Life and Death




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Kompas Book Publisher Catalogue<br />

I N D O N E S I A<br />

<strong>Life</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Death</strong><br />

of<br />

in<br />

The L<strong>and</strong><br />

The Ring of Fire<br />


Jl. Palmerah Selatan 26-28<br />

Jakarta 10270<br />

e-mail: buku@kompas.com

2<br />

Kompas Book Publisher <br />

PK OJONG:<br />


GREAT<br />

Helen Ishwara<br />




Editor: St. Sularto<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-837-7<br />

Born by the name Auw Jong Peng<br />

Koen, P.K Ojong taught by his father to<br />

live with discipline <strong>and</strong> modesty. His<br />

discipline <strong>and</strong> persistency carried on as<br />

he established Kompas Gramedia, well<br />

known media company in Indonesia,<br />

along with Jakob Oetama. Kompas<br />

<strong>and</strong> Intisari journalist Helen Ishwara,<br />

compiled the life story of P.K. Ojong in<br />

detail <strong>and</strong> completed this story with<br />

testimonies of his close friends.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-601-4<br />

This book describes the life story of<br />

Jakob Oetama, a humble figure, prefer<br />

to be called a journalist instead of a<br />

businessman; stated Kompas success<br />

as hard work, synergy, <strong>and</strong> God’s<br />

blessing. Events as if in coincidence,<br />

however happens with the blessing of<br />

God (providentia dei).<br />




St. Sularto (editor)<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-740-0<br />

This book is a reflection of 50 years of<br />

Kompas Gramedia which in early years<br />

concentrated on information business,<br />

then spread to other fields by refreshing<br />

the gr<strong>and</strong> ideas from its pioneers:<br />

Developing Idea of Small Indonesia.<br />

The writings in this book expected to<br />

reflect the spirit of existence of Kompas<br />

Gramedia in the last fifty years, also<br />

foreseeing future prospect, in the midst<br />

of the rapid changing world.<br />

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A SERIES OF SOEKARNO Kompas Book Publisher<br />

3<br />


Revealing The <strong>Life</strong> of Soekarno Daniel Dhakidae (editor) 978-979-709-734-9<br />

Bung Karno: A Witness of Event 978-979-709-409-6<br />

Conflict during Proclamation: BPUPKI, PPKI, <strong>and</strong> Independence St. Sularto dan D. Rini Yunarti 978-979-709-509-3<br />

Unfolding Historical Manipulation Asvi Warman Adam 978-979-709-704-1<br />

Unfolding Historical Mystery Asvi Warman Adam 978-979-709-504-8<br />

Long Days: Transition Old Order to New Order (A Memoir) Sulastomo 978-979-709-387-7<br />

Heldy: Bung Karno Latest Lover Ully Hermono dan Peter Kasenda 978-979-709-579-6<br />

Bung Karno <strong>and</strong> Arrow Shirt Asvi Warman Adam 978-979-709-623-6<br />

Soekarno Breakthrough in Linggarjati Conference Rushdy Hoesein 978-979-709-489-8<br />

These books focus on figure of Soekarno: Founding Father <strong>and</strong> The First President of Republic of Indonesia. In these series<br />

you will find not only articles, but also historical photos. You will find a complete description of Indonesian struggle through a<br />

fragment of historical events unfolded in these series.<br />


@bukukompas<br />


4<br />

Kompas Book Publisher M Hatta’s Autobiography<br />


Mohammad Hatta<br />

In Hatta’s opinion, there were two most<br />

important milestones in his life. What were<br />

those? This book is a record of the life<br />

story <strong>and</strong> the struggle of National Hero of<br />

Independence - Mohammad Hatta, from his<br />

early childhood to the period of his pinnacle<br />

thoughts <strong>and</strong> political activity. It is divided in<br />

three volumes: BUKITTINGGI-ROTTERDAM<br />


<strong>and</strong> MENUJU GERBANG KEMERDEKAAN. This<br />

autobiography was written by Hatta himself<br />

before his demise in 1980.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-540-6<br />

There is Always a Choice<br />

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono<br />

At the end of his presidency, Susilo Bambang<br />

Yudhoyono wrote his own experiences during<br />

his time as a President. He wished to share his<br />

experiences to the future leaders while he was<br />

running a government <strong>and</strong> was involved in two<br />

Presidential Elections.<br />

SBY vision <strong>and</strong> views for the better Indonesia in the<br />

future was delivered in an outspoken <strong>and</strong> honest<br />

manner, as a reflection of his duty <strong>and</strong> service to the<br />

country for more than nine years.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-783-7<br />

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BIOGRAPHY Kompas Book Publisher<br />

5<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-769-1<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-791-2<br />

Hoegeng:<br />

A Role Model as a<br />

Policeman <strong>and</strong> Minister<br />

Suhartono<br />

This book covered many perspectives<br />

of Hoegeng, as a policeman <strong>and</strong><br />

politician in the highest regard.<br />

Also, it is a story based of friendship<br />

between Hoegeng <strong>and</strong> Soedharto<br />

Martopoespito, his former secretary.<br />

Shortly after Hoegeng joined the group<br />

“Petisi 50”, Dharto who served as an<br />

employee in Political <strong>and</strong> Security<br />

Minister, would never engage in<br />

personal matter with his former boss.<br />

Maulwi Saelan:<br />

Soekarno’s Last<br />

Guardian<br />

Asvi Warman Adam, Bonnie<br />

Triyana, Hendri F. Isnaeni, MF<br />

Mukthi<br />

This book not only describes Maulwi<br />

Saelan experiences as the physical<br />

guard of President Soekarno, but these<br />

writers also relate to the struggle of<br />

Maulwi Saelan during his adolescence<br />

defending the country, as the guard<br />

of the Republic, also in protecting<br />

the President from historical sl<strong>and</strong>er<br />

thrown at him by the New Order<br />

regime.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-812-4<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-822-3<br />

Gusti Noeroel –<br />

Chasing Happiness<br />

Ully Hermono<br />

Princess willing to leave behind the<br />

comfort of living in the palace for<br />

love. The life story of Gusti Raden<br />

Ajeng Siti Noeroel Kamaril Ngasarati<br />

Koesoemawardhani, or commonly<br />

known as Gusti Noeroel, the daughter<br />

of K.G.P.A.A. Mangkoenagoro VII<br />

(1855-1944).At that time, Gusti<br />

Noeroel was a modern Javanese<br />

princess, lived far beyond her time.<br />

Mr. Sartono<br />

Daradjadi<br />

Mr. Sartono was a native law expert<br />

in 1930 <strong>and</strong> he acted as defense<br />

lawyer for Bung Karno while he was<br />

tried in the colonial court in B<strong>and</strong>ung.<br />

Exactly 30 years later, he had a<br />

different opinion against Soekarno<br />

<strong>and</strong> resigned from The House of<br />

Representatives (DPR). Daradjadi, a self<br />

taught historian, wrote a Mr. Sartono<br />

biography in a humble style; opening<br />

ways to the younger generation to find<br />

this national figure who was almost<br />

forgotten.<br />

@bukukompas<br />


6<br />

Kompas Book Publisher BIOGRAPHY<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-821-6<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-829-2<br />

A Note From<br />

General Pranoto<br />

Reksosamudra<br />

Pranoto Reksosamodra<br />

In this book, Pranoto describes a<br />

series of events revolving around<br />

the tragedy of 1965. Through this<br />

process, he has well kept notes for<br />

over 40 years, he wanted to testify<br />

around many events <strong>and</strong> figures which<br />

hold an important role during the<br />

transfer of power, particularly General<br />

Soeharto. Wrote in clear language,<br />

honest <strong>and</strong> far from hatred <strong>and</strong> anger.<br />

Ismail Marzuki<br />

– A Song Across<br />

Generation<br />

Ninok Leksono<br />

This book reveals not only the life<br />

of Ismail Marzuki – or Ismail Mz or<br />

Bang Maing – son of Betawi ethnic<br />

born in Kwitang, 11 May 1914, known<br />

for being well groomed, humble,<br />

discipline, with extraordinary musical<br />

talent; but also the story behind his<br />

song creation, theme <strong>and</strong> colourfull<br />

rhymes, <strong>and</strong> critical comments<br />

delivered by some Western educated<br />

musician.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-865-0<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-859-9<br />

Cak Nur:<br />

A Nation Role Model<br />

Muhammad Wahyuni Nafis<br />

This book discusses the main ideas<br />

of Cak Nur comprehensively <strong>and</strong> also<br />

summarizes Cak Nur gr<strong>and</strong> ideas as<br />

a true democrat, a prominent figure<br />

aspires to create a modern Indonesia,<br />

which earned him the title of Nation<br />

Role Model.<br />

A.R. Baswedan<br />

- Building The<br />

Nation <strong>and</strong> Webbing<br />

Nationalism<br />

Suratmin & Didi Kwartanada<br />

Semarang, August 1 st 1934. A daily<br />

newspaper owned by a Chinese<br />

descendant Mata Hari, published a<br />

sensational photography - a young<br />

man of Arab descendant wearing<br />

traditional Javanese clothing <strong>and</strong><br />

a hat! Who was that person? That<br />

young man was Abdul Rahman (A.R.)<br />

Baswedan, a journalist, politician,<br />

freedom fighter, <strong>and</strong> truly Indonesian<br />

(1908-1986). This biography carried<br />

an important message: love your<br />

country with all your heart <strong>and</strong> soul is<br />

the first priority for every true patriot.<br />

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Food/Culinary Kompas Book Publisher<br />

