1510 DT final


Ride More Stress Less



OCTOBER 2015 RSA R29.50


2016 YAMAHA 1000 SXS












Tested at Syringa




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1510 Untitled-4 DT COVER.indd 1 1 2015/09/18 2015/09/16 10:33 1:29 PM















Editor: Roley Foley

The Lord and the Biker

A biker was riding along a California beach when

suddenly the sky clouded above his head and, in a

booming voice, the Lord said, “Because you have

tried to be faithful to me in all ways, I will grant you

one wish.”

The biker pulled over and said, “Build a bridge to

Hawaii so I can ride over anytime I want.”










Just fill out this form and fax or e-mail it with a deposit slip to...

Fax: 086 541 1390 • e-mail: foleyg@mweb.co.za

Name: ................................................................................................

Postal Address: .................................................................................


The Lord said, “Your request is materialistic,

think of the enormous challenges for that kind of

undertaking. The supports required to reach the

bottom of the Pacific! The concrete and steel it

would take! It will nearly exhaust several natural

resources. I can do it, but it is hard for me to justify

your desire for worldly things.

Take a little more time and think of something that

would honor and glorify me.”

The biker thought about it for a long time. Finally

he said, “Lord, I wish that I could understand my

wife. I want to know how she feels inside, what she’s

thinking when she gives me the silent treatment,

why she cries, what she means when she says

nothing’s wrong, and how I can make a woman truly


The Lord replied,

“Do you want two lanes or four on that bridge?”

Code: ..................... Tel: ................................................................

Starting with issue (Jan, Feb, etc.): ..................................................

Banking details: Standard Bank - Festival Mall

Acc No.: 421760311 Branch Code: 018305


ADMIN: ANETTE 011 979 1363


ADVERTISING: KYLE 071 684 4546



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The talented Clint Cunningham from one of the most

famous bands in the world, Clint and Co has bought

himself a Super Tenere and signed on as a brand

ambassador. You’ll be seeing lots of him entertaining

the crowds at all sorts of Yamaha gatherings.

Clint is no stranger to South African audiences.

He has been an entertainer since the mid 80’s. “I

believe that I facilitate healing through the medium

of music,” says Clint, “I am passionately connected

to music and performance… it is my calling.” After

15 years in the pubs and clubs and almost as many

years in the supper theatres, casinos and show

venues, Clint has uniquely built a business outside

the mainstream music industry where he and his

band enjoy great support from the motorcycle and

boxing industries. A passionate and wonderful

entertainer with a massive voice, Clint is here to

stay. What a Band!!



SSS racing manufactures spacers for quads. You use

spacers for better appearance to push wheels out

for better stance and more aggressive look. Spacers

help to make sports quads more stable and corner

better by widening the wheelbase.

They make aluminium spacers, front set with

studs included R500, rear aluminium set with studs

included R500. They also have grp (nylon) front

spacers sets with studs included R400, and rear

GRP (nylon) spacers set with studs included R400.

They also sell studs separately.

Contact Fred 083 457 1666, or email your order to







SUNOCO is one of the world leaders in

the race fuel industry, outselling the

combined efforts of all of the other

race fuel manufacturers in the world.

Since the 1960’s, the Philadelphiabased

company has grown into an

industry powerhouse – it is a Fortune

50 company in the United States – and

currently produces more than 900 000

barrels of fuel from its fifteen refineries

across America. Over the years they

have expanded the reach of their racing

fuel lines around the world to include

all types of professional motor sports

and other activities where premium

race fuels make a difference -NOW


SUNOCO SA is more than just Race

Fuel; they have created mobile Sunoco

Race Shops which will be found at race

meets & social events happening in &

around SA. Their aim is to Service &

Supply the Greater Racing Community

with Products of Excellence, ranging

from race fuel to race gear & all the

accessories a racer needs to perform

& protect themselves. Delivered to your


In support of SA Motorsport, we have

also created “SUNOCO SPEED TV”,

Ignition Channel 189 DSTV, covering all

facets of local High Octane Motorsport –

Bikes, Boats, Cars, & Karts! Passionate

about Racing, & focussed on uplifting

SA Motorsport!


- Increased Horsepower & Torque!

- Better Throttle Response &


- Cleaner Combustion Chambers &

Cool Running Motor!

- Improved Reliability & No expensive

engine modifications required!

- The Opportunity to Jet or Map your

Bike, Boat, Car or Kart to Its Optimum

Power with Consistent Performance &

Results! (Other Fuels Vary Greatly In

Octane Numbers & Specific Gravity, that

you Have To Set Your Engine up With a

Huge Safety Margin, Not Optimising Its


- All Sunoco Fuels Have Much Higher

Octane Ratings, Allowing you to Build

your Engine with a Higher Compression


- Unlike other race fuels, Sunoco is

Not harmful to Seals, Injectors, or

Carburettors, & may remain in tank

without being flushed!

- Sunoco is the Only Race Fuel to

Infuse the Oxygen within the Ethanol

Molecules, eliminating the possibility

for Oxygen to escape each time the

Decanter is opened. There is no need

for Sunoco to be stored on Ice as it can

withstand temperatures of up to 75

degrees Celsius before denaturing!

- All Sunoco Race Fuels have a

Minimum Shelf Life of 1 year once


- 9 - 13 Horsepower on Rear Wheel for

Superbikes - more can be achieved with

Bazzaz Engine Management System,

available from Sunoco Race Shop!

- 5 - 7 Horsepower on Rear Wheel

for Dirt Bikes - Fit a Bazzaz Engine

Management System from Sunoco Race

Shop & manage your power through

each gear!

They tell us that Sunoco is the cheapest

most reliable horsepower money can


More info:

Contact: ryan@sunoco.co.za 082 345

1399 www.sunoco.co.za

4 OCTOBER 2015

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Just landed is the new 2016 range of JT Racing

luggage. From backpacks to gearbags, the

latest range is oh so cool and stylish.

For more info check out www.xstreme.co.za.

Modern Bushveld game

farm – adjoins

Entabeni Big 5 reserve and Legend

golf course.

11 self-catering chalets, sleeping

42 in total.

Quad & hiking trails.

Work functions, family groups

and small conferences.

Erna: 083 271 3209 | Tel: 012 663 4660

Fax: 086 240 1067

info@vilagama.co.za | www.vilagama.co.za



Phone 0878083650 / 0878083649 / 0127512617






The two layer construction

provides dual-stage filtration;

the outer coarse-foam traps

larger particles of dirt and water,

keeping the inner fine-foam layer free to trap fine dust

and flow air effectively and consistently.

A thick soft-foam sealing ring is used to ensure the best

possible seal against the airbox.

Reusable and easy to clean. Final construction of

Hiflofiltro filters uses a specially formulated adhesive

that is unaffected by repeated cleaning and oiling

cycles, ensuring a long filter life and reliable engine


Hiflofiltro Dual-Stage foam filters are designed to

increase airflow into the intake, maximising the power

available from your engine. Flow bench tests have

proven that dual stage filters provide increased airflow

while reducing the tendency to clog.

Formulated for maximum performance and top

filtration at optimum flow, giving you the power to win.

www.trickbitz.co.za / Tel 011 672 6599









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sss AUGUST 2015 .pdf 1 08/07/2015 20:04


FROM R1970
















FROM R1400





















FROM R2500 / SET





R1500 EACH








FROM R1100


FROM R2500











FROM R2000




1510 DT news pages.indd 7 2015/09/18 10:53 PM

8 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Roof.indd 8 2015/09/18 10:37 PM

This from the organizers, Extreme

Offroad Promotions:

Competitors: We hope you are training hard

and staying focussed on your goal – to finish

the Roof of Africa. Whatever class you have

entered, you have challenged yourself to an

incredible challenge of your own ability and

we wish you Good luck!

On the organising side, things have been

going quietly ahead. The last few months we

have been out most weekends looking for

new links and passes and we are now 90%

done and now just need to put it all together

and finalise the logistics like distances, fuel

points, service and spectator points. This is

never an easy exercise in Lesotho to try and

keep everybody happy!

Obviously we are not going to tell you the

route, but what we can tell you is that it will

be a shorter, more compact route, but just

as demanding as the Roof always dictates!

We will tell you that the Start and Finish

will, following on last year’s success, be at

Ha Patrick. This area was hugely popular

as it provided easy access, ample space

and parking for everybody as well as a

spectacular finish line.

What’s new this year? Well, not a lot;

the last two years saw Extreme Off Road

Promotions introduce all sorts of new

innovations such as the transponder scoring

system and the satellite tracking system to

bring the Roof of Africa to the forefront in

standards expected of International extreme

enduro events. These innovations were

hugely successful and contributed greatly to

the smoother and safer running of the event

and we will continue with these.

Last year the tracking system was untested

and we were hesitant to make too big a

deal about making the tracking available to

the public, however it was a great success

and all spectators, service crews and fans

will this year be able to follow competitors

via their cell phones or tablets from

anywhere in the world via the Yellow Brick

App. Having said that, there is nothing like

experiencing the Roof live as a spectator

and with the December date, we hope that

many families turn out to be part of this


Last year the Round the Houses was

changed significantly, by taking the event

in to the Maseru Soccer Club “Arena” This

really worked well in terms of creating a

real spectacle along with the enormously

popular FMX show. We will be sticking by

this winning formula.

In a bid to showcase the event and the

riders, technical inspection has been

scheduled for Gold Class competitors. This

will be held on Wednesday afternoon in one

of Maseru’s popular and busy Shopping Malls

and will give the general public a chance to

mingle with their heroes and get autographs

signed. The technical inspection will be kept

to the minimum and will be pretty much

confined to a decal check and recording

of frame and engine numbers. Press and

Media Interviews will take place at the same

venue and we are confident that this will be

a popular event with the teams, competitors,

spectators and general public alike.

The Roof remains hugely popular with entries

sitting at 380 and we now eagerly await to

see which competitors from overseas will be

competing. Watch this space!

For those of you that didn’t see it in action

last year, here is the link to the Yellow

Brick Satellite tracking for the 2014 Roof

of Africa. You can replay the whole race

and see where anybody was at any specific

time. This same system will be available to

the public again this year either for you to

follow on your PC or you can download the

app to your cellphone/tablet. Remember

that if you want to follow it in Lesotho to buy

a local sim card and data from ECONET at

Registration to avoid using roaming data

which is very expensive. Here is the link


A word from Motul: One of the headline


Motul is proud to continue our partnership

with the Roof of Africa for 2015. We can

also confirm that once again all riders will

have access to the complimentary Motul MC

Care Bike Wash. We had a few requests last

year from riders wanting to wash their own

bikes, so this year competitors will have the

option of washing their bikes themselves,

or taking advantage of the full service wash

similar to last year.

Motul will also be offering Motul Care Packs

which will be available at your nearest

Motul dealer as well as at the event and will

include the following items:

Motul air filter oil. Motul off-road chain

lube. Motul helmet interior cleaner. Motul

hands clean.


This year, we will have a mobile printing

studio with all of the photo’s from the Dirt

And Trail photographers of the event up on

display, so every evening, you can purchase

a printed copy during the ride, or you can

order online.

380 riders booked so far!

More Roof News next month…





1510 DT Roof.indd 9 2015/09/18 10:37 PM

38 riders compete in the FIM

MXOAN – Zimbabwe 29th and

30th August.

