Eastern Tomato

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Eastern TomatoCrop Guide

RidgeRunnerSunkeeperSebringBrickyardIdeal determinate variety for the mature green market, providing high marketableyields in warm weather conditions under TYLCV pressure and Fusarium crown rotinfected soils.• Yields consistent high-quality, firm fruit• Medium maturity, medium to strongplant vigor• Moderate heat tolerance• Remarkably low grey wall presence• Attractive, early-setting fruit withindustry-leading quality ratings• Outperforms competitors during thetransition heat production slot in theseasons and provides up to 20 percentmore marketable fruit*• Adaptable to variable environmentalconditions• High yields of extra-large and large fruit• Smooth, uniform green shoulders andtight blossom end scar• Requires light to no pruning• Developed in conjunction with theUniversity of Florida/IFAS tomatobreeding program• Superior disease packageLeading performer in cold to warm conditions with flexibility for the maturegreen and vine ripe markets and an attractive disease resistance package.• Firm, smooth, uniform fruit withexcellent flavor• Medium to strong plant vigor• Well adapted to early spring andlate fall growing conditions in theeastern U.S.• High marketable yield of large toextra-large fruit* Source: Syngenta Field Trials, fall 2008, SouthFlorida (Immokalee area)• Significantly less gray wall thancompetitorsSevenTY IIISorayaRocky TopConsistently delivers high-quality fruit and offers a superior alternative towardsmitigating TYLCV disease pressure during the winter transplanting slot.• Ability to deliver high fruit quality duringthe winter season (slot)• Great eating quality that is highlyappealing to consumers• Unique disease package combination thathas excellent fit for growers strugglingwith TYLCV and Fusarium race 3• Good plant coverage that facilitatesease of harvest and minimizes theoccurrence of zippering, rain check,cracking and sunburn• Significantly low incidence ofenvironmental factors such as greywall and blotchiness• Proven gassing capabilities• Produces high-quality, mostly extralargefruit desired for food serviceand fresh market• Consistently small blossom end scarswith uniform shoulders• Well adapted to Southeast regionalclimate conditions• High resistance to Fusarium race 3,Fusarium crown rot and root rot• High yields of extra-large fruit withgreat eating quality and strongconsumer appeal• Well adapted for mature greenharvest and vine ripe productionthroughout the eastern U.S.• Excellent fruit quality undergreenhouse and high tunnelproduction conditions

For more information on Syngenta vegetable offerings,visit www.vegetables.syngenta-us.comor contact your local Syngenta reseller or representative.Product performance assumes disease presence.All photos are the property of Syngenta unless otherwise noted.©2013 Syngenta. Important: Always read and follow label instructions. Some crop protection products may not be registered for sale or use in all states orcounties. Please check with your local extension service to ensure registration status.Voliam Xpress is a Restricted Use Pesticide.Voliam Xpress is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment on blooming crops and weeds. Do not apply this product or allow it to drift onto blooming plantswhile bees are foraging adjacent to the treatment area.FarMore Technology is an on-seed application of separately registered seed protection products and proprietary application technologies. FarMore F300 containsthree fungicides: Apron XL, Maxim 4FS and Dynasty. FarMore B is a proprietary technology and on-seed application of acibenzolar-S-methyl.AgriEdge Excelsior®, Apron XL®, Dynasty®, FarMore®, Maxim®, Quadris Top®, ROGERS®, Voliam Xpress®, the Alliance Frame, the Purpose Icon and theSyngenta logo are trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company. PHYTO-DRIP® is a registered trademark of Precision Drip B. V. Field to Market® is a trademark ofThe Keystone Center.GS 403.61017 SLC 1755D 10-2013

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