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Louise Halfpenny<br />

Jean Follet <strong>Thompson</strong><br />

Dear Friends and Fellow Walkers<br />

Iam delighted to bring you our<br />

programme of Walks for 2016.<br />

We believe that slow travel is the best way to<br />

see the world, be it in the heady air amid<br />

towering mountains, striding out along pristine<br />

sandy beaches, or strolling through dappled<br />

woods and along sleepy country lanes.<br />

More than three decades have passed since we<br />

started The Wayfarers and now, more than ever<br />

before, I am firmly of the opinion that the benefits<br />

of seeing a country close-up, on foot and<br />

supporting local artisans and independent businesses in the process, is<br />

the way to have a vacation that is a truly enriching experience.<br />

And of course, it’s enormous fun too! That’s due in no small part to our<br />

“secret ingredient”, our team of Walk Leaders and Managers. Their expert<br />

local knowledge ensures we meet local characters and enjoy a host of<br />

memorable experiences along the trail.<br />

And after the day’s hike ends? We stay in characterful but comfortable<br />

inns and hotels that reflect the traditions of the area. We eat delicious<br />

meals made with care and sample local specialties. Across the dinner<br />

table and along the trail we forge new friendships and renew old ones.<br />

Our aim is to give you the best hiking vacation ever and once we meet up<br />

at our rendezvous point, we take care of everything, so all there is to do is<br />

enjoy the trail.<br />

I am very excited about our new Walks for 2016. We take you to the Outer<br />

Hebrides, the remote islands off the west of Scotland. Extraordinarily beautiful,<br />

life there has changed little in generations.<br />

In the southwest of England we visit picturesque North Cornwall, long<br />

famed for Tintagel, King Arthur’s birthplace, and, more recently, the filming<br />

locations for Doc Martin and Poldark.<br />

And, yes, I am biased, because it is where Betsy and I live, but our Walk “far<br />

from the madding crowd” in Dorset is a rare treat. We discover villages<br />

little changed in centuries and a stunning coastline showing off millions of<br />

years of history.<br />

We have a wonderful and exhilarating new take on England’s Lake District,<br />

and a fantastic sojourn in the lush land of Burgundy, tracing the story of<br />

some of the finest French wines.<br />

Our Private Walks allow you and a group of friends or family to enjoy an<br />

exclusive brochure Walk, or we can provide an itinerary tailor-made for<br />

you. Just contact us to find out more.<br />

Do take a look at our first Wayfarers Travel Collection. We have put<br />

together a selection of special-interest vacations we know you’ll love and<br />

which we can personally recommend.<br />

I hope you enjoy browsing this brochure and planning your 2016 vacation.<br />

All of us at The Wayfarers look forward to having you walk with us soon.<br />

Michael West, Founder

table of contents<br />

2 Wayfaring - the ultimate in slow travel<br />

4 Service, fellowship and comfort<br />

6 Caring for people and the environment<br />

8 Private Walks<br />

9 Back to Back Walks<br />

Photo Contest 2015<br />

10 United Kingdom & Ireland<br />

14 England Thomas Hardy's Dorset NEW<br />

Far from the Madding Crow<br />

15 England The Lake District NEW<br />

Glittering lakes, majestic mountains<br />

16 England Cornwall<br />

Smugglers’ coves and spectacular gardens<br />

17 England North Cornwall NEW<br />

King Arthur's Tintagel and Poldark<br />

18 England Northumbria<br />

Land of castles, saints and Vikings<br />

19 England Coast to Coast:<br />

Across The Lake District and Yorkshire Dales to the sea<br />

20 England The Cotswolds<br />

Quintessential England<br />

21 England Jane Austen Country<br />

Insiders’ guide to Jane’s family life<br />

22 England Pentillie Castle:<br />

Live like a Lord in a private castle<br />

23 England ‘Downton Abbey’:<br />

Victorian splendor and megalithic monuments<br />

24 England Yorkshire<br />

The Fells and Dales of James Herriot country<br />

25 Wales Pembrokeshire Coast<br />

The Wild Coast of Wales<br />

26 Scotland Outer Hebrides NEW<br />

Skye, Lewis and Harris<br />

27 Scotland The Highlands<br />

Serene lochs, majestic mountains and Royal Edinburgh<br />

28 N. Ireland Northern Ireland<br />

Historic cities, spectacular glens, wild coasts<br />

29 Ireland The Ring of Kerry<br />

Dingle Peninsula and Celtic history<br />

30 Europe ~ Spain & France<br />

33 Spain Camino de Santiago<br />

Life-affirming journey on the ancient Pilgrimage Route<br />

34 France/Spain Pays Basque<br />

Wild landscapes, sparkling coast and sophisticated resorts<br />

35 France Brittany & Normandy<br />

D-Day Landings and Mont St Michel<br />

36 France Burgundy by Barge<br />

Gourmet cuisine by luxury barge<br />

37 France Burgundy NEW<br />

Walks and Wines from Beaune to Cluny<br />

38 France Alsace<br />

Villages, Vosges & Vineyards<br />

39 France Provence<br />

Fragrances, fine dining and artistic inspiration<br />

40 Europe ~ Italy<br />

43 Italy Puglia<br />

Beauty, history and local cuisine<br />

44 Italy The Veneto NEW<br />

Palladio and Prosecco<br />

45 Italy The Dolomites<br />

Italy's awesome wild mountains<br />

46 Italy Lucca to Siena<br />

A Pilgrim Way<br />

47 Italy Classic Tuscany<br />

Birthplace of the Renaissance<br />

48 Italy Tuscany & Umbria<br />

Bucolic landscapes, vineyards and Renaissance splendor<br />

49 Italy The Italian Lakes<br />

Como, Maggiore, Lugano & Orta<br />

50 Italy The Amalfi Coast & The Isle of Capri<br />

Vintage glamour and Roman remains<br />

51 Italy Cinque Terre<br />

The glamorous Italian Riviera<br />

52 Italy Western Sicily<br />

Ancient temples, nature reserves and fortified wine<br />

53 Italy Eastern Sicily<br />

Mount Etna, Classical sites and coastal paths<br />

54 Europe<br />

57 Austria Winter Tyrolean Alps NEW<br />

Hiking or cross-country skiing<br />

58 Germany, Bavaria & Tyrolean Alps NEW<br />

Austria<br />

Alpine perfection and fairytale palaces<br />

60 Norway Bergen & the Western Fjords<br />

Spectacular fjords and unforgettable scenery<br />

61 Slovenia Slovenia<br />

Mountains, lakes and unspoiled rural life<br />

62 Croatia The Dalmatian Coast<br />

Islands, sleepy villages and shining seas<br />

64 Czech Republic Vienna to Prague<br />

Crossroads of Europe<br />

65 Czech Republic, Prague to Dresden<br />

Germany Landscape of artists and poets<br />

66 The Americas, Africa & The Pacific<br />

69 United States Colorado<br />

Summertime adventure in Wilderness Mountains<br />

70 United States Utah<br />

The Grand Canyon, Bryce & Zion<br />

71 United States New Mexico<br />

Ancient Land of Enchantment<br />

72 Argentina Patagonia<br />

The Remote Paradise<br />

74 New Zealand New Zealand<br />

Spectacular South Island<br />

76 The Wayfarers’ Travel Collection<br />

78 Frequently asked questions<br />

79 Preparing for your Walk<br />

81 Walk Schedule<br />


Wayfaring ~<br />

the ultimate<br />

Roy Robinson<br />

the ultimate<br />

slow travel, means<br />

absorbing each<br />

‘Wayfaring’,<br />

destination up close,<br />

on foot and with friends.<br />

Nothing beats the simple rhythm of gentle<br />

walking and good fellowship in beautiful<br />

places. You see and appreciate so much. All<br />

your senses come alive; you can smell the<br />

fragrance of clean air, hear birdsong, see<br />

spectacular views and taste the local delicacies.<br />

You can stop to look, talk and listen.<br />

There’s time to appreciate and enjoy, seeing<br />

deeper and discovering more.<br />

With The Wayfarers you can literally<br />

walk away from the noisy highway of<br />

motorized travel and escape along a<br />

greener, fresher, more natural path.<br />

When will you join The Wayfarers’ circle of<br />

friends on our great adventure wandering<br />

the world?<br />

~<br />

‘The routes were gorgeous and the<br />

heritage talks fascinating. I especially<br />

like the way Alan developed the talks to<br />

chronologically fit with the landscape of<br />

the areas we explored over the course<br />

of the week.’<br />

~<br />

‘I enjoy walking and being alone with<br />

my thoughts while still being in a group<br />

and able to chat with new friends if I<br />

want. I enjoy meeting new people.’<br />

~<br />

The best guides in the business<br />

On a Wayfarers’ walking vacation you<br />

travel with a small group of like-minded<br />

people under the guidance of our<br />

renowned Walk Leaders. After 30 years in<br />

the travel business we believe that no<br />

other tour operator big or small has<br />

guides like ours.<br />

Wayfarers’ Walk Leaders all have personal<br />

connections with the area you’ll be<br />

visiting. They know the real country and<br />

the ways of the people who live there.<br />

They are founts of knowledge, full of<br />

details about the history, culture and<br />

wildlife.<br />

2<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com

in slow travel<br />

They know the best place to get traditional<br />

Sicilian ice cream in Siracusa and where to<br />

see golden plover on the Yorkshire moors<br />

beloved of James Herriot. They’ll tell the<br />

stories of the real people who lived in<br />

historic homes like Highclere Castle, made<br />

famous by TV’s ‘Downton Abbey’. They can<br />

identify Alpine herbs, tell you which rare<br />

liqueurs they flavor, and raise a glass with<br />

you in the evening as you rest and discuss<br />

the day’s walking.<br />

While our Walk Leaders dedicate themselves<br />

to walking alongside you, our everresourceful<br />

Walk Managers take care of all<br />

the logistics. They transport your luggage,<br />

meet you along the Walk with delicious<br />

picnics and appetizing snacks and go on<br />

ahead to ensure a welcoming reception at<br />

your hotel.<br />

We take care to limit the sizes of our groups<br />

to a maximum of 16 people with most<br />

groups averaging 10-12 people. With a ratio<br />

of at least two staff to every group you are<br />

assured of the highest levels of service and<br />

attention at all times.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

Caring, fun and charismatic, our Walk<br />

Leaders and Walk Managers are drawn<br />

from a huge variety of backgrounds. Over<br />

the years they have included retired<br />

colonels, farmers, ambassadors and<br />

academics.<br />

Whatever their backgrounds, all<br />

our Walk staff share one thing in common:<br />

they will look after you superbly, entertain<br />

you and become your friend.<br />

~<br />

‘The Walk Leaders are excellent and<br />

always engaged with you. They’re very<br />

knowledgeable about the area; its history<br />

and culture. They do far more than get<br />

you from A to B.’<br />

~<br />

‘We love The Wayfarers’ screening of<br />

Leaders and Managers. Their lives are so<br />

integral to the walks.’<br />

~<br />

‘The Wayfarers hire the best people. It’s<br />

an extraordinary organization and I feel<br />

blessed to have found it.’<br />

~<br />

‘Food was delicious and bountiful!’<br />

~<br />

Stephen Banks<br />


Dave Robertson<br />

Stephen Banks<br />

Service, fellowship<br />

Few travel companies can say that<br />

guests have a direct line of communication<br />

to the ‘chief executive’. Our<br />

Founder, Michael West, responds<br />

personally to emails and sends individual<br />

replies to everyone who fills in a feedback<br />

form after a Walk.<br />

Michael’s accessibility is typical of our<br />

personal, people-focused approach. We want<br />

you to have a wonderful time when you join<br />

our circle of friends.<br />

We strive to exceed your expectations and<br />

make our trips even better every year. We<br />

stay in hand-picked hotels and accommo -<br />

dations that combine comfort with character,<br />

adding to your overall experience of a<br />

destination.<br />

Meals are equally select and distinctive;<br />

featuring delicacies prepared the traditional<br />

way by chefs who love their culinary<br />

heritage. There is ample opportunity to<br />

sample and share amazing local specialties.<br />

At the same time, we understand that<br />

guests may have dietary requirements and<br />

we ensure that everyone enjoys a menu<br />

tailored to their individual preferences.<br />

We offer superb value for money; everything<br />

is included, from meals and drinks to<br />

accommodation and guides. Our guests are<br />

discerning people who understand the<br />

quality of our Walks. In fact they often say<br />

they get far more than they paid for, after<br />

all, how can you put a price on friendship<br />

and lifelong great memories?<br />

~<br />

‘This has been my third walk with<br />

Wayfarers. I’ve been very impressed with<br />

the consistency of the exceptional quality<br />

of the accommodations and meals.’<br />

~<br />

‘What makes Wayfarers Walks so special<br />

is the visits with local people and the<br />

invitations to their homes.’<br />

~<br />


Stephen Banks<br />

and comfort<br />

Unique itineraries<br />

Our wonderful itineraries are unique to<br />

The Wayfarers. We develop all of our own<br />

trips personally and update them afresh<br />

every year. Even in well-visited areas, we<br />

offer inspired routes and local contacts<br />

that you won’t find with any other tour<br />

company.<br />

We offer an enticing mix, from bucket list<br />

showstoppers in popular destinations to<br />

trips in adventurous areas off the beaten<br />

track. Whether it’s the untracked wild<br />

expanse of Patagonia, deep forests on the<br />

borders of the Czech Republic, or trails<br />

high in the mountains of New Mexico, it’s<br />

our pleasure to find the path less traveled<br />

and guide you expertly along it.<br />

Wherever you walk with us, we want you<br />

to savor each step, because the journey is<br />

the adventure.<br />

~<br />

‘It’s seeing all the secret stuff’<br />

~<br />

‘My 10th Walk could be my favorite!!<br />

The attention to every detail, flexibility<br />

and perfect weather made this a<br />

stunning success.’<br />

What’s included in a<br />

Wayfarers’ Walk<br />

• Small group sizes - 10-12 people on<br />

average with a maximum of 16<br />

• Full-time services of a Walk Leader<br />

and Walk Manager<br />

• A backup vehicle for resting<br />

walkers and moving luggage<br />

• Comprehensive Travel Information<br />

Package and Reading List<br />

• Diverse itineraries with an<br />

emphasis on history, geography,<br />

culture, peoples, flora and fauna<br />

• Demonstrations, wine tastings,<br />

admissions to museums and<br />

historic sites<br />

• All ground transfers (ferries,<br />

cable cars, trains, etc) as specified<br />

• Maps and unique souvenirs to<br />

commemorate your trip<br />

• First-class accommodation with<br />

cultural and historical interest<br />

• All meals (unless noted).<br />

Special dietary requirements?<br />

No problem!<br />

• Wine with dinner<br />

• On-trail snacks and refreshments<br />

• All gratuities at hotels<br />

and restaurants<br />

Stephen Banks Allan Rock<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

or call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />


Stephen Banks<br />

Caring for people and<br />

Dick Dixon<br />

Loyalty Rewards for<br />

Wayfarers’ Friends<br />

Walking with The Wayfarers<br />

brings direct benefit to the<br />

people who welcome us<br />

so warmly to their region.<br />

As the ultimate ‘slow travelers’ we believe<br />

that meeting and spending time with<br />

those who care for their heritage is good<br />

for everyone. Our support nurtures local<br />

economies and we gain greater insight<br />

into local culture.<br />

As a small, independent company, we<br />

naturally understand the ‘small is beautiful’<br />

approach. We avoid hotel chains in favor of<br />

locally-owned inns, eat in restaurants<br />

serving food grown by local farmers and<br />

use local transportation and amenities. At<br />

the end of a trip we come away with<br />

genuine understanding and appreciation<br />

of the people and places we visit.<br />

The Wayfarers has long supported the<br />

principles of ecotourism as itemized by<br />

The International Ecotourism Society. These<br />

include building environmental and<br />

cultural awareness and respect and raising<br />

sensitivity to host countries’ political,<br />

environmental and social climate.<br />

We’re members of the Adventure Travel<br />

Trade Association (ATTA) an alliance of tour<br />

operators which recognizes that adventure<br />

tourism is inextricably dependent on<br />

natural and cultural resources and<br />

protection and promotion of these is a<br />

vital part of responsible tourism.<br />

We directly support a wide range of local,<br />

national and international charities and<br />

conservation initiatives. Nearly 20 of our<br />

Walks feature World Heritage sites and in<br />

>> After One Walk -<br />

You join the thousands of alumni<br />

who we call Wayfarers' Friends.<br />

Benefits: Special Wayfarers' Friends’<br />

Price, eligible for Friends promotions.<br />

>> After Six Walks -<br />

Wayfarers' Friends are<br />

automatically enrolled<br />

in the Founders' Circle.<br />

Benefits: Welcome Gift<br />

Pack, advance notice of new Walks,<br />

early-bird booking privileges and<br />

late-booking deals.<br />

>> After 12 Walks -<br />

Wayfarers' Friends are eligible for a<br />

FREE 13th Walk.<br />

6<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com

the environment<br />

the UK we visit more than 18 National<br />

Trust properties.<br />

None of this is new. We have cared about<br />

the people and places we visit ever since<br />

our inception more than 30 years ago and<br />

we have remained true to our values.<br />

~<br />

‘It’s much less touristic. You get out in<br />

the countryside and see the real life of<br />

the country’<br />

~<br />

‘Enriching conversations with leaders and<br />

participants. Very interesting part of the<br />

world. I learned a great deal while having<br />

fun in beautiful hotels with delicious food<br />

and wine.’<br />

~<br />

FOUNDERS’ WALKS 2016<br />

UNESCO World Heritage site Český Krumlov,<br />

Czech Republic<br />

The Wayfarers is proud to be a member of<br />

the Trusted Adventures travel alliance.<br />

We are a group of distinguished industry<br />

pioneers dedicated to the highest standards<br />

of small group travel and to giving back to<br />

the places where we travel.<br />

The Royal Oak Foundation<br />

Make the most of your time<br />

in the British Isles and<br />

help the National Trust’s<br />

Conservation Efforts<br />

Membership starts at US$ 65<br />

100% tax deductible<br />

Free entry to 350+ properties in England, Wales,<br />

Northern Ireland and 100 properties in Scotland<br />

www.royal-oak.org<br />

Scotland: Outer Hebrides<br />

May 29 - June 4<br />

France: Burgundy<br />

June 5-11<br />

Roy Robinson<br />

Christopher Hague and Michael West,<br />

Co-Founders of The Wayfarers, look<br />

forward to hosting you on one of the<br />

Founders’ Walks in 2016.<br />

Are Founders’ Walks reserved solely<br />

for members of the Founders’ Circle?<br />

Absolutely not! Everyone is welcome<br />

to sign up for a Founders’ Walk, but<br />

they do fill up fast so be quick!<br />

‘Part of the fun<br />

is to go on a<br />

Founders’ Walk<br />

and be the first<br />

to see a<br />

new destination.’<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />


Courtney Dunn<br />

Private Walks<br />

Create your very own dream vacation<br />

Our Private Walks are a<br />

splendid way to celebrate a<br />

special anniversary or<br />

event by creating your<br />

own guestlist and itinerary. You choose<br />

the time, the place and the company<br />

and we will give you the perfect<br />

Wayfarers’ experience of a lifetime.<br />

Private Walks are great for bringing<br />

together family groups of all ages.<br />

When families are far-flung and see<br />

less of each other than they would like,<br />

the chance to spend quality time<br />

together is especially precious.<br />

We have arranged many birthday and<br />

anniversary trips, hosted college<br />

alumni and walking clubs and<br />

arranged specialist tours at the highest<br />

level for people particularly interested<br />

in art, cuisine, gardening or wine.<br />

Private Walks are completely customized and<br />

you can walk as much or little as you want,<br />

add or delete places on the itinerary and<br />

choose from our full range of hotel options.<br />

You can choose to group book an existing<br />

Wayfarers’ brochure itinerary and reserve it<br />

entirely for your party. Or you can ask us to<br />

devise you a bespoke, off-brochure Walk; the<br />

choice is yours and we will be delighted to<br />

help. We are always honored to turn celebrations<br />

into lifelong happy memories.<br />

Wayfarers’ Private Walks include:<br />

• Full-time services of a Walk Leader and<br />

Walk Manager.<br />

• A backup vehicle for resting walkers and<br />

moving luggage.<br />

• Upgrades to suit your requirements –<br />

private walks can be ‘off the peg’ or<br />

completely bespoke, it’s your choice.<br />

Contact us to find out more.<br />

Amy Martin<br />

8<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com

Sizzling Sicily<br />

Back to Back<br />

>><br />

Have you ever thought about taking<br />

our Walks back-to-back?<br />

Just one transatlantic return trip<br />

gives you the option to really make<br />

the most of your precious vacation<br />

time.<br />

Minimize the jet lag, save on the airfares –<br />

and don’t forget that we’ll treat you to a<br />

night in a hotel in between your Walks, as<br />

well as our Wayfarers Friends’ loyalty<br />

discount on both Walks for first-timers.<br />

Here are some back-to-back options to<br />

whet the appetite:<br />

• Sizzling Sicily – discover ancient<br />

temples, nature reserves, coastal paths<br />

and a volcano on our Walks in the<br />

west and the east of the island.<br />

• Hike the ‘Crossroads of Europe’ and<br />

the fascinating Czech republic by<br />

hiking from Vienna to Prague and then<br />

on to Dresden.<br />

• Two Cornwall Walks offer smugglers’<br />

coves and lush gardens, King Arthur’s<br />

Tintagel and Poldark country.<br />

• Enjoy the craic in the Emerald Isle –<br />

proud cities, glens and wild coasts in<br />

the republic and Northern Ireland.<br />

“For me, back-to-back trips are great values<br />

(one airfare, two great places, free night<br />

between trips) as well as a wonderful way<br />

to immerse myself in the region. Several of<br />

us took both the Western and Eastern Sicily<br />

trips and felt we truly covered the best of<br />

Sicily by doing the two walks together. The<br />

last night of a walk is usually a bit sad for<br />

me, knowing I have to leave a magical<br />

place. Back-to-backs give me another week<br />

to enjoy the country, the food and the<br />

special Wayfarers on the trips.”<br />

Marilyn W.<br />

Kathleen Metsala<br />

Crossroads of Europe<br />

Cornwall<br />

The Emerald Isle<br />

Photo Contest 2015<br />

Thank you to everyone<br />

who submitted<br />

photos for our 2015<br />

photo contest!<br />

Winners receive an item of<br />

quality logo clothing from our<br />

online ‘Get Ready to Walk<br />

Shop’. We are always looking<br />

for more good photos.<br />

Please send us your best shots from<br />

your most recent Walks by email<br />

(5 MB maximum) to<br />

photos@thewayfarers.com or mail a<br />

CD/DVD to our Newport office.<br />

(174 Bellevue Avenue<br />

Newport, RI 02840)<br />

or email photos@theway farers.com<br />

for access to a shared file in Dropbox.<br />

2015<br />

Photo<br />

Contest<br />

Winners:<br />

Dale Brown<br />

Dick Dixon<br />

Louise Halfpenny<br />

Jean Follet <strong>Thompson</strong><br />

Kathy Ross<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />


Harriet Plumley<br />

16<br />

10<br />

Ellen Barone<br />

1 Thomas Hardy's Dorset<br />

2 The Lake District<br />

3 Cornwall<br />

4 North Cornwall<br />

5 Northumbria<br />

6 Coast to Coast<br />

7 The Cotswolds<br />

8 Jane Austen Country

13<br />

Inverness<br />

Scotland<br />

14<br />

Glasgow<br />

Edinburgh<br />

5<br />

Dave Robertson<br />

15<br />

Northern<br />

Ireland<br />

Belfast<br />

2<br />

6<br />

11<br />

Dublin Manchester<br />

Ireland<br />

Wales England<br />

12<br />

Cardiff<br />

1<br />

7<br />

10<br />

8<br />

London<br />

Al Ludwick<br />

4 9<br />

3<br />

0 miles 100<br />

9 Pentillie Castle<br />

10 ‘Downton Abbey’<br />

11 Yorkshire<br />

12 Pembrokeshire Coast<br />

13 Outer Hebrides<br />

14 The Highlands<br />

15 Northern Ireland<br />

16 The Ring of Kerry<br />

Stephanie Martin<br />

Ellen Barone<br />


Testimonials<br />

Julie Vanek<br />

“I’ve wanted to go to Southwest<br />

England for a long time because<br />

I had seen pictures, heard about it, and knew<br />

it was beautiful. It’s a cliché, but “there’s<br />

nothing like being there”. I have traveled a<br />

great deal in the US, Europe, and Great<br />

Britain, and Cornwall is truly one of the most<br />

beautiful places I’ve ever been. And, April is a<br />

perfect time to be there – it’s before the<br />

major tourist season. Everything is just beginning<br />

to bloom, all the different shades of<br />

green are amazing, and wildflowers are<br />

everywhere. Because the leaves on trees are<br />

not fully opened, it’s possible to walk in the<br />

woods and see and hear the ocean. What<br />

could be better? This was my fourth<br />

Wayfarers hike and my seventh hiking trip<br />

and I think that the paths and trails that the<br />

Wayfarers has laid out for the week of hiking<br />

were the most consistently beautiful and<br />

varied of any hiking trip I have been on.<br />

The walk offers so much variety – the sea, the<br />

cliffs, the woodlands, meadows, farmland,<br />

small villages, boat rides, solitude, companionship.<br />

And, then, there’s the history, the<br />

literature, the music, the art. The hiking is<br />

some of the best I’ve done with Wayfarers –<br />

off roads, good trails, beautiful, calming,<br />

freeing.”<br />

Annette J., Cornwall<br />

“...just the sheer beauty of the landscape and<br />

the feeling of being away from the world. On<br />

each Walk I have taken, I never fully expect<br />

how beautiful and well-planned the walks<br />

are.”<br />

Caroline H., Coast to Coast<br />

“I loved how Kate and Colin kept us away<br />

from the hordes of tourists. I felt I was in a<br />

little bubble exploring the Cotswolds on my<br />

own with a few good friends. They made an<br />

effort so that we didn't see anything that<br />

was less than lovely. Fabulous!”<br />

Jody M., The Cotswolds<br />

“The countryside was more lovely than I<br />

expected and the information and discussion<br />

of Jane Austen more interesting.”<br />

Ann A., Jane Austen Country<br />

“The cultural visits and lectures were<br />

terrific! It was a gem of an experience.”<br />

Lenore R., Northumbria<br />

“I loved the bird sanctuary and the archery<br />

lesson and the castle tour was excellent.<br />

The beach walks were a treat, too. Then<br />

there were the characters we met…”<br />

Wendy K., Northumbria<br />

“My hyper energy had turned into a<br />

peaceful calm completing the dream trip of<br />

Coast to Coast. Taking the Scotland trip<br />

provided me with rest, reflection and time<br />

to slow down to walk amongst the beauty.<br />

Guide: Bill, was very knowledgeable of<br />

the history and botanical interests of<br />

this outstanding country. Being the<br />

gentleman he is, the daily walks guided<br />

by Bill seemed to flow along, filling my<br />

thoughts with all of the history and<br />

beauty I could absorb. Looking forward<br />

to being in Bill's care in the future to<br />

12<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com

Roy Robinson<br />

experience the learning and enrichment of<br />

his guiding.<br />

Manager: Morag, we clicked from the<br />

minute we met, maybe a distant cousin on<br />

my Scottish side of the family. Her smile<br />

greeted us and instantly I knew the<br />

Scotland trip was a fine choice. Morag's<br />

energy and pride in making her Mother<br />

Land visitors enjoy their time was expert in<br />

every way. She is a fine example of<br />

Scottish women with her thorough knowledge<br />

of the ancient history, pointing out<br />

details at every turn. Hearing her sing , I<br />

will never forget....... Her snacks and meal<br />

attention were on par with the once again<br />

expert Wayfarer's behind the scenes attention<br />

to detail. Looking forward to walking<br />

with Morag in the future, filling my mind<br />

with history and Scottish beauty I so<br />

adore.<br />

Accommodations: Superb again, each hotel<br />

was excellent. My favorite was Killie -<br />

crankie House, staying three nights allowed<br />

time to rest, enjoy the staff, location and<br />

best of all Henrietta!!!<br />

Food service: Five star again...... The venue<br />

of Scottish food tasting kept in line with<br />

the history and delightful to experience.<br />

The formula of Wayfarers in almost indescribable,<br />

as I tell my friends here at home.<br />

You have to experience Wayfarers to understand.<br />

Flawless to the guest, very hard<br />

work for the above team to pull flawless off.<br />

Home, after a life changing trip has<br />

breathed new life into me and I know<br />

that my decision was correct after years<br />

of research. Wayfarers is the way to<br />

walk in the future.”<br />

Paige B., Scotland<br />

“I want you guys to know what a fabulous<br />

time I had on the Yorkshire trip. I<br />

completed the evaluation but must tell<br />

you that it was one of the best vacations<br />

ever! Especially walking through<br />

such gorgeous country with few people,<br />

hearing Alan explain the history, being<br />

with Sue, who has got to be one of the<br />

most organized gals I know, the food,<br />

the country...gosh I guess everything<br />

was wonderful. My first trip with<br />

Wayfarers will not be my last. Thanks<br />

for all your help. It made a huge difference.<br />

People in England were so nice...I<br />

had no problem getting around. Loved<br />

it, loved it! Hope to take one of my<br />

daughters on my next trip. Take care<br />

and have a good summer.”<br />

Cookie L., Yorkshire<br />

“Enjoyed the locals - the dry-stone<br />

waller, the sheepdog trainer, Lord<br />

Bolton’s son, the racehorse trainer and<br />

“Mary Queen of Scots” (aka our<br />

Manager).”<br />

Anne M., Yorkshire<br />

“Thank you for always making my<br />

vacations such highlights.”<br />

Barbara M., Scotland<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />


England<br />

• Visit Thomas Hardy's town house<br />

• Private tour of the lovely home of<br />

the Earl and Countess of Sandwich,<br />

a location in the 2015 Far From the<br />

Madding Crowd movie<br />

Stephen Banks<br />

Thomas Hardy’s<br />

Dorset<br />

• Visit the world's only managed<br />

colony of nesting mute swans<br />

• Hike a spectacular stretch of The<br />

Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site<br />

• Visit a privately owned former<br />

watermill with a special garden<br />

Far from the<br />

madding crowd<br />

NEW<br />

Rendezvous at Crewkerne<br />

Station and transfer to Bridge House<br />

Hotel, Beaminster. Welcome Drink and Dinner in hotel<br />

Overnight: Beaminster, The BridgeHouse Hotel<br />

We walk through the green Dorset countryside<br />

and take coffee in the gardens of an old mill. We continue<br />

to historic Mapperton House, the home of the Earls of<br />

Sandwich, a location for the recent Far From the Madding<br />

Crowd movie. After lunch and a private tour of the house,<br />

we walk back to our hotel. Before dinner, we enjoy a<br />

reading of the poetry of Hardy and of Dorset poet William<br />

Barnes.<br />

Overnight: Beaminster, The BridgeHouse Hotel<br />

We take a tour of the UK’s only thatched<br />

brewery and walk on to West Bay, where the TV series<br />

Broadchurch is filmed. We take a boat ride (weather<br />

permitting) to Lyme Regis, for amazing views of the<br />

Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site from the sea. We walk<br />

on the famous harbor wall, the Cobb, immortalized in the<br />

movie The French Lieutenant’s Woman, for a harbor-side<br />

lunch. Later, we visit the farmhouse home of The<br />

Wayfarers’ Michael and Betsy West.<br />

Overnight: Beaminster, The BridgeHouse Hotel<br />

St Catherine's Chapel - Abbotsbury<br />

we walk from Beaminster to Evershot, following<br />

footpaths and lanes little changed since Hardy’s<br />

time. We lunch at a country pub and continue to<br />

our stunning hotel set in a lovely stone village.<br />

We dine at the historic Acorn Inn.<br />

Overnight: Evershot, Summer Lodge<br />

We trace the life and times of Thomas<br />

Hardy himself, see the area where he was born<br />

and lived, and how he used real locations in his<br />

beloved Dorset to provide the backdrop for his<br />

novels. We visit the thatched cottage where<br />

Hardy was born and walk to Stinsford, where, in<br />

the delightful little medieval churchyard, his<br />

heart lies buried. We then proceed to Dorchester<br />

to visit the museum to see the Hardy collection.<br />

Abbotsbury<br />

Nancy Siepman<br />

After lunch we walk to Hardy’s house, Max Gate, which<br />

he designed. Farewell Dinner in the hotel.<br />

Overnight: Evershot, Summer Lodge<br />

The Wayfarers will transfer you to Dorchester<br />

South Rail Station for your onward connections.<br />

An exhilarating hike along the Chesil<br />

Beach to visit the Swannery, the world’s only<br />

managed colony of nesting mute swans. We<br />

lunch in the Abbotsbury Subtropical<br />

Gardens and, in the afternoon, we<br />

walk along the ridge with<br />

wonderful views of the coast.<br />

Overnight: Beaminster,<br />

The BridgeHouse Hotel<br />

In the footsteps of<br />

Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles<br />

Lizzie Crabb<br />

Arrival: Crewkerne Rail Station<br />

Departure: Dorchester South Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Pastoral countryside, coastal<br />

walking, village lanes and some hills.<br />

7-12 miles walking per day.<br />

14 For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Horseback Riding Golf Antique Shopping Biking<br />

US$ 4,495 per person<br />

(US$ 4,270 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 15-21,<br />

September 25 - October 1

The Lake District<br />

Glittering lakes and<br />

majestic mountains<br />

England<br />

• Hike two of England’s highest<br />

mountains<br />

• Discover the secrets of a<br />

Druids Stone Circle<br />

• Walk in one of England’s finest<br />

National Parks<br />

• Visit the home of John Ruskin,<br />

philosopher husband of Effie Gray<br />

• Cruise along Lake Windermere<br />

Sunrise at Derwent Water<br />

NEW<br />

Victorian writer. We explore the gardens<br />

and trails before returning to our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Bowness,<br />

