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Vol. 3 | Issue 1

January 2012

You Can Have a


Marcus Lamb shares a word from

God for 2012 [ PAGE 2-3]

Focus on Forgiveness

From Joni’s Heart [ PAGE 3]

A partner like you

shares his story!

Partners In Action [PAGE 3]

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Spotlight Devotional [ PAGE 2-3]

Dear Partner and Friend,

I was praying for all of our beloved Daystar Partners, and the Lord gave me a word for you for 2012.

So, I am so excited to share it with you!

Here it is: You can have a breakthrough in 2012!

What happened to you in 2011? Did you experience any of the following:

• Lost your job

• Got behind on your bills

• Major health difficulties

• Problems in your marriage

• Negative relationships with your children

• Failed God

• Depression or worry

God knows about every aspect of your life. He knew about these problems before they ever came

your way and He knows how and when these problems are going to leave!

You may remember me telling the story about the song, “You Can Begin Again.” I was preaching

in the largest church in Western Europe. It is located in London, England. All of a sudden, out of my

mouth came those words, “You can begin again!” Then I repeated it a second time.

Joe Ninowski, Daystar’s Music Director, was sitting in the service with his laptop computer. After

hearing me say those words, the Holy Spirit gave him the song right there in the service. It was on

the Daystar Singer’s CD Begin Again.

Here is what the Lord told me you need to do in order to see your breakthrough in 2012:

1. Develop an attitude of gratitude

2. Become more of a worshiper

3. Go regularly to a church that believes in the whole Bible

4. Be faithful to God with your tithes and pledges

Joni and I, and the Daystar Prayer Partners, will be praying for your breakthrough. So write your

prayer requests on the back of the enclosed card.

With All Our Love,

P.S. When your breakthrough happens, let us know!

My Story

Larry B.

West Virginia

I can hardly believe that

2012 is here! We can

attest to the fact of God’s

faithfulness in 2011! It was

a year of challenges, victories

and prayer. Thank you for your

love, prayers and support. In

the midst of those who would

oppose the work of God, we

felt God’s presence in such a

tangible way. I think the most

important lesson I have learned

from this past year is that we

must continually choose to love

and forgive our enemies. It’s

easier said than done, but we all

I worked at Father Beiting Appalachian Mission Center in

KY as a warehouse manager for five years before wrecking

a motorcycle on August 15, 2010. I was in bad shape. After I

got out of the hospital I started watching Daystar and I have

not quit. I watch your network 90% of the time.

know that the root of bitterness

and unforgiveness will literally

destroy us. Throughout the year,

I encountered individuals who

seethed with bitterness, and it

was so sad to see how it affected

their very appearance and

countenance. Don’t allow the

enemy to steal your joy. Love

those that use and persecute

you, and remember that God

loves them as much as he loves


have become new. I know we

will still have challenges, but if

we allow God to do the work of

forgiveness in our heart and life,

we can take those experiences

and help others. Remember that

our battle is not with flesh and

blood but against principalities

and powers of darkness. And,

greater is He that is in us, than

He that is in the world. Happy

New Year everyone…The best is

yet to come!

I can honestly say I am entering

2012 a new creature in Watch Joni ONLY on Daystar:

Christ. Old things have Joni: Table Talk

Mon - Fri, 1am, 6am & 7:30pm CST

passed away and all things

Why I Partner with Daystar:

I have learned so much of Christ through Daystar. I really

enjoy your network.

“I have learned so much of

Christ through Daystar.”

Marcus D. Lamb


Daystar Television Network

“Daystar, I want to thank you so much for your prayers and support. Two

people that I have asked you to pray for have some hope of exiting the

hospital now! My sister Faye and my friend Dana are being moved to a

facility with shorter waiting lists for the kidney and lung transplants they

need. Thank God for this movement in their lives. Please keep them in your

prayers. Thank you again and thank the mighty Lord, He is good!”



“The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious

unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

Before Christ Jesus appeared upon the

earth, man lacked the help he needed to

be freed from his own unique wretchedness

and pain. As much as man sought after peace

and fulfillment, it was as elusive as the wind,

so Christ came to rescue humanity and provide

a life of Shalom. Shalom is a kingdom principle

which has to do with living in proper relationship

with God, oneself, and those around us. Shalom

is much more than just a greeting, or even

experiencing peace, since the root of the word

is found in wholeness. Resting and abiding in

Shalom (wholeness) empowers us in many ways:

to be a living inspiration and encouragement to

those around us; wholeness keeps the toxic and

frightening messages of the enemy from entering

our spirit-man; it enables us to overcome feelings

of inadequacy and thereby helps us in times of

crisis. Shalom can also help one with a

poor self-image, resulting in alleviation

of daily stress. Shalom at its core is God’s

plan to alter the enemy’s sabotaging thought

patterns of uncertainty in our lives. When I am

at peace with God and self, I enjoy the luxury

of being able to connect to each person around

me and bring real, caring and genuine interest to

that relationship.

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Worth the fight.




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January 5 & 6 — Music from RTC: Donnie McClurkin, Kurt Carr and the Daystar Singers

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impacting people’s lives. KCards not only create

an opportunity for people to meet needs in a

tangible way, but also give people a chance to

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hope, love and forgiveness in our Lord.

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