Specialized Odisha Tribal Tour Packages For Unforgetable Experiences


The Indian culture is one of the oldest in the globe. Check out our India tribal tours package to explore & experience India in a true sense. Our tribal tours package includes some of the wonderful destinations in India including hill stations in Himachal & Uttaranchal, colorful tribes of Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat and many others. Call 9090551212 & 91-9437283915 to book a trip now!

Specialized Odisha Tribal Tour Packages For Unforgetable Experiences

The planet is getting smaller and smaller as the day goes on, due to the

increasing connectivity. That’s the main reason why people of all over the

world come to know each other. Now you can know about a place by

browsing through the internet, reading books or watching films; but

exploring a place makes one of the most intimate experiences. However,

getting closer to a place can give a feeling of nearness and satisfying curiosity.

Hence, the tourism of a particular country, a place or a state has been

growing rapidly day by day.

Odisha, a sacred, blissful state in India is gifted with colorful tribal

population, which is around one fourth of its total population throughout the

country. In spite of several tourists visiting tribal areas in recent years, the

tribal communities have tried their best to retain their core culture. With

picturesque hills, waterfalls, forests, hill streams as well the colorful dance

forms and songs of the tribe, they have been attracting both the domestic

and foreign tourists in a large number.

Eye Catching and Awe-inspiring Views Of The Tribal Odisha

Things in tribal areas of Odisha which appeals the attention of tourist are the

natural, uncovered environment. Besides, in the Alasi fields on the hill slopes

and Dangar lands in South Odisha, tribal deities are being worshipped. On

your tribal tours in Odisha, you will get to watch their crop fields, primitive

houses built with indigenous architecture, unique house patterns and


Exquisite Tribal Art and Culture

The incredible art and the melodious songs of tribal women, while they are

doing their work in the paddy fields are just extremely fascinating. However,

their tribal dance, songs being enriched with their authentic way of living

can give a wonderful touch to your Odisha tribal tour expedition. Besides,

their unique creativity and sense of beauty in the wall painting, wood

carving and weaving clothes as well as garments are just a few instances of

their culture. Even, the golden grass crafts, bamboo and cane crafts,

terracotta workpieces, umbrellas made of forest leaves and ropes are in

demand among the tourists as they want to keep these souvenir as a symbol

of tribal culture to decorate their houses.


Visiting the tribes in Odisha can be a fabulous experience, but you’ll need a

well-organized tour operator to help you throughout your journey. ACE

Expedition India Tours and Travels is an established tour operator

offering a huge array of travel packages for tribal tours in Odisha to

experience the uniqueness of this land in a unique way. Hence, choosing of

Odisha tribal tours provided by ACE Expedition India Tours and

Travels can give a better understanding of local tribal people and their

lifestyles. So, you should plan your journey ahead of time and get to avoid

the last minute chaos, especially in the peak season.

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