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THE CREW<br />

YEMI SEKONI, editor-in-chief, is the owner and director of Donahue Models<br />

& Talent - Rhode Island’s oldest model and talent agency. Her company books<br />

some of New England’s top professional models and talent to work with many<br />

corporate giants across the region.With over 35 years of experience in various areas<br />

of the acting and modeling industry, including theater, TV, film, print and runway,<br />

Yemi also holds a Bachelor of Arts in education, a post-graduate diploma in<br />

marketing and an MBA. TRADE SECRETS magazine is the culminating outlet<br />

for all of her passions – education, performing, marketing and creative writing.<br />

tradesecretsmag.com<br />

JACLYN PELOPIDA, entertainment, graduated from Iona College in<br />

2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication with a concentration in<br />

journalism and a minor in psychology. She was the arts and entertainment editor<br />

of her college newspaper, “The Ionian.” Throughout her college career, she<br />

was an editorial intern for “M Magazine,” a web editorial intern for “Seventeen”<br />

magazine, and a public relations intern for MTV Networks. She is in the midst of<br />

writing her first novel and currently resides in Cranston, Rhode Island.<br />

linkedin.com/pub/jaclyn-pelopida/33/155/54a<br />

CINZIA ANTONELLI, international, resides with her husband, Gianfranco<br />

DiMarco, and their 14-year-old daughter, Enrica, in the little town of Cassino, Italy.<br />

Inheriting her creative and artistic flair from her father, a painter, and her grandfather,<br />

a novelist, she grew up with a love for fashion, and a passion for creating costume<br />

jewelry. When she is not busy with her daughter or helping her husband with his<br />

business, she can be found designing and creating new lines of costume jewelry<br />

– inspired by the ancient royals of the world, primitive prints and nature. Through her<br />

craft, her goal is to express her unique personality, as she believes that creating an<br />

object for the body is also a universal form of communication and language.<br />

facebook.com/cinzia.antonelli.16<br />

OLGA HAWWA, beauty writer, is licensed esthetician, and makeup artist offering<br />

facials, face/body waxing, eyebrow design, makeup artistry, and body treatments<br />

for women and men. She is located 1227 Main Street, West Warwick. Hours<br />

are by appointment:<br />

makeupandimage.com<br />

LAURA ROSSI, lifestyle, loves accessorizing! She regularly blogs for The Huffington<br />

Post Style section, SheKnows.com, and many other lifestyle sites. Laura is a<br />

published author, digital strategist, and runs her own public relations firm.<br />


ELIZABETH PHINNEY, health and wellness, is a Certified Personal Trainer<br />

with the American Council on Exercise. She also holds a certificate with the American<br />

Senior Fitness Association and is an affiliate of The American College of Sports<br />

Medicine. She was named Top Female Executive with Worldwide Who’s Who and<br />

VIP of the year in Health and Fitness for 2013 and 2014. In 2013, she co-authored<br />

“The Expert Success Solution,” an Amazon #1 international bestseller. Elizabeth’s<br />

passion is Fitness after Forty-Five and her mission is to inspire people to plan their<br />

physical future. Her flagship product is BodSpir®, a meditative strength training<br />

technique she created and has taught thousands of times in her classes.<br />

FitnessAfterFortyFive.com<br />

VALERIE LANGLAIS, events, hails from Oxford, Massachusetts and<br />

has an Associates Degree in Account- ing from Quinsigamond Community College,<br />

as well as a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Kennedy-Western<br />

University. During the weekdays, she is a mild-mannered accountant with<br />

Charlton Furniture Co., Inc in Charlton, Mas- sachusetts. In the evenings and on<br />

weekends, the former model teaches the children’s program for Donahue Models<br />

in Cranston, RI; is on staff with the Boucher School of Dance in Oxford, MA and<br />

runs an online business selling vintage designer clothing.<br />

RACHEL SILVA, writer, graduated from Merrimack college with a<br />

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and a minor in Sociology. She went<br />

on to obtain her Master’s degree in Education with a professional certification<br />

as a reading specialist and Literacy Coach. Currently she is employed as<br />

a reading specialist in an elementary school. Over the past fifteen years she<br />

has strived to bring out the best in students and coworkers by helping them to<br />

discover who they are. She has trained teachers during professional workshops<br />

in various writing approaches and literacy programs. Educating individuals on<br />

topics that can improve and enrich their lives professionally and personally is<br />

a passion of hers. She currently resides with her two school aged children in<br />

North Attleboro, Massachusetts.<br />

LYNELL MASTERSON, writer, founder of Nell, develops individual<br />

and group wellness programs integrating mind, body, spirit methods.<br />

Lynell uses coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Expressive<br />

Arts, Hypnotherapy, Energy Work, and other practices to create the most<br />

effective life-changing programs. Life experience required her to develop<br />

these tools to address adversity, hardship and coping skills. Lynell recognizes<br />

and honors the challenges and difficulties that we all may encounter and that<br />

is why she has created individual and group programs to heal and empower<br />


NATASHA MALONE, writer, is a twelve-year-old girl who lives<br />

in Massachusetts. She is a 7th grader and in her 2nd year at middle school.<br />

She loves playing with her dogs, chickens, and bunny. She enjoys going to<br />

fashion shows, such as Style Week which she’s been going to for about four<br />

years. Reading is one of her favorite hobbies as well as writing, drawing,<br />

hanging out with friends, and listening to music. Her favorite book series are<br />

“The Hunger Games ”and “Harry Potter”. She loves the color purple and she<br />

loves mint chocolate chip ice cream. Her idea of a perfect outfit is jeans, Converse,<br />

and a shirt with lace. One of her hopes is to be able to publish a book<br />

someday.<br />

PRINCE SEFA-BOAKYE (Say-fah Bo-ah-chi), writer, is what<br />

people in Boston refer to as a ‘Renaissance Man by <strong>Trade</strong>,’ ‘Entrepreneur<br />

by Day, and ‘Law Student by Night.’ Prince describes himself as a studententrepreneur<br />

blogger; providing daily blogs to students on how to start their<br />

own online business while balancing school. He also, from time-to-time,<br />

blogs about politics. Currently he is a 2L evening student at Suffolk University<br />