7<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-738-7 ISBN: 978-979-709-887-2<br />


Bondan Winarno<br />


Bondan Winarno<br />

As a foodie who already tasted most of Indonesia traditional food, Bondan Winarno agreed to write his opinion about<br />

Indonesian cuisine which is categorized as ‘dangerously delicious’. Moreover, it also brings hot sensation which very often<br />

causes stomach ache, the delicacy that will make all of us mindless. This book comprises of 100 different Indonesian foods<br />

including recipes, <strong>and</strong> the guidance of a location where you can try, <strong>and</strong> also ranks “truly it was special” or “really delicious”.<br />

Bondan Winarno, a senior journalist <strong>and</strong> a popular culinary reporter in ‘Taste of Indonesia’ in Asian Food Channel.<br />

@bukukompas<br />


8<br />

Kompas Book Publisher A SERIES OF KOMPAS EXPEDITION<br />

Perjalanan dari Sabang, kota di ujung<br />

paling barat, sampai Merauke, di ujung<br />

timur Indonesia, adalah perjalanan yang<br />

sarat tantangan. Selama 40 hari jarak sejauh<br />

8.514,22 kilometer itu ditempuh tim ekspedisi<br />

harian Kompas melalui jalan darat dan<br />

penyeberangan laut. Sebuah petualangan<br />

jurnalistik yang menyingkap bentangan<br />

wilayah Indonesia yang mahaluas dan penuh<br />

pesona alam; tempat hidup aneka suku<br />

bangsa dan beragam kebudayaan.<br />

Buku ini memuat foto-foto hasil karya<br />

wartawan dan fotografer harian Kompas<br />

yang terlibat dalam “Ekspedisi Sabang-<br />

Merauke: Kota dan Jejak Peradaban“. Sebuah<br />

usaha pendokumentasian perkembangan<br />

dan dinamika peradaban Indonesia. Melalui<br />

kegiatan ini, Kompas berusaha menemukan<br />

kembali Indonesia sekaligus menumbuhkembangkan<br />

semangat keindonesiaan.<br />

Ekspedisi ini juga bertujuan untuk melihat<br />

lebih dekat berbagai daerah Indonesia<br />

dalam konteks kekinian.<br />

The trip from Sabang, the most western city<br />

of Indonesia, to Merauke on the most eastern<br />

part, were extremely challenging. For 40<br />

days, the Kompas expedition team had to<br />

go across 8,514.22 kilometers, by l<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

across the sea. It was a journalistic trip which<br />

reveal the vast l<strong>and</strong>scape of Indonesia <strong>and</strong><br />

its breathtaking panoramic view; where its<br />

diverse ethnic groups <strong>and</strong> cultures lives on.<br />

This book contains the works of Kompas daily<br />

journalists <strong>and</strong> photographers participated<br />

in “The Sabang-Merauke – Cities <strong>and</strong> Trace<br />

of Civilization Expedition”. It is an effort to<br />

document the development <strong>and</strong> dynamics<br />

of civilization in Indonesia. The aim of this<br />

expedition is to rediscover the country’s<br />

richness in cultural <strong>and</strong> historical heritage as<br />

well as to develop the Indonesian spirit. This<br />

expedition also aimed to take a closer look<br />

of Indonesia regions in their contemporary<br />

context.<br />


Jl. Palmerah Selatan 26-28,<br />

Jakarta 10270. Email:buku@kompas.<br />

com. Telp. (021) 5347710 ext. 5601<br />

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@bukukompas<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-679-3<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-786-8<br />

TOPIC<br />

ISBN<br />

12 12 2013 [CO] K_2.indd 1 12/12/<br />

Anyer-Panarukan Expedition 978-979-709-391-4<br />

Solo River Expedition 978-979-709-390-7<br />

Papua L<strong>and</strong> Expedition 978-979-709-572-7<br />

Expedition to A Cultural<br />

Remnants of Nusatenggara<br />

Timur<br />

978-979-709-595-6<br />

Citarum River Expedition 978-979-709-424-9<br />

Ciliwung River Expedition 978-979-709-424-9<br />

<strong>Life</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Death</strong> in The L<strong>and</strong> of<br />

the Ring of Fire<br />

978-979-709-679-3<br />

Musi River Expedition 978-979-709-485-0<br />

Perceiving Indonesia 978-979-709-786-8<br />

A series of expedition conducted by Kompas daily<br />

newspaper which involved tens of reporters <strong>and</strong><br />

photographers each year. This series provided the new<br />

perspective of life in a certain local area, <strong>and</strong> explore the<br />

main problems, potency, <strong>and</strong> local thought which might<br />

be developed in the future. Suitable for readers involved<br />

in the fields of environmental studies, anthropology,<br />

archeology, <strong>and</strong> sociology.<br />

These series equipped with photos, graphics <strong>and</strong> research<br />

data results which clarified the living description of local<br />

people in each location. Finally a journalistic report was<br />

a record which attempted to present the information as<br />

authentically original. By reading the series carefully, you<br />

would be able to see Indonesia from the inside.<br />

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A SERIES OF KOMPAS EXPEDITION Kompas Book Publisher<br />

9<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-802-5<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-831-5<br />

Toba<br />

Changing The World<br />

Kompas<br />

Mount Toba massive eruption<br />

74.000 years ago had ignited volcanic<br />

storm. Earth’s atmosphere covered<br />

in Toba aerosol sulphate, which<br />

blocked sun ray. Total darkness<br />

covered the Earth for many years.<br />

Photosynthesis ceased. Plants died.<br />

Earth food chain was disrupted, <strong>and</strong><br />

even threatened the livelihood of<br />

the human species. The trace of this<br />

supervolcano describe in Kompas Ring<br />

of Fire Expedition series titled ‘Toba,<br />

Changing The World’.<br />

Bicycle Expedition<br />

Sabang-Padang<br />

Kompas<br />

This is a book which describes the<br />

long expedition on a bicycle. Kompas<br />

conducted a bicycle expedition in 14<br />

days which covered 1.539 km along<br />

Sabang to Padang. Bikers must have<br />

an excellent physical condition <strong>and</strong><br />

also mental toughness. Apart from a<br />

journalistic report in bicycle expedition,<br />

this book also shows beautiful scenery,<br />

culture <strong>and</strong> economy, as well as<br />

experiences from several cyclists in this<br />

expedition which depicted this journey<br />

as challenging yet fun.<br />

Unpublished<br />

Kompas Journalist<br />

Photos presented in this book<br />

are categorized as high quality<br />

(technically) <strong>and</strong> had never been<br />

published in Kompas Daily. There<br />

were many reasons not to display<br />

these pictures, such as the limited<br />

number of pages, not matching with<br />

layout design, <strong>and</strong> several editorial<br />

considerations such as properness,<br />

security <strong>and</strong> secrecy.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-879-7<br />

unpublished<br />

A Collection of Kompas Newspaper Photographs<br />

@bukukompas<br />


10<br />

Kompas Book Publisher Travel Series<br />


Indonesia archipelago is the largest in the world consisted of 13.466 isl<strong>and</strong>s <strong>and</strong> 1608 ethnic with 665 local dialects.<br />

Blessed with a tropical climate, fertile soil, <strong>and</strong> many endemic species of flora <strong>and</strong> fauna, such as unique species of<br />

mammals, butterflies, reptiles, birds <strong>and</strong>amphibians, in total 3.025 species. Also, there are more than 47.000 plant<br />

species.<br />

This book is presented with a such beautiful photos <strong>and</strong> charming text describing the nature’s beauty <strong>and</strong> its population<br />

in the outermost isl<strong>and</strong>s in West, Central, <strong>and</strong> East part of Indonesia. Each part has its own unique culture with unique<br />

natural diversity.<br />

The whole part was captured during Wanadri – Rumah Nusantara Front Line Expedition of Indonesia. A treasure of<br />

documentation of Indonesia rich natural <strong>and</strong> cultural diversity, these documentations will improve the underst<strong>and</strong>ing of<br />

the outer isl<strong>and</strong>s <strong>and</strong> push the development of Indonesia’s most outer isl<strong>and</strong>.<br />

Topic<br />

ISBN<br />

Indonesia Outer Isl<strong>and</strong>: 92 Outer Isl<strong>and</strong> of Indonesia, Western Part of Indonesia 978-979-709-397-6<br />

Indonesia Outer Isl<strong>and</strong>: 92 Outer Isl<strong>and</strong> of Indonesia, Centre Part of Indonesia 978-979-709-397-6<br />

Indonesia Outer Isl<strong>and</strong>: 92 Outer Isl<strong>and</strong> of Indonesia, Eastern Part of Indonesia 978-979-709-719-6<br />

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Travel Series Kompas Book Publisher<br />

11<br />

Encyclopedia of Indonesia Islets<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-862-9<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-856-8<br />


