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Provisions Directory



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Dairy Products

Butter 6

Margarines & Spreads 6

Soft Cheese, Milk & Cream Products 6

Yoghurts 7

Fresh Eggs 8

Boiled Eggs 7

Lard & Yeast 7

Chilled Meat Products

Bacon 7

Fresh Poultry 7


Cooked Meats-Joints & Sliced 8

Delicatessen & Charcuterie 8

Italian Delicatessen 9

Artisan Spanish Produce 9

Sandwich & Savoury Fillings 9

Sandwich Filling-Marinated Meats 12

Sandwich Fillings-Heatable 12

Total Deli Fresh Quiche 12

Prepared Salads 12

Gourmet Chilled Seafood 12

Chilled Potato Products 12

Chilled Fresh Soup & Sauces 12

Chilled Fruit Juices 12



Block Cheese 15

Grated Cheese 15

Cheese Slices & Portions 15

Flavoured Cheese 15

British Territorial Cheese 15

English Farmhouse Cheese 17

Welsh Farmhouse Cheese 18

Irish Farmhouse Cheese 18

Scottish Farmhouse Cheese 18

Danish Farmhouse Cheese 18

Dutch Farmhouse Cheese 18

French Regional Cheese 18

French Farmhouse Cheese 18

German Regional Cheese 18

Greek Cheese 18

Italian Regional/Farmhouse Cheese 19

Norwegian Farmhouse Cheese 19

Spanish Farmhouse Cheese 19

Swiss Farmhouse Cheese 19

Savoury Biscuits

Biscuits for Cheese 19

Snack Breads 19

Chutneys, Pickles & Relishes

Chutneys 20

Pickles & Pickled Veg 20

Relishes 20

Olives, Capers & Gherkins 21

Mustards 21

Mayonnaise & Sauces 21

Dips & Dressings 21

Table Sauces & Glazes

Table Sauces-Tubs & Jars 24

Table Sauces-Sachets 24

Stocks & Gravy

Stock Cubes & Extracts 26

Stocks & Bouillon 26

Gravy Mixes & Granules 26

Savoury Sauces

American Cooking Sauces 31

Eastern Cooking Sauces 31

European Cooking Sauces 31

Indian Cooking Sauces 31

Cooking Sauces & Pastes-Al Fez 31

Cooking Sauces-Uncle Ben 31

Cooking Sauces & Pastes-Knorr 36

Ethnic Accompaniments 36

Herbs & Spices

Dried Herbs 36

Spices 36

Dried Peppercorns 38

Salt & Garlic 38

Speciality Ingredients

Artisan Ingredients 39

Chef’s Creative Ingredientss 39

Plate Decoration 39

Garnishing & Glazes 39

Breadcrumbs & Stuffing 39

Oil & Vinegar

Oils-Cooking 40

Oils-Speciality 40

Vinegars 40

Wine & Spirits-Cooking 40


Soups-Canned 42

Soups-Knorr-Powder 42

Soups-Maggi-Powder 42

Canned Goods

Canned & Bottled Fruits 43

Speciality Vegetables 43

Canned Vegetables 43

Canned Baked Beans 45

Canned Fish 45

Canned Meats 45

Canned Pasta 45

Dried Pasta, Rice & Noodles

De Cecco Pasta ”Premium Quality” 45

Dried Pasta 45

Dried Rice & Noodles 46

Symbols: A Vegetarian Product C Made without Gluten

Grocery Cont...


Yorkshire 01484 536 688

Sales Office: 08:30 - 17:00 (Mon - Fri)

North West 01254 828 330

Sales Office: 08:30 - 17:00 (Mon - Fri)

We are pleased to schedule a telesales call from

our office on the day prior to your delivery at a

time convenient to yourself.

An answerphone service is available for

additions to placed orders.


Non Food

Peas Beans & Pulses 46 Snacks

Catering Disposables

Your Total Foodservice

Dried Vegetables 46 Crisps 72 Foils & Catering Aids 94

Dried Fruit & Nuts

Carded Snacks 76 Spikomat Products 94

Dried Fruits 46 Speciality Snacks 76 Napkins & Tablecloths 94

Whole & Chopped Nuts 48 Popcorn 76 Doylies 95

Cereal Every product Sweet Biscuits your business 76 Pizza needs.

Boxes 95

Breakfast Cereal 48 Speciality & Coffee Biscuits 78 Disposable Dining 95

Breakfast Cereal-Individual 49 Confectionery

Diposable Takeout Dining 95

For more information about our Total range of products for the caterer ask for a

Cereal Bars 49 Cadbury 78 Coffee & Tea Sundries 96

Dried Cereal & copy Seeds of our Frozen 53 Food Mars Directory and other brochures. 78 Caffe Our Dolce Total Disposable range Cups includes; 96

Ambient Dairy

Nestle 78 Kitchen Sundries

Milk & Cream UHT 53 Speciality Chocolates 79 Sundries 96

Powdered Milk 53 Sweets 79 Firelighters & Matches 96

Frozen food

Chilled food

Hot Beverage Products

Wrapped Cakes & Confectionery 79 Food Dating Sundries 96

Fresh-frozen fish

The freshest juices,

Coffee Beans & Ground Coffee 53 Drinks and meat, the

Bin Liners dairy and soups,


Instant Coffee 54 Bottled highest Waters grade

84 Washroom speciality & Bathroom cheeses, Accessories 96

Tea 54 Flavoured vegetables, Watersdesserts,

sliced meats and

84 Air Fresheners 96

confectionery and

speciality quiches

Flavoured Tea 58 Cordials 84 Candles you’d be proud to call


pre-prepared meals.

Brew Tea Concept 58 Fruit Drinks 84 Eco Friendly your own. Cleaning

Drink Me Chai Speciality Tea 58 Fruit Juices 88 Totally Green Solutions-Kitchen Cleaning 98

Drinking Chocolate & Cocoa 58 Presse & Organic Drinks 88 Totally Green Solutions-General Cleaning 98



Ethically Sourced Products

Ambient, dried,




Well-known and



Totally Green Solutions-Washroom Refills 98

Syrups & Powder Mixes and canned. The 61 stock Soft Drinks brands with the 90 sort Totally Green Solutions-Dispensing Systems 98

Sugar, Syrup & Sweetner ingredients that give Soft Drinks-Fruit Shoots of in-built irresistibility 91 Totally Green Solutions-System Consumables 100

your kitchen time,

that builds profit

Sugar & Sweetener Portions




Soft Drinks-Coca Cola


91 Phosphate Free Cleaning

Sugar & Sweeteners and some fabulous 61 Crusha Milkshake Mix 91 Totally Clean-Dishwasher Solutions 100

Syrup & Treacle finishing touches. 61 Bar Sundries 91 Totally Clean-Laundry Products 100

Jams, Preserves & Jelly

Cleaning Products

Preserves-Tubs & Jars 62

Detergents 100



Preserves-Portions 62

The foils & films,


Big brands,




Preserves-Mini Pots 63 disposable cups,

General and Purpose environmental


Preserves-Jelly 63 cutlery, paper goods,

Polishes ranges all with one


warewashing and

common feature: each

Baking Products

laundry products that

Sterilizer possesses & Bleachthe cleaning


Bakery & Batter Mixes 64 no catering business

Kitchen power Product caterers need,


Flour & Suet 64 can do without.

Toilet inside & Bathroom and outside the



Speciality Flour 64

Laundry Products 101

Fruit Pie Filling 65

Liquid Hand Soap & Gel 101

Baking Sundries 65

Toilet Rolls-Hand Towels 101

Artisan Sweet Ingredients Whoever you’re 65 catering for,

Dispensers 101

Flavouring,Essence & Colouring 65

Cloths & Wipes 101

make us your Total Foodservice.

Sponge Mixes & Toppings 65

Kitchen Sundries 102

Sponges & Dessert Cases 65

Mops, Buckets & Brushes 102

Canape Cups & Tart Cases 65

Gloves 102

Caterers How Chocolate to Order

66 Through your Representative

Quality Assurance

You can place your order quickly and with Your representative will be able to support All our products are sourced from Total

Dessert Products

the minimum of fuss using any of the

you with the very latest information, offers and Foodservice approved suppliers following our

Mousses following methods:


where possible, To samples ensure of products. you He or get she the stringent best quality possible


Coulis 66

will be happy to talk through your requirements.

Crystals Online & Jelly 68

price please ask.


Custards Place your order and view accounts details 68 via Fax

All goods are supplied cash on delivery except

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

our online ordering website.

Yorkshire FAX: 01484 435 071

where credit facilities have been arranged.

Canned Sweet Milk & Creamed Rice 68

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

Sweet Sauces

Visit for more

North West FAX: 01254 823 996

Monthly accounts are due for payment by the



15th day of each month.

Wafers, Cones & Sweet Shells 69

Minimum delivery: £50.00

(inclusive of grocery, chilled, frozen and nonfood


All items featured in this brochure are subject to

availability. Sizes and product information are

quoted as approximate and for guidance only.

Some products illustrated may not be current

stock items, but we will make every effort to

obtain stock, if items are commercially viable to

source. All alcoholic beverages are stocked and

sold for culinary purposes only.


The prices are correct at the time of printing

but may alter without notice. The effective

price is that ruling at the time of dispatch.

Some products are subject to significant price

fluctuation caused by market supply and

demand, seasonality and current exchange

rates. All prices shown are exclusive of VAT

which will be charged at the rate current at time

of order where applicable.

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We are Total Foodservice,

We love what we do.

We think it shows.

It’s simple really. Exceptional products and big choice

backed by a buying power that keeps cost low. A pride

in delivering exactly what you asked for exactly when

and where you need it.

The heart to go the extra mile because we want to.

And a passion for seeing your catering business

whether that’s a restaurant, café bar, gastro-pub,

coffee shop, golf club, school, care home (or anything

in between) grow – because then we all benefit.

Total Foodservice is:

• Around 4000 product lines

• Chef & Industry experienced Reps

• Low minimum orders

• Split cases available

• Live stock management

• Full buying history

• POS and menu support

• New tastes

• A passion for finding new


• Friendly people

• Big buying power for better value

• Own brand & point of difference


• Due diligence

• Industry accredited

• Low carbon footprint products

• Eco-friendly cleaning products

• Nutritional menu planning


• Margin-building

• Family ethos


9771 Unsalted Butter

6747 & 4077 Fairway Spreads

21414 Clotted Cream Portions


72448 Butter-Lurpak 1x2kg

1995 Butter-Salted Total Foodsavers 40x250gm

A 9771 Butter-Unsalted Total Foodsavers 40x250gm

4709 Butter-Slightly Salted Total Foodsavers 1x250gm

12726 Butter-Jersey Roll Longley Farm 10x250gm

A 3768 Portions-Butter-(Tub) Lurpak 100x10gm

A 8603 Portions-Butter No 7 Total Foodsavers 1x100

Margarines & Spreads

Great buttery

A 49207 Meadowland Professional Unilever 1x250gm

85975 Portions-Sunflower Spread Fayrefield 100x10gm

flavour shouldn’t

cost the earth.

A 6747 Spread-Buttery Fairway 1x2kg

A 4077 Spread-Soft Fairway 1x2kg

A 48460 Margarine-Cake Total Foodsavers 1x12.5kg

A 7787 Margarine-Flora UBF 1x2kg

A 97971 Margarine-Flora UBF 12x1kg

The great taste

of butter for up

to 30% less.*

A 7624 Margarine-Stork S.B. UBF 1x2kg

15637 Margarine Total Foodsavers 1x250gm

A 20272 Kerrymaid-Soya Margarine Kerry Foods 1x500gm

A 8635 Portions-Margarine-Flora UBF 120x10gm

A 8362 Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter UBF 1x2kg

Soft Cheese, Milk & Cream

5910 Cottage Cheese Longley Farm 1x2kg

84658 Soft Cheese-Full Fat Longley Farm 1x1kg

5911 Soft Cheese-Full Fat Longley Farm 1x2kg

A 1918 Philadelphia Philadelphia 1x1.65kg

45482 Milk-Pergal-Fresh-Full Fat Total Foodsavers 24.5Pint

15837 Milk-Pergal-Fresh-Semi Skimmed Total Foodsavers 24.5Pint

41481 Cream-Aerosol Total Foodsavers 1x500ml

A 21414 Cream-Clotted Coombe Castle 24x28g

A 54927 Cream-Clotted-Dorset Total Foodsavers 1x1kg

6923 Cream-Fresh Double Longley Farm 2.27ltr

MEADOWLAND Professional 250


Get a free sample at**


We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

*See for details. **Open to UK&ROI bona fide caterers and chefs aged 18+. One sample per establishment and per

IP address. A Limited Vegetarian to 5000 | C samples. Made without To apply Gluten submit your details. Closing date for receipt of applications is 23.59GMT on 31 December 2015 or

when samples run out. See for full terms and conditions.

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54320 Bird Bros Supplier ad 148x210 ART.indd 1 07/11/2013 12:32

5908 Cream-Fresh Whipping Longley Farm 2.27ltr

5909 Cream-Soured Longley Farm 1x2kg

5923 Creme Fraiche Longley Farm 1x2kg

5928 Fromage Frais Natural Longley Farm 1x2kg

A 20709 Cream-Set Soured Carron Lodge 1x2kg


5929 Yogurt-Natural-(B.A.Low Fat) Longley Farm 1x454gm

A 72288 Yogurt-Natural Ann Forshaw 1x4.5ltr

A 96093 Yogurt-Peach Ann Forshaw 1x4.5ltr

A 48870 Yogurt-Strawberry Ann Forshaw 1x4.5ltr

A 37823 Yogurt-Vanilla Ann Forshaw 1x4.5ltr

C A 8952 Yogurt-Assorted Farmhouse Ann Forshaw 6x150gm

A 9974 Yogurt-Assorted Low Fat Ann Forshaw 12x125gm

A 74349 Yogurt-Thick n Creamy Ann Forshaw 12x125gm

56013 Yogurt-Greek Carron Lodge 1x1kg

A 5364 Natural Yoghurt Ann Forshaw 12x125gm

Fresh Eggs

80834 Fresh Eggs-Medium-Free Range Total Foodsavers 15 Dozen

53067 Fresh Eggs-Medium Total Foodsavers 15 Dozen

56304 Fresh Eggs-Medium Total Foodsavers 1x60

Boiled Eggs

A 6177 Boiled Fresh Eggs-Shelled Total Foodsavers 1x48

Lard & Yeast

40931 Lard Nortech Foods 1x500gm

7355 Yeast-Fresh Total Foodsavers 1x1kg


14395 Unsmoked Rindless Back Bacon Fairway 1x2kg

31146 Dutch Prime Rindless Back Total Foodsavers 1x2.27kg

36923 Cooked Sliced-Back Rashers Total Foodsavers 1x1kg

28847 Cooked Sliced-Streaky Farmhouse Rashers Total Foodsavers 1x1kg

Fresh Poultry

78006 Chicken Fillet Trays-Skinless & Boneless 2x5kg

7551 Chicken Fillets-Skinless & Boneless 200-225gm 1x10

99773 Chicken Fillets-Skin On 200-225gm 1x10

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten





Whole or Half Joints

Carefully butchered, trimmed to perfection and slowly cooked to retain flavour & texture.

Sliced Cooked Meats

In 500gm or 1kg packs, sealed in a modified atmosphere for safety and freshness.

Available in both standard and wafer thin slicing.

The very best hand produced cooked meats.

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Our quality

meats contain

No Additives &

No Preservatives

Cooked Meats-Joints & Sliced Delicatessen & Charcuterie

Fully Prepared Mayonnaise Fillings

67868 100% Cooked Turkey Breast Saddle app.2kg per kg

Chilled 65107 100% Cooked Fresh Ham-Half app.2-3kg per kg

14405 Premier-100% Sliced British Chicken Breast Total Deli 1x500gm

81810 Premier-100% Sliced Cooked Ham Total Deli 1x500gm

98139 Premier-100% Sliced Cooked Pork Total Deli 1x500gm

32897 Premier-100% Sliced Cooked Topside of Beef Total Deli 1x500gm

87152 Premier-100% Sliced Cooked Turkey Breast Total Deli 1x500gm

90727 Pie-Pork-Small Hand Raised 1x20

Perfect 52229 Sliced for Chicken hot Breastor cold sandwiches, Total Foodsavers 1x1kg wraps, 81429 Pie-Turkey,Ham baguettes, & Cranberry foccacia or bagels.


42036 Sliced Ham Total Foodsavers 1x1kg

12854 Sliced Topside Beef Total Foodsavers 1x1kg

93330 Sliced Turkey Breast Total Foodsavers 1x1kg

63019 Sliced Corned Beef 1x500gm

79019 100% Sliced Beef Trim 1x500gm

5535 Black Pudding-Stick Irelands 1x1.36kg

sealed attractive black PET presentation 3794 Chorizo-Half dishes which Stick look great in your display 1x800gm cabinet.

36508 100% Cooked Topside-Half High protein app.1.5-2.5kg to mayonnaise per kg ratio 55825 making Cooking them Chorizo-Picante probably the best of their Greedy Little kind Pig on per the kg market.



made solely with

free range egg


A large and varied range of fillings; meat, fish and vegetarian. Conveniently packed in fully

Marinated Sliced Meat Fillings

97247 Chorizo Whole Single Greedy Little Pig per kg

A popular range of flavoursome 6620 marinated Coppa De meats Parma with Ham no mayonnaise. Excellent 1x120gm for

sandwiches, salads, and recipe dishes, 1579 needing Pancetta-Affumicata no additional ingredients. app.1.5kg To extend per their kg

volume or change the texture they

4302are Pate-Brussels

also good




with natural yoghurt,

Total Foodsavers 1x1.5kg


fraiche or even mayonnaise.

79166 Salami-Danish Stick 1x1.8kg

6870 Sliced-Antipasto 1x150 gm

9301 Sliced-Chorizo 1x250gm

95500 Sliced-Mortadella 1x500gm

73687 Sliced-Pastrami 1x500gm

36588 100% Sliced Ham Trim 1x500gm

82289 100% Sliced Turkey Trim 1x500gm

6760 100% Wafer Thin Cooked Ham Total Deli 1x500gm

97642 Lamb Shank in a Rosemary & Mint Sauce-(400gm) 1x4

87266 Sliced-Prosciutto 1x80gm

79316 Sliced-Salami Milano 1x500gm

63945 Smoke Pancetta Affumicata Greedy Little Pig per kg

A 1278 Tomatoes-Semi-Sundried Olive Co. 1x1kg

A 86199 Tomatoes-Sundried-in Oil Fairway 1x1 kg

68272 Sliced-Proscuitto Crudo CWF 1x500gm

8 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

Chilled Fresh



Fully Prepared Mayonnaise Fillings

A large and varied range of fillings; meat, fish and vegetarian. Conveniently packed in fully

sealed attractive black PET presentation dishes which look great in your display cabinet.

High protein to mayonnaise ratio making them probably the best of their kind on the market.

Marinated Sliced Meat Fillings

A popular range of flavoursome marinated meats with no mayonnaise. Excellent for

sandwiches, salads, and recipe dishes, needing no additional ingredients. To extend their

volume or change the texture they are also good blended with natural yoghurt, crème

fraiche or even mayonnaise.

Perfect for hot or cold sandwiches, wraps, baguettes, foccacia or bagels.

made solely with

free range egg


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Italian Delicatessen

Artisan Spanish Produce

TD_meat_sandwich.indd 1 17/12/2013 12:01

A 6015 Black Olives-Kalamata 1x3kg

93039 Black Olives-Pitted-Paesana 1x1kg

59199 Black Olives-Pitted 1x3kg

A 32516 Black & Green Olives-Party


A 37398 Black & Green Olives-Mistoliva


A 5986 Black & Green Olives-Mistoliva 1x3kg

A 79364 Green Olives-Aglioliva


5984 Green Olives-Boscaiola 1x3kg

18819 Green Olives-Pitted-Stuffed with Lemon 1x1kg

A 51250 Antipasto Primavera-Marinated Mixed Veg Sapori 1x1kg

5989 Carciofi Contadina-Marinated Artichoke Hearts 1x3kg

A 97495 Carciofi A Quarti-Marinated Artichoke Qtrs Sapori 1x1kg

C A 5991 Peperoni Grigliate-Marinated Grilled Peppers 1x2.8kg

C A 85918 Peperoni Grigliati-Marinated Grilled Peppers


A 78786 Grigliato Misto-Grilled Mixed Vegetables Sapori 1x2.8kg

A 26986 Pomodorello-Marinated Semi-dried Tomatoes


4260 Chorizo-Chistorra de Pamplona Delicioso 1x210gm

76824 Chorizo Primera-Small Sausages Delicioso 1kg

42168 Chorizo Stick Delicioso per kg

35067 Sliced Serrano Ham ( Reserve ) 1x500gm

Sandwich & Savoury Fillings

A 27434 Cheese Savoury


A 43619 Vegetarian Tikka


A 5227 Cheese & Spring Onion Total Deli 1x1kg

98657 Chicken & Bacon Mayonnaise Total Deli 1x1kg

5221 Chicken-Coronation Total Deli 1x1kg

5222 Chicken-Chinese Total Deli 1x1kg

5862 Chicken-Mexican Total Deli 1x1kg

5220 Chicken-Tikka Total Deli 1x1kg

5231 Egg-Mayonnaise Total Deli 1x1kg

A 35815 Pasta di Pomodori Secchi Sapori 1x1kg

5987 Pesto di Basilico-Fresh Basil Pesto Sapori 1x1kg

19952 Pesto di Rucola-Fresh Rocket Pesto Sapori 1x1kg

6555 Pesto Siciliano-Semi-dried Tomato Pesto Sapori 1x1kg

80446 Red Peppers Stuffed with Feta Cheese Amar 1x1kg

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten


Ambient olives…with extra appeal

Ideal for pub & restaurant menus as an intro, appetiser or snack.

Available in 1kg:






Feta Cheese


Mixed Greek

with Oregano

Crushed Chilli

& Herb

Antipasto Mix

Wide neck

opening for

ease of use

Only need

to be





screw top –

no need to

decant once


1kg size –


less wastage

and easy to

store in fridge

Cooks&Co olives have been

packed at source using premium


Great visual appeal – in a mix of

brine with oil, giving the olives a

shiny, appetising appearance and

seals in the flavour

Long shelf life (18 months from

manufacture and 2 weeks from


Mammoth or Colossal olives used

– providing great flavour & size

Sapori D’Italia produces are made to

unique traditional family recipes.

We combine the freshest and highest quality raw

ingredients to give you a mouth-watering experience,

in environment friendly packaging.

sapori.indd 1 10/10/2012 16:04

Unit 8, Tower Business Park, Berinsfield, Oxon OX10 7LN

E: T: 01865 340055 W:


Marinated Meats

Total Deli Quiche

9580 Chicken & Noodle Soup

Sandwich-Marinated Meats

34540 Beef-Chilli Total Deli 1x1kg

68811 Chicken-Cajun Total Deli 1x1kg

75414 Chicken-Italian Total Deli 1x1kg

49860 Chicken-Jamaican BBQ Total Deli 1x1kg

26938 Chicken-Tikka Total Deli 1x1kg

12916 Lamb-Minty Total Deli 1x1kg

Sandwich Fillings-Heatable

63912 Chicken Jalfrezi 1x1kg

19841 Chilli Con Carne 1x1kg

86946 Honey Chilli Chicken 1x1kg

58735 Mozzarella, Pepperoni & Jalapeno 1x1kg

19675 Roast Pork, Apple & Stuffing 1x1kg

Total Deli Fresh Quiche

34605 10”-Brie & Chorizo Quiche Total Deli 1x10ptn

71636 10”-Broccoli & Stilton Quiche Total Deli 1x10ptn

A 94320 10”-Cheese, Onion & Chive Quiche Total Deli 1x10ptn

A 62649 10”-Goats Cheese & Olive Quiche Total Deli 1x10ptn

50669 10”-Quiche Lorraine Total Deli 1x10ptn

A 16761 10”-Sun Touched Tomato & Basil Quiche Total Deli 1x10ptn

Prepared Salads

A 5163 Coleslaw Total Foodsavers 1x2kg

A 13404 Houmous Total Foodsavers 1x1kg

A 5165 Potato Salad-Premium Total Foodsavers 1x1kg

A 37138 Sweet & Sour Beetroot Total Foodsavers 1x1kg

Gourmet Chilled Seafood

33971 Crayfish-Tails in Brine Total Foodsavers 1x1.5kg

82200 Smoked Salmon-Romanov Salmon Side Total Foodsavers per kg

Chilled Potato Products

A 7006 Potato-Gratin Peka 1x2kg

A 7004 Potato-Mashed Peka 1x2kg

A 7008 Potato-Slices Peka 1x2kg

A 7009 Potato-Table Peka 1x2kg

C 78079 Potato-Rosti Rolls Peka 2x700gm

Chilled Fresh Soup & Sauces

C A 5950 House-Carrot & Coriander Redemption 1x4kg

C 51343 House-Cream of Chicken Soup Redemption 1x4kg

C A 2320 House-Creamy Potato & D.Gloucester Redemption 1x4kg

C A 57265 House-Chickpea & Spinach Redemption 1x4kg

C A 5843 House-Chunky Vegetable & Red Lentil Redemption 1x4kg

C A 4448 House-Leek & Potato Redemption 1x4kg

C 55964 House-Lentil & Bacon Soup Redemption 1x4kg

C A 36359 House-Parsnip, Carrot & Cumin Redemption 1x4kg

C A 26829 House-Patatas Bravas Redemption 1x4kg

C A 4446 House-Tuscan Tomato with Basil Redemption 1x4kg

C 60919 Robust-Beef & Potato Redemption 1x4kg

68065 Robust-Chipotle Meatball Soup Redemption 1x4kg

C 98420 Robust-Chorizo & Chickpea Redemption 1x4kg

C 9580 Robust-Indonesian Chicken & Noodle Soup Redemption 1x4kg

A 5840 Simple-Minestrone Napolitana Redemption 1x4kg

A 69514 Simple-Vegetable and Barley Broth Redemption 1x4kg

C 5576 Special-Boston Chicken Chowder Soup Redemption 1x4kg

A 7225 Special-Broccoli & Stilton Redemption 1x4kg

31950 Special-Chicken & Vegetables Redemption 1x4kg

C A 65529 Special-Mediterranean Tomato & Sweet Red Pepper 1x4kg

C 83642 Special-Pea & Ham Soup Redemption 1x4kg

C A 5378 Special-Wild Mushroom Redemption 1x4kg

A 14588 Sauce-Barbecue Redemption 1x1.25kg

A 60463 Sauce-Piri Piri Redemption 1x1.25kg

Chilled Fruit Juices

9807 Juice-Apple Copella 8x250ml

5368 Juice-Orange Smooth Style Tropicana 8x250ml

2583 Juice-Grapefruit Pink Tropicana 1x1ltr

75492 Juice-Orange Pure Tropicana 6x1.75lt

64660 Juice-Fresh Squeezed Apple Johnsons 2x2.27lt

79636 Juice-Fresh Squeezed Orange Johnsons 1x2.27lt


A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

Europe’s pioneer in

convenient potato products

Since 1970 Peka Kroef has been constantly pushing the boundaries of our products and

production methods in order to provide our customers with even better service, which means even

fresher, even easier and even tastier products.