Law School, located in Downtown Boston, where he is studying to be<br />

a Copyright and <strong>Trade</strong>mark attorney specializing in fields like social media,<br />

start-ups, entertainment, and fashion.<br />

You can often find Prince at four star restaurants in Boston, having morning<br />

breakfast at either the Ritz, Langham Hotel, Omni Park Hotel, or Kimpton<br />

Hotel— or at weekly fashion shows at Liberty Hotel. Prince’s favorite Friday<br />

hangout spot is the Bond Lounge. For questions on his student-blogging<br />

business go to www.livelikeanenterpreneur.com. For his political blogs, go<br />

to www.princesdailyjournal.com<br />




Photography<br />


Hair / Makeup<br />

Wardrobe Styling Assistant<br />


Hair / Maleup<br />


Sales & Advertising<br />


Sales & Advertising<br />





Full Figured and Fierce!...26<br />

36... Shopping at Studio15<br />

46…Boston Fashion Awards<br />

56…Christmas, A Time for Gifts<br />

64…Holiday Gifts for That New<br />

Special Person<br />

14…Dressing for the Holidays<br />

A Night with DVF…44<br />

Tis The Season to Be…52<br />

Healthy Holiday Habits…60<br />

Don’t Look So Tired This Holiday Season… 8


Don’t Look So Tired This<br />

Holiday Season...<br />

It is often said the eyes are<br />

the mirror to the soul. Yet<br />

one thing many of us deal<br />

with at one time or another<br />

are under eye bags and circles, which<br />

can make us look older and tired.<br />

Not exactly the reflection we want to<br />

project to the world!

Get Rid of Those Under Eye Bags<br />

By Olga Hawwa

Some of it can be attributed to ethnicity and<br />

genetics, especially if your skin is olive toned,<br />

while other contributors are lifestyle and skin<br />

care habits. By adjusting some of our lifestyle<br />

routines and using eye products with cuttingedge<br />

ingredients, under eye circles and puffiness<br />

can be managed and minimized.<br />

Some lifestyle tips for younger, more youthful<br />

looking eyes include:<br />

• Cut down on salt intake. Salt is responsible<br />

for a lot of our bodily fluid retention. In the<br />

eye area, this shows up as bags.<br />

• Drink lots of water to flush out excess salt<br />

from your system.<br />

• Sleep on back with head elevated to help<br />

drain excess fluid retention.<br />

• Get enough sleep! Tired eyes are often<br />

baggy eyes.<br />

• Manage your allergies to reduce inflammation and<br />

swelling around the eyes.<br />

• Remove all eye makeup before bed to avoid residue<br />

from seeping into the eye and causing irritation while<br />

you sleep.<br />

• Limit alcohol intake. Excessive alcohol dehydrates<br />

the skin.<br />

• Avoid sun exposure by wearing sunscreen specifically<br />

made for eyes, sunglasses, and hats. Some of the<br />

darkening under the eyes can be attributed to the “tanning”<br />

of the area.<br />

• Kick the smoking habit. Smoking breaks down the<br />

collagen in the skin and makes blood vessels more<br />

apparent.<br />

• Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins<br />

and nutrients you need for healthy looking skin all<br />

over!<br />

In addition to modifying some of our lifestyle habits,<br />

using eye products with the most advanced ingredients<br />

can also help the eye area look more youthful and<br />

firmer.<br />

• Retinol - the gold standard in skin repair. Retinol, a<br />

Vitamin A derivative, increases cell turnover, renews<br />

skin cells, reduces the appearance of fine line and<br />

wrinkles, and helps brighten the skin.<br />

• Haloxyl - a synthetic combination of active ingredients<br />

which stimulate the natural elements of the skin<br />

and help reduce the colored blood pigments in the skin<br />

• Microcrystalline Matrix - often found in firming<br />

creams. This ingredient tightens the skin’s appearance<br />

and reduces the appearance of bags under the eyes.<br />

• Green Microalgae Extract improves skin’s firmness.<br />

• Caffeine decreases swelling and protects the skin<br />

from sun damage.<br />

By committing to a healthier lifestyle and an effective<br />

skin care program, under eye circles and darkness can<br />

be definitely be minimized!


Dressing for the<br />


By Diane Capozzi<br />

Dressing for the Holiday Season is so exciting,<br />

but always comes with the ultimate<br />

question: “What Should I Wear?” Everything<br />

from office parties to glamorous soirées,<br />

we have eight styling tips that will take the guesswork<br />

out of what to wear.

1. Eye-catching Outerwear<br />

It will most likely be freezing when<br />

you head out to your holiday gatherings<br />

& parties, so proper outerwear<br />

is a MUST! It is the first<br />

thing people will see, so it should<br />

fit perfectly! Play with texture & I<br />

say take a fashion-forward risk with<br />

a fierce faux fur coat. It will show<br />

your confidence & attitude.

2. Inject Color<br />

Black is a staple in any girl’s<br />

closet, so this year go big &<br />

incorporate some rich, jewel<br />

tones like forest green, wine,<br />

cobalt, velvety purples, &<br />

yes, RED! It might be a predictable<br />

color of the season,<br />

but red looks sexy &<br />


3. Heavy Metal<br />

You will nail the glam factor with<br />

a slinky metallic or sequined mini<br />

dress. Silver, gold or bronze are<br />

all stunning choices. Feeling a<br />

little shy with a head-to-toe look,<br />

start with metallic accessories,<br />

shoes or clutch.

4. Super girly<br />

Great for an office or cocktail-party<br />

style. Channel your best “Mad<br />

Men” with an off-the-shoulder top,<br />

voluminous midi skirt & pointy<br />


5. Romantic<br />

An all-lace dress<br />

is so demure,<br />

make the outfit<br />

more interesting<br />

in a striking color<br />

of course!