L<strong>and</strong> of The Kings at<br />

The Bird Head of Papua<br />

Team of Maritime Ministry<br />

The Bird Head Region of Papua<br />

exposes lowl<strong>and</strong> scenery, mountains<br />

<strong>and</strong> winding rivers. Surrounding<br />

the mainl<strong>and</strong>, coral reefs rich in<br />

water with small isl<strong>and</strong>s. This region<br />

resulted from a geological process<br />

where the l<strong>and</strong> resembles The Bird<br />

Head. Papua l<strong>and</strong> that we know today<br />

was a result of two large plates. The<br />

first: Indo-Australian plate moving<br />

north, <strong>and</strong> second, Pacific Plate<br />

moving to the west.<br />


Team of Maritime Ministry<br />

The Bird Head Region geographically<br />

between the Pacific Ocean <strong>and</strong> Seram<br />

Sea known as West Papua Province, is<br />

comprised of a mainl<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> thous<strong>and</strong><br />

of small isl<strong>and</strong>s. This province lies on the<br />

west side of Papua Isl<strong>and</strong>, from the neck<br />

of The Bird Head to the western coast.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-781-3<br />

SBN: 978-979-709-779-0<br />

BANGGAI:<br />

Central Sulawesi<br />

Team of Maritime Ministry<br />

Central Sulawesi cannot be separated<br />

from history <strong>and</strong> the presence of<br />

Banggai Kingdom. Furthermore the<br />

glory of Banggai Kingdom is attained<br />

from the presence of Maleo Senkarow<br />

or Maleo, a bird as long as half a<br />

meter. However, in the present day,<br />

Maleo, an endemic bird of Sulawesi<br />

face a possible extinction since their<br />

habitat was reduced <strong>and</strong> the eggs<br />

were taken by humans.<br />

Tomini Gulf<br />

Team of Maritime Ministry<br />

Tomini Gulf is located in Sulawesi<br />

<strong>and</strong> it is one of the largest gulfs in<br />

Indonesia. This gulf is rich in marine<br />

resources <strong>and</strong> beautiful scenery.<br />

Tomini Gulf stretches along 13<br />

districts in three different provinces:<br />

Central Sulawesi, Gorontalo <strong>and</strong> North<br />

Sulawesi. A small isl<strong>and</strong> with plenty of<br />

natural resources its potential yet to<br />

be developed.<br />

@bukukompas<br />


12<br />

Kompas Book Publisher Travel Series<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-782-0<br />

Celebes Sea <strong>and</strong><br />

Makassar Strait<br />

Team of Maritime Ministry<br />

The water in Central Sulawesi<br />

Province has three abundant fish<br />

zone. These zones are Makassar<br />

Strait <strong>and</strong> Celebes Sea with a<br />

potential of 929.700 tonnes of<br />

fish, while Tomini Gulf is an area<br />

covering 193.923,75 km 2 <strong>and</strong><br />

contains many species of fish <strong>and</strong><br />

other marine biota.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-854-4<br />

ACEH:<br />

Great Border<br />

of North West<br />

Indonesia<br />

Morowali:<br />

Central Sulawesi<br />

Team of Maritime Ministry<br />

Morowali Regency in Central<br />

Sulawesi, is a unique territory<br />

rich in marine biodiversity,<br />

such as different species of fish,<br />

mollusk, Echinoderm, mangrove,<br />

coral reefs, ornamental fish <strong>and</strong><br />

seaweeds.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-893-3<br />

Kalimantan Selatan:<br />

Between Java Sea<br />

<strong>and</strong> Makassar<br />

Strait<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-780-6<br />

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Multiculturalism Kompas Book Publisher<br />

13<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-687-8<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-641-0<br />






1740-1743<br />

Daradjadi Gondodiprodjo<br />

Due to the mass massacre of Chinese<br />

by VOC in Batavia 1740, the fighters<br />

of the Chinese were supported by<br />

Javanese patriots united to counter<br />

attack VOC post. This war ignited by<br />

revenge named as Sepanjang War<br />

or Chinese Riot. The war took place<br />

between 1740 <strong>and</strong> 1743. This was<br />

the biggest war in Java during the<br />

occupation of VOC <strong>and</strong> it covered<br />

large territory.<br />



Iwan Santosa<br />

During Soeharto’s New Order regime,<br />

Indonesian of mixed Chinese origin had<br />

been given a negative stigma, however<br />

this community could not be separated<br />

from Indonesian nation. In reality, the<br />

presence of this community, as a result<br />

of mixed marriages between Chinese<br />

migrant <strong>and</strong> many ethnic Indonesian<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-840-7<br />

women had been rooted long ago before<br />

the period of Dutch colonization. This<br />

book was a journalistic record, carried<br />

out by Iwan Santosa, a journalist of<br />

Kompas daily newspaper, between 2001<br />

– 2012. This book explores the other<br />

side of the unity in diversity, <strong>and</strong> the<br />

relationship between the offspring of<br />

mixed Chinese origin <strong>and</strong> many relative<br />

of diverse Indonesian ethnic, apart<br />

from political prejudice created by the<br />

authority.<br />

Cultural Story <strong>and</strong><br />

Tradition of Bangka<br />

Chinese<br />

Rika Theo dan Fennie Lie<br />

This book introduces the people of<br />

Bangka Chinese which firmly uphold<br />

their culture <strong>and</strong> tradition. We were<br />

invited to comprehend the story<br />

behind so many rituals <strong>and</strong> their<br />

way of living. Bangka had become<br />

an open museum of Chinese culture,<br />

particularly the Hakka tribe. Hundreds<br />

of old temples, large <strong>and</strong> small,<br />

antique houses which are hundreds<br />

years old, <strong>and</strong> several traditions<br />

passed on to generations until present<br />

time.<br />

@bukukompas<br />


14<br />

Kompas Book Publisher Multiculturalism<br />


Gondomono<br />

Widely acknowledge Han/Chinese culture has influenced<br />

local culture in Indonesia. The effect demonstrated in the<br />

food, culinary art, clothing <strong>and</strong> languages, philosophy,<br />

medicine <strong>and</strong> therapy technique, dances or martial art,<br />

design of batik or furniture, <strong>and</strong> even for gambling cards.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-675-5<br />

Chinese in Indonesian Military<br />

History<br />

Iwan Santosa<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-871-1<br />

This book exposes historical facts that are not well<br />

known to the majority of people. Chinese descendants<br />

were involved in several military operations in Indonesia<br />

for more than a thous<strong>and</strong> years ago. These patriots had<br />

fought along with the natives long before the colonial<br />

era until Seroja Operation in Timor Leste (1976). Many<br />

had been forgotten, some were buried at National Hero<br />

Cemetary from Sabang to Merauke. This book means to<br />

correct national memories related to the role of a Chinese<br />

descendant as one of the elements of a modern, united,<br />

free <strong>and</strong> equal Indonesian.<br />

penerbit buku kompas

Multiculturalism Kompas Book Publisher<br />

15<br />




Hisanori Kato<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-688-5<br />

Indonesian people surprised Hisanori Kato, a Japanese traveller.<br />

To him, Indonesian people said too much of these two words, “no<br />

problem”, which for him means “there is a problem”. Commented on<br />

a friend who broke promises, the answer is “no problem”. The bus<br />

came late, “no problem”. Internet hang out, “no problem”.<br />

There were still many unique cases among Indonesian people<br />

which Kato-san, a Japanese, could not underst<strong>and</strong>. Without<br />

hurting someone’s feelings, he shared his personal experience<br />

using simple Indonesian language during his temporary living<br />

in Indonesia. Nowadays, Kato-san had returned to his original<br />

country. But he still often misses Indonesia as his second country.<br />

Islam From Japanese Perspective<br />

Hisanori Kato<br />

Japanese sociologist, Hisanori Kato, returns with his second book,<br />

which based upon his research about Islam in Indonesia for more<br />

than a decade. This book is a compilation of many interviews<br />

<strong>and</strong> analysis of many Moslem prominent figures from various<br />

ideologies <strong>and</strong> discipline.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-798-1<br />

@bukukompas<br />


16<br />

Kompas Book Publisher History<br />


Nani Nurrachman Sutojo<br />

National tragedy, personal trauma...<br />

The Incident of G30S in 1965 brought deep personal burden to Nani<br />

Nurrachman Sutojo, the daughter of Mayor General (posthumous)<br />

Sutojo Siswomihardjo. Her father was kidnapped <strong>and</strong> murdered along<br />

with other Generals. Years pass by <strong>and</strong> this incident leaves a trauma<br />

to Nani as she could not forgive the culprit. However, she had to be at<br />

peace with her past as the only way out to her trauma.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-693-3<br />

BOATMEN:<br />


IN GALANG I.<br />

Isya Ismayawati<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-704-2<br />

