Day 2 The Spiritual Dance for the New Year

15 Days of Prayer for


during the Tibetan New Year

Today Dorjie was very excited.

He was going to the monastery

with his family. They were not

necessarily going to appease any

goddess, but rather, to watch the

spiritual dance.

In Tibet, Losar is not only a

cultural celebration. You can find

thousands of related activities or

ceremonies throughout the




dance is




the Losar


each monastery will arrange

their spiritual dance, a religious

ceremonial dance. It can be in the

form of solo, dual, or even group

dance. All dancers are monks,

strictly chosen and trained. When

they are dancing, they wear masks

and long gowns with colored

ribbons, accompanied by musical

instruments such as cymbals,

battlehorns, and reeded horns.

Today the spiritual dance was

followed by the blowing of a conch

horn. Dorjie and his family were

waiting quietly for the monks

who would be wearing masks

of protecting deities, monsters

Pray that:

• The Tibetans will

be set free from the

demons and those

spiritual rituals.

• The Tibetans will no

longer be cheated

by the lies from the


• The Tibetans will

know Jesus is the

only one worthy of


and demons to enter the dancing

avenue. Every action of the monks

had its religious meaning. Dorjie

concentrated to watch the dance.

He knew that the spiritual dance

was a religious activity that was

said to expel demons, take away

bad luck and bring them blessings.

Such an auspicious activity was

something not to be missed during

this big festival of the year.

During the dancing ceremony,

the audience paid close attention.

Dorjie’s mother kept mumbling

and Dorjie knew

that his mother

was chanting. A

moment later,

Dorjie saw

many neighbors

and relatives

bow down on

their knees, with their foreheads

touching the ground in worship.

The worshipers’ up and down

movements and the monks’

dancing seemed to form a perfect

picture of harmony.

After several rounds of solo and

dual dances, the crowded group

dance began, and Dorjie knew that

today’s spiritual dance was coming

to an end. Although he had already

stood there to watch for nearly

two hours, Dorjie was not tired.

On the contrary, he felt relieved,

joyful and blessed. He believed

that the religious dance was not

only a ceremony that could expel

demons, but also, it could clean

one’s soul. He believed that this

year would be better than the


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