6. Unexpected<br />

Maybe an understated holiday attire<br />

choice, the pant suit has never<br />

been more party-appropriate. Make<br />

a statement by adding gorgeous drop<br />

earrings, gigantic bib necklace or<br />

massive cocktail ring.

7. Play with Texture<br />

This creates an outfit that is so luxurious and rich.<br />

Mix a fuzzy sweater & sparkling skirt, feathermeets-lace<br />

mini dress, sheer top with leather jacket,<br />

sequin dress with velvet blazer; the options are<br />


8. Have fun, know your style,<br />

most importantly, be comfortable!<br />

There is nothing more annoying<br />

than watching a woman spends the<br />

entire night hiking her sleeveless<br />

top up or yanking her dress down<br />

& painfully walking in heels. The<br />

Holiday Season is the most sociable<br />

time of the year, so this is a chance<br />

to go all out & rock your look!




By Jaclyn Pelopida | Photography & Videography by Valencio Small<br />

Makeup by Sinn Vann | Hair by Danielle Dube<br />

Nina De Martino is a force to<br />

be reckoned with. Not only is<br />

she a full-figure model and a<br />

special education teacher, but<br />

she’s also one of the fiercest Zumba instructors<br />

I’ve ever met. This Talent Talks<br />

article is especially important for me as<br />

DeMartino is not only my regular Zumba<br />

instructor, but I’m personally lucky enough<br />

to call her a friend. If you need a great<br />

workout with high energy and moves to<br />

keep you shaking all night, De Martino’s<br />

Zumba class is the place to be.