The story of boatmen from Vietnam is part of the dark history of<br />

humanity.<br />

Oppressive as the effect of long politic turbulence in Indochina forced<br />

thous<strong>and</strong>s of Vietnamese to leave their country. To reach the l<strong>and</strong> of<br />

refugees, they had to sacrifice their lives. They went by crowded small<br />

wooden ship which tossed about in South China Sea. Many of them<br />

finally died of sinking or were killed by sea pirates.<br />

Working together with UNHCR, the government of Indonesia<br />

initiated to help them since they were str<strong>and</strong>ed on Riau Isl<strong>and</strong>. They<br />

were placed in Galang I., where the facility for special settlement<br />

for refugees from Vietnam was built. They lived there for 17 years,<br />

between 1979 <strong>and</strong> 1996, until they were finally sent to a third country.<br />

penerbit buku kompas

History Kompas Book Publisher<br />

17<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-808-7<br />

Traces of Japanese<br />

Intelligence<br />

Wenri Wanhar<br />

Soon after Dai Nippon army<br />

surrendered to the Join Allied Forces in<br />

August 1945, some of the soldiers joined<br />

the youth freedom fighters for Indonesia<br />

independence. Among them was<br />

intelligence officer Tomegoro Yoshizumi,<br />

sworn by Tan Malaka to become an<br />

Indonesian <strong>and</strong> was given a new name,<br />

Arif or Bung Arif.<br />

Tragedy of May 1998<br />

<strong>and</strong> The Birth of<br />

National Commission<br />

for Women<br />

Dewi Anggraeni<br />

The Other Side<br />

of The Palace<br />

J. Osdar<br />

J. Osdar is a journalist from Kompas<br />

daily, assigned at the Presidential<br />

Palace for more than 30 years, also he<br />

was a witness of many incidents <strong>and</strong><br />

hidden facts behind the palace wall,<br />

including those related to personal<br />

matters of several presidents who had<br />

resided in the palace.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-809-4<br />

According to the writer, May 1998 Riots<br />

were engineered by certain party taking<br />

advantage of the economic crisis <strong>and</strong><br />

fragile socio-political condition, also<br />

an existing racial sentiment which was<br />

managed with purpose. President B.J.<br />

Habibie condemned the violence in the<br />

riots <strong>and</strong> promised protection to every<br />

citizen by establishing independent<br />

body, National Commission Against<br />

Violation of Women, <strong>and</strong> initiated the<br />

establishment of Fact Finding Team<br />

upon May 1998 Riots.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-793-6<br />

@bukukompas<br />


di ujung timur pulau garam, Ma du ra. Alumnus Pondok<br />

Pesantren TMI al-Amien, Prenduan, Sumenep, Madura<br />

(1990-1995). Pernah menjadi santri Perhimpunan<br />

Penghafalan Al Quran (Jam’iyyah Tahfîdzil Qurân) (1989-<br />

1990). Melanjutkan pendidikan tinggi di Departemen Akidah-Filsafat,<br />

Fakultas Ushuluddin, Universitas Al-Azhar,<br />

Kairo, Mesir (1995-2000). Tahun 2000 kembali ke Tanah<br />

Air, ia langsung aktif di Lembaga Kajian dan Pengembangan<br />

Sumber Daya Manusia (LAKPESDAM NU) sebagai<br />

Koordinator Kajian dan Penelitian (2000-2002). Kini aktif<br />

Menara Ilmu, Reformasi, dan Kiblat Keulamaan<br />

Tepat sekali, gambaran Zuhairi Misrawi, seorang alumni Al-Azhar tentang<br />

almamaternya; sebuah Perguruan yang banyak melahirkan tokoh terkemuka<br />

di Indonesia. Sebagai pemeluk Islam terbesar di dunia, kita perlu berkolaborasi<br />

dengan Al-Azhar untuk memberdayakan Islam moderat, yang menjadi misi<br />

utamanya. Kita juga perlu berkontribusi pada wakaf Al-Azhar dan berinvestasi<br />

guna memaksimalkan potensi lebih dari 4.000 mahasiswa Indonesia yang<br />

tengah menuntut ilmu di sana. Bagaimanapun, mereka adalah aset bangsa<br />

yang sangat berharga.<br />

A.M. Fachir<br />

Duta Besar Indonesia di Kairo<br />

Karya ini berhasil menggambarkan abjadiyyat al-Azhar sebagai legacy,<br />

turats, khazanah keilmuan, keislaman, keumatan, dan kemanusiaan. Dengan<br />

tradisi keilmuan yang sangat kokoh, al-Azhar mampu berkontribusi dalam<br />

mengokohkan moderasi Islam dalam rentang waktu dan pergulatan sejarah<br />

yang sangat panjang. Buku ini membuat saya makin mencintai al-Azhar.<br />

Tuan Guru K.H. M. Zainul Majdi,<br />

Gubernur Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB),<br />

Alumnus Universitas al-Azhar, Kairo, Mesir<br />

Ibarat fashion, Al-Azhar itu timeless. Klasik, sederhana, dan eksotis. Dan<br />

buku ini benar-benar sukses membuat saya semakin rindu pada environment<br />

keislaman Mesir, terutama al-Azhar.<br />

Dian Pelangi,<br />

Muslim Fashion Designer<br />

"Saya banyak menyimpan kenangan pada<br />

masa saya tinggal di Mesir, saat belajar<br />

di al-Azhar. Masa-masa itu adalah saat<br />

yang paling penting dalam hidup saya,<br />

sebab saat itu merupakan pembentukan<br />

kepribadian. Saya lahir tahun 1940 dan saat<br />

di Mesir itu saya in the prime of life”.<br />

K.h. Abdurrahman Wahid<br />

MuhAMMAd IqbAl<br />

18<br />

Kompas Book Publisher History<br />

MECCA<br />

Zuhairi Misrawi<br />

,<br />

i<br />

n<br />

a<br />

i<br />

n<br />

n<br />

i<br />

n<br />

-<br />

-<br />

n<br />

,<br />

h<br />

u<br />

i,<br />

i<br />

Kota Suci, Piagam Madinah,<br />

dan Teladan Muhammad SAW<br />

Zuhairi<br />

Misrawi<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-436-2<br />

Kota Suci, Piagam Madinah, dan Teladan Muhammad SAW<br />

Zuhairi Misrawi<br />

Kata Pengantar:<br />

Prof. dr. Komaruddin Hidayat<br />

ISBN: 9789797094508<br />

Mecca is the holy city for Moslems. Inside the city<br />

lies Kaaba as Qibla, the direction for prayers for<br />

every Moslem. In this city, Muhammad SAW, the<br />

great leader, the Prophet, <strong>and</strong> God messenger was<br />

born. Historically Mecca was contested between<br />

many groups. Uniquely the group whom chose to<br />

protect Kaaba usually emerged as the winner. This Al-Azhar<br />

Di usianya yang sudah mencapai lebih dari satu milenium,<br />

UHAIRI MISRAWI, lahir 5 Februari 1977 di Sumenep,<br />

al-Azhar masih terus memancarkan pesonanya ke seluruh<br />

book is a complete of stories Z of Mecca in Pre-Islamic<br />

muka bumi. Didirikan oleh Dinasti Fatimiah pada tahun 973<br />

M, al-Azhar bukan saja merupakan salah satu perguruan<br />

tinggi tertua di dunia, tetapi juga menjadi salah satu benteng yang kokoh dari peradaban<br />

Islam Sunni.<br />

Seperti yang terjadi di banyak negara lain, di Indonesia pun perkembangan ajaran Islam<br />

time, Mecca in Period of Islam, <strong>and</strong> Mecca tidak dapat dipisahkan in dari the<br />

keberadaan al-Azhar. Pengaruhnya tak dapat dinafikan dalam<br />

pertumbuhan moderasi Islam di Tanah Air. Al-Azhar menjadi saksi hubungan intim Indonesia-<br />

Mesir. Pada tahun 1960, Presiden Sukarno menerima gelar Doctor Honoris Causa dari al-<br />

Azhar. Sekarang ini kurang lebih 4.000 mahasiswa Indonesia sedang belajar di universitas di<br />

Kairo itu.<br />

modern world. It is a usefull<br />

sebagai Ketua<br />

reference<br />

Moderate Muslim Society, Jakarta. •<br />

in Dalam studying<br />

bukunya ini Zuhairi Misrawi, penulis buku laris Mekkah (Penerbit Buku Kompas,<br />

2009) mengisahkan dengan baik sejarah al-Azhar, para mahasiswa Indonesia yang belajar<br />

di sana, serta peran al-Azhar dalam mengembangkan p<strong>and</strong>angan keislaman moderat dalam<br />

konteks global. Tidak luput pula dikupas secara mendalam tentang sejarah Mesir dan Kota<br />