Potato Slices 6 mm Content: 6 x 2 kg Whole Potatoes Content: 6 x 2 kg

Mashed Potatoes

Content: 6 x 2 kg

Potato Wedges with Oil

Content: 6 x 2 kg

Rösti Rolls

Content: 7 x 2 x 700g

Potato Gratin

Content: 6 x 2 kg

Fresh, healthy &



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Fairway Cheeses Fairway Cheeses 97944 Grated Coloured Cheddar

Block Cheese

A 1354 VCP-Cheddar-Mild White Selected app.5kg per kg

A 7508 VCP-Cheddar-Mild White Selected app.2.5kg per kg

A 9454 VCP-Cheddar-Mild Coloured app.5kg per kg

A 7509 VCP-Cheddar-Mild Coloured app.2.5kg per kg

A 5201 VCP-Cheddar-Mature White app.5kg per kg

C A 7511 VCP-Cheddar-Mature White app.2.5kg per kg

A 6021 VCP-Cheshire-White app.2.5kg per kg

A 4138 VCP-Leicester-Red app.2.5kg per kg

A 9992 VCP-Wensleydale app.2.5kg per kg

Grated Cheese

97944 Grated Mild Coloured 1x1kg

A 13774 Grated Mild White


91749 VCP-Cheddar-Coloured 1x1kg

A 70028 VCP-Cheddar-Grated Mature FJ Needs 1x1kg

A 88566 VCP-Cheddar-White


A 57348 VCP-Mozzarella-100%


A 80173 VCP-Mozzarella & Cheddar-50/50


8337 CU-Parmesan-tub Galbani 1x1kg

Cheese Slices & Portions

54854 Boilie & Herb Goats Cheese Five Mile Town 1x1kg

A 89300 VCP-Camembert 145gm


A 83469 VCP-Babybel Cheese Nets


A 3560 VCP-Blue Stilton-Wedge 1x160gm

A 6705 VCP-Boursin 1x150gm

35607 Cheese-Mediterranean Style White 1x500gm

A 49895 VCP-Mixed Cheese Portions


A 13684 Dairylea


A 69883 VCP-Slices-Mature White-[50]


A 7001 VCP-Slices-Red Cheddar 50x20gm

A 7002 VCP-Slices-White Cheddar-[50] 50x20gm

A 2362 VCP-Slices-Cheese Burger-[112] 1x1.4kg

Flavoured Cheese

A 48509 VCP-Cheddar & Black Pepper app.1kg per kg

49676 VCP-Cheddar & Pickle app 1kg per kg

A 67242 VCP-Double Gloucester Red Hot Chilli app.1.5kg per kg

A 35718 VCP-Lancashire Apple,Cinnamon & Raisin app.1kg

per kg

A 3769 VCP-White Stilton & Apricot app.1kg per kg

A 78457 VCP-White Stilton,St/berries & Champagne app.1kg

per kg

74145 VCP-Cheddar & Caramelised Onion 1x1.2kg

A 32063 VCP-Cornish Yarg-Wild Garlic app.1.7kg per kg

A 78673 VCP-Hereford Hop app.2kg per kg

A 8027 VCP-Sage Derby Green app.1kg per kg

A 21397 VCP-Tewkesbury app.1.5kg per kg

A 11350 VCP-Wensleydale & Cranberry 1.2kg 1x1.2kg

British Territorial Cheese

A 2303 VCP-Brie Somerset app.2.5kg per kg

A 7680 VCP-Cheshire-White Traditional app.4kg per kg

A 1268 VCP-Lancashire Tasty app.2.5kg per kg

A 5044 VCP-Lancashire-Creamy app.2.5kg per kg

A 8486 VCP-Lancashire-Crumbly app.2.5kg per kg

A 57240

VCP-Special Reserve Wensleydale

Mature-[1/2 Tall] app.2.8kg per kg

A 95089 VCP-Lancashire-Creamy Sandhams per kg

A 88653 Philadelphia Philadelphia 24x16gm

A 76704 SU-Roquefort Portions


7003 CVU-Slices-Emmental 50x20gm

A 1702 VCP-Slices-Monterey Jack Cheese 50x20gm

A 15868 VCP-Slices-Mozzarella


Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten


Carron Lodge Cheese Ltd.

From pasture to plate, thru’ the farm gate...

Carron Lodge, established in 1988, is a family run

company owned by Adrian & Annette Rhodes. We are

traditionally farmhouse cheese makers and over the

years have developed our own range of cheese in

addition to sourcing quality dairy produce from around

the British Isles and on the continent. We have become

one of the countries premier cheese wholesalers and


Our main depot, dairy and farm is in Inglewhite, near

Preston, Lancashire. We also have two other depots,

Lincoln and Gloucester - with these three sites we are

able to regularly collect from many of the smaller

artisan producers around the UK.

Our SALSA accredited manufacturing dairy produces

over 30 varieties of cheese including territorials such

as our award winning Crumbly Lancashire and our

‘Cave Range’ of blue cheese including Lancashire Blue,

winner of the UK’s Best Blue Cheese* at the

International Cheese Awards. All the cow and buffalo

milk we use in our cheese is produced on our farm on

the edges of the Forest of Bowland AONB.

Park Head Farm, Carron Lane, Inglewhite, Preston

Lancashire, PR3 2LN

*excluding Blue Stilton

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English Farmhouse Cheese

A 1567 VCP-Blue Cheshire app.2kg per kg

A 1097 VCP-Smoked Wensleydale app.2kg per kg

A 21017 VCP-Stinking Bishop app.1.7kg per kg

A 55226 VGP-Blue Ribblesdale app.2kg per kg

84431 VGP-Goats Log Rosary 1x1kg

A 76567 VCP-Applewood Smoked

1x1.5 kg

64303 VCP-Bedale app.2kg per kg

A 23343 VGU-Blue Brendon app.1kg per kg

A 99033 VGP-Blue Brock app.1.25kg per kg

A 79034 BV-Blue Buffalo app.1.5kg per kg

A 96896 VCU-Blue Dorset Vinny app.2kg per kg

A 37514 VCP-Blacksticks Blue Butlers per kg

A 2521 VSP-Blue Garstang app.2kg per kg

A 1177 VCP-Blue Lancashire app.2kg per kg

A 52821 VCP-Blue Stilton Tuxford and Tebbutt app.2kg per kg

7658 VCP-Blue Stilton-1/8 app.1kg per kg

A 1562 VCP-Blue Swaledale app.2kg per kg

A 2493 VCP-Blue Yorkshire-Cows app.2kg per kg

A 84227 VCP-Cheddar Godminster-[Organic]


7463 VCP-Cheddar Mature Quickes app.5kg per kg

70128 CUP-Cheddar Mature Westcombe app per kg

A 45850 VCP-Cheddar Mature Wyke Farm app.5kg per kg

A 57808 VCP-Chevington app.2kg per kg

A 1723 VCP-Cornish Yarg app.3kg per kg

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A 99308 VCP-Cornish Yarg-Baby app.1kg per kg

A 66507 VCP-Cotherstone app.2.7kg per kg

A 97968 VCP-Ex Mature Cheddar app.2.5kg per kg

A 4436 VCP-Five Shires app.1.5kg per kg

A 59233 VCP-Fowlers Little Derby app.2.7kg per kg

A 88942 VGP-Inglewhite Goats app.1.2kg per kg

A 69398 VSP-Inglewhite Sheep per kg

A 11644 VGP-Kidderton Ash Butlers per kg

A 41620 VCP-Lancashire Bombs


A 2515 VCP-Lancashire Smoked app.2kg per kg

53663 VCUP-Lancashire Tasty app.2kg per kg

73065 CU -Lincolnshire Poacher app. 2.25kg per kg

A 25347 VSU-Olde York

per kg

A 83523 VGP-Ribblesdale Mature Goats app.2kg per kg

A 67708 VCP-Smoke Flavoured Farmhouse Deli


A 29132 VCU-Smoked Cumberland app.0.9kg per kg

A 86713 VGP-Smoked Inglewhite Goats app.1.2kg per kg

A 70534 VGP-Smoked Ribblesdale Goat app.2kg per kg

A 4148 VCP-Swaledale-Cows app.1.8kg per kg

A 57235 VGP-Swaledale-Goats app.1.8kg per kg

A 27915 VSP-Swaledale-Sheep app.1.8kg per kg

A 5783 VCP Wensleydale Special Reserve per kg

A 94440 VCP-White Stilton app.2kg per kg

A 69650 VCP-Worcester Double app.3kg per kg

A 9791 VSP-Yorkshire Fettle app.1.5kg per kg

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten



2670 Cahill Porter

70318 Danish Blue

41425 Camembert

Welsh Farmhouse Cheese

A 89168 VCP-Colliers Welsh app.2.5kg per kg

A 91707 VCP-Ducketts Caerphilly app.2kg per kg

A 61450 VCP-Harlech app.1.5kg per kg

A 8940 VCP-Y-Fenni 1x1.5kg

Irish Farmhouse Cheese

A 2670 VCP-Cahill Porter per kg

A 76879 VCP-Ardrahan app.1.5kg per kg

A 81258 VCU-Cooleeney app.2kg per kg

Scottish Farmhouse Cheese

8498 CUP-Anster per kg

A 70614 VCP-Mull of Kintyre

per kg

A 2288 VCP-Caboc 1x1kg

A 77750 VCU-Dunsyre Blue app.1.5kg per kg

A 76726 VCP-Gruth Dhu


A 71174 VGP-Inverloch Goats app.3kg per kg

A 16110 VCP-Isle of Arran Coloured app.2.5kg per kg

A 43950 VSU-Lanark Blue app.1.3kg per kg

A 61792 VCP-Morangie Brie app.1kg per kg

Danish Farmhouse Cheese

A 70318 VCU-Danish Blue


A 4153 VCU-Danish Blue-Portions 10x100gm

A 33983 CP-Esrom app.1.5kg per kg

A 4533 VCP-Mozzarella-Block 1x2.3kg

Dutch Farmhouse Cheese

A 43445 CP-Edam app.2kg per kg

47510 CP-Gouda Wheel app 4kg per kg

56058 CP-Leerdammer app.3kg per kg

A 27266 CP-Old Amsterdam 1/4 app.2.74kg per kg

French Regional Cheese

A 4146 VCP-Brie 1x1kg

A 58798 CP-Bresse Bleu


A 59985 CU-Camembert Rustique app.1kg per kg

41425 CP-Camembert(wooden box) 5” 1x240gm

83605 CP-Chaorce 1x250gm

89348 CP-Chaumes app.2kg per kg

62949 CP-Coulommiers 1x500gm

33341 CP-Epoisses app.0.8kg per kg

86399 CU-Livarot app.0.5kg per kg

4492 CU-Pont L’Eveque 1.7kg per kg

A 4491 VCP-Port Salut app.2kg per kg

4992 CP-St Agur app.2.3kg per kg

25692 CP-St Albray app.2kg per kg

4487 CP-Vignottes app.2kg per kg

French Farmhouse Cheese

62770 VCU-Brie de Meaux app.2.8kg per kg

93076 CU-Beaufort app.2kg per kg

A 64432 VCU-Brie Rustique app.3kg per kg

A 8057 VGP-Goats Log 1x1kg

83596 CU-Reblochon app.0.5kg per kg

A 72349 VCP-Roule Log,Herbs & Garlic app.0.9kg per kg

60839 CU-Tomme de Savoie app.1.5kg per kg

German Regional Cheese

1409 CP-Smoked Log-[Austrian] 1x454gm

8715 CP-Tilsiter app.1kg per kg

Greek Cheese

25002 SGP-Feta 1x2kg

A 4154 SGP-Feta-[Packet] 1x200gm

49459 SGP-Feta-Smoked 1x1kg


A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

“The best biscuit for

cheese out there”

2015 Great Taste Awards judges

The mixed case of Original, Spelt & Fig

and Seeded Wholegrain crispbreads

from Peter’s Yard offer a variety of taste,

texture and shape that complement

a well-balanced cheeseboard.

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Italian Regional Cheese

A 5579 VCP-Dolcelatte Quarter app.1.5kg per kg

84715 CU-Asiago app.2.5kg per kg

70434 CP-Bel Paese app.2kg per kg

9728 CP-Gorgonzola-Mountain app.1.5kg per kg

A 20087 VCP-Mascarpone


A 3265 VCP-Mascarpone 1x500gm

67896 CP-Mozzarella Bocconcini 1x150gm

A 6460 VCP-Mozzarella Balls Cows-[Bag] 1x125gm

70824 BU-Mozzarella Balls Buffalo 1x125gm

8961 CU-Parmesan-Grana Padano 1kg 1kg

9384 CU-Parmesan-Reggiano app.1kg per kg

A 2082 VCP-Ricotta 1x1.5kg

1043 CU-Taleggio app.2kg per kg

A 30434 VCP-Vegetarian Parmesan

per kg

Norwegian Farmhouse Cheese

60450 CP-Jarlsberg 1/4 app.2.5kg per kg

Spanish Farmhouse Cheese

Swiss Farmhouse Cheese

A 1447 CU-Emmental Block app 2kg per kg

8045 CU-Gruyere Block app.2.3kg per kg

4750 CU-Tete de Moine app.0.8kg per kg

Biscuits for Cheese

A 63847 Bath Oliver Jacobs 1x225gm

A 44035 Cheese Biscuits-Selection Miller Damsel 12x125gm

A 85364 Crispbread - Large Artisan Peters Yard 8x220gm

A 37373 Crispbread - Mixed Case Peters Yard 12x105gm

A 85793 Artisan Gourmet Toasts Fine Cheese 5x3x90gm

A 16973 Biscuits for Cheese Jacobs 1x900gm

2091 Crackers-Cream Jacobs 24x200gm

78401 Table Water-Large Carrs 1x200gm

A 7892 Table Water-Small Carrs 1x125gm

C 42647 Gluten Free Cheese Crackers Mrs Crimbles 12x130gm

Snack Breads

8443 Grissini Bread Stick Torino 1x6x40

1020 SU-Manchego app.2kg per kg

83534 C -Mahon app.1.2kg per kg

88876 SU-Manchego-Wedge 1x250gm

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten


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Chutneys & Relishes

A 94044 Chutney-Apricot & Ginger Tracklement 1x1.3kg

A 7755 Chutney-Apple & Cider Brandy Tracklement 1x1.3kg

A 3943 Chutney-Chilli Jam Tracklement 1x1.4kg

A 63645 Chutney-Christmas Tracklement 1x625gm

A 9331 Chutney-Country Garden Tracklement 1x1.4kg

8659 Chutney-Indian Mango Tracklement 1x1.4kg

A 26022 Chutney-Plum Tracklement 1x1.3kg

A 8658 Chutney-Tomato Tracklement 1x1.3kg

A 7396 Relish-Onion Marmalade Tracklement 1x1.5kg

A 2797 Relish-Red Pepper and Tomato Salsa Tracklement 1x1.2kg

87268 Chutney-Westmorland Hawkshead 1x1ltr

A 9183 Chutney-Mango (Green Label) Sharwood 1x2.6kg

C A 1616 Chutney-Mango Fairway 1x2.4kg

A 3862 Chutney-Tomato Shaws 1x2.4kg

A 35523 Marmalade-Red Onion Stokes 1x2kg

Pickles & Pickled Veg

A 78768 Pickled Beetroot-Whole Baby Baxters 1x455gm

A 65973 Pickled Beetroot-Sliced Fairway 1x2.25kg

A 80434 Pickled Cabbage-Red Fairway 1x2.25kg

A 67932 Pickled Chillies-Guindillas Delicioso 1x1.85kg

A 64770 Pickled Onions-in Dark Vinegar Fairway 1x2.25kg

A 31935 Pickled Onions-in Light Vinegar Fairway 1x2.25kg

A 2173 Pickled Onions-Cocktail Delicias 1x3.9kg

8478 Pickle-Branston Sandwich-(Small Chunk) Crosse & Blackwell 1x2.55kg

A 8422 Pickle-Branston Sweet Crosse & Blackwell 1x2.55kg

A 84961 Pickle-Lime Rickmers 1x1.2kg

A 36691 Pickle-Piccalilli Rickmers 1x2.4kg

A 91782 Pickle-Piccalilli Tracklement 1x1.2kg

A 2417 Pickle-Sandwich Shaws 1x2.4kg

A 97805 Pickled Walnuts Opies 1x390gm


C A 4275 Relish-Hamburger Fairway 1x2.4kg

A 7212 Relish-Shaws Tomato Shaws 1x2.4kg

20 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.


Delicias Olives

Fairway Mustards

Stokes Dressings

Olives, Capers & Gherkins

A 6872 Black Olives-Pitted Total Foodsavers 1x4.25kg

A 8196 Black Olives-Pitted Opies 1x2.37kg

6873 Green Olives-Pitted Total Foodsavers 1x4.25kg

2182 Green Olives-Pitted Delicias 1x3.9kg

2180 Green Olives-Stuffed with Pimento Delicias 1x3.8kg

77875 Capers-Nonpareilles-Lilliput Delicias 1x4kg

A 2216 Capers-Nonpareilles Delicias 1x1.65kg

2203 Capers-in White Wine Vinegar Delicias 1x1.65kg

A 2205 Caperberries-in Wine Vinegar Delicas 1x1.65kg

2178 Gherkins-Cocktail Delicias 1x3.8ltr

A 1903 Gherkins-Dill-(Extra Large) Opies 1x2.3kg

A 36193 Gherkins Sliced Opies 1x2.3kg

15653 Red Peppers-Whole Sweet Roasted Delicias 1x2.5kg


C A 44282 Dijon Mustard Fairway 1x2.27lt

C A 9376 Coarse Grain Mustard Fairway 1x2.27lt

A 98543 English Mustard Fairway 1x2.27lt

A 15684 French Mustard Fairway 1x2.27lt

A 42968 Classic Yellow Mustard French’s 1x226gm

A 7399 Dijon Mustard Colmans 1x2.25lt

A 3298 Dry Mustard-Tin Colmans 1x2kg

2764 English Mustard-Ready Mixed Colmans 1x100gm

A 1202 English Mustard Colmans 1x2.25L

A 8203 French Mustard Colmans 1x2.25L

A 3499 Wholegrain Mustard Colmans 1x2.25L

8650 Beer Mustard Tracklement 1x1.1kg

98971 Beer Mustard Tracklement 6x140gm

23896 Dijon Mustard Tracklement 1x1.2kg

78487 Strong English Mustard Tracklement 1x1.1kg

38660 French Dijon Mustard Tracklement 6x140gm

17018 Horseradish Mustard Tracklement 6x140gm

Mayonnaise & Sauces

A 43700 Mayonnaise Fairway 1x10ltr

A 99783 Mayonnaise Fairway 1x5ltr

A 41543 Mayonnaise-Light Fairway 1x5ltr

70894 Mayonnaise-Free Range Zafron 1x5ltr

A 4944 Mayonnaise-Luxury 80% Gyma 1x10ltr

A 5820 Mayonnaise-Luxury 80% Gyma 1x5ltr

A 42719 Mayonnaise Hellmanns 1x10ltr

A 1978 Mayonnaise-Extra Thick Hellmanns 1x5ltr

A 2536 Mayonnaise Hellmanns 1x5ltr

A 1762 Mayonnaise Hellmanns 1x2ltr

A 9238 Mayonnaise-Light Hellmanns 1x2ltr

A 7817 Mayonnaise Hellmanns 1x1ltr

A 9164 Mayonnaise-Garlic Lion 1x2.27lt

C A 91643 Sauce-Prawn Cocktail Fairway 1x2.27lt

A 9203 Sauce-Prawn Cocktail Colmans 1x2.25L

A 1098 Sauce-Hollandaise Garde d’Or 1x1ltr

Dips & Dressings

14056 Dressing-Caesar Fairway 1x2.27lt

80687 Dressing-Caesar Cardini 1x1.1ltr

8423 Dressing-Caesar Cardini 1x350ml

87853 Dressing-Red Jalapeno Caesar Cardini 1x350ml

A 4686 Dressing-French Lion 1x2.27lt

2281 Dressing-Caesar Hellmanns 1x1ltr

1578 Dressing-Classic Vinaigrette Hellmanns 1x1ltr

A 7327 Dressing-Honey & Mustard Hellmanns 1x1ltr

55102 Dressing-Mango & Orange Stokes 1x280gm

98759 Dressing-Raspberry & Balsamic Stokes 1x285gm

83194 Sauce-Coronation Stokes 1x2ltr

C A 59080 Salad Cream Fairway 1x2.27kg

A 1141 Salad Cream Heinz 1x2.35kg

A 36690 Salad Cream-Squeezy Heinz 1x425gm

29009 Strong English Mustard Tracklement 6x140gm

A 9289 Dijon Mustard-Kilner Jar Moutarde 1x2.2ltr

A 9595 Wholegrain Mustard-Kilner Jar Moutarde 1x2ltr

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten


Premium, Thick &

Light Mayonnaise

1 x 2.5ltr, 5ltr, 10ltr

Our range of Mayonnaises consist of 25% Caterers Light, 55% Thick

& Creamy and 70% Premium Real offerings packed in 2.5ltr, 5ltr and

10ltr re-usable black containers.

Made with 70% rapeseed oil to give a creamy, intense flavour and

thick, rich consistency. The thickness also makes it a good value

choice - it goes further than thinner versions as well as having a

better taste and texture. Delicious and tempting as the market

leading brands, but without the premium price tag!

Our mayonnaises are formulated specifically for the catering

industry, all three varieties are similar in viscous and have wonderful

flavour, giving the customer continuity regardless of Rapeseed oil

content. We only use rapeseed oil which is rich in mono-unsaturates

and high in omega 3. All are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Suitable for salad, fillings and sandwiches or even use as a

substitute for butter.

Local Service, National Strength

Excellent flavours

Thick in consistency

Benchmarked against

the market leaders


o n e

For nutritional breakdown,

allergen information and

technical specifications


At Stokes we strive to create

the best tasting sauce you can

buy. We have a unique table

sauce format, our beautiful

bottles enhance the front of

house offering, while the 2kg

tubs perform perfectly for

back of house use.

Love Lion












Is Lion on your menu?

A quality range of condiments,

dressings, sauces and

mayonnaises incorporating

traditional British favourites

and exciting flavours from

around the world bringing

quality, authenticity

and fantastic flavour

to your menu.