By Grant Foley. Pics by Traxtion

photography Annie Allen.

The two-day Continental

Championship attracted a record

number of competitors with 200

junior and senior riders from

Botswana, Kenya, South Africa,

Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia and

the host nation Zimbabwe.

The Zim organising committee,

led by the former Chairman

of the Bogwheelers club, Gary

Grainger, and the club’s current

Chairman, Shaun Whyte, staged

a world class event on Saturday

and Sunday. The Donnybrook

track in Harare sorted the men

from the boys. Even with the

challenges that Zim faces, the

track is still one of the best in


The South African Team

won this event for the third

year in a row with 895 points

securing a landslide win in the


The stars of the show include the

likes of Yamaha’s Maddy Malan,

Zims Jayden Ashwell (KTM450),

Uganda’s Jurgen Kuppers (Kawa

450), SA’s Jonathan and Joshua

Mlimi, both on KTM.

Maddy took honours in the MX 2

class (250cc). He was followed

home by team mate Tristan

Purdon and third place went to

Ashley Thixton from Zims. Three

Yamaha’s on the podium.

Jayden placed first in MX1

(450cc). He was chased by last

years champ Ross Branch from

Bots and Wade Den (Suzuki).

In the Vets class, Uganda’s

Jurgen Kurpers surprised

everyone when he beat multiple

10 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT MX Nations.indd 10 2015/09/18 10:37 PM

1510 DT MX Nations.indd 11 2015/09/18 10:38 PM

Team Sa: Willem Hough, James Thompson, Lucas Venter, Luke Grundy, Wian Du Plooy, Jonathan Mlimi, Hayden

Tully, Leonard Du Toit, James Moore, Thomas Schoeman, Dalton Venter, Christiaan Cilliers, Matthew Green,

Slade Smith, Wikus Van Sandwyk, Slade Botha, Joshua Mlimi, Dirco Van Der Westhuizen, Michael Wolhuter,

Jordan Venter, Janes Van Sandwyk, Matthew Malan, Tristan Purdon, Garric Pretorius, Anton Henriksen,

Michael Docherty, Andrew Wren, Justin Buist, Wade Den, Ian Topliss, Raymond Prout-Jones, Andre Joubert ,

Geoff Den, Francois Du Plooy, Mark Beverley, Toni Jardine, Bo-Dene Scott, Natasha Rugani, Brittany Cuthbert.

SA champ Ian Topliss (Kawa). Third place

went to the six years retired Warren

Thorne on a KTM, who was drafted into

the Zim side for this event.

In the 125’s, Dirko Van der Westhuisen

took top honours on his TLB Yamaha,

followed by KTM’s Regan Wasmuth, who

had the ride of his life. Joshua Mlimi

came in third after being taken out in the

third heat in an unfortunate “Botsing”. He

was left with a tyre track across his back

– he says he’s back next year to win it!!

MX Lites (85cc) junior rider Dalton Venter

won overall. Matthew green placed

second and Husqvarna’s Slade Smith

third. He won two heats and suffered a

DNF… Quick mention must be made of

Zims Davin Cocker who placed fourth

after an amazing ride.

Last year’s champ Jonathan Mlimi did

it again on his Katoom. He edged out

Hayden Tully with third place going to

Zim competitor Daiyaan Manuel. This is

the first time that Swaziland entered this

event - their Blake Young came in fifth

just behind Zims Kude Mhene.

The 50cc class was the best bar banging

racing of the whole event. These kids are

spectacular to watch on an extremely

difficult, sandy circuit. 28 kids lined up. 3

on the podium in the form of SA’s James

Thomson in first place. He was followed

by Wian Du Plooy. Third place was tied

by Emmanuel Bako (Zim) and SA’s Luke

Grundy. Emmanuel took third overall,

narrowly beating Grundy in the third heat.

The Swazi and Kenyan riders have to be

mentioned, the improvement over last

year’s event is phenomenal!

In the ladies division, Zambia’s Leah

Heygate was unbeatable. This young girl

was amazing to watch and she’s come

out of nowhere to beat the other ten

lady riders. Our South Africans did us

proud with the next four places – Brittany

Cuthbert, second, our Roof star Natasha

Rugani third, Bo-Dene Scott fourth and

Toni Jardine, fifth after eating some

serious Donnybrook dirt.

The FIM Africa Motocross of African

Nations Championship is one of the

few motorcycle events recognised as a

“Team” event, where the points of the

official riders are tallied to determine

who the winning African Nation will be for

that particular year.

Well done to the South African Team!

Overall results:

South Africa 895.

Zimbabwe 699

Zambia 264

Botswana 195

Uganda 135

Swaziland (first year competing)

Unofficial 126

Kenya 97

Next year, there is a possibility that

Madagascar and Angola will join the series,

it will be great to see them in action!

12 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT MX Nations.indd 12 2015/09/18 10:38 PM

work hard play harder


*R119 000

*At time of going to press

1510 DT MX Nations.indd 13 2015/09/18 10:38 PM

Made for riders, by riders



Introducing the Arai Pro Shade System. The fi

rst visor system good enough for Arai helmets.

At Arai, they won’t be rushed in the pursuit of convenience at

the expense of protection. Beacuase they won’t compromise the

integrity of their helmets. Or their riders.

Now they are proud to introduce the Arai Pro Shade System

accessory. Replacing the stock shield on any Arai helmet that uses

the SAI type shield, the Pro Shade System reduces excess ambient

light in both the down and up positions.

Most important, in every way it performs like an Arai.

• Mounted on clear MAX Vision visor with Pinlock lens

• Protects againts sun glare, fogging and misting

• Locks in position

• Enhances aerodynamics, improves stability

1510 DT Bikewise pages.indd 14 2015/09/18 10:38 PM

Have a gander at the latest designs on the Tour X 4 range of adventure, a 3 in one helmet

perfect for adventure, MX or street use. The Tour X 4 range all come Pin-Lock ready.


Arai are showing their new premium race

helmet to the world for the first time.

Here’s our guide to the five most important


Relocated visor pivot

The visor pivot point sits 24mm lower

than on the existing RX-7GP. This means

a smooth shape over a larger area of the

shell to promote an action Arai call ‘glancing

off’ in the event of an accident. The idea

is that a smooth shape is better able to

spread the impact load and help reduce the

amount of energy transfer to the rider’s

brain. The new visor mount

means sidepods

are smaller and

sit outside the

zone identified

by America’s





as the most

crucial area

of the helmet

for providing


Formula One visor lock/open tab

The small tab to either lock an Arai visor

open or closed can be fiddly to operate. The

new version is adopted from Arai’s racing

helmets for F1 drivers. It’s more substantial

and is easier to use.

Longer diffuser

The plastic spoiler on top of the helmet is

there to help extract hot air from inside the

helmet, and this one is 20mm longer than

before, to increase airflow and improve

high-speed aerodynamics. Arai say the new

helmet flows 11% more air than the existing

helmet, thanks to the diffuser and air intakes

that are 19% larger than the current lid.

Revised shell

It looks just the same as before, because

Arai insist a smooth rounded shell is the

most protective, but it’s 30g lighter thanks to

a new type of resin. The changes around the

repositioning of the visor pivot mean there’s

an extra 3mm of room for the rider’s mouth

and chin.

Adjustable interior

Different thicknesses of foam for the comfort

lining mean riders can alter the fit to suit

their head shape. The lining is made from a

new material called Eco-Pure, which is antibacterial

and anti-pong.

Arai’s scratch MX helmets

have evolved over the years.

The absence of exaggerated

protrusions on the shell is not due

to a lack of creativity, but just like

their road helmets, there are less

surfaces to hook up...

1510 DT Bikewise pages.indd 15 2015/09/18 10:38 PM





16 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT 2016 Husky MX.indd 16 2015/09/18 10:38 PM





Husqvarna is a manufacturer that is on a

mission. Last month, we brought you the

news about the new MX lineup. Husqvarna

SA invited a motley bunch to meet and

mingle with the new bikes.

It’s quite amazing that a relatively small

importer can host such a fantastic event.

We have to doff our caps to Husqvarna

SA, this launch was on a par with any of

the big ones that we have been to. They

flew bikes in from Austria for the launch,

brought along all of their National MX

riders and hosted us at the excellent

Syringa track for the day.

The press were given the opportunity

to ride, and it was awesome to have the

dealers from all over SA along to swap

war stories. This is a company on a


The bikes

You would have read about them all in last

months feature, so this is a recap with our

local MX ace, and top SA contender Ryan

Angilley’s take on the bikes.

In a nutshell, Husky has redesigned

the machines from the ground up, they

have shed weight across the range and

increased horsepower.

Ergonomically, Ryan is impressed with

the bikes across the board. He loves the

lower bars, they make the bike turn that

much easier, the narrower feel up front,

the redesigned rear shrouds because

they no longer hook on your knee guards.

He commented on the flatter seat - easy

to move around on as you blitz the berms

and jumps.

At the presentation we were told that

the 2016 250 is stronger than a modified

2015. Here’s something interesting.

Ryan was not at that presentation and

the moment he got off the new 250 his

words were “My bike has everything

to make it go faster - and this one is

better…” Makes you think.

In only its third true year of

producing bikes in Austria, Husky

has an all new line of 2016 MX bikes.

Four brand new from the ground

up. And say what you will with the

connections with another brand, but

that name was not even mentioned

during whole introduction. You have

to look at it in the same way large

auto manufacturers use a similar

platform across different brands.

Then the large amount of R&D Euro’s

necessary for development can be

realised with larger unit sales of

similar, yet different versions of the

same thing.



1510 DT 2016 Husky MX.indd 17 2015/09/18 10:39 PM

So from here we’re talking

exclusively Husky knowing full

well what these bikes are very

similar to. But they are distinctly


“I would personally run a slightly

bigger rear sprocket, but I’m a bit

bigger than this bikes intended

audience.” “It is so stable over

the bumps down the straight and

because it is so light you really

can chuck it around”.

The TC 125

The TC 125 is a full size all new

bike dropping a serious number

of Kilo’s over the previous model

through the new tiny motor and

the chassis that is shared with the

FC’s for the most part. The little

bike is impressive and makes

the long, smooth and flowing

power that is characteristic of

the 125cc engine family. It runs

every bit as good as any 125 we

have ridden, if not better, feeling

super controlled for a high-strung

engine. Husky is claiming 40 HP

at the output shaft. Out the box.

Not too shabby. Of course that

drops quite a bit once it hits the

rear wheel but it does make good,

sweet power. The clutch control

is excellent and the bike feels

lighter than you can imagine. It

really highlights the agility and

light weight of the new chassis.

Ryan reckons that of all the

bikes, this was the most fun to

ride, he enjoyed it immensely. “It

handles and corners brilliantly”,

The FC 250

On to the all-new four strokes and

starting with the FC250, they are

all impressive.