Kairo yang mempesona.<br />

the work of Prophet Ibrahim <strong>and</strong> Muhammad SAW.<br />


Madinah merupakan titik awal lahirnya zaman<br />

baru, yang mana setiap kelompok telah mencapai<br />

konsensus untuk hidup berdampingan secara damai,<br />

saling menghargai, saling melindungi, serta<br />

mempunyai komitmen untuk menjaga keberlangsungan<br />

hidup tanpa diskriminasi dan eksploitasi.<br />

Sebab itu, Madinah dianggap sebagai fajar baru lahirnya<br />

peradaban manusia, yang juga membuktikan<br />

bahwa Islam adalah agama peradaban (dîn al-hadhârah)<br />

dan agama berkemajuan (dîn al-taqaddum).<br />

Islam hadir bukan untuk membabat habis dan menegasikan<br />

kelompok lain. Islam hadir justru untuk<br />

bersama­sama melahirkan peradaban baru yang<br />

membawa manfaat bagi seluruh umat manusia, apa<br />

pun latar belakang suku, ras, bahasa, agama, dan<br />

nasionalitasnya.<br />

(BaB Keistimewaan madinah)<br />

Zuhairi Misrawi<br />

Madinah is the second holy city after Mecca. One<br />

of the privileges of Madinah compared to other<br />

cities was that this city reminds us to Prophet<br />

Muhammad SAW. After the Prophet’s flight from<br />

Mecca to Madinah, this city was called as Madinah<br />

al-Nabi or City of The Prophet. This book explains<br />

clearly the special position of Madinah since pre-<br />

Islamic period, to Islam period, <strong>and</strong> in the modern<br />

time. The book is equipped with explanation<br />

surrounding Pilgrimage to Prophet Tomb, Nabawi<br />

Mosque, Raudhah, <strong>and</strong> other places with high<br />

historical-theological values.<br />

Madinah mempunyai pesona tersendiri, karena<br />

masyarakatnya mempunyai karakter yang suka<br />

ber sa ha bat dan membangun harmoni. Fakta tersebut<br />

tidak hanya berlaku pada zaman Nabi, tetapi<br />

juga bertahan hingga sekarang ini. Madinah telah<br />

mampu menghancurkan nafsu­nafsu kebencian (alnafs<br />

al-lawwâmah) yang biasanya bertengger pada<br />

orang­orang pagan Arab. Itulah keberhasilan ajaran<br />

Islam, yang menaklukkan setiap benci menjadi toleransi.<br />

(BaB Piagam madinah)<br />

Menara Ilmu, Reformasi, dan Kiblat Keulamaan<br />

Al-Azhar<br />

Zuhairi Misrawi<br />

Al-Azhar<br />

Menara Ilmu, Reformasi, dan Kiblat Keulamaan<br />

Zuhairi Misrawi<br />

Alumnus Universitas al-Azhar Kairo, Mesir<br />

dan penulis buku best se ler "Mekkah” dan "Madinah"<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-510-9<br />

“Al-Azhar mempunyai peranan<br />

penting di dunia Islam sebagai pusat<br />

keilmuan. Sebab itu, siapa pun<br />

ingin menimba ilmu di samuderanya<br />

untuk memenuhi dahaga ilmu.<br />

Al-Azhar merupakan tujuan setiap<br />

orang untuk merasakan nikmatnya<br />

ilmu.”<br />

AL-AZHAR:<br />




Zuhairi Misrawi<br />

penerbit buku kompas

History Kompas Book Publisher<br />

19<br />


Trias Kuncahyono<br />


Trias Kuncahyono<br />

For thous<strong>and</strong>s of years,<br />

Jerusalem is a holy city to<br />

three monotheistic religions:<br />

Judaism, Christianity, <strong>and</strong><br />

Islam. However, this holy<br />

city is also torn into an<br />

eternal conflict between<br />

Israel <strong>and</strong> Palestine. How<br />

was the struggle to achieve<br />

peace in between Israel <strong>and</strong><br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-361-7<br />

Palestine?<br />

This book invited us to<br />

travel back to ancient history <strong>and</strong> at the same time watching<br />

Jerusalem at the end of the world.<br />




Trias Kuncahyono<br />

The falling of President Hosni<br />

Mobarak through people’s revolution<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-728-8 supported by the military in 2011 way<br />

to create a peaceful <strong>and</strong> secure Egypt.<br />

Where would Egypt headed to? Egypt is facing a long road<br />

to peace. Written by Trias Kuncahyono, a senior journalist<br />

in Kompas daily, presented in a light <strong>and</strong> romantic style<br />

with vast references. This book is a mixture of knowledge,<br />

journalism, <strong>and</strong> literature.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-682-3<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-563-5<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-4<br />

The Syrian conflict erupted in a<br />

sudden. By correlating science,<br />

journalism <strong>and</strong> literature, this<br />

book would help us underst<strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> learn more about Syria in such<br />

a short time <strong>and</strong> invited readers to<br />

look past beyond time <strong>and</strong> finding<br />

the core of the problem.<br />

JERUSALEM 33:<br />





Trias Kuncahyono<br />




Trias Kuncahyono<br />

@bukukompas<br />


20<br />

Kompas Book Publisher History<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-826-1<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-855-1<br />

The Story of Preanger<br />

Planter<br />

Her Sug<strong>and</strong>a<br />

The enforcement of L<strong>and</strong> Reform<br />

regulation in 1870, which turned Priangan<br />

into “green gold”, had produced a family<br />

of conglomerates in tea plantation <strong>and</strong><br />

later known as Preangan Planters. These<br />

people undeniably had a huge influence on<br />

the development of B<strong>and</strong>ung, until it was<br />

called “Parijs van Java”. However, why did<br />

their presence had a bad influence to the<br />

local people?<br />

From De Javasche Bank<br />

to Bank of Indonesia<br />

Erwien Kusuma<br />

Revealing the history of the Bank of<br />

Indonesia as a central bank in Indonesia<br />

since 1828, when its status of ownership<br />

was under the Dutch colonial government<br />

<strong>and</strong> it was known as De Javasche Bank,<br />

later the bank was nationalized <strong>and</strong><br />

changed its name to Bank of Indonesia.<br />

This book contains short story <strong>and</strong><br />

history of Bank of Indonesia in three<br />

different periods; central bank during<br />

the Dutch East Indies; central bank in the<br />

early parliamentary period of Soekarno<br />

government; <strong>and</strong> central bank in the New<br />

Order <strong>and</strong> Reformation period.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-767-7<br />

A Historical<br />

Stint of France<br />

in Indonesia<br />

1800-2000<br />

Jean Rocher & Iwan<br />

Santosa<br />

Indonesia <strong>and</strong> France had<br />

a unique historical bond<br />

during the East Indies era.<br />

Napoleon Bonaparte knew<br />

Java Isl<strong>and</strong> was very fertile<br />

<strong>and</strong> he fell in love into the<br />

isl<strong>and</strong>. In his strategy, Java<br />

Isl<strong>and</strong> was set as the base<br />

to attack British Army, <strong>and</strong><br />

it would also serve as a<br />

main office point for trading<br />

purposes in Far East. How<br />

Napoleon through Daendels<br />

<strong>and</strong> Janssens should defend<br />

Java Isl<strong>and</strong> from British<br />

invasion? What was the role<br />

of Mangkunegaran Legion in<br />

weakening the attack of the<br />

British Army?<br />

penerbit buku kompas

History Kompas Book Publisher<br />

21<br />



Rosihan Anwar<br />

In fact, there are many minor histories – loaded with human interest – sometimes detached from large fragments of<br />

Indonesia’s history. This is a small historical fragment of Indonesia, a story behind the Asia Africa Conference, Germany Nazi<br />

coup d’etat in Nias Isl<strong>and</strong>, the work of the Indonesian delegates after 1945 independence, media history, <strong>and</strong> major figures<br />

in the history of Indonesia. Written in detail <strong>and</strong> with personal touches by well known journalist <strong>and</strong> writer Rosihan Anwar,<br />

this is a small note consisted of six volumes <strong>and</strong> recommended to any readers interested in Indonesian history.<br />

Title<br />

ISBN<br />

Minor History (Petite Histoire) Indonesia Volume 1 978-979-709-141-5<br />

Minor History (Petite Histoire) Indonesia Volume 2 978-979-709-428-7<br />

Minor History (Petite Histoire) Indonesia Volume 3 978-979-709-429-4<br />

Minor History (Petite Histoire) Indonesia Volume 4 978-979-709-532-1<br />

Minor History (Petite Histoire) Indonesia Volume 5 978-979-709-660-1<br />

Minor History (Petite Histoire) Indonesia Volume 6 978-979-709-660-1<br />

@bukukompas<br />


Aba Mardjani<br />

Adek Alwi<br />

Agus Noor<br />

Budi Darma<br />

Cecilia Oday<br />

Gde Aryantha Soethama<br />

Herman RN<br />

Indra Tranggono<br />

Mardi Luhung<br />

Martin Aleida<br />

Ni Komang Ariani<br />

Noviana Kusumawardhani<br />

Nukila Amal<br />

Ratna Indraswari Ibrahim<br />

S Prasetyo Utomo<br />

Seno Gumira Ajidarma<br />

Timbul Nadeak<br />

Triyanto Triwikromo<br />

erpen ”Dodolitdodolitdodolibret”<br />

karya Seno Gumira Ajidarma yang<br />

menjadi Cerpen Terbaik Kompas<br />

2010, mengisolasi siratan pesan tentang<br />

pluralitas makna kebenaran religius.<br />

Bahwa kita jangan mudah mengklaim<br />

agama kita sendiri paling benar dan<br />

menganggap se sat agama lain, dan jangan<br />

pula gampang menganggap pemahaman<br />

kita sendiri tentang agama kita sebagai<br />

yang paling benar di antara pemahamanpemahaman<br />

lain yang dimiliki saudarasaudari<br />

seagama kita. ”Agama pada<br />

hakikatnya adalah makna, pemaknaan,<br />

yang muncul dari pengalaman,” kata<br />

Huston Smith.<br />

Mayoritas Cerpen Pilihan Kompas<br />

2010, seperti kecenderungan umum<br />

cerpen-cerpen Kompas selama ini,<br />

memperdengarkan derau isu-isu sosial<br />

aktual yang biasa tampil di rubrik berita<br />

dan opini di media massa, seperti<br />

penggusuran dan teror bom (Ikan Terbang<br />

Kufah karya Triyanto Triwikromo),<br />

penggusuran dan kriminalisasi minoritas<br />

(Pengunyah Sirih karya S Prasetyo Utomo),<br />

korupsi (Menjaga Perut karya Adek<br />

Alwi), konflik rakyat vs industrialis<br />

(Ada Cerita di Kedai Tuak Martohap<br />

karya Timbul Nadeak), penindasan dan<br />

kekerasan terhadap perempuan (Sepasang<br />

Mata Dinaya yang Terpenjara karya Ni<br />

Komang Ariani), (Sonya Rury karya Indra<br />

Tranggono), ekses dekadensi moral<br />

(Ordil Jadi Gancan karya Gde Aryantha<br />

Soethama).<br />

22<br />

Kompas Book Publisher literature<br />


TOPIC<br />

ISBN<br />

Short stories of Kompas selection in 2012: Missing Husb<strong>and</strong>s Solidarity Club 978-979-709-838-4<br />