“I love the Christmas Holiday<br />

season. Actually from Thanksgiving<br />

to New Year’s Day is the<br />

best time of year. It is filled with<br />

decorating, laughter, food, fun<br />

creative beverages (wink wink)<br />


Of course when I ask De Martino what her favorite<br />

form of exercise is, I already knew the answer would<br />

be “ZUMBA ZUMBA ZUMBA! This is my third year<br />

as an instructor and before I became certified, I attended<br />

my Zumba partner’s class. He motivated me<br />

and encouraged me to teach. We now teach together<br />

at a local dance studio,” De Martino told me.<br />

TS: “How long have you been acting/modeling?”<br />

ND: “This is my second year as a full-figured model<br />

with Donahue Model and Talents. I signed with Donahue<br />

Model and Talents in October of 2014. Previous to<br />

that I walked for one designer as a freelance model at<br />

Style Week in Providence, Rhode Island. As a child, I<br />

participated in numerous pageants throughout Rhode<br />

Island and Massachusetts.”<br />

TS: “How did you get started?”<br />

ND: “I was advised by a photographer to follow<br />

‘MODEL FAIR’ on Instagram. That same day a local<br />

designer from Boston, Mass. named Amanda Koker<br />

asked me to send my measurements and a recent<br />

photo. She then emailed me back and said ‘I need you<br />

to walk in Style Week, Providence Rhode Island.’ At<br />

Style Week, I knew that several agencies were sitting<br />

in the crowd. At the end of the show, I was introduced<br />

to the owner of Donahue Model and Talents. We then<br />

scheduled an interview and here I am as one of their<br />

full-figured models.”<br />

TS: “What made you want to become a model/actor/actress<br />

& why?”<br />

ND: “As cliché as it sounds, I believe that beauty<br />

comes in all shapes and sizes. I have always had<br />

curves and fluctuate with my weight. As a teenager,<br />

I skipped the Juniors department and went straight to<br />

misses. I had to alter everything and still do. I would<br />

look at magazines and constantly think I was fat and<br />

couldn’t wear something because my arms are too fat<br />

or my butt would look too big. When I was 15, Emmy<br />

had just made her appearance as a top, plus size<br />

model. My mother and I would see her on interviews,<br />

and read her articles in magazines. I remember in high<br />

school, my senior year we had a fundraiser to raise<br />

money for our competition team and we organized a<br />

fashion show. I, of course, modeled for the plus department<br />

of Dress Barn. I remember the feeling when<br />

I walked down the runway and the looks on people’s<br />

faces. I also vividly remember the comments and compliments<br />

I received. To me it was easy to walk down<br />

the runway proudly wearing the outfit I chose from the<br />

plus size department of Dress Barn.”<br />

TS: “What was your first modeling/acting experience<br />

like?”<br />

ND: “I was beyond nervous and thought I did great.<br />

People smiled at me and I was so proud that I actually<br />

got to walk in a fashion show modeling a dress<br />

someone created. As I look back at the video, I say to<br />

myself ‘Omg what was I thinking?’ I’m sure my agent<br />

must laugh at this point. I ran down the runway with<br />

my arms swaying back and forth like a school girl<br />

skipping to school. It amazes me how you truly need<br />

to be trained to walk in a show. There are four different<br />

types of walks that I have learned this past year.<br />

Thank god for my agency.”<br />

TS: “Who’s your favorite actor or model today,<br />

and what is it that you like about them?”<br />

ND: “The stunning model, motivational speaker and<br />

designer Ashley Graham. She is my idol and motivator.<br />

She eludes beauty and confidence when she<br />

talks, walks and takes pictures. Her TED TALKS are<br />

amazing. She is proud to be a size 14 and isn’t afraid<br />

to show it.”<br />

TS: “What obstacles have you had to overcome in<br />

order to become successful?”<br />

ND: “The biggest obstacle for me is that there is not a<br />

high need for full-figured models in Rhode Island. The<br />

opportunity is in New York, where I will be able to<br />

purse this dream eventually.”<br />

TS: “What’s your biggest turn off?”<br />

ND: “The term ‘Plus Size Model.’ Plus in the fashion<br />

industry can tend to have a negative connotation. I<br />

prefer full-figured model. When I see Plus Size signs<br />

they infuriate me. We are plus just because our bodies<br />

are built differently. Even at my thinnest weight I was<br />

still a size 12 and refused to get into a 10; it wouldn’t<br />

compliment my body. I like my curves and it took me<br />

until I was 24 years old to actually accept that they<br />

aren’t going anywhere.”<br />

Born on December 3rd and raised in North Providence,<br />

Nina De Martino is 100% Italian and proud as<br />

the nationality runs deep in her family’s blood. “My<br />

father was born in Mondragone, Caserta region located<br />

in southern Italy near Naples. My mother was born<br />

in Providence, Rhode Island, however my grandpar-

“Giraffes are my favorite<br />

animal. They are tall and walk<br />

with grace throughout the zoo.<br />

What’s the first animal you<br />

see at the zoo? A giraffe of<br />

course! And they have long<br />

eyelashes, which every girl<br />


ents are from a region called Pico, located near Rome<br />

in the mountains,” De Martino said.<br />

Before I ask De Martino what her favorite fashion<br />

and/or accessory item is, I can already guess the answer.<br />

“My fashion accessory that I must have on at all<br />

times is earrings. I have over 55 pairs organized in two<br />

drawers. I never leave the house without a pair on and<br />

if I were to, I have a back up pair in my wallet. (Small<br />

generic cubic zirconia studs),” she said. Want to know<br />

how I already knew earrings would be the answer? De<br />

Martino shakes her hips, butt and hoop earrings unlike<br />

anyone I’ve ever seen before in every single Zumba<br />

class. True to her statement, I’ve never seen her without<br />

earrings.<br />

TS: “What is your best memory as a child?”<br />

ND: “I had a yellow, blue, green and red Fisher Price<br />

kitchen set that I would pretend I was a waitress for all<br />

my costumers. I played with this kitchen set throughout<br />

middle school. It’s amazing how times have<br />

changed. Cell phones and Facebook were nonexistent<br />

and I am grateful for that. I cherish the memories of<br />

going outside to play and actually playing with toys<br />

and board games. My cabbage patch dolls, of course,<br />

were my favorite. I still have them and hope to pass<br />

them down to my daughter one day.”<br />

TS: “Where did you attend school/college? Do you<br />

plan to continue your education?”<br />

ND: “I attended Rhode Island College located in<br />

Providence, Rhode Island. I studied for four years and<br />

earned a bachelor’s of science. My degree includes elementary<br />

education 1-6 with a concentration in special<br />

education K-8. I wasn’t a fan of the college years at<br />

all. I had to work nights at a bank and I was constantly<br />

tired and had to study long hours, as test-taking is not<br />

an area of strength for me. However, I did graduate in<br />

2006 with honors. I am currently working towards a<br />

Masters degree in education.”<br />

TS: “Tell me more about being a special education<br />

teacher.”<br />

ND: “I am a special education educator in the public<br />

school system. I have been teaching for 10 years. It is<br />

the most challenging job each year. You never know<br />

what the school year will bring. However, at the end of<br />

the year you can see the accomplishments you made<br />

with your students. It’s also really nice when those<br />

that come back to visit you tell you that you were their<br />

favorite teacher.”<br />

TS: “What was your best vacation/travel experience?”<br />

ND: “The best vacation was in 2006 when I traveled<br />

to Greece with two male friends and my best friend<br />

that I was able to reconnect with after two years of<br />

not speaking. Although she hadn’t spoken to me in<br />

two years, we ran into each other and she asked me to<br />

travel with her to Greece. I was confused and hesitant<br />

but knew there had to be a reason for me running into<br />

her at the market. I was graduating college and felt<br />

that I deserved this trip. The trip brought us together<br />

again and for 14 days we hopped around the islands of<br />

Greece.”<br />

TS: “What’s your favorite animal and why?”<br />

ND: “Giraffes are my favorite animal. They are tall<br />

and walk with grace throughout the zoo. What’s the<br />

first animal you see at the zoo? A giraffe of course!<br />

And they have long eyelashes, which every girl<br />

loves.”<br />

TS: “What is your favorite holiday and why?”<br />

ND: “I love the Christmas Holiday season. Actually<br />

from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day is the best time<br />

of year. It is filled with decorating, laughter, food,<br />

fun creative beverages (wink wink) shopping, wrapping<br />

and giving to those less fortunate, always. Yes, of<br />

course it’s stressful and we are all running around but<br />

that moment when you make someone a little less fortunate<br />

smile, or visit children at a hospital and deliver<br />

toys gathered from a Zumbathon fundraiser, the stress<br />

fades away. It is also the one time of year when you<br />

can wear all the glitter and jewels you want and no<br />

one can judge.”<br />

TS: “What the biggest piece of advice you have for<br />

other up and coming models/actors out there?”<br />

ND: “Just keep going! Never give up! Listen to your<br />

heart and your biggest cheerleader, they will always<br />

help you. Ask the Universe to guide you when you are<br />

hesitant with a decision.”

“The stunning model, motivational<br />

speaker and designer<br />

Ashley Graham. She is my<br />

idol and motivator. She eludes<br />

beauty and confidence when<br />

she talks, walks and takes<br />



Shopping at...<br />

By Prince Sefa-Boakye<br />

Jia Wertz’s inspiration behind<br />

Studio 15 was just to<br />

be able to spend days doing<br />

something she loved while<br />

helping others who needed it. She has always<br />

loved fashion, but had also seen the<br />

frivolous side of the industry. She wanted<br />

to do it differently, and so Studio 15 puts<br />

an emphasis on giving back to those who<br />

need it, creating a very positive working<br />

environment for her team, hosting fashion<br />

events wherever they meet customers, and<br />

making sure that they have a great time.<br />

We first met Jia at the NY Fashion Week<br />

February 2015.

“Studio 15 is a women’s<br />

dress boutique, headquartered<br />

in NYC with pop<br />

up shops in Manhattan<br />

and San Francisco.”