Lindeth Howe Hotel<br />

We rendezvous at Windermere Rail Station<br />

for a short transfer to Lindeth Howe a country<br />

house hotel once owned by Beatrix Potter. We<br />

meet on the lawns for our Welcome drink overlooking<br />

Lake Windermere, followed by dinner in<br />

the award winning restaurant.<br />

Overnight: Bowness, Lindeth Howe Hotel<br />

Walking from the door of our hotel we<br />

follow country lanes and paths, across footbridges<br />

and fords, we reach the inn on Strawberry Bank<br />

Haverthwaite railway<br />

for lunch. Our path continues through meadows<br />

and woodlands to catch the restored steam train<br />

to Lakeside, where a ferry returns us to to our<br />

hotel.<br />

Overnight: Bowness, Lindeth Howe Hotel<br />

We walk up to the ‘Old Man of Coniston’,<br />

with spectacular views of Lake Coniston and<br />

beyond to the Irish Sea. After lunch in the village<br />

below, we board a steam yacht to visit Brantwood<br />

House, the final home of John Ruskin the eminent<br />

A scenic drive to the glacial valley of Langdale for<br />

a challenging hike over Stake Pass to two enchanting<br />

valleys. of Langstrath and Borrowdale. We lunch in the<br />

village and continue via Derwent Water, the ‘Queen of the<br />

Lakes’. Our walk ends in lively Keswick, huddled between<br />

the two peaks of Skiddaw and Blencathra.<br />

Overnight: Keswick, Lyzzick Hall<br />

We walk along the lake-shore of Derwent Water to<br />

explore the mysteries of the 38 stones of The Druids Circle.<br />

Country lanes lead us to the old mining village of Threlkeld<br />

for lunch in a 17th century Inn. Our afternoon walk takes us<br />

to the foothills of Blencathra, the famous ‘mountain for sale’<br />

and return to our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Keswick, Lyzzick Hall<br />

Our morning hike takes us to the summit of<br />

Blencathra. Towering over the town of Keswick and the<br />

Northern lakes, this monumental mountain has fine views<br />

to the Isle of Man, the Pennine Hills and Scotland beyond.<br />

(An easier option of a short forest trail along the shore of<br />

Derwent Water). We enjoy a well earned lunch at a traditional<br />

Lakeland inn followed by a visit to the traditional<br />

market town of Keswick to explore its museums, art<br />

galleries and artisan shops before returning to our hotel and<br />

farewell dinner.<br />

Overnight: Keswick, Lyzzick Hall<br />

The Wayfarers transfer you to Penrith Rail Station.<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Windermere Rail Station<br />

Departure: Penrith Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Mountain trails and tracks, some<br />

steep ascents and descents. Meadows, woodlands,<br />

lakeside paths, wild uplands and open<br />

moor lands. 8-15 miles walking per day.<br />

Note: Although this is a challenging week’s<br />

walking, there are less arduous options<br />

every day for those who prefer gentler alternatives.<br />

Fishing Swimming Water Sports Mountain Biking<br />

US$ 4,395 per person<br />

(US$ 4,175 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 595 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

July 3-9,<br />

October 2-8<br />


England<br />

Cornwall<br />

• Classic Cornish creeks, coasts and<br />

cliffs<br />

• Visit world famous Trebah Gardens<br />

• Visit The Lost Gardens of Heligan<br />

• See settings for Daphne<br />

DuMaurier’s ‘Rebecca’ and<br />

‘Frenchman’s Creek’<br />

• Traditional Cornish Cream Tea<br />

• Exotic plants and sunny beaches<br />

contrast with craggy coves and<br />

stormy seas in the Celtic county of<br />

Smugglers’ coves and<br />

Cornwall, home to some of Britain's<br />

most atmospheric landscapes.<br />

spectacular gardens<br />

After our rendezvous in Liskeard, we meet in<br />

our lovely hotel overlooking the bay at Porthallow, for<br />

The Wayfarers' Welcome Dinner and Introductory Talk.<br />

Overnight: Porthallow, Talland Bay Hotel<br />

Our morning walk takes us along the coastal<br />

footpath with sensational views over the romantic<br />

Lantic Bay to Polruan. We then take the ferry to lunch<br />

in a local pub in Fowey (pronounced Foy) and we have<br />

time to wander around this picturesque town before<br />

crossing the river to Bodinnick. After passing by<br />

Ferryside, Daphne du Maurier's first Cornish home, we<br />

take the beautiful Hall Walk which meanders through<br />

woodland and along the banks of the river with some<br />

of the best views in this area.<br />

Overnight: Porthallow, Talland Bay Hotel<br />

We walk through the Georgian harbor of<br />

Charlestown before joining the coast path and heading<br />

off the beaten track to Trenarren. After finding the<br />

secluded beach of Hallane we make our way to<br />

Pentewan, once an important harbor to the local China<br />

clay industry. In the afternoon we head inland to<br />

discover the Lost Gardens of Heligan.<br />

Overnight: St Mawes, Hotel Tresanton<br />

We start our day with a visit to St Mawes Castle,<br />

built by King Henry VIII in the 1540s, before following<br />

the River Fal to the hidden church of St Just in<br />

Roseland. We then cross the peninsula to lunch<br />

in the harbor village of Portscatho. We<br />

continue along the South West Coast path and<br />

to the Percuil River to return by ferry to our<br />

seaside hotel.<br />

Overnight: St Mawes, Hotel Tresanton<br />

From St Mawes we board the<br />

ferry for Falmouth, where we join a<br />

coastal trail for our walk to Maenporth<br />

and our lunch overlooking the bay. A hike<br />

along the sparkling Helford River takes us<br />

to the world-famous Trebah Gardens. We<br />

end our day with dinner in a local pub.<br />

Overnight: Mawnan Smith, Budock Vean Hotel<br />

We cross the river by ferry to the<br />

tiny village of Helford then walk the<br />

coastal path to the mouth of the estuary<br />

at Dennis Head. We see the church of<br />

St Anthony-in-Meneage, standing at<br />

the water's edge, and follow the<br />

creek to the exquisite village of<br />

Manaccan for lunch in a thatched<br />

pub. We go on to Daphne du<br />

Maurier's 'Frenchman's Creek' and<br />

home by ferry to Mawnan Smith<br />

for our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Mawnan Smith,<br />

Budock Vean Hotel<br />

The Wayfarers<br />

provide a transfer to<br />

Truro Rail Station.<br />

Descending into Trebah Gardens<br />

St Mawes Castle<br />

16<br />

Arrival: Liskeard Rail Station<br />

Departure: Truro Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Contoured coastal paths,<br />

riverbank and estuary trails, with undulations<br />

of 150-250 ft and occasional<br />

short steeper climbs and descents.<br />

7-10 miles walking per day<br />

More details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Swimming<br />

Optional<br />

Fishing<br />

US$ 4,395 per person<br />

(US$ 4,175 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

June 5-11,<br />

October 2-8<br />

Opportunities<br />

Massage/Spa<br />

Golf<br />

Antique Shopping<br />

>> 2 are better<br />

Enjoy the<br />

Full Cornwall<br />

Experience:<br />

Book the<br />

whole<br />


England<br />

Dick Dixon<br />

North Cornwall<br />

than 1! >><br />

Transfer from Bodmin<br />

Parkway rail station to Boscastle.<br />

Welcome reception and dinner<br />

in the hotel.<br />

Overnight: Boscastle, The Wellington Hotel<br />

We explore Boscastle’s historic<br />

harbour, then hike on the dramatic Cornish<br />

coast. We experience the myth and magic of the<br />

clifftop ruins of Tintagel Castle, said to be the birthplace<br />

of King Arthur, perched on a rocky headland<br />

with stunning views. After a pub lunch, we walk<br />

Special Price<br />

US$ 8,150<br />

(per person<br />

based on double<br />

occupancy)<br />

for both Walks<br />

Tintagel Castle<br />

Port Isaac<br />

Arrival: Bodmin Parkway rail station<br />

Departure: Truro rail station<br />

Terrain: Terrain: Contoured coastal<br />

paths, riverbank and estuary trails, with<br />

undulations of 150-250 ft and occasional<br />

short steep climbs and descents.<br />

8-11 miles walking per day<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

King Arthur's Tintagel<br />

and Poldark<br />

through countryside to the Arthurian Centre, to<br />

learn more about King Arthur and his Knights of<br />

the Round Table. We transfer to the<br />

fishing village of Rock and our next<br />

hotel.<br />

Overnight: Rock, St. Enodoc Hotel<br />

We hike the Coastal Path to<br />

pretty Port Isaac, the setting for the TV<br />

series Doc Martin. We lunch in an inn,<br />

before continuing our walk through<br />

rolling countryside to the beautifully<br />

restored Long Cross Gardens. Dinner in<br />

a local pub.<br />

Overnight: Rock, St. Enodoc Hotel<br />

We take the ferry across to<br />

Padstow and meander through the<br />

Optional<br />

Horseback Riding<br />

Opportunities<br />

Golf<br />

US$ 4,395 per person<br />

(US$ 4,175 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

June 12-18,<br />

October 9-15<br />

Biking<br />

Dick Dixon<br />

Dick Dixon<br />

NEW<br />

• The South West Coastal Path<br />

• King Arthur’s birthplace at Tintagel<br />

Castle, and the Arthurian Center at<br />

Slaughterbridge<br />

• Port Isaac, the fictional Port Wenn in<br />

the TV series Doc Martin.<br />

• Discover Cornish mining history and<br />

the glorious coast that inspired the<br />

Poldark series of novels and where<br />

the recent TV drama was filmed.<br />

• Taste the wine at one of England’s<br />

foremost vineyards, visit beautiful<br />

restored Victorian gardens and admire<br />

a perfect Elizabethan manor house.<br />

streets of this charming fishing village<br />

before lunch in a local pub. We take up<br />

the coastal path again, ending with a visit to Prideaux<br />

Place, an exquisite Elizabethan manor house. We<br />

enjoy a Cornish Cream Tea before catching the ferry<br />

back to our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Rock, St. Enodoc Hotel<br />

We explore the picturesque vales and rolling<br />

hills of the Camel Valley. We have lunch at a country pub in<br />

Chapel Amble with its village green, complete with an<br />

ancient piggery, and then spend the afternoon walking<br />

through peaceful open countryside. We end the day at the<br />

Camel Valley Vineyard for a tour and wine tasting.<br />

Overnight: Mithian, Rose in Vale Hotel<br />

We walk from our hotel and visit the only surviving,<br />

before reaching the ancient and unspoilt village of St Agnes.<br />

This is real Poldark country, where mining buildings and<br />

chimneys cling to the rocky coast; part of the UK’s largest<br />

World Heritage Site. We discover the ruined harbor of<br />

Trevaunance Cove, and then walk the rugged coastline to<br />

find the Wheal Coates tin mine. Lunch at a local pub in<br />

Towan Cross is followed by a climb to the top of St Agnes<br />

Beacon for the breathtaking views of the coastline before we<br />

return to our hotel for our farewell dinner.<br />

Overnight: Mithian, Rose in Vale Hotel<br />

After breakfast, The Wayfarers will take you to Truro<br />

rail station for your onward rail connections.<br />


England<br />

• Cross the border into Scotland<br />

• Take the Pilgrim Route to Holy<br />

Island<br />

• View the puffins and seals of<br />

Farne Island archipelago<br />

• Visit Alnwick Castle – ‘Hogwarts’<br />

in Harry Potter<br />

• Enjoy fine dining in a treehouse<br />

Northumbria<br />

We rendezvous at Berwick Rail<br />

Station for a short transfer to Marshall<br />

Meadows, an impressive Georgian<br />

country house and England’s most<br />

northerly hotel.<br />

Overnight: Berwick-upon-Tweed, Marshall Meadows Hotel<br />

We walk from our hotel along the Berwickshire<br />

Coastal Path to cross the border into Scotland. Our route<br />

hugs the spectacular coastline with secluded coves and<br />

hidden harbours lined with stacks of lobster pots. We<br />

lunch at the famous Eyemouth Golf Club with its<br />

panoramic views. After lunch we pass the surfers’ paradise<br />

at Coldingham Bay and end our day’s walk at the<br />

picturesque fishing village of St Abbs.<br />

Overnight: Berwick-upon-Tweed, Marshall Meadows Hotel<br />

We begin our walk on the Elizabethan ramparts<br />

of the border town of Berwick. After a short transfer, we<br />

take the Pilgrim Way (subject to tides) to the Holy Island<br />

of Lindisfarne to explore the island, visit the remains of<br />

the Abbey and sip the famous mead. We experience the<br />

unique serenity and haunting beauty, which persuaded<br />

both St Aidan and St Cuthbert to seek solace there.<br />

Overnight: Bamburgh, Waren House Hotel<br />

Land of castles, saints and Vikings<br />

Alnwick Castle<br />

National Trust Warden for a talk and short walk on<br />

the island. Puffins * or ‘Tommy Noddies’ as they are<br />

known locally are abundant as well as grey seals.<br />

Overnight: Chathill, Doxford Hall Hotel<br />

This morning we join St Os wald’s Way,<br />

passing the desolate, romantic ruins of Dunstan burgh<br />

Castle. We lunch on fresh seafood at a fishermen’s<br />

inn before heading inland to the magnificent Alnwick<br />

Castle, one of Europe’s largest inhabited castles and<br />

stronghold of the powerful Percy family since 1309.<br />

We view the spectacular new gardens, including the<br />

infamous Poison Garden of deadly plants. Once home<br />

to Shakespeare’s hero Harry Hotspur, the castle<br />

featured as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films.<br />

Overnight: Alnwick, The White Swan Hotel<br />

A short transfer takes us to the market town<br />

of Rothbury, the capital of Coquetdale, where we<br />

hike the rugged Cheviot Hills to the Sacred<br />

Mountain of Simonside. (The easier option is to<br />

spend longer in Rothbury and Cragside House for<br />

those who wish.) We head down for lunch and<br />

walk on the estate of Cragside House, the first<br />

house in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity. We<br />

return to Alnwick for our farewell dinner.<br />

Overnight: Alnwick, The White Swan Hotel<br />

The Wayfarers will transfer you to Alnmouth<br />

Rail Station for departure and onward connections.<br />

* Puffins are on the island in the summer only.<br />

We return to the mainland for our morning<br />

walk along one of Britain’s best beaches followed by<br />

lunch in the charming village of Bamburgh Castle. In the<br />

afternoon, we take a boat trip to the Farne Islands, an<br />

archipelago of international significance for breeding and<br />

migrating birds. We land at Inner Farne to meet the<br />

Puffin<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Berwick Rail Station<br />

Departure: Alnmouth Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Gentle coastal paths, beaches,<br />

woodlands, well-defined moorland<br />

paths, modest hills.<br />

5-9 miles walking per day<br />

18 For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Antique Shopping<br />

Fishing Massage/Spa Golf Swimming<br />

US$ 4,395 per person<br />

(US$ 4,175 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

June 26 - July 2,<br />

September 11-17

England<br />

Al Ludwick<br />

Coast to Coast<br />

• Irish Sea to North Sea Walk across the<br />

neck of England<br />

• Covers 85 miles and 3 national parks<br />

in 6 days<br />

• Lake District National Park<br />

• Yorkshire Dales National Park<br />

• North York Moors National Park<br />

Dave Robertson<br />

Rendezvous at our hotel near Grange-over-<br />

Sands for an Introductory Talk and Welcome Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Grange-over-Sands, Netherwood Hotel<br />

We walk the wild and unspoiled landscape<br />

of The Lake District National Park. From Beacon<br />

Tarn we have a view of the 'Old Man', a rocky<br />

outcrop towering 3,000 feet over Lake Coniston.<br />

After lunch we walk along the shores of the lake<br />

with views of Brantwood where John Ruskin lived<br />

from 1872 until 1900. We end our day at our lovely<br />

hotel in Grasmere.<br />

Overnight: Grasmere, Rothay Garden Hotel<br />

Our morning walk takes us past Dove<br />

Cottage and Rydal Mount, both former homes of the<br />

poet William Wordsworth. Overlooking Windermere,<br />

England's largest lake, we enjoy softer, more<br />

Across The Lake District<br />

and Yorkshire Dales<br />

to the sea<br />

pastoral scenery. After lunch our walk continues<br />

across fields, pastures, and hillside farms. We pause<br />

for a last look at the distant mountains of Cumbria,<br />

say farewell to Windermere, and walk on to Crook.<br />

Bowness-on-Windermere, Lindeth Howe Hotel<br />

From Aysgarth, our walk in The Yorkshire<br />

Dales National Park encompasses the contrasts of<br />

waterfalls and rock-sided valleys with agrarian landscapes<br />

and the massive Penn Hill. We have great<br />

views of Bolton Castle where Mary, Queen of Scots,<br />

was held on her way to London and her execution.<br />

This afternoon, we walk in beautiful Wensleydale,<br />

famous for its cheese, past Middleham Castle (once<br />

home to King Richard III), finally crossing the river<br />

on stepping-stones as we approach our day's rest in<br />

East Witton.<br />

Overnight: East Witton, The Blue Lion Hotel<br />

Now in the<br />

heart of James Herriot<br />

country, we walk up to<br />

Witton Fell, a wild<br />

heather-covered moor<br />

where grouse and<br />

plover thrive. At lunch, we may choose<br />

to sample the eponymous brew in the<br />

famous Black Sheep Brewery in Masham.<br />

Then the tranquil bank of the River Ure,<br />

where we might spot a kingfisher, leads us<br />

to our magnificent hotel at Swinton Park.<br />

Overnight: Masham, Swinton Park Hotel<br />

We cross the Vale of York to North Yorkshire<br />

Moors National Park with chances to identify the many<br />

birds and wildflowers on the slopes of Arden Great Moor.<br />

We visit the great Abbey of Rievaulx and follow the monks<br />

trail into the picturesque market town of Helmsley, where<br />

the castle was a Royalist stronghold during the Civil War,<br />

for dinner and overnight.<br />

Overnight: Helmsley, The Black Swan Hotel<br />

We take the steam-hauled North Yorkshire Moors<br />

Railway to Goathland, before our hike to the picturesque<br />

village of Aislaby. We continue into Eskdale where we<br />

follow the Esk Valley to complete our journey to the North<br />

Sea with a celebratory drink on the beach at Sandsend, near<br />

Whitby, and our Farewell Dinner in Dunsley.<br />

Overnight: Whitby, Raithwaite Hall<br />

After breakfast, The Wayfarers will transfer you from<br />

your hotel by private bus to Darlington Railway Station<br />

(journey time approx 1hr 15mins),<br />

arriving by 10am.<br />

Arrival: Grange-over-Sands Rail Station<br />

Departure: Darlington Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Well laid out pathways through<br />

three national parks, some brisk hills<br />

with walks along hillsides, bluffs and valleys.<br />

12-15 miles walking per day.<br />

(Walk rating is due to long mileage -<br />

not arduous trails.)<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

Optional<br />

Massage/Spa<br />

Opportunities<br />

Swimming<br />

US$ 4,395 per person<br />

(US$ 4,175 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 595 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 7 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

June 11-18, September 17-24,<br />

October 8-15,<br />

Begg Hofer<br />


England<br />

• Visit Hidcote Manor Gardens, one<br />

of the world’s finest<br />

• Stroll over gently rolling hills and<br />

through honey-stone villages<br />

• Visit magnificent Blenheim Palace<br />

• Working sheepdog demonstration<br />

by local farmer<br />

• Tour Hook Norton Brewery and<br />

sample fine ale<br />

The Cotswolds<br />

After our rendezvous in<br />

Moreton-in-Marsh, we meet in<br />

Chipping Campden, a charming and<br />

unspoilt Cotswold town, for our<br />

Welcome Dinner and Introductory Talk.<br />

Overnight: Chipping Campden,<br />

Cotswold House Hotel<br />

We meander through the quintessentially<br />

Cotswold honey-toned stone villages of Broad Campden,<br />

Blockley to arrive at Lord Dulverton's Batsford House,<br />

once home to the infamous Mitford sisters. From the<br />

Arboretum we visit the Birds of Prey Centre where we<br />

watch owls, falcons and eagles put through their paces.<br />

After lunch we continue walking through this charming<br />

countryside towards our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Chipping Campden, Cotswold House Hotel<br />

Today's walk takes us through the gently rolling<br />

hills to reach the famous Hidcote Manor Gardens, created<br />

by the American Lawrence Johnson almost 100 years ago.<br />

Here at the gardens, generally recognized as one of the<br />

world's greatest, we can stroll through the 19 'outdoor<br />

rooms' which make up this vast garden. We will be<br />

greeted by a local TV and radio garden expert who will<br />

answer any of your gardening questions. We continue<br />

with an afternooon walk to our next hotel for dinner<br />

and overnight in Stow-on-the-Wold.<br />

Overnight: Stow-on-the-Wold, The Grapevine Hotel<br />

Broadway Tower<br />

sheep dog. After a pub lunch we continue our walk<br />

across the gentle hills (wolds), punctuated with drystone<br />

walls enclosing the pastures, back to our hotel<br />

for dinner.<br />

Overnight: Stow-on-the-Wold, The Grapevine Hotel<br />

We walk to Chastleton House. This rare gem<br />

of a Jacobean country house was owned by the same<br />

family until 1991 and has been unchanged for 400<br />

years. It has two Victorian croquet lawns and is<br />

regarded as the birthplace of competitive croquet.<br />

After a pub lunch we visit the mysterious, ancient<br />

Rollright Stones, the focus of many supernatural tales,<br />

before walking on to the Victorian family brewery of<br />

Hook Norton to sample award winning ale.<br />

Overnight: Woodstock, Macdonald Bear Hotel<br />

Quintessential England<br />

We set out through the historic village of<br />

Woodstock, visiting Chaucer’s House where Thomas<br />

Chaucer, son of the poet Geoffrey lived, then to<br />

Bladon, resting place of Sir Winston Churchill. We<br />

walk through the magnificent grounds of Blenheim<br />

Palace and have a tour of the Palace itself, home of<br />

the Churchill family and one of the most imposing<br />

buildings in England, before returning to our hotel<br />

for our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Woodstock,<br />

Macdonald Bear Hotel<br />

The Wayfarers<br />

provide transport to<br />

Oxford Rail Station for<br />

onward connections.<br />

We walk through pretty Upper and Lower<br />

Slaughter. Their names are from the old word for the<br />

stream that links the two picture-postcard villages, rather<br />

than referring to any great massacre! A local farmer tells<br />

us about Cotswold farming and introduces us to his<br />

The old kitchen of Chastleton House<br />

Louise Halfpenny<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

20<br />

Arrival: Moreton-in-Marsh Rail Station<br />

Departure: Oxford Rail and Bus Stations<br />

Terrain: Stroll through countryside, gardens,<br />

pretty villages and historic footpaths with<br />

rights-of-way over meadows and fields.<br />

9-11 miles walking per day.<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Antique Shopping Golf Horseback riding<br />