Kompas Selection 20 Years Short Stories: From Invocation Leaves up to Fire Flies In The Sky<br />

of Jakarta<br />

978-979-709-651-9<br />

Short stories of Kompas selection in 2012: A Man Carrying Gunny-Sack on His Shoulder 978-979-709-724-0<br />

Short stories of Kompas selection in 2010: Dodolitdodolitdodolibret 978-979-709-578-9<br />

Short stories of Kompas selection in 2009: On Once Day, the Presence of Mom <strong>and</strong> Radian 978-979-709-496-6<br />

Short stories of Kompas selection in 2008: Smokol 978-979-709-423-2<br />

Short stories of Kompas selection in 2007: Love on Cadih Boat<br />

Short stories of Kompas selection in 2005-2006: Ripin 978-979-709-314-3<br />

Short stories of Kompas selection in 2005: Road of Romantic Love<br />

979-709-197-X<br />

Short stories of Kompas selection in 2004: Quiet Dancing in Late Night 979-709-137-6<br />

Short stories of Kompas selection in 2003: Time for Nayla 979-709-079-5<br />

Short stories of Kompas selection in 2002: Trail of Soil/Soil Spots 979-709-035-3<br />

On Sunday’s issue, Kompas as the largest daily newspaper in Indonesia always presents a short story. Books in this series, each<br />

contained 20 good short stories, selected from 50 short stories issued by Kompas during one year. Short stories in the book<br />

were written by a man of letters, especially distinguished Indonesian short story writers. Their writing generally addresses<br />

social <strong>and</strong> cultural issues in Indonesia.<br />

penerbit buku kompas

literature Kompas Book Publisher<br />

23<br />


TOPIC<br />

ISBN<br />

Magic Formula of Snake<br />

Tamer (novel)<br />

978-979-709-743-1<br />

Wasripin <strong>and</strong> Satinah (novel) 978-979-709-744-8<br />

Kuntowijoyo is one of the distinguished Indonesian<br />

historians, short story writer, <strong>and</strong> novelists at the end of 20 th<br />

<strong>and</strong> beginning of 21 th century. He was born in Yogyakarta,<br />

September, 18 th , 1943 <strong>and</strong> begun his writing activities since<br />

1958, when he was in 9 th grade at Junior High School. He<br />

obtained his Ph.D. Degree in History at the University of<br />

Columbia (1980) with the dissertation: Social Change in An<br />

Agrarian Society: Madura 1850-1940.<br />

Kuntowijoyo received several awards, among others: ASEAN<br />

Award for Culture (1997) <strong>and</strong> SEW Writer Award of the<br />

Government of Thail<strong>and</strong> (1999). The writer of these amazing<br />

stories died in February 22 th , 2005.<br />

The Magic Formula of Snake Tamer<br />

Abu Kasan Sapari, was an official of a sub-district in the slope<br />

of Lawu Mountain in Central Java. He had a chance to witness<br />

the collapse of the greedy New Order before it happened!<br />

Until the signal appears, when the authority finally collapses.<br />

Then, on one dry season night, it rains hard—it was raining in<br />

the wrong season—it followed by storm.<br />

”In the morning, the rain <strong>and</strong> wind stopped. People went out,<br />

going to the bus terminal. A Banyan tree was toppled! The<br />

tree which usually able to withst<strong>and</strong> rain <strong>and</strong> wind, fell down,<br />

its roots projected upward.….”<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-743-1 ISBN: 978-979-709-744-8<br />

Setting of a novel is among Javanese culture <strong>and</strong> Islamic<br />

nuance. It received Appreciation of Committee of South-East<br />

Asian Literature in 2001.<br />

Wasripin <strong>and</strong> Satinah<br />

This Novel Wasripin <strong>and</strong> Satinah was rather different<br />

compared to other works of Kuntowijoyo. In this novel, the<br />

author stressed on events which form story interconnection.<br />

Through this work, Kuntowijoyo try to describe the view of<br />

the nation: starting from the lowest rank up to bureaucracy<br />

in the highest rank. An irrational view, something special<br />

which at once becoming a great problem for a nation called<br />

Indonesia!<br />

@bukukompas<br />


Andi Makmur Makka menulis puisi, naskah drama, dan cerita pendek sejak SMP di Parepare, Sulawesi<br />

Selatan. Buku yang telah ditulisnya antara lain Ungu (kumpulan puisi bersama Darmanto Jatman),<br />

Manifes (kumpulan puisi) bersama penyair Yogya, Tanah Air (kumpulan puisi), Buah Chery Ladang<br />

G<strong>and</strong>um (kumpulan cerpen), dan B.J. Habibie dari Ilmuwan, Negarawan sampai M<strong>and</strong>ito (biografi).<br />

Andi juga mengedit puluhan buku, antara lain 20 Tahun ICMI dan Jejak Pemikiran B.J.Habibie. Kini dia<br />

pengurus Yayasan The Habibie Center dan Yayasan Dompet Dhuafa.<br />

BONE [CO].indd 1<br />

Jl. Palmerah Selatan 26-28<br />

Jakarta 10270<br />

buku@kompas.com<br />

@BukuKOMPAS<br />

Penerbit Buku Kompas<br />

(021) 5347710, ext. 5601<br />

1/29/2015 9:34:35 AM<br />

24<br />

Kompas Book Publisher literature<br />



Remy Sylado<br />


Suparto Brata<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-803-2<br />

“This is a story of a great love. My<br />

great gr<strong>and</strong>father called his wife<br />

Angel from Tidar Slope.”<br />

Readers of this story are invited to<br />

find out in detail the relationship<br />

between two people with the<br />

background in Semarang, Central Java<br />

during Dutch occupation.<br />

Written by Remy Sylado, one of<br />

distinguished modern writer in<br />

Indonesia, who also wrote a popular<br />

novel Ca-Bau-Kan: Only a Sin.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-716-5<br />

A historical novel<br />

which reconstructed past<br />

social life as learning material<br />

for a better future. Written by<br />

Suparto Brata, winner of The<br />

S.E.A. Write Awards 2007 in<br />

Thail<strong>and</strong>. Saptono's story took<br />

place at Surakarta Palace, at<br />

the end of feudalism era, the<br />

period of Great East Asia War,<br />

<strong>and</strong> Indonesia revolution for<br />

independence.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-803-2<br />

KISAH DALAM NOVEL INI terjadi ketika Bel<strong>and</strong>a menyerang<br />

The Weaver<br />

Kerajaan Bone<br />

Birds<br />

di bawah pemerintahan Raja Bone ke-31, Lapawawoi Karaeng<br />

Sigeri, tahun 1904-1905. Untuk menyerang Kerajaan Bone, Bel<strong>and</strong>a<br />

mengerahkan 1.332 personel militer, 575 personel non-tempur, tujuh<br />

kapal perang, 316 ekor kuda, dan berton-ton mesiu.<br />

RUMPA’NA BONE atau Runtuhnya Ke rajaan Bone, walaupun fiktif,<br />

dirangkai dengan fakta-fakta sejarah. Ribuan pasukan tewas dari kedua<br />

pihak dalam pertempuran massal di Pantai Bajoe’. Ini membuktikan nilainilai<br />

