration wired or wireless (ATEX – Ex)Page 4Siemens AG, I IA SC

process measurement for wellhead control and blow-out preventionIEC60870-5-104Control CenterIEC60870-5-104SIPLUS RIC IEC onS7-300 with CP343-1(master and slave)IEC60870-5-104SIMATIC HMISCADA-System- SIMATIC PCS7- SIMATIC WinCC- PVSS (ETM)- othersEthernetSIPLUS RIC(slave 1)EthernetSIPLUS RIC(slave n)I/O direct wiring(0/4 - 20mA)Page 5Siemens AG, I IA SC

Upstream: natural gas treatment / step 1SITRANS TH300, TH400SITRANS P DSIIISITRANS ClamponFUG1010, FUH1010SIPART PS2SITRANS CV,MicroSAM,MAXUM edition IIPage 6Siemens AG, I IA SC

Upstream: natural gas dehydration detailsSITRANS TH300, TH400SITRANS P DSIIISITRANS ClamponFUG1010, FUH1010SIPART PS2SITRANS CV,MicroSAM,MAXUM edition IIPage 8Siemens AG, I IA SC

Midstream: process measurement pipelinesSITRANS TH300, TH400SITRANS P DSIIISITRANS ClamponFUG1010, FUH1010SIPART PS2SITRANS CV,MicroSAM,MAXUM edition IIPage 9Siemens AG, I IA SC

Downstream: GTL processing – step 1SITRANS TH300, TH400SITRANS P DSIIISITRANS ClamponFUG1010, FUH1010SIPART PS2MicroSAM,MAXUM edition IIOXYMAT 6, ULTRAMAT 6,CALOMAT 6Page 10Siemens AG, I IA SC

Metering / valve stationsValve stations are located 5-20 miles (8-32km) apart and allow pipeline monitoringand management.SIPART PS2 for valve positioningSITRANS P DSIII for pressureSITRANS T for temperatureSpool meter for flowMicroSAM gas chromatographPage 11Siemens AG, I IA SC

Compressor stationsCompressor stations are located 50 – 250 miles (80-400km) apart and arenecessary to increase gas pressure in order to push it through the pipelineSITRANS FUG Clamp-on flowSITRANS P DSIII for pressureSITRANS T for temperatureSIPART PS2 for valve positioningMicroSAM gas chromatographPage 12Siemens AG, I IA SC

Piping and instrumentation diagram P&ID1. P&ID from the customer2. Siemens will offer/chose the right product3. Ortmann Gmbh will offer the price DDP IraqPage 13Siemens AG, I IA SC

process measurement applicationsMore than 5000 Instruments installed in• Wellheads• Oil & Gas FieldsPressureTemperaturePositioningPage 14Siemens AG, I IA SC

Valve PositioningSIPART PS2German standardUS standardTechnology:PositionerApplication/Usage:Intelligent electro-pneumaticpositioner forlinear and rotary actuatorsUnique advantages:Extremely resistant to shocks, vibrationsand most hostile environmentsBenefits:Extreme low air consumptionPartial Stroke Test and extendeddiagnostic functions available to dopreventive valve maintenanceParameterization with push buttons,HART, PROFIBUS or FIELDBUSPage 15Installed Base:> 1 millionSiemens AG, I IA SC

Temperature measurementSITRANS TS500Application / Usage:- robust design,- fully potted or rugged housingsBenefits:- all industrial temperature applications- Monitoring the current loop withoutinterrupting the circuit- Parameterization with HART,PROFIBUS or FIELDBUS communicationthree transmitter versions:Field – headmountedATEXrail mountedPage 16Siemens AG, I IA SC

Pressure measurementSITRANS P DS III and P500- from 1 mbar up to 700bar- absolute or differential pressure- configuration via push-buttons inhazardous areas without openingtransmitter or- HART,- PROFIBUS- FIELDBUSInstalled Base:> 1 millionPressureLevelValve blockPage 17Siemens AG, I IA SC

Flow measurement SITRANS FUS Clamp-onFUS-LDS Leak Detection SystemTechnology:Complete software and hardware solutionfor detecting and localizing pipeline leaksApplication / Usage:Hydrocarbon or liquid pipeline applicationsBenefits:Real-time detection and localizationPage 18Siemens AG, I IA SC

Siemens Process AnalyticsComparison Extractive – In-situExtractiveUltramat / OxymatIn-SituLaser Spectrometry LDS 6gas outgas outlightdetectedlight ingas insample prep. analyzer analyzerPage 19Siemens AG, I IA SC

Siemens Process AnalyticsProduct PortfolioExtractive AnalyzerContinuous Gas AnalyticsField, ExIn Situ Analyzer19“ RackULTRAMAT 23You can messure H2S,SO2, CO, NO, O2 andmany other…ULTRAMAT 6 OXYMAT 6 CALOMAT 6FIDAMAT 6 SIPROCESS UV600SITRANS SLLDS 6Process Gas ChromatographsMAXUM edition IIUniversalsolution made inGermanySITRANS CVNatural gasMicroSAMAll HC gas typesPage 20Siemens AG, I IA SC

Siemens Process AnalyticsAnalyzer Technologies in Oil & GasRefinery5% 1%5%20%5%34%NDIRUV-VISO2 paraO2 ZrO2O2 tracesTCDGCMoistureFTIR/FTNIRSIPROCESS UV600LDS6 / Sitrans SLFIDAMAT15%5%10%Page 21Siemens AG, I IA SC

MAXUM edition IITypical Applications at Oil&GasIndustryApplicationEthylene plants:Claus plants:Refinery:Installed base:Feed compositionBTU firing compositionCracked gas compositionProduct quality controlProcess gas feedTail gas downstream the last condenserFlue gas downstream of regeneratorRich oilFuel gasGasoline/Light gas oil to blending> 20.000Page 22Siemens AG, I IA SC

MAXUM edition IIHighlights at a GlanceFeatures• Run multiple streams in parallel• Redundant applications in one unitUser Benefits• Cost saving Maxum Configurations• Shorter Cycle time• Multiple applications in one unit• Guaranteed spare parts availability of 10year after product discontinuation• Cost saving Spare parts and Service• Fast service support by sending indiagnostic file (.amd-file)• Full remote service• Leading performance in repeatability anddetection limits• Reliable measurementsPage 23Siemens AG, I IA SC

Global System Integration CentersSystem AssemblyProject ExecutionPage 24Siemens AG, I IA SC

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