TS: How would you describe yourself<br />

JW: This is always a tough question to answer. But<br />

here it goes...I am a very dedicated and passionate<br />

person. I keep a small but awesome circle of people<br />

around me. And I’m definitely a perfectionist, which<br />

can be good and bad at times.<br />

TS: How did you kick start your career?<br />

JW: One of my first jobs in retail was working for<br />

two partners who owned a denim company in Canada,<br />

called “Below The Belt.” At the time, it was the hottest<br />

store to shop at; they carried over 50 of the most<br />

popular brands from DKNY, Diesel, to Fubu and so<br />

much more. I had the amazing opportunity to work<br />

with the owners directly, for over six years. They not<br />

only taught me everything I know, but set a great example<br />

on how to run my own fashion business.<br />

TS: What is Studio 15?<br />

JW: Studio 15 is a women’s dress boutique, headquartered<br />

in NYC with pop up shops in Manhattan and<br />

San Francisco. The company is based on the belief<br />

that high quality products don’t have to be astronomically<br />

priced and woman from all walks of life should<br />

have access to great quality fashion. We also donate<br />

proceeds from every sale to a non-profit organization,<br />

Kleos MFG (www.kleosmfg.org), that gives micro-finance<br />

loans to women in developing countries, so they<br />

can start their own small businesses.<br />

TS: What would you say makes you stand out from<br />

other women entrepreneurs?<br />

JW: I don’t know personally if I stand out among<br />

other women entrepreneurs; I have met so many<br />

amazing women since I started Studio 15. One of the<br />

things I love most about being an entrepreneur is that I<br />

am always surrounded by so many innovative people,<br />

especially women, who are all doing such inspiring<br />

things.<br />

TS: Tell us your typical day at work?<br />

JW: I always start my day by checking emails and<br />

social media—before even getting out of bed or answering<br />

anything urgent. Recently, I have been trying<br />

to squeeze in 10 minutes for meditation as a morning<br />

routine. After that, my day always consists of many<br />

meetings with our team and companies that are partnering<br />

with us, from videographers, manufacturers,<br />

to seamstresses, etc. I typically finish my meetings<br />

around 7:00 pm and then get back to my computer<br />

to catch up on all the afternoon emails, projects, or<br />

anything else that needs deadlines to be met. I usually<br />

finish my whole day around 2:00 am, but I almost<br />

always take a break to have dinner with my husband<br />

and watch Shark Tank!<br />

TS: Was there a time when you thought you were<br />

failing, and were about to give up on your dream,<br />

but didn’t? And if so, what did you do to keep your<br />

dream alive?<br />

JW: In the start-up world, most entrepreneurs will tell<br />

you that there are numerous times of when you think<br />

you are failing. That happens almost every other week<br />

for me. With all the extreme ups and downs, with any<br />

startup, you are never ready for all the “highs” and<br />

“lows” that come your way. However the “highs” are<br />

wonderful and the “lows” do pass. You just have to<br />

keep going, make tough decisions, and take calculated<br />

risks.<br />

TS: What are three words that your friends can<br />

best describe you as?<br />

JW: I have no idea. You would have to ask them.<br />

(laughing)<br />

TS: What are three things that a woman entrepreneur<br />

should carry in her purse at all times<br />

JW: A tablet or pen and paper; a phone; and business<br />

cards. I don’t think it differs from gender to gender.<br />

TS: What is one piece of advice would like to give<br />

to young women entrepreneurs who want to do<br />

what you are doing today?<br />

JW: When you have a great idea, it’s better to start<br />

early than to wait and try—and perfect everything.<br />

TS: What are your future endeavors?<br />

JW: For now, to keep growing Studio 15; the company<br />

is only two years old! So there is a lot of work to<br />

do to get where we want to be.