US$ 4,295 per person<br />

(US$ 4,080 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 22-28,<br />

September 25 - October 1

Jane Austen<br />

Country<br />

Insiders’ guide to<br />

Jane’s family life<br />

England<br />

• Guided tour of Jane’s cottage, now<br />

the Jane Austen House Museum<br />

• Private dinner at Chawton House,<br />

a mansion owned by her brother<br />

Edward<br />

• Visit the homes of Austen family<br />

friends<br />

• Secrets of ladies’ corsets and clothing<br />

revealed by Regency expert<br />

• Visit to Selborne, home of 18th-century<br />

naturalist Gilbert White<br />

St. Nicholas Church, Chawton<br />

sister Cassandra and we visit her cottage,<br />

now the Jane Austen House Museum.<br />

Overnight: Petersfield,<br />

Langrish House Hotel<br />

After arriving at Basingstoke, we rendez vous<br />

at Oakley Hall, an elegant 18th-century manor<br />

house hotel in the village of Oakley. Former owners<br />

of the house, the Bramstons, were good friends of<br />

the Austen family, who lived nearby. It is suggested<br />

that Jane Austen’s novel ‘Mansfield Park’ is based<br />

on Oakley Hall and that Lady Bertram was based on<br />

Mrs Bramston.<br />

Overnight: Oakley, Oakley Hall Hotel<br />

Our first walk takes us to Steventon where<br />

Jane spent her first 25 years. We see the homes of<br />

some of the Austen family’s closest friends<br />

including Deane House and Ashe House. After a<br />

pub lunch, we visit the church where Jane’s eldest<br />

brother, James, was vicar and then we visit inside<br />

The Vyne, a mansion<br />

Hulton Archive , Getty Images<br />

built in the 16th Century and visited by Henry VIII<br />

on at least three occasions. Before dinner, we have<br />

a fascinating talk from a Regency clothing expert<br />

who will reveal secrets of corsetry and ladies’<br />

costumes in Jane Austen's era.<br />

Overnight: Oakley, Oakley Hall Hotel<br />

We set off for the pretty village of<br />

Chawton where Jane moved in 1809. Our circular<br />

walk takes us along paths familiar to Jane and her<br />

Today our walk focuses on the pretty village of<br />

Selborne the former home of the 18th-century naturalist<br />

Gilbert White, who was a fellow clergyman and contemporary<br />

of Jane’s father. Our morning and afternoon walks take<br />

us through one of Hampshire's famous ‘Hangers’, beautiful<br />

beech-clad chalk hills. After lunch we visit White’s house<br />

and extensive garden before resuming our walk. In the<br />

evening we enjoy a private dinner at historic Chawton<br />

House, inherited by Jane’s brother Edward.<br />

Overnight: Petersfield, Langrish House Hotel<br />

We start our day strolling through Chawton<br />

Woods, a favourite haunt of Jane and her sister Cassandra,<br />

towards Fourmarks Station where we board the restored<br />

steam train on the Watercress line. We have lunch in the<br />

village of Tichborne in a local coaching inn, and then our<br />

walk follows a beautiful river path towards Winchester.<br />

Overnight: Petersfield, Langrish House Hotel<br />

We walk in historic Winchester, capital of King Alfred’s<br />

Wessex. When we arrive at the Hospital of St Cross,<br />

England’s oldest and most perfect Almshouse, we will<br />

receive the Wayfarers’ Dole, a unique and ancient tradition<br />

established almost 1,000 years ago. One of the Brothers will<br />

show us round the medieval and Tudor buildings. In the<br />

afternoon we visit the Cathedral where Jane is buried.<br />

Overnight: Winchester, Lainston House Hotel<br />

Chawton House<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

After breakfast The Wayfarers transfers you to<br />

Winchester Rail Station.<br />

Antique Shopping<br />

Golf<br />

Arrival: Basingstoke Rail Station<br />

Departure: Winchester Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Country byways, well-trodden<br />

footpaths, village lanes, low hills.<br />

6-10 miles of walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

US$ 4,295 per person<br />

(US$ 4,080 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 8-14<br />


England<br />

• Experience the elegance of living<br />

in a castle for six nights<br />

• Exclusive stay for The Wayfarers<br />

only<br />

• Explore the landscape and<br />

history of Dartmoor National<br />

Park<br />

• Spectacular walking on the banks<br />

of the River Tamar<br />

• Visit Sir Francis Drake’s home and<br />

Plymouth harbor, where the<br />

Pilgrim Fathers set sail<br />

Pentillie Castle<br />

Live like a Lord<br />

in a private castle<br />

We rendezvous in Plymouth<br />

for a walking tour of this proud<br />

maritime city. We will see the Mayflower Steps where<br />

the Pilgrim Fathers embarked for the US, and The Hoe,<br />

where Sir Francis Drake was playing bowls when the<br />

Spanish Armada was sighted. We transfer to Pentillie<br />

Castle, our home for the next six nights where, in the<br />

early evening, we meet for drinks on the terrace overlooking<br />

the Tamar River, before an Introductory Talk<br />

and Welcome Dinner.<br />

Today’s highlight is a visit to Cotehele, a<br />

wonderful Tudor house with many stories and legends,<br />

festooned with tapestries and adorned with textiles,<br />

arms and armor, pewter, brass and old oak furniture. It’s<br />

a magical experience as little has changed over the<br />

years. Outside, we wander through the formally planted<br />

terraces and the Valley Garden, which includes a<br />

medieval stewpond and dovecote. We can climb the<br />

18th-century Prospect Tower folly, with fantastic views.<br />

Cotehele Quay is the home of the restored Tamar sailing<br />

barge 'Shamrock'. We return to Pentillie before going<br />

out to a local restaurant for dinner.<br />

Today, we depart by private ferry (tide and<br />

weather permitting) for a day on Rame Head. We visit<br />

Mount Edgcumbe Country Park, an 865-acre coastal<br />

estate designed by Sir Richard Edgcumbe of Cotehele in<br />

1547-53. Ancient and rare trees include a 400-year-old<br />

lime, a splendid Lucombe oak, and many others set<br />

amid classical garden buildings with spectacular views<br />

across Plymouth Sound. After lunch at the Edgcumbe<br />

Arms, we walk along the coastal footpath to the ancient<br />

villages of Kingsand and Cawsand. We return to<br />

Pentillie for Dinner.<br />

A day on Dartmoor, where landscape and<br />

history have inspired stories from ‘Sherlock Holmes’<br />

and ‘The Hound of the Basker villes’ to ‘War Horse’.<br />

Joined by Dr Tom Greeves, a cultural environmentalist,<br />

we walk to Ditsworthy Warren and see locations<br />

Steven Spielberg used in the movie, including<br />

the Narracott farmhouse and the field where Joey<br />

learned to plow. We explore prehistoric stone rows<br />

and barrows, medieval farm ruins and old tin workings,<br />

and learn about the folklore, farming and<br />

unique way of life of Dartmoor. After lunch in a traditional<br />

Dartmoor pub we visit the historic town of<br />

Tavistock, birthplace of Sir Francis Drake.<br />

(Optional Extra: Horseback riding on Dartmoor.)<br />

We start the day with an exploration of Kit<br />

Hill with sensational views over the Tamar Valley,<br />

once a hive of mining activity. Later it became wellknown<br />

for market gardening with apples, cherries,<br />

strawberries and fresh flowers sent by rail to Covent<br />

Garden in London. We walk along the Cornish side of<br />

the Tamar, crossing it by a bridge built in 1437, for<br />

lunch on the Devon side. In the afternoon we visit the<br />

country estate of the Duke of Bedford, with gardens<br />

and landscape designed by Sir Humphrey Repton. In<br />

the evening we dine out at a popular local hostelry.<br />

We take the scenic train from Gunnislake, over<br />

the great viaduct above Calstock, down the<br />

peninsula to Bere Ferrers. We will walk along the Tavy<br />

estuary, where we may see avocet and curlew on the<br />

mudflats, to the 16th-century Who’d Have Thought It<br />

Inn (voted one of the 50 best pubs in Britain). After<br />

lunch, we visit Buckland Abbey, home of Sir Francis<br />

Drake, the intrepid sailor who circumnavigated the<br />

globe in the 16th century. Once a Cistercian<br />

Monastery, the Abbey now tells the story of two<br />

seafaring adventurers – Sir Richard Grenville and<br />

Drake himself. We return to Pentillie Castle for our<br />

Farewell Dinner.<br />

The Wayfarers transfer you to Plymouth for<br />

your onward or homebound travels.<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Plymouth<br />

Departure: Plymouth<br />

Terrain: Pastoral countryside, coastal<br />

footpaths, estuaries, woodlands, wild<br />

uplands and open moorland.<br />

Some hills. 3 - 9 miles walking per day,<br />

with options for more or less.<br />

22 For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Dale Brown<br />

Fishing<br />

From US$ 4,195 per person<br />

(From US$ 3,985 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(From US$ 695 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

October 16-22<br />

Golf Horseback Riding Market<br />


Victorian splendor and<br />

megalithic monuments<br />

Julie Vanek<br />

England<br />

• Castle Combe and Lacock, two of<br />

England’s loveliest villages<br />

• The stone circles at Avebury, a<br />

UNESCO World Heritage Site<br />

• The House and Gardens at Bowood<br />

House<br />

• A tour of Highclere Castle<br />

(TV’s ‘Downton Abbey’)<br />

• Bampton village, a key location<br />

in ‘Downton Abbey’<br />

‘Downton Abbey’<br />

Highclere Castle<br />

We meet for our Welcome Talk and Dinner<br />

at our lovely hotel in Oxfordshire.<br />

Overnight: Clanfield, The Plough Hotel<br />

After a morning stroll along the river, we<br />

board a boat to take us to lunch at The Trout at<br />

Tadpole Bridge, a wonderfully peaceful setting. In<br />

the afternoon, we wander around the village of<br />

Bampton, where both the village library (the<br />

hospital in the drama) and the church frequently<br />

feature as backdrops, and Matthew's mother’s house<br />

is the attractive Churgate House. This evening, an<br />

author joins us evoking the era of ‘Downton Abbey’<br />

and talking about country house life from the<br />

servants' perspective.<br />

Overnight: Clanfield, The Plough Hotel<br />

This morning's walk takes us to Avebury,<br />

with its Neolithic henge containing three stone<br />

circles. Unique amongst megalithic monuments,<br />

Avebury contains the largest stone circle in Europe<br />

and is one of the foremost prehistoric sites in<br />

Britain. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the<br />

afternoon, we continue our walk past one of the<br />

famous Wiltshire White Horses carved into the hillside<br />

before reaching our hotel in Marlborough. We<br />

have dinner in a private house near Marlborough<br />

College, alma mater of the Duchess of Cambridge<br />

(Kate Middleton), and near the site of Jane Seymour's<br />

Wolf Hall on the edge of Savernake Forest.<br />

Overnight: Ramsbury, The Bell Hotel<br />

Today we visit ‘Downton Abbey’! In<br />

reality, this is Highclere Castle, the home of the Earl<br />

and Countess of Carnarvon. Our morning walk takes<br />

us along local footpaths and within the private<br />

estate before we stop for a country pub<br />

lunch. Our afternoon<br />

highlight is a visit<br />

inside the castle itself, seeing<br />

the actual rooms where the series is filmed.<br />

Overnight: Castle Combe, Manor House Hotel<br />

This morning we walk to the impressive Bowood<br />

House, the family home of the Marquis and Marchioness of<br />

Lansdowne, for a look inside the house and a special guided<br />

tour around the private walled gardens, all set in 100 acres of<br />

stunning parkland laid out by Capability Brown. After lunch<br />

there, we continue to Lacock where we walk around the<br />

beautiful village, mostly owned by the National Trust, and<br />

featured in the BBC’s ‘Cranford’, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and the<br />

Harry Potter movies.<br />

Overnight: Castle Combe, Manor House Hotel<br />

We explore picturesque Castle Combe, often called the<br />

Prettiest Village in England; this idyllic spot has starred in<br />

many movies from ‘Doctor Doolittle’ in 1966 to ‘War Horse’ in<br />

2010. We then walk in the charming Cotswold countryside<br />

surrounding Castle Combe before returning to our hotel for<br />

our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Castle Combe, Manor House Hotel<br />

The Wayfarers provides a courtesy transfer to<br />

Chippenham rail station.<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Golf<br />

Tennis<br />

Biking<br />

Fishing<br />

Falconry<br />

Arrival: Oxford Rail Station<br />

Departure: Chippenham Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Country byways, well-trodden<br />

footpaths, village lanes, low hills.<br />

6-10 miles of walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

US$ 4,195 per person<br />

(US$ 3,985 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

July 17-23<br />

Roy Robinson<br />


England<br />

• Open landscape of green and<br />

rolling dales<br />

• Traditional pub lunch in James<br />

Herriot’s ‘Darrowby’<br />

• Private tour of Castle Bolton<br />

where Mary, Queen of Scots was<br />

imprisoned<br />

• Private tour of Parcevall Hall<br />

Gardens with the Head Gardener<br />

• See racehorses training on the<br />

moor<br />

We rendezvous at Harrogate<br />

Railway Station and transfer to<br />

Burnsall in the heart of the Yorkshire<br />

Dales. Meet The Wayfarers for a<br />

Welcome Dinner and Introductory Talk.<br />

Overnight: Devonshire Fell Hotel<br />

We walk from our hotel, passing the haunted<br />

ruins of Barden Tower, to the remains of Bolton Abbey<br />

and lunch on the estate. This afternoon we walk<br />

beneath the summit of the fabled Simon's Seat. Our day<br />

ends with a private tour by the head gardener of<br />

Parcevall Hall Gardens followed by a short walk back to<br />

our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Devonshire Fell Hotel<br />

Our walk crosses Upper Wharfedale, visiting<br />

charming unspoilt villages, to enjoy both sides of this<br />

pastoral valley. We lunch at an ancient drovers’ pub.<br />

Our afternoon walk takes us to Hubberholme, the final<br />

resting place of the English novelist and playwright J B<br />

Priestley. We continue along Fairy Glen to the tiny<br />

hamlet of Cray and our transfer back to our hotel in<br />

West Witton, Wensleydale.<br />

Overnight: Wensleydale Heifer Hotel<br />

Yorkshire<br />

JMW Turner and lunch at vet James Herriot's favorite pub<br />

in Askrigg. Our afternoon walk continues along the banks<br />

of the River Ure to our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Simonstone Hall<br />

From our hotel we follow the Pennine Way to see<br />

water cascading down England's longest single drop<br />

waterfall at Hardraw Force. We lunch at a teashop overlooking<br />

a traditional village green complete with ancient<br />

wooden stocks! In the afternoon, a Roman road leads us<br />

to Semerwater, the only lake in the Yorkshire Dales, and<br />

ends in the bustling market town of Hawes where we<br />

taste the famous, local Wensleydale cheese.<br />

Overnight: Simonstone Hall<br />

Morning transfer to Darlington Rail Station for<br />

departure and onward connections.<br />

The Fells and Dales<br />

of James Herriot country<br />

Louise Halfpenny<br />

Checking out some of England's best racehorses<br />

Jean Follet <strong>Thompson</strong><br />

24<br />

Over the moor to Middleham to catch a<br />

glimpse of England's best racehorses in training. Our<br />

lunch is in the historic village of Middleham, once<br />

home to King Richard III, followed by a short heritage<br />

railway journey along Wensleydale (subject to operating<br />

timetable). The walk leads us to the magnificent Castle<br />

Bolton, where Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner,<br />

for a private tour. We return to our hotel for dinner.<br />

Overnight: Wensleydale Heifer Hotel<br />

We walk from the hotel to discover the ruins<br />

left by the Knights Templar who held vast tracts of land<br />

in Wensleydale. We walk by the famous Aysgarth<br />

Waterfalls painted by the English landscape painter<br />

Louise Halfpenny<br />

Arrival: Harrogate Rail Station<br />

Departure: Darlington Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Pastoral countryside, woodland,<br />

riverbanks, valley walking, village lanes<br />

and well-defined moorland paths.<br />

Some hills. 9-12 miles walking per day.<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Optional<br />

Fishing Golf Horseback riding<br />

US$ 4,195 per person<br />

(US$ 3,985 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 15-21,<br />

October 9-15<br />


Wales<br />

Pamela Petro<br />

Pembrokeshire<br />

Coast<br />

The Wild Coast of Wales<br />

Dave Robertson<br />

• Visit ancient sacred sites, Pagan and<br />

Christian<br />

• Enjoy an evening of poetry with the<br />

National Poet of Wales<br />

• Breathtaking coastal scenery<br />

• Insight into Welsh history, culture and<br />

language<br />

• See historic St Davids, Britain’s<br />

smallest cathedral city<br />

Dave Robertson<br />

We rendezvous at Haverfordwest Rail<br />

Station and drive to our hotel near St Davids for our<br />

Introductory Talk and Welcome Dinner.<br />

Overnight: St Davids, Warpool Court<br />

From our hotel we walk beside the sea<br />

along a medieval pilgrimage trail and visit the<br />

Chapel and Holy Well of St Non, the mother of<br />

St David. We continue to lunch in<br />

St Davids, the smallest city in Britain (pop: 1,800),<br />

followed by a visit to the cathedral and Bishop’s<br />

Palace. We walk out to dinner in a local restaurant.<br />

Overnight: St Davids, Warpool Court<br />

St Davids Cathedral<br />

We continue along the coastal path<br />

enjoying one of its most beautiful stretches, passing<br />

a blue lagoon and attractive fishing villages. We<br />

finish at Melin Tregwynt, a whitewashed woollen<br />

mill in a remote wooded valley, where there has<br />

been a mill since the 1600s when local farmers<br />

would bring their fleeces to be spun into yarn and<br />

woven into fine Welsh wool blankets. We continue<br />

to our hotel in Wolfscastle.<br />

Overnight: Wolfscastle Country Hotel<br />

Today we walk in the Preseli Hills; wild<br />

mysterious, rolling moors roamed by sheep and<br />

Welsh ponies, and home to ancient<br />

myths and the bluestones from<br />

which Stonehenge was built. How<br />

they were transported to<br />

Wiltshire, 180 miles away before<br />

the invention of the wheel<br />

remains one of the great<br />

mysteries of British history. After<br />

lunch we drive to Nevern Church<br />

with its famous 10th-century<br />

cross and 600-year-old bleeding<br />

yew. We also visit Pentre Ifan, one<br />

of the finest Stone Age megalithic<br />

sites in Britain, dating from 3500<br />

BC. We return to our hotel for one<br />

of the highlights of the week - a<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

talk and reading from Gillian<br />

Clarke, National Poet of Wales,<br />

who then joins us for dinner.<br />

Overnight: Wolfscastle<br />

Country Hotel<br />

Today we walk out of our<br />

hotel through the deep wooded Treffgarne<br />

Gorge which cuts through some of the oldest<br />

rocks in the country, created around 1,000 million<br />

years ago. We enjoy splendid views across the valley<br />

to the Treffgarne Rocks with their grotesque shapes.<br />

After lunch we drive to Tenby, a fashionable watering<br />

place in the 19th Century with a 13th-century castle and<br />

historic town walls. We end our afternoon with a transfer to<br />

our luxury country hotel in Narbeth.<br />

Overnight: Narbeth, The Grove<br />

We return to the coast and walk from Freshwater East<br />

(a film location for the Harry Potter movies) to Bosherston<br />

via the impressive Stackpole Head. After our pub lunch, we<br />

head back to our hotel, skirting the lily ponds created 200<br />

years ago by the Campbells of Cawdor, for our Farewell<br />

Dinner in the hotel's highly acclaimed restaurant.<br />

Overnight: Narbeth, The Grove<br />

After breakfast, The Wayfarers will transfer you to<br />

Whitland Rail Station for your onward travel.<br />

Pentre Ifan<br />

Horseback Riding<br />

Golf<br />

Tennis<br />

Arrival: Haverfordwest<br />

Departure: Whitland Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Coastal paths, riverbank<br />

and estuary trails, undulations of<br />

150-250 feet.<br />

10-12 miles walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

US$ 4,295 per person<br />

(US$ 4,080 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

September 4-10<br />


Scotland<br />

• Callanish standing stones on<br />

Lewis, rivalling Stonehenge in<br />

importance<br />

• Visit the Harris Eagle Observatory<br />

• Learn about the history of the<br />

Macdonald clan on Skye<br />

• Enjoy an evening of traditional<br />

Scottish food and music<br />

• Stay in a 17th century former<br />

hunting lodge, still owned by the<br />

high chief of the Macdonald clan<br />

Outer Hebrides<br />

Skye, Lewis and Harris<br />

Rendezvous at Stornoway<br />

Airport or ferry. Welcome meeting and<br />

dinner at the hotel.<br />

Overnight: Borve, Borve House Hotel<br />

NEW<br />

We head out towards the dramatic extremity<br />

of Lewis and walk to the lighthouse, with lunch at the<br />

Ness Historical Society. We walk on past the attractive<br />

little port of Ness to the remains of an iron- age fort and<br />

take tea and local cake in a cafe overlooking the little<br />

harbor. This evening – supper and singing!<br />

Overnight: Borve, Borve House Hotel<br />

We explore the standing stones of Callanish -<br />

one of the most important prehistoric sites in the UK<br />

and through the wonderful hills, glens and lochs of<br />

Harris. Over lunch, we learn all about golden eagles and<br />

visit the Eagle Observatory to watch these magnificent<br />

birds soaring over the ridges on either side of the glen.<br />

Overnight: Tarbert, Harris Hotel<br />

Scalpay Coast, Harris<br />

Direacleit, from where we can see our ferry arrive.<br />

We lunch on board the ferry and on arrival drive to<br />

Portree with its multi-colored houses and bustling<br />

port. We walk a coastal circuit with extensive views<br />

of the harbor finishing with a Cream Tea. An hour's<br />

drive through the Cuillin Hills brings us to our hotel<br />

in the fertile “Garden of Skye”.<br />

Overnight: Skye, Kinloch Lodge<br />

We walk from our hotel with stunning views<br />

of the Sound of Sleat. We see another abandoned<br />

village, this one cleared by an ancestor of the<br />

Macdonalds. After lunch on the promontory of<br />

Portree harbor<br />

Oransay, we explore the gardens surrounding the<br />

ruins of Armadale Castle. The Castle was once home<br />

to the Macdonalds, chiefs and Flora Macdonald, who<br />

helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape to Skye, was<br />

married here in 1790. There is a fascinating museum,<br />

documenting 1500 years of history, culture and<br />

bloody battles. We return to our hotel for our<br />

Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Skye, Kinloch Lodge<br />

Time to bid farewell to the Western Isles.<br />

The Wayfarers will transfer you to Mallaig with<br />

connections to Fort William and Glasgow.<br />

Today we enjoy a walk of extremes: from the<br />

wild barren rock of the east to the fertile machair and<br />

white sands of the west, following the Coffin Trail with<br />

views over the white beaches fringed with fields of<br />

wild flowers. We will lunch in the Harris community<br />

centre where locals hold ceilidhs.<br />

Overnight: Tarbert, Harris Hotel<br />

Over the sea to Skye,<br />

but not before we hike to<br />

discover a small loch<br />

and the abandoned<br />

village of<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Stornoway<br />

Departure: Mallaig<br />

Terrain: Gentle hill walking, woodland<br />

tracks, well laid trails. Options for more<br />

or less vigorous walking. Likely strong winds<br />

at times and damp under foot. Waterproof<br />

boots and wet weather gear essential.<br />

8-10 miles walking per day.<br />

26 For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Horseback Riding<br />

Fishing<br />

US$ 4,395 per person<br />

(US$ 4,175 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 29 - June 4F,<br />

June 26 - July 2<br />

Golf<br />

F = Founders’ Walk

Scotland<br />

The Highlands<br />

Rendezvous in Inverness and a guided<br />

walking tour of Culloden Battlefield. We learn about<br />

the struggle between the Highland Clans and British<br />

Government rule, which pitted father against son<br />

and ended in what was tantamount to civil war. We<br />

visit the Clava Cairns, an Iron Age burial site with<br />

standing stones, en route to our first hotel in<br />

Cairngorm for our Welcome Talk and Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Cairngorm, Muckrach Country House Hotel<br />

This morning we transfer to the Cairngorm<br />

Mountains, travelling through one of the few<br />

remaining areas of Caledonian pine forest and now<br />

part of a National Park much loved by locals and<br />

visitors alike for its wildlife and outdoor pursuits. If<br />

Arrival: Inverness<br />

Departure: Edinburgh<br />

Terrain: Gentle hill walking,<br />

woodland tracks, well laid trails.<br />

Options for more or less vigorous<br />

walking. 8-12 miles walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

Blair Castle<br />

weather permits, we take a funicular from the<br />

Cairngorm base station to the Ptarmigan top station.<br />

(Those who would like, may make the hike on foot.)<br />

We walk to the summit with a mountain guide to<br />

learn about the local ecology. Our afternoon walk<br />

offers the chance to enjoy the woodlands, lochs and<br />

trails of Glenmore.<br />

Overnight: Cairngorm, Muckrach Country House Hotel<br />

We transfer to Glen Tilt and walk to Blair<br />

Castle, the ancestral home of the Dukes and Earls of<br />

Atholl. We have lunch and then a tour of the 740-<br />

year-old castle and grounds, in the midst of one of<br />

the most spectacular settings of Highland<br />

Perthshire. We arrive to a warm welcome at<br />

Optional<br />

Serene Lochs,<br />

majestic mountains<br />

and Royal Edinburgh<br />

Opportunities<br />

Horseback Canoeing/Kayaking Fishing Golf Antique Shopping<br />

Riding<br />

US$ 4,395 per person<br />

(US$ 4,175 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

September 25 - October 1<br />

Killiecrankie House Hotel, our base for<br />

the next three nights.<br />

Overnight: Killiecrankie,<br />

Killiecrankie House Hotel<br />

We walk from our hotel along<br />

the hillside past the golf course to the<br />

tiny village of Moulin, nestling in the<br />

hills above the town of Pitlochry. From<br />

there we walk past the ruins of 14thcentury<br />

Black Castle to admire the Black Spout waterfall<br />

then descend through the woods through Pitlochry for<br />

lunch. We walk up the River Tummel, crossing the huge<br />

hydroelectric dam. Passing Loch Faskally the walk continues<br />

up the River Garry and ends at a spot below the hotel near<br />

the site of the Battle of Killiecrankie. We return to<br />

Killiecrankie House for dinner and overnight.<br />

Overnight: Killiecrankie, Killiecrankie House Hotel<br />

Today our walking takes us to the Dunkeld area<br />

through a landscape planted by the Dukes of Atholl with a<br />

romantic viewing gallery over the River Braan. We see the<br />

remains of an ancient forest including the Birnam Oak, so<br />

memorable for Shakespeare that he wrote it into ‘Macbeth’.<br />

We visit Dunkeld Cathedral and end with a walk in the hills<br />

above the village where ospreys can sometimes be seen. You<br />

can choose to take time out to explore this delightful village.<br />

Overnight: Killiecrankie, Killiecrankie House Hotel<br />

Roy Robinson<br />

We leave Killicrankie for our final destination -<br />

Edinburgh. With Morag Dunbar, our Walk Manager and<br />

Scottish Blue Badge Guide, we explore Calton Hill for beautiful<br />

views of the city, descending by secluded pathways<br />

into the historic Old Town of Edinburgh, enjoying some of<br />

the hidden surprises of the Royal Mile with lunch near<br />

Holyrood Park. The afternoon concludes with an<br />

invigorating walk up Arthur’s Seat to enjoy the most<br />

dramatic 360 degree views or, alternatively, the chance<br />

to do some independent sightseeing. In the<br />

evening we gather at the hotel to walk to a<br />

private Whisky Club to enjoy a Single Malt<br />

whisky tasting and Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Edinburgh, The George Hotel<br />

Our Edinburgh Hotel is<br />

centrally located near the<br />

train station and<br />

conveniently<br />

placed for<br />

airport coach transfers.<br />

• Walk in Cairngorm National Park,<br />

jewel of the highlands<br />

• Walking tour of Culloden Battle field<br />

• Visit 750-year-old Blair Castle<br />

• Whisky tasting<br />

• Walking tour of the historic Old Town<br />

of Edinburgh<br />


Northern Ireland<br />

• Tour of Belfast and insight into<br />

The Troubles<br />

• Spectacular coastal walking to<br />

The Giant’s Causeway<br />

• Ferry trip to wild Rathlin Island<br />

• Walk the historic Walls of<br />

Londonderry<br />

• Visit the Famine Folk Museum<br />

Historic cities,<br />

spectacular glens,<br />

wild coasts<br />

Rendezvous in Belfast for a<br />

poignant black taxi tour of the town.<br />

For many years visitors avoided<br />

Northern Ireland until the Good<br />

Friday Agreement in 1998. We see the<br />

memorial plots and the peace walls of<br />

Shanklin and the Falls and hear some<br />

first hand accounts from people who lived through The<br />

Troubles. After our tour of Belfast, we take a private<br />

transfer to our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Ballygally, Ballygally Castle Hotel<br />

We walk with splendid views of Scotland<br />

across the sea, down into Glenarm, one of the nine<br />

Glens of Antrim. We continue to the private Glenarm<br />

Castle with its beautiful park, home to the Earls of<br />

Antrim. We take lunch in the castle's gardens and enjoy<br />

a walk through the Earl's private garden and estate.<br />

Overnight: Ballygally, Ballygally Castle Hotel<br />

We drive to the Queen of Glens described as<br />

‘Switzerland in Miniature’ to explore the most dramatic<br />

Belfast<br />

Northern Ireland<br />

of the nine Glens of Antrim, Glenariff. We pass waterfalls,<br />

gorges and woodland and continue to the<br />

famous Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge hanging precariously<br />

over an 80-foot chasm (crossing it is optional!)<br />

Then we head to the tiny, harbor village of Ballintoy<br />

and walk along the water's edge of the glorious sandy<br />

beach at White Park Bay.<br />

Overnight: Bushmills, Bushmills Hotel<br />

We pick up our trail to Bally castle Bay<br />

where we take a ferry to fascinating Rathlin Island,<br />

eight miles off the coast towards Scotland. It is where<br />

Robert the Bruce retreated from Edward I<br />

(Longshanks) in 1306 and where, in 1898, Marconi<br />

made the world's first radio communication.<br />

Overnight: Bushmills, Bushmills Hotel<br />

We walk along a memorable stretch of<br />

coastline past the Giant's Causeway - the extraordinary<br />

geological phenomenon of 40,000 basalt<br />

columns. After lunch we walk the beautiful coastal<br />

surroundings of Downhill Demesne with spectacular<br />

views. We catch the ferry to the Inishowen Peninsula<br />

where our hotel is located in the coastal village of<br />

Ballyliffin.<br />

Overnight: Ballyliffin, Ballyliffin Town House<br />

cottages and real life exhibits. The tour provides a<br />

wealth of information about Irish emigration to the<br />

Americas, Australia and elsewhere. After lunch, we<br />

drive to London derry, the only remaining walled city<br />

in Ireland and the finest example of its type in all of<br />

Europe, before returning to our hotel for our Farewell<br />

Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Ballyliffin, Ballyliffin Town House<br />

Transfer to Belfast Inter national Airport for<br />

onward connections.<br />

We walk to Doagh Island and visit the Famine<br />

Folk Museum with its genuine 19th-century thatched<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Golf<br />

Horseback Riding<br />

>> 2 are better<br />

28<br />

Arrival: Belfast<br />

Departure: Belfast<br />

Terrain: Spectacular<br />

coastal paths, unspoiled<br />

moorland, some hills.<br />

8-10 miles walking per day.<br />

More details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

US$ 4,395 per person<br />

(US$ 4,175 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

June 12-18,<br />

September 18-24<br />

Enjoy the Full<br />

Emerald Isle<br />

Experience:<br />

Book the<br />

whole<br />


The Ring of Kerry<br />

Dingle Peninsula<br />

and Celtic history<br />

Ireland<br />

• Pub evening of traditional Irish music<br />

and dance<br />

• See a Druids’ stone circle and mystic<br />

Ogham Stone<br />

• Ride by horse and cart to the<br />

Torc Falls<br />

• Sample local cheese at a remote farmhouse<br />

• Watch a sheep dog at work<br />

Al Ludwick<br />

Meet The Wayfarers in Killarney for a<br />

Welcome Dinner and Introductory Talk.<br />

Overnight: Killarney, Randles Court<br />

Walk along forest and lakeside trails<br />

leading to the ruins of a Franciscan abbey, scene of<br />

secret midnight weddings in Elizabethan times,<br />

followed by lunch in the grounds of Muckross<br />

House and Park. After crossing the famous lakes of<br />

Killarney by boat, we take a horse and cart ride to<br />

the spectacular Torc Falls and walk a 16th-century<br />

track to the lively little town of Kenmare. Optional<br />

afternoon guided tour of Muckross House.<br />

Overnight: Kenmare, Park Hotel<br />

Cromwell's Bridge<br />

We follow the remote Beara Way for views<br />

of the Kenmare Estuary and the peaks of<br />

McGillycuddys Reeks. A country lane passes a<br />

Druids' stone circle leading to a lakeside inn where<br />

we enjoy a traditional Irish lunch. We continue<br />

along country lanes to a remote farmhouse to<br />

sample the delicious local cheeses, followed by an<br />

evening of traditional music and dancing.<br />

Overnight: Kenmare, Park Hotel<br />

We begin at the 2,000-year-old Staigue Fort<br />

where we learn about Celtic folklore and follow the<br />

Kerry Way to enjoy Atlantic Ocean vistas. We<br />

continue across pastures and lanes, pausing to<br />

examine the ancient<br />

Celtic writings on an<br />

Ogham Stone, then<br />

crossing the white sands<br />

of Derrynane Bay to visit the<br />

home of Irish patriot Daniel O'Connell.<br />

Overnight: Waterville, Butler Arms Hotel<br />

We follow an old track beside a stream to Dingle<br />

Bay with sweeping sea views to distant Mount Eagle. We<br />

rejoin the Kerry Way to Caragh Lake which, if the tide<br />

allows, we cross by fishing boat to land at the magnificent<br />

lakeside gardens of our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Caragh Lake, Carrig Country House<br />

