My name is Hilda Judith Iglesias Andrade and this is my portfolio in

where I represents my work and my effort, is a recompiation of all

assignments and activities that I have done during this period of time.

All this activities correspond to the subject “Lingüística del Idioma

Ingles” all the activities that I did help me in my learning process.

In this portfolio you must found pictures and evidence of how I worked

in class and my process of learning and how I improved my written




My self-reflective learning stage…………………………………………4

Language (represent by pictures)……………………………………… 6

What is language?............................................................................. 7

Language (about a video watched)……………………………………. 9

Questionnarie about the video (language)…………………………….13

Phonetics questionnarie…………………………………………………15

Phonetic diagrams……………………………………………………….17

Morphology diagram……………………………………………………..21



My self-reflective learning stage.

The learning English process it could seems easier but isn’t sometimes you can

feel frustrated because you are not able to memorize or to pronounce some words,

well for my this process it sometimes could feel difficult but not impossible; I’m in

my four year and I guess I have a lot of things to learn… sometimes I ask myself if,

am I pushing myself for do the best? And I answer this quetion and I know that I’m

not, but in this time I learn a lot of new things from different ways also I learn

different techniques.

I learn english not only in classes I like learn new words by listening to music,

watching some english programas, but the most difficult part of learning english is

the grammar, and is here when I sometimes feel frustrated because I do not

understand everything, but when this happens I try to push myself and try more

hard; for example when I can not pronounce a word I go and search in the internet

how to do it, y try to add the technologi into my learning process this could be

tedious because you can easier get distrated.

When I start the University I had a basic English knowledges and in this process, I

found good teachers that help me to understood and taught me things that I never

imagine that exists; now in days this help me because when I do not remember

something I take my notebooks of past semesters and sometime I found what I

forget and remain what teacher said in that opportunity, because I had the ability to

remain who taught me that class and how he or she do it.

The most difficult part for me in this process is when you must talk in from all your

partners well in Spanish maybe it could be more easier because is your mother

tongue but in English you are like, what I need to say for people can understand

me? Or maybe be more like, oh my God if I say something wrong or if I not able to

speak or what happened if I can not express my idea and no one can understand


what I am talking about? Well I guess this is the part that make afraid a lot of

students but for me take off this taboo it was not too easier because at the

beginning I was more like do dialogues or write in a piece of paper what I would

said and them I memorize every single word and them in class I repeat what I

memorized before and repeat like a parrot, but one day I thought; that this could be

like this anymore and push myself for do without memorizing big essays because

in real life we are not going everywhere with a “perfect” pre-written essay or

answers for an specifies questions or situations.

Another thing that I changes in this process was the fear to ask when I do not

understand a word or something in the class and the fear of make mistakes

because as we know English is not our first language and maybe for some of us

learning this new language it could be easier than others, but if I need more time

for understand something well now I know that this is not because I can not learn

sometimes we need more time for learn something for example grammar, well

grammar is maybe the second harder part in the English learning process because

if you cannot use the grammar rules maybe you could not able write sentences I

know I not good in off in this because I make a lot of mistakes and sometimes I get

afraid about it.

The third difficult part is the listening because exist many different accents in the

world and it could be hard to understand what people say.

If I sure in something is that English is more like be practicing and learning new

vocabulary and means, but as we know we will be prepares for be teachers but I

am not sure if I want to be teacher but I know that I have to do my teaching

practices and is in here when I have to demonstrate everything that I learn in this

long and sometimes hard process. English is not like everybody think is more

harder than only singsongs or read magazines, for me this is the major difficult

career why? Well because is similarity to born again you learn a new language and

you have to fort your mind to think in two different ways.







Language is so fundamental to human life that is hard to imagine what

life would be like without it, but like humans animals have a system of

communication wich allows them to interact with each other in their

enviromet while bath animals and humans use systems of

communication but the use of complex symbols and an oral system is

unique to humans.

Humans are able to exchange or express knowledges, opinions,

wishes, feelings, etc. They can use diferrent ways to express

themselves, the communication between humans come changing

through time because they are learning different systems of

communication in wich the linguistic is the most important part.

In the humans communication exist two forms to express something…

The first one is when you sent a many numbers of signals that are not

intentional but still carry meaning, and is called: informative signals, the

second one is when you sent or want to communicate something this

are: communicative signals; humans must use language to think and


Humans language have some properties tan animals doesn’t have like:

displacement, arbitrariness, productivity, cultural transmission, duality

and communication; humans can refer to past and future time while


animal commucation seems to be desgined for refer only i present,

also humans can put meaning in a Word and produce or créate a new

words for name anew object or situation, humans communication is

learned by taught vocabulary, pronunciations and meaning of words

through socialization from those around hi mor her while animals

communication is instintive they doesn’t have to learn because it

comes naturally.

In conclution animals can learn words from human language but they

will never going to know the meaning of the word inclusive if they can

relate words with objects or situations because they only know that

through trainig or the way we tell the words to them (strength of voices,

mood, etc) but like humans animals can communication on they own






Language is essential for communication or expressing something or a

thought to others is almost the central of human life because human is

a creature that has the necesity to communicate and have contact with

others, is something mysterious how humans learned the speech

language and how this distinctive our especie from the animals;

because humans are the only who posses this ability and use every

single minute of his life.

In the world exist around 6000 different languages, the process for

learn the language dependet of the culture, also we must know about

gramar, phonoly, semantic and pragmantic, we need to know how to

use all the rules; the way how we acquired it dependes who teach us,

but we don’t have to confuse language with:

- Written language.

- Proper gramar.

- Thought

“language systematically influences how one perceives and

concetualizes the world” (Spair Whort Theorie); we don’t remember

words just meaning.


The language Works first, with words, rules (syntax, morphology and

phonoly) and interfaces.

Chomsky has his own theory about language focus on creativity,

language has syntax unrealted to meaning, syntax doesn’t consist of

linear associations; also he said we need to follow some rules:

1- Open-ended creativity.

2- The expression of unfamiliar meaning.

3- The production of vast numbers of combinations.

He has the idea that cildren are pre-wired with a universal gramar and

ther créate original sentences.










1- What did you learn during this period?

Well I learn how language Works in humans and animals, and

also I remind about phonetics some features and word

pronunciation and I how speak in from my classmates and have

be disciplined to study.

2- Did you give your best effort on this E-portfolio Project?


Maybe not my best effort but I do the effort for finish and do every

single step that was required.

3- Did this portfolio help you learn more than others we’ve

done? Why?

This is my first portfolio I learn how to be organized with my

homeworks and I’m not pretty sure if I done correctly this


4- Did you come to class prepared to learn (in both your

attitude and with all your supplies)?

Yes I did, I always come to class prepared to learn sometimes

was difficult to understand the class but I always be paying


5- If you could do this assignment over, what would you do


No… I like how the assignment is.


6- What class activities or assignments help you learn most?

I learn more when we do research activities and expositions.

7- What do you believe the teacher could have done differently

to help you learn the lessons eassier?

Maybe use more examples when he teach a new topic because

sometime is not clear the idea of the topic for us.

8- What’s one thing the teacher did during class that you really


I really like that during the class we had the opportunity to

express our ideas and teacher help us when we were wrong

without make feel us bad about make mistakes.

9- How can you prove to the teacher that you master the contents

from the first period?

I guess I can be able to explain everything but I know I can prove

through a kind of exposition.


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