The big differentiation from the

KTM line is the rear subframe and

the plastics. Made from a carbon

composite material the sub-frame

attributes to the massive weight

drop from the previous Husqvarna

FC250 and a serious reduction in

both the visual width of the bike

as well as how thick it feels the

whole bike through. In fact these

bikes are seriously thin from

radiator shroud to rear fender

and Ryan commented on the fact

that he never hooked or snagged

on anything. There is also plenty

of stuff to grab on to with knees

and ankles and a gripper seat

as a bonus. The 250 has an

awesome amount of torque right

off the bottom that any rider will

18 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT 2016 Husky MX.indd 18 2015/09/18 10:39 PM

1510 DT 2016 Husky MX.indd 19 2015/09/18 10:39 PM

appreciate. And advanced riders

will love it in the off-camber

sections—Syringa had plenty of

those. Then the engine comes

alive and is very strong running,

especially in the mid-range and

especially when compared to

the 2015 bike that felt somewhat

muted by the air box.

This one is not. Shifting is

excellent and the clutch is what

other bikes aspire too.

Ryan was quite simply blown away

and thats cool, because he rides

this years model. “Proper!” was

his comment with a grin. “I can’t

believe the improvements - it is

faster than my modified bike - it

goes where you point it and it

feels lighter.” “It has an amazing

front end feel and is extremely

easy to ride.” “The increase in HP

is unreal, more bottom end and

better over rev…”

The FC350

Theres a huge difference

between the 250 and the 350.

“Its extremely fast with amazing

bottom and midrange.” “ It’s got

the same feel, but somehow its a

bit plusher.” “Jumping off the 250,

I tried to ride this bike the same

way, but there is no need to rev

her - just select a higher gear and

this bike does the rest.” “This is

probably the best cornering bike

that I’ve ever ridden.” High praise.

The FC350 was very impressive

and could be the real surprise

in the line. On this track it had

abundant torque for the slow

speed sections and ripping

power on the top as well. The

power is smooth, seamless

and impressive. The motor and

chassis feel like they are mated

perfectly. “This bike can be a

hand-full, take it easy and get

used to it, you’ll love the 350.”

Husqvarna SA and International friends...

Team ABE Midas Husqvarna

20 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT 2016 Husky MX.indd 20 2015/09/18 10:39 PM

1510 DT 2016 Husky MX.indd 21 2015/09/18 10:39 PM

The FC450

“ This bike is scary fast and needs

much respect!”Said Ryan after

climbing off. “Very smooth though

and the handling is quite possibly

the best of the lot.”

“The FC450 really feels heavy

in this bunch but not because

of any other reason than it is a

powerhouse. The power is so

smooth and so abundant it really

is up to the throttle hand to make

the decision on what you want.

This power creates a heavier

rotational mass/weight feel and

the twisting torque of the engine,

compared to other bikes we rode

today, causes the motorcycle to

want to stand up and go when

applying ample throttle. Yet it

feels lighter than most 450s that

I’ve ridden.” “Big power, great

handling - and it’s light. What

more do you want?”

And that, in a nutshell is what

these bikes have to offer, nimble,

powerful - and we all have to

agree, flippen good looking… the

dealers are a friendly bunch, give

them a call, go and ride the bikes,

you’ll like them as much as we did.

For your closest dealer: www.


22 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT 2016 Husky MX.indd 22 2015/09/18 10:39 PM

1510 DT 2016 Husky MX.indd 23 2015/09/18 10:39 PM


YXZ 1000R


Yamaha has made a lot of

contributions to the UTV market

in the form of the Rhino, Viking

and Wolverine. But for years,

UTV enthusiasts clamoured for

a true sport UTV. Where was

Yamaha’s answer to the Polaris

RZR or the Can-Am Maverick?

Yamaha has finally

responded in the form

of the 2016 YXZ1000R,

a supersport sideby-side

that brings

some revolutionary

new concepts to a

high-thrills class of


Yamaha has certainly made

a splash with the YXZ. It’s

a dune-shredding machine

with acceleration and speed

capabilities worth bragging

about. It’s clear that Yamaha’s

engineers have put in the time

to really determine how the YXZ

could build upon a sport sideby-side

legacy that has already

been established by other


Engine and Transmission

One of the most exciting

elements of the YXZ1000R is its

engine. Sporting an industry-first

three cylinders, the 998cc engine

offers an incredible experience

with an 11.3:1 compression ratio

and a 10,500 RPM redline.

24 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT 2016 Yamaha YXZ.indd 24 2015/09/18 10:40 PM

1510 DT 2016 Yamaha YXZ.indd 25 2015/09/18 10:40 PM

Naturally, an effective intake and exhaust

system is necessary to handle the YXZ’s

powerful engine. Two air filters are

employed for high capacity air flow. The

primary filter is foam and strategically

positioned to allow for easy maintenance.

The secondary filter is viscous paper.

Both filters can be replaced without tools.

The exhaust system utilizes equal-length

triple header pipes and a center-mounted

muffler tuned to capitalize on the

engine’s impressive power output.

Another first for the industry is the

YXZ1000R’s five-speed sequential-shift

transmission, rather than the traditional

CVT bet drive system. This places shifting

more completely in the driver’s control.

As a result, the YXZ enjoys incredible

acceleration. The transmission employs

a new 21-plate hydraulic clutch to ensure

that shifting feels natural and intuitive.

The YXZ1000R utilizes Yamaha’s On-

Command® 4WD for maximum traction

in difficult terrain. It also uses an efficient

drivetrain to ensure that the machine’s

power is transmitted to the wheels in the

most effective manner possible.

Yamaha hasn’t released official figures

for the horsepower output, but various

documents are pointing towards 111 hp.

Body and Suspension

To complement the engine and

transmission, the YXZ1000R includes

state-of-the-art Fox 2.5” Podium RC2

shocks that absorb whatever is thrown

in their way and deliver an exceptional

handling experience. The front shocks

extend above the hood, offering a unique

appearance that enables the YXZ to fully

take advantage of the suspension.

The YXZ also includes 245mm disc brakes

on all four wheels for increased stopping

power. Additionally, electronic power

steering (EPS) makes driving the YXZ

an enjoyable experience in a variety of


The body and chassis design of the

YXZ1000R is styled aggressively, providing

the machine with a unique look.

The 130KG cargo capacity, impressive

LED headlights and convenient suntop

make the YXZ1000R not only an

entertaining vehicle but a capable one as

well. Yamaha has also designed a variety

of additional accessories to provide some

excellent customization options.

Watch this space, it’s coming soon…

26 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT 2016 Yamaha YXZ.indd 26 2015/09/18 10:40 PM

Choose your ride,

go anywhere



R85 995*

Photos courtesy: Neil Phillipson

The brand that sets the benchmark for quality, performance and overall riding comfort. Available from 44 dealers nationally. SYM

Motorcycles & Scooters offers a complete range of models for every occasion from entry level 125cc to range topping 600cc.

Since 1961. SYM Insists on quality, durability & after sales service .

011 566 0333 | www.symsa.co.za

Models and colours may vary to those in store. *Suggested Retail Price

E & OE

1510 DT 2016 Yamaha YXZ.indd 27 2015/09/18 10:40 PM

Where were you sitting...

We aren’t going to bore you to death with a whole lot

of info on the Pretoria event – pictures do speak a

thousand words.

French rider Tom Pages took the gold, with Australia’s

Clinton Moore in second and one of our favourite

riders, Japanese rider Taka Hagashino in third.

17.000 frantic fans witness the best ever final in


Tom Pagès of France and Clinton Moore of Australia

delivered a Final for the ages on Saturday in front

of 17,000 wild fans at the return of the Red Bull

X-Fighters World Tour to Pretoria, South Africa. Pagès

claimed the top step of the podium with Moore in

second, while Taka Higashino of Japan took third.

France’s Tom Pagès, the innovator who has changed

the game in freestyle motocross, shook up the 2015

World Tour standings as well with an electrifying

triumph in the Red Bull X-Fighters return to Pretoria,

South Africa on September 12. Moore drew roars from

28 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT XFighters.indd 28 2015/09/18 10:40 PM

Things happen so quickly that

you can only see the detail in

freeze frame - Tom Pages



1510 DT XFighters.indd 29 2015/09/18 10:40 PM

the 17,000 spectators, delivering his signature

Bundy and the first dirt-to-dirt Volt ever landed

in competition on the unique track’s double

line. But Pagès has the biggest bag of tricks in

the sport, and, going last, he rode like a man

possessed. The Frenchman threw down his

signature Alley-Oop Flair, Bike Flip and Special

Flip, as well as the Transfer Flip he just added

to his tricklist, to claim the unanimous votes of

all five judges.

What a showcase of sheer talent, what a vibe!!

Events like this are SO cool for SA, it gets

people outside our industry to see how cool

bikes are and hopefully, they all rush off and

buy one!!

An awesome, awesome event. Make sure you

get there when they come again…

Alley goes

upside down...

30 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT XFighters.indd 30 2015/09/18 10:40 PM

1510 DT XFighters.indd 31 2015/09/18 10:40 PM

The brilliant Johnny Clegg entertained

the crowd between heats.

32 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT XFighters.indd 32 2015/09/18 10:40 PM

Taka Higashino

Danny Torres 9

o-clock knack.

Javier Villegas

Pages first, Moore second, Taka third...



1510 DT XFighters.indd 33 2015/09/18 10:41 PM

34 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT GS Trophy.indd 34 2015/09/18 10:41 PM

Story and pics Clive Strugnell


Finally we crack the nod to attend this BMW event… Only three days

before the weekend. Our Clive Strugnell went along…

What do you get when you get almost 900 BMW GS riders together in

a BMW “village” in the middle of the most awesome riding country

over a weekend? One of the best motorcycling weekends ever!

BMW Motorrad South Africa, under the leadership of its’ new(ish)

General Manager Alexander Baraka, invited everyone who rides any

BMW GS model to gather over the second weekend of September to

watch the finals of the 2015 BMW GS Trophy. This is a team event held

throughout the year where competitions are held in each province

to choose a three man team to take part in the final. The final was

held in a paddock at the Drakensville ATKV resort on the Friday and

Saturday afternoon.

Drakensville, a resort belonging to the ATKV (Afrikaanse Taal

en Kultuur Vereeninging), was turned into “BMWville” by the

enthusiastic BMW staff led by Cora Forsmann. Like any good

General, Cora made sure the planning and execution of the event was

run with military precision, with the emphasis on team work. By the

time the first rider arrived at the resort on Thursday an incredible

amount of work had been done. A massive Bedouin-style tend

spanned an area the size of a rugby field. Inside the covered area was

a dining room easily capable of seating the almost 900 riders and

pillions that had registered. Scattered about the front of the tent were

casual tables and benches, as well as several leather lounge suites

and cushions. Colourful umbrellas and awnings provided shelter

from the sun, or occasionally on Saturday, light drizzle. Several TV



1510 DT GS Trophy.indd 35 2015/09/18 10:41 PM

screens showed Currie cup Rugby,

and the all round relaxed and jovial

atmosphere, complete with music and

two full time bars, boerie-roll vendor

and more, ensured that everyone

chilled out and enjoyed themselves.

