Global Investments For More Flexibility - Neuman & Esser

Global Investments For More Flexibility - Neuman & Esser



For More Flexibility

With capital intensive investments made into

mechanical precision machines, measurement

equipment and buildings the NEA GROUP has

taken up the challenges set by the customer

requirements for shorter delivery times despite

the increased demands for their high performance

products. Taking the machine factory at

Übach-Palenberg in Germany as an example

and the fabrication shop in Rayong, Thailand,

the logistical strengths are displayed, which are

the results made from global long term investments.

For years now it has been unmistakable, that

with the increased contract volume for compressors

and grinding plants with appreciably more

material volumes must be processed within the

production process. A key factor for coming to

Edition No. 16, November 2008

"What will the future bring?"

The prognoses have changed since the middle of this

year for the world's economy. The growth prognoses

have been retracted since September of this year due

to the financial crisis. The initial indicators for a recession

can be clearly seen today.

The view into the future still however looks to be positive

for the NEA GROUP. Due to the world-wide decentralized

organisation structure and cross-linking of the

sales and marketing activities it has been possible in

the current business year, to obtain contracts, whose

delivery suffices until the middle of 2010. In total a contractual

intake could be booked, which far exceeds the

turnover of the previous year.

Two years ago we had even recognized that the factor

of delivery deadlines was becoming more and more a

focal point for the customer. We came to the decision

at an early enough point in time to replace existing

lathes and manufacturing centers through modern and

efficient machines. This ensures that the manufacturing

processes could be tightened up, whilst still retaining

the quality and the output from the German

production companies which could be appreciably


Irrespective of this we will keep our ears to the ground

concerning the world-wide economic situation. We will

not allow our optimism

and belief in our market

to be stolen through

the partially negative

oversubscribed position

through the media.



In this publication we will

deal with in detail not

only the investments in

our machine park in

Germany but also the

expansion of our location

in Thailand. That is

also only the beginning

of our investments,

which we have planned

for our local locations.


Managing Partners of

NEA Holding

terms with this material increase is the expansion and

optimization of the company internal logistics. Especially

the huge number of large and heavy castings gives an

increase in spatial area requirements. Through the

reconstruction of an existing storage hall and the construction

of a further hall, approximately 1,600 m 2 floor

storage space has been created so that we NEA meet

with this requirement. The production area for the mechanical

production has also experienced a noticeable

increase through the expansion by a further 800 m 2 .

Alongside the reconstruction and new construction of

production and storage areas, NEA must also consider

here the shortening of manufacturing times as well as

the implementation of the complete processing of key

components in its own factory. Already in the previous

year, with this as a background, two investment decisions

were agreed. Hereby NEA is dealing with the procurement

of a new processing center from the company

Starrag Heckert as well as a crankshaft grinding

machine. The new processing center will be utilized for

the manufacture of cylinders and the intermediate storage

for component parts. Initial experiences at the

machine factory in Wurzen, Germany, shows that manufacturing

times have been appreciably shortened

when compared with other machines. Crankshafts

with a total length of up to 6 meters can be ground on

Global Investments in Germany and Thailand for More Flexibility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-3

Company Profile NEA GROUP in the USA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-5

Latest News on NEA GROUP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-7

The Largest Pendulum Mill for Grinding of Rock Phosphate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Sharp Cut Size with Patent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9

Turbo Show 2008: We talk recips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

POWTECH 2008: A “Sharp” Trade Fair Appearance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

International NEA Meetings for Intensive Exchange of Know-how . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

the crankshaft grinding machine. An important core

component of the machine can therefore, in connection

with the turning/grinding center, be completely manufactured

here in house. Both machines are currently

being assembled in the mechanical manufacturing

department, so that processing can be started up in all

probability at the end of this year.

Oct. 23 rd , 2008 recorded the most interesting chapter in

the history of the machine factory as Alexander Peters,

Managing Partner, and Dr. Norbert Hennes from Droop

The production facility has doubled in workshop space

with the opening of the new fabrication shop in the first

quarter of 2008. This has permitted segregation of the

welding from the assembly process, which now takes

place exclusively in the original workshop facility. The

increased workshop area has been supplemented by a

large lay-down area outside and to the front of both

shops, which facilitates material handling and will be

used for the construction of the two very large off-shore

packages for our Middle East customer. Overall, this

production space expansion has more than tripled the

packaging capacity of NEA South East Asia.