We walk the gorse and heather-covered hills above<br />

Caragh Lake over to Blackstone Bridge where salmon fishermen<br />

gather. After lunch we meet a local farmer to discover<br />

how he cuts the turf for winter fuel and see his faithful<br />

sheepdog at work. We return to Caragh Lake for our<br />

Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Caragh Lake, Carrig Country House<br />

The Wayfarers see you safely to Killarney Rail Station.<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

than 1! >><br />

Golf<br />

Fishing<br />

Antique Shopping<br />

Water Sports<br />

Horseback riding<br />

Special Price<br />

US$ 8,150<br />

(per person<br />

based on double<br />

occupancy)<br />

for both Walks<br />

Arrival: Killarney<br />

Departure: Killarney Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Soft turf, narrow lanes<br />

and tracks, modest hills.<br />

7-12 miles of walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

US$ 4,395 per person<br />

(US$ 4,175 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

June 5-11,<br />

September 25 - October 1<br />


Ellen Barone<br />

Stephanie Martin Larry & Barb Hauser<br />

1<br />

Santiago<br />

de Compostela<br />


Ellen Barone<br />

3<br />

Caen<br />

Paris<br />

Rennes<br />

Strasbourg<br />

4 6<br />

France<br />

5<br />

Dijon<br />

Dale Brown<br />

Burgos<br />

2<br />

Avignon<br />

7<br />

Spain<br />

Madrid<br />

0 miles 200<br />

1 Camino de Santiago<br />

2 Pays Basque<br />

3 Brittany & Normandy<br />

4 Burgundy by Barge<br />

5 Burgundy<br />

6 Alsace<br />

7 Provence<br />


Testimonials<br />

Terry Krasinska<br />

you for providing such<br />

“Thank<br />

wonderful experiences. Each<br />

trip has been great. I hope the thirteenth<br />

is not too far away!<br />

Gaetan was just great. It was obvious he<br />

was enjoying the Walk as much as we<br />

were enjoying it.<br />

Antonia is a veteran and her experience<br />

was evident. She, too, was wonderful.”<br />

Holly P., Pays Basque<br />

“Both Eric and Antonia were charming, well<br />

informed and helpful. As a Walk Leader,<br />

Eric was highly energetic and encouragingdespite<br />

the long hills and descents. I<br />

believe we covered a lot of challenging<br />

territory, all full of beautiful, scenic<br />

surprises. Of course, I was always relieved<br />

to see the van and Antonia with refreshments<br />

as planned!”<br />

Elizabeth S., Pays Basque<br />

Terry Krasinska<br />

“A Wayfarers tour encompasses much<br />

more than just a “walk”. It combines<br />

history, culture, food, great walks and<br />

special people.<br />

When I am taking a Wayfarers tour, I do<br />

not know what day of the week it is. All of<br />

my needs are met/exceeded in a kind and<br />

efficient manner. A true vacation…”<br />

Lisa K., Pays Basque<br />

“I love Gaetan’s knowledge of WW1 and<br />

WW2 sites. Eric very vivacious and of<br />

course, totally organized.”<br />

Margot W., Alsace<br />

“Gaetan is a wonderful walk leader,<br />

conscientious, without being over<br />

solicitous. He chose beautiful trails for us,<br />

and gave us fine explanations about what<br />

we were seeing. Eric is exuberant and<br />

great fun. He chose charming restaurants,<br />

entertainments, superb food and wine.<br />

Hubert will make a great walk leader. He<br />

is caring and kind, and informative.”<br />

Sheila C., Alsace<br />

“The variety of scenery was quite a<br />

surprise. I thought it would be more<br />

pastoral from the photo in the brochure.<br />

It’s hard to give a preview of such diverse<br />

areas we visited. I enjoyed it so much.”<br />

Kathleen G., Pays Basque<br />

“I expect a great deal from the Wayfarers,<br />

and each trip still exceeds my expectations.<br />

Eric made a special effort to make sure<br />

I saw the Altarpiece in Colmar.”<br />

Sheila C., Alsace<br />

“I loved being your guest on my 13th walk.”<br />

Sheila C., Alsace<br />

“I am most convinced that Wayfarers is the<br />

best walking group there is.”<br />

Patricia R., Camino de Santiago<br />

“Gaetan and Antonia are the best-organized,<br />

always calm, good humored, and<br />

extend themselves so each person’s needs<br />

are met. Warm, intelligent, fun and funny.”<br />

Annette J., Brittany and Normandy<br />

32<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com

Life-affirming journey<br />

on the ancient<br />

Pilgrimage Route<br />

Spain<br />

• Experience of one of the world’s<br />

greatest journeys<br />

• Walk in the footsteps of ancient<br />

pilgrims on a 1,000-year-old route<br />

• Enjoy traditional Spanish culture<br />

away from the tourist beaches<br />

• Visit unspoiled medieval villages<br />

and serene chapels set amid<br />

peaceful hills<br />

• Celebrate Pilgrims’ Mass in the<br />

cathedral of Santiago de Compostela<br />

Vicki Bales<br />

Camino de Santiago<br />

Rendezvous in Burgos, the capital of Castile.<br />

We have time to wander the ancient streets before<br />

we meet for our Introductory Talk and Welcome<br />

Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Burgos, Hotel NH Palacio de la Merced<br />

We embark on our journey following the<br />

emblem of St James, the scallop shell. After a day<br />

both on foot and bus, we reach Leon, founded by<br />

the Roman Seventh Legion in 68 AD, to join the<br />

Walking into Castrojeriz<br />

locals in the traditional ‘paseo’<br />

(evening stroll) before a Spanish<br />

style late dinner in our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Leon,<br />

Paradores Hostal de San Marcos (Parador Leon)<br />

We cross the longest pilgrim bridge in<br />

Spain and walk over undulating countryside to the<br />

ancient town of Astorga, where the Roman walls lie<br />

incongruously beside the medieval Cathedral and<br />

Gaudi’s eccentric Bishop’s Palace. We<br />

continue to the mountain village of<br />

Rabanal del Camino.<br />

Overnight: Rabanal del Camino,<br />

La Posada de Gaspar<br />

Elizabeth Austin<br />

Bierzo. Here we see the Puerta del<br />

Perdon, the ‘Door of Pardon’, at the 12thcentury<br />

church of Santiago.<br />

Overnight: Villafranca del Bierzo,<br />

Parador de Villafranca del Bierzo<br />

We wind our way beside mountain<br />

streams to the perfectly preserved hilltop village of<br />

O’Cebreiro with its oval stone huts. We pause by the<br />

pilgrims’ fountain in Triacastela, and after a short drive, we<br />

continue on foot along stonewalled lanes and our hotel in<br />

Portomarin.<br />

Overnight: Portomarin, Pousada de Portomarin<br />

We first glimpse the towers of Santiago. The excitement<br />

of reaching our goal increases as we walk into the old<br />

city and stand in wonder in the huge Praza de Obradoiro<br />

admiring the magnificent cathedral, the grand finale of our<br />

journey.<br />

Overnight: Santiago de Compostela, Parador de Santiago<br />

We journey to the Cruz de<br />

Hierro, which towers above a mountain of<br />

stones, each stone left by a passing<br />

pilgrim. After lunch, we walk over wildflower-scented<br />

slopes down to the village<br />

of Molinaseca, once a control point on the<br />

Roman Gold Road.<br />

Overnight: Molinaseca, Hotel Rural de Floriana<br />

We have time to explore this lovely old Baroque city<br />

before attending the noonday Pilgrim Mass in the cathedral.<br />

We say ‘hasta la vista’ at the airport of Santiago.<br />

Dramatic, lonely tracks lead<br />

to Ponferrada, with its 12th-century<br />

Templar Castle. After lunch, we<br />

continue to medieval Villafranca del<br />

Vicki Bales<br />

Arrival: Burgos<br />

Departure: Santiago de<br />

Compostela<br />

Terrain: Each day’s walk is<br />

between 5-6 hours, covering<br />

9-15 miles of easy to moderate walking per day.<br />

Our transport is at hand to help along the journey.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

US$ 4,495 per person<br />

(US$ 4,270 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 595 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 7 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 21-28<br />

Vicki Bales<br />


France • Spain<br />

• Untamed beauty of semi-wild<br />

landscape<br />

• Ancient, unique culture between<br />

France and Spain<br />

• Walking with the spectacular<br />

backdrop of the Pyrenees<br />

• Stay in an historic fortress with<br />

dramatic Atlantic Ocean views<br />

• Guided tasting at a museum of<br />

chocolate<br />

Rendezvous in dazzling<br />

Biarritz and make the short transfer to<br />

the lovely hilltop village of Aïnhoa, on<br />

the Spanish Border, for our Welcome<br />

Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Aïnhoa, Hotel Ithurria<br />

Walk to Sare, another traditional village. The<br />

trail traverses the typically hilly Basque countryside<br />

passing through forests, rivers and sheep meadows.<br />

After lunch in a colorful local restaurant, we climb the<br />

hillside of the iconic peak, La Rhune. We descend by<br />

foot for the transfer back to our hotel for wine tasting<br />

and dinner.<br />

Overnight: Aïnhoa, Hotel Ithurria<br />

Walking from our hotel, our route follows the<br />

climb and descent of a circular mountain path along<br />

the Spanish border. The scenery throughout the day is<br />

typically Basque with green grass, broom, sheep, ponies,<br />

vultures and wood pigeons. From the peak we admire<br />

the pano ramic view of Pays Basque, extending from the<br />

mountains to the sea. We end our day with dinner at<br />

the Michelin Star restaurant in the hotel.<br />

Overnight: Aïnhoa, Hotel Ithurria<br />

Pays Basque<br />

(historic building now restored as a Spanish hotel) in<br />

Hondarribia.<br />

Overnight: Hondarribia, Parador El Emperador<br />

After a stroll through the fortified city, we<br />

follow a pilgrimage trail. We walk down to the wild<br />

Spanish coastline which leads us to a fishing port for<br />

lunch. A coastal boat ride takes us back to Saint Jean<br />

de Luz where we have free time to enjoy the hotel<br />

facilities, including the exclusive Zen Spa, or shop in<br />

town before walking out to dinner.<br />

Overnight: St Jean de Luz, La Reserve<br />

We start our day by walking along the Atlantic<br />

seaboard before our visit to the chocolate museum<br />

where our 'maître chocolatier' will teach us all about<br />

this skilful art and allow us to indulge in a few divine<br />

Fort de Socoa<br />

Wild landscapes,<br />

sparkling coast and<br />

sophisticated resorts<br />

samples! We then walk to the famous resort of<br />

Biarritz created by Napoleon III for his wife, the<br />

Empress Eugenie. In the evening, we rendezvous in<br />

our hotel for our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: St Jean de Luz, La Reserve<br />

The Wayfarers see you safely on your way. Of<br />

course you may prefer to linger in Biarritz!<br />

Terry Krasinska<br />

After a short minibus transfer, we have time<br />

to explore the townscape of Saint Jean de Luz, visiting<br />

the church and the house where Louis XIV waited for<br />

his wedding to Maria-Teresa, Infanta of Spain, on June 9<br />

1660. We walk out from the town to our lunch in Socoa<br />

and then continue our walk along the coast of Abbadie.<br />

At Hendaye Port we take a boat ride across the River<br />

Bidassoa to Spain and a short walk to our Parador<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Biarritz<br />

Departure: St Jean de Luz TGV Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Alpine and coastal trails<br />

with moderate climbs and steep<br />

descents, inviting village tracks.<br />

9-12 miles walking per day.<br />

34 For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Water Sports Fishing Golf Horseback Riding<br />

US$ 4,495 per person<br />

(US$ 4,270 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 635 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

June 19-25,<br />

October 2-8

France<br />

D-Day Landings and<br />

Mont St Michel<br />

• Day-long tour of D-Day Landings site<br />

• Visit to the US cemetery<br />

• Overnight stay in Mont St Michel and<br />

tour of the famous abbey<br />

• Sample calvados, apple cider and<br />

icecream<br />

• See the Bayeux Tapestry<br />

Dick Dixon<br />

Brittany & Normandy<br />

Mont St Michel<br />

Rendezvous in Rennes, the capital of<br />

Brittany and drive to Dinan, a lovely medieval town<br />

surrounded by fortified walls. After a welcome<br />

aperitif and talk in the hotel, we stroll out to one of<br />

the best restaurants in town for dinner.<br />

Overnight: Dinan, Hotel Le d’Avaugour<br />

Guided walking tour of Brittany’s<br />

most beautiful old town. We walk beside the<br />

river to the village of Lehon, protected by its<br />

feudal castle dominating the former abbey.<br />

After lunch in a local inn, we continue along<br />

the river ascending through meadows to end<br />

the day with a great view of the city and its<br />

river-port from a magnificent viaduct. We<br />

dine this evening in a typical ‘crêperie’.<br />

Overnight: Dinan, Hotel Le d’Avaugour<br />

La Pointe du Hoc Normandy site<br />

Cruise along the Rance river followed by a<br />

walk to our lunch venue. We start our afternoon<br />

with a short transfer to see a unique tidal powerstation<br />

and then continue on foot to the famous<br />

resort of Dinard and then take the ferry to St-Malo.<br />

We stroll along the ancient city ramparts to our<br />

beautiful new hotel, before having dinner in<br />

the restaurant overlooking the sea.<br />

Overnight: St-Malo,<br />

Hotel Nouveau Monde<br />

We walk along the coastline,<br />

passing the amazing sculptured rocks of<br />

Rotheneuf, comprising 300 local characters<br />

carved into the granite by a 19thcentury<br />

priest, the Abbé Fouré. We<br />

continue along the picturesque Côte<br />

Liberty Road milestone<br />

d’Emeraude (Emerald Coast) to lunch<br />

followed by a drive into Normandy. In<br />

the evening, we walk across the causeway to Mont St Michel<br />

to dine on the famous ‘omelette de la Mère Poulard’; a<br />

unique experience!<br />

Overnight: Mont St Michel, Relais St Michel<br />

We arrive at Bayeux and visit the famous 11thcentury<br />

Tapestry made to celebrate the conquest of England<br />

by William, Duke of Normandy. After lunch, we walk<br />

through the ‘bocage’, a Norman word for the unique, picture<br />

postcard landscape of woodland, pasture and meadows<br />

interspersed with charming hamlets. We stop to taste the<br />

renowned local calvados and apple cider. We settle in our<br />

stunning hotel in Port-en-Bessin, before a presentation about<br />

the D-Day Landings.<br />

Overnight: Port-en-Bessin, Château La Chenevière<br />

A fascinating and thought-provoking tour of the<br />

Normandy Beaches. We visit Ste Mère Eglise, scene of the<br />

largest airborne night assault in history and centre of US<br />

82nd Airborne operations; the German cemetery at La<br />

Cambe; the Pointe du Hoc where the battery has been left as<br />

it was on D-Day. We walk along Omaha Beach for a guided<br />

tour of the US Cemetery, with time to reflect. We return to<br />

our hotel for our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Port-en-Bessin, Château La Chenevière<br />

Transfer to Caen to say au revoir at the station.<br />

Detail of the 230 ft long Bayeux Tapestry<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Rennes<br />

Departure: Caen<br />

Terrain: Easy to moderate.<br />

Coastline paths, country trails.<br />

6-8 miles walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

Water Sports Fishing Golf Horseback Riding<br />

US$ 4,495 per person<br />

(US$ 4,270 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 655 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

June 12-18,<br />

September 25 - October 1<br />


France<br />

• Private wine tasting at Domaine<br />

Servan in Chablis<br />

• Gentle strolls in the rich countryside<br />

of Burgundy<br />

• Luxurious on-board accommodation<br />

• Gourmet meals showcasing<br />

regional French cuisine<br />

• Visit a traditional French market<br />

Burgundy by Barge<br />

La Belle Epoque<br />

Built in 1930 to carry freight on the<br />

canals, the barge was converted into<br />

a hotel and now has seven luxury<br />

cabins complete with marble-tiled<br />

bathrooms, and public rooms<br />

including a saloon/dining room and<br />

sun deck with Jacuzzi hot tub.<br />

and the 13th-century Hotel Dieu<br />

and then return by minibus to<br />

the barge moored at Lézinnes.<br />

Rendezvous in Paris and transfer to the barge.<br />

Welcome Aboard with champagne and canapés before<br />

our Welcome Dinner on board.<br />

Overnight for the week: The Barge La Belle Epoque<br />

After a delicious breakfast which includes<br />

fresh croissants from a local boulangerie, we cruise<br />

through the Burgundian countryside to Tanlay with the<br />

option to take a leisurely walk along the towpath. After<br />

lunch on board we visit the 16th-century Château de<br />

Tanlay for a guided tour of this beautiful castle.<br />

Canal-side walk passing ancient villages<br />

before departing for a private wine tasting and gourmet<br />

lunch in Chablis. After lunch there is time to wander<br />

around the town before we take a late afternoon walk<br />

towards Tonnerre. We visit the amazing Fosse Dionne<br />

A morning visit to<br />

Noyers sur Serein, listed as one<br />

of the most beautiful villages in<br />

France, gives us a chance to<br />

enjoy the local produce, colors<br />

and delights of the wonderful<br />

market. In the afternoon we<br />

either enjoy a lazy cruise or a circuitous walk<br />

through the Burgundian countryside.<br />

Starting at the tiny village of Cry, this<br />

morning’s walk takes us through woodland, over<br />

rolling fields and by a ruined castle. In the afternoon<br />

we drive to the exquisite UNESCO World Heritage site<br />

of Abbaye de Fontenay founded by St Bernard in 1118.<br />

With its peaceful gardens and ponds and fascinating<br />

cloisters, dormitories and scriptorium, Fontenay gives<br />

an exceptional glimpse of Cistercian life and industry.<br />

A late afternoon walk brings us to the ancient town<br />

of Ravières.<br />

Gourmet cuisine by luxury barge<br />

We have the best views of the week with<br />

stunning vistas across the valley of the Brenne and<br />

the Canal du Bourgogne. In the afternoon we first<br />

visit the fascinating walled hilltop village of<br />

Flavigny sur Ozerain, where the film ‘Chocolat’ was<br />

made. This is followed by a visit to Alesia, the site<br />

of the final battle between the Gauls and Romans<br />

that took place in 52 BC. We return to the barge for<br />

the Captain’s Farewell Dinner .<br />

Private transfer to Paris.<br />

NB: This itinerary is subject to change.<br />

Château de Tanlay<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Paris<br />

Departure: Paris<br />

Terrain: The soft landscape,<br />

low hills and level towpaths<br />

skirting canals make for<br />

easy walking.<br />

3-5 miles per day.<br />

36 For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Biking<br />

From US$ 5,290 per person<br />

(From US$ 5,025 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(From US$ 1,850 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2015 Dates:<br />

October 9-15,<br />

October 16-22<br />

Balloon Rides

Burgundy<br />

Walks and wines<br />

from Beaune<br />

to Cluny<br />

France<br />

• Discover some of the most beautiful<br />

villages in France, including the<br />

location of the movie Chocolat<br />

• Take tea at a private mansion<br />

• Wine-tasting in the cellars of world<br />

famous châteaux<br />

• Explore the ruins of the influential<br />

Benedictine abbey at Cluny<br />

• Visit Château of Commarin where the<br />

current owner, a descendant of the<br />

Duke of Burgundy, will greet us<br />

• Learn about the art of truffle hunting<br />

NEW<br />

Hospices de Beaune<br />

We rendezvous at the TGV station in Dijon,<br />

the capital of Burgundy's dukes, and make the short<br />

transfer to our first hotel, a castle in a small village in<br />

Auxois. The evening starts with an introduction to<br />

our week, followed by dinner.<br />

Overnight: Pouilly-en-Auxois, Château Sainte Sabine<br />

After a short transfer to Flavigny-sur-<br />

Ozerain, the location for the movie Chocolat, we hike<br />

to the moated castle of Bussy-Rabutin. Lunch is in a<br />

traditional auberge. A lakeside walk brings us to the<br />

fortified town of Semur-en-Auxois and Tea on the<br />

terrace of a private mansion.<br />

Overnight: Pouilly-en-Auxois, Château Sainte Sabine<br />

Château de Clos-Vougeot<br />

We walk beside the Burgundy canal and<br />

in the hills, to Chateauneuf-en-Auxois, with its<br />

famous medieval castle. After lunch, we continue<br />

along the fringe of the plateau with magnificent<br />

views of the valley to the renowned Chateau de<br />

Commarin. We will be welcomed by the owner<br />

himself, descendant of an aristocratic<br />

family with 500 years of history. We<br />

transfer to Beaune and our hotel in the<br />

historic center.<br />

Overnight: Beaune, Hotel Le Cep<br />

We visit the traditional market and the famous<br />

Hospices de Beaune, founded as a charitable almshouse<br />

nearly 600 years ago. We lunch at Château d'Entre-deux-<br />

Monts, dating from the time of Louis XIII. We find out about<br />

truffle-hunting and enjoy the spoils with our meal! On to the<br />

Côte de Nuits vineyards and the Château de Clos-Vougeot,<br />

the headquarters of the brotherhood of the "Chevaliers du<br />

Tastevin", where we see the château, the Cistercian cellars<br />

and wine presses.<br />

Overnight: Beaune, Hotel Le Cep<br />

We walk above the vineyards of Volnay to Saint-<br />

Romain, an ancient stone village. After lunch in a local<br />

auberge, we hike to the wine-growing village of Chassagne-<br />

Montrachet and a wine-tasting session in the Château de<br />

Chassagne cellars. We drive to Tournus, one of the oldest<br />

monastic centers of Burgundy. We dine in a traditional<br />

restaurant next to the 11th century abbey.<br />

Overnight: Tournus, Hotel de Greuze<br />

We transfer to the “perched” village of Brancion for<br />

coffee and croissants at the foot of the medieval castle. Our<br />

walk takes us on the old monks’ path to Cluny, the medieval<br />

capital of the Roman Catholic Church, for lunch. Our afternoon<br />

ends with a visit of the ruins of the mighty Cluny<br />

abbey before a transfer back to our hotel. Our farewell<br />

dinner is at the Michelin-starred Restaurant de Greuze.<br />

Overnight: Tournus, Hotel de Greuze<br />

Arrival: Dijon<br />

Departure: Dijon<br />

or Montchanin TGV<br />

Terrain: Undulating paths and<br />

tracks through forests, fields and<br />

vineyards. Some rocky paths.<br />

Occasional, moderate ups and downs.<br />

Average 10 miles walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

US$ 4,495 per person<br />

(US$ 4,270 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 595 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

June 5-11F,<br />

September 18-24<br />

F = Founders’ Walk<br />

We say our goodbyes and depart from the TGV station<br />

at Dijon or<br />

Montchanin.<br />


France<br />

• Unique mix of French and German<br />

culture<br />

• Fine Alsatian cuisine and regional<br />

specialities<br />

• Fascinating military history from both<br />

World Wars<br />

• Wines of the region<br />

• Picturesque villages with half timbered<br />

houses and cobbled streets<br />

Alsace<br />

Rendezvous in Strasbourg for<br />

the short journey to our hotel in the<br />

heart of Obernai, one of the loveliest<br />

villages in Alsace. Time to stroll<br />

around the village before an<br />

Introductory Talk and Welcome<br />

Dinner – our first taste of the<br />

renowned Alsatian cuisine.<br />

Overnight: Obernai, Hotel A la Cour d’Alsace<br />

Following a charming valley we leave Obernai<br />

to go to Boersch, a typical Alsatian fortress community.<br />

On the way we visit a handicraft marquetry studio.<br />

Heading through vineyards and pastures we arrive in<br />

Rosheim for lunch. In the afternoon, we visit the 12thcentury<br />

church before walking back through forests<br />

and vineyards.<br />

Overnight: Obernai, Hotel A la Cour d’Alsace<br />

We visit the mountain-top sanctuary of Mont<br />

Ste-Odile, a spiritual shrine much loved by the Alsatian<br />

people. Crossing the majestic Vosgienne forest we<br />

descend to Barr, another Alsatian 'kitsch' village for our<br />

lunch. Our afternoon trail varies between woody hills<br />

and vineyards, and takes us to Bernardville for a wine<br />

tasting. We transfer to our hotel in Ribeauvillé and have<br />

dinner in a traditional 'winstub' in town.<br />

Overnight: Ribeauvillé, Le Clos Saint Vincent<br />

Villages, Vosges<br />

& Vineyards<br />

vineyards of Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and<br />

Gewürztraminer grapes. In Riquewihr, a village<br />

acclaimed for its beauty, we have lunch before<br />

walking on to another fortified village, Kientzheim,<br />

still nestled within its powerful ramparts. On the way<br />

we pass the WWII memorial remembering the<br />

soldiers from many different nations who gave their<br />

lives in the bloody battle of La Poche de Colmar.<br />

Overnight: Colmar, Hotel les Têtes<br />

We take to the Vosges Mountains on shaded<br />

forest paths and walk beside the region’s two most<br />

prominent lakes. We visit the museum and memorial<br />

at Le Linge, scene one of the bloodiest battles of<br />

World War I. A very moving memorial site, the battlefield<br />

contains numerous black-and-white crosses<br />

marking the final resting place of French and German<br />

troops. Lunch is in a typical local auberge with an<br />

opportunity to taste Munster cheese, before returning<br />

to our hotel and our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Colmar, Hotel les Têtes<br />

The Wayfarers provide a courtesy bus transfer<br />

to the rail station in Colmar where we say au revoir.<br />

Visit to the great Château du Haut Koenigs -<br />

bourg, one of Europe’s most important medieval<br />

fortresses, restored in the 19th Century by Kaiser<br />

Wilhelm II. We enjoy the far-reaching views to<br />

Germany’s Black Forest and then walk down through<br />

the forest to our lunch in a chalet in a mountain resort.<br />

In the afternoon, we discover the ruins of three castles<br />

owned by the Ribeaupierre family.<br />

Overnight: Ribeauvillé, Le Clos Saint Vincent<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

We walk down from the hotel into<br />

Ribeauvillé, one of the most beautiful villages in France,<br />

along the celebrated Alsace Route de Vins, through<br />

Arrival: Strasbourg<br />

Departure: Colmar<br />

Terrain: Undulating paths and<br />

tracks through forests, vineyards<br />

and picturesque villages.<br />

Occasional moderate ups and downs.<br />

8-10 miles walking per day.<br />

38 For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Massage/Spa<br />

Market<br />

US$ 4,495 per person<br />

(US$ 4,270 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 655 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 29 - June 4,<br />

September 11-17<br />

Golf<br />

Horseback Riding

France<br />

Provence<br />

We rendezvous in Avignon before transferring<br />

to Lourmarin for our Welcome Reception and<br />

pre-dinner aperitif followed by a typical Provençal<br />

dinner.<br />

Overnight: Lourmarin, Le Moulin de Lourmarin<br />

We walk in a landcape full of flowers,<br />

herbs and fragrances in springtime and a dazzling<br />

display of rich colors in autumn. We walk to the<br />

village of Vaugines for lunch, and continue through<br />

vineyards in the afternoon to end the day at the<br />

14th-century castle of Lourmarin. Try an aperitif of<br />

Pastis, a well-known aniseed beverage and 'symbol<br />

of the South' before dining in our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Lourmarin, Le Moulin de Lourmarin<br />

Fragrances,<br />

fine dining and<br />

artistic inspiration<br />

Following a sparkling river, we explore<br />

deep, dramatic gorges bounded by cliffs and inhabited<br />

only by birds of prey. An old pack-horse trail<br />

brings us to lunch at a traditional auberge. We hike<br />

to the hilltop village of Bonnieux where we stay for<br />

dinner and overnight.<br />

Overnight: Bonnieux, La Bastide de Capelongue<br />

We explore Bonnieux, then follow a<br />

winding path through woods and vineyards to the<br />

• Brilliantly colored wild landscapes<br />

that inspired great painters<br />

• Superb gourmet fine dining<br />

• Beautiful old villages and ancient<br />

castles<br />

• Private wine tasting<br />

• Visit The Marquis de Sade's<br />

village of Lacoste<br />

Marquis de Sade’s picturesque village of<br />

Lacoste for lunch. The heady<br />

scents of rosemary, cedar and<br />

wild thyme accompany us<br />

past craggy stone walls<br />

and almond trees to<br />

old Ménerbes, a former<br />

Calvinist stronghold in the<br />

Middle Ages. We finish our day by visiting a<br />

local wine grower to taste the Luberon wine.<br />

Overnight: Bonnieux, La Bastide de Capelongue<br />

We walk to the beautiful multihued<br />

village of Roussillon for a guided visit to an<br />

ochre museum and time to browse the market and<br />

village shops before lunch. We continue across the<br />

valley to the stunningly situated, tiered village of<br />

Gordes, perched on the rocky face of the Vaucluse<br />

Plateau.<br />

Overnight: Gordes, Hotel Les Bories<br />

We visit the source of the River Sorgue at Fontaine de<br />

Vaucluse and follow an ancient silk route to Cabrières<br />

d’Avignon for lunch. We return along rocky hillsides to<br />

Gordes where, in this village of centuries-old dwellings and<br />

vaulted passageways, we enjoy our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Gordes, Hotel Les Bories<br />

The Wayfarers take you back to Avignon TGV station<br />

and see you safely on your way.<br />

Ellen Barone<br />

Optional<br />

Local artist<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Avignon TGV Rail Station<br />

Departure: Avignon TGV Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Firm ground, contoured<br />

rocky paths.<br />

8-12 miles walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

Cooking Class<br />

Market Balloon Rides Swimming Painting Class<br />

US$ 4,795 per person<br />

(US$ 4,555 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 695 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 22-28,<br />