BMW and its navigation partners put

on a great display of new product as

well as a good display of BMW gear

and accessories. Metzler, thorough

its distributor AMP led by general

manager Mark Roach and Metzeler

product manager Wayne Doran

provided a very welcome tyre service,

helping many riders who would have

had their weekend spoiled by tyre


Although luxury and comfort was

provided at “BMWville”, the emphasis

was actually on riding. The hard

working team scouted out and marked

several off-road loops though the

surrounding Drakensberg mountains

and foothills. These ranged from a

relatively easy “Green” and “Orange”,

through “Red One”, “Red Two”, “Blue”

and finally the “Black”route. Each of

them covered anything from 80 to 240

km, and most riders were expected to

take about 6 hours completing each

route. In addition there were two all

tar routes through the Eastern Free

State Highlands and the nearby Natal

Midlands. These two routes covered

some interesting historical sites like

the Spioenkop Battlefield and many

comfortable and quaint restaurants

and coffee shops...and more.

So the scene was set for some epic

adventures and lots of experiences

which of course would provide the

content of many animated “Bench

racing” stories back in the comfort of

the resort.

There were many of these, and stories

were told of riders fixing burst tyres

with plastic packets, holding front

tyres onto the rim with zip ties when

all other efforts to fix them failed.

Riders pulled into the resort with

screens missing, mud covering every

centimeter of both the rider and bike.

To BMW’s credit, mechanical problems

were just not an issue…there wasn’t

even a workshop to repair anything.

It just wasn’t necessary. And despite

some really desperate sounding

situations everyone was smiling.

36 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT GS Trophy.indd 36 2015/09/18 10:41 PM

1510 DT GS Trophy.indd 37 2015/09/18 10:41 PM

One of the stories going around was of the rider who, travelling

alone, decided to use his GS 800 (well, actually Zambesi Auto’s

demo bike) as it was intended, and used as many gravel roads

as possible to get there. After having ridden from Vrede through

Verkykerskop towards Harrismith, he came across a group of

riders from Bavarian Motorcycles in Centurion about 80 km from

Drakensville. They had also taken unpaved backroads and stopped

to regroup. On joining them and asking if they knew the way, they

pointed to not one, but four different GPS’, and said “Of course we

do!” As they got going, about half an hour before dark, the rider

decided he may as well travel with them. 200km later the tired and

hungry group eventually arrived…..luckily the ever thoughtful Cora

had arranged for an excellent camp dinner to be kept for them.

Another story was of the guy who had meticulously restored an

original GS 1100, and was invited by a group of mates to join them

on the trip. Gerrit Barnard is his name. On Saturday morning they

all decided to go on an out ride, and tackle one of the routes. Off

they set, telling Gerrit that is was one of the shorter ones, and

that they would be back in time to watch Currie Cup Rugby. Gerrit,

trusting his friends implicitly, packed a bottle of water and happily

followed. Soon they turned off the tar onto a road marked “Piet

Retief Pass” and casually followed a canal, which is part of the

Highlands water project, for about 12 km. They passed through a

farmyard and then some cattle pastures, and started down the side

of the mountain. That’s when Gerrit realized that his day was about

to change. As a novice rider the route was intimidating, to say the

least. After several heart stopping descents, Gerrit realized that he

was in this for the long haul. There was no way he was going to get

his pride and joy, gleaming restored GS 1100, back up the mountain

he had just ridden down. So he persevered. The cool cloud cover

lifted, and the Sun warmed the surrounding countryside. A lot.

In no time at all he finished his water, and began to wish he had

stayed at the resort. As the Sun shone down the valley which he

was now in got hotter, the dust got dustier, and each rise became

more of a challenge. To make matters worse he had suffered

a sleep shattering case of “Deli-belly” the night before, and

hadn’t been feeling great to start with. What’s more, his riding

companions also started to feel the strain of coaxing their 1200

GS’ along a route which was a challenge for a purpose built Roof

of Africa enduro bike, so they started concentrating on getting

themselves along the route, and quite often had to help each other

after small falls and steep climbs. Gradually Gerrit fell further and

further behind, and without the help and riding advice from his now

former friends, found the going more and more difficult. Eventually

after another few kays of battling along, he found he just didn’t

have the energy and skill to carry on. His bike had mutinied up a

short stony incline and had dumped Gerrit, turned 180 degrees just

before the top and had charged back down the trail, only to fall over

half way down in the most awkward position possible….horizontally

across the path with its wheels facing uphill. Petrol was spilling out

the tank, which was the lowest point of the bike, and the left mirror

had broken off. On top of all that, poor old Gerrit had suffered a

burn somehow on his knee where his riding pants had melted. He

looked down at his now dented pride and joy, and shouted “oh golly,

what a pickle” or words to that effect.

There was no way he was ever going to pick it up, which meant that

unless someone came to fetch him, this is where he was going to

stay for the foreseeable future.

38 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT GS Trophy.indd 38 2015/09/18 10:41 PM

Just then one of his friends, Gavin van Rooy, arrived back

on the scene. He had realise that they hadn’t seen, heard

or helped Gerrit for some time, and rode back to find him.

Now unless you have ever been in a similar situation, you

will not know how difficult it is to ride when your confidence

in your own ability has gone, and you are so bone tired that

even lifting a finger to wipe a drop of sweat off your brow

before it drops into your eye and stings the crap out of it

is an impossible task. That’s the point Gerrit had reached.

Anyway, although for them the story still had a few hours to

run, Gavin got Gerrit’s bike back on its wheels and pointing in

the right direction, shared some water with him, lied to him

that they only had a short way to go and it was pretty easy,

and coaxed him home with a combination of praise, cajoling,

lies, and some swearing. Gerrit rose to the occasion as well.

From somewhere he dug deep and got himself going, and

grimly followed Gavin back to the resort. Only when he got

back did they tell him he had completed one of the most

difficult routes! Although his wasn’t the only story like this

he was given a special prize at the prize giving in recognition

of all the riders who tackled the mountain trails and pushed

themselves beyond their comfort zones and completed

routes they would normally not have attempted.

This is really what the GS Trophy weekend is all about. Riding

these unbelievably capable motorcycles in tough conditions,

enjoying pushing the envelope with old and new friends.

Enjoying the camaraderie of fellow riders, and at the end

of the day relaxing with a cold one and sharing wonderful

experiences in this beautiful country we live in.

The pictures are all about the GS Trophy, a series of

team challenges, riding slowly around cones, blindfolded

riding, carrying your bike over a big tree and several other

interesting exercises devised by the riding academy. Very

entertaining to watch…

1510 DT GS Trophy.indd 39 2015/09/18 10:42 PM

1510 DT Centre.indd 40 2015/09/18 10:42 PM

1510 DT Centre.indd 41 2015/09/18 10:42 PM

42 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT 2016 Kawasaki MX.indd 42 2015/09/18 10:42 PM

2016 KX450F



Is this the Lightest, Fastest 450cc Motocrosser?

While the 2016 250 only has mild changes over

last years model, the 450 is an all new bike.

When we were at Holeshot, we saw one of the

very first ones in the country. Unfortunately

- none were available for test at the time we

were going to print, but, we’ll get into the

queue and with a bit of luck, sometime in the

future, we’ll give it a thrashing.

Here’s what some of the international

boys are saying:

difference compared to the rear steering

feeling of 2015. Whipping the bike in the

air takes less work and scrubbing jumps is

made easier with the KX450F’s newfound

lightweight feeling.”

“The Kawasaki KX450F has been referred to by

testers the past couple years as heavy, bulky,

and one of the more difficult bikes to corner

in comparison to some of the other brands.

For 2016, Kawasaki dropped 1.4 KG’s off the

chassis and an additional 2 kilogrammes off

the engine, resulting in a 3.5 kilogramme

overall weight savings compared to the 2015

model. The new frame spars are narrowed by

6mm, which resulted in a nimble and slimmer

feeling bike on the track. The new frame

lets the KX450F have increased

front wheel traction and aid in

front end control when

we entered corners. It is

now much easier to throw

around in the turns and

in the air, compared to last year’s model.

Coming into corners, the ‘16 KX450F lays

into ruts easier and feels like there

is front end traction,

which is a huge


1. Revised cylinder head. The engine is tuned

such that the torque curve follows the limit

of running resistance for as long as possible.

Cylinder is offset (8.5 mm forward), reducing

friction and enabling more efficient power


2. Revised intake valves and intake cam timing

change are designed to complement cylinder

exhaust system revisions. Intake ports are less

curved, contributing to increased performance

at all rpm. Revised intake cam timing

(advanced 2-degrees) contributes to increased

low-rpm performance. Intake valves have a

revised head area. The

new design, with

slimmer throat angle

and reduced recess




1510 DT 2016 Kawasaki MX.indd 43 2015/09/18 10:42 PM




• Race-team-derived feature for grabbing

the holeshot • Engages with a press of a

button • Functions in first and second gear•

Precise ignition timing helps ensure quicker

acceleration with less slippage

to valves on supersport models),

contributes to increased high-rpm


3. Piston crown design matches the

revised intake valves and maintains the

compression ratio at 12.8:1, contributing

to the engine’s increased performance.

4. The addition of a new resonator (US

and Canadian models only) effectively

increases the exhaust pipe length

and reduces exhaust noise volume by

approximately 2 dB.

5. Excess meat was trimmed from

transmission gears and shafts to reduce

weight by approximately 260 grams (9.2


6. New KX FI Calibration Kit (Accessory)

features the handheld KX FI Calibration

Controller, which enables riders to

adjust engine characteristics (by

rewriting actual data maps) to suit their

preference. This simple tool can be used

without a PC, simply by plugging into

the engine’s ECU. There are 7 preset

engine maps included.

9. Oversized 270 mm front brake rotor.

10. Flatter seat and tank to facilitate

riding position changes. Top of the fuel

tank is lower, allowing an even flatter

progression from the seat to the tank.

11. Adjustable Ergonomics with

4-position handlebar and 2-position


12. Intake ducts added below the rear of

the seat contribute to improved throttle


13. Weighs in at 108.7 KG’s.

14. SFF-Air TAC front fork locates its

damping assembly in the left fork tube

and a pneumatic spring, comprised

of three pressurized air chambers, in

the right. Light weight, low friction,

easy adjustability, a wide setting range

and precise settings are some of the

advantages. Super-hard titanium

coating protects the fork from wear

abrasion. Self-lubricating alumite

coating creates a hard, low-friction

surface on the outer tube, further

reducing friction to promote smooth

fork action.

15. Aggressive new bodywork makes

the bike look more compact and is

complemented by factory-style design

and graphics. Black alumite1 rims,

black fork guards, and green highlights

help create a distinctive Kawasaki

identity. Green alumite1 finish on the

suspension adjusters and green finish

on some of the engine trim add to the

KX450F’s high-performance image.

44 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT 2016 Kawasaki MX.indd 44 2015/09/18 10:42 PM

1510 DT 2016 Kawasaki MX.indd 45 2015/09/18 10:42 PM


1. A thorough revision of engine and chassis components yielded

3.4 kg in weight savings, bringing the weight of the KX450F down

to a trim 108.7 kg. The lighter weight contributes to quicker turn-in

and sharper overall handling.

2. Savings from the engine group (including intake and exhaust

systems) amounted to approximately 2.0 kg. Savings from chassis

components totaled approximately 1.4 kg.

3. Previously an extruded part, the redesigned down tube is now

a combination forged/cast piece (front part is forged; rear part

is cast). The new piece, along with a revised head pipe and brace

tubes, contributes to greater front-end feel.