The eleg<br />

most rece<br />

Night wi<br />

bring a d<br />

shelter a<br />

treats gave<br />


A Night with...<br />

By Valerie Langlais | Photos couretsy of David Josef<br />

If you ask your favorite image consultant about<br />

“investment dressing,” inevitably the brand of<br />

Diane Von Furstenburg will come up.<br />

Von Furstenburg, the woman, has been a fashion icon<br />

for decades and her brand, known affectionately as<br />

“DVF” has been dressing stylish women for nearly as<br />


ant Newbury Street boutique in Boston combined its<br />

nt line launch with holiday spirit on December 3rd; A<br />

th DVF to Mix and Mingle. Attendees were asked to<br />

onation to “The Women’s Lunch Place,” a local day<br />

iding local women in need. Champagne and sweet<br />

the evening a festive vibe.<br />

The intimate crowd listened<br />

intently as a brief history of the<br />

house, and an overview of the new<br />

line, was given. Watch for innovative<br />

new fabrics and designs<br />

that appeal to current devotees of<br />

the brand and to the new, younger<br />

customers. The audience audibly<br />

“ooh-ed” and “aah-ed” when the<br />

new “Secret Agent” bag was demonstrated<br />

(a gorgeous leather bag<br />

with detachable, mix and match<br />

clutch!)<br />

To learn more about Diane Von Furstenburg;<br />

both the designer and the brand, visit<br />

www.DVF.com or read one of her books<br />

including “The Woman I Wanted to Be.”<br />

And to help less fortunate women in Boston,<br />

visit www.womenslunchplace.org


By Yemi Sekoni | Photos courtesy of AGAPEpiece Photography<br />

The annual 2015 Boston Fashion Awards was<br />

held this year at the Stage Night Club in<br />

downtown Boston, M.A., to recognize the efforts<br />

and hard work of some of Boston’s most<br />

accomplished industry professionals ranging from fashion<br />

designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and models.<br />

Also billed as a fund raiser to benefit The Great American<br />

Foundation, this fast paced, high-energy event featured<br />

several fashion shows, a VIP reception and an after<br />


Interspersed between the award announcements, the<br />

audience was treated to various performances by Cheryl<br />

D’Love, DJ Joe Bermudez, Louie Bello, Maverik,<br />

MB Padfield, Natalie Joly and Stage Performers;<br />

and a line-up of mini fashion shows by several of the<br />

nominated designers including Ashley Rose Couture,<br />

Claude Michelle, DH Studios, Isabel original International,<br />

Joe Malaika and Kinda Touma.<br />

And the winners of the night were:<br />


Marc Harris Salon<br />


Heather Schofield (HS-Artistry)<br />


Karla Medina (KM Swimwear)<br />


Christina Pierce (Christina K. Pierce)<br />


Jennifer Rose (Alpha Jewelry)<br />


Joe Malaika (Joe Malaika)<br />


Isabel Lopez (Isabel Original International)<br />


Luke Aaron (Luke Aaron)<br />


Peihu Wang (Maggie Inc.)<br />


Ashley Wiggins (Maggie Inc.)<br />


Danielle Fortin (Maggie Inc.)<br />


Dawn Kingston (439 Photography)<br />




Tis The Season to B<br />

*It’s YO<br />

Ahhhh, the holidays, aren’t<br />

they wonderful? All the<br />

added work, to do’s, overstimulation<br />

of events and<br />

to top it off, a diet laced with alcohol,<br />

sugar, carbs and heaviness, contributing<br />

to sluggishness in our bodies.<br />

It’s no wonder I look around at folks<br />

during this time of year and see their<br />

faces all scrunched up from anxiety.<br />

Our cocktail of choice being stress.<br />

That’s right, I said it was our choice.<br />

These choices we make on who we<br />

want to be while living life may not<br />

be aligned with who we truly long to<br />

be while living our life. How about if<br />

we check in with that? Does your way<br />

of living match what is actually happening<br />

for you now?