October 16-22<br />


Stephen Banks<br />

Stephen Banks<br />

40<br />

Stephen Banks<br />

1 Puglia<br />

2 The Veneto<br />

3 The Dolomites<br />

4 Lucca to Siena<br />

5 Classic Tuscany<br />

6 Tuscany & Umbria

Bolzano<br />

3<br />

7<br />

Como<br />

2<br />

Venice<br />

Stephen Banks<br />

Novara<br />

Vicenza<br />

9<br />

La Spezia<br />

Lucca<br />

4<br />

7 The Italian Lakes<br />

8 The Amalfi Coast &<br />

The Isle of Capri<br />

9 Cinque Terre<br />

10 Western Sicily<br />

11 Eastern Sicily<br />

Siena<br />

5<br />

Chiusi<br />

6<br />

Orvieto<br />

Rome<br />

Italy<br />

10<br />

Naples<br />

8<br />

Palermo<br />

Catania<br />

11<br />

0 miles 100<br />

Stephen Banks Stephen Banks Stephen Banks<br />

Brindisi<br />

1<br />


Testimonials<br />

Stephen Banks Stephen Banks<br />

“We always balance the<br />

cost versus the experience<br />

and I must say Wayfarer’s offers<br />

tremendous value for the price.”<br />

Karen D., Cinque Terre<br />

“Marina is a superb guide, both in her<br />

knowledge of the area, its flora and fauna<br />

and its historical significance - and in her<br />

excellent judgment about how to pace<br />

the walk and make certain that each of<br />

us was doing well and not struggling to<br />

keep up.<br />

This was a phenomenal experience, both<br />

physically and spiritually.”<br />

Ellen W., Italian lakes<br />

“The Thursday cave-walk was like going<br />

back 2,000 years into the Bible.”<br />

Michael S., Puglia<br />

“...is a marvelous addition to the<br />

Wayfarers’ portfolio. Every day brought<br />

us to new terrain- from the Adriatic Sea,<br />

with its amazing spectrum of blue, to<br />

Lecce and its unbelievable Baroque architecture,<br />

followed by Alberobello's thrifty<br />

trulli and then on to the rugged ravines<br />

and rock churches of Matera.<br />

... there were MILLIONS of wildflowers --<br />

HUNDREDS of varieties -- I can't even<br />

count how many orchid varieties. A<br />

number of us on the Walk were absolute<br />

wildflower enthusiasts and we had never<br />

seen anything like it.<br />

We LOVED going to Mimmo's farm and<br />

having his family show us how<br />

mozzarella, burrata, and stracciatella di<br />

bufala was made and then enjoying a<br />

wonderful meal of cheese, orecchiette pasta<br />

with marinara sauce and home pickled<br />

vegetables, followed by almond cookies and<br />

almond milk...we all needed a nap afterwards!”<br />

Eileen M., Puglia<br />

“The walks along the coastline and the<br />

scenery were nothing I could imagine.<br />

Pictures won’t do it any justice.<br />

The views I experienced more than exceeded<br />

anything I thought I would see. AMAZING!”<br />

Jennifer B., Puglia<br />

“When we get home we are going to read<br />

our brochure and pick our next Wayfarers<br />

Walk.<br />

Rod and Janice B., Sicily<br />

“Walk totally fulfilled our expectations,<br />

hotels exceeded them, as did the scenery.”<br />

Mary D., Cinque Terre<br />

“I loved the beautiful scenery! I was in awe<br />

of the majesty of the mountains. I also loved<br />

the refugios where we stopped for lunch. I<br />

loved the Fanes Hotel and Spa! What a treat<br />

to stay in such a lovely spot!”<br />

Margaret C., Dolomites<br />

“My favorite aspects of the Walk were the<br />

flora/fauna and history, which is not to say<br />

that I didn’t enjoy the food and wine<br />

immensely.”<br />

Judy B., Eastern Sicily<br />

42<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com

Puglia<br />

Italy<br />

• Visit two UNESCO World Heritage<br />

Sites<br />

• Explore Alberobello, famous for its<br />

trulli houses<br />

• Hike in the Regional Park of the<br />

Rupestrian Rock Churches<br />

• See the Stone Age cave dwellings of<br />

Sassi di Matera<br />

• Lunch with a family of shepherds in<br />

their traditional home<br />

Dale Brown<br />

Dale Brown<br />

Rendezvous at Brindisi airport for a transfer<br />

to our hotel in Lecce, a town named the Florence of<br />

the south for its magnificent baroque<br />

architecture.In the evening we meet for our<br />

Welcome Dinner and Introductory Talk.<br />

Overnight: Lecce, Hotel Patria Palace<br />

We transfer to Otranto for a walking tour<br />

of this fascinating coastal settlement dating back to<br />

the Classical era, including the Ancient Roman Torre<br />

del Serpe watchtower. After lunch we visit La<br />

Cutura Botanic Garden containing an abundant<br />

Trulli<br />

Beauty, history and local cuisine<br />

collection of succulent plants that thrive in the clement<br />

climate.<br />

Overnight: Lecce, Hotel Patria Palace<br />

We transfer from Lecce towards Ceglie<br />

Messapica from where we walk along the recently<br />

restored water conduit of the Sele River. This huge<br />

project was started in 1906 to bring fresh water to arid<br />

Puglia. After lunch in a local Trattoria we continue<br />

walking along the aqueduct and transfer to our hotel in<br />

Alberobello.<br />

Overnight: Alberobello, Hotel Il Palmento<br />

From the hotel we continue the walk<br />

along the aqueduct. Our lunch is served in a<br />

local farm dating back to the Middle Ages. Here<br />

we see a mozzarella cheese making demonstration.<br />

After lunch with a local guide, we explore<br />

Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage site<br />

famous for its 1,500 ancient trulli houses. The<br />

Trulli are built of dry stones (no mortar) with<br />

pyramidal, domed or conical roofs.<br />

Overnight: Alberobello, Hotel Il Palmento<br />

We walk in<br />

The Archeological<br />

and Naturalistic<br />

Park of the<br />

Rupestrian Rock<br />

Churches of Matera. These<br />

unique ancient cave churches<br />

are scattered over area of about<br />

8,000 hectares encompassing a<br />

wealth of Neolithic settlements, fortified<br />

farms, and cisterns. After lunch a local guide takes us<br />

on a visit of the town of Matera, famous for its subterranean<br />

houses and also a second World Heritage Site.<br />

Many of the dwellings are little more than caves and<br />

some have been inhabited for 9,000 years. The town has<br />

been used many times as a movie location, including in<br />

Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ.<br />

Overnight: Matera, Hotel Santangelosassi<br />

Our Walk starts from the hotel and takes us along<br />

the spectacular Gravina Canyon. After a gourmet lunch<br />

in the beautiful town of Montescaglioso we have a<br />

guided tour of The Abbey and return to our hotel for<br />

our exquisite Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Matera, Hotel Santangelosassi<br />

The Wayfarers transfer you to Bari airport and<br />

see you on your way.<br />

Dale Brown<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Brindisi Airport<br />

Departure: Bari Airport<br />

Terrain: Firm ground, dirt<br />

tracks and contoured rocky<br />

paths. Some loose stones.<br />

8-12 miles walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

Swimming<br />

Tennis<br />

Massage/Spa<br />

US$ 4,395 per person<br />

(US$ 4,175 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 595 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

April 17-23,<br />

September 25 - October 1<br />


Italy<br />

• See Palladio's masterpieces<br />

• Cooking lesson in Albergo al Sole<br />

• Visit First World War battlefields<br />

• Explore the foothills of the<br />

Dolomites<br />

• Sample speciality cheese, grappa<br />

and prosecco<br />

Rendezvous in glorious<br />

Vicenza and visit Palladio’s stunning<br />

Teatro Olimpico. We continue to La<br />

Rotonda and drive to Asiago for our<br />

Welcome Drink and Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Asiago, Hotel Europa<br />

Transfer to Monte Cengio, scene of<br />

the Battle of Asiago, and walk through woods<br />

and open countryside to Fort Corbin, an<br />

impressive World War One fortification built<br />

on top of a cliff. We continue on to the fascinating<br />

mountain village of Tresche Conca in<br />

the foot hills of the Dolomites and then return<br />

to Asiago for dinner in a local pizzeria.<br />

Overnight: Asiago, Hotel Europa<br />

We start in Croce Sant’Antonio and<br />

take a gentle uphill track through woods of<br />

spruce and larch with panoramic views. We<br />

continue walking to the top of the hill where<br />

we can see numerous trenches and bomb<br />

shelters from World War One. We lunch on<br />

local products at a farm and taste the famous<br />

The Veneto<br />

NEW<br />

Asiago cheese. Fascinating herb dinner at the hotel with a<br />

local herb grower/expert.<br />

Overnight: Asiago, Hotel Europa<br />

An easy walk from the village of San Luca down<br />

to a trail overlooking the valley, and on to the charming<br />

medieval town of Marostica. After lunch in a traditional<br />

osteria, we transfer to Bassano Del Grappa and walk the<br />

ancient streets to see the cathedral, upper castle and<br />

famous wooden bridge, designed by Palladio. We visit the<br />

Nardini Distillery to learn about – and taste – the<br />

renowned grappa. We drive to Asolo, one of the loveliest<br />

little towns in Italy.<br />

Overnight: Asolo, Albergo Al Sole<br />

Today we walk from the hotel though the<br />

scenic hills and woodlands of Asolo, followed by a guided<br />

tour and visit of Palladio's famous Villa Barbaro. Here in<br />

the Villas winery we enjoy a delicious lunch and a wine<br />

Palladio’s Ponte degli Alpini, Bassano del grappa<br />

Palladio and<br />

Prosecco<br />

tasting. In the afternoon we return to the hotel in Asolo<br />

for a cooking lesson; we eat for dinner what we prepare!<br />

Overnight: Asolo, Albergo al Sole<br />

En route to the start of our Walk, we visit a neoclassical<br />

temple, the Tempio Canoviano designed by the<br />

famous painter and sculptor Antonio Canovan in the<br />

twilight of his life, and final repository of his genius and<br />

ashes. We walk through prosecco vineyards with<br />

marvelous views and where most of the cultivation is still<br />

done by hand in the traditional way. Prosecco wine<br />

tasting and light lunch is prepared by a local family on a<br />

terrace overlooking the vineyards. We visit an ancient<br />

working water mill en route to our hotel, on a hilltop<br />

with views to the Adriatic for our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: San Pietro di Feletto, Hotel Villa del Poggio<br />

After breakfast and a 30-minute transfer, we say<br />

"arrivederci" in Venice.<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Mountain Biking Swimming Water Sports<br />

Roy Robinson<br />

Dale Brown<br />

Arrival: Vicenza<br />

Departure: Venice<br />

Terrain: Mountain and forest trails,<br />

paved walks in Vicenza and Venice.<br />

6-12 miles per day.<br />

44 For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

US$ 4,495 per person<br />

(US$ 4,270 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 635 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

September 4-10

Italy<br />

The Dolomites<br />

• Unique, UNESCO listed area<br />

• Alpine wildflowers, crystal streams,<br />

pure air<br />

• Incredible panoramas of mountain<br />

peaks<br />

• Insight into the Ladino people's<br />

traditional food and culture<br />

• Spectacular and rewarding hiking<br />

Italy's awesome wild mountains<br />

We rendezvous in Bolzano, the capital of the<br />

Alto Adige, for our drive into the mountains to the<br />

elegant, fashionable village of Moena. Introductory<br />

Talk and Welcome Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Moena, Hotel Faloria<br />

We stroll through the streets of the old<br />

town and then ascend through woods of spruce<br />

and pine with occasional views of Moena below to<br />

lunch in a mountain tavern at Hennenstall. We hike<br />

on through alpine landscape to Lake Carezza, much<br />

loved by Winston Churchill, who painted here, and<br />

Agatha Christie, who based her novel ‘The Big Four’<br />

here. We continue to San Cassiano, our base for the<br />

next three nights, for dinner.<br />

Overnight: San Cassiano, Hotel Fanes<br />

We drive to Colfosco with its splendid<br />

views of the cliffs of the Sella across the valley. We<br />

take a steep, sometimes rocky, uphill trail, to<br />

Forcella (mountain pass)<br />

de Campei. Mountain<br />

trails take us to a lakeside<br />

walk and the plateau of<br />

Gardenaccia with a panorama of<br />

peaks, after a lunch at Jimmy’s Hütte<br />

(boasting the best grappa in the Dolomites). Dinner tonight<br />

highlights the traditional food of the Ladino people.<br />

Overnight: San Cassiano, Hotel Fanes<br />

An undulating hike, accompanied by the sound of<br />

cow-bells clanging across the valley, with great views brings<br />

us to the Church of la Croce. We continue to the Ranch Hutte<br />

da Andrè for a hearty mountain lunch in this family-run<br />

restaurant. In the afternoon, choose to walk down on<br />

meadow trails and village streets or take the van directly to<br />

the hotel.<br />

Overnight: San Cassiano, Hotel Fanes<br />

A long, bracing day in the mountains. From the<br />

mountain chalet at Capanna Alpina, we ascend along a<br />

rocky trail to reach the high plateau. On a wide path, we<br />

continue through alpine pasture, where cows graze amid the<br />

flowers, to lunch in a mountain rifugio. We descend beside<br />

the dramatic waterfalls and gorges of the Fanes valley.<br />

Overnight: Cortina d'Ampezzo, Hotel Ancora<br />

Arrival: Bolzano<br />

Departure: Venice<br />

Terrain: Mountain trails and tracks,<br />

some steep ascents and descents.<br />

8-14 miles walking per day.<br />

Note: Although this is a challenging week’s<br />

walking, there are less arduous options every<br />

day for those who prefer gentler alternatives.<br />

Massage/Spa<br />

Optional<br />

Mountain Biking Paragliding<br />

Opportunities<br />

US$ 4,495 per person<br />

(US$ 4,270 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 635 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

August 28 - September 3<br />

Tennis Horseback Riding<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

We drive to Passo Falzarego where we admire views<br />

of the Cinque Torri (five towers) just above Cortina. We take<br />

lunch at the stunning restaurant with 360 degree views at<br />

Rifugio Scoiattolo. After lunch we take a circular walk<br />

around the Cinque Torri and visit the open-air World War I<br />

Museum, before our Farewell Dinner - in Cortina.<br />

Overnight: Cortina d'Ampezzo, Hotel Ancora<br />

Transfer to Venice, where we say 'arrivederci'.<br />


Italy<br />

• Follow the ancient Pilgrims’ Way<br />

in Tuscany<br />

• Guided walking tours of historic<br />

Lucca and Siena<br />

• Visit wine cellars producing<br />

Vernaccia white wine<br />

• Spend two nights in beautiful<br />

San Gimignano<br />

• Gain a unique perspective on the<br />

real Tuscany<br />

Rendezvous in Lucca, one of the<br />

most beautiful and ancient Tuscan<br />

towns. We take a guided tour of the<br />

town before meeting for our Intro -<br />

ductory Talk and Welcome Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Lucca, Palazzo Alexander<br />

The morning begins with a cycle ride around<br />

the magnificently preserved 16th-century ramparts of<br />

Lucca. After a short transfer and an early lunch, we start<br />

our journey on the Way. The route takes us past the<br />

ancient Osteria di Greppi, through woodland and over<br />

heathland, finishing at Ponte a Cappiano. From here we<br />

transfer to San Miniato, where Michelangelo met with<br />

Pope Clement VII who commissioned the great artist to<br />

paint the Sistine Chapel.<br />

Overnight: San Miniato, Miravalle Palace Hotel<br />

After a short transfer to the start of our walk<br />

we will take trails through fields and along white roads<br />

to Coiano where we visit the wine cellars and old olive<br />

mill of the Castello di Coiano, before continuing<br />

through olive groves and vineyards to lunch at a farm.<br />

After lunch we will continue through the rolling countryside<br />

to the Pieve di Santa Maria a Chianni then a<br />

short transfer to Gambassi Terme.<br />

Overnight: Gambassi Terme, Hotel Villa Bianca<br />

Our journey today takes us up and downhill<br />

along dirt roads through farmland to the Sanctuary of<br />

Pancole. We lunch at the Fattoria di Pancole and visit<br />

Lucca to Siena<br />

Stephen Banks<br />

Monteriggioni<br />

the wine cellars that produce some of the famous<br />

Vernaccia white wine. Our afternoon Walk takes<br />

us to the Monastero di Bose, a monastic community<br />

made up of both men and women of different<br />

Christian beliefs. Short transfer to San Gimi gnano,<br />

with a guided tour of the town.<br />

Overnight: San Gimignano, Hotel Belsoggiorno<br />

After a short transfer we walk through<br />

hilly countryside and across streams passing<br />

farms to Campiglia, then on to Colle Val d'Elsa, a<br />

walled medieval town situated on the Via<br />

Francigena and famous for its crystal glass, which<br />

has been produced since 1331. After lunch in a<br />

local restaurant there is time to visit the town<br />

before driving back to San Gimignano.<br />

Overnight: San Gimignano, Hotel Belsoggiorno<br />

Transfer to the start of our walk. The walk this<br />

morning takes us through Abbadia a Isola where we visit<br />

the Cistercian abbey dating back to 1001 before continuing<br />

on to Monte riggioni set within its medieval walls<br />

with towers that Dante likened to giant sentries. There<br />

will be time to visit the village before lunch in a local<br />

restaurant and transfer to our hotel near<br />

Siena where we celebrate the end of<br />

our journey with a Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Siena,<br />

Villa Scacciapensieri<br />

After breakfast, we<br />

take a guided walking<br />

tour of stunning Siena<br />

before saying farewell<br />

at Siena rail station.<br />

Detail of the marble floor in the Siena Duomo<br />

A Pilgrim Way<br />

Maria Woody<br />

Judi Hermann<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Lucca Rail Station<br />

Departure: Siena Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Beautiful countryside<br />

along white roads,<br />

woodlands, vineyards<br />

and some hills.<br />

6-8 miles walking per day<br />

46 More details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Swimming<br />

Massage/Spa<br />

US$ 4,295 per person<br />

(US$ 4,080 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 595 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 22-28,<br />

September 18-24<br />

Golf<br />

Tennis<br />

>> 2 are better<br />

Enjoy the<br />

Full Tuscan<br />

Experience:<br />

Book the<br />

whole<br />


Italy<br />

Classic Tuscany<br />

Birthplace of the Renaissance<br />

• Rich landscape, brilliant light and<br />

exquisite villages<br />

• Learn how to prepare Tuscan farmhouse<br />

specialities<br />

• Visit the caves where St Francis lived<br />

• Organic wine tasting in renowned<br />

Brunello region<br />

• Cycle on the historic Sentiero della<br />

Bonifica<br />

Stephen Banks<br />

We rendezvous at Chiusi train station and<br />

transfer to Pienza, a remarkable example of<br />

Renaissance town planning, for our Introductory<br />

Talk and Welcome Drink.<br />

Overnight: Pienza, La Bandita<br />

This morning we will stroll the<br />

narrow vicoli of Pienza and visit the<br />

Romitorio, an Etruscan tomb carved out of<br />

the tufo rock and later used as a hermitage<br />

by monks from a nearby abbey. The afternoon<br />

walk will take us to Monticchiello, a<br />

La Cucina Toscana<br />

Stephen Banks<br />

Montepulciano<br />

charming medieval village which preserves its old<br />

paving, characteristic stone houses and hidden<br />

gardens.<br />

Overnight: Pienza, La Bandita<br />

This morning visit the Pieve of Corsignano,<br />

stunning in its simplicity. We will then cross the<br />

wheat fields made famous by the film 'Gladiator' to<br />

il Rigo where we will roll up our sleeves and don<br />

aprons for a cookery lesson. After lunch we will<br />

continue on to Bagno Vignoni to relax in the hot<br />

water springs of this unique spa hamlet.<br />

Overnight: Pienza, La Bandita<br />

On Monte Cetona we walk through oak<br />

and maple woods to visit the caves of Saint Francis<br />

then continue on to lunch in a tiny<br />

hamlet set in a spectacular position.<br />

After lunch we visit La Foce gardens,<br />

originally designed by the English architect<br />

Cecil Pinsent.<br />

Overnight: Montepulciano,<br />

Villa Cicolina<br />

We walk to Cantina Salcheto, a fascinating<br />

organic and biodynamic wine estate, for a tasting and<br />

lunch. In the afternoon, we return to Montepulciano to<br />

explore the cellars of the wine cathedral dug out below<br />

the town.<br />

Overnight: Montepulciano, Villa Cicolina<br />

This morning there will be a short transfer before<br />

starting a relaxing bike ride on the historic Sentiero della<br />

Bonifica, taking us along the agricultural plains of the Val di<br />

Chiana valley. After lunch we will explore Lucignano, a<br />

small village set in a spectacular position overlooking the<br />

Val di Chiana, and visit its museum which is home to the<br />

Tree of Life, a gold work masterpiece.<br />

Overnight: Montepulciano, Villa Cicolina<br />

This morning we will drive to Arezzo, for a short<br />

guided visit and the chance to visit the antique market, one<br />

of the most important in Italy..<br />

Stephen Banks<br />

Maria Woody<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

than 1! >><br />

Swimming Massage/Spa Antique Shopping<br />

Special Price<br />

US$ 8,150<br />

(per person<br />

based on double<br />

occupancy)<br />

for both Walks<br />

Arrival: Chiusi Rail Station<br />

Departure: Arezzo Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Unpaved roads,<br />

woodland trails with<br />

some hills<br />

4-9 miles walking per day.<br />

15 miles easy cycling on Friday.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

US$ 4,495 per person<br />

(US$ 4,270 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 595 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 29 - June 4,<br />

September 25 - October 1<br />


Italy<br />

• Guided tours of Siena and Orvieto<br />

• Visit medieval studio workshops<br />

• Walk through the vineyards of<br />

Chianti Classico<br />

• Olive oil tasting at ancient<br />

monastery<br />

• Visit the Basilica of St Francis in<br />

Assisi, A UNESCO World Heritage<br />

Site<br />

Tuscany & Umbria<br />

Stephen Banks<br />

We meet in Orvieto and take a<br />

short walk around this stunning<br />

Etruscan city, before driving to our<br />

hotel near Montefalco. In the evening,<br />

we meet for our Introductory Talk and<br />

Welcome Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Montefalco, Villa Zuccari<br />

This morning's walk takes us across gentle<br />

hills and through the vineyards where the Sagrantino<br />

wine is made. In Montefalco we visit an old olive mill<br />

and, after lunch in the ancient walled town of Bevagna,<br />

we visit medieval 'botteghe' (craftsmen's studio-workshops).<br />

We end our day with a wine-tasting before<br />

dinner in the hotel.<br />

Overnight: Montefalco, Villa Zuccari<br />

From the top of Monte Subasio, we walk to<br />

glorious Assisi with incredible views of the valley<br />

below. After lunch, we have a guided tour of the elegant<br />

squares, architectural splendors and the Basilica of St<br />

Francis. We leave enchanting Umbria and travel to the<br />

rich lanscape of Tuscany.<br />

Overnight: Cortona, Villa Marsili<br />

Bucolic landscapes, vineyards<br />

and Renaissance splendor<br />

Montefalco<br />

We leave Cortona and head for the renowned<br />

Chianti Classico region, where we spend the day walking<br />

through vineyards where the famous wine is produced.<br />

We pass charming old farmhouses and ancient castles to<br />

reach our historic hotel, part of an ancient feudal hamlet.<br />

Overnight: Gaiole in Chianti, Castello di Spaltenna<br />

We walk to the renowned Badia a Coltibuono,<br />

founded by the monks of Vallombrosa 1,000 years ago. We<br />

savor the rich history of this monastery with a private<br />

tour of the villa, featuring its 16th-century<br />

frescoes, cloister and ancient cellars, and the beautiful<br />

gardens. An expert guides us in a tasting of olive oils and<br />

honey before we return to Giaole in plenty of time for a<br />

relaxing swim and our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Gaiole in Chianti, Castello di Spaltenna<br />

Stephen Banks<br />

We transfer to Siena for a brief walking<br />

visit, before we say 'arrivederci' at the rail station.<br />

Tasting Chianti Classico<br />

Today is spent in and around elegant Cortona.<br />

We pass by 'Bramasole', the house made famous by<br />

Frances Mayes in 'Under the Tuscan Sun', and spend<br />

time exploring this en chanting hilltop town. After<br />

lunch, we walk to the hermitage of Celle di San<br />

Francesco with stunning views of the valley and the<br />

town in the distance. In the evening, we dine in a local<br />

restaurant.<br />

Overnight: Cortona, Villa Marsili<br />

Ippolito Scalza’s Pieta, Orvieto<br />

Stephen Banks<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Orvieto Rail Station<br />

Departure: Siena Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Steady walking on hills,<br />

vineyard trails and forest tracks.<br />

6-8 miles walking per day.<br />

48 For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Stephen Banks<br />

Swimming<br />

US$ 4,495 per person<br />

(US$ 4,270 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 595 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

June 5-11<br />

Antique Shopping

The Italian Lakes<br />

Island of San Giulio, Lake Orta<br />

Como,<br />

Maggiore,<br />

Lugano<br />

& Orta<br />

Italy<br />

• Explore Alpine peaks and lakeside<br />

paths<br />

• Cruise across Lake Orta by private<br />

boat<br />

• visit four wonderful gardens<br />

• Cross into Switzerland<br />

• Mingle in the fashionable streets of<br />

Stresa and Bellagio<br />

mountains. Dinner is at<br />

our lakeside hotel,<br />

a Wayfarers'<br />

favorite.<br />

Overnight: Lugano,<br />

Hotel Swiss Diamond<br />

Rendezvous in Novara for our transfer to Orta<br />

San Giulio and our Introductory Talk and Welcome<br />

Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Orta, Hotel San Rocco<br />

We cross Lake Orta by private boat and<br />

then walk on stone paths through ancient villages<br />

where time has stood still. In the afternoon, our<br />

private boat takes us to visit the island of San Giulio<br />

and then back to Orta where we wander through the<br />

charming little streets of the village to visit the<br />

famed gardens of Villa Motta.<br />

Overnight: Orta, Hotel San Rocco<br />

Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore<br />

We walk from Monte Mottarone up to<br />

Monte Falo and down to a picturesque village. In<br />

the afternoon, we can choose to walk around<br />

Stresa and enjoy some shopping, cruise the lake to<br />

visit the Borromean Island of Isola Bella and have a<br />

guided tour of the Palace..<br />

Overnight: Stresa, Hotel La Palma<br />

We leave Stresa by ferry and van to cross<br />

the border into Switzerland arriving at lovely<br />

Lugano. A funicular takes us to the top of Monte<br />

San Salvatore where we have lunch in a restaurant<br />

with an incredible view over the lake and the<br />

Today we explore Monte<br />

Generoso, the King Mountain of<br />

the region, which we reach by<br />

private boat across the Lake. We<br />

hike in a beautiful area of green<br />

alpine meadows in a landscape reminiscent<br />

of 'Heidi'. We lunch in a mountain hut, with special local<br />

food, and in the afternoon, on a trail with panoramic<br />

views we descent to Lake Como.<br />

Overnight: Menaggio, Grand Hotel Victoria or<br />

Royal Victoria Hotel<br />

We hike along the<br />

shoreline of Lake Como.<br />

Stopping at the 18th-century<br />

Villa Carlotta, we admire the<br />

villa's splendid garden and<br />

romantic sculptures. We sail<br />

across the lake to dock straight on<br />

the jetty of a 14th-century inn<br />

for our lunch. In the afternoon<br />

we have the choice of walking to<br />

the gardens of Villa Melzi or shopping in the old town of<br />

Bellagio, 'The Pearl of Lake Como'.<br />

Overnight: Menaggio, Grand Hotel Victoria or<br />

Royal Victoria Hotel<br />

Laura Depta Peal<br />

After breakfast, we say farewell at Como Rail Station.<br />

Arrival: Varenna Rail Station<br />

Departure: Como Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Waterside paths and<br />

alpine trails at up to 7,000 feet,<br />

some steep descents.<br />

10 miles maximum walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

Market<br />

Optional<br />

Massage/Spa<br />

US$ 4,595 per person<br />

(US$ 4,365 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 655 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

June 19-25,<br />

September 11-17<br />

Opportunities<br />

Swimming<br />

Fishing<br />

Laura Depta Peal<br />

View of Lake Como<br />


Italy<br />

• Walk the dramatic Path of the<br />

Gods between sky and sea<br />

• Visit ancient Pompeii<br />

• Spend a day on the romantic Isle<br />

of Capri<br />

• Feast on rustic Italian family<br />

cuisine<br />

• Stay in stunning Ravello, a<br />

UNESCO World Heritage Site<br />

The Amalfi Coast &<br />

The Isle of Capri<br />

Vintage glamour and Roman remains<br />

Arrive in Naples for a transfer to your first hotel<br />

in Sorrento where we meet for a Welcome Dinner and<br />

Introductory Talk.<br />

Overnight: Sorrento, Hotel Bellevue Syrene<br />

We ferry to romantic Capri to explore this<br />

enchanting isle's lush countryside, quaint towns and<br />

awe-inspiring caverns. We visit the villa of the Roman<br />

emperor Tiberio and follow paths along the rocky coastline.<br />

After lunch on a terrace with a splendid sea view,<br />

we continue walking to the trendy town of Capri and<br />

the famous “Piazzetta”. We then return to the harbor for<br />

a beautiful boat ride back to our hotel in Sorrento.<br />

Overnight: Sorrento, Hotel Bellevue Syrene<br />

We transfer to the top of the mountains<br />

above magical Positano. Here we walk<br />

with unsurpassed views of the Amalfi Coast. We<br />

enjoy a delightful lunch in a family-run 'trattoria'.<br />

In the afternoon we descend to Positano<br />

to swim in the blue sea or relax on a sun bed.<br />

Overnight: Positano, Hotel Miramare<br />

From the charming village of Nocelle,<br />

we walk in the mountains along the incredible<br />

Path of Gods, savouring the breathtaking experience<br />

of walking between the sky and the sea.<br />

On the way we have lunch at the local rustica<br />

da Salvatore. We continue to the village of<br />

Bomerano and we then transfer to our<br />

lovely hotel in Amalfi.<br />

Overnight: Amalfi, Convento di Amalfi<br />

We visit Ravello and walk to Villa Cimbrone, famous<br />

for its terrace of infinity and its gardens, so admired by<br />

Wagner, Longfellow, D.H.Lawrence and Greta Garbo among<br />

others. Then we walk through terraced gardens to Pontone<br />

for a chance to try a regional specialty, spaghetti with<br />

lemon sauce, for lunch. This afternoon we descend to<br />

Amalfi to visit the fabulous cathedral and the ancient<br />

paper mill, still processing cotton rags into beautiful handmade<br />

paper. After free time, we return to Amalfi for our<br />

Farewell dinner on the hotel's terrace with panoramic<br />

views of the sea.<br />

Overnight: Amalfi, Convento di Amalfi<br />

We visit ancient Pompeii and then return to Naples<br />

Rail Station.<br />

We walk from Sorrento up to Sant'Agata for<br />

the best panoramic views of the two Gulfs - on one side<br />

the Gulf of Naples and the other the Gulf of Salerno. We<br />

descend to the adorable village of Marina del Cantone a<br />

favorite celebrity haunt known for its good food and<br />

pretty pebble beach. After lunch we take a private boat<br />

along the stunning coastline to Positano and our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Positano, Hotel Miramare<br />