For the aftermarket, NEA South East Asia has, since its

inception, encouraged customers to establish long term

service agreements with our after-market department.

As part of these agreements,

specific customer

spares are

held at the NEA

+ Rein signed a contract for purchase of approximately

5 million EUR for a portal grinding machine - without

doubt, to date, the largest investment decision, which

had been taken in the house of NEA for a tooling machine.

This machine, which will replace the "Heavycut", has

a table capacity of 40 gross tons and can with that,

without any problem process crankcases with a construction

size of up to SL500. Furthermore this machine offers

appreciably shortened processing times in comparison to


Asia booms. NEA also invests in Thailand.

South East Asia warehouse facility for fast dispatch to

the customer as required. Typically, these spare parts

are held at no extra charge until required, at which time

the customer is charged for restock of the items. This

arrangement has proven advantageous for both the

customer in terms of quicker access to spare parts

without major capital investment, but also logistically to

NEA South East Asia for service department manpower


Also from its establishment, NEA South East Asia has

provided compressor valve overhaul facilities to its

customers. These facilities are now being updated with

state-of-the-art repair, testing and packaging systems.

NEA South East Asia customers will now be able to take

advantage of very fast, guaranteed valve repairs and

immediate access to valve repair kits. The facility is

being set up with dedicated workshop and storage

areas, and will be staffed by technicians trained at our

European valve supplier. Each overhaul valve will be

tested and issued with its own certified test certificate

and of course NEA's guarantee of quality.






in USA


founded NEUMAN & ESSER USA, Inc. in Houston,

Texas, to better cater to the North American, Central

American and Caribbean markets. NEA USA is

responsible for new compressor sales, modernization

and all associated engineering. Its sister company,

NEAC Compressor Service USA, Inc.,

which was incorporated in 1992 in Franklin, PA, as

a joint venture with Atlas Copco for maintaining

Chicago Pneumatic compressors, is in charge of all

aftermarket related activities e.g. parts, service,

start-up, commissioning, overhauls and repairs.

Both companies are members of the German based

NEUMAN & ESSER founded in 1830, one of the

world leading OEMs for lubricated and non-lubricated

vertical, V-type and horizontal API 618 compressors

in a range of 20 to 40,000 hp and 1 to 8 throws.

Right from the beginning the decision to combine a

"Made in Germany" compressor with "Made in the USA"

auxiliary equipment, engineering and aftermarket support

proved to be very successful. Their customer base

includes refineries, chemical & petrochemical plants,

the food and beverage industry, and to a large extent,

specialty reciprocating compressor applications.

In April 2008 NEA USA, Inc. and NEAC Compressor

Service USA, Inc. took another major step by constructing

their own fit-to-suit new facility in Katy, Texas. This

facility consists of a two-story 16,000 SF (1,500 m 2 )

office building which accommodates Sales, Engineering,

CAD, Purchasing, Service & Parts, a Training

Center, as well as the administration of both companies.

The attached 20,000 SF (1,800 m 2 ) warehouse/workshop

(equipped with a 20 ton crane) allows for the

storage of critical wear and capital spare parts and also

for compressor repairs. Like the previously inaugurated

new facility of NEA América do Sul in Belo Horizonte,

Brazil, the new NEA USA building will also allow for

future growth. It provides better and faster US based

support for the significantly growing fleet of compressors

and guarantees a higher degree of customer satisfaction

for all the NEA owned compressor brands e.g.

Chicago Pneumatic, Linde, KSB, Borsig, Demag to

name the major ones for this market.

The inauguration of the new facility will be celebrated

with a Customer Compressor Day on Dec. 3 rd , 2008

presenting news and recent technical developments in

reciprocating compressors combined with discussion

groups and hands-on compressor experiences.




NEAC on an Investigative

Mission in Chad

In Chad, six NEA compressors of

size 63 and 130 are processing

carrier gas from their own oil

resources which is used in their

own power production plant. After

five years of operation, a piston

damage in one of its machines

made NEA suddenly aware of communication

problems. Harry

Lankenau and Timo Kitschen

travelled to the customer, one of the

world's leading oil and gas producers,

in order to get an idea on the

spot picture of the problem. It was

quickly clear that the factory required

commercial as well as technological

support. While Harry

Lankenau interviewed the technicians,

Timo Kitschen dealt with the

purchasing and materials dispatchers

and took a stock inventory of

spare parts for input in their SAP


Shortly after their return, they received

a tremendous series of

orders: a package valued at around

half a million EUR, which contains

an extensive root cause analysis,

spare parts, an overhaul of two

machines as well as on site training

for 10 technicians. After completing

their training in January 2009, three

of the customers' technicians will

have the chance to put their theoretical

training into practice on each

of the overhauled machines.