4. Width across the main frames is approximately 6mm slimmer.

This facilitates position changes, making it easier for riders to

slide forward and backward. Weighing 400 grams (14 ounces) less

than the previous unit (thanks in large part to revised head pipe

and upper/lower rear shock brackets), the frame’s lighter weight

contributes to the bike’s quicker handling.

5. Ridigity of the swingarm was also revised. The cast front portion

is taller with thinner walls, and the wall thickness of the spars was

idealized, with thinner side walls and thicker top/bottom walls. The

new construction saves approximately 220 grams.

6. Smaller fuel tank has a lower top. This lowers the bike’s center

of gravity, further contributing to the sharper handling.

7. Revised for rigidity, the KX450F’s new frame

features a slimmer design and lighter overall

weight. Thicker

walls for the subframe

(seat rails)

offer increased


8. Aggressive design of the new front

fender adds to the racy looks and saves 50

grams in weight.

9. New design for the aluminum rear

sprocket contributes to the bike’s

sharp looks and saves 50


Kawa has the technology -

how about another enduro

bike sometime Huh?

At your Kawasaki dealership.


• Handheld FI calibration kit eliminates need

for laptop and 12V battery at the track• Allows

the user to adjust fuel and ignition settings for

ultimate performance • Can store up to seven

preset maps for different tracks

46 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT 2016 Kawasaki MX.indd 46 2015/09/18 10:43 PM

introducing the all new




SK250 SK150

Sporty Reliable Efficient


32 Hulbert Str

New Centre


011 493 6001


1510 DT 2016 Kawasaki MX.indd 47 2015/09/18 10:43 PM


Adventure tour 2015

48 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Givi tour.indd 48 2015/09/18 10:53 PM

Most people are familiar with the

Givi range of protective gear and bike

products. Every year they host a ride

for their international dealer network

somewhere in the world. This year,

through DMD, the local Givi importer,

they selected beautiful South Africa.

We joined them for the ride, took lots

of photo’s and came to understand

why SA is such a great adventure bike


From the Givi Blog…

Sitting at the table at beautiful

Euphoria estate near a little town

called Mookgepong in the Limpopo

province, everyone is discussing

yesterday’s ride and talking about

what to expect today.

Yesterday was a day of contrasts, from

the bustling streets of Johannesburg

to the tranquil wide open gravel roads

leading to our resort for the evening.

It is challenging riding on the left

side of the road, but we all became

accustomed to this English trend

quite quickly.

South Africa has a vast network of

fast flowing freeways and the first leg

took us along the outskirts of Pretoria

and through the agricultural hub of

the Springbok flats vast open lands

where in the days of the voortrekker

(pioneers) thousands of springbok,

South Africa’s national animal used

to roam. A small side road took us

through Warmbaths, a town famous

for the natural mineral springs that

are reputed to have healing powers.

A beautiful sunny South African day

with lots of refreshment breaks to

quench thirsts and fill tanks.

Then the fun started.

Our tour guides stopped at a small

road outside Nylstroom and sent the

photographers ahead. That’s when

you know… A glorious gravel road

wound its way into the Waterberg

Mountains with sweeping turns



1510 DT Givi tour.indd 49 2015/09/18 10:53 PM

and breath taking vista’s wherever you look.

Probably about forty kilometres of stunning

riding, the guys and girls loved it! There was

one small incident when Wisnu, a blogger from

Indonesia tried to adjust his Gopro “on the fly”

and had a little tumble… he was unhurt but his

XT needed a bit of panelbeating.

It was incredible to see the wide open spaces

and unspoiled bush. South Africans live in a

beautiful place.

After a brief stop to exchange war stories

and tales of heroism, we made our way to

Euphoria. What a great day in the saddle,

topped off by a traditional African braai on the

veranda of our bushveld hotel…

More to follow tomorrow, we’ll update you as

we go along.


Today turned out to be a very long day. We only

arrived at our overnight stop, the Coach House,

a grand old hotel buried in the mountains well

after dark. And this was after a ride of only

around 300 kilometres…

It all started at the second section of gravel

road. At the start everyone was game, but

as we progressed, the sand monster bit. The

guys battled, very tough. The area is so dry

and dusty. A few of our riders opted to rather

take the tar loop. They were sensible. It took

more than two hours to get around 15 of our

riders along a forty kilometre section. Glorious

bushveld through the nature reserves in

The Waterberg Mountains. We saw Giraffe,

warthog, wildebeest, monkeys and lots of

small antelope. And the silence when the

engines are turned off is absolute… like

nothing that we have experienced before.

Eventually we regrouped at the road outside

the salubrious Legend Golf estate for well

needed refreshments. 32 degrees and the sun

was blazing down.

50 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Givi tour.indd 50 2015/09/18 10:53 PM

1510 DT Givi tour.indd 51 2015/09/18 10:53 PM

A quick scenic tar route took us to the town

of Mokopane for a lunch at one of the famous

South African Steak houses. No Hurry In

Africa! More than two hours for a light lunch…

Back on the bikes and out through town, the

surroundings start changing, the country

became very dry and almost desert like. The

tar roads are excellent all the way to the

quaint African town of Total Nobody. We even

saw signs to Bolivia guesthouse, we were

concerned that we were a little bit lost…

After a while we started to climb, past the

largest church in South Africa – The ZCC

village outside Total Nobody, again the world

changes, suddenly the world goes green huge

plantations and alpine like mountains with

glorious sweeping mountain passes. Due to

water shortages, our hotel has changed – and

our GPS got us lost. Tried to turn us into gravel

roads into the forests and by now the sun is

starting to set… Quick pow-wow among the

guides – if all else fails ask directions…

Back on the correct route, we cut through

the town of Tzaneen and back up into the

mountains, beautiful roads, but quite badly

potholed, so you need to keep your eyes wide

open. Soon the welcoming lights of the hotel

are in the distance… 7pm we arrive – what a

day! What a ride.


Baobab trees, Boats and Baboons…

The day started early because we had a lot of

distance to cover. The route took us from our

hotel into some stunningly beautiful mountain

passes. The day was sunny and warm, the

views coming through the mountains around

Tzaneen, breath taking. After a refuel at the

Sasol garage (Sasol is South Africa’s local

petrol manufacturer), we took off for our lunch

stop in the Blyde River Canyon.

The ride was one of contrasts, through

poorer rural areas into verdant farmlands

and eventually, game reserves all along the

roads for as far as the eye can see. Everyone

was amazed to see the huge electric fences

that are erected round the farms to keep the

animals in – and poachers out.

A two-hour ride saw us enter the stunning

mountains of the Drakensberg (Dragons

teeth). Swadini is a nature reserve in the

Blyde canyon. The Blyde River runs through

the canyon, which is the third largest canyon

in the world, after the Grand in the USA and

the Fish River also in South Africa. We spent

a leisurely hour floating along the river in a

barge, checking out the Hippo’s and listening








52 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Givi tour.indd 52 2015/09/18 10:53 PM

Batt Racing




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Sole Distributors for • Batt Tyres • Batt Concept Bikes

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Batt Holdings SA

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1510 DT Givi tour.indd 53 2015/09/18 10:53 PM



to our tour guide telling us a little bit about the

area where we were. Very beautiful.

In the afternoon, our ride took us right up into the

high mountains through winding passes, forests

and mountains for as far as the eye can see.

The last 40 km piece took us down to our

overnight at the beautiful Protea Kruger Park

hotel, which actually goes into the famous

Kruger Park. Earlier in the day, they had to

chase the elephants away from the dining

area. Fantastic. We enjoyed a traditional South

African braai (barbeque) under the stars

listening to the sounds of a local marimba

band…. There is something special about

dancing under the African sky.


Up bright and early for a game drive through

Kruger Park. Although it is the beginning of

summer here, it was cold, so we all huddled up

in our Hevik Riding jackets under our blankets

in the trucks. We saw lots – Elephant, Rhino,

Lions in the distance, Giraffe, Hippo, Monkeys,

Hyena – a fabulous, unspoiled piece of Africa…

We were lucky enough to be able to stop in the

park on a rocky Koppie (small hill) to just take

in the peace and vastness of the place. Really

something special.

Day 4 was a rest day, so some stayed at the

hotel while others took off for a scenic ride

around the Mpumalanga lowveld, stopping

at the quaint mining town of Pilgrims Rest.

Mountain passes, great scenery and the roads

are all in pretty good shape bar the few potholes

here and there. We had the opportunity to buy

some curios – you never accept the first price

asked so we haggled our way through many

of the stall. A glorious ride was enjoyed by all

and it was really interesting to see how many

motorcycles were out and about on the roads.

Our guides tell us that Mpumalanga is one of

54 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Givi tour.indd 54 2015/09/18 10:53 PM

1510 DT Givi tour.indd 55 2015/09/18 10:54 PM

South Africa’s most famous riding areas. At

four, we went for a second drive into the park,

Buffalo, Civets, Hares, Jackal, Honey badgers,

Elephant, Rhino… and the vast African night

under a full moon.

Dinner in the lapa and everyone was in bed

really early, quite well worn out for the day,

tomorrow, we head on our final leg … we are

told it’s another great ride, so far, a really

great African adventure…


All good things come to an end and it was

with sad hearts that we bid South Africa’s

largest game reserve farewell. A quick photo

under the brooding bust of Paul Kruger, South

Africa’s first state president and the founder

of the park and we were on our way back up

the mountains. Awesome views and sweeping

mountain roads greeted us. It was amazing to

see all of the other motorcycles on the routes,

it turns out that the Economy run, a time

trial to measure fuel usage on motorcycles,

and a rally - a gathering of motorcyclists was

happening on that weekend. There were bikes

of all shapes and sizes enjoying the balmy

weather and great roads.

A stopover at South Africa’s famous Long Tom

Pass was arranged - one of the last places

that a Long Tom Cannon saw action during

the Boer war. A fascinating place, great photo

opportunity with breath taking views in every


Fast, wide roads took us all along the

escarpment and into the vast Lowveld city

of Nelspruit. A quick lunch stop at fantastic,

cheap seafood joint gave everyone a breather...

and then we were off again.

Here is something interesting. A mountain

pass took us up to the little settlement of Kaap

se Hoop, a remote village where wild horses

roam free. We saw the horses, fat, sleek and

free roaming the forests. Very beautiful.

Our refuel was at the bottom of the mountain

- a blot on the landscape is the huge paper

mill that belches smoke and bad smells into

the air... from there it was a quick ride to our

overnight stop at the very friendly, comfortable

Malaga hotel.

The farewell dinner was hosted, with a video

and photographs of all the highlights of the

trip. People were in high spirits, although there

was a bit of sadness that the trip was almost at

an end...

After a good night’s rest our first group

departed for the route back to Johannesburg

and OR Tambo International Airport. South

56 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Givi tour.indd 56 2015/09/18 10:54 PM

1510 DT Givi tour.indd 57 2015/09/18 10:54 PM

Africa’s freeways are really good and well

surfaced. Once again we were joined by a

multitude of motorcycles making their way

back to the big city after a weekend of riding.

There was one small glitch. Our illustrious

tour organizer Mr Givi, Joseph Perucca

managed to run out of fuel, having not filled

at the previous days top-up... when his bike

ground to a halt on the freeway, there was

steam coming out from under his helmet...

anyway, all part of the fun. Reserve fuel was

procured and we continued along without

further incident to Johannesburg.