Fairway Sauce Sachets

Fairway Table Sauces

Stokes Sachets

Table Sauces-Tubs & Jars

C A 9482 Apple Sauce Fairway 1x2.3kg

A 34025 Brown Sauce Fairway 1x4.3kg

C A 2594 Cranberry Sauce Fairway 1x2.5kg

C A 10625 Horseradish Sauce Fairway 1x2.27lt

C A 69654 Mint Sauce Fairway 1x2.27lt

63746 Piri Piri Sauce Fairway 1x2.27lt

C A 10152 Sticky BBQ Sauce Fairway 1x2.27lt

C A 82683 Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce Fairway 1x2.27lt

C A 73153 Tartare Sauce Fairway 1x2.27lt

C A 89505 Tomato Sauce Fairway 1x4.5kg

65345 BBQ Sauce Stokes 1x315gm

93702 Bloody Mary Sauce Stokes 1x300gm

62640 Brown Sauce Stokes 1x320gm

27485 Tomato Sauce Stokes 1x300gm

A 88316 Tomato Sauce Daddies 1x4.6kg

A 9240 Brown Sauce HP 1x4.6kg

A 89648 Brown Sauce HP 1x2ltr

A 3914 Brown Sauce-Glass Bottle HP 1x255gm

A 2453 Brown Sauce-Squeezy Bottle HP 1x425gm

52230 Classic Burger Sauce Heinz 6x875ml

A 60009 Mayonnaise-Table Top Heinz 1x215gm

A 2992 Tomato Ketchup Heinz 1x2.55kg

A 5122 Tomato Ketchup-Plastic Bottle Heinz 1x342gm

A 56438 Tomato Ketchup-Glass Bottle Heinz 1x342gm

A 8372 Horseradish Sauce Colmans 1x2.25L

A 7853 Mint Sauce Colmans 1x2.25L

A 9017 Tartare Sauce Colmans 1x2.25L

84706 Anchovy Sauce Geo Watkins 1x190ml

A 60587 Cranberry Sauce Ocean Spray 1x2.2kg

94504 Worcester Sauce Lea & Perrins 1x2ltr

1117 Worcester Sauce Lea & Perrins 1x568ml

10425 Worcester Sauce Lea & Perrins 1x150ml

A 11218 Mini Jar-Brown Sauce Tiptree 72x28gm

A 80156 Mini Jar-Tomato Sauce Tiptree 72x28gm

Table Sauces-Sachets

A 57655 Brown Sauce Sachet Fairway 1x200

A 27597 Mayonnaise Sachet Fairway 1x200

A 61570 English Mustard Sachet Fairway 1x200

A 88409 Salad Cream Sachet Fairway 1x200

A 47284 Tartare Sauce Sachet Fairway 1x200

A 5639 Tomato Ketchup Sachet Fairway 1x200

A 25536 Vinegar Sachet Fairway 1x200

A 2422 Brown Sauce-HP Heinz 200x10ml

A 8159 Malt Vinegar Heinz 200x7ml

A 1590 Mayonnaise Heinz 200x9.5g

A 8119 Mustard-English Heinz 250x8ml

A 8033 Salad Cream Heinz 200x10ml

A 5429 Tartare Sauce Heinz 200x10gm

A 1812 Tomato Sauce Heinz 200x12gm

97655 Bloody Mary Ketchup Stokes 60x40gm

93331 Brown Sauce Stokes 60x40gm

66741 Tomato Ketchup Stokes 60x40gm

A 38190 Salt Fairway 1x1000

A 70386 Pepper Fairway 1x1000

50395 Brown Sauce Tracklement 1x1ltr

13490 Cranberry & Port Sauce Tracklement 1x1.4kg

2713 Cumberland Sauce Tracklement 1x1.5kg

A 9356 Horseradish Sauce Tracklement 1x1.2kg

85659 Mint Sauce-(Concentrate) Tracklement 1x1.3kg

42012 Spicy Tomato Sauce Tracklement 1x1ltr

76382 Sweet Mustard Ketchup Tracklement 1x1ltr


A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

Maggi solutions for you


Gravy Mix

MAGGI® range

of Simmer Soups

Serving suggestion

Serving suggestion

Its thick consistency and roasted meat

flavour is ideal to create speciality gravies

1 tub serves

26 litres

- Range is Responsibility Deal Salt compliant

- Vegetarian gravy also has no added MSG

or artifical colours

- Available in 3 variants - Original, Golden and Vegetarian

- Provides healthy option on the menu.

- Enjoyed by all age groups

- Can be served as a light lunch or starter

- Available in 8 variants

1 tub serves

200 portions

MAGGI® Demi Glace

MAGGI® Béchamel

Sauce Mix

Serving suggestion

Serving suggestion

To accompany meat dishes, use

MAGGI®Demi Glace. Rich brown sauce for pies,

steaks and casseroles

or preservatives

- High yield - 16 litres per pack

- Vegetarian

- HVO free

Now with no added MSG, MAGGI® Béchamel

Sauce Mix provides the great taste and thickness you

would expect from a homemade sauce.

- High yield: makes 13 litres per 2kg pack

- 43% cheaper vs leading brand per litre made up*

- Simple to prepare with water

For more information visit or call 0800 742 842


4765 Marmite Sachets

Fairway Gravies and Bouillons

78354 Bisto Turkey Gravy

Stock Cubes & Extracts

A 87052 Marmite UBF 1x600gm

A 4765 Marmite-Sachets UBF 100x8gm

73179 Oxo Cubes-Beef 1x60 Premier 1x378gm

76866 Oxo Cubes-Chicken 1x60 Premier 1x378gm

A 67694 Oxo Cubes-Vegetable 1x60 Premier 1x378gm

9251 Stock Cubes-Beef-(60) Knorr 1x60

2803 Stock Cubes-Chicken-(60) Knorr 1x60

A 1284 Stock Cubes-Vegetable-(60) Knorr 1x60

Stocks & Bouillon

C A 51449 Bouillon Powder-Beef Fairway 1x2kg

C 17299 Bouillon Powder-Chicken Fairway 1x2kg

C A 74090 Bouillon Powder-Vegetable Fairway 1x2kg

C 47923 Bouillon Paste-Beef Fairway 1x1kg

C 46499 Bouillon Paste-Chicken Fairway 1x1kg

A 2881 Bouillon Paste-Vegetable Fairway 1x1kg

1347 Bouillon-Beef Maggi 1x2kg

8108 Bouillon-Chicken Maggi 1x2.5kg

A 3118 Bouillon-Vegetable Maggi 1x2kg

2602 Bouillon Paste-Beef Knorr 1x1kg

2737 Bouillon Paste-Roast Beef Knorr 1x1kg

73271 Bouillon Paste-Cheese Knorr 1x1kg

9217 Bouillon Paste-Chicken Knorr 1x1kg

2731 Bouillon Paste-Roast Chicken Knorr 1x1kg

8316 Bouillon Paste-Lamb Knorr 1x1kg

1175 Bouillon Paste-Mediterranean Vegetable Knorr 1x1kg

A 9502 Bouillon Paste-Mushroom Knorr 1x1kg

A 1502 Bouillon Paste-Vegetable Knorr 1x1kg

A 2742 Bouillon Paste-Rich Veg Knorr 1x1kg

A 59552 Bouillon Powder-Vegetable Knorr 1x1.2kg

39559 Bouillon-Clear Chicken Knorr 1x1kg

33361 Bouillon-Clear Fish Knorr 1x1kg

A 62671 Bouillon-Clear Vegetable Knorr 1x1kg


4220 Demi-Glace-Beef Essential Cuisine 1x1.5kg

64208 Demi-Glace-Veal Essential Cuisine 1x1.5kg

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

1955 Lobster Bisque Mix Essential Cuisine 1x1.5kg

52962 Premier Jus Base-Chicken Essential Cuisine 1x1kg

5816 Premier Jus Base-Lamb Essential Cuisine 1x1kg

8125 Premier Jus Base-Veal Essential Cuisine 1x1kg

54579 Signature-Jus Beef Essential Cuisine 1x1ltr

63889 Signature-Jus Chicken Essential Cuisine 1x1ltr

C 67081 Signature-Jus Red Wine Essential Cuisine 1x1ltr

95695 Stock-Beef Essential Cuisine 1x800gm

40818 Stock-Chicken Essential Cuisine 1x800gm

45534 Stock-Fish Essential Cuisine 1x700gm

4829 Stock-Ham Essential Cuisine 1x700gm

80801 Stock-Lamb Essential Cuisine 1x700gm

89344 Stock-Turkey Essential Cuisine 1x800gm

C A 85244 Stock-Vegetable Essential Cuisine 1x800gm

77336 Fonds-Jus De Veau Lie Chef 1x900gm

Gravy Mixes & Granules

C 87411 Gravy-Gluten Free Mix Fairway 1x2kg

A 87104 Gravy Granules-Instant Fairway x2kg

A 57514 Gravy-Luxury Powder Fairway 1x2kg

84311 Gravy-No 1 Beef Essential Cuisine 1x1.5kg

C A 46720 Gravy-No 1 Savoury Essential Cuisine 1x1.5kg

A 9702 Gravy Powder-Beef Bisto 1x40ltr

A 1525 Gravy Granules-Beef Bisto 1x25ltr

2258 Gravy Granules-Chicken Bisto 1x25ltr

A 41613 Gravy Granules-Onion Bisto 1x25ltr

78354 Gravy Granules-Turkey Bisto 1x25ltr

A 9869 Gravy Granules-Vegetarian Bisto 1x25ltr

C A 76425 Gravy Granules-Meat Knorr 1x25ltr

C A 4932 Gravy Granules-Poultry Knorr 1x25ltr

8820 Gravy Mix-Original Maggi 1x2kg

1271 Gravy Mix-Original Maggi 1x10kg

A 72291 Gravy Mix-Original Veg Maggi 1x1.7kg

A 93095 Gravy Mix Chef William 1x3kg

A 94801 Gravy Browning Chef William 1x2.5ltr

A 86896 Gravy Browning Amar 1x950gm

A 1167 Thickening Granules McDougall 1x1.5kg

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

Meet the Team

We’ve spent years perfecting our comprehensive product range and we’re sure you’ll

find something here to help you and your team achieve the best results every time...

A comprehensive range expertly

crafted by The Stock People

• For all general stock usage

• Easy-to-use powders

• Gluten-free

• Range: Vegetable, Chicken, Beef, Fish,

Lamb, Ham, Turkey


800g/700g pot

12 months shelf life Yield per pot:

50/40 litres

A classic kitchen staple from

The Stock People

• For banqueting and high volume usage

• Range: Beef, Veal


1.5kg tub

12 months shelf life Yield per pot:

22 litres

Perfectly honed sauce base from

The Stock People

• Great balance of fl avours and seasoning

• Rich and smooth with the taste of authentic

scratch-made sauces

• Our béchamel is vegetarian and gluten-free

• Range: Béchamel, Lobster Bisque

Gravy as it should be, with a little

helping hand from The Stock People

• Our beef gravy contains meat stock and


• Our savoury gravy is vegetarian and gluten-free

• Perfect for your roasts, grills, pies, puddings

• Range: Beef, Savoury


1.5kg tub

12 months shelf life Yield per pot:

20 litres

A 5 star jus range from

The Stock People

• The meaty taste, viscous feel and mirror-like

sheen of traditionally produced jus

• Gluten-free

• Range: Veal, Chicken, Lamb


1kg pot

12 months shelf life Yield per pot:

8 litres


1.5kg tub

12 months shelf life Yield per pot:

Béchamel 12 litres

Lobster Bisque 18 litres

The finest reductions courtesy

of The Stock People

• For fi ne dining and hotels

• Use for stocks, jus, glazes, drizzles

and dressings

• Gluten-free

• Range: Beef, Chicken, Veal, Lobster,

Lamb, Game, Vegetable Mirepoix, Wild

Mushroom, Duck, Pork

Premium, ready-to-use jus and sauce

solutions perfected by The Stock People

• Superior taste and performance

• Gluten-free

• Range: Red Wine Jus, Beef Jus, Hollandaise Sauce,

Chicken Stock Reduction


12 months shelf life -

1ltr pack


600g jar

12 months shelf life -

Refrigerate after opening



Get in touch!

For your FREE sample and recipe inspiration

call us on 01606 541 490 or visit the website


Essential Cuisine



Gravies & Bouillons


o n e

For nutritional breakdown,

allergen information and

technical specifications








1kg and 2kg Tubs



Produced with quality to match the leading brands while giving a competitive

edge on cost. Other benefits include long storage life, re-sealable containers

and superb portion control! Using traditional full flavours and produced using

Swiss methods this range could not be simpler – just add water!

Instant Gravy Granules

• Traditional beefy flavours. Ease of

use – 20g to 1ltr of cold water

• Suitable for vegetarians

• Perfect for Carverys, Restaurant

and Functions

• 18 month shelf life

Classic Gravy Mix

• Traditional flavours

• Ease of use – 62.5g to 1ltr of

cold water

• Suitable for vegetarians

• 12 month shelf life

Classic Bouillon Powders

• Beef, Chicken and Vegetarian


• Ease of use – 25g to 1ltr of hot water

• Free from MSG and Gluten

• Designed for the cost sector

• 18 month shelf life

Classic Bouillon Powders

• Produced using traditional Swiss methods

• Ease of use - 20g-25g to 1ltr of hot water

• Excellent flavour enhancer and base


• 15-18 month shelf life

Long storage life

Good portion control

Just add water!

Local Service, National Strength

(serving suggestion)


All of these products are great for use in school meals

because they are in line with:

School Food Standards,


Appetite for Life,


Healthy Eating in Schools,


Nutritional Standards for

school lunches,

Northern Ireland

✔Free from artificial colours, HVO and added MSG.

✔Meet Public Health Responsibility Deal 2012 Salt Reduction Targets*

MAGGI ® Liquid Concentrates

MAGGI ® Rich & Rustic

Tomato Sauce

MAGGI ® Mashed

Potato Flakes

MAGGI ® Coconut Milk

Powder Mix

DOCELLO ® Desserts

MAGGI ® Béchamel


MAGGI ® Gravy Mix

MAGGI ® Crunchy Bake


For Education menu cycles and recipe inspiration,


or call 0800 742 842

® Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. All rights reserved. *Liquid Concentrates if used as make up instructions.


60465 Rufus Teague Touch O’Heat

Fairway Curry Sauces

93010 Pearl Cous Cous

American Cooking Sauces

A 1794 Hickory Barbecue Shaws 1x2.4kg

A 9513 Tabasco McIlhenny 1x350ml

A 3435 Tabasco McIlhenny 1x57ml

A 71688 Tabasco Sauce Mild McIlhenny 1x57ml

60465 BBQ Sauce-Rufus Teague Touch O Heat Authentic American 1x3.79lt

Eastern Cooking Sauces

A 9521 Dark Soy Sauce Blue Dragon 1x375ml

A 71804 Sauce-Light Soy Total Foodsavers 1x1ltr

8087 Sauce-Hoi Sin Wing Yip 1x2ltr

A 7233 Sauce-Oyster Wing Yip 1x2ltr

92466 Sauce-Peking Duck Wo Hup Wing Yip 1x5.7kg

A 8260 Sauce-Plum Wing Yip 1x2ltr

C A 88042 Sauce-Sweet & Sour Fairway 1x2ltr

35683 Sauce-Hoi Sin Blue Dragon 1x1ltr

5040 Sauce-Teriyaki Blue Dragon 1x1ltr

75410 Sauce-Thai Chilli Sauce Wing Yip 1x2ltr

2805 Sauce-Thai Fish Wing Yip 1x725ml

A 49581 Sauce-Thai Sweet Chilli Rickmers 1x700ml

A 51399 Wine-Mirin (Sweet Sake)


93639 Paste-Thai Red Curry Paste Golden Palace 1x1kg

European Cooking Sauces

C A 5527 Sauce-Bechamel with Butter Macphie 1x1ltr

C 3783 Sauce-Demi Glace Macphie 1x1ltr

C A 9048 Sauce-Hollandaise Macphie 1x1ltr

C A 8096 Sauce-White Wine Macphie 1x1ltr

C A 79888 Sauce-Bolognese Fairway 1x2ltr

C A 81738 Sauce-Tomato & Basil Fairway 1x2ltr

C 74209 Sauce Mix-Bechamel Essential Cuisine 1x1.5kg

A 7979 Sauce Mix-Bechamel Maggi 1x2kg

A 8831 Sauce Mix-Demi Glace Maggi 1x2kg

A 69921 Pesto-Green Cooks & Co 1x1.2kg

Indian Cooking Sauces

C A 55802 Korma Fairway 1x2ltr

C A 85035 Madras Fairway 1x2ltr

C A 18293 Rogan Josh Fairway 1x2ltr

C A 14025 Tikka Masala Fairway 1x2ltr

A 1759 Balti Curry Curry Sauce Co. 1x2.7kg

A 4972 Jalfrezi Curry Curry Sauce Co. 1x2.7kg

A 9549 Korma Curry Curry Sauce Co. 1x2.7kg

A 2878 Madras Curry Curry Sauce Co. 1x2.7kg

A 1929 Rogan Josh Curry Curry Sauce Co. 1x2.7kg

A 9195 Tikka Masala Curry Curry Sauce Co. 1x2.7kg

8825 Thai Green Curry Curry Sauce Co. 1x2.7kg

5629 Thai Red Curry Curry Sauce Co. 1x2.7kg

Cooking Sauces & Pastes-Al’Fez

A 55281 Middle Eastern-Falafel Mix Al Fez 1x600gm

A 38057 Middle Eastern-Lebanese Baharat Spice Al Fez 1x300gm

C A 24813 Moroccan Harissa Paste Al Fez 1x500gm

A 86081 Moroccan Spiced Cous Cous Al Fez 1x1.5kg

A 93010 Pearl Cous Cous Al Fez 1x2kg

C A 58371 Premium Natural Tahini Al Fez 1x1kg

A 34727 Ras El Hanout Spice Mix Al Fez 1x300gm

Cooking Sauces-Uncle Ben

C A 15714 Arrabiatta Dolmio 1x2.29lt

C A 3038 Bolognese Dolmio 1x2.3kg

C A 8876 Tomato & Pesto Dolmio 1x2.33kg

C A 7690 Balti U.Ben 1x2.3kg

C A 9346 Black Bean U.Ben 1x2.3kg

C A 9507 Chilli Con Carne U.Ben 1x2.3kg

C A 7277 Korma U.Ben 1x2.25kg

C A 1775 Salsa-Hot U.Ben 1x2.3kg

C A 7638 Sweet & Sour-with Veg U.Ben 1x2.35kg

C A 8312 Sweet & Sour-no Veg U.Ben 1x2.5kg

C A 8967 Texan Barbecue U.Ben 1x2.6kg

C A 1111 Thai Sweet Chilli U.Ben 1x2.59kg

C A 2138 Tikka Masala U.Ben 1x2.3kg

A 45063 Tandoori Paste Sharwoods 1x1.25kg

C A 45211 Balti Fairway 1x2ltr

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten


Ambient Sauces


o n e

For nutritional breakdown,

allergen information and

technical specifications


Sizes vary

Our range of ambient sauces packed in 2.27 litre tubs. Featuring a

range of Mustards, Sticky BBQ, Salad Cream and favourites Tomato

Ketchup and Brown Sauce.

Tomato Ketchup

Brown Sauce

Coarsegrain Mustard

Dijon Mustard

English Mustard

French Mustard

Horseradish Sauce

Mint Sauce

Prawn Cocktail

Salad Cream

Sticky BBQ Sauce

Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce

Tartare Sauce

Caesar Dressing

2 x 4.5kg

2 x 4.3kg

2 x 2.27ltr

2 x 2.27ltr

2 x 2.27ltr

2 x 2.27ltr

2 x 2.27ltr

2 x 2.27ltr

2 x 2.27ltr

2 x 2.27ltr

2 x 2.27ltr

2 x 2.27ltr

2 x 2.27ltr

2 x 2.27ltr

French Dressing

Cranberry Sauce

Apple Sauce

Mango Chutney

Hamburger Relish

Thick & Chunky Salsa

Sweet & Sour Sauce

Tomato & Basil Sauce

Bolognese Sauce

Tikka Masala Sauce

Korma Sauce

Balti Sauce

Madras Sauce

Rogan Josh Sauce

2 x 2.27ltr

2 x 2.5kg

2 x 2.3kg

2 x 2.4kg

2 x 2.4kg

2 x 2.3kg

2 x 2.1ltr

2 x 2.1ltr

2 x 2.1ltr

2 x 2.1ltr

2 x 2.1ltr

2 x 2.1ltr

2 x 2.1ltr

2 x 2.1ltr



Extensive range of flavours

No artifical flavourings or


Multiple applications

Local Service, National Strength













Great tasting

Indian dishes

in minutes

KNORR ® PATAK’S Ready to Use Sauces

case size


















Korma 2x2.2L , 4 4

Tikka Masala 2x2.2L ,, 4 4

Balti 2x2.2L ,, 4 4

Rogan Josh 2x2.2L ,, 4 4

Jalfrezi 2x2.2L ,,, 4 4

Madras 2x2.2L ,,, 4 4

Serving Suggestion

Chicken Balti

All meet DoH 2012 Salt Reduction Targets for Sauces (2011)

Heat Key Mild , Medium ,, Medium Hot ,,, Hot ,,,,



Suitable for Vegetarians C P S E V I






Suitable for C a PGluten Free Diet






careline 0800 783 3728 (Option 1) Lines open 8am-4pm


53192 Cheese & 53250 Parsley Sauce

14799 Shrimp Crackers

Herbs & Spices

Cooking Sauces & Pastes-Knorr

9176 Sauce-Cajun Knorr 2x2.2ltr

A 94466 Demi Glace Knorr 1x16ltr

A 1805 Paste-Balti Knorr 1x1.1kg

A 7322 Paste-Jalfrezi Knorr 1x1.1kg

A 4073 Paste-Korma Knorr 1x1.1kg

A 8047 Paste-Madras Curry Knorr 1x1.1kg

A 8530 Paste-Rogan Josh Knorr 1x1.1kg

A 9256 Paste-Tandoori Knorr 1x1.1kg

C 30130 Paste-Thai Green Curry Knorr 1x1.1kg

C 47389 Paste-Thai Red Curry Knorr 1x1.1kg

A 9742 Paste-Tikka Masala Knorr 1x1.1kg

A 8668 Paste-Tikka(Punjabi) Knorr 1x1.1kg

53192 Sauce-Classic Cheese Knorr 1x1x5ltr

51537 Sauce-Demi Glace-Rich Knorr 1x1kg

A 9765 Sauce-Tomato & Basil Knorr 1x2.25lt

A 53250 Sauce Mix-Parsley Knorr 1x675gm

A 73013 Sauce Mix-White Roux-Granules Knorr 1x1kg

Ethnic Accompaniments

14799 Southeast Asian-Shrimp Crackers Street Food 1x500gm

A 90367 Chapatti’s-Indian Santa Maria 1x8

A 9930 Poppadums-Mini Indian Knorr 1x1kg

A 28795 Poppadums-Large Indian Rickmers 1x1kg

A 4396 Poppadums-Plain Indian Knorr 1x400gm

A 80939 Cheddar Cheese Sauce-Tex Mex Santa Maria 1x3kg

A 58961 Chipotle Paste-Mexican Santa Maria 1x750gm

C A 9389 Chunky Salsa-Mexican Fairway 1x2.30kg

A 20496 Fajita Seasoning-Mexican Santa Maria 1x650gm

A 59108 Refried Beans-Mexican Santa Maria 6x415gm

A 3958 Salsa-Mexican Santa Maria 1x2.30kg

A 14508 Sliced Jalapenos Green-Mexican Total Foodsavers 1x2.98kg

A 21018 Sliced Jalapenos Red-Mexican Total Foodsavers 1x2.72kg

A 68150 Tortilla Chips-Salted Santa Maria 1x500gm

Dried Herbs

A 16741 Basil World Spice 1x130gm

4785 Bayleaves World Spice 1x100gm

3824 Bouquet Garni-Sachets World Spice 1x30gm

72416 Chive Rolls Fairway 1x50gm

A 33757 Fennel Seed Whole Fairway 1x400gm

A 4373 Ground Pimento Allspice World Spice 1x400gm

A 4962 Herb De Provence World Spice 1x350gm

A 3320 Italian Seasoning World Spice 1x400gm

7900 Mint-Rubbed World Spice 1x250gm

A 8708 Mixed Herbs World Spice 1x300gm

A 4929 Oregano World Spice 1x200gm

4711 Parsley World Spice 1x200gm

A 22623 Rosemary-cut Fairway 1x300gm

A 54956 Sage-Rubbed World Spice 1x130gm

A 42266 Tarragon Rubbed Fairway 1x130gm

A 60143 Thyme Rubbed Fairway 1x275gm


A 33371 Caraway-Whole World Spice 1x450gm

A 42431 Cardamom-Whole World Spice 1x320gm

A 68502 Cayenne-Pepper Fairway 1x500gm

A 55202 Celery Salt World Spice 1x750gm

A 78622 Chilli-Powder Fairway 1x500gm

A 84474 Chillies-Crushed Fairway 1x400gm

A 55084 Chinese Five Spice Fairway 1x500gm

A 38170 Cinnamon-Ground World Spice 1x370gm

A 42395 Cinnamon Sticks World Spice 1x350gm

A 60731 Cloves-Whole Fairway 1x400gm

76661 Cloves-Ground 1x370gm

A 2739 Coriander Seed-Whole World Spice 1x550gm

A 98794 Coriander-Ground Fairway 1x450gm

A 79032 Cumin-Ground Fairway 1x450gm

A 52867 Cumin Seed-Whole World Spice 1x370gm

17154 Curry Powder-Korma World Spice 1x400gm


A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

Herbs & Spices

Sizes vary

Our extensive range of quality herbs, spices and seasonings, packed

in premium plastic re-useable jars.