e…<br />

UR Choice, (Fill in the Blank)*<br />

By Lynell Masterson

“The only difference between a good day and a bad<br />

day is your attitude.<br />

The choice is always yours.”<br />

-Dennis Brown<br />

Taking inventory is the first step in noticing the choices<br />

you are making in your life. We are not victims to<br />

our circumstances, we are responsible for handling our<br />

stuff in a way that matches what we truly long for in<br />

life. Meaning, it is not as much about what is happening<br />

to you as it is HOW you are responding to what is<br />

happening to you. This is where your choice comes in<br />

and where you can begin to change your life to create<br />

what you want. Take a moment to allow that in.<br />

If you’ve actually found time to read this article in the<br />

midst of this season, BRAVO, you are already making<br />

choices to create peace in your life that lifts the spirit<br />

and guides the heart.<br />

Now let’s try something here, a little mindfulness<br />

practice, right between the pages of fashion and fun.<br />

You’ve got nothing to lose except maybe some stress,<br />

aggravation and resistance. AND nothing to gain as<br />

peace tranquility and happiness only lightens our load,<br />

eliminates the burdens in our life and lifts us to freedom<br />

from negative thoughts and chatter.<br />

Guided Holiday Practice:<br />

• Sink in to your body, noticing where you may be<br />

holding any tightness or constriction and just breathe.<br />

• Taking long, deep belly breaths and letting out all<br />

that is not serving you, taking in another deep breath<br />

allowing yourself a huge exhale noticing how that<br />

simple breath and connecting with you, makes you<br />

feel.<br />

• You are doing wonderfully and now along with your<br />

breath, pay attention to how you are sitting.<br />

• Getting yourself comfortable where you can allow<br />

the air in easily and with flow.<br />

• And with each deep inhalation and exhalation you<br />

are letting go and lightening the load of all that you<br />

have been carrying.<br />

• Giving yourself permission to sink into all that you<br />

are, a beautiful being, full of many different intricacies<br />

that make you special. Continuing with your breath as<br />

you read.<br />

• Pausing between the in and out breaths, knowing you<br />

are taking this time for you because you matter more<br />

than anything, your health, happiness and life is priority<br />

here.<br />

• Let’s create this space for you to put aside your<br />

concerns and time constraints and just be without the<br />

chatter of the outside world, meeting yourself again,<br />

whatever that means to you.<br />

• There is no right or wrong here, only you, showing<br />

up exactly as you are. GOOD now I’d like you to<br />

imagine this holiday season different for you, imagine<br />

this time filled with peace and serenity.<br />

• You are moving through the holidays with grace and<br />

ease, doing and being all that you know you are. In<br />

and out with the breath, breathing and reading.<br />

• Who are you when you have peace? Breathing and<br />

being. How do you handle the outside world? Taking<br />

deep breaths and feeling calm and serene as you move<br />

through this imagery.<br />

• Excellent. Allowing yourself to receive this gift of<br />

peace and tranquility knowing that you can create this<br />

for yourself whenever you so choose. AND NOW continuing<br />

with conscious breath, knowing that you are<br />

about to close this exercise, take this relaxation you<br />

have created for yourself into your body.<br />

• Realizing you can access this whenever you want.<br />

Pausing for a moment to soak in all that has shifted for<br />

you, whether big or small. As small shifts create big<br />

changes!<br />

And now dear one, you are ready to go back out there,<br />

into the holiday season choosing who you want to be,<br />

deciding what you want to say and how you want to<br />

treat yourself and others. And what if you lose that<br />

alignment? You go back to your breath again, remembering<br />

who it is that you want to say yes to, continuing<br />

this every day until that practice becomes habit and<br />

before you know it, you are living the life you have so<br />


A WINK FROM…Italy<br />

Christmas,<br />

A Time for Gifts<br />

By Cinzia Antonelli<br />

And Christmas is finally here, and<br />

with it the desire to buy gifts!<br />

The art of the gift is that we practice<br />

what is deeply rooted and ancient, but in our<br />

society, with the increasingly rampant consumerism,<br />

this noble gesture has become a “rite of<br />


to express in words, a good feeling; with a<br />

simple gift coming straight from our heart,<br />

we can not fail to express our true feelings<br />

or what we really want to communicate to<br />

the other person.<br />

Giving gifts is a way to get to know one<br />

another, a real moment of introspection,<br />

soul searching - trying to understand what<br />

they really want to communicate: a feeling<br />

of esteem, friendship, and love.<br />

But it is also a detailed analysis of the<br />

person you want to make a present to,<br />

remembering or discovering their interests,<br />

the things they love, what you have in<br />

common and what will be better appreciated.<br />

The scents, the magical atmosphere, with<br />

the desire to be together, remind us that<br />

Christmas is coming, and exchanging gifts<br />

is really an indispensable habit even when,<br />

for us adults, there is no longer the belief<br />

in the legend of Santa Claus.<br />

During this time our cities are all decorated<br />

for the holiday, the streets are full of<br />

perfumes and magically illuminated, as we<br />

all anticipate December 25, along with our<br />

children, eager to see if Santa Claus, has<br />

brought us many gifts, under the Christmas<br />

tree.<br />

Also this year, it goes without saying that<br />

the tech gifts are the ones that are on top<br />

of our wish list.<br />

The object of worship that surely all of<br />

us would like to receive as a Christmas<br />

present, is the smartphone, including the<br />

best sellers here in Italy - the iPhone and<br />

Samsung Galaxy, both of which are now<br />

Today, in our modern era often stands just the appearance<br />

of gift buying, without reiterating and highlighting<br />

the true meaning of giving, an act of true generosity<br />

and altruism, because exchanging gifts means to<br />

receive and give attention to each other. It could be<br />

called a real means of communication: if we’re unable<br />

an integral part of our life.<br />

Another object much desired is the smart watch, with<br />

functions similar to a smartphone for the wrist, just<br />

like a clothing accessory.

For those who love reading, technology is still very<br />

popular with such gifts as an eReader - a real digital<br />

book reader, giving the option to purchase thousands<br />

of books.<br />

Of course, we cannot do without our beloved tablet;<br />

most notably the iPad, the GalaxyTab and the Kindle<br />

Fire, a cross between a laptop and a smartphone.<br />

It’s a great gift idea to start the New Year, leaving<br />

behind all the stress that we have accumulated! So we<br />

have to buy access to some spa or health club in their<br />

city, or give the gift of a nice trip in our beautiful Italy.<br />

The variety of items to give is really rich: from a<br />

basket full of culinary delights for our neighboring<br />

homes, to a bag or clutch for our fashionable friend or<br />

beloved aunt.<br />

Thinking of our dear fathers and beloved husbands,<br />

how about a nice sweater or a classy watch? Or, perhaps,<br />

a beautiful super puffy parka for our sons? And<br />

for that wise old friend, what could be more satisfactory<br />

than with a signed original print or painting, to<br />

hang in their study that smells of old books and ancient<br />

wisdom, like those of Ciociara, our artist painter<br />

Filomena Milos!<br />

Thinking of the most important women in our lives,<br />

such as mother, wife, girlfriend and beautiful daughters,<br />

December 25th is the most suitable day for a<br />

piece of parure Bulgari jewelry, or jewels from Bijou<br />

designer Cesare Paciotti, or a beautiful Gucci bag and<br />

Firminio, all made in Italy.<br />

The real stars of Christmas, however, remain children.<br />

Every year, kids everywhere write a letter to Santa<br />

Claus, asking him to bring them lots of toys: trains,<br />

toy cars, dolls, bicycles and stuffed animals of all<br />

kinds.<br />

Lastly, as I did when I was a kid, I would like to write<br />

a little letter to Santa Claus:

“Dear Santa Claus in the world today there is so much<br />

sadness, and for this Christmas 2015, what I want you<br />

give to all of us, is much joy and serenity. But if you<br />

have some change left in your pocket, you could add<br />

to my wish list: a sweet perfume, a pair of red high<br />

pumps, a faux coat fur, and a beautiful bag, I think I<br />

was good! See you on Christmas eve...!”<br />

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New<br />

Year.<br />

Ciao from Italy<br />

Cinzia Antonelli


Healthy Holiday Habits<br />

By Elizabeth Phinney<br />

First of all, gaining weight over the holidays is not<br />

a “normal” thing to do. It, actually, is an abnormal<br />

thing we do in our eating and exercise behavior<br />

which causes us to gain the weight. What has<br />

happened over the years is a victimization of our better<br />

habits. We pretty much throw up our hands in surrender<br />

when it comes to all those delicious holiday meals<br />

and goodies. And, so we indulge…and indulge…and<br />


But, why not, it’s the holidays, right? After the holidays,<br />

everything will go back to normal and we will<br />

lose the weight. But here’s the catch, we typically<br />

don’t. According to a study posted in the New England<br />

Journal of Medicine, we do not gain an average<br />

of 5 pounds over the holidays – that’s the good news.<br />

The bad news is that we gain an average of one pound,<br />

but it NEVER goes away!! That pound combined<br />

with lack of exercise can easily turn into 2 – 3 pounds<br />

each year. Multiply that by 10 years (which goes by<br />

in a blink) and you have your extra 20 pounds aging<br />

from 50 to 60!<br />

The best thing to do around the holidays is to consider<br />

them to be like all other times of the year. The festivities<br />

may be more plentiful, but the eating does not<br />

have to be. When a tray of hors d’ouevres is passed,<br />

have one sample of each kind of hors d’ouevres and<br />

spread it out through the evening. That way you do<br />

get to try everything, but the overindulgence has not<br />

controlled you. When it comes to desserts, if you are<br />

a sugar junkie (which most of us are,) HAVE ONE<br />

BITE, savor it and push the rest away. And, when you<br />

stop laughing, I can tell you that this truly does work.<br />

By having the bite, you have satisfied your indulgence<br />

urge and not deprived yourself or insulted the<br />

host/ess. By pushing it out of your way at the table,<br />

your ego will easily take over and not allow you to<br />

embarrass yourself by bringing it back in front of you.<br />

Show your restraint and your friends will not only be<br />

impressed with your willpower, but envious of your<br />

strength.<br />

Another trick is to start the evening with a tall glass<br />

of water – 8 – 12 ounces, no ice if you can. That will<br />

“fill” your stomach right away. Do this, also, 30 minutes<br />

before you sit down to a meal as it tends to make<br />

you feel sated before you begin. If you are a guest at

someone’s home, and someone else is serving up your<br />

plate, cut each portion in half and just eat that. (Push<br />

the other food around so the split is not so obvious.)<br />

Oftentimes when I am in a restaurant, I do this right<br />

away, get my ToGo box and load it up so I am not<br />

tempted to eat the other half.<br />

If you drink alcohol, try to intersperse your cocktails<br />

with glasses of water: have a drink, have a glass of<br />

water, have a drink, have a glass of water. This not<br />

only helps lower your calorie consumption, it helps<br />

you not overindulge in alcohol which is a huge trigger<br />

for overeating.<br />

One very simple action you can take to control stuffing<br />

yourself is to make a fist and look at it, seriously<br />

look at it. Think about how much you have eaten and<br />

drunk so far in the day/evening and look at your fist.<br />

That is the size of your stomach. Have you been kind<br />

to your stomach so far today? Or, are you stretching it<br />

out to accommodate your binging?<br />

A critical piece during the holiday time is your exercise<br />

regimen. This time of year because of the availability<br />

of overindulgence, it is so important to stick<br />

with your exercise routine. And if you are thinking<br />

about waiting until the first of the year to start exercising,<br />

you are making a HUGE mistake. The best way<br />

to combat holiday eating is to practice giving back<br />

to your body in the form of exercise and you will not<br />

have as much inclination to the plethora of food available<br />

to you. Exercise feeds the body with the natural<br />

rejection of doing bad things to it. In other words,<br />

when you exercise, you have far less tendency to put<br />

bad food or too much food in your body. The brain<br />

naturally reacts to the exercise with all those feel good<br />

hormones that are produced and the need for food<br />

for overindulgence and spoiling yourself simply goes<br />

away. You don’t need it for that any more.<br />

So, for the holiday season, consider giving the best gift<br />

of all to your body: healthy foods in healthy quantities<br />

with healthy activity!


Holiday<br />

By Rachel Silva<br />

Gifts<br />

for that...

So you are recently dating and the holidays<br />

are now suddenly here. What to do…. What<br />

to do…??? After all, “you never get a second<br />

chance to make a first impression.” No pressure<br />

at all though…right? A safe and seemingly obvious<br />

rule of thumb is DO NOT dish out a paycheck on a gift<br />

for this fairly new person in your life. That could be a<br />

sure fire way to send your new significant other running<br />

for the hills. And yes, you will most likely come across<br />

as needy, and possibly even placed in the “Fatal Attraction”<br />

category. However, on the flip side you also fear<br />

that if you get them something too small without much<br />

substance, you could come across as apathetic.<br />

New Special<br />


Yes, it’s a tough one for sure. Gift giving can cause<br />

insecurity and sheer panic, especially if it’s the beginning<br />

of a new relationship, or the even worse… the<br />

dreadful… are we ever going to amount to something,<br />

or aren’t we stage of dating. Therefore, I felt compelled<br />

to help with this delicate situation and reach out<br />

for some first hand advice on this topic. Most importantly<br />

make it personal, pay attention to the intricate<br />

details of their lives, and lastly keep it fairly simple<br />

and affordable.<br />

Make it Personal<br />

Cheryl knew her recent significant other’s favorite<br />

pastime was grilling, even in the winter. She decided<br />

to buy him a light for his grille from Brookstone, “it<br />

was inexpensive but thoughtful and personal. To go<br />

along with the grilling theme, I purchased a cedar<br />

plank for him to cook his salmon on.”

Ed would make it personal by cuing in to his significant<br />

others’ hobbies and interests. “My new girlfriend<br />

really loves cooking and actually wanted a food<br />

processor. I made it personal by putting it in a stocking<br />

for her with her name on it. “These gifts are simple,<br />

not too expensive, they show your significant other<br />

that you pay attention to them, and this is an indication<br />

you do actually…. CARE.<br />

Pay Attention to Details<br />

Kim starting dating her boyfriend this time last year,<br />

a month before the holidays. She knew he enjoyed<br />

micro -brewed beers, and trying different stouts. She<br />

bought him an assorted six - pack of beers. “I had<br />

to take the time to browse the internet and do some<br />

research, so it was thoughtful, but not over the top. He<br />

loved them!”<br />

Does your recent significant other enjoy wine? Go to<br />

a wine tasting together before the holidays, buy her a<br />

bottle of her new favorite wine from the night, give it<br />

to her for the holidays… and VOILA! … you just won<br />

the… I pay attention and actually remember details<br />

Gold Star!<br />

Give an Experience<br />

Tim had been dating a girl for about two months.<br />

He knew she had been under a lot of stress at home<br />

so he decided to get her a spa gift certificate. “I’m<br />

not really into giving gifts, I think it’s more about<br />

an experience. I knew she loved massages, and she<br />

could definitely have used one. In the card I told her<br />

the reason why I picked a spa certificate for her, and<br />

then she knew it wasn’t just a random gift card. She<br />

ended up using it a few days after I gave it to her,

she was definitely psyched to get it.”<br />

Enjoy watching sports together? Get<br />

tickets to your favorite team to watch<br />

together. If you can’t afford tickets<br />

to a professional team, get tickets to a<br />

semi-pro team instead like the Providence<br />

Bruins. Or your guy can go<br />

with a friend, just give him two tickets<br />

and he can enjoy a night out with the<br />

guys. He will be sure to appreciate<br />

that gesture, too.<br />

The Best Things in Life Are Free<br />

Lillian said, “It feels so special when<br />

someone takes the time to make me<br />

a gift. I recently started dating a guy,<br />

and we often sat outside and listened<br />

to music on his deck. He made me a<br />

cd of all the songs that reminded him<br />

of our time together, and songs he<br />

knew I loved. I have been smitten on<br />

him ever since.” Steve is an avid fisherman.<br />

“One girlfriend hand painted<br />

a huge glass jar for me. She filled it<br />

with inexpensive fishing bait. I knew<br />

she didn’t have a ton of money. It was<br />

a really cool thought. “<br />

“Gift giving can cause<br />

insecurity and sheer<br />

panic, especially if it’s<br />

the beginning of a<br />

new relationship, or<br />

even worse… the dreadful…<br />

‘are we ever going<br />

to amount to something,<br />

or aren’t we’ stage of<br />

dating. “

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