Upon a arrival, the moto GP was on and

we watch the amazing Valentino Rossi blitz

everyone in the rain. What a way to round of

this event…

What a ride! What a fabulous event and a

beautiful country. If you want to visit South

Africa, we can recommend it very highly. The

hotels and infrastucture that we experienced

are world class. The food is great, the people

are so friendly.

This was a great experience... we will be back

– we have only seen a very small piece of this

beautiful country what a ride, the facilities are

first class. Thank you South Africa!

The Yamaha’s are available for rental from

Linex Yamaha: fni@linexyamaha.co.za (011)

251-4000 www.linexyamaha.co.za

The Givi South African Wilderness Adventure

was arranged by The Adventure Company:

familyadventures@mweb.co.za www.

familyadventures.co.za (011) 979-1363

58 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Givi tour.indd 58 2015/09/18 10:54 PM






Contact Poldine:

+27 82 895 5009











UPCOMING RIDES: Day Ride Sun 31st Oct.

Weekend Away 14/15/16 Nov.

Sunfields Ride 29th Nov.

Exclusive technical Bike trails & family routes


Tel: 011 979 1363

011 979 5035

082 870 6134

072 177 0621

email: foleyg@mweb.co.za

1510 DT Givi tour.indd 59 2015/09/18 10:54 PM

A very sad looking YZ250.

Carb removed

Carb float bowl off.

The bike before the build started.

All the linkage bearings

needed replacement.

Check that the jets and needle

holes are all clear.

Forks stripped and ready for rebuild.

Let’s face it – not all of us have a zillion bucks to buy

new bikes. Times are tough and friends are few… but

there are plenty of great used bargains out there.

We recently bought and old fixer upper. The bike in

question is a 1996 YZ250. It seemed to be in pretty

good nick, but had been standing for a long time.

Some stuff we’ve learned:

• Check and re-check the year model of the bike you

are buying. We initially thought that this bike was a

lot newer – and so did the seller. Given the condition

of the bike the price was fair but – not a bargain. We

would have preferred to pay around 12k.

• TIP: if the bike has hydraulic brake or clutch hoses,

there is usually a date and batch number on the

piping. Bet you didn’t know that? (bet you gonna go

look now…, we did).

The first trick was to see whether it actually ran – so

we roped in the services of long time bike mechanic

and Bike fixer Bryan Schwim from Tarstone for all the

hard, more technical work. The bike was stripped on

the bench and the carb removed. The fuel was Vrot

Vrot – so he drained all of that, fresh petrol 40:1 Motul


• The carb was seriously gummed up and it seemed

as though someone had been fiddling because the

float level was set almost to the max. A good clean

with Velocity racing carb cleaner, re- adjustment of

the float and we bolted the carb back on. Note: Check

that the main and pilot jets are clear of gunk. Also

check that the channel under the needle is clear –

that’s where the fuel comes in.

• Replace worn perished fuel and breather pipes on

the carb.

• Gave the bike a kick. Nothing, nada. No spark.

Checked all wires, all ok – dud plug. (More on that

later). Replace plug and kick.

Three kicks, the bike roars to life with a bellow of blue

smoke forcing us to abandon the workshop. Open all

the windows… the engine sounds pretty good – no

funny knock or strange noises. How is the gearbox?

• Drain and replace gearbox oil (Motul).

• Drain and replace radiator coolant (Velocity).

Hop on, and a quick spin, she shifts nicely, clutch and

gear box are perfect BUT, the suspension out back

has collapsed and there is a strange thumping noise

coming from the back.

Bike back on the bench for mechanical inspection.


60 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT YZ Build.indd 60 2015/09/18 10:44 PM

TTR125S R11,399.00

JNR90 R8,399.00






R7,000 00



CRX110 R10,999.00

PUMA 110 R8,399.00




TSR250 R18,999.00

Arriving Soon!

HOTLINE: 011 794 6399 • www.bigboyscooters.co.za

Prices include VAT and pre-delivery inspection only. Prices exclude licence, registration and

any service costs unless specified. Prices are correct at the time of going to print and may

change without notice due to currency fluctuations or at dealers who are located in outerlying

areas. All advertised models are available at the time of going to print unless specified.

Join us on

Southern African Motorcycles Holdings

GraphicWerx Advertising cc

BigBoy D&T_OCT'15 1

2015/09/15 1:59 PM

1510 DT YZ Build.indd 61 2015/09/18 10:44 PM

pressing the new bearings in

The bearing kits come

complete with seals.

Rear shock stripped.

The piping on the

carbs was brittle.

This is what the old linkage

bearings looked like...

Stripped and ready for


One times dud plug.

The front forks

leaked all over...


• The rear suspension has indeed collapsed and the

bush on the swing arm has a lot of play.

• The tyres are basically rotten.

• The front fork seals are peeing oil EVERYWHERE.

• The tyres are somewhat on the knackered side…

• Brake pads, Sprockets and chain seem to be in good


Plan of action:

Right to be sure to be sure – strip out the suspension

and wheels – source tyres – a call to Bruce from BATT

tyres procures some blue labels….

Hmmm very nice. But that’s the easy part.

• Bearings and bushes:

We took the decision to replace all of the swing arm

and linkage bearings – seeing that we were stripping

anyway, it made good sense. The wheel bearings

appeared to have been replaced quite recently, so we

left those alone.

• TIP: have a big box that everything goes in to so that

you don’t lose stuff. Also label what came out of where

if you are not certain. Use a Koki pen or even Tip Ex to

mark specific bolts and things.

• Tip: Before you strip anything take lots of pics on

your cellphone so you can put them back again.

For ease of use, we stripped out samples and took

them along to the Pivot Works importers, Game

Services in Benoni. So convenient, the bearing kits

include all spacers and seals. We also sourced a rear

shock kit – Game is like a gold mine for stuff like this.

For the front suspension, we called on NS 2-stroke

– the Pro-X importers. They also had a full front

suspension kit in stock. Amazing to think that it was

so simple to get parts for an old

bike like this.

The suspension bits were handed

back to Bryan who stripped and

rebuilt the suspension for us. We

replaced all the oils with Motul

Fork oil. The rear shock went

back to Game they have the right

equipment to re-gas.

From there – all the bits were brought back to

the DT workshop for assembly.

The Mrs bought us a 166 piece Mastercraft

tool set a while back – guys the price is right and

even after 2 or so years of abuse, everything works.

And there are enough tools in there for just about any

rebuild job including tube sockets torque key fittings

and, for the fords a “Groot” hammer.

The key to building any bike is to have a tidy workshop

and a good selection of tools. More time is wasted in

our lives hunting for the correct tool than anything


• A bench vice is also useful, boppa the swingarm and

linkages into the vice and carefully press out all of

the old bearings and bushes. Take note of the circlips

and don’t let them ping off into the recesses of your


• TIP buy a big packet of assorted circlips…they are

always usefull.

62 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT YZ Build.indd 62 2015/09/18 10:44 PM

• A light coat of grease helps to slip the

new bearings back in, not a difficult job,

just make sure that you line everything up

nicely… and replace the circlips – use the

Mastercraft Circlip pliers – much simpler

than old screwdrivers.

Once the bearings and bushes are all in

place, it’s time for reassembly.

Now remember we said make a note of

what went where? If you did this, you’ll

save time reassembling…

• Make sure all the nuts and bolts are

tightened correctly – we always use

Loctite on the key suspension bolts –

Loctite ensures that the bolts don’t work

themselves loose.

• ALSO – take this opportunity to replace

any worn bolts with shiny new ones. We

bought a trick Bolt kit from SSS racing,

all kinds of bolts in non-rust finish and

correct threads for Japanese or European

models. Very convenient in shiny chrome

finish. Cool!

Long story short: reassembled

with all of the old body kit

and headed out for a good

long ride on Tri Nations. This

gives an idea of what else is

necessary. The bike runs like the

clappers – its amazing that an old

bike is still so much fun.

BUT we picked up a problem:

• For every tank of fuel (40:1

mixture with Motul 2-stroke), we

burned a plug. It’s not fouling and looks

perfect – but it just stops working…

This is going to be an expensive bike to

run… we went to the experts at

Pongola Yamaha. They told

us that the chances are

good that the bike is

running too rich.

Drop the needle

and change

the main jet for a

smaller one. If that does

not solve the problem, the

bike might need a new

piston and rings.

We did not have a jet,

but we did drop the needle. Now the bike

uses 1 plug to every 2 tanks.

Better – but still


Costs to date:

Used Bike purchase R16.000

condition: Fair

Front suspension kit NS 2 stroke,

seals, scrapers etc R500.00:

NS (011) 849-8495

Rear suspension kit, bearings

and bushes kit: R1000

New Rear Shock Bump Rubber


Shock re- gas and adjust R200.00

All from

Game Services (011) 849-7000

Pro pack Bolt kit SSS racing: R180.00. The

large 200 piece is around R450.00


Lubes, carb cleaner and oils Motul and

Velocity racing: Around R300.00

Blue label tyres and heavy duty tubes

from Batt, not really rebuild parts, but

necessary: R1500.00

(011) 050-0073

Plugs, NGK: 4 so far at R30 each R120.00

Mechanical Labour, carb, suspension etc:

Around 4 hours or so. Tarstone racing


Total cost to date: R21500.00 odd still not

bad for a good bike that runs beautifully!!

Hopefully a bit of jetting will solve the plug


Next month: The bike has been stripped

right down to frame and engine. The

frame is still Ok so we are not going to re

powder coat.

•Time to make the bike look pretty and

solve the jetting issue.

The wheels are going in for wrapping –

we’ll let you know

how that goes.

Lots of in house

polishing and elbow

grease coming up…

New plastics from


Airtime pretty stuff

from SSS racing.

A new decal kit

from new kids on

the block, Laminin

Graphics in Pretoria.

Protective gear from

Hyde Products.

Hand guards from


Grips from Ariette.

Full costs and final product next month (If

the arty okes can meet the deadlines).



1510 DT YZ Build.indd 63 2015/09/18 10:44 PM

The Braveman enduro took place on 4 & 5

September at the Elisenheim Guest Farm,

15km outside Windhoek. 39 riders from

Namibia and South Africa started in three

different classes in the biggest Namibian

Extreme Enduro event of the year, but only

23 finished the race.

The Prologue was a highlight in the

Namibian motorsport scene and drew

hundreds of spectators. The 2015 winner

is 27 year old Enduro rider Dwayne

Kleynhans, who conquered the tough

obstacle course with the best lap time,

ahead of SA favourites Wade Young and

Louw Schmidt, all well-known names from

South Africa.

Namibian rider Kai Hennes was injured

on one of the obstacles and was unable to

participate in the main race on Saturday. The

time laps of the Prologue determined the

starting order of the next day’s main race.

Henner Rusch started in 8th position and

Ingo Waldschmidt commenced 14th in line.

On the Saturday Wade Young took 1st prize

64 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Braveman.indd 64 2015/09/18 10:45 PM



1510 DT Braveman.indd 65 2015/09/18 10:45 PM

for the 2nd consecutive year as goldclass

winner of the Red Bull Braveman

2015. 2nd place went out to Dwayne

Kleynhans, finishing 10 minutes later

and Altus de Wet took the third place in 5

hours and 23 minutes. Namibians Henner

Rusch and Jörn Greiter finished the race

in 5th and 6th place respectively.