Using strong flavours and a rich aroma makes for better tasting

food. The flavours are also more concentrated so less is required

in the recipe.

All products are under our own label

Fairway own label is benchmarked against

brand leaders to ensure the finest quality

A multitude of applications for ‘link selling’

Local Service, National Strength


o n e

For nutritional breakdown,

allergen information and

technical specifications



Herbs & Spices

52310 Four Mix Peppercorns

8821 Garlic Puree

Spices Continued

A 84838 Curry Powder-Madras Hot World Spice 1x400gm

A 37863 Curry Powder-Madras Mild Schwartz 1x400gm

A 82387 Garam Masala Fairway 1x450gm

A 27564 Garlic Salt World Spice 1x900gm

A 27063 Ginger-Ground Fairway 1x500gm

A 8205 Ginger-Minced Rajah 1x210gm

A 66948 Ginger-Sliced Pickled Wing Yip 1x450gm

70292 Harissa-Dry Spice World Spice 1x370gm

A 82154 Juniper Berries Fairway 1x400gm

66063 Mace-Ground Fairway 1x550gm

A 14906 Mace-Whole Fairway 1x250gm

A 78894 Mixed Spice-Ground World Spice 1x370gm

A 8187 Mustard Seed-Whole Black World Spice 1x600gm

A 31710 Mustard Seed Whole Yellow


A 24180 Nutmeg-Ground Fairway 1x500gm

41385 Nutmeg-Whole World Spice 1x490gm

A 9049 Onion Salt World Spice 1x750gm

A 21662 Paprika-Ground World Spice 1x500gm

A 83582 Paprika-Spanish Hot Smoked Fairway 1x600gm

85426 Piri Piri Fairway 1x550gm

A 76416 Saffron-Strands Centaur 1x1gm

11282 Seasoning-Aromat Knorr 1x900gm

8737 Seasoning-Barbecue-(Dry) Barbeque King 1x2kg

A 4710 Seasoning-Cajun Black Schwartz 1x550gm

A 73194 Seasoning-Cajun Blackened Fairway 1x370gm

A 58657 Seasoning-Jerk World Spice 1x450gm

Dried Peppercorns

24152 Black Pepper-Cracked Fine Fairway 1x450gm

A 92577 Black Pepper-Ground Fairway 1x600gm

A 34473 White Pepper-Ground Fairway 1x600gm

A 13330 Peppercorns-Whole Black Fairway 1x600gm

A 52310 Peppercorns-Four Mix Fairway 1x475gm

69870 Peppercorns-Green-Whole World Spice 1x260gm

A 11402 Peppercorns-Green-in Brine Opies 1x1.5kg

A 3035 Peppercorns-Pink-Whole Fairway 1x270gm

A 61536 Peppercorns-White-Whole Fairway 1x650gm

Salt & Garlic

A 90038 Garlic Granules Fairway 1x650gm

A 61916 Garlic Powder Fairway 1x550gm

A 8821 Garlic Puree Fairway 1x1kg

A 14300 Garlic-Purple Chopped Delicioso 1x1kg

44013 Salt-Cooking Total Foodsavers 1x25kg

7572 Salt-Cooking Salt Company 1x12.5kg

A 11804 Salt-Table-(Tub) Salt Company 1x6kg

A 1479 Sea Salt Maldon 1x250gm

A 71632 Sea Salt-Coarse Salt Company 1x1kg

12375 Sea Salt-Cornish Cornish Sea Salt 1x500gm

A 98502 Sea Salt-Cornish Cornish Sea Salt 1x1.5kg

32660 Sea Salt-Cornish Smoked Cornish Sea Salt 1x75gm

18486 Sea Salt-Fine Salt Company 1x1kg

91752 Sea Salt-Fine Salt Company 1x25kg

A 41855 Star Anise-Whole World Spice 1x500gm

95737 Tikka Spice Mix World Spice 1x400gm

A 92878 Turmeric-Ground World Spice 1x550gm


A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

The Total Foodservice Ambient Product Directory is your

opportunity to reach a qualified and established buying audience

to promote your products throughout 2012.

…Cornichons, Piquillos, Roasted Peppers, Balsamic Glaze, Wine Vinegars, Capers, Caperberries, Cocktail Onions, Olives, Pinenuts…

Produced every new year, the Ambient Directory is an A4 portrait colour brochure

which is used as the main promotional tool to all

Total Foodservice customers.

Since introducing the Directory seven years ago, sales have increased well above

inflation and are still increasing.

• 6000 COPIES printed.

• Distributed directly to all Total Foodservice customers, by us –

guaranteeing delivery.

• Distributed to enquiring and prospective customers

• Visible at industry events and exhibitions throughout the year.


Accepted formats:



CD, Zip or email.

Images must be supplied as JPEG, EPS or TIFF

files with a resolution of 300dpi minimum.

Advert Space

ambient-cover-print.indd 1 26/11/2010 11:10

Full Page £550

Half Page £295

Column Image £160

Full or Half pages must be supplied to sizes

specified beside as a high resolution print

Wessex Foodbrokers Ltd. ready Rowlands pdf. Please Castle, include Hampshire, a min. 3mm bleed UK, PO9 and 6BP

a min. 10mm margin on both sides to allow for

wiro-binding. Please note that we are unable

to edit supplied artwork in this format so

Artisan Ingredients

33987 Potato Airbag Sosa 1x750gm

please ensure it meets all specified criteria and

A 47478 Ali Oli

contains all of the information you require.

Delisioso 1x1.15kg

32732 Powdered Citric Acid Sosa 1x1kg

limited space


is available



Mojo-Verdi Delicioso

if you would like to take advantage of this

great promotional A 67995opportunity Paella Riceand be included in the 2012 Directory, Delicioso



62875 Soy Lecithin Powder

53812 Vegetable Setting Powder





please contact Graham Sheard as soon as possible, specifying whether

Full Page

Half Page

you wish to A place 31768 an advert Pimenton or an de image la Vera-Picante inclusion and what size.

Delicioso 1x750gm

210 x 297mm 210 x 148.5mm

Garnishing & Glazes

60927 Peppers-Piquillo Bowes Hill 1x390gm Incluing 10mm margin (CC. or 01200 449703


plus 3mm bleed

11175 Sherry Vinegar- Pedro Ximenez Dios Baco 1x250ml A 75787 Glaze-Creme di Balsamic Casa Rinaldi 1x500ml


A 56733 Sherry - Pedro Ximenez Santiago 1x750ml

1573 Glaze-Balsamic ”Blaze” Prep 1x380ml

Chef’s Creative Ingredients

A 22676 Agar Agar Sosa 1x500gm

12446 Albumina-Egg White Sosa 1x500gm

30044 Anti Oxidant Gel Sosa 1x500gm

95115 Cold Prosorbet 100 Sosa 1x3kg

83576 Fructose Powder Sosa 1x1kg

33083 Fruit Pectin Sosa 1x500gm

23200 Gelburgeur Sosa 1x500gm


18645 Japanese Breadrumbs Panko BWC 1x2kg

41963 Japanese Panko Breadcrumbs BWC 1x10kg

A 38764 Natural Breadcrumbs World Spice 1x5kg

Stuffing Mixes

A 20585 Sage & Onion Stuffing Chef William 1x2kg

A 8433 Sage & Onion Stuffing Paxo 1x2.5kg

A 35226 Gelespessa (Xantana Gum) Sosa 1x500gm

63329 Gellan Gum Sosa 1x500gm

A 95250 Glycerine Sosa 1x1.5kg

47117 Isomalt ”F” Refined Sosa 1x1kg

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten







More than just

an extended oil!

For sensational


• More convenient than butter*

• Cooks like butter but better

• More cost effective,

Half the cost of butter

• Perfect for use in a busy kitchen

• Healthier than butter*

Advert Space

Introducing the NEW

Prep Multi Plus!

■ Lasts 1½ times longer than extended oils

■ Delivers the same great quality of finished food as Prep Multi

and other extended oils on the market


Same price as Prep Multi Extended Rapeseed Oil


Fully liquid


Environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging


Technical support offered with oil management kits and advice

For more information on PREP products please call +44 (0)1482 332100

* For further information, please contact AAK.

Hotline 01482 332100

hirl Original 2011 A4 aw.indd 1 27/07/2011 15:45



A 29063 Corn Oil KTC 1x3ltr

A 9709 Liquid Whirl-Butter Substitute Anglia 1x4ltr

A 3125 Rapeseed Oil-Pure KTC 1x15ltr

A 10643 Sunflower Oil Urzante 1x5ltr

A 92564 Vegetable Oil-Box Fairway 1x20ltr

A 65786 Vegetable Oil-Prep Ultra Long Life Prep 1x15ltr

A 45747 Vegetable Cooking Oil KTC 1x3ltr


A 69776 Oil-Rapeseed Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Metcalfs 1x5ltr

7476 Oil-Sesame Toasted Chalice 1x1ltr

A 1566 Oil-Walnut Centaur 1x50cl

A 26364 Olive Oil-Basil Infused Prep 1x500ml

A 9221 Olive Oil-Extra Virgin Total Foodsavers 1x5ltr

A 7704 Olive Oil-Extra Virgin Total Foodsavers 1x2ltr

A 14967 Olive Oil-Garlic Infused Prep 1x500ml

A 52755 Olive Oil-Lemon Infused Prep 1x500ml

A 26185 Olive Oil-Pomace Total Foodsavers 1x5ltr

A 5077 Olive Oil-Pure Total Foodsavers 1x2ltr

83263 Trennspray Grease Release Spray Boyens 1x600ml

Prep_Multi_Plus_Advert_Quarter_A4 76488 Chardonnay aw.indd Vinegar 1 Centaur Foods 1x75cl


A 18297 Balsamic Total Foodsavers 1x5ltr

A 8329 Balsamic Chalice 1x2ltr

A 48674 Balsamic Carandini 1x500ml

A 66814 Cider Vinegar Martin Pouret 1x75cl

A 3854 Distilled Vinegar Total Foodsavers 1x5ltr

A 7918 Malt Vinegar Fairway 1x5ltr

A 3086 Malt Vinegar Sarsons 1x300ml

A 2306 Rice Vinegar Amoy 1x500ml

4031 Red Wine Vinegar Total Foodsavers 1x5ltr

74964 Red Wine Vinegar 6% Delicias 1x2ltr

A 9245 White Wine Vinegar Total Foodsavers 1x5ltr

71234 White Wine Vinegar 6% Delicias 1x2ltr

51855 Vinegar-Tarragon Centaur 1x75cl

Wine & Spirits-Cooking

6508 Cooking Brandy Cuisine Wine 1x1ltr

53207 Fortified Wine-Sweet Cuisine Wine 1x3ltr

96904 Fortified Wine-Port style Cuisine Wine 1x3ltr

A 90653 Seasoned Cooking Wine-Red Cuisine Wine 1x3ltr

47702 White Dripping Nortech Foods 1x12.5kg

A 8744 Seasoned Cooking Wine-White Cuisine Wine 1x3ltr

11284 White Truffle Oil Maws 1x250ml

40 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

Your perfect cooking wine

Cuisinewine is a quality cooking wine, made using single grape DOC recognised wines,

which attracts no VAT or Duty as it has a 5% ABV, achieved by passing the wine

through our unique microfiltration process. The result is a full bodied cooking wine

which retains its original flavour and tannins.

Our cooking wines are available in 3L, 5L and 10L Bag-inBox.

3 11:25

Cuisinewine also supplies a range

of fortified wines, available in 3L BIB.

Cooking Spirits available in 1L PET bottle,

as well as a range of red, white wine

and aged balsamic vinegars, available

in 5L PET drums.

All now made with 22% real Fortified wines




Rum, Whisky

and Calvados

now available




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1050 Chicken Soup Heinz 1x400gm

A 1816 Cream of Tomato Soup Heinz 1x400gm

A 9255 Mushroom Soup Heinz 1x400gm

A 9383 Vegetable Soup Heinz 1x400gm


86269 Classic Asparagus Soup Knorr 1x25ptn

A 25641 Classic Brocolli & Stilton Soup Knorr 1x25ptn

A 64992 Classic Cauliflower & Brocolli Soup Knorr 1x25ptn

87970 Classic Cream of Chicken Soup Knorr 1x25ptn

A 39806 Classic Cream of Mushroom Soup Knorr 1x25ptn

A 21467 Classic Cream of Vegetable Soup Knorr 1x25ptn

A 93889 Asparagus Soup 1-2-3 Knorr 1x40ptn

15857 Lentil Soup 1-2-3 Knorr 1x40ptn

A 46956 Thick Vegetable Soup 1-2-3 Knorr 1x40ptn

14816 Chicken Knorr 1x200ptn

A 32184 Leek & Potato Knorr 1x200ptn

A 87616 Minestrone Knorr 1x200ptn

A 27634 Mushroom Knorr 1x200ptn

A 5969 Tomato Knorr 1x200ptn

A 4240 Thick Vegetable Knorr 1x200ptn

A 56527 Vegetable Broth Knorr 1x200ptn


A 12274 Asparagus Maggi 1x2kg

34074 Chicken Maggi 1x2kg

A 70228 Leek & Potato Maggi 1x2kg

93554 Minestrone Maggi 1x2kg

A 33425 Mushroom Maggi 1x2kg

30931 Oxtail Maggi 1x2kg

A 34312 Tomato Maggi 1x2kg

A 92740 Tomato Soup 1-2-3 knorr 1x40ptn

42 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.


6278 Fruit Cocktail in Juice

9479 & 61197 Fairway Tomatoes

4286 Pizza Sauce

Canned & Bottled Fruits

A 57576 Apricots-in Juice Total Foodsavers 1x2.65kg

A 89434 Apricot Halves-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x820gm

A 5290 Dark Cherries-Pitted in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x850gm

A 8812 Fruit Cocktail-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x2.6kg

A 75790 Fruit Cocktail-in Juice Total Foodsavers 1x2.6kg

A 6278 Fruit Cocktail-in Juice Total Foodsavers 1x820gm

A 3312 Gooseberries-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x2.61kg

2106 Grapefruit Segments-In Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x540gm

A 2701 Grapefruit Segments-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x3kg

A 6232 Grapefruit Segments-in Juice Total Foodsavers 1x3kg

A 41016 Greek Figs-Syrup


A 77199 Juice Pots-Peach & Pear Pieces Total Foodsavers 48x113gm

A 68087 Juice Pots-Mandarin Oranges Total Foodsavers 18x113gm

A 3222 Mandarin Segments-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x2.5kg

A 9032 Orange Whole Segments-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x3.06kg

A 2025 Peach Halves-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x822gm

A 1407 Peach Halves-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x2.6kg

A 6240 Peach Slices-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x820gm

A 48918 Peach Slices-in Juice Total Foodsavers 1x2.6kg

A 2337 Peach Slices-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x2.6kg

A 12293 Pear Halves-in Juice Total Foodsavers 1x2.5kg

A 4844 Pear Halves-in Juice Total Foodsavers 1x820gm

A 1304 Pear Halves-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x2.65kg

A 8985 Pear Halves-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x820gm

A 1091 Pineapple Pieces-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x3.03kg

A 58671 Pineapple rings-in syrup Total Foodsavers 1x425gm

A 2629 Pineapple Slices-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x2.98kg

A 39895 Plum Halves-in Juice Total Foodsavers 1x2.65kg

A 34517 Prunes-in Juice Total Foodsavers 1x2.7kg

A 12284 Prunes-In Juice Natures Finest 1x700gm

A 7541 Solid Pack-Apples Total Foodsavers 1x2.6kg

A 4280 Solid Pack-Rhubarb Total Foodsavers 1x2.86kg

Speciality Ambient Vegetables

A 7879 Artichoke-Hearts Total Foodsavers 1x390gm

A 1227 Bamboo Shoots Lucky Brand 1x540gm

A 2367 Pimentoes-Sweet Red Total Foodsavers 1x390gm

41492 Sundried Tomatoes 1x1kg

A 53775 Vine Leaves Stuffed with Rice Cooks & Co 1x380gm

3262 Water Chestnuts Rolin 1x567gm

Canned Vegetables

A 2571 Beans-Black Eyed Total Foodsavers 1x800gm

A 3638 Beans-Borlotti Total Foodsavers 1x800gm

A 2998 Beans-Butter Total Foodsavers 1x800gm

A 1668 Beans-Cannellini Total Foodsavers 1x800gm

A 9514 Beans-Five Salad Total Foodsavers 1x800gm

3422 Beans-Green Flageolet Total Foodsavers 1x800gm

A 3823 Beans-Red Kidney Fairway 1x800gm

A 74780 Beans-Red Kidney Fairway 1x2.55kg

A 2197 Chestnut-Puree Unsweetened Sabaton 1x870gm

A 1371 Chick Peas Total Foodsavers 1x800gm

1629 Passata-Tetra Pack Total Foodsavers 12x500ml

A 31299 Peas-Marrowfat Caterers Pride 1x2.55kg

A 9488 Peas-Mushy Batchelors 1x3kg

A 29755 Peas-Mushy Fairway 1x2.65kg

1364 Peas-Mushy Batchelors 1x300gm

A 4286 Pizza Sauce-Tomato Deufagiani 1x5kg

A 7582 Sliced Mushrooms Total Foodsavers 1x2.55gm

A 15736 Spicy Pizza Sauce


A 81676 Sweetcorn-Kernels Total Foodsavers 1x2.12kg

A 8095 Sweetcorn-Kernels Total Foodsavers 1x320gm

7657 Tomatoes-Chopped Fairway 1x2.55kg

98954 Tomatoes-Chopped Total Foodsavers 1x800gm

A 50255 Tomatoes-Plum Total Foodsavers 1x800gm

9479 Tomatoes-Plum Fairway 1x2.5kg

A 61197 Tomato Paste Fairway 1x800gm

A 64031 Tomato Puree-Tube Mutti 1x130gm

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten


Stock up on Heinz

products now!

Almost 80% of people

would enter an outlet

stocking Heinz over

one that doesn’t.*

*Source: 2014, Brand Advantage


53475 & 19069 Fairway Baked Beans

97897 Smoked Frankfurter

95429 Orecchiette Pasta

Canned Baked Beans

A 19069 Baked Beans Fairway 1x2.62kg

34519 Baked Beans Fairway 6x2.62kg

A 53475 Baked Beans-Low Sugar & Salt Fairway 6x2.62kg

1957 Baked Beans Total Foodsavers 1x840gm

A 66085 Baked Beans-Reduced Salt & Sugar Heinz 1x2.62kg

A 2712 Baked Beans Heinz 1x2.62kg

A 1968 Baked Beans Heinz 1x415gm

A 11228 Baked Beans-Fridge Pack Heinz 1x1kg

A 90728 Baked Beans-Snap Pots Heinz 4x200gm

Canned Fish

8622 Anchovy Fillets in Veg Oil Total Foodsavers 1x365gm

32700 Pink Salmon Total Foodsavers 1x213gm

9989 Tuna Chunks in Brine Total Foodsavers 1x1.88kg

2529 Tuna Chunks in Brine Total Foodsavers 1x800gm

9720 Tuna Chunks in Brine Total Foodsavers 1x400gm

28821 Tuna Chunks in Brine Total Foodsavers 1x185gm

82828 Tuna Chunks In Oil Total Foodsavers 1x1.7kg

63464 Tuna Chunk Pouch 4x3100gm

Canned Meats

7579 Corned Beef Total Foodsavers 1x2.72kg

7448 Corned Beef Total Foodsavers 1x340gm

97897 Frankfurters-Beechwood Smoked Bockwurst Uncle Johns 12x7x90g

83600 Hot Dogs-Jumbo-(25) Wikinger 1x2.25kg

83106 Hot Dogs-King Size-(50) Wikinger 1x1.9kg

55666 Hot Dogs-Standard-(50) Wikinger 1x1.3kg

26523 Ox Tongue-Large Tin Total Foodsavers 1x3lb

36378 Pork Luncheon Meat Princes 1.81kg

Canned Pasta

Premium-De Cecco Pasta

A 81551 Fettuccine White-No 233 De Cecco 1x500gm

A 24840 Fusilli-No 34 De Cecco 1x500gm

A 7186 Lasagne Egg Pasta-No 112 De Cecco 1x500gm

A 14861 Linguine-No 7 De Cecco 1x500gm

A 95429 Orecchiette Pasta-No 91 De Cecco 1x500gm

A 22063 Pappardelle Pasta-No 201 De Cecco 1x500gm

A 45154 Penne Rigate-No 41 De Cecco 1x500gm

A 31937 Rigatoni-No 24-Pasta De Cecco 1x500gm

A 60396 Riso Pasta De Cecco 1x500gm

A 22609 Spaghetti-No 12 De Cecco 1x500gm

A 90825 Tagliatelle Pasta White-No 203 De Cecco 1x500gm

Dried Pasta

A 1506 Fusilli-Spirals Knorr 1x3kg

A 2718 Fusilli-Tricolore Knorr 1x3kg

A 33995 Fusilli-Whole Wheat Napolina 1x500gm

A 9512 Lasagne-NPC Knorr 1x3kg

A 1688 Lasagne Verdi-NPC Knorr 1x3kg

A 5389 Lasagne Chef William 1x3kg

A 1365 Macaroni Knorr 1x3kg

A 33706 Macaroni Chef William 1x3kg

A 91965 Pasta Shells-Medium Chef William 1x3kg

A 69579 Pasta-Small Twists Chef William 1x3kg

A 73572 Pasta Penne Quills Chef William 1x3kg

A 2456 Penne-Rigate Pasta Knorr 1x3kg

A 2738 Spaghetti Knorr 1x3kg

A 83414 Spaghetti 10” Chef William 1x3kg

A 9066 Tagliatelle Knorr 1x3kg

A 76018 Pork Ravioli Crosse & Blackwell 1x2.6kg

A 1062 Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce Heinz 1x400gm

A 9094 Spaghetti Hoops Heinz 1x400gm

A 26332 Spaghetti Hoops Total Foodsavers 1x2.62kg

A 37926 Vegetable Ravioli Caterers Choice 1x2.5kg

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten



Did you

know that

all TILDA rice

is naturally



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Chicken Biryani made

using Tilda Basmati




I can always trust Tilda to

deliver perfect results every

time we cook it.”