patriotisme rakyat Bugis-Makassar saat melawan penguasa Eropa.<br />

Dalam karya fiksi ini, kita dapat menemukan ke arifan lokal dalam adat<br />

istiadat masyarakat Bugis-Makassar yang menjadi jati diri etnis itu sampai<br />

sekarang. Demikian pula nilai-nilai kemanusiaan dalam perang yang<br />

Y.B. Mangunwijaya<br />

menyentuh dan mengharukan. Semangat kebebasan dan jiwa merdeka<br />

orang Bugis-Makassar termanifestasi saat melawan kolonialisme. Kecintaan<br />

pada kebebasan ini pula yang terlihat dalam sema ngat pantang<br />

menyerah rakyat Sulawesi Selatan pada perang kemerdekaan menegakkan<br />

NKRI.<br />

NOVEL SEJARAH dengan latar belakang etnis Bugis-Makassar di<br />

Sulawesi Selatan, seperti yang kita baca dalam novel ini, masih langka di<br />

Indonesia.<br />

The Weaver Birds is a<br />

romantic novel created by Y.B.<br />

Mangunwijaya with plenty of<br />

boldness <strong>and</strong> honesty related<br />

to the lives of people involved<br />

in war both physically <strong>and</strong><br />

mentally. This book had<br />

been translated in Japanese<br />

<strong>and</strong> titled Arasi no Naka no<br />

Manyar (1987), in Dutch Het<br />

boek van de Wevervogel, <strong>and</strong><br />

in English The Weaver Birds<br />

(1989).<br />


NOVEL<br />

BONE<br />



ISBN: 978-979-709-904-6<br />

Rumpa’na Bone –<br />

The Fall of Bone<br />

Kingdom: a novel<br />

Andi Makmur Makka<br />

The story of this book is arranged<br />

by using historical facts when<br />

Ducth attacked Bone Kingdom.<br />

but we could find local wisdom<br />

in the culture of Bugis-Makassar<br />

which served as their identity to<br />

the present time. Furthermore, we<br />

could find the value of patriotism,<br />

love of freedom, <strong>and</strong> humanity<br />

shown greatly by people from<br />

South Sulawesi during the war to<br />

gain independence.<br />

penerbit buku kompas

Indonesian Wisdom Kompas Book Publisher<br />

25<br />


Agung Adiprasetyo<br />

Thoughtful ideas from<br />

Agung Adiprasetyo,<br />

CEO Kompas Gramedia,<br />

he gladly shares his<br />

experience, inspiration<br />

<strong>and</strong> positive motivation to<br />

anyone wishing to achieve<br />

success in their career at<br />

any workplace.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-886-5<br />


Agung Adiprasetyo<br />

Success is not just a dream or idea; it is about action, so<br />

just work on it! Success is worth fighting for, even when<br />

in the struggle tears <strong>and</strong> blood are shed, <strong>and</strong> the journey<br />

ahead is never smooth nor even a straight path. However,<br />

the journey of thous<strong>and</strong> of miles started with a first <strong>and</strong><br />

a small step. Moreover, there would be hard work, smart<br />

work, resilient <strong>and</strong> tough fight against many challenges. In<br />

this second book Agung Adiprasetyo, Kompas Gramedia<br />

CEO, shares his inspiration to those aiming for success in<br />

their life.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-775-2<br />

@bukukompas<br />


KISAH 10000 BATAONA [CO].indd 1<br />

Jl. Palmerah Selatan 26-28<br />

Jakarta 10270<br />

buku@kompas.com<br />

@BukuKOMPAS<br />

Penerbit Buku Kompas<br />

(021) 5347710, ext. 5601<br />

26<br />

Kompas Book Publisher Indonesian Wisdom<br />

Passion 2<br />

Performance<br />

Rene Suhardono<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-898-8<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-611-3<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-758-5<br />

Josef Bataona beranjak dari kampung halamannya<br />

Passion will drive awesome dan menerima performance!<br />

This thesis was delivered by<br />

tantangan untuk merantau ke ibu<br />

kota. Tak terbayangkan sebelumnya, seorang bocah<br />

pekerjaan, dan keluarga.<br />

Rene Suhardono <strong>and</strong> his team in Impact<br />

Factory. To prove this theory, they<br />

performed a survey on 11 different<br />

dan jalani pelajarannya.”<br />

industries in Indonesia. In order to examine,<br />

discover <strong>and</strong> comprehend several<br />

factors which differentiate a high<br />

Sangat inspiratif.”<br />

performer with a non performer. A<br />

must read book for all: from the young<br />

people in their early career to senior<br />

managers stepping up the ladder.<br />



Rene Suhardono<br />

22/12/2014 12:45:00<br />

Berpedoman moto “be yourself, but better everyday”,<br />

Still believe your job is your career? Having a hard<br />

time to differentiate your profession <strong>and</strong> your<br />

passion? And your living target for your purpose<br />

of life? Still thinking that success is just a matter<br />

of achieving common symbol of success (read:<br />

money, car, position, reward or fame)? This book<br />

contains inspiring stories as a guidance to start an<br />

enlightening journey to the best version of yourself.<br />

As a compilation of a weekly column in Kompas<br />

daily, written by career coach Rene Suhardono, this<br />

book was made with passion, not just from an idea. A<br />

reminder that success is a mere journey to bring the<br />

best out of yourself, your Ultimate U.<br />

dari desa kecil di timur Nusantara itu kini bisa menduduki<br />

kursi direksi salah satu perusahaan terbesar di Indonesia. Salah<br />

satu rahasianya ada di dalam selembar uang Rp 10.000. Dengan<br />

pengalaman yang membentang antara Pantai Lamalera dan Jakarta,<br />

Josef membagikan kembali kisah dan inspirasi seputar kehidupan,<br />

“Pak Josef adalah contoh dari orang yang tak pernah letih untuk belajar dan sharing ilmu<br />

dan pengalamannya kepada orang lain. Buku ini adalah salah satu bukti dari upaya<br />

beliau yang tak kenal lelah untuk membangun future leaders di Republik ini.”<br />

H<strong>and</strong>ry Satriago, CEO GE Indonesia<br />

“Bicara organisasi pasti bicara soal manusia. Bicara manusia pasti bicara tentang proses<br />

tumbuh kembang. Bicara tumbuh kembang pasti bicara mengenai interaksi antar<br />

manusia yang memberdayakan. Semua dicakup dengan sangat indah di buku ini.<br />

Penulisnya, Josef Bataona, saya juluki “begawan” karena kerendahhatian dalam<br />

kiprahnya. Seorang yang senantiasa dinanti kehadirannya karena selalu membawa<br />

senyum & tawa. Beliau adalah guru, mentor, dan sahabat istimewa bagi saya dan<br />

banyak orang yang mengenalnya. Tunggu apa lagi? Baca tulisannya, resapi maknanya<br />

Rene Suhardono, penulis & pembicara publik, inisiator @LimitlessCampus<br />

“Ketika berkenalan dengan Pak Josef Bataona beberapa tahun lalu, saya sangat senang.<br />

Salah satu tokoh HR Indonesia ini cepat belajar menulis blog, terjun ke media sosial,<br />

dan aktif di Twitter. Teknologi baru itu diakrabi dan dipraktikkan dalam pekerjaannya<br />

sehari-hari. Ia lantas mengenali kekuatan social media yang dapat digunakan untuk<br />

meningkatkan leadership-nya, mendengarkan karyawannya, serta membagi visi-visinya.<br />

Salah satu hasil ketekunannya terpapar mendalam di halaman demi halaman buku ini.<br />

Nukman Luthfie (@nukman), digitalpreneur<br />

Josef Bataona<br />

Kisah Rp 10.000 yang Mengubah Hidupku<br />

Josef Bataona<br />

Kisah Rp 10.000<br />

yang Mengubah<br />

Hidupku<br />

1/9/2015 4:55:42 PM<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-899-5<br />

Ten Thous<strong>and</strong><br />

Rupiah Which<br />

Changed My <strong>Life</strong><br />

Josef Bataona<br />

Josef Bataona believes in such motto<br />

“be yourself, but better every day”, he<br />

left his homel<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> accepted the<br />

challenge to travel to the capital city.<br />

Josef never imagined that a boy from<br />

a small village in the eastern part of<br />

Indonesia, which he was now could<br />

hold a position as director in one of the<br />

largest company in Indonesia which he<br />

is doing now. One of the secret lies in<br />

the Ten Thous<strong>and</strong> Rupiah. In this book<br />

Josef shares his story <strong>and</strong> inspiration<br />

about life, work <strong>and</strong> family, from<br />

Lamalera Coast to Jakarta.<br />

penerbit buku kompas

Indonesian Wisdom Kompas Book Publisher<br />

27<br />

Indonesia, A<br />

Part of My<br />

Village<br />

Emha Ainun Nadjib<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-702-8<br />

calligraphy<br />

painting:<br />

An Anthology of<br />

Short Stories<br />

A. Mustofa Bisri<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-101-9<br />

Mr. Kiai's jab<br />

Emha Ainun Nadjib<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-363-1<br />

Corridor<br />

A. Mustofa Bisri<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-463-8<br />

Spiritual<br />

Journey<br />

Emha Ainun Nadjib<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-629-8<br />

Open the Gates<br />

of Heaven<br />

A. Mustofa Bisri<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-333-4<br />

@bukukompas<br />


28<br />

Kompas Book Publisher Reference<br />


ISBN: 978-979-709-637-3 ISBN: 978-979-709-694-6 ISBN: 978-979-709-823-0<br />

Reference books to perceive the circumstances, events, <strong>and</strong> issues in Indonesia. More than an almanac, this series<br />

provides in-depth knowledge about Indonesia.<br />

• Quality of information categories of A-1, <strong>and</strong> arranged by Research <strong>and</strong> Development Division of Kompas daily.<br />