Pack animals<br />

Stepping stones in the streets of Pompeii<br />

Optional Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Naples Rail Station<br />

Departure: Naples Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Coastal paths and alpine<br />

trails at up to 1500ft., some steep<br />

descents, stone steps.<br />

6-8 miles walking per day.<br />

50 For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Water Sports<br />

Swimming<br />

US$ 4,895 per person<br />

(US$ 4,650 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 595 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 8-14,<br />

September 18-24<br />


The glamorous<br />

Italian Riviera<br />

Italy<br />

• Mountain trails and coastal paths<br />

• Sample wine praised by the Romans<br />

• Taste traditional Genovese spaghetti<br />

• Explore elegant Portofino<br />

• Visit 1,200-year-old Abbey of<br />

San Fruttuoso<br />

Cinque Terre<br />

Lisa Keglovitz<br />

Michael Scott<br />

Portofino<br />

Rendezvous in La Spezia and transfer to<br />

our lovely harbor-side hotel in Portovenere for a<br />

Welcome Dinner and introductory Talk.<br />

Overnight: Portovenere, Grand Hotel<br />

Wooded tracks lead us from a tiny<br />

hilltop village to a walk along the Cinque Terre<br />

Peninsula beside the shining Gulf of La Spezia.<br />

We hike to Riomaggiore where we have lunch.<br />

We visit Monterosso and continue by train to<br />

our seaside hotel in Sestri Levante.<br />

Overnight: Sestri Levante, Hotel Miramare<br />

We explore the hilltop village of<br />

Volastra, where locals tend steeply terraced vineyards<br />

overlooking the sea. After lunch in lovely<br />

Corniglia, we continue to Sestri Levante by train.<br />

Overnight: Sestri Levante, Hotel Miramare<br />

After a short drive, we walk an ancient<br />

mountain trail through forests and pastures. We<br />

marvel at the outstanding views of the sea in one<br />

direction and forests and mountains in the other. We<br />

lunch on an elegant terrace overlooking the sparkling<br />

Ligurian Sea and descend to Rapallo by cable car, and<br />

on to our seaside hotel for dinner.<br />

Overnight: Camogli, Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi<br />

We walk to Punta Chiappa, where we board<br />

a boat to take us past the towering cliffs of the<br />

Portofino National Park to the 1,200 year-old<br />

monastery of San Fruttuoso, accessible only by sea or<br />

on foot. After lunch, we either hike uphill and along<br />

the cliffs to Santa Margherita, or we return to Camogli<br />

by boat. There we can enjoy shopping in the old town<br />

and relax at the pool or private beach of our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Camogli, Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi<br />

Our trail leads through oak and chestnut forests along<br />

an ancient route to the charming village of Portofino. In a<br />

small piazza very close to the harbor, we enjoy our lunch in<br />

a quaint little restaurant which serves tasty spaghetti with<br />

pesto, prepared in the traditional Genovese way. After lunch,<br />

we explore the old harbor, wander around the tiny streets<br />

with their yachting boutiques and art galleries, and walk to<br />

the lighthouse at Punta Portofino, before boarding a ferry for<br />

the voyage back across the bay to our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Camogli, Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi<br />

The Wayfarers transfer you to Santa Margherita Ligure<br />

Rail Station.<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: La Spezia Rail Station<br />

Departure: Santa Margherita Ligure<br />

Rail Station<br />

Terrain: Coastal trails, mule tracks,<br />

well defined paths and many stone<br />

steps. Paths can be rocky.<br />

8-10 miles walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

Market Massage/Spa Swimming<br />

US$ 4,595 per person<br />

(US$ 4,365 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 655 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

June 12-18,<br />

September 18-24<br />


Italy<br />

• Experience the remote peace and<br />

beauty of Lo Zingaro nature<br />

reserve<br />

• Marsala wine tasting at Florio<br />

winery<br />

• Visit the temples at Segesta,<br />

Selinunte and Agrigento<br />

• Picnic on the Isle of Mozia<br />

• Lunch at a country farmhouse<br />

Western Sicily<br />

Roy Robinson<br />

Rendezvous in Palermo for the<br />

short journey to our hotel overlooking<br />

the sea before we gather for an<br />

Introductory Talk and Welcome<br />

Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Scopello, La Tavernetta<br />

Ancient temples,<br />

nature reserves<br />

and fortified wine<br />

We spend the morning walking the<br />

coastal path of the Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve,<br />

where wild flowers and birds abound. In the afternoon<br />

we walk to the seaside resort of San Vito lo<br />

Capo that opens out into a bay of clear blue water<br />

and famous for its Cous Cous festival.<br />

Overnight: Scopello, La Tavernetta<br />

We transfer to the Nature<br />

Reserve Park of Monte Cofano to<br />

hike around the promontory, on footpaths<br />

once trodden by pirates, and<br />

immerse ourselves in the wild and<br />

rugged beauty of this unspoilt coastline.<br />

After lunch, we drive to<br />

Erice for a walking tour of<br />

this thoroughly medieval<br />

walled mountain town, one<br />

of the most stunning towns<br />

in the Mediterranean.<br />

Overnight: Marsala,<br />

Hotel Carmine<br />

Phoenician settlement are much in evidence. In the tiny<br />

museum, we see the magnificent 5th century marble<br />

sculpture of Il Giovinetto. After a tasty lunch, we return<br />

to the mainland to visit the renowned Florio winery.<br />

Overnight: Marsala, Hotel Carmine<br />

Segesta and Selinunte are the two great 5thcentury<br />

cities whose rivalry led to all-out war. Today<br />

we visit the first, Segesta, where we will see the great<br />

Doric Temple and the theater dating from the 3rd<br />

Century BC – two of the most stunningly sited<br />

Classical monuments in the world. We enjoy an<br />

organic lunch at an agriturismo farmhouse.<br />

Overnight: Menfi, Planeta Estate<br />

Today we have a choice. In the morning, you<br />

can opt to drive (about 90 minutes) to Agrigento for<br />

a guided walking tour of the magnificent Valley of<br />

the Temples, dedicated to Juno, Concord, Hercules,<br />

Jupiter, and the Dioscures. The alternative is a lovely<br />

walk in the countryside, through olive groves and<br />

vineyards. In the afternoon, we all visit the enormous<br />

ruins of the temples at Selinunte. We return<br />

to our hotel for our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Menfi, Planeta Estate<br />

We return to Palermo and say “arrivederci” to<br />

those leaving us. Those continuing on to our<br />

Eastern Sicily Walk head for ancient Cefalu.<br />

This morning we<br />

walk along the lagoons and<br />

salt pans still guarded by the<br />

old windmills and then board<br />

the ferry to the Isle of Mozia,<br />

where the ruins of the ancient<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

>> Bella Sicilia Walk<br />

52<br />

Arrival: Palermo<br />

Departure: Palermo<br />

Terrain: Greatly varied -<br />

modest, easy and<br />

vigorous walks,<br />

sometimes rocky trails.<br />

5-10 miles walking per day.<br />

For more details:<br />

www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Swimming Market Antique Shopping Water Sports<br />

US$ 4,495 per person<br />

(US$ 4,270 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 595 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

April 24-30,<br />

October 2-8<br />

Experience the<br />

best of Sicily in<br />

two weeks. Book<br />

both Sicily trips back to<br />

back and we will include<br />

full ground transportation<br />

between Walks and a<br />

night in magical Cefalù.

Italy<br />

Eastern Sicily<br />

Mount Etna,<br />

Classical sites<br />

and coastal paths<br />

• Hike on Mount Etna's smouldering<br />

flanks<br />

• Walking tour of Siracusa where<br />

St Paul preached<br />

• Experience lovely Taormina and visit<br />

the Greek amphitheater<br />

• Explore wilderness area of coastal<br />

marshlands<br />

• View the baroque magnificence<br />

of Noto<br />

Joan Fry<br />

Taormina Amphitheater with Mount Etna<br />

Rendezvous in Catania airport and head<br />

to our stunning hotel in Modica. Time to relax<br />

before an Introductory Talk and Welcome Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Modica, Casa Talia Hotel<br />

This morning we walk out from the<br />

Baroque town of Ragusa. A country walk takes us<br />

down a gorge outside the historic town. After<br />

lunch in a typical trattoria, a local guide leads us<br />

up and down the narrow lanes and stairways of<br />

the ancient Ibla, with views over churches,<br />

domes, bell towers, and gorges.<br />

Overnight: Modica, Casa Talia Hotel<br />

Today we walk in the wilderness area<br />

of the protected Vendicari Nature Reserve, a<br />

complex of coastal marshlands, home to large populations<br />

of migratory birds. After a farmhouse lunch,<br />

home-cooked from local produce, we continue to the<br />

splendid baroque town of Noto, with its lovely golden<br />

limestone buildings. We drive to Siracusa and our<br />

hotel situated in the historic center on the island of<br />

Ortygia.<br />

Overnight: Siracusa Ortygia, Antico Hotel Roma<br />

We spend today in and around Siracusa,<br />

colonized in 734 BC by the Corinthians and converted<br />

to Christianity by St Paul himself, who preached in the<br />

quarries. To walk here is a journey through history<br />

among Greek temples, Baroque buildings and courtyards,<br />

and Arab workshops and squares. We explore<br />

the Neapolis Archaeological Park with the Greek and<br />

Roman theater<br />

and the huge<br />

underground<br />

burial chambers of the Catacombs of St John.<br />

Overnight: Siracusa Ortygia, Antico Hotel Roma<br />

We drive to the Reserve of Pantalica situated<br />

inland in the valley of Anapo, an extraordinary<br />

succession of gorges and canyons crossed by<br />

two rivers: the Anapo and Cavagrande. Here<br />

we see Pantalica, a Bronze Age settlement<br />

and the largest Necropolis in the Medi -<br />

terranean, where thousands of tombs give<br />

a beehive appearance to the cliff-face. After<br />

lunch in a local farmhouse, we head north to<br />

Taormina, to our hotel overlooking the Ionian Sea.<br />

Overnight: Taormina, Hotel Monte Tauro<br />

We walk on Mount Etna, Europe's most famous<br />

active volcano. The land abounds in oranges, mandarins,<br />

lemons, olives, prickly pears, bananas, eucalyptus and the<br />

vines that produce the excellent Etna wine. Pausing for a<br />

picnic lunch, we continue on to explore the national<br />

park, walking through pine woods and old lava flows.<br />

Our Farewell Dinner is in the hotel restaurant.<br />

Overnight: Taormina, Hotel Monte Tauro<br />

We have a guided tour of the ancient Greek theater<br />

before leaving for Catania Airport.<br />

Package >><br />

Special Price<br />

US$ 8,250<br />

(Not eligible<br />

for Friends'<br />

Loyalty pricing)<br />

(US$ 995<br />

Single<br />

Supplement)<br />

Arrival: Catania Airport<br />

Departure: Catania Airport<br />

Terrain: Greatly varied -<br />

modest, easy and<br />

vigorous walks,<br />

sometimes rocky trails.<br />

5-10 miles walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620<br />

(US & Canada)<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Swimming Market Antique Shopping Water Sports<br />

US$ 4,495 per person<br />

(US$ 4,270 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 595 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 1-7,<br />

October 9-15<br />


Bergen<br />

3<br />

Norway<br />

Oslo<br />

Berlin<br />

Dresden<br />

7<br />

Germany<br />

Prague<br />

6<br />

Czech<br />

Republic<br />

Munich<br />

2<br />

1<br />

0 miles 200<br />

Salzburg<br />

Austria<br />

4<br />

Ljubljana<br />

Vienna<br />

Zagreb<br />

Slovenia<br />

Croatia<br />

54<br />

1 Winter Tyrolean Alps<br />

2 Bavaria & Tyrolean Alps<br />

3 Bergen & the Western Fjords<br />

4 Slovenia<br />

5 The Dalmatian Coast<br />

6 Vienna to Prague<br />

7 Prague to Dresden<br />

5<br />


Dick Dixon<br />

Nancy Siepman<br />


Testimonials<br />

Dick Dixon<br />

Villa Dubrovnik is<br />

“Hotel<br />

sensational, as is the<br />

entire city. Just gorgeous. I feel like I’m in<br />

a James Bond movie.”<br />

Casey F., The Dalmatian Coast<br />

“My favorite aspects were, as usual, the<br />

natural beauty. Also, Cesky Krumlov and<br />

Prague were extraordinary. The city tours<br />

were excellent. And I loved the local musicians<br />

who played at dinner one evening.”<br />

Pat B., Vienna to Prague<br />

“Lenka is a gem. She anticipated<br />

everyone's needs often before they even<br />

realized....!”<br />

Suellen B., Vienna to Prague<br />

“Nothing could have prepared me for the<br />

glacier. Had I known I would never have<br />

gone. As soon as we came down, I was so<br />

grateful that I went because it was an<br />

experience of a lifetime.<br />

I loved every aspect from the fjords, the<br />

farms, the forests, waterfalls, the intense<br />

green of land, blue of waters.<br />

What a great company. Thanks for giving<br />

me the opportunity to walk the earth<br />

while having every need attended to. I am<br />

so grateful.”<br />

Joan C., Norway<br />

“Uros and Mitja could NOT have been any<br />

better! They were so enthusiastic and<br />

helpful and interested - and love their<br />

country. We do now too.<br />

We were truly overwhelmed by the<br />

beauty, the accommodations, the food<br />

and wine, the hikes.<br />

I think this was my most interesting,<br />

beautiful walk - though probably the least<br />

walking (it WAS a 2) - and the most eating<br />

and drinking. AND WE LOVED EVERY<br />

MINUTE !”<br />

Alice M., Slovenia<br />

“Jana is very knowledgeable and<br />

thorough, she has a complete command<br />

of the history, folklore and regional<br />

customs. Lenka has been fabulous<br />

and professional.”<br />

Judy J., Vienna to Prague<br />

“As always, the Leader and Manager<br />

make the difference between a good trip<br />

and a wonderful trip.”<br />

Laurette B., Slovenia<br />

“Wonderful - nice, nice people, took great<br />

care of us - felt safe & like they could<br />

handle any emergency. Great reps for<br />

Wayfarers & their countries. Ante really<br />

knew the history and we learned a lot<br />

about the country and its history as we<br />

walked. The boat trips and the dinners<br />

were all memorable and added to the<br />

adventures of the entire week’s walk.”<br />

Joe C. & Barbara M., The Dalmatian Coast<br />

“The hotels! Rooms with views of the<br />

fjords were stupendous!”<br />

Bonnie D., Norway<br />

56<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com

Louise Halfpenny<br />

Winter<br />

Tyrolean Alps<br />

Hiking or<br />

cross-country skiing<br />

Austria<br />

• Choice of cross-country skiing or<br />

hiking the trails in the winter<br />

wonderland of the Austrian Tirol<br />

• Visit the storybook city of Salzburg,<br />

have dinner and attend a concert at<br />

the world-famous Mozarteum<br />

• Take a toboggan ride as night falls<br />

over the snowfields<br />

• Relax with a luxury spa treatment at<br />

our hotel<br />

• Discover Tyrolean tradition, culture<br />

and crafts<br />

NEW<br />

Meet in Salzburg and travel by coach to the<br />

Hotel Unterlechner in St. Jakob in Haus. Welcome<br />

talk and drink before dinner at the hotel.<br />

Overnight Sunday through Friday:<br />

St. Jakob in Haus, Hotel Unterlechner<br />

Skiers will receive their equipment before<br />

a training session with our instructor. The<br />

remainder of the morning is spent skiing before<br />

meeting the rest of the group in St Jakob for lunch.<br />

Walkers walk through the valley to St Ulrich, the<br />

next village and on to St Adolari, the oldest church<br />

in the Tirol. Return by bus to meet the skiers for<br />

lunch. In the afternoon the whole group catches<br />

the train to the pretty baroque town of St Johann<br />

in Tirol for a visit. Dinner in our hotel.<br />

A morning lesson for the skiers, followed<br />

by skiing to Hochfilzen. The whole group meets<br />

there for lunch and the skiers return to the hotel<br />

via a different route. The walkers will hike up<br />

Buchensteinwand and visit the cross at the top<br />

with its fantastic panorama. After coffee in the<br />

alpine Gasthaus they take the chairlift down and<br />

travel by bus to Hochfilzen, walking back to the<br />

hotel along the Pillersee valley. In the evening a<br />

magical toboggan trip will work up an appetite<br />

for a gourmet dinner at our hotel.<br />

Louise Halfpenny<br />

The skiers set off<br />

before meeting the walkers for<br />

lunch in the village. After a<br />

hike in the mountains, the<br />

walkers will return to the<br />

village for lunch. In the afternoon<br />

we have free time and<br />

the chance to have a spa treatment.<br />

Late afternoon we travel<br />

to Salzburg for an early dinner<br />

followed by a concert at the<br />

Mozarteum (or similar venue).<br />

Return to our hotel.<br />

The skiers will enjoy a different run before meeting<br />

the walkers for lunch in an alpine Gasthof. In the afternoon<br />

walkers and skiers take a winter walk followed by an evening<br />

of typical Tyrolean culture.<br />

Skiers head out from the hotel while walkers circle the<br />

Europa Weg around the Pillersee Valley. The group meets for<br />

lunch, then continues to Rosenegg and has tea at Elisabeth's<br />

cake shop. Walk back to hotel for our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Leave the hotel at 9:30am for Salzburg, arriving at the<br />

Airport by 11:00 am, followed by a second drop-off at the Rail<br />

Station in the city center.<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Downhill Skiing Snowshoeing Massage/Spa Swimming<br />

Louise Halfpenny<br />

Arrival: Salzburg<br />

Departure: Salzburg<br />

Terrain: Mountain paths, meadow tracks<br />

and rolling hills at altitudes up to<br />

6,000 feet.<br />

4-8 miles walking or<br />

skiing per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

US$ 4,195 per person<br />

(US$ 3,985 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 395 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

March 6-12<br />

Louise Halfpenny<br />


Germany<br />

Austria<br />

• Panoramic views of Bavaria and<br />

Austria from Germany's highest<br />

mountain<br />

• Visit King Ludwig II's palaces<br />

• Sample Bavaria's legendary beer<br />

• See Oberammergau, home of the<br />

Passion Play<br />

• Dine in the oldest restaurant in<br />

Europe<br />

Explore this historic<br />

region where Bavaria<br />

meets Austria - mountains<br />

in all directions, sparkling<br />

sapphire lakes, fairytale castles<br />

and storybook villages - and<br />

food, delicious food!<br />

Bavaria &<br />

Tyrolean Alps<br />

NEW<br />

Alpine perfection and fairytale palaces<br />

Our itinerary reflects the wide<br />

variety of landscape and culture<br />

of these intriguingly similar, but different,<br />

neighbours, where the old traditions are still<br />

very much a part of daily life.<br />

We hear the story of King Ludwig ll, sometimes<br />

known as The Dream King and sometimes as<br />

The Mad King. We visit the opulent jewel of<br />

Linderhof, his favorite palace.<br />

In Austria’s Tyrolean Alps we stay in a familyrun<br />

hotel in charming St. Jakob in Haus and<br />

dine in Salzburg in St. Peters Keller, Europe’s<br />

oldest restaurant.<br />

Schloss Linderhof<br />

We meet at the Railway Station in Garmisch-<br />

Partenkirchen and take the mountain railway, the<br />

Zugspitzbahn, to the charming alpine village of<br />

Grainau. We walk to the lovely Hotel Waxenstein<br />

where, after time to enjoy the stunning mountain<br />

views from the balcony of our rooms or a swim in<br />

the indoor pool, we meet for an Introductory Talk<br />

and a Welcome Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Grainau, Romantik Hotel Waxenstein<br />

We set off after breakfast and walk above<br />

the village of Grainau to Lake Eibsee facing the<br />

Zugspitze. Continuing around the lake, we then<br />

tackle the lower slopes of the highest mountain in<br />

Germany. Later in the afternoon we reach a little<br />

mountain railway which will take us up to the peak<br />

at nearly 3,000 meters. After absorbing the breathtaking<br />

views across Bavaria and into Austria, we<br />

return over the glacier by cable car to the middlestation<br />

and walk back to the hotel after a long but<br />

satisfying day on the hills.<br />

Overnight: Grainau, Romantik Hotel Waxenstein<br />

We bid farewell to the Zugspitze as we<br />

embark on our exciting walk through the mountains<br />

to the valley of Ettal, where we will visit the Schloss<br />

Linderhof, one of the palaces built by the Dream<br />

King, Ludwig ll. We continue to our hotel in the<br />

village of Ettal, belonging to one of the largest of<br />


Germany<br />

Austria<br />

View from Zugspitze<br />

many monasteries in Bavaria (where they still make<br />

their own beer), for dinner and overnight.<br />

Overnight: Ettal, Klosterhotel Ludwig Der Bayer<br />

We visit the beautiful monastery church<br />

next to our hotel and then we set off from Ettal to<br />

the village of Oberammergau, famous for the<br />

Passion Play performed every 10 years. After lunch<br />

and time to wander in the village, we drive across<br />

the border into Austria and fashionable Kitzbühel<br />

for dinner and overnight.<br />

Overnight: Kitzbühel, Hotel Kaiserhof<br />

After a short tour of the lovely town, its<br />

elegant shops and the Frauenkirche with its<br />

massive square tower, we walk the peaceful heights<br />

of the Kitzbuhel Alps along the old Roman Way, for<br />

a late lunch in Hirschberg (where the specialty is<br />

Mummy's Cakes!). We take the train from St Johann<br />

to Fieberbrunn and walk to our lovely family-run<br />

hotel in St Jakob in Haus.<br />

Overnight: St. Jakob in Haus, Hotel Unterlechner<br />

We ascend to the top of the mountain by<br />

chairlift to visit the extraordinary Jakobskreuz Cross<br />

and admire the spectacular view. We walk on to<br />

Fieberbrunn for lunch at Elisabeth's Konditorei<br />

(leave room for the irresistible cakes!) and back<br />

over the hill to our hotel.<br />

Overnight: St. Jakob in Haus, Hotel Unterlechner<br />

Dick Dixon<br />

We walk to the village of Waidring for lunch and<br />

continue beside the babbling Salzach River to magical<br />

Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart and home to the Sound of<br />

Music. Our Farewell Dinner is in the St Peter Keller, reputedly<br />

the oldest restaurant in Europe.<br />

Overnight: Salzburg, Hotel Altstadt<br />

You may wish to have breakfast at leisure before<br />

exploring more of Salzburg on your own. Departure this<br />

morning is based on individuals own arrangements.<br />

Arrival: Garmisch-Partenkirchen<br />

Departure: Salzburg<br />

Terrain: Easy to moderate with<br />

occasional challenges, walking on<br />

firm ground. Forest trails, palace<br />

gardens, colorful village streets.<br />

8-12 miles walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

US$ 4,495 per person<br />

(US$ 4,270 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 7 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

September 18-25<br />


Norway<br />

• Hike across the blue ice of the<br />

Folgefonna glacier<br />

• Taste local apple cider and<br />

‘brown cheese’ on the farms<br />

• The Hardanger Folk Museum<br />

• Hike the ‘Fruit Trail’<br />

• Visit Tyssedal and discover the<br />

power of the mountains<br />

We meet in Bergen and take the ferry to<br />

Balestrand, on the longest of Norway's waterways, the<br />

Sognefjord.<br />

Overnight: Balestrand, Hotel Kviknes<br />

We take a taxi transfer up the mountain and<br />

start our day's walk surrounded by unbelievable<br />

scenery. We descend gently, pausing at a Ciderhus to<br />

sample the local specialty, and, after a heritage walk<br />

through the village, return to our hotel in the early<br />

evening.<br />

Overnight: Balestrand, Hotel Kviknes<br />

We leave the hotel by minibus for today’s<br />

walk along the Gaularfjell. After lunch at a mountain<br />

farm, we enjoy spectacular views of the tumbling river.<br />

Before dinner at our hotel we enjoy a talk from Mr<br />

Kviknes, our hotelier, to hear the story of his family<br />

home, one of Kaiser Wilhelm’s favorite places.<br />

Overnight: Balestrand, Hotel Kviknes<br />

We cross the fjord to see traditional dwellings<br />

and hear about the early way of life before visiting a<br />

piece of Norwegian heritage – the 12th century Staves<br />

Geiranger Fjord<br />

Bergen &<br />

the Western Fjords<br />

Jostedal<br />

Church at Hoppestad. We visit a farm to sample<br />

the famed Brunost, or brown cheese. After lunch<br />

we reach Lofthus, where we set off along the<br />

‘Fruit Trail’, through the many orchards of<br />

Norway's largest fruit growing area. Before dinner<br />

we hear a talk on Norway’s part in World War II.<br />

Overnight: Loftus, Hotel Ullensvang<br />

We transfer to Kinsarvik, where our<br />

path leads us up along the Husedalen to reach<br />

the magnificent waterfalls for a picnic lunch. We<br />

ferry across the water to Utne, to visit the openair<br />

Hardanger Folk museum and an enchanting<br />

recital from the famous Hardanger fiddles, before<br />

returning by water to our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Loftus, Hotel Ullensvang<br />

Colorful Bryggen<br />

Spectacular fjords and<br />

unforgettable scenery<br />

Today we visit Tyssedal, walking up from the<br />

village with wonderful views of Odda and of the<br />

Folgefonna glacier. We walk up to the Lilletopp, or ‘little<br />

top’, and visit the Norwegian Museum of Hydropower.<br />

After lunch we hike back down to Lofthus.<br />

Overnight: Lofthus, Ullensvang Hotel<br />

We take the boat from Lofthus to the pretty village<br />

of Herand, and on to Jondal to reach the glacier plateau.<br />

At Folgefonna we begin our three-hour blue ice trail - the<br />

challenge of the week, and where the views are unbelievable.<br />

We return to the hotel for our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Lofthus, Ullensvang Hotel<br />

We transfer to Voss, where we say goodbye at the<br />

rail station for trains to Oslo or Bergen.<br />

Dick Dixon Dick Dixon<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Terje Rakke/Nordic life - Visitnorway.com<br />

Arrival: Bergen<br />

Departure: Voss<br />

Terrain: Mountain trails and tracks with<br />

some moderate ascents and descents.<br />

Walking pleasantly balanced with<br />

boat and train journeys.<br />

4-9 miles walking per day.<br />

60 For more details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Fishing Golf Horseback riding<br />

US$ 4,895 per person<br />

(US$ 4,650 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 750 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 7 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

July 2-9,<br />

September 3-10

Slovenia<br />

Mountains, lakes and<br />

unspoiled rural life<br />

• Incredible caves and river canyons<br />

• Pure mountain air of the Julian Alps<br />

• Discover beautiful Lake Bled and<br />

Lake Bohinj<br />

• Strong local culture, unchanged for<br />

centuries<br />

• Spectacular natural landscape<br />

Slovenia<br />

Rendezvous in Ljubljana. We enjoy an<br />

aperitif before an Intro ductory Talk and<br />

Welcome Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Ljubljana, Hotel Grand Union<br />

An easy start brings us to Rakov<br />

Skocjan. We admire the natural bridge and the<br />

little canyon, carved by water over thousands<br />

of years. We walk along the river banks and<br />

have lunch in a restaurant in the woods. In the<br />

afternoon, we follow the river Reka underground<br />

into the Skocjan Cave, a spectacular<br />

World Heritage Site.<br />

Overnight: Spodnja Idrija, Hotel Kendov dvorec<br />

A beautiful meander with views to the Julian<br />

Alps. We pass hamlets and farms in an open landscape.<br />

After lunch in a farmhouse in a small village we<br />

continue to attractive Idrija with its<br />

16th-century castle and famous lace school.<br />

Overnight: Spodnja Idrija, Hotel Kendov dvorec<br />

After seeing Europe's largest wooden water<br />

wheel that was used for pumping water from Idrija's<br />

mercury mine, we walk along the river Idrijca to the<br />

mysterious Black lake. A short drive brings us to Cerkno<br />

where we visit the secret partisan hospital Franja. After<br />

lunch we drive along the verdant valley to Most na Soči<br />

to catch the train on the ancient Transalpina Line, built<br />

at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Our train<br />

journey passes through beautiful scenery and a tunnel<br />

which is almost 4 miles long, and ends at the Bohinjska<br />

Bistrica valley where we find our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Bohinjsko Jezero, Bohinj Park Eco Hotel<br />

We walk from the picturesque<br />

hamlet of Kupljenik, enjoying grand<br />

views of Lake Bled and the surrounding countryside,<br />

through woods and fields to the River Sava. On to<br />

enchanting Lake Bled and our hotel situated on its shore. We<br />

walk around the lake to visit Bled Castle and take Afternoon<br />

Tea on the terrace.<br />

Overnight: Bled, Grand Hotel Toplice<br />

We walk to the stunning Vintgar Gorge, a 500-ft high<br />

defile accessible via a continuous chain of gantries and<br />

bridges to a waterfall, and on to a village lunch. We walk on<br />

through open country to Bled, in time to take an afternoon<br />

cruise to Bled Island.<br />

Overnight: Bled, Grand Hotel Toplice<br />

We return to Ljubljana for our onward connections.<br />

Lake Bled<br />

Ljubljana market<br />

A ferry takes us to the western end of Lake<br />

Bohinj, where the 190-ft Savica Waterfall majestically<br />

tumbles into the water below. We walk beside the lake<br />

and on through delight ful historic villages; we visit the<br />

museum of Alpine Cheese Making and a 17th-century<br />

farmhouse. Hayracks, called toplars and unique to<br />

Slovenia, are scattered across the landscape.<br />

Overnight: Bohinjsko Jezero, Bohinj Park Eco Hotel<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Ljubljana<br />