Steve Munkley, Executive Head Chef,

The Royal Garden Hotel, London


Dried Rice & Noodles

TIL8206 - TFS Provisions Brochure 2015 Half Page Advert.indd 1 09/10/2014 09:11

A 31196 Peas-Chick Chef William 1x3kg

A 31047 Rice-Basmati Fairway 1x5kg

68560 Rice-Long Grain-(Easy Cook) Fairway 1x5kg

21361 Rice-Long Grain Brown-(Easy Cook) Fairway 1x5kg

C A 33698 Rice-Long Grain-Tub Bali 1x15kg

C A 9481 Rice-Long Grain U.Ben 1x5kg

A 83416 Rice-Basmati Rickmers 1x5kg

A 30861 Rice-Basmati-[Easy Cook] Tilda 1x5kg

A 5731 Rice-Basmati Original Tilda 1x5kg

A 70197 Rice-Short Grain Pudding Total Foodsavers 1x3kg

A 8833 Rice-Basmati & Wild Rickmers 1x3kg

C A 8023 Rice-Arborio Risotto Cremona 1x1kg

A 31538 Rice-Ground Curtis 1x3kg

A 82575 Rice-Wholegrain Basmati Tilda 1x500gm

A 2747 Noodles-Medium Egg Blue Dragon 1x250gm

7236 Vermicelli-Rice Noodles Yeo 1x375gm

Peas, Beans & Pulses

A 11459 Beans-Haricot Chef William 1x3kg

A 9300 Broth-Soup Mixture Chef William 1x1kg

A 7475 Lentils-Puys-(French Green) Centaur 1x1kg

A 98367 Lentils-Red SPL 1x3kg

A 68771 Pearl Barley Buchanan’s 1x3kg

A 61344 Peas-Dried Black(Maple-Carlin) Country Products 1x5kg

A 97530 Peas-Green Split Buchanan’s 1x3kg

A 9874 Peas-Marrowfat Buchanan’s 1x12.5kg

A 99570 Peas-Marrowfat Buchanan’s 1x3kg

A 64224 Sago Total Foodsavers 1x3kg

A 39642 Semolina Chef William 1x3kg

Dried Vegetables

A 21374 Kibbled Onion Fairway 1x250gm

A 67576 Mushrooms-Mixed Dried Forest Cooks & Co 1x500gm

A 71219 Potato Powder-Instant Smash 1x2kg

Dried Fruits

A 60302 Apricots-Chopped Curtis 1x1kg

A 90073 Apricots-Whole Curtis 1x3kg

A 3395 Banana-Chips Curtis 1x1kg

A 6560 Cranberries Curtis 1x1kg

A 51551 Currants Curtis 1x3kg

A 2540 Dates-Rolled Chopped Buchanan’s 1x3kg

A 2612 Dates-Whole Pitted Buchanan’s 1x3kg

A 29594 Fruit & Nut Mix-Bulk Country Products 1x5kg

A 1346 Glaced Cherries Curtis 1x1kg

46 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

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Dried Fruits Continued

A 71861 Milk Choc Raisins Country Products 1x3kg

A 27683 Mixed Fruit with Peel Buchanan’s 1x3kg

A 4747 Mixed Peel-Cut Curtis 1x1kg

A 15164 Prunes-Pitted Buchanan’s 1x3kg

A 57275 Raisins-Golden Total Foodsavers 1x1kg

A 8134 Raisins-Seedless Buchanan’s 1x3kg

A 4467 Sultanas Buchanan’s 1x3kg

A 68855 Sultanas & Raisins Curtis 60x25gm

A 35640 Yoghurt Coated Cranberries Country Products 1x3kg

A 27953 Duo of Raisins


Whole & Chopped Nuts

A 30611 Almonds-Flaked Curtis 1x1kg

A 54365 Almonds-Ground Curtis 1x1kg

A 37891 Almonds-Whole Blanched Curtis 1x1kg

61690 Brazil Nuts Buchanan’s 1x1kg

A 23366 Cashew-Unsalted Curtis 1x1kg

A 12315 Chestnuts-Cooked French(Vac Pac) Ponthier 1x500gm

A 7547 Hazelnuts-Whole Curtis 1x1kg

A 77098 Mixed Nuts-Chopped Curtis 1x1kg

A 75883 Pecan-Halves Curtis 1x1kg

A 79491 Pine Nuts Bowes Hill 1x1kg

A 97729 Pistachios Skinless-Green Buchanan’s 1x1kg

A 9624 Walnuts-Pieces Curtis 1x1kg

A 5545 Walnuts-Halves Curtis 1x1kg

Breakfast Cereal

A 89522 All Bran-Bag Pack Kelloggs 4x700gm

A 4053 Bran Flakes Kelloggs 1x750gm

A 21213 Bran Flakes-Bag Pack Kelloggs 4x500gm

A 13720 Corn Flakes Kelloggs 1x500gm

A 47320 Corn Flakes-Bag Pack Kelloggs 4x500gm

A 58906 Corn Flakes-Bulk Kelloggs 1x10kg

A 33981 Crunchy Nut Cornflakes-Bag Pack Kelloggs 4x500gm

A 7951 Frosties Kelloggs 1x750gm

A 89277 Fruit’n’Fibre-Bag Pack Kelloggs 4x700gm

A 50749 Rice Krispies Kelloggs 1x510gm

A 72540 Rice Krispies-Bag Pack Kelloggs 4x400gm

A 34050 Special K-Bag Pack Kelloggs 4x450gm

A 23662 Alpen Weetabix 1x2.6kg

A 24371 Ready Brek Weetabix 6x450gm

A 19764 Porridge Oats-Sack Mornflake 1x12.5kg

A 91385 Porridge Oats Mornflake 1x3kg

59046 Porridge Oats - Gluten Free Mornflake 1x500gm

A 55006 Oatbran Crisp Nuts & Honey Mornflake 6x450gm

A 30282 Oatbran Muesli Cranberry & Nut Mornflake 6x500gm

A 31065 Oat Granola with Honey & Raisins Mornflake 1x500gm

A 97394 Muesli-Fruit, Nut & Seed Mornflake 1x500gm

A 38301 Chocolate Crunch Granola Country Products 1x1kg

A 29822 Family Mix Muesli Country Products 1x1kg

48 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.


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The healthier sector in cereal bars is driving new shoppers to the category and is in double digit growth. *

Which gave us the seed of an idea. Namely that our delicious high fibre, seed-based snacks,

packed with natural ingredients and a good source of protein, can energise your sales as well as your customers!

Email or visit

* According to the most recent sales data, KWP: 52 w/e 24th May 2015. Total Cereal Bars.

A 51318 Honey Toasted Muesli with Raisins & Hazelnuts

Side Oven

4262 9bar total food trade HP_AW.indd 1


20/10/2015 16:16

Breakfast Cereal-Individual

47821 Assorted Cereal Pack Kelloggs 35x Ind

A 55026 All-Bran Kelloggs 40x45gm

A 37143 Bran Flakes Kelloggs 40x40gm

A 61173 Coco Pops Kelloggs 40x35gm

A 54102 Corn Flakes Kelloggs 40x24gm

A 80850 Crunchy Nut C’Flakes(ind) Kelloggs 40x35gm

A 67601 Frosties Kelloggs 40x35gm

A 26184 Optima Fruit’n Fibre Kelloggs 40x45gm

A 80344 Rice Krispies Kelloggs 40x22gm

A 83040 Special K Kelloggs 40x30gm

3111 Luxury Muesli Kelloggs 32x50gm

A 2766 Alpen-(With Sugar) Weetabix 50x50gm

A 3509 Alpen-(No Added Sugar) Weetabix 50x41gm

A 58043 Weetabix A Weetabix 6x4x12

A 3374 Weetabix Catering B Weetabix 48x2

A 1839 Weetabix Catering C Weetabix 1x96

A 24475 Oats2Go Instant Porridge Pots-Original Mornflake 8x53gm

Cereal Bars

71080 Organic Yorkshire Granola with Nuts Side Oven 1x1kg

C A 28620 9 Bar-Cashew Cocoa Kick Wholebake 1x24

A 2057 Porridge Oats Scotts 1x3kg

C A 99524 9 Bar-Coconut Cocoa Kick Wholebake 1x24

43910 Sugar Puffs Quaker 1x625gm

C A 420717 9 Bar-Hazelnut Cocoa Kick Wholebake 1x24

54205 Shredded Wheat Original Nestle 1x20x2

C A 74978 9 Bar-Raspberry Cocoa Kick Wholebake 1x24

58379 Shredded Wheat-Bitesize Nestle 1x500gm

C A 74978 9 Bar-Flax Energy Bar Wholebake 1x16

C A 31445 9 Bar-Nutty Energy Bar Wholebake 1x16

C A 29004 9 Bar-Original Energy Bar Wholebake 1x16

C A 97571 9 Bar-Pumpkin Energy Bar Wholebake 1x16

67222 Cereal Bar-Frosties Kelloggs 1x25

35452 Cereal Bar-Rice Krispie Kelloggs 1x25

69691 Cereal Bar-Special K Bars Kelloggs 1x30

52084 Nutri-Grain-Apple Kelloggs 1x28

42629 Nutri-Grain-Blueberry & Apple Kelloggs 1x28

67388 Nutri-Grain-Strawberry Kelloggs 1x28

A 1316 Alpen-Fruit,Nut & Chocolate Bar Weetabix 1x24

A 1843 Alpen-Strawberry with Yoghurt Bar Weetabix 1x24

A 51738 Nakd Bar Berry


A 88671 Nakd Bar Cashew Cookie


A 19277 Nakd Bar Cocoa Mint


A 46112 Nakd Bar Cocoa Orange


A 76930 Nakd Bar Ginger Bread


A 93272 Nakd Bar Pecan Pie


A 2884 Oats2Go Instant Porridge Pots-Golden Syrup Mornflake 8x62gm

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten






PACK B 48 x 2









50 x 50g



50 x 41g


6 x 450g



*Source: Nielsen Scantrack data to 06.06.15 - Total Impulse

Cream of the Crop

“All the flavour, taste and

texture of fresh cream with

greater functionality

and convenience…”

Kerrymaid is the professional range of dairy

ingredients developed by chefs, for chefs.

Kerrymaid Whipping

Whips up to three

times its volume

Desserts prepared in advance

won’t lose taste or quality.

Kerrymaid Single

Ideal for pouring and cooking

Reduces like dairy cream

Kerrymaid Double

Cooks, whips, pours

Excellent Flavour Carrier



Never Freeze/thaw Never Freeze/thaw Freeze/thaw Contains no Contains Contains no no

splits stablesplitsstable

stable hydrogenated hydrogenated oils hydrogenated oils oils

All cream alternatives have a nine-month ambient shelf life and once opened should be treated like fresh.

For more information contact Customer Services

T: 0800 783 4321 E:

W: @KerrymaidDairy



Make It Yours.

Our business is about more than just responsible coffee farming.

Our business is about reducing the environmental impact

of our products.

At NESCAFÉ ® , we do things differently. We’re developing better

farming practices, using our local coffee factories and creating

objectives for every part of our business - from plantlet, to

production, to distribution, to the cup in a customer’s hand.

We’re making our coffee more responsible and embracing

our social responsibility.

Join us, order today

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Decaff 1 x 500g


1 x 750g


1 x 500g


1 x 750g

We are proud to be part of it, are you?

For more information visit

It all starts with a


® Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. Subject to availability.

Dried Cereal & Seeds

A 28818 Couscous Osprio 1x1kg

A 55470 Organic White Quinoa


A 26876 Polenta Centaur 1x1kg

A 16361 Seeds-Blue Poppy World Spice 1x470gm

A 71723 Seeds-Pumpkin World Spice 1x430gm

A 21139 Seeds-Sunflower Fairway 1x600gm

A 22353 Seeds-Whole Sesame World Spice 1x470gm

Milk & Cream UHT

A 9699 Cream Pots-Cafe Maid Millac 1x120

C A 5178 Cream-Meadowland VDBergh 1x1ltr

20090 Cream-Double Long Life Kerrymaid 1x1ltr

7467 Cream-Single Long Life-UHT Kerrymaid 1x1ltr

A 7818 Cream-Whipping Long Life-UHT Kerrymaid 1x1ltr

C A 1394 Glen Delight-Cream Alternative Macphie 1x1ltr

A 31033 Milk-Longlife Semi-Skimmed Moo 12x1ltr

A 8597 Milk Pots-UHT Whole Lakeland 1x120

A 93566 Milk Pots-UHT Semi Skimmed Lakeland 1x120

A 84464 Milk Sticks-Semi Skimmed Nutshell 1x250

25889 Milk-Skimmed Moo 12x1ltr

A 95984 Milk-Longlife Soya Total Foodsavers 1x1ltr

Powdered Milk

4226 Milk Powder Suprema 1x2kg

5374 Milk Powder Millac 1x2kg

92463 Milk Powder-Value Millac 1x12.5kg

A 33481 Milk Powder-Skimmed Milfresh 1x12.5kg

7905 Milk Powder-Marvel Cadbury 1x340gm

55831 Cappuccino Milk Powder-Vending Caffe Dolce 10x500gm

Coffee Beans & Ground Coffee

16523 Coffee-Classico Beans Caffe Dolce 6x1kg

53841 Coffee-Napoli Beans Caffe Dolce 6x1kg

27487 Coffee-Roma Beans Caffe Dolce 6x1kg

A 66908 Coffee-Decaffeinated Espresso Ground Caffe Dolce 4x250gm

A 37018 Coffee-Supremo Ground Cafetiere Caffe Dolce 24x250gm

74766 Coffee-Crema Filter Caffe Dolce 60x100gm

91475 Coffee-Supremo Filter Caffe Dolce 50x70gm

94445 Coffee-Supremo Filter Caffe Dolce 50x60gm

14884 Coffee-Crema Filter Caffe Dolce 50x60gm

83309 Coffee-Classico Filter Caffe Dolce 50x50gm

A 57844 Coffee-Supremo Cafetiere Caffe Dolce 150x15gm

98347 Coffee-Supremo Decaffeinated Caffe Dolce 150x15gm

84404 Cafe Express Ground-One Cup Fairtrade 1x50

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten


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Instant Coffee

19547 Freeze Dried-Coffee Caffe Dolce 10x250gm

8921 Instant Cappuccino Powder Kardomah 1x750gm

7986 Instant Granules Nescafe 1x750gm

1568 Instant Granules-Alta Rica Nescafe 1x500gm

A 37824 Instant Granules-Coffee Rich Nescafe 1x475gm

8982 Instant Granules-Decaffeinated Nescafe 1x500gm

A 3255 Gold Blend Nescafe 1x750gm

A 3607 Gold Blend-Decaffeinated Nescafe 1x500gm

46628 Sachet-Cappuccino Nescafe 50x14.2g

1614 Sticks-Gold Blend One Cup Nescafe 1x200

7659 Sticks-Gold Blend One Cup-DecaffeinatedNescafe 1x200

A 1943 Sticks-Instant One Cup Nescafe 1x200

A 2055 Sticks-Instant One Cup-Decaffeinated Nescafe 1x200

A 1101 Coffee Essence Camp 1x241ml


8361 Tea Bags-Imperial Blend One Cup Totally Delicious 1x1100

46433 Tea Bags-4 Pint Totally Delicious 1x110

78658 Tea Bags-1 Cup Fairway 1x1100

A 53335 Tea Bags Yorkshire Tea 1x160

A 2332 Tea Bags-Catering-Pyramid PG 1x1150

A 95757 Tea Bags-Catering Typhoo 1x1100

A 8792 Tea Bags-Decaffeinated Typhoo 1x80

35992 Tea Bags-Dacaff Yorkshire Tea 1x160

A 2277 Tea Bags-Catering Tetley 1x1100

75934 Tea Bags-Everyday Twinings 1x1100

76578 Loose Tea-Darjeeling Taylors 1x1kg

67290 Loose Tea-Earl Grey Taylors 1x1kg

76176 Loose Tea-English Breakfast Taylors 1x1kg

47401 Loose Tea-English Breakfast Decaff Taylors 1x1kg

59003 Loose Tea-Green Leaf Taylors 1x1kg

16514 Tagged Tea Bags-Decaff Brakfast Tea Taylors 1x100

A 79916 Tagged Tea Bags-Pure Green Tea Taylors 1x100

92320 Tagged Tea Bags-Earl Grey Taylors 1x100

A 87854 Tagged Tea Bags-English Breakfast Taylors 1x100

A 7203 Tagged Tea Bags-Earl Grey Twinings 1x100

A 7471 Tagged Tea Bags-English Breakfast Twinings 1x100

A 25337 Envelopes-Tea Bags PG 1x200

A 3302 Envelopes-Earl Grey Twinings 1x50

A 3303 Envelopes-English Breakfast Twinings 1x50

79087 Tagged Tea Bags Yorkshire Tea 1x100

A 66032 Tagged Tea Bags Yorkshire Tea 1x200

32347 Tagged Tea Bag-Yorkshire Gold Yorkshire Tea 1x200

54 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

“It’s all in the



Tea! ”

Studies show that serving a branded tea can

increase out-of-home tea sales by up to 76% *

That’s why you need to offer the strongest tea brand…Tetley Tea! With the highest brand awareness ** ,

and drunk in over 9m UK households *** , Tetley is the nation’s most trusted tea brand. ****

Tetley One Cup 2 x1100s

The perfect tea bag for outlets serving

more than 30 single cups, mugs or

teapots per day, stored in bulk

in a re-sealable pack.

Tetley Tagged Envelope 250s

Easy-to-store, easy-to-display

self-merchandising carton, ideal

for hotel, guest house and

self-service environments.

Tetley On The Go 300s

The complete takeaway format,

containing 300 double-wall insulated

cups, spill-free sip-lids and drip-free

drawstring tea bags.

Stock up today on the Tetley products your customers know and love!

To learn more about the Tetley offering and for advice on tea

service, visit

* Tetley U&A Study and Microtest from Research International ** IPSOS Brand Tracking, Oct 2014 *** Neilsen Data, 2014 **** Marketing Week, 2014


Taylors Teas

36854 Spiced Chai Latte

7929 Ovaltine

Flavoured Tea

79866 Tagged Tea Bags-Kew Lemongrass & Ginger Taylors 3x20

88718 Tagged Tea Bags-Kew Peppermint Leaf Taylors 3x20

62886 Tagged Tea Bags-Kew Spiced Apple Tagged Taylors 3x20

53333 Tagged Tea Bags-Kew Sweet Rhubarb Taylors 3x20

A 69581 Tagged Tea Bags-Organic Peppermint Taylors 1x100

A 7734 Tea Bags-Cranberry & Raspberry Twinings 1x20

A 9893 Tea Bags-Herbal Camomile Twinings 1x20

A 1908 Tea Bags-Peppermint Twinings 1x20

A 42879 Envelopes-Green Tea Twinings 1x20

A 8176 Envelopes-Lemon & Ginger Twinings 1x20

A 21792 Envelopes-Fruit Selection Twinings 1x25

A 66779 Envelopes-Strawberry & Mango Twinings 1x20

90201 Envelopes-Green Tea & Lemon Twinings 1x20

A 95999 Envelopes-English Breakfast Tea Bags Twinings 1x20

Brew Tea Concept

67950 Loose Tea-Earl Grey Brew 1x500gm

27008 Loose Tea - Green Brew 1x500gm

27721 Loose Tea-English Breakfast Brew 5x500gm

68712 Loose Tea-Fruit Punch Brew 1x500gm

58490 Loose Tea-Lemon & Ginger Brew 1x500gm

33573 Loose Tea-Masala Chai Brew 1x500gm

65472 Loose Tea-Moroccan Mint Brew 1x400gm

69857 Tea Bags-Earl Grey Brew 1x100

36326 Tea Bags-Easy Green Brew 1x100

18532 Tea Bags-English Breakfast Brew 1x100

Drink Me Chai Speciality Tea

36854 Chai Latte-Spiced Drink Me Chai 1x1kg

Drinking Chocolate & Cocoa

A 56428 Cioccolato Originale Caffe Dolce 1x2kg

30603 Classic Chocolate Drink-Vending Caffe Dolce 10x750gm

A 35468 Cocoa-Powder-Extra Brute Total Foodsavers 1x1kg

2269 Cocoa Cadbury 1x1.5kg

A 7893 Drinking Chocolate Cadbury 1x2kg

A 8527 Hot Chocolate Cadbury 1x2kg

A 98930 Hot Chocolate Sachets Galaxy 1x100

2211 Horlicks GSK 1x2kg

A 48933 Horlicks-Sticks GSK 30x32gm

A 7929 Ovaltine Twinings 1x800gm

Ethically Sourced Products

71857 Coffee-Beans Rain Forest Alliance 6x1kg

21387 Tea Bags-Imperial Blend-One Cup Totally Delicious 1x1100

A 89803 Envelopes - Tea Bags Fair Trade 1x250

A 67902 Coffee Sticks-Colombian Fair Trade 1x500

A 99259 Coffee Sticks-Decaffeinated Fair Trade 1x500

A 67671 Envelopes-Assam Fair Trade 1x20

16705 Sachets-Hot Chocolate Fair Trade 1x100

A 24474 Sugar Sticks-Brown Fair Trade 1x1000

A 59140 Sugar Sticks-White Fair Trade 1x1000

A 28463 Coffee Biscuits Fair Trade 1x300

11144 Tea Bags-Fruit Punch Brew 1x100

21292 Tea Bags-Lemon & Ginger Brew 1x100

50243 Tea Bags-Moroccan Mint Brew 1x100


A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.


We believe that tea

should be better – not

complicated or weird,

but better. That’s why our teas are

the ones that you know and love, but

we produce them using handpicked,

rolled, whole leaf tea. So whether it’s

your everyday English Breakfast with

milk, or your occasional favourite,

they taste better than ever before.

12 —




Hand packed, re-sealable

catering pouches of our

small-batch blended loose

leaf tea, featuring the blend

date and guidance on making

a Proper Cup of Tea.



Re-sealable catering pouches

of our whole leaf tea bags,

each with about 50% more

small-batch blended whole

leaf tea inside than any other

tea bag.

English Breakfast ..... 5 x 500g

English Breakfast ....... 5 x 100

Earl Grey .......................... 500g

Earl Grey ............................ 100

Moroccan Mint ............... 400g

Moroccan Mint ................. 100

Green Tea ......................... 500g

Green Tea ........................... 100

Fruit Punch ...................... 500g

Fruit Punch ........................ 100

CO2 Decaffeinated ......... 500g

CO2 Decaffeinated ..............50

Lemon & Ginger ............. 500g

Lemon & Ginger ............... 100

Chai Tea ............................ 500g

Chai Tea .............................. 100



Little retail boxes of 15

whole leaf tea bags for

folks to buy and take home.

Each containing one of our

collectable tea cards.



A simple set of accessories to

help serve and present your

Proper Cups of Tea.

English Breakfast ........12 x 15

Brew Tea Pot

Earl Grey .........................6 x 15

Glass Storage Jar

Moroccan Mint ..............6 x 15

Wooden Display Stand

Green Tea ........................6 x 15

Perfect Portion Scoop

Fruit Punch .....................6 x 15

Loose Leaf Sieve

Visit Twitter & Instagram @brewteaco

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate 1 x 5kg

Cadbury Hot Chocolate Instant 1 x 2kg

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate 1 x 2kg

Cadbury Hot Chocolate Instant 1 x 1kg

Cadbury Hot Chocolate Instant Sticks 50 x 28g

Cadbury Highlights Sachets

30 x 11g

*Nielsen, MAT October 2013. OV9473

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Syrups & Powder Mixes

Sugar & Sweeteners

TFS Ad.indd 1 04/11/2015 15:36:22

A 86484 Frappe-Vanilla Bean Zuma 1x2kg

A 44800 Sauce-Chocolate Sweetbird 1x1.9ltr

A 65963 Syrup-Caramel Sweetbird 1x1ltr

A 16780 Syrup-Chocolate Sweetbird 1x1ltr

A 68453 Syrup-Cinnamon Sweetbird 1x1ltr

A 40477 Syrup-Chilli Sweetbird 1x1ltr

A 73239 Syrup-Gingerbread Sweetbird 1x1ltr

51345 Syrup-Hazelnut Sweetbird 1x1ltr

A 50376 Syrup-Mint Sweetbird 1x1ltr

A 5126 Syrup-Vanilla Sweetbird 1x1ltr

A 53283 Syrup-White Chocolate Sweetbird 1x1ltr

Sugar & Sweetener Portions

56121 Sticks-Brown Caffe Dolce 1x1000

51495 Sticks-White Caffe Dolce 1x1000

A 9660 Sticks-Brown Fairway 1x1000

A 9662 Sticks-White Fairway 1x1000

41959 Sticks-Low Calorie Sugar Canderel 1x1000

87915 Sachets-Low Calorie Sugar Canderel 1x1000

A 9053 Sachets-Demerara Fairway 1x1000

A 9051 Sachets-White Fairway 1x1000

A 8565 Caster Sugar Tate&Lyle 1x25kg

A 7674 Caster Sugar Total Foodsavers 1x2kg

A 8467 Granulated Sugar Silver Spoon 1x25kg

A 3390 Granulated Sugar Total Foodsavers 1x1kg

A 2982 Granulated Golden Sugar Billingtons 1x1kg

A 9024 Demerara Sugar Total Foodsavers 1x3kg

A 1852 Icing Sugar Total Foodsavers 1x3kg

A 3782 Jam Sugar Total Foodsavers 1x1kg

A 51580 Muscovado Dark Billingtons 1x3kg

A 1058 Soft Sugar-Dark Brown Total Foodsavers 1x3kg

A 2434 Soft Sugar-Light Brown Total Foodsavers 1x3kg

A 39278 Bulk Pack-Low Calorie Sugar Canderel 1x1kg

Syrup & Treacle

A 7956 Black Treacle Total Foodsavers 1x7.26kg

A 4170 Black Treacle Silver Spoon 1x680gm

A 2627 Golden Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x7.26kg

A 2969 Golden Syrup-Squeezy Bottle Silver Spoon 1x680gm

A 96705 Maple Syrup-Real Clarks 1x180ml

A 13622 Maple Syrup-Real Clarks 1x1ltr

A 9344 Cubes-Rough Cut Brown A La Perruche 1x1kg

A 9348 Cubes-Rough Cut White A La Perruche 1x1kg

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten


One spread endless possibilities...