Follow-up Contract for

Compressor System at the

Largest Underground Field

in Europe

Now that the final NEA compressor

from three machines has been successfully

taken into operations

since October this year for filling of

natural gas into the third storage

cavern with 230 bar discharge

pressure at the cavern field of Epe,

the German energy supplier surprised

NEA Deutschland in

November of this year with a followup


In cooperation with this gas supplier

an innovative compressor

system concept for the second construction

stage of the gas storage

cavern has been prepared. Whilst

the first cavern facilitates over a

working gas volume of approximately

130 million m³ of natural gas

and approximately 150,000 m³

natural gas per hour feeding and up

to 300,000 m³ per hour flushing, the

total for the second cavern is to be

increased in total to a working gas

volume with 240 million m³.

The advantage of the new compressor

is that close to 80% of its

wear parts are identical with those

of the currently utilized machines,

even though the volume flow has

been increased by 50%. From this

the construction of a 320-scale sixcrank

compressor with 500 kN rod

load was created. The economic

complete concept was also hereby

taken into consideration in the

energy production as well as in the

optimal design for the compressor


NEA Italia on the

Overtaking Lane

In addition to the positive results of

NEA Italia in 2008, one of the most

interesting orders has been placed

by an important company, which

operates as the EPC contractor in

the Middle East, with its center in

Sharjah (UAE) for a GTP, Gas

Treatment Plant, at Jihar.

The scope of supply includes two

recycle compressors of size 320,

three gas compressors of size 500

and three more ones of size 30 for

auxiliary gas services and spare


Due to the structure of this EPC

contractor, the engineering portion

of this project will be very detailed,

requiring intensive effort on the part

of the technical department of NEA


NEA's Biggest Hydrogen

Compressors for Petrobras

Petrobras, in accordance with its

modernization and expansion plans

for its refining activities, is promoting

the implementation of the

Abreu e Lima Refinery which has

two Diesel HDT (hydro-treatment)

units. The bid for the engineering

and construction of the new units

was performed amongst Petrobras'

Engineering Dept, while the main

equipment was directly acquired by

the Materials Dept.

Within this context, in March 2008

Petrobras' Materials sector issued

an international invitation, giving

birth to the process of acquisition

and later receipt and analysis of the

proposals for compressors to

operate at this plant.

As soon as the technical analysis

and commercial discussion stages

were concluded, on Aug. 1st , 2008

NEA América do Sul received the

authorization for supplying the


The furnishing refers to six NEA

compressors of size 500 designed

according to the requirements of

API618 as well as to Petrobras'

Standards and specific requirements

laid down for this application.

After field assembly, each compressor

unit will occupy an area of

approximately 300 m 2 (25 x 12 m),

with an approximate weight of 100

tons each.



of supply also

comprises of all

auxiliary and peripheral units, such

as electrical motors and the respective

excitation panels, crankcase

lube oil units, cylinder water cooling

units, inlet strainers, condensate

separators, pulsation suppressors,

gas coolers, continuous capacity

control safety valves, retention valves,

command and control panels

and instrumentation according to

Petrobras' requirements, comprising

of dedicated PLC's and redundant

CPU's as well as mechanical

and electric interconnections and

their auxiliary units.

Petrobras´ decision once again

reinforces the already renowned

technical capacity and commercial

competitiveness of NEA América

do Sul, these being the largest

compressors ever supplied by a

national supplier.

Biggest Six-Crank 500

Frame Installation

in Asia

Back in 2006, NEA South East Asia

was delighted to be able to announce

the sale

of the biggest six

crank 500 frame

in the territory.

Following shipment

at the beginning

of this year

from the manufacturing

works in

Germany, the compressor

is now

being installed along

with all ancillary

equipment at

a customer's site

in Taiwan. The

installation of this

huge machine

has involved expertise

from both

the machine factory

and from within

the NEA

South East Asia organization. The

site team is headed up by Ken

Gould who, with over 35 years'

experience in reciprocating

machinery, has been

resident at the



for a total of over 10 weeks. With

less than four weeks to go to

mechanical completion, activity at

the site is reaching a peak and will

soon enter a new phase of precommissioning

and commissioning. As

the pictures below show, nearly all

of the large equipment and pipework

is in place and the team is

working hard towards a successful

start-up before the end of the year.