Departure: Ljubljana<br />

Terrain: Well-trodden paths,<br />

comfortable underfoot, with<br />

a wide variety of flat and<br />

hilly terrain.<br />

4-10 miles walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

Horseback Riding Fishing Paragliding Golf Balloon Ride<br />

US$ 4,395 per person<br />

(US$ 4,175 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 7 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

September 10-17<br />


Croatia<br />

• Experience the Mediterranean as<br />

it used to be<br />

• Explore the islands of Lopud,<br />

Hvar and Brac<br />

• Stay in the old city of Dubrovnik,<br />

a location in 'A Game of Thrones'<br />

• Visit Emperor Diocletian's Palace,<br />

an amazing UNESCO World<br />

Heritage Site<br />

• Fabulous fresh seafood, cooked<br />

in simple, local style<br />

The Dalmatian Coast<br />

Croatia's beautiful walled city,<br />

Dubrovnik, is the starting<br />

point for this journey<br />

through one of Europe's most<br />

diverse and beautiful countries. As<br />

we travel northwards, our path<br />

takes us through cypress woods,<br />

along coastal headlands and rural tracks, into<br />

dramatic gorges and along rambling streets.<br />

The sparkling sea views and sleepy harbor<br />

villages, with their milk-white limestone<br />

buildings, are the perfect environment for the<br />

steady pace of life and relaxed café culture. It<br />

becomes apparent that Croatia is still the<br />

authentic and uncommercialized Medi -<br />

terranean associated with a bygone era. We<br />

also gain an insight into the break up of Yugo -<br />

slavia and spend time in places which were<br />

directly affected by the early 1990's war as<br />

well as driving through the neighboring coast<br />

of Bosnia & Herzegovina.<br />

Highlights of this Walk include a private boattrip<br />

from the foot of Vidova Gora Mountain,<br />

which takes us to a secluded terrace restaurant<br />

overlooking the sea where we dine on<br />

fresh fish caught that morning, and a fasci-<br />

Islands, sleepy villages<br />

and shining seas<br />

nating walking tour of Diocletian's<br />

Palace which houses the most wellpreserved<br />

Roman buildings in Split and<br />

which forms the heart of today's city.<br />

The Croatian cuisine focuses on locally<br />

caught fish, traditionally produced olive<br />

oil and organic vegetables, washed down<br />

with homemade brandies and wines.<br />

And, as the average height of men from<br />

Dalmatia is 6 feet, the food portions tend<br />

to match the height!<br />

You will return home having explored<br />

the homeland of the neck tie, The<br />

'Cravat', the region where the Dalmatian<br />

dog got its identity, the island of the<br />

man who made the first working parachute<br />

and the country which treasures<br />

Europe's second oldest synagogue in<br />

Dubrovnik and the third oldest in Split.<br />

Dubrovnik<br />

Arrive at Dubrovnik Airport and rendezvous at our hotel for<br />

our Introductory Talk and Welcome Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Dubrovnik, Hotel Villa Dubrovnik<br />

Our walk gives us headland views of the sea and the terracotta-roofed<br />

town of Cavtat. In the afternoon we walk the city<br />

walls surrounding Dubrovnik and explore the squares and tiny<br />

streets before returning to our hotel. Dinner in a local restaurant.<br />

Overnight: Dubrovnik, Hotel Villa Dubrovnik<br />

A morning boat trip takes us to explore the island of<br />

Lopud. Our launch returns us to the mainland at Ston where we<br />


Croatia<br />

walk the impressive medieval fortification walls<br />

overlooking ancient salt-pans. We continue to our<br />

hotel in Mali Ston, a sleepy village of old stone<br />

houses. Time to enjoy our hotel, facing the little<br />

harbor, before dinner.<br />

Overnight: Mali Ston, Hotel Ostrea<br />

Traveling by bus from our hotel, the scenic<br />

Adriatic road takes us to a port where we board a<br />

boat to Hvar. We spend the day exploring this<br />

authentic Croatian island with only a few inland<br />

villages. We lunch in an olive grove at a family run<br />

tavern where all the food is home made and the<br />

ingredients organically grown. Afterwards we walk<br />

to Hvar Town and our hotel.<br />

Overnight: Hvar, Hotel Adriana<br />

A private speedboat takes us to Brac to<br />

start our slow ascent alongside terraced stone walls<br />

Exploring Roman Emperor Diocletian’s palace<br />

to Skrip, the oldest village on the island.<br />

After hearing about it's unique history<br />

we'll head to a family home for an unforgettable 'farm to<br />

table' lunch. Our walk then takes us by vineyards and olive<br />

groves enjoying the extensive views across the terraced<br />

ridges of the Mosor Massif and distant mainland as we<br />

follow the paths down to Supetar.<br />

Overnight: Supetar, Villa Vela Luka<br />

We drive to the Vidova Gora mountaintop to<br />

start our descent on foot down a gorge to the remote Blaca<br />

Monastery where a local guide explains its fascinating<br />

history. We continue to an isolated bay where we are met<br />

by a private boat which takes us to a secluded, sheltered<br />

terrace restaurant overlooking the sea.<br />

Overnight: Supetar, Villa Vela Luka<br />

The morning ferry takes us to Split, a vibrant city<br />

with a former palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian.<br />

From subterranean halls to the splendid cathedral we<br />

discover the Old Town. Later we join the passeggiata on the<br />

Riva, where the locals congregate to meander and gossip,<br />

before our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Split, Hotel Marmont<br />

Enjoy excellent shopping and sightseeing independently<br />

in Split before making your way to the airport.<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Dubrovnik<br />

Departure: Split<br />

Terrain: Drovers' tracks, wooded<br />

paths, some rocky trails and descents.<br />

6-10 miles walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

Swimming<br />

Water Sports<br />

US$ 4,595 per person<br />

(US$ 4,365 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 655 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 7 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 14-21, October 1-8<br />

October 15-22<br />


Czech Republic<br />

• Nature reserves with medieval<br />

ruins and wonderful wild flowers<br />

• Sample Czech beer and try a<br />

Moravian wine tasting<br />

• Walk through ancient Moravia<br />

and Bohemia<br />

• Explore Prague<br />

• Visit Český Krumlov, a UNESCO<br />

World Heritage Site and one of<br />

Europe's loveliest cities<br />

Vienna to Prague<br />

Meet The Wayfarers for a tour<br />

of the Old City in Vienna and then a<br />

transfer to Lednice for our Intro -<br />

ductory Talk and Welcome Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Lednice, My Hotel<br />

The Charles Bridge, Prague<br />

Crossroads of Europe<br />

In the morning we visit Mikulov, situated in the<br />

heart of Moravia's wine region, and we walk through its<br />

small town centre. We continue to nearby Palava Hills,<br />

a splendid nature reserve with medieval ruins, rare<br />

flowers and distant views. In the afternoon we return<br />

to Lednice and visit its château. We end our day in a<br />

typical wine cellar with local food and folk music.<br />

Overnight: Lednice, My Hotel<br />

We drive westwards to another wine region<br />

around Znojmo. Here we walk along the river Thaya<br />

(Dyje), which forms the natural border with Austria, and<br />

its unique, untouched valley has become the National<br />

Park Thayatal (Podyjí). We end our day in Znojmo with a<br />

picturesque and quiet historic center, not yet discovered<br />

by tourists.<br />

Overnight: Znojmo, Hotel Lahofer<br />

lunch in a local fish restaurant, we journey on to<br />

Český Krumlov, one of Europe’s most beautiful and<br />

best-preserved towns.<br />

Overnight: Český Krumlov, Hotel Ruze<br />

Guided tour of the castle, one of the largest<br />

in Central Europe, originally constructed in the 13th<br />

Century. After this, we walk beside the Vltava Moldau<br />

River to Zlat Koruna, a rustic village with a 13th<br />

century Cistercian monastery.<br />

Overnight: Český Krumlov, Hotel Ruze<br />

Transfer by bus from Český Krumlov to spend<br />

the day exploring the center of Prague. After lunch,<br />

we walk across the bridge to the Old Town to see the<br />

famous astronomical clock on the medieval Town<br />

Hall and continue to the far end of the Coronation<br />

Route where we find the Gothic Powder Tower. We end<br />

our day in a fine restaurant for our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Prague, Hotel Leonardo<br />

There is no scheduled transfer at the end of this<br />

walk as many Wayfarers opt to stay longer in Prague<br />

to explore this splendid city further.<br />

Our day starts with a drive to Slavonice, a<br />

small historic town where time stopped centuries ago.<br />

After a lunch we drive on to Telč, a Renaissance jewel,<br />

listed by UNESCO. We finish our day at Jindřichův<br />

Hradec (Henry's Castle) where we stay in a hotel in the<br />

central square.<br />

Overnight: Jindřichův Hradec, Hotel Concertino<br />

We walk through forests and past numerous<br />

lakes to the little town of Trebon with its colourful<br />

historic buildings, cobblestone streets and moat. After<br />

64<br />

Arrival: Vienna City<br />

Air Terminal, Austria<br />

Departure: Prague<br />

Terrain: Forest walks and open<br />

country, firm paths with some<br />

brisk hill-walking.<br />

7-10 miles walking per day.<br />

More details: www.thewayfarers.com<br />

Market<br />

US$ 4,395 per person<br />

(US$ 4,175 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 7 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 28 - June 4,<br />

September 17-24<br />

Massage/Spa Antique Shopping<br />

>> 2 are better<br />

Crossroads of<br />

Europe Tour:<br />

Book the<br />

whole journey ~<br />

from Vienna<br />

...to Prague<br />

...to Dresden

Czech Republic<br />

Prague to Dresden<br />

We meet in Prague and drive to our hotel<br />

in Jitrava for our Welcome Dinner and Intro -<br />

ductory Talk.<br />

Overnight: Jitrava, Hotel Jitrava<br />

This morning's walk takes us along the<br />

Poacher’s Trail across open countryside with<br />

views to Poland. We drive to the former mining<br />

village of Krystofovo údolí (Christopher's Valley)<br />

where we visit a unique painted wooden church<br />

and timber-framed houses. After lunch we drive to<br />

the top of Jeschke mountain.<br />

Overnight: Jitrava, Hotel Jitrava<br />

The Bastei pedestrian bridge, Saxon Switzerland<br />

Landscape of artists and poets<br />

Walk from the hotel along forest trails to<br />

Lemberk Castle for a tour of this historic building. We<br />

lunch in a traditional inn and then head to the top of<br />

Hvozd where we enjoy amazing views before<br />

walking down to the hotel.<br />

Overnight: Lückendorf, Altes Kurhaus<br />

Walk to Oybin from the hotel, sightseeing<br />

tour of the castle and church, and walk on to<br />

Jonsdorf (lunch) and then to Walters dorf – sightseeing<br />

tour of the Umgebinde hauser. Shuttle back to the<br />

hotel by van.<br />

Overnight: Lückendorf, Altes Kurhaus<br />

Procession of the (Saxon) Princes in Meissen porcelain in Dresden<br />

• Cruise on the mighty River Elbe<br />

• Explore dramatic mountain<br />

landscapes<br />

• Admire the magnificent restoration of<br />

Baroque Dresden<br />

• Guided boat tour up Prebischtor<br />

Gorge<br />

• Picture-postcard villages of unspoiled<br />

timber-framed houses<br />

We drive west to<br />

'Czech Switzerland' and<br />

hike to Pravcicka Gate,<br />

the longest natural sandstone<br />

arch in Europe .<br />

In the afternoon we<br />

go down to the valley of Kamenice<br />

River, where we take a boat along the<br />

gorge, before crossing the border<br />

back to Germany.<br />

Overnight: Bad Schandau,<br />

Park Hotel<br />

We take the famous Bad<br />

Schandau elevator to get a lovely<br />

view of the Elbe before walking<br />

to Schillers monument at the beginning of<br />

the beautiful Kirnitzschtal. After lunch , our<br />

walk continues up to Lichtenhain and its waterfall<br />

where we catch the circa 1898 narrow gauge<br />

tram back to Bad Schandau.<br />

Overnight: Bad Schandau, Park Hotel<br />

En route to Dresden we visit the famous hilltop<br />

fortress at Konigstein. We tour the center of Dresden before<br />

a lunch cruise on the River Elbe followed by an afternoon<br />

at leisure. In the evening we gather for our Farewell<br />

Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Dresden, Gewandhaus Dresden<br />

Departure at leisure.<br />

than 1! >><br />

Special Price<br />

US$ 8,150<br />

(per person<br />

based on double<br />

occupancy)<br />

for both Walks<br />

Arrival: Prague<br />

Departure: Dresden<br />

Terrain: Forest paths,<br />

open country and<br />

meadows. Some hill<br />

walking. Rock steps with<br />

railings.<br />

7-12 miles of walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

Swimming<br />

Massage/Spa<br />

Canoeing<br />

US$ 4,395 per person<br />

(US$ 4,175 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 565 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 7 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

June 5-12,<br />

September 25 - October 2<br />


Ellen Barone<br />

2<br />

1<br />

3<br />

USA<br />

Argentina<br />

4<br />

66<br />

0 miles 1000

Roy Robinson<br />

Andrea Schaffell<br />

Ellen Barone<br />

New Zealand<br />

5<br />

1 Colorado<br />

2 Utah<br />

3 New Mexico<br />

0 miles 200<br />

4 Patagonia<br />

5 New Zealand<br />


Testimonials<br />

Ellen Barone<br />

Sally Baker<br />

I love about hiking<br />

“What<br />

with the Wayfarers is<br />

the opportunity to spend time with other<br />

people who love this kind of travel as<br />

much as I do. It’s the chance to talk oneon-one<br />

with each other as we walk/hike,<br />

huff and puff up a hill, sit down for a meal,<br />

etc. But it’s also a chance to walk alone,<br />

within the group, and just be with my own<br />

thoughts.<br />

I’m already trying to decide where my<br />

next Wayfarers Walk will be.<br />

Thank you again for all that you do….a<br />

Wayfarers walk is simply one of the best<br />

ways to spend a week of my life. I love it.”<br />

Bobbie R., New Mexico<br />

“Tom & Mo were wonderful!! Very knowledgable<br />

about the area, geography,<br />

geology along with the plants and animals<br />

indigenous to the area. They were just as<br />

enthused seeing and experiencing the<br />

day's activities as was our group. It is<br />

always nice being greeted by cheerful<br />

people each day who are excited to share<br />

their love of walking and the majestic<br />

beauty of the areas we visited during the<br />

week. I give them both accolades for how<br />

the trip was arranged and handled!”<br />

Patti D., New Mexico<br />

“John Knox is an intelligent, caring and<br />

kind individual with a great sense of<br />

humor and a depth of knowledge about<br />

New Zealand culture, geography, flora and<br />

fauna. He is one of the best guides we<br />

have ever had on any guided trip. He has<br />

organized this trip with great care to<br />

show the diversity of New Zealand's<br />

landscape and I appreciated his leadership<br />

of the group. I loved this trip. I had<br />

heard of the "legend" of John Knox and it<br />

is all true.”<br />

Barbara H., New Zealand<br />

"Eolo Lodge was spectacular, but El Pilar<br />

was special in a different way - more<br />

down-home, with wonderful staff and<br />

how did they get such a terrific chef out<br />

in the middle of nowhere?"<br />

Stephanie M., Patagonia<br />

“The camaraderie was my favorite and I<br />

thoroughly enjoyed all of the walks in<br />

Bryce. (My favorite park). However all<br />

walks were breathtaking.”<br />

Jill A., Utah<br />

"I feel lucky to have had such an<br />

enthusiastic and accommodating guide<br />

through Patagonia. Her sudden outbursts<br />

of song, nightly history lessons and<br />

all-round good humor were appreciated<br />

by all."<br />

Stephanie M., Patagonia<br />

“The accommodations, the hikes, the food,<br />

etc. were all wonderful. The views of the<br />

mountains on our hikes, and the feeling<br />

of being in old Colorado, it was all such<br />

an adventure and we loved it. So glad we<br />

found Wayfarers.”<br />

J & M J, Colorado<br />

68<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com

United States<br />

Colorado<br />

Summertime adventure<br />

in wilderness mountains<br />

• Walk amid amazing wildflower<br />

meadows<br />

• Visit the cave dwellings of Ancient<br />

Pueblo Indians<br />

• High, rugged mountain peaks with<br />

spectacular views<br />

• Tour historic gold and silver<br />

mining towns<br />

• Soak in some of the world’s best<br />

hot springs<br />

Rendezvous in Durango a historic mining<br />

town at the base of the towering San Juan<br />

Mountains, a collection of jagged peaks overlooking<br />

the vast Colorado Plateau canyon country.<br />

Introductory Talk and Welcome Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Durango,<br />

The Leland House & Rochester Hotel<br />

We hike among the cliff dwellings of the<br />

ancestors of the Pueblo Indians in Mesa Verde<br />

National Park overlooking the Navajo Nation. Most<br />

Pueblo Indians Cliff dwellings<br />

of the cliff dwellings are around<br />

800 years old and range in size<br />

from one-room houses to<br />

villages of more than 200 rooms.<br />

Overnight: Durango,<br />

The Leland House & Rochester Hotel<br />

Walk to Andrews Lake<br />

through an amazing mountain wilderness<br />

with views of majestic 14,000-feet peaks. In<br />

the afternoon we drive to Silverton in the<br />

historic mining district of the San Juan<br />

Mountains. This area is strewn with old<br />

mines from the late 1800s perched on the<br />

side of colorful mountains. We walk in<br />

the downtown area of Silverton amid<br />

authentic 19th century buildings.<br />

Overnight: Silverton,<br />

The Wyman Hotel & Inn<br />

Hike to the high alpine<br />

beauty of Porphyry Basin on the top<br />

of Red Mountain Pass where redorange<br />

peaks guard the divide between<br />

the Telluride Basin and the majestic<br />

Grenadier Range. We enjoy incredible views and<br />

a colorful tapestry of wildflowers.<br />

Overnight: Silverton, The Wyman Hotel & Inn<br />

We walk the Highland Mary trail with wildflowers<br />

galore and many high lakes on the Continental Divide. We<br />

admire breathtaking views of glistening lakes set amid a<br />

broad expanse of rolling tundra. There’s the option of a mine<br />

tour before we drive to Pagosa Springs and the chance to<br />

soak in our hotel’s 23 hot spring pools.<br />

Overnight: Pagosa Springs, The Springs Resort & Spa<br />

We walk through aspen groves and towering pines to<br />

sublime waterfalls with views of dramatic volcanic cliffs on<br />

the edge of the Weminuche Wilderness. We return to our<br />

wonderful hotel with another chance to soak in the hot<br />

spring pools before our Farewell Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Pagosa Springs, The Springs Resort & Spa<br />

The Wayfarers transfer you to Durango for flights<br />

home or to extend your stay in southern Colorado<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Arrival: Durango<br />

Departure: Durango<br />

Terrain: A strenuous but<br />

rewarding Walk! Walking at<br />

altitude - between 9,000 and<br />

13,000 feet - on well marked mountain<br />

trails with some steep ascents and descents.<br />

8-12 miles walking per day.<br />

Massage/Spa<br />

US$ 3,695 per person<br />

(US$ 3,510 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 755 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

July 10-16<br />

Horseback Riding<br />

Fishing<br />

Tip: Plan to arrive early to get used to the altitude before the start of your Walk.<br />


United States<br />

• Dawn walk to sunrise point in<br />

Bryce Canyon<br />

• Hike the Narrows Walk to<br />

Weeping Rock in Zion Canyon<br />

• Take the Widforss Trail in Grand<br />

Canyon<br />

• Unforgettable sunset views<br />

• Visit three of USA's greatest<br />

national parks<br />

Utah<br />

D ay 1 Rendezvous in St George, The Grand Canyon,<br />

enjoy lunch together and drive to the<br />

North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We Bryce & Zion<br />

admire unforgettable sunset views of<br />

The Canyon followed by our Intro -<br />

ductory Talk and Welcome Dinner.<br />

Overnight: Grand Canyon Lodge, North Rim<br />

D ay 2 We enjoy a scenic hike on the Widforss Trail<br />

along the rim of the Grand Canyon. In the afternoon<br />

we drive to the only view of the Colorado River from<br />

the North Rim and enjoy an easy walk with incomparable<br />

scenery.<br />

Overnight: Grand Canyon Lodge, North Rim<br />

D ay 3 An after breakfast walk along the rim of the<br />

Transept Canyon and then we're off to Bryce Canyon.<br />

Lunch in the old western movie town of Kanab. A brief<br />

visit to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the largest in<br />

North America. We motor through some spectacular Red<br />

Rock Country to Bryce Canyon National Park and walk<br />

the rim trail in the late afternoon light before enjoying<br />

dinner at the lodge.<br />

Overnight: Bryce Canyon Lodge<br />

D ay 4 You may join early-rising Wayfarers for a<br />

short dawn walk to Sunrise Point, where we'll watch<br />

the sun ignite the altar candles in the great rock cathedral.<br />

Fantastic! Our morning walk will take us deeper<br />

into Bryce Canyon where hoodoos abound. After lunch<br />

Bryce Canyon<br />

we drive to the highest points in Bryce with breathtaking<br />

views, then walk along the rim.<br />

Overnight: Bryce Canyon Lodge<br />

D ay 5 We head for Zion along a scenic drive stopping<br />

for a short walk along the Overlook Trail, then<br />

down to the Lodge for lunch. In the afternoon, we<br />

hike the famed Narrows Walk, visit Weeping Rock,<br />

and end the day at the Human History Museum and<br />

Zion Visitor Center. Giddy-up and join the locals for<br />

an evening at the Bit and Spur Saloon.<br />

Overnight: Springdale, Flanigan's Inn<br />

D ay 6 Hike up to the Watchman Trail with<br />

outstanding views of the colorful expanse of Zion<br />

Canyon. After lunch, relax by the pool, stroll the<br />

shops of Springdale or cross the handsome suspension<br />

bridge for an afternoon walk to Emerald Pools to<br />

view its three waterfalls. Our Farewell Dinner is<br />

elegantly served at Flanigan's Inn.<br />

Overnight: Springdale, Flanigan's Inn<br />

D ay 7 After breakfast, we return to St George for<br />

onward connections.<br />

Ellen Barone<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

70<br />

California Condor<br />

Arrival: St George<br />

Departure: St George<br />

Terrain: Hiking at altitudes<br />

between 4,000 and 8,000 feet<br />

on well maintained forest and<br />

canyon trails with no sustained<br />

elevation gain of more than 400 feet.<br />

Some additional physical conditioning to<br />

prepare for higher elevation walking is advisable.<br />

5-7 miles per day.<br />

Antique Shopping<br />

Horseback riding<br />

US$ 3,295 per person<br />

(US$ 3,130 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 595 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

May 29 - June 4,<br />

September 25 - October 1<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com

New Mexico<br />

United States<br />

• Walk amid scenery immortalized in<br />

Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings<br />

• Learn about the flora, fauna and<br />

geology of the high desert<br />

• Visit 800-year-old cliff dwellings<br />

• See Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World<br />

Heritage Site, with a native guide<br />

• Cross the Rio Grande 650 feet above<br />

the river<br />

Ellen Barone<br />

Rankin Harvey<br />

Rendezvous in Santa Fe and visit the Georgia<br />

O’Keeffe Museum and enjoy a walking tour of historic<br />

downtown Santa Fe, a capital city since 1610. The<br />

Introductory Talk and Welcome Dinner is at La Casa Sena.<br />

Overnight: Santa Fe, Inn on the Alameda<br />

We drive northwest across the Rio Grande valley<br />

to the Jemez Mountains, an unusual volcanic range that<br />

harbors the ruins, cliff dwellings and petroglyphs of the<br />

Ancestral Puebloan Indians. We walk a forested route<br />

through Frijoles Canyon.<br />

Overnight: Santa Fe, Inn on the Alameda<br />

We hike in the Rocky<br />

Mountains, also called the<br />

Sangre de Cristo, just east<br />

of Santa Fe. Enjoy the<br />

fresh mountain air and learn<br />

about the geology, flora and fauna of this<br />

region. We stop at the famous Sanctuario de<br />

Chimayo, a major pilgrimage site, and visit<br />

the Centinela weaving studio, which has<br />

been worked by the award-winning Trujillo<br />

family for seven generations.<br />

Overnight: Abiquiu, Abiquiu Inn<br />

Ancient Land<br />

of Enchantment<br />

We visit the Chama River overlook<br />

and then spend the day at nearby<br />

Ghost Ranch. We take our time to make<br />

the ascent to Chimney Rock, with unforgettable<br />

views of the colorful desert and<br />

Cerro Pedernal, the flat-topped mountain<br />

which featured prominently in O’Keeffe’s paintings.<br />

After a picnic lunch, either walk into Box Canyon or visit<br />

the paleontology museum.<br />

Overnight: Abiquiu, Abiquiu Inn<br />

A morning walk and then we’ll drive further north<br />

on our journey. We lunch in the historic Ojo Caliente Springs<br />

Resort. We check into our B&B before heading out on the<br />

town for dinner in Taos.<br />

Overnight: Taos, Inn on La Loma Plaza<br />

We’ll visit Taos Pueblo, the oldest<br />

continuously inhabited dwelling in the USA. A native Pueblo<br />

Guide will give us a tour of this historic village, sharing a bit<br />

about the Pueblo customs that are still a big part of this<br />

living culture. Our afternoon hike is among<br />

shimmering aspen forests and beside<br />

clear, cold streams.<br />

Overnight: Taos,<br />

Inn on La Loma Plaza<br />

Arrival: Santa Fe<br />

Departure: Taos<br />

Terrain: Mostly good trails,<br />

sometimes rocky in places,<br />

with elevation gains of 300-800 ft.<br />

Altitude to 9,000 ft.<br />

5-7 miles per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

Optional<br />

Massage/Spa<br />

US$ 3,295 per person<br />

(US$3,130 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 595 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 6 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

September 4-10<br />

Opportunities<br />

Antique Shopping<br />

Ellen Barone<br />

A farewell breakfast at our<br />

lovely B&B and then travelers<br />

can opt to shuttle back to<br />

Santa Fe or Albuquerque, or<br />

to stay on to soak up the southwest<br />

for a little bit longer.<br />

Ellen Barone<br />


Argentina<br />

• Magnificent, unspoiled open<br />

landscapes<br />

• Cruise to the foot of the aweinspiring<br />

Perito Moreno Glacier<br />

• Stay in two very different remote<br />

estancias (ranches)<br />

• Visit Los Glacieres National Park,<br />

a UNESCO World Heritage Site<br />

• Hike the Mount Fitz Roy Trail<br />

Stephanie Martin<br />

Patagonia<br />

D ay 1 Meet at El Calafate Airport<br />

and transfer our hotel for our<br />

Introductory Talk and Welcome Dinner.<br />

Overnight: El Calafate, Hotel Kau Yatun<br />

D ay 2 We head out of town on the famous Route 40<br />

bound for El Chalten. En route we stop at La Leona, the<br />

inn made famous as the one time hiding place of Butch<br />

Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and may sample their<br />

famous lemon pie. We spend the afternoon walking in<br />

the stunning landscape dominated by the peak to<br />

Mount Fitzroy and the wild beauty of the borderlands<br />

between Argentina and Chile.<br />

Overnight: El Chalten, Hotel Don Los Cerros<br />

D ay 3 On the Fitz Roy Trail today we follow the<br />

river and climb with ever-wider views of Mount Fitz<br />

Roy and its glacier - a thrilling day’s hike to the accompaniment<br />

of rushing waters . We finish our route in El<br />

The Remote Paradise<br />

Andrea Schaffell<br />

Chalten where we have time for a well-earned beer<br />

or an ice cream.<br />

Overnight: El Chalten, Hotel Don Los Cerros<br />

D ay 4 We leave El Chalten bound for Lake<br />

Viedma and a very special stay at a family-owned<br />

estancia. On arrival at Helsingfors we are welcomed<br />

with a traditional asado (barbeque) for lunch<br />

followed by a gentle afternoon of walking absorbing<br />

the peace and beauty of our surroundings.<br />

Overnight: Lake Viedma, Estancia Helsingfors<br />

D ay 5 We set out on full day’s hike to the Blue<br />

Lagoon from our hotel and enter the River Alfredo<br />

River Valley (the same river that provides energy to<br />

the lodge), gradually ascending by the sides of the<br />

Huemul Hill. After a steady<br />

uphill climb we reach the view<br />

of the lagoon, a deep bright blue,<br />

contrasting with the darkness of<br />

the mountain and the whiteness<br />

of the glacier.<br />

Overnight: Lake Viedma,<br />

Estancia Helsingfors<br />

D ay 6 We head back towards<br />

El Calafate and settle in our stunning<br />

hotel in La Anita Valley. This is a<br />

unique location, almost overwhelming<br />

in its magnificence with 360 degree<br />

views of the surrounding land. We visit<br />

the Glacier Museum and stop in its unique<br />

Ice Bar for aperitifs.<br />

Overnight: Eolo Lodge<br />

D ay 7 Today is one of the highlights of<br />

our stay in Patagonia as we take in the<br />

outstanding Perito Moreno<br />

Glacier! First, we walk the<br />

length of the pasarelas (catwalks)<br />

to marvel at vistas of this<br />

amazing force of nature. Then<br />

we board a boat at Puerto Banderas to<br />

get up close to the fantastic glacier. We<br />

sail to almost touching distance of this<br />

gigantic wall of ice, some 30m high<br />

and more than three miles long.<br />

Overnight: Eolo Lodge<br />

D ay 8 Today we explore and exult<br />

in the majesty, of the lodge’s surroundings,<br />

hiking in the Anita Valley, along the<br />

river and to the heights of Mount Frias<br />

with unforgettable views and the<br />

chance to see local wildlife from<br />

flamingos in the valley to guanacos<br />

and hares in the hills.<br />

Overnight: Eolo Lodge<br />

D ay 9 We say farewell and<br />

have individual transfers to El<br />

Calafate airport.<br />

Andrea Schaffell<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

72<br />

Arrival: El Calafate<br />

Departure: El Calafate<br />

Terrain: Well marked<br />

trails and paths, some<br />

hills with steep<br />

inclines/declines.<br />

Paths can be rocky.<br />

Up to 12 miles walking<br />

per day<br />

2016<br />

US$ 5,995 per person<br />

(US$ 5,695 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 1,295 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 8 nights<br />