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Nutella® Jars 1x750gm

Nutella® Portions 120x15gm

Nutella® Jars 1x400gm

Nutella® Plastic Bucket 3KG x 2


For more information contact Total Foodservice or visit:

*Nieslen, Total Coverage, Value & Unit Sales, MAT

to 02.11.13. AC Nielsen- 52WE 23.02.14 vs YAGO


Preserves-Tubs & Jars

nutella provision ad.indd 2 8421 Spread-Hazlenut Nutella 1x750gm10/11/2014 12:25

A 23117 Jam-Mixed Fruit Margetts 1x3kg

A 95135 Spread-Hazelnut Nutella 1x3kg

A 5473 Jam-Apricot Hartleys 1x3.18kg A 41127 Peanut Butter-Crunchy Sun Pat 1x340gm

A 3455 Jam-Raspberry Hartleys 1x3.18kg

88735 Peanut Butter-Smooth Sun Pat 1x340gm

A 1938 Jam-Raspberry Hartleys 1x340gm

54100 Spreads Assorted Shippams 12x75gm

66907 Jam-Raspberry-Diabetic Stute 1x430gm A 45268 Blackcurrant Conserve Tiptree 1x3kg

A 3177 Jam-Strawberry Hartleys 1x3.18kg

A 8456 Jam-Strawberry Robertsons 1x1.36kg

A 3788 Jam-Strawberry Hartleys 1x340gm

A 20636 Jam-Strawberry-Diabetic Stute 1x430gm

A 9219 Honey Honeycomb 1x3kg

A 6269 Honey-Clear Honeycomb 1x454gm

A 61052 Lemon Curd Gales 1x3.18kg

A 32093 Lemon Curd Gales 1x410gm

A 1170 Marmalade-Breakfast Hartleys 1x3.18kg

A 6226 Marmalade-Fine Cut Duerrs 1x3kg

A 22112 Marmalade-Diabetic Stute 1x430gm


A 80294 Jam-Assorted Hartleys 100x20gm

A 1206 Jam-Assorted Duerrs 96x20gm

A 1888 Jam-Blackcurrant Duerrs 96x20gm

A 1212 Jam-Raspberry Duerrs 96x20gm

A 1205 Jam-Strawberry Duerrs 96x20gm

A 1209 Marmalade Duerrs 96x20gm

A 1207 Honey Duerrs 96x20gm

A 24347 Spread-Hazelnut Nutella 120x15gm

A 29176 Marmalade Portions Robertsons 100x20gm

A 61533 Mincemeat Robertsons 1x2.72kg

62 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

The Wilkin family have been farming at Tiptree, Essex, since 1757 and making quality preserves since

1885. Here at Wilkin & Sons we grow a wide range of traditional English fruits and use them to make

conserves and condiments in our factory by the farm. Our products are made to cherished recipes and are

free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. We cook in small batches using traditional,

copper-bottomed pans. Peter Wilkin, great grandson of our founder, still runs the family business.


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Preserves-Mini Pots

A 8149 Honey Tiptree 72x28gm

A 1742 Jam-Apricot Tiptree 72x28gm

A 2589 Jam-Blackcurrant Tiptree 72x28gm

A 35671 Jam-Cherry Tiptree 72x28gm

Frozen Food Directory Spring/Summer 2016

Frozen Food Directory

Spring/Summer 2016

See our Frozen Food Directory

for our full range of Breads

& Morning Goods

Including croissants, scones,

muffins, pancakes and crumpets.

A 8600 Jam-Raspberry Tiptree 72x28gm

A 8680 Jam-Strawberry Tiptree 72x28gm

A 8774 Marmalade-Orange Tiptree 72x28gm d 4 14/01/2016 10:36


A 3187 Jelly-Redcurrant Duerrs 1x3kg

A 73684 Jelly-Redcurrant Tracklement 1x1.5kg

9550 Jelly-Mint Tracklement 1x1.5kg

9061 Jelly-Mint Organic Tracklement 1x250gm

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten



Lead Association for CAtering in Education

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98529 Scone Mix 3.5kg

45579 Chocolate Sponge Mix 3.5kg

6667 Supreme Sponge Mix 3.5kg

56255 Carrot Cake Mix 3.5kg

74963 Fish Batter Mix 3.5kg

5046 White Bread Mix 3.5kg

89773 White Bread with added

wholemeal Mix 3.5kg

38186 Crumble Mix 3.5kg

92956 Shortcrust Pastry Mix 3.5kg

95960 Suet Pastry Mix 3.5kg

46752 Pizza Base Mix 3.5kg

54687 Complete Custard Mix 3.5kg

44938 Custard Powder 3.5kg

Bakery & Batter Mixes

A 74963 Batter Mix-Fish Middletons 1x3.5kg

A 3201 Batter Mix-Fish McDougall 1x3.5kg

A 91068 Crispy Tempura Batter Mix Centaur 1x1kg

A 5046 Bread Mix-White Middletons 1x3.5kg

A 89773 Bread Mix-White with added Wholemeal Middleton 1x3.5kg

A 38186 Pastry Mix-Crumble Middletons 1x3.5kg

A 92956 Pastry Mix-Shortcrust Middletons 1x3.5kg

A 2042 Pastry Mix-Shortcrust McDougall 1x3.5kg

A 95960 Pastry Mix-Suet Middletons 1x3.5kg

A 46752 Pizza Base Mix Middletons 1x3.5kg

Flour & Suet

A 11356 Plain Flour FWP Matthews 1x16kg

A 9828 Plain Flour McDougall 1x3.5kg

A 16406 Plain Flour Total Foodsavers 1x3kg

A 43159 Plain Flour FWP Matthews 1x1.5kg

A 25304 Self Raising Flour FWP Matthews 1x16kg

A 3379 Self Raising Flour McDougall 1x3.5kg

A 66887 Self Raising Flour Total Foodsavers 1x3kg

A 91765 Self Raising Flour FWP Matthews 1x1.5kg

A 8145 Rice Flour Country Products 1x5kg

A 8310 Cornflour Total Foodsavers 1x3.5kg

A 99702 Gram Flour Country Products 1x2kg

4161 Suet Atora 1x2kg

2507 Suet-Vegetarian Atora 1x200gm

C A 24689 Gluten Free Flour-Self Raising Doves Farm 1x1kg

A 13930 Flour-Strong White FWP Matthews 1x1.5kg

A 21548 Flour-Wholemeal FWPMatthews 1x1.5kg

Speciality Flour

A 19704 Cotswold Light Crunch Flour FWP Matthews 1x16kg

A 31960 Eight Grain Flour Costwold FWP Matthews 1x1.5kg

A 23902 French Flour T55 FWP Matthews 1x25kg

C A 69256 Gluten Free Bread Flour FWP Matthews 1x1kg

C A 53280 Gluten Free Plain Flour FWP Matthews 1x1kg

C A 47298 Gluten Free Self Raising Flour Doves Farm 1x16kg

A 57746 Granary Crunch Flour FWP Matthews 1x16kg

A 56912 Italian ”00” Flour FWP Matthews 1x1.5kg

95423 Organic Plain Flour FWP Matthews 1x16kg

41695 Organic Self Raising Flour FWP Matthews 1x1.5kg

A 51251 Pizza Flour FWP Matthews 1x16kg

A 38946 Farmhouse Wholemeal Flour FWP Matthews 1x16kg

A 86665 Strong White Cotswold Flour FWP Matthews 1x16kg

64 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.


59553 Lemon Juice

3528 Leaf Gelatine

59524 Stem Ginger in Syrup

Fruit Pie Filling

A 72721 Apple Pie Filling Fairway 1x2.5kg

A 95345 Apple and Blackberry Pie Filling Fairway 1x2.5kg

A 85927 Black Cherry Pie Filling Fairway 1x2.5kg

A 82045 Blackcurrant Pie Filling Fairway 1x2.5kg

A 32006 Strawberry Pie Filling Fairway 1x2.5kg

Baking Sundries

A 21197 Arrowroot Fairway 1x600gm

A 40575 Baking Powder World Spice 1x1500gm

A 53246 Baking Powder Chef William 1x3.5kg

C 13202 Baking Powder-Gluten Free Doves Farm 1x1kg

A 70813 Bicarbonate of Soda Fairway 1x1000gm

A 20739 Bicarbonate of Soda Chef William 1x3kg

A 78059 Coconut-Dessicated Buchanan’s 1x1kg

A 8588 Coconut-Cream of Jaja 1x425gm

A 60930 Coconut-Milk Total Foodsavers 1x400ml

36009 Cream of Tartar World Spice 1x800gm

82815 Gelatine Leaf -Bronze Centaur 1x1kg

3528 Gelatine Leaf Noels 1x500gm

43077 Gelatine Powder World Spice 1x1000gm

12339 Glucose Syrup-Liquid La Reference 1x1kg

A 59553 Juice-Real Lemon KTC 1x1ltr

A 51247 Juice-Real Lime Total Foodsavers 1x200ml

A 87732 Marzipan-Golden Dr Oetker 1x1kg

A 4774 Yeast-Dried Allinson 1x42gm

Artisan Sweet Ingredients

A 94658 Baby Apples-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x425gm

A 6402 Baby Pears-in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x425gm

14820 Griottines Dessert Cherries Fifi 1x2ltr

A 59524 Stem Ginger in Syrup Total Foodsavers 1x560gm

Flavouring, Essence & Colouring

A 91484 Extract-Vanilla Centaur Foods 1x600ml

A 6658 Colouring-Green Dr.Oetker 1x500ml

61067 Colouring-Red Dr.Oetker 1x500ml

A 79668 Colouring-Yellow Dr.Oetker 1x500ml

54413 Flavouring-Vanilla Dr.Oetker 1x500ml

A 15760 Vanilla Paste Little Pod 1x100ml

A 4547 Vanilla Pods Total Foodsavers 1x100gm

Sponge Mixes & Toppings

A 75364 Reduced Sugar Chocolate Cake Mix Dr Oetker 1x1kg

A 25149 Cheesecake Crumb Mix Birds 1x1kg

A 99552 Cheesecake Filling Mix Birds 1x1.2kg

19259 Cheesecake Mix Birds 1x24ptn

A 67428 Flapjack Mix McDougall 1x3.5kg

A 21787 Lemon Meringue Mix Birds 1x24ptn

A 98529 Scone Mix Middletons 1x3.5kg

A 45579 Sponge Mix-Chocolate Middletons 1x3.5kg

A 6667 Sponge Mix-Supreme Middletons 1x3.5kg

A 4553 Topping-Creme Caramel Birds 1x20ptn

A 56255 Carrot Cake Mix Middletons 1x3.5kg

Sponges & Dessert Cases

24265 Sponge-Trifle Fingers Lyons 1x8

4806 Sponge-Flans 10” Edlers 1x1

Canape Cups & Tart Cases

48656 Assorted Spicy Cups Pidy 1x96

6062 Canape Cups-Neutral 4cm Fifi 1x240

A 5148 Cocktail Cups Centaur 10x64

A 48336 Quiche Tart Case 8.5cm Pidy 1x144

58067 Quiche Tart Case 11cm Pidy 1x42

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten



2 x 5kg available in Plain, Milk & White

For all chocolate & patisserie finished products

Advert Space

finest quality Real Belgian

enrobing chocolate

✓ In drops – for ease of melting

✓ Contains only natural vanilla

✓ No added vegetable fats – uses 100% cocoa butter

✓ Manufactured in the traditional Belgian way

ONLY in Belgium

✓ Excellent snap & shine on finished goods

– keep your customers coming back for more!

Scan with your smart

phone for more information

and recipe ideas

T: +441280 822860

F: +441280 822857

Tart Cases continued

PTS_000167_BELCOLADE AD A5.indd 1 12/11/2015 21:31

A 45226 Enrobing Chocolate-Milk Belcolade 1x5kg

6065 Tart Cases-Savoury 4.9cm Maws 1x240

A 23893 Tart Cases-Savoury 6cm Pidy 1x80

A 1527 Tart Cases-Savoury 8.3cm Maws 1x144

6540 Tart Cases-Savoury 11cm Maws 1x96

A 57946 Tart Cases-Sweet 8.5cm Pidy 1x135

9345 Tart Cases-Sweet 8.5cm Maws 1x144

86189 Tart Cases-Sweet 9.5cm Pidy 1x108

6582 Tart Cases-Sweet 11cm Pidy 1x72

3279 Tart Cases-Sweet 11cm Maws 1x96

82313 Tart Cases-Sweet 28cm Maws 1x12

58991 Savoury/Neutral Tart Cases 6.5cm Maws 1x180

Caterer’s Chocolate

A 2298 Block-Coverture-Dark Scotbloc 1x3kg

A 8694 Block-Coverture-Milk Scotbloc 1x3kg

A 8866 Callets-Dark Callebaut 1x2.5kg

A 54743 Callets-Dark-Strong Callebaut 1x2.5kg

A 9005 Callets-Milk Callebaut 1x2.5kg

A 3287 Callets-White Callebaut 1x2.5kg

A 2140 Choc Chips-Dark Flavour Orchard Valley 1x1.1kg

A 3912 Choc Chips-White Flavour RHM 1x1kg

57016 Enrobing Chocolate-Dark Belcolade 1x5kg

71048 Enrobing Chocolate-White Belcolade 1x5kg

3163 Pistoles-Excellence-Dark C.Barry 1x5kg


43453 Dessert Whip-Chocolate Rosselle 1x1kg

90674 Dessert Whip-Strawberry Rosselle 1x1kg

A 68424 Angel Delight-Banana Birds 1x600gm

A 47961 Angel Delight-Butterscotch Birds 1x600gm

A 59529 Angel Delight-Choc Birds 1x600gm

A 83852 Angel Delight-Strawberry Birds 1x600gm

73446 Angel Delight-Butterscotch-NAS Birds 18x47gm

A 66329 Angel Delight-Chocolate-NAS Birds 18x47gm

A 69458 Angel Delight-Strawberry-NAS Birds 18x47gm


A 51080 Coulis-Apple Ku-li 1x475ml

A 30162 Coulis-Mango Ku-li 1x475ml

C A 28630 Coulis-Raspberry Ku-Li 1x475ml

A 81006 Coulis-Sour Cherry Ku-li 1x475ml

A 1685 Coulis-Mango Carte Dor 1x1kg

A 8293 Coulis-Raspberry Carte Dor 1x1kg

A 9812 Puree-Passion Fruit Pellorce 1x1kg

3280 Puree-Strawberry Pellorce 1x1kg

66 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

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on Twitter


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Make sure your line up features this range of high-quality family

favourites, perfect for creating quick and delicious puddings.

Stock up now with the complete Farmlea range.

Crystals & Jelly

99676 Crystals-Orange Sleaford 1x3.5kg

4801 Crystals-Raspberry McDougall 1x3.5kg

77280 Crystals-Strawberry Sleaford 1x3.5kg

87206 Jelly-Strawberry-Reduced Sugar Dr Oetker 1x1kg

8245 Jelly-Lemon Hartleys 1x135gm

2319 Jelly-Orange Hartleys 1x135gm

9322 Jelly-Raspberry Hartleys 1x135gm

1459 Jelly-Strawberry Hartleys 1x135gm

78108 Jelly-Strawberry-Sugar Free Hartleys 12x26gm

83162 Sugar Free Jelly-Orange Hartleys 12x23gm


A 54687 Complete Custard Mix Fairway 1x3.5kg

A 44938 Custard Powder Fairway 1x3.5kg

A 15685 Custard Mix Birds 1x3kg

A 43127 Custard Mix-Reduced Sugar Birds 1x3kg

A 50451 Custard Powder Birds 1x3kg

Canned Milk & Creamed Rice

A 26129 Carnation Milk-Caramel Total Foodsavers 1x397gm

39513 Condensed Milk-Catering Pack Nestle 1x1kg

A 54138 Condensed Milk Farmlea 1x397gm

A 2190 Condensed Milk-Sweetened Total Foodsavers 1x397gm

A 39057 Evaporated Milk Farmlea 1x410gm

25609 Rice Pudding-Creamed Ambrosia 1x400gm

16443 Rice Pudding-Low Fat Ambrosia 1x400gm

A 4764 Rice Pudding Crosse & Blackwell 1x2.61kg

Sweet Sauces

C A 4970 Creme Anglaise Macphie 1x1ltr

C A 2293 Creme Brulee Macphie 1x1ltr

C A 38720 Panna Cotta Macphie 1x1ltr

C A 9829 Sauce-Brandy Macphie 1x1ltr

C A 6719 Sauce-Chocolate Macphie 1x1ltr

C A 7835 Sauce-Continental Dark Chocolate Macphie 1x1ltr

C A 3144 Sauce-Toffee Sauce Macphie 1x1ltr

A 7554 Custard-Ready to Serve Kerrymaid 1x1ltr

3317 Custard-Devon-Ready To Serve Ambrosia 1x1ltr

68 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

Great Taste 2014

Pistachio Bite

Handmade from quality

ingredients and slow baked to a

traditional Swiss recipe,

Merangz are light, airy and

bursting with natural flavours.

Naturally gluten free

and low fat.

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@flowerandwhite flowerandwhite


Wafers, Cones & Sweet Shells

A 30972 Lemon Merangz Clouds Merangz 1x18x70g

A 52556

Raspberry & White Chocolate Merangz

Clouds Merangz 1x18x70g

A 18285 Strawberry Merangz Clouds Merangz 1x18x70g

A 90526 Florentine Fan Wafers Marcantonio 1x200

See the Frozen Directory

for our NEW

Totally Delicious

Ice Cream Range

A 57088 Little Bear Wafers Marcantonio 2x200

2220 Rossini Rolled Wafers Marcantonio 1x280

1642 Vivaldi Wafers Marcantonio 1x140

A 19058 Fiesta Cones Marcantonio 1x360

37524 Vermont Waffle Cone Marcantonio 1x144

A 44511 Snobinette Chocolate Cups Callebaut 1x270

A 83613 Chocolate Lined Waffle Baskets Marcantonio 1x62

A 2957 Brandy Snap Baskets Askeys 15x6

A 8851 Tuile Baskets Askeys 12x6

A 9440 Meringue Nests Lees of Scotland 1x6

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten




Jelly made with

Real Fruit Juice

Strawberry Jelly


Orange Jelly


Suitable for all snacking occasions

No added sugar or artificial sweeteners

(contains naturally occurring sugars)

Gluten free, dairy free, suitable for

vegetarians, vegans and lactose free

Great margin potential no VAT

Ambient storage

Packed 16 x 95g

*Meets new schools guidelines










ZONE 2015














IN A 40G







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Winners of 23 Gold Great

Taste Awards since 2007


Crisps as they should taste.

@Piperscrisps Piperscrisps

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

Voted for by the readers

of Fine Food Digest

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8280 Crisps-Cheese & Onion Walkers 48x32.5g

2008 Crisps-Prawn Cocktail Walkers 48x32.5g

80317 Crisps-Ready Salted Walkers 12x150gm

1477 Crisps-Ready Salted Walkers 48x32.5g

8024 Crisps-Salt & Vinegar Walkers 48x32.5g

1887 Crisps-Smokey Bacon Walkers 48x32.5g

2811 Quavers-Cheese Walkers 48x20gm

45853 Wotsits Baked Cheese Puffs Walkers 48x22.5g

8075 Pringles Original Pringles 12x40gm

5216 Pringles Sour Cream & Onion Pringles 12x40gm

93139 Pringles-Barbeque Pringles 18x130gm

47119 Pringles-Original Pringles 18x130gm

15344 Pringles-Salt & Vinegar Pringles 18x130gm

51601 Pringles-Sour Cream & Onion Pringles 18x130gm

A 94944 Chips-Cheddar Cheese & Chive Tyrrells 24x40gm

A 4243 Chips-Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt Tyrrells 24x40gm

A 87563 Chips-Lightly Sea Salted Chips Tyrrells 24x40gm

52909 Chips-Sea Salt & Black Pepper Tyrrells 24x40gm

74723 Chips-Ludlow Sausage & Mustard Tyrrells 24x40gm

A 34171 Chips-Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper Tyrrells 24x40gm

64923 Chips-Worcester Sauce Tyrrells 24x40gm

43816 Chips-Mixed Root Vegetables Tyrrells 24x40gm

A 50578 Chips-Mixed Root Vegetables Tyrrells 1x600gm

A 56163 Chips-Lightly Sea Salted Chips Tyrrells 1x600gm

72 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

4330 Chips-Lightly Salted Kettle 12x150gm

88235 Chips-Salt & Crushed Peppercorns Kettle 12x150gm

2315 Chips-Cheeses with Onion Kettle 18x40gm

21664 Chips-Lightly Salted Kettle 18x40gm

13444 Chips-Salt & Black Peppercorns Kettle 18x40gm

14513 Chips-Sweet Chilli Kettle 18x40gm

64394 Chips-Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Kettle 18x40gm

C A 93226 Crisps-Cheese & Onion Pom-Bear 36x19gm

C A 56400 Crisps-Original Pom-Bear 36x19gm

A 1526 Crisps-Beef Seabrook 48x31.8g

A 2907 Crisps-Canadian Ham Seabrook 48x31.8g

A 7648 Crisps-Cheese & Onion Seabrook 48x31.8g

A 7204 Crisps-Plain Seabrook 48x31.8g

A 3665 Crisps-Prawn Cocktail Seabrook 48x31.8g

A 1997 Crisps-Salt & Vinegar Seabrook 48x31.8g

24829 Chips-Black Pudding & Mustard Lancashire Crisps 24x40gm

99324 Chips-Cheese & Onion Lancashire Crisps 24x40gm

54013 Chips-Lancashire Sauce Lancashire Crisps 24x40gm

9526 Chips-Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Lancashire Crisps 24x40gm

84502 Chips-Sea Salt & Ellsey’s Vinegar Lancashire Crisps 24x40gm

79307 Chips-Simply Spuds Lancashire Crisps 24x40gm

4964 Chips-Sweet Chilli Lancashire Crisps 24x40gm

A 70112 Crisps-Anglesey Sea Salt Pipers 24x40gm

A 79179 Crisps-Burrowhill Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt Pipers 24x40gm

99073 Crisps-Kirby Malham Chorizo Pipers 24x40gm

A 41267 Crisps-Lye Cross Cheddar & Onion Pipers 24x40gm

increase snack sales with the

uk’s favourite premium crisps *

KETTLE® Chips is the original and leading handcooked brand*, recognised

for quality and taste

The 40g bags are delivering growth ahead of the market* and are

a great way to uptrade customers at lunch time or when snacking

on the go

Stock up today via

Kettle Foods Ltd Contact:

Stephen Wharton

Business Development Manager

Mobile: 07867393536


*Nielsen data to 13th Sept 15

KP’s Best Selling

Must Stock Range

The No.1

Ridge Cut

crisps brand*

The No.1

Family Snack!**




The leading

nut brand in

the UK †


*AC Nielsen MAT 16.08.15 **AC Nielsen Total Market MAT 23.05.15 †AC Nielsen Total Market MAT 03.01.15

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Carded Snacks

2500 Fries-Bacon Walkers 1x24

3044 Fries-Scampi Walkers 1x24

3726 Mini Cheddars McVities 1x12

A 50827 Peanuts-Salted Planters 1x24

A 17268 Peanuts-Dry Roasted Planters 1x24

48841 Pork Scratchings Mr Porky 1x20

Speciality Snacks

A 7742 Bar Nibble Mix Country Products 1x2.5kg

A 12123 Bombay Mix Country Products 1x5kg

2083 Prawn Crackers Red Plum/Hong Mei 1x227gm

A 73495 Peanuts-Chilli Country Products 1x5kg

A 53679 Peanuts-Salted Country Products 1x5kg

A 51337 Peanuts-Dry Roasted Country Products 1x1kg

A 76357 Peanuts-Salted Country Products 1x1kg

A 99146 Pistashio Nuts in Shells Country Products 1x1kg

A 51754 Wasabi-Peanuts Country Products 1x1kg

19885 Shot Pack-Choccy Orange Cheer RM Curtis 16x25gm

64347 Shot Pack-Fruit & Nut Fusion RM Curtis 16x25gm

69846 Shot Pack-Pomegranate Promise RM Curtis 16x25gm


A 12245 Popcorn-Cocoa Crisp Love Popcorn 20x27gm

A 22860 Popcorn-Fiery Salsa Love Popcorn 20x27gm

A 20478 Popcorn-Salty Sweet LovePopcorn 20x27gm

A 33449

Popcorn-Sea Salt and Cracked Black

Pepper Love Popcorn 20x20gm

A 21470 Popcorn-Sweet Vanilla Love Popcorn 20x27gm

Sweet Biscuits

46446 Big Biscuit Box Nestle 1x70

8868 Assorted-Rover McVities 1x2kg

84893 Assorted-Family Circle McVities 1x720gm

90279 Assorted-Teatime Crawfords 10x275gm

73673 Creams-Chocolate Hills 36x150gm

A 71806 Creams-Custard Hills 36x150gm

A 2244 Digestives-Catering Crawfords 8x300gm

A 35824 Digestives Heritage 1x400gm

33819 Digestives-Milk Chocolate Heritage 1x300gm

A 1769 Digestives McVities 1x400gm

1894 Digestives-Milk Chocolate McVities 1x200gm

79017 Fig Rolls Heritage 1x200gm

55846 Shot Pack-Sinless Seeds RM Curtis 16x25gm

76 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.


Shot Packs

the tastiest



in portion-sized

shot packs

Exciting new mixes of dried fruit, nuts & seeds.