Rock Phosphate for a Better Result

The steady growth in the world population and the

increasing use of agricultural land for renewable raw

materials for fuel and energy generation requires increasing

harvest volumes. However as the available

space is limited in terms of expansion, higher yields are

needed, which will lead to an increasing consumption of

mineral fertilizers.

This prompted our customer in Egypt to invest in the

expansion of existing phosphate production. NEA

received the contract for manufacture and delivery of

three PM30 Pendulum Mills for the grinding of rock

phosphate. The PM30 Pendulum Mill is currently the

largest of the machines built by the NEA. This was in

many ways a highlight. It was not just the single biggest

contract in the history of NEA Mahl- und Sichtsysteme.

Rather, the number of PM30s was abruptly doubled,

and the position and competence of NEA as large-scale

manufacturer was expanded. The customer's request

that the entire manufacturing area be kept dust-free

meant a special challenge, and required an increased

level in the use of measuring and monitoring equipment

as well as an intelligent control and regulating concept.

Following commissioning in 2009, these plants will be

counted among the most advanced raw phosphate

grinding systems in the world.

Evidently convinced by NEA's competence, NEA has

recently received, from the same customer, new contracts

to upgrade two of

the existing PM20 Pendulum

Mills built in 1988

according to the





Ground stock + air




The development of new product qualities is connected

with process development and optimization. The technical

process for air classification has won greatly in

influence over the previous years.

The technology for air

classification was even

practiced by the ancient

Egyptians, when by

means of the wind "the

wheat was separated

from the chaff". With air

classification solid is

screened according to its

particle size, to be exact

due to their different settling

velocities in the air

flow. Thereby the particle

size distribution of the product

is varied, which has a

substantial influence on

the product characteristics.

It is possible thereby

to influence amongst

others for example the

color, the surface gloss,

the flavour or the flowability

of bulk goods.

Nowadays the classification of solids with sizes of

10 µm down to a few micrometres is considered to be

the state of the art. Classifier wheels are utilized for this

purpose. The core unit of the classifier wheel is the

rotor which has baffles inside and can run up to

100 m/s, meaning 360 km/h.

Classification technology also plays an important role at

NEA, which is reflected by the classification development

that has taken place over the previous years. The

development step from static to dynamic classification,

the impeller wheel classifier, brought advantages with

reference to product fineness and the possible solid


Purge air



Fines + air

Classifier wheel

Cyclone housing

Secondary air

Discharge system

The cyclone classifier is utilized at NEA-plants for classification

within the finest range. Optimization of the

product feed and the classifier wheel geometry led to

the cyclone classifiers of generation II.

The cyclone classifier of generation III has just been

developed. This air classifier generation will, as with all

NEA-cyclone classifiers, be operated as an inline-air

classifier combined with the plant components classifier

mill, cyclone and filter. The special feature for generation

III is the increase in efficiency or the sharpness of

classification, which facilitates for a strong reduction of

fine material in the 10 µm-particle size range whilst

retaining the same product yield. The efficiency is

especially reflected when considering the low material

loss. This grading led to a lowering of material loss of

up to 8%, which means with a middle production total of

500 kg/h a minimum cost saving of at least 16,000 EUR


The innovation has been evaluated by the European

patent Authorities as so important that NEA was granted

the patent for the cyclone classifier generation III on

June 30th , 2008.


"We talk recips" at the Turbo Show 2008

With this message Manfred Salgert and Brian

Bertelsen, both Presidents of NEUMAN & ESSER

GROUP in USA, signalled the trade fair visitors that this

is the specialist language,

which they speak as well

as their own mother


The exhibit, a horizontal

two-crank compressor of

size 130 with open viewing

positions proved to

be the attraction magnet

on the fair stand. Both

20-scale and 500-scale

connecting rods - displayed

as a mirror image for

the production band width

- amazed many people.

Despite hurricane Ike,

which caused the trade

fair to close a day early,

the Texan colleagues

were extremely happy

about the multitude of

discussions that took

place concerning new

projects. The sales engineers

of NEA USA are

really excited about their

"Compressor Day" on

Dec. 3rd, 2008, which will

offer a good opportunity

of more in depth discussions concerning the project

contents at their new company premises in Katy, TX.