“It was definitely tougher than last

year, but the scenery was much more

enjoyable this time. Great track.” said

Wade Young, after finishing 3 technical

loops, a total of 120km in 4 hours and

46 minutes. Silver class winner, Kirsten

Landman as only female participant

completed the track one hour before

second placed Namibian Tommy Gous.

Olaf Pack was crowned the winner of the

bronze class with a finishing time of 3

hours and 9 minutes.

66 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Braveman.indd 66 2015/09/18 10:45 PM

1510 DT Braveman.indd 67 2015/09/18 10:45 PM

Photos by: Niels & Sasha Hatzmann – Dutch Rallye Press

For Roberts Racing Rallye, the

2015 Amageza Rally was one for

great expectation and challenge

that was to test man, machine and

crew over 5000km.

Team Roberts Racing Rallye was

made up of a diverse number

of riders, riders #3 Simon

Schimmel (Dutch) a Shop Front

Fitter, #128 Paul Bredenkamp

a Croc Farmer in Tzaneen, #7

Pieter Labuschagne a Farmer

in Hoopstad, #27 Alex Ruprecht

banker and semi pro mountaineer

and #21 Erik van Donselaar

(Dutch) in the tent and camp

industry. Our crew made up of

Garth Roberts (Team Manager/

Crew Chief), Steven Ansley (Chief

Mechanic), Twan Van Driel (Dutch

mechanic), Wickus Erasmus

(Team Logistics) and Derek Beyers

(Team Logistics). Roberts Racing

Rallye’s official sponsors Pirelli

and Liqui Moly partnered with the

team to support the rally as the

official Tyre and Oil partner for the

rally to assist all riders with a tyre

service and the Malle-Moto riders

(rider does all his own servicing)

with a FREE oil Service.

Who is Roberts Racing Rallye?

Four of the team bikes were built

by Roberts Racing Rallye with a

3rd Generation RR450/500 XC-

Rallye making its debut at this

year’s Amageza Rally. Roberts

Racing Rallye’s team structure

and crew is designed to offer

riders of all levels, a professional

rally team service level and the

feeling of being a pro rider with

all the peripherals a pro rider

would have. This will include

mechanics, team kitchen area

with healthy meals at any time

of the day when they arrive at

bivouac, B&B accommodation at

each town, daily team road book

briefing for the next stage. We also

take care of all the riders’ race

logistics from fuel money in both

currencies, marathon stage over

68 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Amageza.indd 68 2015/09/18 10:46 PM

1510 DT Amageza.indd 69 2015/09/18 10:46 PM

kit & spare air filters packed on the bike,

and so much more, all this to make sure

we get the rider to the finish home and

make it as comfortable and stress free as


The Amageza:

The Rallye started and finished in

Kimberly (N.Cape), featuring a first time

ever 3 stages in Botswana, with the aim

of including Namibian Dunes in the near

future. Technical inspection, known as

scrutineering at S.A. races, was held in

Kimberly under the exact stringent rules

as Dakar. It is the aim of the organisers to

get S.A. rallye riders onto the same level

as Dakar competitors.

The first 2 stages to Van Zyls Rus and then

Kang (Botswana) was a Marathon stage.

This meant that the overnight in Van Zyls

Rus had no service crew or any assistance;

riders had to get to the end of Stage 2 in

Kang. Sadly the Special (Racing Section) in

Stage 2 was cancelled due to the chopper

being grounded, not having the required

approvals to fly into Botswana. Having

trained there myself in the Khawa Dunes

area along the Kgalagadi Transfontier

Park, this would have been the most

demanding Special of the rally! Roberts

Racing Rallye’s crew had one long night

ahead after Stage 2 in Kang to repair and

service the bikes after almost 1400km, the

last bike was completed and ready to race

at 5am with the start at 7am.

Most rallyes are more demanding on

crew than on the riders and it takes a

special and determined individual to have

3-4 hrs sleep a night, drive and average

of 600km the next day, set up the bivouac

for the team, then work until 3am the

next morning to get the bikes race ready,

and at times work straight through, for

a 6am start, for 7 days straight. This

is exactly what Stephen, Twan, Wickus

Derek and Garth had to do and have a

smile on their faces when riders arrived

at the bivouac at 11pm for a 2-3 hr prep

if there was no crash damage…. but “Erik

the Shredder” kept us busy most nights

repairing his crash damaged or Botswana

“doorings” riddled bike.

Stage 3 to Ghanzi was fast with most riders

having issues with the road book, but we

managed to navigate and get the bikes in

at a reasonable hour. Stage 4 was no better

in respect of navigation and was extremely

tricky to correlate the road book and the

tracks but again our riders managed to

get into the bivouac very late. Needless to

say the chatter in the bivouac was not too

positive, even among our own riders.

Stage 5 back to South Africa was

exceptionally fast, with the average speed

of over 105km/h which pretty much

destroyed most tyres and mousses…

however with the great support from

Pirelli, Roberts Racing Rallye riders

where well covered, and managed to lend

a hand to a few of the other riders.

Simon and Paul our most experienced

riders in navigation both in the top 15 had

incurred almost 3 hours penalties due to

questionable road book navigation errors

and timing issues, that dropped them

both down the leader board an similarly

for Pieter. Both Alex and Erik where on

survival mode to get their bikes and

bodies to the finish.

70 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Amageza.indd 70 2015/09/18 10:46 PM

1510 DT Amageza.indd 71 2015/09/18 10:46 PM

Stage 6 and 7 ended up the two longest

stages of the rally, 850km per stage, not

much navigation and also pretty fast. The

last stage was cut short to get the riders to

the finish early, but sadly, no podium finish

for us, which was a bit of a let-down for the

riders after a gruelling 5000km rally.

The Amageza Rally has a huge amount of

potential, to the extent of even rivalling

the Dakar Rally in terms of terrain and

location. However the organisers need to

pay serious attention to the road books and

pre runners to increase the safety level, as

well as look at their choice of bivouacs and

the long distances that crews need to travel

to get to the next bivouac.

It is was not all doom and gloom as all

5 Team Roberts Racing Rallye riders

finished the rallye with no mechanical

issues, thanks to a great Crew!!!

Amageza is a rally that team Roberts

Racing Rallye will return to should the

organisers make the much needed

changes, and as a team we are absolutely

sure Amageza has a great future as a

formidable event!!

72 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Amageza.indd 72 2015/09/18 10:46 PM

BMW Motorrad


The Ultimate

Riding Machine

1510 DT Amageza.indd 73 2015/09/18 10:46 PM

From this....

to this....

Former formula atlantic single

seater champ, production bike

champ and racer extraordinaire

Bobby Scott.



Story and pics Clive Strugnell

Motorcycling is all about people,

bikes and the things we do with

them…it’s about friendships

and shared experiences. To

enjoy new things it’s important

to have experienced old stuff.

After all, much more time is

spend talking biking and all that

goes along with it than actually

riding. It’s all part of the fun.

So whilst out and about

during the last week or so we

came across some fabulous

motorcycling history.

Firstly just look at this fabulous

Kenny Roberts tribute dirt track

500 Yamaha built by Bobby Scott

in Pretoria.

Firstly Bobby is a really

interesting character. Along

with his son Grant, Bobby

owns Scott Motorcycles in the

North of Pretoria. This great

little bike shop is always a hive

of activity, and sells, services

and repairs anything from the

latest superbikes to adventure

bikes and commuters. He is

also a past stock car racer, SA

Formula Atlantic single seater

SA champ and an ace on and off

road bike racer.

Along the way Bobby came

across an 80’s Yamaha SR 500.

This was a road going version

of the famous XT 500 Street

scrambler. Bobby turned the

sad looking traffic warrior into

a replica of the famous Yamaha

dirt track bike ridden into the

history books by multi-American

and several times World

Champion Kenny Roberts.

It took him four years to

completely rebuild the bike, with

the motor using a big carburetor

and a high compression piston,

a trick cam and reworked

cylinder head. The chassis

has been refurbished in gloss

black from the ground up, and

the front and rear suspension

redone, as well as the brakes

and electrics. An exhaust from

a Suzuki GSXR 1000 looks like a

genuine factory race pipe, and

the black and yellow paintwork

is exactly like the USA Yamaha

racing colours. The finished

product could easily be a

museum piece. Bobby says

this will never happen with this

bike… he built it to ride, and we

can expect to see it out on track

soon in some of the historic

racing events during the year.

It starts on the first prod of the

kick start, and underneath the

front race number-board lurks a

headlight and the other goodies

needed to ride it on the road.

Although he has been offered

significant money for this bike,

Bobby says it will never be sold,

and will ultimately be passed

down to his grandson when he

is big enough to ride it…

74 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Offroad heros.indd 74 2015/09/18 10:47 PM









1510 DT Offroad heros.indd 75 2015/09/18 10:47 PM

A bit later during the week we happened

to visit Andre at Shimwells Yamaha in

their Boksburg shop.

Standing in pride of place just inside the

front door is a magnificently restored

Yamaha IT 490 enduro racer. This big two

stroke was one of the bikes that really put

Yamaha on the map in off-road racing in

South Africa, and invokes memories of

Alan Smith and Chris Davies leading the

field in races like the Bapsfontein GP,

the Roof of Africa and the Toyota 1000

desert race. This particular one belongs

to East Rand off road hero Gray Dick. Not

only does he own this wonderful big bore

stroker, but at the top of the stairs leading

to the Shimwells admin floor stands a

pair of stark white Yamaha MX bikes Circa

late 70’s early 80’s. The YZ 80 mini racer

and the significantly bigger YZ 100 also

belong to Gray, and were his first MX

bikes. Andre, Braham and the good folk at

Shimwells, who have supported and often

sponsored Gray throughout his racing

career, are responsible for the many

hours of work finding parts and lovingly

restoring these bikes.

It’s interesting to see how many old bikes

of every genre’ are behind pulled out from

dusty corners and being restored. Each

one of them has a story to tell, and we are

so fortunate that the people who know the

stories of these bikes and their original

riders are around and happy to pass them

on for future generation to enjoy.

Then there is the 1974 Husqvarna 450

desert racer that Belongs to Kalie from

Puzey’s Biker Warehouse.

Steve McQueen, in the iconic motorcycle

film “On any Sunday” rode a Husqvarna

big bore two stroke enduro bike much

like this one, and together with co-stars

Malcolm Smith and Mert Lawill put

the brand on the map…seldom has a

motorcycle achieved so much fame in

such a short time. “Husky’s, as everyone

call them to this day, were state of the

art MX and “desert racer” bikes back

then, and set the standard for every

manufacturer at the time. Since then

the factory, like most European brands,

has experienced many highs and lows,

including several changes of ownership.

The most recent one for Husqvarna has

been its’ acquisition by KTM of Austria.

Fortunately the KTM management and

marketing people realise the value of

a famous brand name and its’ history,

and have given the marque the respect

it deserves as one of the World’s best off

road racing brands.

Recently we spotted an early seventies

big bore two stroke Husqvarna desert

race bike in the window of Mike Puzey’s

Biker’s Warehouse in Randburg, and

having just spent a bit of time admiring

a selection of restored Yamaha off road

racers decided to include this fabulous

old Husky as well.