Tasty, nutritious and a little bit indulgent

Little things make a big difference


After Dinner Mint

Advert Space

Meeting Rooms

With Coffee

Turn down Service

The perfect refreshment that adds a little

something to every occasion

• Offer your customer a branded

mint they love

• Pack Size: T4 x 100 x 10 or T4

x 100

• Available in most popular

flavour - Mint

• 4 mints per pillow pack - two

consumptions per pack

10550 Tic Tac Mint-Pillow Pack 1x100

For more information contact Total

Foodservice or visit:

Sweet Biscuits continued

tic tac provisions brochure ad v2.indd 1 9461 Double Decker Cadbury 1x48 10/11/2014 11:13

84666 Garibaldi Crawfords 1x100gm

A 98923 Ginger Nuts Hills 1x250gm

56722 Gingerbread Men Hills 1x80

97677 Oatie Biscuits Hills 1x300gm

7012 Jaffa Cake Biscuits Heritage 1x135gm

A 54565 Jammie Dodgers Burtons 1x140gm

A 2838 Jam Rings Crawfords 1x125gm

43691 Rich Tea Heritage 1x300gm

A 99712 Shortbreads-Mini Rounds Walkers 8x60x7gm

93692 Wafers-Pink Raspberry Koestlin 20x100gm

Speciality & Coffee Biscuits

A 9160 Amaretti Macaroons CWF 1x200gm

A 6875 Cantuccini Tuscanucci (Biscotti) CWF 12x200gm

80949 Boudoir Fingers La Sardane 1x200gm

A 7470 Coffee Speculoos Rombouts 1x300


8797 Caramel Bar Cadbury 1x48

1032 Crunchies Cadbury 1x48

3505 Dairy Milk Cadbury 1x48

9919 Fudge Bar Cadbury 1x60

3980 Twirl Cadbury 1x48


3331 Bounty Mars 1x24

9821 Maltesers Mars 1x40

4000 Mars Bar-Standard Mars 1x48

2820 Milky Way Mars 1x48

84361 Minstrels Mars 1x40

3022 Snickers Mars 1x48

46945 Twix Mars 1x32


9380 Aero-Mint Nestle 1x36

A 8882 Kit Kat-2 Fingers Nestle 1x72

A 2538 Kit Kat-4 Fingers Nestle 1x48

8258 Kit Kat-Chunky Nestle 1x48

16824 Lion Bar Nestle 1x36

45129 Rolo Cups Nestle 1x36

A 3444 Smarties-Tube Nestle 1x48

3634 Toffee Crisp Nestle 1x48

A 1064 Yorkie Bar Nestle 1x36

78 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

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Speciality Chocolates

41615 After Eight Classic Mint Wafers Nestle 1x800gm

A 84103 Mint Cremes-Wrapped Fairway 1x1kg

3511 Mint Crisps-Plain Chocolate-Foil-Band Totally Delicious 1x400

A 75440 Mint Crisps-Plain Chocolate-wrapped Fairway 1x155

1013 Mint Wafers-unwrapped Whitakers 1x1.8kg

A 1765 Truffles-Assorted Chocolate Whitakers 1x77

9714 Foil & Band Chocolates Whitakers 10x400


56653 Blackcurrant & Liquorice Whitakers 1x3kg

2469 Chewing Gum-Extra Wrigleys 1x30

3475 Fruit Pastilles Rowntree 1x48

3933 Fruity LolliPops Matlows 1x120

88407 Marshmallows-Mini Coloured Princess 1x500gm

24695 Marshmallows-White Mini McDougall 1x450gm

82362 Marshmallows-Pink & White Princess 1x150gm

38724 Mini Fruits Wrapped Whitakers 1x4kg

A 27037 Mint Humbugs-Wrapped Whitakers 1x3kg

A 3384 Mint Imperials Whitakers 1x3kg

A 83246 Mint Imperials-Wrapped Whitakers 1x2kg

7338 Polo-Mints Nestle 1x48

46976 Double Lollies Swizzels 1x120

Wrapped Confectionery

A 78489 Handmade Cake Slice-Mixed Box Exquisite 1x24

A 30874 Handmade Cookies-Mixed Box Exquisite 1x24

A 44298 Handmade Cookies-Polka Dot Exquisite 1x24

A 68207 Mini Loaves-Mixed Box Exquisite 1x20

A 98243 Muffins-Mixed Box Exquisite 1x24

A 31503 Flapjacks-Butter (90gm) Exquisite 1x30

A 68670 Flapjacks-Mixed Box (90gm) Exquisite 1x30

69291 Traybake-Biscuit Tiffin with Belgian Chocolate Traybakes 1x12

81967 Traybake-Caramel Shortcake with Belgian ChocolateTraybakes 1x12

14923 Traybake-Cinder Road Traybakes 1x12

76550 Traybake-Honeycomb Crunch Traybakes 1x12

67530 Traybake-Peppermint Crunch with Belgian Chocolate Traybakes 1x12

C 77408 Biscuit Break-Choc Chip Nairns 16x20gm

C 78303 Biscuit Break-Oat & Syrup Gluten Free Nairns 16x20gm

99627 Biscuits-Crawford’s Mini Pack Crawfords 100x3

A 99669 Choco Fudge Giant Cookies Bronte 18x60gm

A 30385 Fruity Oat Giant Cookies Bronte 18x60gm

A 17218 Triple Choc Giant Cookies Bronte 18x60gm

A 48458 Biscuits-Mini Pack Assorted Hills 100x3

A 8064 Biscuits-Mini Pack Assorted Border 100x2

A 8014 Biscuits-Mini Pack Assorted Walkers 100x2

43805 Biscuits-Twin Pack Lyells 1x99

C 95042 Gluten Free-Chocolate Macaroon Mrs Crimbles 1x40

C A 70845 Gluten Free-Giant Choc Macaroon Mrs Crimbles 1x20

C A 72491 Gluten Free-Jam & Coconut Ring Mrs Crimbles 1x24

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten














Tel Yorkshire: 01484 536 688

Tel North West: 01254 828 330

@Total_Food_Serv /totalfoodserviceuk

Mouth-watering handmade

Cakes and Treats...





Battenberg Cake

At Love Handmade Cakes we put LOVE into everything we do. We handmake all of our

products to the highest possible standard, with no exceptions. Our products are top quality,

lovingly created and completely and utterly delicious.

Mixed Muffins

Almond Slice

Farmhouse Fruit

Lemon Drizzle Mini Loaf

Raspberry Oatie

0113 289 0283 •

– Iced gree

– No added

– 100% natu


all natural iced tea

Lemon & Green Tea

12 x 250ml

Pomegranate & Green Tea

12 x 250ml

Acai & Green Tea

12 x 250ml

Goji & Green Tea

12 x 250ml

Good to kn

Wild Juices

Drink Natural


Bottled Waters

17380 Sparkling-PET Harrogate 30x330ml

A 15205 Still-PET Harrogate 30x330ml

A 77744 Still-PET Harrogate 24x500ml

A 53078 Still-PET Sports Cap Harrogate 24x500ml

A 73644 Sparkling-PET Harrogate 24x500ml

A 97653 Still-PET Harrogate 12x1.5lt

80700 Sparkling-GLASS Harrogate 12x750ml

84779 Still-GLASS Harrogate 12x750ml

A 26054 Sparkling-GLASS Harrogate 24x330ml

A 7037 Still-GLASS Harrogate 24x330ml

7785 Still-GLASS Hildon 12x750ml

1687 Sparkling-GLASS Hildon 12x750ml

9547 Sparkling-GLASS Hildon 24x330ml

1011 Still-GLASS Hildon 24x330ml

Flavoured Waters

A 67105 Lemon & Lime-(Sports Cap) PET 12x500ml

A 55997 Raspberry-(Sports Cap) PET 12x500ml

A 43269 Wild Juice-Cool Croc Apple Villa 12x270ml

A 5825 Wild Juice-Merry Meerkat Red Apple Villa 12x270ml

A 82337 Wild Juice-Party Parrot Blackcurrant Villa 12x270ml

A 44294 Wild Juice-Perky Penguin Mixed Fruit Villa 12x270ml

A 26916 Wild Juice-Tangy Tiger Orange Villa 12x270ml

A 96823 Wild Water-Ellie Elephant Blackcurrant Villa 12x270ml

A 76268 Wild Water-Funky Monkey Orange Villa 12x270ml

A 88323 Wild Water-Happy Hippo Strawberry Villa 12x270ml


A 12641 Orange Drink No Added Sugar Packers 1x5ltr

A 32622 Whole Orange Drink Packers 1x5ltr

82388 Squash-Apple & Blackcurrant-NAS-Double Concentrate 1x1.75lt

57058 Squash-Orange-NAS-Double Concentrate 1x1.75lt

A 13527 Cordial-Blackcurrant Flavour-Sugar Free Freshers 1x5ltr

A 8308 Cordial-Blackcurrant Flavour Freshers 1x5ltr

A 76363 Cordial-Lemon-No Added Sugar Freshers 1x5ltr

A 2481 Cordial-Lime Freshers 1x5ltr

Fruit Drinks

11838 Apple-Fair Trade Drink Natural 12x500ml

33264 Cranberry-Fair Trade Drink Natural 12x500ml

A 80335 Orange-Fair Trade Drink Natural 12x500ml

22547 Tropical-Fair Trade Drink Natural 12x500ml

55148 Blood Orange Drink Natural 12x500ml

12807 Orange & Carrot Drink Natural 12x500ml

34650 Blackcurrant & Apple Joosed Junior 24x250ml

45346 Orange & Apple Joosed Junior 24x250ml

A 21880 Apple Juice Burst 12x330ml

A 16627 Apple & Blackcurrant Juice Burst 12x330ml

A 11061 Orange Juice Burst 12x250ml

A 1336 Blackcurrant Ribena 27x288ml

9688 Orange Ribena 27x288ml

96891 Green Tea & Acai Berry Mangajo 12x250ml

96650 Green Tea & Goji Berry Mangajo 12x250ml

34586 Green Tea & Lemon Mangajo 12x250ml

11578 Green Tea & Pomegranate Mangajo 12x250ml

72697 Redbush Tea & Grape Mangajo 12x250ml

A 52431 Grapefruit & Cranberry Quattro 12x500ml

A 53349 Orange & Passion Fruit Quattro 12x500ml

46209 Orange & Carrot Quattro 12x500ml

A 38364 Lemon & Spiced Ginger Quattro 12x500ml


A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.


SINCE 1571

n The No.1 Premium British Spring Water

n ‘The Official Water of England Cricket’

n Iconic ‘Diamond Bottle’ - exceptional stand out

n Distinctive, classic design across the

PET and glass range

n ‘The Original British Bottled Water’

n Voted the ‘World’s Finest Sparkling Water’

n Renowned for its optimum mineral balance

n 100% recyclable, zero waste to landfill








freshly brewed

all natural iced tea

Lemon & Green Tea

12 x 250ml

Pomegranate & Green Tea

12 x 250ml

Acai & Green Tea

12 x 250ml

Goji & Green Tea

12 x 250ml

Good to know

Quttos A5_Layout 1 06/11/2015 11:25 Page 1

– Iced green tea - real brewed

– No added sugar - only 75 calories

– 100% natural ingredients

Utterly DelicIous Fruity WaterS…

free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives and

all weird and artificial ingredients!

12 MonThS sHeLf Life 12 per case 500Ml








Folkington landscape 250/1ltr 200x122_Layout 1 05/11/2015 13:57 Page 1







made without any concentrates and always free from any artificial ingredients.

And with no added sugar (except pink lemonade and elderflower, naturally)

Advert Space

250ml / 1 Litre




2250ml / 1 Litre




250ml / 1 Litre




250ml / 1 Litre












250ml / 1 Litre




250ml / 1 Litre




12/6 glass bottles / case. Ambient storage 18 months shelf life

250ml / 1 Litre




Fruit Juices

16816 Apple Folkingtons 12x250ml

7352 Cranberry Folkingtons 12x250ml

1490 Elderflower Folkingtons 12x250ml

64240 Mango Folkingtons 12x250ml

86986 Orange Folkingtons 12x250ml

60550 Pear Folkingtons 12x250ml

84472 Pink Lemonade Folkingtons 12x250ml

74698 Summer Berries Folkingtons 12x250ml

41116 Juice-Apple Frobishers 24x250ml

34062 Juice-Cranberry Frobishers 24x250ml

5369 Juice-Orange Frobishers 24x250ml

40353 Juice-Pineapple Frobishers 24x250ml

A 93428 Apple Total Foodsavers 27x200ml

A 63833 Orange Total Foodsavers 27x200ml

8749 Apple Total Foodsavers 1x1ltr

51515 Cranberry Stute 1x1.5ltr

A 8756 Grapefruit Total Foodsavers 1x1ltr

Pressé & Organic Drinks

A 4012 Pressé-Ginger Beer Belvoir 24x25cl

5665 Pressé-Lemonade Belvoir 24x25cl

5383 Pressé-Cranberry Belvoir 24x25cl

5997 Pressé-Elderflower Belvoir 24x25cl

9740 Pressé-Lime & Lemongrass Belvoir 24x25cl

81188 Pressé-Pomegranate & Raspberry Belvoir 24x25cl

A 38510 Pressé-Orange & Mandarin Belvoir 24x25cl

37581 Pressé-Raspberry Lemonade Belvoir 24x25cl

C 85674 Pressé Can-Coconut and Lime Belvoir 12x250ml

C 91799 Pressé Can-Elderflower Belvoir 12x250ml

C 64913 Pressé Can-Raspberry Lemonade Belvoir 12x250ml

A 88418 Pressé-Coxs Apple Bottlegreen 12x275ml

A 58246 Pressé-Cranberry & Orange Bottlegreen 12x275ml

A 26501 Pressé-Elderflower Bottlegreen 12x275ml

76826 Pressé-Ginger & Lemongrass Bottlegreen 12x275ml

A 50307 Pressé-Pomegranate & Elderflower Bottlegreen 12x275ml

77763 Apple Juice-Sparkling Luscombe 24x32cl

8748 Orange Total Foodsavers 1x1ltr

A 8751 Pineapple Total Foodsavers 1x1ltr

18025 Pomegranate Pomegreat 1x1ltr

A 8758 Tomato Total Foodsavers 1x1ltr

A 10709 Juice-Apple Juice Press 1x1ltr

57957 Organic-Hot Ginger Beer Luscombe 24x32cl

71043 Organic-Raspberry Crush Luscombe 24x32cl

36527 Organic-Sicilian Lemonade Luscombe 24x32cl

81555 Organic-Wild Elderflower Bubbly Luscombe 24x32cl

94415 St Clements Drink Luscombe 24x32cl

59478 Juice-Tomato Folkingtons 12x250ml

88 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

Folkington Cans 200x122_Layout 1 06/11/2015 10:40 Page 1




t garden juices


a new range of premium sparkling pressés made entirely with natural ingredients

and natural spring water, and ingredients grown in the English countryside.


1-2pg BFF Offer Ad update_Layout 1 07/07/2014 17:06 Page 1

250ml 18 months shelf life 12 per case




& Lime

NOW available

All products have a

12 months shelf life

Packed in cases of 24 x 25cl bottles.

Elderflower Pressé, Ginger Beer Pressé, Raspberry & Lemonade Pressé,

Handmade Lemonade Pressé, Cherry Pressé, Cranberry Pressé

English Apple Pressé and Lime & Lemongrass Pressé.

Packed in cases of 12 x 25cl cans.

NEW Coconut & Lime Pressé, Elderflower Pressé and

Raspberry Lemonade Pressé.



Winner of 48

great taste stars

Advert Space

A brand for every occasion

Pressés continued

13131 Pressé-Cloudy Lemonade Story 12x330ml

60211 Pressé-Orange & Lemon Story 12x330ml

58766 Pressé-Raspberry & Lemonade Story 12x330ml

58695 Pressé-Red Grape,Blackcurrant & Ginger Story 12x330ml

66134 Pressé-White Grape & Elderflower Story 12x330ml


A 7318 Smoothie-Raspberry & Blueberry Juice Press 12x1ltr

C A 85057 Smoothie Fruits-Green Ellas Kitchen 12x90gm

C A 75542 Smoothie Fruits-Purple Ellas Kitchen 12x90gm

C A 40264 Smoothie Fruits-Red Ellas Kitchen 12x90gm

C A 84819 Smoothie Fruits-Yellow Ellas Kitchen 12x90gm

Soft Drinks

2776 Lemonade-Schweppes Can 24x330ml

87059 Lemonade-Schweppes PET 6x2ltr

26186 Lemonade-Diet-Schweppes PET 6x2ltr

12895 Lemonade-Heritage PET 8x2ltr

42780 Oasis-Citrus Punch PET 12x500ml

40869 Oasis-Summer Fruits PET 12x500ml

9814 Lucozade Sport-Orange PET 12x500ml

2819 Lucozade-Orange Glass 24x380ml

7474 Lucozade-Original Glass 24x380ml

A 1547 Dandelion & Burdock-Barrs Can 24x330ml

4320 Pepsi-Diet Can 24x330ml

1299 Tango-Apple Can 24x330ml

83075 Tango-Diet Orange Can 24x330ml

5558 Tango-Orange Can 24x330ml

3416 Vimto Can 24x330ml

A 56707 Fentimans-Cherry Cola Glass 12x275ml

A 36621 Fentimans-Curiosity Cola Glass 12x275ml

A 81422 Fentimans-Dandelion & Burdock Glass 12x275ml

41346 Fentimans-Lemon Shandy Glass 12x275ml

A 57163 Fentimans-Ginger Beer Glass 12x275ml

A 31520 Fentimans-Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger Glass 12x275ml

A 57603 Fentimans-Rose Lemonade Glass 24x125ml

A 35877 Fentimans-Rose Lemonade Glass 12x275ml

A 76658 Fentimans-Victorian Lemonade Glass 12x275ml

A 6610 Fentimans-Wild English Elderflower Glass 12x275ml

A 5361 Fentimans-Ginger Ale Glass 24x125ml

A 58768 Fentimans-Light Tonic Water Glass 24x125ml

A 48143 Fentimans-Tonic Water Glass 24x125ml

73804 Franklin-Brewed Ginger Beer with a hint of Lemon Glass 12x275ml

66340 Franklin-Cloudy Apple & Rhubarb with Cinnamon Glass 12x275ml

72643 Franklin-Dandelion and Burdock with sStar Anise Glass 12x275ml

96389 Franklin-Lemonade & Elderflower with Juniper Glass 12x275ml

50711 Franklin-Strawberry & Raspberry with Black Pepper Glass 12x275ml

90 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

the new




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12 x 275ml per case. 18 months shelf life.