“Sharp” Appearance at the POWTECH 2008

The company NEA Grinding and Classifying Systems

presented themselves with a new and attractive trade

fair stand layout. With the motto "Sharp classification"

there were not only spicy chilli's to offer but also the

newest developments from the NEA classifying technology.

The inside rotor of the pendulum roller mill PM12U5

was amongst the main attractions at the trade fair and

drew the interest of a multitude of visitors. Especially

large interest arose from the improved pendulum

design, which is designed for a far quicker exchange of

the grinding roll. This ensures highly reduced standstill

and maintenance times. The large number of contacts

made also brought a high number of promising new

projects. A contract for the new ICM 76/96 as well as

for the conversion of pendulums to the new grinding roll

mountings was the crowning of the success for the

trade fair appearance.




NEA's Engineers' Meeting

The annual NEA Engineers' Meeting was again this

year, with its comprehensive agenda a great success.

The first days were completely utilized for covering the

future plant development. Special attention was thereby

paid to the monitoring of current projects from a technical

as well as commercial point of view.

Following the presentation by all Sales & Application

Centers participants concerning their systems for contract

monitoring Central Division of Technolgoy and

STASSKOL presented a report concerning the core

points of their newest research.

The day's excursion to the major gas supplier Trianel in

Epe, Germany, helped in the jump from theory over to

the practical side of things, so that the four-crank NEAcompressors

installed for the storage of natural gas at

Europe's largest cavern field could be experienced

"live". However the question remained following the event

as to how this program could be "topped" next year.

Global NEAC Sales Meeting

STASSKOL GmbH, the sealing elements subsidiary

based in Stassfurt, Germany, hosted the annual meeting

from Oct. 12-14, 2008. The 25-member team with

representatives from global NEAC service organizations

anticipated a wide-ranging conference program.

The success of the meeting can be seen in the numerous

resolutions reached by collective agreement. They

contain important new sales strategies as well as improvements

in how the company should be run at the

customer interface for internal transactions. Participants

found the deep insights into production as well as

Managing Director Thomas Borchardt's presentations

on the portfolio of the packings and rings especially

interesting. The highlight of the event was without a

doubt the remarks by Dr. Marc Langela, Head of R&D,

concerning new material developments with hands-on

exhibitions and demonstrations on the test bed and on

the oscillating tribometer.

QM Workshop 5 Presents the Crossing

Points for the Certification Process

The QMRs from Germany, Italy, Thailand, Brazil and the

USA arrived to participate in the Workshop 5 for quality

management representatives (QMR), which took place

from the 1 st to the 2 nd Oct. 2008 in the Training Center

of the NEAC in Übach-Palenberg, Germany. Johannes

Henßen, the QMR from the NEA GROUP managed the

multitude of subjects.

The intensive training of all participants was the core

point for this workshop leading up to the revision for the

ISO 9001:2008, according to which the NEA GROUP is

to be re-certified in October 2009. An important goal for

Mr. Henßen was to promote the exchange of experiences

between the participants, which would help to lead

to a continuous improvement.

New inputs encompassed

the action plan

12 at the end of the

workshop, which must

be processed before

the next workshop.

That means that all

participants must "roll

up their sleeves" and

immediately start with

its implementation.

Hearty Barbeque Parties in the East and West

Even With The Weather Cloudy The

Wurzener Still Enjoy The Party

On Aug. 28 th , 2008 Alexander Peters invited in the

name of the management all employees of the Wurzen

and Stassfurt locations to a summer festival in Wurzen.

Included in the list of guests of honour were the new

Lord Mayor Jörg Röglin, from the town of Wurzen as

well as the urban development department supervisor

Carl Rößler.

In a storage hall that had been beautifully decorated as

party venue the works council chairperson in Wurzen

Frank Perner, opened the barbeque party. Mr. Peters

utilized the opportunity of welcoming the new apprentices,

15 in Wurzen and 2 in Stassfurt into the NEA family.

He mentioned the forthcoming demanding assign-

ments for completion before the end of the current year

and encouraged all to firmly participate in the fulfilment

of the years goals.

The rich barbeque buffet and the thirst quenching beer

encouraged lengthy discussions whilst the lively music

encouraged many onto the dance floor. The workforces

from Wurzen and Stassfurt would like to thank the

Peters family for a very successful barbeque festival.

Not Only Pegasus Inspired the Party in


On Aug. 14th , 2008 the personnel followed the invitation

made by the family Peters to a fantastic barbeque party

at the company premises. Hours of unbelievably good

entertainment was supplied by the Country Band "Miss

Behavin" from Texas. Everybody's taste buds were thoroughly

spoilt with tasty barbeque titbits, salads and

well flavoured beer from the barrel.