• Contain various information from political, social, cultural <strong>and</strong> sporting event; national <strong>and</strong> international; happening<br />

along the year <strong>and</strong> presented in chronological order of event.<br />

• Enriched by interesting photos, tables <strong>and</strong> infographics.<br />

• Presented based on recapitulation of events through several national media published in Jakarta: Kompas, Tempo<br />

Daily, Media Indonesia, Republika, Seputar Indonesia, <strong>and</strong> Indopos.<br />

penerbit buku kompas

Reference Kompas Book Publisher<br />

29<br />

Indonesia in Infographic<br />

Kompas Infographic Team<br />

The dynamic in journalism is always in<br />

line with the changing world, including<br />

the development of digital technology.<br />

Journalism, which was originally centered at<br />

text <strong>and</strong> photos, during the time experience<br />

constant change, as it is shown in infographic<br />

journalism which put more emphasize on<br />

visual aspects. This book was published to<br />

celebrate 49 th anniversary of Kompas daily<br />

on June 28 th , 2014, by presenting the work<br />

of 17 infographic architects, 8 articles on<br />

infographic journalism, <strong>and</strong> 45 selected<br />

infographic.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-841-4<br />

@bukukompas<br />


30<br />

Kompas Book Publisher Others<br />

Pride of A Nation<br />

Dwi Soetjipto<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-843-8<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-864-3<br />

To merge three big cement companies: Semen<br />

Padang, Semen Gresik, <strong>and</strong> Semen Indonesia,<br />

into one massive corporation with one of the<br />

company meant to become the parent one,<br />

was not an easy task. Besides deep-rooted<br />

internal conflicts, one would face dem<strong>and</strong>s for<br />

the companies’ spin-off, companies’ fanaticism,<br />

welfare disparity between the companies, <strong>and</strong><br />

strong sense of regionalism. Dwi Soetjipto<br />

as a leader never looks desperate; he is very<br />

cautious <strong>and</strong> with strong leadership, he is able<br />

to solve seemingly impossible problems one by<br />

one. A milestone that in PT Semen Indonesia<br />

Tbk is finally achieved.<br />

From One Dollar To<br />

Billion Dollars Company<br />

– the story of Garuda<br />

Indonesia<br />

Rhenald Kasali<br />

Not many people know that Garuda Indonesia<br />

at once valued only 1 USD. The debt was<br />

unaccountable, problem so acute, <strong>and</strong><br />

reputation very bad. Internal problems catch<br />

one after another. This book reflects Garuda<br />

Indonesia Corporation transformation program<br />

which was done under the leadership of CEO<br />

Emirsyah Satar. It is truly a wonderful story of<br />

success.<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-794-3<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-755-4<br />

Let’s Change<br />

Rhenald Kasali<br />

The book is a compilation<br />

of Rhenald Kasali article<br />

published in Kompas<br />

daily, which address<br />

different topics, from<br />

the economy, education,<br />

bureaucracy, tourism, <strong>and</strong><br />

airline industry; but all<br />

have common essence, to<br />

encourage <strong>and</strong> motivate<br />

every person to bravely<br />

change. Let’s Change!<br />

Driyarkara:<br />

The Footsteps of The<br />

Philosopher-Educator<br />

Frieda Treurini<br />

penerbit buku kompas

ntara dua pihak yang bermusuhan dan saling memerangi selama<br />

ang, bahwa hubungan Timor Leste dan Indonesia bakal sangat sulit<br />

alam waktu singkat, kedua negara bertetangga ini mampu melakukan<br />

ltisektor berl<strong>and</strong>askan kemerdekaan dan kedaulatan masing-masing.<br />


hubungan antara FALINTIL-FDTL dan TNI di tingkat strategi dan kerja<br />

i demi terciptanya iklim pengertian, persahabatan, dan rekonsiliasi.<br />


ifikan dalam sejarah TNI dan FALINTIL-FDTL, dari saling berjauhan<br />

uju persahabatan, dari pertempuran fisik menuju kerja sama dalam<br />


rjalan dalam pentahapan dan nuansa yang sempurna sebagai institusi<br />

Dr. Julio Tomas Pinto untuk mengabadikannya dalam buku ini, demi<br />



atan 26-28<br />

s.com<br />

PAS<br />

u Kompas<br />

0, ext. 5601<br />

(Penerima Nobel Perdamaian, 1996)<br />

(Mantan Kepala Badan Intelijen Negara Indonesia)<br />

(Mantan Komisioner Komisi Kebenaran dan<br />

Persahabatan RI - Timor Leste)<br />

12/9/2014 9:03:44 AM<br />

Others Kompas Book Publisher<br />

31<br />



Kiki Syahnakri<br />

Study of Strategy<br />

Daoed Joesoef<br />

L-Forca de Defesa de Timor Leste (FALINTIL-FDTL) dan<br />

cerah seiring membaiknya hubungan kedua negara, Republik<br />

Republik Indonesia. Dalam rentang waktu 24 tahun, setelah<br />

ara adidaya seperti Amerika Serikat, Inggris, dan Australia<br />

Leste di penghujung 1975, kedua institusi militer/pertahanan<br />

nya bertempur untuk tujuan masing-masing: FALINTIL demi<br />

ban nyawa dan harta berjatuhan: rakyat Timor Leste, pun para<br />

r Leste, 20 Mei 2002, pimpinan kedua negara dan institusi<br />

untuk menjadi bangsa dan negara bertetangga. Spirit “Teman<br />

pat dipilih” memperkuat komitmen tersebut. Kini, respek dan<br />

Dulu invasi, kini rekonsiliasi: Permusuhan, dendam, dan aksi<br />

eakraban, dan kerjasama. Pun, tak ada kebencian personal<br />

m<strong>and</strong>o satuan dan misi negaranya masing-masing. Sekarang<br />

pigura kebersamaan dan persaudaraan. Avanca ...!!!<br />

18mm<br />

Dari invasi ke rekonsiliasi<br />





ISBN: 978-979-709-683-0<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-891-9<br />

@bukukompas<br />


Dari invasi<br />

ke rekonsiliasi<br />




PROLOG:<br />

- Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão<br />

(Perdana Menteri Timor Leste)<br />

- Mgr. Carlos F. Ximenes Belo<br />

- Jenderal (Purn.) TNI Dr. A.M. Hendropriyono<br />

- Letjen (Purn.) TNI Agus Widjojo<br />

Why East Timor (now Timor Leste)<br />

separated from the Republic of<br />

Indonesia, although tears, blood, <strong>and</strong><br />

lives been sacrificed by sons <strong>and</strong><br />

daughters of Indonesia?<br />

What kind of lesson is learned from<br />

the various experiences <strong>and</strong> from the<br />

battlefield?<br />

This book discusses the real life<br />

experience of Lieutenant General<br />

of Ground Force, National Army,<br />

Kiki Syahnakri, who is telling us his<br />

bittersweet experience during 11 years<br />

on duty in East Timor in battle as well as<br />

territorial operation.<br />

From Invasion<br />

to Reconciliation<br />

Fokus penulisan buku ini<br />

bukanlah masa lalu (“invasi”<br />

dari perspektif Timor Leste,<br />

“integrasi” dari perspektif<br />

Indonesia), melainkan masa kini<br />

dan masa depan dalam pigura<br />

“rekonsiliasi” yang menjadi<br />

spirit bersama kedua bangsa<br />

bertetangga ini.<br />

Julio Tomas Pinto<br />

Relationship between FALINTIL-Forca<br />

de Defesa de Timor Leste (FALINTIL-<br />

FDTL) <strong>and</strong> Indonesia National Army<br />

(TNI), appeared brighter along with the<br />

better relationship of two nations, The<br />

Democratic Republic of Timor Leste <strong>and</strong><br />

Republic of Indonesia. These two nations<br />

long before were involved in physical<br />

confrontation. This book was the first<br />

to study the relationship between<br />

FALINTIL-FTDL <strong>and</strong> TNI in a strategic<br />

way <strong>and</strong> military relationship.<br />

email:buku@kompas.com<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-637-3<br />

ISBN: 978-979-709-468-7<br />

This study starts with discussing<br />

strategy as a word that originated from<br />

“military world” <strong>and</strong> later is used in<br />

common practice; later it implies the<br />

strategy to Indonesia by calculating its<br />

geographical condition. Indonesia was<br />

by its nature a Country <strong>and</strong> Maritime<br />

Nation. This natural fact was ignored<br />

by many Indonesian rulers. However<br />

to develop Indonesia, a sacred l<strong>and</strong>, we<br />

must reinforce our maritime strength<br />

for the sake of national defense.<br />

Mama<br />

Daoed Joesoef<br />

Emak”, a name the writers calls his<br />

mother—Mama. But who is Emak?<br />

What are her words of wisdom <strong>and</strong><br />

teachings? Daoed Joesoef, the writer,<br />

as he becomes the first Indonesian<br />

to receive doctorate d›Etat (State<br />

Doctorate), from the University of<br />

Sorbonne, write his experience <strong>and</strong><br />

feeling with his Mama in this book.

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Photo: Eddy Hasby. The beauty of the sunset on the banks of Lake Toba from village Simarjarunjung, District Purba, Simalungun. (17-07-2011)

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