84302 Mawson’s-Sarsaparilla Glass 12x250ml

57891 Red Bull Energy Drink Can 24x250ml

96526 San Pellegrino-Grapefruit Can 24x330ml

37415 San Pellegrino-Lemon-Limonata Can 24x330ml

88454 San Pellegrino-Orange-Aranciata Can 24x330ml

34174 Blood Orange-San Pellegrino Can 24x330ml

Soft Drinks-Fruit Shoots

A 7776 Fruit Shoots-Blackcurrant & Apple NAS PET 24x275ml

A 34366 Fruit Shoots-Orange-Low Sugar PET 24x275ml

75338 Fruit Shoots-Summer Fruits-Low Sugar PET 24x275ml

Soft Drinks-Coca Cola

1099 Coke PET 1x1.5ltr

9766 Coke-Diet PET 1x1.5ltr

7479 Coke PET 24x500ml

9025 Coke-Diet PET 24x500ml

31226 Dr Pepper PET 24x500ml

1476 Fanta-Orange PET 24x500ml

76633 Fanta-Lemon PET 24x500ml

1522 Sprite-Lemon & Lime PET 24x500ml

8068 Diet Coke Can 24x330ml

3601 Dr.Pepper Can 24x330ml

84080 Fanta-Fruit Twist Can 24x330ml

A 3891 Fanta-Orange Can 24x330ml

94373 Fanta-Lemon Can 24x330ml

9739 Lilt Can 24x330ml

A 8576 Sprite Can 24x330ml

Crusha Milkshake Mix

A 16580 Milkshake Mix-Banana Crusha 1x1ltr

A 91738 Milkshake Mix-Chocolate Crusha 1x1ltr

64433 Milkshake Mix-Raspberry Crusha 1x1ltr

25107 Milkshake Mix-Strawberry Crusha 1x1ltr

Bar Sundries

A 14746 Cocktail Cherries-Red Opies 1x950gm

8518 Cocktail Sticks-Wooden Plastico 1x1000

21286 Cocktail Stirrers-Black Plastico 1x250

2842 Drinking Straws-Assorted Bendy Dispo 1x250

93050 Drinking Straws-Black Bendy Dispo 1x250

A 9625 Lemon Slices-(Plastic Tub) Opies 6x460gm

64157 Coke Bottles Glass 24x330ml

13399 Diet Coke Bottles Glass 24x330ml

2906 Coke Can 24x330ml

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten


Advert Space

Foils & Catering Aids

1817 Catering Foil-300mm Wrapex 1x75mtr

1290 Catering Foil-600mm Wrapex 1x75mtr

55701 Catering Foil-450ml Fairway 1x75mtr

8529 Cling Film-Premium-300mm Wrapex 1x300mtr

8474 Cling Film-Premium-450mm Wrapex 1x300mtr

8141 Cling Film-450mm Fairway 1x300mtr

86581 Film or Foil Dispenser-300mm-SpeedwrapWrapex 1x1

68585 Film or Foil Dispenser-450mm-SpeedwrapWrapex 1x1

64752 Catering Foil-450mm Refill Wrapex 3x90mtr

51079 Cling Film-Refill-300mm Wrapex 3x300mtr

84137 Cling Film-Refill-450mm Wrapex 3x300mtr

9574 Cater Roll-Bakewell Parchment-450mmx50mtr Wrapex 1x50mtr

50221 Clear Vacuum Pouch-160x250mm 1x1000

49285 Clear Vacuum Pouch-250x350mm 1x1000

7434 Paper Bags-White-10”x10” LTC 1x1000

9952 Paper Cases-White Bun Terinex 1x1000

97629 Paper Cases-Muffin Dr Oetker 12x75

A 9773 Petit Four Cases-Brown Maws 1x1000

82240 Piping Bags-Non-Slip Blue Terinex 1x100

40171 Freezer Bags 10”x15” ( 1000 ) Total Foodsavers 1x1000

7254 Skewers-Kebab 9”-[25cm] Plastico 1x200

2388 Skewers-Satay 7”-[18cm] Plastico 1x200

Spikomat Products

98023 Flat Bamboo-Hirakushi Spikomat 1x1000

17468 Kidei Boats-240mm Spikomat 1x1000

87066 Kidei Boats 120mm x 70mm Spikomat 1x1000

19086 Kidei Boats 90mm Long Spikomat 1x1000

83099 Kidei Cups 45x45mm Spikomat 1x1000

25015 Skewers-Musubi-(Looped) Spikomat 1x1000

99211 Skewers-60mm Kuromoji Black Willow Spikomat 1x1000

59928 Skewers-180mm Teppo Gushi Gun Shape Spikomat 1x250

79295 Skewers-120mm Teppo Gushi Gun Shape Spikomat 1x1000

46580 Skewers- 90mm Teppo Gushi Gun Shape Spikomat 1x1000

83684 Sticks-90mm-Crystal Clear Spikomat 1x1000

38599 Wooden Fork-160mm Spikomat 1x1000

20473 Wooden-Knife-160mm Spikomat 1x1000

75529 Union Jack Flags Spikomat 1x1000

13776 Skewer - Golf Tee Spikomat 1x1000

Napkins & Tablecloths

35454 1ply 33cm White Napkins 1x600

88935 3 ply 40cm Napkin-Black Duni 1x125

8801 3 Ply 40cm Napkin-Bordeaux Duni 1x125

3817 3 Ply 40cm Napkin-Cream Duni 1x125

3289 3 Ply 40cm Napkin-Dark Green Duni 1x125

94 A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.


Speciality skewers for

creative caterers

44322 3 Ply 40cm Napkin-Red Duni 1x125

1911 3 Ply 40cm Napkin-White Duni 1x125

4316 2 Ply 40cm Napkin-Bordeaux Duni 1x125

2836 2 Ply 40cm Napkin-Cream Duni 1x125

2517 2 Ply 40cm Napkin-Dark Blue Duni 1x125

3516 2 Ply 40cm Napkin-Dark Green Duni 1x125

96499 2 Ply 40cm Napkin-Granite Grey Duni 16x125

2239 2 Ply 40cm Napkin-Red Duni 1x125

8046 2 Ply 40cm Napkin-White Duni 1x125

2194 2 Ply 33cm Napkin-Bordeaux Duni 1x125

2441 2 Ply 33cm Napkin-Cream Duni 1x125

9054 2 Ply 33cm Napkin-Dark Blue Duni 1x125

8291 2 Ply 33cm Napkin-Dark Green Duni 1x125

61247 2 ply 33cm Napkin-Plum Duni 1x125

8013 2 Ply 33cm Napkin-Red Duni 1x125

60050 2 Ply 33cm Napkin-White Fairway 1x250

1236 2 Ply 33cm Napkin-Yellow Duni 1x125

32426 2 Ply 24cm Napkin-Cocktail-Black Staples 1x250

64905 2 Ply Cocktail Napkin-White Duni 8x300

9943 Tablecloth 84x84cm-Red Duni 1x20

2024 Tablecloth 84x84cm-White Duni 1x20

9044 Banquet Roll 100mtr x 1.2mtr-White Duni 1x1


9553 Doylies 10.5”-(25cm) Terinex 1x250

3868 Doylies 9.5”-(24cm) Terinex 1x250

8224 Doylies 8.5”-(21cm) Terinex 1x250

3206 Doylies 7.5-(19cm) Terinex 1x250

2574 Doylies 6.5”-(16cm) Terinex 1x250

4086 Doylies 5.5”-(14cm) Terinex 1x250

2459 Doylies 4.5”-(11cm) Terinex 1x250

9979 Doylies 3.5”-(9cm) Terinex 1x250

7827 Tray Papers 25x35cm-Lace Duni 1x250

44707 White Coasters Duni 1x250

Pizza Boxes

24194 Pizza Boxes-14” Total Foodsavers 1x50

4734 Pizza Boxes-12” Total Foodsavers 1x100

31061 Pizza Boxes-7” Total Foodsavers 1x100

Disposable Dining

8374 Paper Plates-7” Terinex 1x100

1431 Paper Plates-9” Terinex 1x100

9763 Poly Plates-9” Polarcups 1x100

8226 Plastic Dessert Spoons Plastico 1x100

5417 Plastic Forks Plastico 1x100

1280 Plastic Knives Plastico 1x100

98892 Plastic Teaspoons Dispo 1x100

32199 Plastic Dessert Spoons-Black Plastico 1x1000

43565 Plastic Forks-Black Plastico 1x1000

31244 Plastic Knives-Black Plastico 1x1000

8981 Plastic Teaspoons-Black Plastico 1x1000

4643 Plastic Tea Stirrers Dispo 1x1000

Disposable Takeout Dining

99892 Double Walled Cups 12oz 1x500

16620 LoveTaste Cups 12oz 1x50

69406 Poly Cup Lid-12oz Total Foodsavers 1x100

52773 Take Away Cup Lids-12oz 1x500

2124 Poly Cup-7oz-(F70) Total Foodsavers 1x25

4539 Poly Cup Lid-7oz Total Foodsavers 1x100

4501 Poly Cup-10oz-(F100) Total Foodsavers 1x20

4939 Poly Cup Lid-10oz Total Foodsavers 1x100

12156 Hot Drinking Cup Ultimate-12oz Dispo 1x500

14477 Hot Drinking Sip Lids 12/16oz Dispo 1x1000

8577 Vending Cups Squat-7oz Total Foodsavers 1x100

6871 Tumbler-1/2 Pint Dispo 1x50

14608 Tumbler-Pint Dispo 1x50

4624 Food Box-Large(HB10) Total Foodsavers 1x250

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten



14692 Takeaway Coffee Cups

The Tub Bathroom Accessories

20016 Allergen Labels

Disposable Takeout Dining continued

9618 Chip Trays Total Foodsavers 1x500

8172 Chip Trays-Hot Box(HB9) Total Foodsavers 1x500

19985 Newspaper Chip Cones Biodegradable Total Foodsavers 1x1000

69779 Jungle Lion & Friends Meal Boxes Colpac 1x250

13012 Wildlife Meal Boxes Colpac 1x250

Coffee & Tea Sundries

86686 Wooden Coffee Sticks Plastico 1x1000

Caffe Dolce Disposable Cups

14692 Take Away Cup-12oz Double Walled Caffe Dolce 1x500

49330 Take Away Cup Lids-12oz Solo Traveller Caffe Dolce 1x1000


44804 Mini Kilner Jar-6cm 1x12

18499 Plaster & Burns Kit-Blue CMS.Medical 1x1

7633 Plaster & Burns Kit-Blue-Refill CMS.Medical 1x100

5808 Temperature Probe RBD 1x1

44333 Restaurant Pads-Duplicate Achilles 1x20

15406 Restaurant Pads-Triplicate Achilles 1x20

Firelighters & Matches

Bin Liners

2095 Refuse Sacks-Black-Dust Bin Total Foodsavers 1x200

60235 Refuse Sacks-Clear-Dust Bin Total Foodsavers 1x200

1975 Pedal Bin Liners Handfare 1x100

8334 Swing Bin Liners Hanfare 1x100

Bathroom Accessories

90402 Soap-Wrapped 25gm The Tub 1x336

1006 Bottle-Shampoo The Tub 1x100

1004 Bottle-Shower Gel The Tub 1x100

Air Fresheners

11793 Airfresh-Lavender & Camomile Air Wick 1x240ml

96738 Airfresh-Pink Sweet Pea Air Wick 1x240ml


2072 Candles 10”-Buttermilk Duni 1x50

2454 Candles 10”-Dark Green Duni 1x50

3321 Candles 10”-White Duni 1x50

49505 Candles-Pillar-Altar-70x200mm Tradestock 1x4

4836 Candles-White Tealights 4hr Tradestock 1x100

17551 Candles-White Tealights 8hr Tradestock 1x50

22065 Firelighters Total Foodsavers 1x14

3277 Matches Cooks 1x1

Food Dating Sundries

A 20016 Food Allergen Labels Daymark 1x500

39671 Day Of The Week Labels Daymark 7x1000

34413 Use By Labels-Removable Daymark 1x500


A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

Delphis Eco, London

Manufacturer of Environmentally

Friendly Cleaning Products

Delphis Eco, London

By Appointment to

HRH The Prince of Wales

Manufacturer of Environmentally

Friendly Cleaning Products

Delphis Eco, London



100% ECO




t: 0203 397 0096








By Appointment to

HRH The Prince of Wales

Manufacturer of Environmentally

Friendly Cleaning Products

Citrus fresh with active grease

cutting ingredients. Non-caustic

and kind to hands

de phis




Cleans and stops



of harmful infec


- kills

99.99% of germs






All-in-one cleaner. Tough

on grease and dirt to leave

surfaces clean and shiny






Leaves washroom surfaces

sparkling clean. Prevents

limescale build-up


By Appointment to

HRH The Prince of Wales

Manufacturer of Environmentally

Friendly Cleaning Products

Delphis Eco, London


By Appointment to

HRH The Prince of Wales

Manufacturer of Environmentally

Friendly Cleaning Products

Delphis Eco, London


Challenge Frank!

Frank Maguire is our

Cleaning Expert.

He loves cleaning!




We want to prove to you how effective our products are and how they

can help you achieve optimum cleaning results in your workplace.

That’s why Frank would be delighted to make an appointment to provide

you with a FREE DEMONSTRATION of the Totally Green Solutions

range of products and how they can be used on your premises.

Frank will talk through your requirements and assess your working

environment with staff in any or all areas of your business to help identify

your perfect solution.

Totally Green Solutions-

Kitchen Cleaning

11295 Anti-Bacterial Sanitizer-Concentrate Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

47539 Anti Bacterial Sanitizer -RTU Delphis Eco 1x750ml

35783 Bio Tablets-Fizzy Toilet Treatment-Tube Delphis Eco 1x20

85321 Descaler Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

14679 Dish & Glass-Rinse Aid Concentrate Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

91398 Dishwasher Liquid-Concentrate Delphis Eco 1x20ltr

26145 Dishwasher Liquid-Concentrate Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

53995 Heavy Duty Degreaser Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

29880 Oven Cleaner-Combi Delphis Eco 1x5Ltr

55906 Oven Cleaner-Foaming Delphis Eco 1x2Ltr

57468 Trigger Spray-Foaming Delphis Eco 1x1

35691 Washing Up Liquid-Ecological Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

Totally Green Solutions-

General Cleaning

19970 Washroom Cleaner Bio Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

91853 Anti Bacterial Handwash Delphis Eco 1x500ml

57061 Anti Bacterial Handwash Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

54024 Beer Line Cleaner Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

27186 Bio Urinal Block-Tub Delphis Eco 1x50

87717 Renovator & Destainer Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

94872 Floor Maintainer Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

44573 Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

71266 Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner-RTU Delphis Eco 1x750ml

8445 Lemon Gel Cleaner-Concentrate Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

82719 Masonry & Stone Cleaner Concentrate Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

22058 Multi Purpose Cleaner-RTU Delphis Eco 1x750ml

89202 Multi Purpose Cleaner Delphis Eco 1x5ltr

66861 Toilet Cleaner-Liquid Delphis Eco 1x1ltr

Totally Green Solutions-

Washroom Refills

77623 Hand Towel Roll-1Ply-Blue Bay West 1x12

54602 Hand Towel Roll-2Ply-White-Ecosoft Bay West 1x6

4475 Soap Cartridge-Eco Foam-Fragrance Bay West 8x800ml

78984 Soap Cartridge-Foam-Bactericidal Bay West 8x800ml

66820 Toilet Rolls-2Ply-White Bay West 1x36

78142 Micro Towel-Blue Bay West 1X1

Totally Green Solutions-

Cleaning Dispensing Systems

35750 621-MultiDose Bottle Fill Hydro 1x1

2871 624-MultiDose Bucket Fill Hydro 1x1

75686 Micro Dispenser-White Bay West 1x1

59782 Mini Jumbo Dispenser Bay West 1x1

26224 2 Roll Toilet Dispenser-Black Bay West 1x1

51666 2 Roll Toilet Dispenser-Blue Bay West 1x1

6915 2 Roll Toilet Dispenser-Green Bay West 1x1

85813 2 Roll Toilet Dispenser-Red Bay West 1x1

11120 2 Roll Toilet Dispenser-White Bay West 1x1

75839 2 Roll Vertical Dispenser-Black Bay West 1x1

92284 2 Roll Vertical Dispenser-Green Bay West 1x1

32995 2 Roll Vertical Dispenser-White Bay West 1x1

50405 Hands Free Towel Dispenser-Black Bay West 1x1

11953 Hands Free Towel Dispenser-Blue Bay West 1x1

52806 Hands Free Towel Dispenser-Green Bay West 1x1

90792 Hands Free Towel Dispenser-Red Bay West 1x1

77321 Hands Free Towel Dispenser-White Bay West 1x1

81988 Revolution 3 Roll Dispenser-Black Bay West 1x1

94142 Revolution 3 Roll Dispenser-Blue Bay West 1x1

69239 Revolution 3 Roll Dispenser-Green Bay West 1x1

62452 Revolution 3 Roll Dispenser-Red Bay West 1x1

75682 Revolution 3 Roll Dispenser-White Bay West 1x1


A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

Washroom Dispensers for Every Environment

Benefits of

the Bay West

Green Range

Total Foodservice is committed to developing our range of environmentally preferred

non-food products to help you meet the increasing demands of finding cost effective

solutions. That is why we have teamed up with Bay West to bring you this range of EU

Eco-label approved washroom dispensers and disposables.

Hands-Free Hand

Towel Dispenser

Bay West has become the first

UK brand in the ‘away from

home’ market to meet the

environmental requirements

of the EU Eco-label scheme.

Licence number UK / 4 / 002

Revolution Toilet

Tissue Dispenser

Foam Soap




in Red, Blue,

White & Black

Ask for details

• The first UK brand in the

‘away from home’ market

to meet the environmental

requirements of the EU

Eco-label scheme

• Reduce waste by

up to 40%

• Modern, attractive designs

• At a glance stock control

• Reduce paper consumption

• Lower overall costs

• Ideal for septic tanks

• Average saving of approx.

20% on washroom


• Dispensers are free on loan


Cleaning Range

82321 Dishwash Detergent

48777 Fairy Liquid

TGS-Cleaning Dispensing

Systems continued

79581 Soap Dispenser-Black Bay West 1x1

59127 Soap Dispenser-Blue Bay West 1x1

19354 Soap Dispenser-Green Bay West 1x1

7118 Soap Dispenser-Red Bay West 1x1

29834 Soap Dispenser-White Bay West 1x1

75907 Soap Dispenser-Automatic-Black Bay West 1x1

36888 Soap Dispenser-Automatic-Red Bay West 1x1

Totally Green Solutions-

System Consumables

17068 Trigger Spray Bottle-Oval Dormex 1x1

68420 Trigger Spray-Blue Dormex 1x1

40495 Trigger Spray-Green Dormex 1x1

25105 Trigger Spray-Red Dormex 1x1

27513 Trigger Spray-Yellow Dormex 1x1

Totally Clean-Dishwasher


87193 Carpet Shampoo Totally Clean 1x5ltr

17487 Dish & Glass Rinse Aid Concentrate Totally Clean 1x5ltr

24547 Dish & Glass Rinse Aid Concentrate Totally Clean 1x20ltr

82321 Dishwash Detergent-Auto Totally Clean 1x20ltr

82391 Dishwash Detergent-Auto Totally Clean 1x5ltr

33918 Enzyme Drain Maintainer Totally Clean 1x5ltr

67721 Glasswash-Cabinet Detergent Totally Clean 1x5ltr

Totally Clean-Laundry Products

10440 Fabric Softener Totally Clean 1x20ltr

26902 Laundry Detergent Totally Clean 1x20ltr

15050 Low Temperature Laundry Stain Remover Totally Clean 1x10ltr


27640 Detergent-Concentrated Cleenol 1x5ltr

20161 Detergent-Washing Up Liquid Cleenol 1x5ltr

48777 Detergent-Washing Up Liquid Fairy 1x5ltr

2119 Detergent-Washing Up Liquid Kitchen King 1x5ltr

Dishwasher Solutions

68825 Dishwash Tablets-Clean & Fresh 1x15

4842 Dishwash-Granular Salt Diversey 1x25kg

73443 Dishwash Powder Finish 1x10kg

General Purpose

2572 Beer Pipe Cleaner Cleenol 1x5ltr

2965 Lift Original Cleenol 1x5ltr

65099 Windolene Trigger Reckitts 1x500ml


79129 Polish-Original Mr Sheen 1x300ml

34846 Polish-Classic Pledge 1x250ml

8471 Polish-Metal Brasso 1x175ml

3500 Polish-Emulsion Cleenol 1x5ltr

Sterilizer & Bleach

98269 Anti Bacterial Cleaner Dettol 1x2ltr

8138 Bleach-Blue Domestos 1x5ltr

1360 Bleach-Power Cleenol 1x5ltr

55520 Bleach-Thick Dispel 1x5ltr

4702 Bleach-Thick Cleenol 1x5ltr

3136 Bleach-Thick Cleenol 1x750ml

3345 Disinfectant-Pine Kitchen King 1x5ltr

2118 Sterilizer Milton 1x5ltr

Kitchen Product

9285 All Purpose Cleaning Powder Deepio 1x6kg

33028 Degreaser-Liquid Cleenol 1x5ltr


A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.


8431 Kitchen Cleaner

7324 Mould Spray

76819 Non Bio Laundry Powder

7847 Degreaser-Powder-(Heavy Duty) Cleenol 1x10kg

4655 Liquid-Lemon Flash 1x5ltr

59542 Oven Cleaner Mr Muscle 1x300ml

7856 Scouring Cream Cif 1x2ltr

8431 Spray Cleaner-Kitchen Mr Muscle 1x500ml

9422 Spray Cleaner-with Bactercide Lift 1x5ltr

2918 Tannin Remover Cleenol 1x3.5kg

8595 Warm Oven Spray Cleenol 1x5ltr

Toilet & Bathroom

1746 All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach Flash 1x500ml

9875 Bathroom Spray Flash 1x500ml

7324 Mould Spray HG 1x500ml

51786 Toilet Cleaner-Fresh Toilet Duck 1x750ml

89595 Toilet Cleaner-Pine Clean & Fresh 1x750ml

Laundry Products

36985 Powder-Bio Persil 1x6.3kg

41532 Powder-Non Bio Persil 1x6.3kg

7458 Liquid-Non-Bio Persil 1x5ltr

91914 Tablets-Non Bio Persil 4x40

8721 Laundry Powder-Bio Dispel 1x10kg

76819 Laundry Powder-Non Bio Dispel 1x10kg

Liquid Hand Soap & Gel

17999 Liquid Soap-Bactericidal Cleenol 1x5ltr

Toilet Rolls-Hand Towels

24934 Centre Feed 2 Ply-Blue Optimum 1x6

22015 Centre Feed 2 Ply-White Optimum 1x6

42673 Centre Feed 2 Ply-Blue Staples 1x6

68790 Centre Feed 2 Ply-Mini-White Optimum 1x12

93366 Centre Fold 2 Ply-White Hand Towels Optimum 1x2400

11124 Toilet Roll-Quilted Optisilk-White 1x40

61448 Toilet Roll 2 Ply-White Optimum 18x2

33998 Toilet Roll 2 Ply-Mini Jumbo-White Optimum 1x12

73155 Toilet Roll 2 Ply-Jumbo-White Optimum 1x6

1340 Toilet Tissue-Interleaf-[Flat Pack] Cleenol 1x36

43441 Ecosoft 1ply Toilet Tissue Optimum 1x36

59411 Andrex-Roll White Andrex 1x4

1057 Cubed Facial Tissues-White Optimum 1x24


67015 Dispenser-Centre Feed 1x1

19066 Stainless Steel Jumbo Paper Dispenser 1x1

34146 Stainless Steel Toilet Tissue Dispenser 1x1

63883 Stainless Steel-Disp-Centre Feed Roll 1x1

58112 Stainless Steel-Disp-Z/C Fold Paper Towels 1x1

28661 Stainless Steel-Soap Disp-1200ml 1x1

2076 Stainless Steel-Soap Disp-600ml 1x1

56688 Stainless Steel-Waste Bin-18 litre 1x1

30446 Stainless Steel-Waste Bin-50 litre 1x1

Cloths & Wipes

20269 Cleaning Cloths-Microfibre-Blue Ramon 1x10

24830 Cleaning Cloths-Microfibre-Green Ramon 1x10

29336 Cleaning Cloths-Microfibre-Red Ramon 1x10

49432 Cleaning Cloths-Microfibre-Yellow Ramon 1x10

76038 Dishcloths Ramon 1x10

4162 Dusters-Yellow Ramon 1x10

2109 Multi Pupose Cloth-Blue Ramon 1x25

3733 Multi Purpose Cloth-Green Ramon 1x25

2876 Multi Purpose Cloth-Red Ramon 1x25

2775 All Purpose Semi Disposable Cloths Ramon 1x50

43904 All Purpose Semi Disposable Cloths Ramon 1x50

96469 Tea Towels-Rice Weave Ramon 1x10

36361 Z Fold 2 Ply-White Hand Towels Optimum 1x3000

58433 V Fold 1 Ply Hand Towel-GREEN Disposables 1x3510

Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330

A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten



Kitchen Sundries

3951 Washing Up Brush

2585 Scourer & 11337 Gloves

Kitchen Sundries

5350 Brillo Small Soap Pads Mr Muscle 1x10

3751 Griddle Scourers Cleenol 1x10

7348 Griddle Screens Cleenol 1x10

4728 Oven Cloths-Extra Long Ramon 1x5

2653 Plastic Nail Brush Cleenol 1x1

4284 Probe Wipes Ramon 1x200

2585 Scourers-Galvanised Ramon 1x10

9101 Scourers-Sponge Ramon 1x10

5053 Scourers-Sponge Yellow Puractive Vileda 1x10

8180 Scouring Pads-Green Ramon 1x10

3951 Washing Up Brush-Small Cleenol 1x1

Mops, Buckets & Brushes

2525 Kentucky Bucket & Wringer System-Green Cleenol 1x1

7539 Mop Head Midi-Green Freedom 1x1

8028 Dust Pan-Soft Brush-Yellow Ramon 1x1

34142 Mop/Broom-Handle-Aluminium Yellow Ramon 1x1

39698 Mop/Broom-Handle-Aluminium Blue Ramon 1x1

44507 Mop Head-with Plastic Socket-Blue Ramon 1x1

90112 Mop Head-with Plastic Socket-Green Ramon 1x1

53588 Mop Head-with Plastic Socket-Red Ramon 1x1

91210 Mop-Head-with Plastic Socket-Yellow Ramon 1x1

92510 Soft Broom Head Blue Ramon 1x1

98457 Soft Broom Head Yellow Ramon 1x1

44647 Bucket & Wringer-Blue Ramon 1x1

7529 Mop-Handle Blue Freedom 1x1

7525 Mop-Handle Green Freedom 1x1

47878 Mop-Handle Red Freedom 1x1

7528 Mop-Handle Yellow Freedom 1x1

7532 Mop Head Midi-Blue Freedom 1x1

72367 Mop Head Midi-Red Freedom 1x1

7542 Mop Head Midi-Yellow Freedom 1x1

7546 Kentucky Mop Head-Blue Freedom 1x1

7562 Kentucky Mop Head-Green Freedom 1x1

7556 Kentucky Mop Head-Yellow Freedom 1x1

63943 Kentucky Mop Head-Plain-16oz Ramon 1x1

2396 Kentucky Mop Handle-with spring Cleenol 1x1


46989 Gloves-Vinyl-Extra Large-Powdered Fine Touch 1x100

7675 Gloves-Vinyl-Small-Powdered Fine Touch 1x100

3221 Gloves-Vinyl-Medium-Powdered Fine Touch 1x100

7677 Gloves-Vinyl-Large-Powdered Fine Touch 1x100

73498 Gloved-Vinyl-Medium-Non Powder 1x100

89578 Gloves-Vinyl-Large-Non Powder 1x100

1889 Gloves-Black-Large-(Heavy Duty) Cleenol 1 Pair

3283 Gloves-PVC Gauntlet Cleenol 1 Pair

64856 Gloves-Rubber-Small Hanfare 1x12

11337 Gloves-Rubber-Medium Blue Hanfare 1x12

9499 Gloves-Rubber-Large Hanfare 1x12

46908 Gloves-Surgical 1x100

85411 Bucket & Wringer-Green Ramon 1x1

60200 Bucket & Wringer Red Ramon 1x1

92870 Bucket & Wringer-Yellow Ramon 1x1

9039 Complete Brush & Handle 12”-(Soft) Cleenol 1x1

3272 Broom Head-Soft 12”-(Wood) Cleenol 1x1

7754 Scrubbing Brush Cleenol 1x1

1899 Mop & Brush Handle-(Wood) Cleenol 1x1

1754 Mop Bucket-Galvanised Cleenol 1x1


A Vegetarian | C Made without Gluten

We have left this directory un-priced to ensure that you get

the best possible price in the market at the time of asking.

Your Total Foodservice

Every product your business needs.

For more information about our Total range of products for the caterer ask for a

copy of our Frozen Food Directory and other brochures. Our Total range includes;

Frozen food

Fresh-frozen fish

and meat, the

highest grade

vegetables, desserts,

confectionery and

pre-prepared meals.

Chilled food

The freshest juices,

dairy and soups,

speciality cheeses,

sliced meats and

speciality quiches

you’d be proud to call

your own.


Ambient, dried, packed

and canned. The stock

ingredients that give

your kitchen time,

convenience, simplicity

and some fabulous

finishing touches.


Well-known and own

brands with the sort

of in-built irresistibility

that builds profit



The foils & films,

disposable cups,

cutlery, paper goods,

warewashing and

laundry products that

no catering business

can do without.


Big brands, budget

and environmental

ranges all with one

common feature: each

possesses the cleaning

power caterers need,

inside and outside the


Whoever you’re catering for,

make us your Total Foodservice.

How to Order

You can place your order quickly and with

the minimum of fuss using any of the

following methods:


Place your order and view accounts details via

our online ordering website.

Visit for more



Yorkshire 01484 536 688

Sales Office: 08:30 - 17:00 (Mon - Fri)

North West 01254 828 330

Sales Office: 08:30 - 17:00 (Mon - Fri)

We are pleased to schedule a telesales call from

our office on the day prior to your delivery at a

time convenient to yourself.

An answerphone service is available for

additions to placed orders.

Through your Representative

Your representative will be able to support

you with the very latest information, offers and

where possible, samples of products. He or she

will be happy to talk through your requirements.


Yorkshire FAX: 01484 435 071

North West FAX: 01254 823 996

Minimum delivery: £50.00

(inclusive of grocery, chilled, frozen and nonfood


All items featured in this brochure are subject to

availability. Sizes and product information are

quoted as approximate and for guidance only.

Some products illustrated may not be current

stock items, but we will make every effort to

obtain stock, if items are commercially viable to

source. All alcoholic beverages are stocked and

sold for culinary purposes only.

Quality Assurance

All our products are sourced from Total

Foodservice approved suppliers following our

stringent quality assessment.


All goods are supplied cash on delivery except

where credit facilities have been arranged.

Monthly accounts are due for payment by the

15th day of each month.


The prices are correct at the time of printing

but may alter without notice. The effective

price is that ruling at the time of dispatch.

Some products are subject to significant price

fluctuation caused by market supply and

demand, seasonality and current exchange

rates. All prices shown are exclusive of VAT

which will be charged at the rate current at time

of order where applicable.

North West:

Tel Sales: 01254 828 330

Tel Admin: 01254 828 340


Tel Sales: 01484 536 688

Tel Admin: 01484 558 500



Totalfoodservice Solutions Limited Registered office: 13 Station Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1LY Registered in England and Wales No. 5061181

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