Alexander Peters started everything off with a short

speech, in which he informed everybody about the positive

orders situation for the NEA GROUP worldwide.

Stefanie Peters then used the opportunity of explaining

to the personnel the background behind the Pegasus

fountain constructed in the inside courtyard of the wing

from the new building. The idea was to

erect a sculpture, made up from compressor

parts as well as a figure of Pegasus,

too give any visitors a direct reference

from an object d'art to the company.

The well know artist from Aachen -

Bonfatius Stirnberg - initially created

this idea in a model with a scale of

1:10, prior to his creating the "NEA

Pegasus fountain" in the form of


The question is why the flying horse?

Pegasus has been an artistic symbol

ever since the 17th century for

Dynamic and Fantasy and today

represents the modern concept

"Innovation". In mythology Pegasus

served the populous. He was

ridden by heroes, threw those of

them who became too cocky off

to perish. With this as the characteristic

Pegasus symbolically

embodies the philosophy

of Neuman & Esser as a

successful and innovative

industrial company,

which plans

for the future

with great





Short Circular

Atul Agarwal

September '08: Managing

Director at NEUMAN & ESSER

Engineering (India) Pvt. Ltd.,

Pune, India

Born on April 14 th , 1969 in


Married to wife Monika. Two

sons, Aditya 10 years and

Abhishek 3 years

1990: B.E. in Mechanical

Engineering from University of


2001: MBA from FMS,

University of Delhi

1990-2008: Sales and

Marketing Air Solutions,

Ingersoll-Rand India, at

Ahmedabad, Delhi and Mumbai;

last as Head-Strategic and


Apprentices on Tour:

Concerning Seams and Aircrafts

On Sep. 18th 2008 this years' training

journey with a bowling evening

in Alsdorf, Germany was begun.

The apprentices from Wurzen,

Staßfurt and Übach-Palenberg in

Germany used the opportunity of

getting to know themselves better.

On Friday morning two coaches

started out towards Garzweiler, to

visit the brown coal open pit mine.

Two moderators were there to

explain the excavation of the brown

coal and the history of the origins of

the open mine pits Garzweiler I and

II. Included in this program was

also a journey over the premises so

that the extraction of the brown coal

could be observed close up. Of

especial interest was the information

concerning the resettlement of

the affected residents and the recultivation

of the environmental


The next highlight of the day was

the visit to the Düsseldorf airport,

where insights into the coordination

of the airport operations could be

had. During a coach trip over the

premises the newest constructional

plans and the assembly of aircrafts

could be marvelled at.

Finally the journey arrived at the

night time quarters in Oberkassel.

Following a tasty meal in the

brewery well known hits were sung

under the accompaniment on the


Outdoors with the


After getting knocked out in the preliminary

round in the first tournament

of the season, the Zerspaner-Cup,

hosted by Fohn, the

NEAndertalers reached the quarterfinal

at the tournament held by

Swagelok. Ismail Ay's leading goal,

which came after seven seconds of

game time in the opening match,

remains the most memorable event

of the tournament.

The German Cup usually hosted by

Germania Dürwiss didn't take place

this year, so last year's title could

not be defended.

In the last tournament of the year,

the Gyros Cup in Aldenhoven, the

NEA-team concluded the preliminaries

as the winners. The NEAndertalers

fought until the final, taking

second place after unfortunately

losing out in a penalty shootout to

Hospital Eschweiler.

The following players took part in the

tournaments: Ismail Ay, Sascha Berg,

Jochen Beier, Mehmet Kus,

Björn Kollrepp, Dirk Schmitz,

Abdel Sekkour, Sebastian

Bartels, Rolf Hodenius,

Thomas Lüder, Markus

Schilling, Andreas Hahn,

Dirk Walenta, Jens Görtz,

Arno Thomas and the only

female player Myriam Rick.

Best of luck for the tournaments

in 2009!

NEA Anniversaries

40 Years Tenure

25 Years Tenure

5 Years Tenure

Helmut Bardischewski

Kurt Keller

Franz-Josef Ritzen

Jürgen Vienken

Rahmat Arabpour

Maurino Candido de


Alessandro Mandurino

Janaina Grein Marra

Ricardo Luciano

Bastos Rocha

Sudaduang Wongbao

Yuadyong Woonwong

Santosh Chaphalkar





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