This one has a racing history in South

Africa, although we don’t know who

rode it back when it was new. At the

time there were a lot of them around,

and in fact Butch Hirsch was one of the

people who put them on the map before

he got involved with KTM. Some of the

well-known riders who made a name for

themselves on these fiercesome

racers were Rob Wicks, Butch

Hirsch, Chris Brand, Roger

Gledhill, Dereck Purcell, Clive

McIlrath and many more.

Kallie has rebuilt the bike from

the ground up, but very wisely

refrained from repainting the

tank and frame, leaving the

bike with a beautiful patina of

loving care over the years. For

instance the original tank has

a chrome finish on each side,

surrounded by a hand-painted

oval pinstripe which highlights

the black enamel finish on the

rest of it….this is how it came

from the factory, with the name

Husqvarna emblazoned across

the bottom, also exquisitely

hand painted. Standing in

pride of place in the Biker

warehouse showroom it is certainly not

overshadowed by any of its’ brand new

Husky descendants!

Pop in to the shops and go and have a

looksee. A little piece of our motorcycling


Scott motorcycles: Breed Str, Montana,

Pretoria Tel: 012 548 0045

Shimwells Boksburg: Just off the N12

in Tricharts road, Boksburg. Terminal

Centre. (011) 894-2181

Bikers Warehouse in Malibongwe drive:

(011) 795-4122

76 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Offroad heros.indd 76 2015/09/18 10:47 PM

2 nd Place




R144 500

R127 500


R164 500

R139 500

* *

*Contact your dealer for details.

Wherever the road, whatever the distance.

There is a Tiger to suit everyone. These motocycles are designed to deliver

whatever you want, no matter how you ride. On road or off, the new Tiger’s

manners, riding position, handling and responsive engines give the rider everything

required to enjoy every ride.


1510 DT Offroad heros.indd 77 2015/09/18 10:47 PM



Written by Elza Thiart Botes



Whew, what a final! The recent

Liquorland Winterberg National Enduro

hosted by the Rover Club and held

outside Port Elizabeth, was a real

humdinger and it was not only the front

runners who felt the pressure, but as

this was the season finale, everyone

wanted to better their position and score

the last points in the 2015 Liquorland

National Enduro Championship.

When competitors got to the venue the

day before the race, it was extremely wet

and certain sections of the route had to

be altered or removed due to the amount

of rain that fell early on Friday morning

(before Saturday’s race). The race

still consisted of three Special Stages

(one was shortened) and E1 and E2

competitors had to complete 11 stages;

Senior Class, High School competitors

and Silver Class riders were in for eight

stages while Master Class riders did five.

One of the class championships where

the tension was especially high, was the

Senior Class. Before the race, Bruce

May (Team AgriSales Peak Yamaha) was

leading Jody Engelbrecht (Yamaha) by a

mere two points, but May fell ini some

old truck tyres on the first Special Stage

and lost 45 seconds. He raced hard to

play catch-up, but it was not enough

and he finished a mere eight points

(seconds) behind Engelbrecht who

E2 Champion Wade Young

walked away with the SA national title.

Graham Hedgcock (KTM Cape Town)

finished in a close third place and was

followed by local PE hero, Juan ‘Bollie’

van Rooyen (Brother Leader Tread

KTM), a former ‘Winterberg’ winner

who competed in the national enduro

series for the first time this year. Steven

Carr (Roost KTM / EC Security) rounded

off the top five. Steve Landman (Team

Liquorland Yamaha Racing) was sixth;

Ryan Pretorius (KTM) finished seventh

and Chris Lindhorst (KTM) was eighth.

The defending title holder, William ‘Wild

Will’ Gillitt (May’s team-mate) could not

compete due to his knee injury and he

had to settle for the fifth place in the

final standings.

The young guns were at each other’s

throats in the E1 Championship where

the Pietermaritzburg scholar, Travis

Teasdale (Brother Leader Tread KTM)

and Ballito rider, Brett Swanepoel

(Proudly Bidvest Yamaha) both aimed for

their first (senior) national enduro title.

After a neck to neck season, Teasdale

led Swanepoel by only two points before

the race, but it was not a good day for

Swanepoel who crashed twice on the

first lap. He eventually had to settle

for second place behind Teasdale who

claimed his fifth E1 victory and the 2015

national title.

Teasdale’s team-mate, Dwayne

Kleynhans, finished third (he suffered

from food poisoning the previous day

and was even admitted to hospital –

and he checked himself out!) with Kyle

Flanagan (KTM) fourth and Brandon

Warwick-Oliver (Team Liquorland Racing

Yamaha) in fifth place.

Richie van der Westhuizen (Yamaha)

finished not too far behind in sixth place

despite a huge crash towards the end

of the race. Michael Pentecost (Kargo

Racing Yamaha) was seventh; Dylan

Barker (Pa Ma Racing Yamaha) finished

eighth, only 13 points ahead of Chayse

Orsmond (Ihobe International KTM) with

Kyle Erasmus (Kargo Racing Yamaha)

a single point behind Orsmond in tenth

place. Marc Torlage (Roost KTM / EC

Security) was back in his happy place

and doing well until a crash caused the

clutch master cylinder to break on the

ninth of the 11 Special Stages. (News is

that Marc is back with Proudly Bidvest

and on Yamaha for next year!)

Wade Young (Brother Leader Tread

KTM) and Flanagan were involved in a

mugging incident in Umtata on their

way to the race, but this did not stop

him from claiming his sixth consecutive

victory and his first E2 title (he won

the E1 / 200cc title in 2014 and 2013).

Kenny Gilbert (Proudly Bidvest Yamaha)

finished in a solid second place. Young’s

team-mate, Scott Bouverie, had a

careful race as he will be undering a

knee operation and finished third. He

beat Altus de Wet (Altus de Wet Racing

Sherco) by a single point (second).

Bronson Louw (ABE Midas Husqvarna

Factory Racing) was fifth while his

team-mate, Mark Garland who has

not competed this year, finished ninth.

Roan Lindsay (D&H Engineering

Works Yamaha) was sixth followed by

Nick Wade (Team Liquorland Racing

Husqvarna); Sage McGregor (KTM)

eighth and Riaan van der Walt (KTM)


Hilton Hayward (Proudly Bidvest

Yamaha) went to the ‘Winterberg’

with five victories in the Master Class

championship behind his name and the

78 OCTOBER 2015

1510 DT Nat racing.indd 78 2015/09/18 10:47 PM


title was within his reach if he

kept it all together. Well, the

suspension guru did just that

to claim a sixth consecutive

victory and the 2015 SA

National Championship title.

He was chased by his teammate,

Denzil Torlage, who

finished second after beating

the defending champion, Alfie

Cox (KTM), by a mere six points

(seconds). Shaun Kirk (Beta

Liqui Moly Racing SA) finished

fourth with Gideon Malherbe

(Eddy2Race KTM) fifth; Steven

Botha (Team AgriSales Peak

Yamaha) was sixth and Carl

Rohrbeck (KTM) finished


Like Young and Hayward, there

was also a sixth victory for

Eduan Bester (NUTS Racing

/ KTM Centurion) who took

the High School Class win

and bagged the title – his

second consecutive national

enduro championship title as

he won this class last year

after it was introduced into the

championship for the first time.

He had to fight for it though as

he crashed during the first lap

of the race and lost valuable

time. Daniel van Zyl (Pa Ma

Racing Yamaha) finished

second on the smaller 125cc

bike with Dean Lindsay (D&H

Engineering Works Yamaha)

rounding off the podium.

The youngsters had to stand

their man in some really testing

Special Stages this season,

but they proved that they can

race with the best. Bryce van

Heerden (KTM) finished fourth

with Keegan Eich (KTM) fifth;

Max Jordaan (KTM) was sixth;

Carl-Reinhardt Cronje (KTM)

was seventh and Grahamstown

scholar, Joshua Thorburn

(KTM), in eighth place.

The Silver Class Challenge

might not be a championship

class – it is a challenge – but

the winner gets free entries

into next year’s national enduro

season. The young Matatiele

scholar, Lloyd Kirk (Pa Ma

Racing Yamaha) confirmed

his ‘prize’ by claiming a sixth

victory this year (his teammate,

Dylan Barker, who

is from neigbouring town,

Kokstad, did the same last year

when he won all six rounds

of the 2014 national series).

Stuart Gregory (FDBR Racing)

was second with Sonwabile

Eddie Mdodana (Mens Clinic

KTM) posting his best result of

the season by finishing third.



Travis Teasdale

Brett Swanepoel

Dwayne Kleynhans

Kyle Flanagan

Brandon Warwick-Oliver


Wade Young

Scott Bouverie

Kenny Gilbert

Altus de Wet

Bronson Louw


Eduan Bester

Daniël van Zyl

Keegan Eich

Dean Lindsay

Carl-Reinhardt Cronje


Jody Engelbrecht

Bruce May

Graham Hedgcock

Steven Carr

William Gillitt


Hilton Hayward

Denzil Torlage

Shaun Kirk

Steve Botha

Garth Prost


Lloyd Kirk

Reghardt van Nieuwenhuizen

Kirsten Landman

Stuart Gregory

Sonwabile Mdodana





E1 Champion Travis Teasdale

High School Champion Enduan Bester

Master Class Champion Hilton Hayward

Silver Class Challenge Winner Lloyd



1510 DT Nat racing.indd 79 2015/09/18 10:47 PM

7 Piece Reverse Gear

Wrench Set

• Model: RGW-7PC

Includes: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm,

13mm,14mm, 17mm and 19mm

• Full polished chrome vanadium steel

The great South African love affair with motorsport has

inspired us at Mastercraft ® to develop the finest range

of automotive hand tools.

For generations it has been our obsession to develop

quality automotive tools that prove so reliable, they

inspire the highest level of confidence in any workshop.

Mastercraft ® is not just a range of quality tools but an

affordable investment that makes every day jobs that

much easier.

With a range of quality products to choose from, it’s easy

to find a product to suit your needs.

With our 7 Piece Reverse Gear Wrench Set, you can

complete your task in the nick of time, and with ease.

Mastercraft ® instils confidence from the professional

to the enthusiast, through our relentless commitment to

innovation, practicality and quality.

We are so confident of our quality that we guarantee

every Mastercraft ® hand tool product against any

defects in material or workmanship, giving you a no

nonsense swop out lifetime guarantee.

15_dirt_and_trail_mag_gm_snickers_3.indd 1510 DT Nat racing.indd 80 2 2015/09/18 10:47 3:43 PM 15_d

WIN 1 of 5


Makro gift cards valued at R2000

when you purchase any SNICKERS ®

products at Makro

Exclusive to Makro

Valid 1 October to 31 October 2015

Swipe your Makro card for automatic entry. Terms and conditions apply. Refer to www.makro.co.za.

43 PM

15_dirt_and_trail_mag_gm_snickers_3.indd 1510 DT Nat racing.indd 81 3

2015/09/18 10:47 3:43 PM

131 HP



Tri -Mode


FOX Shocks

Maverick T M MAX X ds TURBO

2 or 4-seater




For your nearest local dealer, visit brpsa.co.za

1510 DT Nat racing.indd 82 2015/09/18 10:47 PM

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