2016 Dates:<br />

January 31 - February 8<br />

Horseback Riding<br />

Swimming<br />

Massage/Spa<br />

2017<br />

US$ 6,095 per person<br />

(US$ 5,790 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 1,295 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 8 nights<br />

2017 Dates:<br />

January 31 - February 8<br />

Mountain Biking<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com

Argentina<br />

Andrea Schaffell<br />

Four Exciting Trip Extensions to complete your Patagonian Adventure!<br />

Buenos Aires City Stay<br />

Discover the vibrant ‘Paris of South America’ with a city-stay: three nights<br />

including airport transfers, private guided city tour, tango show and<br />

boutique hotel accommodations in the fashionable Palermo District.<br />

Price from US$ 1,175 per person Double Occupancy in a Classic Room<br />

(US$ 1,975 per person Single Occupancy)<br />

Hiking in Torres del Paine, Chilean Patagonia<br />

Three, four and five nights - all inclusive program at the luxurious<br />

Patagonia Camp with hikes every day in the Torres del Paine Park, transfers<br />

to and from either El Calafate, Argentina or Puntas Arenas, Chile.<br />

Price from US$ 1,825 per person Double Occupancy<br />

(US$ 2,245 per person Single Occupancy)<br />

Iguazu Falls<br />

A Relaxing Estancia Stay near Buenos Aires<br />

Spend two or three nights at Estancia Cina Cina - located 70 km / 43 miles<br />

from Buenos Aires and five blocks from the center of the sleepy colonial<br />

town of San Antonio de Areco, the home of gaucho writer Ricardo<br />

Güiraldes. Includes transfers to and from Buenos Aires and a guided tour<br />

of San Antonio de Areco.<br />

Price from US$ 845 per person Double Occupancy<br />

Walk along Iguazu’s impressive collection of waterfalls and feel the mist<br />

from the stunning Garganta del Diablo surrounded by a tropical jungle<br />

which is home to a huge diversity of flora and fauna. Stay in the only<br />

hotel situated within the National Park or choose a luxury lodge in<br />

Iryapú Rainforest. Includes transfers to and from Puerto Iguazu Airport,<br />

National Park Fees, two nights' hotel accommodation, full day guided<br />

tour of the Falls and forest trails.<br />

Price from US$ 880 per person Double Occupancy in a Falls View Room<br />

(US$ 1400 Single Occupancy)<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />


New Zealand<br />

• Stunning coastlines, incredible<br />

mountains and lush rainforest<br />

• See movie locations for ‘Lord of<br />

the Rings’ and ‘Narnia’<br />

• Warm welcome and the freshest<br />

seafood<br />

• Arthur's Pass National Park and<br />

the Southern Alps<br />

• Walking to the face of two<br />

glaciers: Franz Josef and Fox<br />

New Zealand<br />

&<br />

We meet in<br />

Picton to begin the Walk. After a<br />

group orientation and lunch, we take<br />

a coastal walk along to Bob's Bay,<br />

continuing along the Snout Walkway<br />

ridge. In the evening, we meet for our Welcome Dinner<br />

at the hotel.<br />

Next day, we take a water taxi to Mistletoe Bay and<br />

follow the Queen Charlotte Walkway, high on the<br />

dividing ridge between Kenepuru and Queen Charlotte<br />

Sounds with panoramic views of both Sounds. We<br />

hike through native forests where the birdsong of tuis,<br />

bell birds and fantails can be heard.<br />

Overnight: Picton, Beachcomber Inn<br />

We travel south from the Marlborough<br />

Sounds, between the borders of the Southern Alps and<br />

the eastern coastline. We stop for lunch at Kekerengu<br />

Roy Robinson<br />

Spectacular South Island<br />

and then explore Kaikoura, walking the Kaikoura<br />

Peninsula Track to our hotel. In the evening, we<br />

sample fresh local fish at The Pier Hotel restaurant.<br />

Overnight: Kaikoura, The White Morph<br />

&<br />

We depart from Kaikoura to Waipara<br />

towards the magnificent Southern Alps and the<br />

Wilderness Lodge in Arthur's Pass National Park.<br />

Here, there are a variety of alpine tracks to explore<br />

as we learn from natural history experts about the<br />

flora and fauna of this area, as well as visiting a<br />

working Merino, high-country farm. We climb up to<br />

Castle Hill rocks and see the beautiful landscapes<br />

captured on film in 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Narnia'.<br />

Overnight: Arthur's Pass, Wilderness Lodge<br />

&<br />

Queen Charlotte Walkway<br />

We travel by road, traversing the<br />

Southern Alps, to the West Coast and our destination<br />

at Lake Brunner Lodge. In Paparoa National Park we<br />

experience the luxuriant rainforest, where coastal<br />

trails take us to strange limestone formations called<br />

the Pancake Rocks and dramatic geyser-like blowholes.<br />

Our final afternoon walk takes us along the banks of<br />

the Porari River's impressive gorge.<br />

Overnight: Kumara, Lake Brunner Lodge<br />

Fox Glacier<br />

&<br />

Our walks include a trek<br />

from the rain forest to<br />

the face of the Franz<br />

Josef Glacier and a hike to the edge of Fox Glacier. Our<br />

accommodation in Franz Josef Glacier village is set in<br />

a rain forest where, after dinner, we explore a secret<br />

glow-worm grotto.<br />

On Wednesday evening, dinner is at leisure (not<br />

included).<br />

Overnight: Franz Josef Glacier, Punga Grove<br />

&<br />

We travel to Haast, pausing to<br />

walk the Ship Creek boardwalk through forest swamp<br />

and stunning West Coast beach scenery. We picnic by<br />

the picturesque River Haast and visit the Cascade<br />

74<br />

Roy Robinson

New Zealand<br />

Falls and Blue Pools. Our walks take us along Lake<br />

Wanaka to Glendhu Bay to experience a magical<br />

sunset and an afternoon walk from the lake inlet<br />

into the township of Wanaka. We also climb to the<br />

summit of Mount Iron to experience the incredible<br />

views of the Minaret Peaks, Mount Aspiring and the<br />

Otago plains.<br />

On Friday evening, dinner is at leisure (not<br />

included).<br />

Overnight: Wanaka, Edgewater Hotel<br />

&<br />

The final part of our journey takes<br />

us to Nugget Point Hotel. We explore the river walk<br />

at Arrowtown and, after lunch, we travel to<br />

Queenstown for a walk through Sunshine Valley, along<br />

the shores of Lake Wakatipu.<br />

Our final full day of walking begins with a drive to<br />

Glenorchy along Lake Wakatipu with stunning views of<br />

the Remarkable Mountains and Mount Aspiring Ranges.<br />

We explore the Glenorchy Lagoon boardwalk with its<br />

beautifully tranquil waters and birdlife. We walk a<br />

section of the famous Routeburn Track, through native<br />

beech forest, vast waterfalls and mountain peaks. We<br />

picnic by a babbling stream and listen to the native<br />

birdsong high in the beech tree-tops. We dine at the<br />

hotel and reminisce about the journey we have taken<br />

through the spectacular South Island.<br />

Overnight: Queenstown, Nugget Point<br />

Roy Robinson<br />

We say farewell at breakfast.<br />

Optional<br />

Opportunities<br />

Roy Robinson<br />

Hinekakai Falls<br />

Arrival: Picton Quayside<br />

Departure: Queenstown Airport<br />

Terrain: Good footing, some<br />

hills; transfers each day<br />

allow us to cover most of<br />

the island.<br />

4-9 miles walking per day.<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620<br />

(US & Canada)<br />

2016<br />

Water Sports<br />

Painting Lesson<br />

US$ 5,850 per person<br />

(US$ 5,555 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 1,250 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 13 nights<br />

2016 Dates<br />

March 1-14<br />

2017<br />

Fishing<br />

Helicopter Ride<br />

Golf<br />

US$ 5,995 per person<br />

(US$ 5,695 Wayfarers’ Friends)<br />

(US$ 1,250 Single Supplement)<br />

Trip Length: 13 nights<br />

2017 Dates:<br />

March 7-20<br />

Massage/Spa<br />

Trip price excludes<br />

dinner on two evenings<br />

when you are free to<br />

dine independently in<br />

a local restaurant:<br />

Wednesday in Franz<br />

Joseph Village and<br />

Friday in Wanaka.<br />

Roy Robinson<br />


Wayfarers<br />

Travel Collection<br />

a portfolio of very special travel experiences<br />

We are delighted to announce our new Wayfarers Travel<br />

Collection – a portfolio of very special travel experiences.<br />

These are vacations with a difference, operated by colleagues<br />

in the travel business that we know from personal experience<br />

and trust and who share our values of offering the highest<br />

levels of service and care for the places they visit.<br />

All the experiences are unique with an emphasis on ‘slow<br />

travel’ and yet very different from a walking vacation. We are<br />

offering them in a way that is exclusive for our Wayfarers.<br />

From the wonders of the Amazonian rainforest to the sun-drenched<br />

ancient villages of Southern France and Andalucia in Spain, we have<br />

hand-picked these itineraries to provide vacations in wonderful<br />

parts of the world – each with that extra something special.<br />

Fancy a trip based around an activity – riding, painting or bird<br />

watching? Or maybe enjoying a leisurely cruise through the French<br />

countryside on a luxury barge is more you. And that trip of a lifetime<br />

up the Amazon? Unmissable!<br />

Take a look at our Travel Collection and make your choice!<br />

Amazon Nature Tours<br />

on board the Tucano<br />

Six night Expedition Cruise<br />

Take a voyage to the heart of the Amazon<br />

on the elegant and comfortable Motor<br />

Yacht Tucano.<br />

On this very special “expedition cruise”, small<br />

groups explore far into the forest, exploring some<br />

of the most untouched rainforest in all of the<br />

Amazon on a journey up the Rio Negro. With<br />

expert, bilingual naturalist guides, get out into the<br />

forest on daily hikes or in small launches that<br />

wind their way into the uninhabited interior.<br />

Swim off deserted beaches, and in the depths of<br />

the wild rainforest spot plants, birds and mammals<br />

in their natural habitat. At night, take the<br />

launches and explore the river’s edge with spotlights<br />

to see caiman, close relatives of crocodiles.<br />

And there’s time to relax too. In the afternoon sit<br />

on the observation deck and enjoy hors-d'oeuvres,<br />

while watching magnificent sunsets. Later on,<br />

marvel at the millions of stars in the pitch-dark<br />

southern skies.<br />

The M/Y Tucano is built in the tradition of the old<br />

steamboats of the 19th century, but is an up-todate<br />

and modern craft with state-of-the-art navigation<br />

and communications. Enjoy the classical<br />

elegance of a bygone era, combined with the capability<br />

and the spirit of modern exploration.<br />

While on board, there is plenty of space to spread<br />

out and contemplate the wonders of nature. With<br />

70 windows, Tucano is bright and airy, with airconditioned<br />

cabins and salon.<br />

This cruise will appeal to travelers looking for<br />

both fun and a very genuine experience of the<br />

authentic Amazon.<br />

Wayfarers Travel Collection Package:<br />

Includes pre-night accommodation in<br />

Manaus and a city tour.<br />

Departures:<br />

Weekly departures year round.<br />

Price: US$ 4,350 per person based on<br />

double occupancy<br />

76<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com

Barging in France<br />

Cruise the Canal du Midi or the historic<br />

region of Gascony.<br />

Relax on board a luxury barge with a small<br />

group of fellow travelers and progress through<br />

France in style with European Waterways on<br />

the Rosa or Anjodi.<br />

The Canal du Midi skirts the shores of the<br />

Mediterranean before meandering inland<br />

through sun-drenched ancient villages, Roman<br />

fortifications and lush vineyards. Visit the famous<br />

walled city of Carcassonne and taste the wines at<br />

chateaux along the route.<br />

Or let the Canal des Deux Mers take you to the<br />

medieval bastide towns of old Gascony in the<br />

southwest. On the way, pass picturesque villages<br />

and quaint farms and learn about and taste some<br />

of the region’s wonderful local products like<br />

Armagnac and foie-gras.<br />

Wayfarers Travel Collection Package:<br />

Includes one night pre or post tour<br />

accommodation in a gateway city.<br />

Departures:<br />

Weekly, March - October<br />

Price: from US$ 4,450 per person based<br />

on double occupancy<br />

Riding, bird watching or painting<br />

Holidays in the hills of Spain’s Andalucia<br />

with Arbuthnott Holidays.<br />

Saddle up and let noble, sure-footed horses take<br />

us along old caminos and smugglers’ paths,<br />

used over centuries, through cork valleys, limestone<br />

sierras and forgotten valleys, with griffin<br />

vultures and eagles soaring above.<br />

For this vacation, we stay at El Cortijo Barranco,<br />

a large, stately farmhouse built in 1754.<br />

Keen birdwatchers can spend a week in a part<br />

of Andalucia which is on a hugely important<br />

migratory route for birds moving between Africa<br />

and Europe. During the week visit many different<br />

habitats, with the excitement of discovering and<br />

watching birds we may never have seen before,<br />

under the guidance of Robin Nelson.<br />

Pack your brushes and make the most of this<br />

beautiful region with mountainous, pastoral and<br />

wooded scenery interspersed with white villages<br />

chiseled in to the hillside and exquisite little<br />

farmhouses readymade for artists. We visit<br />

different sites from which to paint country, town<br />

and village scenes.<br />

For both these vacations, we stay at Almuña, the<br />

home of Hugh and Jane Arbuthnott, on a 500-acre<br />

farm with a wondrous vista stretching deep in to<br />

North Africa. Enjoy home-cooked food, using fresh<br />

and totally organic ingredients from the Almuña<br />

kitchen garden together with some delicious<br />

Spanish wines selected by Hugh.<br />

Wayfarers Travel Collection Package:<br />

Includes pre or post night’s<br />

accommodation in Malaga.<br />

Departures:<br />

Riding: April 14-21, 2016<br />

April 2017<br />

Painting: April 27 – May 4, 2016<br />

October 1-8, 2016<br />

April/May/October 2017<br />

Bird watching: April 18-25, 2016<br />

April 2017<br />

Price: on application<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />


Sam Solomon<br />

Chris Peterson<br />

Frequently Asked Questions<br />

Dick Dixon<br />

1. How Fit Do I Need to Be?<br />

The Wayfarers walks are rated numerically,<br />

one to five, from Easy to Energetic.<br />

Each rating is based on a combination of<br />

type of terrain, distance, time and elevation<br />

gain. The Wayfarers can help you<br />

assess your own fitness when it comes<br />

time to choose.<br />

2. How Many People Will Be<br />

on the Trip?<br />

The Wayfarers takes a maximum of 16<br />

walkers per trip, but average between<br />

10 and 12.<br />

3. Where Do We Stay?<br />

As a small, independent company, The<br />

Wayfarers avoids hotel chains in favor of<br />

locally-owned inns. You can expect<br />

gracious English manor houses, Tuscan<br />

villas, French châteaux, medieval inns,<br />

and rustic lodges in the American West,<br />

all chosen for their character, location,<br />

and the warmth of their welcome.<br />

4. What if it Rains?<br />

The walk typically goes on, though you do<br />

have the option of taking the van. Bring<br />

Gore-Tex jackets and pants, as well as Gore-<br />

Tex hiking boots, to keep you dry during<br />

the wettest afternoons.<br />

5. I’m Traveling Solo, Will I fit In?<br />

If you’re traveling on your own, you’ll fit<br />

right in with a Wayfarers’ group! Here’s a<br />

chance to meet other like-minded people<br />

and share the camaraderie of the trail. You<br />

can be sure to feel welcome and at ease<br />

whatever your circumstances.<br />

Our trips are popular with solo travelers<br />

who want to explore off the beaten track<br />

in safety and comfort. You can make new<br />

friends and enjoy relaxed companionship<br />

along the way.<br />

As a solo traveler you’ll enjoy exactly the<br />

same high standards of accommodation as<br />

paired travelers. We offer reasonably<br />

priced single supplements and you’ll stay<br />

in the same category of room.<br />

‘I would not hesitate to recommend<br />

The Wayfarers to solo travelers. It’s a<br />

very safe, comfortable environment<br />

and such a variety of people.’<br />

~<br />

‘Everybody mixes fine on Wayfarers<br />

Walks, it doesn’t matter if you come<br />

as a single or a couple.’<br />

~<br />

‘You’re part of the group and<br />

accepted without ever feeling like<br />

a fifth wheel.’<br />

78<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com

Preparing for your Walk<br />

Planning is half the fun<br />

Share your<br />

Wayfarers’ experiences<br />

There are lots of ways to stay in touch and<br />

connect with other Wayfarers online. Our<br />

Facebook Page is stacked with photos,<br />

updates, competitions and lively<br />

comments, so make sure you Like us at<br />

www.facebook.com/thewayfarers<br />

Our email newsletter keeps you up-to-date<br />

with our news, competitions and offers –<br />

visit the website to subscribe.<br />

The Wayfarers' 'Get Ready to Walk Shop'<br />

Now Available Online<br />

• Logo Gear including polo shirts, sun shirts,<br />

day packs, Tilley hats & more<br />

• ‘High quality’ walking essentials<br />

to kit you out from<br />

head to toe<br />

Log on to:<br />

www.thewayfarers.com/gear<br />

And our active Twitter account<br />

@wayfarers is a great source of travel<br />

snaps, news and links.<br />

To ensure that you are in the best<br />

possible shape for your vacation, The<br />

Wayfarers has partnered with Fit for<br />

Trips to offer fitness programs crafted<br />

specifically for your walking itinerary.<br />

Upon receiving your Walk booking, we<br />

send you a voucher for a 10% discount<br />

on your chosen Fit for Trips program.<br />

See www.thewayfarers.com/fit-for-trips<br />

for more information<br />

Call us at 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />


Preparing for your Walk<br />

Roy Robinson<br />

Need Assistance with your Travel Plans?<br />

Wendy Houle runs The Wayfarers' Travel Desk<br />

providing expert service.<br />

• Save time and effort<br />

• Blend arrival and departure travel<br />

arrangements perfectly with your Walk<br />

• Add pre and post Walk trips that supplement<br />

your Walk experience<br />

• Take advantage of the best each area has to<br />

offer with expert advice<br />

• Reasonable fees<br />

Contact The Wayfarers’ Travel Desk at 1-800-611-4763 (US & Canada)<br />

Reserve Your Walking Vacation Now -<br />

3 Easy Ways!<br />

1. Call us now at 1-800-249-4620<br />

2. Request a booking online at<br />

www.thewayfarers.com<br />

3. Ask your Travel Agent to call us<br />


Each rating is based on a combination of<br />

type of varying terrain, walking distance /<br />

time & elevation gain.<br />

Easy<br />

Morning/Afternoon: 3-4mi, 2-2 ½hrs<br />

Daily: 6-8mi, 4-5hrs<br />

Mainly flat, several hills, easy incline, good footing<br />

Easy/Moderate<br />

Morning/Afternoon: 4-5mi, 2 ½-3hrs<br />

Daily: 8-10mi, 5-6hrs<br />

Days provide a combination of Easy and Moderate<br />

Terrains<br />

2 are Better than 1!<br />

Book any Two of our Walks<br />

Back to Back, and we'll treat<br />

you to a night's<br />

accommodation<br />

in-between.<br />

If you are a<br />

first-timer, we'll give you<br />

the Wayfarers' Friends<br />

5% Loyalty Discount on<br />

both Walks.<br />

Deposit<br />

We request a deposit of US$ 500 per person for most Walks,<br />

with final payment requested 90 days ahead of the trip.<br />

However, for the Barging in Burgundy, Pentillie Castle and<br />

Patagonia trips the deposit is US $1000 and final payment is<br />

120 days ahead of the trip.<br />

Cancellations<br />

If you find it necessary to cancel your reservation, all payments<br />

will be refunded to you, less a Cancellation Fee as follows:<br />

• More than 120 days before Walk date $ 150 per person<br />

• 120-91 days before Walk date $ 500 per person<br />

• 90-60 days before Walk date 50% of walk price per person<br />

• 59-0 days before Walk date<br />

FULL price of Walk<br />

Barging in Burgundy, Patagonia, Pentillie Castle::<br />

• More than 120 days before Walk date $ 500 per person<br />

• 120-91 days before Walk date $ 1000 per person<br />

• 90-0 days before Walk date<br />

FULL price of Walk<br />

Exceptions to this cancellation policy cannot be made for any<br />

reason, including personal emergencies, business emergencies,<br />

illness, or weather.<br />

Moderate<br />

Morning/Afternoon: 4-5mi, 2 ½-3hrs<br />

Daily: 8-12mi, 5-6hrs<br />

Moderate hills each day, variety of surfaces, no long<br />

difficult descents<br />

Moderate/Energetic<br />

Morning/Afternoon: 4-8mi, 3-3 ½hrs<br />

Daily: 8-16mi, 5-6hrs<br />

Days provide a combination of Moderate and<br />

Energetic Terrains<br />

Energetic<br />

Morning/Afternoon: 5-8mi, 3-3 ½hrs<br />

Daily: 10-16mi, 6-7hrs<br />

Higher frequency of hills or steps each day, longer<br />

ascents and descents, good level of fitness required to<br />

enjoy the Walk<br />

80<br />

Copyright © 2016 The Wayfarers, 174 Bellevue Ave., Newport RI 02840 USA. All rights reserved. All images are the prior copyright of their creators. Nothing may be reproduced in any form without obtaining<br />

the permission of the creators. Special thanks to Ellen Barone and all who shared their photos with us! Rolf van Dijk, Graphic Design & Cartography | Betsy West, Editor

Page<br />

Walk Title<br />

Price US$<br />

Wayfarers’ Friends<br />

Price US$<br />

Single<br />

Sup<br />

#<br />

Nights<br />

Walk<br />

Rating<br />

Departure Dates<br />

United Kingdom & Ireland Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec<br />

14 England Thomas Hardy's Dorset: Far from the Madding Crowd NEW $ 4,495 $ 4,270 $ 565 6 3 15 25<br />

15 England The Lake District: Glittering lakes, majestic mountains NEW $ 4,395 $ 4,175 $ 595 6 5 3 2<br />

16 England Cornwall: Smugglers’ coves and spectacular gardens $ 4,395 $ 4,175 $ 565 6 4 5 2<br />

17 England North Cornwall: King Arthur's Tintagel and Poldark NEW $ 4,395 $ 4,175 $ 565 6 4 12 9<br />

18 England Northumbria: Land of castles, saints and Vikings $ 4,395 $ 4,175 $ 565 6 2 26 11<br />

19 England Coast to Coast: Lake District and Yorkshire Dales $ 4,395 $ 4,175 $ 595 7 5 11 17 8<br />

20 England The Cotswolds: Quintessential England $ 4,295 $ 4,080 $ 565 6 2 22 25<br />

21 England Jane Austen Country: Insider’s guide to Jane’s family life $ 4,295 $ 4,080 $ 565 6 1 8<br />

22 England Pentillie Castle: Live like a lord in a private castle from $ 4,195 from $ 3,985 from $ 695 6 2 16<br />

23 England ‘Downton Abbey’: Victorian splendor, megalithic monuments $ 4,195 $ 3,985 $ 565 6 2 17<br />

24 England Yorkshire: The Fells and Dales of James Herriot country $ 4,195 $ 3,985 $ 565 6 2 15 9<br />

25 Wales Pembrokeshire Coast: The Wild Coast of Wales $ 4,295 $ 4,080 $ 565 6 3 4<br />

26 Scotland Outer Hebrides: Skye, Lewis and Harris NEW $ 4,395 $ 4,175 $ 565 6 2 29F 26<br />

27 Scotland The Highlands: Lochs, Mountains and Royal Edinburgh $ 4,395 $ 4,175 $ 565 6 3 25<br />

28 N. Ireland Northern Ireland: Historic cities, Glens, Wild Coasts $ 4,395 $ 4,175 $ 565 6 2 12 18<br />

29 Ireland The Ring of Kerry: Dingle Peninsula and Celtic history $ 4,395 $ 4,175 $ 565 6 3 5 25<br />

Europe ~ France & Spain Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec<br />

33 Spain Camino de Santiago: Ancient Pilgrimage Route $ 4,495 $ 4,270 $ 595 7 4 21<br />

34 France/Spain Pays Basque: Wild landscapes and a Sparkling Coast $ 4,495 $ 4,270 $ 635 6 4 19 2<br />

35 France Brittany & Normandy: D-Day Landings & Mont St Michel $ 4,495 $ 4,270 $ 655 6 2 12 25<br />

36 France Burgundy by Barge: Gourmet cuisine by luxury barge from $ 5,290 from $ 5,025 from $ 1,850 6 1 9, 16<br />

37 France Burgundy: Walks and Wines from Beaune to Cluny NEW $ 4,495 $ 4,270 $ 595 6 3 5F 18<br />

38 France Alsace: Villages, Vosges & Vineyards $ 4,495 $ 4,270 $ 655 6 3 29 11<br />

39 France Provence: Fragrances, fine dining and artistic inspiration $ 4,795 $ 4,555 $ 695 6 3 22 16<br />

Europe ~ Italy Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec<br />

43 Italy Puglia: Beauty, history and local cuisine $ 4,395 $ 4,175 $ 595 6 3 17 25<br />

44 Italy The Veneto: Palladio and Prosecco $ 4,495 $ 4,270 $ 635 6 3 4<br />

45 Italy The Dolomites: Italy's awesome wild mountains $ 4,495 $ 4,270 $ 635 6 5 28<br />

46 Italy Lucca to Siena: A Pilgrim Way $ 4,295 $ 4,080 $ 595 6 3 22 18<br />

47 Italy Classic Tuscany: Birthplace of the Renaissance $ 4,495 $ 4,270 $ 595 6 3 29 25<br />

48 Italy Tuscany & Umbria: Bucolic landscapes, Vineyards $ 4,495 $ 4,270 $ 595 6 3 5<br />

49 Italy The Italian Lakes: Como, Maggiore, Lugano & Orta $ 4,595 $ 4,365 $ 655 6 4 19 11<br />

50 Italy The Amalfi Coast & The Isle of Capri $ 4,895 $ 4,650 $ 595 6 5 8 18<br />

51 Italy Cinque Terre: The glamorous Italian Riviera $ 4,595 $ 4,365 $ 655 6 4 12 18<br />

52 Italy Western Sicily: Ancient temples, nature reserves $ 4,495 $ 4,270 $ 595 6 3 24 2<br />

53 Italy Eastern Sicily: Mount Etna, Classical sites, coastal paths $ 4,495 $ 4,270 $ 595 6 3 1 9<br />

Europe Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec<br />

57 Austria Winter Tyrolean Alps: Hiking or cross-country skiing NEW $ 4,195 $ 3,985 $ 395 6 4 6<br />

58 Germany/Austria Bavaria & Tyrolean Alps: Alpine perfection NEW $ 4,495 $ 4,270 $ 565 7 3 18<br />

60 Norway Bergen & the Western Fjords: Spectacular scenery $ 4,895 $ 4,650 $ 750 7 3 2 3<br />

61 Slovenia Slovenia: Mountains, lakes and unspoiled rural life $ 4,395 $ 4,175 $ 565 7 2 10<br />

62 Croatia The Dalmatian Coast: Islands, sleepy villages, shining seas $ 4,595 $ 4,365 $ 655 7 3 14 1, 15<br />

64 Czech Republic Vienna to Prague: Crossroads of Europe $ 4,395 $ 4,175 $ 565 7 2 28 17<br />

65 Czech R., Germany Prague to Dresden: Landscape of artists and poets $ 4,395 $ 4,175 $ 565 7 3 5 25<br />

The Americas, Africa & The Pacific Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec<br />

69 United States Colorado: Summertime in Wilderness Mountains $ 3,695 $ 3,510 $ 755 6 5 10<br />

70 United States Utah: The Grand Canyon, Bryce & Zion $ 3,295 $ 3,130 $ 595 6 3 29 25<br />

71 United States New Mexico: Ancient land of Enchantment $ 3,295 $ 3,130 $ 595 6 3 4<br />

72 Argentina Patagonia: The Remote Paradise 2016 $ 5,995 $ 5,695 $ 1,295 8 4 31<br />

72 Argentina Patagonia: The Remote Paradise 2017 $ 6,095 $ 5,790 $ 1,295 8 4 31<br />

74 New Zealand New Zealand: Spectacular South Island 2016 $ 5,850 $ 5,555 $ 1,250 13 2 1<br />

74 New Zealand New Zealand: Spectacular South Island 2017 $ 5,995 $ 5,695 $ 1,250 13 2 7<br />

For more details: www.thewayfarers.com or call us at: 1-800-249-4620 (US & Canada)<br />

F =Founders’ Walk

174 Bellevue Avenue<br />

Newport, RI o2840<br />


U.S. POSTAGE<br />

PAID<br />

PPCO<br />

For Reservations and Information:<br />

United States/Canada<br />

174 Bellevue Avenue<br />

Newport, RI 02840<br />

+1 (800) 249-4620<br />

+1 (401) 849-5087<br />

Fax: (401) 849-5878<br />

Travel Desk: +1 (800) 611-4763<br />

walk-info@thewayfarers.com<br />

United Kingdom/Europe<br />

7 The Square<br />

Toddington<br />

Gloucestershire GL54 5DJ<br />

+44 (0)1 242 620871<br />

walk-info@thewayfarers.co.uk<br />

Australia/New Zealand<br />

52 Carranya Road<br />

Riverview<br />

NSW 2066<br />

+61 (0)2 8091 4045<br />

aust-pacific@thewayfarers.com<br />

Argentina<br />

Austria<br />

Chile<br />

Croatia<br />

Czech Republic<br />

England<br />

France<br />

Germany<br />

Ireland<br />

Italy<br />

New Zealand<br />

Northern Ireland<br />

Norway<br />

Scotland<br />

Slovenia<br />

Spain<br />

United States<br />

Wales<br />

Amy Martin<br />

Front Cover Phot0: Northumbria Walkers approach Alnwick Castle<br />

Stephen Banks

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